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December 15, 2012



The Abaconian

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Survival exercises challenge cadets

Cadets-in-training were run through a gamut of training and survival exercises to prepare them for the rigors of service. For more on the story see page 5.

“National Costume� brings contestants one step closer to the Miss Abaco crown By Samantha Evans In one of the most talked about events to take place as part of the Miss Abaco 2012 schedule, the seven remaining contestants in the Miss Abaco Pageant were dressed and ready to prove that they were the best on the run way. The event was held on December 2 at Rum Runners in Marsh Harbour. The Top Model finalists were Erica Pinder, Patricia Curry and Lashawn Bevans. The top three National Costume contestants were Aisha Jones, Patricia Curry and Lashawn Bevans. Approximately two hundred people were present to cheer the contestants on as they competed for the title of Top Model and National Costume. The Top Model award stands on its own and does not count towards the pageant. However, the lady who wins the National Costume competition automatically advances to the semifinals. With that knowledge, the seven ladies searched high and low for the best costume to portray what makes the Bahamas unique. According to Miss Abaco President, TJ Stubbs, both areas were judged based on a formula provided by Abaco Pageantry Systems. Top Model was judged based on walk, poise, print model appeal, presence, beauty, presentation and overall impresAbove: the winner of Top Model and National Costume Contest. Lashawn Bevans, struts along the catwalk. This event is one of several, including the upcoming Swim Suit Contest, that will decide the new Miss Abaco.

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

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sion. National Costume was based on all stated except walk. The afternoon was divided into four parts. The opening was a red carpet affair as the ladies were dressed like they were going to the Academy Awards or the Golden Globe. The second set was the all-white attire, where the contestants were adorned in outfits inspired by Lady Gaga, Junkanoo all-white couture, warrior goddess and modern day bride with 1930s

flair. The third set was swim suit where the contestants designed a swim suit that spoke to their personality. The swim suits ranged from simple couture to runways in Paris. The final set was national costume which focused on “We ‘Tings.” The contestants depicted a proud Bahamian heritage. All of the costumes, except the formal wear, was inspired, and in some cases designed, by the contestants. The formal wear was provided by VOWS. After an afternoon of fierce battle on the runway and much talk about who would come out on top, the top three con-

testants for each category was named. For Top Model in third place with 1460 points was Erica Pinder. In second place with 1524 points was Patricia Curry. The winner with 1646 points was Lashawn Bevans. In the National Costume category in third place with 731 points was Patricia Curry. In second place with 736 points was Aisha Jones. The winner with 755 points was Lashawn Bevans. Patricia Curry was dressed as a sun goddess, Aisha Jones was dressed as an Afro-Bahamian straw doll and the winner was dressed as the national bird, the flamingo. Please see

Top right hand corner and clockwise: Velmanique Archer in all-white, Aisha Jones as an Afro-Bahamian straw doll, Patricia Curry as a sun goddess, and directly above sporting two very familiar Abaco icons - Erica Pinder.


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December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News Pageant

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The scores from national costume will follow the contestants through to pageant night. According to president of Abaco Pageantry Systems, TJ Stubbs, the event was a success and far surpassed the accomplishments of last year’s event. This year they have gone to great lengths to prepare the contestants to compete internationally. He plans to use this pageant as a spring board to do more community work and more positive things on the island. He believes that this top model event exposed the creativity that is on the island. The judges for the event were Domi-

nique Rolle, William “Tony” Davis, and Nevandria Rolle, the current Miss Abaco. All of the stands for the pageant were purchased by former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham. He also paid for all of the Miss Abaco ads aired on the local radio. Other posters to come will also be courtesy of Mr. Ingraham.

Local cadets participate in survival exercises

Bottom left: Ebony Bass. Bottom Right: Ramonica Hamilton.

Above: cadet trainees prepare to perform a survival exercise in the harbour. By Mirella Santillo A large group of Royal Bahamas Defense Force Cadets from seven local schools met during the morning of December 1 to participate in a survival training exercise. Fifty seven new recruits and sixteen installed cadets, altogether seventy four children, met Saturday at 8:30 a.m. at the corner of South Side Road and SC Bootle Highway in Murphy Town. They were supervised not only by their local advisors, but also by a group of Defense Force Officers who had come from

Nassau on November 29 to coordinate the operation. Roodatram Kawalran and Thrishka Johnson, from SC Bootle High School, had come with approximately twenty children from Cooper’s Town and Green Turtle Cay; about the same number of students from Abaco Central High School accompanied Shantell Penn. The remaining thirty plus children belonged to private schools from the Marsh Harbour area. Please see


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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Cadets

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Lt. Origin Deleveaux, Petty officer Carlos Sturrup, Leading Woman Beatrice Riley, Leading Seaman Edison Rolle as well as Able-Mechanic Al Rahming shared the duty of training the youngsters during the several hours exercise. The cadets accompanied by their advisors and the officers were to walk close to ten miles on SC Bootle Highway, from South Side Road to Calcutta Shipyard, continuing on Crocket Drive up to Elizabeth Drive, all the way to the Port, their final destination. It took the group exactly two hours to reach their destination. But it was not the end of the exercise, but merely the beginning. After a break of a few minutes, they took part in the most important lesson of the day: how to survive and help others in case of a disaster at sea. The walk, which had been preceded by stretching and warm-ups, was a much needed stamina-building exercise because the next exercise the uninstalled cadets had to take turns dragging one of their mates to safety. The fifty seven recruits were divided in groups of ten and were garbed with life jackets. It took a while for Officer Deleveaux to explain to the cadets how to properly secure the life jacket, so it would help, instead of impair, them. Each group had a captain in charge of their passengers. His duty was to order the others to abandon ship. And, as a good captain, they were to be the last to jump in the water. One by one they stepped into the water. The area of exercise was limited to one side by the Duke of Top Sail and on the other by a rope that had been tiedup from a buoy to the ramp. Marine Seaman Chadwick Eneas and Able-Mechanic Al Rahming were on hand with floaters, ready to command, advise or help. All participated, regardless of how comfortable they may or may not have been. It

was one of three exercises mandatory for installation; so there was no way out for those wanting to become a Royal Bahamas Defense Force Cadet. Once the rescue practice had been performed, they were told to hold hands and form a circle. Leading Woman Riley explained that the benefit from this action is twofold. It offers greater visibility for rescuers and the water within the circle is warmer than the ambient water, so each victim can take turn to warm up inside the circle should they be forced to remain in the ocean for a long period of time. It was well after lunch time when the survival exercise ended. It had been a tough morning for most of the trainees, but, while they were swimming, the reward in the form of an energizing meal was being prepared by officers and installed cadets. Able-Mechanic Cranstan Taylor, the training officer for the local cadets, was unable to attend the event. He had a sad duty to perform: taking a group of installed cadets to a funeral service for the mother of one of the cadets.

Students debate for chance at Nationals

The SC Bootle Debate Team took Abaco for the second time this year. They will represent Abaco in Nassau during the upcoming National Debates. Above: Shantell Bernadin, Rosemika Charles, Sherrie Romer and Coach Nadira Kawalram.

Above: Royal Bahamas Defence Force Cadet trainees perform an open-water survival drill. Interlinking arms and forming a circle makes the group more visible to search parties and keeps warm water close. Both vital in case of extended periods lost and afloat at sea.

