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Volume 23 Issue 1

April 30, 2011

Foster leads Tim to title s n i o j s r e g d s Ro P V M s a e Favr

Fanball is done!

Fanball closes its doors

But RealTime wants our business A plea from RealTime

The big change for the 2011 OFFL season probably won’t be anything that the NFL does. It will be that Fanball is shutting down after being the league’s website for about seven years. Fanball posted on its website in February that the league would shut down in June, meaning the OFFL will have to find a new site for next year. A few days later, RealTime Sports Inc.,

mnade a pleas for ou business. It can be seen on the right on on at I spent a couple of hours pulling as much important information as I could find off the site to keep for safekeeping. I would encourage all owners to go there and look through the message, stories, and stats and download whatever they think is important. Because soon, there will be no going back to Fanball. The owners discussed possible new hosting sites with Yahoo and ESPN being the most popular. A decision will have to be made by early August at the latest and all owners are encouraged to weigh in on the site they think is best. We should be looking for a site that is relatively cheap, but that also provides many of the services that you’ve come to expect from Fanball and maybe a few more. This topic will be on the agenda for the free agent meeting in June.

Saint Louis, MO - March 28, 2011 - RealTime Fantasy Sports lnc ("RTSports") announced today that it has purchased from Liberty Sports Interactive, lnc. ("Fanball") its MLB, NFL, NHL and NBA fantasy commissioner league assets. "We are extremely proud to be the new home of Fanball's commissioner leagues," said Mark Hanna, President of RTSports. "The leagues will have all thelr data -- including all league history -- kept completely intact when they move to We will strive to provide the same great product that the Fanball users have become accustomed to over the years." Hanna stated that Fanball users will be allowed to access and modify their leagues as usual on Fanball's website up until the time they are transferred to RTSports, sometime in May. Fanball's users will be alerted of the move ahead of time. This is the third asset acquisition for RTSports, which acquired Fantasy City Sports in 2009 and Web League Commissioner last year. "RealTlme Fantasy Sports is a perfect home for the Fanball commissioner leagues," said Jim Enright, Vice President of Fanball. "Their technology, expertise and ability to innovate quickly will produce a seamless transition for these valued commissioner customers." RealTime Fantasy Sports, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is a top fantasy football provider. The 2011 football season will be the 17th year RTSports has provided fantasy commissioner services. RTSports also has pay-to-play games, unique content, extensive player notes, video updates, free draft guide, mock drafting tools and more.

Tim finally gets a title after 22 years Finally! After 22 seasons, hundreds of trades, thousands of games, and hours and hours of anguish, I finally won my first OFFL title. My failure to win the league I had created a legend that was beginning to take on a life of its own. People would come up to me that weren’t even in the league and they knew I had never won it. I had become a fantasy football punchline. But while, I was taking the heat I always felt like I was a little bit unlucky. That with a little luck and some good timing, I could finally get my name on the plaque. If you really want evidence that speaks to the luck of the league, here it is. If you listed all 22 of my rosters side by side, I’m not sure this lineup makes the top 5. Everyone talks about the mid-90s Lee-Thal Weapons of Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, and Steve Young. In the late 1990s, I paired Daunte Culpepper and Randy Moss and led the league in scoring again. Only one of those teams even reached the championship game. That may be the biggest shock of all … I’ve been in the playoffs more than anyone else, but this was only my second championship game! Bad luck or bad coaching? I’m going with luck, it’s better for my ego. So how did this team manage to raise me to heights that some of the OFFL’s greats couldn’t? Here’s what I think Depth – I had my share of stars (Philip Rivers, Arian Foster, Calvin and Andre Johnson) but I also had backups at every position. Too many times in the past I focused on young talent on my bench. I was always looking for the future. This year I focused on players who could help me this year. Drafting – Taking league MVP Foster with my first pick after watching four other owners pass on him (BC, Walkers, Burners, Davastators) was key. If I don’t have Foster,

