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Fellowes offers the products that businesses want. Providing customers with secure identity protection with Fellowes POWERSHRED® shredders. Offering well-designed organisation with BANKERS BOX® file storage systems. Delivering maximum comfort for office workstations with our range of ergonomic solutions. Fellowes. We’re good for business. Available from your favorite Office Products Supplier or visit www.fellowes.co.za


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2. Fellowes Quality Office Products 3.

Cartridge SA Printer Cartridges


CSX Kodak ScanMate

23. Subscription Competition 24. Frama Mailroom Solutions 25. Black Sheep Design Graphic Design & Print Services

5. Kemtek Bar Code Printers

26a. S&N Labels Labelling Solutions

6. Pitney Bowes Boxis Shredders

26b. Brother High Speed Colour Laser MFP

7. Nashua Wide Format MFPs 8.

Pitney Bowes Mailing Equipment

10. Nashua Wide Format MFPs 11. Kemtek Wireless Laser Scanner 12. Sanyo Projectors 13. Altech Card Solutions Card Printers 14. Nashua Solutions Provider 16. W Vos & Co Renz Binders 17. CSX Folder/Inserter 18. Nashua Colour MFPs 20. Video Conferencing 22. SACIA Trade Association

27. Spec Systems Card & Label Printers 28. Beswick Office Products Bankers Box 29. Gal Distributors CardScan 30. Sony Video Conferencing 31. Pitney Bowes Payslip Folding Machines


Know what it feels like to get ahead

The information organizer that won’t take up your whole desk.

ScanMate i920 Scanner ScanMate

Or your whole day.

i920 Scanner

The information organiser that won't take up your whole desk. Or your whole day.


he compact Kodak ScanMate i920 Seven great things you can do Scanner saves desk space with its with the Kodak ScanMate i920 small footprint, and saves time by Scanner to get ahead: automating repetitive tasks. • Save space: Compact, highly portable Plus, it creates crisp, clear images and easily design takes up less desk space readable text on the first scan. • Save time: Kodak’s Smart Touch So you can make quick work of your performs multiple-step scanning and scanning tasks. And get back to business. organising The compact Kodak ScanMate i920 Scanner saves operations desk spaceautomatically with its small With Kodak’s Smart Touch functionality, the • Make great images: Kodak’s Perfect saves time by automating repetitive tasks. Plus, it creates ScanMatefootprint, i920 getsand important business Page document imaging is built in — documents into your information network crisp, clear images and easily readable text thethe first scan.and Soget yougreat can just on press button in an instant. with bright colours and crisp make quick of automates your scanning tasks.images And get back to business. That’s because Smartwork Touch text multiple-step scanning operations by • the ScanScanMate it all: Reliably handles a wide With Kodak’s Smart functionality, i920 gets important capturing, processing, andTouch sending range of documents with the 20-sheet information for you. business documents into your information networkdocument in an instant. automatic feeder,That’s including At the touch of a button, Smart Touch helps extra-long documents, businessby cards, because Smart Touch automates multiple-step scanning operations you make e-mail attachments, picture files, ID cards, and embossed hard cards searchable PDFs, and more. Plusand it files capturing, processing, sending information for you. At the touch of a • Stay in contact: Bundled software documents or sends them to “the cloud.”

Know what it feels like to get ahead.

helps you easily edit and synchronise business card info with your contact applications • Integrate easily: TWAIN and ISIS drivers allow quick compatibility with most scanning software Eight greatKodak thingsCapture you canPro doSoftware with the • Do more: Kodak ScanMate i920process, Scannerutilise, to get ahead. lets you quickly scan, and manage documents — no thirdSave space Compact, highly portable design party software to buy takes up less desk space

CSX andKodak’s support Save service time Smart Touch performs

multiple-step scanning CSX provides a free one year maintenance and organizing operations agreement with every unit sold in South automatically Africa. Make great images Kodak’s Perfect Page document Call CSX today for more info.

imaging is built in — just press the button and get great images with bright colors and crisp text

Scan it all

button, Smart Touch helps you make e-mail attachments, picture files,

For example, if a business configured its searchable PDFs, more. Plus it files documents or sends them to “the ID card scanning process asand Option 2, an employee could simply select “2” on the Service & Support cloud.” For example, if a business configured its ID card scanning process scanner display. aswould Optionbe2,scanned, an employee could simply select “2” on the scanner display. The ID card processed, and its image sent to the proper destination The ID card would be scanned, processed, and its image sent to the proper — automatically. destination automatically. The Kodak ScanMate— i920 scanner. The small, but powerful way to clear your desk The Kodak i920 Scanner. The small, but powerful, way to clear and get ahead of your ScanMate day.

off your desk and get ahead of your day. 4


Reliably handles a wide range o documents with the 20-sheet automatic document feeder, including extra-long documents business cards, ID cards, and CONTACT embossed hard INFO cards

Stay in contact

Bundled software helps you

Do more

Kodak Capture Pro Software let you quickly scan, process, utiliz and manage documents — no third-party software to buy

easily edit and synchronize Contact : Kirsty Ashley business Helpline : 0860 670 000 card info with your contact applications Tel : +27 11 663 9345 Fax : +27 11 663 9319and ISIS drivers allow Integrate easily TWAIN quick compatibility with most Email : kirstya@csx.co.za scanning software Website : www.csx.co.za Branches country wide


Big performance, small footprint wide format multifunctional from Nashua Enhance your wide-format workflow with Nashua’s Aficio™MP W2401/MP W3601


ou know what you want from your wide-format printer. It must process your workflow fast and at an attractive cost.

Big performance, small footprint: Aficio™ MP W2401/ MP W3601 A dream combination: affordable wideformat document production in a compact footprint. You can securely copy, scan, distribute and archive with one surprisingly compact unit. With their top-of-the-range optional colour scanner and speed of 6.4 A1 pages per minute (MP W3601), these devices offer productivity improvements for the busy office. You can process a variety of paper sizes from A4 up to A0: opt for the two roll configuration or the additional 250-sheet paper cassette (up to A3).

Single Space-Saving Footprint For such heavy weight performers, the Aficio™MP W2401/ MP W3601 take up surprisingly little space. No wonder they are the most compact devices in their class. You certainly won’t need a separate print room, which saves valuable office space.

Scan, Distribute, Share The optional built-in colour scanner is guaranteed to increase your productivity. You can revise large format drawings in colour: add comments, scan the drawings and distribute. Scan to email, folder or URL is also possible. Or scan originals at a high resolution of 600 dpi and save them on a USB memory device or SD memory card. The MP W2401/ MP W3601 even allow you to preview scanned documents before transmission.

Easy To Operate If you use other Nashua devices you will immediately feel at home.

