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AIESEC Puerto Rico MCP 14.15 Application Form

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

Hello, Successor. It’s November 3rd, 2013. In 67 days, you and I are going to meet for the first time. It will be emotional for me, and an unforgettable moment for you. Later, we will work together to achieve something great. I hope you’re ready. If I’m being completely honest, it’s a bit difficult for me to accept that the time has come to pass on this responsibility. A year ago, I stood for MCP because I believed in AIESEC Puerto Rico, and had an inner drive to put it on the map for the world to see. I made a promise that I would build an entity of united LCs, capable of standing on their own feet. To this day, I still commit myself to this vision. Every small step in the right direction – every EP realized, every TN raised, every quality member who joins our youth movement – has made me proud to call myself the leader of AIESEC Puerto Rico. Every small step in the right direction has given me a sense of fulfillment and reassurance that this position was right for me. However, I am not the leader Puerto Rico needs next term. I firmly believe that we are getting back on track, but there is so much more that must be done. So much that I cannot offer. This is where you come in, successor. This island needs an intrepid individual who can build upon the foundation my predecessor and I have worked so diligently to develop. This island needs you. As the old adage goes, I can only promise that it won’t be easy. The MCP experience is a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. The ride is filled with uncertainty at any given moment. It goes by so fast. Everyone has a different approach to this short ride. You can choose to scream with every bump you hit. Or, you can close your eyes with every loop the ride throws you for, waiting for it all to be over. But if you’re like me, you’ll hold on and enjoy the ride, with a steadfast attitude and an incontrovertible sense of humor. You’ll face numerous failures and frustrations. What’s important is that you learn from them and move on, never forgetting that these experiences will provide you with wisdom, if you’re willing to accept it. In 67 days, we’re going to meet, and I am going to be so proud of you. Here’s hoping that you are buckled in for the challenge, but ready to enjoy the experience. It will certainly be difficult, but you will always have me as your biggest champion. AIESECly yours,

Timothy White AIESEC Puerto Rico|President 13.14

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

Job Description Planning • • • •

Organize the process of planning Build and implement tracking systems and decision-making process Track, review and coach MCVPs on the strategic plan Support on budgeting and financial decision-making

Team Management • • • • • •

Build and implement management tools and principles Organize and run MC Team Days Align and coordinate MCVPs during conferences and events Run MC weekly meetings Ensure all MCVPs have a correct plan and job description Run HR processes in the MC

Organizational Development Support

• Build relationship and negotiate with other MCPs about country partnerships • Track organizational goals and indicators • Ensure conferences are being used strategically • Ensure alignment of MCVPs on the strategy for LC development and support • Support the development of strategies for positioning to stakeholders

External Relations • • • •

Represent AIESEC in Puerto Rico as an entity on events and meetings Track MC main accounts Go on sales and manage some of the accounts Support on product development and on the strategy for external relations


• Manage Board of Advisors (BoA), send reports and implement outputs from BoA meetings • Make Constitution and Compendium be followed accordingly • Deliver all requirements for Country Membership Criteria • Ensure financial transparency to the network

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

Role Description Compensation and Benefits The MCP of AIESEC Puerto Rico is eligible for compensation if the budget for the term 2014-2015 allows for this expense (this budget is presented to the national plenary at SummerCo 2014). Additionally, the fees for attendance to International Legislative Meetings are covered per compendium on conference fee for MCP alone. This includes IPM 2014 in Mainland of China and IC 2014 in Taiwan.

General Profile

While the members of AIESEC Puerto Rico come from diverse backgrounds and environments, several general characteristics, skills and knowledge is expected from candidate. The members applying for this role are expected to possess the skills, competencies and knowledge to successfully carry out the role they are applying for and have experience at diverse levels of the organization.

Cultural Understanding A broad knowledge of world and national systems, current trends and issues facing Puerto Rican society are important to represent the organization that is AIESEC Puerto Rico. Practical understanding of new management theories (e.g. learning organization, self-organizing systems) is also important in managing the diverse environments in which AIESEC operates. In addition, this position requires skills and knowledge in the areas of financial management and budgeting, project management, human resources management and a very good understanding of English and Spanish.

