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Building A Business Online: Four Tips For Effective Attraction Marketing The Internet is now more than just a source of information — it can also serve as a source of income. Of course, with business comes marketing, and one of the most effective ways to draw the interest of Internet users is through attraction marketing. Simply put, this kind of marketing technique is all about teaching the customer about you and your product before making a sale. Listed below are four tips to effectively

attract an audience and widen your group of potential customers: Tip #1: Research your market — their questions, frustrations and problems related to your product. To get the attention of your target market, you will have to create content that is relevant to their needs. However, before you can even create articles, videos and other useful materials for your audience, you need to know the questions your customers commonly ask so that you can address these directly. Doing some research can help pinpoint the most important issues that you need to tackle, making your marketing efforts much more focused and specific.

Tip #2: Create large volumes of high-quality content. To gain loyal followers (who may eventually become future customers) you have to provide information that they can use. A few articles are not enough to get a regular web user to follow you, so you need

to regularly churn out material to increase the number of hits to your site. In addition, providing high-quality content on a regular basis gives site viewers more incentive to visit your website in the future. In addition, creating numerous useful materials can help make you look like an expert in your field — and users are more likely to follow advice from someone who has expertise on the subject.

Tip #3: Build an image that customers can trust. At the core of this marketing technique is trust. Before you can convince anyone to buy your product, you first have to convince them of your trustworthiness as a business owner and marketer. Internet users are now more discerning with regard to the information they read on Web; after all, anyone—both honest and deceitful people alike — could be on the other side of the computer. One way to gain the trust of customers is to introduce yourself and your company well. Give enough information (of course, with

reasonable considerations for safety and privacy) to convince people that you are a real person who wishes to help with their problems. Also make sure to give ways to contact you.

Tip #4: Forge good relations with customers. Besides trust, another core feature of this marketing technique is good relations. Your goal with customers is not simply to make a sale once, but to keep them as loyal patrons (hopefully) for life. So make sure to respond to queries quickly, address concerns and help them with problems concerning your area of expertise.

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Building a business online four tips for effective attraction marketing  
Building a business online four tips for effective attraction marketing