• Extremely compact design. • Optional colour scanner with variety of standard features. • Very easy to use – large LCD touch-panel. • Latest security features fully incorporated. • Superb productivity: 4.4/6.4 ppm (A1) and 2.4/3.4 ppm (A0). The 8.5- inch LCD colour touchpanel allows you to access all the device’s great functions. Its status is clearly visible and a login/logout hard key enables rapid user authentication. Documents can be previewed in full-colour thumbnails. A simplified display with fewer keys and a larger font allows visually impaired users to operate the devices confidently. And to make the devices even more user-friendly, they support 18 languages.

Highly Secure Both devices incorporate t h e l a te s t l e v e l o f security features to meet customer requirements in this area. They support security standards IEEE 802.11 WEP and WPA/WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i). WPA/WPA2 is an interoperable Wi-Fi security specification introduced by Wi-Fi Alliance. It provides a high level of assurance to enterprises and small businesses. Your data remains fully protected; only authorized users are able to access your networks.

Maximum Uptime W ith the aid of clear, step-by-step animated guidance the touch-panel guides you smoothly through toner replacement procedures or any irregularities such as a paper jam. The paper jam clearance mechanism itself is refreshingly simple. Side guides enable easy lower tray stacking.


Environmentally Friendly Nashua’s Aficio™ wide format printers have eco-friendly and money-saving features such as a short warm-up time (less than 120 seconds), increased toner yield and low power consumption. They also comply with the RoHS directive. In addition, Nashua products are Energy star compliant. This means less C02 is produced in providing the energy needed to run Nashua devices.



Contact : Khekhe Ginindza Tel : +27 11 232 8135 Fax : +27 87 942 4189 Email : khekheg@nashua.co.za Website : www.nashua.co.za


Improve the efficiency o

Using an automatic folder/inserter will increase the spe

This equates to a massive improvement of y simply because they receive your st

Unhappy staff? ...


s the pressures to become more efficient increase, just to remain competitive, wise enterprises invest in technologies to help them grow. Specialised IT hardware and software, digital copier and printing systems, and integrated telecommunication networks are a few of the advances typically found in today’s modern business. But one critical area has been overlooked – the mail centre. Yet it is through here that the lifeblood of a business flows – outbound invoices and incoming payments along with the promotional mailings that generate orders.

Is your mail centre as efficient as the rest of your operations? Probably not. Pitney Bowes is working to help you change this.

With productivity, accuracy, flexibility and dependability being the watchwords governing every purchase decision, we have packed these benefits into an affordable mail centre solution. It’s called the FastPac™ DI425 Inserting System.

Integrated technology you can trust • A system you can count on to deliver – Pitney Bowes has an enviable reputation for producing the most reliable tabletop inserting systems available. The DI425 incorporates proven paper handling technology, significant feature enhancements to drive productivity and award-winning design.

A flexible system designed to work your way

The DI425 is extremely flexible at handling a wide range of paper and envelope formats and processes the material the way you want it done. • Handles a wide range of materials – satisfies almost all applications, for example: - Invoices, statements, price lists, customer communications, promotional letters. - Reply envelopes, reply cards, leaflets, coupons, flyers. • Four folding options – providing optimum feeding flexibility. The system can also handle “fold only” applications that do not require insertion.

Also suppliers of: Direct Address Printers

Franking Machines

Postal Scales

Pressure Sealers


Letter Openers



of your monthly mailing

eed and productivity of this essential function by 17 times!

your cash flow as your debtors pay you faster, tatements and invoices a lot quicker.

... assist them by reducing their stress levels and allowing them to spend their time on high pay-off activities

Recently launched!

• By using Optical Mark Recognition, (OMR), you can control the contents of each mail piece, giving a new level of flexibility to customise each mail piece • Turn your DI425 into a powerful marketing tool – using the DI425 to read OMR marks on your documents means that you can precisely target your marketing efforts. Include special promotions for valued customers or payment reminder information as needed. You decide the

message that each customer receives by adding additional or variable pieces and maximising the value of your mail. • Make sure that each recipient receives the correct mailpiece – for multi-page or personalised documents, it’s vital that each recipient gets exactly the pages they’re supposed to. OMR makes controlling the contents of each individual mail piece simple. The DI425 can collate multi-page documents of between 1 and 5 pages with confidence, ensuring your customer receives not just the right number of pages but the correct ones. Lower operational costs and increase productivity by contacting Pitney Bowes using any of the options below. Your consultation is free and you will be under no obligation at all.

The Matica M1100 single-sided and M1200 dual-sided Card Printers,

now available from Pitney Bowes, use advanced card printing technology and media to provide outstanding value for average volume colour and mono-colour card printing applications. Their full colour graphic printing capabilities allow for excellent colour images and resolution and they're capable of both magnetic and smart card printing. 32MB internal memory enables fast and continuous data transfer/storage and non stop printing.


Pitney Bowes 300 by hand = 2 people, 1 hour

300 by machine = 1 person, 7 minutes

By automating the folding and inserting of your statements, invoices and direct mail you’ll save more than enough time to serve your customers better


Contact : Wikus Conradie Tel : 011 516 9435 Fax : 011 466 2678 Email : wikusc@pitneybowes.co.za Website : www.pitneybowes.co.za


Robust, durable and impressive – top quality wide format MFPs Scan, print and copy documents of up to 30 metres in length – on one space-saving machine


he Aficio™MP W7140 from Nashua attains excellent quality when printing and scanning, and boasts a colour scanner as standard. The design combines space-saving measures with the reliability and durability essential to you. Maximum uptime and business continuity are guaranteed.

Top Class Productivity The new MP W7140 copies and prints up to seven A0 or 14 A1 sheets per minute. Documents of up to 30 metres can be scanned, printed or copied and warm-up time is less than two minutes.

Your Reliable Partner Reliable equipment is the first requirement for business efficiency. Robustness and long durability are the MP W7140’s trademarks. The device is continually productive thanks to its impressive paper capacity and easy troubleshooting.

Broad Paper Handling Paper formats between 182 x 210 mm and 914 x 30,000 mm pose no challenge to the MP W7140. With two standard roll feeders, refills are far between. For even more paper capacity, opt for an extra two roll feeders or 2 x 250-sheet paper cassette. With four rolls, the MP W7140 will hold all paper sizes you need at once so there’s no need to change rolls for a job on a different size of paper.

Excellent Image Quality The MP W7140 reproduces the finest lines without fail. Nashua technology and 600 dpi print resolution guarantee impeccable image quality.

Standard Colour Scanning Colour or B/W drawings can be scanned, revised and stored with the Aficio™MP W7140’s stateof-the-art scanner. Digitise colour documents without extra cost or scan to e-mail or to URL in one click, saving time and minimising network traffic.* Editing, too, can be done without losing time. *Requires 1 GB extra memory (optional).

