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Network Marketing Strategies– Leading the Way in 20th Century MLM Which network marketing strategies are the best? For those who are new to the game, network marketing is also known as multilevel marketing. Multi-level marketing is a great way to get started making real money with a powerful business model that is time tested and proven. As the head of a networking marketing organization, you make money every time any member of your marketing team lands a sale.

Network marketing is an incredibly powerful tool, and with the right kind of person at the helm, both you and your associates can make a lot of money. But too many people come into the game with two assumptions that are both selfdefeating.

- Network marketing is some kind of pyramid scheme and not to be trusted - Good network marketing is the same as marketing and selling face-to-face

Needless to say, the kind of person who thinks #1 is true but still gets involved in network marketing almost never succeeds. Negativity like that turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy that will soon put a stop to even great efforts. But the problem represented by #2 is just as serious. Great personal sellers who transition to the world of network marketing thinking they can transplant all their skills are in for surprise.

Network Marketing Strategies Start and End With You

If you have a strong background in personal selling, you can go a long way in MLM.

But if you spend all your time selling directly to your potential customers, you probably won’t make enough to keep going. Eventually, you may find you’re not making a significant return over your last selling gig, and you might wonder what all the fuss is about MLM.

In MLM, your terrific face to face charisma is best used in these two ways:

- To keep your own team motivated - To train them on generating new leads

For any of your long term network marketing strategies to work, you need to keep the fires stoked. It’s natural for people to come into MLM with differing levels of commitment and ideas about what works and what doesn’t. The more you can offer your network, the better the relationships will be. Your bottom line and theirs will reflect that.

Network Marketing Strategies Are Attuned to How MLM is Different

Cultivating an excellent downline — the people you recruit and the people they

recruit and so on — is the key to success in MLM. Whenever you recruit someone, you should make sure you discuss the realities of MLM with them and make sure they have strong, reasonable expectations. You are the one who has to provide the training and the resources, but they provide the spark.

Some ideas that you might want to teach first:

- Social media marketing - Forum marketing - Attraction marketing

Wait a Minute — These Network Marketing Strategies Are All for the ‘Net!

Notice that old standbys like cold calling and direct mail marketing aren’t part of the short list above. If you have excellent skills in cold calling, then you’re an increasingly rare commodity and you should consider teaching your downline what you know. But in most cases, prospects hate receiving cold calls almost as much as newcomers to sales hate making them, and conversion rate is too low to bother.

The “fear factor” isn’t the only reason why online network marketing strategies are usually superior, though. If you sit down to make cold calls and do a whopping two hundred every day, then your return is exactly equal to the time that you invested. But if you focus on leveraging a web presence, then your marketing is always at work. People will intentionally seek out and find the information and products you provide.

Any well run website will generate more hits per day than even the most dedicated cold caller. Plus, the sooner you start with online strategies, the better your returns will be — since you’ll establish a strong base of web users before your next wave of competitors. So, these days, traditional selling usually augments online network marketing strategies.

So What Do I Need to Know About Online Network Marketing Strategies?

It’s simple: Network marketing is about relationship building, and so is online marketing — attraction marketing, specifically.

Attraction marketing is all about your ability to find out where the online user’s pain is and build bridges by giving them solutions.

The difference is that in most traditional selling, the “solution” is the product, and it’s not free. In attraction marketing, you provide informative “content” that helps people find the answer to their dilemmas even before they make a sale.

Your willingness to reach out with your expertise makes them more willing to:

- Deal with you - Get on your list - Ultimately make a purchase.

So, most network marketing strategies migrating to the ‘net are going to require you and your downline to be real experts on your product. You’re going to have to put more on the line than you might normally do in a selling situation — not just the merchandising info for the product, but hard information on topics people want.

Do Online Network Marketing Strategies “Give Away the Shop”?

This is the concern many people have with attraction marketing, and it’s safe to say that for most products, it won’t be a problem. The sales funnel for an online purchase simply looks different than a traditional one. Most people who come to your site won’t be ready to buy the first time they visit.

Attraction marketing ensures they have a reason to come back when they do, not only for more info, but because you’ll trade something they want for something you want — a presentation, e-book, whitepaper or something else in exchange for their consent to join your list. Needless to say, consent marketing is valuable here, too.

Conclusion: Empower Your Downline With Online Network Marketing Strategies

These days, internet technology gives marketers the power to discover more about their potential customers than ever before and automate key processes in relationship building. Having even a small, dedicated downline

can be like having a 24 hour sales force when your staff is equipped with the right internet marketing tools.

Only once you have those tools in place and websites up and running — with a complete online sales funnel that gets users from point A to point B — should you worry too much about traditional marketing approaches.

- People are getting more and more resistant to taking unsolicited phone calls - Most direct mail marketing messages have 15 seconds from mailbox to trashcan

But there’ll always be a way for a savvy internet marketer to extend his or her reach, even in a niche that seems to be saturated. Even if your team is part of a huge global network, there’s still the opportunity to reach untapped customers online — if you know how. Timothy Lam Subscribe To My List

Network marketing strategies– leading the way in 20th century mlm