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CH Exclusive

Dear Students, Happy New Year everybody and welcome to the 2009 Toddler issue of Celebrity High Magazine, which you are now holding in your hands. And what an issue it is, kicking off with an exclusive interview with “Brutha,” a group of five talented brothers that sing like no tomorrow and bring back the importance of family. Their work ethic also packs the true meaning of sticking to your dreams. Brutha’s self-titled album dropped December 23rd. Let us get out there and support them! The members of the group also created profiles on our website Speaking of our website, when you go on it, watch out for all kinds of giveaways, deals and information from our many advertisers. We are gearing up to have links to all the community colleges in the area, and valuable coupons to download from other advertisers. This is a new thing we are starting, and our initial sales are very promising. I also wanted to give a huge shout out to Ashley Ayers from Taft high. She will now be heading our fashion section. Ashley has

also launched an interactive editorial MySpace page. To see how you can participate in upcoming editorial spreads or interview celebrities go to We also want readers to start emailing us your thoughts through the website. Celebrity High is surfing the interactive wave and we’d love to see some of the ideas you give us make it to this glossy magazine you are holding. Well, that’s it for now and Happy New Year! Sincerely and Respectfully, Coline Witt



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The Paperless Wave Tips For Helping Our Planet Save Trees By Greg Marquez

It wasn’t long ago when there was no emailing, texting or even the Internet. Back then, when your parents went to high school almost all communication was done on paper, whether in small communications or in writing letters to friends and relatives around the world. The use of paper depleted the world of many of our trees, which continues to cause problems because trees create oxygen as well as clean the environment, reduce noise in urban environments, and are good for wildlife. Yet, even in this wireless age, we continue to utilize to much paper. The following are ways to cut down on paper usage and thus, help to save our trees.

A simple solution for all this paper waste reduction is by using the technology that is already given to us. Firstly, use your Internet more often. This will save you from sending out letters, and in fact, the use of email correspondence is quicker and more informal, as well as a way to document that letters have been sent. This also saves the mail woman/man work and paper. In utilizing the email, you can receive and send instantly, and write a million words without worrying about using thousands of sheets of paper. Another solution to using paper is to do bill paying through the internet. It is good for record keeping, and is fast and easy. Ususally when you get a bill in the mail, it gives the website through where you can pay your bill, and the money can be transferred through your ATM card or checking account. It also saves mounds of paper.

Another way to the paper waste reduction is using your cell phone. Text your bill up and pay it through that. This may take getting a texting plan on your phone bill that gives unlimited texts for one price, but it is well worth it. Texting can come in handy and I’m sure everyone has a good texting moment in their lives. So with that said, text your friends away and email a couple of people. Remember though, that for evey message you send, bill you pay over the Internet, and resume you send through email will be more paper and trees that you save!



The following appeared in the Los Angeles Times


Team (Rec., Div.)

Results (last week’s rank)


MATER DEI (14-0, SS-Div. I-AA)

def. Diamond Ranch, 74-49; Bellingham (Wash.) Squalicum, 79-50; Gahr, 90-66. (1)


WESTCHESTER (14-1, City-Div. I)

Did not play. (2)


KING (9-1, SS-Div. I-AA)

def. Cedar Hill (Texas), 53-51; lost to Marietta (Ga.) Wheeler, 78-73; def. Fairless Hills (Pa.) Pennsbury, 52-48. (4)


TAFT (11-2, City-Div. I)

def. Sacramento, 58-54; Etiwanda, 63-61; Colony, 69-55. (8)


DOMINGUEZ (11-4, SS-Div. I-AA)

def. Mt. Vernon (N.Y.), 60-57; Fairfax, 58-56; Etiwanda, 58-56. (7)


FAIRFAX (11-2, City-Div. I)

def. Beaverton (Ore.) Westview, 72-46; lost to Dominguez, 58-56. (3)


