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Thursday 6th August 2009

The Pleasance Times

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Shappi Khorsadi

Paul Merton’s Impro Chums!

Sarah Millican

Pleasance One

The Grand

Pleasance One

20, 23 August

23rd August

22 August

12 pm- 13 pm


FULL LINE UP RHOD GILBERT (full run sold outlast chance to see Rhod perform!) Sarah Millican Pappy’s Fun Club Pippa Evans Andrew Lawrence






What’s Inside Liz and Freya from ‘Thankless Child’ dish out valuable life advice...

Monsieur Montpellier writes for the Pleasance Times about his previous festival experience... Plus! Join Monsieur Montpellier for a guided tour of The Royal Mile!

£11.50 (£10.00)

£14.50 (£13.00)

£12.00 (£10.50)


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Anna Crilly and Katy Wix are two of the most experienced, highly respected and funny sketch duos performing at the Pleasance this year. Back as a duo for a second year, their new show is the culmination of two years of hard work. They have had a short break from performing live together, but they feel that this has refreshed them and made them better and more confident as performers. The last couple of years has seen the

duo working with comedy greats like Ricky Gervais, Jack Dee and Armando Iannucci. The ladies have furnished their poster this year with the words “So funny youʼll think theyʼre men”, a slogan that has got them a lot of interest. “It was a brave decision really. We knew it would get us a lot of attention, but itʼs just tongue in cheek. We werenʼt trying to make a political statement.” This years show boasts fabulous costumes, and Katy was par-

ticularly excited that she had managed to feature her own handbag in the production (“itʼs fantastic isnʼt it, sort of retro”). Not content with simply conquering the world of stand up comedy, you may also recognise Anna and Katy from their huge successes on the small screen. Anna starred as Jack Deeʼs housekeeper in ʻLead Balloonʼ, while Katy appeared in the Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood. They are really excited to be back at the Pleasance this year and

in particular are looking forward to seeing William Andrews in ʻNitwitʼ, Nick Mohammed in ʻApollo 21ʼ and Brian Gittinsʼ show ʻRoadside Café Ownerʼ). These ladies have already received numerous awards, and it will be no surprise if they pick up a few more this year. Dontʼs miss your opportunity to see this fast paced and side-grabbingly funny sketch show. Anna & Katy Pleasance Courtyard Over The Road 2 5-31 August £5.00 to £10.50

Thursday 6th August 2009

The Pleasance Times

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THANKLESS CHILD! Box Office 0131 556 6550

Thursday 6th August 2009

The Pleasance Times


The ladies from’ Thankless Child’ are poised to help you to help yourself.

Press Office 0131 556 6557 Email: festival@pleasance.

Departs Saturday 8 August at 6pm from the Top Stage on the Royal Mile.




Montpellierʼs Alternative History of the Royal Mile! Come and join Monsieur Montpellier for a spectacularly enteraining (if not entirely accurate) tour of The Royal Mile!

Reception (Courtyard) 0131 556 1513


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Hilarious new double act Liz Black and Freya Slipper, a.k.a ʻThankless Childʼ are performing their new show at the Pleasance this year. The pair described their new show as ʻsilliness mixed with clever, or cleverness mixed with silly. Or even ʻsleverʼ, if you prefer. They only started writing together in January and already have amassed their fair share of four and five star reviews. Their show, based on cautionary tales, is designed to help you to

lead a better life. But are the pair ready to take up the mantle of moral protectors? Liz said “I definitely am. Freya isnʼt to be honest. She is the irresponsible one. She will literally just walk into roads, leaving me shouting at her from the pavement.” They have promised to take full responsibility for any casualties on the roads immediately outside the Dome following viewing of their show. Having a strong theme could be seen to bind and restrict sketch artists, but Freya said it gave them much more

freedom. “We had such good advice from friends while we were writing, telling us that you need boundaries. It made us a lot more focused.“ This lunchtime show is hugely enjoyable and accessible for all. Thankless Child is the first show Liz and Freya have brought to the Fringe, although they have both been involved in sketch show Bedlam for a number of years. Thankless Child Joker Dome 5-31 August (not 18, 25) 13:15 (14.10) £5.00 to £8.50

As the greatest magician, illusionist and storyteller on earth, I am passionate about the arts. Thatʼs why, over 40 years ago, I travelled to SCOTLAND with a dream – to found a leading international arts festival which would take the world by storm. Along the way people warned me it would not succeed, the overheads would be too high, the audiences too few, the publicity too confused, but I took no heed of them and ploughed on regardless. Unfortunately they were proven right as the first Glasgow Fringe Festival closed after only two days of a six month run, when it became clear that it was just myself performing in a

local car park. However, I learned a hell of a lot from that experience and, two years later, returned to Scotland with my energies renewed, and was triumphant. Since then the MOTHERWELL FRINGE (sponsored by Mothercare) has come on in leaps and bounds. Ticket sales reached a record high last year as we welcomed the Krasnoyarsk State Ballet, two jugglers, and that comedian off E4! This year, 2009, I made the bold decision to move outside of my comfort zone and travel further afield. Leaving the running of the Motherwell Fringe in the capable hands of a Latvian businessman I met on the train, I decided

to head to the mysterious Edinburgh Fringe – a festival I knew very little about. Upon arriving here yesterday I was instantly struck by the professionalism and quality of all 19,236 acts. Although Iʼve never been here before I have a feeling that this will be the best year yet! Topping the bill, of course, will be my show Monsieur Montpellier: Entertainer Extraordinaire! at 10pm in the luxurious Pleasance Dome. Ably assisted by my servant Le Cabaret, I will deftly perform tricks of magic, mind-reading, and illusion, rounded off with a ʻfamousʼ story from my life as chosen by you, THE AUDIENCE! I confidently predict that the Edinburgh

Fringe will never have seen anything like this before! During the previews Montpellier has been..... watching all-girl sketch quartet Pretty Polly; Henry VI Part 1,2,3,4 – Canadian School Theatre Company ʻLoose Mooseʼ perform Shakespeareʼs history trilogy plus one they wrote themselves; Watership Down – Performed for the first time with real rabbits; Nairobi Dreams – Moving musical combining X-Factor and Africa; Over the Wall – Visionary theatre company ʻBackflipʼ re-locate Aesopʼs Fables to Palestine; and regularly visiting www.monsieur-montpellier

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Thursday 6 August  

Thursday 6 August