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A R D S 2 016



By Spyros Ktenas

Greece’s extrovert businesses, a single force to restart the economy!


The performance of Greece’s economy since 2008 to date does seem not allow for much optimism: the country’s GDP shrank by 26%, while some 1.0 million jobs have been lost, as many as 128,000 businesses have closed down and the population has been reduced by 360,000 as a result of migration. In addition, property prices in that period sang by 40%, bank deposits plummeted by 75 billion euros and the capitalization of the Athens Stock Exchange plunged by 150 billion euros. In this context, a re-examination of the country’s public debt, which is a necessary condition to restart Greece’s economy, is not yet on the negotiating table with the international lenders. As a matter of fact, a favorable agreement between Greece and its international lenders on government debt would remove scepticism towards the country’s economic outlook, while enhancing its position against international capital markets and making the economy attractive to investors. Such a development is certainly in the interest of the “European project,” currently hit by refugee and migratory flows. Under such conditions, and while a new relationship is sought between Greece and its creditors, the country still shows some very dynamic business forces that are expanding their presence in foreign markets. Regardless of the heavy losses recorded in the private sector of the economy, the forces of extroversion - export businesses, shipping, tourism industry - are bolstering their position in the country’s economic life. Specifically: Firstly, Greece’s production and export enterprises have shown in practice that they can cope in tough conditions. According to data by ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority), Greek exports (excluding fuels) in 2015, recorded a positive trend, posting an increase of 8.2% compared to 2014, following a four-year period of stagnation. The value of exports is estimated at 18.3 billion euros, which combined with a stagnation in imports (excluding fuels), allowed the trade deficit to improve by 7.3% or 1.1 billion euros. In spite of a decline in exports sales growth (excluding fuels) observed after capital controls were imposed in July 2015 (Greek exports dropped in October and November 2015, compared to the same period a year earlier), a recovery in export activity was actually recorded in December 2015, as exports rose by +2.7% compared to December 2014. This ultimately led to an overall growth in Greek exports (excluding fuels) in 2015 by 8.2% year-on-year. Secondly, Greek shipping is a leader in the global market, with approximately 4,500 ships accounting for 19.63% of world tonnage in dwt, while holding 49.96% of the EU fleet. These two figures show an upward trend compared to previous years. On the positive side, international developments have created good opportunities for Greek shipping. For instance, the oil tanker shipping industry enjoys the best freight market since 2008, with daily rates recording increases of over 70%, while developments in the transport of liquefied gas also have a positive effect. A further indication of Greek shipping vigour is the fact that 52% of listed shipping companies in the world’s two largest (by market cap) stock exchanges - NYSE and NASDAQ - are Greek-owned. At the same time, shipping is a very critical sector of Greece’s economy, with maritime transport directly contributing around 9.0 billion euros in added value to the country’s economy. In addition, the list of the 100 most powerful people in world shipping has a good number of Greek ship owners: Lloyd’s List includes 13 names of Greek shipping tycoons. Thirdly, foreign visitor arrivals in Greece in 2015 reached the 26-million mark, with tourist revenues amounting to 14.2 billion euros. The contribution of tourism to Greece’s economy is estimated at 20% of GDP. The above performance could be highly accelerated should the country enjoyed greater political stability. Obviously, reforms need to continue to facilitate large-scale investments.


CONTENTS Editorial: 6 Spyros A. Ktenas

12 Interventions 57 Distinguished companies

281 Tourism 303 Shipping 8

Active Greece 2016 index

79 Export Leaders

ADELCO S.A. .....................................................................................................59. ABB S.A...........................................................................................................272. Aegean Marine Petroleum.......................................................................319. AGRO.VI.M. S.A. .............................................................................................159. AGROINVEST SA.............................................................................................248. AKRITAS S.A....................................................................................................214. Alchimica SA................................................................................................184. ALFA BETA ROTO SA........................................................................................147. AlindaVelco SA............................................................................................226. Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa ......................................................................300. ALMI SA..........................................................................................................166. ALUMAN SA....................................................................................................125. ALUMIL S.A.....................................................................................................118. Amaltheia SA...............................................................................................235. AMEKON S.A...................................................................................................238. ANDROMEDA SA.............................................................................................130. ANFARM HELLAS S.A......................................................................................263. Angelicoussis Shipping Group................................................................304. APIVITA S.A....................................................................................................252. ARGO S.A........................................................................................................269. ASPIS SA HELLENIC JUICE INDUSTRY.............................................................206. Astir Vitogiannis Bros Sa.........................................................................182. Athenian Brewery SA.................................................................................158. Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.......................60. Atlas Tapes SA.............................................................................................133. BARBA STATHIS SA.........................................................................................236. BARILLA HELLAS SA.......................................................................................192. BIC VIOLEX SA.................................................................................................103. BINGO S.A.......................................................................................................277. Blue Sea Beach Resort, Blue Star Hotel & Bungalows, Pedi Beach Hotel .............................................................................................. Bluepoint S.A...............................................................................................213. Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas S.A...........................................................100. BSH Home Appliances SA............................................................................114. C & P EKKOKKISTIRIA COTTON SA...................................................................225. Cablel Hellenic Cables Group ..................................................................96. Capital Maritime........................................................................................317. Caravel Hotels SA......................................................................................290. Cardiff Marine/TMS Group/Dryships.....................................................308. CAVINO WINERY & DISTILLERY S.A................................................................221. CERAMETAL SA...............................................................................................230. CHALKIDIKI FLOUR MILLS SA.........................................................................256. CHB GROUP....................................................................................................188. Chipita S.A......................................................................................................61. Coca-Cola 3Ε SA ............................................................................................58. CON. I. IOANNIDIS S.A....................................................................................204. COPELOUZOS GROUP........................................................................................62. Corinth Pipeworks......................................................................................98. CORUS – KALPINIS – SIMOS S.A....................................................................268. COSMOS PROFIL SA........................................................................................132. Costamare....................................................................................................316. CROWN HELLAS CAN SA.................................................................................117. D. NOMIKOS S.A..............................................................................................175. Daios Plastics S.A.......................................................................................219. DEAS S.A. .......................................................................................................151. DEL MONTE HELLAS S.A.................................................................................177. DELTA FOODS S.A..............................................................................................63. DEMO S.A.......................................................................................................171.


Diana Shipping............................................................................................318. DISTILERY – WINERY OF THRACE SA..............................................................239. DODONI SA.....................................................................................................201. DOPPLER S.A..................................................................................................208. DOW HELLAS S.A............................................................................................139. Dynacom/Dynagas ....................................................................................310. E.J. Papadopoulos SA..................................................................................218. ELEFSIS SHIPBUILDING AND INDUSTRIAL ENTERPRISES SA..........................153. ELMIN HELLENIC MINING ENTERPRISES S.A..................................................245. ELPEN S.A.......................................................................................................186. Elval S.A..........................................................................................................88. ELVIAL SA.......................................................................................................214. EMEK S.A........................................................................................................191. ENERGEAN OIL & GAS SA................................................................................136. ENTERPRISE GREECE........................................................................................64. EPALME S.A....................................................................................................222. EPIROTIC BOTTLING INDUSTRY (VIKOS) SA....................................................261. Escarcom SA................................................................................................223. Esperia Group Tourism Enterprises .....................................................287. EURICOM HELLAS S.A.....................................................................................244. EURIMAC SA...................................................................................................210. EURODRIP SA.................................................................................................173. Evoiki Zimi SA.................................................................................................66. ΕΖΑ protypos hellenic brewery................................................................67 EXALCO S.A.....................................................................................................146. EXPOPEL S.A...................................................................................................260. Express Publishing S.A. ............................................................................198. F.A. MOYRIKIS S.A...........................................................................................226. F.H.L. I. Kiriakidis Marbles & Granites S.A..............................................160. FAGE DAIRY INDUSTRY S.A.............................................................................141. FAIAX SA, Μember of N. Daskalantonakis Group-Grecotel................289. FAMAR SA.......................................................................................................131. FIBRAN D. ANASTASIADIS SA.........................................................................212. Fitco S.A........................................................................................................140. FLEXOPACK SA................................................................................................142. FRUCTA UNION S.A.........................................................................................278. G.N.FRANGISTAS SA.......................................................................................198. GAEA S.A........................................................................................................242. GALAXIDI MARINE FARM SA..........................................................................175. Gaslog .........................................................................................................311. GEK TERNA Group...........................................................................................68. Genepharm S.A............................................................................................168. General Maritime ......................................................................................314. GLEOUDIS N. “KAVEX” SA................................................................................180. Goldair Cargo S.A.........................................................................................70. Golden Union Shipping - Union of Greek Shipowners........................315. GRANTEX S.A HELLENIC GREEK FRICTION MATERIALS INDUSTRY.................233. GRECIAN MAGNESITE SA................................................................................149. Greek Wine Cellars - D. Kourtakis S.A.....................................................228. HAITOGLOU BROS S.A.....................................................................................193. Halcor Group................................................................................................90. HALYPS BUILDING MATERIALS S.A.................................................................273. HATZOPOULOS ATH. E. SA...............................................................................151. HB BODY S.A...................................................................................................148. HDI Global SE.................................................................................................69. HELLAS GOLD S.A...........................................................................................126. HELLENIC AEROSPACE INDUSTRY S.A. ...........................................................166. HELLENIC DAIRIES SA.....................................................................................195.

HELLENIC FISHFARMING SA...........................................................................154. Hellenic Halyvourgia S.A.........................................................................109. HELLENIC PETROLEUM.....................................................................................71. Horizon Beach Resort...............................................................................294. Hotel Du Lac Congress Center & Spa.......................................................302. Hotels Collection – Hatzilazarou Group............................................286. Hotos SA.......................................................................................................232. I. M. STROFILIA Ltd........................................................................................273. IKTINOS HELLAS SA........................................................................................172. ILIAKI ELAIOURGIA ........................................................................................196. IMAS SA..........................................................................................................146. IMATHIA COTTON S.A.....................................................................................222. Imeridis milkplan......................................................................................255. Inform P. Lykos S.A......................................................................................244. INTERCOMM FOODS S.A.,...............................................................................120. Intertrade Hellas SA.................................................................................213. INTRACOM Defense Electronics................................................................135. INTRACOM S.A. TELECOM SOLUTIONS ...........................................................116. INTRALOT.........................................................................................................72. IOANNIS KORDATOS SA...................................................................................266. ION S.A...........................................................................................................241. IONIAN KALK S.A............................................................................................208. Iraklidis & Sons S.A....................................................................................280. ISOMAT SA......................................................................................................254. JANNIS SA......................................................................................................267. JOHNSON & JOHNSON S.A..............................................................................250. Kafantaris – Papakostas SA ....................................................................190. KAMARIDIS GLOBAL WIRE SA........................................................................190. KAPACHIM SA.................................................................................................271. KARAGIORGOU N. Bros SA............................................................................119. KARALIS MILK INDUSTRY OF EPIRUS SA........................................................239. KARATZIS S.A..................................................................................................134. Karelia Tobacco Industry SA.....................................................................94. KATRADIS MARINE ROPES IND. S.A................................................................243. KATSIAMAKAS S.A..........................................................................................253. KEBE S.A.........................................................................................................233. KEFALONIA FISHERIES SA...............................................................................189. KESIDIS BROS SA............................................................................................240. KLEEMANN S.A...............................................................................................123. KLEFER S.A.....................................................................................................271. KNAUF USG SA................................................................................................199. KOLIOS S.A......................................................................................................145. Konstantopoulos SA – “OLYMP”................................................................164. KORONAKIS D. SA...........................................................................................181. KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS SA...................................................................231. KOURELLAS S.A..............................................................................................270. KRI KRI SA.......................................................................................................227. KRONOS S.A....................................................................................................138. LABRIDIS BROS S.A........................................................................................264. Landis+Gyr SA............................................................................................124. LARCO General Mining & Metallurgical Company SA...........................93. LARIPLAST SA PLASTIC INDUSTRY.................................................................251. LAZARIDIS MARMOR SA.................................................................................232. Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides S.A...............................................................101. LINDOS BLU Luxury Hotel & Suites, LINDOS MARE - D. Kalioudakis – M. Roditis S.A....................................................................................................296. Lindos Imperial Ioannis Minettos SA.....................................................291. LITTLE ACRE MILK FARM SA...........................................................................157.


Louis Hotels SA...........................................................................................284. LOUX.................................................................................................................73. LPC SA............................................................................................................142. M. J. Maillis SA.............................................................................................119. MACEDONIAN PAPER MILLS SA......................................................................157. MANTZIARIS SA..............................................................................................246. Maris Polymers S.A....................................................................................235. MAST FOODS S.A............................................................................................277. MEDITERRANEAN SHIPPING COMPANY (Global).........................................320. MEGA Disposables S.A................................................................................165. MEGAPLAST SA..............................................................................................217. Megara Resins S.A......................................................................................178. MELISSA KIKIZAS FOOD PRODUCTS SA..........................................................203. MERCURY CORPORATION S.A.........................................................................256. METKA S.A........................................................................................................92. MEVGAL S.A...................................................................................................150. MICHAIL ARABATZIS S.A. ‘HELLENIC DOUGH’.................................................262. Micrel Medical Devices S.A.......................................................................268. Missirian S.A................................................................................................137. Mitrosilis S.A..............................................................................................251. MONOTEZ SA..................................................................................................113. MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES S.A..............................................87. MULTY FOAM S.A............................................................................................211. Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Diakoftis SA....................................288. N.Daskalantonakis Group - Grecotel....................................................299. Navios Group...............................................................................................306. NEOKEM S.A...................................................................................................249. NEORION SYROS SHIPYARDS S.A....................................................................266. Nestlé Hellas SA.........................................................................................179. nEWa.GE CLOTHING S.A.................................................................................278. NEXANS HELLAS SA........................................................................................156. NIK. KIOLEIDES SA ........................................................................................248 Nireus Aquaculture S.A.............................................................................102. Nitsiakos S.A................................................................................................258. NORSAFE WATERCRAFT HELLAS SA...............................................................234. NUTRIA SA......................................................................................................200. OHONOS SNACK S.A.......................................................................................274. OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS S.A............................................................................259. Olympia Odos.................................................................................................74. OMIROS DAIRIES S.A......................................................................................279. PALAPLAST S.A...............................................................................................238. Palirria SA...................................................................................................197. PAPADIMITRIOU C. C. SA................................................................................279. Papoutsanis S.A. ...........................................................................................75. PARAGOIKI THRAKIS SA..................................................................................275. PAVLIDES S.A..................................................................................................122. PAVLIDIS MARBLE GRANITE SA......................................................................144. PAVLOS N. PETTAS S.A....................................................................................112. PCT – Piraeus Container Terminal .........................................................321. PELOPAC S.A...................................................................................................234. PETROS PETROPOULOS SA.............................................................................215. PETSAS S.A.....................................................................................................217. Pharmathen S.A..........................................................................................161. PIRAEUS PORT AUTHORITY SA.......................................................................322. PLASTIKA KRITIS ...........................................................................................111. Porto Carras Grand Resort.....................................................................283. PROCOS SA.....................................................................................................177. PROTOFANOUSI FRUITS SA.............................................................................202. PROVERTIA S.A...............................................................................................280. PYRAMIS SA...................................................................................................152.

RADISSON BLU PARK HOTEL ATHENS.............................................................301. RESILUX HELLAS S.A. .....................................................................................229. Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness - Rexeka SA...............................295. ROUSSAS S.A..................................................................................................185. S&B INDUSTRIAL ORES SA..............................................................................110. Saint John Mykonos Hotel & Villas – Achinopodi SA.........................285. Sani Resort..................................................................................................282. SARANTIS GROUP ..........................................................................................128. SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC SA................................................................................257. SELECTED TEXTILES S.A..................................................................................176. SELONDA Aquaculture SA...........................................................................104. SEPTONA SA...................................................................................................169. SEVITEL............................................................................................................76. Sidenor Group.............................................................................................106. SIDMETAL S.A ................................................................................................199. SIOURAS S.A...................................................................................................200. SKL S.A...........................................................................................................180. SKO P. KRYSTALLIDIS S.A................................................................................260 SMIRDEX S.A..................................................................................................246. SONOCO HELLAS SA.......................................................................................223. SOURSOS S.A..................................................................................................224. SOYA HELLAS..................................................................................................132. Soya Mills SA...............................................................................................170. SPANOS S.A....................................................................................................269. STAFF SA.........................................................................................................196. Star Bulk ....................................................................................................312. Stella Palace, Stella Village Hotel & Bungalows - Stella Beach SA........................................................................................293. Systems Sunlight SA..................................................................................115. TEMES S.A......................................................................................................297. THEON SENSORS SA.......................................................................................183. Thrace Nonovens & Geosynthetics SA...................................................125. THRACE PLASTICS PACK SA............................................................................247. THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA S.A.........................................................................194. TITAN S.A........................................................................................................155. Tosoh Hellas A.I.C.......................................................................................174. Tsakos Energy Navigation ......................................................................313. TSATSOULI BROS ROYAL S.A...........................................................................276. Tsimis SA.......................................................................................................225. TUPPERWARE HELLAS S.A.............................................................................240. TYRAS SA........................................................................................................129. UNION 3 FASHION LTD....................................................................................220. VARVARESSOS SA EUROPEAN SPINNING MILLS............................................219. VECHRO............................................................................................................77. VEMEKEP S.A..................................................................................................249. Vianex SA......................................................................................................162. VIOLAR SA......................................................................................................108. VIORYL SA......................................................................................................265. VIOTROS SA ...................................................................................................205. Yannidis Group...........................................................................................237. YIOULA GLASSWORKS S.A.............................................................................207. Zoinos Winery S.A.........................................................................................78. ΕLSA - SILGAN METAL PACKAGING S.A...........................................................264. ΕZΑ protypos hellenic brewery ...............................................................67. ΕΚΜΕ S.A........................................................................................................275. ΖΑΝΑΕ NIKOGLOU BAKERY YEAST SA.............................................................216. Μarmor SG SA..............................................................................................187. ΝORDIA SA.....................................................................................................274. #NAME?..........................................................................................................292.


Deputy Minister of Economy, Development & Tourism

Alexis Charitsis

Simplicity and transparency with NSRF funds for an outward oriented development

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to outline the Ministry’s strategy on the NSRF funds. It is our top priority to simplify the procedure that citizens, companies and public entities need to follow so as to benefit from NSRF funds. In the past, managing or simply applying for an NSRF project required a huge amount of paperwork, which incurred significant costs for the parties involved. As it is clearly evident in our new Management & Control System (the first out of the 28 Member-States to be approved by the EU services), we are already eliminating unnecessary processes and digitizing the necessary ones. An equally important effect of the ongoing simplification procedure is the fact that more people will be able to benefit from NSRF funds. Expensive counseling services will no longer be required. Transparency is another vital aspect of our policy. All information on the NSRF project planning procedure and the money being spent will be made publicly available. We are anticipating additional economic activities to be created through the utilization of this public data (e.g. special-purpose online and mobile applications). In the past, it was practically impossible to know when the disbursements for


NSRF projects would be granted. This led to a significant loss of resources, mainly due to the inability of companies to plan properly and the unavailability of bank credit to support them. We are aware of this situation and we are making great efforts to ensure a steady and foremost predictable cash-flow into the market. At the end of the day, the management of NSRF funds will be assessed for effectiveness and success, based on the returns of the implemented investments. We have elaborated a highly publicized strategic plan for the optimal use of available funds, through which we are trying to maximize the impact of each euro spent. We are analyzing the qualitative characteristics of each one of the submitted investment projects and moving forward with the ones that promote an outward-oriented economic model and add value, quality and innovation to the production system, improving both the micro and macro levels of economic activity. Introducing social entrepreneurship schemes and empowering all those participating in them are also a key pillar of our policy. For more information on the NSRF management scheme and programme opportunities, please visit our web site on


Alternate Minister of Economy Development & Tourism

Elena Kountoura

Tourism, the leading sector of the Greek economy with 20% of the GDP

Tourism, is a leading sector of Greece’s economy, with a contribution of more than 20% to the national GDP and high rates of growth in all recent years. 2015 was a record-breaking year in international arrivals and tourism revenue due to our new tourism policy, designed and introduced last year. Our plan, which we continue to implement, includes the extension of our tourism season, the development and promotion of theme tourism, as well as new popular Greek destinations, and the enrichment of our product geared towards high-end accommodation and high quality services. Greece’s tourism is becoming more and more extroverted as we strengthen our presence in our traditional markets, open new markets worldwide and establish new direct flights. It is a strategic decision to further empower and enrich our tourism product and promote Greek tourism abroad, through a dynamic and targeted promotion plan, in full collaboration with all the Greek regions and the private tourism sector.


We place great emphasis on supporting entrepreneurship in the tourism sector, which strengthens the economy on local, as well as national levels. Our new framework provides tools to existing and new businesses and high value-added investments, with an emphasis on openness and innovation. Through the latest NRSF funding program, 70 million euros are allocated to medium- and small-sized businesses that plan to upgrade facilities and services and modernize their operation. A new program will soon be announced providing funding to creation of new tourism businesses. The private sector’s efforts and overall activity in recent years has been outstanding. Regardless of challenges, tourism businesses continued to invest in providing high quality services and strived to strengthen their presence in the highly competitive global market. In this year’s edition, Active Greece 2016 highlights the leading businesses and their extroverted plans, and is a testament to the tourism sector’s immense dynamic to further grow in the years to come.


Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Greece

Velissarios Dotsis

Investments and Exports: the key to Greece’s sustainable growth

It is without a doubt that we are witnessing challenging economic times both at national and international level. In order for Greece to achieve economic recovery, we definitely need growth. And that requires, among others, attracting foreign investments and boosting Greek exports. These are top priorities in Government’s agenda along with a systematic effort to create an investment and business friendly environment. Recent data show a restoring confidence from the investors’ side to the prospects of the Greek economy. Macroeconomic figures demonstrate positive signals. The Greek economy has been resilient enough during the turbulent 2015. Exports, excluding oil products, increased by 7.83% compared to 2014, amounting to €17.86 billion, a positive result across all the economic activities. Political stability, the recent recapitalization of banks, potential public debt restructuring and recent agreements in the private sector show the road for the Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) recovery in Greece. Attracting investment and promoting Greek exports are among the most important pillars in our nation’s effort to move forward to sustainable growth. To this end, Enterprise Greece, being an innovative Trade and Investment Promo-


tion Agency, with a clear mandate to facilitate extrovert business activity, is the national and institutional one-stopshop for exports and investment. Our Agency operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism and our goal is to showcase Greece as a valued business partner at international level. Enterprise Greece promotes Greece as an investment destination, especially in the key sectors in which the country offers a highly compelling advantage: tourism, energy, food and agriculture, logistics, ICT, environmental management, and life sciences, among others. The Organisation promotes the vast natural and human resources of the country and the significant export potential of Greece. Greece’s business ecosystem relies on its traditional comparative advantages pertaining to its unique geo-strategic position, the availability of high-calibre and talented human capital, the ideal climatic characteristics favourable to all sectors of economic activity-from primary production to tourism, and of course its cultural heritage. Building on our inherent characteristics along with the government’s efforts to implement the necessary business reforms, Greece is on its way to achieve sustainable growth.


Secretary General, GNTO

Dimitris Tryfonopoulos The multiplier effect of Tourism

I am very happy to participate and support ACTIVE GREECE 2016, an extrovert initiative from the productive workforce of our country, and at the same time share with you some thoughts and views on the benefits and importance of our extrovert tourist sector strategy. Tourism is the lifeblood of Greece’s economy. The numbers are clear: Income from tourism contributes 20% to the country’s GDP. Living in an era of global turmoil and under global conditions of deep and multifaceted crisis, Greece as a tourist destination proved to be in a powerful and secure place underlying the fact that our country is indeed a dominant global brand. This assumption raises enormous responsibility for all those involved in tourism, namely, the Ministry, GNTO, local communities and the tourist market in general. 2015 exceeded all expectations both on revenue growth (amounting to 15 billion euros) and increase in arrivals (about 26 million). Our main priority for 2016 is not only to attract more tourists, but mostly attract those per country target audiences belonging to higher income groups, since our country has a specific carrying capacity in terms of infrastructure and natural resources. There is an amazing scope for growth and investments. Greece is not just another destination. It is a unique country blessed by Gods; a place where all choices can be served, all tastes be satisfied. But above all, Greece is the destination where services are, indeed, a value for money. The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO), empowered and stronger, is focused on supporting and developing a solid policy that cares for all thematic forms of tourism. Greece is among the top global destinations every year, combines natural beauty and timeless culture with almost five (5) centuries of history, creates a cultural environment unique in the world, has the best climate, the best beaches and the best Archipelagos, the Aegean. Moreover, Greece is the home of various local cultures that blend the past with the


future to showcase real Greece; it is defined by its fine gastronomy, Greek (Mediterranean) diet and lifestyle and has highly educated and capable tourism professionals and workers at all levels. The increasing number of tourists and the evolving profile of today’s traveler demands new ideas and modern infrastructures. In Greece, tourists will find a wide spectrum of opportunities, a friendly and safe environment and some of the most beautiful locations in the world. Although the country’s tourism infrastructure is well developed, Greece is committed to establishing itself as a 12-month destination. Its Mediterranean climate is ideal for activities such as year-round golf and trekking and it is estimated that one million Europeans would consider Greece as a second home destination. Our strategic planning includes the promotion of a series of campaigns and actions in cooperation with the regions, municipalities, local communities and chambers to enhance our capacity and the image projected all around the world. Attracting investment and enhancing FDIs in the tourism sector is a win-win situation for investors. Upgrading regional airports in Greece is an excellent example of investment initiative that will increase and modernize our tourism infrastructure and services provided. Marinas and ports are also a field that is of great interest to potential investors. Yachting and sailing, theme travel, maritime tourism, cruises, tours in the mountains of Greece, the gastronomy experience and shared culture and the emergence of PDO through their interconnection with the individual tourist destinations, are just a few perks of the real Greek experience. Therefore, only with openness, strategy, vision and national determination, we will face the challenges and rise to the occasion and eventually win the bet for growth and sustainable development for our economy and our society. GNTO and I are here to safeguard this transition and we will make every effort to facilitate and support a workable, extrovert and successful tourist market for the years to come.


President of the Panhellenic Exporters Association

Christina Sakellaridis Excel and repeat

According to Aristotle, “excellence is not an act, but a habit.” And the organizers of ACTIVE GREECE AWARDS do exactly that: act repeatedly to promote excellence and have now made the Awards more than a habit, but rather an institution among the most prominent and dynamic enterprises in Greece. This time, more then ever, it is important to point out the enterprises and entrepreneurs that made it through harsh difficulties and increased their exports to the global market - honouring those who believe in a more open economy, those who consistently meet their clients’ expectations, those who innovate, those who lead. In 2015, Greek exporters, having encountered capital controls, embargos, political turmoil and economic instabilities in major target-markets, hit a new all-time record in exports (excluding fuels). And this record will soon be history, as in 2016, international organizations, such as the EU Commission and OECD, expect


yet another increase and a total of more than 58 billion euros of income from the export of goods and services. From olive oil to cement, and smartphones to cosmetics, Greek products travelled across the world, gaining the trust of their buyers and consumers in the most demanding markets. At the same time, tourism, shipping and services are adding value to the country’s GDP, creating significant growth prospects for the years to come. These are us. The Greek exporters, as Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do.” And that is what we are doing: overcoming obstacles and excel over the competition. Get to know some of the best of us through ACTIVE GREECE AWARDS, and be sure that we will continue to try and improve, matching your highest standards and expectations, repeatedly. They get awarded, but your reward will be more than generous.


General Manager of The Export Credit Insurance Organization

Stelios Krokidas

Facilitating exports and growth

Now more than ever Greek Exporters need a supportive framework, in order to thrive and secure a position they deserve in the world trade. It is an undisputed fact that in such a competitive global environment, profit margins are freefalling and having a bad debt, can be the sole reason for an otherwise profitable company to be in distress. The Export Credit Insurance Organization was founded in 1988 under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance, providing since then, export credit insurance to Greek Exporters. ECIO is a tool for Greek Exporters to avoid such an unfortunate situation, provided that the enterprise has ceded the risk of insolvency and protracted default to the Organization for a premium. The procedure is quite simple and is as follows: In order to issue a policy, the prospect exporter has to declare a list of potential buyers, for which the organization will approve a credit limit. Subsequently for each and every invoice, or alternatively by sending a monthly declaration of sales, depending on the exporter’s size, and always within the approved credit limit, each and every insured exporter has the opportunity to transfer their risk of bad debt to ECIO. In addition the percentage of each insured loss that is indemnified by the insurer, can reach up to 95%. ECIO has the ability, contrary to the private sector, to insure a standalone invoice and does not require the whole turnover of an exporter, indicating its assisting role not only for the established exporters, but also for the small and medium enterprises.


Apart from the “marketable” risks, an exporter can insure via ECIO the so called “Non Marketable” risks, which refer to country risks that cannot be insured in the private market. An indicative example is the risk that payment cannot be made due to actions by a foreign government, transfer restrictions, or insolvency of a government buyer. ECIO is the answer to Greek Exporters with regard to the ongoing question of an alternative source of liquidity. Since 2011, ECIO has launched an innovative financial product, called “Extroversion” by which an exporter can finance 80% of an invoice, provided that: There is an actual and unreserved receipt of the exported goods. The invoice is insured by ECIO. Payment Terms are between 30 – 120 days. Maximum revolving credit limit of 1.0 million euros (can reach up to 4-5 million euros annually) The most important aspect of this product is its non-significant cost. Interest rates start from 3.60%, making it evidently amongst the lowest rates in the market. ECIO has an agreement in place with the majority of the banks; the guarantee of a potential loss is already secured by ECIO in a corresponding bank account, acting as a facilitator between exporters and the banking sector. ECIO has the sole purpose to assist and promote Greek Exporters, standing by their side from a financial and insurance point of view, while consulting and directing their exports to financially sound companies.


President of the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece

Mr Athanasios Savvakis

Supporting exports means supporting growth

As the implemented growth policies have failed –so far– to reverse the economic downturn and enhance the business climate in our country, our enterprises are increasingly turning their sight outwards. Of course, due to the volatile economic and social conditions in Greece and the tight financial situation, efficient planning of international business activities is more challenging than ever. In addition to this, the image of Greece abroad complicates further the issue of going international. The continuing uncertainty at political level puts –unfortunately– the entrepreneurial world at the backstage. And even though it is widely acknowledged that supporting the exporting activity is among the top priorities in order to return to growth, the support that Greek enterprises receive is minimal. However, the results in terms of trade that our enterprises reach, even with that minimal support, are remarkable. Of course, further support is needed, in order to sustain and enhance these results. This support primarily translates into leveraging the exporting activity through an exports funding mechanism. Especially in the current economic slump, it is unthinkable not to support and promote export funding as the main tool for leveraging Greek enterprises. The results of the recent Flash Eurobarometer regarding the internationalization of SMEs verify exactly


that: Greek SMEs regard export funding as the most efficient measure to support their international business, followed by tax incentives. Furthermore, the strategic orientation and support of inward investments – which primarily take place at the tourism and infrastructure sectors- will create complementarities and reverse the business climate, providing beneficial spillovers in all sectors of the economy. This goes further than providing synergies on the base of economies of scale and reaches creating economies of scope, in order to enhance the efficiency of industries. All the above prove the high level of business sophistication of the Greek business world. The long-standing international activity of our enterprises has led us to adapt to new business models, creating products of high added value and integrating successfully to the global supply chain. Of course, the main challenge we face is not only to sustain these results, but to create the conditions for leveraging the overall competitiveness of Greece. The grounds for setting this is designing and implementing a concrete industrial policy, which is still missing. The spectrum of measures that will leverage the exporting activity must be an integrated part of this policy, in order to achieve the desirable outcome: more exports, growth and enhanced competitiveness.


President of the Federation of Attica and Piraeus Industries

Dimitris Mathios

Greece needs a new database export business

Above all, we must sadly observe and accept a negative reality that allows Greece’s crisis to spread rather than shrink. Greece’s economy has remained for years a “closed” economy, with the export of goods and services limited to 30% of GDP in 2014 (in spite of some improvements since 2009). Therefore, upgrading the economy’s outward features is a prerequisite for a rapid way out of the crisis and a recovery in employment. The industrial businesses contribute over 70% to exports, while they employ 50% of the domestic workforce. In addition, even though the investments made by such businesses are long-term, they are based on non-competitive financing terms. For more than five years now, Greece’s manufacturing companies have been paying a real money cost that is up to four times higher than that of businesses in other European countries with a developed manufacturing base. Meanwhile, the export credit insurance is faced with significant cost variations and access difficulties. If the economy was to set a target to achieve an export contribution to GDP of more than 40% over the next decade, with the medium technology sector simultaneously boosting its export share from 12% to 24%, then the following are required: - Maintaining the international competitiveness of traditional export businesses (i.e. those with 50% of revenue from exports).


- Expansion of the export base. A new base of export enterprises should be created, to include firms which incorporate extroversion and innovation in their initial business orientation. - Further utilization of dynamic extrovert sectors. - Implementation of an accelerated rehabilitation program of the international competitiveness of Greek products, containing measures to deal with excessive production costs, boost active promotion, facilitate rapid channeling of products in selected markets, offer tax incentives, etc. - Support extrovert entrepreneurship with incentives and export growth clauses. Moreover, concentration and simplification of tax incentives in the field of exports, improved assets, and spreading losses over several tax years to support the competitiveness of Greek businesses. - Backing up organized exporters with new credit, lower borrowing costs and reduced bureaucratic procedures. - Efficient Information and training services to businesses on export procedures. - Indirect financing of exports through: (a) providing guarantees for export enterprises; (b) discounting foreign claims by a national body; (c) applying export factoring procedures; and, (d) offering favorable interest loans to businesses by the domestic banking system, to support procurement of raw materials for production of export products. - Restoring export liquidity by directly offsetting any form of tax/fee debit or credit.

Αθηναϊκή Ζυθοποιία: Παράγουµε αξία για τον τόπο µας 50 χρόνια επενδύουµε, καινοτοµούµε και υποστηρίζουµε τις τοπικές κοινωνίες µε πάθος & υπευθυνότητα

Συµβάλλουµε στο ΑΕΠ της Ελλάδας κατά


Επενδύουµε κατά µέσο όρο ετησίως

20 εκατ. ευρώ

Ισχυροποιούµε την εξαγωγική µας δραστηριότητα µε επενδύσεις που αγγίζουν τα

30 εκατ. ευρώ ∆ιαθέτουµε

4 µονάδες σε Πάτρα, Θεσσαλονίκη, Λαµία και Αθήνα Υποστηρίζουµε συνολικά

28.000 οικογένειες εκ των οποίων:

1.000 3.000 εργαζόµενοι


145.000 στρέµµατα κριθαριού από όλη την Ελλάδα

*Πηγή: Μελέτη Οικονοµικού και Κοινωνικού Αντίκτυπου 2013



τοπικοί προµηθευτές


President of the Greek International Business Association (SEVE)

Dr Kyriakos Loufakis Export-led growth, key to Greece’s economic recovery

Within the negative environment of a possible GREXIT, the imposition of capital controls, repeated elections and the reduced international credibility of our country, Greek exporting enterprises proved that they have the strength needed to survive. According to recently published external trade statistical data, Greek exports (exl. fuels) increased by 8,2% in 2015 compared to 2014, following a 4-year period of stagnation. Examining the composition of export growth per sector, 7 out of 8 main categories advanced in export value on an annual basis. Animal fats & oils (+123%), industrial goods (+7%) and machinery & vehicles (+14%) exports saw the largest gains on solid value increases, while food (+3%), beverages & tobacco (+12%) and chemicals also posted export growth, with lower value gains. Exports of raw materials (-1%) remain volatile, whereas fuel exports registered the largest drop for 2015 (-27%). The question that easily comes to mind when reading through the above numbers is how much higher Greek exports would have reached, if it weren’t for the countless problems and pressures that Greek exporters are facing today. The lack of liquidity remains the major obstacle, which has drastically deteriorated since the implementation of capital controls. While capital restrictions are partially


relaxed, their permanent lifting is a necessary condition to gradually restore liquidity. Moreover, excessive tax hikes and constant insurance reforms, which are currently taking place, have a huge negative impact on any attempt to reestablish confidence both within and outside Greek borders. SEVE’s main objective is to promote Greek extroversion internationally. All of our actions and initiatives are directed towards helping Greek enterprises export their products efficiently and effectively. We strongly believe that the recovery of Greece’s economy can only emerge if we focus our efforts on: producing internationally tradable goods and services ensuring a favorable business environment, with a stable tax and insurance system enhancing liquidity at competitive cost of money attracting foreign direct investments implementing radical cuts and reforms There is no black and white. There are different shades of grey and success depends on the optimization of the various possibilities. The sooner we realize that an export-led growth is a one-way road to produce wealth, the sooner our economy will recover.


President of FEDΗΑΤΤΑ (Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel & Tourist Agencies)

Lyssandros Tsilides Year-round extension of the tourist season in Greece

One of the main objectives of Greece’s tourism sector is the expansion of the tourist season in Greece. FED HATTA (The Federation of Hellenic Associations of Travel & Tourist Agencies) has recently launched a dynamic effort to make the aforementioned objective a reality: to establish all year round tourism in Greece with all of the country’s forces cooperating towards this direction. We have already created the “Dodeka” (Twelve), a dynamic action plan that includes thematic and special interest activities and the promotion of lesserknown tourism destinations, envisaged to enrich Greece’s tourism product and expand the season. This is an innovative, sectoral initiative from which new tourism products will emerge for our country, which is necessary in order to redefine Greece as a preferred destination for international tourists. The “Dodeka” action plan also marks the launch of FED HATTA’s initiatives and actions. We aspire for the constantly enriched program of activities of “Dodeka” to be used as a toolbox, not only by Greek tour operators and travel agents, but also by


their international network. As it is known, travel agencies, on an international level, are the producers and distributors of the tourism product and are principally engaged in composing individual tourist products, as well as promoting, advertising and selling them. Our action plan has been communicated and has already received enthusiastic feedback by all overseas tour operators and travel agencies associations and their members. “Dodeka” will outline the themes of upcoming familiarization trips for tourism and travel professionals. Upon completion, the “Dodeka” action plan will be promoted by the Federation and its Members (Associations of travel agencies throughout Greece) and tourism professionals in all tourism exhibitions and roadshows worldwide, so that its communication will be ongoing and consistent, but also for it to take effect as soon as possible as an extra measure for the promotion of Greece worldwide. We invite you to see the presentation of the action plan on the website . Please note that the presentation is being updated regularly.










President of the “Hellenic Confederation of Commerce & Entrepreneurship” and the “Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry”

Vassilis Korkidis

In 2016, more government initiatives should be taken, in order to enhance extroversion of the Greek enterprises Unfortunately, last year was a tumultuous one, punctuated by two elections, a referendum, the imposition of capital controls, negotiations to reach a bailout deal, dramatic parliamentary voting and Athens coming close to bankruptcy and euro exit. Capital controls imposed to prevent the country’s financial collapse in July are not expected to be withdrawn until spring 2016 at the earliest. The three memoranda which were signed by the Greek Governments included various lending terms (slashing government spending, cutting wage rates and hiking taxes), some of which were useful for Greece’s economy and others were completely inefficient and unsustainable for the market. As a result, today, the country is in its sixth year of recession and many businesses, especially SMEs, are either closing or moving their legal seats and headquarters to neighboring countries, while at the same time Greek consumers, mainly residing in border areas, daily visit the neighboring countries’ markets, due to their lower prices for products and services. After showing the first signs of recovery in late 2014, Greece’s economy is expected to contract again this year. In this framework, there is an urgent need for the Greek government to proceed to the completion of the evaluation program, taking some decisive measures, such as the minimization of the State


bureaucracy and the establishment of a fair and effective tax and insurance system. Another major challenge for the country is the national wealth increase, in the private sector, bringing investments, which create sustainable employment opportunities. In addition, I firmly believe that this year more government initiatives should be taken, in order to enhance extroversion of the Greek enterprises, given the fact that exporting is vital to a country’s economic survival, contributing to future wealth, increasing domestic production and employment. For example, Greek exports have increased by 8.2% in 2015, compared to 2014, excluding fuels. As President of the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I am very proud to mention that through a series of actions, the Chamber promotes the extroversion of the primary and secondary national production, especially focusing on the supply chain of cruise ships and oceangoing vessels and on the export of Greek products in general. With the belief that the development of the city of Piraeus is directly linked to the wealth of the sea, one of the primary objectives of the Chamber is to convert it into the world’s fastest growing container port, a significant hub for transshipment and a major distribution center of goods and products for Central, East and South-East Europe, including the Black Sea region.

Building every day

the most important piece...

Online Shipping News City Plaza, Λ. Βουλιαγµένης 85, 16674, Γλυφάδα info(at), Tηλ. Κέντρο: 212 102 1628


Chairman of the German-Greek Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Michael Maillis

No perspective without extroversion

In the past six years, Greece has gone through an economic recession and ‘memoranda’ that caused deep wounds to society, also severely harming the economy. Among mistakes and oversights of domestic and foreign players, however, a great truth was revealed. Everyone can now understand that an economy without growth-orientated lending is not sustainable. Without extroversion and productive reconstruction based on utilizing the comparative advantages of Greece, there can be no future growth with prospects. The crucial times Greece is going through should provide the grounds for consideration and action by all of the country’s economic operators. We have to take action and contribute with our proposals for the days to come. There have to be constructive and substantial proposals in order for the true conditions to be depicted, to avoid potential mistakes and lead the economy to competiveness and supply of goods and services related to foreign markets. Nevertheless, in order to overcome the crisis, Greece needs to turn again to its production capacity, agricultural economy, processing and other production sectors enabling growth potential. Solid foundations and a high extroversion can contribute to increasing our national income and especially create job opportunities which will heal the deep wounds of unemployment. Within this framework and in view of the social security system reform and tax regulations amendments, we would have


to proceed with changes that will establish the necessary conditions to support business initiatives. Especially now, as global growth is sluggish and worldwide exports are recording limited figures, it is becoming increasingly necessary to release productive forces and attract investments to the country. Greece’s production engine and extroverted sectors should be actively supported, rather than suffer additional burdens with regard to taxes, contributions, especially in these times of continued financial asphyxiation. And this is especially needed at a time when extroverted businesses have experienced a difficult period due to capital controls since actual recoveries decreased compared to the value of exported goods, as stated by customs services. However, despite all difficulties, according to a study by the Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE) and the Export Research Centre (KEEM), based on data from the Bank of Greece, exports of goods (excluding fuels) in the first 11 months of 2015 contributed to the economy with an additional 720 million euros (+4.6%), compared to the same period in 2014, and tourism with another 770 million euros (+6%). Guided by this factor, political leadership should accelerate the gradual abolition of capital controls, but at the same time create a suitable environment to attract investments for the highly skilled capacity in the country and thus make the Greek economy strongly extroverted.










President, Hellenic-Russian Chamber of CommerceÂ

Christos Dimas

Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce: Bringing the Russian market closer to Greece

The Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce, having completed 20 years of presence in Greek-Russian commercial relations and promotion of economic and trade relations, continues its constructive work by setting new goals in the development of mutually beneficial cooperation between Greece and Russia. In close cooperation with all state bodies and public services in the two countries, the Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce has developed a strong cooperation network with reliable regional chambers and business associations in Greece and Russia; established the Strategic Council in Russia with the participation of important personalities and institutions in the Russian market, which makes it a more reliable consultant; and, founded branches in Thessaloniki, as well as representation offices in St. Petersburg and Cyprus, and is currently in the finishing stage of its Moscow branch. Counting more than 300 member companies from Greece and Russia, the


Hellenic-Russian Chamber of Commerce organizes targeted sectoral events, while providing a wide range of services. The Greek-Russian Chamber of Commerce welcomes any initiative that contributes to the promotion and support of Greek entrepreneurship, and in particular export-oriented businesses, which are an important pillar for Greece’ growth. This year, 2016, the official Greece-Russia Year, entrepreneurs from both of our countries should seize the opportunities that exist in the markets in different sectors - tourism, construction, building materials, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. The Chamber’s moral obligation and ambition is to further strengthen the Greek presence in the great country of Russia, both at an institutional and on a practical level, and we expect to see you join us in building together a strong bridge of cooperation for the benefit of the two friendly peoples, in the face of the new challenges of our times.


President of the Hellenic-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Christophé Lemarie France and Greece, a close economic partnership

As 2016 begins, it is difficult not to feel worried for what the future has in store. Once again, Greece finds itself at the epicenter of several crises, economic, social and geopolitical. After a hectic 2015, when its place within the European project seemed unsure, and the economy re-entered a recession, the Greek government finally decided that the best course was to remain within the Eurozone, notwithstanding the serious sacrifices this would again require. These sacrifices are being spelt out now, and the Greek society, having been remarkably resilient until today, is showing signs of resistance to them. At the same time, tensions are increased by the refugee crisis, through the weight it imposes to Greece’s society and economy. In this challenging environment, it is easy to forget those who will have to play a key role in successfully fighting all these challenges: businesses, small and big, Greek and foreign, whose work, investment, and innovations are indispensable to the economy’s recovery. These companies fight every day, against the uncertainty and the economic rigidities, not just for their survival, but actually for their growth and their development, which are key to the future. And like the rest of the Greek society, they find that the environment is getting tougher: capital controls imposed last year do not show signs of being lifted, new taxes are announced, liquidity continues to be hard to find, consumers’ purchasing power and confidence keep declining... More fundamentally, some government circles remain ambivalent about the role of businesses, and one does not always feel that companies’ needs and contributions are well understood, or that foreign investments are really welcome. Privatizations are still sometimes compared to


“sell-outs,” profits seen as “unfair.” It is this mindset that must absolutely change, if Greece wants to unfold its potential. Greece should be a magnet for foreign companies, a “Mediterranean California,” if I dare say. It is a developed economy, with a high-income population, and an educated, multicultural and motivated workforce. It is at the crossroads of important trade routes, straddles over different cultures, and has unique physical attractions. All these should make it ideally suited to the global economy. French companies are well-aware of these assets. Many of them, big and small, are already present, employing 14,000 people, and still expanding in areas such as distribution and tourism. More are ready to invest in privatizations, infrastructure and health, if the environment allows it. More generally, by being the 7th supplier of Greece, and an important destination for its exports, France plays an active role in encouraging it to increase its openness to the global economy. This was strongly displayed during the visit of the President of the French Republic, Mr. Hollande, last October, during which a “Cooperation Agreement” was signed. The French Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and its 450 members, play a key role in this, and will continue to do so, confident that Greece will surmount its crises and find the way to growth and development. The Chamber will continue offering its support and services to companies wishing to explore and exploit the potential of both our countries, and establish and expand their presence in them. Fundamentally, it will continue to emphasize the opportunity that is Greece, and to help companies making sure it happens, and they take advantage of it.


President of the Hellenic Chinese Chamber

Constantine Yannidis The Hellenic Chinese business collaboration will be more fruitfull in the near future THE HELLENIC CHINESE CHAMBER (HCC) is an institutional, non-governmental, non-profit, membership association for Greek corporations and individual entrepreneurs engaged in business affairs with People’s Republic of China, and Chinese corporations engaged in business affairs with Greece. Short info about the Chamber ● Was set up in 1995 ● Operates under Presidential Decree (576/27-7-95) ● Is widely recognized and respected at the highest level of both Greek and Chinese governments Mission To actively and continuously support the development of business and economic relations between Greece and China so that in the longrun, China becomes in the worldwide scene one of Greece’s major business and economic partners. Objectives ● To stimulate and support trade in goods and services, investment and technology transfer between Greece and China ● To promote the commercial and investment environment of Greece to the Chinese business community and opinion leaders ● To provide practical, professional and value added services to the Greek and Chinese corporations that will essentially support their efforts in developing business in China and Greece respectively ● To become the voice of the Greek business community to both Greek and Chinese governments through direct advocacy and well written and researched papers of both general and specific issues on Greek - Chinese matters Activities The Hellenic Chinese Chamber, in its continuous effort to play a central role in the development of business and economic relations between Greece and China, systematically takes initiatives and implements the following actions: ● Organize business and trade missions to China ● Host high-ranked Chinese governmental and business delegations in Greece and facilitate the development of the appropriate contacts ● Support and participate in important exhibition fairs, business forums, conferences,


workshops and seminars ● Support the publication of books, journals and newsletters China is one of the largest investors in Greece, and has poured money into the country at a time when other investors balked. Beijing wants Greece to be its gateway to Europe’s marketplaces. Over the last five years, China has been pouring money into the Eurozone’s most troubled economy at a time when most other investors have stayed away. As a businessman, I can say that there are three ways to make money from China’s economic upswing. You can attract investment so as to secure capital, you can look for cheap suppliers or you can turn to the Chinese market itself. The third option of course involves the greatest risk and thus also requires the most courage. But it will get you the highest returns. More than 1,000 Greek companies have established trade ties with China, mostly in the form of imports from the vast Asian country. But although the number of companies that have entered the Chinese market does not exceed 100, their performance is quite striking. These include S&B Industrial Minerals SA, jewelry and fashion brand Folli Follie, plastics company Plastika Kritis SA, FHL Kyriakidis Marbles and Granites, Coco-Mat mattresses, beauty product company Apivita, Kleeman elevators, Iktinos marble industry etc. Dozens more, including food and wine producers Tyras, Minerva, Ktima Lazaridis, Kriton Artos and Tsantalis, have also established their presence in the Chinese market. Their record so far is very positive. As President at Vitex S.A. the biggest purely Greek coloring (chemical) industry and president of the Hellenic Chinese Chamber, I can say that opportunities are to be found in all sectors: marble, shipyards, mining and mineral processing, jewelry, winemaking, canning, beekeeping, food processing, the export of agricultural goods (particularly olive oil), tourism, education and energy management. The opportunity is here and the relations between Greece and China are closer than ever. Chinese are our friends and collaborators through this difficult situation for our country and people. Let’s make this collaboration and friendship to RISE UP!!!


President of the Greek-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Panagiotis Koutsikos

Most of Greece’s extroverted firms operating in Turkey have used the services of the Greek-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Most of the extroverted Greek companies operating in Turkey have used the services of the Greek-Turkish Chamber of Commerce. There are about 500 Greek companies –from the entire spectrum of the economy– operating in Turkey as investors, with the total capital invested amounting to 8.5 billion euros. At the same time, there are only few Turkish companies operating in Greece, with the total invested capital amounting to less than 100 million euros. The total trade between the two countries in 2015 amounted to 4.5 billion euros, with 3.1 billion euro accounting for exports of Greek products to Turkey and 1.4 billion euros for imports of Turkish products to Greece. Greek exports to Turkey include plastic products, electrical machinery, cotton, oil products, automotive oils, pharmaceuticals and jewelry. Imports from Turkey include tourist busses, auto parts, agricul-


tural products, machinery and packing materials. The Turkish market is the largest in the region. The two main features making Turkey an important destination for business partnerships are its population of 78 million and the low average age of 30 years. Both of these features make Turkey a highly attractive destination for all kinds of Greek exports. In the tourism sector, there is an evident need to further strengthen business relations as 1,000,000 Turkish tourists visited Greece in 2015 and 950,000 Greek tourists visited Turkey. The Greek-Turkish Commercial Chamber of Commerce estimates that by 2020 the total trade between the two countries will reach 10.5 billion euros. We believe that Turkey has much to gain from Greece as a member of the European community, and Greece can also gain from Turkey’s dynamic growth.


Executive Vice President of Goldair Group

Kallinikos Kallinikos The need for strategic plan in transports and logistics

Greece nowadays faces an accumulation of problems due to the ongoing financial crisis, and therefore needs immediate and major reforms. The underlying theme of all such reforms should be a strategy of economic development and employment creation. This strategic plan should be based on the comparative advantages of our country -- its advantageous geographic position, the fertile lands and the unrivaled climate, seas and sunshine. It is clear therefore that I am referring to a strategy based on the fields of tourism, transports & logistics, agricultural production and renewable energy sources. The designation of these fields and their strategic importance to the economy, must lead to decisions that will reinforce the competitiveness of our products, assisting in offering high level services and infrastructures, and thus creating a competitive advantage for our country in comparison to our neighbors. The implementation of such decisions will bring new investments to Greece and liberate the dynamic potential of its economy, which has been buried for the last years as a result of ill-designed projects and inadequate investments. One of the fields we strongly believe that can play an important part in this development is the transports & logistics sector. We all are aware of the fact that the majority of goods and products are manufactured in Asia and their transportation to central Europe is conducted through the corridor of Northern Europe’s ports, such as Rotterdam and Hamburg. Our country, lacking significantly in investments, infrastructures and strategy,


did not have the chance to take advantage of its geographic position in Europe, as the first European destination after the Suez Canal for cargo ships travelling from Asia. Today, our economy has reached the worst possible status and unemployment – especially among young people – is at the highest level of the past 40 years. Therefore, it is imperative for the country to seek its strategy in the aforementioned sectors. If we manage to facilitate those transport corridors to central Europe, there will be multiple benefits. A large amount of products originating from Asia are incomplete and need to be assembled in order to reach the market. Currently, most products are assembled in the Czech Republic and Hungary, which means more income and working positions for those countries. In order for our country to succeed in all of the above, it is necessary to take immediate action for the establishment of two logistics parks in Thriassio and Sindos. Also, the necessary infrastructure for the double electric railway line to central Europe must be completed. This will decrease costs and increase speed in cargo transitions. Finally, the privatizations of all ports in the country must move forward and thus allow shipping companies to use Greece as a destination for cargo transshipment. These suggestions constitute a framework for the strategic plan we must implement the soonest possible in the field of transports & logistics. If we really want to live in a country that offers opportunities and perspective to our children, there is no time to waste.


Executive Vice-President & Deputy C.E.O.

Dimitris P. Giannakopoulos

VIANEX’s large-scale manufacturing capabilities are the passport to expansion into new markets

VIANEX SA’s strategic choice to continue supporting its export orientation whilst maintaining its leadership in the domestic market has been vindicated in the current tough economic climate. Regardless of the extremely tough conditions which prevailed in Greece’s economy in 2015, mainly due to the imposition of capital controls, exports performed remarkably well, posting an annual increase of 8.2% (excluding petroleumbased products). The Greek pharmaceutical firm proved to be one of the main pillars of the economy for yet another year, contributing significantly to the increase in exports. The dynamic growth of the industry is reflected upon its rising industrial production index, with pharmaceutical products showing the second largest positive change, by 23% in December 2015, compared to the corresponding month a year earlier, according to ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority). It should be emphasized that apart from the problem of capital controls which businesses as a whole in our country had to deal with, Greece’s pharmaceutical industry had to carry the weight of EU Memorandum-based policies for pharmaceuticals, with unacceptably low spending allocated to pharmaceuticals and harsh levels of rebate and clawback provisions. The resilience shown by the industry is largely attributed to the timely strengthening of the export profile of the country’s pharmaceutical companies. VIANEX plans its export activity within this framework, based on the large-scale production capacity of its four ultramodern factories, which have enabled it to undertake agreements with international pharmaceutical companies and secure entry into new markets. A contract with Eli-Lilly, still running during 2016 for the production of the injectable antibiotic vancomycin in VIANEX


factory C, with 100% of output being exported to China, was one such strategic decision. It opened the door to this huge market for VIANEX. At the same time, the firm is seeking to further strengthen ties with China, while also looking for openings into other third countries, beyond Asia and South America. VIANEX recently spearheaded the initiative by Greek pharmaceuticals to approach Russia and the Ukraine. The firm also participated in a trade mission to Iran in late November 2015. As VIANEX has been exporting to this market for several years now, it took the opportunity of the official mission – one of the objectives of which was to investigate the prospects for the Greek pharmaceutical industry – to hold meetings with its local representatives. VIANEX has been the first company worldwide to have received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certification from Turkey’s authorities. This is especially significant as Turkey has in place a very strict governing framework aimed at protecting the interests of its domestic businesses, making it very hard for a foreign pharmaceutical company to receive GMP certification. In addition, the firm has been given approved supplier status by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. The WHO Performance Report shows that VIANEX has performed to the maximum, while evaluation shows that the services it provided to UNICEF are also of the highest standards. With a legacy of more than 90 years, VIANEX is determined to continue serving its mission to provide safe, high-quality pharmaceuticals, making a positive contribution to Greece’s national economy and raising the Greek flag in the more than 30 countries where it exports pharmaceutical products “Made in Greece.”

Some make wine while ZOINOS makes history

erence f if d f o ld r o w A

AURELIA: Π.Γ.Ε. ΗΠΕΙΡΟΣ Οίνος Ροζέ Αφρώδης Βλάχικο - Μπεκάρι - Ντεμπίνα ZITΣA ΗΜΙΑΦΡΩΔΕΣ: Π.Ο.Π. ΗΠΕΙΡΟΣ Οίνος Λευκός Ημιαφρώδης 100% Ντεμπίνα ΗΠΕΙΡΩΤΙΚΟ, Παλαιωμένο Απόσταγμα στεμφύλων σταφυλής 100% Ντεμπίνα

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Director of Industrial & Sectoral Policies SEV Hellenic Federation of Enterprises

Dr George Xirogiannis

Leveraging Greek Exports

The stabilization of the economy and the normalization of business activity after the introduction of capital controls remain key objectives for Greece. Some early indicators show positive signs, for example the recession of 2015 was milder than initially anticipated (at -0.2%), production increased during the 4th quarter of 2015 and the decline of retail sales came to a halt. Also, exports recovered in December 2015 (+4.2% without ships and fuels after a decline of -4.5% during the previous month). On aggregate, for the whole of 2015, the current account was almost balanced, mainly as a result of the increase of exports (+4.6% without fuels and ships) and the decline in the respective imports (-1.5%). The Greek industry has the opportunity to leverage its export-oriented potential by capitalizing further the competitive advantage in sectors like metal products and equipment, chemicals, food and beverages, petroleum products, logistics, ICT, construction materials, pharmaceuticals, etc. To achieve an even stronger impact in the economy, the forthcoming Growth


Strategy for Greece has to support the exporters to satisfy two conditions: Maintain their trade share in traditional markets like the EU, Turkey, Russia, Emirates, etc, by capitalizing the long standing international partnerships. At the same time expand to new trade markets with fast growing economies such as Latin America, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc. Such new markets will diversify the export portfolio of Greece and will offset any trade difficulties in the Mediterranean region. Increase their added value by gearing towards higher-tech products, consolidated volumes, and timely delivery. Investments in R&D, new production lines, combined sales, as well as branded quality remain necessary steps which have to be properly incentivized by smart taxation and the elimination of trade burden. Finally, the Greek brand remains an untapped asset, which should receive the necessary attention to support further the export dynamics of Greek products.


Managing Director, HDI Global SE, Hellas

Notis Vagiakakos

Insuring industrial and commercial companies every step of the way

In uncertain times and increasingly adverse conditions, companies can no longer depend on a stable environment neither sit back and wait for change to happen automatically. It is in spite of these challenges that the businesses featured in Active Greece 2016 have managed to excel and become leaders in their respective fields. Against all odds, these companies have shown resourcefulness and versatility, have found ways to overcome numerous challenges and have reached out to new markets. These are the sort of companies that we have known and supported throughout the years, previously under the brand HDI-Gerling and now as HDI Global SE. We have long been the preferred insurance partner of business organisations: industrial, commercial and service companies, as well as large-scale project owners and contractors. HDI has been a stable and powerful ally to Greek companies with local, regional or international activities. Drawing on our corporate heritage of over 100 years in corporate and industrial insurance, we deeply understand the operational and business risks of our customers and develop tailor-made solutions to prevent and ultimately finance loss or damage. Through the HDI branch in Athens, we deliver this local and international expertise and deep industry know-how to the local and regional markets: Athens is the company hub for the wider South Balkan and SE Mediterranean countries, consistently and profitably growing its business portfolio in the past 20 years. In times of scarce liquidity and severe uncertainty, insurance has become a key financing and stability mechanism: companies can control and transfer their financial and operational risks through proper risk management and tailor-made insurance solutions. If insured loss occurs,


HDI Global SE, a financially stable and reliable insurance partner, will provide the necessary funds to help a company get through tough times, resume operations, reinstate its property, compensate for the interruption of business and the loss of revenue. And we will deliver these funds locally or abroad to help companies recover and ultimately safeguard their business capacity. For us, partnership means that we can flexibly support you throughout the business cycle and in all phases of corporate development, in your home market and, of course, all over the world. We can assist Greek companies open up to foreign markets because we have already been there. HDI Global SE offers specialised local and vast global expertise for claim handling, professional risk management and individual risk engineering, loss control and prevention consultancy in different jurisdictions. We protect the company’s assets, production, transportation and distribution of its products, its liability exposures, its supply chain, its customers, its reputation; ultimately, its balance sheet. Our customers benefit from the combined financial strength of one of Europe’s oldest and biggest dedicated business insurers: HDI Global SE is part of Talanx Group, a listed insurance group, ranking among Europe’s Top 10. Talanx Group operates in 150 countries in primary insurance, reinsurance and asset management. It has grown constantly over the past decade to 29 billion euros in gross premium income. Standard & Poor´s (S&P) has rated HDI Global SE and Talanx Primary Group with an Insurer Financial Strength Rating of A+/stable (strong). HDI Global SE is your trusted, consistent and stable insurance partner every step of the way.


PCT S.A. Commercial Director

Tasos Vamvakides COSCO‘s contribution to Greece’s economy

At first, I would like to cheer the initiative to promote and award companies that follow an extrovert policy and strategy and thus their activities contribute to strengthening Greece’s standing in global competitiveness. Next, I would like to refer briefly to COSCO group and to our company. COSCO is the first company in the world in bulk (China COSCO Bulk Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd.), the first company in China (COSCO Logistics), the number four company in container transport (COSCON) and fifth in the world in container terminal management (COSCO PACIFIC). In Greece, COSCO Greece - and since 2009 Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT) - represent COSCO Group in all of its activities Specifically, with regard to container terminal, in the past five years PCT succeeded in increasing its management to 3.0 million TEUS compared to 685,000 TEUS in 2010, by investing large amounts (350-360 million euros) in infrastructure and superstructure. Given that over 80 percent of the managed load is transhipment cargo, one may wonder how this investment helps Greek importers and exporters. Apart from the company’s established and now recognized customer-centered policy, and its exemplary service to all of its customers, the answer is again in the figures. In brief, in 2014 as many as 2,240 ships docked at PCT’s terminal compared to 965 ships in 2009. Although in Greece we had a very difficult year with capital controls and other unpleasant developments, we managed to maintain and even increase our throughput handling over 3,000,000 TEUS during 2015. In 2009 there was only one maritime company whose ships served imports and exports from and to the Far East by direct approaches in Piraeus on a weekly basis. In 2014, approaches of large container ships increased to four per week, while the companies having positions in these vessels


grew to more than ten. This automatically means that Greek companies have a variety of choices in selecting a transport company with competitive fares and journey times, and thus be reliable in delivery times of their products. In 2015, new services with six large container vessels of 14,000 TEUS each are calling on weekly basis at PCT. At the same time, the port of Piraeus is gaining popularity in the global container transport as a modern, competitive and reliable port of high productivity and specifications. The additional investments program attracts more and more major multinational companies that show their confidence in COSCO, Piraeus port and Greece, and invites more and more shipping companies to approach Piraeus with their large ships. Such large ships loading and unloading transhipment cargos require smaller feeders to promote and distribute these loads throughout the Mediterranean basin and the Black Sea. In addition to cargo transhipped through Piraeus by sea, there are also increasing loads which are transported by road and lately by rail to Greece’s northern borders and Central Europe, thanks to the efforts and investments of COSCO Logistics. Shipments to Central Europe by train have been also drastically increased to over 8,000 containers within the year. All going well, we are working hard to further increase this activity promoting Piraeus and Greece as Europe’s South Gate. This process opens up new horizons to companies which already have in place an extrovert policy of selling and promoting their products overseas, as well as to other, new companies which follow suit and attempt similar activities. We believe that this is COSCO group’s contribution to Greek entrepreneurship and business extroversion.


President of the Federation of Hellenic Food Industries (SEBT)

Mr Evangelos Kallousis Extroversion as key for sustainability

The Greek Food & Drink Industry is one of the fundamental pillars of Greece’s economy, accounting for 25% of industrial production in terms of volume, and with total sales of 14.2 billion euros. The Greek Food and Drink Industry has always been a dynamic, competitive and extrovert sector, with strong investment and commercial activity in Greece, the Balkans, Europe and the US, and exports reaching up to 4.5 billion euros. Interestingly, in the past few years, in spite of the domestic economic crisis, Greek food exports have shown a continued positive growth and that’s why we believe that the Food Industry can be the starting point for an industrial renaissance in Greece. This, of course, is a hard task but it is feasible. The majority of the challenges facing our Industry are linked to the severe socioeconomic crisis in our country and the current climate of uncertainty. First of all, the country has to move fast in implementing the necessary socio-economic and structural reforms. Also needed is a stable taxation system, as well as an efficient judiciary system and to free ourselves from bureaucracy and overregulation stalling growth and restraining entrepreneurship. Regardless of this overall negative environment, the Greek Food and Drink industry is making continuous efforts and is working hard to overcome the obstacles. As the local market is shrinking, a large number of companies are seeking new opportunities abroad, as they view the current crisis as a challenge and an opportunity: to bring the famous Greek products of excellent quality to new

markets, not just for the survival of their business, but also to contribute to the recovery of Greece’s economy as a whole. Another important element that significantly contributes to the dynamic character of our sector is Greece’s exceptional quality of agricultural raw materials, which provides a competitive advantage to our products. The Greek Food Industry produces its branded products on a daily basis, which are then distributed to the internal and external markets. As a consequence, our sector is committed to not only monitor worldwide trends but also to constantly adapt and improve so as to be able to respond to new developments and consumer demands for high quality, healthy and sustainable products. Consumers’ trust, a prerequisite for the sector’s growth, is non-negotiable. The Greek Food Industry, taking this under consideration, invests in the constant improvement of its production processes, operations and distribution systems, as well as in consumer satisfaction by investing in quality, safety and delivery of healthy products at the best possible price. In order to achieve this goal we promote the development of an industrial policy tailored to increase the food and drink sector’s competitiveness, innovation capacity and export performance. In conclusion, we believe that we will find the way out of the crisis and the road back to growth by joining forces with all the stakeholders, becoming more competitive and extrovert and assuring the development of new products based on research and innovation.



President of the Greek Association of Industries & Processors of Olive Oil (SEVITEL)

Gregory Antoniadis We urgently need a national strategy to boost olive oil exports Since 1993 but especially since 2003, SEVITEL has been actively involved in all olive oil export initiatives, either through National or EU Programmes. SEVITEL was the first sector association in Europe that was actively involved in the promotion of olive oil through European Community (EU) programmes. The Association has already implemented several promotional programs in at least 11 markets in the European Union and in seven (7) non-EU markets. These programs were cofunded by the European Union (50%), the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Foods through the state budget (20%) and SEVITEL (30%). The results have been positive in both quantitative and qualitative terms. From a level of 10 thousand tons of standardized branded olive oil that were exported some years ago, today we have reached 25 thousand tons, or an increase by 150%. Beyond that, what is even more significant, in my view, is the fact that distribution of olive oil has undergone a qualitative differentiation: Greek olive oil is no longer handled solely by the traditional shops of the Greek Diaspora, but is now already sold by many chains and modern distribution networks, competing on equal terms against Italy and Spain. Also, even though in the past PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and organic olive oils were almost non-existent in the portfolio of exported products, today they make up a large part of olive oil exports. International markets are still presenting positive demand for olive oil, while in some countries, especially in Europe, there is a growing demand for Greek olive oil. So, it is absolutely imperative to make Greek olive oil synonymous to branded olive oil, as a strong brand, by removing the “stigma” that Greek olive oil is just a “good raw material only in tank-trucks heading for Italy.” We must move immediately to implement concrete national strategy measures and integrated action for the sector’s development. Other competing countries, such as Spain, have already done this since the early 1990s. There is no time for delay. We need a coordinated national and collective promotion. Let us follow Spain’s lead, which a few years ago started financing the promotion and image of the Spanish olive oil worldwide, establishing a small per pound of retentate


money, finance the promotion and image of the Spanish olive oil worldwide. We have been asking for a similar measure for four years now, without result. All parties involved in the supply chain of olive oil --from the producer to the standardizer and exporter-- should understand that it is more important to boost markets’ demand for Greek olive oil, than it is to raise production. Production would be sufficient only when there are markets to sell to. The opposite is not true. We have olive oil of an excellent quality and an idle production capacity, so now we need to invest in boosting the markets’ demand. Creating even more olive oil mills and factories will not answer the question of boosting Greek olive oil demand. A new motto in our policy should be to provide incentives for mergers and creating economies of scale. We need to ensure the industry’s much needed liquidity, giving priority to exports. We cannot afford to lose even a single market or a load due to financing problems. There is a need for implementation of a legal framework that requires strict controls on the quality of the exported olive oil, as well as exemplary penalties to those who break the law. Times have changed, while markets have opened up and international competition has intensified, and other olive oil producing countries are progressing and new ones are dynamically entering the sector (e.g. in North Africa and Middle East). Greek olive oil has been attributed many apt portrayals, such as “national product”, “unexploited national wealth,” etc. The modern world requires that we threat olive oil through action, as this is what it deserves. When referring to olive oil in Greece, we all unanimously attach it the title of “our national product.” Greece’s olive groves are “gifted by nature,” resulting in the unquestionable superior quality, on a global level, of the Greek olive oil. On the other hand, the abundance and quality superiority of Greek olive oil does not match its position in the domestic and international market, so our “national product” is at the same time a huge untapped national wealth. Extroversion and promotion of the sector’s products is a key strategic objective and a growth and survival precondition for businesses active in olive oil standardization and export, which are represented by SEVITEL.


President of the Federation of Greek Mariculture

Dimitrios Valachis

2016: A milestone year for Greek Aquaculture

The Greek Mediterranean Aquaculture is a highly extrovert sector, as more than 80% - 85% of its total production is exported, thus positively contributing to the country’s trade balance. Since 2010, aquaculture has been the most export-oriented sector of Greece’s agricultural production, save for fruits and vegetables, and the most extrovert of all livestock production sectors. In 2015, total production volume and exports remained stable; however, profitability has improved due to the high average market prices that prevailed throughout the year. Specifically, Greece’s production of sea bass and sea bream decreased in 2015 by approximately 2.5% compared to 2014, to an estimated 110,000 tons. According to the available data, exports followed the same trend as domestic consumption remained stable in 2015. The total volume of exports in 2015 was approximately 93,000 tons (85% of total production), while the respective total value is expected to marginally exceed 520 million euros. In 2015, Greek sea bass and sea bream were exported to an estimated 32 countries. The EU remains by far the largest market, as it absorbs over 90% of total exports. The three largest export markets within the EU are Italy, France and Spain, with combined imports of over 50% of Greece’s farmed fish exports. North America imported approximately half of the remaining exports, while the other half was exported to other countries outside the EU. In the midst of a risky and volatile political and economic domestic environment,

in 2015, Greek aquaculture companies were forced to operate for yet another year in conditions characterized by intense competition, with pressure coming mainly from Turkey. In contrast to other European countries, Turkey is repeatedly increasing its production and continues to practice a very aggressive “undercut” commercial policy of “low prices” in both traditional and new markets for Greek aquaculture. However, 2016 is expected to be a milestone year for the industry. During the past three years, the Federation of Greek Maricultures capitalized on its members’ experience as well as the favorable European institutional framework and designed a detailed plan for the development of aquaculture with an emphasis on the sector’s competitiveness through research and innovation and the employment of targeted promotional activities, in order to increase product awareness in existing markets and penetrate new ones. This project will be implemented by the Greek Aquaculture Producers Organization, a new entity formed by companies from different Federations that joined forces in order to address market challenges and implement a vision for growth by 2030. This effort coincides with the start of the new Operational Program for Fisheries 2014-2020. We hope that the Ministries concerned will support our efforts and make the necessary preparations in order to ensure maximum absorbency of Program funds and, above all, higher effectiveness in relation to the previous one.



President of the Greek Canners Association (EKE)

Apostolou Konstantinos Greek Fruit Processing Industry: Nothing but Exports

The terms “exports,” “extroversion,” and “competitiveness” became, especially during the Greek economic crisis, the core of any debate concerning growth, entrepreneurship and invention of novel ways to kick-start the country’s economy. All participants of public discussion, including politicians, journalists and analysts, researchers and professors, have stated their opinions. This created, as is customary in our country, a disorientation which gives little impetus to achieving the objective: boosting exports. For all these reasons, it is with pleasure that I participate, representing the Greek Canners Association (EKE), in a publication that puts the focus back where it belongs: to businesses and entrepreneurs that day after day create wealth for Greece’s economy against all adversities. The fruit-processing industry was extrovert before that trait became trendy. Extroversion is in the nature of EKE’s 17 member-companies, since they export more than 98% of their production, of a total value of 350 to 400 million euros annually. The main products are canned peaches, apricot, pears and fruit cocktails, as well as peach and apricot puree and frozen fruits. Over 12,000 farmers produce the raw materials, while more than 10,000 people work in the industry either as full-timers or seasonal workers.


The fruit-processing industry has a long history in Greece, having gone through several stages of development to reach the place of a global leader in exports that it holds today. Thus, its members today constitute irreplaceable members of highly dynamic global supply chains. Our products reach every country in the world and meet the requirements of all potential customers. Thanks to continuous modernization of their factories, Greek processors stand out for the quality, safety and hygiene of their products, and for the conditions in which they are produced. Compliance with the strictest regulations on labor issues and environmental protection is a top priority. That is why our factories are certified to international quality standards. The Greek Canners Association has played an important role in the development and success of the industry. Its main objectives include the study of issues concerning the industry and their referral to the related authorities; the search for solutions to promote the professional interests of its members; promotion of the industry and its products inside and outside Greece; and, representation of the sector to international organizations. EKE is also a very active member of PROFEL, the European Association of Fruit and Vegetable Processors.



Coca-Cola 3Ε SA

The sector’s absolute leader

Contact Details 60 Kifisias Ave., 15125 Marousi, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 6183100 Fax: +30 210 6195514 Email: Website:


Founded in 1969, Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon is Greece’s leading non-alcoholic beverage bottler. The company produces and distributes a unique portfolio of quality products in Greece, with 553,497 million litres of product sold. In addition, it produces 15 brands and more than 200 different, top quality products in a range of packaging sizes. These products include The CocaCola Company brands (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Powerade, Nestea, illy issimo and Schweppes mixers), as well as other products which 3E produces in Greece, such as Amita, Amita Motion, Amita Fun, Frulite and AVRA bottled water. Tria Epsilon also distributes the TSAKIRIS snacks and the Monster energy drinks. The portfolio of products offered on the Greek market also includes alcoholic beverages made by The Edrington Group, Isidoros Arvanitis, Brown-Forman and Gruppo Campari. The company has production and bottling facilities of non-alcoholic beverages across Greece, with a total of 25 production lines and 7 warehouses throughout the country. At its plant in Schimatari, the firm produces Coca-Cola, Amita (Motion and Fun) and Frulite. In late 2015, the company announced a new, 24-million-euro investment program to further upgrade and expand the Schimatari plant and make it a modern, large-scale, production and distribution unit, by the model of mega plants. A second plant is located in Aegio and exclusively produces Avra ​​natural mineral water. The firm’s third factory is located in Heraklion, Crete where it produces Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Fanta (Orange, Lemon, Mandarin) and Sprite. Finally, Tsakiris snacks are produced at Tsakiris Snacks SA’s privately-owned factory in Atalanti, Fthiotida. Coca-Cola Tria Epsilon is a member of the Coca-Cola HBC Group, a leading bottler of The CocaCola Company, with a sales volume of more than 2 billion unit cases. It has a broad geographic footprint with operations in 28 countries, serving a population of approximately 590 million people. Nationwide, Tria Epsilon contributes to growth and employment, with 1,500 employees and thousands of indirect jobs. Up to 96% of its products are manufactured at its own facilities in Greece, with exports accounting for 6% of total production. Total investments in 2015 stood at 28.5 million euros, and over the 3-year period 2012-2014 the investment in operations stood at 37.1 million euros. Notably, the company has partnerships with more than 4,500 Greek producers and suppliers and serves more than 100,000 customers. They account for 90% of purchasing spending. The annual purchasing costs reach 150 million euros on average, while 50,000 tons of Greek fruits are used to produce juices and soft drinks, thereby supporting domestic production. Tria Epsilon is highly committed to environmental protection. As water is a key ingredient of products and a vital good for all, the firm has launched several initiatives to safeguard it, such as the “Mission Water” program. Since 2008, it has installed 3 drinking water units and 53 rainwater harvesting systems on 29 Aegean islands, helping to save more than 204,605,000 litres of water per year. Through this program, the company helps to improve the lives of more than 49,000 residents in areas affected by water shortages.



Celebrating 82 years of excellence in manufacturing

Evangelos Colocotronis – CEO of ADELCO SA

Contact Details 37 Pireos St., 18346 Moschato, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 4819311 Fax: +30 210 4816790 E-mail: Website:

ACELCO SA was founded in 1934 as Chromatourgia Athinon E. Colocotroni Bros, in Moschato, Athens, by brothers Homer and Orestis Colocotronis, and has played an important role in modern Greece’s industrial history. In 1950, the company entered the pharmaceutical sector, obtaining the name ADELCO and becoming one of the fastest growing Greek industries, immediately gaining appreciation and recognition throughout the medical community, owing to its strict quality standards. Expanding into the cosmetics industry, the firm, in 1950, introduced the OM-OR shampoo, the first to be produced and marketed in Greece, as well as the Adelco toothpaste, the first fluoride toothpaste to be made available in Greece. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, as the company continued to grow, becoming one of the largest Greek pharmaceutical companies by manufacturing at its own vertical production facilities a number of superior quality and widely-recognized pharmaceutical products and leading brands, such as Stedon, Filicine, Minitran, Paroticin and Salopyrine, and in cosmetics “OM-OR” and “Adelco”. In addition, Adelco established several partnerships with leading European cosmetics manufacturers, including Parke Davis, Le Petti, Daiitchi, Cosmed, Pharmacia, Pfrimmer, Cox, Revlon and Perlier, for the distribution of their products in Greece. In 1983, ADELCO - CHROMATOURGIA ATHINON E. COLOCOTRONIS BROS. SA, continued its operation under the direction of Mr. Evangelos Colocotronis, whose belief is that “high quality is a fundamental value and the principal commitment for a pharmaceutical company such as Adelco.” The company’s products are exported to several overseas markets in Europe, Africa, the Middle and Far East and China. Making significant investments, Adelco, in 2000, focused on upgrading its facilities by purchasing new production machinery with the aim to develop new products and further expand its activities internationally. The production of specific pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products currently represents the most important activity of Adelco. The company annually produces 4,000,000 formulations of about 45 pharmaceutical products, original and branded generics in unique combinations, covering a wide therapeutic range, eg. Cefatrizine, Neurosedin, Adeprenal, Linipon, Ponotex, Algine and Acinic. The pharmaceutical company’s business was further enhanced by its dynamic entry into the beauty and cosmetics market. Products in the new series include Adelco Intense Spa Luxurious Color, offering specialized SPA care and protecting colored hair. The high quality range Adelco Velvet Hand & Body offers velvety softness and natural beauty. The Children’s range Adelco Kids includes products specifically designed for children with gentle compositions and delightful aromas. In ADELCO we believe that the overall quality that we have to offer is as important as the importance of good health. So we strive every day...aiming at perfection.



Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”

15 years of successful operation!

Dr Yiannis N. Paraschis CEO

Contact Details 19019 Spata, Greece Tel: +30 210 3530000 Fax: +30 210 3530001 Website:


The Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, one of the most modern and functional airports in the world, opened in March 28th, 2001, marking the onset of a new era for air transport in Greece. The Airport Company, “Athens International Airport S.A.” (AIA), was established in 1996 as a Public-Private Partnership with a 30-year B.O.O.T. (Build - Own - Operate - Transfer) concession to build and operate the airport. AIA is a privately managed company, with the Greek State holding 55% of shares, while the private shareholders collectively hold 45%, and has undertaken successfully a series of very important roles, i.e. manager of the airport, employer, and responsible corporate citizen. Thanks to its favourable geographical location at the cross-roads of three continents, stateof-the art infrastructure and top-notch service, the Athens International Airport has earned the trust of passengers, as well as numerous international distinctions and awards. Today, it constitutes one of the major gateways to South-Eastern Europe and forms a unique entrepreneurial entity of economic and social development in the Attica basin. Over 13,000 people are employed as part of a large airport community, which consists of more than 300 companies closely connected to AIA and constitutes one of the biggest employment engines in Greece. As proven by the Athens University of Economics and Business relevant study (2013), the airport contributes to the national and local economy by 2.63% of the GDP. During its 15 years of successful operations the airport served more than 214 million passengers through 2.6 million flights. AIA offers its airline partners one of the most innovative and integrated incentives programmes, to ensure the sustainability and further growth of both domestic and international traffic. The Athens International Airport, however, is far more than just a gateway to South-Eastern Europe; aiming at continuous growth, AIA develops its extensive real estate assets, conducts large-scale commercial activities, and exports the company’s pioneering know-how in the IT sector. Besides its aeronautical and non-aeronautical activity, AIA remains always committed to its role as a responsible corporate citizen, introducing and implementing a range of programmes, actions and special CR initiatives for society at large, and with a special focus on its neighbours in the local communities. With over 50 distinctions throughout the 15 years of its operation, distinguishing it as one of the best airports in the world across its diverse range of activities, the Athens International Airport maintains one of the best airport terminals in Europe, equipped with state-of-the-art systems, featuring user-friendly orientation and comfortable waiting areas, offering top quality services, and making each moment at the airport a pleasant experience for the travellers, their meeters and greeters, and the airport’s visitors, who are frequently surprised with an unexpected programme of live events in the terminal area. According to the surveys conducted at the airport, our passengers and visitors highly appreciate the airport’s ambience, the courtesy of staff, the fine offers of over 120 quality shops, restaurants & cafés in the Airport Shopping Centre, as well as an attractive and highly convenient Retail Park located within the Airport compound .