ETIWANDA (10-3, SS-Div. I-AA)

def. Inglewood, 55-40; lost to Taft, 63-61; Dominguez, 58-56. (5)



def. The Woodlands (Texas) College Park, 77-52; Long Beach Jordan 72-70; Windward, 59-49. (10)



lost to Mater Dei, 74-49; def. Ocean View, 56-54; Bishop Montgomery, 52-49. (13)


BISHOP MONT. (14-2, SS-Div. IV-AA)

def. St. Bernard, 75-63; Price, 73-55; lost to Diamond Ranch, 52-49. (6)



def. Kahuku (Hawaii), 54-36; lost to Concord De La Salle, 41-20. (9)



def. Niceville (Fla.), 66-43; Albany (N.Y.) Academy, 68-49. (16)



def. Grant, 77-40; Hart, 96-89; Ridgecrest Burroughs, 89-48. (18)


SANTA MONICA (11-2, SS-Div. I-A)

lost to Granada Hills, 49-46; def. Saugus, 67-41. (12)


TESORO (13-2, SS-Div. I-A)

lost to Mayfair, 70-69; def. South Jordan (Utah) Bingham, 69-57; Foothill, 60-50. (14)


WINDWARD (9-5, SS-Div. V-A)

def. Newark Memorial, 58-39; lost to Rocklin, 77-66; Leuzinger, 59-49. (11)



def. La Verne Lutheran, 69-46; Reseda, 68-67; Modesto Christian, 69-59. (19)



def. Las Vegas Centennial, 65-50; Las Vegas Palo Verde, 71-62; North Torrance, 86-82; San Diego Hoover, 73-71. (21)


SONORA (14-1, SS-Div. III-A)

def. West Ranch, 67-56; Poway, 56-50. (24)



def. Damien, 57-41; Rancho Verde, 74-68. (NR)



def. South Jordan (Utah) Bingham, 75-66; Mayfair, 73-52. (25)



def. Norco, 64-49; Edison, 49-36; San Diego Serra, 66-42. (NR)



def. Cleveland, 64-58; lost to Leuzinger, 72-70; def. Cabrillo, 78-69. (23)



def. San Diego, 66-58; lost to Bellevue (Wash.), 58-54. (NR)



def. Arlington, 61-45; Alta Loma, 70-58. (NR)

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Brothers to


Brutha, the self-title album by the quintet of brothers from South Central Los Angeles is not only rocking the music charts, but their BET reality show, Brothers to Brutha, is also proving to be a major hit. The five brothers in the band include Grady Harrell III, Cheyenne Harrell (Papa), Jacob Harrell, Jared Harrell ( JR), and Anthony Harrell (Ant). Celebrity High recently sat down with the group for the following interview. CH: What does this album, Brutha signify to all of you? A: This album signifies everything we have been working for since we were little boys. We put our heart and souls in this album. This album really means a lot to us. CH: What can people expect to hear from this record? A: People can expect a lot of good music without using any profanity, no disrespect to women, just going to hear good solid R&B soul music, people are going to hear songs about love, losing love, finding love, being afraid of love, embracing love. CH: Does everyone have a favorite track on the record? What are some of your guys’ favorite tracks? A: “She is gone” and “I can’t hear the music.” There is also feature with Fabulous on the album, and it was truly great working with him. CH: Do you have any fears or expectations about the albums success and your future in the industry? A: We all want to be successful and our fears are what if the CDs don’t sell and what if people don’t like us? Still, it is a chance we are willing to take. CH: How long would you say it took for you guys to get to where you are at today? A: It took a lifetime of work. Since we were very little boys. CH: You are Island Def Jam’s first R&B boy group. How does that make you feel? A: Correction, we are not their first R&B group. We are the only R&B boy group now and it makes us feel wonderful. CH: Correction noted. Moving on, how did the TV show come about? Did you get your record deal first or the show? A: We got our record deal first and once we started working out the artist development, our uncle, who also manages us, thought it would be a good idea for the cameras to follow us and show our struggles and everything we are going through. CH: From watching the show it seems Anthony plays more of the role of a father figure to the group. How is that when Grady is the oldest? A: Grady, “I’m the oldest but I am the most immature and I play practical jokes and Anthony is more serious.” CH: Do you guys have any celebrity crushes? A: Palette Patten, Kelly Rolland, Gabriel Union, Laura London.

