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October 18 - 31, 2014

Community Commentary

Letters to the editor

More time in office? Really?

Celebrating and sustaining neighborhoods BY JAY TIBSHRAENY MAYOR OF CHANDLER

Once again, we are in the season of celebrating Chandler’s best places. Those communities within our city where people come together to conquer Mayor Jay Tibshraeny. challenges and Submitted photo create lasting relationships that help mold more sustainable neighborhoods. Last year, I launched an awards program to commemorate these special places. And now in its second year, nominations are open once again. The four award categories are Best Neighborhood Event, Most Active or Engaged Neighborhood, Best Revitalization Story and Best Neighborhood Leader. The nomination process will take place through Nov. 21, and I will announce the winners during my State of the City Address in February. Applying is simple and can be done at the City’s website: More information is also available on the site. Best of all, once we have narrowed the field through a judging panel, residents will once again vote online to pick their favorite. These awards are intended to recognize, support and encourage neighborhoods and those who work so hard to make them better. But, I also want to develop that next generation of neighborhood leaders. So this year, I am announcing a new Teen Leadership Academy. This class will work with


high school students to better involve them in the workings of the City, but also to help them develop a new sense of pride for their neighborhoods. Applications are available online at the same Web address listed above—and the academy will take place next spring during the Chandler Unified School District’s intersession. Teens will learn about all facets of City government, take part in exercises and activities that will increase their awareness and engagement in the local government process. We’ll even provide the food and class T-shirts compliments of our generous sponsor, the Chandler Kiwanis Club. When the weeklong session is over, the class will take part in a volunteer event to further the experience of community involvement. We will review the applications in December and formally announce the first class at my State of the City Address next year. Participants will encounter a tremendous learning experience, and our City will benefit as we grow and cultivate a new generation of leaders. We all hear it said that our children are our future. I want to show them how their ideas, creative energy and enthusiasm can be a catalyst for improving the future of our neighborhoods. If you know of someone who could benefit from this academy, please encourage them to apply today. Mayor Tibshraeny will begin his unprecedented seventh term as mayor in January. For more Chandler updates, follow the mayor on Twitter: @ jaytibshraeny. SEE COMMUNITY COMMENTARY PAGE 40

Dear editor, I received a voter information pamphlet today and opened it up to see Proposition 479 for the City of Chandler. Are these people serious? At a time when, from my perspective, the major problem with politicians is “We can’t get rid of them fast enough,” these folks want to stay longer? True, there are no “against” arguments in the pamphlet, but that’s only because I didn’t know we had the opportunity to do them. Who are the people speaking for this? Hold on to your hats now...the chamber and four council members. Now ain’t that just the most surprising thing you ever heard? There is wealth of knowledgeable, qualified people in Chandler who deserve a chance to be of service to the city. Increasing the amount of time individuals can serve (12 years consecutively with, it seems, no nonconsecutive upper limit under Proposition 479) on the council does two things: (1) reduces access to a larger pool of qualified people and (2) increases the probability of undesired alliances forming. Frankly, I’d like to see the wording changed to limit members to two, four-year terms in a lifetime. Move on, give other people with fresh ideas a turn at the dais. Walter Wright Peterson Farms

Time to wake up Dear editor, I just wanted to write about how much I agree with Steve Yarbrough being referred to as “honest, ethical and wise.” How else would one refer to a person who consistently introduces and votes on legislation that directly enhances his own bank account? How could you possibly question the wisdom of someone who tries

to make discrimination legal? I’m sure it’s just a funny coincidence that a disclosure bill introduced in the Legislature was referred to as the “Yarbrough disclosure act.” I want my representative to work for the community, not embarrass the state! It’s pretty obvious why Yarbrough skips debates in front of his district. He has no respect for us and takes all our votes for granted. It’s time to wake up and hold our representatives accountable. Take the time to see if you really want this “wise, honest and ethical” man representing your family. I sure don’t! Vote for change. Vote for Kristie O’Brien in November. Jake Sessions Chandler

Stop the insanity Dear editor, Insanity is frequently defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We as voters seem to behave insanely. We complain about our Legislature, and yet we vote to send the same people back. This year we need to stop the insanity. We need to put new people in office if we expect anything to be different. Those of us in LD17 have a chance to make such a change. We can replace the incumbent senator (Yarbrough) who last year introduced SB1062—the oft-called religious discrimination act. That act addressed no actual problem in Arizona yet made us, once again, the butt of national jokes. We have a choice this election. We can vote for Kristie O’Brien—an energetic, young lawyer with an incredible resume who will bring perspective to our legislative process and focus on real problems instead of imaginary ones. Or we can continue the insanity—hoping for change but sending the same people back to the Capitol. Roberta Reed Sun Lakes

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