Duration of Term

The elected president must be available for transition during April and May with the current and elected MC teams. The MCP term for 2014-2015 begins on July 1st, 2014 and ends on June 30th, 2015. Please note that Role Description details may be modified due to MC reality during transition time

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

The Election Process 1. APPLICATION FORM: Application package must include the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

General & Experience information in maximum two (2) pages. About You questionnaire in maximum three (3) pages. Relevance & History questionnaire in maximum two (2) pages. Your Vision questionnaire in maximum four (4) pages. Endorsements of two (2) international countries. Each endorsement should come from an MCVP or MCP. 6. Endorsements of two (2) local entities of AIESEC Puerto Rico signed by the LCP. 7. Video of maximum seven (7) minutes explaining your reasons for applying to this role, about yourself, and your experience among other information you might choose to include about you as a candidate. 8. For Internationals Only: Include a copy of the page of your passport with your information, copy of previous American visas (if you hold any) and a written statement confirming your plan for visa request. This letter and personal information will not be uploaded. It will be only for the National Plenary to evaluate with our BoA lawyers, the legal options of the candidate for his/her MCP term. The written statement can be elaborated with the help of our lawyers and the MCP. Therefore, the candidate must contact the MCP in order to elaborate this letter with the research and help that our lawyer will provide to the candidate. The application in total should not have more than eleven (11) pages. Deadline to send the package: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 at 11:59 PM (GMT -4). Applications should be sent to Timothy White (MCP, and in one (1) single file. The video should be uploaded to and the link should be sent in a PDF document within the package. No excuses will be accepted for the delay of any of the stated points. Confirmation will be given to all candidates within 24 hours of receiving the application form.

2. ROUND OF INTERVIEWS: Applicants approved after submitting the MCP application package must take part in the following process: a. Q&A Forum open to the general membership through platform b. Interview with an alumnus. c. Interview with one previous MCP of AIESEC Puerto Rico. d. Q&A with national plenary at NatCo 2014. Accepted candidates will be informed on the confirmation and dates of the previously mentioned steps.

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

3. ELECTIONS: Candidates will receive official confidence votes from voting entities. Candidates who receive a majority of votes will be eligible for the election process. Election process will take place during the span of National Conference 2014 from January 8th to 11th.

Congratulations for taking this challenge!

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

General Information Name:

Current role in AIESEC:


Telephone number:

Skype account:

Date and Place of Birth:

[Your picture here]

E-mail: 1. Will you be able to attend NatCo in Cabo Rojo from the 8th to the 11th of January? 2. Will you be able to attend International Presidents Meeting in Guangzhou, China from the 19th of February to the 2nd of March?

Experience 1. Previous relevant professional or volunteer experience (inside or outside AIESEC) Dates

Position (Organization, AIESEC LC/MC)

Description of role, key activities and results achieved

2. Please list the 3 most important Meetings/Conferences you have attended in the table below. Year


Country / Location

Describe your role and performance

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

3. Rank the 3 (three) areas in which you have had the most experience. Provide key learning points and results achieved. Area

Key learning points & results achieved

About You 1. Please attach a motivation letter to the national plenary, explaining your decision to stand for MCP of AIESEC Puerto Rico. 2. Describe your leadership style in 100 words or less. 3. Describe the two (2) most common positive and negative feedbacks you receive from your peers and colleagues. How will these influence your leadership as MCP? 4. What professional plans do you have after your term? How will your term as MCP help get you there?

Relevance & History 1. Why should AIESEC continue to exist in Puerto Rico? 2. Describe the relevance AIESEC holds to both student and corporate markets in Puerto Rico. 3. Create a SWOT analysis of AIESEC Puerto Rico. Identify 3 strengths and opportunities that could eliminate a weakness or threat. 4. Make an analysis of the legacies the 4 most recent MCP’s (Marimé Rodriguez, Miriam Lopez, Ramon Quiñones, and Timothy White) have contributed to AIESEC Puerto Rico. What contributions from each MCP do you intend to build upon during your term?

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

Your Vision 1. Rank in order of importance the key responsibilities of the 14-15 MCP (listed below) and the reasons for your ranking. • Team Management • MC Financial Sustainability • Governance & Accountability • Managing the LCP Team • National Strategy Alignment • External Representation 2. What are your specific strategies to make each focus programme (TMP&TLP/oGCDP/iGIP) grow like never before? 3. What is your proposed strategy for expansion into new universities for the next term? Name the entities you would expand to during 14-15, and your reasoning behind these choices. 4. What should be AIESEC Puerto Rico's strategic approach in 14-15 towards the following stakeholders: • Students • Organizations • Alumni 5. What are the main cooperations you evaluate necessary for the next term? How will you ensure these cooperations are strategic? 6. What role do you see AIESEC Puerto Rico playing in the Iberoamerica Growth Network, and what are the benefits of being a part of it? 7. What organizational principles and culture do you want to focus on or reinforce to contribute to the achievement of AIESEC 2015?

Buena Suerte!

AIESEC Puerto Rico, Inc. 1510 Ave Ponce de León | Oficina 6-B1 | San Juan, PR 00909 (787) 705-5219 |

AIESEC Puerto Rico MCP 14.15 Application Booklet  

AIESEC Puerto Rico Application Booklet and Questionnaire for MCP 14.15

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