E N T E R T A I N M E N T 13

CH: What was it like watching your video on TV for the first time? A: The first time watching our video on TV was when we went on the show 106 & Park. It was on a huge screen, and we were so excited we even forgot we were on TV. It was hard to control our excitement. CH: Have you guys experienced being star struck at all yet? A: Yes, we sang at Stevie Wonders house in 2006. It was a very intimate situation. He kept asking us to sing more songs. We were nervous because we knew he has a really good ear for music and we didn’t want to mess up. CH: Could you please share with Celebrity High your most memorable moment since becoming a celebrity? A: Singing and meeting Stevie Wonder. CH: Could you please tell us a little about you guys as an individual group? Jared aka JR: I am really an outgoing guy, I like to play basketball, I sing most of the middle harmony parts.

Anthony: I like to cook, I like to collect movies, play basketball Jake: I like playing basket ball, dancing, writing poetry, reading, Grady: I am the oldest I sing most of the high parts of the harmony like to play practical jokes on my brothers and likes to dance. Cheyenne aka Papa: I was named papa because his family says that he looked like an old man as a baby and I love clothes! CH: How do you feel about your new reality show on BET? A: It is a new experience every week because we already lived it but we never got to see it or the cut before it comes out on TV. So we relive it all over again. CH: Do you guys like the whole idea of cameras following you around? A: It is something we had to learn to get used to. It didn’t take us long though. CH: What artist would you like to work with in the future for your next album? A: Dr. Dre and R. Kelly, and Kanye West.

CH: If you hadn’t chosen to be singers what other career would you have chosen? A: There would not have been another career we were raised to breathe music. If we were not singing we would have done something involving music. CH: Grady, do you think that you set a good example to your brothers since you are the oldest? A: Not all the time but I definitely try. CH: What do you guys like to do on your spare time? A: We don’t go out to much we just sit and talk for hours. CH: What are your long-term career goals? A: We just would like to be around 2 years from now. CH: What are your strengths, weaknesses, and interests? A: Our ability to be able to sing on the spot is our strength, and to be on time would be our weakness, which we are working on.

CH: What advice would you give another upcoming artist? A: To stay true to your dream and do not to think it is impossible. CH: Now that you are famous, do you guys still get to spend much time with your family? A: We don’t as much do to us promoting the album but when we are in town we do. CH: Can you share your most embarrassing moment? Anthony: I was at a high school trying to pump up the crowd and give shout outs and ended up saying blah, blah instead it was bad you couldn’t make out what I was saying. Papa: I was doing suicide in a R&B boot camp in Atlanta and collapsed I wasn’t the type of person to work out Grady: When my voice cracks when I am speaking Jacob: I was battling (dancing) someone in front of the whole school, everyone was watching and I had keys around my neck and while dancing I got hit in the face with the keys and knocked myself out. The guy who was battling started to dance over me. Jared: The first show with Brutha I forgot my verse and eventually through everyone off.

from left to right: Jared Grady, Papa, Anthony, and Jake




much? By: Lauren Swing

Portion Distortion


People today eat way more than they used to — and way more than they need to. This means that they’re constantly taking in more calories than their bodies can burn. Unfortunately, lots of us don’t realize that we’re eating too much because we’ve become so used to seeing (and eating!) large portions. It’s easy to understand why the food industry tends to serve way more food than is necessary: Customers love to feel like they’re getting the best value for their money!

Serving sizes tell you how much nutrition you’re getting from a particular food but they don’t tell you which foods you need to stay healthy — and how much of those foods you should eat. That’s where the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s My Pyramid comes in.

