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Senate hopeful Kirkpatrick tells Hispanics she backs Dream Act By Srianthi Perera U.S. Senate hopeful Ann Kirkpatrick told a group of Hispanic activists that the Dream Act is one of the main pillars of her political platform. “We’ve got to get that done. We can’t have a strong, diverse and stable economy without having that done. One of the reasons I ran for Congress was to do that,” Kirkpatrick said during a roundtable meeting in Tempe recently. “In the State Legislature, they were trying to put some patchwork bills to address some of my concerns. There has to be a better solution” she added. Responding to an activist who said that she was “dismayed” at how certain leaders have approached the immigration issue, Kirkpatrick said it is important to hear immigrants’ stories. “I think it’s so important those stories are heard and told because it puts a human dimension to the problem. We are just tearing families apart,” she said. The native Arizonan and resident of Flagstaff addressed building a better education system, water needs and environmental protection during the meeting. Kirkpatrick was raised in the rural White Mountains area of Arizona. She said that’s why agriculture and protecting the environment are vital to her.

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Ann Kirkpatrick (second from left) answered questions about immigration, Social Security and the U.S. relationship with Mexico during a roundtable in Tempe.

“When I was a kid, there was a thriving timber industry. We have seen that industry collapse in the area where I grew up,” she said, adding that building a strong, diverse and stable economy in Arizona is dear to her heart. “We’ve gone through so many boom and bust cycles. The most recent was the construction bust. What I want to do is empower small

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businesses, entrepreneurs and people to come up with good ideas for business and diversify our economy and provide stability that way,” she said. If she wins a Senate seat, she plans to get on national committees for transportation, infrastructure and agriculture. She noted that although agriculture is an important sector in

Arizona, the state hasn’t had a member in an agriculture committee since 1952. Kirkpatrick is against uranium mining in the Grand Canyon. “It will contrast with my opponent John McCain, who wants to lift the ban,” she said. “I want the ban to be permanent.” – Contact Srianthi Perera at 480-898-5613 or 


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Ahwatukee Foothills News - Aug. 24, 2016  

Ahwatukee Foothills News - Aug. 24, 2016  

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