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4 Relaxation Tips For New Mums You’ve gone through 9 months of pregnancy and labor and hooray, your baby is now lying in your arms. You can’t wait to take him home. You’ve read many many books about what to expect but nothing can prepare you for the smell of a diaper, the adrenaline rush every time your baby’s high-pitched wail wakes you from a dead sleep, or the absolute frustration of trying to get a baby to latch on.

Within days of bringing your baby home, “me” time doesn’t exist anymore, you are tired, never had a long stretch of sleep like you used to and you are at your wits end. But hang in there mum, it will get better once you learn your way around.

Here Are 4 Relaxation Tips For New Mums: •

When the baby sleeps you lie down and catch a few winks. Forget about housework, forget about checking emails or phoning friends. Even if you do not fall asleep, lie down, shut your eyes and relax. Don’t forget, if you do not have enough sleep, your milk supply will go down.

Do not be afraid to ask for help – from your husband, friends, grannies etc. Express your breast milk and dads can help with feeding. Also you’ll be surprised how many friends and relatives are ready and willing to help IF YOU ONLY ASK. You are not imposing on them, believe me.

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4 relaxation tips for new mums  
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