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pportfolio ortfoolioo of of TTim im Hilhorst

architecture, urbanism & (web)design


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


portfolio of

Tim Hilhorst architecture, urbanism & (web)design

Tim Hilhorst MSc - Architect E-mail: Phone: +31 (0)6 20 667 665 Website: Address: Kloosterkade 22 2628JB Delft The Netherlands

Currriculu um Vita ae


Abou ut me e


Bachelor 6

Light wooden structures


‘A flexible holiday home away from the crowds’ Bachelor 6

Political pavilion


‘Everybody counts, a multi-use market pavilion for the Dutch Labor Party’ Master 1

Intense High Dense

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

Archite ecture an nd urban nism


‘High density living with the feeling of a park’ Master thesis

Permanent Temporality


‘Sustainable transformation of vacant office space to student housing’

Webde esign & deve elopm ment



Name: Address: Postal code: Place of residence: Phone number: Date of birth: Place of birth:

Tim Hilhorst Kloosterkade 22 2628 JB Delft +31 (0)6 20 667 665 April 16, 1987 Alkmaar



portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

per week) A five month internship were I was working on a wide range of activities, i.e. technical drawings, scale models, posters, presentation booklets, renderings and the development of the new company website. 11/2009 - 02/2010 2009 -2 010

2006 - 2013

Master Architecture , Delft University of Technology Bachelor Bouwkunde, Delft University of Technology

2005 - 2006

Senior year - Dobson High School (INTO Student Exchange Program) in Mesa, Arizona VWO (Informatics + Latin): O.S.G. Willem Blaeu, Alkmaar

Exxperienc ce 03/2012 - 09/2012

Research internship - Stevens Van Dijck construction managers and advisors (full time) A research was conducted to see the effects of a sustainble ambition on investment and operation costs. to help develop a plan to better facilitate and manage a Team leader PR, communications and acquisitions - TU

Driver - Airborne Composites (6-10 hours per week)

2007 - 2009

Driver - CarClass - Chauffeur services to individuals and businesses (4-8 hours per week)

2006 - 2011 2004 - 2006

Delft dream team I was in charge of PR, communications and sponsorship, which involved many negotiations with

Extracu urricularr activities 2011 - 2012

Board member - Solar Decathlon ReVolt House (TU Delft)

2010 - 2011

Trainer / Coach - Punch Basketball Ladies 1 team (5 hours per week)


Committee member / Acts - Midsummer Night Festival Student Association Stylos (4 hours per week)

2007 - to date

Basketball player - Punch Basketball Men’s first team (competition: national promotion division)


Committee member / Designer - Punch International Mixed Tournament (6 hours per week)


university, research institutions, government and (building)

Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere)


AutoDesk (Maya, AutoCAD)

Junior Webdeveloper / SEO specialist - QuelMediA -

MicroStation Powerdraft

(12 hours per week)

Visualisation (Google Sketchup Pro, Kerkythea)

Quel brings suppliers and purchasing organization in

Webdevelopment (EditPlus 3, Komodo Edit, HTML, CSS, jQuery, WordPress)

contact with eachother that are looking for products or services in Google. QuelMediA specializes in search engine


Albert Heijn & employment agency Randstad: various activities

functional solar powered home for the prestigious student competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2012. For this TU

Promoter - INTO Study Exchanges – Fairs and presentations

Delft ReVolt House (fulltime) A project which involved the design and build of a fully

Organizer / Supervisor London & New York Camps - Into Study Exchanges (2-3 weeks during summer)

sustainable design.

09/2010 - to date

Graphic designer / webdeveloper - Serra ICT - (8 hours

2008 - 2010

A range of BREEAM-certified case studies were research

08/2011 - 03/2012

Internship - Rudy Uytenhaak Architectenbureau (36 hours

per week)

Ed ducation n

1999 - 2005

01/2010 - 06/2010

marketing, search engine optimization as well as search engine advertising.

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

I am an architect with a passion for sustainability and team work. Graduated at Delft University of Technology (Architecture), I have reseached and designed for the topic of structural office building vacancy. The project goal was to produce a sustainable building system that can be applied to standard sized office buildings. My passion for sustainable design and team work is reflected in my internship at Stevens Van Dijck, where I researched the facilitation and management of sustainable ambitions, and my board year in the Solar Decathlon project ReVolt House, for the purpose of building a solar powered, surplus energy home. With great pleasure I’ve played in the men’s first team at Punch Basketball in Delft, competing in the national ‘Promotiedivisie’. Here I’ve leared that discipline, effort, perseverance and team work play a key role in achieving success on and off the court. With a passion for design and architecture I aim to continue a career on the topic of sustainability, transformation and/or team management. LinkedIn profile:

Portfolio website:


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


Bachelor 6

Light wooden structures ‘A flexible holiday home away from the crowds’


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

This holiday home was designed for a couple that often invites guests to their second home. The house is secluded, only attainable by boat, but not far from the city of Rotterdam. Flexibility has been the main concept throughout the design. The house has a flexible floor plan that suits all kinds of activities. The lot offers the clients total privacy by high and very dense hedges. The design uses these dense hedges as their house separating wall. In summer, the glass space between the volumes can be opened by sliding the entire glass structure over the wooden volume, emphasizing the idea of living in the

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

outdoors, having plenty of privacy by the hedge itself.


