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e-Learning handout: Moodle 2 Overview and tutorial document

e-learning 4/24/2012

Migrating to Moodle 2

Uploading files to Moodle: Drag and drop files from your computer onto your Moodle course page

Navigation: Makes Moodle feel much more 21st Century

Resource or Activity? Very clear distinction between the two Moodle drop down menus

Importing your old course: Import your old course into your new Moodle 2 course

Private Files: You now have your own private files area in Moodle

Organising Course Contents: Adding headings, duplicating labels, adding images and moving files

Migrating to Moodle 2 Uploading a file and displaying description:

RSS: Set this up once and then get up to date content from another web site right onto your Moodle page

Community Hub: Overview of how to access other peoples course and how you can share your course with others

Files area - Repositories: As well as your personal files area you can access files and images from other areas

Conditional Activates: Check that students understand the first part before you then release more material to them

My Moodle iPhone App: Not only can you access your course but you can send images and audio files to your Moodle private files area.

Moodle 2 Handout  

This document links through to various tutorials that explain how to use Moodle 2