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Airpark cybersecurity firms are flourishing by protecting corporations against the biggest threat to their business data today: their own smartphone-addicted employees


By Jimmy Magahern

t’s the day of the Ashley Madison data dump, when hackers released on the Internet 10 gigabytes of stolen personal information on the customers of the controversial extramarital affair site. Drew Smith is reeling from what can only be described as his most awkward series of business meetings ever. “I’ve had too much coffee today,” Smith confesses, talking a bit breathlessly about the series

of emergency meetings and phone calls his Scottsdale-based cybersecurity company, InfoArmor, has been having with clients ever since the hacktivist group Impact Team publicly posted the data, which included customers’ first and last names, addresses and partial credit card transactions— not to mention their potentially embarrassing extramarital sex preferences. …continues on page 20

September 2015 Scottsdale Airpark News | 19

Scottsdale Airpark News - Sept. 2015  
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