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Portfolio Draft 1 - Projects 1 and 2

Logo and Identity Guide

Gallery Espresso 2009

Gallery Espresso — a uniquely positioned coffee house in Savannah, Georgia caters to a community of coffee lovers, musicians and artists — decided that other markets would benefit from franchise expansion. A complete brand redesign was assigned. In order to create a cohesive brand with the strength to compete in national markets, an entire visual assessment was required. Gallery Espresso needed to be intentional in their image branding at every juncture starting with the logo and storefront right down to napkins and mugs. The concept of melding the arts with the coffee house experience was the central theme and design driver. Following a thorough process of logo development, it was applied to each area where Gallery Espresso would have opportunity to brand themselves. The final products were gathered into an identity ebrochure to be shared electronically. The following designs are a sample of the complete brand identity. Stocky photography used.

PMS 541

PMS 542

PMS 188

PMS 7533

PMS 187

PMS 123

PMS 463

PMS 144

PMS 555

PMS 465


PMS 7501









TIM PUTT barista

August 28, 1998 Dr. John G. Doe State University 262 Campus Drive Anytown, US 55555 Dear Dr. Doe:

234 Bull Street Savannah, GA 31401 P 912 233 5348 C 321 230 8465


234 Bull Street Savannah, GA 31401 P 912 233 5348 C 321 230 8465


Tim Putt Principal Owner Gallery Espresso


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234 Bull Street, Savannah, GA 31401

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P 912 233 5348

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PMS 556

Website Redesign 2009

January 2002 Adventist Health was in need of a complete overhaul after not having been updated for 7 years. Content organization was a major task as new marketing strategies and attitudes towards the web had changed since the site first launched. It was determined to keep the Christian mission focus and news stories front and center in the new design. In addition, careers took a new central role as analytics recognized current interest in these areas of the site to be more popular. The new design also reflected the new branding strategy Adventist Health System recently adopted. The image styling, colors and typefaces selected here were also used in subsequent marketing and tradeshow graphics to ensure a unified visual style.

June 2009

Portfolio 11x14 v1  

Design Portfolio Draft

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