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Witnesses to the 1969 Stonewall Riot Share Their Stories at SNMA Pop-Up Conversations

SNMA Pop-Up Museum’s Conversations Series Featured Illuminating Talks

What’s inside: Pop-Up Conversations (cont.)


A Message from ED David Jobin


40for40 Fundraising


SNMA at Stonewall Inn/ NYC Pride/ Stonewall Summer Pride


Members of Stonewall




During June’s Stonewall Summer Pride, our Conversations series at the Pop-Up Museum celebrated SNMA’s commitment to the rich past and future of the LGBT community in a series of afternoon talks about education, marriage equality, and the impact of the historic 1969 Stonewall Inn Riots. In our first conversation on Saturday, June 22, SNMA presented a viewing and discussion of the Broward School District’s LGBTQ Sensitivity Video. The video featured Broward students, administrators and educators speaking on behalf of LGBTQ student rights. De Palazzo was the event’s moderator. Palazzo is the owner of Perspectives Unlimited and designed and developed diversity curriculum and training for the Broward Public Schools Office of Diversity and Cultural Outreach. This conversation came only a few months after SNMA’s Stonewall National Education Project hosted The Kids Are Not All Right, the first national LGBTQ educational symposium. On Sunday, June 23, Our Marriage Equality in the 21st Century conversation featured award-winning gay rights lawyer Richard Milstein of Akerman Senterfitt. Milstein said, “I believe in marriage equality since people have the right to love who they want to love, and to have that individual be the object of their bounty as well as their affection. The legal system should be recognizing those protective rights between two loving individuals.” On Wednesday, June 26, DOMA was struck down 5-4 by the Supreme Court. (cont. on p.2)

SNMA’s Pop Up Museum (left); State Senator Eleanor Sobel in the Stonewall Summer Pride Parade (right).

Board of Directors Tom Tabor - chair Gary Bitner - vice chair Ric Reily - treasurer Bob Ewart, Jr. - secretary Fred Brugal Rob Delehanty Klayton Fennell Jack Johnson PJ Layng Joe Porcelli Alix Ritchie Greg Stephens Mark Neil Silber - ex officio

Also on June 23, SNMA’s Pop-Up Museum hosted an afternoon conversation with 1969 Stonewall Riot Witnesses, co-hosted with The Pride Center.


These conversations were born out of The Pride Center’s Tuesday afternoon senior

David Jobin - executive director Marissa Cohen - publications editor Tim Moody - media manager Sharon Pursley - bookkeeper Paul Fasana - chief archivist Robert W. Lee - chief librarian Our Mission: Stonewall National Museum & Archives mission is to collect, preserve, organize for use, and display materials related to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender culture and history, support related research and sponsor educational opportunities. Our Vision: Stonewall National Museum & Archives envisions a permanent, professionally staffed cultural and educational resource center, preserving through the diversity of our collections, programs and services, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender heritage while documenting our significant role in American history and culture.

social group, Coffee and Conversation, which is run by The Pride Center’s Senior Services Coordinator Bruce Williams. GLAAD Award Winner and Herald Staff Writer Steve Rothaus was moderator at this event, which included Stonewall Witnesses Carl Burton, Sonny Miller, Fredda Rubin, Julio Ajon, Henry Penas and John Gillespie, Peter Gavigan and more.

SNMA is uniquely positioned as a social bridge between the past and the future. From the 1969 Stonewall Inn Riots to today, as we stand on the cusp of marriage equality, Stonewall National Museum & Archives is proud to preserve history and be a part of social and national change. It is thanks in part to the generosity of our donors that SNMA is able to create dynamic community events such as the Pop-Up Museum’s Conversations. To learn how you can donate to SNMA, please contact us.

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Donate Help us build and maintain our extensive collections and expand educational resources for researchers and our members by making a generous tax-deductible contribution today. Your support will go a long way to providing the resources we need to continue our important work. Your financial support is critical to our ability to produce educational resources for this and future generations. Scan this code with your smart phone to donate now. 2

PHILANTHROPY IS NOT JUST FOR THE RICH! Give the most valuable thing you can give - yourself! Volunteer your time just 2 hours a week, working the service desk, filing books, or assisting in receptions and special events. We are also looking for people with special skills like librarians, archivists, accountants, and graphic designers! WE NEED YOU! PLEASE CALL 954-763-8565.