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By Mirella Santillo For the second year in a row, the same three-girl team from SC Bootle High School won the local debates which were held on November 14 and November 28 at St Andrews Methodist Church. In the first round, Glori Knowles, Malesha Joseph, Lakera Archer and Kirklin McIntosh representing Abaco Central High School debated against the SC Bootle High School team comprised of Sherrie Romer, Rosemika Charles and Shantell Bernardin. The discussion’s topic was: “Be resolved that the National Lottery is the solution for funding sports and education in The Bahamas”. In that first round the judges’ verdict gave the victory to SC Bootle High School. Abaco Central High School was out of the contest with a third place. The debates continued on November 28 with the SC Bootle’s team confronting

three students from Moore’s Island All Age School. They debated on the same topic: “Be it resolved that The Bahamas is a Christian nation.” SC Bootle was given the proposition role. Leslie Rolle, District of Education Officer, who coordinated the event, thought that both sides forwarded good arguments. Moore’s Island brought forward the breakdown of society in The Bahamas and the immorality associated with it. They mentioned the rate of murders and the disintegration of the family. SC Bootle countered by citing the constitution which is based on Christian principles. They interviewed members of the Christian Council and people in the community and supported their arguments with quotes from the Bible. They concludPlease see


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December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News Debates

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ed that in spite of the weakness of man in general, The Bahamas was still a Christian nation. It was the rebuttal that decided on the winner. Sherrie Romer took the stand for SC Bootle and spoke for approximately three minutes, while her opponent Nicholas Darville concluded in a shorter time. According to his coach, Dawnette Campbell, it was the rebuttal that he found most difficult. It was the first time that Moore’s Island Astron Johnson, Nicholas Darville and Kenecia Musgrove participated in a debate competition. The panel of judges was represented by Sandra Edwards, Eunice Mills and Pastor Jason Quashie who was the head judge. In his comments before handing out the trophies, he praised the students of both schools for their presentation and their research. But he also pointed out some areas of weakness such as poor pronunciation or lack of confidence. Moore’s Island All Age School took the second place. Each of the six finalists received an individual trophy. SC Bootle was awarded the overall school trophy. The High School Students Debates will continue on January 18 in Nassau. The three SC Bootle students will represent Abaco. Last year they went up to the semi- final.

Seventeen graduate from Success Training College

Above: the 2012 graduates of Success Training College along with Dr. Deswell Forbes and MP for North Abaco, Renardo Curry. All students received an Associates Degree. By Samantha Evans Saturday, December 1 was an exciting day for seventeen locals who graduated from Success Training College Center for Extended Studies. They all graduated with Associate Degrees in various fields of business. At 6:30 pm, the church hall of Change Ministries International was filled to capacity as family, friends and well-wishers were present to witness the graduation of their loved ones. The theme chosen for this occasion was “Soaring Beyond the Challenges Towards a Brighter Future.”

These students have worked hard, sacrificed much, and lost a lot of sleep, but they all marched proudly into the hall. Dr. Deswell Forbes, President of the College, announced them to the audience as they prepared to receive their Associates of Arts Degrees. Once God’s presence was invoked upon the gathering in prayer, the ceremony began. Sharon Rolle, Center Administrator, welcomed all to the graduation followed by the passing of the torch by Shrynal Boyd, Class of 2012, to Dave Darville, Class of 2013. Dr. Lenora Black, Superintendent of

Education for the Abaco District, brought brief remarks followed by the keynote address by Renardo Curry, Member of Parliament for North Abaco and Parliamentary Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister on the island of Abaco. Dr. Black was proud to be present to witness the second graduation of Success Training College on the island of Abaco and commended all stakeholders for a job well done. She highlighted the two males in the graduating class especially since the Class of 2009 only graduated one male. Dr. Black sees this as a 100% increase in male enrollment, which is commendable. She told the graduates that as we approach forty years of independence, it should bring all to a place of soberness. She asked them to think of a very important question and that is: “Where Are You Going, Bahamas?” She stated that the studies they went through should have been sought after to better the world and not solely for their own personal benefit. Dr. Black commended the graduates for stepping forth to attain higher learning at a time when leaders are being sought all around the world. She spoke to them about higher education and gave them seven benefits of this new degree. She told them that they will earn higher wages, have lower blood pressure, live a healthier lifestyle, have greater job satisfaction, experience greater stability, better prepare their children for the future Please see


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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Success

From Page 7

and model change in their home, community and Abacos at large. She told them to go light their candle, and then individually they must stand proud and light their world. Mr. Curry told the graduates that after the struggles, challenges, babysitting bills and other sacrifices made, they have finally gotten to the end of this chapter of their lives. He stated that there were others who started out with them but they fell by the wayside, but they fought the good fight and are now reaping the rewards. He candidly reminded the graduates that the world today calls for advancement of education, so in The Bahamas we must produce talent in a variety of skill sets and disciplines like other countries are doing. As they move forward, he told them to remember that they will be tried and tested but they have proven that they can stand the course and finish the race. He told them not to become complacent, but seek to advance themselves further. They should never settle for mediocrity, but rather reach for the stars. As a result of this milestone, he stated that they will influence many. They should therefore use their accomplishments to impact the community in a great way. Following Mr. Curry, the conferral and charge was given to the graduates by President Forbes. He thanked Dr. Black for her support and stated that they are looking forward to doing greater things on the island of Abaco. He told the graduates that if they are to be personified, then they must distinguish themselves from the crowd, be exceptional and soar well beyond average. He told the graduates not to limit themselves to what they have already achieved but use it as a spring board to greater achievements. Use this accomplishment as a passport to unlimited destinations and not as a permit that limits them to a single activity. He spoke about successful persons in the community and the legacies they have left begin. He told them that even though their forefathers and parents achieved much, they have raised the bar to high levels of success. All graduates were then presented with their degree and special awards. The top three students in this class are: Collegiatorian: Velty Parker-Carey with a GPA of 3.41, Salutatorian: Tania C. Cartwright with a GPA of 3.77, and Valedictorian: Charmaine A. Cornish with a GPA of 3.91. Service awards were given to Carla Nixon and Sophia McIntosh. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Antonio Wilmore, Victoria Gibson, Judy Dawkins and Cleveland Dawkins. The valedictorian gave her speech and spoke about the journey they took from January 2010 to graduation day. She advised her colleagues to realize that nothing is too good for them to accomplish. She reminded them that even

though the journey was long that education lasts forever. Before the ceremony ended, the graduates presented their professors with gifts and sang their graduation song. It was a wonderful graduation with lots of warm moments that displayed how proud the students were of their achievements. The vote of thanks was given by Velty Carey followed by the recessional.

SC Bootle High School sends students to The United Nations By Mirella Santillo In April of 2012, approximately twelve schools attended a conference in Nassau where students acted as representatives of different countries. A group of four students from SC Bootle-Sherrie Romer, Vance Poitier, Savannah Cooper and Shevado Smith as the leader - represented China during the morning session. They had to do research on China’s stand on the crisis in the Middle East, pretending they were Chinese. They made their presentation in front of an audience comprised of representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government Officials and writers. In the afternoon, Sherrie Romer debated on China’s stand on democracy in the Middle East. According to her coach, Nadira Kawalran, she did an excellent job. Based on the morning and afternoon performances, SC Bootle High School was declared the winner of the contest over another local school, St Francis de Sales Catholic School and Queen’s College from Nassau. The first prize was a three-day trip to New York to attend a United Nations’ conference. The four students and two chaperons, Nadira Kawalran and Diana Facey, left for the United States on September 28, 2012. “From the moment we arrived, we received special treatment, said Ms. Kawalran. “ We were picked up at the airport, taken to the hotel and then to the conference where we were given VIP seats”. There they listen to the speech of Bahamian Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Frederick Mitchell, who came to greet them at the end of his presentation. They also listen to other countries representatives’ presentations with translating apparatuses as those people did not speak English. It gave them an idea of what really happens in a United Nations’ presentation. The whole Bahamian contingent of approximately thirty people was then invited to a reception. In a private session, the students were asked to give their opinion

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of Mr. Mitchell’s speech, witnessed by the Bahamian group. During their free time, they traveled on a train, and went shopping downtown Manhattan. Ms. Kawalran explains that she enters the students in these contests to help them develop their communication skills. In April of 2013, the same students will enter the MUN’s session in Nassau, not as competitors this time, but as mediators.

