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ADVISORY: From: Charter Headquarters Location: The Selig-Pastore House, Mendocino, California (warehoused in a secure facility) Time: March 17, 2016, 7:06 p.m. (arrested time flow)

All available Charter agents are ordered to drop what they’re doing and immediately report to the Selig-Pastore House. A sonic disturbance originating from within the House’s dining room has caused protocols governing Time and Space to collapse and now new, unlicensed dimensions are starting to spiderweb off of the House.

We caught the disturbance just as it was about to reach a singularity. We froze the House in time just seconds after the Cataclysm and, even then, the depths of its destruction are evident. The thoughts, hopes and dreams of the bloodliner family were made manifest and can be accessed through Portals branching off off the home.

The new dimensions are a classic sign that reality in this particular dimension is starting to come apart at the seams. This disturbance must be halted or else the House and its entire universe of origin will vanish in a burst of Anomaly-inspired Chaos, a disaster not seen since The Beatles reunited and subsequently wiped their home dimension off the map.

BE ALERT AT ALL TIMES! Things vibrate that ought not vibrate, rocks sing, birds give sagelike advice to whoever will listen, the arcade is set to free play in defiance of most economic models and there’s an ambient soundtrack that we can’t turn off, no matter how many audio technicians are vaporized in the attempt.

Here’s what we know: The Selig-Pastore family are creatures of the Anomaly (“Bloodliners” to use the slang term). Due to a grievous oversight by Charter security teams, these bloodliners were allowed to follow their creative pursuits to their inevitable conclusion, which of course warped reality and put their entire universe at risk. Reality there is unstable, so for safekeeping we stored the home in an out-of-the-way city in an out-of-the-way dimension while we continue our investigation. The locals don’t seem to mind, the fools. They seem to think it’s an art exhibit and not the existence-erasing meltdown it actually is.

Your mission is to apprehend the Selig and Pastore family and bring them to Justice. Find out how they caused this calamity and put a stop to it. Restore the House to its proper Time and Space and —please— don’t let the locals know that each and every one of them has the power to cause something like this. You don’t want that on your conscience. That is all. Charter Administration Order Perfects Creation.

INTEL: Selig-Pastore Family


Piper Pastore — The daughter Emerson Selig — After an experience in the Vietnam War acquainted him with the esoteric nature of music, Emerson devoted his life to understanding how sound could distort the fundamental properties of the universe. Through his research he achieved the ultimate distortion: One night in 1987 ­Emerson shattered the barrier between life and death, but at great cost to his son, Lucius.

Jean Selig (Deceased) — Jean was

the matriarch of the Selig family, but she remains a cypher as far as the Charter is concerned. We have no record of her life before she met Emerson. One thing is certain: she was an inspiring woman. In fact, “muse” wouldn’t be be too far off the mark. She pushed her family to the heights of their creative powers and her influence was felt within the House even after her death in 2012. It is imperative that we learn more about her. Who was she? What were her motives? Did she have a plan for her family?

of Emerson and Jean, Piper always struggled with her bloodliner gifts. When she was a child, Piper had a fever that caused her to see multiple realities layered over each other. Her supernatural vision remained even after the sickness passed. At Jean’s insistence, Piper became an artist, giving her an outlet to process this information overload. Our initial investigation reveals both her career and her marriage were on the skids shortly before the Cataclysm in the House.

Lucius Selig — Piper’s twin brother was a normal boy until the night he walked in on his father trying to resurrect the family’s hamster with sonic energy. Affected by the experiment, Lucius spent the remainder of his unhappy childhood suffering from a condition that would project his consciousness into other dimensions. With Jean’s help he not only learned how to control this power, but he also learned how to build new worlds while he was outside of his body. He used this gift in the cheapest way possible: He started the self-help cult The Power of Positive Mechanics and made himself its charismatic and manipulative leader.


Nicolae Pastore — Nicolae was a musician on the fringes of esoteric science for years before he married Piper. He was a natural addition to this den of bloodliners; he bonded immediately with Jean, who seemed all too eager to encourage his experiments with sound. At the time of the Cataclysm he was building an instrument, a Laser Harp that could manipulate energy and communicate across very vast distances of space, perhaps beyond. When he wasn’t working the night shift as a producer at a local radio station, he was busy perfecting his harp. This put significant strain on his relationship with Piper.

Lex Pastore (Deceased) — Our agents have a theory that Lex and his twin sister Morgan represent two halves of the same personality. Lex is analytical and calculating, even cold, when compared to his twin. Following his grandmother’s death, Lex became obsessed with the idea of never growing old, never growing apart from Morgan. He thought Nimsesku, his pet hamster, held the key to solving this problem. Sympathy cards found in the family’s mailbox suggest that he failed. How did this family of dangerous bloodliners respond to this loss?

