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So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:6-7

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5 Steps to Choosing a Christian Education

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Timothy Senior Accepted Into West Point

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The Timothy Difference

Academically PREPARING

Christian Disciples

>> who

embrace Christ ’s cal l to transf orm the world.

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5 Steps to Choosing a Christian Education






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The Timothy Difference




Mock Trial has 7 State Championships and multiple appearances at the National Competition.

Class of 2017 graduate reports to boot camp.

Mock Trial Takes Second at State

Timothy Senior Accepted Into West Point


Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing A Timothy senior reflects on his stellar basketball career. Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Timothy Christian Schools is

DISTINCTLY CHRISTIAN in its community, curriculum, character, and convictions. Dear Parents, Thank you for your interest in Timothy Christian Schools. Founded in 1911, we have been tirelessly partnering with families for over one hundred years. Very few schools can boast our combination of a proud tradition and yet extreme relevancy. We are a college-preparatory school with a unique approach to career readiness. Most importantly, we are Christ-centered in everything we do. We are not only in the business of education—we are in the business of leadership development as we prepare our students for a lifetime of achievement and adventure for Jesus Christ. There are countless parents, extended family members, alumni, current students, and a host of others who would testify that goals are being reached and dreams are being realized largely because of Timothy Christian Schools. By the grace of God, these claims will persist as we carry on in the mobilization of leaders and difference-makers for our world. Please contact the school if you would like further information. We would welcome the opportunity to share with you and your child the vision of Timothy Christian Schools. Very Truly Yours for Christian Education, Matt Davidson Superintendent, Timothy Christian Schools

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Five Steps

to Choosing a Christian Education


Consider Location

Make a list of all the schools that are on your radar. Consider the location of each school. Do they provide busing? Ask yourself: How far are we willing to drive to school? Timothy Christian Schools is centrally located in Elmhurst and families come from over 250 individual Christian churches and 55 different communities. Our busing services extend from the west side of Chicago to Wheaton and Naperville, from Lemont and Burr Ridge on the south, to Mount Prospect in the north. We provide busing services in a 20 mile radius.


Consider the Curriculum and Teachers

Sit in on a class. How do the teachers interact with the students? Is the school you’re considering accredited? Do the teachers have advanced degrees? Are AP classes offered? Don’t forget to ask if there’s support for students who need help. Also ask if there’s a separate curriculum for advanced students. A high standard for excellence is part of our recipe for success. We are fully accredited by the North Central Association through AdvanceEd and are recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. We offer advanced classes and student support. But it is the way our staff focuses on your child that makes a Timothy education so compelling and essential.


Consider Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities enrich the personal, social, and academic lives of students. Does the school offer extracurricular activities and clubs that interest your child? Do they have an active and engaged student body? We believe extracurricular activities also give students a greater opportunity to develop their interests, talents, and abilities beyond the classroom structure. These activities provide widespread participation by the entire student body, help cultivate school spirit and pride, and give our students a sense of belonging and community.

Five Steps


Consider the Alumni

Alumni often mirror their education. Ask around, what are the alumni doing? Are they difference-makers in the world? We encourage students to become disciples on the other side of salvation. And what is a disciple? An apprentice. Someone who follows Jesus. Listens. Learns — and is in it for the long haul. And where does this faith development happen? In the classroom, from what students hear from and see in teachers. And in worship, in play, in the hard work of homework and testing. Just about everywhere you look at Timothy, we strive to develop academically prepared disciples of Jesus Christ.

STAFF SUPPORT A team of support staff surround our students and teachers as we work to meet the needs of every student. Our Student Services Team provides classrooms and


Consider the Worldview

The fact is your child will spend more time at school than at home. How do teachers incorporate their worldview into their classes? Students at Timothy study the intricacies of creation and the cosmos. They read Psalms and Shakespeare. They analyze Homer and Hemingway. They solve algebraic equations and explain geometric proofs. They also learn what it means to be loved, to be redeemed, and to be called by the Creator of the Universe to live as children of the light. Our teachers inspire academic excellence to ensure all students are well prepared for college and career, but they also dedicate their lives to equipping minds and nurturing hearts to transform the world for Jesus Christ.

