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MARCH 15, 2012


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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012


peter frewen, director



Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 7:30 pm Kotzschmar Konversation 6:30 pm Merrill Auditorium, Portland, Maine

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Organ 2012


Vivaldi Gloria Bach Mass in G-minor Handel Foundling Hospital Anthem with the Maine Chamber Ensemble and soloists Jennifer Hansen Timothy Neill Johnson John D. Adams and featuring Aaron Dustin and Dana Hinchliffe ĂŜĚÄ¨ÄžÄ‚ĆšĆľĆŒĹ?ĹśĹ?Ä‚ĆŒĹ˝ĹśĆľĆ?Ć&#x;ĹśĂŜĚĂŜĂ,Ĺ?ĹśÄ?ŚůĹ?ÄŤÄž from the Boy Singers of Maine Saturday, March 17, 7:30 p.m., Studzinski Recital Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick Sunday, March 18, 3:00 p.m., Falmouth Congregational Church, Falmouth &ĂůžŽƾƚŚŽŜĹ?ĆŒÄžĹ?Ä‚Ć&#x;ŽŜĂůĹšĆľĆŒÄ?Ś͕&ĂůžŽƾƚŚ Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 at the door, half price for students, and free for children under twelve.

FMI: 798-7985 or

Call PortTix 207-842-0800

W/AMY W / AMY ALLEN in Adv. Adv. $115 5 in Day of* 21 + $18 'D\RI‡ Doors @ 8pm Show @ 9pm

but Josh’s Delease! e Country R

de: Hits Inclu

‘Georgia Clay’ ‘Gone Like That’

';ez,fer St. 2;& & HQWHU6 6 W3 3RU WOD DQG G0 0(‡‡ 

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012





The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012


SOCIETY SNAPSHOTS: Avery Yale Kamila provides photos and dispatches from Maine’s social scene. DINING GUIDE: Decide where you want to eat, what you want to eat – and for how much.

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“We’re bringing sexy back.” Kari Wagner-Peck, MJFF executive and artistic director

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n the TLC channel, you can watch a woman drinking her own urine and a man making love to his car. On A&E, you can watch hoarders living in feces-ridden, roach-infested homes while their children plead for them to get help. On truTV, you can watch people desperate for cash selling their possessions on “Hardcore Pawn” – and watch the owners of the pawn shop call each other a string of obscenities when they’re not doing it to customers. After Sept. 11, 2001, experts in the entertainment industry were predicting the death of reality TV in favor of more uplifting, positive programming. The events of that day were so horrific, it was assumed that viewers would eschew the backstabbing, name-calling, masochistic themes that had proliferated television in favor of more thought-provoking subject matter. Yeah, right. Reality shows are not only more plentiful than they were in 2001, they’re more sensationalistic, appealing to the lowest common denominator. It was one thing to watch criminals being busted on “Cops” or contestants on “Fear Factor” and “Survivor” eat bugs and cow brains – one could at least argue in both instances that the subjects brought it on themselves by committing crimes in the former or by competing for a massive payout in the latter. Now we’re watching everyday people dealing with deeply personal issues, from teen pregnancy and drug addiction to mental disorders and divorce, all on camera for others’ amusement. As we become inured to a certain type of reality TV – as the shocking becomes commonplace, even boring – the envelope is pushed ever further to drive ratings up. Is this what we’ve been reduced to? A society of voyeurs that revel in the misery of others? Does it make us feel better about ourselves – thank God we don’t live like that, we’re not that stupid, we have more self-control? It could never happen to us. Right? One could argue that these shows help people deal with their disorders by giving them professional help. One could also argue that, hey, they agreed to be on camera, and they likely received payment to boot. But at what cost? Now that they’ve aired their dirty laundry in the most public of forums, how will that affect the rest of their lives, their relationships, their careers? What about their children, who as minors have no say in the matter? What do they think when they watch the show and hear people talking behind their backs in one-on-one interviews? This isn’t “Candid Camera” or “Real People” or even “The Real World.” This is a freak show. The only difference is that instead of paying to watch a sideshow attraction at a carnival, we’re paying a cable company to have it broadcast into our homes. But because reality shows are cheap to make, it’s unlikely that they’re going to go away soon. At least, unless we’re willing to avert our eyes and say, “Enough.” I’d like to know what you think. Do you think reality TV has gone too far? Or do you think I’m over-reacting? Email me at the address below, and I’ll feature your reactions in a future column.

Rod Harmon From the Editor

FACE THE MUSIC: Live, local and beyond, Aimsel Ponti brings you music with a Maine backbeat.


Painful reality indeed – don’t you think?

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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012

Parades, Irish breakfasts and green beer galore will be available for St. Patrick’s Day revelers.



Stephen Kellogg at Jonathan’s

STEPHEN KELLOGG AND THE SIXERS is a slightly folk, slightly country-tinged rock band that’s almost local – its members met at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and have been building a loyal following and getting critical raves since about 2003. WHEN: 9 p.m. Saturday WHERE: Jonathan’s, 92 Bourne Lane, Ogunquit HOW MUCH: $30 in advance; $34 day of show INFO: 646-4777;



Lucky y u There’s a great variety of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations for Mainers to enjoy this year. By RAY ROUTHIER Staff Writer


hey say everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Some folks more than others. Take, for example, the parade- and festival-happy residents of Bath, who started a weeklong St. Patrick’s Day-themed celebration four years ago called Bath Blarney Days. The week starts with smaller events around town, such as pub sing-alongs and Irish trivia nights. But the real pot o’ gold comes on St. Patrick’s Day, with a schedule of events that includes a road race, a parade, a tug of war, an Irish soda bread baking contest, live music and the Blarney Ball dance at night. So Bath must be a city with a rich Irish heritage, right? Like Portland? “Not so much,” said Jennifer Geiger, director of Main Street Bath, an organizer of the Blarney Days events. “It started when Byrnes Irish Pub opened up, and they came to us and wanted to start a St. Patrick’s Day Parade. “It’s grown, and now the thought behind it is, ‘Hooray, it’s finally the end of winter and we can get outside and get the community together to have fun.’ ”

Hard to argue with that philosophy. Whether you want to be part of a spring festival, watch a parade, hear Irish music, eat corned beef or see Irish dancing, there’s plenty of St. Patrick’s Day options for you this year around southern Maine. Below is a list of some of the St. Patrick’s Day events. Check with your favorite bar, restaurant or pub to see what they might have planned, as well. All events listed below are for Saturday. n BRIAN BORU LOCAL IRISH FESTIVAL: 6 a.m. to closing, Brian Boru, 57 Center St., Portland. Free. This venerable Irish pub in Portland, in the bright-red brick building, has events all day long, beginning with a traditional Irish breakfast at 6 a.m. Guinness and whiskey will be available. Other events include: Traditional Irish music at 7:30 a.m.; poetry by Ireland natives at 9:30 a.m.; roaming bag pipers at 11 a.m.; Stillson School Irish Dancers from noon to 1 p.m.; a variety of pop and rock music beginning at 1:30 p.m.; and Irish food on the menu all day.

n BULL FEENEY’S ST. PATRICK’S DAY 2012: 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., Bull Feeney’s, 375 Fore St., Portland. 773-7210;

Please see ST. PAT’S, Page E22

Local bands battle at Big Easy



GORILLA MUSIC presents its Portland Battle of the Bands, an all-ages local music show, on Sunday. Competitors include Saint Monday, Archon, Chaos Sauce, Smoked Salmon, Madgingers, Ghost of Paul Revere and more. WHEN: 4 p.m. Sunday WHERE: Big Easy, 55 Market St., Portland HOW MUCH: $8 in advance; $10 at the door INFO:;

Making Noise: Paranoid Social Club, E6 n Katie Herzig at Empire, E7 n Tix, E8 n Foam Castles CD review, E9

E6 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 


PORTLAND'S BEST COMEDY CLUB 0/24,!.$3"%34#/-%$9#,5" 7 Years in a row! EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT 9EARSINAROW%6%29&2)$!9.)'(4 8:30-10:30 3 COMEDIANS  #/-%$)!.3 Including a National Headliner! )NCLUDINGA.ATIONAL(EADLINER TH March 16th -ARCH

Karen Morgan +AREN-ORGAN Maine's Funniest Mom -AINES&UNNIEST-OM



"Friends helping Friends" to benefit Steve Bowdon and Carol Laverriere h&RIENDSHELPING&RIENDSvTOBENElT3TEVE"OWDONAND#AROL,AVERRIERE Dance to One of Portland's Favorite Bands! $ANCETO/NEOF0ORTLANDS&AVORITE"ANDS

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

FENDERBENDER &%.$%2"%.$%2

Paranoid Social Club is heading to California, where it will film its first national >O`O\]WRA]QWOZ1ZcPWaVSORW\Ub]1OZWT]`\WOeVS`SWbeWZZÂżZ[WbaÂż`ab\ObW]\OZ television appearance, with a stop at the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. bSZSdWaW]\O^^SO`O\QSeWbVOab]^ObbVSAFAE[caWQTSabWdOZW\/cabW\BSfOa

RETURNS TO PORTLAND 2%452.34/0/24,!.$ 4( SATURDAY MARCH 10â&#x201E;˘ 3!452$!9-!2#( Doors open @PMPERPERSON 7pm $70 per person $OORSOPEN

R-Rated HYPNOTIST 2 2ATED(90./4)34 FRANK SANTOS &2!.+3!.4/3 TH

Make dinner reservations and save $5 off a ticket! -AKEDINNERRESERVATIONSANDSAVEOFFATICKET



SATURDAY MARCH 174( §8:30pm 3!452$!9-!2#( PM Featuring Chuck Grover &EATURING#HUCK'ROVER Cover: $15 Advance or $20 Day of Show #OVER!DVANCEOR$AYOF3HOW



Change of scenery puts PSC :_Xe^\f]jZ\e\ipglkjGJ: Y\]fi\_`^_$gifĂ&#x201D;c\Xl[`\eZ\ before high-profile audience By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4

#!,,  7774(%'/,$2//--!).%#/-

StoffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS



is on your side LVRQ\RXUVLGH Legend has it that the four /HJHQGKDVLWWKDWWKHIRXU leaves on the clover represent OHDYHVRQWKHFORYHUUHSUHVHQW love, faith, hope and luck. ORYHIDLWKKRSHDQGOXFN  A genuine 4 leaf clover $JHQXLQHOHDIFORYHU captured in sterling silver. FDSWXUHGLQVWHUOLQJVLOYHU $175 


AUBURN â&#x20AC;˘ %BRUNSWICK â&#x20AC;˘ 6so. WATERVILLE â&#x20AC;˘0 MANCHESTER, NH $ 8%851Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘%BANGOR $1*25Â&#x2021; 5816:,&.Â&#x2021; 2 3PORTLAND 257/$1'Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;˘: $7(59,//(Â&#x2021; $1&+(67(5 1+

aranoid Social Club hits the road BSBOPJE4PDJBM$MVCIJUTUIFSPBE this month, spreading the good UIJTNPOUI TQSFBEJOHUIFHPPE word about Portland's music XPSEBCPVU1PSUMBOETNVTJD scene from coast to coast. TDFOFGSPNDPBTUUPDPBTU Fronted by Dave Gutter and Jon 'SPOUFECZ%BWF(VUUFSBOE+PO Roods of Rustic Overtones fame, PSC 3PPETPG3VTUJD0WFSUPOFTGBNF 14$ is no stranger to a steady dose of road JTOPTUSBOHFSUPBTUFBEZEPTFPGSPBE work. The band has spent a lot of time XPSL5IFCBOEIBTTQFOUBMPUPGUJNF on the highways and byways of this POUIFIJHIXBZTBOECZXBZTPGUIJT fine country. mOFDPVOUSZ This week, the tour pauses for stops 5IJTXFFL UIFUPVSQBVTFTGPSTUPQT in Austin, Texas, where PSC will play JO"VTUJO 5FYBT XIFSF14$XJMMQMBZ at the important and influential SXSW BUUIFJNQPSUBOUBOEJOnVFOUJBM4948 music festival. Then it's on to CaliforNVTJDGFTUJWBM5IFOJUTPOUP$BMJGPS nia and the Southwest, before the band OJBBOEUIF4PVUIXFTU CFGPSFUIFCBOE works its way back home with stops XPSLTJUTXBZCBDLIPNFXJUITUPQT across the Midwest. BDSPTTUIF.JEXFTU In addition to Gutter and Roods, the *OBEEJUJPOUP(VUUFSBOE3PPET UIF PSC lineup includes Trent Gay and Craij 14$MJOFVQJODMVEFT5SFOU(BZBOE$SBJH Sala. We caught up with Gutter after the 4BMB8FDBVHIUVQXJUI(VUUFSBGUFSUIF band began its tour last weekend with a CBOECFHBOJUTUPVSMBTUXFFLFOEXJUIB send-off at the Big Easy in Portland. TFOEPGGBUUIF#JH&BTZJO1PSUMBOE Let's talk about this tour. You're -FUTUBMLBCPVUUIJTUPVS:PVSF going all the way to California, with a HPJOHBMMUIFXBZUP$BMJGPSOJB XJUIB stop at SXSW. How do you view SXSW, TUPQBU4948)PXEPZPVWJFX4948  and why is it seen as such an imporBOEXIZJTJUTFFOBTTVDIBOJNQPS tant gig? UBOUHJH SXSW is a three-day music and film 4948JTBUISFFEBZNVTJDBOEmMN festival in Austin, Texas. There is a conGFTUJWBMJO"VTUJO 5FYBT5IFSFJTBDPO stant rotation of artists at every venue in TUBOUSPUBUJPOPGBSUJTUTBUFWFSZWFOVFJO town. It's a gig that Tom Waits performs UPXO*UTBHJHUIBU5PN8BJUTQFSGPSNT at every year, and this year, Fiona Apple BUFWFSZZFBS BOEUIJTZFBS 'JPOB"QQMF will be performing, too. There are a ton XJMMCFQFSGPSNJOH UPP5IFSFBSFBUPO of indie bands I'm looking forward to seePGJOEJFCBOET*NMPPLJOHGPSXBSEUPTFF ing this year, too; Blitzen Trapper, Band JOHUIJTZFBS UPP#MJU[FO5SBQQFS #BOE of Skulls, A$AP Rocky, to name a few. I PG4LVMMT ""13PDLZ UPOBNFBGFX* also am excited to attend a music panel BMTPBNFYDJUFEUPBUUFOEBNVTJDQBOFM discussion that Nas will be speaking at. EJTDVTTJPOUIBU/BTXJMMCFTQFBLJOHBU For bands like us, it's a melting pot of 'PSCBOETMJLFVT JUTBNFMUJOHQPUPG inspiration, and for smaller artists like JOTQJSBUJPO BOEGPSTNBMMFSBSUJTUTMJLF PSC, it's a great place to get your music 14$ JUTBHSFBUQMBDFUPHFUZPVSNVTJD heard. Rolling Stone, Spin, MTV and IFBSE3PMMJOH4UPOF 4QJO .57BOE

What's on _XkĂ&#x2039;jfe N

DAVE iPod f[ LKK<IĂ&#x2039;JS`G M<>GUTTER' ;8

"Vitamin CAN E #Ă&#x2030;:8 `kXd`e:C," Ă&#x2C6;M "Jealous GUY," Donny Hathaway XnXp Ă&#x2C6;A\Xcflj>lp#Ă&#x2030;;feep?Xk_ lieXZ\j `\ip=Furnaces -WaitingtoKnowYouÂťThe kfBefnPfl#Ă&#x2030;K_\=Fiery `e^ X`k Ă&#x2C6;N ÂŤDesRondsDansl'eau,"Francoise Hardy i[p =iXeZf`j\?X Ă&#x2C6;;\jIfe[j;XejCĂ&#x2039;\Xl#Ă&#x2030; "Dizzy," Hugo fek\e\^if ^fDMontenegro `qqp#Ă&#x2030;?l Ă&#x2C6;; "Believe Deerhoof \\i_ff] %J%G%#Ă&#x2030;; \c`\m\<E.S.P.," Ă&#x2C6;9 Xj "Hey Young World," fic[#Ă&#x2030;ENas le^N \pPf Ă&#x2C6;? "DouriGPercentage," Of feki\Xc \iZ\ekX^\#Ă&#x2030;F]DMontreal fl Ă&#x2C6;; "The Grand Illusion," PharoaheMonch Xif j`fe#Ă&#x2030;G_ X_\DfeZ_ _\>iXe[@ccl(Madonna Ă&#x2C6;K "Borderline" cover), cXd`e^ fm\i #=Flaming Ă&#x2C6;9fi[\ic`e\Ă&#x2030;DX[feeXZ nXi]j _`k\;Dwarfs Lipsjnwith Stardeath and[NWhite Xi[\Xk_Xe `k_Jk C`g Pitchfork all cover SXSW, so the possibili1JUDIGPSLBMMDPWFS4948 TPUIFQPTTJCJMJ ties are endless. Last time I performed UJFTBSFFOEMFTT-BTUUJNF*QFSGPSNFE at SXSW, I ended up hanging with the BU4948 *FOEFEVQIBOHJOHXJUIUIF late, great Guru (Gangstarr) and Slick MBUF HSFBU(VSV (BOHTUBSS BOE4MJDL Rick. This year, we perform at 2 a.m. just 3JDL5IJTZFBS XFQFSGPSNBUBNKVTU after St. Patty's Day, and it's an open bar. BGUFS4U1BUUZT%BZ BOEJUTBOPQFOCBS Should be a good time. 4IPVMECFBHPPEUJNF How do you get up for a tour like this, )PXEPZPVHFUVQGPSBUPVSMJLFUIJT  and what do you do to stay sharp on BOEXIBUEPZPVEPUPTUBZTIBSQPO the road? UIFSPBE I don't have any usual routine for get*EPOUIBWFBOZVTVBMSPVUJOFGPSHFU ting geared up for a tour. Pack light and UJOHHFBSFEVQGPSBUPVS1BDLMJHIUBOE make friends. The thing that keeps me NBLFGSJFOET5IFUIJOHUIBULFFQTNF sharp on the road is being immersed TIBSQPOUIFSPBEJTCFJOHJNNFSTFE in music. Playing every night keeps me JONVTJD1MBZJOHFWFSZOJHIULFFQTNF sharp. TIBSQ Please see NOISE, PageE9 Gc\Xj\j\\<=7A3GX^\<0

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, March 15, 2012 | GO E7 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3%

