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November 2011 Dear Friends of ChangeALifeUganda, This past spring we received the heartbreaking news that 12-year-old Christopher Bakwana, one of our most promising students, died of malaria. His death was a tragedy. It was a tragedy because malaria is a treatable disease, and because the nearest health clinic was too far for him to receive the medicine that would surely have saved his life. We will never know what gifts Christopher might have shared with the world. Unfortunately, Christopher’s story is not unique. Needless deaths occur daily in rural Uganda because people do not have easy access to basic medical care and drugs that prevent disease. Thanks to you and your support, ChangeALife Uganda is working to reverse this untenable problem. Together, we have been funding the final construction of a health clinic in Migyera, just a few hundred feet from the St. Lawrence School, where many of our sponsored children attend, and near the homes of their families. Once built, equipped and staffed, this clinic will be the only reliable resource in the area for treating the health care needs of our students and their families. Our goal is to complete construction now so that the clinic can open in January 2012. With your help, we can accomplish that objective.



The total amount needed to finish construction, and equip and staff the clinic is $46,000. We are $6,000 away from finishing the construction. Beyond that, we need another $40,000 to purchase equipment and hire staff for the clinic. Our long-term goal is for the health center to be self-sustaining through patient fees, government support and program partnership with other nongovernment organizations.


Several of our ChangeALife Uganda supporters, saddened by our loss of Christopher Bakwana, are determined to help provide a viable health clinic for our students and their families. Together, they donated $9,500 to launch The Christopher Fund to support the Migyera Clinic. We invite you to join them in contributing to The Christopher Fund. Together all of our gifts will make the Migyera Clinic a life saving reality. Then, we can truly wish our children and their families a happy and a very healthy New Year. Jean Semler President PS. Your gift is a tribute to Christopher and, in a beautiful way, becomes his gift to share with the world.

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