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Condo Brochure

EWERK Berlin


Description EWERK Berlin was a condominium brochure which advertised a neighborhood that connected people from all generations. The brochure’s core concept could be found within dance and music, because both have the ability to attract young as well as old people. The building itself came with a rich history of uses and appeared to be the perfect place of a new livingconcept. Moreover, it brought people together— just like dancing— that would feel lost within the big city of Berlin. Since the old EWERK used to be an underground techno club in the 90s, the brochure thematically continued this style. Bright colors and harsh contrasts form the buildings shape. Popular quotes from movies, actors and artists completed the idea of diversity within the musical experience. The promotional brochure came packaged in a sleeve, similar to a record. Floorplans and business cards provided the reader with further information; while the three-dimensional music box, playing Harry Potter’s theme song, served as a little gift.

Specifications »»Condo Brochure: 6 Spreads + Cover, 9″ x 12″. »»Folder: Die Cut, Closing Mechanism. »»3D Promotional Item: Music Box. »»Floorplan: Plywood & Acrylic Lasercut. »»Business Cards: Logo & Identity Design. »»Interactive EPUB of Brochure.


Restaurant Identity

Pochteca Chocolate Description Pochteca was the branding of local Savannah Café which

specialized on a variety of cocoa products. Visitors could not only use the menu to order food or beverages, but also to flip through the café’s own recipe book. The overall concept and the name itself were based of the traveling merchants in the Aztec Empire, the Pochteca. They ran a small but very important business. They connected the villages with each other by bringing information, telling stories or to trade luxury goods; such as the fruit of gods, or as we would say today cocoa. Thus, the café incorporates all these elements and creates a magical story around chocolate. The Aztecs were mystic folk full of legends which was reflected by the overall theme of the brand. The package is designed as a treasure chest with a hidden mechanism to pull out the menu or the recipe book. The brochure uses ancient imagery while focusing on luxury chocolate creations to promote the café.

Specifications »»Recipe Book: 8.5″ x 5.5″. »»Food Menu: 8.5″ x 5.5″ on Acrylic. »»Drink Menu: 8.5″ x 5.5″ on Acrylic. »»Package: Wooden Lasercut Treasure Box. »»Business Cards: Logo Design & Brand Identity. »»Promotioal Postcards.

Paper Sample Booklet


Neenah Mission Brief Description Neenah’s Paper Sample Booklet was a composition of type and imagery to promote one of the world’s most known paper mills. The story behind the promotion was an artistic adventure in which the reader was sent on a mission into outer space to recolor the moon which seemed necessary because of its white priming. The briefing provided background information for the trip and explained the role of a graphic designer’s work. Thematically the booklet did not take itself too seriously and persuades the reader through an odd story combined with extraterrestrial graphics. This got even more strange when the reader opened several folds, including those with die cuts, to explore what could happen next.

Specifications »»6 Spread Booklet + 2 Page Cover. »»3 different folds. »»UV-Varnish.


Package Design

40-Years Anniversary Description To celebrate forty creative years of design, SCAD’s anniversary gift box promotes the universities culture by sending out college materials. The concept was developed through the philosophy of connecting art with science to form a unique and powerful way to educate young adults. Thus, the design reflects the combination of art, design and scientific milestones with the background of 1978, the year of SCAD’s foundation. For the logo, a rocket shaped brush, a fountain pen with a disk, and a lightbulb with the tip of a pencil, were combined. While the

rocket stands for future-thinking, the disk for cultural heritage and the lightbulb for innovative ideas. The brush symbolizes creative freedom, the fountain pen symbolizes storytelling and the pencil symbolizes engineering. All elements are used throughout the product and find various applications. The gift box itself was designed in reference to a vinyl record’s sleeve while the solar system on top remembers the Pioneer Venus Mission from 1978. Overall, the color is kept bright and vibrant on a dark gray background to foster the idea of endless space and endless creativity.

Specifications »»10″ x 10″ x 2″ Carboard Gift Box. »»Notebook, Poster and Bottle with applied brand identity.