FenXpkfDX`e\#BXk`\?\iq`^ On way to Maine, Katie Herzig kXcbjdlj`Z#`ejg`iXk`fe#c`]\ talks music, inspiration, life The video to "Make a Noise" is really 5IFWJEFPUPi.BLFB/PJTFwJTSFBMMZ terrific. Why was it important for you to UFSSJmD8IZXBTJUJNQPSUBOUGPSZPVUP &DMFDUJDTJOHFSTPOHXSJUFS,BUJF)FS[JH Eclectic singer-songwriter Katie Herzig NBLFJU make it? recently started the latest leg of her tour SFDFOUMZTUBSUFEUIFMBUFTUMFHPGIFSUPVS 5IBUXBTBTPOHUIBU*LJOEPGXSPUFKVTU That was a song that I kind of wrote just for her most recent album, "The Waking GPSIFSNPTUSFDFOUBMCVN i5IF8BLJOH to remind myself to kind of speak out for UPSFNJOENZTFMGUPLJOEPGTQFBLPVUGPS Sleep." After a nine-year stint with the 4MFFQw"GUFSBOJOFZFBSTUJOUXJUIUIF things I believe in. How I wanted to comUIJOHT*CFMJFWFJO)PX*XBOUFEUPDPN Colorado band Newcomers Home, Herzig NVOJDBUFUIBUXBTOUSFBMMZTQFDJmDBMMZ municate that wasn't really specifically; $PMPSBEPCBOE/FXDPNFST)PNF )FS[JH launched a solo career with "Watch Them *EJEOUXBOUJUUPIBWFBDFSUBJOQPMJUJDBM I didn't want it to have a certain political MBVODIFEBTPMPDBSFFSXJUIi8BUDI5IFN Fall" in 2004. Her music has been featured BHFOEBPSBOZUIJOHMJLFUIBU*KVTUXBOUFE agenda or anything like that. I just wanted 'BMMwJO)FSNVTJDIBTCFFOGFBUVSFE on TV shows such as whoever's watching it PO57TIPXTTVDIBT XIPFWFSTXBUDIJOHJU "Smallville," "One Tree to interpret it as using i4NBMMWJMMF wi0OF5SFF UPJOUFSQSFUJUBTVTJOH Hill," "Grey's Anatomy" whatever it is you have )JMM wi(SFZT"OBUPNZw XIBUFWFSJUJTZPVIBWF and "Bored to Death." to speak out with, and BOEi#PSFEUP%FBUIw UPTQFBLPVUXJUI BOE with me, that was music Herzig now resides in )FS[JHOPXSFTJEFTJO XJUINF UIBUXBTNVTJD and art. So it was just Nashville, Tenn., but GO /BTIWJMMF 5FOO CVU(0 BOEBSU4PJUXBTKVTU kind of using that idea, spoke to her from a tour TQPLFUPIFSGSPNBUPVS LJOEPGVTJOHUIBUJEFB  and it's just kind of stop in her old stomping TUPQJOIFSPMETUPNQJOH BOEJUTKVTULJOEPG me on this journey of grounds of Boulder, Colo., HSPVOETPG#PVMEFS $PMP  NFPOUIJTKPVSOFZPG expressing how I felt in in advance of Friday's JOBEWBODFPG'SJEBZT FYQSFTTJOHIPX*GFMUJO some way Portland gig at Empire 1PSUMBOEHJHBU&NQJSF TPNFXBZ Dine & Dance. %JOF%BODF There' so much going 5IFSFTPNVDIHPJOH The Boulder show is a on with "The Wak5IF#PVMEFSTIPXJTB POXJUIi5IF8BL hometown show for you, ing Sleep" album as a IPNFUPXOTIPXGPSZPV  JOH4MFFQwBMCVNBTB 1]c`bSag^V]b] Courtesy photo isn't it? whole in that there's JTOUJU XIPMFJOUIBUUIFSFT Herzig is on t h e latest leg of 6S`hWUWa]\bVSZObSabZSU]T so many layers and It is, totally. I grew up *UJT UPUBMMZ*HSFXVQ her "The W a k i n g Sleep" tour. TPNBOZMBZFSTBOE VS`µBVSEOYW\UAZSS^¶b]c` different sound effects. in Fort Collins and I went JO'PSU$PMMJOTBOE*XFOU EJGGFSFOUTPVOEFGGFDUT Obviously, you can't recreate all of that to college in Boulder, and I used to be in UPDPMMFHFJO#PVMEFS BOE*VTFEUPCFJO 0CWJPVTMZ ZPVDBOUSFDSFBUFBMMPGUIBU during the live show, so how does that a band based in Boulder (Newcomers BCBOECBTFEJO#PVMEFS /FXDPNFST EVSJOHUIFMJWFTIPX TPIPXEPFTUIBU work? Home). )PNF  XPSL It's tough. You kind of have to pick and *UTUPVHI:PVLJOEPGIBWFUPQJDLBOE You have a journalism degree? choose what are the most important :PVIBWFBKPVSOBMJTNEFHSFF DIPPTFXIBUBSFUIFNPTUJNQPSUBOU I do. I started out in news editorial and parts to translate. It's taken some time. *EP*TUBSUFEPVUJOOFXTFEJUPSJBMBOE QBSUTUPUSBOTMBUF*UTUBLFOTPNFUJNF ended up in broadcast production trying We toured with the new band for a lot of FOEFEVQJOCSPBEDBTUQSPEVDUJPOUSZJOH 8FUPVSFEXJUIUIFOFXCBOEGPSBMPUPG to make documentary-type things, and the fall and as that tour went on, we were UPNBLFEPDVNFOUBSZUZQFUIJOHT BOE UIFGBMMBOEBTUIBUUPVSXFOUPO XFXFSF in the end graduated with also another able to weed out a lot and define the most JOUIFFOEHSBEVBUFEXJUIBMTPBOPUIFS BCMFUPXFFEPVUBMPUBOEEFmOFUIFNPTU degree of being in a band (laughs). important parts. So for this tour, we're EFHSFFPGCFJOHJOBCBOE MBVHIT  JNQPSUBOUQBSUT4PGPSUIJTUPVS XFSF building off of that and experimenting CVJMEJOHPGGPGUIBUBOEFYQFSJNFOUJOH even more with how to incorporate those There's so much that can be said 5IFSFTTPNVDIUIBUDBOCFTBJE FWFONPSFXJUIIPXUPJODPSQPSBUFUIPTF sounds. On three of the songs, we are about the wonderful album "The WakBCPVUUIFXPOEFSGVMBMCVNi5IF8BL TPVOET0OUISFFPGUIFTPOHT XFBSF playing to a track that has some samples ing Sleep." At the moment, what is your QMBZJOHUPBUSBDLUIBUIBTTPNFTBNQMFT JOH4MFFQw"UUIFNPNFOU XIBUJTZPVS of things from the album, which is really favorite song on it? GBWPSJUFTPOHPOJU PGUIJOHTGSPNUIFBMCVN XIJDIJTSFBMMZ fun. I've never done that before. I would say probably the last one, "Dai*XPVMETBZQSPCBCMZUIFMBTUPOF i%BJ GVO*WFOFWFSEPOFUIBUCFGPSF sies and Pews." TJFTBOE1FXTw What is inspiring or stirring you up in 8IBUJTJOTQJSJOHPSTUJSSJOHZPVVQJO That song has so much going in, it's your life right now? 5IBUTPOHIBTTPNVDIHPJOHJO JUT ZPVSMJGFSJHIUOPX like a hymn. Musically, I kind of got on the bandMJLFBIZNO .VTJDBMMZ *LJOEPGHPUPOUIFCBOE It was one of those songs that felt like I wagon late for Bon Iver, but I'm really into *UXBTPOFPGUIPTFTPOHTUIBUGFMUMJLF* XBHPOMBUFGPS#PO*WFS CVU*NSFBMMZJOUP was just writing a random poem or some- UIFJSMBUFTUTUVGG5IBUIBTCFFOJOTQJS their latest stuff. That has been inspirXBTKVTUXSJUJOHBSBOEPNQPFNPSTPNF thing, and then I just never wanted the ing to me. I traveled in Australia for the UIJOH BOEUIFO*KVTUOFWFSXBOUFEUIF JOHUPNF*USBWFMFEJO"VTUSBMJBGPSUIF song to end, so I just kept it going. month of January. I just kind of took a TPOHUPFOE TP*KVTULFQUJUHPJOH NPOUIPG+BOVBSZ*KVTULJOEPGUPPLB month off. I definitely plan to go back. I NPOUIPGG*EFmOJUFMZQMBOUPHPCBDL* went to some incredible, isolated beaches, Have you considered having someone XFOUUPTPNFJODSFEJCMF JTPMBUFECFBDIFT  )BWFZPVDPOTJEFSFEIBWJOHTPNFPOF and I realized how I'm such a worker.... I remix the song "Free My Mind"? SFNJYUIFTPOHi'SFF.Z.JOEw BOE*SFBMJ[FEIPX*NTVDIBXPSLFSy* love making music so much and creating They have! RAC remixed it a couple of 5IFZIBWF3"$SFNJYFEJUBDPVQMFPG MPWFNBLJOHNVTJDTPNVDIBOEDSFBUJOH it and playing it, so sometimes I forget months ago, and I actually really like the NPOUITBHP BOE*BDUVBMMZSFBMMZMJLFUIF JUBOEQMBZJOHJU TPTPNFUJNFT*GPSHFU how restorative and great it is to get away remix. It's on iTunes and it's on the RAC SFNJY*UTPOJ5VOFTBOEJUTPOUIF3"$ IPXSFTUPSBUJWFBOEHSFBUJUJTUPHFUBXBZ from it for a second. So I had a really great SoundCloud page. RAC stands for Remix GSPNJUGPSBTFDPOE4P*IBEBSFBMMZHSFBU 4PVOE$MPVEQBHF3"$TUBOETGPS3FNJY trip. I'm trying to find ways to be more Artist Collective. The guy that did my "SUJTU$PMMFDUJWF5IFHVZUIBUEJENZ USJQ*NUSZJOHUPmOEXBZTUPCFNPSF intentional, taking breaths away from this song is Andre Anjos. TPOHJT"OESF"OKPT JOUFOUJPOBM UBLJOHCSFBUITBXBZGSPNUIJT to keep it really fresh. UPLFFQJUSFBMMZGSFTI Who's playing with you live in the 8IPTQMBZJOHXJUIZPVMJWFJOUIF touring band? Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be UPVSJOHCBOE AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PS It's a full band, to kind of represent as contacted at 791-6455 or at: *UTBGVMMCBOE UPLJOEPGSFQSFTFOUBT Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"##]`Ob( much as I can of the record. I've toured aponti@pressherald. com NVDIBT*DBOPGUIFSFDPSE*WFUPVSFE O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ for the past several years with Claire GPSUIFQBTUTFWFSBMZFBSTXJUI$MBJSF Indie (cello) and Jordan Hamlin (guiKATIE HERZIG *OEJF DFMMP BOE+PSEBO)BNMJO HVJ @=PFL 9/B7363@H75 tar), and they're gonna be with me still, WHEN: 8:30 p.m. Friday UBS BOEUIFZSFHPOOBCFXJUINFTUJMM  E63<(&(!^[4`WROg and then for this tour we have two new WHERE: E m p i r e Dine & Dance, BOEUIFOGPSUIJTUPVSXFIBWFUXPOFX E63@3(3[^W`S2W\S2O\QS players: drummer Billy Brimblecom and 575 Congress St., P o r t l a n d QMBZFSTESVNNFS#JMMZ#SJNCMFDPNBOE #%#1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R a guy named Greg LaFollette who plays HOW MUCH: $10 in a d v a n c e ; $12ROg]T d a y of BHVZOBNFE(SFH-B'PMMFUUFXIPQMBZT 6=E;C16(W\ORdO\QS) bass and keys. I'm playing acoustic guitar, aV]e) s h o w ; 21-plus CBTTBOELFZT*NQMBZJOHBDPVTUJDHVJUBS  ^Zca electric guitar and some piano. INFO: p o r t l a n d e m p i r e . c o m FMFDUSJDHVJUBSBOETPNFQJBOP 7<4=(^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][ #Z"*.4&-10/5* ByAIMSELPONTI 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter


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0$,1(52//(5'(5%<35(6(1767+( MAINE ROLLER DERBY PRESENTS THE

/$&.</$667+52:'2:10$5 LACKY LASS THROWDOWN MAR 17 '-9LNÂ&#x2021;'RRUV#SPÂ&#x2021;)5((Â&#x2021;6W3DWW\·V'D\3DUW\ DJ Vik44 â&#x20AC;¢ Doors @ 9pm â&#x20AC;¢ FREE â&#x20AC;¢ St. Patty's Day Party!

HEAVY METAL MONDAY MAR  19 +($9<0(7$/021'$<0$5 FREE â&#x20AC;¢ Every 3rd Monday )5((Â&#x2021;(YHU\UG0RQGD\

KNIGHTRIDERZ MAR  23 .1,*+75,'(5=0$5 LQ$GYÂ&#x2021;'D\2I6KRZÂ&#x2021;$DFKHÂ&#x2021;$SKLOO\Â&#x2021;0RVKH $15 in Adv. â&#x20AC;¢ $18 Day Of Show â&#x20AC;¢ Aache â&#x20AC;¢ Aphilly8 â&#x20AC;¢ Moshe

WPOR PRESENTS -26+.(//(<0$5 JOSH KELLEY MAR  24 :32535(6(176 $15 in Adv. â&#x20AC;¢ $18 Day of Show â&#x20AC;¢ 21+ â&#x20AC;¢ w/ Amy Allen LQ$GYÂ&#x2021;'D\RI6KRZÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021;Z$P\$OOHQ &HQWHU6W3RUWODQG0(  


by%4,$+-(), Paul Zindel March 15-April 1,2012 %1'* 6/1+, &5

directed by*1+2.13.Chris Horton (+1)'3)(&5

MARCH 15-25: THURSDAY - SATURDAY AT 8:00PM, SUNDAY AT 2:00PM    # #  #  MARCH 29 - APRIL 1: THURSDAY - SATURDAY AT 8:30PM, SUNDAY AT 6:00PM    # #  #  STAGE 29 BAXTER BLVD, PORTLAND - FREE PARKING! LUCID  "! 2011 2012 Marquee Sponsor %104))/.-2.1

E8 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, March 15, 2012 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

Concerts and shows currently 1]\QS`baO\RaV]eaQc``S\bZg on sale: ]\aOZS(

BVSZObSab =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂłHOQ0`]e\0O\R On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Zac Brown Band, 5 p.m. June 2, Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. #^[8c\S 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ $32.75 to $82.75.; ! %#b]& %#EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Larry the Cable =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł:O``gbVS1OPZS Guy, Bill Engvall and Reno Collier, 8 5cg0WZZ3\UdOZZO\R@S\]1]ZZWS`& p.m. Aug. 12, Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular ^[/cU ;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO` Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $29.75 to $85. >OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 '%#b]&#; (603) 293-4700 ;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! '!"% On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Kristin =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł9`WabW\ Chenoweth, 8 p.m. June 8, Boston 1VS\]eSbV&^[8c\S&0]ab]\ Opera House. $48.85 to $139.15. =^S`O6]caS"&&#b]!'#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Brad Paisley with =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł0`OR>OWaZSgeWbV The Band Perry and Easton Corbin, 7:30 BVS0O\R>S``gO\R3Oab]\1]`PW\%(! p.m. June 3, Comcast Center, Mansfield, ^[8c\S!1][QOab1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR Mass. $41.50 to $81.50.; ;Oaa"#b]&#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! On sale 11 a.m. Friday - Phish, 7:30 p.m. =\aOZSO[4`WROgÂł>VWaV%(!^[ June 7-8, DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. 8c\S%&21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa $60.; (800) 745-3000 $BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Brian Regan, =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂł0`WO\@SUO\ 7:30 p.m. Sept. 28, Wilbur %(!^[AS^b &EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $54.70 to $66.70. BVSOb`S0]ab]\#"%b]$$%; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Neon Trees =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂł<S]\B`SSa and AWOLNATION, 7:30 p.m. May 7, O\R/E=:</B7=<%(!^[;Og% Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $26.50. >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Garbage, 9 p.m. =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂł5O`POUS'^[ May 26, Paradise Rock Club, Boston. ;Og $>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $46.70.; (800) 745-3000 "$%:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Victor Wooten, 9 =\aOZS\]]\4`WROgÂłDWQb]`E]]bS\' p.m. June 9, Paradise Rock Club, Boston. ^[8c\S'>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $30.50.; (800) 745-3000 !#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Saturday - Barenaked =\aOZSO[AObc`ROgÂł0O`S\OYSR

^fkk`o6 got tix?; (800) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS March 31 - Peter Yarrow, 8 p.m., One ;O`QV!³>SbS`GO``]e&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $35. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% March 31 - Ellis Paul Family Show, 2^[ p.m., ;O`QV!³3ZZWa>OcZ4O[WZgAV]e Strand Theatre, Rockland. $8 to $12. Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R&b]; 594-0070 @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% Country 1]c\b`g April 1 - The English Beat, 7 p.m., Port /^`WZ³BVS3\UZWaV0SOb%^[>]`b s u p e r s t a r Zac ac^S`abO`HOQ City Music Hall, Portland. $20 to $40. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R b]" B r o w n a n d his 0`]e\O\RVWa; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E band perform PO\R^S`T]`[ April 4 - Bombino, 7:30 p.m., Hannaford /^`WZ"³0][PW\]%(!^[6O\\OT]`R Hall, Portland. $34.; 842-0800 at the Bangor ObbVS0O\U]` 6OZZ>]`bZO\R!">]`bbWfQ][)&" & April 4 - Heritage Hunter Tour: Mastodon Waterfront EObS`T`]\b /^`WZ"³6S`WbOUS6c\bS`B]c`(;Oab]R]\ and Opeth with Ghost, 7:30 p.m., State Pavilion o n J u n e O\R=^SbVeWbV5V]ab%(!^[AbObS >OdWZW]\]\8c\S Theatre, Portland. $30/$35. Statetheatre 2.BWQYSbaU]]\ Tickets go on BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!!#AbObSbVSOb`S; (800) 745-3000; sale Friday. ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) aOZS4`WROg Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS April 6 - "Michael Flatley's Lord of the /^`WZ$³µ;WQVOSZ4ZObZSg¸a:]`R]TbVS Dance," 8 p.m., Merrill Auditorium, Portland. Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b] 2O\QS¶&^[;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R $41 to $57.; 842-0800 "b]#%>]`bbWfQ][)&" & April 6 - Heather Masse and Jed Wilson, /^`WZ$³6SObVS`;OaaSO\R8SREWZa]\ Ladies, Blues Traveler, Big Head Todd & The :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R Longfellow Square, Portland. $12/$15. # :ORWSa0ZcSaB`OdSZS`0WU6SORB]RRBVS 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, &^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS` Monsters and Cracker, 7 p.m. Aug. 18, Bank 761-1757; %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ ;]\abS`aO\R1`OQYS`%^[/cU&0O\Y Brownfield. $20. Stonemountainartscenter 0`]e\¿SZR Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS` of America Pavilion, Boston. $41 to $97.05. ;O`QV "³;OU\]ZWOAWabS`a&^[Ab]\S ]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\"b]'%# March 24 - Magnolia Sisters, 8 p.m., Stone .com; 935-7292 Q][)'!#% '; (800) 745-3000 ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR  :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $20. April 6 - Jonathan Edwards, 8 p.m., One /^`WZ$³8]\ObVO\3ReO`Ra&^[=\S Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; 935-7292 Longfellow Square, Portland. $35/$38. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#!& The locals ;O`QV "³BVS5WPa]\0`]bVS`a&^[ BVSZ]QOZa March 24 - The Gibson Brothers, 8 p.m.,; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% =\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R  # One Longfellow Square, Portland. $22/$25. March 22³9SZZS`EWZZWO[a&^[>]`b - Keller Williams, 8 p.m., Port ;O`QV April 6 - Johnny Winter, 8 p.m., /^`WZ$³8]V\\gEW\bS`&^[ %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ 761-1757; City Music Hall, Portland. $25 to $40. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R #b]" Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $44.50. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb""# ;O`QV #³8O[Sa6c\bS`&^[Ab]\S March 25 - James Hunter, 8 p.m., Stone; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR # Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. March 22³AVSZPg:g\\S&^[=\S - Shelby Lynne, 8 p.m., One ;O`QV April 6 - Andre Nickatina with Fashawn /^`WZ$³/\R`S<WQYObW\OeWbV4OaVOe\ Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; 935-7292 Longfellow Square, Portland. $35. 761-1757; :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#%$%#%) and MUMBLS, 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, O\R;C;0:A&^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ ;O`QV #³BVSAZOQYS`a%^[>]`b March 25 - The Slackers, 7 p.m., Port =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ Portland. $15 to $30.; >]`bZO\R#b]!>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! March 22³:S]9]bbYS%(!^[ - Leo Kottke, 7:30 p.m., City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. ;O`QV (888) 512-SHOW &&&# A6=E >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Strand Theatre, Rockland. $28/$33.; (888) 512-SHOW Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R &!! April 7 - Bamboora, 9 p.m., Port /^`WZ%³0O[P]]`O'^[>]`b ;O`QV $³GSZZ]e2cP[O`W\S&^[; 594-0070 March 26 - Yellow Dubmarine, 8 p.m., @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb]  March 23 - Leo Kottke, 8 p.m., Stone ;O`QV !³:S]9]bbYS&^[Ab]\S Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to $20.; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $50. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR#; (888) 512-SHOW April 7 - Heather Masse and Ron Cody, /^`WZ%³6SObVS`;OaaSO\R@]\1]Rg ;O`QV '³5H/]TEcBO\U1ZO\&^[; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' March 29 - GZA of Wu Tang Clan, 8 p.m., 8 p.m., One Longfellow Square, Portland. &^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! March 23 - Vanessa Torres, 8 p.m., One ;O`QV !³DO\SaaOB]``Sa&^[=\S Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. $15/$18. 761-1757; #&%$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E; (888) 512-SHOW April 9 - We Came as Romans, /^`WZ'³ES1O[SOa@][O\a ;O`QV '³:]a:]P]a&^[Ab]\S March 29 - Los Lobos, 8 p.m., Stone Emmure, Bless the Fall, Woe is Me 3[[c`S0ZSaabVS4OZZE]SWa;S ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR'# Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $95. and The Color Morale, 7 p.m., Port O\RBVS1]Z]`;]`OZS%^[>]`b Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; 935-7292 City Music Hall, Portland. $20 to $35. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R b]!# ;O`QV '³3fQWaW]\:W_cWRAb`O\US`O\R March 29 - Excision, Liquid Stranger and; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E :cQYg2ObS&^[AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R April 12³5W`Zg[O\&^[ - Girlyman, 8 p.m., Lucky Date, 8 p.m., State Theatre, Portland. /^`WZ $25/$30. #!AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $22.50.; 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb # &%"#!; 646-4526 (800) 745-3000 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ ;O`QV!³5S]`USEW\ab]\& April 13 - Cheryl Wheeler, 8 p.m., March 30 - George Winston, 8 /^`WZ!³1VS`gZEVSSZS`&^[ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $35.50 to $72.50. ^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!%# p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $37.50. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!##b]% #; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ April 13 - Don McLean, 7:30 p.m., Franco ;O`QV!³AeSSbPOQYAWabS`a&^[ March 30 - Sweetback Sisters, 8 p.m., /^`WZ!³2]\;Q:SO\%(!^[4`O\Q] American Heritage Center, Lewiston. $50 Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. /[S`WQO\6S`WbOUS1S\bS`:SeWab]\# to $60. $10.; Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) b]$ZO¿Z[TSabWdOZ]`U April 14 - Shawn Colvin, 8 p.m., Stone 935-7292 '!#% ' /^`WZ"³AVOe\1]ZdW\&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $65. March 30 Stache Pag 2012, 8 p.m., Port ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR$# ;O`QV!³AbOQVS>OU  &^[>]`b; 935-7292 City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to $20. Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb]  April 15 - Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, 8 p.m., /^`WZ#³2O\6WQYaBVS6]b:WQYa&^[; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR March 30 - Chris Pureka, 8 p.m., One ;O`QV!³1V`Wa>c`SYO&^[=\S $28.;  &Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) Longfellow Square, Portland. $12/$15. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R # 935-7292 '!#% ' 761-1757; %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ March 31 - Strangefolk, 8 p.m., State ;O`QV!³Ab`O\UST]ZY&^[AbObS Theatre, Portland. $30/$35. Statetheatre BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!!#AbObSbVSOb`S Please see T I X , Page E24 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<)+


"ULL-OOSE KFG(' Bull Moose TO P 10 T o p 10 f o r P o r t l a n d s t o r e March 5-11: B]^T]`>]`bZO\Rab]`S;O`QV#( 1 . B r u c e S p r i n g s t e e n , " W r e c k i n g Ball" 0`cQSA^`W\UabSS\ÂľE`SQYW\U0OZZÂś 2Âľ;Oaa3TTSQb!ÂśT]`F!$ . " M a s s Effect 3 " f o r X 3 6 0 3. "Game of Thrones: Season 1" (DVD) !Âľ5O[S]TBV`]\Sa(ASOa]\Âś2D2 4 . A n d r e w B i r d , " B r e a k I t Yourself" "/\R`Se0W`RÂľ0`SOY7bG]c`aSZTÂś 5. " I m m o r t a l s " ( D V D ) #Âľ7[[]`bOZaÂś2D2 6. Gotye, "Making Mirrors" $5]bgSÂľ;OYW\U;W``]`aÂś 7. " M L B 12:(BVSAV]eÂśT]`>A! T h e S h o w " f o r PS3 %Âľ;:0 8 . A d e l e , " 2 1Âś" &/RSZSÂľ 9. T h e B l a c k Keys, "El Carmino" 'BVS0ZOQY9SgaÂľ3Z1O[W\]Âś 10. S l e i g h Bells, " R e i g n of Terror" AZSWUV0SZZaÂľ@SWU\]TBS``]`Âś - Courtesy of Bull Moose Âł1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3'


(/-% HOME INSURANCE ).352!.#%

K_\i\m\iYilc\jXj=fXd:Xjkc\j The reverb rules as Foam Castles [\c`m\ijdXjk\i]lc`e[`\$gfg:; delivers masterful indie-pop CD

,ETUSHELPYOU Let us help you find the best lNDTHEBEST value for your VALUEFORYOUR INSURANCENEEDS insurance needs.