Chipita S.A.

Producing and marketing some of the best-known brands

Spyros Theodoropoulos – CEO of CHIPITA SA

Chipita was established in Greece in 1973 as a company producing and marketing savoury snacks. The main products back then were the extra cheese-flavored corn snacks, subsequently followed as of 1988 by potato chips. In 1991, the firm started marketing of the 7DAYS croissant – an individually packaged baked snack with long shelf life, followed shortly thereafter by the 7DAYS mini croissant. A few years later, in 1995, the innovative savoury Bake Rolls hit the markets. Regarding the company’s international presence, Chipita has been operating outside Greece since 1995 by setting up manufacturing plants in Bulgaria, Portugal and Egypt, followed by Mexico, Poland, Romania, Russia and Saudi Arabia, and more recently India, Turkey and Ghana. At the same time, Chipita also set up commercial offices in 6 countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine. Chipita is now present internationally with 4 major product categories: croissants and similar dough products, savoury snacks (Bake Rolls), cakes and confectionery. The firm’s strong global presence includes 11 manufacturing plants comprising 37 production lines in Bulgaria, Greece, India, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey. A further 8 manufacturing plants with 31 production lines located in Egypt, Mexico, Ghana and Saudi Arabia operate through strategic partnerships. In addition, the company operates four joint ventures. Edita Food Industries was established in 1996 as a joint venture between Chipita and the Berzi family. It made a dynamic entry into the Egyptian market with the Molto croissant, with Edita rapidly establishing itself as market leader and also introducing Bake Rolz in the savoury snack category. Chipita was established in Mexico in 2000 as a joint venture between Chipita and Gamesa, a leading company in the Mexican sweet snacks market. Modern Food Industries (MFI) was set up in 2007 in Saudi Arabia as a joint venture between Chipita, Almarai and the Olayan Group. Finally, Interfoods was established in 2011 in Accra, Ghana. Chipita products cover the following categories: Single serve Croissants, Mini Croissants, Dough Products, Cakes, Biscuits, Bake rolls, Pizzeti, Confectionery, jams, Potato chips and Extruded snacks. Internationally, the firm manages the following brands: 7days, Fineti and Chipicao. Its local portfolio includes the brands: Molto, Spispan, Chipita Chips and Extra.

Contact Details 12th km Athens - Lamia National Road, 144 52 Metamorfosi, Attiki, Greece Tel: +30 210 2885000 Fax: +30 210 2885036 Website:




Investing in Greece COPELOUZOS GROUP was established in 1973, and since then has gradually gained a leading role in the Greek market. The Group comprises several companies which are active in the most important business sectors in Greece and internationally. Copelouzos Group was founded by Dimitris Ch. Copelouzos, who is still the Group’s President & CEO. The Group’s core business areas are: natural gas import and marketing, power generation and trading, renewable energy sources (wind, hydroelectric and solar energy), supply of energy equipment, real estate, concessions and PPP projects, exhibition & congress centers, outdoor advertising, airport management, railway projects, construction and project management of large scale projects, Dimitris Ch. Copelouzos etc. In brief, the main activities of the Group include the following: – President & CEO Oil and Gas: Construction of gas transportation, distribution, import and marketing of Russian natural gas in of Copelouzos Group Greece through PROMETHEUS GAS S.A., a joint company between the Group and Russia’s GAZPROM (50% GAZPROM – 50% Copelouzos Group). Prometheus Gas has implemented the majority of the natural gas infrastructure in Greece, including high pressure pipelines, compressors, etc. Power: Import and trading of electricity through NECO SA, a joint company with the Bulgarian state electricity company NEK; construction and exploitation of power plants through ENELCO SA, a joint company with the Italian ENEL SpA; construction of power plants, as well as sale and maintenance of generating sets and co-generation equipment all over Greece. Renewable Energy: Construction, operation and exploitation of wind parks, in cooperation with Enel Green Power SpA; and, construction, operation and exploitation of hydroelectric plants. Photovoltaics: The Group is active in the manufacturing of photovoltaic equipment via its two vertically organized factories SILCIO SA and PIRITIUM SA, manufacturing multi-crystalline PV wafers, PV cells and PV modules. The Group is also developing and operating solar energy parks. Exhibition centres: The Group has a holding in the ATHENS METROPOLITAN EXPO SA Exhibition and Convention Centre, which is the largest and most modern exhibition centre in Greece. Outdoor Advertising is a market in which Copelouzos Group has made major investments in the past decade. Today, the Group is a principal shareholder of INTERBUS, which is active in the fields of Transport and Airport advertising. INTERBUS is the first company in Greece to have invested in the field of Transport Media and the country’s sole outdoor advertising company offering its clients the opportunity to get advertised in all Public Transport media. Real Estate: Copelouzos Group activities cover all aspects of real estate business, as it owns properties in prime areas of Athens. The group rents offices exceeding 200.000 m2 and sells villas and apartments that it Contact Details builds in Athens and Greek islands. 209 Kifissias Ave., 151 24 Maroussi, Athens, In addition, the Group, through its subsidiary Redex SA, offers Energy Saving services, as well as Integrated Greece Facility Management services to medium and large-scale building facilities acting as a one-stop-shop. Tel.: +30 210 6141106-115 Regarding the PPP and Airport business, the Group has a holding in the Athens International Airport, being Fax: +30 210 6140371-2 the only private company in the specific activity, as well as in the company which has undertaken the deE-mail: velopment and operation for 30 years of Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg, Russia. In addition, together with Website: Fraport AG, the Group has been recently selected as a preferred investor for the operation, management, development and maintenance of 14 Greek regional airports for 40 years.




The Leading Greek Food Company Founded in 1952, DELTA FOODS is the leading dairy company, producing milk, yoghurt, chocolate milk, dairy desserts, concentrated milk, juice, iced tea, PDO cheeses (feta and kasseri). The company produces and sells some of the most recognizable Greek brands, among which are included DELTA Fresh Milk, Small Family Farms, μμμmillk, Advance, Daily, Vlahas and Easy (milk brands), Milko (chocolate milk), Complet, Vitaline and Smart (yogurt brands), Life (juices and iced tea brand), Mikra Tirokomia PDO cheese (produced by its subsidiary Vigla Olympou). The company enjoys a 99% brand recognition and its products are accessible to consumers through more than 30.000 sales points all over the country from large hypermarkets to small kiosks. Delta invests in Greece, supporting greek economy and primary production, through sustainable development. The company implements vertical integration for milk collection, animal feed and veterinarian control, ranks as the largest buyer of greek cow milk production (over 25% of the total produced quantity is purchased by DELTA) and is considered between Europe’s most important Dairy companies. Investment in quality, innovation and technology have always been Delta’s main priorities, enabling the company to lead the market over the years, create new innovative product categories and further develop nutrition standards. Delta production plants fully comply with national and international food quality management and safety standards, including ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ΕΛΟΤ 1801 and 14001, AIB Food Safety Stds, BRC, IFS, AGROCERT, HALAL etc. Quality Assurance and product development based on DNA technology, in a fully equipped Molecular Microbiology Laboratory, further enforce Delta’s commitment to safety. Delta is a subsidiary of Vivartia, the largest Food Company in Southeast Europe, member of Marfin Investment Group (MIG). In 2014, total turnover for DELTA Group amounted to 330 million euros, a 4,16% year-on-year increase. DELTA’s international vision is to represent Greek nutrition globally through original and innovative products of the highest quality. With this being the cornerstone of its strategy, DELTA launched its genuine Greek strained yogurt DεLTα that is rooted to tradition, but does so with an international appeal. DεLTα is present in all major International Food Fairs and has been repeatedly awarded by the International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi). The export activity of DεLTα is experiencing dynamic growth, confirming the effective corporate strategy for development abroad. DELTA’s export activity with several of its product lines is currently spread to several countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Contact Details 23rd km Athens-Lamia National Highway, 14565 Ag. Stefanos, Attiki, Greece Tel.: +30 210 3495000 Fax: +30 2103495289 E-mail: Website:




Realising the potential

Velissarios Dotsis, CEO

Contact Details 109 Vasilisis Sophias Ave., 115 21 Athens, GREECE Tel.: +30 210 335 5700 Fax: +30 210 324 2079 Email: Website:


ENTERPRISE GREECE is the official agency of the Greek State, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economy, Development & Tourism, to showcase Greece as an outstanding destination for investment and to promote the highly competitive products and services produced in Greece for export. Making Greece More Global, More Attractive, More Competitive Enterprise Greece follows international best practices in uniting the nation’s outward-oriented support and promotion efforts to fully realise Greece’s potential to attract foreign direct investment and to optimise the export efforts of Greek enterprises. Enterprise Greece assists foreign investors and enterprises to do business with Greece, troubleshoots issues related to the public administration, provides key information about Greece as an investment destination and promotes the investment sectors in which Greece excels. In addition, it promotes Greek products and services to the global marketplace, helps Greek businesses reach new markets, find new business partners, and become more competitive and attractive. Promoting Local Resources Enterprise Greece promotes Greece as an investment destination, especially in the key sectors in which the country offers a highly compelling advantage: tourism, energy, food and agriculture, logistics, ICT, environmental management, and life sciences. Enterprise Greece also aims to promote the vast natural and human resources of the country and expand the significant export potential of Greece’s manufacturing, agricultural, knowledge, and service sectors. Reaching International Markets In championing investment and trade, Enterprise Greece engages the international business community with a variety of tools, outreach events and missions, and organises investment and trade delegations. A key component of the international outreach of Enterprise Greece is its integrated relationship with Greek Embassies throughout the world and close cooperation with the Offices of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This unified approach allows the global business community multiple points of contact in conducting transactions with Greece’s public and private sectors. Invest Enterprise Greece: ➤ Attracts, welcomes, promotes, supports and retains investment ➤ Promotes Greece internationally as an attractive investment destination through marketing, events, and strategic outreach ➤ Accepts applications, evaluates and supports Greece’s Strategic Investment (Fast Track) projects ➤ Provides investors with the Investor Ombudsman service ➤ Informs investors of Greece’s institutional, tax, legal, and financial framework ➤ Supports investors in accessing finance ➤ Partners with related organisations, domestic and international, to promote Greece as an investment destination Trade Enterprise Greece: ➤ Promotes the export of Greek products and services internationally through marketing, events, and trade centres ➤ Supports Greek producers and service providers with guidance, assistance, information and resources ➤ Connects Greek exporters and entrepreneurs with partners globally ➤ Organises the presence of Greek companies at conferences, fora, exhibitions and trade shows in global markets ➤ Hosts foreign delegations and visitors to Greece ➤ Briefs foreign buyers on Greece’s market and export potential ➤ Partners with related organisations, domestic and international, to promote Greece’s export market


EPSA Nikolaos Tsaoutos -President of the B.O.D.

A story of refreshment The history of EPSA dates back to 1924, when there was a surplus of lemons in the geographical area of Pelion. Observing a sales increase of traditional lemonade by peddlers, the owners of EPSA set the goal to create a factory that produces Soft Drinks. A German Chemical Engineer was invited to assist with the production of lemonade. It was then that the secret recipe was born and is preserved until today. Maintaining, already, cold rooms for the conservation of fruits and sale of ice, EPSA starts, as well, the production of Soft Drinks. At that time, EPSA was the basic distributor of power supply for the whole area around.

Panagiota Tsaoutou - CEO

During the nine decades that passes since then, a lot of progress has been done. In 1937 EPSA was awarded the “Golden Award for Quality” at Thessaloniki International Fair. In 1940 the noted glass bottle of EPSA, that was meant to become the landmark of the brand, is designed. Today, EPSA is still situated at exactly the same place in Agria area, in the city of Volos, maintaining modern facilities for the production of Soft Drinks. EPSA applies systems of quality control ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, and an IFS Food Standard certification. The last years, next to the classic orangeade, lemonade, lemon soda and soda water, many new products have been added: Ice Tea in several flavors, Tonic, Sour Cherry drink, Organic Lemonade and Orangeade and Lemonade, Orangeade and Lemon Cola light (with sweetener from stevia plant). Last, but not least, “light drops”, a liquid sweetener from the stevia plant, was the new innovation.

Contact Details Agria 37300, Volos, Magnesia, Hellas. Telephone: +30 24280 91901 Fax: +30 24280 91900 E-mail: Website:



Evoiki Zimi SA

Explore the Traditional Greek Taste of Dough Products

Charalampos Konstantakis - President & CEO

Evoiki Zimi SA began in 1984 in Psachna, Evia, as a family business, producing pasta products, following traditional recipes and using the finest ingredients, just like we would at home. In 1990, Evoiki Zimi became an LTD, expanding its activities in the production of frozen dough products, always based on authentic recipes. Our homemade country-style fillo pastry, our crust fillo pastry, our puff pastry, the fillo kataifi, traditional pies, pizzas, and croissants are the secret of our continuing success. In 1996, the company moved to new premises in Castella, Evia. Our distribution network, under the brand names “Zimarika Psachnon” and “Zimi Psachnon”, is expanding steadily, and attracting new clients, both in Greece and abroad. The company continually invests in equipment of the latest technology, in our fleet of trucks, in the best possible training for our employees, and in making sure we never compromise on the high quality and unique, homemade taste of our products, by implementing the ΕΝ ISO 22000:2005, BRC, IFS, quality systems and halal certification. Evoiki Zimi S.A., since its foundation, had aspirations towards exports. In order to systematize its export activity, the company, created an organized Export department and started to participate in international exhibitions worldwide. The company was oriented in professional selling market (catering - horeca) where the most important factor is the quality of the product. Moreover, the creation of an international logo for the retail products gave a boost to the wholesalers worldwide who develop the brand in local retail markets. The Export sales growth rate, ranges from 40% to 63% each year, during the last 5 years. Exports contribution to the total company’s turnover reaches 25%.

Contact Details 14th km National Road Halkida - Edipsos, 34400 Castella/Evia, Greece Tel: +30 22280 23700 Fax: +30 22280 22001 E-mail: ,, Exports: Zoi Koulouri Mobile: +30 6942553431,


Proving our respect for our customers who have trusted and enjoyed our unique products ever since the beginning, and always looking for ways to improve, Evoiki Zimi SA, with years of experience and expertise behind it, continues its successful development.


ΕZΑ protypos hellenic brewery

New Beer, New Quality

Athanasios Syrianos

Contact Details Olympou 3, 151 23, Nea Filothei Amarousiou, Τel.: +30 210 6898 520 Fax: +30 210 6898525

Brewery εzα protypos hellenic brewery is an ertirely Greek company, which actively contributes to the decentralised development of the economy of Greece. It was established in 1989 as an homonymous subsidiary company of a German group, the beer brand of which was launched in Greece in 1980. In 1988, the German parent company undertook the development of its brand in Greece and a year later it acquired its plant at Atalanti. Right after, the company was reconstructed and renamed as Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti S.A. (ΕΖΑ). In 1998 the Greek businessmen participating in the company began to buy out te shares of the German company and in 2003 the procedure was concluded, leading to the complete localization of ownership. In order to achieve financing of its development strategy εzα protypos hellenic brewery proceeded in 2013 to an increase of its capital stock, with the participation of the strategic investor DAMMA HOLDINGS S.A. (investment firm of D. Daskalopoulos). Having increased its capital, the company’s management commited itself to the implementation of an ambitious, while realistic development strategy, with the essential vision to concentrate Greek brand names in the wider area of beer, soft drinks and bottled water markets, under a common shareholding structure with a distinct presence in Greek and foreign markets. Beer Plant εzα protypos hellenic brewery has a modern beer plant of high capacity and more than 100 skilled employees in Atalanti, Fthiotida. The Atalanti plant, located in the centre of Greece, operates in harmony with the natural environmnet using for the beer production the spring water of Parnassos Mountain that is of excellent quality and composition. It produces high quality malt product using as raw materials chosen varieties of summer Scarlett and Prestige barleys and aromatic hops from Hallertau, Bavaria and Saaz, Bohemia. εzα protypos hellenic brewery successfully applies an integrated system of state-of-the-art production and environmental care processes, meeting the ELOT EN ISO standards. The Brands εzα protypos hellenic brewery produces in its private modern plant four excellent products: the new ζ εζα Premium Pilsener, Pils HELLAS, BLUE Island and BERLIN premium lager. Meanwhile, it has developed international marketing of recognised brands, among which Krombacher and Gulden Draak. With its wide range of products, εzα protypos hellenic brewery offers to consumers a wide variety of high quality beers and thus consolidates a complete strategic advantage, quality and service, aiming to the satisfaction of modern consumer’s needs. Innovation εzα protypos hellenic brewery is pioneer in draught beer for beer halls, luxury restaurants and pubs. The company has been very competititve in this type of packaging, investing to the required equipment that it provides to the retailers with loan. Our company successfully collaborates with more than 2,500 stores (hotels, restaurants, café), with impeccable service and high esteemed products. At the same time, it expands its collaboration with Super Market chains for the introduction of private label products, which are distinguished not only for their quality but also for their taste.




Active in 16 countries with more than 6.000 employees

Georgios Peristeris, CEO

Contact Details 85 Mesogeion Ave., Athens 115 26, Greece Tel.: +30 210 6968000 Fax: +30 210 6968098-99 E-mail: Website:


GEK TERNA Group is one of the leading business Groups in Greece with operations also in Central and Southeastern Europe, USA, North Africa and Middle East. The Group’s expertise spans from construction, energy production and supply, concessions, waste management and mining activities to real estate development and management. With a total staff of 6,000 employees around the world, the Group has invested more than 1.5 billion euros in the past few years. GEK TERNA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (FTSE / Athex Large Cap). Construction GEK TERNA Group, through its 100% subsidiary TERNA S.A., has been actively involved in the construction sector for over 45 years. TERNA has implemented a broad spectrum of public and private projects including the construction of railway and highway networks, high-quality office buildings, hospitals, museums, resorts, hydroelectric power plants, dams, harbors, industrial facilities, power plants, etc. TERNA’s current construction backlog is 3 billion euros. Renewable Energy Sources In the Renewable Energy Sources sector, GEK TERNA‘s activities are under TERNA ENERGY S.A., a pioneer player in the development of RES Industry in Europe, with a strong portfolio of technologies. The Group’s total installed capacity is 666.5 MW. The Group has 394 MW installed in Greece, 138 MW in the USA, 102 MW in Poland and 30 MW in Bulgaria. Furthermore, it has 246 MW of RES installations currently under construction or ready for construction, in Greece and overseas. Overall, the Group operates, is constructing or has full licensing of 885 MW of RES installations in Europe and the US And is targeting to reach up to 1,000 MW of operating RES projects over the following years. TERNA ENERGY is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (FTSE / Athex Large Cap). Thermal Energy GEK TERNA Group is also involved in thermal energy production through its holding in HERON S.A., having partnered with two international leading energy players, GDF Suez και Qatar Petroleum. HERON operates in the sectors of electric energy production and supply. It owns two thermal power plants of an installed capacity of 147 MW and 435 MW (HERON I and HERON II, respectively). Concessions - PPPs In the concessions sector, The Group displays an impressive dynamic through its involvement in financing, management and commercial exploitation of concession projects such as the road concessions “Ionia Odos”, “Central Greece Motorway”, “Olympia Odos” and the construction and participation in the operation of ten (10) car parks. It is also involved in PPP projects (e-ticketing). Mining The Group is also involved in mining activities for magnesia (Mantoudi mines) and lignite (Achlada lignite mine) exploitation. TERNA MAG S.A., is a mining and commercial company, based in North Evia, Greece specializing in magnesia production. GEK TERNA GROUP is realizing a 100-million-euro investment plan for quarrying activities in Mantoudi. Real Estate GEK TERNA is also engaged in real estate development and management with a differentiated portfolio in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, including business centers, logistic centers, industrial parks, entertainment parks, residential properties, commercial properties, hotels, parking stations, etc.


HDI Global SE

Innovative insurance solutions from a single source As part of Talanx Group, HDI Global SE has been one of the leading industrial insurers offering a broad range of needs-based insurance solutions and risk consulting services for over 100 years. Headquartered in Germany, the company now generates more than half of its premium volume abroad. Europe is the core market where HDI operates in 17 countries, employing some 2,700 people. Worldwide, HDI Global SE operates through branches, subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as network partners in more than 130 countries. In line with this international focus, the former HDI-Gerling Industrie Versicherung AG was renamed to HDI Global SE in 2016. The company is part of Talanx Group, Germany’s third-largest and one of the major European insurance groups by premium income. The Hannover-based Group is active in some 150 countries and operates as a multi-brand provider with a focus on B2B insurance. Talanx underwent particularly strong growth over the past decade and achieved premium income amounting to 29 billion euros for the year 2014.

Contact details 1 Vissarionos & Omirou, 10672 Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 7259 181 Fax: +30 210 7259 177 Email: Website:

HDI Global SE in Greece Operating since 1995 in Athens, the Greek branch brings innovative solutions for optimum insurance protection to the local and regional markets. The company addresses medium to large corporate and industrial clients, acting as a direct and indirect insurer, with the ability to carry large and highly complex insurance risks. HDI Global SE offers insurance services in the areas of property, engineering & infrastructure, liability, transport and aviation, as well as other special risks. The diverse skills of our team across different industry segments and functions ensure our solutions meet the specific needs of each one of our clients. In addition, the company exclusively provides in-house risk engineering services to all of its customers at no cost, as an add-on to its bespoke insurance solutions. As a regional hub, the Athens branch has the authority to underwrite risks in the South Balkans (Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, FYROM) and SE Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Israel, Cyprus, Malta). Utilizing the Group’s global network, HDI Global SE, Hellas also delivers international programs that address regional companies and multinationals with operations in Greece and abroad. Throughout the years, the Greek branch has paid over 120 million euros to its insureds and has demonstrated dynamic profitable growth, now counting over 20 years of successful development. HDI Global SE has been rated favourably by international agencies: it is currently rated with Α+/stable by Standard & Poor’s and A/stable by ΑΜ Best.



Goldair Cargo S.A.

Progressive Thinking, Innovative Action, Hard Work.

Kalinikos Kalinikos Executive Vice President

Contact Details Thessi Rykia, Aspropyrgos, 19300, Greece P.O.Box 179 Tel.: +30 211 1804200 Fax: +30 211 1804299 E-mail: Webite:


Goldair Cargo, member of Goldair Group, founded in 1987, always ahead of its time in innovative solutions, succeeded through steady and considered steps, to become a strong group, synonymous with high quality services in the field of international forwarding and logistics. Nowadays, the company maintains more than 75,000 sqm of privately-owned covered warehouses, offering full range logistics services, handling over 35 million collections annually and delivering them throughout Greece and all neighboring countries, including Cyprus. In addition, the company provides complete added value services, such as package design, blistering, repackaging, heat shrinking, flow pack and labeling, all supported by an in-house computerized system, specialized in handling multiple barcodes and different clients, with great expertize in cosmetics, clothing, footwear, food products and spare parts. The company also provides fully integrated solutions for storage and management of documents, archives and records in any form, such as physical, electronic, magnetic, microfilms, etc., offering unlimited and direct access to all information at all times. Goldair Cargo, pioneer in the field of international forwarding, carries a Pan-European freight distribution network for 48 cities with daily and weekly departures, for dry as well as controlled temperature cargo, through a fleet of approximately 320 international trailers. The company has also developed exclusive partnerships with companies that carry worldwide transport networks, covering through air and sea lines, intermodal container transports, consolidated airfreight consignments, as well as any transport need, from and to around the world, emphasizing in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. In 2014, Goldair and the Austrian state railway company “Rail Cargo Logistics” agreed in establishing the joint venture “Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair”, offering complete rail freight forwarding services. Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair provides rail logistics solutions by all modes of train transportations, i.e. conventional wagons, intermodal services with containers, bulk transport of raw materials, tank transports, etc., in order to cover all related transportation needs from Central and North Europe to Greece and vice versa. In 2015 Rail Cargo Logistics Goldair was the first private company to be awarded by The Greek Railway Authority for Railways (RAR) with a license to operate on the Greek railway network.  Goldair Cargo continues its dynamic growth based in its highly experienced personnel of 360 people, achieving continuous and healthy growth over the past decade, maintaining steady profitability, always following its founder’s principles: “Progressive Thinking, Innovative Action, Hard Work”.



A Leading Energy Group in SE Europe

Tsotsoros Efstathios, president

Contact Details 8A Chimarras St., GR 151 25, Maroussi, Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 63 02 000 Fax: +30 210 63 02 510, 210 63 02 511 E-mail: Website:

Founded in 1998, Hellenic Petroleum is one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, with activities spanning across the energy value chain and presence in 7 countries. Its shares are primarily listed on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX: ELPE), with a secondary listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE: HLPD). In 2015, Group Adjusted EBITDA amounted to 758 million euros, on total revenues of 7.3 billion euros. Hellenic Petroleum’s key shareholders are Paneuropean Oil and Industrial Holdings SA (42.6%) and the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (35.5%), with the remaining share held by institutional (13.9%) and private (8.1%) investors. Refining is the Group’s core business, accounting for 75% of total assets. It owns three of the four refineries in Greece, of a total capacity of 340 kbpd, with a 65% share in the Greek wholesale oil products market. During 2007-2012, the Group successfully completed a growth investment plan valued at 2 billion euros, including the upgrade of the Elefsina Refinery, the largest private manufacturing investment in Greece. The Group is the domestic ground fuels marketing leader, through its fully-owned subsidiaries EKO and Hellenic Fuels (former BP Hellas). The two companies comprise a retail network of some 1,700 service stations throughout Greece, as well as LPG, industrial, aviation and marine fuels and lubricants businesses. Hellenic Petroleum is a leading player in SE European markets. The Group owns the OKTA industrial installations in Skopje (FYROM), and through its network of 295 petrol stations is one of the key fuels marketing players in Cyprus, Serbia, Bulgaria and Montenegro. The Group’s portfolio includes exploration and production rights in Greece. The Group is acting as an operator (50% stake) for an international joint venture, which owns exploration and production rights of hydrocarbons in the offshore area of West Patraikos Gulf, western Greece. Exploration activities in the area are in progress, according to the Lease Agreement with the Greek Government. In February 2016, following an international tender, HELLENIC PETROLEUM was selected as the preferred bidder for the lease of Arta-Preveza and NW Peloponnese areas. Hellenic Petroleum is the sole petrochemicals producer in Greece, mainly active in the propylene- polypropylene value chain. Domestic market shares exceed 50%, while exports, mainly in Turkey and other Mediterranean countries, account for more than 60% of sales. HellenIC Petroleum is also active in the power and gas sectors. Power generation and trading activities are carried out through Elpedison, a JV with Italian EDISON, part of the EdF Group. The JV owns and operates two CCGT plants in Greece, one 390MW plant in Thessaloniki and a 420MW plant in Thisvi. Moreover, HELLENIC PETROLEUM recently entered the field of renewable energy sources with a portfolio exceeding 200MW in various development stages. The Group is present in the natural gas sector through its 35% stake in DEPA, Greece’s incumbent gas company and the main natural gas importer and wholesale supplier in the country. DEPA fully owns DESFA, Greece’s natural gas grid owner and operator, and 51% of each of the local supply companies (EPAs). DESFA is currently in sale process; a Share Purchase Agreement for the acquisition of 66% of DESFA shares, for a consideration of €400m was signed on 21 December 2013, while the closing of the transaction is subject to the approval of the energy and competition authorities in Greece and the European Union.



Orange: CMYK 0/70/100/0 Grey: CMYK 70/50/65/50


Shaping the future of Gaming Who we are INTRALOT is one of the leading gaming companies worldwide with presence in 57 regulated jurisdictions on all 5 continents. Within 23 years of operation, the company has achieved a monumental global expansion and is a ground-breaking innovator of the gaming sector, bringing state-of-the-art, market-proven technology and operational expertise to the industry. INTRALOT Group counts approximately 5,400 employees worldwide and its revenues in 2014 exceeded 1.85 billion euros.

Contact Details 64, Kifissias Ave. & 3, Premetis St., Athens, 15125 Greece Phone : (+30) 210 615 6000, Fax: (+30) 210 610 6800 Email: Website:


INTRALOT is the leading supplier of integrated gaming and transaction processing systems, innovative game content, sports betting management and interactive gaming services to statelicensed gaming organizations worldwide. Through the use of a dynamic and omni-channel approach, INTRALOT offers an integrated and highly diversified portfolio of best-in-class product solutions to each customer, allowing players to enjoy a complete, seamless and personalized experience across various gaming verticals, using multiple delivery channels, both Brick & Mortar and interactive. Our values Committed to the global principles of innovation, excellence, integrity, responsible gaming and shareholder value creation, INTRALOT aims to retain its dominant position in the gaming industry and consistently offer increased value to its customers, shareholders and employees. Responsible gaming is a natural key element of INTRALOT’s corporate social responsibility strategy. The company’s technology and operational expertise enable responsible gaming practices on behalf of its customers, embedding them in daily operations and product solutions, and communicating the concept of responsible gaming to all stakeholders. In 2015, INTRALOT was awarded for its global lottery operations with the prestigious WLA Responsible Gaming Framework Certification for associate members by the World Lottery Association (WLA). Gaming Industry Contributor INTRALOT contributes decisively to future developments in the industry. It actively engages the global gaming community being a member of the major Lottery and Gaming Associations, such as WLA (World Lottery Association) and EL (European Lotteries and Toto Association), among others.



Growing rapidly

Ioannis Marlafekas, President & CEO

Contact Details 88 Agiou Stefanou, Saravali 265 00 Patra, Achaia, Greece Τ: +30 2610 529680-1 & +30 2610 529890-1 F: +30 2610 529682 Email: Website:

Loux - Marlafekas is the biggest purely Greek company in the sector of soft drinks and juices and it keeps firmly the 2nd place in the market among multinational companies. Today, the company owns and operates three modern facilities in Peloponnese - covering a total area of 33,000 ​​ sqm - a production, bottling and distribution facility of its products and in November 2008, Loux added a new modern logistics center in Attica, in order to meet the growing needs for lower transportation costs, and the delivery time of products. In addition, Loux owns three brands and a wide range of soft drinks and juices. Since 2007, the company has invested over 20 million euros in new, well equipped facilities to produce innovative products. All of Loux’s production procedures have an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 22000:2005 certification. Loux invests in its workforce since it is an integral part of its success and productivity. Today, the company employs 120 staff members in Achaia, Athens and Thessaloniki. In addition, Loux’s network development is supported by 450 representatives all over Greece and the Loux products reach more than 40,000 final points of sale. The products of Loux are famous worldwide with exports carried out in 20 countries, Germany, Canada, USA, England, Australia, Cyprus, China, United Kingdom, Scotland, Israel, Malta, Panama, Switzerland, Romania, Korea, Albania, Qatar, Dubai, Belgium and Holland and represent 5% of total turnover of the company. Moreover, the markets of the wider region of the Middle East, Southern and Central Africa and Northern Europe have shown interest in the Loux products. Furthermore, in 2015 the company’s turnover was 30 million Euros having an increase of 5.0% compared to 2014 which was 28.6 and the company’s gross profit in 2015 was 3.3 million Euros compared to 2014 which was 3.1 million Euro. As a business organization, Loux has increased job opportunities by more than 30% in the last eight years and, despite the economic recession, salaries were not affected. Quite the opposite, the company has secured exemplary working conditions in all aspects. Loux has received ample distinctions and awards over the last decade. Some of the biggest highlights were in 2014 when Loux took over as “Supporter of the Greek Presidency of the Council of E.E” through which the products of Loux became the official soft drink of the Greek Presidency and in March 2016 when Loux was announced “Public National Champion” in the European Business Awards among 36 very popular Greek companies. It is notable that Loux is among the most successful Greek Companies with zero bank debts and steady upward growth. Loux stays focused on its primary principles and vision of quality, creativity, thirst for innovation, and respect for customers and continues to express its full support for social, sport and cultural events and activities in Greece, through continuous sponsorships. Finally, the company constantly participates in many national and international exhibitions and has received numerous awards in entrepreneurial ceremonies.



Olympia Odos

A modern European motorway in Greece Olympia Odos is one of the largest projects of strategic importance for Greece, as a modern European-standards motorway, constructed to connect the Peloponnese with Central Greece and Europe. The project includes the design, construction, maintenance and operation of the road axis Elefsina - Korinthos - Patra, of a total length of 201.5 km. Olympia Odos is a concession project with a 30-year duration, which is funded partly by the Greek State and the European Union, but mainly by private investments by strong Greek and foreign companies with a long and successful history in constructing high quality and costeffective infrastructure projects, as well as the provision of high-level operation services. The new, modern and secure motorway will offer an upgraded and safer link with the southwestern part of Greece, and in particular to and from Patras Port, the archaeological sites and tourist areas, enhancing export activities and rural production. Olympia Odos is the only project constructed while open to traffic along its 120km, and therefore is the most challenging project currently under construction in Greece. The widening of the existing road is implemented either on one or on both sides of the motorway, depending on the case. At the same time, high quality operation services are provided both for the completed sections and the challenging section of Korinthos - Patra, whose construction is still under way. Patrols, emergency teams and maintenance staff, in cooperation with the Traffic Police, Fire Brigade and private road assistance companies, are on the alert to provide drivers with road assistance in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as well as securing the high standard corrective and preventive maintenance of the network.

Contact Details 4 Rizariou St., Chalandri, 15233, Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 6843 041 Fax: +30 210 6843 049/406 E-mail: Website:


The Shareholders of OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. are: Concession Company: OLYMPIA ODOS S.A. ➤ VINCI CONCESSIONS S.A. (29,9%) ➤ Hochtief PPP Solutions GmbH (17%) ➤ J&P-AVAX S.A. (17%) ➤ AKTOR Concessions S.A. (17%) ➤ GEK Terna S.A. (17%) ➤ ATHENA S.A. (2,1%) Operator: Constructor:



Georgios Gantzaros – President of Papoutsanis SA

Menelaos Tasopoulos – Vice President & CEO of Papoutsanis SA

Contact Details

Papoutsanis S.A.

Greece’s pioneer soap industry Papoutsanis SA’s history begins in 1870 in Plomari, Lesvos island, when Dimitris Papoutsanis founded his first steam-driven olive oil plant, which did not limit its production to high quality olive oil, but also entered soap making from pure olive oil. The company has quickly grown into a leader in the soap market, commercially flourishing even from the early stages of its operation. In 1913, production facilities were relocated to Piraeus, where the first industrial soap production line was built. In 2001, production was moved to Ritsona, Evia in a modern soap factory and the largest in Southeast Europe. Thanks to these facilities, the award-winning company is also the largest supplier of hotel personal care products in Greece. Papoutsanis cooperates with leading multinational companies, taking on the production of their products, distributed in the global market, as well as retail chains, with a pan-European presence. Sales of hotel amenities in 2014 jumped by 15%, as a result of a good tourist season and the presence of Papoutsanis products in global hotel chains. The firm’s flagship Olivia series, offers products made with Greek olive, channeled to new markets abroad and expanding Greek market shares, through the placement in pharmacies. The firm’s branded products accounted for 20% of 2014 first-half sales, with 23% of sales to the hotel market and the remaining 57% to third-party production and industrial sales. In the first half of 2015, Papoutsanis’ export sales amounted to 2.4 million euros, or 31.2% of total revenues. Branded products accounted for 26% of overall domestic and export sales, while sales to the hotel market accounted for 28% and third-party production and industrial sales for 46%. Recently, two new projects were successfully completed, one concerning the extension of an agreement with Sysco Guest Supply – one of the largest distributors of hotel cosmetics internationally, and another regarding the commencement of production and promotion worldwide of a new product line, Olive Care, which are both part of the company’s potential export business growth plan. In 2014, the soap industry saw its sales rise to 17.17 million euros, recording a 7% increase year-on-year. Pre-tax income also rose to 134,000 euros compared to 84,000 euros a year earlier.

71st km Athens-Lamia National Highway, 341 00 Vathi Avlidos, Evia, Greece Tel.: +30 22620 85000 Fax: +30 22620 85015 Website: E-mail:




All about Greek olive oil

Gregory Antoniadis - President

Contact Details 15Α Xenofontos, 105 57 Athens, Attica Tel: +30 210 32 38 856 FAX:+30 210 32 46 408 Website: Ε-mail:


History The history of SEVITEL commenced in the year of 1964 entitled “PANHELLENIC EXPORTS’ ASSOCIATION of OLIVE OIL”, by representing mainly the export of olive oil from industrial companies. In its current form, structure and organization and under the name “PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION of INDUSTRIALISTS: PROCESSORS – EXPORTERS of OLIVE OIL” was functioned from 1981. After amending the initial Regulation of the Association, in the General Meeting of 1992, the name was changed in “GREEK ASSOCIATION of INDUSTRIES and PROCESSORS of OLIVE OIL” with the distinctive title SEVITEL, as it remains until today. Profile SEVITEL is a non – profit organization and the leading body representing private industry in the field of Olive Oil in Greece, claiming a fifty - year old history. SEVITEL’ s numerous members include the largest Greek processing and packaging industries as well as Olive Oil Exporters. With the purpose of aiding its members in the production and marketing of a quality product, it is immediately involved in activities conducive to the overall amelioration of the sector. Under the legal status of a Professional Association it performs the following : ➤ It is the legal representative of the industry before all authorities - national and European (EU). ➤ It follows national and EU legislation and issues guidelines to its members regarding standards and EU Regulations. ➤ It informs and assists members in questions of promotion and legislation via trained personnel. ➤ It sets up expert committees and Advisory groups regarding the quality features of Olive Oil. ➤ It functions as a data bank on issues related to the olive oil market (both national and international). ➤ It is linked to the Greek Trade Offices worldwide. ➤ It contributes to the overall promotion of the Greek Olive Oil in the international market, in cooperation with the Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO). ➤ SEVITEL is also widely involved in financing the scientific research regarding the specific attributes of Olive Oil in relation to health. SEVITEL, among other things, is a member of: ➤ The International Olive Council Advisory Committee on Olive Oil and Table Olives; ➤ The Advisory Committee on Oils and Fats – Olive Oil Section of the European Commission; ➤ FEDOLIVE (European Federation of Olive Oil Industries); The total activities of SEVITEL in combination with the efforts made by the entire sector for the growth of the Greek Industry of Olive oil has led to the recognition of qualitative supremacy of Greek olive oil around the world. Information and promotion measures for agricultural products on the internal market and in third countries Since 2002, Sevitel has been partly involved in funding Programs (European Union – Hellenic Ministry of Rural Development and Food - SEVITEL]) for the briefing - information and promotion of olive oil in the internal market of the European Union and in non – EU countries.



Greece’s pioneer in Ecological Certified paints and varnishes

Aikaterini Chatzinikola

Contact Details

VECHRO was founded in 1948 with the sole purpose of producing high quality paints and varnishes in the Greek market. In 1963, VECHRO’s remarkable development and modest success, drew the attention of foreign investors and soon after, the company was bought by France’s Societe Francaise Duco, a true giant paints and varnishes producer, with presence in more than 18 countries worldwide. Almost two decades later, VECHRO returned to Greek ownership and management, more specifically to Ioannis P. Chatzinikolas, who was at that time the company’s Sales Director. Nowadays, the company is headed by the next generation of the Chatzinikolas family. 2004 was a landmark year in VECHRO’s history, since the company undertook a daring policy of changing its entire product line into Ecological Certified products, foreseeing the need for ecofriendly products, as well as for protection of both the environment and consumers. In spite of the initial reservations and skepticism of the Greek market, VECHRO led the way in manufacturing Ecological certified products, and was gradually followed by all other Greek paint manufactures. At the same time, the company changed its motto into: “Think Ecologically – Paint Ecologically” in order to better correspond to its company vision. Today, VECHRO is the undisputed leader in Ecological Certified paints and varnishes, an assumption strongly supported by the fact that the company has 76 of its products certified as Ecological and baring the Ecolabel. This number is by far a record in Greece, but also overseas, as VECHRO ranks 3rd overall in Europe in number of Ecological Certified paints and varnishes. VECHRO’s 9,000-sqm factory is located in Petra Viotias, while the company headquarters are in Athens (120 employees in total). Exports account for up to 10% of the company’s sales, with export markets including the Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania), Cyprus, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and Malta. Currently, VECHRO is the 3rd largest paints and varnishes manufacturer in Greece, while the company is enjoy a steady growth with its market share expanding every year. In 2014, the company posted sales of 16.5 million euros.

302 Liosion St., 111 45, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 4816101-3 Fax:+30 210 4820460 Email: Website:



Zoinos Winery S.A.

Using innovative methods of cultivation and vinification

Athanassios Katsanakis

Zoinos Winery SA, the oldest and largest wine-producer in northwestern Greece, is actually the sequel of the cooperative winery established in Zitsa, Epirus back in 1974, with the objective to develop and improve the cultivation of the indigenous varieties Debina, Vlachiko and Bekari The adoption of Zitsa as a PDO region meant that the wine was coming from the legally-defined wine growing area, produced from local varieties and vinified using the area’s traditional technique, and also that it had specific organoleptic characteristics. The PDO region of Zitsa includes two types of the fragrant PDO wines which are produced from the white grape variety Debina: a Still and a Semi-Sparkling one.  In the past five years, the company made a number of investments in new equipment in order to upgrade its winery. It uses innovative methods of cultivation and vinification not only of the local varieties (Debina, Bekari, Vlachiko) but also of the famed Chardonnay, Traminner and Cabernet Sauvignon. By participating in several annual wine competitions, such as Decanter World Wine Awards, Berlin Wine Trophy, International Wine and Spirit Competition, the company tries to keep its products improved and competitive against the rest of the market, a notion that leads its wines to the top of consumer preference. Zitsa Winery is a company with a past, present and, primarily, a promising future as its nationally and internationally awarded products can indicate. Contact details:

Contact Details 38 Charilaou Trikoupi St., Ioannina 45333, Greece Tel.: +30 26510 70963 Fax: +30 26510 76107 E-mail:, Website:




A National Strategy is necessary in order to boost extroverted production

Greek exports up 8.2% in 2015

Amidst a negative environment created by a series of events, such as a feared GREXIT, the imposition of capital controls and repeated elections, Greece’s production and export enterprises have shown in practice that they can cope in tough conditions. According to ELSTAT (Hellenic Statistical Authority) data, Greek exports (excluding fuels) in 2015, recorded a positive trend, ending the year with an increase of 8.2% compared to 2014, following a four-year period of stagnation. The value of exports is estimated at 18.3 billion euros. This change, coupled with a stagnation in imports of goods (excluding fuels), allowed improvement in the trade deficit by 7.3% or 1.1 billion euros. Notwithstanding a decline in exports sales growth (excluding fuels) observed after capital controls were imposed in July 2015 (in October and November 2015, Greek exports were lower compared to the same period a year earlier), a recovery in export activity was recorded in December 2015, as exports rose by +2.7% compared to December 2014. This ultimately led to an overall increase in Greek exports (excluding fuels) in 2015 by 8.2% year-on-year. In 2015, all the main economic sectors, except for raw materials, registered an upward trend compared to a year earlier. More specifically, fats and oils exports recorded an impressive rise, led by olive oil, reaching approx. 500 million euros in value and soaring more than 120% in volume, compared to 2014. In fact, the sector’s export performance in 2015 helped it set a 5-year record. Similarly, the value of manufactured products exports grew to 370



and accelerate reforms to attract Foreign Direct Investments (FDI).

million euros, with machinery and transport materials exports rising by 14%. Other sectors recording higher export figures in 2015 included beverages and tobacco (+12%) and food and livestock (+3.4%). The question that reasonably arises is how would Greek export businesses respond and how much exports would increase should the country did not face the countless challenges of recent years, as well as for how much longer could export businesses carry on under such pressures. Liquidity remains a major challenge, as it has severely deteriorated following the implementation of capital controls. Even though capital controls have been partially relaxed, they need to be lifted altogether as a necessary condition to restore confidence at home and overseas; lifting capital controls is a one-way road to a gradual restoration of business liquidity. The 8.2-pct increase in exports in 2015 is proof to the fact that Greek exporters can cope under tough conditions. However, it should be understood that recovery can only happen with the country’s production and extrovert reconstruction, as well as by ensuring a favorable enterprising business environment with a stable tax and insurance systems, enhancing liquidity at competitive cost of money, attracting foreign direct investments and implementing radical changes and reforms. There is no other way to allow for a strengthening of manufacturing, boosting exports, enhancing domestic intra-industry and cross-sectoral trade and reducing unemployment.



GREEK EXPORTS Greek exports per product (SITC-3), in euro




























































































































































































Share 15

Annual Trend 15/14


GREEK EXPORTS Greek exports per product (SITC-3), in euro




Share 15

Annual Trend 15/14

















































































































































































GREEK EXPORTS Greek exports per product (SITC-3), in euro



Share 15

Annual Trend 15/14



































































































































C-1 solution

84 C-2 solution




TOP 50 GREEK EXPORT DESTINATIONS Top 50 Greek export destinations, in euro




Share 15

Annual Trend 15/14

Average Trend 11/15























































































































































































































































Annual Trend 15/14

Average Trend 11/15

Top 50 Greek export destinations, in euro





















































































































C-1 solution

C-2 solution





Petroleum Industrial


A leader in the oil refining business

Vardis Vardinogianis

Contact Details 12A Irodou Attikou Street. 151 24 Maroussi, Attica, Greece Tel: +30 210 8094000 Fax:+30210 8094444 E-mail:

Motor Oil Hellas (MOH) is committed to being a leader in the petroleum refining business, providing its serving region with a reliable and affordable supply of energy. Through its evolution, MOH is now considered as one of the major contributors to the domestic economy and a key market player in the region. MOH is listed on the Athens Exchange and is a constituent of the ATHEX COMPOSITE INDEX, FTSE/ATHEX LARGE CAP INDEX, as well as various sectoral indices. The Refinery, together with its ancillary plants and offsite facilities, form the largest privatelyowned industrial complex in Greece and is considered as one of the most modern refineries in Europe. Due to its flexibility, it can process crude oils of various characteristics and produce a full range of petroleum products, complying with the most stringent international specifications, serving major petroleum marketing companies in Greece and abroad. Apart from fuels, MOH is the only Lubricants producer and packager in Greece. Base oils and finished lubricants produced are approved by International Organizations, ACEA, API, the US Navy and Army. The Refinery production operations are located in Agii Theodori, in the province of Corinth, about 70 km west of Athens. The Administration and the General Divisions of Marketing, Finance, Administration & Human Resources and Strategic Corporate Planning & Development are housed at the company headquarters in a modern building in the Athens suburb of Maroussi. MOH’s Quality Management System is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 for the production & delivery of fuels, lubricants, waxes and bitumen. Additionally, the environmental management systems are certified according to ISO 14001:2004, while the Health and Safety system is certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007. The firm is Greece’s only oil refinery to have been certified with these three certifications. The Company is totally committed to continuous quality improvement, and within the scope of this commitment, in September 2006 the Refinery’s Chemical Lab was certified according to ISO 17025:2005 by Greece’s National Certification System (ESYD), valid up to September 2018. Furthermore, since 2007 within the framework of its commitment for continuous improvement of Environmental Management, the Company voluntarily publishes an annual Environmental Statement according to European Regulation 1221/2009 (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme), verified by Bureau Veritas. MOH’s extraordinary growth can be largely attributed to its human resources, as the firm strives to help its people develop to their highest potential, through continuous training programs and assignment of challenging projects.




Elval S.A.

A worldwide leading aluminium company

Contact Details e-mail: website:


Elval Group with operations dating back to 1973, is one of the leading aluminium processing companies worldwide and the only aluminium rolling group in Greece. For more than 40 years, Elval has been recognised as a trusted partner and innovative aluminium rolling Group with a broad portfolio of quality products made for the construction, shipbuilding, automotive, packaging, energy, and HVAC markets. Through an established global commercial network in more than 80 countries and 7 production plants in Greece, Elval Group exports over 70% of its production and is able to offer reliable and competitive solutions that meet the requirements of the most demanding global customers. Elval S.A. has the ability to sustainably produce both wide coils (up to 2.5 m) and long slabs (9 m) for diverse applications in a number of markets. Having completed a major investment plan in state-of-the-art equipment, the Company is able to operate cutting edge production facilities with an annual capacity of 250,000 tons. Elval’s extensive product range includes aluminium sheets and coils used in construction and architectural applications (side covers and roofs of buildings, floors, blinds, aluminium rollers, rainwater gutters and multilayer tubes), the shipbuilding and automotive industries (ships, cars, trucks, train parts, and HVAC applications), the food industry (food cans, beer and soft drink cans, closures, precision valves and flexible foil containers), among others. With a strong focus on quality and innovation, Elval invests significantly in product development, employee training, and the enhancement of its facilities. Through the Elval Technology centre, a department dedicated to R&D, the Company is able to introduce both innovations in manufacturing processes and high quality products such as Elval Grain that won the 1st prize in the 3rd Competition for Applied Research and Innovation “Greece Innovates”. Moreover, Elval’s strategic partnership with United Aluminum Company of Japan (UACJ Corp.) has allowed it to reach a number of technological breakthroughs. Through this partnership, established in 1988, the Company benefits from significant technical assistance and expertise to support some of the most demanding industrial customers, aluminium dealers and distributors worldwide. Elval aims to further improve its position as one of the most important manufacturers of rolled aluminium products by adhering to the principles of sustainable development, and having an ongoing focus on technology and innovation, employee health and safety, environmental protection and social contribution.


Elval product range Elval S.A. produces aluminium sheets, coils, and circles for a wide range of applications covering various markets. Construction / architectural applications ● Curtain walls ● Composite aluminium panels ● Perforated sheets and coils ● Corrugated sheets ● Polished floors ● Construction angles ● Metal roofs ● False ceilings ● Roller blinds /shutters ● Garage and industrial doors ● Window sills Water transport systems ● Multi-layer tubes and rain gutters Power networks ● bus ducts Renewable energy ● Windmill platforms and nacelles Oil & Gas ● LNG storage tanks Automotive industry ● Various internal parts and components ● Heat insulating covers Shipbuilding ● Patrol vessels ● Catamarans, speedboats ● Pleasure boats ● Pontoon boats

Key data

Heating, ventilation, cooling ● Heat exchangers ● Car radiators ● Air coolers ● Condensers ● Stills ● Oil coolers Engineering applications ● Static silos ● Geodesic domes ● Flat screen TVs (LCD) ● Circuit boards ● Light bulb bases ● Communications equipment boxes ● Heat-insulating pipes ● Transformers ● Toolboxes

Signage ● Road signs ● Billboards ● Car license plates

ELVAL GROUP Year 2014 figures Amounts in EUR million

Revenue (turnover) Sales outside Greece EBITDA Operating Results (EBIT) Income (Earnings) before Tax Investments Market presence in: Sales outside Greece

Packaging ● Soft drink and beer cans ● Food cans ● Aerosol valves ● Closure caps

Household appliances ● Cooking implements ● Kitchen appliances

Road and rail transport ● Trucks and trailers

● Tipper trucks ● Fuel tankers ● Refrigerated trucks ● Cargo rail wagons ● Buses/coaches ● Special purpose vehicles ● Caravans/Recreational vehicles ● Petrol / oil tanks ● Gas tanks

725 538 53 22 17 27 more than 80 countries Over 70%




Halcor Group

A leading global producer of innovative and value added copper solutions

Contact Details website:


Halcor, a Viohalco subsidiary, is a leading group of companies that specialise in the production, processing and marketing of copper, copper alloy and zinc rolled and extruded products, and cables. For more than 75 years, Halcor has been offering innovative and value added solutions that meet the evolving requirements of European and global customers in fields of plumbing and HVAC&R, naval construction and engineering, telecommunications, industrial production, architecture, and the automotive industry. With significant export activity in Europe, Asia, America and Africa, the Group operates nineteen companies in Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy, and owns nine production plants in Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. Halcor products are known for their high quality and highly innovative features. The Group’s wide range of products includes copper, brass, titan zinc and alloy-based bars, rods, tubes, sections, flats, wires, gutters, strips, copper wires, enamelled copper and aluminium wires, compounds, and a broad range of cables. Halcor has received approval from the Hellenic Copper Development Institute, which is supported by the international network of 24 copper centers ICA, to use the Cu+® brand, name and mark. Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® products constitute an integrated category of materials that are proven to be more effective than any other product, in continuously killing microbes that cause infections. The use of Antimicrobial Copper Cu+® in touch surfaces, as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems and medical gas networks has been proven to be more effective in the continuous elimination of bacteria that cause serious and dangerous infections, compared to the use of other materials. As a result of the Group’s strategic investments in R&D, Halcor is recognised as one of the leading copper producers in Europe, setting new standards in copper processing. The Company maintains a consistent focus on quality and environmental protection, and a strong commitment to the principles of sustainable development. In this context, all Group’s production facilities leverage advanced technologies to bring innovative products that are energy efficient and environmentally friendly to the market.


Halcor Group – product range Halcor offers a wide range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. ● Copper Tubes

TALOS: Water supply, heating, natural gas, and fire-extinguishing networks. TALOS Coated Copper: Water supply, heating and natural gas TALOS ECUTHERM: Water supply, heating networks, air-conditioning and refrigeration, and industrial networks CUSMART: (flexible copper tubes) for water supply, heating, floor (under-floor) heating & cooling TALOS ACR: HVAC&R and solar applications TALOS GAS: (Coated) Interior natural gas networks TALOS MED: medical gas networks TALOS ECUTHERM SOLAR: (factory-insulated) Solar system installations TALOS ACR INNER GROOVED: heat exchangers. TALOS SOLAR Plus: solar absorbers ● Copper and titan zinc gutters ● Brass bars rods, tubes, sections, flats and wires for applications in architecture, interior design, contemporary art, furniture, lighting, pumps, gutters, heat-exchangers, plumbing, automotive, music instruments, etc. ● Copper and titan zinc sheets and strips for architecture applications, such as domes, roof covers, exterior surfaces, gutters.

Key data

Revenue (turnover) Sales outside Greece EBITDA

Investments 2000-2014 Market presence in: Sales outside Greece

● Copper and brass sheets and strips for

the construction of electrical and electronic equipment, springs, parts and components for the automotive industry, boilers, solar energy collectors and panels, heat-exchangers, electricity converters, connectors, refrigerators, prerolled high-frequency cables, ammunitions, wrapping for fire-resistant cables, electrical cable wrapping. These products are suitable for marine applications, for the defense, petro-chemical, electrical, nuclear and medical industries, as well as for machining and special tools, cooking utensils, art and decoration. ● Copper alloy wire and net for fish farm cages. ● Copper alloys for the production of beakers, discs and coins. ● Copper bars, rods and strips for architecture applications, electrical and mechanical equipment, decoration. ● Cables for buildings, outdoor installations and industrial applications, transmission and distribution networks, installations with special requirements, marine applications, telecommunication and data transmission networks, renewable energy sources. ● Plastic and rubber compounds for the cable industry, production of soft water pipes, production of flexible spiral pipes, production of hard flexible pipes for electrical applications, rubber and plastic soles, flexible elastic and plastic profiles. ● Enamelled wires for transformers, motors-generators, small motors, relayscoils, self-supporting windings.

HALCOR GROUP Year 2014 figures Amounts in EUR million 1,080 1,000 18.2 498 80 countries 92.60%





Posting a jump in 2014 revenue

Evangelos Mytilinaios

Contact Details 8 Artemidos, Maroussi, 15125, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 2102709200 Fax: +30 2102759528 Website:


METKA is a leading engineering contractor and industrial manufacturing group, active within the Energy, Infrastructure and Defense sectors. Over the past decade, METKA has focused its growth strategy on becoming an internationally renowned EPC (Engineering­ProcurementConstruction) contractor, and has been recognized for its reliability, flexibility and impeccable track record. METKA is strongly focused on serving the needs of international customers and markets and is active in carrying out major power plant projects throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, with strong emphasis on highly-efficient combined cycle gas turbine technology. The company’s manufacturing operations serve numerous global customers and export products around the world, whereas its industrial facilities, with several decades of experience in complex, high value-added manufacturing, production equipment and components used in energy generation, heavy industry, infrastructure and defense applications. Since its establishment over 50 years ago, METKA has continuously developed its know-how, human resources and capacity. Today, the firm is internationally recognized by leading customers for its ability to successfully deliver highly demanding projects. METKA is part of the MYTILINEOS Group, Greece’s leading independent Energy producer and a strong, competitive European industrial Group in the sectors of Energy, Metallurgy and EPC projects. With a workforce of over 2,500 employees in Greece and abroad, the Group remains firm on its goal for business excellence, always in accordance with the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. Apart from its international EPC projects activity, MYTILINEOS Group is also one of the leading groups in Metallurgy and Mining in southeastern Europe and the Middle East, operating Europe’s most important vertically integrated alumina and aluminum production and trading plant. In Energy, the Group is the largest independent electricity producer, with a balanced portfolio of thermal and renewable energy sources. It also maintains a significant presence in the domestic natural gas supply and trade market. METKA’s industrial facilities, located in Greece, occupy a total surface area of 21 hectares and employ a staff of approximately 300. These facilities provide the company with the ability to manage its own specialized tasks, such as production of steel equipment (tanks, pressure vessels, heat exchangers), structure engineering, sand blasting and painting, cutting, formation and tracing of plates, machining, welding, fabrication, assembly and testing. Combining its long manufacturing experience, qualified personnel and high-precision automated machinery, the company’s production facilities meet demanding standards and achieve the highest quality levels. In 2014, ΜΕΤΚΑ saw its sales jump to 549 million euros compared to 404 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income doubled to 84.7 million euros against 42.7 million euros in 2013.




The symbol reflecting the theme of transformation is central to the new logo.

It is important for the growth of LARCO that our name and logo builds recognition outside of Greece.

The International Master has been created to help support LARCO’s worldwide view.

Therefore the International Master must be used for all externally facing communications.


This would include the company Website, Brochures and Info Memo.



LARCO General Mining & Metallurgical Company SA

The EU’s only ferronickel producer

Konstantinos Bobis

Operating amid a strongly competitive environment, LARCO ranks between the world’s top 10 ferronickel producers, being one of the few ferronickel producers in Europe and the sole in the European Union. Production capacity is in the order of 20,000 MT/Y of nickel content or approximately 100,000 MT/Y of ferronickel. LARCO is an entirely exporting company and the only ferronickel producer in Europe using local ores. The firm has been operating continuously since 1952 and has managed to become and remain solidly trusted by its customers, in every aspect including quality, quantity and delivery of ferronickel. Most major stainless steel manufacturers in Europe are successfully using LARCO’s granulated ferronickel in their plants. LARCO operates one smelter plant with its one harbour and nine open pit mines, as well as one underground mine and one lignite mine. The smelting plant operates four rotary kilns, five electric furnaces and two OBM converters. The adjacent harbour accommodates ships up to 35,000 DWT. The smelting plant processes the nickelferrous ores (laterites) producing ferronickel with a nickel content of 17%-23%. Total quantity of ore processed per year is 2,500,000 tons, equalling an annual ferronickel production of approx. 100,000 tons, containing 18,000-20,000mt of nickel. Ferronickel is used in the production of stainless steel, competing with primary nickel cathode and stainless steel scrap as a feedstock. It has an advantage as a charge feed because of the consistency and purity of the iron content. LARCO cooperates with the biggest European stainless steel producers and maintains longterm relationships with them. The total of FeNi production is exported to Germany, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and Finland.

Contact Details 81-83 Kifisias Ave., 151 24 Maroussi, Attica, Greece Tel: +30 210 6170100 Fax: +30 210 6170200 Website: E-mail:



Tobacco Products Industrial

Andreas Karelias

Karelia Tobacco Inc. SA

Market presence in over 65 countries

Contact Details Athinon St., Kalamata 241 00, Greece Tel: +30 2721069213 Fax: +30 2721069080 Email: Website:


The firm’s roots date back to 1888 when the Karelia family’s first entrepreneurial generation established a small tobacco enterprise in the provincial city of Kalamata, southern Greece. During the first few decades of operation, the firm’s reach was mostly local. The ensuing arrival of political and social stability allowed Karelia to expand its business activities throughout Greece. From the 1950’s onwards, Karelia has marketed a number of particularly popular cigarette brands that secured a wide distribution network and significant market share for the company on a nationwide level. The company’s headquarters and production facility continues to be based in Kalamata. In 1971, the firm relocated operations to its present facilities, measuring an area of 80,000 sqm. The company’s sales and marketing departments are based at the Karelia building in Athens. Today, Karelia Tobacco Company is Greece’s largest cigarette manufacturer and exporter, and one of the fastest growing, privately-owned cigarette companies in the world. It operates offices throughout Greece and distributes its cigarette brands to a sales network covering 25,000 retail points. Internationally, Karelia cigarette brands are marketed in over 65 countries, in western and eastern Europe, Middle and Far East and Africa. The company’s major brands are George Karelias and Sons, Karelia Slims, Omé, Karelia Blue,


Oriental Mist and American Legend. In 2008, Karelia took over the Backwoods cigar brand from Altadis SA for the Greek market. Highlighting the firm’s export-oriented nature, Karelia owns five subsidiary firms, three of which are based in countries other than Greece. The UK-based Karelia Tobacco Company distributes Karelia products in Great Britain, while Meridian SA, a subsidiary owned entirely by Karelia, acquired in 1995, supplies duty free goods to ships. In 2007, the firm’s office in Bulgaria was upgraded to an import company under the company name Karelia Bulgaria EOOD. In 2008, Karelia established a subsidiary firm in Turkey, Karelia Tutun ve Ticaret A.S. Notably, in spite of the ongoing economic crisis in Greece, the firm invested during the period 2003 – 2015, more than 70 million euros with the objective of increasing production capacity, improving production flexibility and boosting exports. In January 2016, the firm spent more than 3 million euros in bonus schemes, remunerating employee’s dedication and effort. When it comes to corporate social responsibility, Karelia has always been firmly committed to playing a leading role as a benefactor and sponsor of the city of Kalamata. The tradition of giving back to its community has been a source of great strength and inspiration. Karelia actively supports local non-profit community organizations, and has sponsored countless art and cultural activities for generations throughout the history of the Company. The firm in 2014 reported a marginal increase in sales to 728.82 million euros, up 1.09% yearon-year. Moreover, its pre-tax profits increased by 9.75% to 73.97 million euros, compared to 67.39 million euros a year earlier.



Cablel Hellenic Cables Group ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT Industrial

Contact Details e-mail:info@cablel.vionet .gr website:


A leading European producer of reliable and competitive cable solutions The Cablel Hellenic Cables Group represents the cable production and marketing segment of Viohalco and is one of the largest cable producers in Europe. The Company started its activities in 1950 as a Viohalco plant and in 1973 it was incorporated as an independent subsidiary under the name Hellenic Cables, expanding its production and trade operations. Today, the Cablel Hellenic Cables Group consists of Hellenic Cables S.A. which operates three plants in Viotia, Greece that produce cables, enamelled wires, plastic and elastomer compounds; the Fulgor S.A. plant in Corinth, Greece, which manufactures power cables, submarine cables and copper wires; Icme Ecab S.A., a power and telecommunication cable manufacturer in Bucharest, Romania and Lesco Ltd, a wooden reels and pallets plant in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria. With a strong export orientation and focus on development of value added products, such as high and extra-high voltage cables and submarine cables, the Group makes significant investments towards enriching its product portfolio and enhancing its sustainability profile. In 2012, the Company completed a EUR over 65 million investment plan for the manufacture of high-voltage submarine cables in Fulgor’s plant. The Company’s wide product range, which is sold internationally under the Cablel® trademark, extends to PVC, EPR and XLPE insulated power cables (rated up to 500kV), marine and low smoke halogen free cables, fire resistant cables, telecommunication, signal and data cables with copper conductors or optical fibres, as well as fire retardant halogen free plastic and elastomer compounds and enamelled wires. Wires and cables are supplied to a variety of international standards, such as VDE, CEI, NF, SEN, BS, UL, NEMA, JIS, ASTM, DIN and ELOT. Many of the Company’s products are certified by ELOT, BASEC, VDE, IMQ, NF-USE, NETWORK RAIL, KEMA, DNV and UL. All Cablel® enamelled wires are manufactured and tested to the IEC 60317-0-1 standard; customers may also request any other recognised international standard. Technical know-how is combined with continued investment in state-of-the-art machinery to ensure levels of efficiency and quality which meet the strictest standards. The Company’s Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2008, its Environmental Management System to ISO 14001:2004 and its Occupational Health and Safety to OHSAS 18001:2007. Commitment to quality and sustainable development has been a key factor in enabling Cablel Hellenic Cables Group to

establish a strong market position internationally. The Company’s highly experienced technical and managerial staff have a strong commitment to technological excellence and outstanding quality, which ensures that users of Cablel® products have made a reliable choice. The Cablel Hellenic Cables Group aims to constantly improve its offering and respond swiftly to changes in customer needs around the world with reliable, safe products, based on environmentally-friendly technologies. At the same time, the Group places strong emphasis on the development of its people and the creation of value for its shareholders, partners and the communities in which it operates. Looking ahead, the Group plans additional investments in technology and innovative cable solutions as a way of contributing to the creation of a sustainable future for its stakeholders. Cablel Hellenic Cables Group product range ● Power cables ● Indoor installation cables ● Control cables ● Industrial and outdoor installation cables ● Fire retardant, fire resistant, halogen-free cables ● Medium voltage cables ● High voltage and extra high voltage cables ●C  opper conductors for grounding applications and overhead Cu, Al and ACSR conductors ●S  hip and marine installations fire resistant cables ●C  opper and aluminium rods ● Telecommunications and data transmis-

sion cables

●G  auging and control cables ●C  opper conductor cables:

Conventional telephone cables - Telephone exchange cables - Data transmission cables – High frequency telephone cables ●O  ptic fibre cables (single-mode &multi-mode): Underground dielectric cables, in tubes - Underground dielectric cables, directly buried (steel reinforcement) Underground dielectric cables, featuring rodent protection - Indoor installation LSZH cables (central tube or tight buffered) ●A  erial installation cables (“8”-sized or ADSS) ●S  ignalling & railway signalling cables ● Submarine cables ●M  edium voltage, high


and extra high voltage


●C  omposite

medium voltage, high and extra high voltage cables with integrated optic fibre cables ●O  ptic fibre cables ●U  mbilical cables ●S  ubsea flexible pipes ● Plastic and elastomer ●P  VC-based plastics ●P  olyolefin-based plastics ●E  lastomers


● Enamelled wires ●W  inding wires for electric motors and transformers ●C  opper wires for grounding earthing and canmaking

Applications: Cables are used in: ●B  uildings ●O  utdoor installations and industrial applications ●T  ransmission and distribution networks ● Installations with special requirements ●S  hips and marine applications ●T  elecommunications and data transmission networks ●R  enewable energy sources ● Island - continental system interconnections ●O  ffshore wind park interconnections ●E  namelled wires are used in: ●T  ransformers ●M  otors – generators ●S  mall motors ●R  elays – coils ●S  elf-supporting windings-avoids varnish impregnations ●C  ompounds are used in: ●C  able industry ●P  roduction of soft water pipes ●P  roduction of flexible spiral pipes ●P  roduction of hard flexible pipes for electrical applications ●R  ubber and plastic soles ●F  lexible elastic and plastic profiles

CABLEL HELLENIC CABLES GROUP Year 2014 figures* Key data Amounts in EUR million

Revenue (turnover) Sales outside Greece EBITDA

359.4 266.3 -10.8

Investments Market presence in: Sales outside Greece

32.0 55 countries 74%

Turnkey solutions Cablel Hellenic Cables Group has the necessary knowhow to develop and offer turnkey solutions that meet specific demands of its customers. The Company provides: ●D  esign and manufacture of products according to customer requirements and project specifications ●P  rovision of special equipment needed for cable connections and termination of cable ends ●T  ransportation and installation of cables at the project site ●C  ivil works required for installation and protection of cables ●T  esting, initial operation and delivery of the system to the customer (commissioning) ●F  ull project management ●C  ustomer staff training in system operation and maintenance ●P  rovision of maintenance / support to the customer

* Cablel Hellenic Cables Group financials are included in Halcor Group 2014 consolidated figures.




Corinth Pipeworks

A leading steel pipe supplier of the global energy industry

Contact Details e-mail: website:


Corinth Pipeworks is one of the largest steel pipe manufacturers in Europe with a leading position in the global energy industry. Corinth Pipeworks represents Viohalco’s steel pipes segment and is separately quoted on the Athens Exchange. Corinth Pipeworks began operations in 1969 and has since established itself in the production of medium and large diameter steel pipes for the transmission of oil, gas, and water, as well as the manufacturing of hollow sections for use in building and construction. The company offers reliable and technically sophisticated energy and construction solutions to demanding customers worldwide. Corinth Pipework’s clients include Chevron, BP, BG, Shell, Greek Public Natural Gas Corporation (DEPA), Natural Gas National System Operator S.A. (DESFA), OMV, GRTGAZ, Snam, National Grid, RWE, Spectra Energy, Energy Transfer, Denbury, Kinder Morgan, DCP Midstream, Pioneer pipes, Mamuth pipes, Plain All American, McJunkin, Spartan, EPCO, Spectra, Enbridge, Cheniere Energy, Talisman, STEG, Sonatrach, PDO, OGC, Aramco, Socar, ABB, EDF, TIGF, Saipem, Genesis, Allseas, Subsea, etc. Corinth Pipeworks vision is to further reinforce its leading position in the global steel pipe industry, to be acknowledged as a premium manufacturer and reliable solutions provider, to offer a nurturing environment to its employees, to contribute to the development of the local communities and to ensure maximum return for its shareholders. In line with this mandate, the Company maintains a strong focus on quality and innovation to meet or exceed customer expectations, an ongoing commitment to health and safety in the workplace, and a strategy that fully incorporates the principles of sustainable development. Corinth Pipeworks product portfolio Corinth Pipeworks produces high quality steel pipes for oil, gas, CO2, water and slurry pipelines, as well as casing pipes for drilling operations. The Group also produces a wide range of structural hollow sections for the construction sector. Its long history of innovation and ‘one-stop-shop’ integrated services has designated Corinth Pipeworks’ position as one of the world’s top steel pipe suppliers.


The Group’s three main product categories are: ● Line pipes: Manufactured either in the Group’s high frequency induction welding unit (HFW) or the helically submerged arc welding unit (HSAW), the primary uses of line pipes are in oil, gas, CO2 and water transportation networks. A new LSAW/JCOE pipe mill has recently been installed for the manufacture of medium/ large diameter and heavy gauge pipelines, to meet the increasing market demand for offshore and deep offshore pipelines. ● Casing pipes: These high-frequency induction welded pipes (HFW) are used in oil and gas extraction drills. The product range offered for this application has been expanded by the installation of the new LSAW mill. ● Hollow structural sections: Used in the construction sector.

produced by other pipe manufacturers ● Accredited laboratory for raw material and pipe testing, in accordance with ΕΝ/ISO 17025 ● In-house corrosion testing laboratory for sour service applications ● Weld on connector facilities for casing pipes ● Pipe storage ● Supply of pipes or assignment of pipe coating outside the Group’s product portfolio to third party authorised subcontractors, in the context of major project implementation ● Pipe transportation

CORINTH PIPEWORKS GROUP Year 2014 figures* Key data Amounts in EUR million

Revenue (turnover) Sales outside Greece EBITDA

Services ● Internal and external coating of pipes

Investments 1998-2014 Market presence in (from 2000): Sales outside Greece

188.2 174.9 3.6 280 39 countries 93%




Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas S.A.

Quadruple leader and key exporter

Dimitrios Anagnostakis, President & CEO

Contact Details Headquarters: 2 Ellinikou St., 167 77 Elliniko, Attica, Greece Tel.: +30 210 8906.300 Fax: +30 210 8983.207 Production facility: 5th Km Paiania-Markopoulo Highway, 194 00 Koropi, Attica, Greece Tel.: +30 210 6623.901 Fax: +30 210 6623.905 Website: E-mail:


Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas SA is the only subsidiary of a multinational company in Greece that has been posting growing sales in recent years, amidst adverse conditions in the domestic market, helped primarily by its strong exports. Notably, the firm posted a high level of 2014 sales, as a result of both higher exports and the returns of a 2012 investment in production facilities, now fully operational. Pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim was established in 1885 and is now among the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies. In Greece, the firm was founded in 1966. This year it celebrates the 40th anniversary of the opening of its production facility in Koropi, Attica, which set new standards in the country’s industrial sector. Today, it is the only multinational pharmaceutical company that maintains its industrial production facility in Greece, supplying not only the Greek market but also the markets of more than 45 countries. Its export activity is of particular importance not only to the firm itself but also to the country’s economy, as it accounts for about 1% of total Greek exports. Its parent company recently entrusted Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas with the production of innovative antidiabetic drugs at the Greek plant, aimed at covering a large part of its international production, which is a ‘first’ in the company’s history. Such actions and investments in production and export activity by Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas – with exports being its strong asset, just proof of the confidence shown by the German multinational and its intention not only to upgrade its Greek subsidiary, but also to support and boost Greek exports. Contributing to this objective is also Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas’ participation in the parent company’s international clinical research program. And, in turn, this is what places the subsidiary among Greece’s clinical research leaders, with a total investment of 11.2 million euros in the past five years in its participation in clinical trials. Boehringer Ingelheim Hellas’ initiatives for Greece’s economy are summarized in the triptych: “Investment, Growth, Support.” The firm’s human resources comprise leading scientists and sector professionals with the required skills, education and experience to implement its objectives and promote its vision: “Value through Innovation”. In 2014, the firm posted sales of 245 million euros, with pre-tax profits rising to 10 million euros.


TOBACCO Industrial

Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides S.A.

Owning the largest Oriental tobacco processing plant

Alexandros Michaillides

Contact Details 43 October 26th Street, GR 54627 Thessaloniki Greece Tel.: +30 2310-524644 Fax: +30 2310-526520 Website:

Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides S.A. was founded in 1886 in Drama by Anastasios Michailides, great grandfather of Alexander Michailides, the firm’s largest shareholder since 1990. Five generations later, the company has expanded to all Balkan countries, buying and processing not only Oriental tobacco but also FCV and Burley tobaccos as well. In the 1990s, the company constructed a large facility in Xanthi, Greece for Basma tobacco, while at the same time introducing in Greece the cultivation of Virginia tobacco. During the same period, it also constructed a threshing plant for Virginia and Burley tobaccos and storage facilities in Sindos, near Thessaloniki. Since 1992, the Group’s international presence has been growing as a result of the acquisition and/or construction of production facilities in Albania, Turkey, FYROM, Moldova, Slovakia and Bulgaria. Between 1996 and 2003, Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides constructed the largest Oriental tobaccoprocessing factory in Polykastro, Greece. The Polykastro plant covers a surface area of 123,000 sqm on a 310,000-sqm plot of land, with a production capacity of 15 tons per hour, processing Oriental, FCV and Burley tobaccos and a warehousing capacity of 50,000 tons. The new Sandanski plant in Bulgaria was inaugurated in January 2011, adding a 9.5-million-euro investment in the country, with production capacity of Oriental and Flue-Cured tobaccos of 4 to 6 tons per hour. The second part of the project is currently under way to construct a new storage facility and increase the warehousing complex to a total of 5,014 sqm. In Strumica, FYROM the facility was upgraded in 2011 and in Drochia, Moldova the project of adding modern machinery to the production plant in order to move from traditional to soft drying processing has just been completed. The specific investment, along with the successful cultivation of classic oriental tobacco in the Moldova region, is targeted at enhancing the county’s tobacco market. Today, Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides is the largest European tobacco processing group and the 4th largest worldwide, operating in 6 countries: Greece, FYROM, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova and India. The Group operates with ultra-modern facilities, industrial installations and storage warehouses, with a staff of 550 permanent and 1000 seasonal employees. The Group has invested in processing and warehousing facilities to meet customer demands and requirements. In all countries the Group operates under direct contracts with farmers, adhering to all international and local legislation. Leaf Tobacco A. Michailides’ efforts are focused on doing business in a legal, ethical and responsible manner, and these obligations apply to all Group companies and employees. At the same time, the firm remains firm on its long-standing vision is always exceed customer expectations, as well as to invest in new cultivations and processes, continue building a sustainable business, safeguard staff health and safety and environmental protection.




Nireus Aquaculture S.A.

A consistent force in the fish farming sector

Contact Details 1st km Koropiou – Varis Avenue & Dimokritou, 19400 Koropi, Attica, Greece Tel: +30 210 6624280 Fax: +30 210 6626804 website: email


NIREUS Aquaculture SA offers its clients a broad range of products and services thanks to its extensive company infrastructure. Nireus’ facilities include 4 hatcheries, 3 pre-growing units, 33 on-growing farms, 6 state-of-the-art packaging facilities, 1 research center, 2 fish-feed production factories, 1 processing factory and 3 distribution centers. This broad range of facilities has secured Nireus Aquaculture’s status as one of the ten largest aquaculture companies worldwide. It was established in 1988 and has steadily expanded into international markets to acquire a global customer base. The firm is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1995 and ranks as the top exporting company within the Greek food industry. Nireus Aquaculture exports 91% of its fish, serving 350 clients in more than 30 countries around the world, though Nireus Group is serving 850 clients in 37 countries. The company offers the largest variety of Mediterranean farmed fish: European seabass, gilthead seabream, meagre and sharpsnout bream. All fish types are available throughout the year, fresh or frozen, whole or processed, in a variety of sizes and packaging. The company ships the equivalent of 1.5 million 400-gram fish every week, serving supermarkets, restaurant chains and wholesalers. Its biggest clients include the Delhaize group, Metro Group, Groupe Casino, Groupe Carrefour, Sainsbury’s, Pingo Doce, Esselunga, Marks and Spencer, Picard, Davigel – Nestlé. A growing demand for Nireus’ products Nireus Aquaculture has been able to expand successfully thanks to the ever-increasing global demand for fish. As the population grows and the oceans are overfished, wild fish stocks are diminishing. People are becoming more environmentally aware, subsequently demanding a shift from capture to culture. Demand is being further boosted amid the growing middle class of developing countries, while a growing trend in consumer health consciousness is shifting protein consumption to fish. Nireus is able to meet this increasing demand by offering fish of high nutritional value to everexpanding international markets. The company has a large sales network penetrating new markets and the most rapid growth has come from countries outside the European Union. Mediterranean farmed fish are not simply an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, as they are rich in omega-3 and highly unsaturated fatty acids. They also have a high protein and low fat content, making them the perfect food choice for people who watch their diet, either for health reasons or weight loss. To ensure the highest possible quality and safety for its operations, Nireus Aquaculture has adopted an Integrated Management System that includes product quality and safety, occupational health and safety, as well as environmental awareness. Its facilities in Greece and abroad are certified according to the international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, BRC and GLOBAL GAP. Additionally, the Group has received the Management Award for Sustainable Growth by the EU and has been ranked among the most innovative companies of Europe by the European Business Awards.


Miscellaneous Industrial


Producing 70% of BIC razor blades in Greece

Dimitrios Pisimisis

BIC, one of the most recognized brand names in the world, specializes in the manufacturing distribution and selling of consumable products in 160 countries all over the world. VIOLEX launched its operations in 1952 as a small family-run business owned by the Politis family, manufacturing shaving razor blades. In the 1970s, Anastassios Politis joined Violex’s forces with the French group BIC, which had made major impact with its disposable ballpoint pen. Violex remained a Greek firm, and was renamed Violex BIC. In 1999, the firm was acquired by BIC group but BIC VIOLEX remained a purely Greek firm. The company is now globally managed by Greek executives, while its products are 100 percent made in Greece. BIC Violex SA is headed by CEO Dimitrios Pisimisis. Today, BIC Violex serves as the international centre for the BIC group’s razor blades division, employing a staff of 1,200. Seventy percent of BIC’s razors for global market are designed and manufactured in Athens. Therefore, it can be asserted that an entirely Greek product dominates markets in all five continents. Essentially, production procedures of all of BIC’s razor blade shaving products begin in Greece, by a Greek firm that maintains four production facilities in the wider Athens district of Anixi, where the products are designed and manufactured. The location is also home to BIC’s R&D department. The France-based parent company, Société BIC SA, produces writing products, lighters, and razors with sales in 160 countries covering all continents, from developed to developing markets. Its BIC products are available at as many as 3.2 million retail outlets, while 9,200 persons are employed by the company worldwide. In 2014, BIC Violex saw its sales inch up to 167 million euros against 166 million euros a year earlier. However, its pre-tax income dropped to 30 million euros compared to 36 million euros in 2013.

