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The 21 Day Kindness Challenge


at Soquel Elementary (Soquel), Rio del Mar Elementary (Aptos), Hall District Elementary (Watsonville), and Mar Vista Elementary (Aptos) spots someone doing an act of kindness over 21 school days, they record the act of kindness on a kindness strip. At the end of the 21 Day Kindness Challenge everyone will come together to create a school-wide kindness chain to represent all the kind acts that happened over 21 days. These four local elementary schools are participating in the 21 Day Kindness Challenge program during the

month of February. There are additional District looking to bring the Challenge back to their campuses this year. Earlier in the school year Monte Vista Christian Middle School students also participated in the 21 Day Kindness Challenge. “We are so excited to bring the 21 Day Kindness Challenge to our area because we know it can make community. A little kindness goes a long way,” says Charlie Millar a kindness coach at Rio del Mar Elementary. The mission of the 21 Kindness Day Challenge is to empower youth to change their world with kindness. During the Kindness Challenge students,

of kindness every day for 21 days the studevelop a stronger school community. The 21 Day Kindness Challenge is a school-wide culture change for students, together to achieve the common goal of spreading kindness. It is a proactive approach to bullying as it focuses on the positive interactions that take place around campus. As a result, attention is taken away from bullying behaviors and negative interactions. “The 21 Day Kindness Challenge program has made such an impact on my entire classroom, including me. The 21 Day Kindness Challenge helped me focus more on the positive behaviors then the negative behaviors,” said Susie Peoples kindergarten teacher at Valencia Elementary. The Kindness Challenge emphasizes respect for others, promotes responsible decisions, creates a positive atmosphere, develops empathy, strengthens the school community and increases positive behaviors. “I believe our children can change the

said Kindness Challenge Founder Justina Bryant. on school campuses is improved academic results, less stress in the overall school environment, increased self-esteem, less bullying, fewer classroom disruptions, and improved concentration. The 21 Day Kindness Challenge was created by Justina Bryant of Aptos, California at Rio del Mar Elementary in 2014. Mrs. Bryant founded the Challenge, Inc. in 2016 with Christy Tall of Aptos. The school program costs about $1 per elementary, middle, and high school. teacher’s grades k-6. The 21 Day Kindness Challenge has been sought out by teachers and parents across the country and around the world. The program has been implemented across the nation, Alaska, Kentucky, Southern and Northern California, Maryland, Colorado, and Utah. There has been international interest in Canada and in the United Kingdom. The organization is focusing on 22 / February 15th 2017 / Aptos Times

developing partnerships with companies can bring the Challenge to their school at a reduced cost. In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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Aptos Times: February 15, 2017  

Serving Our Community for Over 25 Years

Aptos Times: February 15, 2017  

Serving Our Community for Over 25 Years