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The Anglican Parish of Cobden-Runanga

The Herald To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known. Sunday 15th June 2008 Theme for this Sunday: The Ministry Begins Readings: Isaiah 61:1-7, Luke 4:14-30 Theme for 22nd June: Dealing with the Demonic Readings: Matt 9:17-29, Acts 16:16-18, Luke 4:31-44

Tim Writes  A telling judgement from the High Court was delivered this week, finding that the Abortion Supervisory Committee (ASC) has "misinterpreted its' functions and powers under the abortion law," and that "there is reason to doubt the lawfulness of many abortions" in New Zealand. Right to Life, a pro-life charity, has taken the ASC to Court alleging they have been failing to fulfil their duties in ensuring the law is interpreted as intended. Under New Zealand law an abortion is illegal unless it takes place with the authorisation of two certifying consultants. The most commonly cited ground is that the pregnancy would result in a serious risk to the mental health of the mother. In 2006 17,732 abortions, 98.9 percent of all abortions, were performed on this ground. Justice Miller, the Judge hearing the case, agreed that at the moment in New Zealand we seem to effectively have abortion on demand, with figures showing that some certifying consultants decline very few

or no abortions whatsoever. Justice Miller held that our abortion laws show that "the unborn child has a claim on the conscience of the community... and that our abortion laws are being abused, and inadequately supervised." "The abortion law certainly asserts a state interest in protecting the unborn child, and not merely an interest in ensuring that women may have safe and legal abortions." This is a landmark decision and while not denying there are some valid grounds for abortion it would certainly appear that in New Zealand we have abortion on demand at present. Hopefully this judgement will pave the way for a review of our current abortion laws. LAST CHANCE PROMISE KEEPERS Promise Keepers is coming on the 15-17th August. This is a great men's weekend. You must sign up by June 15th to get the reduced rate. Travel and accommodation are covered. See Tim today if you are interested. Lawn Mowing Roster 1st June Eric Holman

INTERCESSORS TRAINING June the 21st from 1-3pm we will be holding an intercessors training day. I would like all involved in leading intercessions to attend. There will be training on making the prayers more participatory, use of the prayer book, prayer guides, and so on. PRAYER RELAY This Tues the 17th at 12noon members of the Diocesan team will be in Cobden to pray with us for our Parish and to work with us in putting together two prayers; one for our parish and one for the Diocese. These prayers will form part of Prayer map of the whole Diocese which will be hung in the Cathedral during the time of the

150th celebrations. The team will be praying in and with every parish. It would be good to have as many as possible to come to this meeting. Please book it in your diaries now and bring your lunch! STEVE APIRANA AND DEREK LIND Are coming to Greymouth. Tues 24th June 7.30pm, Holy Trinity Centre. Steve and Derek - great mates and entertainers - have for many years thrilled audiences with concerts that are full of laughs, great music and fun for the whole family. "Its inevitable" that you and your friends will have a memorable time. Don't miss it !! The concerts are free but donations will be accepted for TEAR Fund's ministry.

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