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Anti-corrosion, preservation & product protection Vaportec supplies industry with the best and most cost-effective treatment programmes to protect equipment and spare parts during storage, transportation, standby and usage against the effects of corrosion. Benefits • • • • • •

Increased availability Reduced maintenance Prolonged service life Reduced product support costs Decreased capital expenditure Improved project success

• System integrity enhancement • Increased return on investment • Increased safety

Before, not protected by Vaportec.

Industries • • • •

Mining Construction Chemical and Petrochemical Vehicle and Component manufacturing • Military - Armscor approved • Aviation • Marine The storage and distribution of metal products and components have a corrosion factor.


After Vaportec protection application.

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VAPORTEC Contact: Maria Stradi Tel: (011) 608-4396 Fax: (011) 608-4397 Email:

Factory Contact: Petro Fourie Tel: (011) 452-1857 Email: Website:

Don’t let Lifting in explosive & corrosive environments jeopardise your safety Yale has a range of lifting equipment that is available in Corrosion Protection finish or Explosion Protection and Spark Resistant options – and which includes hoists and winches. Corrosion protection The corrosion resistant features of the Yale hoist range include zinc-plated load chains and stainless steel hand chains as standard.

Explosion protection The explosion protection and spark resistant features include stainless steel chain, bronzed hooks and wheels.

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All products shown are Atex approved to suit specific environments.

CMCO Material Handling Contact: National Sales Office Tel: (031) 700-4388 Fax: (031) 700-4512 Email: Website: 3

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Gas Control Equipment for Mining and Manufacturing

GCE FBA Superguard

Quality, Safe and Reliable high performance Gas Equipment from Europe’s leaders. Product Range: • Pressure regulators (welding, high pressure, lancing) • Torches (light, medium and heavy duty) • Nozzles and tips (welding, cutting and heating) • Flashback Arrestors (light, medium and heavy duty) • Leak Detection Fluid (Non-corrosive, oxygen compatible) • Kits and Outfits for mining, construction and process plants • Hose sets • Wide range of accessories

Widest range of gas control equipment to suit your manufacturing or process requirements backed by a full 2 year guarantee and more than 3 decades of experience.

Applications: • • • •

Mining and Construction Profile Cutting and Manufacturing Laboratory and High Purity Medical and Healthcare

GCE Multi Stage Regulator CO2

• Plumbing and Refrigeration • Roofing and Waterproofing • Jewellery manufacture

Heavy Duty Cutting Outfit

Standards: Products are compliant to following national and international standards • Pressure Regulators SANS/BS/EN/ISO 2503 • Welding, Cutting and Heating BS/EN/ISO 5172 • Hoses SANS/ISO 3821 • Flashback Arrestors SANS 50730 ISO 5175

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A2Z Equipment Solutions Contact: Tel: (011) 026-0707 / (011) 025-9838 Fax: 086 268 9515 Email: Website:

Quality industrial equipment

Large Generator Units

Concrete Mixers

CHS Power Products was established in 1995 as a company focusing on hiring small plant and equipment to the construction and civil industry. A year later in 1996, they began assembling small generators and water pumps. They have since become a leading assembler of these products together with the manufacture and assembly of small plant and equipment.


he business has grown rapidly over the past couple of years and they have shifted all focus and expertise to assembly, sales and servicing of Generators, Petrol / Diesel Construction Equipment and Railway Construction Equipment.

6.0KvA Generator

Range includes: • Generators from 2.2KVA – 1000KVA • Welder Generators • Water pumps • Rammers • Plate Compactors • Power Floats • Lighting Towers • Concrete Saws and Poker Drive Units. CHS Manufacture supply generators specific to the clients requirements and are able to build units with various brands of engines and alternators. These include quality engine brands Honda, Dek, Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, LOVOL, Volvo, John Deere, Lombardini, Hatz, Kohler, Lister, Briggs & Stratton and IVECO. Their Alternators

Honda Concrete Cutter

include Merelli, Leroy Somer, ABB, Crompton Greaves, Engga, Weg, Sincro and Linz.

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CHS Power Products Contact: Shakil Moosa Tel: (011) 420-2737 Fax: 086 558 0433 Cell: 082 259 0872 Email: Website:

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Driver Fatigue Monitoring System Solutions WAKE UP to the DANGERS of driver fatigue!

Suitable for all vehicles

iFatigue offers comprehensive Driver Fatigue Management Solutions to the Opencast Mining and Logistics Industries.


South African based company, they are the only authorised importers and distributors of the MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitor, Raveon RVM7 Data Modems and RavTrackPC Monitoring Software System.

• Raveon RVM7 Data Modem - connected to the monitor, constantly updates vehicle position and transmit every alarm/siren with precise position information, on a custom mine map or integrated with Google Earth Maps, to the control room. • RavTrackPC Monitoring Software - tracks vehicles in real time. It alerts control room staff with visual and audible alerts of any driver fatigue issues, history graphs, speed, voltage, temperature, direction and position. Alarm notifications can also be sent to off-site personnel via email, sms or MR 688 Driver Fatigue Twitter. Monitor

This integrated Driver Fatigue Management System can be installed in any vehicle as a stand-alone or Fleet Management System.

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How it works:

Contact: Pieter Jacobs Tel: 0861 224 326 Fax: 086 637 4371 Cell: 082 874 4247 Email: Website:

• MR688 Driver Fatigue Monitor - with advanced facial recognition and patented pupil detection, monitors the driver's eyes for abnormal closure, indicating driver fatigue and sets an alarm condition accordingly.

Roof all washed up?


Waterproofing, rust coatings and refurbishments CIP Roofing and Waterproofing provides a total solution to all waterproofing and roofing problems.


rior to contracting CIP Roofing, the company undertakes surveys - at no cost to you - and compiles a full report and quotation. On acceptance of the quote, all work is guaranteed and underwritten by CIP’s main suppliers.

Fields of expertise • Waterproofing • Repair and replacement of all roofs and cladding • High build coatings • Self priming coatings • Fibre/epoxy coatings • Painting and decorating of commercial and industrial property

Specialised waterproofing CIP’s service includes: • Metal surfaces (refurbishment and rust treatment) • Concrete surfaces • Box gutters (concrete and metal) • Asbestos surfaces


Effective systems CIP Roofing uses three waterproofing systems to ensure long-term results. • APP Modified Torchon system A typical rust conversion and refurbishment programme • Acrylic waterproofing • Bitumen system Use the phone — it’s quicker ! It also uses fibreglass, cement and bituthene, depending on CIP Roofing and Waterproofing requirements. Contact: Bruce CIP Roofing and Waterproofing is now a BEE Compliant company.


Tel: (011) 467-4868 Fax: (011) 467-4866 Email: Website:

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Nozzles for Spray Applications Hawk offers a wide range of nozzles to suit almost any application. Available in a variety of materials including stainless steel, brass and plastic. Hawk is able to custom design nozzles to specific requirements.

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Range includes: • Hollow Cone Nozzles • Full Cone Nozzles • Air Atomizing Nozzles • Shower Disk Nozzles • Spiral Nozzles

• Flat Fan Spray Nozzles • Scrubber Nozzles • Trim Jet Nozzles • Air Blow-off Nozzles and many more

Hawk Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 822-4039 Fax: (011) 822-2868 KZN Tel: (031) 274-8555 Fax: (031) 205-4332 Email: Website:

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A.SHAKepoxerite Contact: George / Cindy Tel: (011) 822-2320 Fax: (011) 822-2354 George Email: Cindy Email: Website: 6

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Fan and ventilation systems Air flow fanatics! AF Fans was formed in early 2005 to bring high quality, durable fan products to the South African market.