Safe and Secure It is vital to keep circulating digital data from prying eyes. The Aficio™MP W7140 lives up to the latest security standards.

Smooth Operation Printing and scanning can be done at the same time. The removable scanner option* separates printer and scan unit, allowing several people to perform tasks at the machine simultaneously.

A smaller-scale alternative: Aficio™ MP W5100 Effortless Job Management Operating the MP W7140 is straightforward with the wide colour LCD touch screen. Browse folders and check the contents of files on the display. Management tasks like changing the queue, holding and deleting jobs also happen via the touch panel. Web Image Monitor carries out similar functions from your desktop computer.

Need the compactness and many functions of the MP W7140, but for smaller volumes? The Aficio™MP W5100 is an attractive alternative. • Copying/ printing/ scanning at 5 A0 and 10 A1 sheets per minute. • Standard colour scanner and colour LCD display. • Cost-efficient internal controller. • Large paper capacity. • Easy operation.




Contact : Khekhe Ginindza Tel : +27 11 232 8135 Fax : +27 87 942 4189 Email : khekheg@nashua.co.za Website : www.nashua.co.za


XGA Multimedia portable projectors – higher brightness, reliable operation and flexible usage


aturally suited for use in large venues such as conference rooms and lecture halls, Sanyo’s XM150/ XM150L and XM100/XM100L projectors are also ideal for projecting digital signage in bright places. With a highly reliable new optical engine with inorganic panels, the XM150/XM150L

has a brightness of 6000 lumens and a high contrast of 1000:1, putting it at the top of its class in performance.

Lens centre layout (symmetry) A symmetrical design with the lens in the centre of the projector has been adopted to suit ceiling installation in particular. This

7000 ANSI lumens, true XGA QuaDrive portable projector

allows the projector and the screen to be centred together, which not only makes design and installation much easier, but also offers a sense of greater stability through symmetry of the positioning between projector and screen.

Power vertical/horizontal lens shift The projectors are equipped with a Powered Vertical/Horizontal Lens Shift function and an Electrical Zoom/Focus function that lets you adjust the projection position without having to move the projector. This makes it easy to achieve fine positioning adjustments, using the remote control, even for projectors installed in high places.

Powered zoom and focus Zoom and focus can be carried out electronically, so adjustments are smooth and easy. Using the remote control means adjustments can be carried out easily from a distance.

Corner keystone correction Higher luminosity with improved colour accuracy and clarity


he latest SANYO optical engine, QuaDrive, adds a Colour Control Device to conventional 3LCD systems. The additional Colour Control Device in its optical engine automatically controls the amount of yellow light in the image, producing higher luminosity with improved colour accuracy and clarity. The demand for even brighter projectors continues to come from the field as systems integrators are asked to install video displays in extremely large venues such as convention halls, conference rooms, auditoriums and more. SANYO’s innovative solution overcomes the limitations of 3LCD technology, opening the way for new projectors capable of extremely high luminosity without the trade off in colour accuracy.

Amazing brightness, high contrast The first projector to launch this innovative new QuaDrive engine is the PLC-XP200L, at an amazing 7000 lumens. Coupled with an impressive 2200:1 contrast ratio, it generates clearer, richer and more beautiful images than was ever possible with high brightness 3LCD projectors.

The innovative Corner Keystone function corrects trapezoidal distortion. To square the image, simply designate the four corners with the remote control or projector buttons. The corrected data is stored in memory, so rectangular screens can be displayed with permanently installed projectors at lecture hall and conference room SBMS is the appointed Sanyo Specialist for sales, repairs & supplies.

Sharper, brighter displays in large venues Equipped with a high-output, 330 watt single lamp designed for exceptional light efficiency, the PLC-XP200L generates sharper and brighter displays in large halls and meeting rooms – and its 4LCD design is well suited for digital signage and advertising in brightly lit environments. Call SBMS today for more information.



Tel : 0861 101 341 Email : sales@cherokeesa.co.za Website : www.cherokeesa.co.za

Exceeding expectations. Keeping you in budget. It’s what makes the Datacard® SD/SP Series printers the best in their class.


Reliability, superior image quality and performance – right on your desktop

SP30 – Entry-level simplex printer


SD260 – Mid-range simplex printer

he Datacard® SD and SP Series printers operate faster, better, and at a lower cost, whether you’re striving for security, loyalty or convenience. Their competitive features and price make them the best value on the market. Dozens of innovations combine to create these industry-leading card printers. SD and SP Series printers outperform in their categories so you can do the same in yours. TruePick™ anti-jam card handling (SD Series) accurately picks cards and helps reduce the stress of a busy workday. The SD360™ and SD260™ card printers consistently print ID cards faster and more reliably – and at the best value on the market. Whether you need a more secure workplace or a convenient solution to office identification, SD Series printers adapt to your needs and your budget so you can print confidently. Designed for card issuers looking to increase productivity and manage costs, the Datacard® SP30 Plus card printer offers an economical printing solution that produces professional, high-quality cards with full- or partial-colour images – ideal for issuing drivers licenses, national healthcare cards, corporate ID cards, government ID cards and more. Smart card encoding on most printer models produce more secure solutions for a range of applications including education, healthcare and corporate needs.

SD360 – Mid to High range duplex printer

SP75 Plus – High-end duplex printer

Datacard® SD360 for vibrant images at superior speeds

For enhanced security and durability, the Datacard® SP75 Plus card printer has been engineered to enable government agencies, high-tech corporations, universities and other security-minded organisations to protect people, facilities and critical assets. The next generation of card printing from Datacard combines dozens of great innovations into industry-leading perfection.

• Two-sided (duplex) card printing • Full-colour printing: up to 200 cards per hour (one-sided) up to 155 cards per hour (two-sided). Monochrome: up to 830 cards per hour (one-sided) • Intuitive LCD panel with soft-touch controls • TruePick™ Features

Datacard® SP30 for low costper-card, high yield printing

Datacard® SP75 with advanced security technology

• One-sided edge-to-edge printing; manual two-sided printing • Full-colour printing: Up to 160 cards per hour; Monochrome: Up to 750 cards per hour • Easy to operate: The printer driver provides message prompts, recovery instructions, colour image preview and online user help

Datacard® SD260 for superior speed and productivity • One-sided, edge-to-edge printing; manual two-sided printing • Full-colour printing: up to 200 cards per hour (single-sided), up to 155 cards per hour (two-sided). Monochrome: up to 830 cards per hour • Easy, fast installation • Printer messages display on LCD panel • TruePick™ Features

• Intense security: one standard laminator and a second optional laminator (extend card life and help defend against tampering) • High durability • Diverse functionality: apply the same security laminate to both sides of the card or apply different laminates to each side Call Altech Card Solutions today for more info!