Human Computer Interaction


Responder Service Description

To help people that feel uncomfortable to perform first aid in an emergency— may it be because of stress, the absence of knowledge or simply because they feel overwhelmed with the situation— Responder provides a step by step guidance

Collaborative Project

through professionals. The core of the Responder Service is the Smart Band Aid, a wearable that easily fits in a regular wallet. Once it is activated and placed on a patient who needs help, it sends live data to an app as well as to local ambulances. Based on the input, medical emergency teams are able to guide the first responder through all necessary steps. In special occasions, a drone could even establish a fast and reliable transport of goods such as AEDs or specific medicine. Furthermore, the app wants to motivate those who are not certified yet by providing educational material, such as online courses or quizzes, and creates a community around those who want to be more involved and better prepared for emergency scenarios.

Responsibilities »»Secondary Research. »»Primary Research: Interviews and Surveys. »»Ideation and Concept Development. »»High Fidelity Prototype. »»Vision Video, uncluding filming and animating.

Refresher Helps you to stay up to date and fresh on basic first aid knowledge, so you can be confident when it gets serious.

Learning Progress Tracks your learning and shows you where you can still improve.

Events Responder allows you to sign up for events directly from your phone. No need to put in your address or other information since your profile is already connected.

Multiplayer Spread the word and play against a friend. That way both of you can check who has the better skills.

Priority Card Responder analyzes and filters all important information. Afterwards it categorizes them and sets priorities for the user.

Status Map All involed aspects of the emergency are displayed on an interactive map. This could be the nearest hospital, the currect ambulance or a drone delivery.

Live Report Makes the raw datastream, coming from the Smart Band Aid, visible to you.

Smart Band Aid Determines:

»»Heartrate »»Breathing Patterns »»Blood Sugar »»Body Temperature


Interface Design

Fluid Data Privacy Description

In today’s world data sets are more valuable than gold, however, not many people are aware of the consequences when they share their privacy with big online companies. Fluid wants to change that and generates an experience around

Collaborative Project

the user’s personal data profile. It can determine a persons’ records by just their name, location and some reference images. From there it compares the data with public profiles of the most common online platforms and builds an intelligent network to connect each datapoint. Fluid works with online shopping behavior, physical location tracking, address books, chat histories, social network profiles, bank accounts and photo albums. The goal is to demonstrate how much is out there and what impact it makes to reveal personal information by displaying the user’s personal online fingerprint.

Responsibilities »»Ideation and Concept Development. »»High Fidelity Prototype. »»Vision Video.

The future of Communication


Samsung Electronics Description Samsung Electronics America collaborated with SCADpro to research and develop concepts for an enhanced smartphone

Collaborative Project

communication experience; combining technology development and the core value of the smartphone. All research findings and process documentations were compiled and put into context within the Process Book. The idea was to not only document the process, but to make it understandable by an outside person. Therefore, the book narrates the reader through every step, but gives more advanced users the option to skip the narrative and only focus on key findings which are highlighted by a box.



»»Secondary Research. »»Primary Research: User Observations. »»Ideation and Concept Development. »»Process Documentation. »»240 Pages Printed Process Book Design and Production.

Rube Goldberg Motion Graphics


Vending Machine Description

Vending Machine is an artwork based on the idea of Rube Goldberg Physics in which unnecessary steps lead into a sequence of nonsense chain reactions. A candy bar was the final product of this machine. Thematically, we were inside a vending machine which had a sophisticated industrial structure inside. The coin passed a parkour of obstacles including rails, robotic claws, an x-ray and other tough mechanisms. Everything is kept dark, just like the interior of a real vending machine, while we heard the background noises of an office.

Specifications »»1920 x 1080 px H.246. »»Length: 1 Minute.

Social Awareness Campaign


Between the Shores Description The social awareness campaign “Between the Shores”

contains a brochure and an interactive website to follow the journey of a Syrian refugee to Europe. While the print displays statistics and graphs related to the numbers of the refugee crisis, the website becomes more personal by giving the visitor options on how to proceed. It illustrates the difficulties, dangers and struggles. While taking the visitor out of the role of just being a spectator. Moreover, it constantly runs a counter of how many real people were forcibly displaced since the website was visited and compares that number to how many fictive people refugees survived. This should motivate the user to explore different storylines to see all possible outcomes. The overall design is set on strong contrasts: black and white, red and green. Which mirrors the public opinion on the crisis. People are either sympathizing with the refugees or feel averse to them. With that taken into consideration, the design is kept relatively simple and gets along with basic shapes to tell a complex situation.

Specifications »»9″ Brochure. »»4 different Infographics.

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