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MENU: Book still in editing stages but will be self-published. Stay tuned for future details. Services: 1. Monthly newsletter highlighting groups promoting their outreach efforts. 2. 7 week accelerated workshop on how to build, maintain, and track an outreach campaign. It’s educational and entertaining. Receive certificate at end.

It’s more than a science or art; it’s magic. An outreach is any personal approach that’s either event based or promotional that serves as a platform for your idea. Your idea could be a new business concept like starting a flower shop or a new style of restaurant. But outreaching is not limited to grassroots movements in certain industries. Yes; churches, non-profits, charities, political groups, and causes would be the principal groups using outreaches. But anyone can do outreaching. My personal contribution to the discipline of crafting an effective outreach is applying certain key techniques, tools, and principles in the natural environment. The newsletter covers 3 different areas. Interviews with local San Diego groups, market research on the subject of effective outreaches, and finally a fun map highlighting local hidden gems in the community. This could include your business card, or promotional offers, coupons, and how to drive traffic to your outreach. Remember C-TIPS. NOT Q-TIPS. CAUSE TECHNOLOGY INFORMATION PRODUCTS SERVICES Who do you serve in the community? What do you offer of value? Look at the above list. What category do you fall into? Outreaching is not advertising or traditional marketing. An outreach campaign can include making phone calls, creating mailing lists, sending text messages, and building a Facebook page.

But you want followers not fans. You need customers, clients, guests in order to stay in business. If you are more oriented towards the historical definition of Try pulling a tiger out of a hat not a rabbit; that’s magic outreaches without expecting anything in return; good for you. The more you stay closer to the activity (promotional) side of outreaching, this is more consistent with the spirit of the definition than the letter of the law.

Do you use more open dialogue, conversation, and personal contact than technology to communicate with your target audience?

Use your brain. This newsletter will challenge your thinking. Hopefully, you will make better informed decisions. Read the quote below.

“From market research, every idea lives or dies.” - quoted by Tim Welch SEE THE BIG PICTURE See the forest from the trees. You get so caught up in the details you might not get work done. Don’t micromanage Each first letter from the above quote represents a question to ask yourself to stay on course for effective outreaches. 8 letters, 8 guiding principles or questions. F, M, R, E, I, L, O, D F – Finances ( Budget) Do you have the money to pull off your outreach idea? M- Manpower Do you have the people committed for your idea? Outreaches are more about exercising people over money anyway. R- Resources What are other items ( resources) besides people and money you need to further your idea? Be resourceful. E- Ethical

Is your idea moral ethical? Does it push the envelope of taste and decency? I – Image

What image or perception are you trying to communicate?

L- Legal

Are there any legal ramifications?

O- Offensive Same as above; try not to polarize people. But that’s is easier said than done. Be respectful. D – Deadline What is your schedule? Is there a timeline on the table?

Pushing the boundaries of imagination

Contact Us Pushing the Envelope Enterprises 2204 Montclair Street San Diego CA 92104 Cell 619-243-9668 No website available currently but will Return calls and emails promptly when time permits. Like information on services, quotes, leave message.


PUSHING THE ENVELOPE ENTERPRISES 2204 Montclair Street San Diego CA 92104

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This is a simple newsletter about how to perform effective outreaches to the local community. Included will be regular tips, techniques,...

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