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How does the director of se7en use conventions of film noir in the opening of the film? By Freya, Sarah and Timiah

Ambiguous props connotes a privatised sensitive side to the protagonist (The detective).

The badge emphasises he is a conventional protagonist of Neo-noir as he is a detective.

Objects speak louder than wordsSomerset's character is revealed completely in a single shot with all of his main possessions laid out in perfect order in an overhead shot.

The pocket-knife can connote the conventions of violence and danger in film noir, the old age look of the knife can suggest the character has a violent past. The close-up shot of the Props emphasises their importance to the character.

His sarcastic remark suggests the conventional cynicism of film noir. The shallow focus emphasises the characters isolation to every other character in the shot. Background character blurred and not in focus frequently suggesting he is fairly irrelevant to the specific storyline of the protagonist.

The shot is filmed in low lighting with dark shadows surrounding the protagonist. Creating a metaphor for his possible dark past or future. The protagonist’s curiosity and observation of minor details in the scene of a stereotypical detective in film noir, looking for things others wouldn’t.

Conventional urban setting and location.

Classic conventional costumes. The juxtaposition of the two characters attires emphasises opposition, one smart, one rougher looking The de-saturated colour palette of the clothing and background emphasises the negative surrounding that the characters live with on a day to day basis when living in an urban setting

Low angle shot suggests equal power and creates a sense of opposition between the two characters, reinforced by the balance of shot with each character on opposite sides of the frame.

Ambient lightingconventional of film noir. The diegetic sound used in this scene of sirens and shouting suggests disturbance and unease to the characters lonely urban life.

Not centre of the frame, emphasises his loneliness and loss of a loved one, the prop of the double bed reinforces this theme. Other props such as the different lights of either side of the bed connote the idea of him losing someone close to him.

Deep shadows represent the idea of immorality.

Se7en conventions of noir