Axial duct fan Mancooler


he company offers reliable, friendly service and a range of fans designed to Industrial galvanised fan optimise airflow, give stable operation and • Wall mounted extraction fans minimise noise. The manufacturing plant Kitchens, factories and storeroom has ISO 9001:2000 certifications. ventilation • Axial fans Fan range From 300 - 1000mm diameters • High pressure centrifugal Room and factory ventilation fans Fume exhaust All pressure applications • Mancooler stand • Forward curved centrifugal fans fans Portable mancooling Medium pressure cooling fan Centrifugal ventilation Small force draft applications blowers Motor control room exhaust • Industrial galvanised fans Square louvered fans for Wall mounted fan big factory ventilation High volume air movement with auto-louvres • Pedestal and wall mounted fans Cooling and general ventilation Wall and floor mounted 90° oscillation 3 speed settings Centrifugal fans

Wall mounted extraction fans

Portable extractor fan

Portable evaporative coolers

For more information, contact AF Fans on the number below.

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AF Fans Contact: Tel: (011) 864-1742 Sean Cell: 072 147 2792 Sydney Cell: 072 988 7630 Email: Website:

Industrial quality winches


RPH Series

H (worm gear) Series

RE Series


For more than 60 years Ramsey Winch USA has been manufacturing some of the best quality industrial and DC electric winches available. Wildcat series Hydraulic - H/duty (oilfield proven) planetary gear winches ranging from 25 to 65 ton.

RPH series Hydraulic - General purpose, planetary gear models range from 4 to 25 ton.

H series Hydraulic - Popular genera purpose worm gear winches ranging from 4 to 15 ton.

RE series Electric (12/24v DC) worm gear winches available in 4 and 6 ton.

Industries include • Mining industry and various government departments • Trucking/Transport industries • Vehicle manufacturing plants • 4x4 Fitment centres and Part shops and Accessory stores • Retailers and many more

Patriot series Electric (12/24v DC) planetary gear winches ranging from 4 to 7.5 ton. 7

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Cariboo Distributors (Pty) Ltd. Contact: Tel: (012) 660-2222 Fax: (012) 654-9403 Email: Website:

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For all your paint & rust removal needs

Paint removal



Small spaces

e pride our self on a quality industrial brush that will get the job done.

Rust removal

Transvaal Brush has been on the forefront of quality and innovative products since 1956.

Applications • Rust Removal • Deburring

• Paint Removal • General Polishing

Have something unique to do? Contact our specialized division. We have a specialist to assist you. Rust removal

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The Werner Group of Companies Contact: Kobus de Vos Tel: (011) 835-2136/7 Cell: 082 552 6822 Email: Website:


Integrated Time & Attendance & Access Control Accsys, providers of people management solutions, offer PeopleTime, a fully integrated Time and Attendance and Access Control solution that runs on Suprema, Safran Morpho, ZK and Impro Biometrics. Features


Accsys also specialises in:

• Export into most South African payrolls • WAN, LAN, 3G, GPRS, IP6S • Control turnstiles, booms, sirens and doors • CCTV

• Automatically e-mail or sms supervisors about late arrivals or absentees • Eliminates “buddy” clocking • Complies with labour laws • Single reader for T&A and Access Control

• • • • • •

Payroll and HR (PeopleWare) Biometrics - Face and finger Time and Attendance Access control Employee Self Service (ESS) SME to Enterprise

The People Management Specialists

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A complete Time and Attendance and Access Control solution 8

Contact: Clara Namnick Head Office Tel: (011) 719-8000 Tel: 086 122 2797 Email: Website:

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Simple marking solutions Pryor's interchangeable steel type and standard holders will solve all your special marking problems. Simple techniques • 1,5 - 10mm engraved sizes • Engraved steel hand stamp • Per customer requirement • Low stress, reverse engraving, dot stress • Hardened to 59 - 61 Rockwell 'C' • Ideal for batch and general purpose marking • Multiple character marking with hand or machine holders • Available as singles, sets of figures/numbers and complete fount sets in nine sizes

Hand stamps and punches Pryor's range of low cost, hand held stamps (letter and number punch) are used for marking single characters by indenting. • Manufactured from quality controlled chromium steel allied to precise heat treatment, giving maximum safety in use, long product life and value for money. They do not use inferior carbon steel.

• Punches are softened at the striking end to make it less brittle and reduce the risk of splinters. • Can be used without fear of breakage or premature character wear.

• Manufactured to quality system ISO 9001:2008 • Punch sets packed in strong plastic boxes with separate compartments for each stamp, to allow rapid selection. • Suitable for all engineering and industrial applications • Safety note - Pryor recommend use of safety goggles and safety grips when using striking tools.

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H. Norris 1999 (Pty) Ltd Contact: Yvonne Barnard Tel: (011) 744-4614 Fax: (011) 744-3509 Cell: 083 450 1632 Email:

Kipor Generators & Forklifts Are Breaking Boundaries

Kipor Forklift - Rentals

Kipor Forklift - Sales

Kipor Generator - Sales

• Electric from 2.5 - 3.5 ton • Diesel from 2.5 - 5.0 ton

• Electric from 2.5 - 3.5 ton • Diesel from 2.5 - 5.0 ton

• Generators from 20kVA - 2MVA • Ultra-Silent up to 85kVA

Smith Power Equipment is the sole importer of Kipor Forklifts and Generators. We provide leading electric and diesel forklifts, with a lifting capacity of 2.5 to 3.5ton (5.0ton for Diesel), both for purchase and rental. They also supply the Kipor range of power generation solutions from Silent, Ultra-Silent, Petrol and Diesel to meet any industrial need of 20kVA to 2MVA.

Applications: • Mines and Steel Merchants • Small and large businesses • Warehouses • Business parks • Telecoms

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Smith Power Equipment Contact: Tel: (011) 284-2000 Fax: (011) 284-2100 Forklifts: Tom Bloom Email: Industrial Generators: Kobus vd Merwe Email: Website:

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Filtration Systems for Dust and Oil Mist

Nederman filter systems help to greatly improve the environment where air borne dust, gases, mists, or fumes are present; which are mostly hazardous to employees, but they can also damage the local environment. Bag, Cartridge, and Cassette Filters Bag filters have a wide range of industrial applications; from wood chips to any kind of fumes. These filters can basically handle

all types of dust. Nederman offers a large assortment of round bag and flat bag filter products and systems. Cartridge filters have a large filter area in relation to their size and work with dry and fine dust. They can be fitted with different kinds of cartridges. Cassette filters have a large filter area and work extremely well when there is low to medium dust concentrations in the industrial process filtration and dust control applications. There are also filter types for large air volumes (up to 500,000m³/h) and very specific dust types.

