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Selecting a Manicure Table

In a nail salon a manicure table can be one of the larger equipment purchases made to operate the business. Depending on the size of the salon and how many nail technicians will be working there, multiple tables may need to be purchased. Whether buying one or several, there are a few things to consider before committing to the purchase. Click Here

New manicure tables can be purchased from Dir Group. If you need to purchase more than one manicure table and continuity is important in your aesthetic design as it should be, keep in mind you aren’t likely to find used manicure tables which match so the best option is Dir, who offer a range of new manicure stations, available in different colour options and in any amounts.

If you are purchasing a manicure table for employees, keep in mind that you may need flexibility in the design of the table to accommodate their varying working preferences. For instance, if you have a lefthanded manicurist, they may prefer a table with implement storage to the left rather than the right. Also consider your customers and make sure you buy a table – and subsequently chair – that will comfortably seat all sizes of patrons. Dir Group offer a range of manicure stations with features and chairs to match any salon interior.

Comparing the design and style of several tables from Dir is easy, with a simple and modern website which offers multiple images and options, its straightforward to find the manicure table you need. Also keep in mind that you may need additional equipment or accessories, such as storage, retail displays, and chairs. Dir offer a huge range of salon equipment and its all available from one site, so for more information on Dir Group’s salon equipment ranges please visit the product section of the Dir website.

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