The Truth about Serving Sizes:

Look at the label on any product package and you’ll see a nutrition information section that gives a serving size for that food. Contrary to popular belief, this serving size is not telling you the amount you should be eating. It’s simply a guide to help you see how many calories and nutrients — as well as how much fat, sugar, and salt — you get from eating a specific quantity of that food.

H E A LT H 16

My Pyramid divides foods into six groups: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

grains vegetables fruits oils dairy meat and beans

Instead of going along with what your school cafeteria or favorite restaurant puts on your plate, you can take control by eating only the amount you need.

Visual Cues

Serving sizes on food labels and recommended amounts on MyPyramid are usually given in grams, ounces, or cups. So how can we translate those amounts into quantities we can relate to? One easy way to size up portions if you don’t have any measurements is to take a look at your hand. A clenched fist is about a cup — and a cup is the amount experts recommend for a portion of pasta, rice, cereal, vegetables, and fruit. A meat portion should be about as big as your palm. And limit the amount of added fats (like butter, mayo, or salad dressing) to the size of the top of your thumb.

Five tips for portion control:

Another great way to visualize appropriate portions is to use the concept of the “divided plate.” Think of your plate as divided into four equal sections. Use one of the top quarters for protein. Then use the other top quarter for starch, preferably a whole grain. Then fill the bottom half with veggies. Not only will dividing your plate like this help you keep portions under control, it can also help you to balance your meals.

Add more salads and fruit to your diet

Most important, make it a habit to let your stomach rather than your eyes tell you when you’re done with a meal. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to listen to your body’s natural signals about when it’s hungry and when it’s full.

Try single-serving size foods (like those cute little 8-ounce cans of soda!) to help your body learn what an appropriate portion size is. These days all kinds of snacks and beverages are available in “100-calorie” portions. The key is to eat just one! Eat three well-rounded meals (with vegetables, proteins, and carbs) and one or two healthy snacks at regular times throughout the day. Try not to rush through your meals. Eat slowly and chew well — giving yourself a chance to feel full before you take more. If you do want seconds, go for more salad or veggies. Be aware that most restaurant portions are three or four times the right serving size. Try sharing meals with friends, ordering an appetizer as a main dish, or packing up the extra to take home before you begin to eat.

New Year, New Style, New You! By Ashley Ayers

10 things to remember…. Horizontal strips make you look wider than you actually are. Short hems make your legs look longer. Extremely short hems make you look less classy. Wearing white after Labor Day is ok! If you didn’t wear it last year, you’re probably not going to wear it this year. If you still haven’t found anything to wear with it, give it away, someone else might have the perfect match! If you can’t fit into it, give it to someone who can. If it needs tailoring or fixing-& you haven’t done it yet- then you probably won’t. Sentimental value isn’t everything. Charities accept all donations, so don’t ever think they won’t like or appreciate the things you don’t want. There’s one million and one ways to donate, so don’t say you couldn’t find anyone to give it to.

Being you consists of two things: The inside & Out. The first thing that people notice is the out. It says who you are, how you think, and how much you care about your appearance. If you’re tired of people thinking the same old thing, then now is the perfect time to change it!

step1 Go through what you have. Take everything out of your closet and drawers piece by piece and make 3 piles. Keep, Donate, & Think Keep clothes that are versatile, fit comfortable, and flatter your figure. Donate clothes that don’t fit, you never wear, and that don’t and can’t go with anything you already own. Think about clothes that need tailoring, have stains, missing buttons, and you aren’t sure where you’d ever wear. As you make the piles, try the clothes on like you’re having your own mini fashion show. The goal to a good wardrobe is to have clothes that work well with each other, compliment your shape, are good quality, and that you like.