Applications for Nederman Filters: • • • • • •

Welding Fumes Combustible/ Explosive dust Particle dust of different materials Wood ships Hot and Hazardous gases Oil Mist

Filtermax C25 Capacity: 1,000 to 2750m³/h Filtermax C25

Filtermax F & DF Capacity: 2,000 to 16,000m³/h

Filtermax F & DF



Capacity: 2,000 to 105,000m³/h

NOM (Oil Mist) Capacity: 400 to

10,000m³/h NOM (Oil Mist) Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Envirox Contact: Anton Tel: (011) 397-3780 Cell: 083 666 1424 Email: Website:

A full range of magnetic products for industrial applications Magnets for all Modern Magnetics supplies a range of flexible and hard magnets, including rare earth, neodyium, ceramic or ferrite magnets, in the form of blocks, disks, sheets and rings. 1200mm Heavy Duty Sweeper

1 kg - 5T Lifting Magnets 600mm Auto Release Sweeper

Use the phone — it’s quicker ! Handheld magnetic field tester

Flexible magnetic sheets and rolls

Ferrite and Rare Earth magnets

Self clean suspended magnet

Grate magnets

Overband magnets 10

Modern Magnetics Contact: John or Cherisa Tel: (011) 315-3270 John Cell: 072 902 2240 Cherisa Cell: 082 446 6316 John Email: Cherisa Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

The curtain and door solution Apex SR 9000 Door

Simple doorway solutions

Today it is more important than ever to use appropriate solutions for doorways and other areas that need to be cordoned off. Apex Strip Curtains and Doors’ locally manufactured range of products ensures there is always a solution! Apex Strip Curtains Featuring the patented Balledge® design for optimum sealing, Apex Strip Curtains are a cost effective, simple way to control influx of hot or cold air, dust, insects and other pollutants. The specially developed PVC material is aesthetically pleasing, hygienic, functional and durable. The Balledge® reinforces, strengthens and allows easy access for people and goods. The transparent strips allow good visibility.

Designed for ease of access for both pedestrians and equipment, the Apex SR 9000 heavy duty insulated impact traffic door is fully gasketed and manufactured to specific customer requirements. It’s simple to install and suitable for high use areas in food processing, wash down areas, manufacturing, cold storage, restaurants, supermarkets, distribution and many other industrial, commercial and retail applications.

Apex Welding & Safety Screens Apex Welding and Safety Screens are made from specially formulated PVC material, and are impervious to burning. Also featuring the patented Balledge® reinforced edge, these screens protect workers from weld splatter, fumes and harmful UV radiation. Apex Welding Screens come in various configurations. The most popular is the easy to handle freestanding frame with angled feet that allow optimum use of floor space. Screens can be butted together at a 90° angle.

High speed roll up & fold up doors Quick and easy to open, high speed doors are suitable for applications where doorways need to be opened for limited periods of time to facilitate loading and offloading. The Apex High Speed door offers reliable

Welding screens and strip curtains

operation with its robust counterbalancing system. It is controlled by an electronic unit complying with IEC regulations and can be remotely activated by photocells, pressure sensitive mats, movement detectors or induction loops.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Apex Strip Curtains & Doors Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 452-8723 CT Tel: (021) 551-5076 KZN Tel: 086 103 3303 PE Tel: (041) 487-2525 Email: Website:

HOFFMANN Water Pumps - Pump up your performance HOFFMANN™ water pumps are driven by HOFFMANN’s heavy duty long lasting petrol and diesel engines.


OFFMANN water pumps are manufactured to the highest international standards, making them ideal for builders, contractors, mines and for anyone needing to pump or transfer clean water.

Diesel water pumps • • • •

Available in electric or recoil start Self-priming Compact and lightweight High performance with low fuel consumption • BOSCH fuel injection system

Petrol water pumps • • • •

Diesel Water Pump HDWP80C

Self priming Compact and lightweight High performance Large diameter powder-coated steel tube roll-over frame • Low fuel consumption • Advanced recoil starter

Also available trash pumps, high pressure and chemical transfer pumps! 11

Petrol Water Pump H80WP

Full spares and service kits available for all water pumps sold.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

HOFFMANN™ Power Products Contact: Shawn Thesner Tel: (011) 334-6573 Fax: (011) 334-1711 Email: Website:

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Waterproofing problems? Rubber It can HELP!

Rubber It’s Liquid Spray on Rubber can solve all your problems What they offer: • Roof waterproofing - Concrete, IBR, Corrugated and tiled you name it they do it • Waterproofing of dams, water

Rubber It has a branch in KZN and is looking for more AGENTS!

reservoirs, bridges, foundations no job is too big or too small • A written 10 year replacement guarantee on the product and labour • SABS tested 0% VOC and HAPS, environmentally friendly Ebonite 101 Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Rubber It Liquid Rubber Contact: Dudley Visser Tel: (012) 567-4625 Cell: 072 794 8534 Email:

New for old Replace all mechanical bulk water meters? Now it's possible with the WATERFLUX from KROHNE.


ATERFLUX - the new electromagnetic water meter - is bringing technological change to the water industry, from night-time demands up to fire-fighting operations. Throughout its entire service life of 25-years over several custody transfer periods.

Benefits • Precise measurement • Maintenance-free • Large flow rates Its unique, RILSAN® lined measuring tube is wear-free and without mobile measuring parts, eliminating the need for maintenance. This reduces follow up costs for statutory recalibrations - as an overhaul or replacement of the water meter is no longer necessary. 12

Both the low initial costs and the significantly reduced operating costs pay off in daily operation. Employ the WATERFLUX instead of mechanical bulk water meters and create financial freedom for new projects - simply exchange new for old. Annual Plant Technology Show hosted by Petrochemical SA 31 October 2013 Stand 25

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

KROHNE South Africa Contact: John Alexander Tel: (011) 314-1391 Fax: (011) 314-1681 Email: Website:

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High security access control 13 years of quality engineering access control products Boomgate Systems products are CE approved.


roducts are 100% locally manufactured and exported worldwide with unmatched delivery periods.

Services offered • Design of new and custom made access control products and much more Tornado Full Height Turnstile

Scorpion Spike Barrier

WARRANTEES • 7 years on Turnstiles (only from Boomgate Systems) • 2 years on Barriers

Cantilever Gate

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Boomgate Systems

Warrior Road Blocker

Double Security Booth

Contact: Jenny / Shane / Francois Tel: (011) 674-4441 Fax: (011) 674-4450 Email: Website:

Fiberglass modular building & step ladders Corrosion resistant Inaccessible locations and unproductive wasted space are no longer an issue with Nu-Fiberform’s practical, modular buildings. Quick and easy space solutions, they can be assembled to fit wherever you need them.


n addition to being flexible in terms of size and shape, these buildings can be transported to areas where it would be impossible to erect other structures.

Additional products Nu-Fiberform also offers other fiberglass products, pultruded fiberglass profiles and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) non-conductive ladders.

GRP non-conductive ladders

Modular buildings make the most of available space

Easy installation The company’s Olympic Modular Buildings can be supplied fully assembled or in panel form for on-site erection. The process can be carried out by the purchaser, or by Nu-Fiberform’s staff, who are experienced in working in hard-to-reach sites.

Range of applications Nu-Fiberform’s versatile buildings fulfill a number of needs including: • Security guard huts • Process control rooms • Plant and gatehouses 13

Gough ladders are manufactured in non-conductive GRP with high levels of safety due to the stability and rigidity of the ladders. These ladders are • non conductive • corrosion resistant • chemical resistant • weather resistant

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Nu-Fiberform Tel: (011) 902-9200/1/2/3 Fax: (011) 902-9290/94 Email: Website:

Why attempt specialised and hazardous projects yourself? LET WASTEMAN SPECIALISED CLEANING AND SPILL RESPONSE TEAM ASSIST YOU!

Refinery shutdown - Self propelled tube bundle puller

Extracts and drives bundles to the cleaning bay. Capacity of 25T and max bundle height of 7m.

Industrial vacuum truck services

Pumping and transport of sludge or liquids from tanks and sumps.


