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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

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CALU Staff Attends Dedication of Completed, Furnished Health Center in Migyera Over 200 residents of Migyera, dressed in their finest, took seats under two large tents shading them from the afternoon sun to witness the formal dedication of their new St. Francis Health Center in Migyera, Uganda on Wednesday, July 4.

During our July visit to Uganda, we received an exciting educational report from Andrew Wesige, Headmaster of St. Lawrence School. The school was ranked the number one public school (UPE School Universal Public Education) in the Nakasangola School District in 2011 based on the test scores of the students finishing Primary 7. This is a significant achievement!

Under a third tent sat dignitaries from state and regional government, Bishop of Kasana-Luweero Paul S. Semogerere, and ChangeALife Uganda's Rev. Lawrence Kitzito Kimbowa, guests, and members of the U.S. ChangeALife Uganda team. Speakers, including a representative of the local townsfolk, praised and thanked the commitment and generosity of their "American friends" who helped to complete construction of the clinic and provide funds to equip and staff it. The newly improved clinic now provides infant and family wellness care, and soon, maternal health services. The clinic staff treated 300 patients on the days immediately preceding opening day.

In 2007 when CALU began helping St. Lawrence School, it was a poor, substandard, unranked school with no students progressing to Secondary School (high school). Not only are St. Lawrence School students achieving

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

higher academic goals, but 32 students have graduated and now attend secondary school! Congratulations to the teachers and students of St. Lawrence School for these impressive accomplishments.

NEW ADDRESS For your letter to Uganda! Name of Child and Number Code ChangeALife Uganda Foundation P.O.Box 23469 Kampala, Uganda

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Speaking on behalf of CALU and its many supporters in New Jersey, President Jean Semler said, "We are honored to have the opportunity to work with the people of Migyera to improve the quality of care you receive. We came today to celebrate with you the opening of the new St. Francis Health Center, and also to see what else is needed to enable the clinic staff to provide more comprehensive health care services. We will continue to work hand-in-hand with you and the staff to make this a premier health center." The festive celebration included a medley of lively native dances by the children of St. Lawrence School and a buffet dinner for attendees.

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

An African Picnic Fundraiser

8/20/12 8:06 AM

The CALU Team included President Semler, Vice President David Thelen, Health Care team Karen Hinckley, MBA, Susan Peacock, R.N., Evelyn Wells, M.D. and Lito Fune, M.D., both of Jersey Shore Medical Center, and Rosemary Carroll, member of the CALU Board of Directors.

CALU will celebrate its successes in helping people in Migyera and Nabbingo, Uganda during "An African Picnic" at Knightsbridge Farm, 181 Whipporwill Valley Rd in Middletown on Saturday, September 29 from 5-9 p.m. The public is invited to attend. The celebration will include a DJ, beverages, food, pony rides, soccer, Ugandathemed activities, and s'mores under the stars. Guests will meet CALU's Rev. Lawrence Kizito Kimbowa whose personal story and descriptions of life in rural Uganda inspired Jean Semler and her husband David Thelen to found the charity five years ago. Father Lawrence will personally thank supporters and friends who worked "hand-in-hand" with Ugandans to empower those who are poor. Tickets for the fun-filled party are $100 per adult or $250 per family and can be purchased on-line at

Dr. Wells listens to a fetal heart beat.

Drs. Wells and Fune worked a full day treating patients alongside clinic Medical Director Dr. Ronald Lubega. Early laboratory tests of 98 patients revealed 20 cases of malaria and 10 of typhoid. Of 198 patients tested for HIV, 15 were HIV+ including two children. Since then, the number has grown to 86 HIV+ patients and other serious health problems have been identified. Dr. Lubega and nurse Martha visit with a mother recovering from malaria.

Friends of CALU were inspired to provide the funds needed for the clinic after the unnecessary and tragic death last year of Christopher Bakwana, a child who contracted malaria, a preventable and treatable disease. The boy did not have access to a nearby clinic.

Proceeds will benefit the work of CALU in Uganda.

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

Unlike Christopher, this young boy is treated for malaria.

"Now children in Migyera will have access to quality health care," said Jean Semler. "Our wonderful new facility is here to prevent deaths of other children from malaria."

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

MoneyForMedicine Health Center Qualifies as AIDS/HIV Treatment Clinic Beginning August 16, the new St. Francis Health Center in Migyera will become part of the Ministry of Health as it begins treatment programs for the 86 patients who tested positive for HIV.

In correspondence to Rev. Lawrence K. Kimbowa of CALU,

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

Pheona Busingye of Mildmay Uganda, a national program that provides comprehensive care for patients with HIV and AIDSrelated health problems, said Mildmay will start an outreach station at St. Francis Health Center this month, and it also has begun the process to accredit the Center as an antiretroviral medication site. Mildmay Uganda recommends a team comprised of a physician, nurse counselor and data management supervisor to manage the HIV clinic. Mildmay Uganda will provide HIV treatment drugs free of charge to the patients as well as testing kits for the health center. Jean and Dave began the CALU journey in 2007 with the idea of providing medical care to those who need it. The dedication of the health center made that idea a reality.

MoneyForMedicine CALU Pledges Completion of Women's Care Unit While the new St. Francis Health Center is providing child and family wellness services, the maternity rooms remain unfinished.

"We are determined to provide the equipment needed for the antenatal, delivery and recovery rooms as soon as possible," said Jean Semler, CALU President. "Women's health, particularly prenatal and obstetrics, is vital to our health care program."

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ChangeALife Uganda Aug '12 Newsletter: New Health Center Dedicated

8/20/12 8:06 AM

Items needed include: Doppler fetalscope; large sink for the delivery room; incubator with UV light; safety goggles; nine IV stands for beds in delivery, recovery, antenatal rooms; three mobile GYN lamps; GYN exam beds with stirrups; waterproof covers for beds; side cupboards for each bed; two autoclave sterilizers plus two additional drums; antenatal scale; blood pressure pump and cuff; bedpans, kidney shaped basins, gloves, masks and other supplies.

Summer Religious Ed Students Get Involved! For the fourth summer, religious education classes at St. Pius Church in Old Tappan, NJ raised money to sponsor a CALU student. Because of three classes' fundraising efforts, Erineo Kawooya will attend school again this year. Erineo and the students write to each other, sharing stories of school, home and interests. The Old Tappan students enjoy receiving Erineo's letters, which are always filled with pictures and descriptions of his school accomplishments. Thank you, St. Pius Summer CCD!

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