Altech Card Solutions

Contact : Kurt Burger Tel : 011 879 5700 Fax : 011 879 5800 Cell : 083 600 0057 Email : kurtb@acs.altech.co.za Website : www.acs.altech.co.za



Nashua provides a solution that all products and services in one ...with our solutions we meet all business needs.


ashua provides a clear value to customers looking for best-in-class applications and infrastructure that can support their business flows and that are, at the same time, affordable and easily deployed and managed. In today’s business scenario, organisations that have yet to modernise and update their business infrastructure are finding wide inefficiencies between what exists and what is possible. Often obsolete software and hardware is left to manage key aspects of an organisation’s operations with little or no collaboration between the different back end systems and data capturing hardware.

The consequence is lost time, lost money, and putting you last through weak performance. As organisations grow, total automation of its business operations would ultimately be required. When that happens, a Total Business Solution (TBS) would need to be put in place. An effective Total Business Solution (TBS) reduces costs, saves money, and drives performance. Streamline the way you work and enhance your organisation’s performance. Work more efficiently by bringing team members, tools and information together in collaborative workplaces. See how companies are solving critical business problems with Nashua Solutions, unique model to deliver best-inclass business solutions.

Key Benefits: Complete solution. By combining Nashua Office Automation with Nashua Mobile’s infrastructure offerings, this alliance is bringing specific, end-to-end hardware, software, and services solutions to mid size customers. This saves mid size companies the effort of piecing together a solution themselves while providing a solution with the appropriate configuration “sized” for their specific requirements. Benefits of product breadth and scope. The extensiveness of the Nashua product portfolio, with its reusable building blocks for sustainable business process improvement, along with reference configurations for different classes of hardware, provides a robust platform for companies to pursue


system standardisation and best-practice replication. Scalable. With Nashua, businesses can implement the same business applications that are run by the largest enterprises, meaning they will not need to change their applications as their businesses grow. Highly configurable. Leveraging the capabilities of Nashua, solutions are adapted to companies’ specific business flow needs based on granular industry specifications as well as geography, without the cost, timeline, or “lock-in” associated with custom code. With our solutions we are targeting a variety of different business needs and vertical market requirements. Reduced time to value. Nashua enable applications to be quickly configured and deployed, and the availability of reference configurations means the entire hardware plus software solution can be implemented rapidly.


contains delivery

Ease of purchase. Nashua allows mid size customers to access these solutions through the channel they already know and/ or who is within their geographic region or locality. Reduced risk. With reference configurations consisting of setup guides to lead franchises through setups that are appropriately “sized” for the needs of customers, solutions can be implemented more quickly and with less risk. Focus on higher value-added offerings. With this initiative, Nashua can spend less time and effort on the core installation. This benefits customers because franchisers can spend more attention focusing on higher value-added services.

Some industries that have benefitted from Nashua’s total solution offerings Direct Marketing: • Assists in maintaining accurate customer data. • Better Customer service by way of prompt response and follow up. Logistic Industry: • Helps in conveying vital information to all stakeholders and others, dealing with the company. • Facilitate connectivity and integration in all the associated areas. Medical Practitioner: • Integrating clinics at your different locations. • Easy & fast access to patient data from your different clinics. • Maintaining accurate health records of the patients. Non-Governmental Organisations: • Help NGOs with better and more efficient management of their accounts and finances. • Increases the efficiency, lowers cost, generates more timely reports. • Facilitates better control over the organisation’s operations. Education Institute: • Maintain database of students, employees, trustees, etc. • Maintain records of student fees, staff salary, institute expenses, etc. • Keep track of student academic performance cultural festivals, events, seminars, etc.

Real Estate: • Proper project scheduling in stages with costs and allocation of resources. • Remote project monitoring with generation of various timely reports from multiple work sites and head office. Insurance agent: • Maintain complete customer database along with their policy details. • Maintain database of insurance policies. • Track premium due dates and send reminders to clients. Courier Service: • Track when and who signed for goods received. • Track receipt of payments from customers along with payment reminders.

What We Do: Nashua delivers an easy to pick-whatyou-need service, accessible for all sizes of companies to centrally manage their business processes no matter wherever you are you can be in constant touch with your business. Nashua Solutions integrates the information used by an organisation’s many different departmental functions into an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Nashua Solutions is designed to model and automate many of the basic processes of a business organisation beginning from customer inquiry stage to manufacturing management, with a goal of integrating information across the company.

The design of Nashua Solutions facilitates clear integration of modules thus providing flow of information between all functions within an organisation.



Contact : Ben Sheppard Tel : +27 11 232 8190 Fax : +27 87 944 6939 Email : bens@nashua.co.za Website : www.nashua.co.za

It uses multiple platforms to bring customers, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers and employees together.



German-engineered Renz binding machines add the perfect finishing touch to your documents and presentation material

Document binding systems with punch

SRW/Eco S 360

Combi E

Punch 500

Combi S

DTP 340 M

Ringwire Binding in 3:1 and 2:1 pitch - the international standard.

Heavy duty electric plastic comb binder

Electric high capacity punch for binding

Electric, heavy duty, binding punch for all formats.

• Punches up to 30 sheets • Binds up to 450 sheets • 340mm binding width

• Punches up to 40 sheets • Punching width: 500mm • Interchangeable dies

Durable plastic comb binding machine • Punches up to 25 sheets • Fully adjustable

• Punches up to 25 sheets • Binds up to 300 sheets • Binding width 340mm



enz, a range of efficient punch/ binding machines, made in Germany to last. Proudly marketed in South Africa by W. Vos & Co for over 25

Machines to suit your budget For small binding requirements to huge volume applications, Renz’s large range of punching and binding equipment has the solution.

Ringwire binding Is Renz’s speciality, making documents easy to bind with this very popular binding method.

Plastic comb binding Renz plastic comb punching and binding machines are of an all-metal, robust construction, to withstand rigorous use. Their user-friendly, efficient design speeds up the binding operation and boosts productivity.

• Interchangeable dies • Punch width: 340mm • For 3:1/2:1 ringwire, plastic comb and spiral binding holes

And each with interchangeable punching dies for all binding methods.

All your binding requirements Why use inferior supplies with your sophisticated binding machines? The Renz range of machines and consumables from W Vos & Co are of the best quality and are competitively priced to enhance your presentations and protect your documents.

Spiral binding

Punches 100 000 sheets/ hour!

The Renz AP360 fully automatic punching system

Renz’s spiral binding machines punch unique oval holes that make it very easy to wind in the spiral element. And the super robust construction ensures maximum punching throughput.