step 2 Get your base, then everything else. The easiest way to get the most out of your money is to have plenty of versatile items that are good quality. These articles will be the base of your wardrobe. Tops T-Shirts, V-Necks, Thermals, Undershirts, etc. (all in solid plain colors.) Nice sweater, blazer, coat. Bottoms Dark & Light jeans, dress pants, & a formal skirt. Shoes Comfy tennis shoes, dress shoes, sandals,& boots. Accessories Classic shades, nice bracelet/watch, simple earrings, nice belt. Once you have all of these things, you can make sure you have your personality pieces that have color, excitement, and most of all, show who you are!

step 3 Put it all together Seeing as its winter a big problem is being stylish and warm, so here are three basic outfits for this season that you can easily build around.

step 4 Donate ! Churches, homeless shelters, and even some schools have donation programs, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Everyday wear A simple long sleeved shirt with jeans and sneakers is a very simple and easy every day outfit to use as a canvas for your creativity.

Salvation Army 2737 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026 (213)484-0772

Dressy Casual

Catholic Charities 211 3rd Ave. Venice, CA 90291 (310)392-8701

A classic turtle neck and casual boots can dress up that same pair of jeans while still leaving that blank canvas. Business Attire: Topping that turtleneck with a blazer, and changing the jeans to dress pants & simple boots will have you prepared for a job interview or a nice dinner. Then once you have your outfit, you can style it up with simple and colorful pieces like these below!

L I F E ST YL E 19

100 90


Obama By Stephanie Ray


One of the easiest equations in math is 2+2=4. The logic behind it is simple enough. That if you take two of anything and put two more of that same thing with it your get four of those things. Science and math are fun like the 2+2 equation because many rules are exact. If you dissect a frog in biology, unless the frog is deformed, the heart, bones and muscle will always be where they are supposed to be. Teachers across the nation in high school science and math pretty much teach these absolute or exact concepts. Which is what makes the science of economics so different because it involves non-absolute or abstract thinking. It is also the reason that if you put 10 economists together in a room to problem solve, one is likely to get 10 different answers. According to the dictionary, economic is the science of dealing with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

70 60

Nevertheless, economics is on the front burner for President Obama, because the federal government has a huge debt. Likewise, the makers of goods and services in this country also have huge debt, which leads to business owners not having any money to keep or hire new employees. This leads to regular people not having jobs, which leads to them not being able to buy anything, which leads to businesses going out of business, which leads to major decline in the American quality of life. The final result could be all you know what breaking loose. So the question for Obama and our other political leaders is how to fix this problem before it gets much worse. For Obama, the answer is not to worry for now about the federal government’s debt which he is estimated to be $1.2 trillion. Debt does not mean you don’t have any money. It simply means you spend more than you brought in. In other words, say you are working part time at Burger King and make $100 a week, but after you pay your phone bill, your food bill and even your fun money bill the cost is $120 a week. This means, for the week you are $20 in debt. Remember, you’re still making that $100 dollars a week, but every week it costs another $20 to live and that adds up to about $80 a month. Now one easy solution for Obama and the federal govermnet is that since they actually print money, they should just print more. However, this solution doesn’t work

50 40 30 20 10 0

The American Economy






because if you just print more money then the dollar in your pocket isn’t worth as much. In other words, the burger at Burger King instead of costing one dollar will now cost $20. Obama’s answer to this mess for now is to not worry about that $1.2 trillion debt. Instead, he is going to take tax dollars that come in from people’s paycheck each week and reinvest it in the American economy to create jobs, which in turn will have more people working, who will then spend more money. Then businesses will start to grow again and they will hire more people, who will pay more taxes so the government can finally begin to reduce their debt. Under Obama’s plan he will take about $700 billion of our tax money and put it into rebuilding America’s infrastructure. When he says infrastructure, he means to renovate the country’s bridges, highways, airports, public transportation systems and even schools, police stations and public libraries. In many cases, these public institutions haven’t been worked on for years and are crumbling. In fact, many countries now have newer roads and bridges then we do. This is just one Obama plan, but the question remains, will it work? The answer is not as easy as 2+2, but surely time will tell.





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