Youth Month Service held in Cherokee By Lee Pinder A church service was planned as a finale to October’s National Youth Month. However, Hurricane Sandy came alone and it had to be postponed. But, on Sunday afternoon, November 25, the youth of South Abaco brought their “Youth…Celebrating Who We Are” meeting to Cherokee Sound. Epworth Methodist Chapel was the venue for the youth of South Abaco to come together for this program. It was an impressive turnout and the teenagers and young people who attended were given some very important lessons of life to chew on. Even though it was organized by the Youth Leaders, many of the youth were a part of the service with their speaking and singing talents, not to mention one very talented trumpet player: Thomas Reitsma of Cherokee. At this time in their, life a teenager is just learning to break free from the restraints of childhood and all the remarks and speeches concentrated on how impor-

tant the decisions they make now will affect the rest of their life, how it is really up to them if they are going to succeed. The Abaco District Youth Coordinator, Ishmael Morely, gave them four important points to consider. First and foremost, he stressed that knowledge is power. And second, that tribal self-gratification was important (know your friends). Next, he said that in a world of the mundane, know that “I am me” and nothing else matters, be proud of who you are. And, lastly, he said turn to the Cross and there you will see Christ and yourselves, as he died for your sins. The main Speaker was Reverend Marie Neeley, Pastor of Epworth in Cherokee, who impressed the audience with her past life lessons and experiences throughout her own personal life. Her message included and emphasized on “I am a promise, I am a possibility and I am a great big bunch of potentiality.” She also outlined three simple instructions to help them achieve their goals in life, she asked them to - No. 1 – Live it up by having respect for others, especially your elders, No. 2 – Love it up and love yourself, and others will love you also, and No. 3 – Learn it up – for without learning you can’t go anywhere. She said if they would remember these three simple phrases and practice them throughout their daily life she said they could make a difference. Rev. Neeley was very energetic and upbeat and the young people were caught up in her enthusiasm and hopefully will take to heart the encouraging words of advice given to them, not only by her but all the youth leaders who volunteer their time and efforts every day in order to help our youth have a better and more fulfilled life. They are our future.

Above: young people singing at the “Youth...Celebrating Who We Are” service in Cherokee Sound on November 25, 2012.

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News SC Bootle prefects installed

ACH Students of the Month awarded

By Canishka Alexander In November, more than thirty prefects were officially installed and pinned at a specially-held assembly on the school grounds at S.C. Bootle High School. Newly elected Head Girl, Clydesha Cornish, led the young leaders in their prefect pledge. Guest Speaker, Bishop Cedric Bullard covered the prefects in prayer and admonished them to be good role models and to be responsible. He also used the opportunity to address the general student body and offer some grief counselling in the wake of the recent, tragic car accident where three individuals perished. All of the victims were relatives of students at the school. Above: Abaco Central High School students, from grades seven to twelve, receive awards for their academic achievements during the month. By Mirella Santillo The Department of Social Sciences of Abaco Central High School, headed by Raquel Cox, continues its Students of the Month Award program. Eighteen students from grade 7 to 12 were recognized for their achievement during the month of November. They were awarded their certificates on December 3. They were Faudny Telusca, Asheene Smith and Stephanie Cartwright in grade 7. In grade 8 the awards went to Keneisha Tanelus, Jenita Simeon and Iselaine Jean.

The recipients for grade 9 were Deneze Bootle, Elvina Morin and Jenny Louis. Junique Rolle, a grade 10 students received a certificate for both History and Religious Studies. In grade 11, the History award went to Tyshinique Cunningham and to Vinedgy Michel for Religious Studies. Grade 12 recipient of the History award was Leslee McDonald. Payton Stubbs received the Religious Studies award.

ACH continues success in spelling bees Above: Clothing Construction Teacher, Chavonne Reid, pins Head Girl, Clydesha Cornish.

Two Abaco Central High School Students have put their school in the news for their success in spelling. Destiny Seymour won the eighth grade Spelling Bee contest on November 2.

Another student of the high school, Jacqueline Jean-Jacque, placed second in the contest held on November 23 for seventh graders.

SC Bootle hosts annual Awards and Thanksgiving Ceremony By Canishka Alexander Awards were the order of the day at S.C. Bootle High School on Nov. 23. According to Principal Huel Moss, dozens of trophies, plaques and certificates were presented to well-deserving students from Grades 7 to 11 for their efforts from a year ago. Moss said that the opportunity was also used as a service of thanksgiving and students and teachers were encouraged to bring in food items for distribution to the needy in our communities. As a reward, prizes were given to classes with the best decorated box as well as the class that brought in the most items. Once again, Treasure Cay Resort and Marina sponsored the annual event. Head Boy Junior Louis and Head Girl Clydesha Cornish did a masterful job as moderators. The ceremony began with the SCM and Praise and Worship. Principal Huel Moss brought brief remarks and the welcome, while Mrs. Sandy Edwards spoke on behalf of the Department of Education. Seventh graders, Torin Miller and Daryl Russell, rendered a musical selection followed by a melodious song by the famous Facility Managers Choir. Father Deangelo Bowe of the Anglican Parish in North Abaco delivered the keynote address to the students. He admonished the students to be the best that they can be and not to settle for mediocrity. Bowe added that regardless of their individual circumstances, there is no excuse for not succeeding. Soon it was time for the presentation of awards, which was facilitated by parents, teachers and invited guests. Students smiled broadly and walked quickly to receive their trophies, plaques and certificates – rewards for their hard work in the classroom and in sports last year. Finally, Lazaria McIntosh and Shedline Israel delivered the vote of thanks before Freddie McIntosh, a facility manager, brought the proceedings to a close with the benediction.

Above: Father Deangelo Bowe with senior prefects Iesha Johnson and Tamera Rolle.

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012


Dolphins sweep volleyball tournament By Mirella Santillo A Volleyball Tournament organized by coach Vogel Williams, took place at Grace Gymnasium on Saturday December 1 from 10:30 to 3:30. Three primary schools and three high schools entered the contest. Agape Christian School’s team won both the boys and girls Volleyball Tournament in the primary school category. SC

Bootle took the first place in both boys and girls divisions in the high school category. Treasure Cay primary School, Green Turtle Cay Amy Roberts and Agape Christian School entered the Primary School Category. SC Bootle High School, Central Abaco High School and Agape Christian School represented the high school category.

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S. C. Bootle High School’s boys and girls teams are the champions in high school volleyball this year. Principal Huel Moss recently announced that both teams defeated their opponents, Abaco Central High School, in highly-contested battles at Agape Christian School’s Grace Gym on Dec. 1. Above: SC Bootle Girls Volleyball Team Right: SC Bootle Boys Volleyball Team with Coach Audley Dean.

December 15, 2012


The Abaconian

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Slow-pitch softball season launches this month By Canishka Alexander The slow-pitch season for softball players on Abaco began on Dec.2 at the Murphy Town Ball Field. Two coed teams were formed with 10 players each and labeled Marsh and Coopers in reference to their respective North and Central Abaco communities. Although there were nine innings in the game, the innings went by quickly. The Coopers were well in the lead with five runs in the first five innings, but by the sixth inning the Marsh players began

to strengthen their defense and score points as they went up to bat. Several homeruns were scored on both teams. Abaco Softball Association President Nigel Bootle also played in the game, and was the pitcher for the Coopers team. The Coopers beat the Marsh team: 12 to 9. Bootle said that he had enjoyed the game, and promised that there will be more slow pitch games to come. Bootle and Mark Douglas, a member of the Creters Bulldogs, organized the first game of the season this month to see what type of

interest it would generate. So far, five teams in the North have expressed interest. Additionally, Mark Douglas said that there will be coed, men’s and women’s teams out this season. A travel club will also be formed, and players will travel to New Providence and Grand Bahama with players from those islands coming to Abaco as well to compete. “We’re just trying to keep everybody in shape, so that when [fast pitch] softball season comes back around everybody will still be in shape,” Mark shared. “So this

will be what we’ll be doing – we’ll have a meeting, do a schedule and basically go from there.” Nearby, Jarrod Douglas was planning his team’s comeback when they play again. He quipped that they only allowed Bootle and his team to win because they did not bring out their full squad and had to borrow some players for the game. Mark agreed with his brother Jarrod. “It was a good game, we fell short, but we will bounce back,” he said. “This is only one game, but we will bounce back – trust me.”