Contact Details 58 Ag. Athanassiou, Anixi 145 69, Attiki Τel: +30 210629 9000 Fax: +30 2106216808 Website:




SELONDA Aquaculture SA

With a 35-year presence in the fish farming sector

Contact Details 30 Navarhou Nikodimou 105 56 Athens, Attica, Greece Tel.: +30 210 37 24 900 Fax: +30 210 37 24 909 Website:


Selonda Aquaculture SA was founded in southern Greece in 1981 and today, with over 35 years of experience, is a leading global producer and supplier of fresh Sea Bream and Sea Bass, the most popular Mediterranean fish in Europe, Russia and North America. The Group comprises a total of 10 companies operating in Greece and another two firms operating abroad. The Selonda Group of companies supplies over 400 tons of fresh Greek sea bream and sea bass every week to customers in more than 20 countries worldwide. The firm’s total annual production capacity is over 25,000 tons of sea bream and sea bass. Its facilities include: ➤ 46 sea-cage fish farms in Greece with an annual production capacity of over 25,000 tons of Sea Bream and Sea Bass. ➤ 1 fish feed production plant operated by the subsidiary company Perseus, the largest fish feed producer in Greece, with an annual production capacity of 70,000 tons of feed. ➤ 5 hatcheries in Greece with an annual production capacity of over 120 million fry. ➤ 7 packing sites / one processing plant. ➤ 1 distribution center. At an international level, Selonda Group has a majority shareholding in Aegean, Turkey’s second largest producer of sea bass and sea bream. Aegean operates five farms of an annual production capacity of 7,000 tons. In addition, Selonda has undertaken to develop two sea bream farms and a fish hatchery in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia on behalf of Tabuk Fisheries, of an annual production of 1,000 tons. Sea bream is distributed to local markets such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan. Selonda engages in strong export activity, as global sales of farmed fish account for as much as 87% of its annual production. Beyond its strategic partnerships in Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the Group also has a strong presence in EU and North American markets. In 2014, Selonda posted exceptional financial performance, with both higher sales and profits, allowing the firm to record a major turnaround after heavy 2013 losses. The Group saw its revenue rise to 135.67 million euros against 129.68 million euros a year earlier. Impressively, pre-tax income soared to 5.59 million euros compared to hefty losses of 63.12 million euros in 2013. Selonda has been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994, when it became the first aquaculture company to gain access to capital markets.

Natural gas as a driver for growth of the Greek economy Due to the developmental policy of DEPA, natural gas has become easily accessible for enterprises, industries, residential consumers, services and bodies. By providing reliable, quality and low-cost services to consumers and implementing an ambitious but also realistic investment plan, DEPA has become the leader in the natural gas sector. With the help of infrastructure works and international partnerships with the biggest representatives of the sector, such as Gazprom, BOTAS, and Sonatrach, it has ensured the long-term and secure supply of the country. Its participation and support in the construction of interconnectors – IGI (Greece – Italy), East Med (Eastern Mediterranean), IGB (Greece – Bulgaria) – and the floating LNG terminal in northern Greece constitute investments of strategic importance which reflect the Group’s vision for substantial contribution to the competitiveness of Greece. DEPA responds to the challenges of a continuously changing environment and successfully continues the implementation of its operational program which includes: • the expansion of the natural gas networks and the development of CNG/LNG satellite systems for the supply of remote areas, islands and individual consumers; • the establishment of station infrastructure for vehicle fueling; • the expansion of international co-operations for the supply of natural gas at low prices in Greece and the upgrading of secure supply.

Natural gas Natural gas has won the trust of residential and business consumers, which is shown in the continuously increased use by households, enterprises (industries, manufacturers’, hotels, restaurants etc), public services and private and public vehicles. Safe, more affordable by 40%-70% compared to other fuels, clean and easy-to-use, it can be used for heating and air conditioning, hot water supply and cooking, while it also offers autonomy to users as it is available 24h/day and is accurately billed based on individual consumption. Natural gas has also been gaining ground in transportation both in private cars and the preferences of enterprises for their commercial fleets, mass transportation means and taxis.

“Green fuel” is moreover the basic promotion tool of the European target 20/20/20 for the environment. Natural gas is the basic energy choice for industries with direct and indirect thermal needs, improving the units’ competitive position. The use of natural gas in the industrial sector contributes to the decrease in the operational cost for fuel management; it improves the quality of products; and restricts environmental pollution. In Greece, the total percentage of using natural gas in the industry, in areas where there is no network, is close to or/ and exceeds 90%. Natural gas is fast penetrating the power generation sector after the deregulation of the electricity and natural gas markets. The combined cycle and electricity-heat cogeneration plants make the best possible choice both in terms of energy saving and generation cost and environmental impacts. Natural gas is considered by scientific institutes in Europe and North America the safest fuel while it contributes to the growth economy as it is a competitive fuel, whose use offers opportunities for entrepreneurship development. By introducing natural gas in the energy balance, employment opportunities, with emphasis in specialization in specific sectors, have been established and are expected to further expand.



Sidenor Group

The largest long steel producer in Southeast Europe Contact Details website:


Sidenor and its affiliate companies represent the largest long steel producer in Greece and Southeast Europe that meets customer needs worldwide, with steel product solutions that stand out for their excellent quality, high reliability, and innovative features. Following more than five decades of success and growth, they are firmly established in the international markets in which they operate and have built solid business relationships with high profile, global clientele. The key pillars of Sidenor and its affiliate companies’ business excellence include their constant focus on innovation, their consistency in delivering top quality solutions, their high production performance and highly efficient commercial ability. Sidenor and its affiliate companies benefit from full vertical integration and aim to achieve optimal operational efficiency. The companies are focused on the following core activities:


●M  ini-mills ●D  ownstream operations and ●S  ales and distribution

Sidenor and its affiliate companies’ products meet the needs of its most demanding customers in Greece and abroad and stand out for their excellent quality, high reliability and particularly innovative features. Sidenor and its affiliate companies maintain their leading market position through unwavering focus on the non-negotiable quality of its products, the continuous emphasis on innovation and investments in state-of-the-art technological equipment, and a customer-oriented approach to all its activities. Within this framework, a certified Quality Management System complying with the requirements specified in ISO 9001:2008 has been applied. Product range ●S  D integrated reinforcing system: The SD Integrated Concrete Reinforcing System rep-

resents Sidenor’s approach to addressing significant demand for high ductility steel that provides increased protection against earthquakes. The system consists of: SD concrete reinforcing steel, SD stirrup reinforcing mesh, SIDEFIT special mesh, SD wire mesh, SIDEFOR and SIDEFOR PLUS prefabricated stirrup cages, INOMIX steel fibres, and lattice girders. ●M  erchant bars: Sidenor is the sole producer of merchant bars in Greece. Its portfolio of merchant bars consists of: hot-rolled square bars, hot-rolled flat bars of rectangular cross-section, hot-rolled round bars of circular cross-section, hot-rolled equal angle bars with round edges, I-section Beams (IPE), UPN channels. ●W  ire rod: Wire rod of SAE 1006, 1008, 1010 grades, RSt37-2 and electrode quality, in cross sections from Ø 5.5 to Ø 16.0, suitable for a wide range of size reduction applications and in line with all low-carbon wire production needs. ●S  pecial steels: Hot-rolled round bars (diameter: 22-120mm), as well as turned and polished round bars (diameter: 30-115mm) used in the automotive industry and in various industrial applications. ●O  ther products: Double-twist hexagonal mesh (serasanetti), wire products (galvanized and black), welding products, steel balls, special profiles, metallurgical by-products.



COTTON Industrial


Cotton processing giant based in Thessaly The entrepreneurial activities of the Markou brothers in the cotton market first emerged in 1955. Backed by experience in cotton ginning and the grain sector, while also offering reliable services, Violar SA has managed to establish for itself a solid standing among global suppliers in the cotton and grain industries. Today, Violar is active in cotton ginning, as well as trade of cotton, grain and animal feed. The firm is among the oldest and largest cotton ginning companies and traders in Greece. It trades grains covering the categories of soft wheat, hard wheat, barley, corn and oat. Other items traded by the firm include cotton seed, cotton cake, soya flour and sugar pie. The company operates two manufacturing plants and two warehouse facilities. One of the manufacturing plants, in Livadia, northwest of Athens, has been operating since 1969. It comprises a cotton ginning facility, a seed processing unit and storage facilities. The facility, whose total floor space covers 13,000 sqm, is built on a plot of land measuring 80,000 sqm. The company’s Achillio plant, by the old national road between Larissa and Volos, began operating in 1994. It was constructed on a plot of land measuring 100,000 sqm. The plant itself, including a cotton ginning facility, storage space and offices, measures 10,500 sqm. The company’s two warehouse facilities are located in Volos and Livadia. Violar also owns a 200,000-sqm expanse in Velestino, close to the port of Volos, just off the Athens-Thessaloniki national highway. This property includes a 47,000-sqm warehouse, comprising 10 separate buildings for storage of cotton packages, as well as two separate silos for storage of grain and animal feed, with the total capacity being 120,000 tons. A company warehouse in Agios Andreas, Livadia facilitates the supply of cotton and grain, while also catering to other storage needs. This facility’s greatest advantages are its close proximity to cotton and grain fields and easy accessibility for farmers and suppliers. The firm in 2014 posted exceptional financial results, with sales rising to 112.4 million euros, up 13.46% year-on-year. Pre-tax income also rose to nearly 1.0 million euros against a loss of 565,500 euros a year earlier.

Contact Details 25th km Larissa-Volos highway, Achilio, Larisa, 41 500 Tel.: +30 2410 731526-28 Fax: +30 2410 731540 Website:



Metallurgical Industrial

Hellenic Halyvourgia S.A.

Owning three state-of-the-art production units

Contact Details

Established in 1938, Hellenic Halyvourgia is Greece’s first steel plant and among the country’s largest industrial companies. In 1951, the company’s production unit was relocated from Piraeus St., Athens to new private industrial premises in Aspropyrgos, on the western outskirts of Athens. As the grew steadily, Halyvourgia Volos was established in 1963, while its title was changed to Halyvourgia Thessalias in 1974. In the same year, a melt shop in Velestino began operation. On a steadily rising trend and constantly achieving new standards of excellence, the company’s products are selected for large infrastructure projects. The largest part of the RioAntirio Bridge was constructed with Halyvourgia Thessalias’ reinforcing bars. The two historic companies joined their forces in 2006, obtaining a new corporate name: Hellenic Halyvourgia. Currently, Hellenic Halyvourgia owns three modern industrial steel production units in Aspropyrgos, Velestino and Volos. The company runs two out of the five vertically integrated steel production plants in Greece. The Aspropyrgos facility occupies a surface area of 290,000 sqm. The industrial complex comprises a meltshop, a rolling-mill for long products, a wire mesh plant, as well as sheltered warehouses. Following successive upgrades of its production equipment, the unit’s annual production capacity in finished products now exceeds 400,000 tons. The firm’s second, 265,000-sqm melt shop is located in Velestino, near the mid-Greece city of Volos. With ongoing investments in mechanical equipment, the plant’s annual production capacity in semi-finished product (billet) exceeds 700,000 tons. The second rolling mill and wire mesh plant are located in Volos, in a 145,000-sqm facility. Since 1963, the Volos unit has achieved steady growth in production capacity. By installing a new rolling-mill and a state-ofthe-art wire mesh plant, the unit’s annual capacity in finished products is over 600,000 tons. Hellenic Halyvourgia produces a wide range of top quality products, with the embossed trademark ΕΧΘ, which satisfy the market demand and outstrip European and international standards specifications, as well as new high ductility steel specifications for antiseismic constructions. The company’s products include: Concrete Reinforcing Steel bars and Concrete Reinforcing Steel in coils, Mesh including concrete Reinforcing Mesh for columns, beams and walls and wire mesh. In addition, it produces Steel Cages and wire Rod for wire-drawing. In 2014, the firm saw its revenue drop, but managed to reduce losses. Its total sales fell by 12% to 150 million euros compared to 170 million euros a year earlier. It posted a pre-tax loss of 17 million euros, down 41% from 29 million euros in 2013.

86a, Othonos & Kokkota Str. 145 61 Kifissia, Greece Tel.: + 30 210 6283400 Fax: + 30 210 8015614 Email: Website:





A robust firm operating in 20 countries

Contact Details 15A Metaxa St, Kifissia, 145 64, PO Box 51528, Greece Tel: +30 210 6296 000 Fax: +30 210 6296 100 Email: Website:


S&B Industrial Ores mines and processes bentonite, perlite, bauxite, zeolite, wollastonite and produces continuous casting fluxes and a variety of specialty products for a wide range of industrial applications and markets, thus contributing to modern and sustainable lifestyles. Bauxites Parnasse Mining Co. was founded in 1934 in Fokis, Greece, while the same year, Silver & Baryte Ores Mining Co. SA (S&B) was formed on the Greek island of Milos by four co-founders, Euripides Mavrommatis, Elias Eliopoulos, George Eliopoulos and Athanasios Eliopoulos. S&B is organized internally according to a matrix system, based on four geographic regions and four market segments. The geographic regions are North Europe, South Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas with responsibility for operations, sales, supply chain and support functions. The four global market segments – Metallurgy, Foundry, Construction and Specialties – take care of marketing, global accounts management, business development and R&D. S&B has identified the following strategic pillars for sustainable value growth: Value creation from existing industrial solutions; diversification for increased exposure to non-metallurgical segments; and geographical expansion to developing countries. The company seeks to grow organically by strengthening its currently strong market position, and expanding current product portfolio and services. S&B has identified opportunities that will enable the company to derive value from existing businesses such as segment consolidation, new product development, efficiency and productivity gains, as well as setting strategies for reserves optimization. At the same time, the company seeks additional growth through selected acquisitions and formation of new partnerships. It targets a higher innovation rate from the development of new product solutions and aims to establish new markets for existing and future customers. In recent years, S&B developed a lean but valuable infrastructure of global reach, appropriate systems and effective policies, and, most importantly, invaluable expertise and a proven track record of new business integration. These achievements allow the company to actively cultivate and pursue opportunities in non-metallurgical segments, mitigating steel-related cyclicality. Through its expansion to the developed world over the past 15 years, S&B evolved from being an entirely Greece-focused company to a global group with assets and operations in 20 countries and a diverse community of people from 25 nationalities. Aiming to secure sustainable value growth, S&B looks forward to further international expansion in the developing world. In order to safeguard the company’s responsible conduct and enable long-term business success, the company strives to achieve a balance of economic, environmental and social imperatives, taking into consideration the expectations of all shareholders. The company’s Sustainability Vision calls upon every employee at S&B to personally contribute to the enterprise’s sustainability targets. Key sustainable development challenges are identified according to the nature of businesses, while these challenges are linked to specific commitments that are pursued through a clear strategic approach supported by appropriate governance tools and structures. With headquarters in Athens, S&B Group’s operations span the globe with mines, processing facilities and distribution in 20 countries.




Exporting products to 50 countries around the world

Ioannis Lebidakis – President at Plastika Kritis SA

Founded in 1970, PLASTIKA KRITIS is one of Greece’s largest plastics manufacturers and among Europe’s leading producers of masterbatches and agricultural films. Production of masterbatches began in 1980. Commitment to quality, technological innovation, cost competitiveness, flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements have enabled PLASTIKA KRITIS to become an outstanding masterbatch supplier, with over 50% of its production exported to 50 countries around the world. The company’s manufacturing facility in Iraklion, Crete is among the most modern in its fields of activity. Specifically, the company specializes in the production of: master batches & compounds (KRITILEN®), multilayer plastic films for agricultural applications (KRITIFIL®), geomembranes (KRITIFLEX®), polyethylene pipes (KRITISOL®), recycled plastics (KRITISAN®) and renewable energy (KRITIRES®). Its products serve the horticultural & agricultural markets, the plastics industry and projects related to water-management & environmental protection. PLASTIKA KRITIS also owns and operates a 12-MW Wind Park and 340-KW of Photovoltaic Stations in Greece, generating electricity that secures competitive energy sources for the company. With six affiliate companies strategically positioned in high growth areas, the company also produces masterbatches in Romania (Romcolor 2000 SA), Poland (Global Colors Polska SA), Turkey (Senkroma SA) and Russia (Global Colors ZAO). In also produces agricultural films and geomembranes in China (Shanghai Hitec Plastics) and France (Agripolyane SA). The firm has installed a sizeable plastics recycling unit at its Iraklion plant, with a capacity of 4,000 MT/year. The plant is capable of handling industrial scrap from plastic factories, municipal plastic waste and, most importantly, used greenhouse films which are collected from the fields through a network organized by the company in the main agricultural areas of Greece. PLASTIKA KRITIS reported a slight drop in 2014 sales to 115 million euros compared to 119 million euros a year earlier. However, pre-tax income rose to 13.97 million euros compared to 12.92 million euros year-on-year.

Contact Details Iraklion, Crete, 711 10 GREECE PO Box 1093 Tel: +30 2810 308500 Fax: +30 2810 381328 website:





Quiet yet exceptional achiever

Contact Details 131 Riga Fereou str. 262 21 Patras, Achaia, Greece Tel: +30 2610 242 100 FAX: +30 2610 242 119 Website: Email:


Pavlos N. Pettas SA (PNP) was founded in 1947 as a small soap producing enterprise by Pavlos Pettas and was named after him. By 1982, during tough years of Greek economic reconstruction, the company, a constantly evolving enterprise, reached a major turning point in its history and the small business shifted to a Société Anonyme (SA) legal status. After control of the company was transferred to the founder’s next generation of two sons and a daughter, their dynamic approach and fresh ideas led to rapid progress for PNP. Today the company is active in two major sectors, vegetable fats production for the food industry, and raw materials for the bakery market. The company now produces specialized products that are customized according to client needs at two fully automated facilities in the Achaia area, northwest Peloponnese, while the firm’s dynamic R&D department provides solutions to new food industry requirements. The enterprise possesses over 80.000 sq. m. of privately-owned installations in Greece and a further 110.000 sq. m. in Bulgaria, approximately 120 highly-educated and trained employees, fully automated and electronic equipment that is less than three years old, three distribution centers around Greece, while it exports significant quantities to Mediterranean and Eastern European countries. Backed by major plans for further expansion, PNP is certainly in a position to look forward to a bright future. Τhe majority of the company’s products are registered under two brand names: FAMA® and FAMA® Premium Line for fats and margarines. PNP mainly addresses food industries and qualified food producing companies, as well as catering enterprises, or, more specifically, those producing food products such as croissants, biscuits, ice-cream, puff-pastry, dairy products, bakery and snacks, filling creams, and rusks. A large part of production is exported to the EU, former Eastern European countries, as well as North Africa, Asia and North America. Exports account for more than 40% of the company’s annual sales. In 2009 the company decided to invest in power generation from renewable energy sources (RES). A year later, it secured all licenses required for the production of green power from biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of biomass with a capacity of 3 MW. In 2011, the company secured all licenses required for a new green power 5-MW station utilizing biomass consisting of its byproducts. In 2011 PNP established THRACIAN BIOGAS SA with a 60% stake in the operation and also received three licenses from RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for the construction of three green power stations, each with a 3-MW capacity, in the northern part of Thrace, northeastern Greece, using biogas derived from anaerobic digestion of biomass. This biomass results from the cultivation of energy crops. Also, in 2012, the company founded ALIARTOS BIOGAS SA, an operation located in central Greece, with a 60% stake, while it was also granted a license by RAE for the construction of a 3-MW green power station using biogas from anaerobic digestion of biomass.




Exports sales accounting for more than 80% of total production

Contact Details 111 Lefkis, 145 68, Kryoneri, Attikis, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 28.11.135 Fax: +30 210 28.18.726 Email: Website:

Founded in the early 1960s, Monotez SA initially produced only boards of expanded EPS, or Expandable Polystyrene, a thermoplastic material used for thermal insulation of buildings. As of the early ‘70s, the company’s main activity switched to the production of EPS, as a raw material. Its annual production capacity has grown steadily to reach a level of up to 70,000 tons. In December, 2012, Ravago, in a double move, acquired Monotez and Eastchem. Both companies are active in production and trade of EPS, with a combined production capacity of up to 200,000 tons, annually. In July, 2013, Ravago also bought EPS, a company based in Schkopau, Germany. Operating EPS production plants in Germany, Greece, and Turkey, Ravago enjoys a leading place in the European, Middle Eastern and African markets. MONOTEZ is the only company that produces EPS in Greece and, subsequently, holds a leading position in the Greek market. Over the past few years, the firm has placed increased emphasis on export sales for further growth. Its export-oriented strategy has led to a strong presence in central, northern and eastern Europe, as well as in the Mediterranean region. Over the past three years, exports sales have accounted for more than 80% of total annual production. MONOTEZ supplies medium- and large-sized companies producing and trading thermal insulation boards and packaging materials. Its needs are met through partnerships with a large number of other companies, including outsourcing of specialized raw materials, transportation services and insurance companies. The company relocated its headquarters to Krioneri, in the wider Athens area, in 2013. Production takes place at its privately-owned facilities in Inofyta, about 50 km north of Athens. The company, employing a total staff of 70, is certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard. MONOTEZ produces EPS under the Monocell trademark name. Its product range offers grades with flame retardant additives (FR grades) or without (R grades). Monocell is delivered as a raw material that is able to be expanded and then molded as foam over a wide density range, for the production of boards or shape molded elements used in buildings thermal insulation. It is also used for packaging purposes in the food industry and other specialized applications. MONOTEZ also produces GPPS (General Purpose Polystyrene) under the Klarex trademark name, mainly used in injection molding and extrusion. In 2014, the firm reported a drop in sales to 74.5 million euros compared to 84.5 million euros a year earlier. On the contrary, pre-tax income jumped to 1.0 million euros against a loss of 762,000 euros in 2013.




BSH Home Appliances SA

Operating 42 production facilities worldwide BSH Home Appliances SA is a member of BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH Group, the largest household appliance manufacturer in Europe. In Greece, BSH Home Devices SA is headquartered in Kifissia, northern Athens, which houses the company’s commercial and marketing sector. Its sales branch is located in Thessaloniki, the production plant is located close in the wider area of port-city Piraeus’s Renti district, and warehouses are in Aspropyrgos, west of Athens. In 1977, BSH and Siemens acquired a 60% share of PITSOS SA, a Greek producer of household appliances with a long tradition in the domestic market. Since 1996, Bosch, Siemens and Pitsos have operated together under the name BSP. In 1998, BSH incorporated the Gaggenau brand and, four years later, also acquired Neff. Recently, the company, whose staff numbers some 680 employees, was renamed to ABE BSH Home Appliances. It is a leader in the Greek market for household appliances such as refrigerators, deep freezers, washing machines and stoves, with a market share of over 40 pct. The company’s export activity to other parts of Europe is increasing. A joint venture set up in 1967 by Robert Bosch GmbH (Stuttgart) and Siemens AG (Munich), BSH has recorded rapid growth over the past ten years. At present, BSH operates 42 factories in 13 European countries, as well as in the US, South America and Asia. Including its global sales and customer service network, the BSH corporate family is currently comprised of about 70 companies in 50 countries, with a total workforce of nearly 46,000 people, with over 70% of these employed in Europe. The company is headquartered in Munich. The group’s portfolio includes the Bosch and Siemens brands, as well as eight niche brands, Gaggenau, Neff, Thermador, Constructa, Viva, Ufesa, Junker and Zelmer, ensuring that the specific requirements of all clients are met. Furthermore, the four regional brands (Balay, Pitsos, Profilo and Coldex) ensure broad presence in their respective markets. The group’s product range spans the entire spectrum of modern household appliances, including stoves, hobs, hoods, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers, refrigerators and freezers, as well as small household appliances (consumer products), such as vacuum cleaners, coffee makers, kettles, irons and hairdryers.

Contact Details 17th kilometer Athens-Lamia national highway & 20 Potamou, Kifissia, 14564, Athens Tel: +30 2104277800 Fax: +30 2104277837 Website:




Systems Sunlight SA

98% of production exported to more than 100 countries

Vasilis Billis

Contact Details 2 Ermou & Nikis Street, 105 63 Athens, Attica, Greece Τel: +30 210 6245400 Fax: +30 210 6245409 Email: Website:

Systems Sunlight S.A. is a global player in the field of integrated energy solutions, specializing in the development, production and marketing of batteries and energy storage systems for industrial, advanced technology and consumer applications. In its third decade of sustained growth, the company today ranks among the world’s top providers of energy storage solutions. As a member of a strong and developing business ecosystem, Sunlight relies on its modern infrastructure, continuous innovation and passion for excellence to develop and supply reliable energy solutions. Sunlight’s passionate and experienced staff is a key driver of the company’s success. Therefore, Sunlight strongly supports the continuous training and professional development of its employees and ensures a healthy and constructive business environment. At the core of the company’s growth lies its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Northern Greece, covering a floor space of 142,000m². The company has consistently invested in developing into one of the most advanced industrial plants in Europe, running highly specialized production and assembly lines. The plant is fully compliant with the strictest international standards and is certified for Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems. Respect towards the environment is an integral part of Sunlight’s corporate philosophy and culture. This principle inspires the company’s strategy and is reflected in its daily operations and practices. The systematic application of advanced quality assurance systems and procedures throughout the production process, in combination with advanced engineering and cutting edge equipment, enable Sunlight to maximize productivity and ensure the supply of high quality products to its customers worldwide. These products are developed by Sunlight’s R&D team which constantly designs and evaluates new, innovative solutions to better meet market needs based on the latest technological trends, industry developments and market feedback. Adopting a proactive, customer-centric strategy, Sunlight capitalizes on its flexible and lean organizational structure to meet and even anticipate customer needs and expectations, offering them ‘peace-of-mind.’ The company develops customized turnkey energy storage solutions within short time frames and provides tailored support to address specific requirements. Headquartered in Greece, Sunlight has developed a robust worldwide sales and partners network. The company’s consistent global outlook has made it a major international player in the energy storage sector with 98% of its production exported to more than 100 countries. Working closely with experienced and dynamic partners, the company has been very successful in expanding globally while implementing a solution-based approach locally, by carefully identifying and promptly responding to specific customer needs. Sunlight’s products and services have gained international recognition by ensuring uninterrupted and reliable operations in a wide range of critical applications for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistics, Leisure & Mobility, Transportation, IT, Telecommunications, Renewable Energy, Power Production and Distribution, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Defense as well as Consumer products. Based on its customer-oriented approach, manufacturing excellence, competitive and reliable solutions and extensive partners network, Sunlight will continue to grow and strengthen its leading position as the preferred provider of energy storage systems worldwide.





With a strong worldwide presence in 70 countries

Contact Details 19.7th km Markopoulou Ave, Peania, 19002, Athens, Greece Tel: +30-210-66 71 000 Fax: +30-210-66 71 001 Email: Website:


INTRACOM TELECOM is an international telecommunication systems vendor operating in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, the CIS and Asia-Pacific, employing over 1,900 highly-skilled professionals. The Company has extensive know-how and a proven track record of over 35 years in the telecommunication market, serving more than 100 renowned customers in more than 70 countries. Its international customer base consists of fixed and mobile telecom operators, public authorities and large public and private enterprises. In Greece, Intracom’s headquarters are based in Peania, Attica, approx. 20 km (12 ml) east of Athens city center, covering a total surface area of more than 50,000 sqm. Also, INTRACOM TELECOM’s facilities in Patras (Southwest Greece) house the Telecommunications Software Development, Terminal Equipment Design, Development Programs and Support Services divisions. The firm’s third facility is located in Thessaloniki and houses the Technical Support and AXE Software Development departments. The Technical Support department offers a helpdesk, technical support, maintenance, repair and consulting services to INTRACOM TELECOM’s customers in Northern Greece. The AXE S/W Development department, in cooperation with the Swedish company Ericsson, engages in near-shore telecommunications software development for the subscriber stage of the Ericsson AXE-10 Digital Exchanges. INTRACOM TELECOM develops and provides products, solutions and professional services primarily for telecommunications operators and large enterprises. The Company’s core business products include: Broadband Systems, Telco Software and ICT Services & Solutions. Intracom Telecom delivers successful telecommunications solutions to partners and clients worldwide. The company’s portfolio reaches over 70 countries throughout the world, with a focus on Southeast Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Internationally, Intracom Telecom operates subsidiaries and offices in Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), India, Moldova, Morocco, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Syria, United Arab Emirates and the USA. The firm in 2014 continued its growing path, posting sales of 128 million euros, up 10.5% yearon-year. Impressively, pre-tax income soared to 1.4 million euros, compared to a loss of 22.8 million euros a year earlier.




Investing 17.4 million euros in 2014 CROWN Hellas Can SA was established in 1965 by the multinational companies Metal Box (England), Continental Can (USA) and Carnaud (France), and the banks ETVA and National Bank of Greece. The company constructed a factory in Corinth, west of Athens, in 1965, while a Thessaloniki plant was built in 1969. The Corinth factory produces cans and ends, while the Patras plant manufactures packaging for beer and soft drinks. The main raw material used at the two plants is aluminum. The shaping of cans is conducted using the latest technology applications. Roles of aluminum are initially formed in cups, which are then rolled and ‘ironed‘ to form cylinders, ultimately at a desired height. Printing on the outer core is followed by spraying the interior with a special lacquer for product protection. Then, the neck is shaped using special machines. Finally, the finished containers are packed automatically on pallets for storage and shipment to customers. The final result of the production process is a durable lightweight container that is aesthetically appealing, user-friendly and fully recyclable. The Corinth factory also produces cans in collaboration with major company customers. The Thessaloniki plant produces food packaging (fruits, tomatoes, meals, etc.) and aerosol cans. The main raw material used is tinplate. The tinplate sheets are lacquered or lithographed and, having been cut in pieces (depending on the size of the container), are then formed into cylinders by welding the side seams. Containers are available with common edges and easy-open ends (Easy Open). The firm employs a staff of just under 400. In 2014, it embarked on major investment plan to upgrade Line 2 at its Corinth plant to boost annual capacity to 300 million cans. The total cost of the investment amounts to 17.4 million euros. In 2014, Crown Hellas Can posted flat revenue of 154 million euros year-on-year. With regard to pre-tax income, the firm reported a loss of 1.9 million euros, compared to earnings of 663,000 euros a year earlier. In the same year, the volume of sales to product companies dropped by 3.5% in the domestic market and by 16% in export markets, compared to a year earlier. On the contrary, the volume of sales to Group companies in 2014 rose by 4.5%. Sales prices were partly impacted by intense competition. In 2014, sales of food containers rose by 20% year-on-year.

Contact Details 57A Ethnikis Antistaseos, Halandri, 15231, Athens Tel: +30 2106799100 Fax: +30 2106799154 Email: Website:





Among Europe’s best

Konstantinos Mylonas

Contact Details Kilkis Industrial area, Kilkis, 611 00, Greece Tel: +30 23410 79300 Fax: +30 23410 71988 Email: Website:


ALUMIL nowadays stands as the largest aluminum profile industry in Greece and one of Europe’s five most prominent. Its main activities are the extrusion of aluminum and the production of a wide range of aluminum products. The company began gaining its presence in foreign markets following the expansion of its industrial and storage facilities, as well as the installation of new electrostatic paint lines and thermal insulation profile (thermal brake) systems, with subsidiary firm involvement. With a commercial presence in more than 45 countries, Alumil has continuously strengthened its sales network worldwide and established subsidiaries engaged in production and commercial activities. In most countries, the company operates stores at privately owned facilities, as is the case in Romania, Germany, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and Bosnia, among others. It also leases facilities for its operations in several other countries, including Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRoM), Cyprus and Turkey, for better customer service. ALUMIL currently operates a retail network of 70 centers/service stores in southeastern Europe. ALUMIL maintains an independent presence in more than 25 countries, where its financial results have been impressive. The company is a leading supplier of architectural aluminum systems in Romania, Serbia, Albania, Cyprus, Bosnia, Hungary, Poland, Egypt, Turkey, Baltic states, Russia, Dubai and other regions. It also markets company brand products in more demanding and highly competitive European markets, such as those of Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and UK. The company’s aluminum products are used by large manufacturing firms in demanding sectors such as the auto, shipbuilding, and railway industries, in countries including the UK, France, Germany and Holland. ALUMIL also collaborates with more than 500 major construction companies around the world, as well as with renowned architectural and design firms for high-level projects. The company’s products have been used for a range of construction projects including the Polish Finance Ministry, German University in Egypt, the railway station in Kiev, Ukraine, Kempinski Hotels in Tanzania and the Dead Sea in Jordan, the Zara Center in Amman, Jordan, the Acropolis Museum in Athens, as well as the Rixos Hotel in Turkey, which is the world’s second seven-star hotel. The company possesses extensive experience in the demanding market of North America, as well as in emerging markets in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. ALUMIL maintains showrooms in Athens, New York, London, Istanbul, Nicosia, Frankfurt, etc. It maintains a team of some 100 experienced engineers for technical support in 45 countries where demand for the company’s products has increased in recent years. The company’s goal is to create independent production units (press, paint shop and foundry) in countries where demand is sufficient and production can be absorbed. As part of this strategy, ALUMIL has been active in either the construction or acquisition of integrated production facilities abroad since 2000. Over the past decade, its production capacity has been boosted by the addition of integrated production line and paint aluminum facilities in Albania, Bosnia and Serbia, as well as integrated aluminum profile paint lines and insulating profiles in Bulgaria and Romania.


Textiles Industrial

Contact Details 7 Kalapothaki, 54624, Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 254300 Fax: +30 2310 254301 Email: Website:



Greece’s largest cotton ginning firm, based on sales Karagiorgou N. Bros. SA, founded in 1951, engages in cotton ginning and production of cottonseed oil and cotton pie. The firm, ranks as one of the sector’s largest companies, operates industrial plants at all of Greece’s main cotton cultivation areas. It has been active in Thessaloniki since 1967, where its facilities include two cotton ginning units -Unit A and Unit B- and a cottonseed oil production unit. The facility has an overall storage capacity of 44,000 tons for ginned cotton. Total investment in the specific plant has exceeded 7.3 million euros. Unit A, the first ginning unit to be operated by the firm, was constructed in 1967 and covers a surface area of 3,200 sqm. Its production capacity exceeds 4,000 tons of ginned cotton. Unit B, constructed in 1997, comprises an industrial unit, storage facilities for cottonseed and ginned cotton, of a total floor space of 8,486 sqm. The firm also maintains production facilities in the mid-Greece city of Larisa and the nearby town of Farsala. The Larissa unit, covering 10 hectares, features one of Europe’s most advanced ginning facilities comprised of five state-of-the-art ginning machines, as well as cleaning and drying units. The total investment at this facility exceeded 6 million euros. Results to date offer optimism for the future. The Farsala facility, covering 12.5 hectares, includes two ultra-modern cotton ginning units with a total capacity of 13,000 tons of ginned cotton. In 2014, the cotton company saw its sales rise by 3% to 87.3 million euros compared to 85.3 million euros a year earlier. However, its pre-tax earnings plunged 86% to 421,000 euros against 3.1 million euros year-on-year.

M. J. Maillis SA

Vertically integrated and responsible powerhouse Maillis, founded in 1968, has evolved from a privately-owned steel strapping producer into a multinational industrial corporation through its corporate strategies of superior value, vertically-integrated production, organic growth and acquisitive expansion. Maillis group manufactures and distributes complete secondary packaging systems, machines and packaging materials in strapping, wrapping and case handling, including strapping tools. The Group is headquartered in Athens and operates in 18 countries throughout Europe, North America and Asia, employing a workforce of 1,500 persons and serving over 15,000 customers. The Group owns 7 manufacturing plants and 18 subsidiary firms. Furthermore, it has a commercial presence in over 80 countries around the world. Maillis Group is represented by a network of 28 company-owned affiliated enterprises and more than 350 independent distributors.

Contact Details 7 Kavalieratou Taki, Kifissia, 145 64, Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 6285000 Fax: +30 210 8080301 / 6285296 Email: Website:




Stergios Tsagkoulis, President & CEO


Exporting 98% of production to 58 countries

Contact Details 8th Km National Road Larissa – Sykourio, PO Box 1127, Greece Tel: +302410575092 FAX: +30 2410575091 Emails: OLIVES SECTOR: FRUIT SECTOR: fruitsales@ Website:


INTERCOMM FOODS S.A., founded in 1990, is located in Larissa, central Greece and is one of Greece’s leading export companies, with a long experience in private label products. The firm has also established its own main brand, DELPHI. The company’s headquarters, warehouse and main production facilities cover a total floor space of approximately 160,000 sqm, while it operates two factories, one olive and fruit factory in Larissa and another olive plant in Kompoti, Arta. In 1999, the firm made a large investment in its olive plant, building modern installations and state-of-the-art equipment, which enabled it to become Greece’s leading olive processing company. The firm’s high-standard products have gained it an ever-increasing recognition in the international olive market. An additional 9-million-euro investment is being made this year at the firm’s Larissa-based facilities. Intercomm Foods is also a leader in aseptic fruits, supplying peach and apricot to top factories (jam producers, fruit preparations, juice factories, yogurt factories, etc.) all over the world, satisfying the highest quality standards and requirements. Its main product categories are: ● Olives, pastes & antipasti ● aseptic peach & apricot fruit ● peaches and apricot in cans & jars apricot and peach compote in cans and jars ● jams and syrups Intercomm Foods, a family-run business that began operating with high ambitions, now does business not only in Western Europe but also around the world, supplying private label products to some of the largest retail groups, such as Carrefour, Casino, Walmart, Kaufland, Aldi,


Lidl, Tesco, Sandhurst, Metro, Norma, Edeka, etc. The firm also enjoys a strong market presence with its Delphi branded products in the Balkans, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. Though the firm’s entry and survival in the Russian market proved difficult in the mid-90s, it has managed to bolster its position through a subsidiary, which, besides marketing its own products such as olives and compote, also offers other traditional Greek delicacies, including olive oil, pastas and cheese products. Intercomm Foods exports up to 98% of its products to as many as 58 countries and to more than 400 customers worldwide. Export destinations include: EU, Russia, Ukraine, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Mexico, Russia, China, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Middle East countries, etc. The firm is certified and operates according to the quality standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, BRC and IFS. Intercomm Foods has been awarded for its export presence worldwide by: ● EBEA – Greek Chamber of Commerce in Athens ● Active Greece – Stat Bank ● Silver top exports company 2015 - Greek exporters According to its financial indexes, Intercomm Foods was ranked by Infobank Hellas among Greece’s 15 fast growing companies in 2009-2013. In addition, according to Fortune, Intercomm Foods was the 6th most dynamic company among Greece’s 30 fastest-growing companies in 2015. In 2014, the firm reported sales of 78.6 million euros, while its pre-tax income rose to 8.7 million euros. Its sales in 2015 further rose to 85 million euros.





Impressive rise in 2014 profits

Contact Details 2nd km Giannitsa- Edessa, 58100, Greece Tel: +30-23820-83590 Fax: +30-23820-22065 Email: Website:


Pavlides SA, situated in the heart of the peach orchards in northern Greece’s Central Macedonia region, was established in 1992 by Prodromos Pavlidis. In 2003, the company expanded its product range and volume through a joint venture with ALCO (Industrias Alimenticias Mendocinas S.A.) in Argentina, achieving to meet the needs of more clients worldwide. The two companies ensure a partnership that provides reliable and quality products from both hemispheres of the globe, taking full advantage of the contra seasonal production. Specialized in the production of canned fruit (peach, apricot, pear, fruit cocktail) and pulp (peach, apricot, apple, pears), and with a production capacity of more than 3.5 million cartons (24 x 29oz) and 11,500 metric tons (concentrated juice 30-32 brix), Pavlides is among the leading canners worldwide. The firm in 2007 invested more than 10 million euros in a project to upgrade and renovate its factory, creating one of the most modern and well-equipped fruit processing factories in the world. Using the latest canning technology, Pavlides can guarantee product integrity meeting the individual needs of its partners and clients. Since 2015, Pavlides runs a biomass plant, generating energy from waste material sources, like fruit pits. With a production capacity of approximately 15% of the total processed in Greece, and a total sheltered production and warehouse surface space of 200,000 sqm, Pavlides is among the leading canners in Greece. In 2013, the company acquired Ardagh Hellas, a developer of metal packaging solutions. The new corporation under the name ‘National Can Hellas’ aimed at growing and further integrating its business operations, expanding the tin can production to a variety of categories. In 2014, Pavlides acquired a new juice manufacturing unit that raised its total capacity of fruit puree to 11,000 – 12,000 tons. Pavlides SA is a member of the Pavlides Group of companies. Founded in 1965, the Group has grown to become one of the most diverse and paramount in Northern Greece, comprising the following companies: Pavlides Cotton Gin SA (Cotton gining), Plagiari SA (Limestone & Basalt Aggregates), Domiki SA (Lime & Hydrated Lime and ready mix concrete), Solid Fuels SA (processing & trading of solid fuels), K&P SA (Concentrated fruit juice), Pella Cement (Portland & white cement) and National Can Hellas (Metal packaging solutions). In 2014, the firm saw its sales inch down to 73.5 million euros compared to 74.1 million euros a year earlier, while its pre-tax income soared by an impressive 225% to 13.2 million euros against 4.0 million euros in 2013.




Exporting elevators to over 90 countries

Konstantinos Koukountzos

KLEEMANN is a Greek multinational company active in the fields of manufacturing and trading of Complete Lift Systems. Founded in 1983, with the support and expertise of the German Kleemann Hubtechnik GmbH, and headquartered in Kilkis, northern Greece, the company has subsidiaries and sales offices in 10 geographical regions, covering more than 90 countries around the world. Kleemann ranks among the largest companies in the global elevator market with production facilities in Greece, China and Serbia. It manufactures more than 10,500 new elevator systems every year, equivalent to 2% of all new elevators worldwide. It holds the leading position in the Greek market, having undertaken about 72% of installed units. Group sales worldwide (80% of total sales) are generated in over 90 countries, with the main markets being the UK, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, New Zealand, Romania, Turkey and Cyprus. Recently, the company began operating two new production plants in China and Serbia, enhancing the group’s production capacity. These two new plants produce lift components complementing the main production facilities in Greece. For Kleemann Group, the creation of a production base in China is not specific to the Chinese market, but is mostly associated with the development of sales in the regions of Indochina and Southeast Asia. The group has already conducted market research in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is currently examining its entry in new markets in countries such as Australia. A plan for Japan has been postponed for a later time. As part of its production of Complete Lift Systems, the company produces sub-systems such as hydraulic lifting mechanisms, pistons, power units, component suspension (chassis), mechanical lifting devices, engines, chassis, counterweights, chambers, electronic KLEEMANN tables, KLEFER doors, hoisting lifts, as well as compact and residential pre-fabricated MaisonLIFT lifts. Other items include KLEFER automatic doors elevators, electric engines, guides, ropes, cables, deposits, buttonholes and special KLEEMANN hydraulic oil.

Contact Details Kilkis Industrial Zone, PO Box 25, Kilkis, 61 100, Greece Tel: +30 23410 38 100 Fax: +30 23410 38 200 E-mail: Website:




Landis+Gyr SA

Increased turnover and profits in 2004 and 2015

Contact Details 78 km National Road Athens-Corinth P.O.Box 207 GR-20100 Corinth Tel: +30 27410 41200 Fax: +30 27410 25265 Website:


Landis+Gyr has been designing and manufacturing high-quality, state-of-the-art electricity meters since 1896. Based in Zug, Switzerland, the company has access to a highly skilled workforce and distribution system throughout Europe with subsidiaries in Berlin, London and Vienna. In 1924, the company expanded globally with the establishment its first overseas offices in New York and Melbourne (Australia). Growth continued and a significant step was taken in 1976 when Landis+Gyr acquired the meter producer Duncan Electric of Lafayette, Indiana. The year 1981 saw the advent of electronic meters and Landis+Gyr was at the forefront, developing and launching its first range of digital meters for the industrial and commercial sectors. The company global growth and expansion continued throughout the late 1990s, propelled by various investors and owners, including Electrowatt, KKR and Siemens. In 2004, Bayard Capital of Australia purchased the company with a vision of building the premier energy management company in the world, one that would combine positive environmental outcomes with Landis+Gyr’s metrology expertise and culture. Under Bayard’s ownership, Landis+Gyr made 14 different investments in the sector, deploying over 1.2 billion dollars in capital to expand beyond being a pure metering company and enter the field of networking and communications space. Landis+Gyr offers an extensive portfolio of advanced metering and intelligent energy management products designed to answer the needs of utilities around the globe. Its categories are divided into gas, electricity, heating and cooling meters, as well as communications units, dynamic load management and software services with custom solutions. The Group employs approximately 2,300 employees in the broader EMEA region. For the year 2013-14 the Group recorded sales of 575 million dollars, while in 2014-15 sales dropped 8.8% to 524 million dollars, with a large part coming from the Greek subsidiary. The Greek subsidiary continued to grow in 2014. According to its published balance sheet for 2014, turnover jumped 27% at 65.16 million euros compared to 51.55 million euros a year earlier. Earnings before tax in the same year recorded an impressive increase to 1.25 million euros against 278,000 euro in 2013. In spite of the unfavorable conditions prevailing in Greece, the meter producing company managed to continue its growing course in 2015. According to its published balance sheet, it recorded an increase in total turnover at 79.50 million euros, while profits before tax rose to 4.39 million euros.



Contact details 3 Merlin st, Athens, 10671 Τel : +30 210 3609435 Fax: +30 210 3614161 E-mail: Website:

Nonwovens-Geosynthetics Industrial

Contact details 20 Marinou Antypa, Alimos, 17455 Τel: +30 210 9875044-9 Fax : +30 210 9875040 Website: companies/thrace-ng/ Mail:


Producing nearly 8% of global aluminum slugs and discs ALUMAN SA has been in the aluminium business since 1965, when the firm installed its first production line for collapsible tubes. In the years that followed, the family-run firm developed its manufacturing capabilities by successively installing production lines for aluminium aerosol cans and aluminium monobloc bottles. In 1974, Aluman began production of aluminium slugs, discs and strips in coils at a production facility situated in Inofita, 50km north of Athens. Wishing to avoid competing against its own customers, Aluman, by the end of 2009, decided to concentrate solely on the production of aluminum slugs and discs, and subsequently closed down its aluminium collapsible tube, aluminium aerosol can and aluminium monobloc bottle production facility. Aluman now produces aluminium slugs -with or without hole- which are used for the production of aluminium collapsible tubes and aerosol bottles. In addition, it produces aluminium discs -with or without ears- which are placed at the bottom of cooking pots and pans. The firm’s exports now account for 100% of its slug & disc capacity to numerous countries all over the world. Its production accounts for nearly 8% of the global production of aluminium slugs and discs. In 2013, Aluman wan the Third Greek Exports Award in the Industry sector.

Thrace Nonovens & Geosynthetics SA

Targeting expansion to new foreign markets Thrace Nonwovens & Geosynthetics SA was founded in 2010, taking on all the activities concerning technical fabrics of Thrace Plastics, a firm originally founded in 1979. Today, Thrace NG produces polypropylene woven flat and circular fabrics, needle punched and spun bond nonwoven fabrics, staple fibres, multifilament yarns and tapes, HDPE tape and monofilament nets, polypropylene ropes, webbings, monofilament yarns, vapour control layers, roofing membranes and specialty textile materials. These products are applied to fields such as geosynthetics, agriculture, horticulture, construction, industrial fabrics, packaging, furniture making, bedding, filter fabrics, medical gowns and work uniforms. Recently the company made an investment of 412,000 euro in new machinery (mini rolls), to enable production of a new category of products under the brand name TERRA HOME, as well private label products for other clients. Through its TERRA HOME brand name, the corporate group is marketing products to the Scandinavian and Greek markets. Efforts are also being made to further promote products in numerous other markets where the group is active. The objectives of the company are to develop new products with high profit margins, to expand its sales network into new markets such as Central Asia, Russia, South America, etc., to develop products with specific features for promotion in the markets of Canada and US, to promote the Terra Home products in the Greek and European markets and, finally, to strengthen its sales network to promote products for agricultural use in the European market. The company already exports its products to more than 80 countries.The plastics industry in 2014 saw its turnover rise 14.3% to 77.87 million euros, compared to 68.13 million euros in 2013. Profits also jumped to 2.15 million euros against 7,000 euros a year earlier.





The biggest productive investment in Greece. Let’s talk about real economy

Contact details 23Α Vas. Sofias (2 N. Vamva) 10674 Athens Τel: +30 214 6870000 Fax: +30 214 6870095 Website:


Mining company Hellas Gold S.A. was set up in December 2003 with the objective to operate and run mines, process and trade in ores and set up and run a metallurgy plant. In January 2004, Hellas Gold acquired mining rights at the Kassandra Mines. In July 2011, the environmental terms and conditions in the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) were approved a Joint Ministerial Decision. In February 2012, Hellas Gold became a subsidiary of Canada’s Eldorado Gold and in April 2013 the Council of State approved the EIS. Finally in 2015, an investment amounting to more than 300 million dollars was launched in Hellas Gold projects. In Halkidiki, Hellas Gold’s investment is in full swing and involves parallel exploitation of the Skouries, Olympias and Stratoni deposits. At present, the tailings from previous mining activities in the mining zone at Olympias are being cleaned up and treated to generate two merchantable products. At the same time, the mine is also being modernised and developed so that underground extraction can commence soon. At Skouries, access works are being built and the underground mine developed, while an ore treatment plant is being constructed as are all ancillary facilities on the surface. At Stratoni, the Mavres Petres deposit is still being worked. When the entire investment will be completed, Hellas Gold mining centre will be developed in the Madem Lakkos area, including a new flotation plant to process ores from Olympias and Mavres Petres. There will also be a copper, gold and silver metal works, which will be operational from 2020 onwards. The existing flotation plants are also being replaced and the coastal zone freed up for other uses. Hellas Gold’s environmental policy is based on a series of fundamental principles and values that govern the entire project, from the planning phase right through to the implementation of projects and beyond to rehabilitation. In practical terms, this policy entails adopting the principle of parallel rehabilitation, which is already occurring in tandem with construction works at Skouries, and the principle of occupying the least possible surface area identified during the planning and subsequent development of the Skouries project. Key aspects of the company’s environmental sensitivity are that the entire surface area at Olympias is being cleared and cleaned of all tailings from previous mining activities, and that the firm monitors the environmental performance and publishes all measurements online. Hellas Gold’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is clearly reflected in its 1st Corporate Responsibility Report for 2013 which received an award from the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece, has clear implications for the national and local economy and the environment. In practical terms, it is reflected in the growth one can see in Northern Greece thanks to the 1,900 jobs that have been created, the relative increase in ready cash and the 800% improvement in the local economy over recent years, and the better quality of life for residents thanks to specific infrastructure projects and support for social actions and structures. At national level, this can be seen in the overall investments made, which have exceeded USD 1 billion (with more than USD 336.5 million having been invested in 2 ½ years), in Greece’s exports, which are up by USD 1 billion a year, and in direct tax revenues (in the form of USD 1.79 billion in taxes and social security contributions).




Greece′s LIST



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Kαλώς ήλθατε στη νέα τράπεζα πληροφοριών των εν Ελλάδι επιχειρήσων

Καδμείας 17, Τ.Κ.118 55, Αθήνα, Τηλ.: 210 3421 177, Fax: 210 3421 955,, E-mail:


COSMETICS Industrial


The Greek multinational in consumer products

Kiriakos Sarantis

Contact details 26 Amarousiou-Halandriou, 15125, Marousi, Athens Tel.: +30 2106173000 Fax: +30 210 6197081 Email:


As one of the main suppliers of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and Health & Care products, Sarantis Group is a business standard with a rich portfolio of quality products. The firm’s strong distribution network, export dynamics, financial strength, flexible structure and spirited staff are some of the characteristics than have made it one of the leading consumer products manufacturing and trading companies in the sector of cosmetics, personal care products, food supplements and household products, both in Greece and in the wider region of Southeast Europe, where it operates through subsidiaries. The Group’s international presence is marked by subsidiaries in nine European countries: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Portugal, while exports are made to more than 35 countries. The Group’s product portfolio includes more than 80 well-known brands that are milestones in their respective categories. Noxzema, Carroten, Bioten, Orzene, STR8, BU, C-Thru, Prosar and Solene are just some of the Sarantis products with high brand recognition and significant market shares. In addition, through exclusive distribution agreements, the Group sells a number of strong brands, such as La Prairie, Prada, Nina Ricci, Cartier, Carolina Herrera, Trussardi, Pupa, Johnson & Johnson, Adidas, Playboy, Coppertone, Denim, Lanes, Clearblue, Bio-Oil, etc. Estee Lauder products are also marketed, through a joint venture between Sarantis Group and Estee Lauder Companies. Through the acquisition of products, as well as a continuous renewal and expansion of its product portfolio and signing new partnerships for exclusive representation of international trademarks, Sarantis Group maintains its leading position in the market, also entering into new growing subcategories. Headed by BoD Vice Chairman and CEO Kyriakos Sarantis, the Group’s strategy has proven extremely effective, in spite of the challenging business and economic environment, resulting in higher sales and net profits, which in turn allows the company to self-finance its activities and investment plans, creating value for the benefit of all stakeholders, investors, partners customers, suppliers and staff. In 2014, the Group posted significant organic growth in its strategic product categories, which, combined with effective cost management, resulted in a significant increase in profitability beyond expectations. Specifically, the Group’s consolidated sales rose to 248.44 million euros compared to 236.59 million euros a year earlier, with both the parent company and subsidiaries recording significant growth. Net profits also rose by 10.40% to 17.14 million euros against 15.53 million euros in 2013.




Major player in the dairy products market

Dimitrios Sarantis

Contact details 5th km Trikala – Pyli, 42100 Trikala Thessaly, Greece Tel: +30 24310 61222 Fax: +30 24310 61590 Email: Website:

TYRAS, a limited liability company engaged in the production and distribution of milk and dairy products and juices, was founded in the mid-1980s and is headquartered in Trikala, midnorthern Greece. Since its establishment, the company has pioneered the industry, offering high quality choices, with its main product groups being Cheese - Butter (white and yellow cheese, whey cheese, hard cheese, butter); Milk (fresh milk, high-temperature pasteurized milk - ESL), long-life milk (UHT), chocolate milk, sour milk; fresh juices; and, Yogurt Desserts - yogurt (yogurt, yogurt products). The enterprise operates an ultramodern production plant on company-owned land measuring 151,000 sq. m. The production facility covers 37,000 sq. m. of floor space. From its inception, the company has continuously expanded by investing in new facilities and through subsidiaries, either established by the company itself or through majority share acquisitions in existing operations, gradually leading to a group of companies. The company was established in 1985 as “AFI STERGIOU SARANTI OE” and began its production activities the following year. In 1992, it converted to SA legal status, and seven years later acquired a stake in TYROM SA before going on to acquire a majority share in 2000. It then acquired a majority stake in Dairy Larissa SA “Olympus” in 2000 and founded TYRBUL SA in Bulgaria in 2003. In 2005, it founded LACTOLYMP SA, which was renamed SC OLYMPUS DAIRY INDUSTRY SA the following year and is now known as SC FABRICA DE LAPTE BRASOV SA. In October, 2009, a merger was carried out through the absorption of TYROM SA. The company name SC OLYMPUS DAIRY INDUSTRY SA was maintained. In 2005, it acquired all the remaining shares in Dairy Larissa SA “Olympus” and also acquired Dairy Xanthi SA “Rodopi” in 2008. By the end of 2009, the company established a new subsidiary in the USA, Olympus Dairy USA Corp. It also founded OLYMPUS ITALIA Srl in Milan, Italy. The company’s rapid development has led to an enhanced export activity of dairy products to many foreign countries, including Germany, Austria, Sweden, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia , Malta, Finland, Belgium, Italy, France, UK, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Albania, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, USA, Australia, Singapore, India, China, Bulgaria, Romania and Cyprus. In 2014, Tyras Group saw both turnover and pre-tax income rise. Specifically, turnover rose to 294.29 million euros compared to 269.42 million euros in 2013, while pre-tax earnings jumped to 20.41 million euros against 13.02 million euros year-on-year.





Supported by five subsidiaries

Dimitrios Valachis

Contact details 99C Lavriou Avenue 190 02 Paiania, Attica, Greece Tel: +30 210 664 0963-7 FAX: +30 210 664 1128 Ε-mail: Website:


Andromeda Group is the fastest growing group of companies in the Mediterranean aquaculture industry, with activity across Europe and worldwide export power as well. Achieving dynamic growth since its foundation until today, with the support of “Global Finance,” an independent investment firm, and the guidance of a highly experienced management team, Andromeda is developing into a dynamic group of companies aimed at establishing itself as the leader in Mediterranean aquaculture. The main attribute of Andromeda Group is the high quality and true freshness of its products, combined with a sophisticated distribution network that facilitates delivery of its products throughout Europe within only 48 hours from harvesting. All subsidiaries are strategically positioned in order to execute the Group’s strategy: to offer all their customers the freshest possible Mediterranean fish. Andromeda Group Headquarters are located in Athens, from where the company manages its commercial expansion and monitor international operations. The Group’s companies include: Andromeda SA (Greece), Acuicola Marina (Spain), Frescamar (Spain), Niordseas (Spain), Piscimar (Spain) and Andromeda Marine (Albania). Andromeda also maintains offices in Patra and production facilities along the coast of western Greece for production, trading and distribution of both juvenile and fresh fish. Andromeda ranks among the leading companies of the aquaculture sector in Greece. The main products marketed by the Group are: Fry, Whole Fresh Fishes (Gilthead Sea Bream, European Sea Bass, Meagre, Sharp Snout Sea Bream, Common Red Sea Bream) available in different size categories and packaged in 5, 6 or 10kg boxes. The company also offers ready to cook products such as head on and Fillets. The group operates five different types of facilities: Hatcheries, Farms, Packaging Facilities, Processing Units and Distribution Centers. Andromeda Group operates 2 hatcheries, one in Spain and one in Greece, and a pregrowing unit in Spain, with a total production of 75 million fries per year. The Group’s farms are located in Greece (4), Spain (2) and Albania (1), while packaging units are in Greece (2) and in Spain (1), plus one processing center. The fish production company experienced a tough year in 2014, as its turnover dropped to 67.68 million euros, compared to 76 million euros in 2013. Profits before tax in 2014 also fell, resulting to further loss at 3.11 million euros against 1.91 million euros a year earlier.




Strategic moves bolster international standing

Contact details 63 Agiou Dimitriou, Alimos, 174 56, Athens Tel.: +30 210 9898500 Fax: +30 210 9888800 Email: Website:

Famar is arguably the Greek manufacturing pharmaceutical company for which the motto “strength in unity” applies to a greater extent than any other rival firm, given it has collaborated with some 150 international pharmaceutical companies, offering its products in four continents. Being a member of the Marinopoulos Group, Famar’s primary activity is to produce products for third parties, especially multinational companies, for which the firm produces over 770 million units, or about 5,500 different product codes that are distributed in over 120 countries. Famar was founded in 1949 and maintains facilities in five European countries. In Greece, the company facility is located in the southern Athens suburb of Alimos, while production activity takes place at its modern facilities in Avlona, 50 km north of Athens. The company’s turnover in 2014 is estimated to reach 455 million euros, while its workforce throughout Europe exceeds 3,200 employees. Through a series of strategic moves made in the 1990s, Famar climbed to a leading position in the Greek market. In 1990, the company acquired a factory from Ciba-Geigy in Anthoussa, northeastern Athens. Three years later, Famar acquired a Pfizer plant in Avlona. It also incorporated the business unit of Sandoz and, in 1999, acquired a unit from Roche in Bladel, Netherlands. In 2000, Famar bought a SmithKline Beecham production facility in Italy. In 2001, the company entered the French market, where it acquired a Novartis production unit for solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms, as well as an Aventis Pharma unit for solid pharmaceutical products. The following year, Famar acquired the Sephora distribution center in Boigny. In 2004, Famar acquired an additional plant in France, a production unit for solid and liquid pharmaceutical forms, from Aventis. In 2007, it acquired an industrial plant for sublimated and cytostatic medicines from Abbott. Two years later, Famar bought a factory for production of liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms from Johnson & Johnson. In 2011, Famar also stepped into Spain by purchasing a factory from Sanofi in Madrid. Famar exports 70% of its production. Backed by 11 production facilities, four in Greece and seven abroad (France, Italy, Netherlands and Spain), and a distribution center in Thebes, northwest of Athens, Famar is one of the largest independent producers for drug companies in Europe and internationally. In 2014, the parent company in Greece posted turnover of 125.7 million euros, compared to 131.54 in 2013. Profits rose to 9.89 million euros against 6.77 million euros a year earlier.




Contact details 46-48, Voukourestiou str. 106 73 Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 36 64 200 Fax: +30 210 36 44 765 E-mail: Website:

ALUMINUM Industrial


A leading force in its sector Soya Hellas SA is one of the biggest Greek industries in the field of food and agricultural raw materials. The firm is active mostly in the processing and industrialization of seed oil, refinement, and standardization of seed oils and olive oil, production and packaging of margarine and vegetable fats, production of lecithin, as well as management, storage and trade of oats. At present, Soya Hellas employs nearly 300 persons, primarily at the firm’s large industrial plant located in Evia, Greece’s second largest island, northeast of Athens. The company also operates facilities in Thessaloniki’s industrial zone of Sindos, and in Larissa, mid-central Greece, where horizontal storage and freezer facilities are maintained. The firm also operates facilities in Xanthi’s Genissea and Evlalos districts, northern Greece. At another storage facility in Preveza’s Thesprotiko region, western Greece, the firm maintains storage facilities for grains, soybean meal, sunflower meal, bulk alfalfa pellets and various bagged agricultural products, silos, bagging facilities, stainless steel oil tanks and freezers. The firm also runs a facility in the industrial zone of Heraklion, Crete, its main activity being the accumulation, storage and supply of Cretan olive oil. The company’s focus on product quality is fundamental to its overall policy. It carries out regular quality controls, based on quality standards, at its two laboratories in Evia and Heraklion, both of which are equipped with state-of-the-art chemical analysis procedures. The firm observes the required quality protection procedures throughout all production and storage stages, based on internationally recognized standards and Greek and European laws. The company posted lower financial results in 2014, but figures remained high. Total 2014 sales dropped 23% to 233 million euros, compared to 304 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax earnings shrank to 8.43 million euros against 13.32 million euros a year earlier.


Advanced production facility the company’s strength Aluminium producer COSMOS ALUMINIUM operates an extrusion plant that ranks as the sector’s most advanced in Greece, possibly in Europe as well. The facility’s technologically advanced equipment enables the company to produce industrial aluminum profiles, both standard and custom-made. Cosmos Aluminium offers high quality products that exceed the current requirements of the global aluminum market. The company’s facility occupies a total floor spare of 18,500 sq. m., including production and office space. The company began producing in mid-2008, when it launched a fully automated production line. The company’s sales are all made to the EU, Middle East, and the USA. In 2014, the firm saw its turnover rise and loss shrink. Sales jumped 23.36% to nearly 60 million euros compared to 48.59 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax loss further declined to 674,650 euros.

Contact details 8th km National Road Larissa-Athens, Nikea Intersection Larissa, Greece PO Box. 1379, Zip Code 41110 Tel: +30 2410 567567 Fax: +30 2410 567510 Email: Website:



Plastics-Rubber Products Industrial

Atlas Tapes SA

Exporting over 85% of production

Contact details 68 Varis Ave., Voula 16673, Greece Tel.: +30 210 8995388 Fax:+30 210 8995386 Email: Website:

Atlas Tapes Group, comprising Atlas Tapes SA (parent company) and P. Lantzis SA (affiliate company) , is a vertical manufacturer of self-adhesive tapes, considered a Greek market leader and ranking among the top European vertical producers, exporting over 85% of its production. The original company was founded in Athens by Christopher Lantzis and his sons in 1953. In 1977 production moved to Atalanti where it still remains today. Over the years, various investments in production led to the addition of new coating technologies and currently the company manufactures a comprehensive range of tapes, which includes: ● Packaging tapes: PVC, BOPP coated with solvent, acrylic and hot melt adhesive ● Masking tapes: Acrylic, solvent and hot melt ● Stationery tapes: Cellulose and BOPP ● Specialty products. Takis Lantzis and his son Jason (3rd generation), with the support of new investors, are on the helm of Atlas Tapes since 2008. During the same period, a five-year investment program was decided which led to the increase of total covered area of plants to 25,000 sq.m., on a 135,000sq.m. plot. New offices were constructed to accommodate the constantly increasing needs for human resources, while a fully automated slitting department was created and a state-of-theart laboratory, operating under ISO 9001 and 14001, was completely renovated. In 2014 Atlas Tapes celebrated its 30-year anniversary for masking production by installing a new paper impregnation line (total of two) and a dedicated masking solvent natural rubber coater along with another two lathe slitters (total of three). Atlas Tapes production today operates with: ● Nine coating lines: two acrylic water based five solvent natural rubber and two hot melt synthetic rubber. ● Two masking paper impregnation lines. ● Fifteen fully automatic and robotic slitter-rewinders and numerous semi automatic ones, as well as three fully automatic lathe (torno) slitters. Continuous developments and upgrading of the plant facilities highlights the company’s dynamic for technologically advanced production and high quality standards. The above investments combined with a steep increase in sales in recent years, have led to an increase of personnel from 195 in 2010 to 260 in 2014, with all these skilled employees constituting the heart and soul of the operation. Personnel numbers are expected to increase as a result of the augmented capacity, growing sales and constant company development.



PACKAGING Industrial


Exporting around the globe

Contact details “A” Street - Industrial Area, 71601 Heraklion-Crete, Greece Tel: +30 2810-382900 Fax: +30 2810-381400 Email: Website:


KARATZIS Group has been active in the manufacturing of netting materials for more than three decades. Starting off with a small plant on Crete, Karatzis has evolved into a global leader with an active commercial presence in more than 50 countries and state-of-the-art production facilities in Greece and Germany. The Group’s wide product range comprises of netting solutions that serve the needs of agriculture, horticulture, packaging, meat & ham processing, construction and decoration. With a total annual production capacity exceeding 29,000 tons, the Group’s factories manufacture a variety of products, from bale net-wrap, silage net and polyethylene bags, to shading nets, road fences and Christmas tree netting. The key competitive advantage of the Group lies in the innovative character of its products, which are characterized not only by top quality standards but also by a high added value that makes them irreplaceable for end users. At the same time, the key pillar of Karatzis’ successful business operation lies in the solid production base, which comprises five manufacturing plants in Greece and two in Germany, with a total factory floor space that exceeds 45,000 sq. m. The firm also trades in the commercial sector. Karatzis owns two companies, one in Spain and one in the UK. Specifically, Croppy Solutions is a company dedicated exclusively to agricultural packaging. The company primarily promotes Karatzis products as well as other agriculture and packaging products in the Spanish market. Its central offices are located in the city of Valladolid, Spain. Also, Zeus Packaging Agri Ltd. is a commercial company active in the promotion of Agricultural Packaging in the United Kingdom. The company distributes mainly agricultural packing solutions made available by Karatzis as well as other agriculture and packaging products in the UK market. Its headquarters are located in Hertfordshire, UK. The Group is also active in the renewable energy sector, with installed solar panels in Heraklion (Crete), Larisa and Viotia. In addition, it owns the 5-star Nana Beach Hotel, just 25km from Heraklion Airport, as well as 15 hectares of land (Stella Polaris) by the sea in the area of Ierapetra ​​ Crete and is active in the Hotel and Tourism sector investments. Financial results in 2014 were quite positive as the Group saw both turnover and profits rise. Turnover increased to 60.97 million euros against 56.17 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax profit in 2014 also rose to 8.41 million euros compared to 7.91 million euros a year earlier.



INTRACOM Defense Electronics

An Internationally Competitive Company

G. I. Troullinos, Managing Director

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IDE (INTRACOM Defense Electronics) is the leading defense electronics and communications systems provider in Greece. It has been engaged in the development and production of defense electronics and communications systems for the Hellenic Armed Forces and the international market since 1992. The main areas of interest, where IDE invests continuously on new technologies to ensure a leading position in the international scene, are: ➤ Tactical Communications: Products developed in this area include Wideband Radios (Spartan, WiWAN and SeaNNet), Intercommunication Systems (WISPR, Tacticon, and NAUTiCON) and Satellite Communications (VSAT Cronos). ➤ Data Links and Telemetries: Design, development, qualification and production of missile data link and telemetry systems for surface-to-air (telemetry section of ESSM missile), airto-air (telemetry system, guidance section power supply and field test equipment of IRIS-T missile) and ground-to-air missiles (data link of IRIS-T SL missile). ➤ Missile Electronics: IDE develops and manufactures advanced missile electronics that meet the operational requirements of its customers, and has manufactured electronics modules (SRUs and/or LRUs) for the following missiles: PATRIOT PAC-3, CROTALE NG, RAM and Phalanx Close-In-Support Weapon System. ➤ Information Security: The SECLINE product line of encryption devices (SECLINE MBit, SECLINE a-PLUS and SECLINE IP) is designed to utilize dedicated cryptographic algorithms, fully developed by IDE and certified by the National Security Authorities. ➤ Hybrid Power Systems: IDE enters the era of environmentally safer energy with a series of Electric Power Conversion, Storage and Management products. ➤ National Security: IDE provides state-of-the-art technology and integrated systems for public safety agencies. In addition, IDE participates in joint multinational development and production programs in cooperation with major international defense system companies, making significant annual investments in R&D activities for the development of cutting-edge defense and security systems. In order to facilitate the rapid design and development of technologically advanced, highquality products and systems, IDE operates sophisticated R&D Laboratories within its facilities, which maintain a high level of specialization and are equipped with modern infrastructure. IDE expands its international partnerships through several co-production programs with leading manufacturers, resulting in the company’s participation in the implementation of stateof-the-art electronics for Air-defense Systems, Aircraft Self-Protection Suites, Weapon Systems Electronics, Radars and Electro-optics. Through its participation in the above Hellenic and international defense programs, IDE has achieved high levels of local added value and supports the Hellenic industrial sector by allocating considerable supply contracts to local subcontractors.



PETROLEUM Industrial


Regional force in the upstream oil sector Energean Oil & Gas SA is a private E&P company focusing its activities on the Mediterranean and North Africa, with a track record of 35 years as an offshore and onshore operator of oil & gas assets in environmentally sensitive areas. Energean holds a 100% working interest in the Prinos and South Kavala exploration areas within the Prinos Basin, offshore Greece, being the country’s only oil & gas producer. Energean has invested $300m in the E&P sector during 2007-2015, while it has planned an additional $200-million investment for 2016-2018, aimed at increasing production from the Gulf of Kavala up to 10,000 barrels per day. This programme consists of the drilling of 15 wells in total, which have been executed by its own drilling rig “Energean Force”. The first well came on stream on December 2015 and allowed Energean to increase Prinos production to 3,000 barrels per day. The company has a balanced portfolio of assets with production from the Prinos field in NE Greece, reserves of 30 million barrels (2P) audited by ERC Equipoise, 28 million barrels of contingent resources (2C) and significant exploration potential in licenses held in Greece (onshore Ioannina and offshore Katakolo) and onshore Egypt. Energean has also been selected as the preferred bidder for Aitoloakarnania onshore block, while it has submitted bids for three offshore blocks in Montenegro. The company’s cash flow is supported by an off-take agreement with BP for the entire Prinos production. Energean’s assets are supported by established infrastructure that allows quick and low cost monetization of the reserves. Energean Oil & Gas has established major strategic partnerships with leading companies. Energy giants such as BP, Schlumberger, Ocean Rig, Grant Thornton, ERC Equipose, and DNV consider Energean as a reliable, innovative and dynamic partner whose efforts reflect Greece’s effort to rebound from its deep recession, now into its seventh year. In terms of financial results, the firm in 2014 saw its sales drop to 30.42 million euros compared to 48.44 million euros a year earlier. It also posted a hefty loss of 10.89 million euros against a pre-tax income of 6.71 million euros in 2013.

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Missirian S.A.

Exporting products to 27 countries around the world The company’s history dates back to the mid-1800s when two siblings, Armen and Michael Missirian, began importing tobacco to Antwerp from the Black Sea area. The company later established a sales office in Brussels, in 1902, for trade of classical oriental tobaccos. In the ensuing years, the company began processing tobacco at company facilities in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, in 1905, and in Kavala, northern Greece, in 1922. Following WW2, the company suffered a major setback when its Plovdiv plant in Bulgaria was nationalized by the country’s regime. Even so, the company’s sales office in Brussels continued to operate and supplied tobacco to European manufacturers while, over the years, it strengthened its position in the Greek market. In 1996, the company built a new factory in Kavala, which was fully renovated in 2005. In 1998, the enterprise formed Masis Tobacco Company in Armenia. In 2004, it established a new processing plant in Stambolovo, Bulgaria. The firm employs 45 full-time employees and over 600 seasonal workers at its factory in Zygos, close to Kavala. The factory occupies a total floor space of 12 acres, while the total storage area measures 25 acres with a storage capacity of 15,000 tons. Three feeding lines equipped with a DCC system, of a capacity of six tons per hour, and a Soft Dryer with a capacity of eight tons per hour, can pack up to 10 tons per hour either in cases or in traditional bales. NTRM separators contribute to a cleaner final product. The factory in Bulgaria is located in Stambolovo, near the city of Haskovo. A team of 85 full-time employees and over 300 seasonal workers work in this facility, equipped with three feeding lines that can operate either independently or together, packing up to 50 tons per day in traditional bales. The company exports to 27 countries around the world, and according to its president and CEO Nikolaos Tzoumas, in recent years has made investments totaling 3.2 million euros. Missirian’s agronomic team works closely with farmers in the fields, from one crop to next. Most modern methods and techniques of cultivating oriental tobaccos are applied, ensuring the development of top-quality crops from the field to the consumer. For 2014, Missirian posted a drop in sales but its profit before tax rose. Turnover fell to 47.68 million euros compared to 48.55 million euros in 2013. On the contrary, profits before tax rose to 403,000 euros in 2014 against 154,000 euros a year earlier.

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An absolute exporter of canned fruit

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KRONOS SA is a canned fruit industry established in 1971 by the families of Mr Eleftherios M Saitis, Eleftherios M. Drigogias, Ioannis Chloros. It is the leader in the Greek fruit canning industry, the biggest in Europe and one of the top five worldwide. Having as a major priority the quality and the customer’s respect, KRONOS has proved to be one of the main canned fruits producers and exporters worldwide. The Company is situated in North Greece, at Skydra in the source of peaches, as well as very close to the Thessaloniki sea port and airport. KRONOS is an 100% export company, covering more than 80 countries worldwide, with constant expansion into new markets, despite the economy instability in Greece. The equipment used is modern and updated, securing large production capacity on a daily basis. Our canned products are well known for the aroma, flavor, texture and high quality. The product range includes: ➤ Peaches halves, slices and dices ➤ Peeled Apricots ➤ Fruit cocktail ➤ Peach and Apricot puree concentrate and single strength Having an educated and qualified staff of 120 permanents and 750-800 seasonal people our industry, enjoys a very high reputation -(among our)- clients for 44 years, due to our best services and high quality products. The Greek canning industry, it is a very important sector for the economy of the country, as thousand of rural families (farmers) are involved in the whole process. Annual turnover is € 52.000.000 per year and profit is 6,5 mil. euro. INVESTMENTS Despite the heavy financial crisis in Greece, our investments will reach over € 8 million, covering new factory infrastructure and renovation , warehousing and modernization of environmental protection facilities, for the next three years. Instead of minimizing our labor force, we hired new employees and also there was no reduction in salary of our permanent staff. Moreover, in 2008, KRONOS SA, founded KRONOS SUN ENERGY SA, a renewable energy producing company. In 2008 it established a photovoltaic park of installed capacity of 2,5 MW , one of the biggest projects in North Greece for renewable energy. KRONOS SA makes the most of innovations in the energy department by using existing biomass to cover the power demands of the entire plant. The processed fruit’s pits provide enough energy to ensure the company’s self-sufficiency with regard power. In this manner, KRONOS SA decreases its need for petroleum and reduces hydrocarbon emissions. Intercomm SA in Larissa is also our associate company. The administration of the company has now been transferred to the new generation with Mrs Nadia El.Saiti , being the new Chief Executive , Mr Nikos Tzimourtos as General Director . Together with a group of very efficient, dedicated and well experienced directors / managers, look into the future, to continue the company’s targets. Our main principles are: a) Team work b) Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. c) Responsibility, effective and hard work, shelf – criticism, avoiding arrogance. d) The success is a constant journey that demands: ‘’Dreams – Team – Care and Dare.’’ e) Key point of the success is the staff – human sources, respect them and motivate.


CHEMICALS Industrial


Capturing value and delivering superior performance

Despoina Anastasiou – General Manager & CEO

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Dow (NYSE:DOW) combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The company is driving innovations that extract value from the intersection of chemical, physical and biological sciences to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems, such as the need for clean water, clean energy generation and conservation, and increasing agricultural productivity. Dow›s integrated, market-driven, industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agrosciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 180 countries and in high growth sectors such as packaging, electronics, water, coatings and agriculture.  In 2013, Dow had annual sales of more than $57 billion and employed approximately 53,000 people worldwide.  The company›s more than 6,000 products are manufactured at 201 sites in 36 countries across the globe. Dow Hellas SA, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company, was established in Greece in 1960 with the construction of the first European polystyrene manufacturing facility at the seaside town of Lavrio, southeast of Athens. The company supplies customers in the region a variety of plastics raw materials, basic and specialty chemicals, coatings and innovative agricultural solutions.  The operations in Greece include commercial offices, laboratories and manufacturing lines for the production of polystyrene, STYROFOAM™ blue extruded foamed polystyrene boards and XENERGY™, the new generation of thermal insulation.  Plastic materials from Dow include polystyrene, polyethylene, LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE Injection resins that are sold to a variety of downstream industries. Dow’s diverse and integrated portfolio of businesses is built to capture value and deliver superior performance over the long term. By taking active steps to optimize the portfolio and respond to changing market needs, Dow is better able to serve its customers’ needs in a diverse range of high-growth end-markets.  Dow AgroSciences LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow, is a leading producer of crop protection products, seeds, healthy oils and plant biotechnology solutions, committed to supporting farmers to increase yields and feed a growing population. Coatings and Infrastructure Solutions cover a broad-based set of market needs, including coatings raw materials, water purification, construction chemicals, and insulation and weatherization products.  Performance Plastics is leveraging its innovative materials and technologies to address customer needs in high-growth, specialized applications in packaging, elastomers, hygiene and medical, and electrical and telecommunications. Dow’s focus on sustainability is embedded in everything the company does – the operations, strategy, innovation agenda and daily actions.  The 2015 Sustainability Goals reflect Dow’s commitment to use science and technology to address social and environmental challenges and reduce the global footprint as the company profitably grows. From water purification technologies to healthier cooking oils, innovations play a vital role in addressing the evolving needs of the planet and society.  In 1991, Dow Hellas was the first company in Greece to be certified for the quality of its products according to the international standard ISO-9000.  In 2001, Dow Hellas introduced new thermal insulation technology which eliminated the use of ozone depleting agents during production. Since 2005, Dow Hellas has been certified for its environmental protection procedures as stipulated by the international standard EMAS ISO-14001. In 2014, Dow Hellas recorded yet another year of positive financial results. Turnover remained high at 67.5 million euros, up by 300,000 euros compared to 2013. Pre-tax profits jumped to 7.1 million euros against 5.2 million euros a year earlier.




Fitco S.A.

A leading Greek copper alloy producer with significant international presence Fitco is a subsidiary of the Halcor Group, that constitutes copper processing and marketing segment of Viohalco and a leader in the Greek copper alloy market. With experience spanning more than thirty-five years, the Company invests in research and innovative technologies, aiming to stay ahead of the competition in terms of productivity, product innovation and quality. Fitco employs a certified Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and its products conform to the main European and US quality standards (EN, DIN, BS, NF and ASTM). Committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, Fitco employs certified systems in accordance with the Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2004) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001:2007). Fitco has significant international presence, exporting approximately 80% of its production, and provides exceptional support for its products, which are distributed to more than fifty countries worldwide. The Company focuses on responding reliably and rapidly to changes in demand with the aim of achieving total customer satisfaction. Fitco product range ●S  olid and hollow brass bars (round, squared or hexagonal)

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Key data

●B  rass sections

●B  rass tubes

●B  rass Flats

●C  opper

●B  rass wire

Fitco S.A. Year 2014 figures* Amounts in EUR thousand

Revenue (turnover) Sales outside Greece EBITDA

59,410 49,662 156

Investments Market presence in: Sales outside Greece

364 50 countries 80%

*Fitco S.A. financials are included in Halcor Group 2014 consolidated figures.


alloy wire and net for fish farm cages




Greek yogurt available in 40 countries around the world

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FAGE’s story begins in 1926 with a first dairy shop in Athens, Greece which became known for its delicious, creamy, one-of-a-kind yogurt. This dairy shop was established by the family of Athanassios Filippou, the grandfather of FAGE’s current CEO and Chairman of the Board. In 1954, under the guidance of his father and FAGE founder Athanassios, Ioannis Filippou helped create the first wholesale distribution network for yogurt in Greece. By 1964, Ioannis and his brother Kyriakos opened the company’s first yogurt production facility in the Athens suburb of Galatsi. Nowadays, FAGE is a leading international dairy company with a focus on yogurt, holding the leading market position in the Greek yogurt market. FAGE manufactures, distributes and sells a wide range of dairy products, including yogurt, dairy desserts, milk, cream and cheese. The company has three facilities in Greece that serve all of markets outside of the Americas and have the capacity to expand their production to accommodate expected increases in demand in the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and other international markets. It also owns distribution units in the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany and a comprehensive distribution network in Greece. FAGE products are distributed to approximately 280 supermarket chains, with approximately 75,000 retail outlets in over 40 countries, primarily in the United States and throughout Europe. They are also sold to bakeries, confectionaries, dairy stores and other convenience stores. FAGE’s workforce of some 1,000 qualified full-time employees puts its own personal mark on every stage of the production process. FAGE has a significant and constantly increasing presence in the US yogurt market, with growing international sales also outside of the United States. The company’s US facility, located in Johnstown, New York commenced commercial production in April 2008 and is among the largest of the facilities in terms of production capacity as it manufactures yogurt products for the US market and the rest of the Americas. Financial results in 2014 were exceptionally positive for the yogurt maker, with total sales growing by 7% to 182 million euros, compared to 171 million euros in 2013, while the firm also managed to return to profitability following a four-year streak of losses. Pre-tax income in 2014 jumped to 4.9 million euros against a loss of 12.9 million euros a year earlier.



