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International Assistance and Medical Evacuation Summary FrontierMEDEX ELIC has contracted with FrontierMEDEX, a worldwide medical assistance service that provides access to medical care in nonroutine situations. FrontierMEDEX is designed to supplement a group medical plan, and not to replace your group medical plan. FrontierMEDEX services are available to you 24 hours a day (multilingual) for medical case management, monitoring, and intelligence support. Only you and your dependents are covered while serving with ELIC in Asia. Coverage is discontinued when you are no longer employed with ELIC. TELEPHONE If you have a medical or travel problem, call FrontierMEDEX. If experiencing a medical emergency, go immediately to the nearest physician or hospital and before calling. Toll-free numbers are printed on your ELIC ID card. Call the number of your country OR call the FrontierMEDEX Emergency Response Center COLLECT at 1-410-453-6330. If you do not have access to a phone, email for assistance: Be prepared to give us much information as possible: Phone number where you can be reached, name, organization name, your FrontierMEDEX ID (339421), and description of your situation. WEB ACCESS You may also access the FrontierMEDEX basic website through “My ELIC Services.” In “My ELIC Services,” under Tools, click on Links. This information may assist you throughout the year and while traveling. EMERGENCY EVACUATION When adequate medical facilities are not available locally, FrontierMEDEX will provide assistance for emergency evacuation to the nearest facility capable of providing required care. In the event of a member's death while traveling outside of home country, FrontierMEDEX will render assistance possible for the return of the mortal remains. HIGH RISK ACTIVITIES All costs for FrontierMEDEX assistance will be your own when an accident or illness is associated with high risk activities that are not work-related. RETURN OF MINOR CHILDREN When minor children named in the application are left unattended as a result of a member’s accident or illness, FrontierMEDEX will arrange for a one-way economy ticket by common carrier for return of children to their place of residence. If a qualified attendant is required and approved, FrontierMEDEX will help in those arrangements. MEDICALLY SUPERVISED REPATRIATION When the treating physician determines it is medically advisable to bring the individual to a facility nearer the member’s permanent residence following stabilization, FrontierMEDEX will make arrangements for repatriation medical supervision. FRONTIERMEDEX services are available 24 hours a day. If and when you call, you should be prepared to give the following: Your name Your company or group name FrontierMEDEX ID #339421, also on Your ID card A description of Your situation Your location patient’s name (if not the caller) your telephone or email address (in case of disconnect) If you have any questions, please contact Becky Henderson at 970-530-3800, ext 3819, or at

Rev. 8/2012

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