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012


Eagles continue their success in Eleuthera Coach and players recognized for excellence By Mirella Santillo The Agape Christian School Eagles came back from the Eleuthera Walter Bethel Invitational Basketball Tournament with a first and third place. Four of their players made the “All Tournament Team” and Coach Wayde Adderley was recognized as “Coach of the Tournament”. The tournament was hosted by Central Eleuthera High School during the weekend of November 15 to 17 with sixteen teams participating. Two visiting teams from GW Davis High School in Nassau and from

Agape Christian School on Abaco took home the trophies in the junior division and the senior division respectively. Twenty students from Agape Christian School in the junior and senior categories accompanied Coach Adderley to Eleuthera. The Juniors lost in the semi-final to GW Davis’ team. But Eagle player, Trae Bain, made the “All Tournament Team,” in his division. The seniors defeated Central Eleuthera High School’s team in the championship game, winning by four points, 44 to

40. According to Coach Adderley, it was a very close, exciting game which went into overtime. Three Abaco players made the “All Tournament Team” in the senior division. They were Godfrey Rolle Jr., Jaron Cornish and Agassi Saunders. Godfrey Rolle also received the MVP award. “It was a great tournament,” commented Coach Adderley. The enthusiastic coach will take his players to Freeport, Grand Bahama, the weekend of December 12 to 15 to participate in the Annual Grand Bahama Catholic

High School Christmas Invitation Basketball Tournament. He is certain that the Eagles will once again bring back home a few trophies. “I worked for three years to coach my senior team to where it is now,” boasts the coach. I will never have a better team.” In the meantime, the local interschools tournament continues at Agape Christian School’s Grace Gymnasium. The last game of the year which was played on December 5 ended the first round. The second round will resume on January 9.

Above: the Agape Eagles Basketball Team in Eleuthera for the Walter Bethel Invitational Basketball Tournament. Photo courtesy of The Eleutheran.

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December 15, 2012

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Wishes everyone a happy and healthy holiday season Green Turtle Cay

Cherokee Sound

Green Turtle Cay

- 1,190 s.f. Residence - Land - 2.68 Acres - 150.60’ Atlantic Beach - 196.60’ Coco Bay Beach - Dock - 50% Shared - 3 options available House & Dock $680,000 Beach Lot $340,000 Estate $980,000 #GTH1169

- 20,400 s.f. - 0.468 Acre - 2,040 s.f. Residence - 280 s.f. Guest House - 3 Bed - 3 Bath - 1120 s.f. Covered Decks - 90 s.f. Open Decks - Ocean Views - 1/2 mile to Settlement #CSH1209 $570,000

Elbow Cay

- 3 Bedroom, 3 Baths - 1,282 s.f. under air - 887 s.f ground floor bed-bath-garage - 1,597 s.f. decks - 15,710s.f. - 0.360 Acre - 200’ on Coco Bay Beach - 8,000 gallon cistern #GTH1152 - $1,285,000


Green Turtle Cay

- Best Estate on Elbow Cay -Beach lot 2.24 Acres - 419’ Atlantic Beachfront - 395’ on Canal - 2 Cottages with dock - Creek Parcel 1.39 Acres - 160’ on Nigh Creek - 25’ Elevations #HTH1200 $2,999,900

- 4 Bd, 2 Bth - 1,962 s.f. - 2 kitchens - 30,874 s.f. - 0.708 Acres - 360 views - 30’ elevations - Centrally Located



- 12,105 s.f. - 0.277 Acre - 60’ Atlantic Beach - 642 s.f. - 2 bd - 2 bth - 336 s.f. open decks - Beautiful views of Atlantic Ocean - 10,000 gal. cistern - Close to town #GGH1191 $499,000

Great Guana Cay

- 18,321 s.f - 0.420 Acre - 110’ Atlantic Beach - +/- 1000 s.f. - 3 Bd - 2 Bth - master on second level - Abaco’s best beach - golf cart - 6 KW standby gen. - Rental History #GGH1204 $749,000

Green Turtle Cay

- 7,264 s.f. - 0.166 Acre - 877 s.f. - 3 Bd.-1 Bath - 12’ x 16’ Shed - 90’ L - Shaped Dock - PGT Storm Windows - Galvilume Metal Roof - 1/2 or Full Ownership Offered - #GTH1197 $174,000 - $347,000

Green Turtle Cay

- 1,823 s.f. - 0.0419 Acre - 1,723 s.f. - 2 bd, 2 bth - On Settlement Harbour - Corner Lot - Workshop/Garage - Fully Furnished/turn key - City water - Great Rental Property - Water views #GTH1193 - $390,000

Green Turtle Cay

- 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath - 928 s.f. - 74,182 s.f. - 1.703 Acre - 198’ of Gilliam Bay Beach - 478’ on the Sea of Abaco - Overlooks town flats - Bonefishermen’s Dream Property #GTH1205 - $399,000





Green Turtle Cay

- 17,191 s.f. - 0.394 Acre - 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath - Covered Screen Porch - Wood Floors - Shellstone Tile - Dead End Road/Private - Community Dock Access #GTH1149


- 4 Bd, 4 Bth - 4,948 s.f. / 2 levels - 19,083 s.f. - 0.438 - Each level private living space/kitchen - Sea of Abaco - Dock/boatlift/10,000 #GTH1181 - $1,699,000

#GTH1192 - $1,200,000

ELBOW CAY Great Guana Cay

Green Turtle Cay



“BERKLEY’S BLUFF”- 31,000 s.f. - 0.7116 Acre - 100‘ of

Atlantic ocean frontage - 275’ depth - Great elevations - overlooks surfer‘s beach. #HTV1125 - BRING OFFERS NEW PRICE $375,000.


“SEA TO BAY” - 148,104 s.f. - 3.40 Acre - Sea to Sea parcel 201.87’ on the Atlantic Ocean - 159.15‘ on the Sea of Abaco overlooking private harbour inclusive 2 boat slips - Great elevations - Can be Divided. #GGV1008 $1,472,000. “CLAIRE’S BEACH” - Beachfront building site - 31,243 s.f. 0.717 Acre - 117’ of Atlantic beachfront - Dock access - good elevations superb ocean views. #GGV1006 $478,000. “LOST SHAKER” - 36,839 s.f. - 0.847 Acre - 65’ of Atlantic beachfront -Dolphin Beach Estates - oversized parcel - good elevationseasement to beach. #GGV1000 $460,000. “ATLANTIS” - 19,239 s.f. - 0.4417 Acre - 95’ of Atlantic beachfront - Dolphin Beach Estates - Semi-private dock. #GGV1135 FORCLOSURE MUST SELL! $350,000. “SEAVIEW” - Dolphin Beach Estates - 24,292 s.f. - 0.557 Acre 136’ prime waterfront - great elevations - fabulous views of Delia’s Cay and the Sea of Abaco. Shared dock access or can build a private dock on shoreline - 8’ depth at MLW - #GGV1118 $368,000.



Green Turtle Cay


- 4 Bedroom, 4.5 Bath - 2,448 s.f. of Luxury - 27,965 s.f. - 0.642 Acre - 90’ on Gilliam Bay - Wood Floors - Double Golf Cart garage - 2,356 s.f. Wrap/decks - Built 2009 - Tastefully Decorated #GTH1179 - $2,595,000

Green Turtle Cay





Marina Resort for Sale - +/-621’ on Black Sound available - +/-378’ Sea of Abaco frontage available - +/- 2.78 Acres - Restaurant & Pool Bar - Shell Fuel Dock - Great for private estate #GTH1151 - $3,470,000


“COCONUT BEACH” - 63,815 s.f. - 1.465 Acre - Prime beach

Man O’ War Cay

front lot - secluded beach cove on north end-driveway in place and approved building plans available - GTV1172 NEW $675,000.