PETROLEUM Commercial

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Contact details Thessi Tzima, 194 00 Koropi - Attiki - Greece Tel: (+30 210) 66 80 000 Fax: (+30 210) 66 26 583 Email: Website:



Superior Quality As the sole company in Greece to be at the same time active in the industrial production of lubricants and the production and trade of packaged lubricants and special products, LPC SA has set as its primary goal the provision of quality products and services that respect both the needs of consumers and the environment. Through an increasingly growing and friendly sales network, the company serves both private and business customers, offering solutions for the powering and lubrication of any type of engine. At the same time, by placing particular emphasis on protecting the environment, the company innovatively develops production methods that contribute significantly to the protection of the environment and ensure a cleaner future for the planet. Since its founding in 1981, LPC has invested in technological innovation and research with the aim of not only securing its superiority but, above all, the quality and ecological dimension of the products it develops. Loyal to this philosophy, the company is forging a constantly upward, creative course in Greece and the rest of Europe and the Middle East, where it has gained a secure presence since 1991, thus ensuring its profitability and, most importantly, satisfaction of customers and partners. With superior quality as its main axis, LPC provides fuels and lubricants for commercial consumers, industries and special uses. By carefully studying the needs of end users for such products, the company places special emphasis on providing solutions based on technological innovation, providing steady quality and which respect the environment. With a broad range of products, specially designed for each type of engine, Cyclon provides fuels and lubricants that respect and look after engines. In this way, end users can be sure that their vehicles will not only enjoy maximum performance, but also the best possible protection against wear, and indeed at the most competitive prices on the market.


Recording high profitability for the fifth year FLEXOPACK SA was founded in 1979 as a family-owned company in Koropi, less than 30km from Athens and the port of Piraeus, Greece’s main port, and only a few minutes drive from the «Eleftherios Venizelos» Athens International Airport. Flexopack is a major European flexible packaging manufacturer offering a great variety of products, with special emphasis in co-extrusion of barrier and non-barrier films. The company has a strong technical base in extrusion, bag-making, and printing. FLEXOPACK’s primary market is the food industry. Other markets include the printing/conversion industry, personal care, medical and agribusiness packaging. Production and conversion, warehouses, R&D center, logistics and administration are housed in two neighboring facilities of 15.000m². FLEXOPACK has operated under an ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1995. In May 2003, it was accredited with the British Retailer Consortium (BRC/IOP) Standard, which introduces higher hygiene, product safety and quality standards for producers of food packaging. Flexopack is a total solutions provider that invests in the latest manufacturing and converting equipment. The company manufactures some of the world’s advanced patented materials. From the main manufacturing facility in Greece to regional facilities in Poland and Australia, Flexopack can cover all kinds of packaging needs. Flexopack manufacturing capabilities include: Extrusion, Printing, Bag/Pouch converting, Slitting/Tube opening and Lamination. It controls the end-to-end process from resin to sale and uses the highest quality raw material from the most reputable suppliers. In 2014, for yet another year, the firm posted higher turnover and pre-tax income. More specifically, turnover rose to 57 million euros compared to 54 million euros in 2013. Profit before tax in 2014 grew to 5 million euros against 4.4 million euros a year earlier.


MARBLE Industrial


Οne of the main producers of white marble in the world market

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In 1980, Efkleidis Pavlidis established PAVLIDIS MARBLE-GRANITE, a company that, thanks to the consistently pioneering spirit and strong vision of its founder, has become one of the main producers of white marble in the world market. By using a vertically integrated structure the company controls the production of the final product from extraction to processing and the sale of rough, semi-finished and finished marble and granite products, specializing in white and semi-white marble and with a dynamic presence in beige marble. All the company’s workforce, from the management to the personnel capitalize on: • In-depth knowledge of the materials & continuous research into new materials • Securing and proper use of state-of-the-art technology • Optimization of all of the processes certified to ISO 9001:2008. With emphasis on workplace safety, the staff remains committed to the company’s shared goal for sustained growth, mindful of the fact that this is in the interest of all its collaborators. With quarries not only all over Greece but also in neighboring countries, and production in excess of 70,000 m³, Pavlidis Marble Granite’s marble products are applied in, and enhance, large and small constructions in all five continents. The company’s industrial installations occupy a floor space of 20,000 m², in grounds of 100,000 m², located at a short distance from the city of Drama, the centre of marble mining in Greece. The branches in Athens and Thessaloniki ensure that the company’s products reach urban centres throughout Greece. The ARISTON, VENUS and GALAXY white marble are the company’s flagship products. The VOLAKAS, SIVEC and THASSOS marble complete a palette of white marble that can satisfy not only all domestic, but also international, requirements. With its KAVALA semi-white crystalline marble, the company offers an exceptional environmentallyfriendly and economical material for many applications, while PERLA cream-beige limestone has earned its place in the competitive market of beige materials. From the time of its foundation until today, the company has been intensely orientated towards exports with export sales accounting for more than 90% of its turnover. Starting out from the demanding construction requirements of Western European countries, the company has progressively expanded its activities to the two hemispheres with exports to the Far East, South-East Asia, Arab states, as well as South America and US. With a multitude of projects worldwide, Pavlidis Marble-Granite constitutes one of the most professional choices as regards the undertaking and execution of large-scale projects to high quality standards and with absolute respect for the Even though the firm saw its 2014 turnover fall to 43.77 million euros compared to 40.66 million euros in 2013, it managed to sustain its profitability at extremely high levels. Specifically, the company in 2014 posted profits amounting to 14.14 million euros.




Excellent raw material and advanced production procedures

Contact details PO Box 69, Polykastro-Limnotopos, Kilkis, 61200, Greece Tel.: +30 23411 38771 Fax: +30 23411 38745 E-mail: Website:

KOLIOS SA Greek Dairy has been producing pure Greek traditional cheese products since 1948. Being among the most dynamic Greek food industries and the most modern industries in Europe, the company currently holds a prominent position among Greece’s cheese producers and is a leading exporter of PDO Feta. The company processes fresh sheep, goat and cow milk, collected from selected and controlled farms in 15 prefectures in Macedonia region, northern Greece, Thrace, northeastern Greece, as well as other parts of the country, at its ultra-modern, 46,000-sq. m. facility in Limnotopos, Polykastro Kilkis, northern Greece. The integrated quality management system applied by the company is certified according to the highest international standards: ISO 22000, ISO 9001: 2008, BRC, IFS, AGROCERT and BIO HELLAS. The company’s main products are Feta PDO, white cheeses made of goat milk, such as hard and semi-hard PDO Kaseri and Traditional KOLIOS cheeses, produced by the company since 1948, based on traditional recipes that are still being preserved. It also produces organic PDO Feta, light cheeses, food products with vegetable fat and low cholesterol, such as the Vital series, as well as fresh dairy products, including yoghurt and cream. All company products are offered in practical and attractive packaging that takes into account both consumer and professional sector needs. The company’s commitment to quality products has received widespread recognition, as highlighted by a series of international awards and honors. Prizes won by KOLIOS FETA include a “Product of the Year” award in Germany, a “Best Product” award in Russia, and, over the past three years, a string of awards for quality and taste, including top prizes in Germany and England: “Quality Food Award”, “International Cheese Award” and “World Cheese Award.” KOLIOS products are distributed through the company’s well-organized distribution network and refrigerated truck fleet throughout Greece, offering excellent customer service. Furthermore, KOLIOS also enjoys strong export activity and to 43 countries around the world, to Europe, USA, Australia, Middle East, Africa, Asia and have gained a prominent position in the shelves of some of the biggest retail stores worldwide. According to the firm’s published balance sheet, the company in 2014 saw its total sales rise 8% to 83.9 million euros, compared to 78.2 million euros in 2013. However, pre-tax income recorded a drop by 44% to 1.0 million euros against 1.8 million euros a year earlier.





Supplying the world’s largest mines ContiTech IMAS SA was established in 1972 in Volos, eastern mainland Greece with the objective of serving Greece’s energy sector and PPC, the Public Power Corporation, locally known as DEI. Since then, based on the strength of a series of investments, the firm has managed to greatly increase its production capacity. In 2007, it added a new production line to its operations. ContiTech IMAS SA is a member of the Continental/ContiTech group. It is active in the field of conveyor belt production, either made of wire ropes or linen, for specialized applications, as well as in the production of a wide range of applications in various industries, while it also produces various other rubber accessories. The firm’s production facilities are located in Volos’s industrial zone, where a total of some 300 persons are employed at two plants, Imas and Syrma. Imas exports between 70% and 75% of its production to the international market, including Australia, Chile, UK and US, for firms active in metal mining, while, in Greece, PPC’s lignite mining division is the firm’s main domestic client.

Contact details Volos Industrial Area Greece - 38500 Tel: +30 2421096500 Fax: +30 2421096590 Website:

ALUMINUM Industrial

Contact details 5th kilometer Larissa -Athens national highway PO Box 1153, Larissa, 411 10 Tel: +302410688688 Fax: +30 2410688530 Mail: Website:



Exporting 75% of total production EXALCO S.A. Aluminium Industry was founded in 1973 having its headquarters in Larissa. It is an integrated industrial unit producing aluminium profiles, having the possibility to cover all types of modern structural and architectural needs. The company’s production plant, set up over 51,228 square meters on privately-owned land measuring 178,872 square meters, is located in Larissa, midnorthern Greece. The facility’s extrusion unit is comprised of four presses - 1,100 tons, 1,750 tons, 2,200 tons and 2,840 tons, respectively - with a production capacity of 33,000 tons annually, as well as a section producing extrusion dyes. The facility also operates a surface treatment and anodizing unit with fully automated machinery whose annual capacity is 6,000 tones, offering high quality levels. Its vertical powder coating unit may produce 10,100 tons annually, while the horizontal powder coating unit has an annual capacity of 5,000 tons. The firm’s exports department is responsible for promoting company products around the world, with a focus on the European, Middle East and US markets. Nowadays Exalco consists of two subsidiaries abroad, Exalco Romania SRL in Bucharest and Exalco Bulgaria SRL in Sofia, and has developed an extended sales network in domestic and foreign markets. As much as 75% of its production is exported to countries all over the world. Customers throughout the world use Exalco products for a range of purposes, including building constructions and industrial applications. The exports department maintains a constant stream of communications with clients to cover all needs. In 2014 the company posted a marginal increase in total sales to 63.5 million euros compared to 62.5 million euros in 2013. In terms of pre-tax income, the company managed to lower its loss of 5.9 million euros in 2013 to 4.7 million euros in 2014.




Among the best firms in flexible packaging

Christos Argyropoulos

Alfa Beta Roto SA has been active in the production of flexible packaging materials for almost 50 years. Over this period, the firm has established itself as one of the sector’s most reliable companies in Europe. The firm was established in the 1960s by the Argyropoulos family. It expanded its operations into the Balkans in 1997 and, six years later, penetrated the markets of western Europe. The firm, which collaborates with major producers such as Barilla, Pepsi-co, Haribo, Bic and Nestle, employs a total of 190 persons. Its headquarters are in Athens, while the main production facility is located in Komotini, northeastern Greece. The firm’s production is allocated to pasta and rice producers (19%), bakeries (13%), confectionary (27%), ice cream (3%), snacks (10%), detergent industry (18%), frozen foods (3%), coffee producers (4%), and water & beverages (3%). Having invested 24 million euro between 2005 and 2011 for production facilities concerning paper bags and plastic membranes for fresh fruit, bottled water, nuts, various coffee types, detergents, as well as various other products, Alfa Beta Roto has established itself as a major player at a European level. The firm needed to invest 24 million euros for the construction of a new production unit after its Komotini facility was virtually destroyed by fire. It is currently implementing a further 13-million-euro investment aimed at expanding the company. The firm’s success has not gone by unnoticed by foreign investors and led, in 2013, to the acquisition of a 67% stake in the company by Schur Flexibles Group, the fastest growing European group in packaging. The associate shareholders, the Argyropoulos family, retained a 33% of shares, while, as part of the deal, Mr. Christos Argyropoulos continues his successful 10-year spell as Managing Director.

Contact details 2 Kapsorachi, 12241, Egaleo, Attica, Greece Tel: +30 210 34 56 454 Fax: +30 210 34 72 251 Email: Website:





Exporting 90% of production to 72 countries

Elias Vasileiadis – President & Ceo

Contact details 570 22 Sindos industrial area, Thessaloniki Greece Tel.: +30 2310 790000 (Athens Branch) Tel.: +30 210 55 90 411-13 Fax: +30 210 5590 713 Website:

HB BODY SA was established in 1982 with the objective of producing and distributing high quality products for the automotive refinishing industry. The firm was founded by Ilias Vassiliadis, who remains president and managing director to this day. The company is based in Thessaloniki, northern Greece on privately-owned premises. Nowadays, the company is represented in both in Thessaloniki and Athens on 120.000m² of land. The firm operates warehouse and production facilities covering 80,000 m². Product research, design and development, administrative offices, training centre and the auditorium cover a further floor space of 10,000 m². The auditorium seats 120 people with the ability for 3 language translations simultaneously. Currently HB Body employs 250 people in Greece, a number which is increasing every year. One in five employees holds a university degree. Amongst these are chemists, mechanical engineers, economists and computer experts. The company markets the following products: Underbody - Stone Chipping Protection, Seam Sealers, Fillers, 1K-2K Primers, Clear Coats, Paints, Hardeners, Polishing Compounds, Sprays, Thinners, Ancillaries and Powder Coatings. As much as 90% of the company’s products are exported to 72 countries all over the world, while the firm still holds the leading position within the Greek market. HB Body has three subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Spain and marketing/promotion centers in Serbia and Russia. Within Greece it owns a distribution centre in Athens covering southern Greece and the islands. The company has invested more than 21 million euros over a three-year period (2006-2008). An additional 10 million euros have been invested in the last two years for a brand new plant of 3,500m² on 12,000m² land for the production of clears, hardeners and thinners. The company is really very proud of its technologically advanced logistic warehouse of empty tins where 7,000 pallets can be stored through a computerized system, the only such warehouse in Greece and among Europe’s few. An investment of 1.5 million euros is on its way for a distribution warehouse in Bulgaria on a land plot covering 5,000m². According to its 2014 published balance sheet, the company saw its turnover drop to 37.7 million euros compared to 40.7 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings recorded a slight increase to 8.4 million euros against 8.1 million euros in 2013.



MINING Industrial


Commercial presence all over the world

Dimitrios Portolos

Contact details 45 Mihalakopoulou st, 115 28, Athens, Greece tel: + 30 210 7240446 -7 FΑΧ: + 30 210 7249711 website: http://www.grecianmagnesite. com/ Mail:

GRECIAN MAGNESITE is a privately-owned company established in 1959 as a mining and industrial concern. However, the magnesite mining expertise of the owners (Portolos family) dates back to 1914, when J.G. Lambrinides, the “éminence grise” of Greek magnesite and a pioneer mining engineer, fired up the development and exploitation of most of the magnesite activities in Greece. Grecian Magnesite is a magnesite specialist producing and commercializing Caustic Calcined Magnesia, Deadburned (Sintered) Magnesia, Magnesium Carbonate (Raw Magnesite) and Basic Monolithic Refractories. A wide range of grades is currently produced, addressing practically all applications where magnesite is used. Grecian Magnesite ranks among the top magnesia producers and exporters in the world, with a staff of around 340 people (plus 30 permanent subcontractors), and a turnover of 36 million euros. In caustic magnesia in particular, the company is a leading world-wide producer both in terms of volume and spectrum of applications served. The company’s major deposits and production facilities are located in Chalkidiki, northern Greece. The “Chalkidiki” deposits consist of three main active concessions: Yerakini 7km2, Ormilia 10 km2 and Kastri 23 km2. The company also owns reserve concessions totaling 16km2 for future exploitation. The company’s magnesite is renowned for its whiteness due to the low iron content (as low as 0,02% Fe in the calcined/final product), and the low levels of heavy metals and trace elements. Magnesite’s additional advantages are its low lime content and microcrystalline structure. Mining of magnesite ore is carried out open cast. The facilities employed, which constitute a unique and original production process, have been designed, built and further developed by the company itself to suit the type of deposits at its disposal and, thereafter, to fully meet marketing needs. Of course, this development did not come overnight but has been the result of years of continuous effort. The company’s annual output capacity is close to 200,000 tons of calcined products and 50,000 tons of Basic Monolithic Refractories. Assets also include a modern R&D facility near Thessaloniki, deposits on the island of Evia and headquarters in Athens. Grecian Magnesite holds the GMP+ and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Certificates. Grecian Magnesite has a commercial presence all over the world. The company’s sales to the European continent accounts for 75% of its turnover, while another 8% corresponds to the Americas and the remaining 17% comes from Asia, Oceania and Africa. GM’s ongoing strategy is to implement significant investment projects both externally (internationalizing the company, beyond its traditional export activities) and internally. Besides GM’s participation in the production and distribution of magnesia products outside Greece, in countries such as Spain, Turkey and the Netherlands, the company continuously implements large investment programs in the Chalkidiki mines, with the aim of reducing costs, improving quality, increasing production capacity, extending the lifespan of the mine, implementing green energy efficiency programs and allowing for further environmental protection.





Exporting to 30 countries around the globe

Contact details 55 Kifisias Ave 55 & Artemidos, Marousi, 15123 Τel: +30 210 5590001, +30 211 1817700 Fax: +30 210 6100147 Email: Website:


MEVGAL is the largest dairy industry in northern Greece and the country’s third largest, based on production levels. MEVGAL produces and distributes fresh pasteurized milk, ΕSL milk, European and traditional type Greek yogurt, cheese products, desserts and rice pudding, jelly and milk crèmes, and cholesterol-free products. The firm was founded by two cousins with deep roots in the milk production and processing business. The families of the two company founders, Constantinos Hatzakos and Christos Hatzitheodorou, had been making dairy products in Thessaloniki and east Thrace since 1930. MEVGAL’s establishment in 1950 came as a natural conclusion of the founders’ family traditions and with it begun a great history of success. Since its launch, MEVGAL has been active in Greece’s Macedonian region, the country’s heart of cow milk production in the north, where 67% of fresh Greek milk is produced. The company fully covers its needs with Greek high quality milk from over 1,200 farms located within close proximity of the company’s facilities, assuring swift transportation of the raw material to MEVGAL’s processing plant and the freshness of the final product. Respecting tradition and dedicated to quality, MEVGAL has, since the 1950s, launched more than 170 delicious, quality products. Thanks to the excellent quality of milk supplied by dairy farmers, the high technology implemented throughout the production process (HACCP system, ISO, BRC, IFS, non GMO animal feed certifications), the excellently organized distribution network, and the company’s experienced staff, MEVGAL’s products are nowadays available at more than 26,000 smaller and larger sales points in Greece. Eight branches, one subsidiary company, over 60 commercial agents across Greece, and more than 400 refrigerated trucks guarantee the daily distribution and availability of MEVGAL products around the country. Since 1985, the company has developed intense exporting activity. MEVGAL products are exported to 30 countries around the world. At present, exports account for some 12% of the company’s annual revenue. Annual export growth figures are on an upward trajectory. MEVGAL has long implemented a recycling policy for all packaging materials used during the production process at the company’s facilities. With the full support and participation of its employees, it gathers all recyclable waste materials, such as plastic, paper, metal and wood, as well as all electric/electronic appliances and empty ink cartridges, and forwards them to licensed recycling companies.


PACKAGING Industrial

Contact details 162 October 26th St., 54628, Thessaloniki, Greece Τel: +30-2310-551801 Fax: +30-2310 540673 Email: Website:


Contact details Chalkidiki 63100, Greece Tel.: + 30 23710 54300 Fax: + 30 23710 54230 Mail: Website:


Strong presence in European markets Founded back in 1931 by Athanassios Hatzopoulos, Hatzopoulos SA specializes in the design, development, and production of flexible packaging materials. The company employs a staff of 270, and operates on a pan-European level in over 25 countries through a well-organized network. Exports account for 70% of total sales. In addition, the firm is also active in the US and Kuwait. Production units include: Rotogravure (including Roto prepress), Flexoprinting (including Flexo prepress), Lamination, 6 Slitters, Lines for other applications and Ink-Mixing systems. Storing facilities are located within its two factories in Kalohori, Thessaloniki. They occupy a total floor space of 8.000m2 and are served through five loading ramps. Average reserves reach 300tn of final products, 1,000tn of primary raw materials (approximately 1,000 material codes) and 200tn of secondary materials (approximately 250 material codes). The firm strictly adheres to a First-In, First-Out system. The company’s product mix is: Food packaging, Non-Food packaging (Pharmaceuticals, Hygiene products etc.), Decorative packaging, Promotional packaging and Retortable packaging. The firm reported higher financial results for 2014, with turnover rising by 7% to 56.5 million euros compared to 52.1 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income grew slightly to 996,000 euros against 821,000 euros in 2013.


100% export company A family-owned business specializing in olives, DEAS SA is located in the heart of Halkidiki, a northeastern Greece region renowned for its quality green olives. Processing and selling of olives started off in the mid 1960s by moderate sales of the family’s own production of olives. Today, Deas is a 100% export company whose production is sold to more than 50 countries around the world. Deas processes all types of olives. The company factory is equipped with technologically advanced equipment that allows for packaging flexibility to suit all products to meet market needs. With constant and rapid expansion over the years, facilities now cover a floor space of more than 8,000 sq. m. Annual production output is currently at 18,000 tons. Production is vertically-integrated, covering the entire process, from olive picking to the final packaged product, either in retail or bulk packaging, for all markets, including the HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, Café) sector and supermarkets. The company implements the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard as well as the ISO:22000 (HACCP) food safety system standard to every aspect of production. Also implemented are the requirements of the BRC (British Retail Consortium), IFS (International Food Safety) systems, Tuv Hellas, Tuv Nord and Bio Hellas. Deas packages various olive types, including: green olives, Kalamata olives, black natural olives, black oxidized olives, bruschettas, spreads & pastes, mixed olives and Mediterranean products. The olive producer in 2014 continued its growth for yet another year. According its published balance sheet, Deas saw both turnover and pre-tax profit rise. Turnover in 2014 rose to 37.9 million euros compared to 35.9 million euros year-on-year, while pre-tax earnings soared to 4.6 million euros against 1.6 million euros in 2013.





Leading producer of stainless steel sinks

Nikos Bakatselos

Contact details 17th km Thessaloniki - Serres P.O. Box 10 278 541 10 Thessaloniki Greece Tel. +30 23940 56 852 Fax. +30 23940 71 319 website: Email:


Pyramis Metallourgia SA is a Greek multinational company that produces and trades integrated kitchen and bathroom solutions. It was founded in 1959 and is based in the northern Greece city of Thessaloniki, on a privately-owned land plot measuring 286,000 sqm, of which over 30,000 sqm are sheltered and used as manufacturing facilities, warehousing and administration. Pyramis is among the leading stainless steel sink producers, with an annual output capacity of more than 1,500,000 sinks, while export activities account for about 97% of production. Pyramis’ products are exported to 65 countries all over the world, while the firms has eight subsidiaries in Germany, Romania, Poland, UK, Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Italy and Russia. Backed by its legacy, vision, and long-term expertise, Pyramis added a new facility to its operations for contemporary production of granite sinks. The new factory, located in an industrial area in Northern Greece, is an investment valued at over 1.0 million euros and its initial annual production capacity can exceed 40,000 sinks. Combining high quality materials, advanced research capabilities and the most technologically advanced machinery, PYRAMIS is expanding its product range with a wider assortment of granite sinks. The company’s mission is to develop and provide integrated solutions for the kitchen and bathroom, which are characterized by high quality, functional design, added value and services offered by a caring company with respect for the environment. The company’s core principle is passion for perfection, based on persistence and optimism, even when market conditions appear to be unfavorable, commitment to values and goals, the need to overcome everyday limits, passion for its work, plus respect for customers, suppliers and employees. Pyramis’ starting point is the belief that everything can be further improved! In order to cover a growing demand in international markets, the company applies a modern management approach entailing targeted and effective distribution; product development in compliance with the preferences and requirements of different customer needs; and communication and marketing activities aimed at boosting brand awareness and corporate image. The company’s product range covers the categories of kitchen equipment, electrical appliances, cookware, bathroom systems, solar water-heating systems, boilers and project fittings. In 2014, the firm reported higher financial results, with turnover rising 9.93% to 45.52 million euros, compared to 41.41 million a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings jumped an impressive 25.29% to 2.48 million euros against 1.98 million euros in 2013.




One of the country’s biggest shipyards

Nikolaos Tavoularis

Neorion Elefsis Shipyards, located on the Gulf of Elefsina, west of Athens, occupies an area of 250,000sqm, with its industrial facilities covering a floor space of of 37,800sqm, storage 9,800sqm and administrative services buildings 9,800sqm. The company also owns additional networks in order to supply ships with 380V and 450V power, as well as water, oxygen, compressed air, propane, telecommunications, etc. Elefsis Shipyards are equipped with three floating docks, while tanks are supported by a crane capacity of 5 to 20 tons. The shipbuilding bunk has a length of 200m and a width of 55m and can build vessels of up to 100,000 tons. The shipbuilding department is equipped with a rolling mill of 6,600sqm and high-tech tools. Also, the new hangar for warships can build vessels up to the size of corvettes. Neorion Elefsis employs a staff totaling 940, of which 112 are administrative and executive staff. Over the years, employment levels at the shipyard have reached much as 2,000 employees. As for the staff’s training, the company cooperates with ECC Neorion for annual training programs to upgrade all skills required in production. Training programs focus on technical skills and new technologies, as well as administrative practices. In 1997, the company began implementing a major investment program, beginning with an investment to upgrade safety standards of its facilities (floating docks, cranes, machinery, machine shop, etc.). In 2001, when the shipyard took on projects for the navy, it made other investments as well, including the construction of a special hangar for TPC type ships, upgraded machine tools and high-precision cutting systems. Overall, Elefsis Shipyards has invested more than 49 million euros since 1997. Today the shipyards engage in the following activities: ➤ Commerce New Build ➤ Repairs and/or conversions of oil rig platform, mega yachts ➤ Ship repairs to all type of vessels ➤ Industrial works

Contact details Elefsina, 192 00, Attiki, Greece Tel: +30 210 5535241 Fax: +30 210 5546016 Email: Website:



FOOD Industrial


Strong presence in the biggest European markets Hellenic Fishfarming SA is a constantly growing group of companies, with a dynamic presence in the domestic, European and overseas markets. The group’s primary activities are the production of juveniles and market fish, as well as the processing and packaging of the final products. The group produces sea bream, bream, and sea bass. The group trades and distributes products in the domestic market and abroad, which is achieved through a well-organized network of dealers. Hellenic Fishfarming’s aim has always been to deliver its goods all around the world. As a result, the company has managed to penetrate and have a strong presence in the biggest European markets, such as Italy, Spain, France, Germany, UK and Portugal, as well as in the US, Russia, Australia and 16 more countries around the world. The Group’s state-of-the-art and well organized units are managed by a strong vertical business operations system. Facilities include hatchery stations, on-growing and fattening units, as well as packaging plants. The advantages of each farm vary depending on the region they are located in and their activity so that top product quality is always achieved.

Contact details 95C Pentelis Avenue, 152 34 Halandri, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 6131666 Fax: +30 210 6136009 Website: e-mail:





On a growth path

Dimitris Papalexopoulos

Contact details 22 A Halkidos, 111 43, Athens Tel: +30 210 2591 111 Fax: +30 210 2591 205 email: website:

TITAN Group is an independent, vertically integrated cement and building materials producer with over 110 years of industry experience. Based in Greece – where the parent company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1912 – TITAN Group’s activity spans 13 countries. This activity is carried out both by wholly-owned affiliates and by joint ventures with other partners, covering the production of cement, concrete, aggregates, mortars and other building materials; transportation - distribution of products; processing and industrial utilization of fly ash. The Group owns cement plants in nine countries, employs more than 5,500 people worldwide and is organized in four geographic regions: Greece & Western Europe, the USA, Southeastern Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. Throughout its history, TITAN has remained firm on combining operational excellence with respect for people, society and the environment. TITAN Group’s CSR and Sustainability commitment is demonstrated in its own policies and practices, as well as through its active participation in international initiatives. TITAN was the first company in Greece to sign the United Nations Global Compact, which aims at safeguarding human rights, labor rights, environmental protection, as well as combating bribery and corruption. It is a member of CSR Europe, the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, the Cement Sustainability Initiative and the European Alliance for CSR. It is also a member of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, the Greek Mining Enterprises Association, the Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the Portland Cement Association. Throughout Greece’s economic crisis, since 2010, TITAN, under CEO Dimitris Papalexopoulos, has remained steadfast in the implementation of its action plan to improve social and environmental performance by retaining its focus on the triple bottom line framework and accelerating efforts to improve its safety culture; investing to reduce carbon footprint; and taking a number of initiatives to engage its stakeholders at the local level. TITAN’s enduring commitment to economic, social and environmental sustainability is a core element of its overall business approach. Operating primarily in Greece and Western Europe, where it makes 25% of its sales, TITAN facilities comprise three (3) cement factories, 27 quarries, 26 ready-mix concrete plants, eight (8) distribution centers, one grinding unit and one dry mortar factory. The firm employs a staff of 1,165. In 2014, Titan Cement posted a jump in sales to 263 million euros against 234 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared to an impressive 83 million euros against a loss of 46.77 million euros recorded by the firm in 2013. TITAN Group sales in 2014 inched up to 1.15 million euros compared to 1.12 million euros a year earlier, while pre-tax income jumped to an impressive 46 million euros against a loss of 9 million euros in 2013.





Supplying power, telecom cables throughout Europe

Contact details 21 Bihaki, Rentis, 18233, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 211 120 7730 Fax: +30 211 120 7799 E-mail: Website:


NEXANS HELLAS SA was established in 1973. The company started its manufacturing activity as MANULI HELLAS CABLES SA a year later, producing power and telecom cables. In 1988, the firm joined ALCATEL Group and was listed on Athens Stock Exchange in 1990. In November 2000, the company name was changed to NEXANS HELLAS SA. The company plant is located about 200 km north of Athens, in Aghia Marina, close to the provincial city of Lamia, on a 346,000-square meter plot of land, with buildings measuring 33,000 square meters in floor space. The company produces power cables of low, medium and high voltage, copper and optical fiber telecommunications cables, overhead conductors made of copper, aluminum and aluminum alloys. In addition, the company produces industrial cables and wires, machinery cables, cables for oil and gas systems, cables for transportation, photovoltaic systems and wind mills and land and submarine optical fiber cables. The company’s business activity during 2014 slightly decreased compared to 2013. Despite the stagnation in the domestic construction activity and the reduced demand for cables by the export markets, the firm managed to minimize the negative financial result compared to 2013. At current metal prices, 2014 sales amounted to 75 million euros, down by 6.4% compared to a year earlier. At standard metal prices, sales increased by 8.3% compared to 2013 sales volume, primarily attributed to an increase in demand for aluminum cables The total workforce as at December 31st, 2014 was 211 compared to 198 employees at the end of 2013. As a whole, there were 34 departures and 47 new employees were hired during the financial year. During the year 2014, the company delivered a number of orders, the most important of which were the following: domestic general market –installation cables and optical fiber cables; to HEDNO (Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator) - energy cables of low and medium voltage; to OTE (Greek Telecoms) - telecom copper cables, fiber-optic cables; and, foreign markets: EU, Middle East and Africa. A drop in export activity was mainly due to the outbreak of political unrest in the company’s traditional African markets, especially in the second half of 2013. The domestic market of industrial and general infrastructure absorbs a significant part of the company’s production, while the export activity covers all major European countries, North Africa and the Middle East. Nexans Hellas is part of the multinational group Nexans, which has an industrial presence in 40 countries and commercial activities worldwide, employing a staff of close to 26,000 and generating sales of 6.4 billion euros (2014). Nexans is listed on NYSE Euronext Paris section.



Contact details


Features ultra-modern equipment for feta cheese production Dairy industry LA FARM SA (Greek Feta – Trikala) was founded in 1960 by Athanassios Plexidas in the village of Parapotamos, Trikala, central Greece. The firm initially operated as a family-run cheese-making venture with the founder making feta cheese using milk produced by his own sheep, as well as additional quantities purchased from fellow villagers. LA FARM’s industrial facility, located at a company-owned 100,000-sq.m. plot of land, is spread over a floor space of 27,000 sq. m. on the 6th kilometer of the Trikala-Pyli Highway. The facility features ultra-modern equipment for feta cheese production. The firm employs a staff of 100 in scientific and administrative positions. Products sold by the company include feta cheese, Pindos feta, Elassona feta and barreled feta. LA FARM’s excellent product quality is certified under the HACCP, AGROCERT and IFS/BRC standards. In 2014, the company reported lower financial results. Total sales dropped to 42.5 million euros compared to 45.7 million euros in 2013, while pre-tax profit fell to 668,000 euros against 1.2 million euros a year earlier.

6th km Trikala-Pyli highway, Trikala, 42100, Greece Tel: 2431084480 Fax: 2431084192 Email: Website:



Most of production exported to foreign markets Industrial

Contact details Gefyra, 570 11, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel.: +30 2310 728 000 Fax: +30 2310 715 351 Email: Website:

MACEDONIAN PAPER MILLS (MEL) was founded by Giorgos Ladopoulos in 1964. Three years later, the company’s plant and headquarters were relocated to northern Greece, from where the company went on to prosper, backed by appropriate use of technology and expertise. The company played a significant role in the economy of the wider area, contributing to cartonboard production in Greece. In 1984, MEL came under the Business Reconstruction Organization, and was privatized in 1998. In March 2012 MEL became member of Pak Group, founded in 1923, which now consists of 19 companies and specializes in four areas: foods, flexible packaging, cartonboard and real estate. The main offices and plant are located in the Thessaloniki Industrial park, the first private industrial park in Greece, at the 22nd km of the Thessaloniki-Edessa National Road. It is situated on a privately-owned land plot measuring 230,000m2, with a plant of 30,000m2 and a staff of 190 specialized employees. Annual production output is more than 100,000 tons of coated printing cartonboard intended for general and food packaging uses. Most of the production is exported to markets in Western Europe and African and Asian countries. In terms of financial results, in 2014 the firm saw its sales drop slightly by 1.52% to 52.24 million euros year-on-year. However, MEL reported it managed to significantly trim down its loss compared to 2013.



BEVERAGES Industrial

Athenian Brewery SA

No1 beer exporter in Greece.

Zooulis Mina

Contact details 102 Kifissou, PO Box 3383, Egaleo, 12241 Greece Tel: +30 210 5384911 Website:


Athenian Brewery is the leading brewer and beer importer in Greece, with a market presence of more than 50 years. Originally founded in 1963 by a team of five Greek entrepreneurs and now part of Group HEINEKEN N.V, the company is headquartered in Athens, Greece. Today, Athenian Brewery owns 3 plants in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras, 2 private malteries in Thessaloniki and Patras and a bottling plant for IOLI Mineral Water in Lamia where it produces some of the most popular beer brands in Greece such as Amstel, Amstel Pils, Amstel Bock, Amstel Radler, Amstel Free, Amstler Radler Guarana, Heineken, ALFA, ALFA Strong, ALFA Weiss, Fischer, ΒΙΟS 5, and Buckler. Athenian Brewery’s products follow a 100% Greek route using Greek barley provided by 3000 Greek farmers through its local sourcing programme and malted at its two own malteries in Thessaloniki and Patras. It also imports and distributes a number of imported such as Sol, Mc Farland, Erdinger, Affligem, Murphy’s, Duvel, Chimay and others. Athenian Brewery is adding value to Greece by investing consistently for many years in modernizing of its production processes, adopting a comprehensive environmental policy, creating a safe and equitable working environment, communicating with consumers and creating awareness for responsible consumption, as well as making a positive contribution to the local communities which host its operations. In addition, it continues to enhance its exporting activities and increasing its presence in international markets. In 2015 Athenian Brewery exported its products in 30 countries all over the world and was the No1 beer exporter in Greece. All the above are guided by the company vision: To be a proud brewer, passionate about creating a unique consumer experience, while adding value to our people, our partners, our shareholders and our society. To always let quality, enjoyment of life, respect for the individuals and the planet, define our priorities. To always aim for the leading position in the Greek beer market, without losing our passion for excellent quality and consumer delight.




Reliable supplier of Greek products to major international markets

Jenny Giftea

Contact details 95 Vas. Sofias Ave., 11521 Athens, Greece Tel: +30 2106423614 Fax: +30 2106423349 Email: Website:

AGRO.VI.M. S.A. was established in 1994, evolving from the original company founded in 1964 by Andreas Gyfteas. During its first years of operation, the company mainly processed olive oil from the Kalamata region. Following a succession of strategic investments, the firm boosted productivity and significantly improved its global competitiveness, whilst ensuring that its initial vision to offer products of exceptional attributes and traditional taste were not compromised. Today, AGRO.VI.M is one of the largest olive oil producing companies in Greece and among the country’s leading exporters, with annual sales of 30 million euros. The firm processes, packages and delivers Greek agricultural products worldwide, mainly from the Messenia area, such as Kalamata Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) extra virgin olive oil and Kalamata PDO olives. It also offers a great variety of other PDO extra virgin olive oils (SITIA, PEZA); PGI-Protected Geographical Indication extra virgin olive oils (LAKONIA); organic extra virgin olive oil, PDO Kalamata & PGI Lakonia; pure olive oil; Kalamata olives and other types; organic Kalamata olives; Kalamata and green olive paste; blends of olive oil; gift baskets; dried figs; Mediterranean gourmet foods; and, antipasti. AGRO.VI.M typically buys more than 50% of the PDO Kalamata olive production of Messenia one of the most well-known and awarded olive varieties of the country, as well as more than 50% of the PDO Kalamata extra virgin olive oil production and almost 30% of the total olive oil production of Messenia. The company continuously offers new products inspired by the design tendencies and highest quality standards. ILIADA was the first Greek brand to open all paths to the Greek quality in international markets, having won a number of awards. The new, aromatized olive oils are recommended by great chefs and food writers and have conquered the food lovers who seek for high-end products in very elegant packages. Other brands targeting international and domestic markets are Olvion, Olive Art, Erato, Delphi, Elina, Jenny’s and Elaionion. AGRO.VI.M. is a reliable supplier of Greek products to major international markets, exporting own brands and private labels to more than 50 countries worldwide: USA, Canada, EU, Australia, Japan, China, South Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Brazil, Hong Kong, etc. Through its optimized supply chain network, the company timely provides customers with the right premium quality goods and at the same time respects the environment, by reducing its overall carbon emissions. The company adheres to ISO 9001:2008; ISO 4001:2004; ISO 22000:2005 (HACCP); ISO 2005:2001; BRC; BIO Hellas; Kosher.




F.H.L. I. Kiriakidis Marbles & Granites S.A.

Exporting Greek marble around the world Founded in late 1991, FHL I. Kiriakidis Marbles & Granites SA is among the world’s few companies with the experience, expertise and capabilities needed to undertake large projects and successfully conclude then on time. The firm has repeatedly proved its efficiency by providing a large number of high-class and large-scale projects with white marble, either artistically processed or in special dimensions and tiles, including the Grand Mosque of Abu Dhabi, the Parliament building and a Congress Centre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan just to name a few. FHL I. Kiriakidis Marbles & Granites SA engages in quarrying, processing, marketing and installation of marble, as well as production and sale of mortars. It is the parent company of a group of companies, and its shares were listed on the parallel market of the Athens Stock Exchange in late 1998. The company’s administration offices and facilities are located on a privately-owned property in the Drama Industrial Park, northern Greece. The company has developed strong export activities, making significant sales in the markets of China, Middle East, former Soviet Union states, as well as in Singapore, South Korea and Indonesia. These markets continue to be major customers of the group, as they have largely escaped the impact of the economic crisis and instead continue to record dynamic growth. The company’s business in the Chinese market, where demand in Volakas marble is booming, is conducted through distributors, regular visits by its salesmen and participation in several trade shows. In 2014, the parent company FHL I. Kiriakidis Marbles & Granites and the group reported consolidated sales of 41.78 million euros, compared to 43.97 million euros a year earlier. The parent company’s pre-tax income dropped to 9.12 million euros against 13.13 million euros in 2013, while consolidated pre-tax earnings dropped to 11.09 million euros, compared to 14.38 million euros a year earlier. Net income after taxes for the parent company amounted to 6.44 million euros compared to 10.40 million euros a year earlier, while consolidated income after taxes dropped to 7.89 million euros against 11.31 million euros in 2013.

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Industrial Park of Prosotsani, 66200 Drama, Greece Tel: +30 25220 23514 -5 Fax: +30 25220 23490 E-mail: Website:




Pharmathen S.A. Vassilios Katsos, President

Nellie Katsou, Vice President of the Board

Contact details 44 Kifissias Ave, Marousi, 15125, Athens, Tel.: +30 2106604300 Fax: +30 2106666749 Email: Website:

Extroversion and strong domestic alliances Established some 46 years ago, Pharmathen SA, a domestic enterprising model of a multinational company, has in the past two years established strong strategic partnerships with major international pharmaceutical companies, reinforcing its presence in both Greece’s and international markets. The company left its mark on the world map of innovation in the pharmaceutical industry with a major achievement by its research and development of innovative healthcare products segment, with the development of the Long Acting Injectable (LAI) technology. The LAI technology is applied to a range of products and actively contributes to improving the patients’ quality of life, as through the progressive release of the drug in the body, injection treatments can be reduced. The development of this innovative technology has led to an agreement with a major US pharmaceutical company for worldwide marketing of two LAI products. But this is not the only strategic alliance for Pharmathen. The company has also announced its partnership with UCB, aimed at promoting the Belgian company’s allergy products in Greece. Another Pharmathen strategic agreement with Novartis is aimed at co-marketing in the Greek market two innovative medicines for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). To meet new growth needs, Pharmathen will add another 50 members to its staff. Pharmathen views research and development as being interrelated. The firm has already invested 10 million euros solely in its Sapes factory, north-eastern Greece, which will take care of manufacturing, commercial production and distribution of LAI drugs. Pharmathen ranks among the top 50 pharmaceutical companies in the EU, based on investments in research. According to company forecasts, in the period 2013-2018, investments in R&D for pharmaceutical products will exceed 100 million euros. Amidst a tough operating environment, Pharmathen succeeded in implementing an investment plan valued at more than 40 million euros, for the establishment of its production plant in Sapes. The company employs a staff of 1,000, having doubled its workforce in the past four years. Its export business accounts for about 1% of total Greek exports. It boasts a portfolio of more than 65 international patents, comprising original and generic drugs and pharmaceutical products, as well as many awards at national and international level. Pharmathen operates three ultramodern research laboratories and two industrial units, while engaging in the entire medicine range, from development to distribution of pharmaceuticals. Company offices were recently opened in Jordan and Australia, while the firm also gained permanent representation in South America, reinforcing its growth momentum in the specific regions. In addition, its products are approved in all EU markets, in cooperation with leading global pharmaceutical companies. In 2014, the firm posted flat revenue of 180.688.933 million euros compared to 178.033.860 million euros a year earlier.





Dimitris Giannakopoulos Executive Vice-President & Deputy C.E.O.

Contact details Tatoiou Street 18th km Athens-Lamia National Road Nea Erythrea, 146 71 Tel.: +30 210 8009111-120 Fax: +30 210 8071573 Email: Website:


Vianex SA

The living history of the Greek pharmaceutical industry VIANEX is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Greece, not only compared to other domestic companies, but also to multinationals. With a presence of more than 90 years in the pharmaceutical industry, the Giannakopoulos family is in many ways a living history of Greek pharmaceutical production. It all started in 1924, when the first pharmacy opened on Piraeus St., central Athens. The first stepping stone for the establishment of VIANEX was laid in 1960, when Pavlos Giannakopoulos founded PHARMAGIAN, an importer of medicinal products from the US, Europe and Japan, which began operations across Greece. PHARMAGIAN soon became an agent of major international pharmaceutical companies, including Janssen, Roussel and Alcon, and started expanding its business abroad. The first major milestone came in 1971, when Pavlos Giannakopoulos, chairman and founder of VIANEX SA, building on the company’s spectacular growth, signed agreements with pharmaceutical companies of international repute, including Merck & Co (USA), Takeda Chemical Industries (Japan), Astellas (Japan), Sigma Tau Industries (Italy), Eli Lilly (USA), which entrusted the Greek company with production and representation of their products in the domestic market. The company started its industrial activity in 1977 with the establishment of its first factory, which specialized in the manufacturing of sterile, liquid, semi-solid products and suspensions. In 1983 VIANEX acquired its second factory, an innovative, environmentally-friendly plant that specialized in the manufacturing of non-sterile solid forms (tablets, capsules, granules). Two years later, the company enhanced its manufacturing activities with the acquisition of its third factory, considered to be one of the largest and most modern manufacturing plants of lyophilised injectables in Europe. It comprises separate production lines for sterile injectables (lyophilised, solutions, suspensions), and a special manufacturing plant for cytotoxic gels. It also accommodates a special R&D laboratory with two pilot lyophilisers where research projects are carried out in relation to lyophilisation, as part of research partnerships with universities and research organizations. In 1995, its subsidiary VIAN SA was founded to distribute and market well-known non-prescription


pharmaceutical products, food supplements, diagnostic and parapharmaceutical products. In 1997, VIANEX established its headquarters and the distribution centre for its finished products in Varibobi, in the northern outskirts of Athens. In 1999, VIANEX acquired its fourth factory, considered as one of the most sophisticated of Europe’s few cephalosporin manufacturing plants. In 2006, the firm incorporated ELDRUG SA, a company active in research and development, while in 2011 VIANEX was approved as a supplier by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF. The year 2013 was yet another important year for the group, which, now led by Dimitris Giannakopoulos, signed an agreement with Eli Lilly for the annual production of 10,000,000 units of vancomycin and the export of 100% of that production to China. In 2015, VIAN SA started marketing and distributing DEPON, the best-selling analgesic-antipyretic, following an agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Significantly, in the early days of 2016, VIANEX signed a new agreement with pharmaceutical company MSD, renewing in the best way its existing successful partnership, in place since 1986. VIANEX has engaged in export activities for more than 20 years. Its global expansion has been steadily growing in the past decade, placing the firm among Greece’s largest exporters. The company has a presence in 35 markets in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, where it markets authorized products. It has obtained 48 international quality certificates (IQNET, EFQM, EU GMP, EU GDP), and VIANEX’s factories have received 32 GMP certificates from the health organizations of various countries (Japan, Turkey, Jordan, Libya, Gulf Countries, Korea, Ivory Coast, Taiwan, Tunisia, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt and Iran). Every year, 20 large multinational firms inspect VIANEX facilities, to confirm that the quality system complies with modern international standards, subsequently approving the placing of its medicinal products on the Greek and the global markets. Today, VIANEX leads the Greek pharmaceutical industry, with a high-level production capacity and a workforce exceeding 1,100 employees. Its activities involve all aspects of pharmaceutical production and marketing, and the firm constantly upgrades its range of services in the market. Notwithstanding the adverse economic conditions in recent years, VIANEX has been pursuing new, major partnerships with international pharmaceutical companies, aiming at importing innovative pharmaceutical products in the domestic market. Operating in a highly competitive environment, VIANEX is well-positioned to capitalize on opportunities, relying on its experience, know-how and its unique and specialized production capacity.




Konstantopoulos SA – “OLYMP”

Exporting 95% of production to 50 countries Konstantopoulos SA - “OLYMP”, a successful and established firm in processing, standardizing and packaging of various olive types, has been active since 1956. The firm markets olives and olive oil. Olives are divided into the following categories: Kalamon, Chalkidiki, Amfisis, Naupliou, Damaskinoelia and Thassou. Each olive category comes in different types of processing, with the main products made available in different packaging options. The founders of Konstantopoulos “OLYMP” - Mr. Leonidas Konstantopoulos and Mr. Prokopis Konstantopoulos - are the main shareholders of the company. The firm’s headquarters and production facilities are located on the 3rd km of the Katerini-Larissa highway, northern Greece, on a privately-owned 70,000-square meter plot of land, with buildings covering a floor space of over 12,000 sq. m. The company’s annual output and storage capacity is 13,000 MT of olives. Olives are stored and fermented in big tanks of 16,000 Lt. When ready, olives are processed according to customer needs. There are whole, pitted, stuffed, sliced and marinated olives. In order to preserve safety and ensure healthy products, Konstantopoulos SA has developed Risk Management Systems and has been certified by IFS (International Food Standards) and by HAACP. Obtained since January 2004, the IFS certification reveals the company’s effort in maintaining high quality. On July 2006, the firm was certified by HACCP system (CODEX ALIMENTARIUS), another system that certifies the high quality and safety of production lines. Additionally, the well-equipped and qualified Quality Control Department takes systematic action to ensure that regulations are observed carefully. The company always invests in advanced technologies and building constructions. Konstantopoulos Olymp is primarily an export company, with export sales accounting for more than 95% of its turnover. The company exports goods to more than 50 countries, in Central and Northern Europe, United States, Canada and Australia, while its olives are also sold in Arabic countries and the Caribbean. The firm in 2014 reported higher financial results, with turnover rising to 34.7 million euros compared to 32.6 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax earnings also rose to 4.6 million euros against 3.5 million euros a year earlier.

Contact details 3rd km Katerini-Larisa National Road, 601 00 Katerini, Greece Τel.: +30 23510 47000 Fax: +30 23510 37748 E-mail: Website:



PAPER Industrial

MEGA Disposables S.A.

A 100% Greek company with presence in 4 continents

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MEGA Disposables S.A. is today one of the largest manufacturers of disposable hygienic products in Europe. Founded in 1980, it has created a complete range of branded personal hygiene products, which combine excellent quality standards with exceptional skin-friendliness properties, based on: State-of-the-art technology, innovative product design with distinct unique selling proposition, pioneering production techniques, constant investments in consumer research and effective marketing support. Investment in research and development by MEGA has been an on-going activity. The company regularly follows the trends in consumer needs, and carefully plans the appropriate product design and technology adjustment actions. Constantly investing in state-of-the-art technology and quality control equipment, but also in experienced personnel, MEGA encompasses today a valuable combination of modern technology and excellent know-how in its field. MEGA owns a privately-owned plant of 63,000m2, equipped with state-of-the-art production machinery and quality control equipment. The company markets the following products: Sanitary Napkins, Pantyliners, Wet Wipes, Baby Diapers, Incontinence and cotton products. Top quality standards and innovative product design have formed a basis of trust for the company’s partnerships abroad, leading several multinational companies in Europe to entrust the production of their branded products to MEGA DISPOSABLES. The company holds approximately 80% of personal hygiene private label in Greece, having built uninterrupted partnerships with all major retailers in Greece ever since 1980. Retailers who have entrusted their own brands production to MEGA include: Marinopoulos, Alfa-Beta Vassilopoulos (Delhaize le Lion), Sklavenitis, Spar Veropoulos, PENTE (Galaxias), Massoutis, Makro (METRO Group) and ELOMAS Purchasing Group. MEGA DISPOSABLES began its export activities in the 1990s. Since then, the company has continuously expanded its export network to include partnerships in 4 continents. The export network is based on exclusive distribution agreements and partnerships with some of the most important companies operating in the respective markets. The firm in 2014 posted higher financial results for yet another year, with sales jumping 21% to 113 million euros compared to 92 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also rose to 4.7 million euros against 3.6 million euros in 2013.

148 Dekelias, Αcharnes 136 78, Αthens, Tel.: +30 210 2419800, Fax: +30 210 2419818 Email: Website:




Contact details Pyrgos Athinon (Athens Tower), 2-4 Mesogion Ave, Athens, 11527 Tel: +30 210 7799622 Fax: +30 210 7797670 Email: Website:


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5th km Alexandria - Kria Vrisi road 59300 Alexandria Imathia, Greece Tel: +30 23330 27 800 Fax: +30 23330 27 806 Email: Website:



Greece’s biggest aeronautical company Founded in 1975 with the main objective of providing services and products to support the Greek Armed Forces, the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) has managed to create an expanded customer base and is now an internationally reliable partner associated with the world’s leading aerospace companies. Combining cutting-edge technology with certified production processes and a highly trained and experienced staff, HAI offers products and services of high quality, and has also implemented an export-oriented approach. The company has signed cooperation protocols with leading aerospace industry giants (Lockheed Martin, EADS, Dassault Aviation, Finmeccanica, Snecma, Thales, Pratt & Whitney, and Boeing). The company established the Pratt & Whitney joint venture ‘Source Aero Services AE,’ its main activity being maintenance of aero-engine components for worldwide fleet in both the military aircraft field and civil aviation. HAI participates in and collaborates with national and international organizations in aerospace, defense and security, such as the Greek Union of Aerospace and Defense Companies, the European Maritime Safety Agency, ASD, European Defense Agency and European Space Agency. The company participates in major European Technology Research initiatives, such as CleanSky and ARTEMIS, as well as in joint ventures with national and international research centers and industry partners to implement collaborative research and technology programs.


Producing organic products since 2002 ALMI began its corporate quest backed by a passion for perfection and numerous years of work experience accumulated by Tassos Mertzanidis as a chemist and Minas Mertzanidis as a civil engineer. From a modest beginning in rented premises and with hired equipment, production during the early days was exclusively limited to pickled Macedonian peppers. Today, ALMI specializes in production and trade of a number of delicatessen products. It has been active in the organic field since 2002, producing spicy red and green peppers stuffed with cheese, herbs and spices. This initiative launched a seven-year period of investments in facilities and mechanical equipment. All company products are made using local ingredients. Other company products include olives, caper, mushrooms, pastes, organic, pizza toppings and various appetizers. ALMI continues to develop new products and gain strength through significant and longestablished partnerships, including an association with German’s Reichold Feinkost GmbH, a historic and leading company with a similar product range. ALMI employs a staff of about 180 and exports to a number of markets, including Germany, Sweden, Finland and Canada. The company’s policy places great emphasis on quality throughout all stages of production. Constantly striving for further improvement and growth, the firm frequently invests further amounts into its operations. In 2014, ALMI reported higher financial results, with sales rising to 31.44 million euros, an increase of 7.38% year-on-year. Pre-tax income also rose by 7.04% to 1.08 million euros compared to 1.01 million euros in 2013.

DIGEA / ΟΤΕ TV / web tv 24hours @



Genepharm S.A.

High profitability for the second year in a row Established in 1967, Genepharm S.A. is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development, manufacturing, promotion and distribution of a wide range of generic pharmaceuticals. While focusing mainly on the Greek market, Genepharm has now expanded and its products are sold in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Central and South America. Genepharm’s first production unit was inaugurated in 1974, while the company began expanding to international markets in the mid-1980s. In 1992, the firm was certified as a supplier of UNICEF. In addition, Genepharm in 2005 was accepted as a supplier by the Health Authorities of Australia, in 2010 by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and in 2011 by the Health Ministry of Turkey. In 2006, Genepharm founded two new oncological facilities. In Greece, the company produces and promotes its own patented generic drugs, covering 8,300 doctors in various therapeutic areas, including cardiology, dermatology, gastroenterology, gynecology, neurology, oncology, pathology, pulmonology, urology and orthopedics. Its ultra-modern production facilities, covering a floor space of 12,000 sq.m., are located in Pallini, Attica. In 2001, Genepharm completed a large-scale upgrade and expansion of facilities in accordance with the EU’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). In 2008, a new expansion of facilities was carried out with the creation of two new production units for oncology products (solids and indictables). Between 2000 and 2012, Genepharm’s investments in production facilities and development of new products totaled 53 million euros. The firm’s constantly increasing export activity spans over 58 countries, currently accounting for more than 75% of total turnover. Genepharm produces 347 different product codes and its total production capacity in each product category for conventional drugs is 780 million tablets, 260 million capsules, 7.5 million vials and 3.7 million nasal solutions. With regard to oncology drugs, production reaches 230 million tablets, 75 million capsules and 5 million vials (injections). In 2014, Genepharm recorded a drop by 7.5% in total sales, but pre-tax earnings jumped an impressive 167%. Turnover fell to 32.95 million euros compared to 35.61 million euros 2013, while profit before taxes rose to 7.98 million euros against 2.98 million euros a year earlier.

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18th km Marathonos Ave, 153 51, Pallini, Athens Tel.: +30 210 6039390 Fax: +30 210 6039414 Email: Website:



COSMETICS Industrial


Keeping on a growing path

Thomas Evangeliou

Contact details Inofita Viotia, 32011 PO BOX 95 Greece Tel: +30 2262 0 31544 Fax: +30 2262 0 31984 Email: Website:

SEPTONA was founded in 1975, but eight years later, in 1983, 50% of the company was bought by the Evangeliou family, which then proceeded with a full acquisition of the firm in 1990. Until that time, SEPTONA made limited sales as a small company housed in a 200-sqm building, where production was restricted to cotton buds. But the firm rapidly expanded to other personal care products, such as cotton buds, cotton pads, pharmaceutical cotton wool, cotton balls, baby wipes, cosmetic wipes, refreshing wipes, incontinence products, feminine hygiene products, strips, baby shampoo & bath and baby moisturizing & nappy rash cream. SEPTONA, with President and CEO Thomas Evangeliou at the helm, now has 3 state-of-the-art factories in the industrial area of Inofita, north of Athens, and another one in Bulgaria, with vertical integrated production for the entire range of cotton products. It employs a staff of more than 320 and has enjoyed steadily increasing sales since 1990. Today, the company is one of the leading manufacturers that operate in the global market of personal care products, with an export activity to more some 70 countries in all five continents, through four logistics centers in Europe. Exports account for 75% of total sales, 40% of which is generated in highly competitive European markets such as UK, France and Germany. In addition, the firm also exports to less-developed countries such as Mongolia, Curaçao, Chile, Zimbabwe, Suriname and Uruguay. A large proportion of the firm’s exports concern contract agreements with top international retailers. SEPTONA exports branded products in 43 countries, while the company holds a strong position in the Greek market. SEPTONA has been ranked as one of the top 10 European export companies, as well as one of the best 100 European businesses. It was awarded the “Ruban d’Honneur” title at the 2013/14 European Business Awards. This pan-European competition is particularly important as it rewards entrepreneurial excellence and exceptional financial performance. The company was included in the list with the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2014” by Stat Bank. SEPTONA was also awarded the “IASON 2014: Premier Greek Exports Award” as 2014 Exporter of the Year. In addition, it received the Second Famous Exports Brand award for the past two years. During the past 5 years, more than 23 million euros were invested in modern production processes, to ensure the highest quality standards and product differentiation. The firm holds quality certifications by international auditing organizations such as: TUV, SGS, BVQUI, BRC, ECOCERT, GOTS, HAACP and IFS-HPC. SEPTONA is one of the few manufacturers in Europe to be internationally certified for the production of organic cotton products. In addition, as a proof of commitment to society, SEPTONA is certified for the manufacturing of Fairtrade products. SEPTONA is a member of Sedex, in order to share information and improve ethical standards within the supply chain. Every year is successfully audited according to ETI SMETA code and BSCI code of conduct for employees and suppliers. The firm continued to grow in 2014, as shown by its higher financial results. Sales increased marginally to 38.43 million euros, compared to 37.53 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings more than doubled to 1.63 million euros against 675,000 euros year-on-year.




Soya Mills SA

From flour and vegetable oils to biofuel

Marina - Ofloudi Giavroglou

Contact details 1 Alamanas St., Euroco Building, 151 25 Μarousi Athens, Greece Τel.: +30 210 6384 400 Fax: +30 210 6384 500 Website: E-mail:


Established in 1970, Soya Mills SA remains one of the biggest firms in the field of production and marketing of soya and soybean oil, with privately-owned facilities in the Corinth region, west of Athens. The firm processes and trades soybean oil and olives. To reach the market, raw oils are first processed at a modern facility operated by the firm. Soya Mills was the first company in Greece to engage in the production of soybean oil, while the firm is also active in the trade of large quantities of corn, barley, oats and wheat. Though the acquisition of an olive oil production company, renamed to Hellenic Fine Oils (HFO), Soya Mills also expanded into the specific field and is now active in the production and packaging of olive oil, with exports to China, Japan and Brazil. A highly significant development for the firm has been its acquisition of a 51% stake in biofuel producer GF Energy, a move valued at 17 million euro, partly financed by EU subsidy programs. The business, whose production is based on a fully automated and environmentally friendly facility, offers a biofuel alternative for farmers. Many Soya Mills operations are fused in the production process. The soya mill operation provides raw materials for biofuel production. This biofuel facility, whose production capacity amounts to 130,000 tons annually, began operating in 2009 and produces close to 25,000 tons annually. Soya Mills intends to expand its contract-based farming business activity into its Hellenic Fine Oils (HFO) venture, especially with producers in southern Greece. The objective, according to the managing director Mrs Marina Ofloudi-Giarvroglou, is to “achieve steady prices and quality of olive oil, so that we can export.” In 2014, the firm saw its pre-tax earnings jump to 7.8 million euros compared to 4.81 million euros a year earlier. However, turnover dropped slightly to 210.28 million euros against 212.81 million euros in 2013.




An ambassador of Greek generics to 52 countries

Dimitrios Demos

Demo SA is an industrial and commercial organization founded in 1965, engaging in the production and promotion of pharmaceutical products. The company’s factory, located in Krioneri, Attica, is the largest in Southeastern Europe, with ultra-modern facilities covering a surface area of ​​45,000 sqm and a ​​1,400-sqm highly-advanced quality control laboratory. With sales in excess of 112 million euros, an annual growth rate of over 22% in the past eight years and a staff of more than 700, Demo is among SE Europe’s leading pharmaceuticals Specifically, the Company operates in the following areas: ➤ Development, approval and marketing of pharmaceuticals in the Greek and international markets. ➤ Production of injection products of all forms. ➤ Distribution of innovative drugs by foreign firms. ➤ Distribution of drugs for rare diseases.

Contact details 21stkm Athens-Lamia national highway, 145 68, Krioneri, Tel.: +30 210 8161802 Email: Website:

With a range of 140 different products, the Demo is a leader in pharmaceuticals as one of the largest drug manufacturers in Greece, with a very strong presence in the hospital market, ranking first in the number of unit sales for the past six years. Its three production plants, combined with high-tech storage facilities in Athens and Thessaloniki, allow the company to offer its own logistics to all Greek hospitals. Since 1985 when sales to Cyprus were initiated, Demo continuously invests in human resources and actions for international partnerships. As a result, the firm currently boasts an international sales network in 52 countries, with its own branded products and significant market shares. In late 2013, Demo also entered the German drug market through its Munich-based subsidiary Demo Pharmaceuticals GmbH, aspiring to projected annual sales of approx. 10 million euros. In addition, Demo branches are already operating in China, while immediate plans include the establishment of seven more branches in other foreign countries. Today the company has more than 1,500 authorized pharmaceutical compositions, while another 41 are in the approval process. Through its international activity, Demo has managed to export as much as 80% of pieces produced and to maintain for several years a market share of about 30% in many countries. Notably, the company is internationally recognized, being among the official suppliers of pharmaceutical products to the United Nations, UNICEF and the World Health Organization. In 2104, Demo saw its sales rise to 111.83 million euros, compared to 105.19 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared to 16.86 million euros against 5.37 million euros year-onyear.





90% of sales coming from exports Iktinos Hellas has offices in Athens and Drama, two cutting and processing factories in Athens, warehouses and showrooms and complete sales network. In 2014, the firm reported turnover at 27.3 million euros, with exports accounting for 24 million euros, or 90% of total sales. Iktinos Hellas SA was founded in 1974 by architect Evangelos Haidas, who remains the company’s majority shareholder, president and CEO to this date. The company has operated from its factory in Metamorfosi, Athens, since its launch. The facility includes the company offices, showroom, factory and warehouse. Ranking among the leading suppliers in the marble market, the firm is vertically integrated with four privately-owned marble quarries, cutting and processing factories, a local sales network and, most importantly, an ever growing sales network abroad. An importer of marbles, granites and rare decorative stones from all around the world, Iktinos Hellas is also the exclusive domestic dealer of QUARELLA SPA and TREND-VI SPA products, two large companies specializing in artificial rocks, as well as of the ASSOS Company, which specializes in fine mosaics made of natural rocks. In 1998, the company acquired a 90% stake in marble firm FEIDIAS HELLAS COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL SA, which operates a privately-owned production facility in Vrilissia, northern Athens. In 2000, the quarry company IKTINOS LATOMIKI SA was founded through a merger of companies operating in mass marble mining, such as Volakas quarries, Platanotopos quarries and Thassos quarries. In 2006, Ιktinos Latomiki was taken over by Iktinos Hellas. In 2007, to facilitate its entry into the wind power market, Ιktinos Hellas fully acquired PRIVATE ELECTRICITY CORPORATION SA (IDEH SA), which holds a production and installation license for a 19.80-MW wind farm in the Megalovouni area and a production license for an 8.0-MW wind farm at the Synora area, both in the Nikiforos area, Drama, northern Greece. In February 2010, Iktinos Hellas founded the fully-owned subsidiary EOLIKI MEGA ISOMA SA, whose main focus is in the wind energy market, as highlighted by the development of a 24MW wind farm in Fthiotida, central Greece.

Contact details 7 Lykovrisi Avenue, 14452, Metamorfosi, Athens Tel: +30 210 2826825 Fax: +30 210 2818574 Email: Website:





Master of specialized drip irrigation systems

Contact details 36 Kifisias Ave., 151 25 Marousi, Attica Tel.: 216 600 2800 Fax: 216 600 2801 Website:

Through its global network of fully-owned subsidiaries and independent dealers, Eurodrip SA offers cost-effective modular, integrated drip irrigation solutions customized to meet specific agricultural and landscaping needs. Eurodrip is the European leader in manufacturing and supply of integral dipper lines. Eurodrip was established in 1979 and is the first European company to become involved in drip irrigation. Its innovative method of incorporating drippers into pipes results in water conservation and greater crop yield. The company applied a revolutionary manufacturing method, through which drippers made out of polyethylene (PE) were internally embodied directly in the pipeline during the extrusion process (with no internal attachments), forming a single piece of irrigation line. This ensures controlled water supply by pushing small amounts of water through the exit holes. This procedure is considered the industry’s most advanced and cost-effective. A professional team of agronomists, irrigation technicians and engineers deliver accurate solutions to diverse crop needs under the most challenging topographical, climatic, soil and water conditions, based on two decades of experience and thorough on-site investigation. By using its global reach and resources, as well as its local experience and expertise, the company can provide a broad range of applications in: - Open field crops, by applying both Surface and Subsurface applications (SDI) with drip irrigation systems offering several advantages: Increased crop yield, better and uniform quality, substantial saving of water, energy and fertilizers, saving on crop protection, material and energy usage, reduced weed pressure and improved control, resulting to higher income for growers. In addition, SDI multi-year use eliminates weed growth, improves disease control, reduces mechanical damage and provides healthier and better quality crops. - Greenhouse Projects, by providing constant support to greenhouse growers, through a comprehensive selection of quality irrigation, climate control and other systems for greenhouses, nurseries and net houses. - Landscape, by offering a complete range of surface and subsurface drippers, micro-sprinklers, pop-up sprinklers, valves, filters, controllers and accessories for a broad range of residential and municipal landscape applications. Eurodrip SA is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange and has a market presence in over 70 countries, with operating subsidiaries in Greece, USA, Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Peru and Mexico. Eurodrip has a 60% market share in the Greek market and is a leading player in Turkey, Egypt and Jordan, while its activities are increasingly growing in the USA, Peru and Mexico. Sales outside the Greek market account for about 90% of the company’s total sales. In October 2012, Pain & Partners acquired the majority ownership of Eurodrip. In January 2013, Paine & Partners completed the acquisition of the majority ownership of Eurodrip. The company has achieved strong brand recognition with its high quality products, advanced tested technology and solid in-house production know-how.




Tosoh Hellas A.I.C.

The Greek plant produces 40% of the Group’s total EMD output Tosoh Hellas S.A. was established in 1973 under the corporate name “Tekkosha Hellas SA” by the Japanese firms Tekkosha and Mitsubishi Corporation, sharing a 65% - 35% stake respectively. In 1987, when the parent company changed its profile, the firm was also renamed and today bears the name of the Japanese group Tosoh Corporation, one of the world’s most highly acclaimed producers and suppliers of inorganic chemicals, petrochemicals and specialist materials. With headquarters based in the Sindos Industrial Area of Thessaloniki, Tosoh Hellas has been active since 1976 in the production of electrolytic manganese dioxide (commercial known as EMD), an essential key component for the production of dry cells (batteries). The firm is the largest producer of electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD) in Europe, supplying the global batteries market and acting as the primary supplier for leading European manufacturers of alkaline batteries. Tosoh Corporation’s EMD production plant in Greece (the other one is located in Hyuga, Japan) accounts for 40% of the Group’s total EMD production capacity. As the largest Japanese-owned industry in Greece with a 100% export activity, Tosoh Hellas is firmly focused on growth and development and is currently one of the most competitive industries across European Union. To date, Tosoh Hellas has invested over 40 million euros in equipment for its industrial plant, while it pours over 1 million euros per year in upgrading its production plant and environmental-control equipment. As part of its operations, the company uses a large network of suppliers and invests more than 20 million euros each year to bolster the market, making a significant contribution to the economy of Northern Greece. The company’s commercial exports account for 1.5 million euros in terms of terrestrial and marine transport costs.

Contact details Sindos, 57022, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30-2310-717800 Fax: +30-2310-717840 E-mail: Website:


Tosoh Corporation The Company evolved from humble beginnings in 1935 as a domestic producer of caustic soda and soda ash in Japan. The Japanese characters for “Tosoh,” are in fact an abbreviation for oriental soda. It is the parent company of Tosoh Group, which comprises 130 companies worldwide and a multiethnic workforce of over 11,000 people and generated net sales of ¥772.3 billion (US$7.7 billion at the year-end rate of ¥100.17 to the US dollar) in the fiscal year 2014, ended March 31, 2014. Tosoh is one of the largest chlor-alkali manufacturers in Asia. The company supplies the plastic resins and an array of the basic chemicals that support modern life.



Contact details

Anemokambi Place, Gr 33052 - Galaxidi, Greece Tel: +30 2265041840 Fax: +30 2265041197 Email: Website:


Contact details Atrina Center 32 Kifissias Ave 15125, Marousi, Athens Tel: +30 2106858820 Fax: +30 2106891106 Email: Website:


Posting exceptional financial results in 2014 GALAXIDI MARINE FARM SA (GMF) fish farming company was established in 1987, and is located close to the picturesque town of Galaxidi on the northern coast of the Corinthian Gulf, central Greece. It is one of the sector’s oldest operations and is renowned for high quality fresh products, such as Sea Bream (Sparus aurata), Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax), and, in smaller numbers, Red Porgy (Pagrus pagrus), Pandora (Pagellus erythrinus) and Sharp - Snout Sea Bream (Puntazzo puntazzo). Over the past 25 years, the firm has exported 95% of its production to fellow European Union member states, primarily Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Austria. GMF’s advanced facilities make the enterprise a technological leader in the fish industry. The company operates five growing cage units, two hatchery sites and a modern packing and processing station designed according to latest EU specifications. It features automated grading and weighting machines. The operation’s production capacity is 5,000 tons annually. The facility features large plastic round cages, a computer-controlled feeding system, and the latest in hygienic practices. GMF was the first Greek fish farm to be certified – in July 2000 – for its entire vertical production, from fertility to production, according to the EN ISO 9002:1994 standard. GMF also applies a food safety management system (HACCP) and a quality management system for the production of fry, fish farming, packaging and distribution of fresh fish according to EN ISO 22000:2005 and EN ISO 9001:2008 standards respectively, certified by TUV Austria Hellas. Since 2008, the firm has produced organic Sea bream and Sea bass, based on EU legislation. It has promoted the use of innovative practices, avoiding any unfavorable environmental impact, and based its product development on fine nutrition and low fish farm population densities to market organic fish. The company’s end-to-end organic production is certified by BIO HELLAS. The fish farming company in 2014 reported exceptionally positive financial results, with sales jumping 44.8% to 42.5 million euros compared to 29.4 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also jumped to 551,000 euros against 187,000 in 2013. In addition, in 2015, GMF decided to fully absorb its subsidiary Kirfis.


A pioneer in its sector D. NOMIKOS SA provides a full range of standard and custom-made tomato products for the food processing industry. With an enviable reputation for meeting international quality standards, D. Nomikos exports more than 95% of its tomato products to the most demanding multinational food companies. Since its establishment in 1915 as the first tomato processing facility in southeastern Europe, D. Nomikos has been at the cutting edge of technological innovation and product development throughout its history. In its field, D. Nomikos was the first Greek tomato processor to produce hot break tomato paste in 1978; introduce aseptic packaging for tomato paste in 1981; manufacture aseptic diced tomatoes in 1990; be certified with ISO 9002 in 1994; and, be certified with ISO 9001 among the nation’s food & beverage companies in 1995. Its production comprises Hot Break and Cold Break Tomato Paste, Pizza Sauces, Passatas, Peeled Diced Tomatoes, Crushed Tomatoes, Polpas and Custom-made Tomato Products. Today, D. Nomikos is the largest tomato processor in Greece with a daily production capacity of over 4,000 tons. Privately-owned and steadily posting positive financial results over the past decade, D. Nomikos has been building on its solid base by reinvesting at least 50% of net revenue annually in new equipment and plant upgrades. Its two state-of-the-art production facilities, situated in the heart of Greece’s most important tomato-growing areas, process over 120,000 tons of fresh fruit every season. In 2014, the firm saw its turnover rise to 34.8 million euros, compared to 31.7 million euros a year earlier. However, pre-tax income slightly dropped to 569,000 euros against 603,000 in 2013.



TEXTILES Industrial


Innovation, exports the key to success

Contact details 15th Km Leoforou Parnithos (Parnitha Rd), 136 71, Acharnai, PO BOX 46577-13610 Τel: +30 2102404240, Fax: +30 2102467177 Website: Email:


Founded in 1970 by five brothers - Hristos, Haralabos, Ilias, Mihalis and Yiannis Dontas - the company established its first cotton yarn production unit in Farsala, central Greece. Within 30 years, production exceeded all expectations to lead the company to levels that rank it among the largest and most profitable Greek yarn textile industries, being also one of the largest domestic investors in the specific sector. Selected Textiles is distinguished for its fully integrated production line and state-of-the-art equipment. Company sales are primarily export-oriented, with 85% of production sold in markets abroad, with Germany taking up 30%. At the same time, the firm’s strategic zoning, which places its production units amid central Greece’s largest cotton production area, serves as a definite comparative advantage. The company’s working field includes a wide range of activities, from seeding to final elaboration and selling of all yarn types and counts. Company products are seeded cotton, cotton yarns ecru, combed, carded, dyed, gazed-mercerized, seeding and filature cotton by- products, etc. The company deals with the ginning of seed cotton, production of yarns, as well as dyeing and treatment of yarns. The ginning process is carried out with selected quality of seed cotton, controlled by the company’s quality-system procedures in order to meet qualitative objectives. The production of yarns constitutes the basic activity of the company, with 70% to 75% prepared as pennie yarns and the rest carded. The company’s yarn production, which comes in various forms and colors, including ecru, dyed, single, and twisted, covers a wide range of products, offering the company flexibility in matters concerning marketing strategies and pricing policies. Annual production capacity amounts to 12,650 tons. The firm offers numerous innovative products. For example, its thread is used on the wings of wind turbines for power generation, while its high tenacity yarn is used in Air Force uniforms because of its high quality. In 2015, the company began implementing a new investment in biogas through the construction of a new power generation plant, with the use of plant and animal waste. In 2014, the textile business saw its financial results move upwards, with turnover rising to 37.4 million euros compared to 33.8 million euros in 2013. The firm also managed to almost halve its loss to 2.3 million euros compared to 4.2 million a year earlier.


FOOD - FRUITS Industrial

Contact details 12th km Larissa-Halkis national highway, PO Box 1152, Larissa, 411 10, Tel: 2410-971013 Fax: 2410-971586 Website:

PAPER Industrial


Supplying primarily foreign markets Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc. is one of the world’s leading vertically integrated producers, marketers and distributors of high-quality fresh and fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, as well as a leading producer and distributor of prepared fruit and vegetable juices, beverages and snacks in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Del Monte has been producing canned fruit, vegetables and juices since 1892. It operates company-owned production facilities in Greece, Italy, UK, Central and South Africa, Philippines and Thailand. Del Monte is the world’s leading producer of canned pineapple, perhaps its flagship product, available in a variety of forms – sliced, cut, in syrup and as a fruit juice. The company also produces apricots, peaches, pears, corn, and plums. In Greece, Del Monte is based in Larissa and employs up to 950 workers during the summer peak period. Permanent staff numbers 52 employees. Its Larissa facility standardizes and produces fruit compotes, fruit salads, fruit juices, tomato products, canned vegetables and olives. In Greece, the company’s products have been exclusively distributed by the Melissa Kikiza company since 2000. Only a small part of Del Monte’s production is sold to the domestic market, as the vast majority of output is destined for overseas markets through its network of Monaco-based Del Monte International. An investment program to upgrade production output is currently under way, while the firm in recent months began producing canned olives, destined for the Russian market. Del Monte Greece’s primary production is peach compotes and fruit salads. In 2014, the Greek subsidiary reported lower financial results, with sales dropping to 23.5 million euros compared to 26.4 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also dropped to 362,000 euros against 473,000 euros against 2013.


Party supplies leader in Europe Established in 1954, PROCOS SA specializes in the production of party supplies, such as napkins, paper plates, table covers, cups, balloons, candles, wrapping paper, toothpicks, and generally everything related to parties. It is the European leader in the sector, with activities spanning in 73 countries around the world as a key supplier of all necessary party-related products to international and local retail chains, which make it a truly global enterprise. The company has received numerous sector awards, including the 2013 Disney Toys & Stationery Product Awards. In 2014, Procos reported higher financial results in terms of both sales and profits. Turnover rose 15.75% to 37.16 million euros, compared to 32.10 million euros year-on-year. Pre-tax income soared 38.3% to 2.0 million euros against 1.4 million euros a year earlier.

Contact details Athinon - Halkidos National Road (56th Km – Palaia Odos), 320 11 Inofita, Viotia, Greece Τel: +30 2262031434 Fax: +30 2262030869 Email: Website:



Chemical Products Industrial

Megara Resins S.A.

Exports accounting for 75% of total sales

Contact details 38th km Athens-Corinth National Road, 19100 Megara, PO Box 29, Greece Tel.: +30 22960 83311 Fax.: +30 22960 83335 E-mail: Website:


Megara Resins S.A. is a diversified manufacturer and supplier of raw materials for industrial and architectural coatings, as well as rosin-based and other synthetic resins for the paint, adhesive, paper and construction industries. For over 40 years, Fanis Megara Resins S.A. has been a pioneer in developing innovative technologies to help coating formulators meet their customers’ most demanding applications. Megara Resins offers its customers advanced and diverse products and technologies for surfaces with an emphasis on environmentally friendly products, such as powder coating resins, rosin dispersions, alkyd resins, water-based acrylic dispersions and unsaturated polyester resins. At Megara Resins, our mission is to grow a portfolio of leading specialty chemical businesses, and generate added value for our customers and the company itself. We create sustainable value for our partners by delivering innovative products and solutions. We realize this mission by setting the highest standards in service, reliability, safety and cost effectiveness in our industry. We deliver superior returns to our shareholders by tirelessly pursuing new growth opportunities, while constantly improving profitability as a socially responsible, ethical company that is seen and emulated as a model of success. We are committed to maintaining excellence, respect, and integrity in all aspects of our operations and our professional and business conduct. Our vision is to be a recognized performance leader in the chemical industry. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, industry-leading customer satisfaction and superior financial performance. Financial & Business Performance In 2015, Megara Resins saw its sales rise to 42.3 million euros, as a result of organic growth and intense export activity. Pre-tax income also grew, exceeding 3.5 million euros, as the firm retained the previous year’s growth momentum at a high level. The company continued to focus on its export activity, diversifying its portfolio with new customers. Notably, exports account for 75% of total sales, or approximately 31.7 million euros. Among the firm’s most exciting new developments in 2014 was the acquisition of a large chemical plant, located in Vathi Avlidos, about 75 km northeast of Athens. In addition to the production units, the site also includes a modern docking facility and a tank farm for storage of liquid chemicals, of a capacity of 15,000 m3. R&D activity A highly proficient team of senior scientists is dedicated to research in the field of binders for architectural coatings, construction and paper sizing, and to providing our customers with the most innovative, highest quality value-added products and services possible. The firm currently participates successfully in several EU-funded research projects, while it also coordinates a Marie Curie IAPP (Industry Academia Partnerships and Pathways) project. Through these projects the company targets the development of new products via strategically beneficial collaborations that require skills and competences matching the company’s industrial interests and development needs.



