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Teen Succeed

By: Tim Mercier

What is Teen Succeed? 

Teen Succeed is a project where you photograph an individual, who is a teenager, doing something to benefit themselves or their community in some way. I took pictures of Anthony Maino as he works out and prepares himself for the most important basketball game of his life. His long hard work will hopefully pay off in the battle on the court.

Priority #1: Stretching The main thing that a person needs to do prior to working out is stretching. It is essential because you need to loosen up your muscles in order for you to workout. You are at risk for serious injuries if you do not properly stretch before engaging in an intense workout. So‌ ALWAYS STRETCH

Cardio is Life

Running helps build up your stamina. It also helps you build muscle and it opens up your airways which expands your chest. Anthony is on the elliptical which is a great exercise.

Strengthen Your Core Having rock-solid, washboard abs is a good thing to have. Anthony is doing leg lifts here to add onto his abdominals. When you have strong ab muscles you can do other workouts and generate more power through your core.

Speed and Agility Training Anthony is doing step ups in this photo. You can also do calf raises and many other workout that allow you to increase your leg muscles that will propel you to become faster. This workout is good if you play sports that require you to have a high amount of speed.

More Legs‌ You cannot build a strong house without a good support system; that is often a saying people say when it comes to building your leg muscles up. He is doing a leg press here which will strengthen his hamstrings, quads, and butt muscles. Legs are a very important factor in building your upper body strength.

Feel the Pump Maino is working out his biceps. He grabs the two handles after selecting the appropriate weight and curls. This will help increase the size of your biceps. Along with the size, strength will come which will help you do everyday tasks.

Getting Huge Anthony is working out the other major muscle group in his arm, his triceps. Just like biceps, he grips the two handles with the correct weight and pushes the handles this time. This will build up muscle in his tricep area, allowing him to do heavy lifting easier.

Chest Press Anthony is doing a workout here that will help him build up his pectoral muscles. This is beneficial because it is not only appealing to the ladies, it will help him be powerful in the paint. He will be able to overpower the other big men and grab the rebound.

Shoulders Anthony is using a shoulder press machine in this photo. He puts on a certain amount of weight and pushes up, thus, making his shoulder muscles stronger. This will also help him become a presence in the paint, allowing him to rip the ball out of the air and keeping a good grip on the ball.

The Big Game All of the training comes down to this game. His hard work and strength training all leads up to him becoming a good basketball player. In this photo here, he is warming up, taking a shot.

Teen Succeed  

Anthony Maino is a suburban teen who puts in the hard work to become the best basketball player West Boylston has seen.

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