A Message From Our New Executive Director, David Jobin

I couldn't be more pleased than to be a part of Stonewall National Museum & Archives, joining the organization in its 40th year of supporting gender equality issues.  Because of its origins of having been the birthplace of a social movement, the name “Stonewall” carries with a weight and meaning. I take my new role as Executive Director very seriously. I am committed to making sure that the resources of the archives help to create meaningful stories and provide context to help shape the public discourse about LGBT issues. The financial resources required of this challenge expand as important documents and artifacts continue to amass at an amazing speed. Please support our efforts to chronicle and change history by making a contribution today to our 40for40 campaign as we attempt to raise $40,000 in celebration of SNMA's 40th Anniversary. The monies will help to support our current operations and will allow us to create a solid financial support base to provide for a stable future for SNMA. If I've not already done so, I look forward to meeting you soon so that I might hear your ideas and thoughts about how Stonewall National Museum & Archives can continue to change and improve lives.

40440 FOR

FUND Help us raise


in celebration of our 40th anniversary with a tax-deductible contribution to Stonewall National Museum & Archives. Your donation will help support our programs that honor and explore the LGBT past while striving to engage, inform and inspire the next generation. Thank you for your support.


Make a Donation! Membership starts at the $100 level. ☐ $10,000 philanthropist ☐ $5,000 champion ☐ $2,500 benefactor ☐ $1,000 sustainer ☐ $500 patron ☐ $250 donor ☐ $100 friend & member ☐ $_________ other amount (you tell us) ☐ I would like to make a monthly gift of $_________ on my credit card

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Please fill out the information above and return to: Stonewall National Museum & Archives 1300 East Sunrise Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 You can also call 954-763-8565 or log on to to donate. 3

SNMA AT STONEWALL INN AND NYC PRIDE and STONEWALL SUMMER PRIDE 2013! On June 29 and 30, SNMA visited our namesake, the historic Stonewall Inn, and marched in NYC Pride. As we honor our roots, we look to the future.

On Saturday, June 22, SNMA’s staff and volunteers marched in the Stonewall Summer Pride 2013 Parade in Wilton Manors, FL.


Our Stonewall National Museum & Archives Endowment Fund-Matching Challenge

2013 Stonewall National Museum & Archives Members (as of June 2013)

Stonewall Hall of Fame Donors (Cumulative Lifetime Donations of $25,000+) Broward Cultural Division, Comcast NBCUniversal, Community Foundation of Broward, Paul Fasana & Robert S. Graham, John C. Graves, George M. Hester, Nathan Klarfeld & Grover Lawlis, Norton C. Lyman, OUR FUND, Alix Ritchie & Marty Davis, Charles L. Ross, THE STELLA FUND and Raymond Struble & Brian McNaught Philanthropist ($10,000+) Florida Division of Cultural Affairs, Mona Pittenger, Tom Tabor & Ross Guedry and Jim Stepp & Peter Zimmer Champion ($5,000-$9,999) Broward Community Foundation, Fredric Brugal & Will Breto, Rob Delehanty, Human Rights - DC, Estate of Wallace J. Mulane & Cyril Seman Benefactor ($2,500-$4,999) DC Allen and Ken Flick, GLSEN, Jim Stork & Ron Ansin Sustainer ($1,000-$2,499) American Express, Bears of South Florida, Bill Beaton & Ted Emery, Gary Bitner & James LaBrie, Stephen Driscoll, Bob Ewart, Klayton & Valentine Fennell, Jane Harper, Jack Johnson, Jackson Natl Life Ins Co., Al LaMorges & Ralph Stivali, Robert W. Lee, Robert Mays & John Wilson, Charles Menten, Charles Prather, Dick Schwarz & Tom Massey, Kenneth Tewel, Oscar Russell, Sue Wilder and George Zuber & Anthony Snyder

Stonewall National Museum & Archives is pleased to announce an endowment matching challenge in partnership with the John C. Graves Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Broward. The Graves Fund will match endowment donations made to Stonewall up to $50,000 per year for the next three years. This matching opportunity has enabled Stonewall to create the Stonewall National Museum & Archives Endowment Fund at OUR FUND as an essential part of our mission to secure our financial future. We are grateful for the legacy that John C. Graves has enabled for Stonewall and our community. To make a tax-deductible contribution to Stonewall's Endowment, please visit http:// or mail your check, made payable to OUR FUND (with Stonewall Endowment in the memo field, otherwise we won’t know it is for us!) to: OUR FUND - Stonewall Endowment, 2722 NE 20th Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305.