Punching machines Copy shops and binderies need efficient punching systems to cope with very high volumes – and Renz has a range of versatile machines that meet these stringent demands.



W. Vos & Co

Contact : Ayleen Tel : 011 493 7139 Distributors : CT : 021 424 3140 Dbn : 031 312 9325 PE : 041 586 1146 Email : info@wvos.co.za Website : www.wvos.co.za


• High productivity - ensuring mail quality and integrity • Full flexibility - creating business opportunities • For any environment - every user will love it • Easy to use - saving valuable time

Productivity made easy with the DS-75

Neopost DS-75: The advanced combination of productivity, versatility and convenience


re you working in an environment where mail matters and response time is key? With its compact footprint, large loading and unloading capabilities and many enhanced features, the DS-75 brings you the highest level of convenience, productivity and versatility. With one scan, send a document to the network, to e-mail, to the printer, to fax to a USB drive, and to FTP – simultaneously!

Automatically adapting to all your needs: Thanks to the control panel with a graphical and intuitive touch screen, just select your job and you will be finished before you know it. Creating a new job using the exclusive load’n’Go intuitive procedure is extremely easy. Simply load your documents and envelopes, press start and the DS-75 automatically measures the length of all loaded documents and the envelope to adjust all settings and deliver the appropriate mail item.

for efficient direct mail campaigns. It also reduces the risk of jams and guarantees the integrity of your mail.

opens up a whole new world of mail creation possibilities and helps you add OMR or BCR marks to process jobs with variable page sets per recipient. Automatic file sorting and merging capabilities optimise costs per recipient.

Monitor, secure and track your production output: Smart solutions to maximise flexibility: The flexFeed feeders process any document size or type while a unique semiautomatic envelope separation mechanism allows feeding of a wide variety of envelope types. Use almost any size/type of material to address prospective or current customers efficiently.

Neopost offers you the security of knowing that your printed jobs are actually being mailed. Mail Piece Production Control adds a unique ID to each letter within the address block and builds an audit trail for each production job, giving you real-time quality control and detailed line-item reports.

CSX service and support CSX provides a free one year maintenance agreement with every unit sold in South Africa. Call CSX today for more info.

Smart solutions to maximise ease of use: The DS-75 gives you quick, safe and easy access to all parts of the paper path, so you'll quickly be up and running again if a break in production occurs. Its exceptional ease of use and extraordinary quietness allow the DS-75 to adapt perfectly to any working environment.

Several configurations for a wide variety of mail items: Several feeder configurations allow you to design and deliver attractive messages and a truly professional mail set (with all documents folded together) every time,

The solution for multiple pages and various inserts: To process documents with varying pages and inserts, simply select a grouping criterion, such as invoice number, and you can collate multiple pages for the same recipient or even define different additional inserts for each group of recipients.

Improve communication impact while reducing costs: Neopost’s print machine document software




Contact : Kirsty Ashley Helpline : 0860 670 000 Tel : +27 11 663 9345 Fax : +27 11 663 9319 Email : kirstya@csx.co.za Website : www.csx.co.za Branches country wide


High productivity, high reliability, high quality colour MFPs from Nas The Aficio™MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP colour multifunctionals help your business run smoother


igh productivity. High reliability. High quality. Nashua’s Aficio™ MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP offer them all. Truly multifunctional with printer, scanner and optional fax, these colour MFPs conveniently replace individual office devices.

One-pass duplex scanning streamlines your workflow while fast print speeds help your business run smoother. Workflow efficiency is further increased and user-friendliness enhanced with Nashua’s new App2Me software platform, while personalising your interaction with the MFP is easy, by using downloadable Widgets.

Personalised settings:


• Print speed: Full colour: 60-70 prints/min B&W: 65-75 prints/min • Print resolution: 600 - 1200 dpi • Printer language: Standard: PCL5c, PCL6, XPS Optional: Adobe® PostScript® 3™ • Copy speed: Full colour: 60-70 prints/min B&W: 65-75 prints/min • Copy resolution: 600 dpi • Warm-up time: Less than 60 seconds • Zoom: 25 - 400% (in 1% steps) • Scan resolution: 600 dpi • Output formats: TIFF, PDF, High compression PDF, JPEG • Original size: A5 - A3+ (297 x 432 mm)

Top quality colour: Give your documents a professional edge by adding colour; it will help you get your message across better. Impress with the vibrancy and accuracy of the MP C6501SP/ MP C7501SP’s colour prints. Nashua’s PxP™ toner and state-of-theart image processing technology ensure excellent registration and perfect colour density.

The MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP come preinstalled with Nashua’s App2Me software platform. This new technology platform runs Widgets, enabling users to personalise how they interact with the MFP. These single-task software applications are automatically detected by any App2Me ready MFP once they are installed on a connected PC, laptop or compatible smartphone. Press the App2Me button and your Widgets will be shown on the colour display of the MFP. You will have fast access to the latest tools and applications available.

Easy operation: Highly flexible: Cut costs by reducing outsourcing, while maintaining the highest professional standards. The MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP handle a variety of paper types as heavy as 300 g/m2 and in sizes up to A3+. Stationery, reports, handouts or flyers – you can produce them all in-house.


Choose a user-friendly solution. The MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP are easy to install, use and service. Working with these multifunctional devices requires no special training. Their large colour LCD touch screen has a straightforward user interface. Toner and paper replacements are a simple task, while animated procedures help you troubleshoot in seconds.



Advanced finishing: Add that special finishing touch – without leaving the office. Staple, punch, fold and sort documents. Create booklets with stapled or ringed bindings. Insert one or two covers. Spice up your documents with a broad range of booklet finishing options.

The Aficio™MP C6501SP/MP C7501SP colour multifunctionals conveniently replace individual office devices.

Call Nashua today and make your first impression your best.

important. Prevent data abuse by erasing temporary information from the hard disk drive. Protect documents against unauthorised copying with the optional Copy Data Security Unit, which adds an invisible watermark to your printouts. Secure your print jobs with a PIN code to avoid others seeing the content of the prints.

Secure: Security is becoming more and more

Environmentally friendly: Nashua products help you lower the environmental impact of your offi ce as well as lowering your cost, through eco-friendly and money-saving features such as fast duplex printing and copying, ultra low sleep mode, short warm-up time and increased toner yield. Thus, paper, time and energy are saved while waste and costs are reduced. In addition, Nashua products are Energy Star compliant. This means less C02 is produced in providing the energy needed to run Nashua devices.



