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Press release

Timothy Holt

Hello, Goodbye Gallery 333, Exeter Phoenix 15 January 2013, 10.00am – 5.30pm Hello, Goodbye, a visual installation by Technical Sculptor Timothy Holt, concentrates upon the transformation of discarded domestic appliances to create new forms, whilst also retaining part of the original object. His playful nature of naturally manipulating these so-called purposely designed devices highlights an embellishment of the everyday. The work on show entitled Hello, Goodbye, 2013, constructed from an ordinary electric fan and rubber cleaning gloves, closely resembles the “manufacture program” in turn questioning the boundaries between art and object senses; systematically dipping into design. The issues addressed in the mechanical piece are used to shape perceptions of how objects are perceived.

Exhibition continues until 9 March 2013 Gallery 333, Exeter Phoenix Bradninch Place Gandy Street Exeter EX4 3LS Free admission

Hello, Goodbye: Press Release