We also offer spill kits for vehicles.

Asbestos removal Comprehensive service to assess asbestos risk as well as total removal and disposal, according to legal requirements.

Refinery shutdown - Automated UHP cleaning Ultra high pressure water jetting – the most effective way to clean heat exchanger tubes. Hands-free system ensuring maximum safety for operations.

Tank cleaning Skilled personnel to assist in all tank cleaning activities of any nature or substances. Confined space entry according to all SHEQ procedures.

Hazardous spill clean-up

Specialised service and equipment for containment, clean-up and disposal of waste. No matter the substance, we can manage it.


• MPUMALANGA 017 632 4837 082 827 0474 • CAPE TOWN 082 447 8046 • GAUTENG 012 661 3868 • KZN 082 415 6711


Which? Industrial

Trotec Lasers: You have the application, we have the solution! These days laser technology is used in a wide variety of fields. Trotec offers an extensive line up of laser systems for marking, cutting and engraving.


aser light energy acts on the medium to generate effects for the following applications: Marking: the surface or pigment is modified typically for contrast. Engraving: material is removed (”ablation”). Cutting: material is sectioned through its entire thickness.

Which laser source? Co2 Laser: Cutting and engraving of wood, acrylic glass, rubber, various plastics, fabric, leather, boxboard, paper and similar materials or Fiber: Metals and plastics (by colour change). The Flexx is the only system in the market that incorporates both Co2 and Fiber laser sources! Flatbed: These are stand alone machines that can be used for cutting, engraving and marking. Can process a large working area with a constant burn width or Galvo: Small angle of deflection results in greater processing speeds, can be used in production.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Trotec South Africa Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 262-1400 Francoise de Roubaix Cell: 082 458 0398 Email: DBN Diane Griggs Cell: 083 377 4109 CT Tel: (021) 448-7008 Website:

Sika - Green Roofing System Advanced waterproofing technology - Sikalastic® MTC Sikalastic® MTC (Moisture Triggered Chemistry) Green, roofing solutions incorporating Sikalastic® liquid membranes, are highly advanced root resistant polyurethane coatings.

cannot penetrate through the Sikalastic® membrane.


Intensive Design

hese coatings use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process. This system has been successfully tested to meet the requirements of DIN 4062 5.7 Root Resistance Test, proving that roots

Extensive Design Is an ideal solution to provide an aesthetic, low maintenance ecological feature. Allows the roof area to be utilised as highly aesthetic areas for recreation or public access.

Extensive Green Roof design

Intensive Green Roof design


Features and Benefits • • • • • • • •

Completely seamless Cold applied Elastomeric and durable Root resistant waterproofing membrane Easy to repair if punctured Can be applied in damp conditions Quick and easy to apply Increase thermal performance IMIESA Conference 23-25 October 2013 Stand 58 15

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Sika South Africa (Pty) Ltd Contact: Tel: (031) 792-6500 Fax: (031) 700-1760 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

Corrugated export pallets Cost-saving lightweight, robust pallets and pallet-box combinations. CX Pallets contains no wood and therefore requires no heat treatment or fumigation.

Bottom pallet carrying more than 2 tons.

Benefits • • • • •

No fumigation Lightweight Robust strength Fully recyclable Custom sizes available at no extra cost Stackable in existing storage racks.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

CX Pallets (Pty) Ltd. Contact: Hannes Posthumus Tel: (011) 822-8656 Fax: 086 618 0766 Cell: 082 860 6845 Email: Website:

Standard pallet and pallet-box combinations available.

Save energy with KOBRA shredders ZERO energy consumption in stand-by mode! The ENERGY SMART® reduce emissions responsible for global warming, thus protecting the environment and saving energy.


KOBRA shredder only requires electricity during use. After use the dedicated system management software will automatically activate the zero consumption ENERGY SMART® stand-by mode. This will ensure no further electricity consumption.

Save and Protect Every KOBRA shredder equipped with the ENERGY SMART® system will reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions by 65kgs and reduce your electricity bill.

Double waste bin All KOBRA models feature a special environmentally

friendly, removable waste bin. This unique design assists the user to properly recycle shredded materials by separating paper from shredded items such as CD’s, DVD’s and credit cards.

ENERGY SMART® available exclusively to the KOBRA range of shredders.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

DOS (Pty) Ltd Contact: Tanya Denton Tel: (011) 792-8919 Ext 99 Fax: 086 237 4614 Email: Website:

The copyright including the right of reproduction in any form of all material in Which? Industrial, is expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the South African Copyright Act. (ISSN 0257-1986)

Which? Industrial

Industrial Evaporative Coolers and Fans Evaporative Cooling is the most effective solution to controlling your factory and warehouse indoor air quality. Quality Products The company is ISO9001:2000 certified and has been supplying quality fan products for all industrial applications since 1976 and represents world-famous leading brands Flaktwoods and Xpelair. • Outside air is filtered and cooled using water droplets before entering the building. • The clean cooled air forces out the hot stale air through the open doors or windows. • Very low running costs. • Each cooler covers an area of up to 150 m².

Portable Industrial fans

High Volume Propeller fans

Portable Fume Extractor Fans

Wall Mounted Extractor fans Centrifugal fans and blowers

Portable Evaporative Coolers

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Actom Mechanical Equipment

Typical installation of down discharge Evaporative Cooler on roof, constructed from robust UV and corrosion resistant materials

Clean cooled incoming air replaces the outgoing hot stale air

Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 878-3019 CT Tel: (021) 532-2000 DBN: (031) 465-4170 Email: Website:

Save thousands with airless pneumatic, electric & piston pumps Convenient spray painting for industry and paint contractors By using airless spraying equipment, you can save thousands of rands! Why airless? • Up to 30% paint savings • 3 Times faster than Air Spray Systems • Higher quality finish Capricorn offers: • 30:1 and 15:1 ratio pumps • Airless electric spray pumps also available

• Low prices always on spares • Full 2 Year guarantee on products

Typical Applications • Steel construction • Painting of buildings • Scaffolding • Containers • Furniture Industry • Shop Fitting For a free demonstration call Capricorn Pumps on the number below.

Airless pneumatic pumps are suitable for indoor and outdoor spraying.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Capricorn Pumps

Spray even large or complex items safely, easily and conveniently. 17

Contact: Andre Grobler Tel: (011) 972-4914 Fax: (011) 972-4158 Cell: 082 441 8820 Email:

Which? Industrial

Short on storage space? ProStorage Concepts specialise in materials handling equipment and storage solutions.


hey offer a free design and consultancy service to provide a storage solution to suit any application.

Mezzanine Floors

Mezzanine Floors

• Clear spans of up to 10 x 5m • Decking can be either timber or steel • Made-to-measure, precision engineered, to maximize use of warehouse or factory space • Free standing structures not dependent on building columns • All steel fabrication, designed for quick and easy assembly on site to minimize disruption • Wide range of deck and stairway accessories to suit your needs

Cantilever Racks Cantilever Racks

• Ideal for long loads – Steel, Plastic pipes or Timber boards

ProStorage Concepts offer: • Planning expertise, project management, technical and maintenance support • Custom engineered designs for cost effective structures • Made to any size and any load conditions • Systems designed to SABS 0162 – Engineers Certificate supplied • Bolted construction – Easy to extend or move For more product information contact ProStorage Concepts on the number below.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

ProStorage Concepts Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 462-4249 JHB Jeff Cell: 072 347 9042 DBN Tel: (031) 700-8584 DBN Graham Cell: 082 870 8825 Website:

South Africa’s largest loadcell supplier gets specialised... After twenty-nine years of supplying numerous weighing measurement products to countless clients, Loadcell Services has certainly earned its stripes.

problems. This ranges from simple weigh indicators with process outputs to micro-based system control and other specialised parts.