Meeting hears lots of talk, accomplishes nothing

Tim Lee is shown receiving the championship travelling plaque from Commissioner J.J. Lockwood. Lee is beaming with joy since it took him 22 years to get his name on the damn thing. (Photo by someone) I don’t win a title. The selections of Darren McFadden, Dez Bryant and Austin Collie gave my talent and depth at positions where there was lots of injuries. But I screwed up, too. I passed on Michael Vick (we all did) to take Kevin Kolb late in the first round. I wanted a player who could help me THIS year. Schedule – I got off to a hot start -- that guaranteed me the division title about halfway through the year. That meant I could avoid that damn wildcard game which I’ve had little success. It also meant I could make some trades to increase my depth heading into the playoffs. Had I started off around .500, I might have panicked like I’ve done many times in the past. Luck – Let’s face it, after 22 years the Roulette ball was bound to land on me at least once. Thank god, I finally won it. Stop by and see the plaque some time.

Let’s face it, after 22 years the Roulette ball was bound to land on me at least once.

The roll call of champions

1989 1890 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996

Chad Barnes Mike Trask Mike Carnahan Chad Barnes Dave Cox Dave Cox Mike Carnahan Chad Barnes

The 2011 OFFL Winter meeting was held on February 19 at the home of Rick Bough in Fithian. The meeting was attended by Bough, Mike Carnahan, Tom Durbin, Dean Grimes, Philip Huchel, Tim Lee, Todd Lee, J.J. Lockwood, Mike Trask, and Dale Wise. Those who were not in attendance were Dave Cox (lives in North Carolina), Bill Brinkoetter, Dean Grimes, and Dale Wise (all vacationing in Florida), and Pete White (watching a presentation of Annie at Hoopeston Area High School). There was much discussion concerning the new 18-game schedule put forth by the NFL owners, and possibly finding a way to get off Week 17 of the OFFL schedule. By the time the meeting was over, they owners had decided to hold off on everything and wait and see what happens with the NFL labor issue. The next gathering of the owners, the free agent meeting, was set for June 26. Commissioner ? will be in charge of making the arrangements for that occasion. The MVP for the season was split between Arian Foster, Generals, and Aaron Rodgers, Davastators. The Rookie of the Year was Dez Bryant of the Generals and Tim Lee was selected as Coach of the Year, for the first time in the 22-year history of the OFFL.

1997 J.J. Lockwood 1998 Dean Grimes 1999 Dean Grimes 2000 J.J. Lockwood 2001 J.J. Lockwood 2002 Mike Trask 2003 Pete White, John Broughman

2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Dave Cox Philip Huchel Bill Brinkoetter J.J. Lockwood Philip Huchel Bill Brinkoetter Tim Lee

Things you should know (but probably don’t) Scheduling, waiver rules discussed The OFFL 2011 Winter meeting had many similarities to previous winter meetings: basketball on the TV, lots of loud arguments, plenty of talking and debating, and new rule ideas that got shot down. The debates this year covered two topics, both that have been discussed many times before. I proposed getting off Week 17 of the NFL schedule. My rationale was that the

2011 Divisions KING Walkers Bros Hawks Generals QUEEN Double Ds Burners Talkers Pro-Phils ACES BC Davastators Grizz Bills

many injuries and benchings that occurred drastically affected the way the championship was played. I even had a couple of suggestions that were typed up. None of them passed. I also discussed what we would do if the NFL went to 18 games. The owners decided to wait and see how this comes out closer to the beginning of the season. Dave had originally brought up during

QBs, WRs up for grabs in June

The free agent meeting has been set for June 26. New commissioner Mike Trask will provide us with the specific details as we get closer to the season. Below is the list of free agents that will be available. I’ve written this before, but if you need a stud QB or big-time WR then you are in business. If you want to reload your RB or TE shelf, then you may be in trouble.



2011 Draft Order 1 -- BC 2 -- Double Ds 3 -- Walkers 4 -- Burners 5 -- Talkers 6 -- Davastators 7 -- Bros 8 -- Grizz 9 -- Phils 10 -- Hawks 11 -- Bills 12 -- Generals

the season a plan to replace a player on your roster who went on IR. In a nutshell, the owners thought that was the reason for a 20man roster. There was a lot of debate about going to a waiver system, but nothing could get the attention of a majority of the owners. For a while, I thought that this was going to be a radical change for the OFFL, but eventually the momentum for this died out. Maybe next year.


