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October 18 - 31, 2014


it psychic parties,” he says. “With that, I take up to 20 people in a house. Most of the time, it’s friends. They bring out food and drinks, get relaxed, and then I start to talk. “I not only do readings. I try to give the entire group a background on how the spirit world works.” McKeehan says he believes that everyone has the same ability as him. “I think all of us have the ability to perceive spirits,” he says. “When we’re asleep, our guard is down. Most of us are raised that this doesn’t exist. Even people who believe in an afterlife are generally raised to believe that that is a separate thing.” Some people believe that once a person has “crossed over,” there’s no connection to loved ones who have been left behind.

Longtime ability McKeehan has had the ability to chat with deceased folks since he was about 4, at the height of the Vietnam War. He had a record player and, through it, he could hear voices. When he took the needle off the record, he could still detect a voice. The “voice” introduced himself as “Charlie.” “I thought, ‘Well, great. I’ve got one of those imaginary friends that all children have.’” At the dinner table, little McKeehan discussed the Vietnam War in a way that was slightly profound for a little 4-yearold child. His dad asked where he heard

that information and when McKeehan said “Charlie,” his father’s face turned pale, and his mom was silent. “I thought, ‘Oh boy, I’m in trouble now,’” he recalls. His father pressed him further and McKeehan learned that, as a youngster, his dad was dying of an illness. Charlie told him it wasn’t his time to go and to get out of bed. Charlie stuck around for several years with McKeehan before disappearing. “In my 30s, he came back,” McKeehan says. “He came to me in the middle of the night as a glowing orb in my bedroom. I had little Yorkshire terriers, and they were running back and forth on the bed barking at this thing. “I woke up and saw it. It got larger and it took on the form of a person. I said, ‘Who are you?’ He said, ‘You used to call me Charlie. Now you can call me Charles.’ “Charles is my spirit guide. I don’t consider him my guardian angel. That’s something different. He gives me information and guidance. He pointed out my abilities to me and encouraged me to pursue them.” When McKeehan was going into business, he admits that initially he was scared. “It’s a big responsibility to tell people things—and especially take money for it,” he says. “The feedback I got was positive, though. There was this validation with information I was giving them that they could verify.” Oftentimes, spirits just want loved ones to know that they’re OK, that they made it to the other side.

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“That’s the most common thing a spirit wants me to relate,” he says. “After that, it’s usually situations of forgiveness— whether the spirit is asking forgiveness or the client. Once they make this connection, (the client asks) ‘Do they forgive me?’ I have to wait for the answer. Ninety-nine percent of the time, they forgive. “It’s hard to cross completely without letting go of hatred, without letting go of anger. That’s the haunted house thing. They don’t know they’ve passed, or they feel the need to stick around and watch over families. They’re unwilling to accept a final destination for them as a spirit.” McKeehan says that most people don’t realize that past, present and future are all the same in the afterlife. Time isn’t linear. “It really is a twinkling of the eye on the other side,” he says. “They don’t feel they need to rush and get things done. They do it in their own time. “They are also able to see things we have not seen. That’s why we sometimes get advice and information. The future is not written, though. There are multiple possible outcomes for all of our actions. They can look a little bit beyond. Based on what you’re doing, they can say, ‘This is probably going to happen. If you change what you’re doing this might happen.’ But the responsibility for our future is up to us.”

Firefighters respond to blaze at CHoP The Chandler Fire, Health and Medical crews responded to a fire at the rear of CHoP, 2625 W. Queen Creek Rd. Upon arrival, the crews found a broken gas line that had ignited, and the flames were impinging on the structure. Firefighters were unable to turn the gas off immediately because the line was feeding the meter to the restaurant, and the department had to wait for Southwest Gas to arrive to secure the gas feed. The fire crews had to apply water to the rear of the structure to keep it cool until the gas line could be turned off. There was minimal water damage to the interior of the building and no extension of the fire to building or roof. The fire is still under investigation.

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Santan Sun News 10-18-2014: Issue  
Santan Sun News 10-18-2014: Issue