Nestlé Hellas SA

Present in Greece for more than a 100 years, continues offering and contributing to the Greek society

Contact details 4 Patroklou, Marousi, 151 25, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 688 41 11 Fax: +30 210 684 06 49 Website:

Nestlé Hellas is a member of the Greek family for more than a hundred years marketing some of the most favorite products. In 2015, Nestlé Hellas was voted amongst the 20 Most Admired Companies and was listed 10th in the respective list of FORTUNE magazine. The company operates 3 factories in Greece that respond to more than 60% of the annual turnover whilst it employs approximately 1.000 people. Nestlé Hellas is amongst the most dynamic companies in the sector, exporting some of the most favorite brands to the largest markets of the world. More precisely, its factories export more than 315 tones of coffee (Loumidis Papagalos & Nescafé) and 1,8 million lts of Korpi Water in 24 countries amongst which, the USA, Australia, United Kingdom and Germany, whilst the ice cream factory in Tavros exports in Canada, Germany as well as Italy, Spain and Balkans. The company is particularly active in the corporate social responsibility sector, implemented following the model of “Creating Shared Value”. Within this framework, Nestlé Hellas donated in 2015 400,000 baby food meals in Regions and municipalities across Greece covering the needs of approximately 15,000 infants. At the same time on November 2013, the company launched the pan-European programme “Nestlé needs YOUth” in Athens. The initiative aims to provide a wide range of employment opportunities for more than 20,000 young people under 30 and strengthen their capabilities and professional skills. The initiative has now expanded to all zones of business of the Group, whilst for Greece this means a total of 500 job opportunities and apprenticeships. Within the framework of “Healthy Kids”, a global programme on nutritional education, Nestlé Hellas recently completed a three-year partnership with Harokopeio University, by including the Region of Thessaloniki in the study for the effects of the socioeconomic level to the development of the kids of the area. It is worth mentioning that through the “Healthy Kids” programme Nestlé Hellas has reached more than 110,000 kids in Greece since 2009. Moreover, in 2015 the company has invested a total of 3 million euro for the ice cream and coffee factories, whilst it has announced a significant investment of 8,5 millio euro by 2017 at the coffee site in Oinofyta. For 2016, investments are expected to reach 10 million euro. Finally, the company has been awarded for a series of initiatives and practices that it has undertaken in the past year with “Corporate Affairs Excellence Awards”, “Facility Management Awards” and “HR Awards 2015”.





‘Galloping’ on the Viotia plain SKL is a limited company registered in Greece and based in Levadia, a city 120km (75mi) north of Athens and the port city of Piraeus. Its premises are located very close to the town’s rail station, on the main thoroughfare leading to the highway. Levadia lies on the edge of the Kopais basin, once the largest lake of Greece, and now a fertile plain with a long tradition in growing cereals and cotton. SKL is active in processing, storage and marketing of agricultural products, primarily cotton, maize and wheat. In addition to absorbing the produce of local farmers, the company’s retail shop also supplies farmers with essential agricultural inputs: seeds, fertilizers and pesticides. SKL’s wholly-owned assets include a cotton gin of an annual capacity of 35,000 tons of cotton seed, 30,000m² of storage space (a quarter of which is ventilated), grain dryers capable of processing up to 600 tons per day, as well as a range of auxiliary equipment. During peak periods, the company employs more than 70 people.

Contact details Agios Ioannis, Livadia, 32100, Viotia, Greece Tel.: +30 22610 27172 Fax: +30 22610 27165 Email: Website:



Among the sector’s leading companies


Contact details 6-8 Fragon st, 54626, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310 536204 Email: Website:


GLEOUDIS N. “KAVEX” SA is one of the largest and most dynamic firms in Greece’s tobacco industry, engaging in collection, processing, production and exporting of tobacco leaves. The company was founded in 1927 by Nicos Gleoudis in Thessaloniki. Tobaccos are being processed in 2 factories (one for oriental varieties and another for F/C Virginia and Burley tobaccos ) in Axioupolis, Kilkis, 70km from Thessaloniki. The sites include warehousing facility of 42,000m2. The firm’s strategic location is offered also for full storage and handling services, specialized in packed tobaccos. The company also fully owns and operates two subsidiaries, Kavex Elbasan SA, in Albania, and Kavex Balkan SA, in FYROM. Although tobacco represents the company’s core business, the firm also has interests in bulk-carrier shipping, real estate and production of food stuffs. In addition, the company maintains a global network of partners and provides various tobacco varieties from countries such Brazil, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Malawi, China, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The tobacco company in 2014 reported higher financial results, with sales rising to 25.8 million euros, compared to 23.9 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings jumped 33% to 3.22 million euros, against 2.42 million euros year-on-year.




Fully Greek-owned, totally debt-free D. Koronakis SA is a leading company in rope and wire rope manufacturing in Europe and one of the largest companies worldwide. D. Koronakis was established in 1967 by company founders Eleni and Dimitris Koronakis, who are still actively involved in the firm’s management. Since its very beginning, the company was driven by a spirit of innovation in both management and product development. Its product range includes ropes, wire ropes, mooring ropes, combination ropes and yachting ropes, all produced in Greece and recognized worldwide for their top quality and technical performance. In addition to the products developed locally, the company maintains a large stock of anchors, anchor chains, rigging gear, fiber slings and various other accessories that meet client needs. Above all, D. Koronakis has focused on customer satisfaction, providing quality products and client service. In order to be able to respond immediately to client needs, the company works with them to develop technologically advanced products after having spent large amounts of time and resources in Research and Development. The company’s manufacturing quality was quickly recognized, including by Lloyd’s. In order to enhance its quality control processes, the company has installed an electronic 40m-long testing bench of a capacity of 500T. In 1996, the company was awarded an ISO 9002 Certificate, followed by an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate that focuses on R&D, improved manufacturing skills, innovation production lines and quality assurance. The company has grown along with the needs of its clients. For this purpose, D. Koronakis has focused on building a strong network of international stock centers (depots) in key locations around the globe. In order to provide swift delivery of goods, the company has expanded its depot network to cover all continents. Locations include Livorno, Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Tarragona, Algeciras, Barcelona, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai, Fujairah, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans, Dominican Republic, Panama, Cape Town and Durban. D. Koronakis is 100% Greek-owned, and privately held by its Greek managers and directors, who are fully involved in its day-to-day management. It is a 100% debt-free company with a strong financial standing and large capital liquidity. The company offers 24-hour service, 365 days a year, on all continents.

Contact details 56 Gravias St, Piraeus, 18545, Greece. Tel: +30- 210-4060600. Fax: +30-210-4615211, 4612548. Email: Website:




Astir Vitogiannis Bros Sa

Paving the road to success, leaving no elements to chance

Stelios Vitogiannis

Contact details Draseza Location, Industrial Park of Avlona, 19011 Attiki, Greece Tel: +30 22950 29371 Fax: +30 22950 29373


Continuing the legacy of its founders 60 years ago, the third generation of the Vitogiannis family, now in charge of the business, is very proud to have steered the firm to its current status, exporting billions of crown corks to practically every famous bottler of soft drinks and beer in the world. Astir Vitogiannis Bros SA is currently headed by CEO Stelios Vitogiannis. Astir’s positive perspective for the future and relentless effort for continuous organic growth, together with effective and efficient management practices, has helped the firm maintain a reputable presence worldwide, and a measurable contribution to Greece’s economy. As the firm’s exports account for as much as 90% of its total production, Astir capitalizes on its extensive distribution network to supply thousands of customers to more than 40 countries around the globe. In the domestic market, the firm fully meets the needs of the Greek bottling sector, providing the highest quality crown caps, at competitive market prices, helping local bottling companies to further grow and expand. Astir sales in the past seven years have recorded double-digit growth, resulting in the firm posting high profitability and securing a leading place in the market. To sustain its global presence and financial vitality, the firm continues to invest in advanced technology equipment, with the aim of boosting product quality and customer satisfaction. In the past two years, Astir invested more than 3 million euros in two new, state-of-the-art, fully automated production lines, increasing production capacity by 30%. At the same time, a similar effort is being made for Astir’s plants in Canada and North Africa. Astir observes strict quality standards and is totally committed to meeting the needs of its customers, having earned recognition and respect as a leading crown cap manufacturer in the world. For many years, the firm has won awards for its supreme quality and compliance with international standards. In addition to fully complying with environmental protection rules, the firm also strictly observes all proper business conduct rules. Astir’s headquarters are based in the Avlona Industrial Park, north of Athens, as is its modern manufacturing plant. The firm operates two more facilities in Canada and Egypt, and is proud to be a supplier of most of the world’s largest companies in the bottling industry, including Heineken NV, Coca Cola Company, Carlsberg Group, SAB Miller, PepsiCo Intl and Ab-Inbev.




An internationally recognized manufacturer of night vision products

Contact details 57 Ioannou Metaxa St., 194 00 Koropi Attica Greece Tel.: +30 210 6641420 Fax: +30 210 6644093 E-mail: Website:

THEON Sensors was established in 1997 by a group of experienced professionals in the field of electro-optics. The company is located on privately-owned land plot measuring 4,000 sqm, with facilities covering a floor space of 1,200 sqm in Koropi, at a close distance to the Athens International Airport, with enough surrounding space for further growth. Headquartered in Athens and with offices in Abu Dhabi and Singapore, as well as a co-production line in Australia, India and soon in Indonesia and contracts in 36 countries worldwide, the company has established itself as one of the world’s best electro-optics systems producer for applications in Defense and Security. Product development and manufacturing takes place in-house and the company’s main activities fall under two divisions: Electro-Optics and Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS). While THEON Sensors is the main supplier of Night Vision Equipment to the Greek Army, an international network of customers and partners has also been established. In fact, THEON Sensors supplies its systems to Armed Forces and Police in 12 countries around the world, including six NATO members. In addition, THEON Sensors cooperates with renowned vehicle manufactures from around the world, supplying Night Vision Driver Viewers for armored vehicles and main battle tanks. The company’s range of products and services includes: nightdriver viewers for armored vehicles, modification kits for upgrading night driving periscopes, night-vision weapon sights, night-vision monocular sights, optical and mechanical design and maintenance services. THEON Sensors’ highly skillful personnel accumulate decades of experience in the design, development, manufacture and integration of electro-optic products for defense applications. THEON Sensors has modern development, production and quality control tools to support its production, design and development operations. To accomplish its production goals, the firm utilizes extensive know-how and highly sophisticated advanced optical, mechanical & electronic CAD and simulation software tools. Manufacturing and development operations are supported by a fully equipped machine shop using multi axis CNC centers, a wide range of test stations for detailed measurements of day, night and thermal subassemblies, (e.g. MTF), environmental chambers, wire and die bonders and clean rooms (class 100, 1.000, 100.000 ) for assembly and integration of silicon-based micro systems. Carrying on its successful course, the electro-optical systems manufacturing company in 2016 signed a number of new contracts with firms based in the Netherlands, France, India, Cyprus and Brazil, bringing the number of its export countries to 36. In 2014, the company recorded sales of 26.8 million euros compared to 35.8 million euros a year earlier. Net profit rose marginally to 4.6 million euros compared to 4.4 million euros yearon-year, recording higher profitability for the third consecutive year.




Alchimica SA

Worldwide presence

Chris Krimizis Tsatsoulis

Contact details 13 Oryzomylon St, 122 44, Egaleo, Athens Tel.: 210 5443971 Fax: 210 5619287 E-mail: Website:

ALCHIMICA SA is a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of chemicals for the building industry, as well as a number of other related industries. For over 30 years, Alchimica has successfully provided products and services to architects, engineers, home builders, contractors and building owners worldwide. Its one- and two-part polyurethane systems have a proven track record of high performance in numerous prestigious construction works around the world. Alchimica’s strong tradition in innovation, heavy investments in R&D and constant quest for new levels of excellence have enabled the firm to continuously introduce new technologies to the global market and, as a result, open up new opportunities, not only for the company itself, but also for its partners and distributors. Gradually and with determination over three decades, Alchimica succeeded in establishing a worldwide reputation strongly linked with quality, innovation, technical leadership and ethics. Alchimica offers a vast and ever increasing product portfolio, in line with the industry’s needs. All products are based on proprietary technology and knowledge, offering the company a great advantage as far as flexibility and economics are concerned. Company products are applied to a range of projects from drinking water reservoirs, huge water desalinization plants, bridges, irrigation channels, hydroelectric plants, airports, and train tunnels to a simple private roof. Alchimica’s best-selling export item, “Hyperdesmo”, has become a staple for projects and is referenced in the industry worldwide. The company’s strong R&D department is staffed with 10 chemists and chemical engineers, some of whom hold PhD degrees. Well-equipped labs and pilot plants are available for development of new products. The company’s state-of-the-art production and logistics facilities, as well as its well-situated plants and strong distribution network all combine to substantially increasing competitiveness.





Exporting over 90% of annual production worldwide Roussas SA dairy was founded in 1952 by the Roussas family and, over the years, has remained solely dedicated to feta cheese production. The company has remained true to traditional product methods to sustain product authenticity. The company recently relocated to a stateof-the-art production plant in Almyros, central Greece. The dairy company’s annual capacity, after a total of three expansions, now exceeds 10,000 tons of cheese, while its processing capacity for sheep milk is 80,000 liters per working shift. The company’s product range includes feta cheese (protected designation of origin), organic feta (PDO), goat cheese, organic goat cheese, kaseri cheese (p.d.o.), kefalograviera cheese (PDO) kefalotyri manouri cheese (PDO), strained yoghurt, anthotyro cheese, myzithra cheese, and feta spread. All company products are made exclusively from pasteurized sheep and goat milk, derived primarily from the surrounding mountainous regions. Milk is collected through a privately-owned integrated milk collecting network. Trading in the local and international market, the company offers a wide range of packaging forms that meet most customer requirements, such as 100g vacuum of M.A.P. packs, retail and catering packs in brine or oil, bulk 15kg tins, and 60kg wooden barrels. The company is certified with the ISO 9001, ISO 22000, IFS and BRC standards, while its products are considered the benchmark in Greece’s cheese industry. All PDO products are certified by AGROCERT, while the company’s organic products are certified by DIO. Roussas’s exports currently account for 90% of its annual production, sold around the world to the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Middle East and Far East. Its feta product is renowned for its astounding quality and is sold as “Roussas” in Europe, “Mt Vikos” in the US and Canada, and “Mt Athos” in Australia and Asia. In 2014, the firm reported a drop in sales to 20.2 million euros compared to 23 million euros a year earlier. However, net income rose to 784,000 euros against 466,000 in 2013.

Contact details 37 Makedonias 15669 Papagos, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 2106775220, +30 2106775355 Fax: +30 2106773618 Email: Website:





50 years of people-centered business

Theodoros Trifon

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Celebrating 50 years of healthy business activity and growth, Greek Pharmaceutical ELPEN is now a major springboard for medicinal products development in Greece, with a significant contribution to the country’s economy. Guided by its vision to serve People and Society and contribute to Development, ELPEN, established in 1965 by pharmacist Dimitris Pentafragas, has now evolved into a major organization in Greece’s entrepreneurship map, significantly representing Greek drugs in global markets. Being a bright beacon in Greece’s bleak landscape of deindustrialization, ELPEN plays an essential role in domestic entrepreneurship, maintaining its productive base in Greece, even in the midst of an acute economic crisis. The firm’s steady growth has elevated it in sixth position in a market with more than 400 pharmaceutical companies, both domestic and multinational. Representing for 50 years Greece’s strong production potential, the company has formed solid trust relationships with the medical community, as well as the national health system and patients, thanks to the quality and therapeutic efficacy of its drugs. By applying the highest production standards and strict quality controls, ELPEN is active in all major therapeutic areas, holding a leading position in the fields of cardiology and pulmonology. As the firm continues to grow, it remains committed to quality, with its production having already reached 210 million packages, produced so far at its ultramodern facility in Pikermi, on the eastern outskirts of Athens. Constantly expanding the extensive know-how it has accumulated in 50 years of operation, the firm has set the filed of research as the backbone of its business, investing a significant proportion (7%-10%) of its revenue in research programs. Boasting the largest private applied research and education workshop in Greece, ELPEN paves the way for innovative medicines of high quality and therapeutic value. ELPEN’s long research activities have resulted in the development of the innovative Elpenhaler® inhalation device, which carries international patents in more than 100 countries. Invented by ELPEN’s founder and president Dimitris Pentafragas, Elpenhaler® boasts an innovative design, making it a highly effective therapeutic weapon for the treatment of asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). ELPEN drugs are also available in international markets, as the firm’s extensive export activities span across Europe, Asia and Africa, with some 30 drugs distributed in 27 European countries and another 60 worldwide. In addition, the establishment of the Germany-based subsidiary ELPEN Pharma GmbH, in 2012, has led to the Greek firm becoming a recognizable force in the German pharmaceutical market, while its production know-how and product quality have led to the establishment of long-term business partnerships with major international companies in the pharmaceutical industry. ELPEN currently employs a staff of 900, continuing to support employment amidst Greece’s economic crisis. Remaining firm of its founder’s vision to always serving fellow human beings, ELPEN promotes a people-centered working environment, and is actively involved in Corporate Social Responsibility programs in Greece and abroad.



Μarmor SG SA

«Α Piece of Greece» - Exporting Greek marble to more than 75 countries around the world Established in 1981 in Thessaloniki, MARMOR SG “STONE GROUP INTERNATIONAL” SA is a leading marble, granite and natural stone processing and marketing group, with privately-owned quarries, several subsidiaries, a global sales network and global customers. The firm exports Greek marble to more 75 countries around the world. Its leadership is reflected upon its strategic orientation as an export company, as well as upon its depth of knowledge in marbles and materials, and its comparative advantage of materials in stock, ultramodern equipment and skilled personnel. The firm’s first exports -to Russia, Cyprus and Belgium- began in 1990. Steady growth and investments initially led to the company’s expansion to new facilities, while in 2000 it was renamed to MARMOR SG SA, and shifted its production and trade activities to Kavalari, Thessaloniki, on a privately-owned, 50,000-sqm plot of land, with modern facilities and the most complete marble processing equipment in Greece. In 2004 the reins of the company were undertaken by Yiannis Antoniadis, as President and CEO. With ingenuity, having a new understanding of developments in the industry, he organized an innovative business plan aimed at the company’s further development. Marmor SG expanded its activities and established a network of partners to cover the entire Greece and the needs of its clients. Giving weight to extroversion, and having a detailed knowledge of materials and global market conditions, Antoniadis has made the company a leader in its sector, and among the leading international players. The firm now operates three industrial facilities at Kavalari, Drama and Veria. Advanced mechanical equipment provide for a wide range of high quality raw material processing. Most of such modern machinery are mainly from leading Italian houses, and include: Frames, Resin-treating plants for marble slabs, two slab surface processing lines, two tile surface treatment lines, waterjet cutting machine, CNC, etc. There are three main production departments: Cutting line, machining volumes and slab production; floor and tile production line (including of large dimensions); and, production line for special marble dimensions and structures. The artistic department employs skilled artisans, sculptors and artists, to meet the most demanding needs of clients and projects the firm undertakes in Greece and overseas. Contact details The total value of the firm’s current stockpile is over 10 million euros, which allows the company to 18th Thessaloniki-Kavalas, Kavalari, 57200, have immediate availability of materials and enabling the delivery of materials at designated times, PO Box: 106, Greece as well as facilitating «One Stop Shop» procedures, and making Marmor SG the world’s largest exTel: +30 23940 20440 (5lines) porter in Pirgon, Vermion White, Thassos & Sivec® slabs and lites. Fax: +30 23940 52733 Email: Website:





An export-oriented Group

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CHB began operating in 1955, when it started exporting fresh Greek fruit, primarily citrus fruit. As a producer of concentrated citrus juices, it has over the years added fruit puree peach, apricot, pear and grape juice production to its portfolio. In 2004, the company’s owners, the I. Christodoulou family, acquired VITOM SA, a company specializing in the production of canned fruit. The acquisition established CHB as one of the world’s largest producers in the sector. As a result, production capacity doubled. In addition, in 2011 CHB concluded a strategic agreement for the joint management (operation and sales) of CONEX SA. The three companies now make up the CHB group of companies. The VITOM factory, located in Thessaloniki’s Koufalia area, is primarily active in the production and marketing of canned fruit, fruit puree, cubes and fruit juice concentrates. It is equipped with specialized machinery, including bottling facilities for various types of juices (in TetraPak packaging and PET), and holds all the necessary certificates for bottling organic juices. The factory is located on a privately-owned plot of land measuring ​​80,000 sqm, while the facility’s sheltered space covers 18,000 sqm. CHB is located in Agia Triada, Nafplio, Peloponnese, in the heart of citrus fruit production and its annual processing capacity is over 100,000 tons of fruit. The plant facilities use the latest FMC extractors and include the main production lines, as well as separate fruit preparation and production areas. The plant is equipped with refrigerated storage areas for citrus fruit juices (concentrates or not) and dry storage areas. The production plant covers a floor space of 20,000 sqm on a 90,000-sqm privately-owned land plot. Artfruit is owned by the company and operates in the production and distribution of fruit preparations for dairy products, ice cream and bakery products. Artfruit is based in Nafplio at the company’s facilities. CHB-VITOM exports 85% of its annual production to Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia and America. The company is specialized in fruits and fruit products. It markets peach, orange, apricot, apple, pear, lemon, cherry, grape, kiwi, plum, pomegranate, carrot and grapefruit, and also produces juices, preserves, syrups, essences, fruit preparations, blends and fruit bases, tea extracts, organic products and diced fruit peels. The company’s products are used in several food sectors: fruit juice and soft drink industries, milk, ice cream, bakery, preparation of jams, baby food, perfume industries and private label products. In 2014, VITOM posted a drop in turnover to 21.5 million euros compared to 24 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income amounted to 44,000 euros against 225,000 euros in 2013. KONEX, in the same year, also saw its turnover drop to 11.8 million euros against 17 million euros a year earlier. The company reported losses of 17 million euros in 2014 compared to a profit of 488,000 in 2013. CHRISTODOULOU N. Bros. SA saw its 2014 turnover drop to 16.5 million euros compared to 18.1 million euros a year earlier. The firm’s net profit rose to 530,000 euros against 183,000 euros year-on-year.




Global pioneer in fish farming Kefalonia Fisheries SA is located on the island of Kefalonia, the largest of the Ionian Islands, western Greece. Kefalonia Fisheries was founded in 1981 by Marinos Yeroulanos, a fourth generation Kefalonian. His aim was to find a way to safeguard the traditional way of life of the island’s fishermen through aquaculture. Kefalonia Fisheries was the first farm in Europe to be established for production of Mediterranean Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) and Sea Bream (Sparus auratus), and is regarded as a worldwide pioneer in the production of these species. The operation’s fish are raised in the deep, crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea, with a minimum of handling or interference. They are hatched on its farm from brood stock, especially selected for its taste and quality. At present, Kefalonia Fisheries, with a staff of 100, produces and sells eight million fry and over 3,000 tons of first quality Bass and Bream per year, including Bass of a weight of more than one kilo. Its annual sales typically exceed 20 million euros, while exports account for more than 80% of production, mainly to France and Italy, as well as Spain, Portugal, UK and US. The company’s products can be found in 10 countries. Kefalonia Fisheries was the first Greek farm to export its products to Italy as well as other countries in Europe, and has maintained ties with the same clients for over 20 years, based on trust. The company’s objective has always been to build honest and long-term business relationships through exceptional customer service, complete transparency and by unfailingly delivering the freshest and best-quality products. Aquaculture is a continuously evolving industry. Kefalonia Fisheries constantly strives at becoming an even better producer while also assisting with the sector’s development. It participates in research projects funded by both the European Union and Greek government, thereby sharing its fish-farming know-how accumulated over many years, while also putting into use the scientific expertise of its employees, who propose innovative ideas for the sector’s future development. In 2014, the company posted higher financial results, with sales rising by 11.78% to 26.61 million euros, compared to 23.81 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income jumped 28.68% to 1.95 million euros year-on year.

Contact details Livadi, Lixouri, Kefalonia, 28200, Greece Tel: +30 26710 92600 Fax: +30 26710 94161 Email: Website:



COTTON Industrial

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Kafantaris – Papakostas SA

An export-oriented company for the past 50 years Kafantaris-Papakostas SA is active in the cotton ginning industry, being among the oldest firms in this field in Greece. The company owns and operates a ginning factory in Karditsa, Thessaly, as well as an oil mill plant in Schimatari, Viotia. Over the past 50 years, Kafantaris-Papakostas has developed a reputation for consistent product quality among its international and domestic clients. The company ships and delivers worldwide. At its ginning mill in Karditsa, the company produces about 10,000 tons of lint cotton per ginning season. The mill is equipped with state-of-the-art ginning equipment acquired from the Consolidated Cotton Gin Co., Samuel Jackson Inc. Most of this cotton production is exported, mainly to EU countries, Eastern Europe, USA, Turkey and the Far East. The company places special emphasis on establishing steady business ties built on customer satisfaction. The company produces refined, bleached and deodorized cotton seed oil ready for consumption and ideal for cooking and baking. Annual production amounts to about 2,000 tons and comes in a variety of packaged options. The company has been awarded an ISO 9001:2000 quality certificate by TUV HELLAS, a member of the Rheinisch-Westfalischer (RW) TUV GROUP. The production of cotton seed oil is monitored according to the certificate’s quality standards. The company also applies internationally recognized HACCP food-safety procedures for its cotton seed oil production. Kafantaris-Papakostas also offers cotton seed cake, with annual production reaching up to 15,000 tons. Maintaining its growing path, the cotton production company in 2014 posted higher profits but slightly lower turnover. Sales dropped to 28.68 million euros, compared to 29.91 million a year earlier. Net income rose to 260,000 euros against a loss of 328,000 euros year-on-year.


Work locally, think globally KAMARIDIS GLOBAL WIRE SA prides itself as one of Greece’s largest polyurethane panel producers and among the most modern and largest producers of Black & Galvanized Wires & Construction Nails. The company was founded in 1976 as a trading company. It began manufacturing formed steel products for the construction of steel fabricated buildings in 1990. In 2003, the company began producing thermal insulating polyurethane PUR & polyisocyanurate PIR panels for industrial facilities and cooling chambers, as well as rockwool fire resistant panels, all at its ultramodern facilities. Kamaridis Global Wire’s production capacity amounts to over 90,000 tons per year, supplied both locally and to the international market. Over the past decade, the company has managed to achieve recognition in both the Greek and international markets, while it currently exports 60% of production to 40 countries on all five continents, ranking among Greece’s largest and strongest companies, based on ICAP Business Services Group data. Kamaridis Global Wire exports to Europe, US, Africa, the Balkans and Middle East. The company anticipates its growth will accelerate in the future, especially in fast-growing economies such as those of Libya, Sudan, and Paraguay. The company’s head offices and production facilities are located along the Thebes-Athens national road, on the outskirts of Athens, on a privately owned plot of land measuring 190,000 sqm. The building facilities cover a total floor space of 27,000 sqm.




A strong pioneer in its sector EMEK SA is a Hellenic Steel Manufacturer and Construction Company, offering internationally a wide range of services including steel manufacturing and civil works in the field of energy, wind tower fabrication, industry and commercial building construction. EMEK and EMEK ATE EMEK SA were established in 1965. In 1990, the company became a Societe Anonyme under the name EMEK HPA SA. In addition, construction company “BIEXOP SA” was established as a wholly-owned construction arm of “EMEK HPA SA,” engaged in the construction and maintenance of mechanical equipment for various industries. EMEK HPA’s new factory became operational in 1990, on a land plot measuring 17,000 sqm, with sheltered space of 4,500 sqm, equipped with 12 bridge cranes, modern equipment, as well as modern offices and design department. The firm’s latest technological equipment along with modern CAD-CAM systems allows it to undertake any engineering task on metallic constructions. Today, the EMEK Group of companies is housed in 9,500 sqm of facilities on total land of 31,000 sqm. The company employs a full-time staff of 130 fully-skilled engineers, welders, technicians and other specialties. In its 2014 published balance sheet the firm reported a drop in sales by 21% to 19.41 million euros, compared to 24.81 million euros a year earlier. However, in the same year, pre-tax earnings rose to 832,000 euros against 685,000 euros in 2013.

Contact details Megaridos Aspropirgos, 193 00 Greece Tel: +30 210 5595084 Fax: +30 210 5596497 Email: Website:




Pantone 280



An innovative company with a long heritage

George Spiliopoulos

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Barilla Hellas’ origins date back to 1927 with the establishment of MISKO in Piraeus. In 1991, the company became part of the Barilla Group, trading the group’s products in the Greek market (Barilla pasta, sauces and bakery products). In 2000, the company launched a cutting-edge production facility in Eleona (Viotia, Thebes), the third largest such facility in Europe. In 2001, a mill in Volos, mid-northeastern Greece, which grinds 63,000 tons of domestic wheat every year, was added to Barilla Group. Placing particular emphasis on sustainable growth, Barilla Hellas incorporates the group’s values into its local operation. The company’s facility in Eleona produces 55,000 tons of pasta products annually, made of wheat produced by more than 5,500 Greek farmers. The factory’s operation is aligned with the group’s strict environmental standards, with persistent efforts to further lowering its environmental impact. The company currently employs a staff of over 200, and in spite the financial crisis in Greece, Barilla Hellas holds the leading place in the pasta market, as well as in the pasta sauces market, with a share of 45% and 65%, respectively. The company also exports to many countries around the world. In 2012, Barilla Hellas invested 2.5 million euros, while the Barilla Group has invested a total of some 70 million euros into its Greek operations since entering the local market. Barilla Hellas constitutes a significant business hub and administrative center of Eastern Europe for Barilla Group and is responsible for implementing the strategy of the largest pasta industry in the world, BARILLA SpA, in a cluster of 19 countries in Eastern Europe. The Barilla parent company has a history that stretches back 139 years, beginning in 1877 with a small family-run business in Parma, northern Italy, headed by Pietro Barilla, which produced bread and pasta products. The group is managed by the Barilla family, with the enterprise’s fourth generation, the Barilla siblings Guido, Luca and Paolo, at the helm. The firm operates 30 production facilities around the world, including the USA, Mexico, France, Germany, Greece, Russia, Turkey and Sweden. The group produces over 1.7 million tons of food products annually. It employs a staff of over 8,000 and markets 1,000 different products, distributed to 100 countries




Tradition – Quality – Innovation

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Haitoglou Bros S.A. was established in 1924 when the Haitoglou family reached Thessaloniki, Northern Greece’s largest city, as refugees and started a small halva and tahini making business, based on a family tradition. Pretty soon, Haitoglou’s halva became a household product and the Haitoglou brand a synonym for premium, healthy and tasteful confectionery. As its passion for quality remained strong, Haitoglou Bros S.A. started growing and introduced new products, evolving into a leading food manufacturer. Today, more than 90 years on from founding, find Haitoglou Bros S.A. with established brands, two cutting-edge technology production units (located on the outskirts of Thessaloniki) with more than 80,000 sq. m. of purpose-built facilities in a total area of 230,000 sq. m. and more than 400 employees. Haitoglou Bros is one of the largest sesame processors globally (largest in Europe), buying and utilizing 4% of world traded sesame. Using custom developed, state of the art processing equipment, the company processes many varieties of sesame seeds, without the use of chemicals at any stage of production. The company is also one the largest food manufacturers in Greece, with a leading position in the domestic market in several sesame products, perfectly integrated into the Mediterranean Diet, such as halva, tahini (sesame paste), sesame oil and sesame bars. Overall, the company produces a total of 1,500 SKU’s, including products such as wafer rolls, jams and various spreads (sesame spreads, hazelnut spreads, cocoa spreads and peanut butter). Haitoglou Bros S.A. is also amongst the top brands globally, with a strong export activity (50% of its total production) to more than 50 countries worldwide (with the US, UK and EU market being the leading ones). The longtime experience and cooperation with some of the top retailers and food manufacturers from around the globe has given Haitoglou Bros S.A. in-depth know how and the flexibility to customize products in order to meet the customers’ requirements, specifications and packaging needs. The company applies a product quality assurance system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 stipulations, an environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001:2004 stipulations, a food safety and quality system (IFS6: International Food Standard version 6, Higher Level), as well as a HACCP system, which more than satisfies the strictest requirements for food industries.



TEXTILES Industrial


Processing 40,000 tons of seed cotton, annually THRAKIKA EKKOKISTIRIA (Thrace Ginning Mills) is located in northeastern Greece, near the city of Komotini. Founded by the Kouroudis and Kitsios families, the company was launched in 1972. In 1985, it changed its company legal status to S.A. Thrakika Ekkokistiria has enjoyed substantial growth over the past few years and nowadays is included among Greece’s 100 most profitable companies. As is the case with all Greek ginning mills, the company buys seed cotton from local growers and sells the raw cotton for its own account. The Komotini region, where the company is situated, is renowned for its production of highquality cotton. The company’s plant consists of three ginning mills in one overall facility. The first mill, built in 1972, gins hand-picked cotton on low-capacity machines. The daily production output of this unit is 200 bales (500 lbs./bale). The other two mills were constructed in 1989 and 1993, respectively, and their daily production capacity stands at 400 bales each. Ranking among the companies with highest production capacity in Greece, the firm can produce up to 58,000 bales annually, which requires the processing of 40,000 tons. However, in more recent years, the company’s annual production level has been restricted, as numerous new ginning mill ventures entered the market, which led to smaller shares of the total amount of available seed cotton ending up at mills. In other words, the reduced seed cotton supplies nowadays reaching the mills at Thrakika Ekkokistiria do not suffice for the company to fully utilize its production capacity. The company has operated a seed oil mill since February 1996. It processes 120 tons of cotton seed per day and produces 14.4 tons of crude cotton oil and 96 tons of cotton cake. It crushes not only the cottonseed that is produced in the company’s own ginning mill, but also cottonseed bought from other ginning mills. The company’s facilities also include installations for drying cottonseed in order to increase its storage potential, as well as machinery for cottonseed delinting. In 1993, the company developed and constructed a gin waste burning unit to produce steam used to dry cotton seed and heat plant work areas. This innovation, which allowed for the utilization of cotton plant waste in order to produce energy through an environmentally friendly process, is currently being adopted by many other ginning mills in Greece.

Contact Details 4th km Komotini – Xanthi highway PO Box 114, Komotini, 69100, Greece Tel: +30 25310 25035, +30 25310 24767 Fax: +30 25310 31002 Email: Web:





One of Greece’s leading dairy firms

Contact Details 16th km Larissa-Thessaloniki National Highway, 41002, Larissa, Greece Tel: +30 2410 541160-3 e-mail: Website:

Hellenic Dairies emerged from the merger of Olympos and Rodopi in 2015. Olympos dairy, founded in 1965, came under the control of TYRAS SA in May 2000. Olympos produces the following products: ➤ Fresh milk (white) ➤ Chocolate milk, high temperature pasteurized ➤ Long life milk ➤ Fruit juices ➤ High temperature pasteurized milk ➤ Milk cream The firm makes most of its sales in Thessaly and Attica, but has a nationwide network. The company’s Board, watching developments in the dairy sector, believes that the firm’s main objective should be to further strengthen its dynamic course through increasing its market share, both at home and abroad, as well as to further improve its competitiveness and develop new products of high added value and recognition. In more detail, the company should continue its aggressive policy to consolidate its position in the market, by: (a) Improving the quality of its products, placing special emphasis and importance on its new production lines and the improvement of existing ones. The firm now operates applies certified laboratories of self-control and analyses, and implements comprehensive quality assurance systems, relating to quality control of products at all stages of production, from the collection of raw materials up to the disposal of end-products in the market. (b) Continuing its dynamic expansion in the domestic market by gaining a larger share in the products it produces and markets, using modern methods and sales promotions, while at the same time improving and extending its distribution network and expanding its presence in new regions. (c) Preparing its human resources by focusing on education, specialization and scientific training. (d) Redesigning-improving its processes to respond more effectively to competition, both fair and unfair, in the branded dairy sector in which the company operates. (e) Broadening the range of its products. Amidst this current extremely tough environment, the company’s course -taking into account the developments in the sector in which it operates- can be characterized satisfactory. In 2014, as the firm remained firm on its strategic objectives, Olympos managed to record increases in both its revenue and gross profits by 10%. The company saw its sales rise to 163 million euros compared to 148.5 million euros a year earlier. EBITDA slightly dropped to 15.75 million euros against 17.1 million euros in 2013.



APPAREL Industrial


Jeans made in Greece by Staff STAFF was founded by John Dimoveli as a denim production company in 1992. By focusing on producing of high quality denim, the enterprise swiftly became one of the leading denim production companies in Europe. Constantly developing its denim washing techniques, and using only the finest denim fabrics from Japan and Italy, STAFF created its own brand of Staff Jeans. In the 1990s, a tough decade for the denim market, Staff Jeans quickly became a recognizable brand mainly because of its excellent quality, unique washes and creative advertising campaigns. Today Staff Jeans is a leader in the Greek denim market, while selling its products to more than 10 European countries, including some with a long fashion tradition, such as Italy, as well as to countries where consumers have high purchasing power.

Contact Details Larissa Industrial Zone, Larissa, 411 10, Greece Tel: +30 2410 541081 Fax: +30 2410 541085 Email: Website:


Contact Details Epitalio N.Ileias, Ileia - Greece Tel.: +30 26210-71116 Mob. :+30 6936-898448 Email: Website:



Exporting extra olive oil in all over the world Iliaki Elaiourgia is an olive oil company based in Epitalio, a small town in the Ilia prefecture, western Peloponnese. Back in 1910, founder Efthymios Tsaoussis built the venture’s first oil mill in the village of Makrissia, Olympia. Today, the company has been passed down to the third generation. The firm meets all specifications set by quality-standard authorities and constantly strives to offer consumers highest quality and nutritional value products. It holds ISO 22000:2005 and AGROCERT PDO certification. The company picks olives from olive groves located in the wider area of Olympia and other semi-mountainous regions in western Peloponnese. The enterprise’s olive oil quality stands out as a result of the highly favorable local climate, which mean than olive trees do not need irrigation. The wider area is also known for the Koroneiki olive variety, one of the oldest olive varieties in Greece that produces high-quality olive oil, rich in antioxidants and nutrients, with a fruity flavour and intense aroma. The Iliaki Elaiourgia company exports large quantities of extra-virgin olive oil abroad, both bulk and packaged, with recipients including the USA, Panama, Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Hong Kong, Romania and the Netherlands. In 2014, the oil production company reported lower financial results, with turnover plunging to 8.8 million euros, compared to 18 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax-earnings fell to 144,000 euros against profit of 365,000 euros in 2013.



Palirria SA Konstantinos Souliotis

Vasilios Souliotis

Contact Details 2nd km Psahna - Politika country road, Politika, Evia, 344 00 Tel: +30 22280 24735 Fax: +30 22280 24113 Email: Website:

The world’s No. 1 dolma producer Palirria was founded in 1957 on the island of Evia, Greece as a privately-owned business by entrepreneur Antonis Souliotis. Its primary purpose was the production and distribution of traditional ready-to-eat meals for the domestic and international markets. PALIRRIA remained a personal business until 1982, when it acquired a corporate form with the participation of Antonis Souloitis’ sons, Konstantinos and Vasilis. This corporate structure gave Palirria a potential that resulted in a leading position in the Greek market. In 1989 the company began to invest in modern and technologically advanced facilities and new offices. The project was completed in 1992 with the reallocation of its operations. Today, Palirria owns 3 manufacturing units, of a total floor space of over 30,000 sqm, and employs about a highly qualified staff of 1,400. The firm’s annual production capacity amounts to 17,000 tons. Additionally, the company cultivates its privately-owned vineyards, having the total control of the production of vine leaves, which is the basic ingredient of Palirria’s bestselling product: dolma. Palirria’s product range comprises 40 different codes that are based on traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, with the basic product being dolmas (stuffed vine leaves). Specifically, Palirria is the No. 1 dolma producer in the world, with a production capacity of more than 1.4 million dolmas per day. The most impressive fact about dolmas is that this product is handmade. Except for dolmas, Palirria’s product portfolio includes many other traditional Greek meals in various packages, such as cans, jars, plates or innovative plastic bowls, as well as a wide selection of favorite Italian pasta dishes under the brand name Pasta Mia, and a large variety of delicious frozen meals which are the best choices of Greek cuisine under the brands name My Greek Meal and Today’s Special. Throughout the years Palirria enhanced its global presence and currently its products can be found in more than 40 countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, most European countries, Middle East and Australia. The firm is also trusted to produce private labels products for some of the largest retail chains worldwide. Always being committed to quality, Palirria was one of the first Greek companies to implement ISO9001 (Quality Management Standard) in 1995, and to strictly adhere to HACCP in terms of safety during production in 1998. By investing in the most recent and modern production equipment, Palirria’s facilities are amongst the newest in Europe. Additionally, the factory’s equipment is continuously upgraded and the personnel are constantly trained. Its contemporary quality assurance systems, highly qualified workforce, the careful selection of raw materials and thorough inspection at every stage of production process guarantee products of the highest quality. Palirria keeps on dynamically focusing on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, remaining firm on its vision is to be the world’s ambassador of Mediterranean and Greek Cuisine. In that scope, Palirria develops new product lines and customized products, constantly upgrading the visual identity and packaging of classic products, making them more environmental and consumer friendly and opens new markets.




Contact Details 9 Mac Millan Street, Athens, 111 44, Tel.: +30 210 212 0800 Fax.: +30 210 201 5444 Email: Website:


Express Publishing S.A.

Teaching English for over 25 years Express Publishing is an entirely independent publishing house dedicated to publishing quality English Language Teaching materials. Founded in 1988, the company has enjoyed rapid growth and currently has a list of over 2,000 titles, with sales in over 80 countries worldwide. Uniquely among leading publishers, the company views English Language Teaching (ETL) not as just a department of a larger concern, but as the single focus of its operations. Express Publishing’s publications cater to both adult learners and children, at a full range of levels, in US English as well as UK English. Publications for children include specialized courses and other material for very young learners, teenage beginners and so on. Express Publishing’s course books are typically complemented by an audio CD for class work, a student’s CD for self-access study, a workbook with grammar, a teacher’s book and a test booklet. In addition, the company’s products list includes: courses and test books for exam preparation and practice; a variety of supplementary material (grammar, skills development, etc); a wide range of readers; CDs, DVDs, videos; and, innovative, award-winning multimedia material. Εxpress Publishing is one of the world´s leading publishers of ELT materials, with sales in six continents. Its worldwide distribution network utilizes the local expertise of well over 100 onthe-spot representatives and experienced ELT consultants. In 2014, the publisher saw its turnover rise to 22.4 million euros, compared to 21.77 million euros a year earlier. Profitability was flat at 1.18 million euros against 1.19 million euros in 2013.


Among the leading orange exporters Gefra was established in 1953 by a decorated WWII veteran, and a decade later was the largest citrus exporter from Greece. With the 3rd generation at the helm and the fourth well on its way, Gefra’s presence spans most European markets, continuously reaffirming its status as a preferred supplier. Gefra can boast about full traceability, continuous residue testing and a quality-assurance team consisting of the best professionals in the field. The company owns three factories and a sales office. The citrus factory is located at Nafplio, northeast Peloponnese, while its grape packing facility is located in Kokkoni, Corinth, west of Athens. The watermelon packing house is located at Marathia, western Peloponnese, while the firm’s headquarters are located in Athens.

Contact Details 82 Vasileos Pavlou, Voula, 16673, Athens, Tel: +30 2109636380 Fax: +30 2109607092 Website:



RECYCLING Industrial

Contact Details 10th km Thessalonikis-Kilkis highway, Ionia, 57008, Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 784.748, +30 2310 574998 Fax: +30 2310 788.788 Email: Website:



One of the oldest recycling companies in Greece Stavros & Dimitris Pantelidis Bros., founded in 1960, was a company which engaged in trading and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The Thessaloniki-based recycling company SIDMETAL SA was established in 1988 by co-founder Stavros Pantelidis’ sons. The company’s activities include trading and processing of all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The firm engages in sorting, baling, packing, cutting, slicing, and grinding processing procedures. The company has storage facilities in Athens, which are also used for trade of brass, copper and aluminum products. Scrap metal is also collected here and sent to Thessaloniki for further processing. Exports of non-ferrous scrap metals such as aluminum, copper, brass and stainless steel (Al-CuBr-St.St.) to various steel industries and factories in Europe significantly helped the company’s development and, in 2004, it relocated to new facilities on privately-owned land measuring 17,000 sqm, in Thessaloniki’s Neohorouda industrial area. Most of the company’s brass, copper and aluminum products, such as rods, sheets, tubes and wires, are imported from Europe and conform to all international quality standards. These materials are then redirected in the Greek market. The company’s processing procedures are based on international standards and specifications. It holds ISO 9001/14001 certification and, in order to ensure the highest quality, uses modern, highly sophisticated equipment, all handled by experienced and qualified staff members. In 2014, the firm saw its pre-tax earnings double to 1.44 million euros, compared to 760,000 euros a year earlier. However, sales dropped to 22.42 million euros against 24 million euros yeaon-year.


Products that make life easier for builders Knauf USG is active in the development of exterior building systems, with its AQUAPANEL cement boards introducing new standards to the design and construction of buildings. Knauf’s production is vertically integrated, from the gypsum material used and derived from its own quarrying activities, to the processing stage for integrated components (gypsum plasterboard). The company’s production plant is located in the Stano area, Amfilohia, northwestern Greece, on a 100-acre plot of land featuring 13 acres of sheltered facilities. The firm also operates a 180acre gypsum quarry in the same region. Its plant operates on a 24-hour basis with a significant proportion of production exported to the Balkans, eastern Mediterranean and North Africa. The firm in 2014 reported a drop in sales to 12.9 million euros, compared to 18.6 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also fell to 939,000 euros against 2.6 million euros year-on-year.

Contact Details 10 Evripidou, Kallithea, 17674, Athens, Greece. Tel: +30 210 9310567 Fax: +30 210 9310568 Email: Web:




Contact Details ‘A’ Industrial Zone, Volos, 38500, Greece Tel: +3024210 91400-9 Email: Website:


Contact Details 10 Kodrou St, Neo. Psychiko 15451, Athens, Tel: +30 2103249085 Fax: +30 210 3213545 Email: Website:



Ninety years of excellence Established in 1926 with the exclusive purpose of producing top-quality Greek olives and vegetables, SIOURAS SA is an entirely family-owned company. Its factory is located in the industrial zone of Volos, central Greece. Volos is one of Greece’s richest olive-producing regions, noted for its production expanse between the renowned Pelion mountain and the sea. In 2000, the company built a new facility equipped with indoor, underground fermentation tanks and modern machinery, which, combined with a 75-member team of experienced personnel, assures top quality for finished products. The facility’s annual capacity stands at roughly 8,000 tons of olives. Products are exported around the world: USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, South America, Middle East and Far East. Long-term partnerships have been established with major importers, wholesalers and supermarket chains in the respective markets. Siouras primarily markets olives (Kalamata, Green, Black and special olives), as well as olive paste and vegetables. The company offers its products in three different packaging options, for industrial, foodservice and retail use. The company is certified with ISO 9000, ISO 22000, BRC, IFS, C-TPAT, and FDA standards, while it can also produce KOSHER products. The company gets its raw materials from selected growers, all of which meet quality standards and specifications. The production line features critical control points (HACCP) for inspection of all procedures. All products carry production codes that can be used for traceability should any problem ever arise. A recall policy has been established with specific steps and insurance coverage. In 2014, the firm reported higher financial results, with sales rising to 20.9 million euros compared to 17.1 million euros a year earlier. Net income also rose to 186,000 euros against 62,000 euros in 2013.


Active in the olive industry over the past 22 years Nutria was founded in 1994 in Agios Konstantinos, Fthiotida, northwest of Athens, starting from a small mill and a bottling plant. In 1997, the company began operating its first glass bottling plant and PET packaging. Since 2005, Nutria has invested over 12 million euros. Its production plant is located on privately-owned land measuring 150 acres. Facilities include an olive oil mill, refinery, bottling plant, PET production unit, and a modern laboratory where all tests and analyses are carried out by the company’s expert staff, according to the standards set by Greek and European regulations. The company employs a staff of 60 and its products are exported to more than 20 countries worldwide, including the UK, France, Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, USA, Canada, China and Japan. Nutria’s production procedures are certified by global organizations. The company holds a total of nine safety and quality-related certificates. The company actively participates in major exhibitions across Europe.




Market leader in PDO feta cheese Fifty three years after its establishment in 1963, dairy company DODONI continues to unfold its unique history, being devoted to its tradition and respecting its heritage. The firm today fully meets the increasing Greek and international consumers’ needs for pure and 100% Greek products, identified as a superior brand in taste and high quality. With a wide range of nine categories of purely Greek products and some 80 different codes, the leading dairy company has won its own exclusive place in consumers’ table, offering authentic flavors that make daily life more delicious and special! Its number one selling product, Dodoni POD feta cheese, as well as its fresh milk, real yogurt, hard cow cheese, galotyri cheese, butter and many other unique products made of pure raw materials are the key parameter of the firm’s superior quality and authentic taste. An expanded network of 5,000 producers in 514 villages of Epirus, north-western Greece, ensures the company’s daily supply of 100% Greek, homogenized and pasteurized milk, rich in natural flavor, thanks to 2,500 herbs and plants growing in the specific region’s pastures. Thanks to these pure and high quality raw materials of Epirus, Dodoni daily adds even more love and care for consumers, maintaining for 53 years the taste tradition alive and achieving high quality through the application of a strict control system and product quality assurance. Through its exports, Dodoni ‘travels’ to international consumers in 35 countries worldwide, becoming a worthy ambassador of Greek products and promoting Greek quality and legacy. In addition, continued insistence on pure raw materials and respect for customers make the firm synonymous with unrivaled quality for consumers in Greece and abroad. The company’s sales in 2014 rose by 11.53% to 92.65 million euros compared to 83.07 million euros a year earlier. EBITDA also rose by 14.58% to 7.91 million euros against 6.90 million euros year-on-year. Net profits soared to 1.76 million euros compared to 166,916 euros in 2013.

Contact Details 1 Tagmatarhi Kostaki str, Eleousa 45.110, Ioannina Τel: +30 26510 89700 Fax: +30 26510 89707-08 Email: Website:





Major exporter returns to profitability The Protofanousis family has been specializing in the sale of fruit since 1922. Today, the company is among the largest exporters in Northern Greece, with an annual turnover of 22,2 million euros. It handles about 25 million kilos of fruit per year, mostly of Greek origin, but with some kinds of fruit imported from Argentina, Germany, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Turkey and Chile. It supplies products directly to large supermarket chains in Greece and exports to European countries, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Canada. Its list of customers includes major food chains, such as Magnit and X5 in Russia, Fozzy Group in Ukraine, Tesco, Coop, Aldi and Asda in the UK, Maxima stores in the Baltic countries, Wellcome in Hong Kong and many of Tesco outlets in Central Europe. Products are distributed in Northern Greece in privately-owned refrigerated trucks, ensuring freshness and flavor. Through its distribution center in the Central Vegetable Market of Thessaloniki, the company supplies retailers and wholesalers in many parts of northern Greece. Exports are carried out ​​by partner companies that meet the specifications needed to ensure the freshness of the fruit. The firm employs a permanent staff of 30, as well as up to 150 seasonal workers. It maintains refrigerated storage facilities and packing plants in Thessaloniki, covering a total floor space of 7,500 sqm, as well as Controlled Atmosphere refrigerators in Nea Ephesοs, Katerini, of a capacity of 8,000 tons, a distribution center in Thessaloniki’s central vegetable market, and a warehouse-precooler in Kerasia. All procedures followed in cultivation, sorting, packing and distribution have a single goal: the production of standardized, high-quality, safe products according to the company’s high standards and to comply with national and European regulations. The company’s sales in 2014 slightly dropped to 22.2 million euros, compared to a year earlier. The quantity of fruit traded in the same year totaled 24 million kg.

Contact Details 57008 Ionia, Thessaloniki, PO Box 33563, 563 10 Eleftherio Tel: +30 231 0755227 E-mail: Website:





Greece’s oldest pasta producer

Alexandros Kikizas – CEO at Melissa Kikizas

MELISSA KIKIZAS S.A. was founded by Alexandros Kikizas in 1947 with the vision to create a food industry that will promote the Greek raw materials and transform them into high quality products. Since then, for more than six decades, the firm continues to bring the finest bounty of the land to the homes of people. The intertemporal mission of this dynamic and fast growing food company is to satisfy consumer nutritional needs through meaningful products of high quality, promoting well-being. Production of pasta and durum wheat semolina constitutes the company’s basic activity, with the firm each year absorbing more than 100,000 tons of Greek excellent quality durum wheat. The vertically integrated mill and the pasta production plant in Larissa produce more than 50,000 tons of pasta annually, ranking the plant as the largest in the Balkan area and among the 10 largest in Europe! In addition, in Melissa Kikizas, the preservation of the warm and friendly environment established by its founder allows employees to feel at home. Melissa Kikizas, now being managed by the third generation of the Kikizas family, has become one of the most important food companies in Greece, with significant export activity in more than 35 countries. In addition, since the early 1980s, the company has developed an interesting commercial activity, by striking international partnerships and entering with great success into food markets other than pasta. In 2014, the pasta production company reported a drop in sales to 55.38 million euros, compared to 64.14 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings plummeted 40% to 2.34 million euros against 3.94 million euros in 2013.

Contact Details 1 Vionos St, 104 43, Athens Tel: +30-210-5190100 Fax: +30-210-5190241 Email: Website:





Major exporter of black olives REGINA SA is based in the industrial area of Kalochori, close to the northern Greece city of Thessaloniki, on a land plot measuring 50,000 sqm. Its facility ranks as the sector’s largest and best-equipped in Greece, and, according to its management, can rival any major operation around the world. With a nearly 40 years of experience, the company has gained an in-depth knowledge of the global olive market. It specializes in olives and pickles, having established close and highly successful associations with the most prominent companies in the world. The firm remains in tune with international developments both in technology and trade, and updates its operations accordingly. These traits make REGINA a growing company that is interested in the pursuit of excellence with regards to the production of olives. The best black natural olives are produced in Greece. Because of their natural fermentation process and their rich, smooth and very tasty pulp, they stand apart from all other olives produced around the world. The company processes these olives, as well as the Throumbes black olive variety, produced in the Chalkidiki region and on the island of Thasos, both located in the country’s north. Black olives, whether plain or dressed in olive-oil, garlic and pepper, can be brought to the table as a delightful offering. The company exports its products to 14 countries in Europe, as well as to the USA, Canada, and Australia. Beginning as a family-run business, REGINA over time succeeded in becoming a leading olive exporter. The company’s collaborators, who have enjoyed enduring business partnerships with REGINA, have played a key role in this achievement, thanks to their technological knowledge and experience, which has helped meet even the most difficult client demands. The firm’s sales in 2013 fell by 5% to 16.6 million euros, compared to a year earlier. On the contrary, pre-tax income rose by 9% to 1.88 million euros, year-on-year.

Contact Details Kalohori, 570 09, Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 751756, 751658 Fax: +30 2310 752179 Email: Website:





Healthy diet, tasty life VIOTROS SA, one of the most dynamic subsidiary companies of ELGEKA Group, is the largest Greek manufacturing company that produces and packages processed cheese and alternative vegetable fat-based dairy products. The firm holds a leading position in the specific European market. Established in 1990 in Thessaloniki, the firm today has a production plant in northern Greece with a production capacity of 2,500 tons per month, one of the largest in Europe. It adheres to the strictest quality specifications before, during and after the production process and is certified by international quality and operations certification organizations (ISO, HACCP, etc). VIOTROS is active in more than 30 countries holding a large portion of Greece’s export capacity in the food sector. Its dynamic growth is based on the continuous design of new and innovative products, either for the end consumer or for other professionals in the international market of foodservice or private labels. By following international consumer trends for a healthy diet, VIOTROS products cover the entire range of the following categories: Products with classic flavors, such as Edam, Gouda, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Dairy processed products, products where all fat is replaced by extra virgin olive oil - the foundation of the Mediterranean diet, low-fat products (3%-9%), products for vegetarians (100% no animal fat) and vegan products (100% dairy free). Investments in R&D allow the firm to create innovative products covering the dietary needs of even the most demanding consumers. VIOTROS offers a wide range of products in classic and special flavours for consumers who are lactose intolerant or consume only 100% non-dairy products, as well as for those who follow low-cholesterol diets and, therefore, do not consume animal fat. Thus, consumers do not have to be deprived of the taste of cheese or meals that contain cheese. The high quality of VIOTROS products, the increasingly growing product range and placing interesting dietary options on the consumer table, as well as VIOTROS’s fine reputation throughout Europe, have led the company to its current leading position in its sector. The firm in 2014 reported higher financial results, with sales rising by 7% to 16.2 million euros, compared to 17.4 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings more than doubled to 2.1 million euros against 1.0 million euros year-on-year.

Contact Details 32 Olympou St., Kalochori 57009, Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 754025-27 Fax: +30 2310 754028 Email: Website:





Exports accounting for 85% of sales ASPIS was founded in 1970 as a family-owned company, with its primary mission being to offer total customer satisfaction by always providing excellent product quality and service. Today, 46 years and two generations later, these values continue to be the firm’s basis for growth and success, placing it among the biggest Greece-based producers of fruit juice concentrates. In the early 1980s, the company embarked on a program to boost its share in both the domestic and foreign markets. Its strong sales campaign soon resulted in ASPIS supplying raw materials to the fruit juice industry throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America. Today, company exports account for as much as 85% of sales. Owing to its market differentiation, Aspis has made it a top priority to handle each client individually. To maintain this priority on a long-term basis, the firm places special emphasis on always meeting customers’ personal expectations and supplying products specifically created to fulfill their requirements. The firm remains adamant on its vision to offer products of higher nutritional value as it places special emphasis on consumer health matters. Therefore it attaches great importance on observing the highest production standards with the use of the latest technology. Such standards are observed both the pre- and post-production process. In addition, the company always shares its know-how with producers and suppliers of raw materials, aiming at high quality, sustainability and environmental protection. In today’s globalized market, the firm continues to grow by constantly re-evaluating its position in both developed and developing countries, securing lasting partnerships and a common future for everyone.

Contact Details 4th km Argos-Korinthos national highway Argos, 21200, Greece Tel: +30 2751 0 28000 Fax: +30 2751 0 66022 Email: Website:



NON-METALLIC ORES Industrial Industrial


Annual production of over 1.5 billion units YIOULA’s history goes back a long time, when bothers Kyriakos and John Voulgarakis established the company in 1947. Its principal activity was the manufacturing of handmade glass tableware products, with its main tools being traditional ‘artistry’ (since Kyriakos Voulgarakis was a glassblower himself ) a small furnace. In 1947, the company was only one out of 50 producing hand-blown glass in Hellas. YIOULA Group now comprises six companies, whose production spans Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine. The firm features seven contemporary production sites with 15 fullyautomated glass-melting furnaces and 49 product shaping lines, manufacturing annually more than 2 billion pieces of container glass, 125 million pieces of tableware, 52,000 tons of pharmaceutical glass and 650,000 square meters of textured/figured glass. The Group’s main production encompasses two market segments: Glass Containers and Glass Tableware. The company’s acquisition of two Ukrainian production units in Bucha and Zhitomir facilitated its entry into the Pharmaceutical Glass and Textured/Figured Glass segment markets, while also helping Yioula boost its production to 13,000 tons of pharmaceutical product glassware per year. The company’s facility in Egaleo, west Athens, established in 1947, stands as the foundation of the entire group’s future development. Nowadays, its glass melting furnace, along with four shaping lines, manufactures approximately 300 million units, annually, of bottles and jars in a variety of shapes, designs and colors. The company, having shown remarkable capabilities in production of glassware, at present owns more than 30 formation lines and more than 10 glass-melting furnaces. Its total annual glassware and tableware production amounts to more than 1.5 billion pieces.

Contact Details 5 Orizomylon, Egaleo, 122 44, Athens Tel: +30 210 54 03 400 Fax: +30 210 54 42 421 E-mail: Website:





A lift sector master


Contact Details 12 Lassani st., Peristeri, 12132, Greece Tel.: +30 210 3416210 Fax: +30 210 3416474 Email: Website:


DOPPLER SA was established in February 2000, by a group of lift technicians possessing extensive technical experience both in the Greek and International elevator markets. The enterprise operates on its privately-owned site in the Polykastro Industrial Area, north of Thessaloniki, housing both the company’s headquarters and industrial facilities. Doppler is an export-oriented company specializing in customized design, development, manufacturing and distribution of high-technology lift solutions including complete lifts/elevators, lift components, parking systems, escalators – travelators and lift spare parts. Its export activity currently covers over 55 countries in Europe, the Balkans, Russia, Asia, Middle East and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, Africa and Australia. Doppler is a well organized lift manufacturer incorporating the critical aspects of R&D and after-sales service together with manufacturing, procurement, sales, marketing and HR. The company applies a quality management system complying with EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Additionally all company products are designed and manufactured according to the European Standards on “Safety Rules for the Construction and Installation of Lifts” EN 81.1 (for electric/ traction lifts) and EN 81.2 (for hydraulic lifts) and comply with the European Directive 95/16/EC. The lift company in 2014 posted a marginal drop in turnover, but managed to significantly cut its loss. Sales fell slightly to 16 million euros against 16.3 million euros a year earlier. The firm reported a loss of 80,000 euros against a loss of 992,000 euros year-on-year.


Market leader in its sector

Industrial IONIAN KALK SA was founded in 1976 in Argostoli, on the Ionian island of Kefalonia, by I. Kalafatis, who is the company’s president and CEO. The enterprise, active in mining and processing of amorphous calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and dolomite, as well as in talc processing, is regarded as an internationally competitive firm. The extraction process is performed at the company’s own quarries in the Minies region of Kefalonia. Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is an auxiliary material used as filler for the production of products in the chemical and synthetic industry. Ionian Kalk products cater to the needs of numerous industries covering the production of paint, plastic, rubber, paper, adhesives and sealants, blasting material, ceramics, fertilizers, road construction materials, chemicals, building materials and cement. The company’s exports span to a number of EU states, Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. With a staff of 150, its annual production of processed CaCO3 and talc totals 130,000 tons. The company also produces an additional 15,000 tons of raw CaCO3, annually. The company is the market leader in Greece, based on its quality, price, standardization and reliability. Also, its Contact Details presence in international markets is quite remarkable, with exports accounting for as much as 60% of total production. PO BOX 71, Argostoli, Kefalonia, 28100, Greece In 2014, the company managed to turn the previous year’s loss into profit, while sales reTel: +30 26710 41534, 41534, 41844, 41676 mained flat at 18.87 million euros year-on-year. Pre-tax earnings rose to 683,000 euros against Fax: +30 26710 41773 a loss of 276,000 euros a year earlier. Email: Website:



RADISSON BLU PARK HOTEL Alexandras Avenue 10, 10682 Athens, Greece, MHTE 0206K015A0027200 T: +30 210 8894500






High quality, low cost, perfect service

Stavros Konstantinidis

Contact Details Kilkis Industrial Zone, Stavrohori, 61100 Tel: +30 23410 72164 Fax: +30 23410 72160 Website:


EURIMAC is a joint-venture company, formed after a strategic partnership between the wellknown Greek pasta company MACVEL SA, operating in Greece and Europe since 1939, and EURICOM Spa, an Italian group of companies producing pasta, flour and rice. Eurimac was founded in May 1996 in the Kilkis industrial zone and employs a specialized staff with many years of experience in the manufacture of pasta products. The company specializes in the manufacture of own-label products and has invested heavily in the construction of a state-of-the-art pasta production plant, implementing the highest quality and hygiene standards, with an annual production capacity of over 72,000 tons. At the end of 2006 work was completed on a processing mill for durum wheat, adjacent to the factory, which allowed for further improvement in the quality of semolina and a further cut in production costs, making the company 100% vertically integrated. In addition, Eurimac has invested significantly in the full automation of the packaging section for the various types of pasta it produces. In June 2010, a 9,000-pallet-strong warehouse was commissioned at the production plant, one of the largest of its kind in Greece. The company’s main activity, apart from the sale of pasta in the Greek market, is the export of pasta products to more than 45 countries across the globe, either under its own brand names or privately labeled. The entire production, packaging and storage procedures are certified under the most widely recognized standards for food quality and safety, specifically ΕΝ ISO 9001:2000, EN ISO 22000:2005, BRC, & IFS 5, making EURIMAC one of the most reliable companies in the industry worldwide. The first and best-known family of pastas produced by the parent company is the iconic MACVEL range, first launched back in 1939. During the years that followed, with the export business beginning to dominate operations, production was expanded to introduce new brands, either in response to the demands of foreign customers, or as a result of innovations by the associates. Thus the range was expanded to include several brands, including Latino, Famiglia, Grande Pasta, Mama Mia, Bevellini, etc. In 2014, even though the firm posted higher profitability, it saw sales drop slightly to 29.23 million euros, compared to 30.19 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings jumped 16% to 3.93 million euros, against 3.38 million euros year-on-year.




A leader in the private label market Founded in 1977 as Fedon Tsanas SA and based in northern Greece city Thessaloniki’s Thermi district, the company was partly acquired a year later by Dutch company SCHULPEN BEHERR BV, and in 1990 it was renamed to MULTY FOAM SA industrial and commercial plastics company. Multy Foam is a global market leader in household sponges and cleaning cloths. The group employs a staff of over 500 and operates in eight countries, facilitating global activities and local service. It operates production plants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, UK and China, as well as sales offices and warehouses in Austria and Spain. The majority of company products are delivered as private label products. The company offers customers the same high quality, whether its products are packaged under the Multy brand name or as a private label. Multy produces all types of sponges, made of quality polyether and polyester foam. Its facilities in Greece produce over 300,000 cubic meters of foam annually, in more than 50 different varieties, used for Multy’s wide range of products, as well as the auto, textile and furniture industries, among others. As household cleaning has become increasingly sophisticated, Multy offers a full range of high-quality products, including special anti-bacterial treated hydrophilic sponges with top-quality green scouring fleece. Multy also offers competitively-priced 10-pack sponges. Being a slap stock producer, Multy can supply blocks, sheets or semi-finished products made of polyurethane foam, which facilitates its access into various sectors, including the auto, furniture and bedding industries. The company exports to the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, England, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus, Africa, America, St. Mauritius, FYROM, Albania and the United Arab Emirates. According to its published balance sheet, the plastics firm in 2014 posted higher financial results, with sales rising to 23.69 million euros, compared to 22.80 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also rose to 3.65 million euros against 3.13 million euros year-on-year.

Contact Details 57001 Thermi, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310 461 860 Fax: +30 2310 461 862 Email: Website:



Plastics Industrial


A leading role in Greece and Europe FIBRAN was founded in 1974 by its current CEO, Mr. Demetrios Anastasiadis, and since 1995 plays a leading role as a producer of insulation materials both in Greece and Europe. Today, Fibran has 6 production units, utilizing the latest technology for the manufacture of insulation products (Extruded Polysterene, Stonewool and Expanded Polysterene), as well as Gypsum Boards. In Greece, in its industrial plant located in the Terpni village, Serres, Fibran produces stonewool insulation products with the brand name FIBRANgeo and extruded polysterene products with the brand name FIBRANxps. Other extruded polysterene production units are located in Portugal, Bulgaria and Slovenia. FIBRAN is currently the third largest producer of extruded polysterene in Europe. In Italy, the firm has invested in the production of gypsum products (gypsum boards and bagged products), as well as in the distribution of insulation, waterproofing and dry construction materials. It also produces expanded polysterene in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM). The company’s products are distributed either via subsidiary companies, or via a wide network of authorized dealers, to over 30 countries worldwide. In addition, Fibran is also active in the field of research, through its collaboration with academic institutions, both in Greece and abroad. The firm aims at providing comprehensive solutions and products for the protection of building and industrial structures. The company further aims at providing continuous education to the technical world via the publication of handbooks, software programs, and by frequently organizing scientific seminars and conferences in Greece and abroad. Posting mixed financial results in 2014, the firm saw its sales slightly drop by 4% to 25.36 million euros year-on-year, while its pre-tax income rose by 50% to 1.91 million euros, against 1.27 million euros a year earlier.

Contact Details 6th Km Thessaloniki – Oreocastro 57013 Oreocastro Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 682425 Fax: +30 2310 683131 E-mail: Website:



Paper Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 99 Iviskou st, 136 71 Aharnai, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 2400840 Fax: +30 210 2404738 Email: Website:


Intertrade Hellas SA

Producing 24,000 tons of paper annually Intertrade Hellas SA is among the largest paper converters in Greece producing toilet paper, kitchen towels and napkins for household and professional use. Having invested more than seven million euros in heavy machinery, the company, along with the standard qualities, has the capability to convert 3ply and 4ply paper with Deco, being the sole such converter in Greece. Intertrade Hellas SA was founded in 1992 with the scope of selling Jumbo Rolls in the Greek market. After a successful course, the company’s board decided, in 2002, to enter the field of conversion of paper as well. Since then, the company has invested over 11 million euros in modern installations and machinery, including Perini, OMET, Kasmatic, Optima, machines and Multipack equipment. Intertrade has a production capacity of 24,000 tons per year and employs a staff of 50. In 2006, the company was certified with the ISO 9001 quality standard. Intertrade Hellas supplies some of the largest retail companies in Greece such as Lidl, Sklavenitis, and Metro. The company’s short-term plans include expanding its activities in foreign markets, beginning with the Balkan region, either by promoting products under the SERVIN brand name or producing client-tailored products. The paper firm posted marginally higher financial results in 2014, with sales slightly rising to 48.80 million euros, compared to 47.63 million euros a year earlier. Net earnings also rose to 215,000 euros against 157,000 euros year-on-year.

Bluepoint S.A.

Holding the largest market share in fashion swimwear


Contact Details 12 Nikitara & Pontou Sts, Hellenikon, 167 77, Athens, Greece. Tel: +30 210 961 2412 Fax: +30 210 962 2313 Website:

Established in 1971, Bluepoint SA is Europe’s leading producer of fashion and competition swimwear. The company designs, develops and produces approximately 6 million garments per year on behalf of large retailers, including France’s Decathlon, Spain’s Zara, Germany’s Tchibo and Sweden’s Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), Europe’s largest fashion retailer. Bluepoint also holds the largest share of the fashion swimwear market in Greece. Regionally, Bluepoint swimwear is sold in 700 outlets throughout Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Lebanon. Ranked as one of the largest employers in Bulgaria, the company employs a staff of 1,300 at its 15,000-sqm production facility in the neighboring country’s Pernic area, 22 km from Sofia. At its headquarters in Athens the firm employs 57 professionals, mostly multilingual university graduates. In February 2009, Bluepoint launched its second manufacturing facility in Cairo, Egypt’s first large-scale swimwear manufacturing facility. The production capacity of the Egyptian factory reached 3.7 million garments in 2010. As the largest swimwear producer in all of Europe, the company commands a very large share of the European-made merchandise share. Company advantages include its large-scale, swift production and consistently high-quality production and low labor costs.




Contact Details 25th km Thessaloniki-Kilkis national highway Τel: +30 23410 39500 Fax: +30 23410 64173 Website:



One of the most rapidly growing aluminum companies ELVIAL is one of the most rapidly growing aluminum profile extruders in the Greek and European aluminum market. The firm develops, produces and distributes advanced aluminum systems for simple and complex architectural applications to leading frame constructors. In 2005 a unique environmentallyfriendly production facility was established, implementing robotic technology for profile handling, in new, state-of-the art installations. ELVIAL has set new standards, evolving into a modern, technologically advanced, vertically organized and customer-oriented company, without frontiers. ELVIAL’s impressively designed and constructed facility is located on a privately-owned land plot measuring 160,000 sqm, at Ag. Panteleimon Industrial Park, Kilkis. At the company’s world-class aluminium profile manufacturing and processing unit, all stages of the production process use cutting-edge technology, and for the first time in the world, advanced robotic systems are being developed to manage the profiles and prepare customers’ final orders. ELVIAL’s facilities are fully vertically organized and cover all stages of the production and processing of aluminium profiles: Manufacture – Development and Production Unit Profile Production – Extrusion Units Profile Painting – Electrostatic Powder Coating Plants HB Profile Painting in Wood Effects – Powder Coating Plant in Wood Effects Production of Insulating Profiles – Riveting Units Profile Packaging – Automated Packaging Centers Strong Internal Logistics Profile – Robotic Warehouse and Model Robotic management and distribution systems Production of Aluminium Slats with polyurethane insulation


A leader in timber production


Contact Details 3 Sokratis Economou, Alexandroupoli, 681 00, Greece Tel: +30 2551089810 Fax: +30 2551032038 Email: Website:


Alexandroupolis-based AKRITAS S.A. was founded by Athanasios Sarantis in 1977 with its headquarters located in Alexandroupolis, northeastern Greece. Its line of business is in the field of artificial timber production, with a client network throughout Greece and abroad. AKRITAS today operates one of the most modern wood processing units equipped with latest technology equipment. The factory is situated on a 370,000-sqm privately-owned plot of land on the Alexandroupolis-Orestiada motorway. The 60,000-sqm factory building houses production facilities and administrative services, while the company’s headquarters and administrative services (Financial Services, Internal Auditing Services) are located in new, modern, privately-owned offices in Alexandroupolis. For better customer service, the company has set up sales offices and a distribution centre covering a floor space of 4,780 sqm in Nea Anchialos, Thessaloniki, housing the company’s commercial departments (Foreign and Domestic Market Sales and the Northern Greece Distribution Centre). The Athens sales offices are located in the Athens suburb of Nea Smirni. The company markets the following products: Akripan®, Akritas Melamine (Standard melamine, Artika®, Synchro and surface finishes), Polytheta® (Doors, Worktops, Kitchen tops and surfaces), Evropanel and Woodworking products (for ceiling, flooring, planed and glulam). As part of its business plans among, the company has prioritized the expansion of export activity. Company exports are currently made to SouthEast Europe, Mediterranean countries, Middle East and Australia. Akritas owns several certifications such as: WKI for final products, DEKRA for safe loading and ISO 9001:2008. According to its published 2014 balance sheet, the wood production company saw its sales drop by 17% to 25.53 million euros, compared to 30.72 million euros a year earlier. However, the firm managed to reduce its pre-tax loss to 10.52 million euros, against 12.97 million euros year-on-year.


MACHINERY Industrial


Growing in a sector faced by numerous difficulties Petros Petropoulos SA was established in Thessaloniki in 1922. It manufactures, modifies, distributes and supports a wide range of automotive products including automobiles, trucks and buses, generators, diesel engines, boats, outboard engines, as well as agricultural, earthmoving and industrial equipment, batteries and lubricants. The company holds a leading position in the Greek market, in all of its respective sectors. P. Petropoulos is the parent company of a corporate group comprising six wholly-owned subsidiary firms, while the group’s operating segments are divided into strategic units selling different goods. The diversified business activity is monitored and managed separately as the activities of all six subsidiary firms differ greatly in nature, demand and gross margin levels. The group’s activity is separated into divisions for commercial vehicles (truck & bus Isuzu, Land Rover & Jaquar business units); automotive machinery (actively engaged in the business units of Petrogen – Gensets), and R & B (motors and boats), McCormick (agricultural machinery) and IE (Industrial Equipment); batteries and electronic accessories for cars; real estate development; and, lubricants. The company’s 2014 annual financial statement can be viewed in positive terms, given the current tough conditions prevailing in the sector as a result of Greece’s financial crisis. The markets where the firm is active did slightly better than expected, resulting to sales increasing to 66.4 million euros, against an anticipated 61 million euros, and compared to 55 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income rose to 1.9 million euros compared to 0,7 million euros a year earlier, while net profit more than doubled to 1.4 million euros against 0.6 million euros in 2013. P. Petropoulos’ management is content with the financial results, especially amidst unprecedented market conditions, and strives to achieve results to pre-crisis levels.

Contact Details 96-104 Iera Odos, Athens, 104 47, Greece. Τel: +30 210 3499200 Fax: +30 210 3473404 Email: Website:



food products Industrial


Delivering the best and finest quality products

Nikos Pentzos

Contact Details Sindos Industrial Area (Section B, Entrance C), Sindos, 547 00, Thessaloniki PO Box 1270, 57022, Sindos, Thessaloniki Tel: +30.2310.796360 Fax: +30.2310.723597 E-mail: Website:


ZANAE, a purely Greek company, is one of the largest and fastest growing food industries. The company began operating in Thessaloniki in 1930 as a bakery yeast industry. Over the years, it expanded into the production of canned goods, ready-to-serve meals and processed tomato. Thanks to the combined efforts of its experienced staff, ZANAE’s production range is updated regularly with new products that cater to the tastes and needs of consumers. As the only bakery yeast production industry in Greece, the company has a deep understanding of what bakers need, this being a good mixture. ZANAE is the leader in the Greek market and is also scoring high marks with bakers abroad, as well. Throughout the years, the company has operated with equal respect for consumers and the environment. ZANAE’s packaging maintains flavors unchanged without the use of preservatives, simply by using natural additives such as oil. The company’s range of products has continued to grow, with products in the following categories: tomato products, bakery yeast, stuffed vine leaves, ready-to-serve meals, vegetables and seafood. Its produce, such as tomatoes, are selected with the strictest criteria. The company launched Greece’s first tomato processing plant in 1972, in Zervochori, Imathia, northern Greece. Today, ZANAE products are exported to over 50 countries. The firm has built an extensive and constantly growing exports network covering Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Russia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), Czech Republic, Cyprus, Ukraine, USA, Canada, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. Greece’s traditional taste is served in different corners of the world, with the unique quality of ZANAE. Backed by domestic and international certificates ensuring the safety of its production procedures and all products, ZANAE is confident about the quality of its entire product range. The company holds the BRC2011, IFS2011, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certificates. Posting a loss in its 2014 financial results, the firm also saw its sales drop by 2.62% to 28.51 million euros, compared to 28.51 million euros a year earlier.




Exporting to all EU member states


Contact Details 50 Merarchias Serron, Komotini, 69 100, Rodopi Tel: +30 25310 30609 Email: Website:


Petsas SA was established in 1983 in Komotini, northeastern Greece, by entrepreneur Dimitris Petsas, who is still the company’s owner and main shareholder. Petsas based its operations on rapid growth in the textile industry, focusing on high quality and lower production costs. At present, the Petsas Group of companies are worth about 9.6 million euros, based on equity value. The corporate group is vertically integrated and operates several units: ginning mills with a collection capacity of 15 million to 20 million kilograms of seed cotton every season; a spinning mill equipped with 14,000 spindles and 10,000 kilograms of production every day; a knitting mill with 100 knitting machines of many types and fabric production, whose daily capacity stands at 12,000 kilograms; an elastic band department and accessories for underwear production; cutting department with BRB machine and trained staff; and, finally, a sewing department for underwear and sports clothing for men, women and children with a monthly production capacity of 1.2 million pieces. The Group’s products are exported to all European Union member states, Switzerland, Norway and US. In 1998, Petsas established a sewing company in Bulgaria, PTSELA EOOD. The venture comprises two factories, in Kardjali and Benkofski, employing a staff of 400. The group has established an excellent reputation in the clothing sector for product quality and reliability, which has led to customer loyalty. Its products are available at eight retail stores operated by the group in various parts of Greece through its group member DIMA SA, whose administrative headquarters are located in Athens. In 2014, the textile company posted a drop in sales to 14.54 million euros, compared to 16.13 million euros a year earlier. The firm saw its loss mount to 342,000 euros against 161,000 euros in 2013.


Posting higher sales and profits


Contact Details Industrial Area, Road A/D, P.O. BOX 1252, 71001 Heraklion, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 2810 381412 Email: Website:

Megaplast SA is a manufacturer of specialized packaging materials, located in Heraklion, Crete Island, Greece. Since its establishment in 1995, the firm supplies manufacturers with a complete range of innovative flexible packaging materials. Placing special emphasis on innovation, effectiveness, usability and quality of its products, Megaplast focuses on planning, development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative customer-driven superior packaging solutions that deliver measurable customer benefits. Today, Megaplast engages in extensive R&D activities at its new centre in Athens, assisted by a team of highly qualified technicians. By consistently investing in world-class resources, its innovation engine sets the stage for delivering long-term value for stockholders, while maintaining high standards of social, ethical and environmental performance. Company exports are made to several countries throughout Europe, as well as US, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Argentina and Israel through a wide range of distributors and subsidiaries in the UK (MEGAPLAST UK LTD), Italy (MEGAPLAST ITALIA SRL) and USA (MEGAPLAST USA INC.), and through local offices in Germany, France and Spain. In 2014, for the third year in a row, the company posted sound financial results, with sales jumping by 23% to 18.5 million euros, compared to 15 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared 80% to 2.46 million euros against 1.36 million euros in 2013.



