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Tent Rentals - 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Rent A Tent When it comes to hosting a lavish wedding party, a grand banquet, a fundraiser, a quiet barbecue or any other such inviting event, a party tent is often a sound choice. Party tents can be found readymade and fully customized for most outdoor events. These tents, available in a wide range of colors and sizes, are suitable for both city and country-side locales. They are not only used by individuals, but are widely seen in hotel lawns, club premises, resorts and other such public spaces. Party tents are much more expensive than most other varieties of tents. Their prices usually vary according to their sizes. However, party tents are normally not owned but are available for rent. Thus, tent renting has gradually become an extremely lucrative business proposition over the past few years. Adding a quaint and classic look to the organized event, party tents are warranted against water, sun and mildew. Most are manufactured to weather the elements. But if the host or the organizer anticipates windy weather, it is always advisable to use tents made of heavy material. Party tents mostly have very fashionable interiors and some luxury tents may also provide air conditioning during summers and heaters during the winter months. Party tents usually come in two broad categories. One is the pole tent which is essentially a pole covered with canvas (there are no other concrete structures to support the cloth). The other variety is the frame tent, which is a huge aluminum or steel structure on which the cloth is placed. Party tents are mostly quite easy to install. However a few things should always be kept in mind before taking such a thing on rent. The host should first consider the particular occasion he is hiring the tent for. For example, if the occasion is a grand wedding, decorated tents may be brought in, which are usually available with a whole lot of fancy accessories. On the other hand, if it is just a simple Saturday night barbecue, the tent does not have to look lavish at all. The size of the tent is another significant issue that should be carefully dealt with. Money should not be a big constraint, since party tents are all generally high-end tents. If the host is looking to provide both shade and a view, then going in for a canopy tent (it is open on all sides, with just a shade on top) would be a very feasible option. When the occasion is that of a wedding or a dance party, tents with cumbersome poles should be avoided, since the poles tend to become a huge obstruction for most guests. The accessories that are usually available on rent should also be evaluated. These vary from expensive chandeliers to quartz lighting, search lights to popcorn machines. The host should keep in mind the particular age group he would be entertaining and choose his accessories accordingly. There are a number of floor options ranging from carpeting to plain plywood flooring readily available. This may also be decided according to the occasion and the budget of the organizer. Party tents are a wonderful choice when one decides to host either a formal or an informal gathering. Not only do tents provide basic shelter, but also speak volumes for the host's impeccable taste and sense of aesthetics. sewa tenda

Tent Rentals - 6 Great Reasons Why You Should Rent A Tent  

When it comes to hosting a lavish wedding party, a grand banquet, a fundraiser, a quiet barbecue or

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