By RICK JOHNSON #Z3*$,+0)/40/


Continued from Page E6 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3$


"Bonanza" by Foam Castles is a gori#POBO[BwCZ'PBN$BTUMFTJTBHPS geous indie-pop record, a big, beautiHFPVTJOEJFQPQSFDPSE BCJH CFBVUJ ful slice of reverb-drenched hooks and GVMTMJDFPGSFWFSCESFODIFEIPPLTBOE dreams. Everything echoes on this album, ESFBNT&WFSZUIJOHFDIPFTPOUIJTBMCVN  from the double-tracked vocals and the GSPNUIFEPVCMFUSBDLFEWPDBMTBOEUIF crashing cymbals to the guitars that buzz, DSBTIJOHDZNCBMTUPUIFHVJUBSTUIBUCV[[  ring and soar - sometimes within the SJOHBOETPBSoTPNFUJNFTXJUIJOUIF confines of one song. The reverb gives DPOmOFTPGPOFTPOH5IFSFWFSCHJWFT the record a late-'60s psychedelic vibe, UIFSFDPSEBMBUFTQTZDIFEFMJDWJCF  but without sacrificing traditional song CVUXJUIPVUTBDSJmDJOHUSBEJUJPOBMTPOH structure or catchiness. TUSVDUVSFPSDBUDIJOFTT Foam Castles has managed to produce 'PBN$BTUMFTIBTNBOBHFEUPQSPEVDF the rarest of albums: one to listen to on UIFSBSFTUPGBMCVNTPOFUPMJTUFOUPPO headphones and get completely lost in, IFBEQIPOFTBOEHFUDPNQMFUFMZMPTUJO  but also one that will have you tapping CVUBMTPPOFUIBUXJMMIBWFZPVUBQQJOH your foot and singing along. ZPVSGPPUBOETJOHJOHBMPOH The hints of psychedelia are not so 5IFIJOUTPGQTZDIFEFMJBBSFOPUTP much of the late-'60s-San Francisco NVDIPGUIFMBUFT4BO'SBODJTDP variety (there are no freak-out jams or WBSJFUZ UIFSFBSFOPGSFBLPVUKBNTPS overly long instrumental passages). Even PWFSMZMPOHJOTUSVNFOUBMQBTTBHFT &WFO though Foam Castles hails from Portland, UIPVHI'PBN$BTUMFTIBJMTGSPN1PSUMBOE  the band mostly conjures up images of UIFCBOENPTUMZDPOKVSFTVQJNBHFTPG swinging London circa 1967. That sense TXJOHJOH-POEPODJSDB5IBUTFOTF of joy and whimsy, with a hint of melanPGKPZBOEXIJNTZ XJUIBIJOUPGNFMBO choly that the British bands of that period DIPMZUIBUUIF#SJUJTICBOETPGUIBUQFSJPE pioneered, is nearly perfected here. QJPOFFSFE JTOFBSMZQFSGFDUFEIFSF The opening track, "Basement Dot," 5IFPQFOJOHUSBDL i#BTFNFOU%PU w starts things off in fine fashion, with chimTUBSUTUIJOHTPGGJOmOFGBTIJPO XJUIDIJN ing guitars, a soaring chorus and a bit of JOHHVJUBST BTPBSJOHDIPSVTBOEBCJUPG New Wave-esque synthesizer. /FX8BWFFTRVFTZOUIFTJ[FS "Passin' " will make a terrific driving i1BTTJOwXJMMNBLFBUFSSJmDESJWJOH song for your summer road trips, and the TPOHGPSZPVSTVNNFSSPBEUSJQT BOEUIF almost pastoral "As Far as I Go," with its BMNPTUQBTUPSBMi"T'BSBT*(P wXJUIJUT acoustic strumming and keyboards that BDPVTUJDTUSVNNJOHBOELFZCPBSETUIBU sound like a string section, is the quintesTPVOEMJLFBTUSJOHTFDUJPO JTUIFRVJOUFT sential Sunday-afternoon soundtrack. TFOUJBM4VOEBZBGUFSOPPOTPVOEUSBDL "My Merona" is as close to a straight-up i.Z.FSPOBwJTBTDMPTFUPBTUSBJHIUVQ rocker as Foam Castles gets on this alSPDLFSBT'PBN$BTUMFTHFUTPOUIJTBM bum, with guitars and vocals mixed right CVN XJUIHVJUBSTBOEWPDBMTNJYFESJHIU up front and barely a hint of reverb until VQGSPOUBOECBSFMZBIJOUPGSFWFSCVOUJM the scorching guitar solo. UIFTDPSDIJOHHVJUBSTPMP Other standout cuts include the waltzing 0UIFSTUBOEPVUDVUTJODMVEFUIFXBMU[JOH "Parlor" (perfectly conjuring the ghost of i1BSMPSw QFSGFDUMZDPOKVSJOHUIFHIPTUPG Syd Barrett) and the album closer "Natu4ZE#BSSFUU BOEUIFBMCVNDMPTFSi/BUV


Asian Bistro Hibachi Bar !SIAN"ISTRO(IBACHI"AR Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

HOW IT RATES ?FN@KI8K<J FOAM CASTLES: "Bonanza" 4=/;1/AB:3A(µ0]\O\hO¶ (((( INFO: 7<4=(T]O[QOabZSaQ][ Based on a four-star scale 0OaSR]\OT]c`abO`aQOZS

ral Bridges," which starts off as an eerie SBM#SJEHFT wXIJDITUBSUTPGGBTBOFFSJF sound collage before transforming into a TPVOEDPMMBHFCFGPSFUSBOTGPSNJOHJOUPB kind of propulsive chamber pop. LJOEPGQSPQVMTJWFDIBNCFSQPQ We're only three months into 2012, but I 8FSFPOMZUISFFNPOUITJOUP CVU* can safely say that "Bonanza" is the best DBOTBGFMZTBZUIBUi#POBO[BwJTUIFCFTU local album I've heard all year. MPDBMBMCVN*WFIFBSEBMMZFBS Stream it for free online at 4USFBNJUGPSGSFFPOMJOFBU and see for GPBNDBTUMFTCBOEDBNQDPNBOETFFGPS yourself, then download the album for ZPVSTFMG UIFOEPXOMPBEUIFBMCVNGPS the bargain price of $5 and get lost in its UIFCBSHBJOQSJDFPGBOEHFUMPTUJOJUT echoing mysteries. There will also be a FDIPJOHNZTUFSJFT5IFSFXJMMBMTPCFB vinyl version available in the spring on WJOZMWFSTJPOBWBJMBCMFJOUIFTQSJOHPO Teenarena records. 5FFOBSFOBSFDPSET

HAPPY HOUR (!009(/52 4:30 - 6:30pm  PM DAILY

Martini OF -ARTINI THEDAY Bud Light "UD,IGHTOR Gritty's Draft 'RITTYS$RAFT

1140 Brighton Avenue "RIGHTON!VENUE Portland, ME 0ORTLAND -%


Rick Johnson is a freelance writer and radio host @WQY8]V\a]\WaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`O\R`ORW]V]ab from Westbrook. He can be reached at: T`][ESabP`]]Y6SQO\PS`SOQVSROb( rjohnson.rock@gmail. com `X]V\a]\`]QY.U[OWZQ][

"Axis V" has already been tracked, and i"YJT7wIBTBMSFBEZCFFOUSBDLFE BOE we'll be mixing a bulk of it on tour for a XFMMCFNJYJOHBCVMLPGJUPOUPVSGPSB tentative late-summer release. UFOUBUJWFMBUFTVNNFSSFMFBTF

You've been in bands for a long time. :PVWFCFFOJOCBOETGPSBMPOHUJNF Do you have favorite stops along the %PZPVIBWFGBWPSJUFTUPQTBMPOHUIF How and when do you know that a )PXBOEXIFOEPZPVLOPXUIBUB way? Places you have always been XBZ 1MBDFTZPVIBWFBMXBZTCFFO band has hit its stride and is doing welcomed and where you do well? CBOEIBTIJUJUTTUSJEFBOEJTEPJOH XFMDPNFEBOEXIFSFZPVEPXFMM Looking forward to Los Angeles. -PPLJOHGPSXBSEUP-PT"OHFMFT something that can be sustained? "OE And TPNFUIJOHUIBUDBOCFTVTUBJOFE We have lots of musician friends from 8FIBWFMPUTPGNVTJDJBOGSJFOETGSPN when did you know it with Paranoid XIFOEJEZPVLOPXJUXJUI1BSBOPJE Portland that are now based in Southern 4PDJBM$MVC 1PSUMBOEUIBUBSFOPXCBTFEJO4PVUIFSO Social Club? California. We're going to be filming for $BMJGPSOJB8FSFHPJOHUPCFGJMNJOHGPS Building a music career, for me anyway, #VJMEJOHBNVTJDDBSFFS GPSNFBOZXBZ  our first national television appearance IBTCFFOBTFSJFTPGTNBMMUSJVNQIToSF PVSGJSTUOBUJPOBMUFMFWJTJPOBQQFBSBODF has been a series of small triumphs - reat NBC Studios as musical guests on a BU/#$4UVEJPTBTNVTJDBMHVFTUTPOB views, radio, video, live shows. When all new show called "Beta." We've also been WJFXT SBEJP WJEFP MJWFTIPXT8IFOBMM OFXTIPXDBMMFEi#FUBw8FWFBMTPCFFO UIFTFUIJOHTDPJODJEFXJUIPOFBOPUIFS  getting a ton of love from Steve Jones of these things coincide with one another, HFUUJOHBUPOPGMPWFGSPN4UFWF+POFTPG that's when I feel most productive. This UIBUTXIFO*GFFMNPTUQSPEVDUJWF5IJT the Sex Pistols at KROQ-LA radio, and UIF4FY1JTUPMTBU,302-"SBEJP BOE tour coming together was a big indication we are looking forward to meeting him. UPVSDPNJOHUPHFUIFSXBTBCJHJOEJDBUJPO XFBSFMPPLJOHGPSXBSEUPNFFUJOHIJN that PSC was hitting our stride. He's created a pretty big buzz in South- UIBU14$XBTIJUUJOHPVSTUSJEF )FTDSFBUFEBQSFUUZCJHCV[[JO4PVUI ern Cali playing our new record. He's FSO$BMJQMBZJOHPVSOFXSFDPSE)FT Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted at 791truly one of our musical heroes. AbOTTE`WbS`0]P9SgSaQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%' USVMZPOFPGPVSNVTJDBMIFSPFT 6457 or: $"#%]`(

Your last record, "Axis IV," was re:PVSMBTUSFDPSE i"YJT*7 wXBTSF leased last spring. Plans for a follow-up? MFBTFEMBTUTQSJOH1MBOTGPSBGPMMPXVQ


bkeyes@pressherald. com PYSgSa.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: pphbkeyes BeWbbS`(^^VPYSgSa


Come dance and listen to great music from the #OMEDANCEANDLISTENTOGREATMUSICFROMTHE

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Saturday, March 24 TH 3ATURDAY -ARCH

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Seattle-based ASObbZSPOaSR The H e a d a n d BVS6SORO\R t h e Heart has bVS6SO`bVOa shared the stage aVO`SRbVSabOUS w i t h t h e likes o f eWbVbVSZWYSa]T Dave M a t t h e w s , 2OdS;ObbVSea The L o w A n t h e m BVS:]e/\bVS[ and My Morning O\R;g;]`\W\U Jacket. 8OQYSb


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Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Band keeps its head and heart 9Xe[b\\gj`kj_\X[Xe[_\Xik after almost-overnight success X]k\iXcdfjk$fm\ie`^_kjlZZ\jj THE HEAD AND THE HEART B6363/2/<2B6363/@B WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: State Theatre, 6 0 9 Tyler Williams didn't think things like E63@3(AbObSBVSOb`S$' 5ZMFS8JMMJBNTEJEOUUIJOLUIJOHTMJLF Congress St., P o r t l a n d that happened anymore. 1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R UIBUIBQQFOFEBOZNPSF HOW MUCH: $18 in a d v a n c e ; 6=E;C16(&W\ORdO\QS) 6OUJMJUIBQQFOFEUPIJNBOEIJTCBOE Until it happened to him and his band. 0 day of show 8JMMJBNT UIFESVNNFSGPS4FBUUMFCBTFE Williams, the drummer for Seattle-based $ 2ROg]TaV]e INFO: ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; QPQGPMLSPDLFST5IF)FBEBOEUIF)FBSU  pop-folk rockers The Head and the Heart, 7<4=(&%"#!) TBZTIFBOEIJTCBOENBUFTXFSFOUSFBMMZ says he and his bandmates weren't really abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][ WHAT ELSE: Black Girls a n d Drew G r o w LOPXONVDIPVUTJEFPG4FBUUMFXIFOUIFZ known much outside of Seattle when they E6/B3:A3(0ZOQY5W`ZaO\R2`Se5`]e & The Pastors' W i v e s o p e n . BVS>Oab]`a¸EWdSa]^S\ EFDJEFEUPTFOEBEFNPSFDPSEJOHUPB decided to send a demo recording to a NBSLFUJOHFYFDVUJWFBU8BSOFS#SPUIFST marketing executive at Warner Brothers. band, we like everything." "CBOENFNCFSTGBUIFSLOFXUIFHVZ A band member's father knew the guy CBOE XFMJLFFWFSZUIJOHw Williams, 25, said one of the biggest TPNFXIBU TPUIFZUIPVHIUJUXBTXPSUI somewhat, so they thought it was worth 8JMMJBNT  TBJEPOFPGUIFCJHHFTU changes the band's relatively quick suca shot. BTIPU DIBOHFTUIFCBOETSFMBUJWFMZRVJDLTVD cess has brought is the luxury of a bus Pretty soon, Warner Brothers sent a 1SFUUZTPPO 8BSOFS#SPUIFSTTFOUB DFTTIBTCSPVHIUJTUIFMVYVSZPGBCVT ride. Lots of bands whose members are in music scout up to Seattle to see the band. SJEF-PUTPGCBOETXIPTFNFNCFSTBSFJO NVTJDTDPVUVQUP4FBUUMFUPTFFUIFCBOE their 20s are still touring in vans, he said. But his message was a little somber: You #VUIJTNFTTBHFXBTBMJUUMFTPNCFS:PV UIFJSTBSFTUJMMUPVSJOHJOWBOT IFTBJE guys aren't good enough live. "Right now, as I'm talking to you, we're HVZTBSFOUHPPEFOPVHIMJWF i3JHIUOPX BT*NUBMLJOHUPZPV XFSF "So we practiced about five hours a day JOBCVT XIJDIJTHSFBU&WFSZCBOE* in a bus, which is great. Every band I i4PXFQSBDUJDFEBCPVUmWFIPVSTBEBZ for the next month, and we put on a rewas in before this, we toured in vans and GPSUIFOFYUNPOUI BOEXFQVUPOBSF XBTJOCFGPSFUIJT XFUPVSFEJOWBOTBOE ally good show after that," said Williams. crashed on people's couches," said WilBMMZHPPETIPXBGUFSUIBU wTBJE8JMMJBNT DSBTIFEPOQFPQMFTDPVDIFT wTBJE8JM "Because Warner Brothers had come to liams. "But now that we're in a bus, with i#FDBVTF8BSOFS#SPUIFSTIBEDPNFUP MJBNTi#VUOPXUIBUXFSFJOBCVT XJUI see us, the word about us started getting someone else driving, we can actually TFFVT UIFXPSEBCPVUVTTUBSUFEHFUUJOH TPNFPOFFMTFESJWJOH XFDBOBDUVBMMZ around, and other labels came to see us. enjoy touring." BSPVOE BOEPUIFSMBCFMTDBNFUPTFFVT FOKPZUPVSJOHw I didn't think things like that happened The members of The Head and the *EJEOUUIJOLUIJOHTMJLFUIBUIBQQFOFE 5IFNFNCFSTPG5IF)FBEBOEUIF anymore, that you could send in a tape Heart decided from the start that they BOZNPSF UIBUZPVDPVMETFOEJOBUBQF )FBSUEFDJEFEGSPNUIFTUBSUUIBUUIFZ and get signed." were going to try to stay focused on the BOEHFUTJHOFEw XFSFHPJOHUPUSZUPTUBZGPDVTFEPOUIF Williams and his bandmates figured it music and having fun, and to keep the 8JMMJBNTBOEIJTCBOENBUFTmHVSFEJU NVTJDBOEIBWJOHGVO BOEUPLFFQUIF would take a period of years for them to fans in mind at all times. XPVMEUBLFBQFSJPEPGZFBSTGPSUIFNUP GBOTJONJOEBUBMMUJNFT build a fan base before getting label recog- 0OFFQJTPEFUIBUIFMQFEUIFNGPDVTPO One episode that helped them focus on CVJMEBGBOCBTFCFGPSFHFUUJOHMBCFMSFDPH nition. But it didn't. They came together that idea came early on - in Boise, Idaho, OJUJPO#VUJUEJEOU5IFZDBNFUPHFUIFS UIBUJEFBDBNFFBSMZPOoJO#PJTF *EBIP  as a band in 2009, and were signed to Sub JO5IFCBOEQMBZFEBiXFJSE MBDLMVT in 2009. The band played a "weird, lacklusBTBCBOEJO BOEXFSFTJHOFEUP4VC Pop the next year. ter show" at a club there, Williams said. 1PQUIFOFYUZFBS UFSTIPXwBUBDMVCUIFSF 8JMMJBNTTBJE Since then, The Head and The Heart But at least one guy really liked the band, 4JODFUIFO 5IF)FBEBOE5IF)FBSU #VUBUMFBTUPOFHVZSFBMMZMJLFEUIFCBOE  has put out a self-titled album and shared BOEIFJOWJUFEJUUPQMBZBUIJTQJ[[BQBSMPS and he invited it to play at his pizza parlor IBTQVUPVUBTFMGUJUMFEBMCVNBOETIBSFE stages with Dave Matthews, The Low right after the show TUBHFTXJUI%BWF.BUUIFXT 5IF-PX SJHIUBGUFSUIFTIPX Anthem and My Morning Jacket. It also "We had a great time, and I think that's "OUIFNBOE.Z.PSOJOH+BDLFU*UBMTP i8FIBEBHSFBUUJNF BOE*UIJOLUIBUT appeared on the late-night show "Conan" XIFOXFSFBMJ[FEXFEJEOUIBWFUPEP when we realized we didn't have to do BQQFBSFEPOUIFMBUFOJHIUTIPXi$POBOw on TBS. traditional things or even use traditional PO5#4 USBEJUJPOBMUIJOHTPSFWFOVTFUSBEJUJPOBM And on Friday, the band will be headlin- JOTUSVNFOUT+VTUCFXIPXFBSF wTBJE instruments. Just be who we are," said "OEPO'SJEBZ UIFCBOEXJMMCFIFBEMJO ing at the State Theatre in Portland. Williams. "When we're not touring, some JOHBUUIF4UBUF5IFBUSFJO1PSUMBOE 8JMMJBNTi8IFOXFSFOPUUPVSJOH TPNF The six-member group is known for (of the band's members) go to downtown 5IFTJYNFNCFSHSPVQJTLOPXOGPS PGUIFCBOETNFNCFST HPUPEPXOUPXO songs carried by three-part vocal harmo- 4FBUUMFBOEKVTUQMBZPOUIFTUSFFUTXJUI Seattle and just play on the streets with TPOHTDBSSJFECZUISFFQBSUWPDBMIBSNP nies, including the female voice of violin the other buskers." OJFT JODMVEJOHUIFGFNBMFWPJDFPGWJPMJO UIFPUIFSCVTLFSTw player Charity Rose Thielen. While folk Does that mean we'll see The Head and QMBZFS$IBSJUZ3PTF5IJFMFO8IJMFGPML %PFTUIBUNFBOXFMMTFF5IF)FBEBOE is a big influence for the band, the overall UIF)FBSUCBOHJOHPVUUVOFTJOUIF0ME the Heart banging out tunes in the Old JTBCJHJOnVFODFGPSUIFCBOE UIFPWFSBMM sound is modern. There's pronounced Port this week? TPVOEJTNPEFSO5IFSFTQSPOPVODFE 1PSUUIJTXFFL percussion on many songs, and piano and "If we have time, we're pretty open to QFSDVTTJPOPONBOZTPOHT BOEQJBOPBOE i*GXFIBWFUJNF XFSFQSFUUZPQFOUP violin give the songs a smooth, rich sound. BOZUIJOH w8JMMJBNTTBJE anything," Williams said. WJPMJOHJWFUIFTPOHTBTNPPUI SJDITPVOE "We've got elements of folk in there, but i8FWFHPUFMFNFOUTPGGPMLJOUIFSF CVU we're not purists by any means," said WilStaff Writer Ray Routhier can be XFSFOPUQVSJTUTCZBOZNFBOT wTBJE8JM AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS liams. "The Beatles were a huge influence Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]`Ob( contacted at 791-6454 or at: MJBNTi5IF#FBUMFTXFSFBIVHFJOnVFODF on me, then Nirvana and indie rock. As a rrouthier@pressherald. com PONF UIFO/JSWBOBBOEJOEJFSPDL"TB ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter



BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3

c`jk`e^j listings



%0034! 1. 4)08!