Contact : Natalie Von Gericke Tel : +27 11 232 8134 Fax : +27 11 232 8441 Email : natalievg@nashua.co.za Website : www.nashua.co.za



Cameras may open up your Boardroom to hackers Mike Tuchen and HD Moore of Rapid7 were able to gain access to company boardrooms with videoconferencing equipment


ne afternoon this month, HD Moore took a tour of a dozen conference rooms around the globe via equipment that most every company has in those rooms; videoconferencing equipment. With the move of a mouse, he steered a camera around each room, occasionally zooming in with such precision that he could discern grooves in the wood and paint flecks on the wall. In one room, he zoomed out through a window, across a parking lot and into shrubbery some 50 yards away where a small animal could be seen burrowing underneath a bush. With such equipment, the hacker could have easily eavesdropped on privileged attorney-client conversations or read trade secrets on a report lying on the conference room table.

Dropbox accounts and store on their iPads and smartphones. But rarely do they give much thought to the ease with which anyone can penetrate a videoconference room where their most guarded trade secrets are openly discussed,” he says. Moore has found it easy to get into several top venture capital and law firms, pharmaceutical and oil companies and courtrooms across the country. He even found a path into the Goldman Sachs boardroom. “The entry bar has fallen to the floor,” said Mike Tuchen, chief executive of Rapid7. “These are literally some of the world’s most important boardrooms — this is where their most critical meetings take place — and there could be silent attendees in all of them.”

Vulnerable to hackers:

Systems not designed with security in mind:

Moore, a chief security officer at Rapid7, asserts that videoconferencing equipment is often left vulnerable to hackers. “Businesses collectively spend billions of dollars each year beefing up security on their computer systems and employee laptops. They agonise over the confidential information that employees send to their Gmail and

Ten years ago, videoconferencing systems were complicated and erratic, and ran on expensive, closed high-speed phone lines. Over the last decade, videoconferencing — like everything else — migrated to the Internet. Now, most businesses use Internet Protocol videoconferencing to connect with colleagues and customers. Most of these

Mike Tuchen (left) and HD Moore of Rapid7

new systems were designed with visual and audio clarity — not security — in mind. Rapid7 discovered that hundreds of thousands of businesses were investing in top-quality videoconferencing units, but were setting them up on the cheap. At last count, companies spent an estimated $693 million on group videoconferencing from July to September of last year, according to Wainhouse Research. The most popular units, sold by Polycom and Cisco, can cost as much as $25,000 and feature encryption, high-definition video capture, and audio that can pick up the sound of a door opening 300 feet away. But administrators are setting them up outside the firewall and are configuring them with a false sense of security that hackers can use against them.

Easy target: Whether real hackers are exploiting this vulnerability is unknown; no company has announced that it has been hacked. (Nor would one, and most would never know in any case.) But with videoconference systems so ubiquitous, they make for an easy target. It certainly would not be the first time hackers had exploited holes in office hardware. After a security breach at the United States Chamber of Commerce last year, the Chamber discovered that its office printer had been communicating with an Internet address in China. But with videoconferencing, companies have seemingly gone out of their way to make themselves vulnerable. In many cases, they are not only putting their systems on the Internet, but setting them



up in a way that allows anyone to listen in unnoticed.

Systems automatically answer inbound calls: New systems are outfitted with a feature that automatically accepts inbound calls so users do not have to press an “accept” button every time someone dials into their videoconference. The effect is that anyone can dial in and look around a room, and the only sign of their presence is a tiny light on a console unit, or the silent swing of a video camera. Late last year, Moore wrote a computer program that scanned the Internet for videoconference systems that were outside the firewall and configured to automatically answer calls. In less than two hours, he had scanned 3 percent of the Internet. In that sliver, he discovered 5 thousand wide-open conference rooms at law firms, pharmaceutical companies, oil refineries, universities and medical centers. He stumbled into a lawyer-inmate meeting room at a prison, an operating room at a university medical center, and a venture capital pitch meeting where a company’s financials were being projected on a screen. Among the vendors that popped up in his scan were Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Sony and others. Of those, Polycom — which leads the videoconferencing market in units sold — was the only manufacturer that ships its equipment — from its low-end ViewStation models to its high-end HDX products — with the auto-answer feature

enabled by default. In an e-mail, Shawn Dainas, a Polycom spokesman, said the auto-answer feature had several safety elements built in that could be activated by a customer, including password protections, auto-mute and camera control lockup, adding that Polycom also offered a camera lens cover.  He said the “security levels have been designed to make it easy for our customers to enable security that is appropriate to their business.” Of the Polycom videoconference systems that popped up in Moore’s scan, none blocked control of the camera, asked for a password or muted sound. “Many Polycom systems are sold, installed and maintained without any level of access security, with auto-answer enabled by default,” Moore says. “It boils down to whether organisations are aware of the risk, and our research indicates that many, even well-heeled venture capital firms, were not aware and do not implement even the most basic of security measures.”

Safer but more complex to install a gatekeeper: Mike Tuchen said that as a short cut, businesses put their videoconference systems outside the firewall, allowing them to receive calls from other companies without having to do any complex network configuration. The safer way to receive calls from other companies, Tuchen said, is to install a


“gatekeeper” that securely connects calls from outside the firewall. But, this process “is complex to configure properly,” he said, and “is often skipped.”

Choose to be secure – or accessible: Ira M. Weinstein, a senior analyst at Wainhouse Research, a market research firm that specialises in media conferencing, disputed the notion that most companies keep their systems outside the firewall. “The companies that really have to worry about breaches — the Department of Defense, banks — put their systems behind the firewall,” Weinstein said. “That doesn’t mean there aren’t exceptions. If you talk to outside companies, you need to decide if you want to be accessible or totally secure. I could never leave my house and be secure. But I want to be accessible. It’s a choice people make.” But in some cases, Moore discovered he could leap from one open system into its address book and dial into the conference rooms of other companies, even those companies that put their system behind the firewall. That was the case with Goldman Sachs. The bank’s boardroom did not show up in Moore’s initial scan but an entry labeled “Goldman Sachs Board Room” popped up in the directory of a law firm that Goldman Sachs videoconferences with. Duplicated, kind courtesy of AV Specialist.

The South African Communications Industries Association is a not-for-profit Trade Association committed to promoting the adoption of professional standards in the audiovisual industry throughout Africa.

An informed business choice Question: When selecting a vendor for your next AV installation, which of these items is the LEAST important item you should consider? a. b. c. d.

Answer: (a) In today’s tough economic climate it’s obviously important to consider price as an important factor in choosing a supplier for your next AV installation. But choosing a supplier based on price alone is a surefire path to failure and an ineffective AV solution. Chose a vendor based on their ability to provide an AV solution that meets your requirements and make sure you’re buying from a reputable organization with certified staff and the resources to back-up your installation on a longterm basis.

