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2010 Upward Bulldogs Cornerstone Baptist Church 10/12/10 Dear Parents, I’m not sure about you all, but my Saturday could not have been better. First I saw my two middle sons play a very good game on the big field, then OUR BULLDOGS pulled off a huge upset against the team that dominated us from every front the first time we met. Then, that same afternoon, a favorite team of mine just so happened to wipe the floor with a certain #1 team in the nation. Nice to see the ‘Tide’ ebb every now and then! The real stars Saturday were our kids. The overwhelming message I have for you this week is simple: The secret to our success in that game was to remember what we learned in practice. How many times did we practice the sideline throw-in drill? It worked because of the repetition and I finally saw the dots get connected: Throw in up the sideline, pass to center of field, short trip to the goal! If you are not making practice a part of your son’s Upward experience, I ask that you consider how much more he may take to and from game day if he has his foundation built on good practices. Congratulations to our GAME STARS: Effort DANIEL , JACOB


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I imagine that within our Bulldog pack, someone is a shutterbug. I am still awaiting the official word on team pictures this year, but I would like to know if anyone (one or more) is interested in taking some candid shots from the games and/or practices and submitting them to me via email. I would like to put something together to share that commemorates our season. The mystery words at so far have been GUIDE, SUSTAIN, WALK, and GOOD. What did you find for week 6? More than just a word to find, the mystery word focuses on a devotion for you and your child to share. The lesson we can learn from our win this week is that we play the way we practice. Much like in sports, the best way we can prepare ourselves for everlasting life to make Christ-like virtues a cornerstone of our lives. These short devotions are a great way to incorporate God’s word into your daily walk. Each and every one of you is invited to our church Anniversary Sunday Service and picnic on Sunday 10/24 at 11:00 AM. You need nothing but and open heart and a empty stomach. This very special service can fulfill both! Hope to see you there. In His Service, Coach Tim

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