teachers with resources to support student growth and goals. Our team includes the following specialists: > Speech and Language Pathologist > Social Worker > Student Services Coordinator > Educational Support Teachers > Director of Teaching and Learning > 81 certified staff members > 50 percent hold Master’s Degrees > 14 years average teaching experience > 40 percent have taught at TCS for at least 10 years > 1:14 ratio of certified faculty to students

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Our preschool students are part of a community. A community that is safe, nurturing, and loving. It’s a place where curiosity and exploration are fostered and cultivated. It’s a place where every part of the day is intentional and taught from a Christian perspective. Children have freedom for spontaneous play where they make discoveries, solve problems, and have positive social interactions. These selfdirected activities, together with teacher-led lessons that teach children how to work in a group, lay the groundwork for future academic success. Our qualified staff and student-toteacher ratio allow each child to grow, develop, and explore at their own pace. Preschool at Timothy not only prepares children for kindergarten and beyond, but also lays the foundation for a lifetime of faith. Preschool at Timothy is part of a larger community that aims to inspire, engage, and develop academically prepared disciples of Christ.


630.782.4043 |

Art Drawing & Painting Gluing & Constructing Manipulating & Problem-Solving

Bible Praising & Worshiping Learning Bible Stories Developing an Awareness of God and His Word


Movement, & Nutrition Developing Good Habits Balancing Galloping & Climbing Jumping & Hopping Throwing & Catching Walking & Running Body Awareness & Spatial Perception

Language Listening & Speaking Reading & Writing Developing an Interest in Stories and Books Developing Vocabulary Reading Readiness

Math Classifying & Comparing Counting & Measuring Ordering & Problem-Solving

Music Building a Song Repertoire Responding to Rhythm Singing and Creating Motions, Rhythms, and Responses

Science Comparing & Experimenting Observing & Predicting Problem-Solving

Social Development

Cooperating & Problem-Solving Interacting with Peers and Adults Developing Concern for Others and God’s Creation


Learning to be the light SCHEDULING OPTIONS: Two Day Options Tuesday & Thursday 8:45 AM – 11:15 AM Tuesday & Thursday Noon – 2:30 PM

Photo of Andrew Buikema Art direction notes: The photo can be dropped behind the text and span the entire spread or fit into a box in the upper ride side of the spread.

Three Day Options Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8:45 AM – 11:15 AM Monday, Wednesday & Friday Noon – 2:30 PM Five Day Option Monday – Friday 8:45 AM – 11:15 AM Early Morning Drop-off Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:45 AM Late Afternoon Pickup Monday – Friday 2:30 PM – 3:00 PM Lunch 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week. You pick! Afternoon Exploration Options

Learn more about our exploration options at

QUICK FACTS: •Christian faith & values integrated daily •Multi-age (3-5 years of age) •Two year, rotating curriculum •Experienced teaching staff •Play-based approach across learning themes •Standards aligned

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Strong foundations Kindergarten at Timothy Christian Schools is a place where a child is free to play, learn, and explore. It is also a place where each child learns about God and His world through music and movement, arts and crafts, language development, and cooperative play. At Timothy our teachers foster each child’s spiritual, social, emotional, and academic growth. Kindergarten at Timothy gives students a strong foundation for future academic success.


Available Services

Academic Support Enrichment Program Speech

Children ages 5-6 are eligible for enrollment in our kindergarten program. We welcome and value students from a variety of economic, ethnic, and social backgrounds.

Program Features

Illinois certified teachers with a Master’s in Early Childhood Education. Individual, small group, and whole group instruction. Classroom learning centers: art, blocks, dramatic play, literacy, math, science, and writing. Curriculum-related field trips. Hot lunch available for full day students. Parent volunteer opportunities. Art, library, music, and physical education are taught weekly.

Our application deadline for kindergarten is the first Friday in February every year. If we receive more applicants than we have spots available, we conduct a random draw to fill those spots. The application forms can be found and submitted electronically on our website. To apply, your child must be 5 years old by September 1.