Personal service

Meeting your specific needs

Loadcell’s highly personalised service includes computer aided design, calibration facilities and consultation. In addition, an extensive backup service ensures that fine-tuning of specialised loadcells is undertaken b e f o r e problems arise.

Loadcell Services custommake loadcells to provide solutions to individual

Call Loadcell Services for a solution to your weighty matters.


oadcell Services takes pride in providing the South African market with the largest range of locally manufactured electromechanical loadcells in various capacities and accuracy classes. In fact, if you’ve ever had a need to weigh anything at all, you’re probably already a satisfied customer.


Applications Loadcell Services has built a reputation for designing loadcells for specialised tasks within the following areas:

• Mining • Harbours • Railways • Cranes • Trucks • Fishing

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Loadcell Services Contact: Tel: (012) 327-1001/5 Fax: (012) 327-1000

Which? Industrial

Get to grips with liquid rubber


Turnkey solutions

Cold applied, Maintenance free, No open flames, Seamless (No joints), Less days on site, Non toxic, VOC Free, Solvent free, Environmentally safe, Exceptional waterproofing, Incredible sealant, 1300% elasticity with 95% recovery

Liquid Rubber™ products address the major problems of waterproofing, rust and corrosion in an efficient and high performance manner. Used alone or as part of a multi layered coating system Liquid Rubber protects concrete, metal and other building substrates from everything from salt water to acids.


Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Service Providers Gauteng Johan Cell: 084 959 7741 KZN Riaan Cell: 084 968 7140 Western Cape Pieter Cell: 082 573 3959 or Pan v Tonder Cell: 082 373 5352 Eastern Cape Marius Cell: 083 262 6432

Liquid Rubber SA All Liquid Rubber products are both worker and environmentally safe.

Tel: 0861 115 540 Website:

The best in industrial inter-locking floors Invest in a floor that will outlast cheap imitations Designed to meet industrial needs, Dimple Floor Tiles are a robust 7.5mm in thickness, which is essential for heavy-duty flooring applications.

most aggressive chemicals including avgas, petrol, diesel, acid, alcohol and solvents.



ith toughness and superior quality on their side, these tiles are also geared for long-term use, ensuring the best return on your investment. The management of Dimple truly believe that the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory.

World-class standards Adhering to world-wide standards, the secure interlocking system available from Dimple ensures trouble-free flooring without requiring glue. Unlike inferior products which separate Strong floors for heavy traffic unless glue is used, Dimple’s floor tiles do not pull apart. In addition, they are chemically-resistant to

Flooring is 7.5mm thick

• 100% recyclable and made out of recycled materials.

Features and benefits • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Little or no floor preparation required. Covers crumbling or cracking floors Little to no down-time during installation Easy to maintain Quick and easy to install High resistance to heavy-duty traffic Damaged tiles are easily replaced Water resistant No glue required Fire-resistant Anti- static Non-slip surface Can be uplifted & re-laid. 19

Applications • Factories • Offices • Show rooms • Panelbeaters • Aircraft hangers • Electronic workshops

• Gyms • Garages

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Dimple Flooring Contact: Andy Henegan Cell: 083 700 0452 David Maree Cell: 083 297 8270 Tel: (016) 983-0029 Fax: (016) 983-0014 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

Advanced technology to clean floors smarter

Wap presents the Nilfisk BA 651/ 751/851 scrubber/drier models with increased versatility, up to 30% greater productivity, better than ever reliability, silent operation, and the most advanced ergonomics available. The complete walk-behind solution for medium to large area cleaning applications. Key features • Two disc brush versions are available with 660 mm or 860 mm working widths, as well as a machine with a cylindrical brush deck of 710 mm.

• Large 85 litre capacity solution/ recovery tanks, provide better than ever productivity. • Low operating noise level of only 58 db (A) makes day-time cleaning a nonintrusive proposition. • Superb manoeuvrability and excellent ergonomic design. • Sturdy construction, state-of-the-art design and first grade materials ensure excellent reliability and long working life. • Nilfisk Ecoflex system matches the scrubbing performance to the degree of floor soiling and required level of cleaning intensity. It allows the operator to select a “Power Burst” mode for short-term, intensive cleaning, followed by a return to the original settings for minimum water, chemical and power consumption.

cleaning equipment, with subsidiaries in 43 countries and manufacturing plants in Denmark, Germany, Italy, Hungary, China, Mexico and the United States of America.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Wap is Nilfisk-Advance(d) The Nilfisk BA series is supplied and backed-up by Wap South Africa, a member of the Nilfisk-Advance Group.

WAP South Africa 10 Branches Nationwide Head Office Tel: (011) 975-7060 Website:

Founded over 100 years ago Nilfisk-Advance is one of the world’s largest suppliers of

PIONEER plastic products to suit any industry! At PIONEER PLASTICS anything’s possible! Custom moulding PIONEER PLASTICS can assist you in design, development and manufacturing of specific products.

Major products

MKII Toilet Huts

Bins & Containers

Round Drums

Enclosed Drums

Trolley Bins

Horizontal Tanks

MKII Barriers

Recycle Bins

• • • • • •

Bins, drums and containers Road barriers Mobile toilet huts Plastic lockers Recycle and litter bins Many other products

BBBEE: Level 3 Contributor and ISO 9001:2008 Certified

Use the phone — it’s quicker !


Pallet Bins


Hoppers & Conicals

Water Tanks 20

Contact: Natalie de Bruin Tel: (012) 541-6000/1/2 Fax: (012) 541-1738 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

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AVIS FORKLIFT CENTRE Contact: Kevin Baily / Mark Rose Tel: 0861 765 432 Fax: (011) 397-1018 Email: Website:

Outsourced HR & Payroll solutions CRS Technologies is recognised as one of SA's leading Human Resources and Payroll Software Solutions companies.


highly skilled team of professionals will ensure the successful introduction of Human Resources, Payroll and Legislative solutions, to further increase productivity within your company.

Services include but are not limited to: • • • • •

• • • • • •

• •

Payroll Audits Payroll Services HR Audits Employee Policy and Procedure Manuals Applicant screening, interviewing and placement services Job description services Job evaluations HR mentoring and training Disciplinary and grievance handling Employee satisfaction surveys Legislative reports i.e. Employment Equity, Work place Skills Plan, Annual Training Report All general HR related administrative services Monthly HR Retainer Packages are available on request

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

CRS Technologies Contact: Bernice Tel: (011) 259-4700 Cell: 083 777 8864 Email: Website:

The copyright including the right of reproduction in any form of all material in Which? Industrial, is expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the South African Copyright Act. (ISSN 0257-1986)

Which? Industrial

Triblock P - primer for damp substrates Triblock P is a three-component epoxy-cementitious system which has the capacity of adhering to damp surfaces, even if they are smooth (ceramic tiles, porcelain, marble etc) and is able to form a compact layer

suitable for laying parquet, linoleum, ceramic, epoxy and polyurethane dressing coats and cementitious smoothing layers. Where to use Triblock P Triblock P is used as a waterproofing treatment for damp substrates and especially: • Old ceramic or terrazzo floor dressings on substrates with excessive residual humidity • Highly-compact cementitious substrates with a residual humidity content higher than the level recommended for laying wooden, resilient and resin floors • Treating damp concrete surfaces before applying protective and anti-corrosion epoxy products, or polyurethane dressing systems which are impermeable to water vapour; • Dressing concrete channels, drains and pipe-work

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Mapei SA (Pty) Ltd Contact: Candice Santana Tel: (011) 552-8476 Fax: (011) 552-8449 Email: Website:

Cheaper & more efficient than solar geysers SAVE up to 72% on your water heating bill! The iGeyser heat pump is the future in non-sun dependent water heating systems.


his system collects ambient air through the air filter. The eco-friendly refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air and cools it. The refrigerant gets pumped through the system compressor, allowing the temperate to increase, heating up the water and expelling cool air to where it can be used.