Food Products Industrial

E.J. Papadopoulos SA

Leading the biscuit sector

Ioanna Papadopoulou

Contact Details 26 Petrou Ralli Ave, Athens, 118 10 Tel: +30 210 34 82 000 Fax: +30 210 34 21 225, 210-34 77 769 Email: Website:


Papadopoulos SA is the market leader in the biscuit industry and a strong player in the bread substitute segment (Rusks, Breadsticks, Krispies). More specifically, the company ranks second in the overall rusk market and is a leader in the category of premium rusks. Fostering a spirit of innovation and growth, along with a pioneering outlook, the company continues to expand into new product categories. In 2011, it created an innovative product in the cereal bars sector, the Digestive Bar, the first ever cereal bar to be made with biscuit. In 2013, the firm extended its presence in the Greek market with the launch of packaged sliced bread. Papadopoulos owns four production sites in different parts of Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Inofyta), as well as a central warehouse in Aspropyrgos, west of Athens, all certified and operating according to the International Quality Management Standard ISO 9001:2008, Food Safety Standard ISO 22000:2005, and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system. These certified standards apply to all company activities in administration and production, as well as in commercial activities. Papadopoulos, with a current staff of approximately 1,200, operates three sales departments across Greece, in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos, mideastern Greece. Distribution in all other parts of the country is carried out by a network of local partners. A total of 200 sales representatives and merchandisers work in the field each day, along with a number of wholesalers, in order to ensure the wide distribution of the company’s products. Papadopoulos has received numerous awards at both international and national trade fairs. The Papadopoulos company is currently present in more than 40 countries across five continents, with its Caprice brand leading the way, while southeastern Europe, along with Cyprus, constitute an area of strategic growth. Internationally, the company maintains its growth trajectory, aiming at further penetrating the Organized Retail Networks in the European markets, as well as the markets of the Middle East. The company in 2014 increased its sales and strengthened its position in all categories of its business operations. It continued to strengthen its leading position in biscuits, having launched new high value-added products. It has also maintained its successful course in the fresh sliced bread market. In 2014, the company saw its sales rise to 133.7 million euros compared to 126.4 million in a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings dropped slightly 11.3 million euros against 12.1 million euros in 2013.



Daios Plastics S.A.

Higher financial results in 2014

Industrial Daios Plastics SA was established in 1977 after having begun as a smaller venture producing primarily shopping bags. Within a short period of time, the company focused its production on specialized films for agricultural applications. Spurred by drive for growth and innovation, the enterprise went on to launch several products offering solutions to farmers. The company began producing film of a variable thickness as well as innovative patented films for drying tobacco leaves and raisins. The company holds more than twenty patents, most of which cover the entire European region, while a considerable number of these are valid in most developed countries. Daios Plastics invests consistently in state-of-the-art technology production and material technology. Company products are used in vineyards, greenhouses, tobacco crops, watermelon and asparagus cultivations, as well as in cotton crops. The plastics company saw its 2014 sales rise to 23.26 million euros, compared to 20.98 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 325,000 euros against 174,000 euros year-onyear.

Contact Details 12th km Veroia – Naousa, 59200 Tel: +30 23320 42 412 Fax: +30 23320 42 600 E-mail: Website:



Battling amid adverse conditions


Contact Details PO Box 16, Stenimachos, 592 00 Naoussa Tel: +30 23320 / 52 – 650 Fax: +30 23320 / 52 – 676 Ε mail: Website:

VARVARESSOS SA (EUROPEAN SPINNING MILLS) was founded in 1974, originally under the name “Spinning Mills Naousis Grig. Varvaressos and Co. SA.” The firm was again renamed to Varvaressos SA (Spinning Naoussis) in 1990 before settling for its current title in 2003. The company engages in production and trade of yarn. Initially, the company exclusively produced cotton yarn, from its launch until 1992. However, paying heed to industry changes and the requirements of international trade, the company expanded its operations and began producing an array of specialized yarns. Current production includes special, high-quality thread; conventional spinning yarn; knitting – weaving yarn; 100% cotton combed; 100% Cotton Q Cotton®, with certified cotton; 100% Modal; 100% Micro modal; and, yarn composite of various contaminants, mainly with natural components. The company owns two modern spinning mills with 47,000 rings and compact spindles, whose annual production reaches 6,000 tons of natural yarn. A large amount of production is exported to other parts of Europe and is based on international and European standards (ISO, GOTS, Oeko-Tex). The company exports to more than 20 countries. The firm in 2014 saw its sales drop by 8.3% to 16.3 million euros compared to 17.8 million euros a year earlier. Exports in the same year accounted for 67.27% of sales, falling to 10.96 million euros against 11.67 million euros in 2013. EBIDTA dropped to 2.24 million euros compared to 10.64 million euros year-on-year. Net income plunged to 691,500 euros from 9.48 million euros in 2013.



Apparel Industrial


Investing in high technology

Contact Details 4, Ag. Athanasiou str, 564 30, N. Efkarpia, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310 683392 / 683393 Fax: +30 2310 683123 E-mail: Web:


Union 3 Fashion Ltd. was established in Thessaloniki in 1985 by V. Christianopoulos, N. Papathanasiou and Th. Papas, all graduates of Thessaloniki’s Business School. Union 3 Fashion specializes in the design and manufacture of ready-to-wear women garments for all ages. The production is based on customer designs, as well as on the company’s own collection which is renewed with many samples every month. Union 3 Fashion is a vertical unit with its headquarters based in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second largest city, on a 6,000-sqm privately-owned space. The knitting department, as well as the design and sampling sections are located at the Greek premises. In an effort to maintain prices at a highly competitive level, the firm’s main production has been moved to Bitola, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) since 2001. The two privately-owned production centers measure a floor space of some 6,000 sqm and employ a staff 600 in the cutting, sewing, trimming, ironing, packing and other departments. Moreover, in order to increase its production flexibility, the company has two sub-contractors, both located in the southern part of FYROM, close to the border with Greece, where some 200 persons are employed. On the whole, the production capacity of the company is 3 to 4 million units annual, with typical sales amounting between 12-15 million euros. Union 3 Fashion exports to several European countries, including Germany, France, Netherlands and UK. The company has established partnerships with many distinguished foreign companies and is considered as one of the most prominent and modern production and export clothing factories. Union 3 Fashion uses contemporary technology at all production stages in order to achieve the best quality standards, in addition to reasonable prices. The company’s cutting department is equipped with the Lectra system, and its designing department with the Investronica, while the company has also invested in modern sewing machines for several uses in order to meet client specifications. For this reason, the company is also equipped with automatic motif strass machines and printers, as well as with embroidery and other decoration machines. Inhouse knitting in Greece is very important for the company’s success since it has invested in machinery that can guarantee extra fine fabric quality and flexibility. Its 30 cylindrical knitting machines can produce several fabric types, such as single-jersey with and without elastane, rib and interlock of all types, as well as full Jacquards and electronic stripe-rapport fabrics. Notably, the production time from order to delivery varies from 3 to 4 weeks, while for some NOS (Never Out of Stock) products that time can be less than a week. Punctuality in the execution of the orders and fast flexible services are among the key elements for the firm’s sustainable growth. In order to expand and develop its knitting department, Union 3 Fashion has decided to invest in new, fully electronic circular knitting machines from Monarch, UK. The new machines can produce a wide range of fabrics with large jacquard patterns, transfer feeds and stripes, in both single and double jersey knit. The clothing company in 2014 posted a marginal drop in sales to 12.39 million euros, compared to 12.73 million euros a year earlier. However, net profit rose to 413,000 euros against 374,000 euros year-on-year.




Exports exceed 73% of total production

Ioannis Anastasiou

Contact Details Gefyra Meganiti, 25100 Aegion, Achaia, Greece Tel: +30 26910 72003 Fax: +30 26910 71201 Website: E-mail:

CAVINO S.A. was established in 1958 in Aegio, northern Peloponnese, by Constantinos Anastassiou and Ioannis Douskas. Initially a winery, the venture was soon developed also into a distillery, while climate-controlled warehouses completed the company’s modern infrastructure. Today, CAVINO, being a national leader in production and exports of wines and traditional Greek ouzo, produces more than 8.5 million bottles of wine and 6.5 million bottles of ouzo, annually. Main shareholders Giannis and Theodoros Anastassiou established Domain Mega Spileo in 1999, bringing to Greek and international markets the highest quality premium wines from a single vineyard at the Mega Spileo (Grand Cave) monastery, located in unique natural conditions, at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in the Peloponnese. A new fully-automated, ultra-modern bottling line was launched in 2010, producing up to 7,000 bottles per hour and setting new quality standards to establish the company’s leading position in the Greek wine market. In 2005, CAVINO set itself the target of increasing exports by developing a new highly competitive range of products backed by an effective marketing and promotional program. The company achieved a leading position among Greek wine exports in various countries, including Germany, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, France, and the Netherlands. CAVINO is now among Greece’s largest bottled wine exporters, making export sales to more than 30 countries, including EU member states, US, Canada, Japan, Russia, China, etc. Currently, exports account for more than 73% of its annual sales. Taking into consideration specific unique features of foreign markets, CAVINO offers an extended wine range covering various price categories - premium, best value-for-money and basic - to cover all the major channels of distribution from wine boutiques and restaurants to retail chains. CAVINO’s exported products range from premium-segment Mega Spileo wines, best-value options from the renowned Nemea area, Atelier wines, the company’s highly competitive DEUS range of wines – the popular semi-sweet range and sweet Mavrodaphne, as well as Muscat wines. The new DEUS wines - a Natural Semisparkling white and rose, and Cabernet Sauvignon-Merlot semi-sweet in a one-liter bottles, promise to generate strong demand in domestic and export markets. The firm in 2014 saw its sales rise marginally by 1.12% to 17.12 million euros, compared to 16.93 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings rose to 153.500 euros against 24.800 euros year-on-year. Likewise, EBITDA increased by 7.81% to 911.000 euros against 845.000 euros a year earlier.



Aluminium Industrial

Contact Details


Optimistic outlook for the future EPALME SA has been in the aluminium business since 1970, when it started producing aluminium billets, as well as alloy ingots. In the years that followed, the company strove to adjust both production and resources to the prevailing Greek market conditions by utilizing the skills of its highly trained staff. In 1996, a majority stake in EPALME was acquired by ALUMAN SA, and three years later, in 1999, the company’s base was relocated to a newly acquired property in Inofyta, about 50 km north of Athens, adjacent to ALUMAN’s existing facilities. The company’s new factory at this site, equipped with state-of-the-art casting technology and with a staff of 60, currently produces aluminium billets, using pure aluminium ingots and recyclable aluminium scrap. The production plant’s annual capacity is 30,000 tons. As much as 90% of production is supplied to the Greek market, while exports account for the remaining 10%. In 2014, the aluminum firm saw its sales drop to 42.82 million euros, compared to 49.75 million euros a year earlier. Losses were limited to 38,000 euros against losses of 627,000 euros in 2013.

3 Merlin st, Athens, 10671 Tel.: +30210 3637410, +30210 3605454 Fax: +30210 3624152 Email: Website:

TEXTILES Industrial


Operating in the textile industry since 1999 IMATHIA COTTON SA was founded in 1999 as a holding company under the name Libra Holding SA, based in Thessaloniki. The firm was renamed to its current title in October 2003, while its purpose and headquarters also changed. In 2003, the company bought the Alexandria ginning mills, where it operates to date. The firm’s activities include cotton ginning and trading, cereal trading and delinting, disinfection and coating of planting cotton seed. The firm’s facilities on a 62,000-sqm land plot include a ginning mill, storage space, silos and a cottonseed delinting unit. The manufactured products, i.e. ginned cotton and cottonseed, are exported to major international trading houses in Egypt, Turkey, Japan, China, Italy and several other countries.

Contact Details Alexandreia, 59300 Imathia, Greece Tel: +30 2333026024 FAX: +30 2333027004 Email: Website:



Packaging Industrial

Contact Details 10.5 km Kilkis-Doirani National Road, Stravohori - Kilkis, 61100, Greece Tel: +30 23410 51 558 Fax: +30 23410 51 267 Website:

Food Products


Major Player in plastic packaging, worldwide! Sonoco is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial, consumer and protective packaging, and also a provider of packaging services. The firm is one of the leading producers of recycled paperboard, utilizing more than one million tons of recovered paper annually in its papermaking operations. Sonoco is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction in all the markets it is active in around the world, as its products are used by several of the world’s leading industries, including food processing, powdered beverages, snacks, textiles, papermaking, material converting, material handling, agriculture, personal care, etc. Today, Sonoco businesses, employing a staff of approximately 19,900, supply thousands of products for industrial, consumer and protective packaging customers from 347 operations in 34 countries. Countries with operations, subsidiaries or affiliates include Greece, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, the UK, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, the USA, and Venezuela. The company markets the following types of packaging and services: Display and packaging, flexibles, graphics management, material handling, metal ends and closures, pallets, paper and adhesives, plastics, protective packaging, recycling, reels and spools, retail packaging, rigid paper containers, specialty components, temperature assurance and tubes and cores.

Escarcom SA

Strong presence in the sector of snails and fruits


Contact Details Sevastiana, Skydra, T.K. 58 500, Greece Tel: +30 23810 82 605 Fax: +30 23810 81 176 Website:

Escarcom SA was founded and started its operations in 2009. However, the company has professional experience of more than 40 years within the food processing industry, as a heritage by its mother companies, Saligar SA and Salicom SA, which operated in the same fields from the mid 1960s up to 2009. It is located in Sevastiana, Skydra (Pella prefecture, Greece). Escarcom owns two separate production plants, one devoted to the processing of snails and the other to the processing of fruits and vegetables. The company’s facilities include a separate storage and freezing unit of a total storage capacity of more than 38,000 m³. The overall industrial unit covers a total floor space of more than 14,000 m². The company’s staff, including permanent and part-time personnel, varies between 200 and 400 employees seasonally. The list of Escarcom’s products comes from the production processes of its two separate business units. That includes buttered snails (‘a la Bourguignonne’) in a variety of packaging, as well as snail meat in cans and snail shells. In addition, the company produces frozen (IQF) fruits, focusing mainly on pitted cherries, peach and apricot cubes, apricot halves and peach slices. The elaboration capacity approaches 3,000 tons of live snails and 15,000 tons of fruits annually. Escarcom exports both fruits and snails, with the vast majority of the company’s final products sold in European markets, as well as in a number of countries around the world. Product supplies to the Greek market are made through a selected distribution network.



Agricultural Products Industrial


Major exporter of citrus fruits Established in 1990, SOURSOS S.A. has managed in a short time to grow into a strong competitor in exports. Its customers span across Eastern and Western Europe and Scandinavian countries, including Serbia, FYROM, Croatia, Albania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and Sweden, as well as Greece’s domestic market. Today, having won customers’ confidence as a credible, solvent and constantly upgrading business, Soursos continues to expand into the international market. Soursos’ main activity is packing of citrus fruits and fresh fruits in general, at its privatelyowned, modern, 12,000-sqm facility, situated in the heart of Greece’s largest plain of citrus fruit production, Skafidaki, Lerna near the Peloponnese city of Argos. All of the firm’s products are available at different types of packaging, while the company can meet the needs and requirements of even the most demanding customers. The firm is certified to all appropriate quality control and safety standards applicable for the food industry. Soursos’ facilities comprise one production line with an output capacity of 250 ton/8-hour, four girsac packing machines, two carton box machines, two palette-makers, one washing and disinfecting machine for plastic boxes (selection of fruit) and three cooling chambers. Placing special emphasis on its human resources, the firm constantly develops its staff strategy, to successfully attain its objectives. Soursos currently employs a staff of up to 100, including experienced administrative staff, as well as highly competent and expert management. In 2014, the firm reported a slight rise in sales to 12.19 million euros against 11.84 million euros a year earlier. However, its pre-tax income dropped to 52,000 euros compared to 94,000 euros in 2013.

Contact Details Skafidaki Argos, 21200 Argos, Greece Tel: +30 27510 42202 Fax: +30 27510 42387 Email: / soursos@arg. Website:



PACKAGING, PRINTING Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 55 Pireos St., Moschato, 183 46, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 4813707, +30 210 4837193-4 Fax: +30 210 4822909 Email: Website:

Textiles Industrial

Contact Details 19 Thessalonikis St., Veria, 59100 Tel: +30 23310 99635-99657 Fax: +30 23310 99655 Email: Website:

Tsimis SA

Linked with major multinationals Tsimis SA is a leading Greek manufacturer of flexible packaging materials with a big market share in Greece and increasing shares in export markets around Europe. The company specializes in Rotogravure and Flexography printing of various films (OPP, PET, PVC, PE, etc.), cold seal coating, hot melt coating and production of shrinkable bottle sleeves. Over the past decade, Tsimis has made a considerable number of investments in brand new rotogravure and flexography presses, laminator slitters, hot melt coaters and sleeve machines, significantly boosting the company’s potential. The technical capabilities include rotogravure printing up to 10 colors and flexography printing up to 9 colors, lamination with solvent free or solvent based adhesives, cold seal coating in register and hot melt coating of a great variety of substrates. These are used to package a wide range of products such as snacks, bread products, chocolate products, coffee, sausages, cosmetics, bar and liquid soap, dairy products and many more. The company operates a modern facility in the Lamia Industrial Zone, central Greece, which is certified according to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PAS:223 and HACCP standards. Additionally, it is an approved supplier for most multinational companies, covering their operations in Greece and export activity to other markets. In 2013, the company’s sales rose to 30.04 million euros compared to 28.99 million euros a year earlier. However, pre-tax earnings fell to 1.27 million euros against 1.92 million euros in 2012.


Counting an experience in the field of over 70 years C&P EKKOKKISTIRIA COTTON SA was established in 1996 in Veria, northern Greece. The founding family has been active in the field since 1946, when it was established by Prodromos Ousoultzoglou, father of the firm’s current manager, Nicholas Ousoultzoglou. In 1954, the company expanded as Ousoultzoglou Bros. - V.Spyridis OE, which proved to be a successful move that generated excellent performance and sound financial results. In 1978, Nicholas Ousoultzoglou became manager of the company and partner with a 25% stake. The following year, a further investment was made at the existing facility, increasing seed cotton production capacity from 40 tons to 80 tons per day, while also allowing for ginning procedures. In the years that followed, the company recorded rapid growth, exporting most of its production to eastern European countries, as well Italy, Germany, Switzerland and France, and Far East countries such as Indonesia, Singapore and India. Production capacity was further boosted to 700 tons per day of unginned cotton for increased exports to new markets such as Turkey, China, Brazil, Argentina, UK and Egypt, which were added to the company’s existing markets. Nowadays, the company remains highly export-oriented, with 90% of production sold abroad. According to its published financial information, the cotton producer in 2014 saw its sales drop to 11.64 million euros compared to 12.54 million euros a year earlier. However, the firm managed to return to profitability, recording pre-tax income of 80,000 euros against a loss of 396,000 euros in 2013.



Food Industrial

Contact Details Petreza, P.O. Box 114, Spata 19004, Athens, Greece Tel. +30 210 6630505 Email: Website:

Wood Processing Industrial

Contact Details 4 Parnassou St., 18233 Rentis Tel.: +30 210 4910103   Fax: +30 210 4908173 Website:


AlindaVelco SA

Three business units leading the company forward AlindaVelco SA is a leading company which offers ingredients, functional products and tailor made solutions for the food industry. AlindaVelco is also active in the distribution of basic raw materials to various industrial sectors, such as the detergent, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, textile, firefighting, fertilizers and animal feed sectors. Also, the firm offers a range of I&I products for private label customers. Since 1989, AlindaVelco has been on an ever-growing path, which placed the company amongst the most significant players in ingredients and industrial raw materials in southeastern Europe and the Middle East. With an active presence in 13 countries, AlindaVelco strives to deliver premium quality products. One of the major sectors in which the company has accumulated more than 15 years of experience is the production and supply of high-quality, ready-to-use or tailor-made ingredients and solutions specially designed to cover the needs of major food sub-sectors: dairy, bakery and confectionery, winemaking, beverages, meat processing, convenience food, beer brewing and jams. Supplying the Greek market with basic raw materials and specialty industrial ingredients produced by some of the world’s leading chemical companies stands as another vital business unit for the company. Another important AlindaVelco business unit is exclusively focused on the production of consumer and professional detergents, papery, personal care and other such general-use products. These products are well-known in the market under the established “Spark” and “Tension” brand names. AlindaVelco provides up-to-date cleaning and disinfection solutions and methods developed by its experienced and well-trained personnel. Company products are available throughout Greece. Its products fall under the following categories: Cleaning Products – Detergents, Detergents for Clothing, Disinfectants, Personal Care & Hygiene, Papery & Papery Equipment and Pool Cleaning Products. AlindaVelco is certified with the ISO 22000 quality standard. Posting mixed financial results in 2014, the raw materials industry saw its sales rise to 31.90 million euros, compared to 30.72 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax profits fell sharply to 38,000 euros against 192,000 euros a year earlier.


With a presence of 92 years in the sector F.A. MOURIKIS SA was founded in 1924 by Fotis Mourikis and ranks as one of the oldest entirely Greek-owned wood processing company. Today, it stands as one of the sector’s most sophisticated industrial enterprises. Mourikis is involved in wood processing and is capable of covering the increased needs required by manufacturers. The industry processes mainly African wood. The firm engages in the entire spectrum of wood transformation from natural product to corresponding artificial or processed high specifications and characteristics, capable of covering the needs of manufactures. The company’s production facility is located in the Corinth region of Kalamaki, while its distribution center and administration are based in port-city Piraeus’ Renti district. Sales outlets operate in various parts of the wider Athens area. Mourikis employs a total staff of 250, in all departments. Products are sold throughout Greece, covering a wide range of needs, while export activities are also growing. In 2014, the wood processing company saw its sales rise to 17.32 million euros compared to 15.56 million euros a year earlier. Significantly, pre-tax earnings jumped to 628,000 euros against a loss of 297,000 euros in 2013.


Food Products Industrial


Among the strongest dairy product industries

Panagiotis Tsinavos

Contact Details 3rd km Serres-Drama national highway, Serres, 62 125 Tel.: +30 23210 68300 Fax: +30 23210 68311 Email: Website:

The KRI KRI dairy industry’s roots date back to 1954 when George Tsinavos, the company’s founder, opened a small pastry business in Serres, northern Greece, which produced and distributed ice cream and confectionery products around the town. Back in those days, ice cream was sold by roving hawkers equipped with handcarts that used ice and salt for cooling. Kri Kri ice creams, especially “cassata”, a unique ice cream made of sheep’s milk for an extremely rich taste, gradually began gaining popularity beyond Serres. The ’80s and ’90s defined the company’s subsequent course. In 1987, the company constructed a new factory that also led to the production of yogurt made of fresh sheep and cow milk collected from the Serres area. In the mid-90s, Kri Kri set up a branch in the Athens area, a move that bolstered its distribution network for nationwide market coverage Nowadays, with Panagiotis Tsinavos as president and managing director, the company’s products, ice cream, yogurt and fresh milk, are distributed extensively to both supermarkets and smaller retail outlets. Kri Kri also exports to more than 10 countries. The company’s headquarters and main production plant are located in Serres. The company holds a majority stake (60%) in a dairy production facility in Iraq’s Kurdish region, which supplies the Middle East market. It also holds a 49.29 percent stake in a facility in Sofia, Bulgaria, currently undergoing liquidation procedures. Kri Kri also operates its own distribution center in Aspropyrgos, on the western outskirts of Athens, used as a launching pad to supply the country’s south. Kri Kri began its exporting activity in 2000 with the aim of developing its presence in both European and international markets. It based its export efforts on two key areas: understanding the unique needs of other countries and offering products of high nutritional value and quality. At present, the company exports the majority of its range of products to 20 countries in Europe, the Balkans and the Middle East. As a key part of Kri Kri’s efforts to target mainstream markets in other countries, and not just Greek Diaspora communities, its products are available at a number of major international supermarket chains. The Group’s total sales in 2014 dropped by 6.7% to 62.95 million euros compared to 67.47 million euros a year earlier. Ice cream sales inched up 2.0% to 23.04 million euros against 22.58 million euros in the previous year. Dairy sales fell 11.1% to 39.91 million euros compared to 44.89 million euros year-on-year. The company’s exports in 2014 accounted for 14.2% of total sales, recording a drop of 22.2%. Kri Kri’s sales in 2014 dropped as a result of a fire in December 2013, which destroyed its dairy facilities. The firm, in spite of immediately entering agreements for production of milk products by third parties in Greece, it failed to avoid the disorganization of its supply chain. This resulted in temporary stock outs on the market, eventually trimming down its sales volume.



Spirits Industrial

Greek Wine Cellars - D. Kourtakis S.A.

Among the country’s oldest wineries

Vasilis Kourtakis

Contact Details 20 Anapafseos Street, 19003 Markopoulo, Attica, Greece Contact phones: Tel.: +30 22990 – 22231 Fax: +30 22990 – 23301 Email: Website:


The first Greek Wine Cellars winery was established over a century ago, in 1895, by the company founder and grandfather of the company’s current CEO, Vassilis Kourtakis. Since its founding, the winery in Markopoulo, southeast of Athens, has steadily expanded in size, as well as facilities. Today, the Markopoulo winery covers a surface of 2.8 hectares, has a wine storage capacity of around 16 million liters, 6,000 sqm of warehouses, 4 bottling lines, 1,200 sqm of office space, and large open spaces serving needs for handling raw materials, packaging items and ready goods. The following departments are to be found here: Administrative, Commercial (for Attica, south western Greece, and the Greek islands), Export, Financial (Accounting and Personnel Sectors), Production (Oenology and Bottling Sectors), and Logistics. The Markopoulo winery currently employs a staff of 130. The company markets the following range of wines: Kouros, Vin de Crete, Apelia, Retsina, Imiglikos, Dessert, Aegean Islands, Swan, Trilogie, 3 Nightingales, Allotino, Traditional and Ambelourgimata. Furthermore, Greek Wine Cellars it the exclusive importer and distributor in the Greek market of J.P. Chenet. Apart from the Markopoulo winery, the company operates another four facilities in Ritsona, Nemea, Mantinia and Iraklion. The Ritsona winery covers a surface area of 3.3 hectares and during harvest has a daily capacity of receiving and pressing up to 1 million kilograms of grapes in its ultra-modern, state-of-the-art wine presses. Its wine storage capacity amounts to some 15 million liters. The Nemea winery is also an ultra-modern plant whose equipment, under the control and guidance of Greek Wine Cellars, has been thoroughly modernized. At the Nemea winery, Greek Wine Cellars receive, monitor and vinify Agiorgitiko, the select local red grape variety. The grapes come from the surrounding mountain vineyards within the Nemea designated region. The Mantinia winery is nestled in the center of the vineyards on the Mantinia plateau, near to the town of Tripolis, Peloponnese at an altitude of some 630 meters (2100 ft). It belongs to a local vintner, Petros Kalogeropoulos, with whom Greek Wine Cellars has made a long-term, joint-venture agreement. Greek Wine Cellars produces a considerable volume of wine on Crete Island. In 2004, the company received and vinified grapes in excess of 8 million kilograms. Since then, the firm has restricted its production, abandoning table wines in favor of premium wines produced under a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


Plastics Industrial


Leading force in PET packaging production RESILUX ranks as one of the most outstanding companies in the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging market. Ever since the company’s launch, the production of PET pre-forms and bottles has been the core business at Resilux. High quality and reliable supply stand as distinctive features of the Belgian company’s operations. Resilux supplies a complete range of PET pre-forms with a wide variety of weights, colors and sizes for the most diverse applications. Alongside the standard dimensions, RESILUX also designs and produces tailor-made models. The pre-form bottles weigh from 10.5 grams to 121 grams. With its considerable know-how and experience in the food, cosmetics and chemical industries, RESILUX is able to develop and supply suitable PET pre-forms for all liquid products. Moreover the company offers PET preforms and bottles for a wide variety of end markets, including food (sauces and oils), drinks (carbonated soft drinks, mineral waters, alcoholic beverages, juices and others like performance drinks & dairy) and non-food, like personal care, cosmetics, pharma and household products. RESILUX applies the strictest quality standards to its production of PET bottles for single or multiple use. Bottles suitable for multiple use are somewhat heavier than the disposable bottles and are characterized by their great sturdiness. Refillable bottles can be used up to 15 to 20 times. As an internationally oriented and prominent market player, RESILUX constantly invests in new technology for production and processing PET preforms and bottles. The RESILUX R&D Centers continually look for ways to further improve quality, increase the barriers of PET, optimize performance and bottle designs. The R&D is done in its own laboratories (Belgium and USA), or on client location. This provides a better understanding of processing in practice. Currently Resilux is also working on new environmentally-friendly barrier solutions: ResiBar Eco®, EcoBar® and BioBar®, part of the ResiBar® family, which will result in an extension of the current range of barrier products. Another development is an environmentally-friendly material: ResiGrind®. The Greek subsidiary in 2014 saw its sales drop slightly to 27.87 million euros compared to 28.56 million euros a year earlier. The company’s loss widened to 1.77 million euros against 660,000 euros in 2013.

Contact Details Street B2-A5, building OT 21, GRC-25018 Patras, Greece Tel.: +30 2610242030 Fax: +30.2610647398 Email: Website:



Metallic Products Industrial


Offering high quality products and services

Contact Details 70 I.Metaxa, Karelas, Koropi 19400, Greece Tel: +302106645027 Fax: +302106644912 Email: Website:


CeraMetal Surface Engineering is ideally located 20km from the centre of Athens in Greece’s most developed high-technology industrial park. With over 5,000 sqm of purpose-built production area, the company’s location offers quick access to the national road network, rail links, the sea port of Piraeus and Athens International Airport. The company operates three internal divisions that work in close collaboration with the objective of fully satisfying a wide client base. The WearParts division manufactures WearPlates, WearStrips and WearPads as standard products for stock in popular qualities. The company’s around-the-clock production schedule ensures quick procedures whenever necessary. Highquality standards are maintained and controlled, in line with strict process specifications, ensuring that customers receive excellent and reliable products to solve their particular wear problems. The division offers a wide range of services to supply made-to-order parts, fabricated components and constructions to customer specifications, or alternatively, turn-key solutions designed and manufactured fully under CeraMetal’s control and responsibility. The division also offers profile cutting and forming of WearPlate and HardSurfacing by a wide range of surfacing processes, laboratory and wear-testing facilities. The consumables division manufactures a range of hardfacing wires and tubular electrodes at quality levels equivalent to those achieved for the WearParts. These products are a natural complement to WearPlates in the overall fight against wear, and offer additional flexibility to the user. They are also used internally for hardfacing in the Services division. The company has successfully completed a number of projects across Greece, including cement factories (for AGET and TITAN), electrical power stations, heavy machinery constructions (METKA), and numerous others for both Greek and foreign industrial companies. CeraMetal has a TUV approved ISO 9000 standard for the Quality Assurance of its products and services. Its modern laboratory offers routine chemical analysis by spark spectrometer and combustion techniques for independent C&S analysis. Wear testing equipment provides for abrasion testing to the ASTM G68 standard and erosion to the DIN 50332 standard. Metallography techniques include a programme for photomicrographs of structures and the reporting of the chrome carbide distribution. The firm in 2014 posted flat sales 12.30 million euros compared to 12.42 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income dropped marginally to 1.31 million euros against 1.49 million euros in 2013.


COSMETICS Industrial


Operating 23 stores worldwide, active in 30 countries

Giorgos Korres

Contact Details 3 Drosini & Tatoiou Street, Metamorfosi, 144 52, Greece. Tel.: +30 213 01 88 800 Fax: +30 213 01 88 888 Website:

Korres natural products are available at pharmacies and cosmetics stores in Europe and other markets around the world, making it one of the most emblematic natural cosmetics companies, globally. The Korres company’s roots date back to the mid-60s with the launch of a pioneering Athens-based pharmacy, the Tzovanidis pharmacy, Greece’s first homeopathic pharmacy, located behind the Panathenaic Stadium, also known as the “Kallimarmaro.” George Korres, still a student at the time, became a partner in 1989 and eventually took over the business in 1992. The newly-owned enterprise’s first step was to establish a top-notch homeopathy laboratory based on leading foreign standards. It was in this laboratory that Korres developed his first formula, which was tested on friends. Korres products are often inspired by Naxos, Korres’s native island. His entrepreneurial endeavors began by the production of an aromatic syrup for the throat with honey and aniseed. The product was inspired by “rakomelo,” a sweet spirit combining “raki” spirit and honey that Korres’s grandfather used to make. The company’s moisturizing cream, whose ingredients included Wild Rose, gained widespread international success. Today, Korres offers more than 400 natural and certified organic products, whose development has been based on extensive scientific research. Korres’s research and development department absorbs 6% of the annual budget. The company also works closely with a number of high-profile associates, including the University of Athens Pharmacy School, in an effort to map the properties of the country’s flora, as well as the Chios Gum Growers Association and the Kozani Saffron Association. The saffron produced in Kozani, northern Greece, is considered as the world’s best variety. Korres currently operates 23 stores around the world, in cities including Athens, Paris, Madrid, Prague and Barcelona. Korres products are also available in department stores in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin, Sydney, New Delhi, Singapore and Tokyo, as well as at over 6,000 drug stores throughout Greece. Overall, the company’s presence spans 30 countries, while its products are available at over 12,000 retail outlets around the world. Posting double-digit growth in 2014, Korres saw its sales jump by 29% to 50.6 million euros, compared to 39.2 million euros a year earlier, with such exceptional results attributed to the extremely positive performance of all strategic markets. The Group in 2014 saw its export sales double (+108%) as a result of it successful business activity in the US, as well as its superior performance of its priority markets in Europe. In particular, an overall growth of 49% was recorded in the markets of Germany, England, Spain, France and Scandinavian countries. At the same time, domestic sales grew 2% amidst a touch economic environment, reflecting the benefits of a consistent launch of innovative natural products and the brand’s integrated, intensive communication plan and promotion in all strategic product categories.




Contact Details Terma Efxinou Pontou, 66100, Drama Τel: +30 25210 60100 Fax: +30 25210 60205 Email: Website:

Food industry Industrial

Contact Details 30 Iroon Polytechniou St., Falani 40011, Greece Tel: +30 241 094 1815 Fax: +30 241 094 1549 E-Mail: Website:



Offering high-quality marble Lazaridis Marmor SA is the parent company of Lazaridis Group, one of the largest vertically organized groups of companies operating in the marble sector, with operations in six countries: Greece, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Bulgaria. The Group also maintains activity, either as a purchaser or a seller, in more than 30 countries worldwide. The marbles marketed by the company are: white (9 types), beige (2 types), brown (1 type) and semi white (1 type). The firm also owns a crushing plant on Thassos island, in the Saliara region, equipped with primary, secondary and tertiary crushing and milling units. Screening and sieving equipment guarantees uniformity and stability of the final products. Lazaridis Marmor owns and operates a number of quarries: Thassos island, Drama, Volakas and Chios island. The firm also owns another quarry in Prilep, FYROM. As the extraction of marble from the ground results in alterations and disturbances in the geomorphology and vegetation of the landscape, the environmental policy followed by Lazaridis Marmor takes into consideration respect for and care of the environment. It is based on the observance of the strictest criteria and regulations on issues regarding the restoration of the areas of intervention. The company’s strong environmental sensitivity has been recognized by the International Environmental Management Certificate ISO 14001. In addition, the company’s principle is to offer its clients a wide range of high quality marble products and by-products. Lazaridis Marmor’s priority is to ensure excellent quality materials in combination with direct and effective service to customers. The establishment and application of the Quality System ISO 9001:2000 certifies the company’s reliability and long-lasting prospects.

Hotos SA

Feta cheese production a family affair Hotos family’s tradition in cheese-making stretches back three generations, to the early 20th century. It was back then that grandfather George Hotos perfected the secrets of Feta and Manouri cheese-making, drawing from the accumulated knowledge of the mountainous Samarina tradition. Today, Hotos SA remains true to its family tradition, and combines almost a century of know-how with a state-of-the-art creamery to ensure superior product quality. The company successfully remains family-managed despite its steady growth and substantial production output. Hotos’ company-owned creamery is situated at the very center of the region’s milk production, thus enabling its people to apply the strictest quality control in all production stages. The company’s exports span many countries in Europe, as well as the US and Russia, currently accounting for up to 80% of total production. Hotos applies the ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC standards for all production stages. The firm primarily markets cheeses, especially feta, manouri, goat anthotyro and mizithra, as well as sheep yogurt. All products are available in a variety of customer oriented packages and pallets. The company applies a Quality Management System according to standard EN ISO 9001:2008 and a plan for safety and hygiene products (EN ISO 22000:2005). Reaffirming its strong position in the industry for yet another year, the firm in 2014 saw its sales rise by 16% to 18.24 million euros, compared to 15.76 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income dropped slightly to 2.23 million euros against 2.47 million euros in 2013.


TRANSPORTATION MEANS Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 50 Agias Annis St & Terma Orpheos 12241 Aegaleo, Greece Tel: +30 210 3465942 Fax: +30 210 3472185 Web: Email:

Non-metallic ores Industrial

Contact Details Nea Santa, Kilkis, 61100 Tel: +30 23410 75570 Fax: +30 23410 75574 Email: Website:


Grantex: 5 continents, 72 countries, 20,000 product codes GRANTEX SA, nowadays a leading company in the production of friction materials, was founded 50 year ago by two brothers as a rubber industry manufacturing all kinds of rubber accessories suitable for hydraulic brake systems for cars and trucks. GRANTEX eventually terminated its production of rubber parts and focused on the development and production of friction materials. The firm’s production capacity covers all kinds of friction materials for automotive, industrial and marine applications. GRANTEX has obtained ISO 9001 approval, as well as AMECA, E1-R90 and E9-R90 certifications. The company has also extended its activities into the after-market, selling spare parts for heavy duty vehicles, through joint ventures with European and local producers, as well as through subcontracts with domestic companies. The firm’s flexibility in its production process, as well as availability of a large range of products and its objective of meeting the needs of almost every vehicle available, has allowed GRANTEX to adapt its products for all regions. This approach has facilitated the firm’s strong international presence. It exports worldwide, covering European markets, as well as the regions of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. In 2014, the firm’s sales rose by 8% to 14.77 million euros compared to 13.66 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 2.47 million euros against 1.92 million euros year-onyear.


Exporting to 28 countries KEBE S.A. (Heavy Clay Building Materials), which has been active in the production field since 2008, was the first company to introduce to the Greek market building materials that are truly and largely energy-saving and economic. The company markets the following products: Building System (Orthoblock), horizontally perforated bricks, roof tiles and roof accessories, chimneys, insulation systems and KEBE Xps. KEBE facilities are built on a privately-owned, 200,000-sqm plot of land, with sheltered surface area of 42,000 sqm, in a strategic location in Nea Santa, Kilkis. The site is very close to Egnatia Highway and its vertical axes, at the Greek border with the Balkan region, and a mere 25-km distance from the Thessaloniki port. The ultra-modern innovative mechanical equipment and the fully automated production process, implementing modern robotic technology applications, result in the production of high-standard products. The production stages include: Excavation and processing of raw material, forming, drying, firing (for tiles, using the “H” cassettes method for firing tiles one by one), quality control, packaging and automated storage. KEBE’s organized Exports Division takes care of the company’s constant expansion into the international market. The company’s export activities in combination with the excellent quality of its products have led to the firm’s international recognition as a powerful brand name. Currently, the company’s products are being exported to the following countries: Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, FYROM, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Sudan, Sweden, Turkey, Turkmenistan, UAE, USA and Ukraine.



Food Products Industrial

Dveloping and producing great tasting, authentic products

Block 38, N1BA Street, Thessaloniki Industrial Area Sindos 57022, GREECE Tel: +30-2310754050 Fax: +30-2310754051 Email: Website:

Pelopac SA develops and produces authentic, natural Mediterranean and Greek foods for contemporary grocery, deli and food service applications, under several major brands, as well as for private labels. The company specializes in developing new custom products in collaboration with clients by drawing on its extensive knowledge of ingredients, processes and market requirements. Over the past few years, the company has introduced over 100 unique new items and has won a number of awards for taste and innovation. Premium ingredients are used for the company’s products, based on Mediterranean cooking traditions. Product categories include Olives & Antipasti, Spreads, Meze & Bruschettas, Glazes, Sauces & Sweet Toppers and Snack Packs. Many items are available Certified Organic, under the EU 834/07 and USDA NOP standards. Primary ingredients are carefully selected from the produce of local and regional agriculture and processed and preserved in traditional ways. Home cooking principles are applied at the company facility with strict quality assurance and high tech packaging. All production is supervised by trained chefs and a certified food technologist. Ιn 2006, Pelopac built a 5,500 square meter, state-of-the-art production facility on the outskirts of Thessaloniki. The plant is equipped with raw material, packaging material and finished products storage areas, including refrigerated storage for sensitive ingredients. The right packaging is crucial for maintaining the freshness and quality of products, maximizing effective use of resources in retail locations, and -of course-enhancing the appeal of the product to the consumer. Combining its traditional production methods with high tech packaging, Pelopac has developed and introduced a number of innovative solutions. In 2014, the food company posted flat sales of 11.47 million euros compared to 11.49 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings rose to 311,000 euros against 184,000 euros in 2013.



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Contact Details 7th Kilometre Thebes-Chalkis Old National Highway 32200, Thebes, Beotia, Greece Tel.: +30 22620 22441 Fax: +30 22620 29075 e-mail: Web:



Leading force in boat manufacturing, supplies Watercraft was founded in 1974 with the co-operation of UK’s Watercraft Ltd. And since then has supplied a vast number of lifeboats and launches of all sizes from 16ft to 36ft as well as davits and hook release systems. In 1989, the davit sector of Watercraft Hellas was reformed by the foundation of Viking Hellas Ltd., a company affiliated to Watercraft Hellas and run by the same management team. The company’s headquarters and davit manufacturing were based in Piraeus, while boats were manufactured in an industrial area near Thebes, 80 km north of Athens. In 2006 Watercraft Hellas SA was acquired by Norsafe AS (Faervik, Norway). Over all these years of operation, Watercraft has manufactured and supplied commercial crafts up to 45ft to the Greek Authorities, the Hellenic Hydrographic Services, the Greek Coast Guard, the Greek Navy and finally the Greek Air Force, for which a special rescue craft was manufactured for training pilots in Sea Rescue. This facility provides Norsafe with a key location in the Mediterranean region, with a privatelyowned factory and service hub. The company has seen strong growth over all these years of operation, with its production capacity rising in 2009 to 150 boats and 100 davits. Watercraft employs 85 specialists in lifesaving equipment manufacture, with its range of products including conventional and open lifeboats, free fall lifeboats, rescue and fast rescue boats. The company can also supply specialized products, such as patrol boats, pilot boats, landing craft and ship tenders. There is a wide range of davits or release systems to suit all boats. Watercraft’s expertise and 30-year manufacturing experience combined with Norsafe’s 100year history in the lifeboat industry, places the firm among the world’s leaders in the sector.


Chemical Products Industrial

Maris Polymers S.A.

A leading European specialist

Inofyta Industrial Park, 32 011 Inofyta, Greece Tel: +30 22620 32918-9 Fax: +30 22620 32040 Website:

Founded in 1989, Maris Polymers S.A. is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of polyurethane liquid-applied waterproofing membranes and resins in Europe. Its stable growth comes as a result of its innovative and quality products, its highly specialized personnel and the value-added services provided to its clients. Maris Polymers is an independed, privately owned Polyurethane systems house and one of the leading European specialist in polyurethane liquid applied waterproofing products and cold curing polyurethane resins for Construction, Marine and Industrial applications. In addition, Maris Polymers proves its technological leadership by offering a full range of special solutions and customized products. The firm also offers products in the following categories: Flooring Systems, Waterproofing Systems, Coatings & Sealers, Joint Sealants etc. Maris Polymers exports its products to more than 45 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Mid East, Africa, S.E. Asia and the Americas where it operates either by affiliated companies or through partnerships with local distributors. In the markets of France, Germany and South East Asia, the company operates under its affiliated companies Maris Polymers France Sarl, Maris Polymers Deutschland GmbH and Maris Polymers Asia Pty Ltd (Singapore), respectively. Maris Polymers delivers individual solutions worldwide from its production facilities in Athens, Greece. In 2014, Maris Polymers reported a rise in sales to 14.29 million euros compared to 12.07 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 3.13 million euros against 2.10 million euros in 2013.

Food Products

Amaltheia SA


Contact Details


Contact Details Kefalovrison Etolikou, ETOLOAKARNANIA 30400, Greece Tel: +30 26 320 22 516 Fax: +30 26 320 22 983 Email: Website:

Offering 100% natural products Amaltheia SA made its first steps in the center of one of the most important oil-producing regions of Greece, using one of the most ancient and useful products of Greek land, olive. The firm’s history goes back to 1966 when Athanasios Zoukas founded a general partnership company, Athanassios Zoukas & Co. In 1980, the partnership evolved into “Amaltheia SA” and since then it continues to operate in the same place in Kefalovriso-Etoliko, now part of the municipality of Messolongi. Since its foundation, but especially in the last few years, the firm has been working on upgrading and expanding facilities, with the installation of new technology equipment, as well as better organizing and staffing of its production and administration operations. With a view to meeting the demanding requirements of modern consumers and developed foreign markets, Amaltheia observes strict standards in monitoring the production process of its products to ensure consistently high quality. The company exports the vast majority of its production, with overseas sales accounting for up to 90% of total turnover. Today, the company exports to 17 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Finland, UK, France and South Arabia. Having been on a growing path ever since its establishment, the firm currently employs a staff of 45, while production capacity amounts to 5,000 tons of table olives and about 200 tons of olive oil. In 2014, the company saw its sales rise to 12.33 million euros compared to 11.35 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income jumped to 725,000 euros against 278,000 euros in 2013.



Food Products Industrial


Leader in frozen vegetables and frozen dough market Barba Stathis is the leading company in frozen vegetables and frozen dough products in Greece. Barba Stathis’ production is based on an integrated crop management system, contractual farming, application of “Agricultural excellence”, production of organic farming and cooperation with academic institutions for research purposes, thus enabling the company to produce high quality products, as fresh as at the moment of harvesting. Barba Stathis’ activities include the production and sale of frozen vegetables (conventional and organic), mixed vegetables (plain and with rice), combinations of frozen vegetables based on traditional Greek recipes, as well as tomato products and fresh salads. In the dough category, marketed under the brand name Chrysi Zymi, the Company promotes authentic delicious pastry creations based on Greek traditional recipes, offering consumers a wide variety of products including frozen filo dough kneaded with extra virgin olive oil, pies and mini pies filled with PDO cheeses and the finest ingredients, pizza and a variety of filo dough variants in the category of chilled dough. Barba Stathis SA, founded in 1969, is a subsidiary of Vivartia, the largest food company in Southeast Europe, member of Marfin Investment Group (MIG). The fundamental key elements for its success are: Quality, Nutrition, Flavor and Convenience. Barba Stathis’ production plants comply fully with all National and International food quality management and safety standards. Its Quality & Safety Management system is certified EN ISO 9001/2008, EN ISO 22000/2005, I.F.S. & B.R.C. and guarantees that its vegetables are produced according to these standards. At the same time, the company has developed an integrated strong Research and Development operation which focuses on capitalizing on innovations that respond to the demands of the markets it serves. Thus, it offers products that preserve and promote the Greek / Mediterranean cuisine which is adapted to the needs and pace of contemporary way of life, not only within the Greek boarders but also worldwide. Based on its operational pillars and embracing its vision to represent Greek Nutrition globally, the company’s products are present in 21 countries in the five Continents.

Contact Details Thessaloniki Industrial Zone (A5 St.), Sindos 57022, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310798483 Fax: +30 2310796221 E-mail: Website:




Yannidis Group

55 years in the production of paints and varnishes

Constantine Yannidis

Contact Details P.O Box 139 Imeros Topos GR 19300 Aspropyrgos T. +30 210 5589 500 F. +30 210 4835 007 E-mail: Website:

Yannidis Group consists of three companies today, VITEX in architectural paints production and sales, Hermes in waterproofing materials and chemicals and VitexTherm in external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). The group activities started back in 1932 in Piraeus-Athens (Greece). In 1960 the company expanded its business to the production of paints and varnishes. VITEX brand was born! It was the company’s first product in this industry. The company then was named ERMICHROM and VITEX was at the time a pioneering plastic paint color. Today the group has operations in different parts of Greece and the neighboring Balkan States of Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. The Group consists of 215 employees in sales, production, exports, marketing, quality control, product safety and research. It is one of the biggest of its kind in Greece and has been the recipient of a significant number of prestigious awards. VITEX is the largest Greek manufacturing company concerning decorative paints in terms of sales and production. Headquarters of the group are located in the latest industrial site of Aspropyrgos (finalized in 2008), near Athens. The production sites and buildings of the group are company owned sites, a sign of the high capitalisation of the group. The facilities host two individual production units, a logistics center, new R&D lab and group’s headquarters. On this production site, we have set high standards in terms of productivity, technology, health safety and environmental performance. During the past decade a substantial investment in modernizing the production included the establishment of a state-of-the-art color production plant for VITEX paints. This made the group strong and flexible to face off the challenges presented by a continuously changing business environment. Believing in the potential of penetrating more markets, the group has drawn up an action plan for the expansion of the company in several countries, in an effort to make their Greek trade mark internationally known. Our brand “VITEX” is very well known in the professional and DIY markets. After focusing in the expansion to neighbor countries like Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, the group is now aiming to use the positive experience gained and the available production capacity to expand to other countries, although we are already exporting to Albania, Georgia, Russia, Cyprus, Denmark, India, Australia and recently to the Czech Republic, Canada, Belgium and other countries. VITEX has also launched its Colorfull system, installed throughout its partner’s network aiming to answer all customer needs regarding colors and shades, for immediate delivery, through a computer-assisted procedure and with the use of specialized equipment. VITEX fulfils the commitment and adopts high occupational standards in health and safety processes according to the triple standard of Quality, Environment and Health & Safety (ISO 9001/14001/18001). Targeting the development and application of efficient Management Systems in a combined form and a common manual VITEX expands the ISO 9001:2008 (Quality) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental) to OHSAS 18001:2007 (Health & Safety). Also, all products and production are fully harmonized with the corresponding European Legislation.



Plastic Industrial

Contact Details Ind. Area Of Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310 712512 Fax: +30 2310 797959 E-mail: Website:



Capitalizing on know-how Palaplast SA was founded in 1980 by the Palatianas brothers. Starting off the venture by producing simple irrigation fittings, the company developed great technological knowledge. In 2000, the firm was involved in a joint-venture agreement in Izmir, Turkey, launched as a trading company. In October 2001, PAL-VEP SA, was incorporated into Palaplast, in a bid to achieve maximum results for both companies. In the summer of 2003, Palaplast began relocating to a new base in northern city Thessaloniki’s industrial zone, a process that was completed in December 2004. Nowadays a major industry producing plastic pipes and fittings that are exported to over 100 countries around the world, Palaplast employs a staff of more than 200 for the production of over 3,000 codes at a facility measuring 25,000 square meters. The production plant has a 6,000-ton production capacity. Palaplast SA ranks as Greece’s leading manufacturer in the production of plastic pipes and fittings for irrigation. The company’s considerable know-how, well-trained personnel and use of the latest in robotic technology, have established Palaplast as a leading firm in its sector, both domestically and internationally. The company’s vast variety of pipes and fittings, produced in countless sizes, ensure excellent results and quality for irrigation networks. In more recent years, the firm made a dynamic entry in the field of potable water supply, achieving excellent results. Also, Palaplast has introduced new products for geothermal energy, fiber optics networks and heating products. In 2014, the firm’s sales inched up to 23.19 million euros compared to 22.11 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income dropped marginally to 1.88 million euros against 2.03 million euros in 2013.


Robust sales in 2014 Industrial Industrial

Contact Details Patras Industrial Zone, 25200 Tel.: +30 2610647571 Fax: +30 2610647573 E-mail: Website:


AMEKON SA was established in 2003 with the primary objective of recycling lead scrap (lead sheets, lead pipes) and all sorts of secondary cells for the production of lead sheets and other lead alloys. The raw materials (lead scrap) supplied and recycled by the company are: used lead-acid batteries, building materials (lead sheets & hydraulic structure waste), lead pipes used in electrical cables, waste from plants producing lead-acid batteries (plates, lead oxides, etc), dross and lead dust, waste of radioactive material casings (from radiological and nuclear medicine laboratories), ballast from vessel keels (e.g. sailboats), fishing supplies and wheel balance weights. Products occurring from the above recycling processes include metallic leads, lead sheets, polypropylene raw material and sodium sulfate powder. AMEKON, located in the industrial zone of the port-city of Patra, western Greece, is the country’s only lead recycling enterprise, producing lead with a purity of 99.98%, making it appropriate for use in industrial production, both in Greece and abroad. The company also produces lead and lead-sheet alloys. The firm’s recycled lead production amounts to 10,000 tons, annually. To minimize its environmental footprint and comply with the relevant regulations, the firm applies environmental management procedures according to the ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008 standards. The recycling company in 2014 posted a jump in sales to 16.01 million euros compared to 11.77 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 1.0 million euros against 881,000 euros in 2013.


METAL PRODUCTS Industrial Industrial

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Supplying Greek ouzo to more than 30 countries Distillery-Winery of Thrace SA is one of the largest Greek producers of ouzo and tsipouro, with an output of approximately 9,500,000 bottles 0,7l per year, holding a leading position in ex​​ ports. The Distillery-Winery exports approximately 80% of its total production to more than 30 countries around the world, and immediate plans are to expand to new markets. Germany holds the lead in the firm’s exports, taking an annual 8.5 million bottles, while another 3.5 million bottles are destined to Iraq and Estonia and smaller quantities to the US and Australia. Russia and China are considered the company’s new target markets. Distillery-Winery of Thrace’s plant is located in the Industrial Area of ​​Komotini on a privatelyowned 15,000-sqm plot of land, with sheltered space of 5,000 sqm. The facility is equipped with six stills for ouzo distillate production and four stills for tsipouro distillate production, each of a capacity of 1,000 kl; three bottling lines of a capacity of 12,000 bottles per hour; stainless steel storage tanks for ready product, of a total capacity of 795,000 liters; and, sufficient machinery to support production. The firm currently employs a staff of 75.

Komotini Industrial Area, 691 00 Komotini, Greece Tel.: +30 25310 98253 FAX: +30 25310 98325 Website: E-mail:


Contact Details 9th km Arta-Ioannina National Road, 47042 Arta, Greece Tel.: +30 26810 52393 Fax: +30 26810 52387 Website: E-mail:


Moving from Preveza to Epirus Epirus-based dairy industry Karalis SA is the evolution of a relocated dairy which operated in Petra, Preveza for more than 50 years, but was of outdated technology. The current cheese factory features modern design and technology with a daily processing capacity of 40 tons of milk. Karalis dairy is the largest industry and exporter of kefalograviera cheese (PDO). The firm started off and continues to process sheep’s milk produced in the Epirus region, making the famous traditional Epirus cheeses. It constantly improves product hygiene to cater for market requirements for tasty and nutritious traditional products in a variety of packages. Although the firm has been transformed into an S.A. company, it is owned and run by the Karalis family, with its main competitive advantages being its long experience in cheese making, good relationship with suppliers and fine reputation for Epirus cheeses developed and advertised throughout the world. Karalis family’s association with cheese has a history of three generations. Mr. Konstantinos Karalis was raised in a ranching family of cheese-makers, and became a cheese-maker himself. He set up his first modern cheese-dairy in Petra, Preveza in 1982, also starting to export. In 1998, he established a new, 5,000-sqm ultra-modern dairy in Philothei, Arta, which can processes 80,000 kg of milk daily. The company’s exports now account for 65% of total sales, with the remaining 35% made to the domestic market. Since 1982, exports are made to the US, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, Sweden and Belgium.





Leader over the past seven decades Industrial

Contact Details 4 Akadimias street, 106 71, Athens, ATTICA Tel.: +30 210 36.79.300 Fax: +30 210 36.02.193 Email: Website:

Food Products Industrial

Contact Details 570 08 Ionia, Po Box 1661, Neochorouda, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310784366, 2310785121 Fax: +30 2310784661 Email: Website:


The well-known “Tupperware” brand made its first appearance in America in 1946, when Earl Tupper introduced the WONDERLIER BOWL, which is still sold today. The WONDERLIER BOWL had an advantage over all other food containers as it was lighter, didn’t break like glass or ceramics, and mainly because it was accompanied by a watertight and airtight lid. Despite the revolution that was brought about by the new product, it didn’t sell satisfactorily in supermarkets, as consumers needed a demonstration to understand its uses and operation. In response to the subdued reaction, TUPPERWARE introduced a completely new way of approaching consumers in 1948 - residential demonstrations. TUPPERWARE emerged in Greece in 1964 and, three years later, began operating a factory in Thebes. Today, the Thebes factory is one of four operated by the firm in Europe. It is equipped with modern machinery and highly qualified staff. At present, TUPPERWARE products are available in 100 countries around the world, offering products for all needs and cultures. Every two seconds, a Tupperware demonstration is being performed around the world. The products introduced by company founder Earl Tupper revolutionized storage, maintenance and preparation of food and continue to shape modernday lifestyles with modern design and innovative features. In today’s information age, consumers can feel confident about finding Tupperware products easily, thanks to an extensive distribution network covering the whole of Greece. Consumers can also feel confident that Tupperware will continue to offer products and services of unparalleled quality. The Tupperware product range can cover the most demanding of consumer needs. New inventions allow Tupperware products to withstand extreme temperatures, from -40° C up to 230° C! The firm continued its growing path in 2014, with revenue mounting to 43.01 million euros compared to 40.48 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income almost doubled to 4.53 million euros against 2.67 million euros year-on-year.


Leading the Eastern Europe food game KESIDIS Bros. SA was founded in 1996 by Panagiotis and Chistoforos Kesidis, with the objective to trade food from former Soviet Union states, and other sources as well. In the same year, the company became a member of the MONOLITH group. The group’s storage facilities, measuring a floor space of 2,500 sqm, and located at the firm’s company-owned building, are equipped according to EU sector-specific regulations. The Monolith Greece storage facilities carry ISO 22000:2005 certification. The firm’s Athenian branch serves clients in southern Greece and the country’s islands. Continued efforts are being made by the firm to improve and expand quality and services offered, with a view to retaining its leading position in the Greek market for Russian products. Monolith Greece distributes products to over 500 retails outlets around Greece on a weekly basis. Products are divided into three categories: food products, frozen food and beverages. In 2014 the food company reported a drop in sales to 10.72 million euros compared to 11.56 million euros a year earlier. Similarly, pre-tax earnings fell to 560,000 euros against 977,000 euros in 2013.


Food Products Industrial


Leading force in chocolate production

Contact Details 69 Eleftheriou Venizelou, Neo Faliro, 185 47, Piraeus, Greece Tel.: +30 210 4814971 Fax: +30 210 4822492 E-mail: Website:

The historic Greek company ION’s history dates back to 1930, when a group of shareholders launched a chocolate factory in Neo Faliro, near the country’s main port-city of Piraeus. Not long after, a second company, NASKO SA, was launched, specializing in the production of sugar confectionery products. This corporate addition continues to play a dominant role with a number of sugar confectionery products, such as NASKO fruit filled caramels and the assorted caramel range. Carrying on from these successful early entrepreneurial initiatives, the foundation of ION’s current magnitude and importance as Greece’s leading chocolate brand was set after WWII with the establishment of I. Kotsiopoulos Bros. SA in 1956, set up as the trading arm for sales and distribution of both ION and NASKO products. Combining forces with the company’s headquarters in Piraeus and a factory located in the commercial center of Athens, at 43c Athinas St., the newly established company provided the blueprint for today’s sales and distribution network. Nowadays operating three privately-owned distribution centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos, the company is able to reach the entire Greek market. In 2014, the firm’s exports rose by 7.33% in volume and by 6.19% in value. Exports to the EU accounted for 26% of total exports. Major export destinations included Albania, Cyprus, Lebanon, US and Egypt. Exports of Nucrema products to Bulgaria are made by a Sofia-based subsidiary. However, export growth has been generally impacted by the low competitiveness of Greece’s economy as a whole, as well as by a strong euro, uncertainty in Middle East markets and the fact that the company’s foreign markets are flooded with cheap labour and low quality products from Third Countries. As a result, exports have shown negative financial performance. ION nowadays operates two modern production units, in Athens and Arta, northwestern Greece. Both offer large-scale production capacities, as well as quality-control and R&D facilities. Employing a staff of more than 950, the company ranks among Greece’s 50 largest industries. Kotsiopoulos Bros. SA maintains the exclusive sale and distribution of all ION products throughout Greece. The firm’s distribution center in the Athens district of Kallithea covers the wider Athens and Piraeus areas. ION’s first additional facility outside Athens was established in Thessaloniki, covering the company’s market needs throughout Greece’s northern region. The facility has developed to become an extremely modernized distribution centre that also houses offices and warehouse facilities. All other parts of Greece are covered by a group of salesmen and local representatives, overseen by the company.



Food Products Industrial


With up to 82% of export sales

Aris Kefalogiannis

Contact Details 48 Armatolon & Klefton St., 11471 Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 9330595 Fax: +30 210 9330576 Email: Website:


Gaea SA was founded in 1995 following market research that showed Greek agricultural food products were absent from international markets, in spite of their high quality and good taste. Gaea offers a delicious product range that is indispensable in traditional Greek cuisine. Its products are of the highest quality, grown naturally on Greek land, sun-ripened and harvested the traditional way. It is important for Gaea to preserve and optimize nature’s offering. Gaea’s factory has been set up at a 15,000 sqm plot of land located 1.5kms from the center of Agrinion, western Greece. The facility’s total floor space measures over 6,500 sqm. The factory features fully automated production lines for olive oil bottling (6,000 bottles/hour), olive bottling (7,000 jars/hour), spreads, dips and sauces (3,500 jars/hour), as well as an additional olive line for the production of innovative “snack pack” packaging, without preservatives (3,000 packs/hour). The facility includes a 3,000 sqm warehouse equipped with refrigeration and ten stainless steel tanks, each of a 30-ton capacity, for olive oil storage. The company’s factory operates under the ISO 9001, HACCP, BRC and IFS standards, while it recently acquired certification for ISO 14001 environmental accreditation. Gaea olive oils are the first carbon-neutral olive oils in the world, certified by the Swiss nonprofit organization “myclimate.” The company implements an on-site compacting and recycling policy. The facility’s operation is divided into the departments of production, supply, quality control, R&D, warehousing and logistics. Gaea’s headquarters, located in central Athens, comprise the departments of HR, Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Communication, CSR - Environmental Management, Domestic Sales, Exports Sales and Logistics. The factory produces Greek extra virgin olive oils, Greek olives, tapenades, cooking sauces, Greek specialties, vinegars, organic range and fruit bars. Gaea’s significant know-how has allowed the development of an extended distribution network supporting the international distribution of its products. As much as 82% of GAEA sales are made in the international market. The firm exports across Europe, in countries including Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands, as well as to China, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada and Brazil. Since January 2015, GAEA, founded the GAEA USA, an independent company based in Miami, with the purpose of trading and distributing GAEA products in the US. In 2014, the firm saw its sales inch up to 12.66 million euros compared to 12.26 million euros a year earlier. However, it recorded a loss of 1.34 million euros against a loss of 578,000 euros year-on-year.


Marine accessories Industrial


Among the sector’s largest firms

Contact Details Psaron & Anapafseos str., 186 48 Piraeus, GREECE Tel.: + 30 210 4060300 Fax: + 30 210 4626 268 / 4619 631 E-mail : Website:

Katradis Group of companies hails from a boat supply company specializing in the production of high quality ropes, which was established by Konstantinos Katradis in 1936 and has since become a pioneer in the manufacturing sector. Today, with over 80 years of experience, the group is undoubtedly prominent in the field of ropes, while also excelling as a manufacturer of wire ropes. Other products offered by the company include mooring ropes, anchors, chains, anodes, port development equipment, paints and deck equipment. Aspiring to broaden its horizons, the group in the early 80s began supplying marine paints, offering high-quality protective coatings, known as Shark Marine Paints. Furthermore, the group has nowadays secured a competitive role in the provision of a large assortment of anodes, including zinc hull anodes, aluminium hull anodes, zinc tank anodes, zinc pit guard anodes, aluminium tank anodes and aluminium pit guard tank anodes. Katradis boasts a large stock of deck equipment in Piraeus and globally, in addition to the vast array of Port Development Equipment such as rubber fenders, buoys, floating marinas, bollards and oil booms. Strategically located in the vicinity of the port of Piraeus, thereby ensuring easy and rapid access, the group’s headquarters occupy an extensive floor space of 9,000 sqm, housing testing facilities for technical support to all Piraeus-based shipping companies. Katradis prides itself in being compliant with the classification societies LRQA (ISO 9001), ABS, GERMANISCHER LLOYD, API and LLOYD’S REGISTER, and all of its products are designed and manufactured in accordance with DIN, BS, CI, EN/CE, API, ISO, ASTM, MIL and other international standards. The Katradis Group subscribes to a Total Quality Management philosophy and a Quality Management System & Process in line with ISO 9001. Total Quality Management philosophy indicates the attention and control that must be given to all features of a product or service, in order to ensure total customer satisfaction. The TQM process is the comprehensive process of satisfying the customer, starting with a request for a product or service through the delivery and use of the item that satisfies the request. The group provides services as a manufacturer, importer, exporter, distributor and dealer to the marine and industrial sector in an efficient and cost-effective manner with the support of an extensive global network of affiliated establishments, agents, suppliers and representatives, all favorably positioned at major ports, thereby guaranteeing immediate service. In 2014, the rope firm posted higher financial results, with sales inching up to 11.46 million euros compared to 10.80 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 1.11 million euros against 781,000 year-on-year.



Food Products Industrial Industrial

Contact Details Chalastra, Thessaloniki 573 00, Greece Tel: +30 2311990600-699 Fax: +30 2310794933 Email: Website:

Publishing – Printing Industrial

Contact Details 5th km Varis Koropiou Ave., 19400 Koropi Tel: + 30 210 6697500 Fax: 210-6697629 E-mail: Website:



90% of production exported worldwide EURICOM Hellas SA was founded in February 1998 in the region of Chalastra, near the northern Greece city of Thessaloniki. The company’s installations are among the biggest in Europe and its annual capacity exceeds Greek domestic demand. The firm engages in the treatment/ bleaching and standardization/packing of rice. Its automated factory, equipped with ultramodern processing and quality control machinery, has a production capacity of 500 tons daily. The company began its commercial activity in March 1999 and soon managed to make significant exports, now accounting to 90% of its total production. EURICOM Hellas is specialized in the production of high quality of rice of all varieties, collaborating with leading producers, importers and distributors of foods worldwide. The firm can produce high quality rice of low cost, and deliver it to customers immediately, offering a high level of services. The company has been certified by ABS Group according to HACCP, ELOT 1416. Euricom Hellas is a member of Italy’s EURICOM Group spa., a leading group in the rice industry and also among the biggest of its kind in the world, producing and marketing rice, pastas and semolina in Europe. It has 10 rice production factories (Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Greece), as well as two units semolina plants (Italy) and four pasta factories (Italy and Greece). EURICOM Group is a leader in the production and distribution of rice in Europe, as its produces and distributes more than 500,000 tons of rice every year. In 2014, Euricom Hellas posted a drop in sales to 10.54 million euros compared to 12.18 million euros a year earlier. It also reported a pre-tax loss of 160,000 euros against a pre-tax profit of 41,000 euros in 2013.

Inform P. Lykos S.A.

A leading force in the sector Inform P. Lykos SA was founded back in 1897 as a printing company. It went public in 1994, with its shares traded on the Athens Stock Exchange. Today, the company stands as an indispensable link in the communication chain that manages the life cycle of the document, transforming it into an electronic and strategic unit of information. The company leads the market in printing products, such as business forms, security and commercial printing, carton and plastic cards. Inform P. Lykos is a pioneer in the market for business process outsourcing, offering statement and bill digital printing and fulfillment, electronic bill presentment, card personalization, loyalty software applications and print management services. The company operates from its purpose-built premises of offices and production areas, covering a floor space of 25,000 sqm in the Attica region, employing a staff of more than 230. The firm successfully delivers products, services and integrated solutions customized to highly sensitive and demanding requirements for Banks, Telecommunications, Governments, Lotteries, Retailers and other organizations. Export sales have been increasing rapidly during recent years, covering Europe and North Africa. Its international sales currently account for 30% of total sales, while the company’s target is to double this figure over the next couple of years. In 2014, Inform P. Lykos posted sales of 31.87 million euros, slightly down from 32.02 million euros year-on-year. However, the company saw its loss widen to 1.57 million euros compared to a loss of 302,000 euros a year earlier.


MINES Industrial


Operational excellence and customer intimacy ELMIN SA is a bauxite mining and trading company with mines in central Greece and own loading facilities, with exports accounting for 99% of its production to three continents, Europe, Africa and the Americas. The firm has 108 privately-owned and rented concessions, all located in central Greece (Attica, Viotia, Fthiotis, Fokis and Evia), as well as exploration licenses and concession declarations. Since its establishment in 2000, ELMIN has invested over 15 million Euro in new technology and research, enabling the company to significantly boost its production and sales and enhance its presence in the bauxite world market. With headquarters based in Athens, the company’s main mining center for bauxite production, as well as processing and loading facilities are located in Lamia. Bauxite is a naturally occurring, heterogeneous material comprised primarily of one or more aluminum hydroxide minerals (gibbsite Al(OH)3 and the polymorphs boehmite and diaspore AlO(OH) in varying proportions), plus various mixtures of silica (SiO2), iron oxide (Fe2O3), titania (TiO2), aluminosilicates (clay, etc.), and other impurities in trace amounts. ELMIN provides bauxite in the following markets based on individual client’s needs: Alumina Production: ELMIN’s bauxite for the alumina production market is characterized by the advantages of the high Al2O3 and low SiO2, CaO and LOI content. Abrasives Steel Making Industry: For the production of high-iron type aluminous cements and refractory. In the production of aluminous cements, the advantages of ELMIN bauxite, such as its lumpy form, make ELMIN a unique supplier. Mineral Wool: As a high Al2O3 source, bauxite is a unique material for the production of mineral fibers. Portland Cements: ELMIN’s bauxite with high Al2O3, Fe2O3, and low SiO2, alkali and MgO content for clinker production, serves the best known Portland cement industries in Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Contact Details 11 Oitylou str. /Athens, P.C. 11523, Greece Tel: +30 210 6985340 Fax: +30 210 6981509 Email: Website:



Non – Metallic Industrial Industrial

Contact Details Lefki-Xanthi, P.O. Box 109, 671 00, Xanthi, Greece. Tel: +30 25410 27836 Fax: +30 25410 72323 Email: Website:



Contact Details 35th km Kozani – Kastoria Old National Highway Ag. Kyriaki, Kaloneri – Siatista, 503 00, Greece Τel.: +30 24650/71 054, 71 055 Fax: +30 24650/71 050 E-mail: Website:



Exporting 85% of production Smirdex SA ranks as one of the leading manufacturers of coated abrasives in southeastern Europe. Located in northern Greece, on a 32,000-sqm land plot with 16,000 sqm of built-up surface, Smirdex has been producing coated abrasives of high quality since 1981. Thanks to continuous efforts for improvement by the firm’s specialized staff, the company has managed to grow and meet its sector’s high demands. The firm recently added a new, technologically advanced production line that has boosted its production capacity to 40,000 sqm per shift. Nowadays, the firm exports to more than 50 countries worldwide, with as much as 85% of production being exported and the remaining 15% sold locally. The firm’s main objective is to satisfy the growing needs of modern professionals, which is why it continuously invests in research and development. The firm remains open to new developments by keeping a close watch on the international market, ensuring manufacturing of high-standard products. Company products are used in the auto, wood, marble, building construction and metal sectors. High standards of quality control throughout the manufacturing process are ensured by sophisticated on-site electronic systems, while finished products are also evaluated, offering the highest quality that meets the industry’s standards. Posting higher financial results in 2014, the firm saw its revenue inch up to 12.28 million euros, compared to 11.87 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also rose to 4.64 million euros against 4.22 million euros in 2013.


Increasing exports around the world MANTZIARIS SA is active in the manufacturing and sale of women’s fur clothing and accessories. Founded in 1991, the company has been steadily growing and emerged as one of the most important and fastest-growing companies in the sector. The firm’s dedication to quality and its perfectionism have, over the years, built a reputation that stretches beyond Greece’s borders, offering global recognition. The company is based in the Siatista area, close to Kozani, northern Greece, at a 2,500-sqm company-owned facility that includes its administrative offices, manufacturing, production, design, pattern production, laundry/dry-cleaning departments, as well as showrooms. The company has developed its sales network through company-owned outlets, as well as via collaborating outlets, for wholesale and retail trade in the international market, thus making “MANZARI, Luxury Furs” available at most popular shopping locations. The company exports its products to Russia, United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. MANTZIARIS buys most of its high-quality raw materials at auctions in the USA (ALC), Canada (NAFA), Denmark (KOPENHAGEN FUR AUCTION), Finland (SAGA FURS OYJ) and Saint Petersburg (SOJUZPUSHNINA). Subsequently, processing and dyeing is undertaken by specialized dye works and tanneries, contributing to the excellent results of every collection. Materials used include farmed mink, fox, chinchilla and swakara, as well as wild mink, sable, and cat lynx. The company’s advanced know-how, excellent raw materials and top-quality manufacturing, design and after-sales service, all combine to offer it a commanding comparative advantage. With a firm determination to maintain its high standards, the company’s immediate goals include penetrating the fur-farming sector through the establishment of farms in the wider area of the Kozani-Kastoria prefecture, and via vertically integrating production. The fur firm in 2014 posted mixed financial results, with revenue rising slightly to 12.52 million euros compared to 11.79 million euros year-on-year. However, its pre-tax income fell significantly to 96,000 euros against 716,000 a year earlier.




Operational profit jumping by 31,2%

Contact Details

Thrace Plastics Pack was founded in 1997 with the establishment of a new plant in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, focusing entirely on packaging solutions. Thrace Plastic Pack’s product portfolio focuses on PP/PC/PE packaging solutions for the food and chemicals/paint sectors. The company applies a combination of high-end production technologies with the latest decoration techniques (IML, Offset printing, Shrink Sleeving) in order to provide its customers with customized products offering unique identities in their respective markets. The company’s list of products includes injection molded containers, thermoformed cups and lids, thermoformed drinking cups, bags in box and polycarbonate bottles. All of these products are applicable in industrial packaging for the paint/chemical industry and consumer packaging for the food industry. Southeastern Europe has served as the main market for Thrace Plastics Pack but, over the past decade, the company has become a considerable player also in northern and western Europe. More recently, the firm expanded its activities in new markets, including Africa. The company’s constant development of new ideas and innovations, often in close collaboration with customers, serves as its main competitive advantage. Thrace Pack is part of the Thrace Group, comprising 17 companies around the world. In Greece alone, the group operates six different companies. The company has implemented a series of measures to improve its performance and efficiency. It has boosted production capacity through investments at its plants in Ioannina, northwestern Greece, and Xanthi, northeastern Greece. In addition, it has implemented more efficient energy management systems, increased exports, and restructured its sales and distribution channels with the aim of reducing operating costs. In 2014, the firm posted a rise in revenue by 7.7% to 40.32 million euros, year-on-year. Gross profit jumped 19.7% to 7.25 million euros. Operational profit soared 31.2% to 2.01 million euros against 1.53 million euros in 2013. Pre-tax income also rose to 586,000 euros against a loss of 139,000 a year earlier. Likewise, earnings after taxes rose to 679,000 euros compared to a loss of 476,000 in 2013.

20 Marinou Antypa st, Alimos, 17455 , Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 9875000 Fax: +30 210 9875076 Email:, Website:



Transport Industrial

Contact Details 17 Km Athens - Thessaloniki national highway (Deiradon & 47 Korinthou sts) Nea Kifissia, 145 64, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 8180000 Fax: +30 210 8180001 Email: Website:

FOOD Industrial


Among the largest firms in its field NIK. KIOLEIDES SA is one of the leaders in Greece’s sector of super-structures for vehicles, trailers, truck bodies, railway wagons, heavy-duty tank transporters and shelters. Piraeus Bank and Bitros Holdings SA, both listed on the Athens Stock Sxchange, hold stakes in the company. For many years now, the company has specialized in the construction of semi-trailer refrigerated vans, specially designed for the transportation of food and other perishable goods, as well as of heavy-duty trailers equipped to carry commodities such as general cargo, water, fuel, wheat, cement, bitumen and asphalt, cars, armored cars, military tank transporters and shelters. The company also manufactures railway wagons in compliance with International Standard Regulations. In addition, it can meet other specific requirements concerning road transportation. The quality of the company’s products is assured and certified by TUV and ISO 9001/2000 standards, meaning that they stand up to all international competition in the field. Facilities, based in the Industrial Area of provincial port-city of Volos, in the country’s mid-east, are set up on an industrial site covering a surface space of over 56,000 sqm, with 28,500 sqm of sheltered buildings. In 2014, the company posted a hefty slide in sales to 3.0 million euros, compared to 10.61 million euros a year earlier. However, it managed to significantly reduce its pre-tax loss to just 64,000 euros against a pre-tax loss of 9.79 million euros year-on-year.


Sustainable agribusiness from East Mediterranean to the world AGROINVEST SA is a sustainable food and fuels producer, operating a number of integrated businesses through its industrial complex in Greece. The firm engages in trading agricultural goods such as oilseeds and grains, which are further processed to produce a multitude of added value products. The firm has been constantly moving forward and investing in its long-term vision. Through vertically aligned activities and shared use of resources and infrastructure, its business units are able to maximize added value and minimize overhead. A privately-operated Panamax-capable port and vast storage facilities allow for convenient procurement and storage of raw materials and finished products. As a responsive and versatile entity building upon its core know-how, the firm is strategically positioned to meet market demands. In 2014, the firm’s sales inched down 1% to 92.1 million euros compared to 93.35 million euros a year earlier. Its pre-tax earnings in the same year amounted to 150,000 euros.

Contact Details 517 Vouliagmenis Avenue, 16341 Ilioupoli, Attica, Greece Tel.: +30 210 48 12 280 Fax: +30 210 48 26 576 Email: Website:



Chemicals Industrial

Contact Details 95 Ag. Georgiou St, 194 00 Koropi, Attiki, Greece PO BOX 143 Tel: +30 210 6626860 Fax: +30 210 6625305 E-mail: Website:



Know-how mastered over 44 years In 1972, Michael and Eugenia Vlahakis founded NEOKEM with the vision of developing and producing high quality industrial coatings to meet the needs and preferences of the growing Greek market. In 1987, NEOKEM was the first company in Greece to implement the production of electrostatic powder coatings for aluminum architectural systems, industrial and other applications. Today, NEOKEM has extended its international activities to over 20 countries, through subsidiaries in Germany, Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland, as well as an extensive network of sales partners. NEOKEM is currently active in two main business units, powder coatings and liquid paints. The company offers a wide variety of powder coatings for use in the architectural, industrial, functional, domestic appliances, automotive and furniture fields. It also offers special effect colors for architectural aluminium systems. Additionally, it offers liquid paints consisting three thematic series and numbers, with 47 unique color shades on mat and fine-textured metallic surfaces. All paints are certified ensuring top-grade results, while all products are supported by the appropriate technical and marketing services. Posting higher financial results for yet another year, the firm in 2014 saw its sales increase to 16.32 million euros compared to 15.53 million euros a year earlier. Similarly, pre-tax earnings rose to 1.32 million euros against 774,000 euros in 2013.


Exceptional performance in steel constructions


Contact Details B Industrial Area Velestino Volos, Magnesia, PC 37500, Greece Tel: +30 24250-24220, 22121 Fax: +30 24250 24224 Email: Website:

VEMEKEP SA has been involved in metal constructions for heavy steel industrial buildings since 1983, providing complete solutions for study-design-construction and erection of steel structures for stadiums, shopping halls, supermarkets, multi-story buildings, oil and gas projects, railway stations, silos, various types of tanks, scaffolding, flour mills, bridges, pylons, conveyor bridges and jetty structures. The company has an annual capacity of 20,000 tons per year. In addition, the firm can manage complex steel structures needing mechanical workshop treatment such as cranes, bridges, mine machines (excavators-trippers-belt conveyors), thermohydraulic stations (facilities, lignite systems, ash systems, parts of rippers of mills, hydroelectric stations, conductors, lock gates), gas stations (facilities, conductors), spars of wind generators, port cranes, mills, etc. The company’s new, ultra modern plant on the Second industrial Area of Volos, covers a surface space of 62,100 sqm, with sheltered surface area of 24,300 sqm, equipped with 35 cranes of various lifting capacities. The company also owns modern premises in the First Industrial Area of Volos, of a surface space of 8,000 sqm and covered space of 5,000 sqm, equipped with 12 cranes of maximum lifting capacity of 10tons. Recently, the firm expanded its facility in the Second Industrial Area of Volos by constructing a new mechanical workshop, with a total covered surface of 6,500 sqm. Besides its leading position in Greece’s market, the company also has a long international presence in major projects in Germany, England, Italy, Senegal, Cameroon, Nigeria, Libya, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Russia. In 2014, the firm posted higher sales of 15.81 million euros compared to 11.64 million euros a year earlier. However, pre-tax income fell to 1.31 million euros against 1.92 million euros year-on-year.



