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when you can keep what you have earned?

Make reasonable returns in good markets and keep those gains in down markets.

Our clients have the same issues and concerns as you - affording retirement, ensuring funds last, leaving something for their children and grandchildren while managing medical issues and escalating costs.

How do you want your retirement to look?

They realized that maintaining the status quo was not best for their future, they came in search of a solution and the found it with us.

At Strategic Asset Conservation, our sole mission is to provide you with a riskfree financial future. The solutions we offer have never lost our clients their hard-earned money. We do this by providing safe-money strategies based on fundamentals, not on speculation or the latest investing trends.

This is what your neighbors are saying

“…My wife and I have been looking for new advisors since relocating here last year. What you guys shared was empowering, understandable, and confirmed exactly what we’ve been thinking about our existing portfolio—that we’re older now, less able to take risk, and need something more age appropriate for our remaining retirement years…” –L.R. & B.R. Don’t miss Thom’s show RETIREMENT INTELLIGENCE Saturdays at 5pm and Sundays at 6am on 960 The Patriot

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2011-2012 Finalist

Thomas E. Brueckner, CLTC February 2016 Scottsdale Airpark News |


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Scottsdale Airpark News - Feb. 2016  

Scottsdale Airpark News - Feb. 2016  

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