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Usui reiki was the first form of reiki which was developed by Dr. Mikao Usui and it is the perfect place to start your reiki training. In the beginning there was only this. Since the introduction of Reiki by Dr. Mikao Usui in the late 1800s, many other branches have sprung up and so we now have to define each branch. But we must remember that this is the original and the very foundation of all other forms. New innovations in any field are always welcome, but all innovators who make a meaningful contribution to a subject have a solid grounding in the basics of the subject they come to innovate, and the innovation should always add something meaningfully to reiki. So when it comes to learning reiki it is a wise thing to start your Reiki journey with Usui Reiki, or as close to it as we can get. Usui Reiki as Taught by Dr. Usui, and then Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and following Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Mrs. Takata is as close to the original Reiki as we can get. The Reiki that they taught and passed on to others is now known as Usui Reiki. Reiki has three distinct and clearly marked training levels which uses four symbols, a separate attunement at each level, 12 hand positions and periods of self healing and treating others between each level. With the introduction of new branches new symbols have been added along with more attunements, more levels of training and many ideas about what reiki actually is. Innovation like this is possible because it is still a free subject and not held down by any one interest or governing body. It is still outside of any regulation and possibly one of the few real free movements left. People who have learned reiki can then teach and pass it on to others, use it and even innovate it if they feel the need to. Recently some people have tried to Regulate Reiki under the misguided assumption that it is dangerous in the wrong hands, but luckily the attempt failed and reiki still remains a free subject.

Learning Usui Reiki It is very easy and quite natural to learn reiki and usui reiki is set out in three training levels which are known as the Reiki one, Reiki two and Reiki master courses, each course builds upon the previous one and the learning is very well structured. Each level of Reiki goes into specific aspects of reiki and it is expected that between the training levels you will use reiki both as a form of self healing and also treat others. In this way you will gain confidence and familiarity with reiki as you continue with your training. That is how a Usui Reiki Master is made. Innovations of reiki have taken out some of the training levels and taken out some of the attunements, and others have increased the training with more levels and more symbols and attunements. I suppose all of the new levels and branches of reiki have something to offer but we need a standard to judge them by and that standard was and still is Usui Reiki, otherwise you are shooting in the dark. Usui reiki came about after a lifetime of work, practice and en devour and Dr. Usui then spent the rest of his life perfecting and practicing what he had developed. I would always look there first. If you are thinking about learning reiki the choice is obviously yours. All I would say is that you get very familiar in usui reiki first and if you then think there is something missing then there are many other forms of reiki to investigate. But my overall point is that if you feel drawn to reiki and would like to know more about it, you should know that it is not a difficult subject to learn and there are many benefits to be gained. And as this all started with Dr. Usui, Usui reiki is a very good place to start.

An excellent source of Usui Reiki Information is and can find out more about Usui Reiki here. And you can also get your free 7 part audio (MP3) introduction to reiki here.

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==== ==== Discover for yourself the comprehensive self-study guide to learn about Dr. Usui and the power of healing with "Usui Reiki" ==== ====

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