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Tim Petersen Undergraduate Portfolio

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High Line Extension

Intrigued Wanderer

Light Displacement Vertical Datum Horizontal Datum

Studio Retreat Housing on Broadway and 34th

Spectator - Spectacle

Selected Works 2010-2013 M.Arch Candidate



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High Line Extension Partner: Bobbie Behm Professor: Donna Cohen Six Weeks Design 7

As the High Line cuts through the Chelsea District in Manhattan, it becomes a relief from the urban density, The amphitheater provides an opportunity for a further extension of this relief. The block emulates the High Line which then becomes a series of viewing platforms. This begins to shape the programmatic spaces into a set of juxtaposing operations that connect to their counterparts through the design of common public spaces.

High Line


Voyeurism Studies

Bioswales run thought the High Line Extension Purifying stormwater runoff and redistributing it to the High Line.


High Line

Tim Petersen 2

Mixed Income Housing Atrium

Old and New

Library Lobby

Horizontal and vertical viewing Platforms Lobby High and Low Energy Amplitheater

Dinergic Typology

Public and Private Connections

Mixed Income’: Family Units


Mixed Income Micro Units Retirement Home


Elemetry School

Retale Amplitheater Museum

Public Plaza


High Line

Tim Petersen 4

Tim Petersen 6

Intigued Wanderer Professor: Becky Walker Five Weeks Design 4

The desert landscape is a continuous surface with occasions of interruption. The intense sun and the vast nature of the desert landscape reveals desirable locations. The sight of an alluring destination to a roaming person gives them directions and pulls them in. The idea of a preferred location motivates the wanderer to follow his natural instincts and seek refuge. Although this construct is not a mirage, it incorporates the idea and slips into the horizon. Upon arrival you are lured into a gracious over hang that shelters a platform over looking the land artist sculpture

Ground Studies

Section Model: Sequence of Spaces Linked by Light

Tim Petersen 8

1- Entrance 2- Land art Viewing Platform 3- Land Artist Studio 4- Archaeologists Lab



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Tim Petersen 10

Light Displacement Professor: Dr. Lucky Tsaih One Week ET2

This lamp uses a pulley system that opens and closes the lampshade’s panels. The shade’s frame will be stationary and the fins are hinged to the frame. When activated, the top structure lowers into the shade displacing the panels. This action activates the shade to allow for a more textured subtle light. This will allow the person to concentrate the light when reading or flood the room for other activities. There is a handle to adjust the lighting condition located on the adjacent side of the bed.

Tim Petersen 12

Vertical Datum

Professor: Becky Walker Four Weeks Design 4 This vertical system has been infiltrated with a pathogen that runs throughout the body of the construct. The pathogen’s interaction with the different systems creates a vertical datum. The structure houses a dance company in an urban context. The intervention contains large scale performance, group practice and individual study spaces.

Tim Petersen 14

Horizontal Datum Professor: Martha Cohen Six Weeks Design 5

This boathouse was designed for the University of Florida’s crew team. The shell of a crew boat delicately balances within a horizontal datum of the water’s surface. This moment occurs between the suspended sky overhead and the mass of water beneath. The relationship is expressed in the recreation room, event space and the observation deck. In section,

the recreation room is nestled between the sunken outdoor event space and the observation deck that runs overhead. The dynamic relationship of these spaces creates a node for the rest of the complex to follow. The refined space and structure of the boathouse creates a place of rest for the boats. Openings in the back wall create a lit backdrop to highlight the boats.

Tim Petersen 16

The rise and fall of the environmental cycle conditions our diverse needs. The structure reflects this relationship and suspends the complex in order to meet the ground in a delicate fashion.

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1- Conference 2- Recreation 3- Outdoor Event Space 4- Rest rooms 5- Office 6- Boathouse 7- Weight Room 8- Locker Rooms 9- Observation Bridge

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4 1

Tim Petersen 18

Studio Retreat

Professor: Lee-Su Huang One Week Advanced Digital

The exhausting nature of architecture school called for a structure that could be used as a relief from studio life. The organic nature contrasts the architecture building but responds to the spatial relationship of the atrium. This creates a peaceful shaded place for students to relax and take a break from studio life. The space could also be used for outdoor presentations. The Hammocks can be replaced with chairs and pin up boards can hang from the structure.