Benefits • Cost effective - Cheaper and more efficient than solar geysers • Super efficient - 3.6 times more efficient than electric geysers • Eco friendly - Zero ozone depletion • Easy installation - Various indoor and out door installation options

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Metraclark Contact: Brett Campher Tel: (011) 493-4130 Email: Website: 23

Which? Industrial

Hawk 500 Bar Pump Range The PXI and HHP pump range features the ultimate in pump design with many technical innovations.


hey are used to manufacture high pressure cleaning machines powered by electric, petrol or diesel engines.

High pressure output

1450 RPM

With a working pressure of 500 bars, the pumps have become popular in the making of tube or boiler cleaning machines or for difficult surface cleaning applications as well as pressure testing machines.

PX1150I PX1550I PX1750I PX2150I

11 l/min 15 l/min 17 l/min 21 l/min

500 bar 500 bar 500 bar 500 bar

Innovative design

HHP2750 HHP3650 HHP4150

27 l/min 36 l/min 41 l/min

500 bar 500 bar 500 bar

The HHP pumps have heads manufactured from “Ecobrass” which has the mechanical strength of 316SS and can be used in salt water applications.

1000 RPM HHP25S HHP30S

HHP Series

PXI Series

25 l/min 30 l/min

500 bar 500 bar

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Hawk Contact: JHB Tel: (011) 822-4039 Fax: (011) 822-2868 KZN Tel: (031) 274-8555 Fax: (031) 205-4332 Email: Website:

Tube / Boiler Cleaning Trailer


Which? Industrial

House brand pin marker takes flight Available in bench-top, portable or customised versions to suit your marking needs.

Pin markers

Pryor stamps

YAG lasers

Numbering heads


CO2 lasers


Tamper evident labels

Data matrix

Ink jet systems

Fiber lasers

In-House marking service


arking Engineering machines are a cost effective method to permanently mark your product. The newly launched ME pin markers are more affordable than ever, without compromising on speed and quality.

Marking Engineering offers professional advice and equipment for: • • • •

Conventional marking methods Computerised marking methods Integrated marking methods Laser marking methods

Please contact Marking Engineering for further information or for an on-site demonstration of their machines.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Marking Engineering Contact: Jan or Erica Tel: (011) 794-3885 Fax: (011) 794-7511 Email: Website: 120 Battleship Street, Laser Park, Honeydew

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WATEX Contact: Ron Clark Tel: (011) 769-2600 Fax: (011) 769-2101 Cell: 082 447 5753 Email: / Website: The copyright including the right of reproduction in any form of all material in Which? Industrial, is expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the South African Copyright Act. (ISSN 0257-1986)

Which? Industrial

The BEST in waterproofing expertise Since 1992 Design Waterproofing has developed an unrivalled level of waterproofing proficiency which many property owners and managers have learned to trust. A unique competitive edge

Specialist waterproofing services

• Accurately diagnose the underlying cause of leaks in problem roof, gutter and wall areas – no guess work! • FREE comprehensive report with photo evidence on existing defective materials used on roofs and walls. • Design and recommend effective remedial measures to provide long lasting repairs or replacements. • Cost-effective remedial options will be presented and discussed with the client prior to submitting a quotation. • Correct repair and waterproofing methods are used to ensure long-term and problem-free performance. • Skilled supervisors and workmen ensure consistently high standards of workmanship and quality control. • Compliant with safety and waste disposal regulations. • High-performance products from very reputable suppliers are used. • BEE Credentials – Level 3.

• All types of repairs, restorations and replacements to old and rusted roofs • Specialist spray-applied roof coating systems including high performance radiant heat barrier coatings • Flat roofs – long-life torch-down and cementitious systems • Lining or replacement of box gutters • Rising damp and below-ground damp proofing and crystalline treatment • Protective coatings – walls and floors • Waterproofing to concrete reservoirs, water canals and metal tanks

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Design Waterproofing Systems Contact: Craig Napier Tel: (011) 794-7395 Cell: 082 905 0346 Email: Website:

10 TONNE MOBILE LOADING RAMP Cochrane’s Loading Ramp is built for heavy loads


Cochrane Logistics, a division of Cochrane Steel, is becoming a materials handling leader with a range of smart lifting and loading products.

Ramp being moved between two containers FEATURES: • Recoverable/Saleable Asset

Contact Cochrane Logistics on the number below for more information.

• Self Supporting • Fully Mobile • Frees Production Space • Faster Easier Loading • Adjustable Height Range

Ramp being used to fill multiple containers 26

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Cochrane International Contact: Chris Opperman Tel: (011) 394-1788 Fax: (011) 975-7729 Cell: 082 689 9771 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

The most comprehensive catalogue today! Metmeister offers the best quality products at competitive prices and all products are manufactured in South Africa. Metmeister has been presented by the United States and Europe with awards for quality and business prestige. Product Range • Racking, shelving and mobile • Drawer cabinet system, large shelving for office and indusvariety of storage bins, trial purposes cabinets and all purpose trolleys • Computer trolleys • Tool trolleys, tool holders and • Modular vehicle storage wall cabinets systems • Workbenches, electrical test • Job and time control benches and packaging • Mezzanine floors tables • Hazardous Cabinets • Wall panels and accessories • Lockers Use the phone — it’s quicker ! • Ergonomic workstations and ESD Products Metmeister • Industrial chairs and floor Contact: mats JHB Bernhardt Tel: (011) 933-3100

Please call for a free 188 page catalogue or CD.

DBN Chris Tel: (031) 702-4843 CT Norton Tel: (021) 510-5564 Email: Website:

Ring blowers take high pressure Vac-Cent ring blowers are used where standard centrifugal blowers are not suitable and higher pressures are required. s there is no contact between the casing and the rotating parts there is no direct friction during operation. The blowers operate completely oil-free, delivering clean oil-free air.

• • • • • • • • •

Other features include:



• Easy Installation • Low noise level • No vibration, and therefore complete dynamic stability

Pulsation-free discharge Minimal maintenance Higher pressure ratio Cooler running bearings Longer grease life Low maintenance 100% oil-free air Small dimensions Suitable for environmental protection

machines, plastic granule conveying, chemical plants, furnace air supply, bottling plants, waste water treatment, metal treatment baths, etc. To find a Vac-Cent service provider close to you contact Vac-Cent Services on the number below.

The Side Channel Blowers are suitable for a wide field of applications such as pneumatic conveying, bakery materials handling, paper feeding, sock knitting

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Ltd

Double stage units

Single stage units 28

Contact: Sales Department JHB Tel: (011) 827-1536 DBN Tel: (031) 572-4495 CT Tel: (021) 949-2265 Website:

Which? Industrial

Combilift, the 3-in-1 Multi-Directional forklift Providing solutions to material handling problems.


y operating in aisles of 3m or less, the Combilift combine the functions of a Side loader, Counter balance forklift and a Narrow aisle forklift into one cost effective lift truck.