*/ "%7

Conor Doherty photo 1]\]`2]VS`bg^V]b]

Edinburgh-born harpist and singer Maeve Gilchrist perfornns with her trio on 3RW\Pc`UVP]`\VO`^WabO\RaW\US`;OSdS5WZQV`Wab^S`T]`[aeWbVVS`b`W]]\ Friday at the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath. 4`WROgObbVS1V]Q]ZObS1Vc`QV/`ba1S\bS`W\0ObV music by singer/guitarist Jud Caswell, Topsham MUSICBYSINGERGUITARIST*UD#ASWELL 4OPSHAM Public Library (Crooker Gallery). Free. 0UBLIC,IBRARY#ROOKER'ALLERY &REE TODAY 4/$!9 2 p.m. TOPSHAMLIBRARYORGPM Danu, traditional Irish ensemble, Merrill $ANU TRADITIONAL)RISHENSEMBLE -ERRILL St. Patrick's Day Irish Music, Feile Restaurant and 3T0ATRICKS$AY)RISH-USIC &EILE2ESTAURANTAND Auditorium, Portland. $29 to $36. !UDITORIUM 0ORTLANDTOPORTTIXCOM Pub, Wells. $5. 7 p.m. 0UB 7ELLSFEILERESTAURANTANDPUBCOMPM 7:30 p.m. PM RJD2, DJ/singer, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, 2*$ $*SINGER  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL Kung Fu, funk-rock fusion, with Flat Nose Diesel +UNG&U FUNK ROCKFUSION WITH&LAT.OSE$IESEL Portland. $20 to $40. 0ORTLANDTOPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOM Bus, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10, "US  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PM $20. 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM St. Patrick's Day Irish Tin Whistle Performance, 3T0ATRICKS$AY)RISH4IN7HISTLE0ERFORMANCE Ward MadDonald and Ryan MacNeil, piano and 7ARD-AD$ONALDAND2YAN-AC.EIL PIANOAND with Adam Soosman, Harlow Gallery, Hallowell. WITH!DAM3OOSMAN (ARLOW'ALLERY (ALLOWELL fiddler, with bagpiper Ben Miller, Unity Centre for lDDLER WITHBAGPIPER"EN-ILLER 5NITY#ENTREFOR Free, 6 p.m. &REEHARLOWGALLERYORGPM the Performing Arts. $15. THE0ERFORMING!RTSUNITYEDUUCCPA Darlingside, string rock, 7-inch release $ARLINGSIDE STRINGROCK  INCHRELEASE 7:30 p.m. PM show, One Longfellow Square, Portland. $8. SHOW /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLAND Tibetan Singing Bowl Peace-Wave Concert, with 4IBETAN3INGING"OWL0EACE 7AVE#ONCERT WITH 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Lori LeBlanc, SoulMoves Healing Arts Center, ,ORI,E"LANC 3OUL-OVES(EALING!RTS#ENTER St. Patrick's Day Bagpipe Music, Miss Portland 3T0ATRICKS$AY"AGPIPE-USIC -ISS0ORTLAND Rockland. $10 to $15,208-7492. 7 p.m. 2OCKLANDTO PM Diner, Portland. Free with meal. 210-6673. 11:30 $INER 0ORTLAND&REEWITHMEAL  Ryan Flaherty and The All-Begetters, singer2YAN&LAHERTYAND4HE!LL "EGETTERS SINGER a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; 5 to 6:30 p.m. AMTOPMTOPM songwriter with gypsy jazz influences, River Tree SONGWRITERWITHGYPSYJAZZINmUENCES 2IVER4REE Tibetan Singing Bowl Peace-Wave Concert, 4IBETAN3INGING"OWL0EACE 7AVE#ONCERT Arts, Kennebunk. $5. 7:30 p.m. !RTS +ENNEBUNKRIVERTREEARTSORGPM with Lori LeBlanc, School Street Yoga Studio, WITH,ORI,E"LANC 3CHOOL3TREET9OGA3TUDIO Waterville. $10 to $15,208-7492. 10 a.m. 7ATERVILLETO AM FRIDAY &2)$!9 From Away DownEast, "Songs of Irish Sailors," &ROM!WAY$OWN%AST h3ONGSOF)RISH3AILORS v The Head and the Heart, a It-rock/folk, with Black 4HE(EADANDTHE(EART ALT ROCKFOLK WITH"LACK Maine Maritime Academy (Harold Alfond Student -AINE-ARITIME!CADEMY(AROLD!LFOND3TUDENT Girls and Drew Grow &The Pastors' Wives, all 'IRLSAND$REW'ROW4HE0ASTORS7IVES ALL Center), Castine. Free. 326-2256. 2 p.m. #ENTER #ASTINE&REE PM ages; State Theatre, Portland. $18 in advance; $20 (EAVY-ETAL3HOW WITH)NHUMAN.ATURE 6ESICA AGES3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE Heavy Metal Show, with Inhuman Nature, Vesica day of show; general admission, statetheatre DAYOFSHOWGENERALADMISSIONSTATETHEATRE Piscis, Chicago Typewriter, Rebuilding the Ruins, 0ISCIS #HICAGO4YPEWRITER 2EBUILDINGTHE2UINS 8 p.m. PORTLANDCOMPM Fate Worse than Death and Her Last Wish, all &ATE7ORSETHAN$EATHAND(ER,AST7ISH ALL Laserdisk Party Sex, electronica, 18-plus; ,ASERDISK0ARTY3EX ELECTRONICA  PLUS ages; New School, Kennebunk. $8. 985-3745. AGES.EW3CHOOL +ENNEBUNK  Port City Music Hall, Portland. $8, $20. 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND  5 p.m. PM 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM NEVAH, bluegrass, Bangor Grange. $6; $10 for .%6!( BLUEGRASS "ANGOR'RANGEFOR Shanna Underwood, bluegrass and country, The 3HANNA5NDERWOOD BLUEGRASSANDCOUNTRY 4HE supper and show. 973-3976. Supper at 5:30 p.m., SUPPERANDSHOW 3UPPERATPM Hive, Kennebunk. $8. (IVE +ENNEBUNKTHEHIVEKENNEBUNKCOM show at 7 p.m. SHOWATPM 8 p.m. PM Third Annual Maine Songwriters Showcase, with 4HIRD!NNUAL-AINE3ONGWRITERS3HOWCASE WITH Maura O'Connell, Celtic and American roots, -AURA/#ONNELL #ELTICAND!MERICANROOTS Bob McKillop, Ronda Dale, Bob Danzillo and "OB-C+ILLOP 2ONDA$ALE "OB$ANZILLOAND One Longfellow Square, Portland. $22 in advance; 0HIL$ALIGAN5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCHOF /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE Phil Daligan; Unitarian Universalist Church of $25 day of show, DAYOFSHOWONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM Saco and Biddeford, Saco. $10; free for ages 12 3ACOAND"IDDEFORD 3ACOFREEFORAGES 8 p.m. PM and under, 7 p.m. ANDUNDERSACOCOFFEEHOUSECOMPM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, blues-rock, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT BLUES ROCK Stone Mountain Live, with Irish fiddler Frank 3TONE-OUNTAIN,IVE WITH)RISHlDDLER&RANK Sunday River (Grand Summit Resort Hotel), 3UNDAY2IVER'RAND3UMMIT2ESORT(OTEL Gallagher, Stone Mountain Arts Center, 'ALLAGHER 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER Newry. Free. 824-5858. 7 p.m. .EWRY&REE PM Brownfield. Free; reservations required. "ROWNlELD&REERESERVATIONSREQUIRED Hometown Hootenanny, with Wildhorse (OMETOWN(OOTENANNY WITH7ILDHORSE 7:30 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM Band and several midcoast acts, benefit for "ANDANDSEVERALMIDCOASTACTS BENElTFOR opera house, Opera House at Boothbay OPERAHOUSE /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY SUNDAY 35.$!9 Harbor. $10 in advance; $15 day of show. (ARBORINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW Lunasa, traditional Irish music, Chocolate Church ,UNASA TRADITIONAL)RISHMUSIC #HOCOLATE#HURCH 7 p.m. BOOTHBAYOPERAHOUSECOMPM Arts Center, Bath. $22 in advance; $25 day of !RTS#ENTER "ATHINADVANCEDAYOF Jaw Gems and Ro Sham Beaux, soul/jazz/hip *AW'EMSAND2O3HAM"EAUX SOULJAZZHIP show, 7:30 p.m. SHOWCHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORGPM hop, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $8. HOP  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLANDSPACEORG Maine Saxophone Project, seven saxophones with -AINE3AXOPHONE0ROJECT SEVENSAXOPHONESWITH 9 p.m. PM piano, bass and drums in tribute to Clare Fischer, PIANO BASSANDDRUMSINTRIBUTETO#LARE&ISCHER Maeve Gilchrist Trio, traditional Scottish and -AEVE'ILCHRIST4RIO TRADITIONAL3COTTISHAND University of Southern Maine (Corthell Concert 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE#ORTHELL#ONCERT original music, Chocolate Church Arts Center, ORIGINALMUSIC #HOCOLATE#HURCH!RTS#ENTER Hall), Gorham. Free, (ALL 'ORHAM&REEUSMMAINEEDUMUSIC Bath. $18 in advance; $20 day of show. "ATHINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW boxoffice. 5 p.m. BOXOFlCEPM 7:30 p.m. CHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORGPM Short Brothers, blues/bluegrass/rock, with Curt 3HORT"ROTHERS BLUESBLUEGRASSROCK WITH#URT Bessette & Jenn Kurtz, York Public Library. Free. "ESSETTE*ENN+URTZ 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE SATURDAY 3!452$!9 3 p.m. YORKLIBMEUSPM Stephen Kellogg and The Sixers, alt-country, 3TEPHEN+ELLOGGAND4HE3IXERS ALT COUNTRY Down East Country Music Association Show and $OWN%AST#OUNTRY-USIC!SSOCIATION3HOWAND Jonathan's Restaurant, Ogunquit. $30 to $ 7 1 . *ONATHANS2ESTAURANT /GUNQUITTO Dance, with Lolalee and The Country Bandits, $ANCE WITH,OLALEEAND4HE#OUNTRY"ANDITS 8 p.m. JONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM "Music in March on St. Patrick's Day," Irish h-USICIN-ARCHON3T0ATRICKS$AY v)RISH Please see M U S I C , Page E12 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<()

CONCERTS N#/.#%243

%": 0'



E125=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3 


h4HE2ITEOF3PRINGv "The Rite of Spring"



4(%-!).% THE MAINE "/!4"5),$%233(/7 BOATBUILDERS SHOW

TUESDAY 45%3$!9 ,ES&AITS$IVERSWITH%RICA"ROWN PARTOF Les Faits Divers with Erica Brown, part of National French Week, Franco American Heritage .ATIONAL&RENCH7EEK &RANCO!MERICAN(ERITAGE Center, Lewiston. $3. 623-3491. 7 p.m. #ENTER ,EWISTON PM "Heather and Shamrock," Celtic music by h(EATHERAND3HAMROCK v#ELTICMUSICBY -OSAIC #OMMUNITY(ALL .ORTH"ERWICK&REE Mosaic, Community Hall, North Berwick. Free. 216-3890. 7p.m.  PM Gorilla Finger Dub Band, dub, with LTree, 'ORILLA&INGER$UB"AND DUB WITH,4REE 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. $2.  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM


WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Toots and The Maytals, reggae and ska, all ages; 4OOTSAND4HE-AYTALS REGGAEANDSKA ALLAGES State Theatre, Portland. $23 in advance; $25 day 3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAY of show; general admission, statetheatreportland OFSHOWGENERALADMISSIONSTATETHEATREPORTLAND .com. 7:30 p.m. COMPM Freddy Todd, dub step, with Black Mic, 18&REDDY4ODD DUBSTEP WITH"LACK-IC  plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15, $25. PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM

presented by: Portland Yacht Services PRESENTEDBY0ORTLAND9ACHT3ERVICES

   207-774-1067 Bill Sisson, Soundings Magazine "ILL3ISSON 3OUNDINGS-AGAZINE "Not a Tupperware party by any means."v h.OTA4UPPERWAREPARTYBYANYMEANS

MARCH 22 -!2#( Shelby Lynne, country/rock, One Longfellow 3HELBY,YNNE COUNTRYROCK /NE,ONGFELLOW Square, Portland. $35. 3QUARE 0ORTLANDONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM 8 p.m. PM Leo Kottke, singer-songwriter, Strand Theatre, ,EO+OTTKE SINGER SONGWRITER 3TRAND4HEATRE Rockland. $28 in advance; $33 day of show. 2OCKLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 7:30 p.m. ROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM Keller Williams, singer-songwriter, 18-plus; +ELLER7ILLIAMS SINGER SONGWRITER  PLUS Port City Music Hall, Portland. $25 to $40. 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLANDTO 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Simons and Goodwin, Americana, country, blues 3IMONSAND'OODWIN !MERICANA COUNTRY BLUES and folk, Rockland Public Library. Free. 594-0310. ANDFOLK 2OCKLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE  6:30 p.m. PM Tibetan Singing Bowl Peace-Wave Concert, with 4IBETAN3INGING"OWL0EACE 7AVE#ONCERT WITH Lori LeBlanc, Second Street Yoga, Hallowell. $10 ,ORI,E"LANC 3ECOND3TREET9OGA (ALLOWELL to $15. 208-7492. 7p.m. TO PM

- Located on the Portland Waterfront ,OCATEDONTHE0ORTLAND7ATERFRONT (off of Commercial Street) OFFOF#OMMERCIAL3TREET Proudly Produced By

For more information, sign Lip for show dates at: &ORMOREINFORMATION SIGNUPFORSHOWDATESAT



FEB28 )(% 0$5 MAR 18



Sponsored by: L.L.Bean Maine Home + Design maine PORTLAND Magazine 6SRQVRUHGE\//%HDQ_0DLQH+RPH'HVLJQ_PDLQH_3257/$1'0DJD]LQH University of Maine Farmington The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram 8QLYHUVLW\RI0DLQH)DUPLQJWRQ_7KH3RUWODQG3UHVV+HUDOG0DLQH6XQGD\7HOHJUDP

Tickets: 774.0465 7LFNHWV PROFESSIONAL THEATER MADE IN MAINE 352)(66,21$/7+($7(50$'(,10$,1(

Continued from Page Ell :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 -IKE+NIGHTS 7ALTER7EYMOUTHANDMORE Mike Knights, Walter Weymouth and moreNaples American Legion Post 155. $6. 655-3471. .APLES!MERICAN,EGION0OST  Noon to 5 p.m. .OONTOPM

58 FORE STREET, PORTLAND, MAINE 04101 &/2%342%%4 0/24,!.$ -!).%  &RIDAYAND3ATURDAY 3UNDAY 10-6 Friday and Saturday 10-4 Sunday

Look for the FREE shuttle bus on Commercial Street ,OOKFORTHE&2%%SHUTTLEBUSON#OMMERCIAL3TREET


Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Singer-songwriter Shelby Lynne AW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`AVSZPg:g\\S performs on March 22Ob=\S at One ^S`T]`[a]\;O`QV Longfellow Square in Portland. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`SW\>]`bZO\R 8 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, open blues 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT OPENBLUES jam, The Cage, Lewiston. 783-0668. 8 p.m. JAM 4HE#AGE ,EWISTON PM Brian Patricks, singer-songwriter, The Local Buzz, "RIAN0ATRICKS SINGER SONGWRITER 4HE,OCAL"UZZ Cape Elizabeth, 8 p.m. #APE%LIZABETHCAPELOCALBUZZCOMPM The Vanishing Act, death metal, with The Waldos 4HE6ANISHING!CT DEATHMETAL WITH4HE7ALDOS and Huak, Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 221-2382. AND(UAK 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND  9 p.m. PM

FRIDAY &2)$!9 Doctor Doom, hardcore, CD-release party, $OCTOR$OOM HARDCORE #$ RELEASEPARTY with Grant Street Orchestra and Danny WITH'RANT3TREET/RCHESTRAAND$ANNY Pease &The Regulators, Big Easy, Portland. 0EASE4HE2EGULATORS "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Katie Herzig, singer-songwriter, with Andy Davis +ATIE(ERZIG SINGER SONGWRITER WITH!NDY$AVIS and Dawn Mitschele, Empire Dine & Dance, AND$AWN-ITSCHELE %MPIRE$INE$ANCE Portland. $10 in advance; $12 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8:30 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Pocket Vinyl, rock, Blue, Portland. Donation. 0OCKET6INYL ROCK "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Sweet Wednesday, roots rock/folk/alt-country, 3WEET7EDNESDAY ROOTSROCKFOLKALT COUNTRY Blue, Portland, Donation. "LUE 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOM$ONATION 8 p.m. PM Matt Meyer &The Gumption JCT, folk/roots, Blue, -ATT-EYER4HE'UMPTION*#4 FOLKROOTS "LUE Portland, Donation. 10 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOM$ONATIONPM The Complaints, acoustic alt-rock, RiRa, Portland. 4HE#OMPLAINTS ACOUSTICALT ROCK 2I2A 0ORTLAND COMEDY N#/-%$9 10 p.m. RIRACOMPM Open Mic Comedy, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. /PEN-IC#OMEDY  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND Andi Fawcett, singer-songwriter, Andy's Old Port !NDI&AWCETT SINGER SONGWRITER !NDYS/LD0ORT 8 p.m. today and March 22. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPMTODAYAND-ARCH Pub, Portland, 8:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Bob Marley, Maine comedian, Stone Mountain "OB-ARLEY -AINECOMEDIAN 3TONE-OUNTAIN Gary Richardson, modern acoustic jazz and blues, 'ARY2ICHARDSON MODERNACOUSTICJAZZANDBLUES Arts Center, Browntield. $27.50. stonemountain !RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAIN Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland, 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOM 8 p.m. today. ARTSCENTERCOMPMTODAY 5 p.m. PM Frank Santos, R-rated hypnotist, with &RANK3ANTOS 2 RATEDHYPNOTIST WITH Mike James' Blue Lions, Chicago blues, Gingko -IKE*AMES"LUE,IONS #HICAGOBLUES 'INGKO Chuck Grover, Headliners Comedy Club, #HUCK'ROVER (EADLINERS#OMEDY#LUB Blue Jazz Club, Portland, 9 p.m. "LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Portland. $15 in advance; $20 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW Pete Witham & The Cosmik Zombies, rock, 0ETE7ITHAM4HE#OSMIK:OMBIES ROCK 8:30 p.m. Saturday. THEGOLDROOMMAINECOMPM3ATURDAY Bayside Bowl, Portland, 8 p.m. "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM Lord Earth, rock/funk, CD-release party, with The ,ORD%ARTH ROCKFUNK #$ RELEASEPARTY WITH4HE Woulds and Shabti, Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 7OULDSAND3HABTI 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND BARS/CLUBS N"!23#,5"3 221-2382. 9 p.m.  PM TODAY Plague, industrial night, Asylum (basement), 4/$!9 0LAGUE INDUSTRIALNIGHT !SYLUMBASEMENT For the Benefit of Kentucky, benefit concert to aid 0ORTLANDBEFOREPM &ORTHE"ENElTOF+ENTUCKY BENElTCONCERTTOAID Portland. $5; $2 before 9:30 p.m. tornado victims with Tricky Britches, if and it, The TORNADOVICTIMSWITH4RICKY"RITCHES IFANDIT 4HE 9:30 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Barn Swallows and Jose Ayerve, Empire Dine & "ARN3WALLOWSAND*OSE!YERVE %MPIRE$INE Dance, Portland. $5. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 8:30 p.m. PM St. Patrick's Day Clash of the Titans, battle of the 3T0ATRICKS$AY#LASHOFTHE4ITANS BATTLEOFTHE Hot Delta Blues, blues, Andy's Old Port Pub, (OT$ELTA"LUES BLUES !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB cover bands: U2 vsThe Rogues vsThe Cranberries, COVERBANDS5VS4HE0OGUESVS4HE#RANBERRIES Portland, 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM 21-plus; Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. $5.  PLUS%MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND Oliver Waterman, acoustic indie-pop, CD-release PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM /LIVER7ATERMAN ACOUSTICINDIE POP #$ RELEASE 9 p.m. party with Hutch Heelan and Griffin Sherry, 21PARTYWITH(UTCH(EELANAND'RIFlN3HERRY  Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, blues, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT BLUES plus; Slainte, Portland. $2. PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLANDSLAINTEWINEBARCOM Shipyard Brewhaus at Sunday River, Bethel. 3HIPYARD"REWHAUSAT3UNDAY2IVER "ETHEL 10p.m. PM 824-5138. 3 to 6 p.m.; 8 to 10p.m.  TOPMTOPM Brian Dolzani, singer/songwriter, Blue, Portland. "RIAN$OLZANI SINGERSONGWRITER "LUE 0ORTLAND David Beam and The Leprechauns, blues and $AVID"EAMAND4HE,EPRECHAUNS BLUESAND Donation. 6 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Americana, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND Connor Garvey, folk-rock singer-songwriter, Blue, ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM #ONNOR'ARVEY FOLK ROCKSINGER SONGWRITER "LUE 8:30 p.m. Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Chris & Alexa Keenan, Celtic folk duo, with Kristin #HRIS!LEXA+EENAN #ELTICFOLKDUO WITH+RISTIN Bob Danzilo, folk troubadour, Blue, Portland. "OB$ANZILO FOLKTROUBADOUR "LUE 0ORTLAND Mario and Power Lines, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. -ARLOAND0OWER,INES  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND Donation, 10 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM 6 to 8 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMTOPM Pam Baker and The SG's, blues, Gingko Blue Jazz +RISTIN-ARLO )RISHMUSIC  PLUS3LAINTE 0AM"AKERAND4HE3'S BLUES 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Kristin Mario, Irish music, 21-plus; Slainte, Club, Portland, 8 p.m. Portland, 8 to 10 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM 0ORTLANDSLAINTEWINEBARCOMTOPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B-set, "EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" SET Power Lines, Irish music, 21-plus; Slainte, 0OWER,INES )RISHMUSIC  PLUS3LAINTE 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. Doors 0ORTLANDSLAINTEWINEBARCOMPMTO Portland, 10 p.m. to  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN $OORS at 6 p.m. midnight. ATPM MIDNIGHT Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. St. Patty's Bash, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. 784/PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 3T0ATTYS"ASH  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Bayside Bowl, Portland. *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND Please see MUSIC, PageESI Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<*(

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3!



