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Make Money With Social Media– Four Vital Tips From Online Marketing Experts How do you make money with social media? Since the launching of the very first Facebook post or tweet, this has been the million dollar question, literally. It’s on everybody’s mind, partially because it’s so baffling. Who would willingly add you to their Facebook feed or Twitter list to hear about your offer?

The answer is yes: With the right offer, people will add you to their social media lists even if they know you have something to sell.

But “the right offer” varies from person to person. To really make money with social media, you’ll need to know a few things about how the top social networks do their thing.

Not only that, but you’ll also want to tailor your offer, your communication, and even your price to the fast paced, instant gratification world of the Twittersphere. If you do everything right, you’ll find a huge volume of people targeting your offer for impulse buys that will really add up.

Make Money With Social Media By Being Human

The first mistake that people make is trying to start their Twitter account as their business. If you’re an online marketer, you are not your business. Or to put it another way, you are the face of your brand, not the name of your company.

People are much more likely to add you on social media if they think you’re a real human being. True, there are plenty of internet marketing companies out there with one person pretending to be a dozen. But if you’re legitimate, honest, and want to show it, make sure to post a personal photo

to your account — even if you’re camera shy.

Naturally, people are always going to be more interested in what you can do for them than what they can do for you. If you present yourself as a business, they’ll tense up. If you present yourself as a regular, relatable guy or gal with a purpose and a message, you can build a relationship that’s a little bit more of a two way street.

Make Money With Social Media By Talking With People, Not At Them

This is another issue where the difference between being a company and being a person is paramount. Certain political issues aside, corporations are not people. If you add someone to your Twitter or Facebook feed, you want them to talk to you, not at you. In fact, it’s been shown that Facebook friends are more than twice as likely to remove someone from their feed if they haven’t interacted (online, mind you) in 12 months or more.

To make the most of social media, you’ll have to dedicate some time to it.

This sounds like a strange thing to say, since a lot of online marketing is based around the idea that, with the right systems in place, you can turn the key and your business will take off — whether you’re working on it or not. And that can still be true, but you should lay the groundwork by being a personal presence, first.

On social media, that means:

- Responding directly to what people say on your feed - Retweeting or reposting interesting items from others - Pointing people to resources that will help them out

In fact, some of the gurus who make money with social media are known for trawling (not trolling!) their social feed, finding out what people are talking about, and answering back with personalized, custom web pages and content that they literally put together that same day to drive people to their site.

That kind of personal touch will separate you from all the spammers out there whose only posts are about them and what they

want to sell. In short, if people associate that little icon of you with something positive, they will be much more likely to keep you aboard their social “raft� even if you do make a plug or two.

Which brings us to another important point:

Make Money With Social Media By Acting Fast, Not Reacting

Internet trends or memes are some of the most powerful forces in online marketing today. When something happens on the news that everybody is talking about, you can make money with social media by taking advantage and taking control of the moment.

For example, funny or shocking news stories always create a cottage industry of pundits, comedians, and savvy marketers who offer t-shirts and other merchandise based on the event. You can see your income soar, but you have to act fast.

Some of the greatest marketers and advertisers in history have described the

great force of “what people want to buy” as something we can’t always influence, only harness. This is a great example of that, since social media gives you the speed to do it.

Make Money With Social Media By Making Your Offers Just Right

Subliminal messaging is a form of communication that’s below the threshold of what you’re consciously aware of. Although opinions on it are mixed, the story goes that buying behavior can be influenced by messages you don’t even see.

Did you know there’s also a price point that’s “subliminal” — meaning it’s below the threshold of awareness for your customers? To put it another way, if you have a product a lot of people will want, such as an informational book or recording, you don’t lose anything by pricing it as such a bargain people will grab it up without thinking.

There are thousands of games on Facebook that operate on this idea: If you make something inexpensive enough, huge numbers of people will buy a

lot of it without thinking about how much they’re spending. For many people, this price point threshold is somewhere around or just below $5.00.

Social media appeals to the desire to get things done right now. That makes it a particularly apt platform for this kind of impulse buying. Because your customers are already geared up to move quickly through their social web, they can be enticed to run through your offer and click on “buy” without even thinking about it.

This isn’t always the best way to get repeat business, though, because the same people who bought your product without thinking twice about it might never get around to reading it or using it. Even if they don’t, though, getting them on your list can still be helpful to both you and them in the future. It’s a coin toss.

Can You Make Money With Social Media?

Of course, the answer is yes! Anyone can make money with social media, but the folks getting the big bucks are the ones who adjust their marketing to the nature of the social beast. Before you aim to make money with social

media, be sure that you know the ins and outs and enjoy the challenge of cutting through the clutter to get to know people.

If you already have a relatable online presence with a strong base of articles or other attraction marketing tools, then you’ll probably find it much easier to make money with social media. In fact, you can chain all of your marketing efforts together so that your social media echoes your attraction marketing, your attraction marketing ties back in to your social accounts, and all of it helps people find your mailing list.

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Make money with social media– four vital tips from online marketing experts  
Make money with social media– four vital tips from online marketing experts