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American Made Furniture Attributes If you have ever gone furniture shopping, you've probably come across furniture that's designated as “American made” or “Made in the USA." Lots of people do not recognize what actually makes American made furniture distinctive from other styles of construction even though these phrases are commonly used. There are three features which are among several distinguishing characteristics that bear on the quality and construction of this furniture. American furniture is distinctive at each step in the process of furniture making, from the materials to the construction to the final delivery of the product. Materials Used Any piece of furniture has some primary components. The frame, for instance, supports the other materials and gives the furniture its structural form. In choosing a frame, consumers have a wide array of choices: there are chairs, recliners, loveseats, and sofas, just to mention a few. Wood is used to make the frame of many pieces of furniture. Due to its look and resilience, wood is still a popular choice. Hardwood, softwood and engineered wood are the three common categories of wood used in furniture construction. Deciduous trees such as oak, walnut, cherry and birch are where hardwood generally comes from. Soft wood derives from coniferous trees. A manmade process is utilized to form engineered wood. Finishes can then be added to give engineered wood a desired look and feel. In these regards, furniture made in the United States is unique since there are so many kinds of wood and wood finishes available to American manufacturers. The diversity present in North American forests gives manufacturers many different means to create quality furniture. With engineered woods, a consumer can choose between lighter finishes, like oak, to rich, dark finishes, like walnut or cherry. When it comes to American furniture, there is no “one size fits all” approach. The Construction of American Made Furniture A critical point in the process of making a piece of furniture is the construction stage. The materials are assembled to make the product durable and comfortable for the consumer during this phase. High-quality construction entails connecting the many parts of the piece together and making sure that all the joints, hinges, and blocks are held together correctly and function adequately. From the first colonists to today, furniture making has been a pillar of the United States economy. Early settlers traditionally made furniture for their own homes, but by the 19th and 20th centuries, furniture making was a massive commercial industry. American manufacturers’ reputation for wellconstructed furniture was cemented by the knowledge and craftsmanship that has come to pass from this long tradition. Well-constructed furniture will be more likely to endure the wear and tear that inevitably results in a modern residence so this is an attribute that numerous consumers care about. Delivering the End Product to Market One characteristic of American furniture that is usually overlooked is the delivery of the finished Hickory West Furniture

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American Made Furniture Attributes piece to the showroom or to the consumer. There is significant reliance on shipping items overseas to reach consumers in other countries in our globalized world. But, in fact, 10,000 shipping containers each year are lost at sea during transportation. With American furniture, delivery of products is easy, given the interconnectedness of the United States. American made furniture is a distinctive choice for consumers even when you only consider these three characteristics. If you have ever gone furniture shopping, you've probably come across furniture that's designated as “American made� or ...

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American Made Furniture Attributes  

If you have ever gone furniture shopping, you've probably come across furniture that's designated as “American made” or ...

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