( ( ( * FG<E@E> OPENING (* ( K?@JN<<B * THIS WEEK (*


JUMP STREET" (R) (1:49) Stars Jonah Âľ"218C;>AB@33BÂś@("'AbO`a8]\OV Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Brie Larson. 6WZZ1VO\\W\UBObc[7QS1cPS0`WS:O`a]\ Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. A pair 2W`SQbSRPg>VWZ:]`RO\R1V`Wa;WZZS`/^OW` of underachieving cops are sent back to a ]Tc\RS`OQVWSdW\UQ]^aO`SaS\bPOQYb]O local high school to blend in and bring down Z]QOZVWUVaQV]]Zb]PZS\RW\O\RP`W\UR]e\ a drug ring. OR`cU`W\U Opening at: Cinemagic Grand (South Port=^S\W\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`b land) Fri 2:30, 5, 7,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2:30, 5, 7,10 ZO\R4`W (!#%AObAc\ (!#% Mon-Wed 2:30, 5, 7,10; Cinemagic Westbrook ;]\ESR (!#%)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Fri-Wed 11:30,12, 2,!(3:20, 4:30, 7:10, 7:20, 9:40, 4`WESR(! "(!%(%( '(" 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12:05, '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR (#2:25, ( # 4:45, 7:05, 9:25; Brunswick 10 Fri-Sat 1:30, "("#%(#'( #)0`c\aeWQY4`WAOb(! 4:20, 7, 7:20, 9:30, 9:50 Sun-Wed 1:30,4:20, "( %%( '(!'(#Ac\ESR(!"(  7:20, 9:50; Windham 5 Star Fri 4:35, 7:35, %( '(#)EW\RVO[#AbO`4`W"(!#%(!# 9:50 Sat 1:25,4:35, 7:35, 9:50 Sun 1:25,4:35, '(#AOb( #"(!#%(!#'(#Ac\( #"(!# 7:35 Mon-Tues 4:35, 7:35 Wed 1:25, 4:35, %(!#;]\BcSa"(!#%(!#ESR( #"(!# 7:35; Nordica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 1:40,4:30, %(!#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR(""(! 7:05, 9:30 %(#'(! "FRIENDS WITH KIDS" (R) (1:50) Stars Âľ4@73<2AE7B6972AÂś@(#AbO`a Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott and Maya 8S\\WTS`ESabTSZRb/RO[AQ]bbO\R;OgO Rudolph. Directed by Jennifer Westfeldt. Two @cR]Z^V2W`SQbSRPg8S\\WTS`ESabTSZRbBe] best friends decide to have a child together PSabT`WS\RaRSQWRSb]VOdSOQVWZRb]USbVS` while keeping their relationship platonic, eVWZSYSS^W\UbVSW``SZObW]\aVW^^ZOb]\WQ so they can avoid the toll kids can take on a]bVSgQO\Od]WRbVSb]ZZYWRaQO\bOYS]\ romantic relationships. `][O\bWQ`SZObW]\aVW^a Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 1:20, 4, 6:50, 9:20 ESR( "$(#'(

The silly (and raunchy) comedy "This Is Sodom." BVSaWZZgO\R`Oc\QVgQ][SRgÂľBVWa7aA]R][Âś

AZVkZcZY Leavened l^i]aZk^in with levity

Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

BV The S VS O`bP`SOYS` heartbreaker Âľ: WbbZS@ "Little Rose." ]aSÂś

The Maine Jewish Film Festival prides itself on BVS;OW\S8SeWaV4WZ[4SabWdOZ^`WRSaWbaSZT]\ presenting movies that poke into all corners of ^`SaS\bW\U[]dWSabVOb^]YSW\b]OZZQ]`\S`a]T the human experience, including the funny ones. bVSVc[O\Sf^S`WS\QSW\QZcRW\UbVSTc\\g]\Sa


ou've seen the PVWFTFFOUIF ads. BET An African"O"GSJDBO American man "NFSJDBONBO in a priest's collar. A JOBQSJFTUTDPMMBS" shirtless, tattooed dude. TIJSUMFTT UBUUPPFEEVEF And the caption "You "OEUIFDBQUJPOi:PV don't need to be Jewish. EPOUOFFEUPCF+FXJTI You just need to love :PVKVTUOFFEUPMPWF good movies." HPPENPWJFTw Is the venerable Maine *TUIFWFOFSBCMF.BJOF Jewish Film Festival +FXJTI'JMN'FTUJWBM (whose 15th season XIPTFUITFBTPO begins on Saturday) getting... a CFHJOTPO4BUVSEBZ HFUUJOHyB sense of humor? TFOTFPGIVNPS "We wanted to lighten up a i8FXBOUFEUPMJHIUFOVQB little," says MJFF executive and MJUUMF wTBZT.+''FYFDVUJWFBOE artistic director Kari WagnerBSUJTUJDEJSFDUPS,BSJ8BHOFS Peck of this year's irreverent ad 1FDLPGUIJTZFBSTJSSFWFSFOUBE campaign (which includes a flier DBNQBJHO XIJDIJODMVEFTBnJFS touting the fest's movie roster as UPVUJOHUIFGFTUTNPWJFSPTUFSBT

"The Chosen Films.") i5IF$IPTFO'JMNTw  "Sometimes when i4PNFUJNFTXIFO people think of us, they QFPQMFUIJOLPGVT UIFZ imagine it's going to JNBHJOFJUTHPJOHUP be like PBS - all eduCFMJLF1#4oBMMFEV cational and religious. DBUJPOBMBOESFMJHJPVT The idea that you don't 5IFJEFBUIBUZPVEPOU have to be Jewish IBWFUPCF+FXJTI to enjoy the festival UPFOKPZUIFGFTUJWBM has always been our IBTBMXBZTCFFOPVS message; this is just a NFTTBHFUIJTJTKVTUB reflection of who we've SFnFDUJPOPGXIPXFWF always been." BMXBZTCFFOw For past MJFF attendees, that 'PSQBTU.+''BUUFOEFFT UIBU should come as no surprise. Far TIPVMEDPNFBTOPTVSQSJTF'BS from being a dry, homogenous GSPNCFJOHBESZ IPNPHFOPVT "issue" event, the fest has always iJTTVFwFWFOU UIFGFTUIBTBMXBZT sought to present a wide variety TPVHIUUPQSFTFOUBXJEFWBSJFUZ of films from around the world PGmMNTGSPNBSPVOEUIFXPSME

The S BV documentary Qc[S\bO`g R] "Crime After TbS` `W[S/ Âľ1 Crime." W[SÂś 1`

Dennis Perkins ;\ee`jG\ib`ej Indie Film @e[`\=`cd

Please see PERKINS, PageE18 Gc\Xj\j\\>3@97<AGX^\<(/

'21 Jump Street' review, E14N â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD: 'The Descendants/ E15 Ă&#x160;)(AldgJki\\kĂ&#x2039;i\m`\n#<(+ E\nfe;M;1Ă&#x160;K_\;\jZ\e[Xekj#Ă&#x2039;<(,

BV Saspoof The ^]]T ÂľB VS6 "The Hebrew SP`Se 6O [[S`Âś Hammer."

"JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME" (R) (1:23) Âľ8344E6=:7D3A/B6=;3Âś@( ! Stars Jason Segel, Ed Helms, Judy Greer and AbO`a8Oa]\ASUSZ3R6SZ[a8cRg5`SS`O\R Susan Sarandon. Directed by Jay Duplass and AcaO\AO`O\R]\2W`SQbSRPg8Og2c^ZOaaO\R Mark Duplass. Dispatched from his basement ;O`Y2c^ZOaa2Wa^ObQVSRT`][VWaPOaS[S\b room on an errand for his mother, slacker Jeff `]][]\O\S``O\RT]`VWa[]bVS`aZOQYS`8STT might discover his destiny (finally) when he [WUVbRWaQ]dS`VWaRSabW\gÂż\OZZgeVS\VS spends the day with his brother as he tracks a^S\RabVSROgeWbVVWaP`]bVS`OaVSb`OQYa his possibly adulterous wife. VWa^]aaWPZgORcZbS`]caeWTS Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 1:45,4:30,7:15,9:40 ESR("#"(!%(#'(" MAINE JEWISH FILM FESTIVAL: A program ;/7<383E7A647:;43AB7D/:(/^`]U`O[ of films explores the Jewish experience ]TÂżZ[aSf^Z]`SabVS8SeWaVSf^S`WS\QS through features, documentaries and shorts. bV`]cUVTSObc`SaR]Qc[S\bO`WSaO\RaV]`ba Films will be presented in various venues in 4WZ[aeWZZPS^`SaS\bSRW\dO`W]cadS\cSaW\ Portland this week. Get a complete schedule >]`bZO\RbVWaeSSY5SbOQ][^ZSbSaQVSRcZS at Obeee[XTT]`UÂżZ[a Showing at: The Nickelodeon (Portland) AV]eW\UOb(BVS<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R Sat 1 "Between Two Worlds," 3:30 "David," 6 AObÂľ0SbeSS\Be]E]`ZRaÂś!(!Âľ2OdWRÂś$ "In Heaven Underground," 8 "This is Sodom," Âľ7\6SOdS\C\RS`U`]c\RÂś&ÂľBVWaWaA]R][Âś Mon 5:30 "Arab Labor," 8 "The Hebrew ;]\#(!Âľ/`OP:OP]`Âś&ÂľBVS6SP`Se Hammer," Tues 5:15 "Mishmosh," Wed 5:30 6O[[S`ÂśBcSa#(#Âľ;WaV[]aVÂśESR#(! "Stealing Klimt," 8 "Crime After Crime" ÂľAbSOZW\U9ZW[bÂś&Âľ1`W[S/TbS`1`W[SÂś


( ( ( (( ( (


"ACT OF VALOR" (R) (1:41) Stars Emilio Âľ/1B=4D/:=@Âś@("AbO`a3[WZW] Rivera, Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, @WdS`O@]aSZg\AO\QVSh/ZSfDSOR]d Nestor Serrano and Jason Cottle. Directed <Sab]`AS``O\]O\R8Oa]\1]bbZS2W`SQbSR by Scott Waugh. A group of active-duty U.S. PgAQ]bbEOcUV/U`]c^]TOQbWdSRcbgCA Navy SEALs offers a fictionalized account of <OdgA3/:a]TTS`aOÂżQbW]\OZWhSROQQ]c\b]T real-life SEAL operations that will take the `SOZZWTSA3/:]^S`ObW]\abVObeWZZbOYSbVS audience on an adrenaline-fueled, edge-ofOcRWS\QS]\O\OR`S\OZW\STcSZSRSRUS]T its-seat ride. WbaaSOb`WRS Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR 1:45, 4:20, 7:30, 9:45; Cinemagic Grand (South ("#"( %(!'("#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Today-Fri 2:40, 5, 7:30, 9:50 Sat>]`bZO\RB]ROg4`W ("#%(!'(#AOb Sun 12:10, 5, 7:30, 9:50 Mon-Wed 2:40, 5, Ac\ ( 2:40, ("#%(!'(#;]\ESR ("# 7:30, 9:50; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed %(!'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR 11:30,1:50,4:10, 6:50, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco (!(#"($(#'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Today-Wed 12, 2:20, 4:45, 7:10, 9:30; WindB]ROgESR ( "("#%('(!)EW\R ham 5 Star Today 4:25, 7:25 Fri 4:25, 7:25, VO[#AbO`B]ROg"( #%( #4`W"( #%( # 9:40 Sat 1:30,4:25, 7:25, 9:40 Sun 1:30,4:25, '("AOb(!"( #%( #'("Ac\(!"( # 7:25 Mon-Tues 4:25, 7:25 Wed 1:30,4:25, 7:25; %( #;]\BcSa"( #%( #ESR(!"( #%( #)

Please see MOVIES, PageE18 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(/

E14 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

-2,186(9(5<681'$<)520$07230 JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY FROM 1 0AM TO 1 PM )25%581&+$735(9,(:6*5,// %$5 FOR BRUNCH AT PREVIEWS GRILL & BAR!

PREVIEWS DINNER AND A MOVIE SPECIAL IS BACK! 35(9,(:6',11(5$1'$029,(63(&,$/,6%$&. $6.<2856(59(5)25'(7$,/6


71 Jump Street' a rare mix of Ă&#x160;)(AldgJki\\kĂ&#x2039;XiXi\d`of] _`cXi`kp#jdXikjXe[jligi`j\j hilarity, smarts and surprises By RENE RODRIGUEZ #Z3&/&30%3*(6&; McClatchy Newspapers .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST

&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2 IMAX 3D: JOHN CARTER GU   (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 1:00-4:00-7:00-10:00 3*  6$&2


JOHN CARTER (PG13) 12:30-3:30-6:45-9:45    3*  *      5  SILENT HOUSE (R) 12:OO-2:OO-4:OO-6:OO-8:OO-1O:OO A THOUSAND WORDS (PG13) 12:10-2:15-4:25-7:10-9:15   3*  * G  3*  3D THE LORAX (PG)123$66(6 NO PASSES 1:00-3:00-5:00-7:00-9:00 *   3*  THE LORAX (PG) 12:OO-2:OO-4:OO-6:OO-8:OO-1O:OO PROJECT X (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES  12:05-2:15-4:20-7:15-9:10   5  WANDERLUST (R) 12:20-2:30-4:50-7:20-9:40   5  ACT OF VALOR (R) 12:00-2:20-4:45-7:10-9:30   5  *    3*  THIS MEANS WAR (PG13) 7:10-9:25 THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY (G) 12:20-2:35-4:50       *  SAFE HOUSE (R) 12:10-2:35-5:00-7:25-9:50     5  THE VOW (PG13) 12:10-2:30-4:45-7:05-9:20   3*  THE ARTIST (PG13) 12:05-2:20-4:35-7:05-9:25    3* 





3D JOHN CARTER (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 1:00-4:00-6:50-9:45 ** G   3*  SILENT HOUSE (R) 2:OO-4:OO-6:OO-8:OO-1O:OO      5    3*  A THOUSAND WORDS (PG13) 2:20-4:20-7:00-9:20 * G  3*  3D THE LORAX (PG) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:OO-4:OO-6:OO-8:OO-1O:OO   5  PROJECT X (R) 2:20-4:20-7:10-9:20 ACT OF VALOR (R) 2:40-5:00-7:30-9:50   5  *    3*  THIS MEANS WAR (PG13) 2:30-7:20

*     5  SAFE HOUSE (R) 4:50-9:50   3*  THE VOW (PG13) 2:30-5:00-7:30-10:OO :(67%522.


3D JOHN CARTER (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:10-3:30-7:00-9:50 ** G   3*  JOHN CARTER (PG13) 11:50-3:20-6:45-9:40    3*  *      5  SILENT HOUSE (R) 12:10-2:20-4:50-7:20-9:50   3*  A THOUSAND WORDS (PG13) 12:00-2:10-4:30-7:30-9:50 3D THE LORAX (PG) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:20-4:40-7:10-9:30 G  3*  *   3*  THE LORAX (PG) 11:40-2:00-4:20-6:50-9:20 PROJECT X (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 11:50-1:50-4:10-7:00-9:20   5  *   5  WANDERLUST (R) 11:50-2:104:30-7:30-10:00 *   3*  GONE (PG13) 12:00-9:50 *   5  ACT OF VALOR (R) 11:30-1:50-4:10-6:50-9:30 TYLER PERRY'S: GOOD DEEDS (PG13) 7:10-9:40   U   3*  THIS MEANS WAR (PG13) 11:40-2:00-4:20-6:50-9:20    3*  THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY (G) 11:30-2:00-4:20       *  *  F 3*  JOURNEY 2 (PG) 2:10-4:30-7:20 SAFE HOUSE (R) 11:3O-2:OO-4:4O-7:2O-1O:OO     5  THE VOW (PG13) 11:4O-2:1O-4:5O-7:3O-1O:OO   3*  CHRONICLE (PG13) 12:10-2:20-4:30-7:00-9:30     3*  *     5  THE GREY (R) 11:40-9:40 *  3*  IRON LADY (PG13) 2:20-4:40-7:10

7+(6(6+2:7,0(69$/,'0$5&+ $//67$',806($7,1* ',*,7$/6281' r',*,7$/),/035(6(17$7,21 2& 23(1&$37,21('),/0



As a teenager, Jenko (Channing Tatum) "TBUFFOBHFS +FOLP $IBOOJOH5BUVN  was a popular jock prone to slamming XBTBQPQVMBSKPDLQSPOFUPTMBNNJOH kids into lockers and doling out nippleLJETJOUPMPDLFSTBOEEPMJOHPVUOJQQMF twisters. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) was a hapUXJTUFST4DINJEU +POBI)JMM XBTBIBQ less nerd with a bleached-blond Eminem MFTTOFSEXJUIBCMFBDIFECMPOE&NJOFN bowl haircut and braces large enough for CPXMIBJSDVUBOECSBDFTMBSHFFOPVHIGPS Iron Man to envy. *SPO.BOUPFOWZ Seven years later, the two men are now 4FWFOZFBSTMBUFS UIFUXPNFOBSFOPX police officers, relegated to bike patrol QPMJDFPGmDFST SFMFHBUFEUPCJLFQBUSPM in public parks, until they bust a group JOQVCMJDQBSLT VOUJMUIFZCVTUBHSPVQ of shady dopers and are promoted to the PGTIBEZEPQFSTBOEBSFQSPNPUFEUPUIF Jump Street unit, assigned to go undercov+VNQ4USFFUVOJU BTTJHOFEUPHPVOEFSDPW er as high schoolers and bust a drug ring. FSBTIJHITDIPPMFSTBOECVTUBESVHSJOH Their barking-mad captain (Ice Cube) 5IFJSCBSLJOHNBEDBQUBJO *DF$VCF  - the sort of boss who will never be oUIFTPSUPGCPTTXIPXJMMOFWFSCF pleased no matter how well you do your QMFBTFEOPNBUUFSIPXXFMMZPVEPZPVS job - warns them there are two condiKPCoXBSOTUIFNUIFSFBSFUXPDPOEJ tions they must adhere to, always: One, do UJPOTUIFZNVTUBEIFSFUP BMXBZT0OF EP not get expelled. Two, do not have sexual OPUHFUFYQFMMFE5XP EPOPUIBWFTFYVBM relationships with students or faculty SFMBUJPOTIJQTXJUITUVEFOUTPSGBDVMUZ members. NFNCFST Of course, in about two minutes the 0GDPVSTF JOBCPVUUXPNJOVUFTUIF bumbling cops have broken both rules. But CVNCMJOHDPQTIBWFCSPLFOCPUISVMFT#VU what makes "21 Jump Street" so funny XIBUNBLFTi+VNQ4USFFUwTPGVOOZ and exciting and lovable is all the stuff you BOEFYDJUJOHBOEMPWBCMFJTBMMUIFTUVGGZPV don't see coming. The best comedies - the EPOUTFFDPNJOH5IFCFTUDPNFEJFToUIF ones that endure, the ones you can't help POFTUIBUFOEVSF UIFPOFTZPVDBOUIFMQ but stop and watch again when you come CVUTUPQBOEXBUDIBHBJOXIFOZPVDPNF across them on TV the ones with jokes that BDSPTTUIFNPO57 UIFPOFTXJUIKPLFTUIBU still make you laugh the 40th time around TUJMMNBLFZPVMBVHIUIFUIUJNFBSPVOE - are extremely difficult to pull off. "21 oBSFFYUSFNFMZEJGmDVMUUPQVMMPGGi Jump Street" makes it all seem easy. +VNQ4USFFUwNBLFTJUBMMTFFNFBTZ This is the rare breed of Hollywood stu5IJTJTUIFSBSFCSFFEPG)PMMZXPPETUV dio production that has the brash spirit of EJPQSPEVDUJPOUIBUIBTUIFCSBTITQJSJUPG an independent picture and the sharp wit BOJOEFQFOEFOUQJDUVSFBOEUIFTIBSQXJU of a stand-up comic. The movie's budget PGBTUBOEVQDPNJD5IFNPWJFTCVEHFU is big, but so are its ideas and smarts. It JTCJH CVUTPBSFJUTJEFBTBOETNBSUT*U is also absolutely, consistently hilarious JTBMTPBCTPMVUFMZ DPOTJTUFOUMZIJMBSJPVT and decidedly R-rated, but never crude or BOEEFDJEFEMZ3SBUFE CVUOFWFSDSVEFPS mean-spirited or dumb. NFBOTQJSJUFEPSEVNC "21 Jump Street" is also the latest entry i+VNQ4USFFUwJTBMTPUIFMBUFTUFOUSZ in the dreaded genre of movies that turn JOUIFESFBEFEHFOSFPGNPWJFTUIBUUVSO TV shows into comedies, which usu57TIPXTJOUPDPNFEJFT XIJDIVTV ally results in duds ("Starsky & Hutch" BMMZSFTVMUTJOEVET i4UBSTLZ)VUDIw or "The Dukes of Hazzard.") This one, PSi5IF%VLFTPG)B[[BSEw 5IJTPOF  though, works like gangbusters because UIPVHI XPSLTMJLFHBOHCVTUFSTCFDBVTF it embraces its source material instead of JUFNCSBDFTJUTTPVSDFNBUFSJBMJOTUFBEPG spoofing it. TQPPmOHJU The premise of the late-1980s series, 5IFQSFNJTFPGUIFMBUFTTFSJFT  which starred Johnny Depp as a memXIJDITUBSSFE+PIOOZ%FQQBTBNFN ber of a police unit posing undercover as CFSPGBQPMJDFVOJUQPTJOHVOEFSDPWFSBT high school students, was always a little IJHITDIPPMTUVEFOUT XBTBMXBZTBMJUUMF ridiculous. The movie, which was written SJEJDVMPVT5IFNPWJF XIJDIXBTXSJUUFO by Michael Bacall ("Project X," "Scott CZ.JDIBFM#BDBMM i1SPKFDU9 wi4DPUU Pilgrim vs. the World") and co-directed by 1JMHSJNWTUIF8PSMEw BOEDPEJSFDUFECZ

REVIEW I<M@<N JUMP STREET," starring Jonah Hill, Âľ"21 8C;>AB@33BÂśabO``W\U8]\OV6WZZ Channing Tatum, Brie Larson, Dave 1VO\\W\UBObc[0`WS:O`a]\2OdS Franco, Rob Riggle, Ice Cube, Dax 4`O\Q]@]P@WUUZS7QS1cPS2Of Flame and Nick Offerman. Directed 4ZO[SO\R<WQY=TTS`[O\2W`SQbSR by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Rated R Pg>VWZ:]`RO\R1V`Wa;WZZS`@ObSR@ for vulgar language, sexual situations, T]`dcZUO`ZO\UcOUSaSfcOZaWbcObW]\a violence, drug use and adult themes. dW]ZS\QSR`cUcaSO\RORcZbbVS[Sa Running time: 1:49 @c\\W\UbW[S(("'

