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The Anglican Parish of Cobden-Runanga

The Herald To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known. Sunday 16th November 2008 Theme for this Sunday: Jim Wescombe Readings: Jim Wescombe Theme for 23rd November: Creation DVD (final) Readings: Heb 1:1-14, John 2:1-11

Tim Writes  Sometimes the way things work out amazes me. A favourite Psalm of mine is Psalm 37:4 "Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." It's a Psalm that speaks to me of how all things work together for good for those who truly the Lord. In other words when you are in a right relationship with God and genuinely delight in being in that place and truly give God lordship of your life then things just seem to happen for you, often without even asking for them directly in prayer. I have many examples of this from the past but I also have a very recent one I want to share with you. For years we have struggled with ground water seepage in "The Shed" and have done many things to improve the drainage and reduce the problem to reasonable effect but we've never ever fully solved it. A better solution was concreting a long strip of open soil next to "The Shed" to stop soakage and to direct the run off better, and only last week I was

TEAR FUND- GIFT FOR LIFE The Tear Fund "Gift For Life" forms are out at the back of each church. "Gift for Life" is a way of supporting the needy through buying needed items like a goat, pig, education, start-up loan etc., instead of just giving money. Our tradition here is to fund various items as individuals and families and to place the gift certificates on the Cobden Christmas tree for reading out on Christmas Eve. Please take a form and hand into Eric or Nancy by Dec 7th with money. Make cheques out to "Tear Fund" please.

discussing this with Nicky. Well last Tuesday I was helping a mate do some concreting and at the end of the job there was still about half a metre of concrete in the truck which would have been just washed out back at the yard. Struck with a sudden thought I asked if the driver could call in past "The Shed" on the way back to the yard and I could off load it. Well to cut along story short that's exactly what happened and the twelve barrows of concrete was exactly what I needed at this stage. Praise the Lord, God is good.

ADVENT SERVICES Last year we initiated a series of Advent traditions for Cobden revolving

NEW ROSTER We're putting together the new roster for Dec- Feb 2009. Please advise us of your availability over those three months.

Friday 21st

INTERCESSORS FOLDER There is a new yellow replacement intercessors folder at the back of Cobden Church. If you are on prayers the following week take it home to prepare but bring it back on the Sunday and leave at the back for the Lawn Mowing Roster 9th Nov Stewart Nimmo

around various set items we placed upon the Christmas tree. This year it becomes a tradition as we repeat the exercise for the first time. Tradition can be very powerful in that our energy can be directed into the familiar rather than into the novel. Traditions are expected and can therefore be looked forward to. So can I encourage you to allow our new traditions to become a way of making Christmas more meaningful. CAN YOU DIG A HOLE Volunteer wanted to dig an exploratory hole to discover what the waste piping is for the vicarage. The area to be dug is marked and situated at the corner of the vicarage closest to the garage driveway.

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