Ground Connection

Tim Petersen 20

Housing on Broadway and 34 th Professor: Donna Cohen Partner: Blake Spruill Four Weeks Design 7

Tim Petersen 22

The slice was formed based on the angle of the sun to allow light to penetrate to the ground floor. The circulation is housed within the slice to promote daily social interactions for the residents. The base is comprised of retail, the mid section holds affordable micro units, and the upper portion is designated for multi-family units. Exterior public spaces join the adjacent programmatic spaces to establish a community between the different socio-economic classes.

Family Housing Micro Units Retail


Shared public

Urban Connection

Tim Petersen 24

North: young-Public-Continuous South: old-private-porous Old Young Edge Institution Entertainment: Popularity based on Foursquare Galleries

Spectator - Spectacle Professor: Bradley Walters Twelve Weeks Design 6

One of the most diverse aspects in Charleston is the edge condition created by time, function, typologies and socio-economic classes. The median age of the residents in each block revealed that the northern part of the peninsula houses a younger population surrounded by a college and points of entertainment. This realm is more public, continuous and dense with fewer moments of interruptions and intersticial spaces. While the southern more private sector contains historical Single Charleston Houses, their arrangement creates a more porous typology.

Edge Studies

Perspectival diagram of the edge condition



Tim Petersen 26

The Charleston Center for Art will pull from both public and private spatial characteristics of Charleston. This will facilitate the private studios. In addition, this relationship will be complimentary to the public gallery, restaurant and theater. The monotonous nature of the surrounding building facades longs for a relief in the system. This center will bridge the gap between artist and art enthusiasts by creating a permeable edge condition between spectator and spectacle.





Tim Petersen 28

1- Gallery 2- Art Studio 3- Theater 4- Dance Studio 5- Cafe 6- Lobby







Tim Petersen 30

Tim Petersen 32

Controled Flexibility Professor: Alfonso Perez Four Weeks Design 8

Tim Petersen 37

Tim Petersen 39

Resume Cell: 9415240316 Portfolio: Summary I am completing my fourth year of architecture school at the University of Florida. I have been studying architecture since 2007 and have shown hard work and dedication to my studies which will continue into my architectural career. My fascination with design and tectonics, at a young age, influenced me to pursue a career in architecture. My experience at the University of South Florida and the University of Florida insured my decision to become an architect and since then I have driven myself to achieve a greater understanding of design. Highlights McNeel Rhino 5 Google Sketch up Grasshopper V-ray Rendering Climate Consultant Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint AutoCad and Revit

Proficient Rendering and perspective drawings Computer aided and hand Drafting Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Conceptual and schematic design Constructing sketch and final models Photography

Accomplishments Selected for the New York D3 Sketch Exhibition 2013 Two published works in UF Architrave 2013. Declared a top ten design student in the School of Architecture 2012 Dean's List from 2010-2013 Involvement Golden Key Premier Honor Society. 2011-2013 Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society. 2011-2013 Alpha Rho Chi Architecture Fraternity. 2011-2012 AIAS. 2012-2014 Education 2014 University of Florida - Gainesville , FL, Bachelor of Design in Architecture, 2013-2014 Minor in Sustainability in the Built Environment current GPA: 3.8 2010 University of South Florida - Tampa , FL, Associate of Arts Pre-Architecture, 2007-2010 GPA: 3.9 Professional Experience Photographer , 01/2011 - Current University Photography - Gainesville, FL Photographing Graduates, and key employee Jamie Parker: 205-394-1521 Intern, 05/2013 – 08/2013 Elements Architects and Interior Design - Tampa, FL Rendering, Photoshop and Partial Construction Drawings Debra Altenbernd: 813-251-0565

Teacher’s Assistant, Design 3, 2012 Professor Mark Mcglothlin- University of Florida Assisting lower division students with design

UF Undergraduate Portfolio-Tim Petersen  

Architectural undergraduate works from 2010-2013 at the University of Florida by Tim Petersen

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