Personal Care & Pharmaceuticals Industrial


With a 40-year presence in the Greek market

Contact Details Egialias & 4 Epidavrou, Marousi, 151 25, Athens Tel.: +30 2106875555 Fax: +30 2106850309 Website:


Johnson & Johnson is a dynamic multinational giant operating in the markets of consumer, pharmaceutical and medical products. The group’s successful 129-year-long history is reflected upon its international ranking as the top sixth company in consumer health care products, as well as the largest company in medical and diagnostic equipment, fourth largest in biotechnology and eighth largest pharmaceutical. The group has more than 250 subsidiaries in 60 countries employing a staff of some 128,700. In Greece, Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1975, selling consumer and medical products, many of them produced at its Mandra-based plant. The firm’s management aims to further strengthen its presence in Greece, where it operates in the production of consumer goods and medicines. It is no wonder that the parent company in 2012 invested approximately 170 million euros in its Greek subsidiary, significantly increasing the company’s equity. With an already strong production in the pharmaceutical sector through Famar, J&J extends its Mandra-based plant’s capacity in consumer products. The specific unit specializes in the production of cosmetics and sunscreen products, exported worldwide. In Greece, J&J is active in three sectors - consumer products, pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, with an equal number of subsidiaries. Investing in new production lines or transferring to Greece activity from other markets, the multinational group expects to further strengthen one of the biggest and most modern factories operated by the firm. Notably, in the consumer goods sector, the company produces OTC products (non-prescription drugs), as well as skin care, baby care, feminine and oral hygiene products. The group’s factory in Greece is one of the three J&J’s European consumer product factories. Already, as much as 95% of Greek production is exported to more than 35 countries, while the company has the flexibility required to manage costs and remain competitive. According to management, J&J Group in Greece enjoys a leading position in the key product categories it is active in, employing a total staff of 500, and plans to further strengthen its position. The companies operating in Greece are Johnson & Johnson Hellas Consumer SA and Johnson & Johnson Hellas SA. The first one, in 2014, reported a 2.6-percent rise in sales to 54.72 million euros, compared to 53.31 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income jumped by 12% to 1.44 million euros against 1.29 million euros year-on-year. In the same year, the second one, Johnson & Johnson Hellas SA, also posted a rise in sales to 95.23 million euros against 92.12 million euros a year earlier. Its pre-tax income dropped to 2.81 million euros compared to 4.88 million euros year-on-year.


Plastics – Flexible Materials Industrial Industrial


Making a difference in plastic cups and glasses Plastics industry LARIPLAST, founded in 1969, engages in the manufacture of disposable plastic products and plastic packaging materials (rigid packaging). Its headquarters and facilities are located in the mid-Greece city of Larisa. The firm, employing a staff of more than 70, has made a name for itself by offering disposable plates, straws, spoons, knives, forks, cups, glasses and lids, all made of plastic. In 2013, Lariplast reported a rise in sales by 13.64% to 13.91 million euros, compared to 12.24 million euros a year earlier. Operational results dropped to 1.69 million euros from 1.58 million euros, but pre-tax earnings jumped 113% to 410,000 euros against 192,000 euros a year earlier.

Contact Details 6th km Larissa-Athens National Highway, 41 110 Larisa, Greece Tel: +30 2410 661185-7 Fax: +30 2410 661186 Email: Website:

Food Products

Mitrosilis S.A.

Exporting 100% of production Industrial

Contact Details 5 Aggelena St., Anifi 21 055 Nafplio Tel.: + 30 275 204 5000 Fax: + 30 275 204 3036 Email: Website:

Mitrosilis SA was founded in 1976 and has since followed a dynamic course in the field of packaging and exporting of fresh fruit. The firm has built a solid reputation for top-grade product quality and reliability as a trading partner, which has established it as a mainstay at the largest supermarket chains throughout Europe, east and west, as well as in Scandinavian countries. Overall, the company exports to 24 countries. The firm’s constant investment in new machinery and well-trained personnel ensures total quality and satisfaction of even the most demanding standards established in the EU. The company operates two packaging facilities for citrus fruit, apricots and grapes in the Peloponnese area of Anifi, close to Nafplio. Fruit from growing regions throughout Greece is sent and carefully selected here. The company’s fruit producing partners are a major advantage for the company’s steady growth. These partners have offered support throughout the years and are committed to the company, maintaining all the necessary standards and procedures for the cultivation of safe products. Mitrosilis maintains constant communication with producing partners throughout all steps of the fruit cultivation process. Nowadays, more than ever before, Mitrosilis is rapidly evolving and expanding. The company’s know-how and consistent product quality have earned it the trust of customers. This has led to a constant increase in the company’s exports, with a mounting presence in increasingly demanding international markets. Knowledge, credibility, integrity, accuracy, and mentality make up the essence of Mitrosilis’ reputation for freshness. According its 2014 published balance sheet, the firm saw its sales drop to 7.12 million euros compared to 9.12 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also fell to 161,000 euros against 250,000 euros year-on-year.



Pharmaceuticals Industrial

APIVITA S.A. Niki Koutsiana

Nikos Koutsianas

Contact Details Markopoloulo Industrial Area Markopoloulo, 190 03, Attiki. Tel.: +30 210 2856350 Fax: +30 210 2843580 Email: Website:


The Greek natural cosmetics favored around the world “It all started in a pharmacy” is the sentence that summarizes the establishment of Apivita, the Greek company that creates natural, effective and holistic products with the objective to promote health and beauty. Apivita’s history is tightly linked to Nikos and Niki Koutsiana. Both pharmacists, they first met in a drug store in Athens in 1972 and realized they shared a passion for nature. It was in this pharmacy that they later created the first natural cosmetics using honeybee products and Greek herbs. Nikos Koutsianas is the firm’s Vice-president and CEO, while Niki koytsiana is President of the Board of Directors. Apivita was established in 1979 as Greece’s first natural cosmetics company, inspired by the bee society and products, as well as the rich Greek flora and Hippocrates’ holistic approach to health. The name Apivita, meaning ‘life of bee,’ is derived from the Latin word apis (bee) and vita (life), while the firm’s logo was inspired by the Malia bees, a rare Minoan jewel of the 18th-17th century BC. However, the firm’s name is more than just a distinctive title. It reflects Apivita’s identity and philosophy for an organized, productive and sustainable growth, based on the bee society model. Today, Apivita products are sold in thousands of drug stores in Greece, while the company has a physical presence in 14 countries around the world, including Spain, Cyprus, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, Ukraine, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. For 2016, the company has set a high priority to further expand into the markets of Spain, Japan and Hong Kong. Currently, exports account for 35% of the firm’s sales of approximately 33 million euros (2015), and according to Mr. Koutsianas, the goal is to double its exports to 70% of sales in the next two years. In 2013, the company opened a unique five-storey shop in Greece, “The Apivita Experience Store” in the upscale Athenian neighborhood of Kolonaki, inspired by - what else? – the honey bee society and Greek nature. In 2014, the firm celebrated its 35th anniversary, marked by the launching of its subsidiary Apivita Japan. A year earlier, the firm had relocated to a new ‘hive’, its modern bioclimatic facilities in Markopoulo, Attica. This new bioclimatic building is fully harmonized with Apivita’s philosophy and values, and an exemplar symbol of sustainability, innovation and pioneer association between working and natural environment. Apivita cosmetics combine active ingredients of natural origin, extracts from plants of the Greek flora, bee products of high biological value and organic essential oils. Product recipes contain natural ingredients by 85% to 100%. Ingredients used are at the cutting-edge of green cosmetics, completely free of substances harmful to human health or the environment, such as silicones, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, nitro-musks, phthalates, etc. In 2014, the firm saw its sales inch up to 30.94 million euros against 30.05 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income rose to 375,000 euros compared to 52,000 euros in 2013.


Food - Fruit Industrial


Exports accounting for 65% of sales

Contact Details

Family-owned KATSIAMAKAS SA was founded in 1943 and engages in the fresh fruit and vegetables business. Back in the 1940s, Konstantinos Katsiamakas began selling fruits and vegetables from a cart, and later continued his activity as a trader in the central markets of Thessaloniki and Athens. In 2000, the company modernized its facilities, building a new stateof-the-art unit in Naoussa’s Episkopi region, northern Greece, while, in 2007, expansion work on the same packaging facility was completed. This unit was the vision of Thomas Katsiamakas, who holds the reigns as the firm’s Chairman. The company’s main activities are sorting, packaging and trading of fresh fruit and vegetables. The company is established as one of the most important players in the import-export sector. The company’s headquarters are located in Naoussa, Imathia, northern Greece. It employs an administrative staff of 20, as well as up to 350 employees for all other activities, depending on the season. The company offers its products under two basic brand names, IMPERIAL and NOVITA. The majority of clients are large companies abroad. Export markets include Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, China, Albania, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia. Most foreign clients are large supermarket chains, as well as well-known European commercial companies. The majority of the company’s products are distributed abroad, as exports account for almost 65% of total sales. In the Greek market, the majority of clients are large supermarket chains, wholesalers, as well as canning industries and juice industries. Since 2007, the company has also operated its own branch in Thessaloniki’s central fruit and vegetables market with three stores which supply retailers and other clients throughout northern Greece. The firm’s skilled staff selects and purchases the best crops from growing regions within close proximity of its premises, where 70% of Greece’s fruit crop is grown, as well as from a variety of other areas throughout Greece and abroad. The company purchases products directly from growers and cooperatives all over Greece, while it collaborates with the largest and most important production companies around the world, importing fruit and vegetables which are selected under the strictest standards. The company also imports leading banana brands in large quantities. Bananas are ripened in specialized facilities owned by the company, which has 40 years of experience in this sector.

20th km Veria – Skydra highway, Episkopi, Naoussa, Imathia, Greece 59200, PO Box 26 Tel: +30 23320 59500 Fax: +30 23320 59532 Email: Website:



Chemical Products Industrial


Exporting to 35 countries in Europe

Athanasios Tzinitis

Contact Details 17th km Thessaloniki - Ag. Athanasios road, PO BOX 1043, Ag. Athanasios, 570 03, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel.: +30 2310 576005 Fax: +30 2310 722120 E-mail: Website:


Founded in 1980, ISOMAT today produces over 250 products that are used in general and more specialized building activities, such as installations, repairs, and improvements. Products are divided into six basic categories: Drying materials, Cement and mortar additives, Glues and putty, Repair materials and painting materials, Ready-to-use plasters and Industrial floors. ISOMAT is led by Athanasios Tziritis, Vice-president and Managing Director. At present, the firm operates two state-of-the-art production facilities, one in Thessaloniki’s Agios Athanasios district, and another one in Belgrade, Serbia. ISOMAT employs a staff of 219 in Greece, 30 of which are qualified engineers and chemical engineers, while a further 91 staff members are employed at its four subsidiary firms in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, and its agency office in Russia. Operating through sales points in Athens and Thessaloniki, and associated with more than 1500 retail outlets, ISOMAT serves the building sector throughout Greece. At present, the firm’s exports account for 32% of the total revenue, while the company aims at further expanding its export activity. Currently, the firm’s exports span across 35 countries in Europe, including the highly competitive German market, as well as Russia, USA, Asia, Middle East and Africa. ISOMAT operates through subsidiary firms in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Turkey. In Romania, Isomat Romania Srl was established in 2000 in Bucharest as the exclusive trader and distributor of ISOMAT products in the Romanian market, having entered concrete & mortar additives production in late 2013. In Bulgaria, Isomat International EOOD began operating in 2004 in Sofia as an exclusive agent and distributor of ISOMAT products in the local market. ISOMAT d.o.o., based in Belgrade, launched its operation in 2005 as an exclusive supplier of ISOMAT products in the Serbian market; in 2011, the firm was transformed from a trading company to a producing company with the launch of a new ISOMAT production facility in Belgrade. In Turkey, ISOMAT’s affiliated company, İsomat Yapı Kimyasalları ve Tic. Ltd. Şti., operates since November 2013 in Istanbul as an exclusive trader and distributor of ISOMAT products across the Turkish market. Since October 2013 ISOMAT also operates in the Russian market through its agency office, which is responsible for striking partnerships between ISOMAT and local distributors, providing services to new and existing customers by offering help desk, training and technical support, as well as for the specification of ISOMAT products to construction projects in Russia. The firm has invested nearly 30 million euros over the past ten years, of which 10 million euros was invested abroad and primarily concerned the purchase of industrial machinery and construction of new facilities. In 2014, the firm reported an increase in revenue to 33.06 million euros compared to 31.24 million euros a year earlier. However, its pre-tax income inched down to 4.24 million euros against 4.69 million euros in 2013.


Farming Equipment Industrial

Imeridis milkplan

Exporting to 70 countries Milkplan is a modern manufacturer of systems and technological applications for livestock farming units, holding a leading market position in Greece, as well as abroad. By the mid-1980s, Triantafyllos Imeridis and his business partner Vassilis Makropoulos had already built a name for themselves for the quality of their work involving stainless steel. Their company, then named Inox Center, made major investments in metal processing and cooling technologies and was well poised to meet the dairy industry’s safety and reliability requirements. Within a few years, they managed to transfer their steel know-how to the production of livestock farming equipment, setting new quality standards for the sector, which established the company as a leader in the Greek market. Following this success, the entrepreneurial pair decided to change the company’s name to Milkplan in 2007 and focus exclusively on milk cooling and milking applications. Milkplan’s internationally acclaimed products, such as milk cooling tanks and stainless steel quick-exit stalls, exemplify advanced technology and a modern perception that fully meet the requirements of today. At the same time, the company offers solid support to modern livestock farmers and dairy products producers with essential solutions that facilitate daily work procedures and enhance farm growth rates. The company exports to over 70 countries around the world. Today, Milkplan owns two production facilities in Greece with a total surface area of 14,000 sqm, top-quality, high-precision mechanical equipment, laser cutting machines for steel sheets and tubes of a cylindrical cross-section, laser welding machines, an integrated robotic line for cutting and stacking metal sheets, high-precision punching systems, as well as a Research and Development Department that constantly improves and designs existing products, as well as new ones, all under the Milkplan name. Milkplan also maintains facilities involved in design, production, steel cutting and touch-up, assembly, quality control, as well as storage space, at a 14,000-sqm site located just 6 km from Egnatia Highway and 23 km from the port of Thessaloniki. The unit complies with the strictest European standards, while it can design, test and produce innovative solutions to cover all livestock farm needs for specialized equipment. With regard to financial results, the firm continued its growing path in 2014, posting an inContact Details crease in sales to 13.14 million euros compared to 12.41 million euros a year earlier, while its 3rd km Lagadas-Kolhiko National Highway, pre-tax earnings jumped to 2.4 million euros against 676,000 euros year-on-year. Lagadas, 572 00, PO Box 212, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 23940 20400 Fax: +30 23940 20400 Email: Website:



Apparel Industrial


Collaborating with major partners Mercury Corporation, an apparel exporting company based in Thessaloniki, has been dynamically active in the sector since 1986. It stands as one of the largest vertically integrated units of northern Greece. The company’s collaboration with renowned foreign brands, as well as its ability to respond promptly to the needs of the modern market by producing Greek products of high standards and quality, demonstrates its flawless organization and operational processes. Amidst an increasing international competition in the sector, Mercury is proving successful in its efforts to maintain quality and reliability. The firm is constantly seeking new perspectives, new systems and, therefore, new partnerships in order to consistently provide the latest developments in technology and high-quality products to its customers. The clothing firm in 2014 posted a jump in sales by 50% to 12.71 million euros compared to 8.61 million euros a year earlier. Likewise, pre-tax income soared to 1,67 million euros against 282,000 euros in 2013.

Contact Details 54 Thermaikou, 56430, Thessaloniki Tel: +30 2310 688535/6 Fax: +30 2310688986 Website:


Contact Details Eleochoria, Chalkidiki, P.C 630 79 - Greece Tel: +30 2373 0 71174 Fax: +30 2373 0 71066 Email: Website:



One of the oldest firms in the sector Chalkidiki Flour Mills SA was founded in 1928 by the Evgeniou family, which has built a long tradition in the milling process of cereals. For 88 years, the company has remained true to its core product while continuing to grow and expand successfully in the flour market. The combination of technology and experience enables the firm to create a variety of stable end products that satisfy the most demanding professionals in the bread and pastry industry. Delivering more than 100 standard mixtures of flour, the company specializes in the manufacturing of custom-made flour mixtures for customers and partners. Its excellent machinery and equipment add to the efficiency of production and storage in grain warehouses with a capacity of 60,000 metric tons in the form of silos and flat storage. Drying and special refrigeration equipment for proper maintenance of raw material is used, while modern and functional storage space is used for finished products. It distributes package quantities of 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg and 5 kg, as well as larger 25-kg and 50-kg options for professional use. Chalkidiki Flour Mills supplies the largest companies in the industry. All products and services are guaranteed by the ELOT certificate ISO 22000:2005. German company Schapfen MĂźhle Gmlh, which in 2005 commenced working with the highest silo in the world (116m), and Danish company Valsemollen SA, part of a group of companies processing cereals for health foods, are both represented in Greece by Chalkidiki Flour Mills. Both are leaders in organic production and mixtures made using natural raw materials. With regard to financial performance, the firm in 2014 saw its sales inch down to 21.19 million euros compared to 21.40 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings dropped to 295,000 euros against 946,000 euros year-on-year.




One in two transformers installed is Greece is supplied by Schneider Electric

Philippe Sauer

Schneider Electric operates for more than 40 years in the Greek market, offering products, equipment and services for solutions in Energy, Infrastructure, Building Construction, Industry and Data Centers. It offers a range of products from medium voltage products, transformers, industrial automation, power and final distribution products to low voltage products and switch/breaker hardware. Serving customers through diversified channels, a large proportion of sales are made through agents, such as electrical equipment distributors, system integrators and contractors. The firm’s experienced associates strengthen its ties with the market, adding value and expertise to their own customers and partners. Schneider Electric engages in two main activities in Greece: Commercial and Industrial. In the commercial activity, business is done through sales centers in Athens, Thessaloniki and Patra, while the firm also operates a Service Center and a Customer Education Center. With regard to industrial activity, the firm operates a transformer factory in Inofyta. The company’s key priorities are quality, environmental protection and the wealth & safety. For four decades, the Elvim series of transformers has been synonymous with quality and technological leadership, based on their superior quality. The Elvim transformers are exclusively designed and manufactured in Greece, based on international safety standards and regulations, and are delivered with a quality guarantee, bearing the signature of an excellent R&D department and a flexible and specialized research department. One in two installed distribution transformers in Greece are of the Elvim series. Greece’s electrification owes much to the Elvim series, as the country’s Public Power Corporation (DEI) has been using them since 1969 to date. More than 115,000 Elvim transformers have been installed in Greece by public or private entities in infrastructure projects in the past 40 years.

Contact Details 19th km Athens-Lamia national highway, Nea Erythrea, 146 71, Attiki Tel.: +30 210 6295200 Fax: +30 210 6295210 E-mail: Website:




Nitsiakos S.A.

A pioneer in aviculture

Theodoros Nitsiakos

Contact Details Ioannina Industrial Zone, Zitsa, Ioannina, 45 500 Tel.: +30 26510-22200 Fax: +30 26510-20769 Website:


NITSIAKOS SA was launched in 1972 by Theodoros Nitsiakos, an agronomist specializing in birdlife, who is still the firm’s CEO. Based close to Ioannina, northwestern Greece, the venture is a vertically integrated poultry production operation covering breeding, hatching, animal feed production, fattening, slaughtering and processing with an established distribution network for the entire country. Nitsiakos nowadays ranks as the largest producer of poultry meat in Greece. With significant activity in the grain and soybean meal business, the firm is among the country’s top ten food industry enterprises, based on sales. The company is export oriented, as highlighted by a recent supply contract for 20,000 tons of durum wheat. Nitsiakos applies strict procedures and systematic controls to ensure safety and quality of its products for consumers and businesses. The company’s operations are certified to the ISO 22000 self-monitoring system. Also, the company’s poultry is certified by Agrocert, guaranteeing a diet exclusively based on vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Nitsiakos has created two fully-equipped, self-monitoring laboratories. The microbiology unit, the first private laboratory accredited by ESYD (Greece’s national accreditation system), analyzes samples from breeding chambers, the feed and meat, while the chemical laboratory verifies that the raw materials and the feed meet company requirements. These controls are conducted at a rate of 800 samples per week, well over the minimum levels required by European law, which highlights the company’s commitment to safety and quality. In 2016, Nitsiakos is planning to acquire three new facilities, two poultry slaughterhouses and one feed production plant. In recent years, the company became involved in a range of new activities, including raw materials for feed (supplied to traders, feed producers, livestock and poultry enterprises); feed for productive animals; eggs-chicks (hatching eggs and chicks); biomass; pet food; and, flour for human consumption produced by the company mills. Proving its leading position in the sector, Nitsiakos, in what is seen as a unique move in the domestic market, is lunching an innovative product, the black chicken. In 2014, Nitsiakos saw its sales jump to 213 million euros against 168 million euros a year earlier. However, the firm recorded pre-tax losses of 2.23 million euros compared to pre-tax profits of 1.57 million euros year-on-year. In 2015, the firm reported a further rise in sales to 237 million euros.




Leading the domestic market with a 53% share Dimitrios Lakasas

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Olympia Electronics SA, established in 1979, is a manufacture of emergency lighting & fire detection systems. The company’s annual production and distribution exceeds 600,000 units. The company is headquartered in Northern Greece, near Thessaloniki and employs a staff of 140. Olympia Electronics operates on a 4,000-sqm facility, built on a privately-owned, 10,000-sqm plot of land. The company has a sales branch in Athens, while its distribution and sales department covers all regions of Greece. Design, R&D and production of modern technology, high reliability and quality are all being done at the company’s plant. Its production line is automated with the use of SMT (Surface Mounted Technology), while the firm has the infrastracture to design, develop and produce customised applications in the general field of electronics and security systems. Olympia Electronics is a market leader with a 53% share in the Greek market of emergency lighting & fire detection systems, while its wide distribution network operates in the EU, East & Central European countries, US and Middle East. All Olympia Electronics products are certified as the firm has fully adjusted to EU rules and regulations. As a result, several of its main products have been approved by the European Institute TUV PRODUCT SERVICE and BSI (British Standart Institutes), while all of its products bear the «CE» mark, which is the European Certificate. All technical specifications are compliant with the European norms (EN) and the IEC international standards. The company is also certified to the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Olympia Electronics’ products have been installed in the following prestigious projects: ● Military Airports in Greece ● Olympic Village – Athens 2004 Olympic Games ● Athens Metro ● Airport in Frankfurt ● Prefecture of Vienna, Austria ● Metro of Swerin, Germany ● Central Hall of Olympic Games ● Grand Bretagne Hotel, Athens ● Mac Donalds, Lennigrand, Russia ● Hotels Hilton & Sheratton all over the world ● Greek Parliament ● Greek Telecoms (OTE) central building ● Ministry of Justice, Greece ● Fredderick School, Cyprus Olympia Electronics customers include trading companies, distributors and importers of electrical material and electronic security and safety systems, mainly in the field of emergency lighting and fire detection systems.





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Food Products


Among the top fur producers Expopel SA, a leading European fur manufacturing company, was established in 1980 in Kastoria, northern Greece. The company was established by experienced furriers, who were drawn to the tradition of fur manufacturing in the area. The company specializes in fur manufacturing, raw material supply, industrial textile products, accessories and ready-to-wear fur garments. In a second stage of growth, Expopel expanded its production capacity in order to serve its customers by establishing an 8,000-sqm production plant in 1995. Nowadays, Expopel has become a group of companies with various brand names, which provide a wide range of services. For the Expopel Group, top standards are a prerequisite: fox, mink, such as BLACK GLAMA, Persian lamb like SWAKARA and BUCHARA, karakul, raccoon, finnracoon, rabbit, rex rabbit, sable, Russian sable, kid, plates pieces, lynx and chinchilla are selected from top fur producers around the world. Expopel is also a market leader with its industrial textile products combined with fur. Backed by its reputation in the textile market and worldwide network, which includes partnerships with well-known and high-end textile and leather suppliers, the company is able to supply customers with special service, design, different styling concepts, and personalized solutions. In addition, ready-to-wear fur garments represent a large portion of Expopel Group’s business. The range varies from coats, jackets, full fur products all the way to fur combinations with leather, textile and reversible lamb and rabbit. To ensure high quality, the company directly manages the entire production stage, from raw material supply to the final merchandising of production. Global customers have begun demanding environmental standards that have changed the landscape for the fur industry. To cope with these issues, Expopel Group has achieved Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification that guarantees that its products do not contain harmful substances. The company has a strong export orientation, with as much as 90% of sales coming from outside the EU and the remaining 10% from within. Its list of major markets include the US (30% of sales), Russia (20% of sales) and United Arab Emirates (20% of sales), with wholesale accounting for 70% and retail for 30%. EXPOPEL products are available in some 150 stores worldwide. The firm in 2014 posted lower financial results, with sales dropping to 7.41 million euros compared to 8.41 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings plunged to 108,000 euros against 1.20 million euros in 2013.


Worldwide trading activity Industrial

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Founded by Panagiotis Kristallidis back in 1971, Kristallidis SA is among Greece’s leading canned peach producers. Since 2002, Eleni Kristallidou, the founder’s daughter and owner of the company, has led the enterprise as company president. The firm was initially engaged in peach processing, covering a range of approximately 40,000 24x1 ctns per season. Since then, the company’s product capacity has increased steadily and continues to grow. Current capacity is at 1,200,000 ctns (24x1). The product range has been widened and the firm now also produces fruit cocktails, mushrooms and fruit fillings. Kristallidis is active in three product categories: Retail, Ho.Re.Ca. and Juices. For retail use, it markets products such as canned mushrooms, peaches and fruit fillings. In the Ho.Re.Ca. section, it markets Fruit marmalade, confectioneries and ice cream toppings. In juices, it produces concentrated juices from 5 different fruits. The company is located in the heart of northern Greece’s fruit-growing region, approximately one hour’s drive from Thessaloniki Port. The location is of high importance as the company is perfectly positioned to receive fresh raw material and export its products globally. The sales department is structured to meet global market demand, as well as company needs on an individual basis. As it deals with firms based all around the world, the company is in a position to better understand the needs of national markets as a whole, as well as those of individual companies. Shipping arrangements and distribution of goods are processed by the company’s highly trained and skilled personnel. Means of distribution include both container and truck loads to all areas of the world. The company delivers its products to all European countries, Asia, South America, Africa, Russia, the Middle East and USA. The firm in 2014 saw its financial performance drop, with sales falling to 6.37 million euros, compared to 9.06 million euros a year earlier. Similarly, pre-tax earnings dropped to 192,000 euros against 365,000 euros year-on-year.


BEVERAGES Industrial


Continuing to invest and grow Petros Sepetas

Founded in 1990, VIKOS SA ranks as one of the most renowned companies in the bottled water market. The firm began bottling natural mineral water from a pristine source in the Vikos area of northwestern Greece and distributing it to local and foreign markets. It has maintaining a role as a key supplier to major supermarket chains. The company has grown over the years and now pumps from four water sources. It operates three ultra-modern factories. Two of them are located in the renowned Zagorochoria region, protected for its natural beauty, produce bottled water and soft drinks. The company’s third plant, Petcom Plastics, located in the Ioannina Industrial Area, produces preform bottles and plastic caps for the bottled water market and beverage industry. The company employs a staff of more than 250, while its privately-owned facilities cover a total floor space of 37,500 sqm. The production facilities operate nine state-of-the-art production lines, capable of delivering 210,000 liters per hour. The company operates its own logistics centers in Athens and Thessaloniki in order to offer effective customer services and ensure that it can fully meet demand by partners. The “Vikos” and “Zagorohoria” sources are certified as Natural Mineral Water sources. The water drawn from these sources is bottled using the most technologically advanced equipment, without any human intervention or other processing techniques, from the pumping stage to the final consumer. Within two decades, the company has climbed to the top of the bottled water industry, in spite of the tough economic conditions currently prevailing in Greece. Despite the ongoing deep recession in Greece, Vikos has continued to invest and grow. The company’s enthusiastic drive for creativity challenges it to pursue new projects. Over the next few months, the company plans to introduce a new series of soft drinks under the “Vikos” brand name.

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Food Products Industrial


Winning over European consumers Food industry Hellenic Dough (Elliniki Zymi) - Arabatzis engages in the frozen dough products sector, covering the Ho.Re.Ca and retail markets. The company is based at a production plant in Thessaloniki’s Industrial Park, on a privately-owned plot of land measuring 23,500 ​​ sqm. It is supported by an extensive network that is maintained by a company-owned delivery van fleet, three branches in Athens, Patra and Ioannina, as well as partners throughout Greece. Hellenic Dough - Arabatzis is among Greece and Europe’s most modern food industries. Since its foundation, the company has striven to produce high quality products. Quality assurance is linked to the procurement of high-grade raw materials, application of total quality control, safety and hygiene. The quality standards BS EN ISO 9001:2000, BS EN ISO 22000:2005 and IFS International Food Standard Issue 5: August 2007 (Higher Level) are applied throughout the entire production process. Domestic sales account for 86% of production, while sales abroad account for 14%. The company primarily exports to Germany and Cyprus, while, in more recent years, it has also begun exporting to other European countries, such as Turkey, Romania, Sweden and the UK. The company’s strategy is to continue its steady growth in Greece by developing new products and entering new partnerships, while also striving for a strong presence abroad. Being especially sensitive to Greek tradition, Elliniki Zymi - Arabatzis is committed towards its partners and consumers to continue along the path of excellence in all areas. In spite of the adverse economic conditions prevailing in Greece, the firm in 2014 continued to grow, posting an increase of 4% in sales to 58.1 million euros, compared to 55.9 million euros a year earlier. EBITDA jumped 18.8% to 9.6 million euros, while pre-tax income soared 23.6% to 8.5 million euros against 6.9 million euros year-on-year.

Contact Details Thessaloniki Industrial Area (1st Road – Proti Odos) PO BOX 1238, Sindos, 570 22, Thessaloniki, Greece Τel: 2310 723440 Fax: 2310 795351 E- mail: Website:



Pharmaceuticals Industrial


A strong decades-long presence in Greek generics

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Investing in research, technology, expansion of privately-owned production facilities and optimizing the existing infrastructure for nearly 50 years, ANFARM SA has evolved into a major drug producer, establishing itself as an important partner to renowned multinational companies. Anfarm today is one of the most reliable producers of generic pharmaceuticals in Greece, with considerable export activity worldwide, either directly exporting its products or producing for other companies. Its products are distributed directly in as many as 31 countries. Anfarm facilities include three production plants: - Plant A produces solid, semi-solid and liquid non-sterile medicinal products. - Plant B produces liquids and lyophilized sterile pharmaceuticals. Since 1993, Anfarm is a licensed producer of lyophilized products, which are produced under aseptic conditions. Production capacity of Plant B is 15 million vials per year, in four separate production lines, operated by highly trained staff. - Plant C produces medicinal products in the cephalosporins and carbapenems classes of antibiotics. The company observes the rules of good manufacturing practices (GMP) as certified every three years by the National Drug Agency (EOF), while it has been certified with the standard ISO 9001:2008. Anfarm applies an integrated system of policies and guidelines to harmonize with the requirements of health inspection agencies and corporate clients worldwide. The company’s personnel receive continuous training and education. The company has a well-equipped R&D department which is engaged in developing new generics, as well as novel products and developing existing pharmaceutical compositions; it also caters to support pharmaceutical product approval procedures either in Greece or in other countries. Notably, the firm possesses extensive experience and know-how in optimizing the lyophilization process for new molecules and their escalation to the level of industrial production. Being among Greece’s 500 most profitable businesses, Anfarm saw its 2014 sales rise to 18.2 million euros, with exports accounting for 35% of total revenue. EBITDA amounted to 3.17 million euros, while profits stood at 1.92 million euros.

53-57 Perikleous, Gerakas, 153 44, Athens Τel.: +30 210 6831632 Fax: +30 210 6836540 Email:



Food Products Industrial

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Exports account for 85% of production Labridis Bros S.A. is a new and modern facility located in Skydra (Central Macedonia, Greece), in the fertile region of ancient Pella, the heart of fruit production. The company’s activities include production and trade of frozen fruits, cherries, apricots, peaches and strawberries, all destined for the international food industry. Labridis combines excellent, high-technology equipment and facilities, operated by specialized and fully-trained personnel, guaranteeing high quality products. Up to 85% of the firm’s annual production is exported to Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America. The firm owns a wide variety of facilities, which makes it one of Greece’s top exporters of fruits and vegetables. Its competitive advantage is ensured by highest quality products, achieved through: Procurement of raw materials (with qualified personnel conducting controls in the selection of raw materials), processing and deep-freezing (using latest technology equipment), sorting and packaging (according to customer demands and specifications, the firm implements a continuous process utilizing X-ray and Laser scanners and Metal Detectors for sorting out the final product, in a fully air-conditioned packaging area), and storage (new, computercontrolled storage facilities include a 10,000-pallet storage capacity in racks, to provide ideal product storage safety, logistics and hygiene). The company implements the following quality management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 22000 (HACCP), BRC (Level A), IFS (Higher Level), to guarantee and meet costumer’s demands and satisfaction. The primary products the firm markets are: sweet black cherries (2,500 tons/year), apricots (2,000 tons/year), peaches (5,500 tons/year) and strawberries (1,000 tons/year). In 2014, the firm posted a rise in revenue to 9.38 million euros against 8.02 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared to 829,000 euros compared to 495,000 euros year-on-year.


Returning to profitability in 2014 ΕLSA - SILGAN METAL PACKAGING SA was founded in 1928, and initially engaged in chocolate production. The firm later entered production of shoe polish, packaged in small tin cans, and this was the drive for the firm’s involvement in the production of tins. Having won recognition in the sector, ELSA was acquired by Austrian multinational manufacturing company Vogel&Noot in 2007, extending the range of its products. In 2011, Vogel&Noot was acquired by Silgan Group, North America’s largest manufacturer of rigid packaging for shelf-stable food and other consumer goods. With as many as 87 manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Asia and Europe, the main business lines consist of metal and plastic containers and metal, composite and plastic caps. Today, Elsa - Silgan Metal Packaging operates in Greece through two privately-own factories, one in Ag. Ioannis Rendis, Athens and one in Skydra, northern Greece. Its packaging products cover all the needs in the sectors of food, chemicals, fish (canned) and decorative packaging. Production plants certified under the ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 and PAS223:2011 standards. The firm’s clients includes some of the largest food and chemical industries in the domestic market, while significant exports are also made. ELSA posted an exceptional financial performance in 2014, with sales rising by nearly 13% to 48.82 million euros, compared to 43.11 million euros a year earlier. Likewise, its net income rose to 511,000 euros against a loss of 937,000 euros in 2013.




Exports accounting for 50% of annual sales

Nikitas Ragoussis, managing director of VIORYL SA

VIORYL S.A. is a Greek company established in 1946, mainly engaging in development and production of industrial fragrances, flavours, fine chemicals, as well as plant nutrition and protection products. VIORYL’s premises are located in Afidnes, Attica (headquarters and research laboratories) and Thiva, Boeotia (production and warehouse), covering a total floor space of 12,500 sqm in buildings on a 50,000-sqm plot of land. Thanks to large investments in state-of-the-art technology as well as in qualified personnel, the company is nowadays the leader in the Greek market, supplying clients with innovative, high-quality products. The dynamic evolution in scientific research, combined with the firm’s commitment to quality and collaboration with customers, provide VIORYL with a competitive advantage that has earned the company an excellent reputation worldwide, contributing to its continuous growth. VIORYL’s sales topped 20 million euros in 2015, demonstrating consistent year-over-year growth. R&D spending has reached 10% of annual revenue, with new investments of about 2.0 million euros, including the installation of new production equipment and new warehouse, to be completed in 2016. VIORYL realizes a substantial part of its growth from exports, which in 2015 accounted for about 50% of its total revenue. The company has a presence in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Far East and North America, with further expansion planned. “As VIORYL foresees substantial growth overseas, we aim to further enhance our presence in foreign markets with new products resulting from intensive work in our multidisciplinary research laboratories”. Dr. Nikitas Ragoussis, Managing Director, VIORYL S.A.

Contact Details 28th km Athens-Lamia national road, Afidnes 19014, Greece Tel.: +30 22950 45100 Fax: +30 22950 45250 Email: Website –



Transport Means Industrial

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Food Products Industrial


One of Greece’s largest shipyards Neorion Syros Shipyards is located on the west side of the port of Syros Island, operating in the same location since 1861. Its piers are of a total length of 1,800 meters, serviced by cranes of 40, 25 and 20 tons. It also features a floating crane of 200-ton lifting capacity, a floating waste receptacle and four tugboats. Its two floating docks have a capacity of 75,000 DWT and 40.000 DWT respectively, while the installation of a Synchro Lift of a capacity of 2,500 tons significantly upgraded the yard. The new system allows for service of vessels of a length of up to 100 meters and is designed specifically to service yachts, being one of the biggest Synchro Lifts installed in the Eastern Mediterranean. The company is fully owned by the holding company Neorion SA. A milestone in its history was the year 1969, when the dry dock was acquired by the Goulandris brothers and immediately underwent a number of structural modifications, while the Goulandris’ made major investments in the development and modernization of the yard. As a result, NEORIO became the third largest shipbuilding site in Greece, offering significant benefits to the economic development of Syros. The following years proved tough for the company, and in 1992 the loss-making shipyard closed down. However, in 1994, the yard opened again and started to grow rapidly. Today, the Group that owns the shipyard is Greece’s largest and most modern shipbuilding group. In 2014, the yard recorded a growing financial performance, with sales almost doubling to 21.85 million euros, compared to 11.56 million euros a year earlier. Notably, the firm succeeded in significantly reducing its loss to 2.7 million euros against 10.54 million euros in 2013.


Exporting olive oils IOANNIS KORDATOS SA was founded in 2000, building on the tradition of a family-run business that dates back 40 years in processing, packaging and export of table olives. The company’s headquarters and facilities are located in Kainourio, Agrinio, northwestern Greece, on a plot of land measuring 40,000 sqm, with facilities covering a surface area of over 6,000 sqm. Production capacity stands at 10,000 tons of table olives, annually. Continuous growth enjoyed by the company has been the result of its investment in technological and mechanical equipment, human resources and scientific research. KORDATOS applies the HACCP system and holds ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 22000 certification, as well as an ISO 14001 environmental management standard. The firm markets green olives, Kalamata olives, blonde olives and green Halkidiki olives. In 2014, the firm saw its revenue inch down to 7.40 million euros compared to 7.84 million euros a year earlier. It posted a loss of 915,000 euros against a loss of 305,000 euros year-on-year.

Contact Details 30005 Kenourgio, Agrinio Tel: +30 26410 61004 Fax: +30 26410 62500 Email: Website:



Food Products Industrial


Promoting sesame brittle to foreign markets for more than half a century JANNIS SA was founded in 1965 in Thessaloniki, engaging primarily in sesame production, which remains the company’s main activity to date. However, the wide range of JANNIS products has now been expanded to include nougat, Turkish delight and other confectionery products, such as those based on coconut. Since 2000, proving that it reads the needs of its customers and international markets developments, the company developed a series of new certified organic products, which are becoming increasingly popular in Greece and also record growing demand abroad. Beyond covering the domestic market, the firm’s commercial network has been also expanding into many foreign markets. In addition, many of its products are also marketed under private label, certifying customer loyalty in the exceptional quality of JANNIS products, as well as its careful selection of the best ingredients and the business’ agility to adapt to the individual requirements of its customers. With almost half a century of dynamic and constantly growing presence, JANNIS is internationally recognized as the ‘ambassador’ of Greek traditional sesame brittle (pasteli), with its success mainly attributed to customer loyalty and constant preference for its products. JANNIS remains firm on its mission to always provide total customer satisfaction through quality products and services.

Contact Details Panteleimonas, Kilkis, 61100 Tel: +30 23410.75610 Fax.: +30 23410.75619 Email: Website:



Steel Materials Industrial

Contact Details Leoforos Diilistirion, Stefani Area 193 00 Aspropyrgos, Greece Tel.: +30 210 5582540 Fax: +30 210 5582547 Website:

Miscellaneous Products Industrial

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Capitalizing on strong synergies Founded in 1999, CORUS – KALPINIS – SIMOS SA operates in the field of producing and marketing modern steel building materials, both in Greece and abroad. Based on the strength of its international partnership with the global giant TATA STEEL Group, as well as with the ELASTRON Group, the leader in Greece’s steel processing and resale industry, CORUS – KALPINIS – SIMOS is dynamically active in local and international markets. By capitalizing on its strong synergies, the company strengthens its position in the sector and consolidates the sound foundations on which it bases its growth strategy. In 1999, BRITISH STEEL PLC, along with KONINKLIJKE HOOGOVENS created the CORUS GROUP. In the same year, A. KALPINIS – N. SIMOS SA, along with CORUS GROUP established the company CORUS – KALPINIS – SIMOS SA. In 2007, TATA STEEL bought the CORUS GROUP which was renamed TATA STEEL EUROPE in 2010. In 2008, A. KALPINIS – N. SIMOS SA was renamed to ELASTRON SA STEEL SERVICE CENTERS. Implementing its strategic plans, the company entered business with the advanced production of the ECOPANEL® product, a thermal insulated panel for cladding and wall-facades of buildings, in accordance with the highest European quality standards. Aiming at developing modern steel building products covering the diverse requirements of the demanding building cladding sector, CORUS – KALPINIS – SIMOS has already gained control of a significant market. The center of the company’s activities is located in the industrial area of Aspropyrgos, on the western outskirts of Athens, home to the company’s headquarters and production plant. In 2014, the firm posted stable financial performance, with sales inching down to 10.40 million euros compared to 10.62 million euros a year earlier. However, it reported a pre-tax loss of 1.10 million euros against a loss of 1.17 million euros in 2013.

Micrel Medical Devices S.A.

Exporting medical devices around the globe Micrel Medical Devices SA is a medical technology company engaged in designing, manufacturing and marketing “smart” drug delivery systems. The company offers a full range of ambulatory volumetric and syringe infusion pumps, administration sets, accessories, as well as remote patient infusion control and monitoring systems and services for a broad array of hospital and home-based patient treatments. Micrel is currently present, directly or through distributors, in more than 30 countries around the world. Micrel’s strengths come from its long experience in the infusion devices industry, gained through a large, established product portfolio all over the world and a combination of innovative market-driven R&D culture with flexible manufacturing. At Micrel, innovation is a way of life at all levels of the organization. It is a continuous process that results to breakthrough product and service improvements targeted to assisting patients, healthcare service providers and distributors. Micrel develops new technologies and has a strong Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio in infusion systems supporting its product range. The company currently holds more than 20 patents on infusion technologies. The medical device firm posted an increase in 2014 revenue to 10.79 million euros, compared to 7.78 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income doubled to 2.86 million euros against 1.47 million euros year-on-year.


Plastics Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 1st km Koropiou-Varis Ave., PO BOX 87, 19400 Koropi, Greece, Tel. +30 216 4003 100 Fax: +30 210 6625500 Email: Website:

Food Products Industrial

Contact Details Sindos Thessaloniki, 574 00, Greece Tel.: +30 2310 798 151 Fax: +30 2310 797 323 Email: Website:


Posting solid growth ARGO SA was founded in 1970 in Athens, by Dr. Alexis Stasinopoulos and Tryfon Mitrogiannopoulos. The firm engages in the plastic packaging sector as a designer, producer, and trader of rigid packaging. The company’s business activity spans the markets of healthcare, personal care, crop protection, animal healthcare, chemicals and auto, and food and beverages. The range of manufacturing technologies employed includes: Extrusion Blow Molding, Injection Blow Molding, Injection Stretch Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Plastic Tube production for Packaging, Printing and Labelling and Assembling. Thanks to a wide range of processing technologies and polymer grades employed, the company offers plastic closures, droppers, vials, bottles, canisters, tubes and dosing systems for demanding applications and diverse markets. It provides high quality packaging solutions for best product protection and maximum brand impact in the market. Argo is certified with the ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, ISO15378:2011, and EN ISO13485:2012 standards. Compliance with international standards and regulations is assured both by in-plant procedures and external accredited organizations or labs. Posting solid financial performance in 2014, the firm saw its sales rise to 26.84 million euros against 24.60 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 4.06 million euros compared to 3.65 million euros year-on-year.


A major rice producer Spanos SA has been active in the trade of paddy rice (raw material) since 1992, with Thessaloniki as the focal point of operations. The company’s 5,000-sqm facility is built on a 2.1-hectare plot of land. It comprises a rice mill - rubber roil shellers, silos for stocking paddy rice, rice mill - vertical cones, parboiling section, a husk burning section for the production of steam and air filters for gas cleaning. The firm’s newly built production unit is located in Sindos, at a 10-km distance from the commercial port and half a kilometer from the Thessaloniki - Athens national highway, easily accessible for product transport. The unit uses latest technology equipment for parboiling and milling. The parboiling section function is based on the method of “continuous product flow,” which guarantees homogeneous, stable and premium quality. The technical equipment of the unit provides flexibility and capability to comply with the various quality exigencies of the market for parboiled rice, concerning the nuance of colour and resistance in boiling. The milling section comprises pre cleaners, de-stoners, thickness and length graders, metal detectors, colosortex and polishers. The production plant generates energy from biomass burning (rice husk), assuring availability in steam, a prerequisite in parboiling treatment. The collection of burning emissions is achieved by using adequate filters. The storage capacity in paddy rice amounts to 10,000 sqm. The company’s rice processing center produces processed rice for immediate consumption; wholly milled rice parboiled (partly boiled); and, husked (cargo - brown) rice parboiled, which maintains the internal peel. The facility also produces by-products, such as broken rice and bran, both intended for various industrial uses and animal feed. The company offers various packaging options: big bags, paper, polyethylene and polypropylene bags of 5kg and up to 50kg – for private labeling use. The rice company in 2014 saw its sales inch up to 8.53 million euros against 8.11 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings rose marginally to 61,000 euros compared to 60,000 euros in 2013.



Food – Dairy products Industrial


Exports accounting for 80% of annual production

Contact Details 1st mm Grevena-Megaro road, Grevena, 51100 Tel: +30 24620 87150 Fax: +30 24620 26351 Email: Website:


Kourellas SA was established in 1992 following modification of a pre-existing company that had also been active in the food and dairy sector since 1960. The company’s activity involves milk processing and production of cheese products, salads and yogurt, foodstuff production, and enhancement of agricultural productivity through progressive applications. The firm is located in Grevena, northern Greece, at a company-owned facility along the 1st km of the provincial Grevena-Megaro road. The company operates its own milk-collection network, warehouse, facilities for pasteurization, processing, maturation, and standardization, and maintains storage space for ready products. The company also runs a laboratory for quality control, where a strict tracing system is applied. The company’s main products are feta cheese, kefalograviera cheese, kaseri cheese, goat cheese, cheese with garlic and pepper, cheese with olive and chili, batzios cheese, manouri cheese and anevato, a local PDO cheese established in the wider marketplace by Kourellas. Products are distributed in Greece and Europe. In 1996, Kourellas SA became the first company to introduce production of organic dairy products, under the brand name “BIOPAN”. It based its organic procedures on specifications provided by the German Naturland company, as local regulations concerning animal organic products did not exist at the time. The Greek company went on to develop an important selfsupplied dairy production system for organic agriculture, according to EU laws 2092/91 and 1804/99. Today, Kourellas collaborates with 90 selected and responsible organic agricultural farming operations. It also cultivates 20 square kilometers of land with breadstuffs and various other livestock feed in order to self-supply more than 20,000 bio-fed sheep and goats. The company, which produces 250 tons of organic cheese and 600 tons of conventional cheese, exports up to 80% of its production to other European markets. Kourellas has implements the HACCP standard throughout its entire production process so as to fully assure product safety. The company also maintains a certified quality-assurance system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 and BRC standards for dairy products production. The company also conducts regular self-imposed inspections at its facilities, based on EU guideline 89/662, using fully-equipped and specialized scientific personnel. The firm collaborates with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, especially its laboratory for dairy product hygiene, and takes part in research programs concerning the standardization of traditional cheeses. In terms of financial performance, the firm in 2014 saw its sales inch down to 8.90 million euros against 9.11 million euros a year earlier. Its loss was reduced to 50,000 euros compared to 286,000 year-on-year.


Chemicals Industrial

Contact Details 128 El. Venizelou St., Nea Ionia 14231, Attiki, Greece Tel: +30 22620 31912 Fax: +30 22620 31898 Email: Website:

Elevators Industrial

Contact Details Stavrochori Industrial Zone, Kilkis, 611 00, Greece Τel: +30 23410 75730 Fax: +30 23410 75733 Email: Website:


Continued growth KAPACHIM was founded in Athens in 1974, operating, until 1987, a chemical production unit. The company had launched its operations as a modest, small-scale sulfonation firm. Since then, it has developed significantly and nowadays has become one of the largest sulfonation and sulfation complexes worldwide. At the same time, the company has diversified its production for a variety of different chemical groups. In 2009, KAPACHIM MOROCCO started a new Silicate plant in Jorf Lasfar, with annual capacity of 40,000 tons. In 2009, KAPACHIM launched a new sulfonation plant in the Ukrainian city of Slavyansk. The capacity of the plant is 40,000 tons of LABSA per year. KAPACHIM GREECE has installed a film reactor sulfonation plant in the area of Inofita, located some 60km north of Athens. It produces a range of Sodium Alcohol Ethoxy Sulfates with annual capacity of 18,000 tons, as well as a range of Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acids with annual capacity of 15,000 tons. KAPACHIM GREECE also operates a multi-purpose manufacturing facility, mainly for the production of Alkyl Betaines, Alkyl Amides and other specialty products. Annual capacity is 5,000mt for each of the aforementioned products. Since 2009, the company began operating a new chlor-alkali plant with annual capacity of 4,000 tons of Chlorine, mainly used for the production of Sodium Hypochlorite. This recent investment incorporates the latest membrane electrolysis technology. Besides being a key supplier for most multinationals as well as local detergents and cosmetics manufacturers, KAPACHIM GREECE is also propelled by vast and continuous export activity in the surrounding region.Its range of products are primarily used in the production of detergents, cosmetics, cleaners, drilling aids, insulating-construction chemicals, water treatment and the textile industry. In 2014, the firm saw its sales rise by 12% to 23.36 million euros compared to 20.79 million euros a year earlier. Likewise, pre-tax earnings jumped 21% to 1.26 million euros against 1.04 million euros year-on-year.


Annual production of 50,000 elevator doors KLEFER SA is a manufacturer of elevator doors, operating at a 12,000-sqm modern facility in Kilkis, northern Greece. Established in 1999 as a joint venture between two highly experienced and dynamic partners, KLEEMANN SA and TECNOLAMA SA - FERMATOR, the company benefits from Kleemann’s leading presence in the entire lift market, and Fermator’s extensive know-how and leading position in the automatic door market worldwide. The company uses the latest state-of-the-art technology (CNC cutting & punching, robotics welding, ERP system for production, quality and logistics control) to deliver a product line that meets customers requirements. This product line, includes: Light and Heavy Duty Cabin and Landing Automatic Doors, in electrostatic paint or various claddings (stainless steel, glass panels, etc,), with VVVF control, Folding Cabin Doors and Semiautomatic Landing Doors. Annual production capacity is 50,000 doors, with the company mainly serving the international market, concentrating its efforts in the areas of east, north and central Europe, as well as the Middle East. In 2014, the firm saw its sales drop to 15.63 million euros compared to 16.37 million euros a year earlier. However, its pre-tax income inched up to 2.23 million euros against 2.18 million euros year-on-year.





Power and productivity for a better world

Contact Details 13th km Athens - Lamia National Road, Metamorphossi, 14452, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 2891 500 Fax: +30 210 2891 599 Website:


ABB is a global leader in power and automation technologies. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, the company employs about 140,000 people and operates in approximately 100 countries. The firm’s shares are traded on the stock exchanges of Zurich, Stockholm and New York. ABB’s business comprises five divisions that are in turn organized in relation to the customers and industries they serve. The group is particularly proud of its record for innovation - widely recognized through countless awards and scientific accolades. Many of the technologies we take for granted today, from ultra-efficient high-voltage direct current power transmission to a revolutionary approach to ship propulsion, were developed or commercialized by ABB. Today ABB is the largest supplier of industrial motors and drives, the largest provider of generators to the wind industry and the largest supplier of power grids in the world. ABB covers Greece and Cyprus, offering the entire range of the group’s activities, which include the marketing of industrial and electrical equipment, construction of tables of medium- and low-voltage requirements, design and execution of projects and after sales services. The presence of ABB in Greece contributes significantly to the country’s technological development and the efficient use of electricity, while also increasing productivity with special consideration for the environment. ABB has shown remarkable contribution to the economy and high added-value projects. The company possesses significant experience in energy technology projects and high complexity automation, stringent technical requirements and specifications. ABB offers products, integrated systems and services in various business sectors, such as production and energy management industries, process industries, oil processing industries, gas installations, utilities, airports, railways, marine applications, and so on. More than 300 people are employed at the premises of ABB in Athens (Metamorphosis and Scaramanga), Thessaloniki, Kozani and Limassol. The company’s activities are certified to ISO 9001. In 2014, the firm posted an increase in sales to 88.41 million euros compared to 79.19 million euros a year earlier. In spite of a significant drop in pre-tax income in 2014, ABB managed to show profits of 120,000 euros.


Construction Industrial

Contact Details 7th km National Road Athens Korinthos, 19300, Aspropyrgos, Greece Tel: +30 210 5518100 (Cement and Aggregates activity) Tel: +30 210 5518600 (Concrete activity) Email: Website:

Food Processing Industrial


Major rebound into profitable territory Halyps Building Materials SA engages in the cement market segment under the brand name “Halyps Cement”, as well as in the aggregates segment under the brand name “Halyps Quarries” and in the concrete segment under the brand name “Et Beton,” with three production plants servicing the wider Athens region. The firm has established a subsidiary in Durres, Albania under the name Eurotech Cement SH.P.K., which operates a Cement Terminal. The company owns one cement plant and one quarry along with two concrete units, employing a total staff of 145. The parent company, Italcementi Group, a leading European cement producer, has consistently supported major investments made in Greece with the aim of increasing capacity and efficiency, improving product quality and working conditions for employees, as well as environmental protection from the impact of its activities. Italcementi Group’s activities in Greece are motivated by its corporate values and identity, as well as the company’s 70-year presence in the country’s cement and building materials market. With an annual production capacity of more than 60 million tons, in as many as 46 cement plants, Italcementi Group is the world’s fifth largest cement producer. Along with the cement plants, Italcementi Group’s industrial network includes 12 grinding centers, 6 terminals, 417 concrete batching units combining the expertise, know-how and cultures of 22 countries across four continents. In 2014, Italcementi Group reported consolidated revenues of more than 4.1 billion euros. In the same year, Halyps Building Materials posted a sturdy rise in sales to 28.75 million euros, compared to 23.77 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings inched down to 5.45 million euros against 5.53 million euros year-on-year.


Widely known as Wermio Founded in 1998 by Elias Maimoutzis, I. M. STROFILIA Ltd. is based in Strofilia, a community in the prefecture of Euboea, and engages in the processing, packaging and marketing of agricultural products. The firm’s primary purpose is to provide tastes of forgotten traditional dishes, homemade recipes of the rustic Greek household and pure Greek products, based on the vision and values of its founder and respecting the Greek land. I. M. STROFILIA products offer the modern man a sense of life in the traditional Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean food culture, a proposal that is both modern and ancient and which is now gaining ground as a prevalent nutritious choice. The firm offers a wide range of private label products under the successful brand name Wermio. It cooperates closely with Wermio in Germany and Wermio in Giannitsa, Greece, which belong to the same group. In addition, I. M. STROFILIA is primarily an export business with customers in many countries around the world, including Germany, UK and USA.

Contact Details Strofilia, Evia Tel: +30 2227-93100-103 Fax: +30 2227-93187 Email: Website:



Food PRODUCTS Industrial

Contact Details Sindos Industrial Area, Entrance C’ GR57022, Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel +30 2310 795 299 Fax +30 2310 795 399 Email: Website:

ΝΟN METALLIC MINERALS Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 364 Kifisias Avenue, Halandri, 15233, Athens Tel: +30 210 6896480 Fax: +30 210 6896404 Email: Website:



High-quality Greek snacks Ohonos Snacks, a Greek company with high expertise in chips and snacks production, launched its business activity in the food industry in 1994, producing foods of the highest quality. It has established a well-structured distribution network that is supported by company-owned trucks supplying the entire country, serving clients quickly and reliably. The firm exports up to 30% of its annual production to various European markets, while its sales and promotion covers all of Greece. Ohonos Snacks takes absolute care to use natural and certified ingredients. All steps in the production process are constantly monitored by the company’s highly qualified staff to ensure that all Quality Management System conditions and International Food Management and Safety standards are observed. Τhe company’s production procedures have been certified by ELOT EN ISO 9001:2000, ELOT 1416 (HACCP) since 2005 and ISO 22000:2005 since 2009. The company’s prime objective is to constantly strive for products of the highest quality. In 2014, Ohonos Snacks reported a marginal rise in sales to 14.75 million euros compared to 14.18 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also rose to 1.44 million euros against 1.23 million euros year-on-year.


Advanced Building Materials ΝORDIA-MARMOLINE possesses vast experience and expertise in the building materials industry. It focuses on industrialized quality production of mortars, thermal insulation systems and other building materials. It is also active in the extraction of decorative rocks and aggregates. Today, MARMOLINE produces advanced building materials that contribute to the upgrading of building works, following the increased needs for energy efficiency and environmental protection. In order to achieve these standards, MARMOLINE invests in technology and industrial specialization, constantly upgrading its industrial plants. The company’s main objective is to develop environmentally friendly products, also striving to offer favorable and safe working conditions. It places particular emphasis on preserving the technical characteristics and attributes of company products, the key reasons that have established them as top choices for customers. New facilities, raw materials selected under strict criteria, mechanical equipment fully controlled by computer systems with specialized software, and ISO 9001 certified quality management system procedures, provide consistent quality throughout the production process. The firm in 2014 posted both higher sales and pre-tax income. Specifically, total sales rose to 13.44 million euros compared to 11.7 million euros a year earlier.




A long history in packaging and food processing


Contact Details

PARAGOGIKI THRAKIS SA has a long history in the field of food processing and packaging. Employing a highly qualified and experienced staff, the firm’s quality products have made it a well-known name all over Greece. Located in the region of Thrace, Northeastern Greece, the firm’s food processing and packaging facilities are very close to the town of Alexandroupolis, built on a privately-owned plot of land and covering a floor space of over 2,000 sqm. Throughout the years of its operation, the company has developed the art of packaging and nowadays has the ability to meet market demand by offering modern packaging units and methods. As an export firm, Paragogiki Thrakis has also earned a name in the international market for its high quality packaging. Apart from the packaging section, the firm has also invested in the field of food processing, developing new products for its domestic and international customers. Various kinds of cheese, antipasti, salads, dips and frozen food are all part of its wide range of the products ready to satisfy demanding clients, who supply the international market with high quality new products.

2nd km Alexandroupolis-Avanda road, Avanda, 68100 Tel: +30 25510 33770 Fax: +30 25510 33771 Email: Website:

Constructions Industrial

Contact Details 6 S.Vempo St, PO Box 8 57008, Echedoros, Thessaloniki Tel. +302310 755260, 755085 Fax. +302310 755104 Email: Website:


Prominent position in the industrial construction sector EKME SA is a privately-owned mechanical and civil construction company that operates throughout Greece and abroad. It was founded in 1972 in Thessaloniki, where the company headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located, at a 3,000-sqm facility. In addition, EKME operates a 1,100-sqm fully-equipped factory in Nea Karvali, Kavala, northern Greece, which was launched in 1985. EKME holds a prominent position in Greece’s industrial construction sector. Its basic activities meet a wide range of needs in the petrochemical, energy, defense and conventional industry sectors. These include engineering, design and manufacturing of high technology equipment (reactors, distillation towers, heat exchanger, pressure vessels, tanks) and construction, operation and maintenance of complete industrial units and installations, including off-shore facilities. In addition, the company offers solutions in Detailed Engineering and Fabrication of Pressure Equipment and Skid-Based/Modularized Process Units for the refinery, petroleum storage, chemical, natural gas and fertilizer industries. Equipment includes medium & high pressure reactors, vessels, shell & tube heat exchangers, furnaces and heaters. The firm constructs complete process units and fuel storage facilities including civil, electromechanical, insulation, painting and commissioning works, as well as pipelines for natural gas, petroleum, chemical products and utilities. The company also offers offshore maintenance work and support services (on oil drilling platforms in North Aegean, the only ones operating in Greece). It conducts maintenance work on industrial installations of all types, and develops power-generation projects (hydroelectric, wind power, thermoelectric), while also offering fabrication of wind turbine towers, steel structures and machinery. In 2014, EKME reported solid growth, with sales jumping to 22.03 million euros compared to 13.79 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings also rose 327,000 euros against 21,000 euros in 2013.





Market leader in its sector

Contact Details Xanthi Industrial Area, Xanthi, 67100, Greece Tel: +3025410-64200 Fax: +3025410-64204 Email: Website:


The company began operating in 1925 in Kavala, northern Greece, founded by Alexis Tsatsoulis, who was born in Epirus, northwestern Greece. He began by producing pickles by a distinctive personal method. As the years went by, his pickle business grew and the small workshop expanded into a small industry, passing on from one generation to the next. Nowadays, that small industry has evolved into one of the country’s largest, with two modern factories, dozens of recipes and products exported around the world. ROYAL MEDITERRANEAN, as the company is named today, guarantees top-quality food and food safety. Besides pickles, the company processes olives and food products based on the Mediterranean diet, all distinguished for their variety, quality and taste. In terms of scale, plenty has changed at the company since its modest start. But the company has made it a point to never change its careful selection of ingredients and overall use of topgrade materials. The company is run by a dedicated and experienced staff and continuously invests in new equipment. It consistently applies all international quality and safety management standards and is committed to offering delicious food products. The company’s two production plants measure a total of 14,000 sqm in floor space amid plots of land measuring a total surface area of 30,000 sqm. The company employs 100 full-time staff members and over 300 seasonal employees at both factories, creating strong ties with the local communities. The production plants produce 9 million kilos of fresh vegetables and olives, annually. It also produces 6 million kilos of fresh red peppers and 10 million jars of Royal Mediterranean products, ready to be sold. Overall, the company offers 300 different products with some 100 different recipes. New recipes are constantly being developed and added to the existing vast range. About 80% of the firm’s total revenue is generated by exports. The company’s products are sold in over 30 countries around the world, from New Zealand to Mexico. Royal Mediterranean has also maintained long-term partnerships with over 30 clients who have assigned Royal Mediterranean production duties for their own label brands. In Greece, the company is a market leader with a share of more than 50% in its sector.


Food PRODUCTS Industrial

Contact Details Kifisias Av. 125 - 127 (Cosmos Centre) Tel: +30 210 6984725 Fax: +30 210 6985170 Email: Website:

Food PRODUCTS Industrial

Contact Details 131-139 Spaton (new avenue) Gerakas, 153 44, Athens Tel: +30 210 6603600 Fax: +30 210 6603629 Website:


Supplying top food companies Kardan Group subsidiary MASTFOODS is a leading producer of industrial products for the worldwide food and beverage markets. With exports to more than 15 countries and partnerships with key players in the food industry, Mastfoods is well-positioned as a top quality and reliable supplier in Europe and the Mid East. The firm continues to invest in additional sources, expansion of storage capacity and improving quality and efficiency of its processing facilities to better serve customers, suppliers and the ingredient industry. MASTFOODS factory, covering a surface space of 38,000 sqm, is located in central Greece, in close proximity to the port and airport of Volos (285th km Athens-Thessaloniki National Road). MASTFOODS is equipped with the latest processing technology manufactured by the Italian company CFT, a renowned world leader in the manufacture of industrial equipment for the food industry with over 60 years’ experience. The company’s production line is based on the cold extraction method which has the advantage of preserving the organoleptic characteristics of the product, thus leading to a high-quality, semifinished end product with a more natural taste and texture that may be suitable for even the most special food uses. The company markets puree from apple’s, peaches, apricots and kiwi’s. Also it produces tomato paste from fresh, washed wholesome tomatoes. Products are packed aseptically for industrial use and are produced not only according to its own standard specifications, but also according to those of the client upon request. As such, the firm holds one of the leading international market positions in this field with exports throughout the EU, Eastern Europe, Mid East and Africa. MASTFOODS observes procedures to further assure product quality, always taking international hygiene and specifications standards into consideration. The HACCP system has been developed for all stages of production, ensuring product safety through the application of a certified quality control system under the ISO 22000 standard. With regard to financial performance, the firm in 2014 posted flat sales of 6.92 million euros, while its pre-tax loss rose to 67,000 euros compared to 4,000 euros a year earlier.


Exporting to all five continents Established in 1971, BINGO initially operated as a small outlet in the inner Athens suburb of Kypseli. Five years later, BINGO had evolved into an industry and was transferred to a new, modern manufacturing facility in Gerakas, northern Athens, where the enterprise is still based to date. The facility’s size has grown tenfold following a series of investments over the years. It is located on a 17,700-sqm plot of land, with the warehouses and factory cover a floor space of 6,500 sqm. The company’s wafer production plant, administrative offices and distribution center are all based here. The firm’s annual capacity amounts to 6,000 tons In 1993, BINGO joined the fully Greek-owned TOTTIS Group of Companies, one of the country’s biggest, whose main activities are production and marketing of packaged confectionaries and snacks, as well as cardboard packaging. The company maintains a carefully assembled R&D and quality control department, which explains its pioneering position in the Greek market since the 1970s until the present day. SERENATA, AMARETTI and KOUKOUROUKOU wafers, some of the most dominant brands in Greece’s wafer market for over 40 years, are the company’s flagship products. Sales and distribution in the Greek market are supported by two offices in Athens and Thessaloniki. The group’s export activity accounts for 20% of its annual revenue. In recent years, Tottis Group exports expanded to various new foreign markets, including a number of fellow EU member states, the USA, North Africa, Middle and Far East, China and Australia. BINGO employs a staff of 250 members, of which 100 in production and 150 in administration, as part of the company’s fully organized sales, exports, accounting, marketing, logistics, customer service and credit control departments. In 2014, the firm saw its sales rise to 48.02 million euros compared to 45.40 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax earnings inched up to 323,000 euros against 310,000 euros in 2013.



Food PRODUCTS Industrial

Contact Details Central Market of Thessaloniki Stand D 27-30 546 28, Thessaloniki Hellas Tel: +30 2310 763 133 Fax: +30 2310 764 564 Email: Website:

Clothing – Apparel Industrial

Contact Details Ippodromiou str. 6th km Thessaloniki-Oreokastro old national highway, 570 13, PO BOX 6, Thessaloniki, Greece Tel: +30 2310 680 033, +30 2310 729 888 Fax: +30 2310 680 036, +30 2310 683 225 E-mail: Website:



Distributing 265 types of well-known fruit and vegetable brands Fructa Union is a third-generation family business that markets and distributes well-known fruit and vegetable brands from around the world. It distributes over 12 million kilograms of product every year and has a staff of 19 employees. Its quality, vast range of rare and exotic varieties, and the immediate availability of all products at all times are what place Fructa Union at the very top of every partner and supplier’s list. The firm only works with well-known producers and fruit processors who have been carefully selected based on the strictest criteria in order to steadily meet the high quality demands of its customers. The company’s long-standing business relationship with its suppliers is built on a solid foundation, thus guaranteeing the consistent supply of products. Most of the products are imported from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Africa, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Cyprus. Its long list of 543 suppliers includes brand names such as: CAPESPAN, ZESPRI, FRUTUCUMAN, TRES ASES, DOLE, GRUPO FERNANDEZ, CRICKET, CULTIVAR, CMR, PRATS, ROVEG, DENIMPEX, WATERING, 4 FRUIT, FREELAND, OPERA, PARMENTINE, VOG, PFALZ, and BEL’ EXPORT. Fructa Union distributes 265 types of fruit and vegetable brands from around the world. It has one of the widest varieties of fresh products in the entire sector. Fructa Union is also renowned for keeping unique and rare varieties in its range all year round, thanks to its broad global network of partners. The firm constantly invests in larger, state-of-the-art equipment for product storage. The company’s facilities include 550 sqm of cold storage in Thessaloniki’s central market and 1,650 sqm of storage sace in Sindos, 12km from Thessaloniki, where its new cold storage facilities are being built. In terms of financial performance, in 2014, Fructa Union posted a continued rise in sales to 11.59 million euros, compared to 8.50 million euros a year earlier. However, pre-tax income dropped to 45,000 euros against 110,000 euros year-on-year.


Offering high-quality attire New Age is a leading company in manufacturing fabrics and garments, utilizing cutting-edge technology. The group is renowned for its smoothly running production and efficiency, focusing on quality, innovation, flexibility and reliability. The group comprises a Design house, a Knitting house, Laboratory and Cut & Sew manufacturing facilities. The firm operates a 7,000sqm privately-owned facility in the Industrial Area of Oraiokastro, Thessaloniki, as well as facilities in Bulgaria and FYROM. As a response to latest changes in the fashion market and the needs of the company’s customers, the group’s monthly production capacity amounts to 200 k - 250 k pcs per month, or 80-100 tons of finished fabric. The firm employs a staff of 580. Visualizing a unique vertical production unit, the group constantly invests in new technologies, resulting in high automation and strict quality control throughout all stages of production, and certification under the OEKO-TEX standard. The company’s fabric and clothing design team address a wide spectrum of target groups by creating up to 30 new designs and proposals per week. The team stays ahead of global trends and develops new and innovative techniques continuously. New Age is capable of creating high-quality fabrics and exclusive, ready to wear garments. This achievement is the result of an ideal combination between modern knitting machines and certified yarns of all types and qualities available in the global market. The production facility is equipped with 85 knitting machines supported by specialized technicians. Since its establishment, New Age operates a quality control and R&D laboratory. The company carries out strict tests in yarns, threads, fabrics and garments, such as: Analytical/Chemical Tests, Behavior during Washing, Color Fastness, Physical/Mechanical Tests, Yarns, Special Tests and Laboratory Simulation of Industrial Processes. All tests are carried out according to the international standards with new technology equipment and highly skilled staff.


Food – Dairy Products Industrial

Contact Details Megarchi Trikalon, Trikala 42100, Greece Tel: +30 2431086439 Fax: +30 2431086236 Email: Website:


Contact Details Thouria Messinias, 24009 Kalamata Τel: +30 27210 32960-3 Fax: +30 27210 33008 Email: Website:


Guaranteeing high quality Omiros Dairies SA is a Trikala-based industry, with a modern and well-equipped factory operating under quality control systems ISO 22000, BRC and IFS. The firm also operates a certified microbiological laboratory to assure product quality. Continuous product control has placed the firm among the market’s reliable and prestigious names, having won consumer trust both in Greece and abroad. OMIROS produces a wide range of consistent-quality products, including Feta cheese (PDO) and a number of other white and hard cheeses. As a result of ongoing development, the firm launches innovative products to meet the growing consumer needs. It recently launched a pioneer packaging of OMIROS Barrel-aged Feta cheese, a tasty product in an easy-to-use plastic container, which received a cheerful welcome by the market. Omiros also operates a distribution network of merchandisers and agents throughout Greece in order to best serve its customers. In addition, business is facilitated through partnerships with all major supermarket chains, Cash & Carry, catering businesses and wholesalers. Omiros is also active in exports, through a strong dealer network. In 2014, the firm posted a rise in sales to 8.77 million euros compared to 7.36 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income more than doubled to 918,000 euros against 360,000 euros yearon-year.


Family business with 75 years of innovative products Founded in 1939, PAPADIMITRIOU C. C. SA ranks as one of the largest food processing companies in Greece’s south. Over three generations, the Papadimitriou family has brought its combined knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to the creation of an innovative range of high-quality Mediterranean products. With products based on the nutritional concepts of the Mediterranean diet, the company has earned consumers’ trust in both the domestic and international markets. The company’s list of products includes: Balsamic Vinegar, Balsamic Cream, Kalamata Mediterranean Mustard, Organic products and Ho.Re.Ca B2B products. Papadimitriou operates a modern production facility, covering a floor space of 10,000 sqm, located in Thouria, Messinia, southwest Peloponnese. All product categories for retail or the food sector, such as mustards, balsamic vinegars, olive oil and currants are produced and packaged at this facility. The firm’s headquarters are also based here. Production and distribution of products, based on highest-quality specifications, is a major strategic commitment of Papadimitriou, as the company holds BRC - Classification A (Technical Standard for Food Safety), as well as the ISO 22000:2005, ΙFS, ΗACCP standards. In addition, all of its organic products carry the BioHellas certification. In 2014, the firm posted lower financial performance, with sales dropping to 8.70 million euros compared to 10.08 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also fell to 118,000 euros against 153,000 euros year-on-year.



Food – Dairy products Industrial Industrial

Contact Details 26th kilometer Alexandroupoli – Synoron, 68100, Alexandroupoli, Tel: +30 25510 33770 Fax: +30 25510 33771 Website:

Food Products Industrial

Contact Details Korinos Pierias, 600 62, Greece Tel: +30 23510 42178 Fax: +30 23510 41138 E-mail: Website:



Annual production of up to 3 tons Provertia began operation as a producer in 1965, while the company’s packaging activities commenced in 1988. The firm ranks as a leading feta cheese producer in Greece with annual production reaching 2.8 tons, of which 2.1 tons are packaged. Packaging for major Greek retailers and private label products for European retailers is the firm’s key business activity. Provertia is based in three cities in Greece and three other parts of Europe. In Greece, the company’s feta cheese production and feta and white cheese packaging facility is located in Alexandroupolis, northeastern Greece. The mainstream cheese production base is located in Tripolis, central Peloponnese, while the export sales office is in Athens. In Europe, the company operates a facility producing frozen pastries in Bulgaria, as well as a yoghurt production plant in Austria, and a distribution and logistics base in Germany. Milk collection is a crucial aspect of Provertia’s production process. The company takes great care in selecting raw milk of the highest standards. Milk is collected on a daily basis from dairy farmers with whom the company has built long-lasting relationships. The main products are feta cheese, BIO feta, barrel-aged feta, sheep, goat and cow’s cheese, kasseri cheese, manouri cheese, graviera cheese, Cypriot halloumi cheese, Greek strained yogurt and frozen pastries. The cheese firm in 2014 saw its sales jump to 11.02 million euros compared to 6.87 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income rose to 78,000 euros against 18,000 euros year-on-year.

Iraklidis & Sons S.A.

Producing food for more than 50 years Iraklidis & Sons S.A. was established by Konstantinos Iraklidis in 1965 and engages primarily in export activities. It first started with vegetables and olives, while a decade ago it entered production of cheese-stuffed products. Since 2005, the firm also entered into preparing ready meals. The company’s small packaged specialized products have a specific supermarket orientation. The ‘PICANTO’ brand name was established in 1989 and refers to the firm’s characteristic flavored food products. Products are categorized as Ready Meals (from international cuisine), Vegetables Stuffed with Cheese, Sauces, Bruschettas & Tapenades, Dips and Olives. The main ingredients include pasta or rice, water, vegetables (such as peppers, carrots, lentils, peas, beans), fruits (Asian style meals with grapes, pineapple, apricot), Greek feta cheese (in some pasta meals), vegetable oil, salt, spices, herbs, acid citric acid and lactic acid, wine vinegar, stabilizer guar and xanthenes. Most of the ingredients used are imported from central Europe (EU states), while the additives conform to EU standards. Some of the fruits used by the firm are pre-canned in SE Asia. The main characteristics of the products are: All natural, Pure, Extended shelf life (730 days), Display ready, No colors and No preservatives. The firm has been certified with IFS 5 and BRC safety and quality standards. The company exports its products to a number of countries, including Germany, Austria, UK, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Canada and Czech Republic. In 2014, the food company reported a drop in sales to 3.46 million euros compared to 6.4 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income also fell to 31,000 euros against 56,000 euros in 2013.



Sani Resort

A special place of discrete luxury

Andreas Andreadis

Contact details Kassandra, 630 77 Chalkidiki, Greece Tel: +30 23740 99400 Fax:+30 23740 99508 E-mail: Website:


Sani Resort is a family-owned, privately-developed ecological reserve, established some 40 years ago. Offering the services of a world class resort, Sani provides guests with the best of both worlds: opulent luxury with world-class service, set in a surrounding environment of unique beauty. Set within its 1000 acres of natural magnificence, there are four internationally awarded fivestar hotels, each with its own distinctive character, offering a wide range of leisure facilities and accommodation. With a state-of-the-art yacht marina and a shopping plaza bustling with celebrated restaurants, vivid bars, a roaring café society, a vast array of chic boutiques and shops, sports and children’s facilities and with its three extraordinary Spa venues, Sani Resort is considered to be the ultimate Mediterranean destination. Sani’s natural beauty is reflected in everything this luxury holiday resort has to offer, but ultimately, it is the friendly and highly qualified staff that brighten it up, turning guests’ holidays into a personal, treasured experience. ➤ Four 5* Hotels (Open: April – October) ➤ Sani Beach - Sani Club - Porto Sani - Sani Asterias ➤ A 1000-acre private estate ➤ Ecological Reserve – Pine Forests – Bird Sanctuary ➤ 7km of white sandy beaches with EU Blue Flags ➤ Private yacht marina with shopping piazza ➤ Dine Around: 20 restaurants ➤ 16 bars and cafes ➤ Sports Centre – Watersports – Diving Centre ➤ 4 luxurious Spas ➤ Open-air Garden Theatre and a professional Entertainment team ➤ Creche and Childrens’ Mini Clubs ➤ Sani Festival ➤ Sani Gourmet ➤ Repeaters Club ➤ Sani VIP Services organizing tailor-made events ➤ Meetings and Special Event facilities


Porto Carras Grand Resort

Among Greece’s most complete hotel complexes

Konstantinos Steggos

Contact details Sithonia, 630 81, Halkidiki, Greece Tel.: +30 23750 77000 Fax: +30 23750 71 229 Website: Email:

The unique Porto Carras complex is situated on the western coast of Sithonia, the central peninsula of Halkidiki, northern Greece, between the high peaks of Mount Meliton and the deep blue of Toroneos Gulf, on a plot of land measuring ​​17,630 hectares of a magnificent verdant landscape boasting a 9-km-long beach, interrupted by 25 virgin, sandy coves. Porto Carras Grand Resort, Greece’s most complete hotel complex and a nine-time award winner by Conde Nast Traveller, comprises two 5-star hotels, a commanding, renowned Villa, a luxury casino and two Thalassotherapy and Spa Centers. In addition, the resort features an international standard 18-hole golf course, a private, 315-berth marina, the largest and one of the best equipped Congress Centers in Northern Greece, an Equestrian Club, a nine-court Tennis Club, a Diving Club, a Yacht Club, and the largest organic vineyard in Greece. The complex also includes three heliports and two waterways for those traveling in style! It all started with a cruise to Mount Athos, organized to celebrate the millennial anniversary of the Mount Athos monastic community. Athenian celebrities, together with shipping magnate John Carras, aboard the Greek tycoon’s yacht, sailed off the coast of Sithonia, into the Toroneos Gulf and the story began as John Carras fell for the virgin landscape. Construction work began in 1968 to build the Villa Galini; the famous villa was built on rocky and barren Galani Hill, named after a bandit killed here, covering a total floor area of 2,000 sqm. An example of unique architecture and beauty, furnished with rare monastic furniture and unique artworks, the villa featured in the magazines of the ‘70s as one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. Within three years the region had undergone a complete facelift, as marshes were drained, extensive reforestation activities were carried out and olive groves (45,000 olive trees) and a ​​ 4,750-acre vineyard were created. Village Inn opened its doors in 1976, bringing a real revolution in the tourist and cultural image of Greece, while the Meliton Hotel commenced operation in 1979 and the Sithonia Hotel in 1980. In 1999, construction group Technical Olympic made the biggest bid in a tender by the National Bank of Greece for the acquisition of Porto Carras. Since then, Technical Olympic Group Chairman, Constantine Stengos has made it his life’s purpose to bring Porto Carras to the fore of the international tourism market. In 2014, the firm’s revenue jumped to 62.40 million euros compared to 38.92 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared to an impressive 6.86 million euros against a loss of 3.11 million euros in 2013. EBITDA also jumped to 14.34 million euros compared to 6.07 million euros a year earlier.



Louis Hotels SA

Operating 5- and 4-star hotels in Greece and Cyprus

Kostakis Loizos

Contact details 3 Stadiou St., Athens 105 62, Greece Tel.: +30 21 0374 9100 Fax: +30 210 3229950 E-mail: Website:


Louis Group is among the Mediterranean’s leading tourist and hotel groups, with more than 75 years of experience in the cruise field. As a member of Louis Group, Louis Hotels, with a legacy of more than 70 years in the hospitality sector, rank among the leaders in the hotel industry in Cyprus and Greece, with 4-star hotels in Cyprus and Greece and a 5-star hotel in Limassol, Cyprus, a 4-star hotel on Crete Island, a 4-star hotel on Rhodes Island, four and two 4-star hotels on Corfu and Zakynthos islands, respectively, and a boutique hotel on Mykonos Island. With a total of 19 4-star and 5-star hotels in Cyprus and Greece (including the Hilton Park in Nicosia, under the management of Hilton Hotels Cooperation, and the Mykonos Theoxenia, a luxury boutique hotel in Mykonos Town, member of Design Hotels), and over 12,000 beds in Paphos, Limassol, Protara, Crete, Corfu, Zakynthos, Rhodes and Mykonos, Louis Hotels offers a complete range of options to the modern visitor. Whether for family holidays, active holidays or simply a tranquil escape on a magnificent Mediterranean beach, Louis Hotels can satisfy every market segment, having a leading place in All Inclusive. Louis Hotels is synonymous with cost-effective holidays in Cyprus and the Greek islands. The firm’s long history and experience in the hospitality field allows it to have an in depth knowledge of the market, both in relation to the needs of business partners and guests’ expectations. In addition, Louis Hotels is renowned for its leadership and innovation in the all-inclusive catering sector in the Mediterranean region, with its hotels also famed for their friendly service and multilingual staff. The group recognizes that respect for the environment reflects respect for guests. Louis Hotels offer: ➤ Holidays at sea in popular destinations ➤ Hospitality ranging from casual elegance to chic boutique ➤ Authentic hospitality and unique dining experience ➤ Active, family or simply relaxing holidays Some of the Group’s hotels in Greece and Cyprus hotels can arrange for civil marriage ceremonies on their premises, offering special events for couples. In addition, selected hotels in Greece and all hotels in Cyprus can host conferences and business events. The hotel collections will help guests select the ideal hotel according to their budget. All hotels provide the Louis experience: warm hospitality, good value-for-money, experience of local life and friendly service by multilingual staff. The hotel collections include Boutique Collection, Premium Collection and Casual Collection.