KINDERGARTEN SESSIONS: Morning Kindergarten 8:15 AM – 11:15 AM Afternoon Kindergarten 12:10 PM – 3:01 PM Full Day Kindergarten 8:15 AM – 3:01 PM Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Fostering curiosity From our early childhood classrooms to our upper elementary grades, our approach to specific areas of instruction reflects our learner focused philosophy, which provides differentiated learning opportunities at the appropriate level of challenge for each student. Whether in reading, math, science, or social studies, our classroom structure is such that students have opportunities to meet in whole group, small group, and even individual learning spaces. To this end, our K-6th grade classrooms reflect a workshop model in reading and in math, where the learning is focused on what students need now and what they will need in the future. Our Multi-Tiered System of Support in reading and math also provides smaller group targeted learning opportunities for all our students. Areas of science and social studies are explored with rigor and curiosity, always seeking opportunities for discovery of God’s creation and His hand in our world. A Biblical perspective is integrated into all subject areas and supported through Bible curriculum.


630.782.4043 |


Timothy gives you many opportunities to be challenged at your own level. I was allowed to skip a grade in math.”

AUSTIN ZEILSTRA >>This is #MyTimothyStory My name is Austin Zeilstra and I am a 5th grader. I love many things about Timothy. It is amazing that we are able to talk about God and His creation, something you cannot do at a public school. Chapel is a great way to worship God and praise Him once a week before the school day. My favorite part about Timothy is the diversity of the things you learn. I get the opportunity to play the cornet (it’s like a trumpet, but smaller) and discover more about music. I also have a passion for history. In fact, I qualified for nationals in the History Bee. Timothy gives you many opportunities to be challenged at your own level. I was allowed to skip a grade in math, and now I’m part of the 6th grade math class. Timothy is a great place with a lot to offer—and I’m taking advantage of it. I’m Austin Zeilstra and this is my Timothy story. Read Austin’s full story at

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


“ So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.�


Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Disciples in the Making Grades seven and eight at Timothy Christian Schools are more than a prelude to the high school years. They are an intentional effort to combine a rigorous academic program with a culture that encourages self-discovery and Christian community. Middle school classes capitalize on the growth from the student’s elementary years and link it with the best of what is to come in high school. Crafting experiences that assist our middle school students to grow academically, socially, and spiritually is what we do best.


630.782.4043 |

Middle School

My transition from my old school to Timothy was easier than I could have ever expected. It did not take long for me to be comfortable, while also feeling loved and cared for at Timothy.”

JOSH HARRIS >>This is #MyTimothyStory My name is Josh Harris. I am an 8th grader at Timothy. I attended a tiny Catholic school in Oak Park from kindergarten through 7th grade. The school was forced to close because there were not enough students enrolled. Leaving my old school was heartbreaking for me, and I expected the transition into a new school to be very tough.


for Middle School Students Volleyball

I’ve been playing basketball all my life, and one of my close friends on my basketball team

Boys Soccer

attends Timothy Christian Schools. When my teammate’s family found out I was looking

Girls Soccer

for a new school, they immediately recommended Timothy. They absolutely loved it and


thought it would be a great fit for me. Because of the shining recommendation the school

Boys Basketball

received from this family, I decided to shadow for a day at Timothy.

Girls Basketball Track and Field

When I shadowed, I could not have fallen more in love with the school. The teachers were

Cross Country

so kind and the students were so welcoming. My first day at Timothy was scary for me. It seemed like everyone had known each other for a long time, and I was the stranger coming in. My fears vanished as I was welcomed in with open arms, by both students and teachers. People talked to me in the hallways and welcomed me to sit with them at lunch.


and Clubs for Middle School Bible Journaling

As the days went by, the teachers challenged me academically, more so than my previous

Chess Club

school had. I grew to love all my classes and teachers. My transition from my old school

Writers Club

to Timothy was easier than I could have ever expected. It did not take long for me to be


comfortable, while also feeling loved and cared for at Timothy. I’m Josh Harris and this is

Drama Club

my Timothy story.

Gaming STEM

Read Josh’s full story at

Prayer Group

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief



ithout wisdom, intelligence is useless. It’s the most important thing to seek as a disciple. You want your children to be in the world, but not

while refusing to shelter or isolate its students from the world. At Timothy, we foster a climate of honesty, love, security, and wisdom, to empower learning, stimulate critical thinking, and free our students to open their minds in the midst of an often confusing, always changing, fast-paced world.