PLAYER NFL 1 -- Brady, Tom NE 2 -- Bowe, Dwayne KC 3 -- Manning, Peyton Ind 4 -- Manning, Eli NYG 5 -- Flacco, Joe Bal 6 -- Welker, Wes NE 8 7 -- McNabb, Donovan Was 8 -- Johnson, Andre Hou 9 -- Witten, Jason Dal 10 -- Romo, Tony Dal 11 -- Fitzgerald, Larry Arz 12 -- Jones, Thomas KC 13 -- Moss, Randy Ten 14 -- Favre, Brett Min 15 -- Driver, Donald GB 16 -- Ward, Hines Pit 17 -- Marshall, Brandon Mia 18 -- Thomas, Pierre NO 19 -- Gonzalez, An. Ind 20 -- Jackson, Vincent SD 21 -- Vinatieri, Adam Ind Hou 23 22 -- Rackers, Neil 23 -- Gould, Robbie Chi 24 -- Prater, Matt Den 25 -- Longwell, Ryan Min 26 -- Packers GB

10 Team PTS Grizz 93 Talkers 84 Walkers 78 Pro-Phils 72 Grizz 69 Grizz 43 Burners 42 Generals 42 Double Ds 38 Double Ds 33 Pro-Phils 32 Bills 30 BC 30 Davastators 30 Bills 24 Bills 24 Walkers 12 Bros 6 Walkers 0 Talkers 0 Bills 101 Pro-Phils 98 Burners 83 Bros 76 Bills 66 Pro-Phils


Rodgers, Foster split MVP trophy First tie for MVP since 1995 For the first time since 1995 the OFFL owners couldn’t decide on a single Most Valuable Player. Back then it was Emmitt Smith and Brett Favre. This year it was another Lone Star RB and Green Bay QB – Arian Foster and Aaron Rodgers. Foster led the Generals to the championship and was a 1st team All-Pro scoring 90 points. He was the league’s highest scorer (non-K) for most of the year before a slow finish allowed a couple of QBs to pass him. Foster then kicked it in gear in the playoffs and scored 12 points in the championship game to guarantee Tim his title. Aaron Rodgers became the third time a Packer QB has been named league MVP. Favre won back-to-back MVPs in 1995 and 1996. Rodgers, who was only second team All-Pro to Tom Brady, scored 93 points and led the Davastators this season. Both Rodgers and Foster received three first-place votes. 2007 MVP Brady lost out of a threeway tie by one vote.

Here is a rundown of the voting: Arian Foster (3) 30 Aaron Rodgers (3) 30 Tom Brady (2) 29 Dwayne Bowe 13 Peyton Hillis 12 Drew Brees 3 Calvin Johnson 1 Adrian Peterson 1 Peyton Manning 1

The history of MVP awards

2009 -- Drew Brees, Hawks 2008 -- DeAngelo Williams, Bills 2007 -- Tom Brady, Grizz 2006 -- LaDainian Tomlinson, Bros 2005 -- Shaun Alexander, Talkers 2004 -- Peyton Manning, Walkers 2003 -- Priest Holmes, Bros 2002 -- Priest Holmes, Bros 2001 -- Marshall Faulk, Hawks 2000 -- Marshall Faulk Hawks 1999 -- Kurt Warner, Burners 1998 -- Terrell Davis, Smallcox

1997 -- Kordell Stewart, Walkers 1996 -- Brett Favre, Smallcox 1995 -- Brett Favre, Smallcox Emmitt Smith, Weapons 1994 -- Emmitt Smith, Weapons Steve Young, Weapons 1993 -- Jerry Rice, Tations 1992 -- Emmitt Smith, Tations 1991 -- Jim Kelly, Compactors 1990 -- Randall Cunningham, Grizz 1989 -- Jerry Rice, Tations