Phil Lord and Chris Miller ("Cloudy with 1IJM-PSEBOE$ISJT.JMMFS i$MPVEZXJUI B$IBODFPG.FBUCBMMTw TJNQMZUBLFTUIF a Chance of Meatballs"), simply takes the silliness inherent in the show and amps it TJMMJOFTTJOIFSFOUJOUIFTIPXBOEBNQTJU up to delirious, affectionate heights (there VQUPEFMJSJPVT BGGFDUJPOBUFIFJHIUT UIFSF are also lots of ingenious cameos that will BSFBMTPMPUTPGJOHFOJPVTDBNFPTUIBUXJMM delight the hard-core "Jump Street" fans). EFMJHIUUIFIBSEDPSFi+VNQ4USFFUwGBOT  Coming from the field of animation, $PNJOHGSPNUIFmFMEPGBOJNBUJPO  Lord and Miller love visual humor and -PSEBOE.JMMFSMPWFWJTVBMIVNPSBOE gags, and they inject several jokes into the HBHT BOEUIFZJOKFDUTFWFSBMKPLFTJOUPUIF movie (such as an illustration of the four NPWJF TVDIBTBOJMMVTUSBUJPOPGUIFGPVS stages of drug intoxication, or a long, risky TUBHFTPGESVHJOUPYJDBUJPO PSBMPOH SJTLZ car chase that pays off in spectacular DBSDIBTFUIBUQBZTPGGJOTQFDUBDVMBS fashion) that give the movie its breakneck GBTIJPO UIBUHJWFUIFNPWJFJUTCSFBLOFDL pace. But the film's secret weapon is the QBDF#VUUIFmMNTTFDSFUXFBQPOJTUIF chemistry between Hill and Tatum, two DIFNJTUSZCFUXFFO)JMMBOE5BUVN UXP actors who share an instant, easy rapport: BDUPSTXIPTIBSFBOJOTUBOU FBTZSBQQPSU You totally believe these guys have been :PVUPUBMMZCFMJFWFUIFTFHVZTIBWFCFFO friends for years. GSJFOETGPSZFBST One of the cleverest conceits in the 0OFPGUIFDMFWFSFTUDPODFJUTJOUIF movie is that once they're back in school, NPWJFJTUIBUPODFUIFZSFCBDLJOTDIPPM  the two guys swap their former teenUIFUXPHVZTTXBQUIFJSGPSNFSUFFO age personas. Tatum is baffled that he's BHFQFSTPOBT5BUVNJTCBGnFEUIBUIFT become a geek who hangs out with the CFDPNFBHFFLXIPIBOHTPVUXJUIUIF chemistry club, while Hill loves being the DIFNJTUSZDMVC XIJMF)JMMMPWFTCFJOHUIF popular kid with the best house parties QPQVMBSLJEXJUIUIFCFTUIPVTFQBSUJFT and the prettiest girls. By the time the BOEUIFQSFUUJFTUHJSMT#ZUIFUJNFUIF prom rolls around, their adolescent angst QSPNSPMMTBSPVOE UIFJSBEPMFTDFOUBOHTU and insecurities have returned with a BOEJOTFDVSJUJFTIBWFSFUVSOFEXJUIB vengeance. WFOHFBODF "21 Jump Street" has lots of terrific supi+VNQ4USFFUwIBTMPUTPGUFSSJmDTVQ porting performances: Cube kills every QPSUJOHQFSGPSNBODFT$VCFLJMMTFWFSZ scene he's in with his profane, volcanic TDFOFIFTJOXJUIIJTQSPGBOF WPMDBOJD anger, and Dave Franco, younger brother BOHFS BOE%BWF'SBODP ZPVOHFSCSPUIFS of James, channels a hilarious, rm-muchPG+BNFT DIBOOFMTBIJMBSJPVT *NNVDI cooler-than-you swagger. But Hill and DPPMFSUIBOZPVTXBHHFS#VU)JMMBOE Tatum (who knew this actor could be so 5BUVN XIPLOFXUIJTBDUPSDPVMECFTP funny?) NBLFZPVGBMMJOMPWFXJUIUIJT make you fall in love with this GVOOZ madcap, adorable movie. NBEDBQ BEPSBCMFNPWJF "21 Jump Street" is silly and outrageous i+VNQ4USFFUwJTTJMMZBOEPVUSBHFPVT and relentlessly clever, and even though it BOESFMFOUMFTTMZDMFWFS BOEFWFOUIPVHIJU goes a little slack in the final 10 minutes, HPFTBMJUUMFTMBDLJOUIFmOBMNJOVUFT  the absolutely insane end credits more UIFBCTPMVUFMZJOTBOFFOEDSFEJUTNPSF than make up for it. It may only be March, UIBONBLFVQGPSJU*UNBZPOMZCF.BSDI  but I'm willing to bet we won't see a funCVU*NXJMMJOHUPCFUXFXPOUTFFBGVO nier comedy this year. OJFSDPNFEZUIJTZFBS

movies atmMUSEUM MOVIESAT K?<DLJ<LD "CERTIFIED COPY," starring Juliette Binoche and William Shimell, directed by Abbas Âľ13@B747321=>GÂśabO``W\U8cZWSbbS0W\]QVSO\REWZZWO[AVW[SZZRW`SQbSRPg/PPOa Kiarostami, 2011. Binoche won the "Best Actress" prize at the Cannes Film Festival 9WO`]abO[W 0W\]QVSe]\bVSÂľ0Sab/Qb`SaaÂś^`WhSObbVS1O\\Sa4WZ[4SabWdOZ for her performance in this playful and provocative romantic drama from Kiarostami, T]`VS`^S`T]`[O\QSW\bVWa^ZOgTcZO\R^`]d]QObWdS`][O\bWQR`O[OT`][9WO`]abO[W his first feature made outside of Iran. Binoche plays a gallery owner living in a VWaÂż`abTSObc`S[ORS]cbaWRS]T7`O\0W\]QVS^ZOgaOUOZZS`g]e\S`ZWdW\UW\O Tuscan village who attends a lecture by a British author (Shimell) on authenticity BcaQO\dWZZOUSeV]ObbS\RaOZSQbc`SPgO0`WbWaVOcbV]`AVW[SZZ]\OcbVS\bWQWbg and fakery in art. Afterward, she invites him on a tour of the countryside, during O\RTOYS`gW\O`b/TbS`eO`RaVSW\dWbSaVW[]\Ob]c`]TbVSQ]c\b`gaWRSRc`W\U which he is mistaken for her husband. They keep up the pretense and continue on eVWQVVSWa[WabOYS\T]`VS`VcaPO\RBVSgYSS^c^bVS^`SbS\aSO\RQ]\bW\cS]\ their afternoon out, discussing love, life and art, and increasingly behaving like a bVSW`OTbS`\]]\]cbRWaQcaaW\UZ]dSZWTSO\RO`bO\RW\Q`SOaW\UZgPSVOdW\UZWYSO long-married couple. But are they play-acting on a whim or is there more to their Z]\U``WSRQ]c^ZS0cbO`SbVSg^ZOgOQbW\U]\OeVW[]`WabVS`S[]`Sb]bVSW` seemingly new relationship than meets the eye? In French and Italian with English aSS[W\UZg\Se`SZObW]\aVW^bVO\[SSbabVSSgS-7\4`S\QVO\R7bOZWO\eWbV3\UZWaV subtitles. NR. Running time: 1:46 acPbWbZSa<@@c\\W\UbW[S(("$ Showing at: Portland Museum of Art, 6:30 p.m. Friday; 2^[AObc`ROgO\RAc\ROg p.m. Saturday and Sunday AV]eW\UOb(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b$(!^[4`WROg)

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012


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“THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST,” starring “HAPPY FEET TWO,” animated with the voices Willem Dafoe and Barbara Hershey. Ever the button-pusher, Martin Scorsese’s controversial of Elijah Wood and Pink. Tonally inconsistent 1988 take on the crucifixion puts more emphasis but plenty fun all the same, this inevitable on Christ’s mortality than any film before or sequel to the 2006 dancing penguin megahit since, reminding the viewer that as a man he was finds Mumble (Wood) risking life and flipper not without sin – a notion that proved to be too to track down his runaway son. In his absence, meanwhile, a glacier crashes into his community, much for many viewers at the time. This Criterion release features a commentary from Scorsese, cutting its adorable citizens off from food and Dafoe and writers Paul Schrader (“Taxi Driver”) family. The tragic subplots don’t always mesh with the cutesy feel of the enterprise, but there’s and Jay Cocks (“Gangs of New York”). Rated R. never a dull moment, and an all-star cast of voice Running time: 2:44 Suggested retail price: $39.95 talent (including Robin Williams, Sofia Vergara and Brad Pitt) energetically brings the proceedVIDEOPORT PICKS ings to life. Rated PG. Running time: 1:40 “MELANCHOLIA,” starring Kirsten Dunst and Suggested retail price: $28.98; Blu-ray $35.99 Charlotte Gainsbourg. From early creepfests like “The Kingdom” to the gory grief of “Anti“MY WEEK WITH MARILYN,” starring Michelle christ,” director Lars von Trier refuses to play it Williams and Eddie Redmayne. Sometimes a safe. And in this near-unclassifiable drama/sci-fi single performance renders a film well worth seeing. That’s absolutely the case with this slight stunner, he plops already nerve-wracked new but amusing biopic-of-sorts in which we witness bride Justine (Dunst) into a particularly dire situation, wherein not only is her wedding night Williams (“Blue Valentine”) becoming Marilyn turning out to put undue strain on her already Monroe before our very eyes, bewitching the audience and wide-eyed assistant director Clark tenuous relationship with her sister, but a recently discovered planet named Melancholia is (Redmayne) utterly – when not enraging poor Laurence Olivier (Kenneth Branagh), with whom reportedly hurtling its way toward Earth, likely spelling doom for its understandably concerned she is attempting to co-star in the notoriously troubled 1957 production of “The Prince and the inhabitants. Stylish craziness abounds. Rated R. Running time: 2:16 Showgirl.” Nothing groundbreaking storywise, Suggested retail price: $26.98; Blu-ray $29.98 but Williams somehow manages to top an already formidable string of performances with “YOUNG ADULT,” starring Charlize Theron and this masterful turn. Rated R. Running time: 1:39 Patton Oswalt. A somewhat immature fiction Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99 writer (Theron) decides to cap her divorce off with a trip back to her Minnesotan hometown, “THE THREE MUSKETEERS,” starring Orlando hoping to rekindle a romance with her ex-boyBloom and Logan Lerman. Dumas’ classic friend (Patrick Wilson), a now happily married employs perhaps more explosions than its husband and father. Providing a shoulder to cry original author had in mind (many, many more on is Oswalt, who fulfills the promise he showed explosions), but when you have “Resident Evil” in “Big Fan” with a terrific turn at Theron’s veteran Paul W.S. Anderson behind the camera, schlubby old pal, who quietly pines for her in the this is par for the course. In truth, “Musketeers” is a pretty darn enjoyable popcorn movie, never background. Funny, sad and thoroughly entertaining. Rated R. Running time: 1:34 one taking itself at all seriously. Rated PG-13 for Suggested retail price: $29.99; Blu-ray $39.99 sequences of adventure action violence. Running time: 1:50 — Courtesy of Videoport Suggested retail price: $26.99; Blu-ray $34.99

1:00 3:50 6:40 9:30


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“BAG OF BONES,” starring Pierce Brosnan and Melissa George. Solid adaptation of Stephen King’s popular novel concerns bereaved novelist Brosnan, whose attempt to hole up in his Maine summer home for some much needed alone time is infringed upon by a troubled young single mom (Annabeth Gish) and repeated encounters with what would appear to be ghosts. This TV miniseries offers a fair number of chills and a nicely grounded lead performance from Brosnan. Not rated; contains mild language and frightening imagery. Running time: 3:54 Suggested retail price: $26.99

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“THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN,” animated with the voices of Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis. Based on the classic comics by Herge, this wonderful action/fantasy from director Steven Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson omits nary a detail nor character from the original sprawling adventures, yet keeps the story and action completely accessible. The motion-capture technology that disturbed so many viewers in “The Polar Express” has come a long way since then, and there Courtesy photo are several sequences here that are positively George Clooney and Shailene stunning. Rated PG. Running time: 1:47 Woodley in “The Descendants.” Suggested retail price: $29.99; Blu-ray $54.99 “THE DESCENDANTS,” starring George Clooney and Judy Greer. Arguably the most critically acclaimed movie of the year, this challenging dramedy from the always intriguing Alexander Payne (“Sideways”) provides Clooney with the best role of his career to date as Matt King, a well-to-do but shambling real estate attorney based in Hawaii who must contend with one upsetting realization after another when his wife is involved in a possibly fatal waterskiing accident. Adding invaluable support here are Shailene Woodley as Clooney’s teenage daughter and a surprisingly effective Matthew Lillard as a fellow real estate agent who reportedly slept with his wife. Rated R. Running time: 1:55 Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99





Wash the last of any winter blues EOaVbVSZOab]TO\geW\bS`PZcSa right out of your hair with the `WUVb]cb]Tg]c`VOW`eWbVbVS nationally touring Broadway \ObW]\OZZgb]c`W\U0`]OReOg production of "South Pacific." The ^`]RcQbW]\]TµA]cbV>OQW¿Q¶BVS show is a classic musical from aV]eWaOQZOaaWQ[caWQOZT`][ Rodgers and Hammerstein, and in @]RUS`aO\R6O[[S`abSW\O\RW\ its heyday won 10 Tony Awards. WbaVSgROge]\B]\g/eO`Ra See and hear "Some Enchanted ASSO\RVSO`µA][S3\QVO\bSR Evening," "Bali Ha'i," "Happy Talk" 3dS\W\U¶µ0OZW6O¸W¶µ6O^^gBOZY¶ and plenty of others. O\R^ZS\bg]T]bVS`a

Irish singer Maura O'Connell goes 7`WaVaW\US`;Oc`O=¸1]\\SZZU]Sa well beyond the Celtic genre and eSZZPSg]\RbVS1SZbWQUS\`SO\R into American roots and counW\b]/[S`WQO\`]]baO\RQ]c\ try music. She's been releasing b`g[caWQAVS¸aPSS\`SZSOaW\U albums since 1983, and her show OZPc[aaW\QS'&!O\RVS`aV]e will include a rich tapestry of eWZZW\QZcRSO`WQVbO^Sab`g]T music. [caWQ

'Hidden Ă&#x160;?`[[\e Tennessee' K\ee\jj\\Ă&#x2039; These are the final few days BVSaSO`SbVSÂż\OZTSeROga to spend an evening with the b]a^S\RO\SdS\W\UeWbVbVS work of playwright Tennessee e]`Y]T^ZOge`WUVbBS\\SaaSS Williams. "Hidden Tennessee" EWZZWO[aÂľ6WRRS\BS\\SaaSSÂś includes three one-act plays W\QZcRSabV`SS]\SOQb^ZOga and a short story that capture O\ROaV]`bab]`gbVObQO^bc`S the essence of Williams' stylistic bVSSaaS\QS]TEWZZWO[a¸abgZWabWQ poeticism and fragility while ex^]SbWQWa[O\RT`OUWZWbgeVWZSSf amining poverty, old age, restless O[W\W\U^]dS`bg]ZROUS`SabZSaa youth and more. g]cbVO\R[]`S WHEN: 2O\R%(!^[ and 7:30 p.m. E63<( WHERE: Portland Stage E63@3(>]`bZO\RAbOUS Company, 25A Forest 1][^O\g #/4]`Sab Ave., Portland /dS>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $27 to $39; 6=E;C16( %b]!') $15, $19.50 students; #'#abcRS\ba) portlandstage. org ^]`bZO\RabOUS]`U


RJD2 IA;) Producer, singer and musician >`]RcQS`aW\US`O\R[caWQWO\ RJD2[ORSO\O[ST]`VW[aSZT made a name for himself @82 via two instrumental hip-hop dWObe]W\ab`c[S\bOZVW^V]^ albums and as a rap producer. On OZPc[aO\ROaO`O^^`]RcQS`=\ his last two records "The Third VWaZOabbe]`SQ]`RaµBVSBVW`R Hand" and "The Colossus." you'll 6O\R¶O\RµBVS1]Z]aaca¶g]c¸ZZ hear him singing and playing a VSO`VW[aW\UW\UO\R^ZOgW\UO range of instruments. `O\US]TW\ab`c[S\ba WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Port City Music E63@3(>]`b1Wbg;caWQ Hall, 504 Congress St., 6OZZ#"1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $20 in ad6=E;C16( W\OR vance; $25 day of show; dO\QS) #ROg]TaV]e) portcitymusichall. com ^]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][

WHEN: 2^[ p.m. E63<( WHERE: Merrill Auditorium, E63@3(;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[ 20 Myrtle St., Portland ;g`bZSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $45 to $65; 6=E;C16("#b]$#) ^]`bbWfQ][



Bach Birthday 9XZ_9`ik_[Xp Bash 9Xj_

'South Pacific' Ă&#x160;Jflk_GXZ`Ă&#x201D;ZĂ&#x2039;

Maura O'Connell DXliXFĂ&#x2039;:fee\cc

WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: One Longfellow E63@3(=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, 181 State St., A_cO`S&AbObSAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $22W\OR in ad6=E;C16( vance; $25 day of show; dO\QS) #ROg]TaV]e) onelongfellowsquare. com ]\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][


1][^WZSRPg/W[aSZ>]\bW AbOTTE`WbS`

Altered Book 8ck\i\[9ffb Exhibition <o_`Y`k`fe See the end result of an altered ASSbVSS\R`SacZb]TO\OZbS`SR book workshop recently led by P]]Ye]`YaV]^`SQS\bZgZSRPg Margo Ogden. An altered book is ;O`U]=URS\/\OZbS`SRP]]YWa a form of mixed-media artwork OT]`[]T[WfSRRWOO`be]`Y that changes both the appearbVObQVO\USaP]bVbVSO^^SO` ance and meaning of an old O\QSO\R[SO\W\U]TO\]ZR book. Various techniques were P]]YDO`W]cabSQV\W_cSaeS`S used, and participants' work will caSRO\R^O`bWQW^O\ba¸e]`YeWZZ be on display through March 29. PS]\RWa^ZOgbV`]cUV;O`QV ' WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. E63<(O[b]#(!^[ WHERE: Hubbard Free E63@3(6cPPO`R4`SS Library, 115 Second St., :WP`O`g#ASQ]\RAb Hallowell 6OZZ]eSZZ HOW MUCH: Free; 6=E;C16(4`SS) VcPPO`RT`SS]`U

On March 21,1685, German =\;O`QV $&#5S`[O\ composer Johann Sebastian Bach Q][^]aS`8]VO\\ASPOabWO\0OQV was born and went on to make eOaP]`\O\ReS\b]\b][OYS some of classical music's most a][S]TQZOaaWQOZ[caWQ¸a[]ab treasured contributions. Friends b`SOac`SRQ]\b`WPcbW]\a4`WS\Ra of the Kotzschmar Organ are ]TbVS9]bhaQV[O`=`UO\O`S happy to celebrate the occasion VO^^gb]QSZSP`ObSbVS]QQOaW]\ on the eve of his birthday with ]\bVSSdS]TVWaPW`bVROgeWbV the Bach's Birthday Bash concert bVS0OQV¸a0W`bVROg0OaVQ]\QS`b featuring organist Joan LippinTSObc`W\U]`UO\Wab8]O\:W^^W\ cott, who is known throughout Q]bbeV]WaY\]e\bV`]cUV]cb North America and Europe for <]`bV/[S`WQOO\R3c`]^ST]` her Bach performances. VS`0OQV^S`T]`[O\QSa WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Merrill Auditorium, E63@3(;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[ 20 Myrtle St., Portland ;g`bZSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $15; $25 for 6=E;C16(#) #T]` two; be])^]`bbWfQ][


DXiZ_)+ Ă&#x160;>`j\cc\Ă&#x2039; 'Giselle'

Leo Kottke C\fBfkkb\

jrtland Ballet Company's spring ]`bZO\R0OZZSb1][^O\g¸aa^`W\U Brformance is the classic ballet S`T]`[O\QSWabVSQZOaaWQPOZZSb "iselle." It is the famously ro5WaSZZS¶7bWabVSTO[]caZg`] antic ballet that tells a story of [O\bWQPOZZSbbVObbSZZaOab]`g]T ve, betrayal, madness, revenge dSPSb`OgOZ[OR\Saa`SdS\US id forgiveness. Find out if \RT]`UWdS\Saa4W\R]cbWT iselle will be able to protect her WaSZZSeWZZPSOPZSb]^`]bSQbVS` ver from deadly spirits. dS`T`][RSORZga^W`Wba

Leo Kottke's recording career :S]9]bbYS¸a`SQ]`RW\UQO`SS` started in the late '60s, and he abO`bSRW\bVSZObS¸$aO\RVS has earned legendary status witl VOaSO`\SRZSUS\RO`gabObcaeWbV this six- and 12-string fingerpickbVWaaWfO\R ab`W\UÂż\US`^WQY ing guitar wizardry. His influence W\UUcWbO`eWhO`R`g6WaW\Ă&#x20AC;cS\QS include blues, jazz, folk and pop, W\QZcRSPZcSaXOhhT]ZYO\R^]^ and his live performances have O\RVWaZWdS^S`T]`[O\QSaVOdS been bringing houses down for PSS\P`W\UW\UV]caSaR]e\T]` years. gSO`a

Toots & The KffkjK_\ Naytals DXpkXcj One of the premiere groups of =\S]TbVS^`S[WS`SU`]c^a]T reggae and ska music to ever `SUUOSO\RaYO[caWQb]SdS` come from Jamaica is Toots and Q][ST`][8O[OWQOWaB]]baO\R The Maytals, best known for the BVS;OgbOZaPSabY\]e\T]`bVS song "Pressure Drop." They've a]\Uµ>`Saac`S2`]^¶BVSg¸dS been making music since the PSS\[OYW\U[caWQaW\QSbVS early '60s, and though memberSO`Zg¸$aO\RbV]cUV[S[PS` ship has changed through the aVW^VOaQVO\USRbV`]cUVbVS years, the music and the mesgSO`abVS[caWQO\RbVS[Sa sage are still revered. aOUSO`SabWZZ`SdS`SR WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: The State Theatre, E63@3(BVSAbObSBVSOb`S 609 Congress St., $'1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $23 in ad6=E;C16( !W\OR vance: $25 day of show; dO\QS( #ROg]TaV]e) statetheatreportland. com abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: The Strand E63@3(BVSAb`O\R Theatre, 345 Main St., BVSOb`S!"#;OW\Ab Rockland @]QYZO\R HOW MUCH: $28 in ad6=E;C16( &W\OR vance, $33 day of show; dO\QS!!ROg]TaV]e) rocklandstrand. com `]QYZO\Rab`O\RQ][

fHEN: 2O\R&^[ and 8 p.m. E63<( fHERE: Westbrook E63@3(ESabP`]]Y erforming Arts Center, S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS` 71 Stroudwater St. %Ab`]cReObS`Ab OWMUCH: $35; $15 for 18 =E;C16(!#)#T]`& and under; O\Rc\RS`)^]`bbWfQ][ Local collaborative theater :]QOZQ]ZZOP]`ObWdSbVSObS` company Loren Ipsum presents Q][^O\g:]`S\7^ac[^`SaS\ba Henrik Ibsen's "Ghost" March 236S\`WY7PaS\¸aµ5V]ab¶;O`QV ! 24. When it was first performed "EVS\WbeOa¿`ab^S`T]`[SR in the late 1800s, critics called it W\bVSZObS&aQ`WbWQaQOZZSRWb "revoltingly suggestive and blasµ`Sd]ZbW\UZgacUUSabWdSO\RPZOa phemous" and a "foul and filthy ^VS[]ca¶O\ROµT]cZO\R¿ZbVg concoction." See for yourself how Q]\Q]QbW]\¶ASST]`g]c`aSZTV]e Ibsen's story of sexual repression, 7PaS\¸aab]`g]TaSfcOZ`S^`SaaW]\ religious hypocrisy and question`SZWUW]caVg^]Q`WagO\R_cSabW]\ able parental decisions translates OPZS^O`S\bOZRSQWaW]\ab`O\aZObSa today. b]ROg WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: The Space Gallery, E63@3(BVSA^OQS5OZZS`g 538 Congress St., Portland #!&1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $10; all ages; 6=E;C16()OZZOUSa) a^OQS#!&]`U



5Sbc^O\R5= Get up and GO eWbVbVSaSSdS\ba with these events

1G/< ;/53<B/ G3::=E 0:/19

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 | GO E17 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3%

IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!