Bachelor 6

Political pavilion ‘Everybody counts, a multi-use market pavilion for the Dutch Labor Party’






Forced vs. Unforced


One activity vs. Multifunctional

VS. The central concept behind the pavilion for the Labour Party is the market. The Labour pavilion consists of a three supporting frames and a roof can-

Expensive vs. Affordable


vas. These frames support wooden consoles in several configurations. This range of arrangements can change the function of the pavilion. It is designed to always give the possibility to pass through the frame and between the consoles by walking.

Closed vs. Open


The pavilion gives an approachable, friendly impression. The market has been reduced to its purest form: approachable, accessible, social and flexible.

Fixed vs. Flexible


Business vs. Sociable


Disorganized vs. Organized



portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


Master 1

Intense High Dense ‘High density living with the feeling of a park’


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

16 portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

How is green incorporated in our daily life? Many people live high dense urban areas, and whenever we feel the need, we escape to a nearby park to relax en enjoy the surroundings. Why don’t we start living in the park? The main focus of this project was to exactly that. How do you create an ‘intense high dense’ neighbourhood with a FSI of 1, but still give people the feeling that nature is at their front door? Therefore the team created a park theme which involves public, communal and private green. The way those elements are joined results in our master plan for the EnCeHa area in Gron-

The community of the province Groningen housed 187.622 inhabitants by

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


January 2010 (CBS, 2010). Eventhough the city has a lower amount of inhabitants, the city is still one of the ten largest cities in the Netherlands. The city is well known as a student city. With 50.000 students, of which 30.000 living in the city, Groningen has a very high rate of the age group 20-27. 15,9% in comparison to the 6% average of the Netherlands.

The EnCeHa area lies next to the highway on the opposite side of the sugar factory. Big influences on the plan are the train, running several times each our on ground level to the southwest. Also, the ecological zone on the west side is intended to be kept. The site has a monument, the Hoendiephuis, which is kept in the master plan proposal. It houses young adults facing psychiatric problems who are encouraged to change the course of their life.


18 portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


Master thesis

Permanent Temporality ‘Sustainable transformation of vacant office space to student housing’


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

22 portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

The goal of this project is to design an architectural intervention that proposes a way of dealing with the increasing problem of structural office vacancy. Office vacancy is a growing problem in the Netherlands. In the first half of 2012, office vacancy continued to grow to 7,62 million square meters, 15,4% of the total office stock. The research is executed to determine if there are possibilities making a design that can be applicable to standard size office buildings in the Netherlands. Secondly, the research will investigate the potential of combining the surplus of office space with the shortage of student housing. The research consists of both theoretical and empirical studies. applied in a final design during the MSc4 part of the graduation track. The research aims to support the design phase of my graduation thesis design by means of researching i.e. the financial, political and structural advantages and disadvantages of vacant office transformation. Also, the research ellaborated on my fascination for sustainability and flexibility to support the outcoming design. The products shown on these pages are the architectural results of an ellaborate research conducted to create the most fitting soluti-

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

The gathered information resulted in a set of design guidelines that were

on for standard-sized vacant office buildings.

Function scenario’s (small units)

Transformation scenario’s

Options in transformation scenario’s

Shared facilities


Individual facilities

Student housing Both shared and individual facilities es Elderly care homes Standard shading facade elementt CEE migrants

Renew facade rgy facade element Invididually chosen shading/energy

Young professionals

uction Use roof surface for energy production eÚÚĜĹčāŅŅųŠŸš Multi-use ns Roof green house, kitchen gardens Mono-functional

All options combined

23 23

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst






pp Function & appearance


Building „ƚŸƋ±ĜűÆĬå±ŞŞå±ų±ĹÏå ÆƼŅ±ĩĀĹĜŸĘ±ĹÚ čųååĹü±Ï±Úå


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

Reuse existing ŅþÏåÆƚĜĬÚĜĹč

„ƚŸƋ±ĜűÆĬåƚŸåŅü materials (NIBE)

Resident consciously chooses ŸƚŸƋ±ĜűÆĬåüƚųĹĜƋƚųå

Function & appearance



25 years


5 0 years

24 h o urs

2-5 years

25 25

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


Webdesign & webdevelopment WordPress websites, html/csswebsites, SEO and landing pages WordPress website for the Solar Decathlon participant TU Delft, ReVolt House.

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

WordPress website for the architecture graduation studio of Delft University of Technology.


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

Parallax portfolio website created to promote my work online. Parallax website for an annually held party by myself and two friends.


Stuwa Landing page

portfolio of Tim Hilhorst

WordPress website for pest control company EcO2, commissioned by QuelMediA.

Landing page created for the Marine Crane (Stuwa), commissioned by QuelMediA.


portfolio of Tim Hilhorst


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Tim Hilhorst MSc - Architect E-mail: Phone: +31 (0)6 20 667 665 Website: Address: Kloosterkade 22 2628JB Delft The Netherlands

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