Bryant uses “special” skills to win ROY Award Cowboy WR Dez Bryant rode an October hot streak to the 2010 Rookie of the Year Award. Bryant, of the champion Generals, scored 48 points. He was second in rookie scoring behind Sam Bradford. Bryant was a double threat for the Generals when he got on the field. The Generals also had the Cowboys ST, so when Bryant would take a punt return back for a TD, it counted twice. Bryant got an important start when the Generals’ WRs were on bye weeks. He scored twice, once on a return, and turned a Generals’ loss into a win. Since the game occurred on Monday Night Football while the league had gathered at Hooters helped propel his season to prominence. Sadly, Bryant didn’t get many opportunities after that because of injuries and team depth. Bradford actually got more first place votes (four), while Bryant earned three. TE Rob Gronkowski, who set a rookie TE record, finished in third place. Here is the voting for Rookie of Year. Dez Bryant (3) 19 Sam Bradford (4) 16 Rob Gronkowski 8 Mike Williams 4 Jahvid Best 1

Here are the last 10 winners of the award. 2010 -- Dez Bryant, Generals 2009 -- Matt Stafford, Burners 2008 -- Matt Forte, Generals 2007 -- Adrian Peterson, Phils 2006 -- Maurice Jones-Drew, Bros 2005 -- Heath Miller, Daves 2004 -- Ben Roethlisberger, Army 2003 -- Anquan Boldin, Walkers 2002 -- Clinton Portis, Destroyers 2001 -- LaDainian Tomlinson, Bros

Tim earns first Coach of the Year honor It took a title, but I finally won a Coach of the Year award. With a strong draft, good lineup selections, and a couple of trades, I managed to put together all the pieces for a title. I was a unanimous choice, picking up all seven first-place votes. Not only was the team good enough for a title, but it also set a record for most wins in a season. With 11 regular season wins and two more in the playoffs, the 13 wins put me one above a group of others who Here are the last 10 award winners. recorded 12 in one season. Brother-in-law Bill finished second in the championship game and in the 2010 -- Tim Lee coach of the year award. 2009 -- Bill Brinkoetter I just hope it won’t take me 22 more wins to win another Coach of the Year 2008 -- Philip Huchel award. 2007 -- J.J. Lockwood Here is the voting. 2006 -- Bill Brinkoetter Tim Lee (7) 24 Bill Brinkoetter 16 2005 -- Philip Huchel Tom Durbin 5 2004 -- Dave Cox Philip Huchel 1 2003 -- Pete White, John Broughman Todd Lee 1 2002 -- Pete White, John Broughman Mike Carnahan, Rick Bough 1

2001 -- J.J. Lockwood

Bros are still my pick as the best owners of the last decade Last year on Fanball, I ran an article trying to determine who the Owner of the Decade was and while I threw lots of stats out there, which seem to point to the Bros, the owners who responded said that it was J.J. based on his three titles in the previous ten years. So, here I go again. I believe that the best franchise of the last 10 years, has been the Bros, although they have only one title. Not only do I think that J.J. is not the best owner, I think that Bill is the second best owner of the last decade and that Philip’s decade is just as good as J.J.’s. Here’s my logic. There is a whole bunch of luck in this game. Any single game can go to either team, and a playoff series (or two, or at most three games) can be won by the less talented, but luckier team. However, over the course of 140 games (10 seasons worth), I think you get a truer sense of greatness. Over the last 10 years, the Bros franchise has won 10 MORE GAMES than the next closest team. They made the playoffs 8 of the last 10 years. They have only two seasons with fewer than 8 wins (7 and 5).

Chad hasn’t more than 8 wins since 1994! I understand that this league is all about the postseason and the titles. You don’t have to be in a conversation very long before that topic comes up. But in the last decade the most successful owner in the postseason isn’t J.J. Sure, his two titles (2001 and 2007) and two second place finishes (2008 and 2006) are very impressive. But Bill has two titles (2009 and 2006) and three second place finishes (2010, 2004, and 2003). In the accompanying chart, I’ve list all the owners. The first number is the total number of regular season wins over the last 10 years (Pete – 85, Deandale – 59). The second number is a postseason total. An owner gets 5 additional points for a title, 3 for a second place finish, or 1 if they made the playoffs (Bill – 20, Chad and the BC – 2)** So, if you were putting together a playoff bracket, the Bros are the #1 seed with the Bills also getting a bye. The Walkers get the tie breaker and will play the Grizz (Todd has 9 more regular season wins, but J.J. has 7 more playoff wins in the decade). Philip