E16 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

E18 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 


MAR. 17 -!2

CHERYL #(%29, WHEELER 7(%%,%2 h APR. 13tH !02T

JOHNNY */(..9 WINTER 7).4%2 th

GIRLYMAN ')2,9-!. th APR. 12TH !02


APR. 6 !02

RONNIE 2/..)% EARLth %!2, APR. 20TH !02

JUDY *5$9 COLLINS #/,,).3 th MAY 6TH -!9



STEPHEN KELLOGG 34%0(%.+%,,/'' 4(%3)8%23 & THE SIXERS th



E:G@>CH PERKINS Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!

UIBUIJHIMJHIUUIF+FXJTIFYQFSJFODFJO that highlight the Jewish experience in varied, often surprising, cinematic ways. WBSJFE PGUFOTVSQSJTJOH DJOFNBUJDXBZT For Maine film fans, whatever their faith 'PS.BJOFmMNGBOT XIBUFWFSUIFJSGBJUI (or lack thereof), the MJFF, like the grow PSMBDLUIFSFPG UIF.+'' MJLFUIFHSPX ing number of other film festivals in our JOHOVNCFSPGPUIFSmMNGFTUJWBMTJOPVS state, is a gift. TUBUF JTBHJGU 5IJTZFBSTMJOFVQJODMVEFTUIFMJLFTPG This year's lineup includes the likes of "Little Rose," an acclaimed heartbreaker i-JUUMF3PTF wBOBDDMBJNFEIFBSUCSFBLFS about forbidden love in increasingly-antiBCPVUGPSCJEEFOMPWFJOJODSFBTJOHMZBOUJ Semitic 1968 Czechoslovakia; "Stealing 4FNJUJD$[FDIPTMPWBLJBi4UFBMJOH Mint," a documentary about a Holocaust ,MJNU wBEPDVNFOUBSZBCPVUB)PMPDBVTU survivor's quest to recover priceless TVSWJWPSTRVFTUUPSFDPWFSQSJDFMFTT art stolen by the Nazis; cross-cultural BSUTUPMFOCZUIF/B[JTDSPTTDVMUVSBM romances "The Name of Love" and "The SPNBODFTi5IF/BNFPG-PWFwBOEi5IF Matchmaker"; the documentary "Crime .BUDINBLFSwUIFEPDVNFOUBSZi$SJNF After Crime," about two lawyers' attempts "GUFS$SJNF wBCPVUUXPMBXZFSTBUUFNQUT to free a woman who killed her abusive UPGSFFBXPNBOXIPLJMMFEIFSBCVTJWF husband; and the Jewish "blaxploitation" IVTCBOEBOEUIF+FXJTIiCMBYQMPJUBUJPOw spoof "The Hebrew Hammer" starring TQPPGi5IF)FCSFX)BNNFSwTUBSSJOH "Dazed and ConfusecT's Adam Goldberg i%B[FEBOE$POGVTFEwT"EBN(PMECFSH as an orthodox lover-man action hero out BTBOPSUIPEPYMPWFSNBOBDUJPOIFSPPVU to save Hanukkah from Santa's evil son. UPTBWF)BOVLLBIGSPN4BOUBTFWJMTPO Wait, what was that last one? 8BJU XIBUXBTUIBUMBTUPOF "People get surprised that there's hui1FPQMFHFUTVSQSJTFEUIBUUIFSFTIV mor and sex in our films," laughs WagnerNPSBOETFYJOPVSmMNT wMBVHIT8BHOFS Peck, citing, in addition, MJFF's inclusion 1FDL DJUJOH JOBEEJUJPO .+''TJODMVTJPO of the silly (and raunchy) comedy "This Is PGUIFTJMMZ BOESBVODIZ DPNFEZi5IJT*T Sodom." "We're bringing sexy back." 4PEPNwi8FSFCSJOHJOHTFYZCBDLw Wagner-Peck reports that MJFF's at8BHOFS1FDLSFQPSUTUIBU.+''TBU tendance grew some 6 percent last year. UFOEBODFHSFXTPNFQFSDFOUMBTUZFBS Almost as encouraging is that an even "MNPTUBTFODPVSBHJOHJTUIBUBOFWFO larger percentage consisted of first-time MBSHFSQFSDFOUBHFDPOTJTUFEPGmSTUUJNF attendees, a trend she attributes to the BUUFOEFFT BUSFOETIFBUUSJCVUFTUPUIF festival's mission to present as diverse a GFTUJWBMTNJTTJPOUPQSFTFOUBTEJWFSTFB movie experience as possible and appeal NPWJFFYQFSJFODFBTQPTTJCMFBOEBQQFBM to the cinematic romantic in everyone. UPUIFDJOFNBUJDSPNBOUJDJOFWFSZPOF "Maine has the highest rate of interi.BJOFIBTUIFIJHIFTUSBUFPGJOUFS faith marriages in North America," said GBJUINBSSJBHFTJO/PSUI"NFSJDB wTBJE

MOVIES BDK>:H Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!

Brunswick 10 Today 1:45,4:25, 7:05, 9:40 Fri-Wed 1:05, 0`c\aeWQYB]ROg("#"( #%(#'("4`WESR(# 4:05, 6:55, 9:40; Falmouth 10 Today 4:25, 7:20 "(#$(##'(")4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"( #%(  "THE ARTIST" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Jean Dujardin, ÂľB63/@B7ABÂś>5!("AbO`a8SO\2cXO`RW\ Berenice Bejo and John Goodman. Directed by Michel 0S`S\WQS0SX]O\R8]V\5]]R[O\2W`SQbSRPg;WQVSZ Hazanavicius. In 1929, as silent movie star George 6OhO\OdWQWca7\' 'OaaWZS\b[]dWSabO`5S]`US wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him e]\RS`aWTbVSO``WdOZ]TbOZYW\U^WQbc`SaeWZZQOcaSVW[ to fade into oblivion, he sparks with a young dancer b]TORSW\b]]PZWdW]\VSa^O`YaeWbVOg]c\URO\QS` who is hoping for a big break. eV]WaV]^W\UT]`OPWUP`SOY Showing at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) Today 1:30, AV]eW\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(! 3:45, 6; Nickelodeon Today-Wed 1:30, 4:10, 7, 9:15; !("#$)<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROgESR(!"(%'(#) Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:05, 4:35, 7:05, 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (# 2:20, ( "(!#%(# 9:25; Falmouth 10 Today 4, 6:50 '( #)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"$(# "CHRONICLE" (PG-13) (1:23) Stars Michael B. Jordan, Âľ16@=<71:3Âś>5!( !AbO`a;WQVOSZ08]`RO\ Michael Kelly and Alex Russell. Directed by Josh Trank. ;WQVOSZ9SZZgO\R/ZSf@caaSZZ2W`SQbSRPg8]aVB`O\Y Three high school friends find a mysterious substance BV`SSVWUVaQV]]ZT`WS\RaÂż\RO[gabS`W]caacPabO\QS that leaves them with superpowers. They find their bVObZSOdSabVS[eWbVac^S`^]eS`aBVSgÂż\RbVSW` lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as ZWdSaa^W\\W\U]cb]TQ]\b`]ZO\RbVSW`P]\RbSabSROa they embrace their darker sides. bVSgS[P`OQSbVSW`RO`YS`aWRSa Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:10, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR ( 2:20, 4:30, 7, 9:30 ( "(!%'(! "A DANGEROUS METHOD" (R) (1:39) Stars Michael Âľ/2/<53@=CA;3B6=2Âś@(!'AbO`a;WQVOSZ Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen. 4OaaPS\RS`9SW`O9\WUVbZSgO\RDWUU];]`bS\aS\ Directed by David Cronenberg. A Russian woman 2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR1`]\S\PS`U/@caaWO\e][O\ is treated for hysteria by Carl Jung using Freudian Wab`SObSRT]`VgabS`WOPg1O`Z8c\UcaW\U4`ScRWO\ techniques, and the treatment is successful. But then bSQV\W_cSaO\RbVSb`SOb[S\bWaacQQSaaTcZ0cbbVS\ an intense liason develops between between Jung and O\W\bS\aSZWOa]\RSdSZ]^aPSbeSS\PSbeSS\8c\UO\R the woman, which causes the relationship between bVSe][O\eVWQVQOcaSabVS`SZObW]\aVW^PSbeSS\ Sigmund Freud and Jung to deteriorate. AWU[c\R4`ScRO\R8c\Ub]RSbS`W]`ObS Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 1:10, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR( 4:10, 7, 9:20 "(%'(

Wagner-Peck. "Less than 1 percent of our 8BHOFS1FDLi-FTTUIBOQFSDFOUPGPVS QPQVMBUJPOJT+FXJTI TPUIFSFBSFQFPQMF population is Jewish, so there are people XIPDPNFXIPBSF XIJMFUIFJSGBNJMJFT who come who are, while their families NJHIUOPUCF4PNFQFPQMFJOBGBNJMZ might not be. Some people in a family are really coming for a new experience, BSFSFBMMZDPNJOHGPSBOFXFYQFSJFODF  CVUNPTUQFPQMFBSFDPNJOHUPUSZUPmOE but most people are coming to try to find some kind of magic. TPNFLJOEPGNBHJD i*XBOUTPNFUIJOHUIBUTHPJOHUP "I want something that's going to change me. Not at home on TV or my iPad DIBOHFNF/PUBUIPNFPO57PSNZJ1BE oTPNFXIFSFXIFSFUIFNBHJDIBQQFOT - somewhere where the magic happens. Cultural identity does not trump the expe$VMUVSBMJEFOUJUZEPFTOPUUSVNQUIFFYQF rience of going to the theater." SJFODFPGHPJOHUPUIFUIFBUFSw For a full schedule of films and events, 'PSBGVMMTDIFEVMFPGmMNTBOEFWFOUT  check out DIFDLPVUNKGGPSH Dennis Perkins is a Portland-based freelance writer. 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaO>]`bZO\RPOaSRT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`

COMING TO LOCAL SCREENS :FD@E>KFCF:8CJ:I<<EJ BLUESTOCKING FILM SERIES 0:C3AB=197<547:;A3@73A³ CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 1/::4=@AC0;7AA7=<A PZcSab]QYW\U¿Z[aQ][ The second installment in Portland BVSaSQ]\RW\abOZZ[S\bW\>]`bZO\R filmmaker Kate Kaminski's all¿Z[[OYS`9ObS9O[W\aYW¸aOZZ woman Maine film series screens e][O\;OW\S¿Z[aS`WSaaQ`SS\a at the St. Lawrence Arts Center on ObbVSAb:Oe`S\QS/`ba1S\bS`]\ Tuesday. Female filmmakers looking BcSaROg4S[OZS¿Z[[OYS`aZ]]YW\U to participate should check out the b]^O`bWQW^ObSaV]cZRQVSQY]cbbVS Bluestocking website; just make sure 0ZcSab]QYW\UeSPaWbS)Xcab[OYSac`S your short film passes the Bechdel g]c`aV]`b¿Z[^OaaSabVS0SQVRSZ Test! BSab FILM CHOWDAH - CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS 47:;16=E2/6³1/::4=@AC0;7AA7=<A ¿Z[QV]eROV]`U March 3O is the deadline for ;O`QV!WabVSRSORZW\ST]` submissions to this annual student acP[WaaW]\ab]bVWaO\\cOZabcRS\b film festival. Filmmakers must be ¿Z[TSabWdOZ4WZ[[OYS`a[cabPS enrolled in at least one college S\`]ZZSRW\ObZSOab]\SQ]ZZSUS class in the state of Maine, and can QZOaaW\bVSabObS]T;OW\SO\RQO\ submit short films in documentary, acP[WbaV]`b¿Z[aW\R]Qc[S\bO`g narrative, animation and experimental \O``ObWdSO\W[ObW]\O\RSf^S`W[S\bOZ categories. QObSU]`WSa

"GONE" (R) (1:41) Stars Amanda Seyfried, Jennifer Âľ5=<3Âś@("AbO`a/[O\ROASgT`WSR8S\\WTS` Carpenter, Wes Bentley and Daniel Sunjata. Directed 1O`^S\bS`ESa0S\bZSgO\R2O\WSZAc\XObO2W`SQbSR by Heitor Dhalia. When her sister disappears, Jill is Pg6SWb]`2VOZWOEVS\VS`aWabS`RWaO^^SO`a8WZZWa convinced the serial killer who kidnapped her two Q]\dW\QSRbVSaS`WOZYWZZS`eV]YWR\O^^SRVS`be] years ago has returned and she sets out to face her gSO`aOU]VOa`Sbc`\SRO\RaVSaSba]cbb]TOQSVS` abductor, again. OPRcQb]`OUOW\ Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12,9:50; AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg '(#) Cinemagic Saco Today 2:15, 7:15; Falmouth 10 Today 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (#%(#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg 4:15, 7:05 "(#%(# "GOOD DEEDS" (PG-13) (1:41) Stars Tyler Perry, Âľ5==22332AÂś>5!("AbO`aBgZS`>S``g Gabrielle Union, Thandie Newton and Eddie Cibrian. 5OP`WSZZSC\W]\BVO\RWS<Seb]\O\R3RRWS1WP`WO\ Directed by Tyler Perry. Businessman Wesley Deeds is 2W`SQbSRPgBgZS`>S``g0caW\Saa[O\ESaZSg2SSRaWa jolted out of his scripted life when he meets Lindsey, a X]ZbSR]cb]TVWaaQ`W^bSRZWTSeVS\VS[SSba:W\RaSgO single mother who works on the cleaning crew in his aW\UZS[]bVS`eV]e]`Ya]\bVSQZSO\W\UQ`SeW\VWa office building. ]TÂżQSPcWZRW\U Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 7:10, 9:40 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg%('(" "THE GREY" (R) (1:57) Stars Liam Neeson, Dermot ÂľB635@3GÂś@(#%AbO`a:WO[<SSa]\2S`[]b Mulroney, Frank Grille and Dallas Roberts. Directed by ;cZ`]\Sg4`O\Y5`WZZ]O\R2OZZOa@]PS`ba2W`SQbSRPg Joe Carnahan. An oil-drilling team struggles to survive 8]S1O`\OVO\/\]WZR`WZZW\UbSO[ab`cUUZSab]ac`dWdS after a plane crash strands them in the Alaskan wild. OTbS`O^ZO\SQ`OaVab`O\RabVS[W\bVS/ZOaYO\eWZR The survivors have only a few days to escape the icy BVSac`dWd]`aVOdS]\ZgOTSeROgab]SaQO^SbVSWQg elements - and a vicious pack of rogue wolves - beSZS[S\baÂłO\ROdWQW]ca^OQY]T`]UcSe]ZdSaÂłPS fore their time runs out. T]`SbVSW`bW[S`c\a]cb Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 11:40,9:40 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg("'(" "HUGO" (PG) (2:06) Stars Ben Kingsley, Asa ButterÂľ6C5=Âś>5 ($AbO`a0S\9W\UaZSg/aO0cbbS` field, Christopher Lee and Chloe Grace Moretz. Directed ÂżSZR1V`Wab]^VS`:SSO\R1VZ]S5`OQS;]`Sbh2W`SQbSR by Martin Scorsese. A mystery involving a dead father Pg;O`bW\AQ]`aSaS/[gabS`gW\d]ZdW\UORSORTObVS` and an automaton sends an orphan, who lives within O\RO\Ocb][Ob]\aS\RaO\]`^VO\eV]ZWdSaeWbVW\ the walls of a 1930s Paris train station, on an extraordibVSeOZZa]TO'!a>O`Wab`OW\abObW]\]\O\Sfb`O]`RW nary adventure. \O`gORdS\bc`S Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1,6:204`W FriAV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg$( Wed 3:45, 9; Falmouth 10 Today 6:55 (3D) ESR!("#')4OZ[]cbVB]ROg$(##!2 

Please see MOVIES, PageE30 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<*'


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3'

?FK HOT k`Zb\k Kfep$n`ee`e^Ă&#x160;I\[Ă&#x2039; Tony-winning 'Red' opens in Lewiston fg\ej`eC\n`jkfe "RED," a play about art, Âľ@32ÂśO^ZOgOP]cbO`b ego and conscience, SU]O\RQ]\aQWS\QS opens at the Public ]^S\aObbVS>cPZWQ Theatre in Lewiston. It BVSOb`SW\:SeWab]\7b won the Tony for best play e]\bVSB]\gT]`PSab^ZOg in 2010, and tells the story W\ O\RbSZZabVSab]`g of abstract-expressionist ]TOPab`OQbSf^`SaaW]\Wab artist Mark Rothko. O`bWab;O`Y@]bVY] WHEN: 7:30 p.m. today and E63<(%(!^[b]ROgO\R Friday; 8 p.m. Saturday; 4`WROg)&^[AObc`ROg) 2^[Ac\ROgBV`]cUV p.m. Sunday. Through March 25. ;O`QV # WHERE: Public Theatre, 31 E63@3(>cPZWQBVSOb`S! Maple St., Lewiston ;O^ZSAb:SeWab]\ HOW MUCH: $18; $5 for ages 6=E;C16(&)#T]`OUSa 18 and younger &O\Rg]c\US` INFO: 782-3200; 7<4=(%& ! ) bVS^cPZWQbVSOb`S]`U

G :?<8I@CC


John Patriquin/Staff Photographer 8]V\>Ob`W_cW\AbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Portland Ballet prepares the gorgeous - and grueling GfikcXe[9Xcc\kgi\gXi\jk_\^fi^\fljĂ&#x2020;Xe[^il\c`e^Ă&#x2020; production, casting two very different dancers in the lead role. gif[lZk`fe#ZXjk`e^knfm\ip[`]]\i\ek[XeZ\ij`ek_\c\X[ifc\% By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4 StoffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS


egan Buckley and FHBO#VDLMFZBOE Jennifer Jones +FOOJGFS+POFT are very different BSFWFSZEJGGFSFOU women and very XPNFOBOEWFSZ different dancers. EJGGFSFOUEBODFST But for the cur#VUGPSUIFDVS rent production SFOUQSPEVDUJPO of "Giselle" by PGi(JTFMMFwCZ Portland Ballet, 1PSUMBOE#BMMFU  they share one UIFZTIBSFPOF thing in common: the lead role. UIJOHJODPNNPOUIFMFBESPMF Buckley, 25, and Jones, 32, will #VDLMFZ  BOE+POFT  XJMM both portray Giselle in the classical CPUIQPSUSBZ(JTFMMFJOUIFDMBTTJDBM production, which sometimes is reQSPEVDUJPO XIJDITPNFUJNFTJTSF ferred to as the "Hamlet" of ballet. GFSSFEUPBTUIFi)BNMFUwPGCBMMFU Portland Ballet will present the 1PSUMBOE#BMMFUXJMMQSFTFOUUIF show three times this month at TIPXUISFFUJNFTUIJTNPOUIBU Westbrook Performing Arts Center 8FTUCSPPL1FSGPSNJOH"SUT$FOUFS at Westbrook Middle School and BU8FTUCSPPL.JEEMF4DIPPMBOE again during a mini-tour to New BHBJOEVSJOHBNJOJUPVSUP/FX Brunswick, Canada. #SVOTXJDL $BOBEB It's unusual for a company the size *UTVOVTVBMGPSBDPNQBOZUIFTJ[F of Portland Ballet to cast two dancPG1PSUMBOE#BMMFUUPDBTUUXPEBOD ers in a single role. But the role of FSTJOBTJOHMFSPMF#VUUIFSPMFPG Giselle demands so much, artistic (JTFMMFEFNBOETTPNVDI BSUJTUJD director Eugenia O'Brien thought it EJSFDUPS&VHFOJB0#SJFOUIPVHIUJU wise to prepare two dancers. SimiXJTFUPQSFQBSFUXPEBODFST4JNJ larly, the role of Myrtha is shared by MBSMZ UIFSPMFPG.ZSUIBJTTIBSFECZ