Saint John Mykonos Hotel & Villas – Achinopodi SA

One of the finest Hotel Resorts of the Cyclades As one of the leading Mykonos beach hotels, Saint John Hotel combines the elegance and luxury amenities a quest would expect from a 5-star Mykonos hotel of such high caliber. Its reputation for gracious hospitality, impeccable service and magnificent cuisine is renowned throughout the world and entices visitors to return year after year. A magnificent private beach, along with the spectacular ocean views, makes the hotel an ultimate sanctuary for the holiday of a lifetime. The unique surroundings give this beach resort the spirit of the traditional island life, blended with the authentic cosmopolitan style of Mykonos, where typical Mykonos Island whitewashed, cubist houses cascade down onto the private pristine, 200-meter beach of crystal clear waters. Saint John Mykonos Hotel Resort One of the finest Hotel Resorts of the Cyclades, Saint John Mykonos Hotel Villas & Spa, is a comprehensive, all-inclusive resort leaving no desire unsatisfied for the discerning guests, offering an outstanding experience in the Greek islands. At Saint John Hotel, the pool’s infinite edges blend seamlessly with the turquoise waters of the private bay. The luxury hotel resort includes a wide variety of facilities and services, such as an assortment of gourmet restaurants and lively bars, state-of-the-art conference facilities and, last but not least, the magic of the sunset and Delos Island in the background. Saint John Hotel Resort imprints itself on every guest’s memory for excellence.

Contact details Agios Ioannis Beach, Mykonos 84600, Greece Tel.: +30 22890 28752 Fax: +30 22890 28751 Website: Email:

Luxury Mykonos Hotel Resort Whether your visit to the idyllic, newly built Saint John Hotel Resort on is for business or pleasure, the luxury hotel resort accommodation, both spacious and stylish, is designed to make guests feel completely at home, luxuriated and pampered. Customers can choose one of the 136 ultra luxurious and romantic rooms at this luxury beach resort, one of the 9 exclusive and private suites, or one of the 3 magnificent villas with their own private swimming pool. Saint John Hotel Resort is the right place to be if you are interested in organizing a fashion event. The Hotel takes great pride in having the capacity, experience and skills to organize great fashion events on its premises. This is why we have had the honor to host the 2015 Replay Fashion Show, a superbly organized event of worldwide proportions. Saint John Hotel Resort can be the perfect host for events organized by big corporate firms. The spacious Conference Center is an up-to-date establishment offering services and equipment of the latest technology. The 450-seating center overlooks the sea, offering great views, while it is staffed with well-trained and experienced employees.



Hotels Collection – Hatzilazarou Group

Among the leaders in the hotel market

Ioannis Hatzilazarou

Contact details Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, Lardos, Greece, 851 09 Tel.: +30 22440 29230 Fax: +30 22440 29231 Email: Website:


The H Hotels Collection, owned by the Chatzilazarou family, native of Rhodes Island, comprises several carefully selected 4* and 5* hotels, some of them All Inclusive but all of them situated in unique locations. As they are run by a family business, all of the hotels reflect a real passion for Greek hospitality. The group’s first hotel, Rodos Princess Beach Hotel, was built in 1992 and since then the firm has continued to grow, earning a good reputation, each year welcoming returning guests from around the world. The summer of 2012 was another milestone for the company as it marked the opening of two brand new, five-star hotels, the Princess Andriana Resort & Spa and Boutique 5. The group also owns another two hotels, the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel and Princess Sun Hotel. Princess Andriana Resort & Spa has its way in making guests feel like royalties as they enter its brand new doors! Towering proudly above the Kardamis beach, the five-star establishment takes the notion of All ​​ Inclusive to a new quality level, with its modern rooms, optionally equipped with a private pool, great room service, a modern wellness center, elegant restaurants and bars. Boutique 5 opened its doors in 2012, with its 44 rooms offering unparalleled hospitality with attention to detail and fantastic architecture. Guests can enjoy the view of the endless blue horizon from all hotel spaces. The hotel views each guest as a distinct one, each meal as a celebration and each moment as unique. As for the spa, it is a work of art in itself! Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, occupying an impressive extent, has a modern style that reflects traditional Greek architecture. With beautiful gardens, several swimming pools for children and adults, a wellness center, restaurants, bars and shops, this All Inclusive hotel has it all! Princess Sun Hotel is located on a small hill full of pine trees, commanding panoramic views of the Kiotari coast. With swimming pools and water slides, activities and new renovated rooms, the hotel provides a friendly and spontaneous environment. This four-star, All Inclusive hotel is the best value for money, as it offers comfort and hospitality in a suburb location at good prices. In addition, the area offers many attractions, such as the traditional village Asclepius, just 5km away, the fantastic cosmopolitan town of Lindos (15km) and the Old Market of Rhodes (50km).


Esperia Group Tourism Enterprises

With a presence of almost half a century in Rhodes’ tourism

Contact details Faliraki, 85100, Rhodes, Greece Τel: + 30 22410 84300 Fax: + 30 22410 85744 Website: Ε-mail:

Esperia Hotels on Rhodes, Greece was established in the tourism industry since 1969, with its first Esperia Hotel in downtown Rhodes. The firm today owns six hotels on Rhodes, five of which are located on the east coast of the island, Faliraki beach. With dedication and flexibility to the changing times and tourist needs and requirements, ESPERIA HOTELS has developed into a modern tourism business, operating six hotels each with a different character and identity, but all catering to visitors on Rhodes in the best possible way. Esperos Palace Resort 4* plus, is superbly located by the by Faliraki beach, offering a luxurious and cosmopolitan atmosphere, excellent service, spa and conference facilities, water sports, gourmet restaurant, animation shows and evening entertainment. Esperos Village Resort 5*, built on the verdant hillside above Faliraki beach, is an adult-only paradise, ideal for relaxation and tranquility among pine trees and flowers, and commanding stunning sea views. Enjoy romantic candlelit dinners, perfect for honeymoon and weddings, with private parking spaces adjacent to the room and free shuttle bus service to the beach. Esperides Beach Family Resort 4*, is the best choice for all-inclusive family holidays in Faliraki beach, with facilities and services meeting all the requirements of a family. Pools, playgrounds, sports, Luna Park, Water slides, large group animation, educational activities, evening shows, and delicious buffets are just some of the services and facilities that keep all the family happy and entertained. Epsilon 4*, offers studios and apartments with exceptional hotel services, on Faliraki beach and is an ideal choice for independent and self-catered holidays with the options of a la carte breakfast and lunch. Epsilon is located besides an impressive shopping centre. Esperia 3*, is located in the city center of Rhodes, at a mere 5-minute drive from the beach. Many options for lovely restaurants, bars and colorful shops to choose from are within walking distance from the hotel. Water Park in Rhodes, is situated on the island’s east, built amphitheatrically on a coastal, 100,000-sqm plot of land, just 12km from downtown Rhodes and across the Esperos Palace hotel. Easily accessible, with spacious parking space and free bus transfer from the city center and the island’s south. Ammades Seaside Restaurant & Bar. On the beach of Faliraki, you will a brand new summer destination. The Ammades Seaside Restaurant & Bar is an all-day place to enjoy swimming, delicious flavors and cocktails in a relaxing and beautiful spot. Do not miss the summer parties. Here you can also organize your wedding reception!



Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort – Diakoftis SA

For rare moments of romance, adventure, and excitement

Contact details Ayios Yiannis, 846 00 Mykonos Greece Tel: +30 22890 25555 Fax: +30 22890 25111 Website: E-mail:


The Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort has an enviable beachfront location on Ayios Yiannis known as Shirley Valentine beach, named after the English movie. Looking after their guests extends to their day at the beach with complimentary umbrellas and loungers and exclusive beach attendants to look after any requirements. To ensure a peaceful and relaxing environment, there are no water sports on our sandy beach. The resort combines convenience with peace. It is positioned opposite the sacred island of Delos which gently resonates calm and relaxation throughout Mykonos Grand. The serene Ayios Yiannis beach is well-known for its glorious sunsets, while the liveliness of Mykonos town with its boutique shopping, sophisticated night life and prestigious restaurants such as Nobu Matsuhisha, is only 4.2km away. Many of their customers come from congested cities or busy lives. They want to make sure they feel the relaxing benefits of natural space, so have set our accommodation within five acres of land. This means our 107 rooms and suites enjoy the extra space only found in a luxury hotel. They have combined the Cycladic architecture of cube shaped, whitewashed buildings and cobbled paths with romantic, stylish and restful interior décor. Sheer white drapes and canopy style beds within the rooms and suites have meant that many of our guests find it hard to leave their rooms! They know that many guests relieve their stress through exercise, breathing and stretching. The spectacular stone built outdoor amphitheatre has become a unique spot for inspiring yoga and pilates sessions. In addition, wide range of sports facilities ensure guests can work out as much or as little as they wish. (Facilities include: Tennis and squash courts, table tennis, 500 sqm swimming pool, newly renovated Technogym fitness center). The ultimate aim of Myconos Grand, is for their guests to leave their holiday feeling fresh, pampered and rejuvenated. The luxury Althea Spa Center taps into each guest’s individual needs and senses. The combination of natural Mediterranean ingredients and ancient Greek health and beauty treatments, leave guests feeling like a god or goddess. In 2014, the hotel saw its sales rise by 11.43% to 7.43 million euros, compared to 6.67 million euros a year earlier. Similarly, pre-tax income increased by 25.09% to 3.59 million euros against 2.87 million euros in 2013.


FAIAX SA, Μember of N. Daskalantonakis Group-Grecotel

One of the most profitable companies in the hotel sector FAIAX S.A., a member of N. Daskalantonakis Group-Grecotel, owns a portfolio of resort hotels in Corfu, Peloponnese, Crete, Rhodes and Halkidiki. The firm was founded in 1993, and back then it owned just one hotel, while it has now grown to include nine luxury and family resorts around Greece. All properties are managed by Grecotel S.A. Faiax has demonstrated significant growth in profitability and increasing occupancy rates throughout the past years. According to Greek market statistics, the firm ranked as one of the most profitable companies in Greece in 2014 and the most profitable company in the hotel sector. Hotels owned include: ➤ Corfu Imperial in Corfu ➤ Olympia Riviera Resort in Kyllini, Peloponnese ➤ Olympia Riviera Thalasso ➤ Olympia Oasis ➤ Mandola Rosa ➤ Ilia Palms ➤ Club Marine Palace, Panormos, Crete ➤ Rhodes Royal, Rhodes ➤ Lakopetra Beach, Kato Achaea, Peloponnese ➤ Pella Beach, Halkidiki

Contact details Kommeno, Gouvia, PO Box 306, Corfu 491 00 Τel.: +30 2661088400 Website:



Caravel Hotels SA

Divani Caravel, member of the Leading Hotels of the World

Contact details 2 Vassileos Alexandrou St., 161 21, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 210 7207000 FAX: +30 210 7253764 Website: Email:


The Divani Caravel hotel offers luxury and style in the heart of Athens. Located just minutes away from central Constitution square, and just a short walk from fashionable Kolonaki with its boutiques, famous cafés and restaurants, as well as all the major cultural spots such as museums, galleries and theaters, the hotel is the ideal base from which to visit the key attractions of this beautiful historic city. Caravel Hotels SA also owns and runs several other hotels, including Divani Apollon Suites, Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso, Divani Acropolis Hotel, Divani Palace Larissa, Divani Corfu Palace and Divani Meteora Hotel. Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso is the perfect place for a memorable stay in Athens, offering a prime location in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. This luxury hotel offers the only Thalassotherapy center in the Attica region, lavish guest rooms and suites, all with stunning sea views, a private beach, outdoor swimming pools, restaurants and bars and extensive business and events facilities. Divani Apollon Suites is a classy boutique hotel of the Divani Collection, located in the beautiful Athenian Riviera, bordering Divani Apollon Palace & Thalasso. This luxurious hotel offers the essence of European elegance. Divani Palace Acropolis enjoys a priceless location right by the world-famous Acropolis, the perfect place to savour Athens’ fascinating history. This stunning hotel offers elegant rooms and suites, an outdoor pool with bar, and delicious dining in the summer Roof Garden restaurant with enchanting views of the ancient heritage. Top-notch meeting rooms and romantic banquet rooms make the hotel ideal for business meetings or a truly memorable event. Divani Palace Larissa hotel, ideally located at the heart of the commercial centre, just minutes away from the city’s main square and just opposite Larissa’s ancient theatre, has reopened since late 2005 and has become Larissa’s new luxurious meeting point. The Divani Corfu Palace is a modern 4-star luxury hotel in Corfu, situated on the green wooded hillside of Kanoni, overlooking the pristine waters of the lagoon. Only 3km from Corfu town center and 1.5km from the beach of Mon Repos, this luxury hotel provides the perfect location for those who wish to be near Corfu town’s activities and famous historical center, but crave the beauty and seclusion of the surrounding hills. As one of the Divani Collection luxury hotels in Greece, Divani Meteora hotel offers guests the opportunity to enjoy traditional Greek hospitality in a contemporary setting. The fully renovated hotel in Meteora is surrounded by immense natural beauty, the religious rocks of Meteora, encouraging outdoor enthusiasts to come and escape. The hotel offers a stunning locale from which, one can experience one of the natural wonders of the world, practically in front of their room window. This beautiful hotel is a 4-hour drive from Athens on a good road.


Lindos Imperial Ioannis Minettos SA

Three perfectly positioned beachfront hotels

Contact details Koukoumia 851 09, Rhodes, Greece Τel.: +30 22440 29200 FAX: +30 22440 29209 Website: E-mail:

Lindos Hotels Group is a luxurious Greek hotel chain located on the Island of Rhodes, with three perfectly situated beachfront hotels, boasting more than 900 rooms, owned and run by the Minettos family. The hotels combine the exclusivity of 4* and 5* facilities with the familiar touch of a local family. The three properties are located in Kiotari and Vlycha within close proximity to the historical site of Lindos, a top tourist destination on the Island of Rhodes. All three hotels - Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa, Lindos Royal Hotel and Lindos Village Hotel – are managed by the company Lindos Imperial Ioannis Minetos SΑ. The beautiful Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa is located at a short distance from Glystra Beach and the old Fishing Village of Kiotari, bordering the beautiful pebble beach of Kiotari Bay. A mere 65 km from the main Airport of Rhodes (Diagoras), transfers are available via the hotel to collect visitors from the airport and take them to the beautiful South East Coast, within 50 minutes. Generous outdoor spaces to lounge and relax, epitomize open yet private restfulness, with mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea. Landscaped gardens and alluring pools altogether in a resort that emanates elegance and comfort, with all the modern first class amenities you could need at your fingertips. The stunning Lindos Village Hotel is located at a short distance from Lindos. The Village is built alongside a small cove of shallow waters, overlooking the picturesque bay of Vlycha, approximately 55km from the main Airport of Rhodes (Diagoras), and the hotel can arrange for the 40-minute transfer from the airport to the beautiful South East Coast. Enjoy rich experiences in an extraordinary location where old-world Greek charm meets modern day luxury. The Lindos Village Hotel is an extravagant portrait of a traditional Greek village, bright white buildings that harmoniously soak up the glorious Greek sun and radiate a warm Mediterranean glow. The beautiful Lindos Royal Hotel is located near Lindos (3km), built alongside a small cove of shallow waters overlooking the picturesque bay of Vlycha, approx. 55 km from the Rhodes International Airport. The hotel can arrange for transfers, with the drive taking 50 minutes. Lindos Royal Hotel is a fascinating picture of classic Rhodes colonial style architecture, with a host of columns and spectacular arches making up the extravagant exterior. The property is built overlooking the small bay of Vlicha and enjoys cascading views, stretching as far as the eye can see over the emerald waters.



Blue Sea Beach Resort, Blue Star Hotel & Bungalows, Pedi Beach Hotel - Diakomichalis SA

A major player in the Dodecanese tourism market Diakomichalis SA owns and runs three hotels in the Dodecanese islands. Specifically, the “Blue Sea Beach Resort” and “Blue Star Hotel & Bungalows” in Faliraki, Rhodes and the “Pedi Beach Hotel” on Symi Island. Blue Sea Beach Resort Located on the sandy beach of Faliraki, the blue-flag winner Blue Sea Beach Resort is just 2km away from the downtown area and 12km from the center of Rhodes, with its magnificent Old Town. The Blue Sea Beach Resort welcomes its guests with a warm smile and spoils them with a hard-to-forget Greek hospitality. Blue Star Hotel & Bungalows The modern Blue Star Hotel, situated also in cosmopolitan Faliraki, offers high quality accommodation at affordable rates. Recently renovated, friendly and modern, the Blue Star Hotel is located in a quiet corner near the beautiful Faliraki beach and is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing family holiday. The hotel complex comprises of a main building and beautiful two-storey bungalows, surrounded by an elegant and lush bougainvillea garden. The hotel’s newly built designer pool is surrounded by the beautiful and tranquil Mediterranean nature of Rhodes. Guests can also use the luxury facilities offered by the nearby 4* Blue Sea Beach Resort, built by the sea.

Contact details Rhodes-Kallithea Rd., Faliraki, Rhodes 85100, Greece, Tel: +30 2241085512 Fax: +30 2241085811, E-mail: Website:


Pedi Beach Hotel On one of the most beautiful and traditional Greek islands, Symi (or Simi), at the very end of a bay of an amazing natural beauty, the eternal game of the sea with the sun have created a heavenly seaside resort, in the traditional village of Pedi. Pedi Beach Hotel is a delightful small hotel, located in the most beautiful corner of Pedi Village. Built by a wonderful beach, with respect for the natural environment and true to local tradition, Pedi Beach Hotel is the ideal place to be enchanted by the charm and joy of the Greek summer. The beauty and tranquility of the landscape and the high quality of services offered, have made Pedi Beach Hotel a favorite destination for those who wish to enjoy high-standard relaxing holidays in a friendly and discreet environment. In 2014, the firm saw its revenue rise by 12.27% to 7.23 million euros, compared to 6.44 million euros a year earlier. Pre-tax income soared 70.91% to 2.82 million euros, against 1.65 million euros in 2013.


Stella Palace, Stella Village Hotel & Bungalows - Stella Beach SA

Among Crete’s leading hotels Stella Beach SA διαθέτει owns and runs two hotels in Hersonisos, Crete: Stella Palace Resort & Spa, and Stella Village Hotel & Bungalows. Stella Palace Resort & Spa 5* is an ultimate gateway from which to explore the beautiful island of Crete, or just enjoy Mediterranean life. This luxurious 5-star hotel offers its guests the chance to closely experience the joy of local customs and culture. Decorated in a way that highlights the unique combination between materials and colors and the authentic Cretan hospitality, Stella Palace Resort & Spa is situated strategically in a seaside area of Analipsis (just a few minutes’ drive from the well known area of Hersonissos). This chic and stylish hotel offers 5-star services and caters to all guests’ need. Also, guests are offered the elegant luxury of a nostalgic trip in the area’s history, while their stay at Stella Palace Resort & Spa will surely be a unique and stylish experience. Stella Village Hotel & Bungalows, is a magnificent complex of rooms, apartments and bungalows waiting to be discovered. Only ten meters away from a private beach, the hotel is spread around one of the most extraordinary locations of the area. Three different types of accommodation are offered to cover the needs of guests. Whether choosing a double, a triple or a family room, the Hotel will exceed guests’ expectations, as all room-types are naturally lighted, airy and specious, furnished with wooden features and command side-sea, mountain and garden views. The firm’s sales in 2014 rose to 8.89 million euros, compared to 7.5 million euros a year earlier. EBITDA also rose to 3.91 million euros against 2.66 million euros in 2013. Net profits jumped to 2.4 million euros compared to 1.1 million euros year-on-year.

Contact details Analipsis, Hersonissos 70014, Crete, Greece Tel: +30 28970 29090 FAX: +30 28970 23100 Ε-mail: Website:



Horizon Beach Resort

Horizon Beach Resort

Awarded as one of the most popular hotels worldwide

Contact details Mastichari 85302, Kos Island, Greece Tel: +30 22420 58800 Fax: +30 22420 59271 E-mail: Website:


Ideally located on one of the most beautiful sandy beaches of Kos Island, 4-star hotel Horizon Beach Resort offers holidays of an exceptional high standard. It consists of one main building and 28 bungalow complexes, spread across a landscaped area of 108,000m2, surrounded by lush gardens and exotic palm trees. Offering absolute elegance and true luxury, the Horizon Beach Resort is distinguished for its friendly environment, hospitality and high quality of service. Designed with high aesthetics standards, it provides a luxurious yet comfortable atmosphere and becomes a world of discreet extravagance, with a distinctive character - an ideal destination for those who need to escape from daily routine, either with friends or family. As one of Kos’ the most stylish hotels, Horizon Beach offers an exceptional standard of accommodation in 260 spacious rooms (some of them with connecting doors) and 64 family rooms, all carefully designed, tastefully decorated and furnished in a contemporary way, combining warmth, comfort and elegance. In the “Asclepios” main restaurant and the “Thalatta” tavern, a team of dedicated chefs offer a wide selection of both traditional and international gourmet cuisine, which guests can enjoy in an elegant environment, with a magnificent view of the endless Aegean blue. The particular style and ambience of the main bar, and the “Oasis” snackpool bars are ideal spots for rest and relaxation, over a wide choice of thirst quenching drinks, inspired cocktails and a variety of dry snacks. At Horizon Beach Resort, guests can enjoy the clear blue waters of the Aegean sea in an exceptional sandy beach, or enjoy the two large swimming pools - both with separate children’s pools, which are ideal for outdoor relaxation in the sun. Sports facilities include beach volley and soccer, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, a mini soccer (5x5), a fully equipped gym, as well as a water sports station for windsurfing, kite surfing and catamaran sailing. The hotel’s animators perform their best for entertainment. During the day, guests can participate in various sports activities (aerobics, beach volley, football, etc), while in the evening there are musical and dance shows, cabaret shows and a lot more. In addition, parties and live Greek music nights are organized, where one can dance by the pool while sipping on refreshing cocktails. Combining total tranquility with action, Horizon Beach Resort is one of the top hotels in Kos that hosts your desires and turns your vacation into an unforgettable experience.


Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness - Rexeka SA

Rhodes’ most awarded 5-star hotel Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness is Rhodes’ most awarded 5-star Resort Hotel. It harmoniously combines discrete luxury and authentic quality. Uniquely situated on an area of 30,000 sqm, Rodos Palladium’s 377 rooms enjoy a premier beach front location, right on the Blue Flag awarded beach of Kallithea. The hotel is in close proximity both to the City of Rhodes with its splendid Medieval Town and famous historical sites, as well as to the island’s places of natural beauty. Rodos Palladium is renowned for its exceptional service, elegant restaurants with fine Greek & Mediterranean cuisine, relaxing bars, and large tropical pools. The hotel’s spa centre offers a wide range of Thalgo relaxation and beauty treatments - the renowned French name in the world of marine treatment. A fitness studio with sea view, and a wide range of sports options are also available. Rodos Palladium is a TUI Top Quality 2016 hotel, and has recently been included in TripAdvisor’s Hall of Fame for winning the Certificate of Excellence for five consecutive years. Among the hotel’s latest awards are also the HolidayCheck 2016 award, and the gold award for the best Greek resort dining experience from Hospitality Awards 2015. Rodos Palladium is the first independent hotel in Rhodes that established a Total Quality Management department and its operation is ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 certified by TUV Hellas. Rodos Palladium is managed by Mr Babis Garefalakis, and owned by Mr Giorgos Katris, Mr Savvas Katris and Mr Nikos Katris (REXEKA SA).

Contact details Kallithea, Rhodes 85100, Greece Tel: +30 22410 57300 Fax: +30 22410 86424 Email: Website:



LINDOS BLU Luxury Hotel & Suites, LINDOS MARE - D. Kalioudakis – M. Roditis S.A.

Among the best luxury choices on Rhodes

Contact details Vlicha Lindos 85107, Rhodes, Greece Tel.: +30 22440 31130 Fax: +30 22440 31131 Email: Website:


LINDOS BLU Luxury Hotel & Suites A luxury boutique hotel nestled in a tranquil hillside with stunning views to the Mediterranean Sea. An “adults only” resort, ideal for couples who seek romance and tranquility together with the highest standards of hospitality. Lindos Blu consists of 70 units across a variety of room types. Standard sea view Rooms, Suites and Villas are all set amphitheater-style, amidst the highly inclined landscape, with private patios, alleys and sunken gardens looking into a breathtaking panorama of the Vlicha Bay. Location: The nearest hotel at the picturesque traditional village of Lindos, famous for its Acropolis (Temple dedicated to the goddess Athena) and being recognized as one of the most historic sites in Greece. Situated at the heart of the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes, Lindos Blu concentrates all the advantages associated with it. Mainly, the proximity of the hotel from every major attraction and entertainment center of Rhodes, allows its guests to tour the island by taking short trips to places like the Acropolis of Lindos, the Old Town of Rhodes and Prassonissi. Architecture – Design: The design of Lindos Blu is appealing to both its guests and locals alike, since it has been designed and built with the impact on the environment in mind. Architecturally, there was a decision taken by the owners, Mr. Dimitrios Kalioudakis and Mr. Michael Roditis, both professional civil engineers, to use materials that would blend into the natural environment seamlessly. This was the outcome of the belief that there would be a lower environmental impact by using earthy materials such as glass, wood and stone. Service: Experienced staff providing top quality customer service is indeed what makes the difference in Lindos Blu. The hotel has been repeatedly awarded by many major Tour Operators since its first year of operation back in 2009, winning Gold medals for its excellence in Service. Luxury: The aesthetic design of Lindos Blu explores new sensibilities, applies the latest technologies, supplies ample space and conveys a strong sense of luxury character. A proud member of the “Small Luxury Hotels,” the hotel ranked among the 10 best out of 526 properties worldwide in 2015. It has also been awarded every year for being the No. 1 Traveler’s Choice of TripAdvisor amongst the 25 Top Luxury Hotels in Greece and one of the best choices in the World. LINDOS MARE an Elegant Hotel This elegant resort is built on many different levels on a sun-kissed hillside with panoramic views of beautiful Vliha Bay, only 2.5km from the picturesque village of Lindos. Recent renovations to all areas and guests’ rooms of Lindos Mare, together with impeccable service and excellent cuisine, create an atmosphere of discrete luxury and tranquility in which to enjoy the perfect leisurely holiday. Guests’ rooms are designed to offer a comfortable and memorable stay. Each room is decorated in warm colors and equipped with all modern facilities. The beautiful pool of Lindos Mare, surrounded by lush natural greenery is facing the boundless blue sea. The Pool Bar and the À la carte Restaurant by the pool, with their warm, simple decor are ideal for guests wishing to take in the spectacular view in a peaceful, elegant atmosphere, while sipping one of the most tempting cocktails . A series of lifts, including a cable car, link the complex with the beach front.



Developers of Costa Navarino

Contact details 5 Pentelis St. 17564 Athens, Greece Tel.: +30 210 9490 200 Fax: +30 210 9490 218 Email: Website: Costa Navarino: The Westin Resort, Costa Navarino: The Romanos, A luxury Collection Resort:

TEMES S.A. is a premier developer of luxury, mixed-use resorts. Through Costa Navarino, its flagship development in the region of Messinia, southwest Peloponnese, TEMES contributes to the establishment of Messinia as a world-class, high-end destination. Costa Navarino is the prime, sustainable destination in the Mediterranean. One of the most unspoiled and breathtaking seaside landscapes, this area has been shaped by 4,500 years of history. The Costa Navarino philosophy is driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia, while protecting and preserving its natural beauty and heritage, which is why the building footprint at Costa Navarino will be less than 10% of the total land area. Costa Navarino comprises a number of distinct sites featuring 5-star deluxe hotels, luxury residences, conference facilities, spa and thalassotherapy centers, signature golf courses, as well as a wide range of year-round activities for adults and children which are unique in the Mediterranean. Extending over 130 hectares of gently sloping hillside, the first resort site, Navarino Dunes, is a stunningly beautiful west-facing location. Richly endowed by nature, the site overlooks a magnificent sandy beach that stretches for over 1 km, washed by the warm clear blue waters of the Ionian Sea. It is home to two luxury 5-star hotels, The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort and The Westin Resort Costa Navarino; The Dunes Course – the first signature golf course in Greece; Anazoe Spa, a 4,000sq.m. spa & thalassotherapy centre; the state-of-the-art conference centre House of Events; specially designed facilities for children; and, a variety of gastronomy venues, sports, outdoor and cultural activities. The second resort site, Navarino Bay (140 hectares), will open in the near future. It is already home to the signature golf course, The Bay Course. Stretching along a magnificent 2 km seafront that affords breathtaking views of the Bay of Navarino, particularly at sunset, it is a place of outstanding natural beauty and enormous historical importance. Costa Navarino’s next development phase features Navarino Residences, a range of luxury, freehold private properties, which will be situated within the award-winning Navarino Dunes resort. Further distinct areas will be developed in the future: Navarino Beach, Navarino Hills and Navarino Blue. Sustainable development Costa Navarino adheres to strict environmental protection guidelines and management principles, recognizing the significant contribution of a pristine natural environment to the development of a sustainable tourism product. The environmental management system of Costa Navarino covers all aspects of environmental protection by applying sustainable water and energy management practices, integrated solid & liquid waste management with an extensive recycling program and a number of environmental programs for the preservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecologically important habitats in the vicinity of Costa Navarino.




The Greek hotelier who has invested 400 million The hotel chain “Mitsis Hotels” was founded by Mr. Konstantinos Mitsis in 1976 and represents the most important activity of the Mitsis Group of Enterprises, which is also active in the following sectors: textile industry, wine production, construction and publication.

Konstantinos Mitsis

Contact details 12, Filotheis str. 11147 Galatsi, Athens - Greece Tel.:+302102134644 Fax:+302102917672 Website: E-mail:


History Bearing in mind the group’s versatile activities, the Mitsis Hotels logo is representative of the company founder’s attitude towards life, for the last 40 years or so: a forward-looking, target-oriented figure. The first knitting factory is established on September 5th, 1954. It signals the beginning of a long, successful career, which evolves at a quick pace. Achievements succeed to one another: textile industry, wine production, construction andmassmedia. While the first hotel unit only operates in 1976, today, hospitality has become the group’s main activity. The company counts 20 properties, 4-star, 5-star and deluxe City and Resort hotels, as well as 11 spa & thalassotherapy centres. Located in some of the most beautiful areas of Greece: on the islands of Crete, Rhodes and Kos, in Kamena Vourla in central Greece, and in Ioannina. The company employs 4000 staff, thereby playing an important part in the country’s tourism development and employment sector. In Athens maintains the hotel Sofitel, in Corfu in Roda Beach, in Ioannina Grand Serai, in Kammena Vourla Galini Resort, Crete Laguna Resort, Rinela Beach, Serita Beach, Kos Blue Domes Family Village Norida Beach Ramira Beach Summer Palace in Rhodes the Alila, Faliraki Beach, Grand Hotel, La Vita, Lindos Memories, Petit Palais, Rodos Maris, Rodos Village. We should note at this point that the group Mitsis since 2008 has invested 400 million Euro. the statements of its founder are characteristic, Mr. Konstantinos Mitsis on the web TV www.timetv. gr: «We have four new hotels, investing about 200 million euros. It is the last the Alila in Rhodes, Laguna in Crete, Blue Domes in Kos and the Grand Serai in Ioannina. In addition to those invested another 200 million for the renovation of 9 hotels by the chain of our brand new units. “ For the financial results of 2013 said: It was a very good year. Our turnover rose over 10%. We had the advantage of reduced costs because decreased salaries and social security contributions and all this allowed us to have a big profit. Our turnover amounted to approximately 150 million euro compared to 133 in 2012. Correspondingly, the gross profits across the group amounted to approximately 60 million euro.


N.Daskalantonakis Group - Grecotel

Grecotel – The leading luxury hotels & resorts in Greece

Nikos Daskalantonakis, Founder N.Daskalantonakis Group - Grecotel

The name of Grecotel is synonymous with quality hotels, personalised service, traditional Greek hospitality and being an advocate for environmental sustainability and the culture of Greece. Forty years since its formation, the N. Daskalantonakis Group is the most successful Greek luxury hotel group with properties in the most popular and picturesque areas of Greece. The 30 hotels are located in Crete, Corfu, Halkidiki, West Peloponnese, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos, Athenian Riviera, Athens, Larissa and Alexandroupolis. According to Greek market statistics, the N. Daskalantonakis Group (including Grecotel S.A.) ranks as No. 1 Greek hotel group with 4.6% of total 5 & 4* hotel turnover [source ICAP 2014]. The Group consists of four distinctive collections – Exclusive Hotels & Resorts, Luxury Hotels & Resorts, Boutique Hotels & Resorts and All-Inclusive Hotels & Resorts. Each hotel has a distinct character, with a strong focus on design, inspired by its stunning surroundings; many being close to notable Greek archaeological sites. The accommodation caters for every taste and whim: sea view rooms, family suites and bungalows with the option of a private pool and gym, and villas, known to have become the summer residences of the rich and famous. Grecotel excels when it comes to its service culture, always striving to surprise and delight. The warmth of Grecian hospitality is one of the many reasons guests return to a Grecotel resort year after year. The Privilege Club loyalty scheme was founded in 1996 as the first hotel loyalty scheme in Greece. Today it has over 500,000 members and is undergoing a major relaunch in 2015. The Agreco Farm in Crete also belongs to the Grecotel owners. This is a pioneering example of a symbiotic relationship between organic agriculture and sustainable tourism. The Agreco Taverna has received numerous awards ranging from “Innovative Restaurant Concept” to “Best Organic Restaurant Worldwide”.

Contact details Visit : 64B Kifissia’s Ave., GR-151 25 Maroussi, Athens, Greece Tel. +30 210 72 80 300, 210 37 43 600 Email: Website:



Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa

The opportunity to experience the pleasures of all seasons

Georgios Politis

Contact details Vrahati, 20006, Corinthia Tel: +30 27410 52010 Fax: +30 27410 51166 Athens Sales Office Tel :+30 210 6425393  Fax:+30 210 6457445  E-mail: Website:


Alkyon Resort Hotel & Spa, ideally located in Vrahati, Peloponnese, near Corinth, just 120km from Athens Airport, is just 80m away from the lovely, crystal clear waters and fine pebbled beach of Vrahati, and simply offers its visitors the opportunity to experience the pleasures of all seasons. The Resort expands over 25 acres of land, offering a range of recreational activities. With luxurious and beautifully presented accommodation, the hotel’s rooms vary from standard to luxurious suites, as well as cozy maisonnettes and spacious apartments with fully equipped kitchenettes. The beauty and luxury of the environment are essential factors for human health as they stimulate both the body and mind. The modern ‘Sky lounge’ with comfortable sitting rooms, the ‘Sky Bar’, the ‘Sky Bar Restaurant’ and the 2 outdoor swimming pools with the combination of excellent services, are ready to offer visitors unforgettable enjoyment and delight. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art media and most featuring natural lighting, the 5 Conference halls ensure the best possible outcome of any gathering from a small meeting to a large conference, with maximum capacity of up to 1,100 people. The advanced servicesj offered guarantee successful conferences, exhibitions, meetings, gala dinners or social events. Relax in the award-winning SPA CENTER facilities and enjoy the innovative approach to well-being. Select through a variety of treatments and massages for a unique experience in relaxation and restoration. The luxury environment of the Spa Center offers a heated indoor swimming pool, a 6-pax jacuzzi, 2 saunas, Turkish bath (hammam), spa jet, gym, coiffure, cabins for facial and body treatments and lounge area. Take advantage of the wine-tasting at the regional wine factories, discover Ancient Corinth museum, browse the castle trails Acrocorinth, the largest castle in Peloponnese and visit the lake of Stymphalia, where Hercules achieved his sixth labor. Your stay will be enhanced by history, luxury and culture as the hotel is close to the ancient sites of Epidaurus, Mycenae and picturesque Feneos, as well as the artificial lake of Doxa and Trikala.



From 1/1/2012 and with new name the park hotel welcomed the upper scale world’s largest hotel chains​​

Mary Deverikos

The Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide, announced the Radisson Blu Hotel, Athens: The existing Athens Park Hotel will has been rebranded as Radisson Blu Park Hotel Athens on December 16, 2011. The property featuring 152 rooms is Rezidor’s very first hotel in Greece – the company is now present in Europe, Middle East and Africa. “Despite the recent crisis and still challenging times in Greece, hotels in the capital city Athens perform well. We are glad to arrive in Athens and to further strengthen our development in South East Europe”, said the President & CEO of Rezidor. Radisson Blu Park Hotel was fully renovated in 2009/2010, including most guestrooms and all public areas. Today, the property comprises 152 guest rooms, Gallo Nero restaurant, The Oak Room bar, St’Astra rooftop restaurant, and three conference rooms. It also features a rooftop swimming pool with stunning views across Athens and its famous Acropolis. The location of the hotel is in the northern part of the city centre, on Alexandras Avenue, which is one of the city’s main avenues and offers excellent access to the airport and surrounding area. The hotel is situated opposite “Pedion Areos”, the Athens largest park, and next to the National Archaeological Museum. The immediate neighborhood was redeveloped for the 2004 Olympics and is home to many offices and embassies. Athens’ old centre, the Acropolis, numerous museums and Kolonaki Square are all within walking distance. The owner’s statement Park Hotel is a leading deluxe hotel in Athens, operating for the last 40 years. The hotel has been through a major renovation during 2010 and is inspired by an urban nature concept with modern and innovative design throughout its premises. By joining the Radisson Blu family we look forward to a fruitful cooperation and future business development worldwide.

Contact details Alexandras Avenue 10, 10682 Athens, Attica Greece Tel.: +30 210 8894500 Fax: +30 210 8238420 Website: E-mail:

Vassilis & Mary Deverikos Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is one of the world’s largest and most dynamic hotel companies. It has an expanding portfolio of 1.400 hotels in operation and under development, a global footprint covering 115 countries and territories, and a powerful set of global brands: Quorvus Collection, Radisson Blu, Radisson, Radisson RED, Park Plaza, Park Inn by Radisson and Country Inns & Suites By Carlson. For more information on Rezidor, visit



Hotel Du Lac Congress Center & Spa

A Unique Destination

Contact details Α. Μiaouli & Ikkou, 45221 Ioannina, Τel.: +30 26510 59100 Fax: +30 26510 59200 Email: Website:


Hotel Du Lac Congress Center & Spa, is a 5-star hotel in one of the most privileged locations of the city of Ioannina. Located just a few meters from the city center and next to Pamvotis Lake, Hotel Du Lac offers guests both the ease of access to the commercial and historic city center, and the tranquility that characterizes the region. Hotel du Lac combines the most beautiful characteristics of Ioannina, the vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, the refined sense of peacefulness and the traditional warm hospitality. ROOMS AND SUITES All the 170 rooms and suites have been designed to provide high standards of comfort. Aesthetically decorated with fine taste and soft colors create a warm and harmonious atmosphere which relaxes guests combined with its magnificent views of Pamvotis Lake. Perfect facilities meet the needs of every visitor and very attentive services meet the requirements of affordable luxury that feature Hotel du Lac Congress Center & Spa and guarantee a memorable stay. CONFERENCES Hotel Du Lac has a tradition in organizing conferences and offers its guests services of a high standard. The 13 ‘state of the art’ meeting rooms can accommodate multiple functions ranging from a simple meeting to a full blown conference up to 2500 delegates. They are all equipped with modern technical A/V equipment available for every event and with the assistance of well-trained and experienced staff, even the needs of the most demanding of events are met. RESTAURANT AND BARS Our restaurants – home-like places, beautifully decorated with views of Pamvotis Lake. Meeting places and places of tasty treats during the day, for a business lunch or a relaxing dinner. Our Chef is known for his creations and invites you to join him for a delightful journey of tastes selected from the international and Greek cuisine, a feast of excellent dishes accompanied by fine wines depending on time or occasion. SPA DU LAC An upscale atmosphere that promises a unique rejuvenation journey. A heated indoor pool with natural daylight, treatment cabins, steam bath, sauna and Jacuzzi, aiming at the visitors’ comfort.





place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

John Angelicoussis

Contact details Achilleos 8 & Lambrou Katsoni, 176 74, Kallithea, Athens, GREECE Tel: +30 210 9483750 Fax: +30 210 9480023 Email: Website:


Angelicoussis Shipping Group

With a major presence in dry bulk, tankers and LNG carriers, the group is considered a leader in scale and operational ability in each sector WHILE Greek shipping has undergone multidimensional change in the last decade or so, outwardly at least the shipowner that sits at the top of the pile has altered little in character, with the exception of a drive into the liquefied natural gas shipping sector. Even that, though, began as far back as 2004 and today the LNG side fits comfortably within the owner’s overall profile. Few would doubt that the Angelicoussis Shipping Group reflects the business personality of its principal, John Angelicoussis, and even a cursory glance underlines a number of key tenets of his approach to shipping. The group has ensured itself a major presence in every sector in which it operates — dry bulk, tankers and LNG carriers — with strong claims to be considered a leader in both scale and operational ability in each each sector. The group verges on 100 vessels in the water and another 30 on order. When tough times have visited each sector by turn, Mr Angelicoussis has appeared unfazed. Exposure and risk have been adjusted between the arms of the group when necessary. In the past, for example, there have been instances of the group converting very large crude carriers to ore carriers, and VLCC orders to LNG carrier contracts. But lately Mr Angelicoussis’ appetite has been mainly for more tankers and $1bn worth of new tonnage is currently on order. Eight VLCCs have been contracted at his favoured Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering while six suezmaxes are on order at DSME and affiliate Daewoo-Mangalia Heavy Industries in Romania. In between newbuilding contracts, Mr Angelicoussis also splashed about $160m on

acquiring two modern secondhand Daewoo VLCCs. With several of the group’s VLCCs hitting 15 years of age, if not older, it’s likely that the investment is as much a case of opting for renewal at a time of relatively attractive yard prices as it is a reaction to brighter tanker prospects. Maran Tankers, Angelicoussis’ tanker arm, is illustrative of the owner’s penchant for larger ships, with 27 VLCCs and six suezmaxes in its currently operating fleet of 36 vessels. Maran has been enjoying the strong market. Even some of the older VLCCs have earned about $100,000 per day for spot voyages, while a couple of 1990s-built vessels have been chartered for a year to 18 months at rates of $40,000. Seven of the VLCCs are long-term bareboat


chartered to Chevron-Texaco. The scale of the spending on new tankers may be seen partly as a redeployment of capital after the growth of Mr Angelicoussis’ joint venture with Qatar Gas Transport — or Nakilat — in the LNG business. Maran Nakilat was launched in 2005 with the Greek owner’s initial four steam turbine LNG carriers, and the agreement has been expanded on three occasions with more recent tri-fuel diesel electric vessels, bringing the co-owned fleet to 13. Mr Angelicoussis has so far kept a 60% stake with Nakilat owning a 40% stake in the vessels. Including co-owned vessels, his Maran Gas Maritime arm has 16 LNG carriers in the water and a further 14 on order. The alliance with Nakilat, which claims to operate the largest LNG fleet in the world, can be

counted a source of additional strength for Maran Gas. While the dry market doldrums have left ASGL’s investment focus understandably on tankers and LNG carriers in recent times, knockdown prices for big bulkers finally tempted Mr Angelicoussis into his first bulker deal for some time. In April, he took three newbuilding capesizes under construction at Daewoo-Mangalia off the hands of Scorpio Bulkers, at a steep discount to the price at which they were ordered. The trio joins a prior fleet of more than 40 bulkers, including 36 capesizes and ore carriers, under dry cargo management arm Anangel Maritime Services. Ananagel was once publicly listed in the US and Luxembourg but was taken private again more than a decade ago, since when there has been little sign that Mr Angelicoussis is eager to repeat his experiences on the stock exchange. Lloyd’s List understands that a few years ago, it was briefly contemplated for the LNG fleet as a succession- planning option. But since then daughter Maria Angelicoussis, a trained doctor who left medicine to join ASGL in 2009, has come into her own as the group’s future. With responsibility for Anagel, Maran Tankers and Maran Gas, Maria is involved in all the major investment decisions as well as chartering. As a result, the privately-held character of the group seems as steady as ever. Mr Angelicoussis is a top 100 regular having been listed in 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2010.





th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Navios Group

2016 is shaping up as another fascinating and challenging term for the hyper-active businesswoman

Angeliki Frangou

Contact details Piraeus, Greece, 85, Akti Miaouli St. Piraeus 185 38, Greece Tel: +30 210 417-2050 Fax: +30 210 417-2070 Email: Website:


SINCE she swept to industry attention with the initial capture of Navios a decade ago, every year has been a big one for Angeliki Frangou. Certainly 2015 was no exception and 2016 is shaping up as another fascinating and challenging term for the hyper-active businesswoman, who has already outstripped the achievements of most of her Chiot shipping forebears. The past year or so has seen today’s Navios Group — which estimates its enterprise value at $5.5bn — continue to shift its balance from its traditional concentration on dry bulk, with close to three-quarters of its business now to be found in tankers, containerships and logistics. The first of the group’s four publicly- listed companies, Navios Holdings, has become a diversified investment vehicle with — at November 2015 — stakes of 20% in Navios Partners and 46% in Navios Acquisition, which in turn holds 61% of one year-old Navios Midstream Partners. It also owns about 64% of its Navios South American Logistics subsidiary.

Not including Navios Logistics’ fleet of cabotage tankers and river barges, the group’s fleet spans 140 ships. Recent highlights have included the group’s second distressed fleet deal with HSH Nordbank, which has brought in a modern fleet of seven bulkers and seven container vessels at low values and with favourable economics. Navios Logistics is investing $150m in developing a new iron ore terminal that will serve its 20-year ‘take-or-pay’ port services contract with Brazil’s Vale, estimated to generate annual earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation of $35m. Navios Acquisition recently dropped down two more very large crude carriers to Navios


Midstream but wasted little time in purchasing two replacements from China VLCC. Eight VLCCs are included among 39 tankers in the company’s fleet, while Navios Midstream’s fleet stands at six VLCCs so far. The partnership increased its distributions by 2.4% in the third quarter of 2015, with expectations of a 10% increase by mid-2016. Ms Frangou’s wisdom in expanding dynamically in tankers over the past four years, and more recently in switching the focus of Navios Partners to containerships, is only thrown into sharper relief by the pain being inflicted by the dry bulk market. This has led to arguably the first serious reverses of Navios’ 10-year upward trajectory

under her leadership. At the beginning of November, Navios Partners slashed its payout to unit holders by 50% and, three weeks later, Navios Holdings announced suspension of its dividend, one of the most resilient dividends in the realm of dry bulk. Both were “difficult” decisions, said Ms Frangou. And both could be positively spun as enhancing the prospects for the respective companies under tough market conditions. They were also reminders that Ms Frangou, while rightfully seen as a creative businesswoman with an ability to pounce on opportunities and engineer complex deals, is also conservative in risk management. “In the current environment, I think somebody has to be very conservative and cautious,” she said recently, discussing Navios Partners’ distribution cut. Yes, the company’s higher distribution was covered until mid2016, but “you have to have a longer view and a longer outlook”, she said. “Not acting when you have the opportunity is a mistake.” Ms Frangou appeared in the Top 100 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.





th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Cardiff Marine/TMS Group/Dryships

While he may find art more ‘exciting’ than shipping these days, the Greek entrepreneur still displays evidence of a true work ethic

George Economou

Contact details 109 Kifissias Av. and Sina Str., Marousi, Athens – 15124 Tel: +30 2108090570 Email: Website:


FOR excitement these days, George Economou admits he’s more fond of art than ships, although he has amassed a grand collection of both. “Art is the most exciting thing,” he tells Lloyd’s List. “It’s fun, it’s beautiful. You travel, meet nice people, see beautiful art.” What’s not to like? The implication is that by comparison, shipping has been a real slog the past few years, but that is not to say Mr Economou is ever less than fully engaged. Although the image may be of a creative deal-maker with a focus on the public markets, recent times have brought Economou the hard worker and scrapper more to the fore. “Everyone wants to do the fun part, which is to do deals,” he says. “But once you have done a good deal, you are stuck. With the average deal, you are stuck. You have got to work.” Taking stock of all things in the Economou

shipping empire after a tumultuous 2015 is not easy, but the overall trend has been a rebalancing towards the privately held side, and as much as possible away from dry bulk to other types of tonnage. Efforts to save Nasdaq-listed DryShips included a $350 fundraiser in late 2014, to which Mr Economou contributed $80m of his own funds. Thereafter, a plan was drawn up to spin off the company’s tankers in a new public vehicle but, after that idea fizzled out, the owner himself bought the 10 tankers for $536m. He followed that by acquiring 17 bulkers from DryShips, including all its capesizes, for $377m.


Recently, DryShips struck out in a new direction with the acquisition of a fleet of long-term chartered offshore oil spill recovery and platform supply vessels, partly financed by a $50m loan from Mr Economou. All that amounts to more than $1bn in equity, assumed debt and new loans for the public company, which continues to own a large stake in the Economou-led offshore drilling company Ocean Rig. Meanwhile, the private fleet under Cardiff Marine/TMS Group has grown substantially. At October 2015, it comprised 35 bulkers, 32 tankers, five liquefied natural gas carriers and a containership in service, and 26 newbuild-

ings are on the way. The latter include the group’s first liquefied petroleum gas carriers — four VLGCs ordered from Hyundai Heavy Industries by son Christos Economou’s TMS Cardiff Gas — which have been long-term chartered to Shell and Gunvor. The owner casts this as symptomatic of a younger generation’s leaning towards predictable cashflow and a quieter life than can be expected in spot-based tramp shipping. All things considered, the 62-year-old entrepreneur has his hands full, with steering Ocean Rig through the offshore market slump and trying to reboot DryShips. Expect him to show more appetite to add to his collection of early 20th century, post-war and contemporary art than to add to an already large fleet of tankers and bulkers. But with Mr Economou, it’s also prudent to expect the unexpected. Mr Economou appeared in the Top 100 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.




th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015 Dynacom/Dynagas

Owner has been busy in 2015 with deals either tied up or emerging in all the group’s major shipping sectors — tankers, dry bulk and LNG

George Prokopiou

Contact details 97 Poseidonos Avenue & 2 Foivis Street Glyfada, P.O Box 70303 ATHINA 16674 Greece Phone: +30 210 891-7960 Fax: +30 210 968-0571 Website:


AS one of the world’s biggest independent tanker owners, George Prokopiou endured the lengthy tanker industry slump but company Dynacom Tankers is now reaping the rewards of his faith in the business. After an uncharacteristically quiet period, the owner had a busy latter part of 2015 with deals either tied up or emerging in all the group’s major shipping sectors — tankers, dry bulk and liquefied natural gas. On the tanker front, Dynacom has at least five suezmax newbuildings on order at New Times Shipbuilding, for delivery in 2017-2018. It is also understood to have picked up a resale newbuilding of the same size at the Chinese yard. Mr Prokopiou is known to have been in talks for another five or six suezmaxes with the same builder, but no order could be definitively confirmed in late 2015. The expansion comes on top of a Dynacom fleet of 50 tankers in active service, of which only four remain from the 1990s, the vast majority being modern vessels. Sea Traders, the Prokopiou family’s dry bulk arm, has always been a quiet presence but now numbers 38 bulkers in its fleet. The last eight of these were picked up at auction in China when Sea Traders was the sole bidder for five supramaxes and three panamaxes from the fleet of collapsed private owner Lanhai Shipping, which were being sold off by China Construction Bank. The Greek owner put down about $68m for the vessels, all four and five years of age, which were laid up for a year or more and in need of assessments for any repair or maintenance requirements. The deal reaffirmed the wide scope of Mr Prokopiou’s interest in the industry and his readiness to identify opportunities — traits writ large in the LNG sector where Dynagas Holdings and Nasdaq-listed affiliate Dynagas LNG Partners have become one of the most interesting players. Dynagas has already carved a niche for itself as a leader in Arctic LNG shipping and in 2015 jumped into the breach to replace Sovcomflot as builder of five Arc-7 LNG carriers for Russia’s Yamal LNG project. Considering it has also fixed four of its existing vessels on 15-year charters for delivery to the project from 2019 onwards, it has emerged as Yamal’s biggest shipping partner. This has also served to extend the drop-down candidates for Dynagas Partners, which currently owns five LNG carriers, to another 10 vessels. Dynagas looks like ultimately holding 49% of the five Arc-7 newbuildings under an agreement with China LNG Shipping and Sinotrans Shipping that will be co-owners. The Greek owner will also keep operational control and the joint venture may open interesting doors for the future. In another development that has put Dynagas centre-stage in the LNg market, it has — together with Golar LNG and GasLog — formed the ‘Cool Pool’ to optimise operations in the LNG spot market. Mr Prokopiou also seems to have taken care of succession in the group, with three of his four daughters already active in the business. Eldest daughter Elisavet has been a lieutenant for a number of years. Ioanna Prokopiou looks after Sea Traders while she also has her own company, Prominence Maritime, together with husband Ioannis Kairis. Sister Marina is said to be more involved on the tanker side and is married to Dynagas Partners chief executive Tony Lauritzen.



st place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2014 Gaslog

Despite his Euronav exit, shipowner’s LNG ambitions see him stay steady in this year’s ranking

Peter G. Livanos

Contact details 69 Akti Miaouli Piraeus GR 18537 - Greece Tel: +30 210 4558 000 Fax: +30 210 4558 010 Email: Website:

PETER G. Livanos stays steady in this year’s rankings despite the dilution of his influence at hard-charging tanker outfit Euronav. In November the shipowner took most people by surprise, apparently including some Euronav insiders, when he sold 9m shares or about 5.7% of the Belgium-based company’s stock. The move cut his holding to just over 6%, including 6m shares sold forward under a financing transaction with Goldman Sachs, and shortly afterwards he resigned the chairmanship, to be replaced by banker Carl Steen. He currently has no representation on the Euronav board but is said to believe that the tanker sector has exciting times ahead. With a rich pedigree in tankers dating back to Ceres Hellenic Shipping Enterprises, the major tanker operator established by his father, it will be interesting to see whether he will be content with the reduced Euronav stake as his exposure to the tanker market. Known for big market plays, Mr Livanos is seen as unlikely to want at this stage to launch a tanker start-up of his own with a few vessels. Lloyd’s List understands that Mr Livanos’ prime focus currently is the liquefied natural gas carrier market and the motive for the Euronav sell-down was to build up an LNG war-chest. As founder, chairman and main shareholder of Monaco-based GasLog, he is already emerging as a leader in the sector. GasLog has made clear its determination to grow its fleet to at least 40 LNG carriers by 2017 and remains bullish about the prospects for the LNG trade. Between GasLog and spin-off MLP GasLog Partners, the fleet at end-2015 comprises 19 vessels and another eight newbuildings for delivery through to the start of 2019. Seven of the eight vessels have already been chartered out for periods ranging between seven and 10 years. Recently the company clinched a $1.3bn loan facility with 14 banks, backed by Kexim and KSure, to complete financing of the construction programme. Despite GasLog’s robust expansion and performance, its stock price has plummeted along with other energy- related stocks and has been trading at half its peak price. Mr Livanos is sure to see that as an investment opportunity and given the company’s strategic ambitions the next 12 months are likely to be an active period. The owner is also active in the dry bulk industry through Dry Log Bulk Carriers and Dry Bulk Handy Holdings that between them have some 30 bulkers. While the group formerly controlled the C Transport Maritime (CTM) dry bulk pools business, this passed to the Radziwill family back in 2013, and that company is now led by cousin John Michael Radziwill.




th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015 Star Bulk

Deepening gloom in dry bulk ‘the worst in 40 years’ has hit owner’s position in the Lloyd’s List ranking

Petros Pappas

Contact details 40, Agiou Konstantinou Str., Maroussi 15124, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 2106178400 Fax: +30 2106178378 Email: Website:


PETROS Pappas has long been one of the most highly-rated players in Greek shipping, and he vaulted into our 2014 Top 100 largely on the strength of an extraordinary round of consolidation that made his Star Bulk Carriers the largest dry bulk outfit on Wall Street. Since then, he has been involved in a couple of the industry’s most-watched stories. Star Bulk is among five major capesize bulker owners and operators that have joined forces in Capesize Chartering, which Mr Pappas describes as being mostly an information exchange for the time being. Separately, one of his group’s tankers, Res Cogitans, is at the heart of a test case in London to determine legal rights in the OW Bunker collapse quagmire. Star Bulk, led by Mr Pappas and heavily backed by Oaktree Capital Management, arrived through mergers and acquisitions at a peak fleet of 103 bulkers. But talk of further consolidation has been forced off the agenda by deepening gloom in the dry bulk market, and the fleet at the time of writing has been cut back to 84 through disposals. Mr Pappas believes that when the dust eventually settles the present dry bulk slump will go down as the worst of the past 40 years. “We are in a ‘new normal’ now, where we can’t depend on demand,” he tells Lloyd’s List. “We have to do it ourselves, on the supply side. It doesn’t help that owners will sell a vessel to another owner for a $200,000 profit instead of scrapping it. That’s just passing the problem around.” While the industry as a whole must adapt, Mr Pappas is on familiar albeit grim territory. “It’s a new game but for the old dogs this is familiar. I’ve seen it four times in my career so I think I’ve played this game before and hopefully we will play it well again,” he says. “You have to be flexible and open- minded, and be ready to bite the bullet. And cut down on your expenses, and come up with ideas for what else you can do to extend your runway.” Mr Pappas has more strings to his bow other than Star Bulk. He has also teamed with Oaktree for Oceanbulk Containers, which has built a series of eight 10,000 teu containerships. These are already under fiveyear charter to Maersk Line and CMA CGM. Another two boxships of 11,000 teu are due in 2016 and three of 10,920 teu are scheduled for 2017. In the tanker market Product Shipping & Trading (PST Tankers) manages a fleet of 17 product tankers coowned with Oaktree. On order there are also two very large crude carriers, under Madison Crude Carriers, majority-owned by Monarch Alternative Capital. Public flotations for both Oceanbulk Containers and PST Tankers have been on the agenda but, entering 2016, the container vehicle appeared the more likely of the two to go ahead at some point, depending on the market. Despite all that, Mr Pappas says that he’s done “nothing new” of late. But he wryly sums up the uncertainty swirling around prospects for shipping in 2016. “There’ll be something new next year for sure,” he laughs. “In 365 days something new is going to happen — I just wish that it’s not going to be something very bad.” Mr Pappas also featured in the Top 100 in 2013 and 2014.


45 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Tsakos Energy Navigation

As chairman of Intertanko, TEN’s chief executive has led by example when encouraging owners to favour resale acquisitions and avoid speculative newbuildings

Nikolas Tsakos

Contact details 8 Aegaleo street, 18545, Greece Tel: +30 2104061000 Fax: +30 2104061199 Email: Website:

TSAKOS Energy Navigation and its shareholders have been among the beneficiaries of the tanker market recovery, but being chairman of Intertanko has certainly amplified the influence of TEN’s chief executive, Nikolas P. Tsakos. New York-listed TEN, always an interesting amalgam of Wall Street savvy and traditional shipping circumspection, has been on the expansion trail in recent times. However, it has been true to its leader’s frequent calls for discipline in the industry. Mr Tsakos has urged owners to avoid speculative newbuildings and to order only on the back of firm employment, with resale acquisitions another way of securing brand-new tonnage without adding to capacity. Accordingly, TEN has acquired two very large crude carrier newbuildings from hedge fund York Capital Management, for delivery in 2016. Recently the company has also purchased two modern suezmaxes. The acquisitions came on top of a series of nine aframaxes under construction for long-term charter to Statoil and two long-range-one product tankers that were also ordered on the strength of charters to an oil company. As chairman of Intertanko, whose membership represents about 270m dwt of tanker capacity, Mr Tsakos was a heavy supporter of the recent move to welcome gas carrier owners as equal members. Insiders confirm he has also nudged the association to embrace more commercial issues of interest that matter to the membership, albeit in a highly selective fashion, in addition to its well- established focus on regulatory matters. On his watch, a performance database tracking charterers’ freight and demurrage payments has gained impetus. The ability of Intertanko to swiftly propose new charter party clauses in response to specific incidents is at an all-time high, as demonstrated by the 2015 Nigerian tanker ban. “We have a committed [tanker company] principal who is chairman and there is definitely a value to that,” says Bill Box, senior manager, external relations, communications and marketing at Intertanko. The past year has also showcased the owner’s natural communication skills, honed by more than a quarter of a century of fronting shipping companies in the public capital markets. Personal awards, such as the 2015 CapitalLink annual maritime corporate social responsibility leadership award and the 2015 Lloyd’s List Greek Shipping Newsmaker of the Year Award, have provided a platform not just to make his voice heard in the tanker market, but for more general shipping industry advocacy. According to Mr Tsakos, the shipping industry has long been socially responsible and environmentally sensitive, but at the same time needs to be profitable in order to be more generous. Mr Tsakos also appeared in the Top 100 in 2012, 2013 and 2014.



47 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2014

General Maritime

Swashbuckling but humbled executive learns to endure and survive

Peter Georgiopoulos

Contact details 299 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10171 Tel: 1 212-763-5600 Email: Website:


2015 has seen a return to vintage swashbuckling deal-making for Peter Georgiopoulos in all fronts, wet and dry. On the wet front, coming fresh from an acquisition of seven VLCC newbuilding contracts from Scorpio Tankers in 2014, Mr Georgiopoulos doubled down by agreeing to merge General Maritime with Navig8 Crude Tankers in an all-stock deal early in the year. The merger found Mr Georgiopoulos at the helm of a newly created entity, aptly named Gener8 Maritime, overseeing a massive newbuilding programme for 21 modern eco VLCCs with a price tag of $2.1bn. Despite jittery capital markets, he succeeded in floating Gener8 in a high- profile $210m initial public offering in June 2015. In a strange twist of fate, that was the last shipping IPO in New York during the year. On the dry front, Genco Shipping and Trading merged with Baltic Trading in July 2015, effectively averting a brewing liquidity crisis in its subsidiary. Genco recently secured a $98m credit facility to help it navigate through what is going to be a very challenging market for dry bulk carriers in 2016. Will these moves prove to be redeeming for the once high-flying but since then humbled executive? His bet on VLCCs appears to be on the money, with spot rates having at times hit the $100,000 per day mark. But one has to remember that Gener8 has only taken delivery of three VLCC’s thus far. Eighteen more units are scheduled for delivery in 2016 and naysayers are already pointing to a rising orderbook and the toll it might take on the market. Mr Georgiopoulos cannot control shipping markets but he certainly has learned how to position himself to endure them in the long run. To prove this point, he quoted Winston Churchill during one of his rare public appearances: “Success in not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that matters.” Mr Georgiopoulos has also featured in the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Top 100 entrie


48 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Golden Union Shipping - Union of Greek Shipowners

Tough and pragmatic negotiator is enjoying a third term at helm of Union of Greek Shipowners

Theodore Veniamis

Contact details 8 Aegaleo street, 18545, Greece Tel: +30 2104061000 Fax: +30 2104061199 Email: Website:

WHATEVER the fortunes of the sprawling Greek shipping industry may be at any given moment, as president of the Union of Greek Shipowners, Theodore Veniamis is at the heart of the matter. As expected, Mr Veniamis secured a third straight three-year term as leader of the UGS in February 2015, making his tenure the longest in the post since Stratis Andreadis’ domination of the industry ended in the 1970s. Supporters of the Chiot shipowner see him as a tough but pragmatic negotiator who can fight the shipping industry’s corner, albeit with a preference for keeping such matters well away from the limelight. That has become a tall order, as the interminable Greek economic crisis has gradually but surely pushed shipping into the sites of austerity policy-makers. For the past year, it has fallen largely to Mr Veniamis to counter the initial impulses of Greece’s left-wing Syriza- led government to further tax shipping. His case is a mixture of carrot and stick. Shipping wants to stand up and be counted in supporting the nation in its hour of need, says Mr Veniamis. Indeed, in the past couple of years, tonnage tax increases and voluntary contributions have already lifted the state’s haul from the industry, by the UGS’s reckoning, by eightfold. At the same time, the message he rams home, both in public and private, is that many Greek owners, who take a long-term and cyclical view of investment in shipping, will uproot themselves and their management companies and relocate elsewhere if their competitiveness, or their capital resources, are seriously impaired. The Greek government appears, to some extent, to have taken on board the industry’s case for continuation of special treatment. But there are more powerful forces among Greece’s official creditors that have convinced themselves that shipping should be squeezed to help pay the nation’s debts. Mr Veniamis juggles the demands of the UGS and the diplomacy the job entails, with heading a major shipping company of his own, Golden Union Shipping. The company is among the five big capesize operators that formed the Capesize Chartering alliance in 2015 and, in common with other owners across the sector, faces a battle in navigating one of the worst patches in the dry bulk business for decades. Databases currently put the fleet at 38 bulkers in operation, with 10 more on order. Events during the coming year — no doubt another tough one — could prove pivotal in shaping Mr Veniamis’ eventual legacy. Mr Veniamis was also included in the Top100 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.



52 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015


The no-froth chief executive has set a solid expansion course but generally scorns hype and leaves the talking to others

Kostis Konstantakopoulos

Contact details 60, Zephyrou Street & Syngrou Avenue 17564 Athens, Greece Tel: + 30 210 949 0050 Fax: + 30 210 940 6454 Email: Website:


IN the past two years, Greece-based containership owner Costamare has won an unprecedented ‘double’ at Lloyd’s List’s Global Awards, scooping the 2014 Company of the Year prize and following it with the 2015 Ship Operator of the Year award. A token press release was issued in each case. But triumphs change the company’s demeanour no more than abominable deeds affected Hannibal Lecter’s pulse rate, which famously never rose above 85, no matter what. In this, Costamare reflects the character of no-froth chief executive Kostis Konstantakopoulos, who has set a solid expansion course but generally scorns hype and leaves the talking to others. There is little sign of straining after expansion for its own sake and the company is strong enough to be choosy in its investments. In 2015, Costamare extended its containership buying joint venture with US hedge fund York Capital Management for another two years, an unusual sign of satisfaction among partnerships between traditional shipowners and private equity funds. The relationship between Costamare and York is a flexible one and there is closer parity between the partners in terms of their co-investments than in most shipping ventures involving private equity partners. The two have already done more than $1bn worth of deals together, including all 12 Costamare newbuildings on order. These include five 14,400 teu vessels for charter to Evergreen and five 11,000 teu ships, all for 2016 delivery. In addition, the owner recently won the business to order two new containerships of 3,800 teu to be built at Yangzijiang Shipbuilding for seven-year charters to Germany’s Hamburg Sud. Costamare is a regular finalist in major international tenders to decide owner- operators of large new containerships for ocean carriers. The company already has a large fleet of 60 boxships in operation, before the current orderbook is taken into account, and is set up to benefit one way or another, whether from strong charter rates or attractive growth opportunities if the market is poor. As the boxship market has deteriorated in 2015, the next year could be a very active one for Mr Konstantakopoulos. Morgan Stanley Research recently picked Costamare as “the most attractive long-term dividend story in the maritime sector”.


65 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Capital Maritime

Owner has enhanced the standing of his shipping group during a year that has forced others to take backward steps

Evangelos Marinakis

Contact details 3, Iassonos Street, 18537 Piraeus, Greece Tel: +30 210 4584900 Fax: +30 210 4285679 Website:

EVANGELOS Marinakis frequently makes headlines for non-marine reasons, due to a wide range of extracurricular activities such as his ownership of the Olympiacos football club and his membership of Piraeus’ municipal council. But 2015 saw him enhance the standing of his shipping group during a year that forced many another shipowners to take backward steps. While a number of master limited partnerships in the shipping space stuttered, Capital Product Partners, the MLP sponsored by Mr Marinakis’ Capital Maritime & Trading group, has expanded its fleet and its drop-down pipeline for the future, as well as being able to announce it will be raising its distribution by 2% to 3% a year for the foreseeable future. The strategy has been to expand and renew the fleet in the partnership’s traditional product tanker sector, while furthering a diversification into containerships begun in 2013 in order to boost Capital Product’s long-term charter coverage. The shipowner’s clout in the capital markets will not have been harmed, either, by partnering Monarch Alternative Capital in one of the relatively few conspicuously profitable forays into shipping by private equity. Five post-panamax containerships ordered by the Capital Maritime and Monarch partnership and then fixed on multi-year charters to Maersk and Cosco were sold in two separate deals to Ship Finance International and to MC-Seamax, a fund associated with Mitsubishi. A reported price of about $96m each for the vessels represented a handsome check-out for both Capital and its private equity partner. The owner’s interest in container tonnage was underlined by two purchases of incomplete newbuildings, with capacities of about 2,000 teu and 1,700 teu respectively. Capital Maritime is said to be enjoying record profitability from its tanker exposure. Recently, for example, the 13 year-old suezmax Altergo II was locked in at the top of the market for five years for a project in Norway. Mr Marinakis has been loading up on more tankers. Two medium-range product tankers and two options have been added to Capital Maritime’s previous 10 MR orders. It has also acquired two smaller 14,000 dwt tankers on order in China. On the crude oil side, four ice-class aframaxes, with options for four more, have been contracted from South Korea’s Daehan Shipbuilding. Two of the four firm newbuildings have already been chartered for five-year periods to a US-based oil company. With what seems like impeccable timing, two very large crude carrier newbuildings are being delivered to bring Capital’s privately-held VLCC fleet to six units. Overall his group, including Nasdaq- listed Capital Product, controls about 70 vessels and the next move may come on the dry side as Mr Marinakis is known to see an opportunity in the current dry bulk slump for stronger players. Mr Marinakis also appeared in the Top 100 in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.



88 st place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Diana Shipping

Unfailing cheerful optimism suits Diana chief executive well

Simos P. Palios

Contact details Pendelis 16, 175 64 Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece Tel: +30 2109470000 Fax: +30 2109424975 Website:


IN terms of dire prediction, the top management line-up at Diana Shipping has been dry bulk shipping’s equivalent of the three witches in Macbeth, looking into the market cauldron every quarter and reliably reading the unhappy future. This now goes back many quarters, spanning periods when another owner has sounded brighter on the prospects of early recovery. Chief executive Simos Palios and his lieutenants, like the witches, have cast a pall over proceedings disproportionate to their size and, since their words have proved true, they can now be said to have got analysts’ attention. The absolute apex of Mr Palios’ optimism in the company’s earnings calls has been to insist that dry bulk shipping remains subject to laws of supply and demand and that the rule of cyclicality will eventually bring recovery. He dismisses notions that the present cycle is different and that there has been structural change to the industry. “As we said all along, we don’t know when we will reach it, but rest assured that one day we will see the light at the end of the tunnel,” he commented cheerily after Diana’s third-quarter results in November. Diana has maintained a “fortress balance sheet”, according to the owner, with about $240m in cash and equivalent at the latest reckoning. The aim has been to steadily splash about $15m to $20m out of the company’s own funds every quarter to continue expansion of its fleet. Acquisition in November 2015 of a modern Lauritzen capesize for $28.5, reflecting a $5m price fall since the summer, exemplified the strategy and took the existing fleet to 43 bulkers, with three more on order. An ability to reliably source finance to support its acquisitions and eke out its own cash over a longer period of meager freights is also essential to the owner’s stance. Within 2015 Diana has clinched new loans from ABN Amro, BNP Paribas, Danish Ship Finance, ING and Nordea, as well as raising $63m in an unsecured bond sale. The company and its management also own a significant stake in spin-off boxship vehicle Diana Containerships which has an end-2015 fleet of six post-panamax and eight panamax containerships. With Mr Palios at the helm, the container vessel owner has also been adept at financing itself, as illustrated by a recent $148m loan facility from Royal Bank of Scotland. Mr Palios also featured in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Top 100 lists.


98 th place in Lloyd’s 100 list 2015

Aegean Marine Petroleum

Despite lower oil prices, the company’s profits have increased and it has been able to exploit the disappearance of OW Bunker

Dimitris Melissanidis

Contact details 10, Akti Kondili, Piraeus, Greece, 185 45 Tel: (+30) 210 4586000 Fax: (+30) 210 4586242 Email: Website:

AEGEAN Marine Petroleum Network, the publicly-listed international marine fuel supplier arm of Dimitris Melissanidis’ Aegean Group has been on the up lately. Despite lower oil prices, profits have increased and the company has been able to exploit the disappearance of OW Bunker, by stepping in and expanding the reach of its business in locations such as the US Gulf and west coast, Hamburg and St Petersburg. The demise of OW, mainly an intermediary, will benefit physical suppliers and AMPNI is the largest independent physical supplier in the world, not counting oil majors and state energy companies, with the largest fleet of dedicated bunkering tankers — 63 of them in about 15 different markets around the globe. Altogether, the company says it physically serves 27 markets and 60 delivery ports. Recently, it has been rebalancing its mix of products where it can to emphasise higher return products such as low-sulphur fuels and blended finished products. It has also expanded to include cargo sales, a potential new low-cost revenue stream for the company. A key element in Aegean’s capacity, its new Fujairah Oil Terminal tank farm with about 465,000 cu m of storage, was completed in 2015 and by the third quarter was at more than 85% of capacity. Founder Mr Melissanidis, who is the company’s largest shareholder, is also active in the energy and shipping markets with a number of private ventures including tanker company Aegean Shipping Management, led by son George Melissanidis. He is also expanding the group’s environmental services footprint under Hellenic Environmental Centre, which provides oily residue collection from ships and offshore platforms, and treatment services. In 2015, HEC Europe took over the environmental protection business of Germany’s Eckelmann Group, including an important waste treatment plant in the centre of Hamburg port, land-based reception facilities, floating units for collection of liquid waste, tanks, industrial cleaning services and Marpol logistics. HEC also recently opened its new state-of-the-art collection centre in Piraeus. Melissanidiscontrolled company Oil One acquired the former BP terminal in 2012 and it has now been reconstructed at a cost of €60m ($66m) as a reception and treatment centre. Mr Melissanidis plans to expand in other locations using the plant as a model for further collection and treatment plants. Mr Melissanidis was listed in the Top 100 in 2014, 2013 and 2012.




Global Container Shipping

Christina Theodorika

Contact details Akti Poseidonos St., Piraeus, 18531, Greece Tel: +30 210 414 5500 Email: Website:


Italian-Swiss shipping giant Mediterranean Shipping Company is a privately-owned, global enterprise operating a network of over 480 offices in 150 countries. It employs a team of over 24,000 dedicated individuals. The company has an established fleet of 465 container vessels with an intake capacity of 2,439,000 TEU, based on latest figures. The global sailing schedules cover 200 routes, calling at 315 ports, allowing the company to deliver cargo almost anywhere in the world. Mediterranean Shipping Company’s sea freight offering is complemented by its integrated warehousing and haulage services, which enable the company to offer true door-to-door service. The company employs trained, experienced experts for its full range of services, including reefer, out-of-gauge, breakbulk and trade services suited to various business natures. This allows the company to maintain the personal service it is globally recognized for. The Mediterranean Shipping Company has decided to develop an information and services center for the corporate group in Greece. In doing so, the shipping giant has opted to establish its “Shared Services Documentation Center – SSDC” beyond its Swiss headquarters. Despite intense campaigning by agencies at major ports around the world, the company’s owners, the Aponte family, ended up opting for Piraeus, Greece’s largest port, as its choice of location for the new department. The shipping giant, which also maintains a strong presence in the cruise ship sector, plans to establish the center at its current company building at Piraeus port. The objective of the SSDC center will be to collect, process and distribute information and services concerning all company activities to the group’s international network of agencies. As part of the initiative’s first stage, 150 new jobs will be created by the middle of the current year, while the number is expected to rise to 250 soon afterwards. In the longer-term, the MSC center is expected to employ some 500 persons, a development, which according to the president of MSC Greece, Christina Theodorika, will require the company to relocate to a larger Piraeus base. The company’s move to establish a new center in Piraeus further bolsters the shipping cluster being developed at Piraeus port, also contributing to the effort being made to reduce the country’s alarming unemployment problem.


PCT – Piraeus Container Terminal

COSCO’s investments upgrade Piraeus port into Europe’s southern gateway

Contact details SEMPO Neo Ikonio, Perama 18863, Greece Tel.: +30 210-4099100  Fax: +30 210-4099101  E-mail:  Website:

The Piraeus Container Terminal (PCT), a global port operator, provides world class container terminal handling and port services at the Port of Piraeus, Greece’s largest seaport and one of the largest in Europe and the world. Piraeus served as the port of Athens since ancient times. PCT provides value-for-money, high quality services to customers through highly dedicated and motivated professional workforce, modern equipment, facilities, technology and resources. The company, through continuous research and development in the ports’ infrastructure and superstructure, places special weight on affording high quality services to ocean carriers, Greek importers and exporters, freight forwarders, custom brokers and truckers. Recent developments in European transport policy present Greece with the opportunity to greatly boost its potential as an international commercial and maritime transit hub in the critical region of the Eastern Mediterranean. In early 2016, China’s COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company) was named as the preferred bidder in a €1.5bn deal to control and run Piraeus port, opening the way for the site to become an important transit hub for trade between Asia and central Europe. The deal, regarding the acquisition of a 67-percent shareholding in statecontrolled Piraeus Port Authority (OLP), is envisaged to make Greece a gateway for Asian products to enter Europe, boosting the country’s economy and strategic importance in the region. In brief, COSCO has so far taken the following action: ➤ Reconstruction and upgrade of Pier II, boosting its managed capacity from 1.6 to 3.2 million containers. ➤ Construction of the eastern pier III ➤ Continuous investments in infrastructure, superstructures, equipment and environmentally friendly functional applications. Upgrading Piraeus port infrastructure and terrestrial connections with a modernized rail freight network, the existence of at least one freight center, as well as the development and improvement of connections with other European and international ports is a one-way road. Greece lies in the most critical geopolitical point in the Eastern Mediterranean, being a strategic location and a hub between southeastern Europe, Asia and Africa. This pivotal geographical position could - with the right moves – provide Greece’s economy with the new impetus and opportunities by attracting new investments and entry of strategic capital and investors in ports and airports. This will help Greece substantially enter the international map of combined transport, which would in turn result to new job creation in the country, given that Logistics is now one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. PCT now has 6 weekly arrivals and departures of large, 14000-teus ships and dozens of feeders, to all the ports of the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, Adriatic, etc. COSCO’s partnerships with TRAINOSE (Greek Railways) and major multinationals including HP, SONY, HUAWEI, ZTE, etc., as well several synergies with major players in the field, such as SCHENKER, Rail Cargo Austria, etc., have opened Europe’s southern gate also in the value-added services market. In this context, Piraeus Consolidation & Distribution Center SA (PCDC) offers many customers an array of services, including handling and storage of general and dry cargo, refrigerated and deep freezing products, flammable and chemical products.




Operating Greece’s largest port Piraeus is the largest port in Europe and among the largest in the world, with regard to passenger traffic. A main link between mainland Greece and the Aegean islands and Crete, the port is also the main gateway of the European Union at its southeastern sea border. The boundaries of the Main Port are the Themistocles Pier and Krakari Pier. The Passenger Port is divided into several areas serving coasting and cruising.

Ioannis Kouvaris, President & CEO

The Container Terminal Piraeus Port Authority’s (PPA) Container Terminal began its operation in June 2010. With a projected annual capacity of 1.0 million TEUs, it constitutes the main pier for PPA’s freight activities. The facility boasts latest technology machinery, comprising eight cranes (four SPP) and eight RMGs. It has two platforms: the East one, of a length of 500m and a depth of 18m, and the West one, of 320m in length and 12m depth. Car Terminal The increasing demand for transit vehicles in the Eastern Mediterranean, Black Sea and North Africa places Piraeus is seen a driving force for growth. The list of port customers now includes most of the major manufacturers in the car industry. The completion of the new port-side railway station, as well as its connection with the G2 car terminal in July 2013 and future expansions of the Car Terminal – as part of PPS’s five-year investment plan – combined with the use of information at all stages with the implementation of an integrated management system, ensure that Piraeus Port can be a central transshipment gateway for the Mediterranean region.

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Conventional Cargo General cargo handling and storage is primarily done through the Schisto site PPA facilities. Loading and unloading of general cargo is done by cranes, forklifts and tractors of various types. The Schisto facilities also offer special warehouses for general cargo storage. Use of land areas The Company operates a number of premises which are under its authority. Specifically, it concedes the use of these sites (outdoors and indoors) to third parties for the operation of shipbuilding units (repair base of Perama and Kynosoura), various industrial complexes, canteens, cafés, food storages and offices for agencies.

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