A high standard for excellence is part of our recipe for success. Timothy Christian High School is fully accredited by the North Central Association through AdvanceEd and is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education. Our highly qualified and certified teachers stay

education delights

The portion of your child’s education that belongs to us—academics—is something we do well. Parents and churches notice this and tell us. So has U.S. News & World Report, which selected us as one of the Outstanding

in God’s creation

High Schools in the United States.

so compelling and essential.



of it—made different in Jesus Christ to make a difference in the world. A Timothy

Average Over the past 5 years

ahead of the technology curve and participate in regular professional development programs. But it is the way our staff focuses on your child that makes a Timothy education

Averages from 2016

Top 5%.......................................... 34.5

Biology....................................... 3.17

Top 10%........................................ 33.8

Calculus AB................................ 4.29

Top 25%........................................ 31.4

English Lit.................................. 3.75

Overall Average.............................. 24.1

History........................................ 4.15 Physics 1..................................... 4.22

For a full list of classes and electives go to

Physics 2..................................... 4.22 Spanish....................................... 4.43 US Government.......................... 3.16 Overall Average........................... 3.85 Overall Passing.......................... 88.4%


630.782.4043 |

Developing Future Business Leaders: Preparing leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. To expand learning beyond the classroom, a DECA Chapter was started at Timothy Christian High School in the fall of 2015. DECA is an international organization that helps students develop their leadership, academic, and civic consciousness through projects, leadership conferences, and competitive events. To learn more about DECA, visit

Timothy Christian Schools and Park Place of Elmhurst Intergenerational Program: When Park Place, a continuing care retirement community, was built on the land directly south of Timothy, a partnership to build an intergenerational program was created to benefit both entities. Over the years, what started as students playing ping-pong with residents has developed into an intergenerational program, called Bridges, that fosters genuine mentorship while building mutual significance into the lives of students and residents. Through faithful and consistent interactions, Bridges helps students grow as scholars and in character. Relationships naturally hone students’ interpersonal skills and lead to a greater appreciation for the wisdom that comes with age. Friendships formed through this program often extend beyond the walls of Timothy and even after graduation. Read more about our Intergenerational Program at

High School

Seeking wisdom

U.S. News & World Report selected Timothy as one of the Outstanding High Schools in the United States.”

Mock Trial Takes Second


enior Charles Hooker was recently accused of being a mercenary on the witness stand. It didn’t rattle him though.

maybe twist the meaning of your words. You have to be prepared for that.” Preparation starts in the summer, even before the actual case is announced. The team works on court decorum

As part of Timothy Christian Schools’ undefeated

and legal terms. Tryouts are held in the early fall. In

Mock Trial team, he was mentally prepared for

November, the State Bar Association gives teams the

an assault on his character. And so was attorney

case that will be tried throughout the season.

Grace Files, a senior who was named Outstanding Attorney at the State Competition. She immediately objected to the accusation.

Last year it was a college hazing case. A fraternity forced pledges to play a game of “water jeopardy.” Students were asked questions and forced to drink

“You have to be able to adapt and think on your

water for any wrong answers. One student drank

feet,” Coach Scott Roelofs says. “That’s the hardest

so much water, she collapsed and eventually died.

thing. You need to be poised and articulate and be

The pledge master was charged with involuntary

able to answer the tough questions.”

manslaughter and hazing.

The history of Timothy Christian’s Mock Trial

Each Mock Trial team must prepare to be both the

team is as long as the team’s accolades. Thirty years

defendant and the prosecution. They try the case in front

ago, a student whose favorite show was LA Law,

of an actual judge and are scored by attorneys. They earn

approached history and economics teacher Mr.

points for direct examination, cross-examination, closing

Roelofs and asked if they could start a Mock Trial

arguments, and each part of the trial.

team. “When we started the team, I really didn’t know what I was doing,” Mr. Roelofs admits. “On

Mock Trial has no divisions or classes, unlike sports.

the way to our first trial, we were writing opening

So Timothy Christian’s team is often pitted against

statements and we winged closing arguments.”

much larger schools such as York High School,

Now with seven State Championships and multiple appearances at the National Competition, Mr.

This year, Charles was assigned to act as Dr. Jordan

anything. It’s carefully choreographed and researched,

Peters, an expert witness for the defense. Charles not

down to each character’s personality nuances.

only had to memorize medical terminology, such

is either a lawyer or a witness. They are each given affidavits, which they must memorize. While the direct examination between Timothy’s lawyer and

630.782.4043 |

of which they handily defeated this year.