• • • •

No access problems Safer product handling Operates both indoors and outdoors Efficient offloading of supplier deliveries • Block stacking is possible • Increased storage space

Combilift benefits • Designed to handle long and awkward loads • Offers exceptional space savings • Superior manoeuvrability

Combilift multi directional forklift

Shamrock are also suppliers of

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Shamrock Handling Concepts Moffett truck-mounted forklift

Multi Sweep 900

Agrimac 4x4 rough terrain forklift

Tel: (011) 953-6806 Tel: 0861 SHAMROCK Fax: (011) 953-6397 Website:

Lifting and pumping solutions Sewage de-watering and multi-cut pumps

Zuwa Positive displacement pumps

Built-in level control. Variable delivery branch. Safe to run dry. Continuous operation. Low level pumping. Integrated swing-type check valve. Moisture sealed cable unit.

A top quality vane pump for gentle and pulsation free transportation of clean mediums without abrasive materials such as water, oils, juices, lyes, acids and chemicals. The pumps are dry self-priming from a depth of 2,5 meters (max. suction depth 6 m). Dry running time of 1 min. These pumps are ideal for use in Industry, Plant Manufacturers, Chemicals and Laboratory industries.

Quick-mounting aluminium gantry crane The well proven disassembling crane for mobile use, mounted in 5 minutes by one operator.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Ernest Electro Engineering Contact: Portia or Gideon Tel: (011) 792-9550/1/2 Fax: (011) 792-9553 Email: Website: 29

Which? Industrial

Turnstiles and vehicle barriers • Reliable • Durable • Guaranteed Turnstar is Africa’s leading manufacturer of physical access control products.

23 years of excellence


esigned for the harshest of industrial environments and for high traffic volumes. Turnstiles carry an industry-leading, fit-and-forget 5-year guarantee.

TALON BARRIER automatic spike barrier.

Drop arm barrier.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Turnstar Systems

TRIUMPH full height single turnstile - the biggest selling turnstile in Africa.

ATLAS automatic & manual revolving door.

Man-trap cubicle.

Contact: Ryan or Scott Tel: (011) 786-1633 Ryan Email: Scott Email: Website:

The cutting edge of security fencing

New improved welded razor mesh fencing conventional wire unless one is looking from close by. So your top security fence will protect you and your possessions without marring the appearance of your property.

Typical applications

Cochrane Steel Products manufactures a wide range of low-cost, high security fencing and patented barriers. One popular security choice is the neat, highly affective yet very affordable, new improved razor mesh.


he Razor Mesh is made from high tensile wire welded into diamond patterned mesh of needle sharp barbs. It is virtually impossible to climb or cut with standard tools.

Easy to manage, easy to erect This unique product comes in manageable lengths and is easily erected for high security at surprisingly low cost.

Top security – neatly Razor Mesh is a neat anti-intrusion measure and looks no different to

Razor Mesh is a versatile, high security fence that has been specified in numerous contracts, as listed: • Airports • On sites • Border fencing • Factories • Roads • Warehouses • Residential properties • Substations and more...

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Cochrane International Contact: Bokkie Knoesen Tel: (011) 394-1788 Fax: (011) 975-7729 Email: Website:

The copyright including the right of reproduction in any form of all material in Which? Industrial, is expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the South African Copyright Act. (ISSN 0257-1986)

Which? Industrial

Are you getting the best from your hose reel? The correct product for your application at the right price. LSA offer over 2400 hose reels, and they cater for any conceivable application, and industry.


n many cases where hose reels ‘fall apart’ or ‘fall to pieces’ due to the incorrect hose reel being supplied for the intended application. It would be beneficial to consider a hose reel designed and built with durability in mind, extending the life of a hose reel to considerably reduce operational costs associated to hose reel replacement.

Quality Hose Reels • All hose reels are individually powder coated, for protection against corrosion even in the smallest of crevices. • Galvanised and stainless steel reels are available for optimum protection against the elements. • Every part has been designed with quality components in mind to ensure optimum performance.

Safety Hose Reels Conventional spring driven hose reels are in some instances retracted in an uncontrollable fashion, not following safety practices. Causing a number of problems like: • high speed drum rotation that can cause injury to operators • damage to equipment • and damage to the hose reel, when the hose impacts on retraction. The "EZ Coil" safety reel has a specially designed patented bearing hub that slows down retraction by up to 80% and the impact by over 500%, reducing this risk considerably. Fitting the "EZ Coil" will ensure that Health and Safety practices are being observed, operators are more protected, reduced hose wear and leakages and a safer work environment.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Lincoln Lubrication SA Contact: Louis Tel: (011) 907-1192 Fax: (011) 869-9293 Email: Website:

Your custom pallet solution Built to last! E-Dek offers custom and standard hybrid pallets and stillages that cater to your logistic needs.


-Dek’s uniquely engineered plastic and steel hybrid pallets optimize cost, strength and weight to your company’s benefit.

Certifications • • • • • •

B-BBEE Level 3 SABS Approved ISO 9001:2008 ISPM 15 Compliant HACCP Compliant European food grade packaging certified E-Dek stocks a variety of standard pallets with various decking options to suit your needs.

Benefits • Standardized and fully customized solutions available • Minimized pallet damage, through superior product design • Low cost to strength ratio • High load-carrying capacity to pallet mass ratio • Outperforms other pallet materials • 100% recyclable • Strength unaffected by time or temperature • Operating conditions -25°C to +40°C

Use the phone — it’s quicker !


Custom designed solutions are also available. 31

Contact: Roland or Felix Tel: (011) 704-5825 Roland Email: Felix Email: Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

Customised units for space optimisation Branding Kiosks and guard houses can now offer opportunities to market your company or adhere to corporate branding simply by specifying company colours or applying eye-catching ‘wraps’ to the structure.


Make use of previously wasted space.

Patagonian Genesis range of attendants kiosks and modular buildings provide the perfect accommodation solution for applications where space is at a premium.

Manufactured from Isopthalic polyester pigmented resin together with Thixoptropic polyester resin and glass giving a maintenance free G.R.P. product to withstand all weather conditions and provides a durable and long-lasting high quality product.

Install offices in areas such as harbours and other sites that don’t permit conventional building.

Call Patagonian on the number below for more information.

Fittings Units can be fitted with desktops, canopies for the easy handling of paperwork. All windows are fitted with 4mm toughened glass with the choice of either fixed glazed or vertical and horizontal sliding anodised aluminium framed windows. Electrical lights and plug fittings are available to clients requirements.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Patagonian Kiosks and guard houses can be plain, or you can specify a colour to fit your corporate profile.

Contact: Peter / Milton Tel: (012) 205-1140 / 1603 Fax: (012) 661-7140 Cell: 071 611 4186 Email:

Loadtech leads in supplying quality weighing components Overview


Loadtech Load Cells is one of the best known load cell manufacturers in South Africa. When it comes to specialised weighing solutions they have over 50 years collective experience. Founded in 1987, Loadtech Load Cells has firmly established its reputation as a leader in quality load cell manufacturing.

The combination of own manufacture and the extensive range of products from Vishay transducers, allow Loadtech Load Cells an unequalled degree of flexibility in offering weighing solutions. Technical application assistance with regard to your specific needs and attention to detail are unmatched in the industry.