Patron ($500-$999) Almar Clinical Associates, Angel Burgos & David Jobin, Broward County Sheriff's Office, Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, Harvey Chasser, Philip Dearborn, Ted Filteau & Paul Meehan, Kevin Hoben, PJ Layng & Maryanne McCarthy, Arlen Leight, David McLaren, Bill McMillin, Douglas Pew & Donald Croxton, Greg Sampedro, Theodore Schultz, Victory Fund, Steve Wetzler and Steven Yeagley Donor ($250-$499) John Behan, Robert Bauman, James M. Boren, Dominic Desantis, Don Dye, Idan Eckstein, Wilson Ellis, Bruce S. Gelly, Dr. Cecil D. Isaacs, Leslie McGrath, John McNeill & Charlie Chiarelli, Lorraine Michels, Stephen Render, Ron Seidle & Fred Vega, Steve Stallsmith, Anthony Timiraos & Arthur Crispino, Ted Verdone & John Curtin and Shelby Winstead  Friend ($100-$249) Richard Alther, Evelyn Bailey, John Behan, Scott Bennett, Classical South Florida, Jennie Congleton, John Coppola, Daniel J. Dailey & Matthew E. Matejcic, Robert M. DeCamillo & Ken Sasser, Walter Dickey, Tom Douglas, Robin Estes, Kenyon & Mary Ann Fennell, Meryl C. Friedman & Mary V. Wheatley, Jack Friedman & Jose (Chepo) Vega, Meryl C. Friedman, Scott Grady, Karen Graves, Earl Graybeal, Thomas Green, William Greeves & Robert Hubbard, John Gregory III, Donna Griffin, Henry M. Grix & Howard Israel,Ronald Herron, Charles Isola & Daniel Clancy, Paula Johnson, Vicky Keith & Madeliene Abling, Norm Kent, George A. Kling, Joel Kokiel, George Kress, John Latona, Law Offices of GW Kabel, Richard Madigan, Stephen Magliocco & Michael Carroll, Seth Meister & John Devine, Laurence Miller, Robert Montarro, Deborah Montilla, Charles Ohsiek, Joseph L. Pallant, James Pritchard, Ray Repp & Richard Alther, Nelson Robaina & Keith Hart, Joe Roberts, Richard Rumrill, David Russo, Ronni Sanlo, Richard Sawick, Steve Shurman, Tony Seguino & Dan Ayers, Edward Sisk, James M. Swanson & William Schlemmer, Steven C. Stagon, Gene Tartaglia, Kelly Watson, J David Wilfong, Chuck Williams and Eric W. Young & M. Heath Davis

If you find that you are incorrectly listed or inadvertently omitted, please contact us at 954-763-8565 or

1300 East Sunrise Boulevard Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 954-763-8565 © 2013 stonewall national museum & archives Funding for this organization is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council. Additional funding is provided by Florida Division of Cultural Affairs.

Community sponsors include:

Stonewall Pop-Up Museum and Stonewall Summer Pride 2013 Sponsors:


july 2013 highlights The events listed represent just some of the programs coming this month. For a full list of programs and events visit us at or check us out on Facebook by clicking on the link from our homepage.

films & radio

exhibits & more

Out Boys ♂ Movie Night

The Velocity of Gary (1999) July 12, 7 pm Vincent D’Onofrio stars in Dan Ireland’s film about an attraction between a hustler and an adult film star. Foreign Films

Undertow (French, 2009) July 19, 7 pm SNMA's portion of the 1-mile long flag that was historically carried by 10,000 marchers in the 1994 NYC Pride March, commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots.


Married father-to-be Miguel has secret feelings for openly gay painter Santiago.

SNMA Anniversary National Tour Dates Book Discussion Group July 2, 7 pm Blue’s Bayou (2011) by David Lennon In David Lennon’s fourth novel featuring detective duo Michel Doucette and Sassy Jones, P.I. Doucette’s cousin Verle is accused of murder. Michel Doucette defends his cousin while wrestling with dark memories. The second book in Lennon’s series, Echoes, won the 2010 Lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Mystery.

Charlotte, NC: Shadows Exhibit at the Levine Museum of the New South ----July 2013 to Jan 2014 Boston/Provincetown: Presentation in Boston; Reception at Ben & Jerry’s and Carnival Parade in P-Town ----August 21--25 New Orleans: Reception at New Orleans 30th Anniversary Mardi Gras World & House of Blues ------October 24---27 San Francisco & Washington, D.C.: ----November (TBA) Atlanta: Presentation, Reception at Toy Party America’s Mart ------December 8

July 11, 9 pm Actor/director Wil J. Jackson on his film, The Denied.

UPCOMING BOOK: August 6, 7 pm Behind the Candelabra: My Life with Liberace (2013) by Scott Thorson.

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Artifacts july 2013  
Artifacts july 2013  

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