Roelofs and his Mock Trial team no longer wing

Part theater, part law, each student on Mock Trial


Hinsdale Central, and Maine South High School–all

as triiodothyronine, but had to learn what it meant and how it affects people. He also had to develop idiosyncrasies that would convince the jury and judge that he was indeed a 55 year-old pathologist.

witness is scripted like a play, the cross-examination

Without any experience in theater, Charles spent

is not. “You never know what the other team will

weeks working with Mr. Roelofs and Mrs. Cathy

do,” Mr. Roelofs says. “They will try to set a trap,

McNeil Stein, the lawyer that also coaches the team,

at State perfecting his role. His character, Dr. Peters, was also

It’s these seemingly natural zingers, ones that are

often accused of having a personal vendetta against

written and rehearsed, that mixes a combination of

the opposing witness, Dr. Craig, because he was

a character’s personal history and facts, which often

given the job of the county coroner instead of Dr.

win points at the trials.

Peters’ son.

We want Christian lawyers. There are ethics and decisions

And Timothy’s entire team became experts at it, earning them all individual awards throughout the season. Even though Timothy’s team of lawyers and witnesses were feared in the courtroom, they remained true to their Christian morals. “We want Christian lawyers,” Mr. Roelofs says. “There are ethics and decisions that have to be made. Timothy is teaching that.”

that have to be

In March, they competed at the State Competition

made. Timothy is

Champaign-Urbana, where they were undefeated.

teaching that.”

at University of Illinois School of Law in But Timothy was narrowly outscored by St. Charles North, who were also undefeated. While Timothy proudly captured second place at State, they

It’s the humanness of the characters and their

unfortunately never had the opportunity to face St.

personal stories that not only makes Mock Trial

Charles North in the courtroom.

challenging for the players, but also more realistic. “I had to defend my testimony,” Charles said. “I got really into it. My whole voice changes. I have a voice

“As a coach you always want your team to reach their full potential. And that’s what these guys did,”

inflection when I’m in character.”

Mr. Roelofs says. “I don’t know what else we could

It’s this dedication to perfecting his character that

proud of them.”

have done. They worked hard every day. I’m very

earned him the Outstanding Witness Award at the State Competition. He kept perfecting his character

The seniors, who earned a first place finish at State

as Dr. Peters until the last trial. While his character

last year and a trip to Nationals, will join the ranks

was well-educated, with degrees and training from

of distinguished Mock Trial alumni. It is a legacy

Northwestern, Duke, Tennessee, and Maryland, the

filled with ministers and thirty lawyers.

character seemed bland.


Activities at Timothy: Chamber Choir Chapel Committee Black History Club DECA Departmental Aids Drama Club Fine Arts Intramurals Jazz Ensemble Ladies of Troy Mock Trial Peer Tutoring Pit Orchestra Saga Scholastic Bowl Sewing Club Strategy Gaming Club Student Council Technology Club Trumpet VEX Robotics Worldview Club WYSE (Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering)

“Mock Trial teaches kids how to speak in front of

“Mr. Roelofs and Mrs. Stein helped me work on

people and helps develop poise and confidence,” Mr.

my closing statement,” Charles says. “So to defend

Roelofs says. “I have students who graduated long

my testimony, I said the line: ‘I went from being

ago and they come back and say Mock Trial is one of

a Wildcat to a Blue Devil, to a Volunteer, to a

the most important things that helped them prepare

Terrapin, and now I’m just a pathologist.’”

for their future.”