Price quoted for the project Installation quality of the installations dept Company reputation in the marketplace Financial stability of the supplier

SACIA is the leading trade association for the professional AV industry in Southern Africa. We promote the adoption of professional standards in the local market and our members commit to truth, honesty and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of the audiovisual profession. When you’re looking for a reputable supplier with a proven track record in the professional AV market, our members are a good place to start. For more information on SACIA and a full list of members, please visit www.sacia.org.za


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Introduction to Records Management Information is a vital asset

Businesses evolve around documents – contracts, correspondence, orders, reports and much more – that record all types of activities. Even the smallest companies are required to keep records (for accounts, audits, tax, pensions, etc). Records Management can be a vital asset but only if documents can be easily found or accessed.

Did you know?

You could be committing an offence by failing to keep accurate records for the required period of time or being unable to locate them?

A good records management programme can help you improve your business results:

• The systematic disposal of records will prevent costly paper accumulation and free up valuable space. • Your company will be protected from accidental or premature destruction of records. • Reference retrieval will be faster – less time will be spent waiting for information. • Purchases of expensive office filing equipment will be avoided. • Potentially crippling breaches of corporate security will be safeguarded against.

Disposal of records and information Personal and corporate identity fraud is a fast growing crime and occurs when an individual’s or company’s personal or confidential information is obtained by another person without their knowledge in order to create a new false identity. Once a document has reached the end of its life and no longer needs to be retained, it must be disposed of securely. It is Best Practice to have a secure document disposal policy in place in order to protect your company, employees and customers; as well as a legal requirement for business. For more info on SARS Retention of Records, visit the Helpful Tools section on www.fellowes.co.za

What to shred?

Every piece of paper or document that contains some form of information or data that may be of use to criminals, fraudsters or competitors should be shredded before disposal.

Personal documents

Company Documents

• Bank and credit card statements and receipts • Utility bills • Pre-approved credit card applications • Tax returns • Documents showing signatures and ID numbers

• Customer details and client lists • Marketing plans and sales figures • Accounting records and financial reports • Personnel files, CVs and salary information

• Research and Development plans • Legal documents, patent information and medical records • Letter-headed paper, compliment slips and documents showing signatures

Available from your favourite Office Products Supplier or visit www.fellowes.co.za 23


Mailmax. Upgradable to a fully automatic intelligent franking system


ailmax incorporates all the exclusive Frama user benefits that ensure your postal operations will be ever more efficient and comfortable.

Maximum modularity & efficiency Digital all the way from ComTouch™ to highquality ink-jet printing. Modular from the basic model right up to the fully automatic Mailmax II franking system, Mailmax is modular in function too: • automatically apply all your most-used mail categories with a single key-stroke

• Obtain an overview of who’s using which mail services most quickly and easily at any time. • Print out an overall postage expense report directly from the franking system or analyse it in detail on your PC High-quality ink-jet technology transfers postal data and advertising messages to paper precisely – sharp and smear-free. Variable 2D data matrix barcodes also benefit from the high print quality.

Equipped with the exclusive Frama ComTouch™, Mailmax represents the latest generation in intelligent franking

most important franking functions, menuguided through every step.

ComTouch™ System Intelligence One touch is all you need to perform the

Frama Access B400:

Letter openers with slitting technology for the best results


ith its sophisticated slitting technique, the Frama Access B400 letter opener is the ideal assistant for the processing of both small and large amounts of mail. It is the only letter opener in the world that can slit and open letters up to 10 mm thick. If needed, letters can even be opened on three sides!

Key features:

Unique technology This unique slitting technology means you no longer risk damaged letter contents and need not dispose of cutting waste. Large format letters up to C4 / B4 can be conveniently inserted and opened and the large feed table enables the Access B400 to process large formats, even from stacks.

Frama’s Access B400: The only letter opener in the world that can slit and open letters up to 10 mm thick.

• Letter thicknesses up to 8mm • 9 programmable fixed values • Up to 250 password-protected costcentres with reset table value and item counters • Special tariff calculation programme and postal franking data captioning • Automatic date-change • Programmable high-value blocking • Eight storable advertising clichés • Automatic tariff calculation

Mailmax II speed

Adding value to your office: Frama Folder P700

5 types of folds, 3 folding modes ... unique in its price class


he Frama Folder P700 pays for itself, whether you need to fold just a few sheets a day or send out larger mailings with invoices or produce your own advertising/ marketing material.

The fully automatic version: Its automatic Feeder/Sealer makes franking even faster and easier – up to 10 000 letters can be ready to dispatch within one hour – stamped, carrying all the necessary postal information, even automatically sealed if you wish. 229_Ecomail_e:229_Ecomail_e 29.3.2007 15:11 Uhr Seite For more information, call Frama today.

Highly capable The P700 is capable of more than just stack work (Standard Mode). In Daily Post mode, it can simultaneously fold up to four sheets – and staple them. In Batch Mode, it assembles and serially counts – ideal when you need multiple copies for each sales rep for customer handouts.


Frama (Pty) Ltd

Contact : JHB : 011 463 9042 Fax : 011 463 1058 KZN : 031 539 6189 CT : 021 425 8075 Email : sales@frama.co.za Website : www.frama.co.za

Versatile Single fold, C-fold, Z-fold, double fold and window fold. You get quality, versatility and performance – and rapid progress in every task. After just a week’s use, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without it.



Design Ideas To Life


Black Sheep Design Co.

Black Sheep Design Co is an authorised Adobe reseller. Tel: +27 21 683 3938 | Cell: +27 82 454 2478 | Fax: +27 86 510 2267 | Email: info@blacksheepdesign.co.za








StratWorks We Empower!

Black ink A division of Cold Press Media



Complete Labelling Solutions


• Highly specialised void and polyester materials • Thermal Transfer Ribbons.

Unsurpassed range

S & N Labels is an approved reseller of the Zebra range of printers.

& N Labels’ fully equipped technologically advanced factory produces an extensive range of labels for total labelling solutions to meet diverse application requirements.

• • • • • • • • •

Die-cut self adhesive labels Blank labels Flexo printed Four colour labels with lamination Three colour with UV varnish Thermal transfer premium Direct thermal Semi-gloss Polypropylene

00 . 5 R4er2month p

AT incl. V

Official dealer

S & n lables pre-printing bureau For pre-printing of barcodes, graphics and serial numbers. S&N Labels – for unsurpassed levels of quality and service.