“PLAYING HOOKY”- 15,948 s.f. - 0.3661 Acre - Prime building site - Unobstructed views of Coco Bay - Public dock accessBeach access - #GTV1080 $240,000. “OCEANVIEW LOT” - 22,141 s.f. - 0.508 acres - corner lot Atlantic beach and ocean views - beach road access 30‘ away close proximity to Green Turtle Club. Snorkeling just offshore. #GTV1157 $275,000. “CONCHED OUT” -Lot 2 - 30,361 s.f. - 0.697 Acre - 125’ of Atlantic beachfront - 12’ elevations - #GTV1008 -$350,000. Lot 3 36,440 s.f. - 0.836 Acre - 117‘ on Coco Bay- 30’ elevations - #GTV1206 $697,000. Lot 4 - 36,440 s.f. - 0.836 Acre - 117‘ on Coco Bay - 25’ elevations - #GTV1207 - $697,000. “NO NAME CAY PARCELS” - 1. One Acre - +/- 345’ of Atlantic shoreline $225,000. 2. One Acre - +/- 250’ of Atlantic Shoreline $259,000. 3. One and a Half Acres - +/- 525’ of Atlantic Shoreline $418,000. Combine all three for a very private estate. - #NCV1188 “SEABREEZE” 14,960 s.f. - 0.343 Acre - close to ocean beach clubs & town. #GTV1173 $145,000. “COCO BAY BREEZE” - Prime building site - .2699 Acre Dock Access - Beach Access. #GTV1007 $47,500. MAN O’ WAR CAY “SUMMERPLACE” - 10,719 s.f. - 0.246 Acre - Prime build-

ing site - over 150’ of Sea of Abaco frontage - private dock fabulous Sea of Abaco views. #MWV1082 - UNDER CONTRACT


97.42’ on the creek. #5 - 1.155 Acres - 100.92’ on the creek. Both lots creek to highway - near Treasure Cay. #CAV1182 - $89,500. “RED BAY & LOGGERHEAD CREEK” - 0.233 - 67.42 Acres of prime development opportunity, possibilities unlimited. ACV1184 - ACV1185 - ACV1186 $139,000 - $1,685,500.

SOUTH ABACO “LITTLE HARBOUR LOT” - 42,166 s.f. - 9.68 Acre - 165’ on

Hurricane Hole - Easement to Little Harbour 2,773 s.f. 10’ wide. #SAV1208 $255,000.


Over 16 Acres of prime development property - 1,638 linear ft of creek frontage. Great location for Eco-Resort or commercial property. Located at the entrance to Winding Bay (Ritz Carlton) and Little Harbour, just 20 minutes from Marsh Harbour airport. SAV1198 $1,750,000.

Great Guana Cay - Green Turtle Cay - Man-O-War Cay Hope Town - Marsh Harbour - Treasure Cay

Chris Plummer - Managing Broker Faron Sawyer - Broker Silbert Mills James Pleydell-Bouverie Paul Thompson

242-365-4648 242-367-3450 242-367-2935 242-365-6416 242-366-0029

- 10,056 s.f. - 0.23 Acre - 1,200 s.f. Residence - 192 s.f. Snore Box - 4 Bedroom, 2.5 Bath - 16,000 gal. cistern - 17 KW Diesel Gen. - Central A/C + Split Unit #MWH1024 $499,000

Man O’ War Cay

$225,000 - $418,000.

- 4 bd, 3 bth - 1,255 s.f. Residence - 17,792 s.f. - 0.408 Acre - 768 s.f. Covered Decks - 812 s.f. Open Decks - 360 Views - Shared Auxiliary Gen. - Well Kept Gardens #MWH1195 - $749,000

Man O’ War Cay

- Sea to Sea property - 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath - 1,096 s.f. Beach Res. - 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath - 625 s.f. Guest Cottage - Land 0.764 Acre - Workshop/Laundry

#MWH1164 - $1,090,000

Man O’ War Cay

- Northern Tip of MOW - Sea to Sea Parcels - 3 Options Available - Private Marina 8’MLW - Private Beaches - Exceptional Estate - Great Elevations - Price Upon Request

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Art Explosion features many young and new artists By Canishka Alexander The organizers of the annual Art Explosion 2012 welcomed its third year at Agape Christian School’s Grace Gym on Nov. 23-24. Having celebrated successful events in the past, there were familiar and new faces among the artisans this year

with great participation from younger, school-aged artists. An art exhibition by Agape students was on display and included the past year's BJC & BGCSE coursework and exam pieces. Seated at one of the booths was Dorolyn Wilmore, a handicraft vendor, who fashions her jewelry from mostly shell and coconut materials. She also makes straw bags, which happened to be her most popular item at the event. Wilmore said that she had more items at one time, but a house fire destroyed them, so she is starting to add back to her collection. Next to Wilmore’s booth was

Exclusive Abaco Island Estate

Own your dream home, retire in Paradise, Marsh Harbour, Bahamas

Located in the HUB of Abaco

2.62 acres on Sugarloaf cay 3230 sq. ft. interior, w/ 1500’ of porches Guest Cottage, 1073 sq. ft. 2/1 Fully furnished including all electronics, appliances, decor in both houses 2 boats: 19’ Boston Whaler, 22’ Glacier Bay 30,000 gallons of fresh water cistern Back up water line from mainland 25 ft. Elevation on rock with concrete foundation Storm/security shutters Interior construction is all wood not drywall Dock with boat hoist

1 hour from Florida, private island with house & guest cottage. Magnificent views and amenities. Only 500 yards from Eastern Shores, Marsh Harbour. Very private & secure. Rental cottage on site:

Above: Raquel Albury showcasing her work. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and paitings were some of the items in her impressive portfolio.

Agape Teacher Danielle Totten, who sold home good products, jewelry, and children’s headbands and barrettes. Meanwhile Ashley Hall specialized in Perler Beads. Using colourful beads, Ashley followed a pattern for animals, flowers, stars, Christmas ornaments, etc. and ironed them to fuse the beads together. Next, she added adhesive magnets and hooks to complete her creations. Raquel Albury featured newer items this year. There were clutches and wallets made from duct tape. She also featured more butterfly paintings and added necklaces and bracelets to her jewelry line.

Mikayla Marshall participated for the second year in a row at the Art Explosion. She displayed small and large flowers clips with rhinestones , decorated wreaths and fans, miniature Christmas trees, gift boxes and Suncatchers. Mackenzie Dam showcased jewelry and Christmas ornaments, while Bethany Higgs created small, medium and large snowflakes. Emily Kemp featured an abundance of “Treasures from the Sea” that ranged from a manatee, whale, sailboat, lighthouse, wind chime, magnets, Please see Art

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December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News Art

From Page 16

necklaces and sea glass pendants, and a shell door stop. The last of the young artists were Kara Pinder and S. Taylor Albury, who sold bracelets and hair clips. Across from the students was Douglas Albury, who spends hours making masterpieces from native woods. A native of Man-O-War Cay, Albury said he has been making wooden frames for 10 years, and woodturning for almost five years in his workshop. Although he has not fully marketed his work, he has attended a number of art shows on the island. Not too far away were Johnny and

Rapeepan Cash of Abaco Arts and Crafts. Mr. Cash pointed out additions to his vivid acrylic painting collection while Ms. Cash spoke to customers about her crochet purses and clutches accentuated with soda tabs, recycled magazine purses and sea glass jewelry. Other artisans making an appearance were: Suzette Higgs, Don Wood, Stephen Knowles, Leo and Renee Bethel of Star Crafts, Andy Albury of Albury's Designs, Kristen Pearce of Kristen's Kreations, Rashel Williams-Martin and Vonda Bethel. According to Troy Albury, the event is designed to highlight the talents of lo-

Above: another two young artists, Kara Pinder and S. Taylor Albury, display bracelets and hair clips.

cal Abaco artists and craftsmen by giving them an outlet to exhibit and sell their work. On Friday evening, the art show also catered to those who had purchased tickets for the Italian dinner sale which offered a choice of lasagna or spaghetti that evening. Many people took advantage of the opportunity to sit and enjoy a meal with family and friends. On Saturday, a continental breakfast was served and children were entertained with a bounce house, face painting and a craft station. Vendors who produce jams, jellies, pickles and sauces locally were also encouraged to participate.