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Timothy Senior Accepted


lyse Schnurr was seven years old, just a first grader at Timothy, when she saw the Army Strong commercial. She admired the recruits in the commercial because they looked confident, strong, capable. She dreamed about one day growing up and having those two words— Army Strong—describe her. But as she grew, her confidence and her dream of serving in the army faded. She was small and shy and preferred to stay out of the spotlight. To help her gain confidence, her parents encouraged her to take gymnastics in middle school. She was a natural at tumbling, but as soon as the coach mentioned competing, Alyse quit. She took piano lessons, but quit before her first recital. “I couldn’t imagine being in front of people,” Alyse admits. “Up until high school, I just wanted to fly under the radar. I didn’t want people to notice me.” She loved tumbling, so her parents encouraged her to try out for Timothy’s cheerleading team her freshmen year. The coaches took notice of her natural abilities and she made the competitive cheerleading squad. She started training for competition season, sometimes practicing up to six days a week, including conditioning, weight training, and extra tumbling classes. Not only did she start gaining strength and muscle, but her confidence blossomed. “I don’t know what I was thinking when I tried out,” Alyse remembers. “I guess I thought I’d blend in and people wouldn’t notice me. I never thought my coach would ask me to tumble in front of packed fieldhouses and a panel of judges.” For the girl who didn’t want to compete in gymnastics, competitive cheerleading forced her into the spotlight. Over time, though, with the encouragement of her parents, coaches, and teammates, Alyse conquered her fear of performing in front of a crowd. 22

630.782.4043 |

By the time she was a senior, Alyse had gained over 30 pounds of lean muscle and had competed at the state cheerleading competition four years in a row. She also was responsible for starting the cheerleading routine with a standing back tuck. When she took the mat for the final time as a Timothy Christian cheerleader at the state competition last January, she still had to calm her nerves. But it was different. And not just because she would never represent Timothy again at a state competition, but because she was no longer the girl who was paralyzed by fear. Instead of dwelling on her nerves, she focused on the team’s theme Push Through and the team verse Philippians 3:14, which says, “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” It takes precision skill, physical tenacity, and mental focus to be a competitive cheerleader. According to Alyse, it’s easy to want to give up or take a break. “Our coach told us that we needed to push through and give our all, even when we don’t have our all to give,” Alyse says. It’s this guttural strength and determination that helped fuel Alyse’s desire to pursue the dream she first had as a little girl watching the Army Strong commercial. With her parents’ support, Alyse started her application for West Point, in West Point, New York. The United States Military Academy is highly prestigious and ultra-competitive with notable alumni like President Dwight D. Eisenhower and astronaut Buzz Aldrin. The application process was daunting. Every applicant not only needs outstanding grades, top-tier test scores and glowing teacher recommendations, but they also need a

Into West Point congressional nomination, which is a hurdle for even the most accomplished students. And even with a congressional nomination, acceptance into West Point is not guaranteed. Less than 10% of all applicants are accepted. Alyse contacted all three of her congressional representatives and applied for a nomination. Only one, Congressman Peter Roskam, invited her for an interview. It took Congressman Roskam three months to announce her nomination. Even with such a competitive application process, Alyse stayed focused on her goal and did not apply to any other colleges. “I attended a church service during camp at West Point,” Alyse says, “and I just felt like God was in control. I had a sense of peace and calm about the whole application process. I was nervous, but reassured.” Finally in mid-February, over a year after she first started the application process, Alyse received her acceptance letter. “I was shocked,” Alyse says. “I just cried. All the work, all the dreaming, finally paid off.” Alyse was one of 13,827 students who applied. One of 4,120 nominated. And one of 1,257 accepted. She will join the “Long Gray Line” of West Point graduates, commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army and required to serve for five years after she graduates. This, though, is her calling, and a point of honor, pride, and duty. Because she will also earn a bachelor’s degree while at West Point, she plans to major in psychology. While Alyse has tamed her fears and anxiety, she can still remember what it felt like when it bubbled up, paralyzing her. It’s conquering these fears that has shaped and pushed her towards West Point. One day, she hopes to work with veterans who suffer from PTSD.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” –Philippians 3:14

Once on campus, she will have 60 seconds to say goodbye to her parents. “They will take all my civilian belongings, give me new clothes, and I start 6 weeks of boot camp,” Alyse says. Boot camp will be the toughest thing Alyse has ever done. But she’s training, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. She is determined to make it through. “I know I’m going to have to push through a lot of adversity and hardship that I’ve never faced before,” Alyse says. “I’m going to try to remember what my cheer coaches at TC taught me: Push through towards the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus. I know that boot camp won’t last forever. But no matter what, I need to rely on God for strength.”

Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


Renew: Winter Interim


ur mission is to help your child become a great disciple. We also believe that discipleship is not confined

to the classroom. The focus of the Renew Term in January is to engage students in discipleship opportunities through course work, internships, service, and travel experiences that are not available to students during the academic semester. There are three Renew options for Timothy Christian High School students:

Internships: Juniors and seniors can arrange for an unpaid internship in a work area of interest. Onsite Electives: Students will have the opportunity to attend unique courses not normally found in the high school curriculum, often with multiple off-campus field trips and experiences. Trips: Students can embark on a discipleship or mission trip. Renew trips are domestic and international.

