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Vincent Ortega Jr. [His 4 Tips to Earning 7-Figures] Vincent Ortega Jr. threw away his chances at a professional baseball career, was battling depression, and had a baby girl on the way.

He described himself as “broken.” He thought that he deserved success with a 95-mile per hour fastball and a superior curveball. However, he lacked discipline, and chose to party in college. He admitted in an interview, “I honestly didn’t care about it.” Hitting rock bottom was the turning point for Vincent Ortega Jr. He pulled himself out of the gutter, and with a broken laptop and a garage table, created a 6-figure Internet business.

Vincent Ortega Jr’s 4 Tips for Success Vincent Ortega Jr. had to fail over and over again before earning success and creating wealth. Here are his 4 success tips that helped catapult his 7-figure a year earnings.

Success Tip #1 – Get Into People’s Hearts Vincent is a Michelangelo when it comes to writing. He specializes in email marketing and Facebook marketing. Take a minute to check out his Facebook page, and you will see how he leverages the power of words to touch people’s hearts and extract their vision. He honestly cares about helping others. He uses his success story to motivate others and to encourage them to have the same opportunity. This strategy has provoked 20,000+ members to join his primary business: the Internet Lifestyle Network.

Success Tip #2 – Have a Vision Vincent Ortega Jr. started with a vision to create a 6-figure business and now his vision is set on a billion dollar business. Visualization is simply a technique for creating a mental image of a future event. When we visualize our desired outcome, we start to see the possibility of manifesting it into our life. Vincent believes that anything is possible if you take action and work hard enough. He put in over 1,000 hours into the Speed Wealth System that guarantees you will make your first sale online in 30 days or else you receive $100. Tim Francis expanded on this element on his blog.

Success Tip #3 – Be an Action Taker and Avoid being a Perfectionist Vincent is a grinder, but he is not a perfectionist. He admits to sleeping 3-5 hours a night because he is so inspired to change people’s lives that he doesn’t want to waste time sleeping. Although he has the work ethic of a billionaire, he clearly expresses, “I’ve NEVER EVER done anything perfect.” He believes perfection is a fast-track route to procrastination. If you aim to do everything correctly from the very start, you will inevitable fail to progress. Instead, he advises on taking consistent action everyday and tweaking projects as you go along.

Success Tip #4 – Finding Mentors Vincent Ortega Jr. partnered up with Mark Hoverson, a network-marketing guru that has changed the Internet marketing game. Vincent was fortunate enough to win a contest to mastermind with Mark, and together they partnered up to create the Internet Lifestyle Network, a multi-million dollar Internet company. Vincent states, “Mark Hoverson absolutely took me in and our conversations for the rest of that trip completely changed my life.” Vincent was able to leverage the wisdom, products, and trainings of an already successful business entrepreneur. It’s crucial to find mentors in your industry or space. Who is the best at doing what they do? Find them and study their habits. Reach out and connect with them.

Don’t waste time re-inventing the wheel. Replicate and duplicate their systems to get your own results.

How Vincent Ortega Jr Created a 7-Figure Income  

Internet Lifestyle Network co-founder Vincent Ortega Business created a multi-million dollar business through the internet lifestyle network...

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