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CBBC Minutes Date: 8-6-2018 Visitors: na Guest Speakers: na Operating Section: Jen C. - Dues President’s Briefing: Minutes are on the site & operating agreement as well 10 minute Speaker: Jen Coyle 15 Minute Round Table presenter: Dan Koenig Treasurer Report: NA VP Report: meeting dates and times for committees to be determined IT report: Looking for suggestions for blog and Facebook content. Secretary Report: Next week 10 minute is Anne Morgan, 15 minute is Todd Cook President’s Debriefing: Have a great week! Special Votes Or Discussion:


July Attendance (P=Present | A=Absent | L/E= Late or Left Early) Member Alan Zacharias Alisa Roth Angie Armstrong Anne Morgan Chris Fagan Cindy Schmader Dave Bonicatto Ilona Holland Jennifer Coyle Jessica Duncan Jim Myers Keith Jones Lori Mitchell Mark Anderson Marty Brooks Penny Core Rick Guill Terry Oldenburg Tim Stokes Todd Cook Travis Waldstein

08/06/2018 08/13/2018 A P A P P A L/E P P P P P P P P A P P P P P



CBBC Minutes: 08/06  
CBBC Minutes: 08/06