Above: Don Wood, artist of local fame, with some of his work.

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Facility managers shown appreciation for their work at S.C. Bootle High School

Miss Abaco contestants take part in community beauty challenge By Samantha Evans The Miss Abaco Pageant showcases the beauty and modeling talents of contestants, but the young ladies also take time to engage in community service. On Saturday December 8, 2012 from 2pm to 5pm, five of the remaining contestants took part in a community beauty challenge at Central Abaco Primary School. Last year, Abaco Pageantry Systems

Above: the Janitorial Team of the Facility Managers Staff at S. C. Bootle High School with some of their gifts: From left: Kandymae Murphy, Lisa McIntosh, Marjorrie McIntosh, Maryann Edgecombe, Judyann Adams and Bernetta Bullard. By Canishka Alexander According to Principal Huel Moss, the teachers and students of S. C. Bootle High School showered their school's facility managers with gifts at a special appreciation assembly held on Dec.3. Moss said that the often-forgotten job they accomplish on a daily basis was expounded

and highlighted. Students read poems and sang songs for their favorite facility manager. The facility managers, made up of six janitresses, one yardman and one security officer, were treated to lunch at the new Treasure Sands Club in Treasure Cay as part of their special day.

adopted Central Abaco Primary with the intention of enhancing the beauty and dĂŠcor of the exterior school environment. On Saturday, the beauties painted the quadrangle walls and lunch benches at the school, and planted flowers at the front of the school. The ladies hope to engage in another beauty challenge on Saturday December 15 before the final event is held and the new Miss Abaco is crowned on December 16. The contestants donated items along with community partners such as Pinewood Nursery.

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Abaco Central High School holds Sixth Annual Musical and Art Production By Mirella Santillo The sixth annual Abaco Central High School Christmas performance was a medley of musical pieces, interrupted by readings from the Bible, poetry and solo singing, presented and acted by students ins grades 7 to 12. Some of the teachers also participated in the performance and moderated the event. The evening was topped up by a “Fashion Explosion” and a Junkanoo “Rush Out”. The event took place on the school grounds in the balmy evening of December 7. The audience consisted mostly of students and teachers as well as Principal Ricardo Ferguson. A few parents were present, cheering and taking photographs. The function started precisely at 7 p.m., heralded by “Have yourself a Merry little Christmas” played on wind instruments by the grade 11 and 12 school band. The band did several renditions of carols during the evening, led by Jamal McIntosh, one of the coordinators of the event. Four girls performed a skit “Christmas 2012," which was based on the efforts of a mother to have her girls stay home for Christmas dinner. The message was that Christmas should bring family members together and not be a party occasion. There was a beautiful rendition of three popular Christmas songs by Akeem Adderley, Lindalee Sawyer and Haneisha Russell. English teacher, Yasmin Glinton read her letter to Santa. Her wish list that included a movie theater as well as a shopping mall on Abaco and a word of advice to friends and family to stop asking her when she was getting married provoked a lot of laughing cheers from the assembly. Nine and ten grade students played carols with chimes led in turn by Mr. McIntosh and Pauline Brice, the other organizer of the event. Solos by Lindalee Sawyer and Erica Pinder brought a lot of applauds, so beautiful were their voices and the rendition of the song they sang. The highlight of the evening that

brought all the boys standing closer to the stage was the fashion explosion. Five girls paraded on the stage dressed in outfits that ranged from a mini dress to decorated jeans, to a long, African style dress. The show was not over until the audience was treated to a sneaky preview of the Miss Abaco Contest. Ramonica Hamilton, Marvinique Dean and Alexandra Baptiste, who were to enter the event in Hope Town on December 9, paraded on the podium dressed in glamorous white outfits. Then, the sound of drums brought everyone running towards the parking lot as members of Abaco Central High School Junkanoo group marched towards the yard. They were not in costumes but the music and the rhythm gave the spectators a good idea of what their performance will be in the 2013 Junkanoo Love Rush.

Long Bay holds prefect installation ceremony By Canishka Alexander Several primary and high school students of Long Bay School were honoured to participate in the school’s Prefect Installation Ceremony held on Dec.7. Under the theme: “Here to Serve; Not to Be Served,” prefects marched to the front of the audience following the lead of Orin Grimmond, Long Bay teacher and master of ceremony. Meanwhile, Principal Jacqueline Collie carried out her inspection of prefects. For Grade 6, Blaine Altidor was chosen as class prefect, and the Grade 6 school prefect at large for the primary school was Samuel Collie. For the high school, Jean D'Haiti was selected as the Grade 7 class prefect while Grade 9 class prefect was Giovanni Morris. Serving the tenth grade as class prefect was Mikinchina Etienne; Grade 11 class prefect was Alton Pubien; and Grade 12 class prefect was Ozeke Swain. Mark Wright was designated as this year’s Head Boy, and E. Issachar Baillou as the Deputy Head Boy. Head Girl was Richa Munroe along with Khadisha Bain as Deputy Head Girl. Deante Bain represented the Long Bay Student Council. A selection was given by Grades 7 & 9 before Ms. Collie brought remarks.

She said that prefects were chosen by their teachers because of their character and their leadership qualities. Although being a prefect is prestigious, Ms. Collie, said that it carries its share of duties and responsibilities. “A prefect is an important link between the teachers and the students,” Ms. Collie indicated. “Serving as a prefect is considered an honour; it does much to encourage, and develop positive and responsible attitudes and behaviours.” After listing the criteria for prefects, students received their badges and were invited to sign documents along with their parents demonstrating their commitment and acceptance of duties as prefects. Before the ceremony ended, Ms. Collie presented donated food items that were collected during their 16th Annual Thanksgiving Program on Nov.22. They were distributed to the Pilot Club of Abaco; Dept. of Social Services; Rotary Club of Abaco; and the South and Marsh Harbour Seventh day Adventist communities. Students who donated the most food items were rewarded with gifts as well. Clyde Bain, youth pastor, and Canishka Alexander of The Abaconian also received plaques for their support of the school.

Above: Akeem Adderley, performing a solo.

Above: Principal Jacqueline Collie and the newly-installed prefects.

Frederik F. Gottlieb and Co. Wishes Its Clients Best Wishes For the Holidays & Throughout the New Years Counsel & Attorneys Notaries Public Marsh, Harbour, Abaco


December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News Myriad Center seeks community support By Canishka Alexander As part of her mentorship and support of the island’s youth, Bekera Taylor, founder of Abaco Myriad Community Center, said that they are planning to hire recently graduated high school students for a year, and set up a fund in the meantime that could benefit them in attending college or opening a business. Despite her intentions, however, Taylor said there are challenges with funding. Although the center received a government grant for their summer program, she said it is now being personally funded. Additionally, the center is in dire need of people to mentor, and the community can also help by donating clothing, crafts and food items. At the center, there is also a Hospitality School and a preschool called Myriad Minds Academy, which offers afterschool care and home-work assistance. There is also a Rescue Mission Group which addresses issues that young people are faced with. In the foyer area, children can play games like dominoes and pool while being supervised. On Friday nights, karaoke is held at the Teen Lounge, which is open every day and has day rates available. “The main initiative is for people to come and to be entertained in a safe envi-

ronment,” Taylor commented. “As a community center, we are open every day to help people.” Beginning Dec.14 to Dec. 31, the Abaco Myriad Community Center will be showing the latest movies at its theater. Located in the Old Lowe’s Pharmacy Building in Marsh Harbour, the theater can accommodate 120 people and has all sorts of tasty food items at the concession stand. Admission costs are $3 for children 16 and under; and $5 for adults. Taylor said that they also visit private and government schools and reward students who are excelling in their academics with free movie tickets. Abaco Myriad Community Center offers discount rates to groups, social clubs and churches.