Morgan Pastore—Morgan is a classic empath, a person with the ability to intuit the emotions of other lifeforms. While empathy can be a debilitating condition for most bloodliners, Morgan uses it to better understand the natural world. She loves plants and they do exceedingly well under her care. It’s tragic, though, when we consider that Morgan warned her family again and again in the weeks leading up to the Cataclysm and yet they never listened to her.

Nimsesku (Hamster) — Using a sonic device of his own invention, Emerson successfully resurrected Nimsesku in the House’s dining room one night in 1987. Since then Nimsesku has been unable to die. Lex was determined to understand why, and so he made his pet undergo all manner of strange scientific tests. The hamster has been our eyes and ears inside the House for years and if he’s found we must review any footage he recorded. We’re left wondering: Nimsesku was brought back to life in the dining room 29 years ago. The Cataclysm that broke Time and Space in 2016 also occurred in the dining room. Coincidence?

“If Lex is out there in the Fog Space it could prove everything I have spent my life trying to understand. However, if my children are venturing beyond the unknown to bring back my beloved grandson I could lose them in the process, not to mention the possibility of ripping apart the space/time continuum. So be it. Our love of Lex is stronger than any scientific doubt or reason and my daughter feels that bringing him back is worth any risk. We may fail, but we are certainly going to try.” — Emerson Selig

“How did we do this? How is this possible? Is Interdimensional Travel really safe? All of these questions and more will vanish from your mind once you kick off your sandals and step through our portal to the Multiverse (™).” — Alva Portals Bermuda Concierge

Universes touch, but there are spaces between them. These spaces are not empty, they’re filled with detritus from other universes, particulate matter spread out in a cloud. For lack of a more imaginative word, I call these “fog spaces.” Everything that passes from this world, be they thoughts, emotions or the deceased, ends up here. — Emerson Selig

“The creatures of this world see you and they need you to see them too, Lex. The power that makes your dad a musician or your mother a painter is the same power that lets animals fly, sing or change their color. It’s all the Anomaly.” — Jean Selig

“People were always shedding their emotions, Morgan knew. These cast-off thoughts often took on lives of their own. The saddest of these, the Lowing Lowlies, lived in the woods behind Morgan’s house and she could often hear them crying at night. Morgan was always sure to stop by the tree line on her way to school each morning and leave the Lowlies some cookies or pudding cups from her lunch box. “

“I had to use lasers instead of conventional piano keys or strings. I am working with forces that are so delicate they have eluded mankind forever: the power of music to move matter, to sing in the fog spaces outside of this universe. That requires a very delicate touch. The Laser Harp will open doors to worlds I can’t begin to describe and so I must approach this power as one would approach a deer in the woods: softly, moving so slowly as to barely move at all.” — Nicolae Pastore


CHARTER INVESTIGATION NOTE #00145 From: Charter Headquarters Location: Charter Room Time: March 17, 2016, 7:06 p.m. (arrested time flow)

“We know that the Anomaly scorns rigid structures such as time and space, life and death. We’ve trapped the Anomaly, but it’s children carry on its work. Bloodliner myths tell of a child who slipped out of his world and into the Fog Space. He was dead to all appearances but those who loved him snapped the universe in half in order to bring him back. What happens to the universe then? We have no way of knowing, only the suspicion that this may have happened many times in many different dimensions.” —Charter Agent 793

FINAL REPORT From: Agent 35 Location: Time: March 17, 2016, 7:06 p.m. (arrested time flow) It’s not chaos. I found the family. I can hear them. I can set my hand on the dining room table and feel them whispering to each other. They talk to themselves with the solipsism of lower beings who have crossed into some higher purpose. What you call “creative chaos” is soaked into every inch of this House. It’s caustic to my skin, but I don’t care. I removed my containment suit. I will file this one last report and join the family in the Charter Room. They’re waiting for me. For everyone. I don’t want to be anywhere else. I heard Jean first. I don’t know how I knew it was her, since she has been dead for years. I followed the voice and found a room, empty except for a desk. I didn’t move for a moment. I had my weapon out of its holster as I listened for another voice. After a moment I sat down at the desk and drew my knife. I wanted to take a sample of the desk back to the laboratory. My attention was drawn to the keyhole in the drawer. There was a light inside. I looked in. Gears. Light. Heat. Fire. Opposing forces balanced against each other on points no wider than an atom of hydrogen! Symmetry. Order

dumping entropy on Creation. Creation boiling through entropy and birthing universes upon universes as it cools. Order shaping those universes and rising in granite towers that kiss the skies of a hundred billion worlds. Oh God... There’s something beyond ourselves. Beyond Charter and Anomaly. Beyond this ridiculous hunt for bloodliners. I found it when I found the Selig family. It’s not chaos. It’s not chaos. It’s not chaos. And I’m going back to it. At once. -msg.ends-

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