2018 Renew Trips Dominican Republic Serve Honduras Serve New York City Serve Phoenix, Arizona (Girls Varsity Basketball Team) Rehoboth, New Mexico

Read more about Renew at 24

630.782.4043 |

Loving the Least of These By Kaleigh Bone, Class of 2017


or favor?” the little girl pleaded, stretching her arms up.

Excited to have a gringa friend, she begged me to walk her home. It was our last day at a local church in Costa Rica were I’d been serving with the Timothy Christian School Renew Program. Timothy students had spent the week painting and making repairs to a local church. But in the afternoon, we traded in our hammers and paintbrushes for guitars and crafts. We had nearly 75 neighborhood kids join us for Vacation Bible School every day. All week, as we did skits, and sang songs, and told them Bible stories, we prayed that they would experience Christ’s love through us. And now it was time to say goodbye. So I hoisted the little girl up on my hip and followed our guide. As we wound our way through the neighborhood, the little girl bounced in my arms, chattering in Spanish. Some words I understood, and some I didn’t. But we did not need to speak the same language for me to see she was full of joy. And it was a type of joy that can’t really be explained. She was only four years old, but felt too small and frail. Like so many other kids I’d seen that week, I wondered if she ate three meals a day. She was one of three sisters who came to our VBS every day. The oldest, who was only 10, was mostly blind. The church where we’d been serving had raised enough money for her cornea surgery, but the surgery had failed. When we arrived at her house, she skipped through the front door, excited to show me where she lived. But her house took my breath away. She lived in a rundown shack. This little girl had absolutely nothing the world would value—yet she had joy. When I had first signed up for the Costa Rica Renew trip, I expected a week of sunshine, lush jungles, beautiful beaches, and exotic wildlife. And that is all here in Costa Rica. It’s a huge

tourist draw. But the neighborhoods where we worked were tucked away, out of tourists’ sight. We were serving far from any beach or shops or restaurants. The natural beauty of the island was overshadowed by extreme poverty. I had seen poverty like this before. As a junior I also went abroad with the Renew Program, serving in an orphanage in Honduras. It was there, while working with orphans, that I knew I was called to serve others. As a Christian, I’m not meant to just sit in a classroom and talk about serving others. I’ve seen people in desperate need. It’s my dream to get my degree in nursing, then go to a third world country to help take care of people. I’ve learned through Timothy’s Renew Program that I’m supposed to go. Go love. Go serve. Go show Christ. Timothy Christian Schools | BEYOND Belief


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e believe that athletic competition presents challenges similar to those that every person might one day face in life. Although these challenges may be on a smaller scale, the way in which we overcome them and the lessons that we learn from them are the same. The TCHS athletics program is dedicated to developing Christlike character and leadership through sports.

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ven though Joey Davidson has an impressive résumé of stats, he doesn’t want to be defined as a basketball player. He was a starter for Timothy’s varsity basketball team since his sophomore year. He was named All-Conference his senior year. He also became the eleventh player in Timothy Christian history to score 1000 career points. In fact, he’s actually scored more than 1000 points over the course of his high school career. But he can’t tell you exactly how many. Those stats, though, aren’t really important to him. “Those points don’t define me,” Joey shrugs. “I’m not keeping a tally.” Joey, who is a 2017 graduate, is a natural athlete and leader. He is just as sure and confident on a basketball court as he is on the baseball field. Sports have always been part of his life. It’s the way he’s connected with so many people over the years. Joey transferred to Timothy as a sixth grader from Arizona. He was comfortable in his old school and didn’t want to move. Sixth grade, Joey says, is a hard year for a kid to move to a new state and attend a new school. But Timothy was different. From class parties at the park, to teachers who worked hard to build a community, it wasn’t long before Joey once again felt connected at school, like he was where he belonged. But it was on the basketball court where he found his confidence and stride in junior high. “I always say, if you’re struggling, join a sport,” Joey says. “Any sport. You’re automatically connected.”