Rescuing the youth the priority for new program By Samantha Evans Bekera Taylor and Ronale Pierre both had a vision to reach inner city youth so they joined forces to reach them in Marsh Harbour. Mr. Pierre stated that he has been in the youth business for two years as he has always had a passion for youth development. He remembers growing up in the Peas as the first male child there but there

was no group to help him. So, now that he is an adult, he wants to help the youth in the Mudd and Peas to develop good character and engage in constructive activities. Once he was approached by Ms. Taylor, they decide to start the group to help rescue poor children and those living an orphan life style. Mr. Pierre explained that as he listened to the conversation of the young boys in particular, he noted that they long for somewhere to engage in good things. He is concerned that the things these kids engage in is more negative than positive which results in them getting involved in mischief. As he assessed the situation, he noticed that a lot of them came from broken homes. He understands their pain all too well, so he is trying to show them a different way. He noticed that some of them are wiser than normal, but they have to learn to channel their energy in the right direction. The program started on October 20 with twenty boys. But as the world got around, girls started to attend the meetings. To date they have ten girls. The students have attended classes in hygiene, self-defense, hospitality, and health and wellness. The track team just started and the students practice when they are not in class sessions. Mr. Pierre added that this group will expose the students to positive skills that will prepare them for life. At the center they will feel free, welcomed and accepted. They are being taught discipline in a

strict environment with Christian values. He and Ms. Taylor are also trying to improve the attitude and behavior of these kids while there. On Sunday, November 25, the students hosted their parents to a Thanksgiving dinner at the center. This gave them an opportunity to put their hospitality skills to good use. The dinner was sponsored by Richardson Pata, Bayview Restaurant and Myriad Center. The food was prepared by Princess Williams. The average age of those in the group is 11 and they meet Saturdays 12 noon to 6pm and Monday to Wednesday 4:30-6pm. The center is open to receiving donations in the form of crafts, clothing, toiletries, food items and grooming kits. Interested persons can contact the center at 458-6314.


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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

School & Youth News Maritime students attend weekly classes By Canishka Alexander Approximately 50 students on Abaco are actively participating in the Bahamas Maritime Cadet Corps (BMCC) this year. The students represent Long Bay School; Agape Christian School; Horizons Academy; Abaco Central High School; S.C. Bootle High School; and Forest Heights Academy, and travel from as far as Fox Town and Casuarina Point. Beginning in September, classes have been held every Tuesday at Abaco Central High with five females and twenty males participating. Classes are also offered at S.C. Bootle High School by Ms. Kimberly Butterfield, faculty advisor, on Thursdays at 4 p.m., and there are twenty-two students enrolled. Glender Knowles, BMCC coordinator, said that the females are performing well with many of them geared towards engineering and the lower deck of the ships. Most of the males have expressed interest in becoming captains. Each year, the students look forward to their field trip to Grand Bahama to visit the Grand Bahama Shipyard to learn more about vessels and the opportunities for jobs and internships. The Grand Bahama Shipyard is one of the biggest ship repair companies in the region with three float-

ing docks. So far, the students have been given an introduction to maritime with lessons on vessel husbandry; navigation; mathematics; geography; recognizing buoys; parts of the ship; and firefighting and survival techniques. Tenth grade student, Desmondo Bootle, said he joined the program to make better use of his time, and with the realization that it would better his chances of attending college. Bootle added that the mention of good jobs with excellent pay in the maritime industry also appeals to him. Additionally, Roann Burrows, another tenth grader, said she likes the idea of exploration and travelling to many places. Meanwhile, Knowles thanked Retired Defence Force Officer Anthony Hannah, who assists as a lecturer. She also commended the students who live far away and arrange transportation to attend the classes. “It’s a disciplined course with instructions in a classroom setting because from here they go to Canada and New York, so we’re trying to prepare them to be competitive,” Knowles explained. Campbell’s Shipping is also offering a Summer Maritime Program to students from the ninth grade. Campbell’s Ship-

Above: Maritime class session that took place on Dec.4 at Abaco Central High School with Glender Knowles, BMCC coordinator.

ping also offers a non-academic college for maritime in New Providence, and the College of The Bahamas recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the State University of New York (SUNY) and Holland College in Prince Edward Island. Knowles said: “So the opportunity for these students when they leave high school to go into college has been made more affordable and more scholastically

available. If they are not that great in academics, they can enlist into a non-academic college, so that is new.” She was also excited about the growth of our yacht registry noting that The Bahamas is viewed as a safe haven. “So that is where we’re at; the opportunities are now more than what they were three years ago when we first started.”

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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Church & Religion Christmas Carol Service held at Abaco Youth Ministries for seniors By Samantha Evans The Rainbow Pilot Club of Abaco hosted senior citizens from Central Abaco to a Christmas Carol Service and Souse on Thursday evening December 6, 2012 beginning at 7pm. The sanctuary at Abaco Youth Ministries was packed to capacity, as approximately thirty-eight senior citizens were in attendance along with parents, Pilot Club members and performers. Before the program began, President Augustine Williams welcomed all to the annual event to honour seniors and bless them with food items just in time for the Christmas season. He encouraged all to participate in the program by lifting their voices in song to celebrate the birth of Christ. Once the program began, the singing was explosive. Performances were lifted by Vashon and Joshua Robbins of Grace Baptist Church who sang a Christmas Medley, Joey Sands of Zion Baptist who sang “Jesus Take the Wheel,” the Church of God Praise team, Abaco Youth Ministries youth and senior dancers, Tana Newbold, Central Abaco Primary School Junior Anchors who also sang a Christmas Medley, and Keli McKinney who sang Silent Night. There was an open invitation for seniors to lift their voice or dance, but only one person sang a song which was well received. One thing that can be said about those seniors in attendance is that they have a close relationship with the creator and they were not afraid to show or voice

it. The entire evening was a blessing indeed. Before the program ended, the Pilot Club members serenaded the seniors. Leroy Thompson was the able moderator who entertained the crowd with jokes, but he also told a few serious stories which reminded all that if they put their trust in Jesus that he will see them through their storms once they do not remain in their storm. Pastor Emmit Archer, senior pastor of the host church, prayed a prayer of covering over each senior citizen present. They were treated to souse and given a week supply of groceries before departing. The items given were collected by the Junior Anchors when they went TrickO-Canning, from Long Bay School, S.C. Bootle High, and Royal Bank of Canada. The Maxwell’s bags were purchased by Peter Major.

Youth Explosion held at Friendship Tabernacle Church By Samantha Evans On Friday evening, November 9, youth from churches across Abaco gathered at Friendship Tabernacle Church for a “Mega Youth’s Revival” with guest speaker Prophetess Felicia Archer out of Nassau. The event was organized by GIFTED, the girls group from the host church under the leadership of Sister Bertlyn Linden and Sister Theodora Fernander. The theme chosen for this night was: “Igniting & Unleashing the Fire of God in this Generation.”



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The purpose of this event was to teach youth how to overcome obstacles in life and live in their purpose. Ms. Archer told the youth about her experiences as a student and a young woman who decided to serve God. She told them that they will see a lot of things happening in school but they have to decide that they want better for themselves. She noted that the temptations can be so strong sometimes that good people get caught up in bad things. She reminded the youth that they do not have to engage in negative behavior to fit in but they can determine in their heart that they deserve better than what they see happening. She explained the power of friends and the influence they play in swaying the youth in the wrong or right direction. She told Abaco youth that temptations come to make them stronger but they must not give up nor give in. Once they remain strong, she explained, they will see the rewards of their decision to stand firm and wait on God. Other youth gave their testimony as well which resulted in several youth people coming to the altar for prayer and forgiveness.

