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A Pleasant Aroma By Pastor David Bowen, Standing Stones Community Church Standing Stones Christian Academy Bakeries do not play fair. If there are any bakers out there, let me call you out and say; you do not play fair. The smell of fresh baked goods, especially bread, is too irresistible. Even when I am not thinking about bread, walking near a bakery, which purposely allows the incredible smell of freshly baked bread to seep into the aisle, and walkways, well, it’s just not fair. All of a sudden, I find myself having a tremendous urge to have bread. The aroma is just too enticing! The sense of smell differs from most other senses. The smells we experience affect how we associate memories and places. Studies have shown that after a year, people can remember a scent with 65% accuracy while after only a few months visual memory slips to 50%. Research has also shown that smell has a strong influence on our emotions, meaning smell can affect our behavior. In Japan, they found smells have increase alertness which in turn results in higher productivity rates. When lemon oil was diffused throughout a Japanese office building, productivity among data entry operators increased by 54%.


85086 | SEPTEMBER 2019

OK, let me ask a personal question. What is the aroma you give off? What about your family? See, aroma represents the sensation one has when they experience an interaction. When I ask, what is the aroma people remember, what are the emotions people express when interacting or speaking of you or your family, I’m asking, is that aroma sweet? Or is it not so pleasant? Is in character? Is it like that smell of freshly baked bread wafting throughout the deli or storefront, attracting people to its amazing, intoxicating aroma? Whatever your answer is, here is the good news. You can continue to expel a sweet, sweet aroma, or you can make some changes and redirect the scent expel. How does one do this? It all begins with attitude and behavior. I know essential oils are popular. I understand the attraction to using these oils, but sometimes their aroma can be overwhelming. This can be a life lesson, when working on your attitude and behavior, just be you, don’t try to overdo it. You know the area(s) where your behavior needs some attention.

Here are some practical suggestions to improve or change the aroma you leave with others. Work on having a purpose. Why do you do what you do? People aren’t attracted to people who grumble or complain. Don’t run away from challenges. Life happens, things come our way that cause obstacles to appear. Do what you can to push through and meet these challenges head on. When you succeed, don’t brag or speak down to others who haven’t yet achieved success. Be humble and supportive; that’s a sweet aroma. FYI, arrogance has a putrid aroma. I think the easiest way to sweeten the aroma that people experience while interacting with you is to be loyal and faithful. Stand strong for your family and friends. Be sensitive to their feelings, understand where they are coming from. That behavior becomes addicting. We all want to be around people like that! Lastly, don’t be afraid to laugh; laughter is contagious and sweet smelling. I hope this is helpful, I’m off to the bakery for some sweet smelling freshly baked bread.

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