Custom Designs Whether your requirement is for custom weighing systems, or applications such as force measurement, centre of gravity determination or crane weighing systems — Loadtech will provide an innovative and economical solution, and stay by your side long after the sale.

Accreditation Loadtech Load Cells has an accredited explosion protection rating on various locally manufactured load cells. 32

Have the Solution! Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Loadtech Load Cells Contact: Tel: (012) 661-0830 Fax: (012) 661-0816 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

Technologically advanced encoder, logic controller and timer solutions British Encoder Company (BEC)

Common Applications

The Auto-Aligning Modular Encoder requires no calibration or gapping. The new and innovative design provides hassle free installation and requires no special installation tools. The all metal construction of the Model 121 virtually eliminates any warping and deflection. It also incorporates the latest Optical ASIC technology for Model 121 modular encoder greatly enhanced performance. Three commutation tracks for brushless servo motor applications can be specified with an optional 100°C temperature capability to allow higher power outputs and duty cycles.

• • • • • • •

Conveyors Robotics Material Handling High Power Motors Servo Motor Control Motion Control Feedback Speciality Assembly Machines • Elevator, Machine and Process Control and many more

Millenium 3 logic controller

EMER8 Timer


• EMER8 Timer - These timers are available in mono- or multi-functional variants, for DIN rail mounting or panel mounting. They offer features like delay on, flip-flop, delay/timing off with memory for applications such as heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, lifting and handling and many more. Which? Industrial readers

Mention Which to the Stratelec sales staff to purchase the EMER8 Multi-Functional, Multi Voltage DIN Rail 17.5mm timer at the special price of R200 ex VAT!

• Millenium 3 - This range utilises the latest developments in the new generation logic controllers to offer custom products and solutions for specific applications. It also features new software functions and accessories.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Stratelec Contact: Pieter Terblanche Tel: (011) 493-5400 Fax: (011) 493-7008 Email: Website:

Fans with Italian Styling Make extractor fans and air purification an integral part of the discerning homeowner’s modern kitchen, bathroom or toilet with a Vortice fan from Donkin Fans.


ortice offers Italian styling and superior performance, all in an efficient package that transforms the modern home into a clean and pleasant environment.

The quiet operation and clean-lined styling means that Vortice unobtrusively goes about its business, efficiently ridding the modern home of pollutants and odours at an affordable cost. Each fan comes packaged and ready to install in the wall, ceiling, or false ceiling where it will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Expert advise Call Donkin Fans now to see Vortice fans suitable for the intermittent or continuous ventilation of bathrooms, toilets, kitchens, or even utility rooms.

Punto Filo fan

Other models

Lineo 150 VO fan

Special models such as the Tiracamino Chimney Extract Fan are designed to draw out smoke from fireplaces or braais, with a selection of in-line centrifugal extractor fans suited for ducted installation in commercial Tiracamino Chimney and industrial Extractor applications. 33

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Donkin Fans Johannesburg: (011) 966-9660 Cape Town: (021) 552-5015 Durban: (031) 705-5153 (031) 464-6257 Port Elizabeth: (041) 409-1400 Email: Website:

Which? Industrial

Quality Fire Solutions SafeQuip is a SABS approved manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fire fighting equipment.


hether it’s fire suppression systems, hoses, valves or mobile fire fighting units you are looking for, they offer a complete range of fire and safety equipment.

Fire Extinguishers

Trolley Units

SafeQuip supply portable fire extinguishers and permanently installed extinguishers for special suppression purposes such as; • Boats • Aircraft engines • Restaurant exhaust hoods • Computer rooms

Trolley units need to be strong and dependable. SafeQuip fire extinguisher trolleys are constructed with steel and epoxy powder coating paint to prevent corrosion. They are supplied with brackets to securely fasten fire extinguishers.

Sizes Fire Extinguishers are available in 1, 1.5, 2.5, 4.5 and 9kg sizes.

Use the phone — it’s quicker !


SafeQuip also DELIVERS!

Contact: Tel: 086 000 FIRE (3473) Gauteng Tel: (011) 397-7723 Kwazulu Natal Tel: (031) 579-4674 Western Cape Tel: (021) 907-2500 Eastern Cape Tel: (041) 367-4225 Email: Website:

Industrial Spray-on Elastomer Liner The first truly cost-effective spray-on industrial liner.

POLYMER PAVEMENTS OFFER • 10 YEAR WARRANTY! • FREE site inspections and consulting services for your lining requirements. • Turnkey solutions.

Industrial Strength


• • • •

• • • •

Non-toxic UV Resistant – no cracking Remains flexible – cannot become briEle Spray-on Elastomer = zero joints, no welding • Acid Resistant to pH 1.90 – Hydrochloric Acid • Alkaline Resistant to pH 12.50 – Sodium Hydroxide

• • • •

Seal toxic waste dumps Mining – dam liners Fresh water dams Lining of golf course dams Line sewerage dams Lining of farm dams Waterproofing roofs Environmentally Repair concrete canals Friendly

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Polymer Pavements Contact: Tel: (011) 868-1181 Kyle Cell: 082 886 8699 Hein Cell: 083 411 2910 Email: Website:

The copyright including the right of reproduction in any form of all material in Which? Industrial, is expressly reserved in terms of Section 12 (7) of the South African Copyright Act. (ISSN 0257-1986)

Which? Industrial

Your faithful measuring companion Make life easier and make measurements more accurate with this range of precision instruments. Smarttool The Smarttool can measure all angles in a 360º range. Made of high strength materials, it can take abuse other levels cannot withstand. Smarttool is simple to use. It can be calibrated to factory accuracy with the touch of a button. Just press the On/Off button and it shows the angle in three different engineering units, with a 0.1º resolution. The display even "flips over" – Smarttool always reads right-side up. To make operation

simpler, a beeper sounds at level. Smarttool lengths available in 60cm and 120cm.

PRO-360 and PRO-3600 Digital Protractor

60 cm Smart tool - the easy way to measure angles

bility for the first ten degrees and has an RS232 output for PC or data logger interfacing. The PRO-360 digital protractor, with a 0,1° resolution through 360°, is a cost effective solution for applications where high accuracy or RS 232 output is unnecessary. Both protractors normally operate in a standard reference mode where level is displayed as 0,0° or 0,00°. Alternate zero and hold functions are standard. For more information contact Tilt-Tech on the number below.

The PRO-360 and PRO-3600 digital protractors, with machined aluminium frames, offer immediate level and angle indications. The PRO-3600’s sensor and microprocessor circuits provide accurate readings throughout 360°. It gives a 0,01° resolution with a 0,05° repeata-

Use the phone — it’s quicker !

Tilt-Tech Contact: Sales Tel: (012) 653-4053/083 370 2125 Fax: (012) 653-6273 E-mail:

Atlas Plastics is celebrating 43 years of successful Rotational Moulding! The exceptional finish, attention to detail and extreme durability to withstand the toughest of environments, makes their products a winner!

Atlas Plastics is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic products in South Africa. Manufacturing All of their products are manufactured from high quality, durable materials. They also manufacture a range of products which are custom made for specific customers. These products are the culmination of

research and development between Atlas Plastics and their customers to ensure the end product is exactly what they require.

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Sanitary ware Huts Piping systems Portable toilets and showers Tanks, drums and bins General plastic products 35

Atlas Plastics Contact: Klerksdorp Head Office Tel: (018) 469-1201 Email: Website:

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