Faith-Based and community leaders attend AIDS work shop By Samantha Evans World Aids Day is observed every December. This year several events have been planned, the first of which took place on November 30, 2012 in the cafeteria and the Government Complex; the HIV/ AIDS Seminar. Faith-based leaders and community workers were invited to attend, at which time information on AIDS awareness was shared. Dr. Lenora Black, Abaco Superintendent for Education, opened the seminar with brief remarks followed by the key note address by Education Officer Sandy Edwards. The theme once again was “Getting to Zero” which means zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths. She told the participants that in order for us to get

to zero all of us must make a commitment not to engage in risky behavior. It will require them to protect themselves and others by limiting the number of people they have sex with, avoiding alcohol and drugs when they have sex, reducing the risk of them spreading HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and not using dirty needles. Edwards shared the statistics of persons in the Bahamas living with AIDS and those who have died. She stated that there are currently over 8000 known cases of AIDS and over 4000 have died from the disease. She cautioned the public that this 8000 plus persons who are living only include those persons they know about, but there could be more persons living with the disease who are not on medication or just do not know they are infected. She added that adolescents and young adults remain the fastest growing groups of new HIV infections. It is also the leading cause of death in individuals between the ages of 25 to 44. She encouraged each person to take time to get to know their status by visiting their local doctor for a rapid test. Nurse Ticia McKinney reinforced this sentiment then spoke to the participants about confidentiality. Registered Nurse Mckinney spoke to them about her role at the Marsh Harbour Clinic including being the coordinator of the skin clinic and one of the nurses trained to administer the AIDS test. She told how their records should be kept and the turnaround time for results. She explained that the rapid test results can be ready in 20 minutes but for a more detailed analysis test, they will have to wait two weeks. She stressed the importance of them knowing their status even if they are married or in a serious relationship. The participants had a lot of questions for her, especially where the confidentiality of records was concerned. She told them that she will look into their concerns. Before the seminar ended, Edwards gave them a test and told them some pertinent facts to remember about HIV and AIDS. A light lunch was served at the end of the seminar.

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Card of Thanks

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To Family Members, our Church Family at Marsh Harbour Gospel Chapel, B.T.C. Family, and Friends: We wish to Thank You for your support on September 1st when out son Derek Kevin (Moosa) Albury died suddenly at his apartment on Cash Street. Your telephone calls, visits and prayers are apreciated. The food supplied by so many friends and family was outstanding and greatly appreciated.

3 Bed 2 Bath charming 1800 sq ft newly renovated canal home with coastal chic decor, pool, dock, 2 min walk to TC Beach. $2,500 per month

We cannot explain how we feel although it has been three months a great void has been left in our family that we will have to do our best to overcome with the help of the Almighty God.

3 bed 2 Bath 1645 sq ft 2nd floor luxurious Bahama Beach Club Resort Condo with pools, bars, restaurants on world’s top ten beach. $2,800 per month.

Again, many thanks to all.

Executive Leases:

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Warren, Marilyn, Angelita and Annie

Our Favorite Song: One Day You Will Understand It Bye & Bye

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

Church & Religion Phillippa Farrington releases her book: For The Broken By Canishka Alexander During her official book release and signing ceremony held on Dec.8, Phillippa Farrington unveiled For the Broken: Daily Inspiration. Farrington, who is also an educator, said the journey to writing the book began 10 years ago when she first arrived on Abaco. As an adolescent and into her adult life, she discovered that writing held therapeutic value for her.

“Reading, writing and praying – they comprised my alone time with God with whatever I was going through,” she shared. “For the Broken is actually a compilation of my journal writings. As I matured spiritually and fellowshipped with believers and unbelievers, I soon realized that our stories were not that different.” As a result, Farrington was led by the Holy Spirit to compile her writings as a reminder to others that they are never alone. She said that if one soul is led to Christ or if someone is left inspired, then her writing would not have been in vain. She called on Rev. Emmit Archer, her pastor and spiritual father, to pray a

Above: (left to right) Simmone Bowe-Mullings, editor of For The Broken; Pastor Emmit Archer of Abaco Youth Ministries and Phillippa Farrington, author of For The Broken. blessing over the ceremony. However, before praying Archer asked if anyone had seen what he saw. In answer to his question, he supplied that he had envisioned – New York Times Bestseller – Millions of Copies Sold – inscribed on the cover of her book. Next, Simmone Bowe-Mullings, editor of For The Broken, said she was happy to be a part of the occasion and a part of the process. Bowe-Mullings said that she was inspired by Farrington, and that Farrington has always been someone she has admired and been able to call on.

Following the presentation of autographed copies of her new book, Farrington had a surprise in store for her well-wishers. She unveiled the cover of an upcoming book she will release in the summer of 2013 called Thoughts – Fruit of Experience. For The Broken can be purchased at Bellevue Business Depot or on Amazon. com. You can also visit the book's page on Facebook "For The Broken," and place an order or e-mail Ms. Phillippa Farrington at:

December 15, 2012

The Abaconian

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School & Youth News St. Francis celebrates 11th Annual AIDS Awareness Day

Above: AIDS human ribbon formation be St.Francis, ECC and Agape students and staff members. This marks the eleventh year that St. Francis de Sales School has held a special assembly to raise awareness about the disease and to reduce discrimination towards those who suffer from AIDS.

By Canishka Alexander St. Francis de Sales Catholic School celebrated its 11th Annual Aids Awareness Assembly in recognition of World Aids Day on Dec.7. They were joined by students and staff members from Agape Christian School and Every Child Counts. Charese Kemp, moderator, introduced the school’s Public Speaking Group. During the skit, the students demonstrated how Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can and cannot be contracted. Next, Nurse Shavone Brennen of the Marsh Harbour Government Clinic addressed the student body. She told students that HIV is a virus that only affects humans. The most common ways of spreading HIV, she said, is through sexual intercourse or sharing needles with an infected person and by being born to an infected mother. Nurse Brennen encouraged them to abstain from sex until they are married. Brennen added that the final stage of HIV is when Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is developed. She then asked the students to hold the hand of the persons standing next to them. “An infected person looks just like me and looks like the person next to you, so you have no idea who has it,” Brennen revealed. “How do you get to stop Please see Awareness

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

From Page 25

discrimination? You just went ahead and held their hands, so what I want you to do from now on is to start treating everyone around you the way that you want to be treated.” Sandy Edwards of the Dept. of Education shared a few HIV statistics before introducing the guest speaker. She said that by the end of December of 2011, there were 300 new cases of HIV-infected persons. Altogether, there are 8,000 people infected with HIV or AIDS in the Bahamas.

HIV and AIDS Activist Kevin Thompson-Delancy, who was molested as child, said he has lived with HIV for 27 years, and was so heavily discriminated against that he had to move to the United States. He returned to The Bahamas 11 years ago. “AIDS has no face or no colour, and once you get it, you cannot get rid of it,” Thompson-Delancy said. “So join me in speaking up loud and clear about HIV/ AIDS, and let us continue to tear down the walls of stigma and discrimination. “I say I will be a drum major and lead the way for persons living with HIV/ AIDS. My voice will be the voice for

those persons who cannot speak for themselves. The fight starts with you and the work goes on.” During the question and answer session with students, Thompson-Delancy shared his horrific experience with the disease. He developed neuropathy in his legs, a rare form of cancer and Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia (PCP). As a result, he could not walk and weighed only 92 pounds. He recalled how the doctors gave up on him. They told his mother that he would not survive, and to begin preparing for his funeral. “But something really did happen

[because] when you get in touch with Jesus Christ, when you put your all in all in Him, when you connect with the Father, He will protect you.” Closing remarks were made by Principal Josephine Kumar, who said that the school will continue in its quest to fulfill the theme: “Getting to Zero.” She thanked all guests for their participation and for increasing their awareness of the deadly disease. She also commended Mr. Ireneo Ajero for creating the World Aids Day sign that served as a backdrop onstage. Students soon headed to the field to form the AIDS Human Ribbon in their radiantly red World Aids Day T-Shirts with hands held high and lifted triumphantly above their heads.

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December 15, 2012

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The Abaconian December, 15 2012

The Abaconian - December 15, 2012 Sect. B  

The Abaconian - December 15, 2012 Volume 20 Number 24 - Section B

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