10 years

W POST 1 – Bros 85 13 = 2 – Bill 70 20 = 3 – J.J. 68 17 = 3 – Philip 72 13 = 5 – Tim 75 9 = 6 – Todd 77 6 = 7 – Tom 75 7 = 8 – Dave 71 7 = 9 – Mike T. 61 9 = 10 – BC 66 2 = 11 – Deandale 59 8 = 12 – Chad 63 2 =

would be matched up with Tim. Without a doubt, the hard luck loser of the last decade is Dave Cox. He has had only one truly bad season in the last 10 (2002 with 2 wins), but he keeps getting edged out of the playoffs on tiebreakers. In the last five years he has never made the playoffs, yet here are his win totals (7, 6, 8, 8, and 8). Maybe he made a deal with the devil that we don’t know about to win that 2004 title. What about the last five years? Well, that Bill and his two titles and one second place finish with J.J. in second place. Way in the back in Chad who is only averaging 5.4 wins a season and has no playoff appearances. Other than that it’s the same six teams who would be in the playoffs. ** What’s odd about that stat is for the OFFL’s first decade those would almost assuredly have been reversed. We need to do a study sometime and try to figure out when Bill and Chad switched brains. My guess is that it occurred right about Y2K. Maybe there was some truth to all those fears.

5 years TOT 98 90 85 85 84 83 82 78 70 68 67 65

W POST 1 – Bill 38 14 = 2 – J.J. 36 11 = 3 – Todd 42 4 = 4 – Bros 38 6 = 4 – Philip 37 7 = 6 – Tim 37 6 = 7 – Tom 35 3 = 8 – BC 35 2 = 9 – Dave 37 0 = 10 – Deandale 28 4 = 11 – Mike T. 30 1 = 12 – Chad 27 0 =

TOT 52 47 46 44 44 43 38 37 37 32 31 27

In case you didn’t hear, Mike Trask is the latest OFFL owners to get involved in politics as he is the newest member of the Normal School Board.

2011 OFFL SCHEDULE WEEK 1 Talkers @ Generals Hawks @ Bills Bros @ Phils BC @ Walkers Burners @ Grizz Ds @ Daves

WEEK 2 Generals @ Burners Bills @ Ds Phils @ Daves Hawks @ BC Bros @ Grizz Walkers @ Talkers

WEEK 3 Generals @ Daves Talkers @ Grizz Ds @ Hawks Bros @ Burners Walkers @ Bills BC @ Phils

WEEK 4 Walkers @ Generals Hawks @ Bros BC @ Bills Grizz @ Daves Talkers @ Ds Phils @ Burners

WEEK 5 Generals @ BC Grizz @ Ds Burners @ Hawks Walkers @ Phils Talkers @ Daves Bills @ Bros

WEEK 6 Generals @ Bros Hawks @ Walkers Bills @ Daves Grizz @ BC Burners @ Talkers Ds @ Phils

WEEK 7 Generals @ Grizz Talkers @ Bills Phils @ Hawks Bros @ BC Burners @ Daves Walkers @ Ds

WEEK 8 Hawks @ Generals Walkers @ Bros Grizz @ Bills BC @ Daves Talkers @ Phils Ds @ Burners

WEEK 9 Ds @ Generals Daves @ Hawks Talkers @ Bros Grizz @ Walkers Bills @ Phils BC @ Burners

WEEK 10 Generals @ Walkers Hawks @ Bros BC @ Bills Grizz @ Daves Ds @ Talkers Phils @ Burners

WEEK 11 Generals @ Phils Bills @ Burners Hawks @ Grizz Bros @ Ds Daves @ Walkers Talkers @ BC

WEEK 12 Bros @ Generals Walkers @ Hawks Bills @ Daves Grizz @ BC Burners @ Talkers Ds @ Phils

WEEK 13 Generals @ Bills Hawks @ Talkers Phils @ Grizz Bros @ Daves Walkers @ Burners BC @ Ds

WEEK 14 Hawks @ Generals Bros @ Walkers Grizz @ Bills BC @ Daves Talkers @ Phils Burners @ Ds

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