Athletics Like most junior high players, he wanted to be the best player on the team. He worked hard, and his reward was a starting position. “I know all these young kids really want to be the best player,” Joey says. “But I can remember my dad and grandpa telling me that sports were a good thing. That winning was fun, but there’s more important things in life. My dad has always said: ‘Keep the main thing the main thing.’” Even though Joey was a natural on the court, his dad’s mantra—keep the main thing the main thing—kept him grounded throughout the years. And while he proudly remembers things like beating rival Illiana with a buzzer beater his sophomore year, it’s the service projects off the court that have had the biggest impact on him. He went to Arizona for a Renew Trip in January with the basketball team. It was not only a bonding experience for the team and coaches, but it was also a chance for them to serve together. Joey and the rest of the team served low-income and homeless families. He had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with two ten-year-old boys. “I played a game with them,” Joey says. “I was told they didn’t have a positive male role model in their lives. It was simple, we just talked.” It was just time and a few kind words. But for those two young boys, it was a lifeline. To Joey, it was more than just a service project. It was the possibility of making a positive impact on two boys. “I don’t know if they knew Jesus,” Joey says. “But my prayer is that they do find God. And maybe they saw a little bit of Christ in me.”

It is service like this—not the wins and losses— that have shaped and molded Joey’s perspective. He is thankful for the Timothy community, for his family and friends, and for the support of his coaches. His coaches not only helped hone his skills on the court, but have prayed for him and challenged him to grow in his faith. The Renew basketball trips have helped him become more aware of people who are in need, both economically and spiritually. Joey played his last game as a Timothy Christian basketball player. “I learned a lot from basketball, like perseverance, teamwork, and sportsmanship,” Joey says. “But that’s just a platform for other things in life. I don’t want people to know me as a basketball player. I want to be known as a man of God. I want to keep the main thing the main thing.”

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e have a high standard for excellence. Our teachers are

highly qualified, but it is the way our staff focuses on your child that makes a Timothy education so compelling and essential. Timothy educates the mind, enriches the soul, and provides physical training to the body. It doesn’t get any better than that. Here are the top 10 reasons to consider a Timothy Christian education:


Christian Worldview:

We train, equip, and inspire our students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. This has been the mission of Timothy Christian Schools for over 100 years, and we are fiercely committed to it.

Two Our Campus:

We have three distinct schools—an elementary school, middle school, and high school—on one campus. We just completed a 16 MM middle school that includes a state-of-the-art field house. From preschool to high school, Timothy Christian Schools is a continuum of Christian education.


Academic Excellence:

We offer 10 AP classes, multiple advanced classes, and dual credit and honors classes. Our curriculum is entirely Christ-centered. We have academic support and gifted programs as well.


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Beginning in 6th grade, students can participate in organized sports. The TCS athletic program is dedicated to developing Christ-like character and leadership through sports.

We are a tight-knit community that draws from over 55 surrounding cities. We are a nondenominational school and our students represent over 250 area churches. Over 350 volunteers sustain the mission and vision of Timothy each year through a number of organizations. Parents and grandparents willingly serve and sustain Timothy’s efforts.

We are your partner in education. An education from Timothy Christian Schools provides integrity, as well as a sense of community that reinforces family and Biblical values. Our partnership with families and churches helps us develop academically prepared disciples who are world transformers.

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Extracurricular Activities:

From drama, to the arts, to scholastic bowl, to choir, band, and orchestra, there’s a place for every student. We are proud of our State Champion Scholastic Bowl Team and Mock Trial Team. We have students competing and representing Timothy Christian Schools on a national level.

Six The Arts:

At a time when many public schools are cutting art programs, ours are expanding. We believe that visual art, like creation, is a gift from God. The search for beauty should be a driving force in every Christian. Art is everywhere on our campus. Photography, graphic arts, and sculpture fill our spaces. The sounds of singing voices, instruments of all types, and music of all kinds spill into our halls, creating an atmosphere that truly praises God and delights in His creation.

Our Community:

Eight Busing:

We are closer than you think! Our buses travel within a 20 mile radius. We even offer express busing.

Nine Our Staff:

Timothy teachers, counselors, and staff love God and their students. They consider it a great privilege to walk alongside families and their church as students learn and grow in Christ Jesus.

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Training, equipping, and inspiring our students to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

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