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2011 Uganda Trip Reaches New Heights!

Fr. Lawrence visits Sept 14 to Sept 28 Amazing things are happening in Migyera and Nabbingo, Uganda because of our wonderful donors, sponsors and staff! We would like all our sponsors and donors to join us for an inspiring get together to meet each other, share stories and hear from Fr. Lawrence how lives are changing. His exciting update on our new microfinance program for children and adults, our new HIV client sponsorship program and our children's education

Our CALU 2011 team members brought lots of smiles and laughter to our students and to the Sisters of the Nalukalongo Home for the Disabled. The 13-year-old twins, Tess and Sam Chandler, and their 16 year old cousin Matt Garvey were a big hit with the students of St. Lawrence School. It was their soccer and lacrosse skills that drew the crowds!

program will bring a smile to your face and touch your heart. Enjoy the display of our women's crafts while you share with ChangeAUganda's Circle of Friends. Bring a new friend, they won't be sorry! We will set up a camera so you can also send a photo of yourself and write a note to the child whose world is now hope-filled because of your caring! A donation is welcomed but optional. Be on the lookout for your email invitation or see a schedule of events below.

In addition, the dance routine of parents Kerry and Jeff Chandler left students wide-eyed as mom and dad wowed the crowd. Susan Peacock, school nurse at Old Mill School in Wall, NJ was not on vacation this summer. Here in Uganda with us, Sue was busy with eye exams, handing out toothbrushes and honing her talents


NEW ADDRESS For your letter to Uganda! Name of Child and Number Code ChangeALife Uganda Foundation P.O.Box 23469 Kampala, Uganda

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with eye exams, handing out toothbrushes and honing her talents as an interviewer. A big thanks goes to Linda Newsome and Glenn Stackhouse from Matheny Education and Medical Center. They taught the Sisters at the home for the Disabled new skills to improve the quality of life of both the Sisters and the clients. One of the clients is now eating thanks to resourcefulness of Linda. Karen Hinckley and Jean didn't waste a minute developing relationships with other organizations to identify resources for our water and health care projects. Toyin, our Yale intern, is the last of our team to return to the U.S. Toyin is busy conducting an in-depth study of the clients in our HIV sponsorship program. Dave kept his eye on all of us and provided comic relief for our Uganda team who was exhausted when we left.

MoneyForMedicine Health of CALU HIV+ Parents Improves This year CALU launched a small pilot program with $9000 to improve the lives of 16 of our parents who are HIV+ or have AIDS. Only $500 a year provides access to treatment and testing, transportation to the health center and nutritional support. Meet Margaret, a single Migyera mother of 4 children who now has hope that her children will not be orphans because of the generosity of a Women's Book Club from Rumson, NJ. Their group donation of $1000 is changing the future for two of our mothers. In Nabbingo, 15 of the clinic's HIV clients who are receiving some assistance (transportation, nutrition or medication) from the CALU HIV program meet every Thursday as a ChangeALife support group. They and we are grateful to all our HIV Program sponsors for their generous hearts.

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FinancingForFarming Doreen's pregnant pig may give birth to 15 piglets After being in Uganda for the 5th time, we are now seeing how lives are changing, especially for the women and children. As an example, Rumson Country Day School funded a new microfinance loan project for children and women. The children are raising chickens, goats and pigs. The proceeds from selling the animals will repay their loan of $22, with some money deposited into a savings account and the rest used for making changes in their own lives and in the lives of their families hence ChangeALife. The change can be a simple as building a wall around the pit latrine for privacy or paying for schools fees for a sibling. Here, Namenbembe Doreen, sponsored by Carol Thrunk, tells Tess Chandler about raising a pig. The pig is pregnant and expected to deliver 11 to 15 piglets. A piglet sells for 30,000 UGX or about $11; multiplied by 15, the profit after repaying her loan is $143, significant amount for a Ugandan child. This is a great project. Thanks RCDS!

Summer Religious Ed Students Get Involved! For the third summer, religious education classes at St. Pius Church in Old Tappan, NJ raised money to sponsor a CALU student. Because of their fundraising efforts, Erineo Kawooya will attend school again this year. Erineo and the students write to each other, sharing stories of school, home and interests. The Old Tappan students enjoy receiving Erineo's letters, which are always filled with pictures and descriptions of his school accomplishments. This year, 3 classes participated and as a result, additional money was raised which is being put toward Erineo's sister who is also in need of a sponsor. Thank you, St. Pius Summer CCD!

Schedule for Fr. Lawrence Kimbowa's Visit 9/13 7:00

CALU Presentation

9/14 12:40 Arrives Toms River Rotary 9/15 7:00 Presentation 9/15 10:30 Meeting Matheny Med & Ed Center 9/16 2:00 Yale Student Presentation 9/16 6:00 Focus Group Dinner

Lake Forest, IL; Host Peter location to be Gillespie decided Newark Airport Quality Inn Rt. 37 W. Toms River, NJ 65 Highland Ave Peapack, NJ New Haven, CT New Haven, CT 268 Old Tappan Rd Old Tappan, NJ

9/17 5:30

Mass St. Pius X Church

9/17 7-10

Friends of CALU Party and 2 Stokes Farm Rd Update Old Tappan, NJ

8, 10, Mass St. Pius X 12 Friends of CALU Breakfast 9/21 9:30 & Update Rumson Country Day 9/21 12:45 School; Micrfinance Project Meeting on Ranney School 9/21 6:00 Project 9/18

9/22 9:00 9/22 4:30 9/23 2:00 9/24 7:00 9/25 9:00

Crawford Rodriguez School Friends of CALU Party & Update Old Mill School Presentation Friends of CALU Party and Update Mass St Peters

9/25 11:30 CALU Board Mtg. 9/26 AM

Charles De Wolf School

9/26 3:30

Presentation to Johnson's Baby Brand Group

9/26 7:00

St. Catharine Rel Ed.

9/28 6:00

Departs for Uganda

Host Fr. Patrick

Host Kathryn Grifonetti 268 Old Tappan Rd Host Old Tappan, NJ Fr. Patrick 12 Hartshorne Lane Host Melissa Rumson, NJ Lilley 35 Bellevue Ave Host Jane Rumson, NJ Denny 11 Sugar Maple Ln Host Gaye Rumson, NJ Nicholson 1025 Larsen Road Host Nancy Jackson, NJ Shellock 2117 First Ave Host Sue Allenwood, NJ Peacock 620 18th Ave Host Sue Wall, NJ Peacock 11 Sugar Maple Ln Host Gaye Rumson, NJ Nicholson 11 Sugar Maple Ln Host Fr. Bob Rumson, NJ Benko 58 Fairview Ave Host Jean Brick, NJ Semler 275 Old Tappan Rd Old Tappan, NJ

Host Kerry Beckman Johnson & Johnson Johnelle New Brunswick, NJ Whipple Western Hwy Audrey Blauvelt, NY Angelini Newark Airport

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