S&N Labels


Head Office : SALES Tel : (011) 397 6623 Fax : (011) 397 6624 Email : sales@snlabels.co.za Durban : SALES Tel : (031) 764 6555 Fax : (031) 764 6556 Email : durban@snlabels.co.za Eastern Cape : SALES Tel : (041) 364 3088 Fax : (041) 364 2745 Western Cape : Tel : 0860 110 244 Fax : 0866 298 236 Email : sales@snlabels.co.za Website : www.snlabels.co.za

MFC-9840CDW High speed colour laser multifunction printer with automatic duplex & fax

The best choice for your workgroup

The perfect solution for small and medium sized businesses, the MFC-9840CDW easily and efficiently handles the many demands from multiple users. With built-in 10/100 Base TX Ethernet and Wireless Network, it's easy for everyone to print, scan, copy and fax across the network.

Incredible colour printing and faxing

With exceptional output quality at up to 2400 x 600 dpi, the MFC-9840CDW makes it easy to produce high-quality colour reports, brochures, and presentations, at up to 20ppm in colour or black and white. And you can send and receive colour or mono fax messages at unbelievable speeds.

Easy colour copying and scanning

Fax, copy and scan from a variety of document types using either the automtic document feeder or the flatbed. Handy backlit function keys enable you to easily identify and switch between these functions The MFC-9840CDW does everything in one reliable, networked space-saving solution.

Automated Solutions Tel : (011) 326 2552 Fax : (011) 781 0228 Email : richard@automatedsolutions.co.za Website relaunch: www.automatedsolutions.co.za 26


Introducing the new

Bankers Box® EARTH SERIES 100% recycled products for all your document storage needs

Special Launch Pricing

Filing and Storage Products that don’t cost the Earth All Bankers Box Earth Series corrugated products are made from 100% recycled board and are 100% recyclable. All inks used are water based and adhesives used are solvent free. Manufactured under licence in South Africa

Manufactured under licence in SA

Available from your local dealer or visit www.fellowes.co.za Trade Enquiries: JHB: (011) 433 2686 | CT: (021) 552 7922 | KZN: (031) 563 8177


100% Recycled 100% Recyclable


Straight from your business cards to your digital address book!

– the perfect combination for contact management


he more your business grows, the more leads come into your office but growth won’t last for long if leads start falling through the cracks. The CardScan/Dymo Solution automates your contact management, labeling and filing needs to meet your business objectives.


Scan or drag and drop Simply scan any business card using the CardScan scanner, or drag and drop contact data from any web page or email into the CardScan software. All the data is automatically sorted into the correct fields of the CardScan contact management database – where you can sort and categorise it any way you like, email or phone contacts, print envelopes and mailing labels and much more.


Easily accessible


You can even export/import the data to your Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mobile device or Apple iPod, so your contacts are always in reach.

Contact Management: • Microsoft Outlook • Act! • Goldmine • Lotus Notes • and much more besides PDAs: • Palm OS portable sets • Pocket PCs • Windows Mobile hardware

Online backup With CardScan At Your Service – included free – you have an online backup of your

contact data that you can access from any Web browser.

Generate mailings to contacts in less time, for less cost

Address synchronisation on your GSM also functions via Outlook and ActiveSync


ompact, lightning-quick, incredibly easy to use and utilising thermal printing technology – no ink or toner required, the DYMO LabelWriter 400 Turbo label printer prints professional-looking

Print your contact data straight from CardScan with the Dymo LabelWriter.

Special Offer!

300 dpi address labels – up to 600mm wide – directly from your CardScan software. Ideal for: • Small run printing of envelopes, name badges, etc • Direct thermal printing on paper labels, Print individual labels or the whole roll via the USB connection on your PC or Mac at a speed of 55 labels per minute!


For a limited period only, GAL Distributors is offering the CardScan Executive & DYMO LabelWriter for an unbelievable R4,999. Furthermore, the first 10 customers to order this bundle special will receive a free DYMO Omega embossing label-maker. CONTACT INFO

GAL Distributors

Contact : Michael Janet Tel : 083 286 0029 Call Centre: 011 453 1356 Fax : 086 520 2412 Email : mike@galsa.co.za


Powerful and compact HD video conferencing


ony introduces a powerful new addition to its high-definition (HD) visual communication lineup, the powerful, affordable, and compact PCS-XG55.

Stunning 720p high-definition (HD) images Stunning HD video enhances your videoconferencing with lifelike images for effective communication. The PCS-XG55 achieves 720p HD video quality with a maximum frame rate of 60 fps, making your style of everyday business communication more effective, productive, and comfortable.

Presentation data transferred at 30 fps The PCS-XG55 can send both the video and presentation data displayed on your PC to videoconferencing counterparts for more effective communication, at frame rates as high as 30 fps. Presentations are natural and smooth, even when using animation effects or showing videos from your PC. This presentation data can also be shown either from a projector or a sub display, using the RGB output.

With Enhanced Intelligent QoS With BrightFace

Without BrightFace

BrightFace technology A dedicated HD camera (the PCSA-CXG80) adopts Sony’s unique BrightFace technology, which optimises the brightness of each pixel to highlight shadows, while subduing areas of the image that are too bright. This allows operation in less-than-ideal lighting conditions, providing clear images even in dimly lit rooms, for example when using a projector, or in rooms with poor backlighting.

Superb audio quality The PCS-XG55 produces clear and natural stereo sound, using the MPEG-4 AAC compression format. Since the unit has a built-in stereo echo canceller, which virtually eliminates the annoying echo often heard with other systems, communication sounds far more natural. You can hold stress-free videoconferences with “real communication” as if you were talking in the same room.

Without Enhanced Intelligent QoS

Stable and secure videoconferencing To handle the transmission of large amounts of HD video data, while maintaining highquality and stable communication over an IP network, the PCS-XG55's advanced Quality of Service (QoS) functions allow adaptation to any changes in the network condition and correct any packet loss.

User-friendly features • An intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), with a simple layer structure and translucent cascading menus • One-touch dialing feature for starting a videoconference • An HDMI interface, for single cable connection between the codec and display • Stress-free operation using the RF Remote Commander® unit. • Data sharing (video and presentation data from a PC). Presentation data can be transferred at as much as 30 fps, which makes it possible to present animations during a videoconference.


• The video annotation function enables you to clearly point out specific parts of an image by writing on a tablet. With these outstanding data-sharing tools, you can now minimise misunderstandings during your videoconference. With excellent HD video quality in a stylish and compact design, the PCS-XG55 takes visual communications to the next level. Call Sony today for more info.



Contact : Will Klopper Tel : 011 690 3200 (ext 3312) Email : will.klopper@ap.sony.com Website : www.pro.sony.eu

: www.which.co.za/videos

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Which Business Product Review Vol. 29.1  

Which?™ Business Product Review has positioned itself as a leading business-to-business office automation product magazine in South Africa.

Which Business Product Review Vol. 29.1  

Which?™ Business Product Review has positioned itself as a leading business-to-business office automation product magazine in South Africa.

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