@= >F PORTLAND BALLET'S "GISELLE" >=@B:/<20/::3B¸A¾57A3::3œ

WHEN: 8 p.m. Saturday; 2O\R& and 8 E63<(&^[AObc`ROg) p.m. March 24 ^[;O`QV " WHERE: Westbrook Performing E63@3(ESabP`]]Y>S`T]`[W\U Arts Center, Westbrook Middle /`ba1S\bS`ESabP`]]Y;WRRZS School, 471 Stroudwater St. AQV]]Z"%Ab`]cReObS`Ab HOW MUCH: $35; $15 for children 6=E;C16(!#)#T]`QVWZR`S\ ages 18 and younger OUSa&O\Rg]c\US` INFO: 842-0800;; 7<4=(&" &)^]`bbWfQ][) ^]`bZO\RPOZZSb]`U

dancers Mary Stride and Morgan EBODFST.BSZ4USJEFBOE.PSHBO Sanborn. 4BOCPSO "One of the beautiful things about i0OFPGUIFCFBVUJGVMUIJOHTBCPVU live performance is that each perMJWFQFSGPSNBODFJTUIBUFBDIQFS formance offers a different texture," GPSNBODFPGGFSTBEJGGFSFOUUFYUVSF w O'Brien said. "I think audiences will 0#SJFOTBJEi*UIJOLBVEJFODFTXJMM detect a very different flavor from EFUFDUBWFSZEJGGFSFOUnBWPSGSPN one show to the next, depending on POFTIPXUPUIFOFYU EFQFOEJOHPO who they see in the role. That is the XIPUIFZTFFJOUIFSPMF5IBUJTUIF thrill of live performance, and why UISJMMPGMJWFQFSGPSNBODF BOEXIZ we come back over and over." XFDPNFCBDLPWFSBOEPWFSw The ballet follows Giselle through 5IFCBMMFUGPMMPXT(JTFMMFUISPVHI love, heartbreak, forgiveness and MPWF IFBSUCSFBL GPSHJWFOFTTBOE death. She is an innocent girl EFBUI4IFJTBOJOOPDFOUHJSM beloved by the local gamekeeper CFMPWFECZUIFMPDBMHBNFLFFQFS Hilarion. But she falls in love with )JMBSJPO#VUTIFGBMMTJOMPWFXJUI

Count Albrecht, a nobleman who $PVOU"MCSFDIU BOPCMFNBOXIP showers Giselle with his affections TIPXFST(JTFMMFXJUIIJTBGGFDUJPOT while disguised as a peasant. XIJMFEJTHVJTFEBTBQFBTBOU When Giselle discovers Albrecht 8IFO(JTFMMFEJTDPWFST"MCSFDIU is engaged, she loses her mind and JTFOHBHFE TIFMPTFTIFSNJOEBOE dies broken-hearted. She returns in EJFTCSPLFOIFBSUFE4IFSFUVSOTJO Act Two with other ghost maidens "DU5XPXJUIPUIFSHIPTUNBJEFOT who have died before their wedding XIPIBWFEJFECFGPSFUIFJSXFEEJOH nights, also the victims of heartOJHIUT BMTPUIFWJDUJNTPGIFBSU break. CSFBL The ghost maidens seek revenge, 5IFHIPTUNBJEFOTTFFLSFWFOHF  forcing men who cross them to GPSDJOHNFOXIPDSPTTUIFNUP dance to their death. When Albrecht EBODFUPUIFJSEFBUI8IFO"MCSFDIU visits Giselle's grave, she appears WJTJUT(JTFMMFTHSBWF TIFBQQFBST and forgives him, saving him from BOEGPSHJWFTIJN TBWJOHIJNGSPN the fate of other men. UIFGBUFPGPUIFSNFO The role of Giselle challenges 5IFSPMFPG(JTFMMFDIBMMFOHFT dancers for many reasons, primary EBODFSTGPSNBOZSFBTPOT QSJNBSZ among them the range of emotions BNPOHUIFNUIFSBOHFPGFNPUJPOT a dancer must convey. BEBODFSNVTUDPOWFZ "This was one of the first ballets I i5IJTXBTPOFPGUIFmSTUCBMMFUT* ever saw, and I was blown away by FWFSTBX BOE*XBTCMPXOBXBZCZ the vast array of emotions that the UIFWBTUBSSBZPGFNPUJPOTUIBUUIF dancer had to perform," said Jones, EBODFSIBEUPQFSGPSN wTBJE+POFT  who will dance the lead role at the XIPXJMMEBODFUIFMFBESPMFBUUIF March 24 matinee. .BSDINBUJOFF "To prepare for this role, as a i5PQSFQBSFGPSUIJTSPMF BTB dancer I have to find myself in EBODFS*IBWFUPmOENZTFMGJO Please see'GISELLE,' PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\·57A3::3¸GX^\<)-


Megan Buckley practices at Portland Ballet studio to dance the lead role in the upcoming "Giselle." ;SUO\0cQYZSg^`OQbWQSaOb>]`bZO\R0OZZSbabcRW]b]RO\QSbVSZSOR`]ZSW\bVSc^Q][W\UÂľ5WaSZZSÂś

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Writer and painter Ni`k\iXe[gX`ek\i share Maine stories j_Xi\DX`e\jkfi`\j SINCE MEETING in 1996, A7<13;33B7<5W\''$ Marguerite Robichaux ;O`UcS`WbS@]PWQVOcf and Elizabeth Peavey O\R3ZWhOPSbV>SOdSg have roamed the back VOdS`]O[SRbVSPOQY roads of Maine together, `]ORa]T;OW\Sb]USbVS` documenting their R]Qc[S\bW\UbVSW` adventures through ORdS\bc`SabV`]cUV Robichaux's paintings @]PWQVOcf¸a^OW\bW\Ua and Peavey's writings. O\R>SOdSg¸ae`WbW\Ua They have collaborated BVSgVOdSQ]ZZOP]`ObSR on a book, "Glorious Slow ]\OP]]Yµ5Z]`W]caAZ]e Going: Maine Stories 5]W\U(;OW\SAb]`WSa of Art, Adventure and ]T/`b/RdS\bc`SO\R Friendship," and will have 4`WS\RaVW^¶O\ReWZZVOdS a book signing at the OP]]YaWU\W\UObbVS Portland Museum of Art. >]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b WHEN: 5 to 8 p.m. E63<(#b]&^[ Friday, with a talk about 4`WROgeWbVObOZYOP]cb collaboration at 6 p.m. Q]ZZOP]`ObW]\Ob$^[ WHERE: Portland Museum E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[ of Art, 7 Congress Square ]T/`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 7<4=(^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

c`jk`e^j listings ART AND THEATER 8IK8E;K?<8K<I

CLASSICAL MUSIC N#,!33)#!,-53)# TODAY 4/$!9 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday Concert, with pianist Vivian Choi, First Parish #ONCERT WITHPIANIST6IVIAN#HOI &IRST0ARISH Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland. Free. 5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH 0ORTLAND&REE 775-3356. 12:15 p.m.  PM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Violinist Robert Lehmann with Pianist Sayuri 6IOLINIST2OBERT,EHMANNWITH0IANIST3AYURI Miyamoto, sonatas by Prokofiev and Brahms, -IYAMOTO SONATASBY0ROKOlEVAND"RAHMS University of Southern Maine (Corthell Concert 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE#ORTHELL#ONCERT Hall), Gorham. $15; $10 for seniors; $5 for (ALL 'ORHAMFORSENIORSFOR students. 780-5555. 8 p.m. STUDENTS PM Handel Oratorio, Bates College Choir conducted (ANDEL/RATORIO "ATES#OLLEGE#HOIRCONDUCTED by John Corrie, Bates College (Olin Arts Center), BY*OHN#ORRIE "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER Lewiston. Free; tickets required. 786-6135. 8 p.m. ,EWISTON&REETICKETSREQUIRED PM Friday and Saturday. &RIDAYAND3ATURDAY SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Oratorio Chorale Spring Program, Baroque /RATORIO#HORALE3PRING0ROGRAM "AROQUE selections from Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, SELECTIONSFROM"ACH (ANDELAND6IVALDI Bowdoin College (Studzinski Recital Hall), "OWDOIN#OLLEGE3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL(ALL Brunswick. $20 in advance; $25 day of show; "RUNSWICKINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW half-price for students, HALF PRICEFORSTUDENTSORATORIOCHORALEORG 7:30 p.m. PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Friends of Bach, featuring organist Helene Fortier &RIENDSOF"ACH FEATURINGORGANIST(ELENE&ORTIER and violinists Susan LaVerriere, Valerie Mongillo ANDVIOLINISTS3USAN,A6ERRIERE 6ALERIE-ONGILLO and Madeleine LeBrecque; fundraiser concert to AND-ADELEINE,E"RECQUEFUNDRAISERCONCERTTO help restore the church's 1905 Mason/Hamlin HELPRESTORETHECHURCHS-ASON(AMLIN grand piano; St. Joseph Church, Biddeford. Free/ GRANDPIANO3T*OSEPH#HURCH "IDDEFORD&REE donation. 282-3321. 2 p.m. DONATION PM USM School of Music's Wind Ensemble, 53-3CHOOLOF-USICS7IND%NSEMBLE University of Southern Maine (Corthell Concert 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE#ORTHELL#ONCERT Hall), Gorham. $6; $3 for students, seniors and (ALL 'ORHAMFORSTUDENTS SENIORSAND alumni, 2 p.m. ALUMNIUSMMAINEEDUMUSICPM Oratorio Chorale Spring Program, Baroque /RATORIO#HORALE3PRING0ROGRAM "AROQUE selections from Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, SELECTIONSFROM"ACH (ANDELAND6IVALDI Falmouth Congregational Church. $20 in &ALMOUTH#ONGREGATIONAL#HURCHIN advance; $25 day of show; half-price for students. ADVANCEDAYOFSHOWHALF PRICEFORSTUDENTS 3 p.m. ORATORIOCHORALEORGPM St. Mary Schola: "Ave Maria," works by Legrenzi, 3T-ARY3CHOLAh!VE-ARIA vWORKSBY,EGRENZI Strozzi, de Morales, Vivaldi, Biber and Bach; St. 3TROZZI DE-ORALES 6IVALDI "IBERAND"ACH3T Mary the Virgin Church, Falmouth. $20. -ARYTHE6IRGIN#HURCH &ALMOUTH 712-2229. 4p.m.  PM

Christian Steiner photo 1V`WabWO\AbSW\S`^V]b]

Organist Joan Lippincott performs =`UO\Wab8]O\:W^^W\Q]bb^S`T]`[a at Tuesday's Bach Birthday Bash with ObBcSaROg¸a0OQV0W`bVROg0OaVeWbV The Kotzschmar at Merrill Auditorium BVS9]bhaQV[O`Ob;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[ in Portland. W\>]`bZO\R Trey Mclntyre Project, Merrill Auditorium, 4REY-C)NTYRE0ROJECT -ERRILL!UDITORIUM Portland. $27 to $38; $10 for students. 0ORTLANDTOFORSTUDENTS 7:30 p.m. March 22. PORTTIXCOMPM-ARCH

THEATER N4(%!4%2

Tennessee Williams' "Hidden Tennessee," 4ENNESSEE7ILLIAMSh(IDDEN4ENNESSEE v an evening of short pieces, Portland Stage ANEVENINGOFSHORTPIECES 0ORTLAND3TAGE Company. $27 to $39; $15 to $19.50 for students. #OMPANYTOTOFORSTUDENTS 2 and 7:30 p.m. today; PORTLANDSTAGEORGANDPMTODAY 7:30 p.m. Friday; 4 and 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. PM&RIDAYANDPM3ATURDAYPM Sunday. 3UNDAY "Little Me," Good Theater production of Neil h,ITTLE-E v'OOD4HEATERPRODUCTIONOF.EIL Simon play, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. 3IMONPLAY 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND $20 to $30. 7 p.m. today; 7:30 TOGOODTHEATERCOMPMTODAY p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM March 22. Through April 1. -ARCH4HROUGH!PRIL TUESDAY 45%3$!9 John BellusoVA Nervous Smile," Dramatic *OHN"ELLUSOSh!.ERVOUS3MILE v$RAMATIC Bach Birthday Bash with The Kotzschmar, "ACH"IRTHDAY"ASHWITH4HE+OTZSCHMAR Repertory Company production about a boy 2EPERTORY#OMPANYPRODUCTIONABOUTABOY featuring organist Joan Lippincott, Merrill FEATURINGORGANIST*OAN,IPPINCOTT -ERRILL with disabilities, Portland Stage Company (Studio WITHDISABILITIES 0ORTLAND3TAGE#OMPANY3TUDIO Auditorium, Portland. $15; two tickets for $25. !UDITORIUM 0ORTLANDTWOTICKETSFOR Theater). $10 to $35. 7:30 p.m. 4HEATER TODRAMATICREPORGPM 7:30 p.m. PORTTIXCOMPM today to Sunday. TODAYTO3UNDAY "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare h4HE#OMPLETE7ORKSOF7ILLIAM3HAKESPEARE WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 (Abridged)," Freeport Factory Stage. $19; $15 !BRIDGED v&REEPORT&ACTORY3TAGE Frederick Moyer, concert pianist, Ocean View at &REDERICK-OYER CONCERTPIANIST /CEAN6IEWAT for seniors and students; pay-what-you-can on FORSENIORSANDSTUDENTSPAY WHAT YOU CANON Falmouth. Free. 781-4460. 1 p.m. &ALMOUTH&REE PM Thursdays, 7:30 p.m. today 4HURSDAYSFREEPORTFACTORYCOMPMTODAY to Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. March 22. TO3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM-ARCH MARCH 22 -!2#( Through March 25. 4HROUGH-ARCH DaPonte String Quartet: "Fatal Attraction," Alban h4HE$ROWSY#HAPERONE vTRIBUTETOTHEGOLDEN $A0ONTE3TRING1UARTETh&ATAL!TTRACTION v!LBAN "The Drowsy Chaperone," tribute to the golden Berg's "Lyric Suite" and Schubert's String Quartet "ERGSh,YRIC3UITEvAND3CHUBERTS3TRING1UARTET age of musicals, University of Southern Maine AGEOFMUSICALS 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE No. 14 in D minor; St. John Baptist Church, .OIN$MINOR3T*OHN"APTIST#HURCH (Russell Hall), Gorham. $21; $15 for seniors and 2USSELL(ALL 'ORHAMFORSENIORSAND Thomaston. $22; $18 for seniors; free for those 4HOMASTONFORSENIORSFREEFORTHOSE staff; $10 for students, STAFFFORSTUDENTSUSMMAINEEDUTHEATRE under 21. 7:30 p.m. UNDERDAPONTEORGPM 7:30 p.m. today to Saturday; 5 p.m. Sunday. PMTODAYTO3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon h4HE%FFECTOF'AMMA2AYSON-AN IN THE -OON Concert, with soprano Christina Astrachan, oboist -ARIGOLDS v0AUL:INDELS0ULITZER0RIZE WINNING #ONCERT WITHSOPRANO#HRISTINA!STRACHAN OBOIST Marigolds," Paul Zindel's Pulitzer Prize-winning Stephen Shiman and organist Harold Stover, First 3TEPHEN3HIMANANDORGANIST(AROLD3TOVER &IRST play by Mad Horse Theatre Company, Lucid Stage, PLAYBY-AD(ORSE4HEATRE#OMPANY ,UCID3TAGE Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland. 0ARISH5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH 0ORTLAND Portland. $22; $20 for seniors and students; pay0ORTLANDFORSENIORSANDSTUDENTSPAY Free. 775-3356. 12:15 p.m. &REE PM what-you-can on Thursdays, WHAT YOU CANON4HURSDAYSLUCIDSTAGECOM 8 p.m. today to Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 8 p.m. PMTODAYTO3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM March 22. Through April 1. -ARCH4HROUGH!PRIL DANCE N$!.#% National Theater in London Live in HD, live .ATIONAL4HEATERIN,ONDON,IVEIN($ LIVE "Giselle," by Portland Ballet Company, Westbrook BROADCASTOF3HAKESPEARESh4HE#OMEDYOF h'ISELLE vBY0ORTLAND"ALLET#OMPANY 7ESTBROOK broadcast of Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Performing Arts Center. $35; $15 for ages 18 and 0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTERFORAGESAND Errors," Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta. $15. %RRORS v,INCOLN4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA under, 8 p.m. Saturday. Through UNDERPORTTIXCOMPM3ATURDAY4HROUGH March 24. -ARCH


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3 


Thornton Wilder's "Our Town," seeking 4HORNTON7ILDERSh/UR4OWN vSEEKING EXPERIENCEDACTORS SHOWDATESARE*UNE AND experienced actors, show dates are June 7-23 and July 4, Freeport Factory Stage, *ULY &REEPORT&ACTORY3TAGEFREEPORTFACTORYCOM PM3ATURDAY 1 p.m. Saturday. Continued from Page E20 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3  "Steel Magnolias," by Belfast Maskers, parts h3TEEL-AGNOLIAS vBY"ELFAST-ASKERS PARTS for six women ages 17 to 70-plus; show FORSIXWOMENAGESTO PLUSSHOW  PMTODAYENCOREMATINEE 563-3424. 7 p.m. today; encore matinee DATESARE!PRIL &IRST#HURCH "ELFAST dates are April 20-22; First Church, Belfast. BROADCASTATPM3ATURDAY broadcast at 1 p.m. Saturday. 10 a.m. to noon Saturday. BELFASTMASKERSCOMAMTONOON3ATURDAY Maine Maritime Academy Drama Club Spring -AINE-ARITIME!CADEMY$RAMA#LUB3PRING "Rabbit Hole," show dates are June 1-10, h2ABBIT(OLE vSHOWDATESARE*UNE  Performance, one-act plays "Cut" and "13 Ways 0ERFORMANCE ONE ACTPLAYSh#UTvANDh7AYS Community Little Theatre, Auburn, #OMMUNITY,ITTLE4HEATRE !UBURNLACLTCOM to Screw Up Your College Interview," Maine TO3CREW5P9OUR#OLLEGE)NTERVIEW v-AINE AUDITIONPM3UNDAYAND4UESDAY audition. 6 p.m. Sunday and Tuesday. Maritime Academy (Delano Auditorium), Castine. -ARITIME!CADEMY$ELANO!UDITORIUM #ASTINE 'â&#x20AC;¢The Last Romance," casting two men and two Free/donation. 326-2256. 7 p.m. today and Friday; h4HE,AST2OMANCE vCASTINGTWOMENANDTWO &REEDONATION PMTODAYAND&RIDAY women, City Theater, Biddeford. WOMEN #ITY4HEATER "IDDEFORDCITYTHEATERORG 1 and 7 p.m. Saturday. ANDPM3ATURDAY 6 p.m. Monday and Tuesday. PM-ONDAYAND4UESDAY h#OYOTEONA&ENCE vPLAYBY"RUCE'RAHAM "Coyote on a Fence," play by Bruce Graham, 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE&ARMINGTON!LUMNI4HEATRE  University of Maine Farmington (Alumni Theatre). ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 $7; $5 for seniors and students. 778-7465. 7:30 FORSENIORSANDSTUDENTS  p.m. today to Saturday; 2:30 p.m. Sunday. PMTODAYTO3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY CONTINUING #/.4).5).' "The Odyssey," traditional Sicilian marionette h4HE/DYSSEY vTRADITIONAL3ICILIANMARIONETTE Portland Museum of Art: Youth Art Month 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT9OUTH!RT-ONTH show of Homer's epic by Shoestring Theater with SHOWOF(OMERSEPICBY3HOESTRING4HEATERWITH exhibition, through April 1; "Making Faces: EXHIBITION THROUGH!PRILh-AKING&ACES live music, Mayo Street Arts, Portland. $4 to LIVEMUSIC -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLANDTO Photographic Portraits of Actors and Artists," 0HOTOGRAPHIC0ORTRAITSOF!CTORSAND!RTISTS v $10. 7:30 p.m. Friday; 1 p.m. MAYOSTREETARTSORGPM&RIDAYPM photos of famous actors and artists plus works PHOTOSOFFAMOUSACTORSANDARTISTSPLUSWORKS Saturday. Through March 24. 3ATURDAY4HROUGH-ARCH by the artists profiled, through April 8; "Edgar BYTHEARTISTSPROlLED THROUGH!PRILh%DGAR Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Cinderella," 2ODGERS(AMMERSTEINSh#INDERELLA v Degas: The Private Impressionist," more than $EGAS4HE0RIVATE)MPRESSIONIST vMORETHAN Windham Center Stage Theatre. $8, $10; $5 for 7INDHAM#ENTER3TAGE4HEATRE FOR 70 drawings, prints, pastels, photographs DRAWINGS PRINTS PASTELS PHOTOGRAPHS children under age 5. 893-2098. 7 p.m. Friday CHILDRENUNDERAGE PM&RIDAY and sculptures, through May 28; Tanja Alexia ANDSCULPTURES THROUGH-AY4ANJA!LEXIA and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. Through March 25. AND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH-ARCH Hollander: "Are You Really My Friend?" (OLLANDERh!RE9OU2EALLY-Y&RIENDv John Logan's "Red," play about artist Mark *OHN,OGANSh2ED vPLAYABOUTARTIST-ARK photographs of Facebook friends, through June PHOTOGRAPHSOF&ACEBOOKFRIENDS THROUGH*UNE Rothko, Public Theatre, Lewiston. $18; $5 forages PORTLANDMUSEUMORG 2OTHKO 0UBLIC4HEATRE ,EWISTONFORAGES 17. 18 and under, 7:30 p.m. ANDUNDERTHEPUBLICTHEATREORGPM Maine Historical Society Museum/Longfellow -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM,ONGFELLOW Friday; 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. (OUSE 0ORTLANDh4AKETOTHE3TREETSv &RIDAYPM3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM House, Portland: "Take to the Streets!" March 22. Through March 25. -ARCH4HROUGH-ARCH photography exhibit examining American protest PHOTOGRAPHYEXHIBITEXAMINING!MERICANPROTEST "A Few Good Men," Portland Players production h!&EW'OOD-EN v0ORTLAND0LAYERSPRODUCTION movements, through March 31; "Dressing Up, MOVEMENTS THROUGH-ARCHh$RESSING5P of military courtroom thriller, South Portland. OFMILITARYCOURTROOMTHRILLER 3OUTH0ORTLAND Standing Out, Fitting In: Adornment & Identity in 3TANDING/UT &ITTING)N!DORNMENT)DENTITYIN $20; $15 for students; $18 for seniors. FORSTUDENTSFORSENIORS Maine," artifacts reveal the way Mainers dressed -AINE vARTIFACTSREVEALTHEWAY-AINERSDRESSED 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; PORTLANDPLAYERSORGPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY from the 18th to 20th centuries, through May 27. FROMTHETHTOTHCENTURIES THROUGH-AY 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Through April 1. PM3UNDAY4HROUGH!PRIL MAINEHISTORYORG "Nightingale," Hans Christian Andersen's classic h.IGHTINGALE v(ANS#HRISTIAN!NDERSENSCLASSIC Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick: "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK story by Figures of Speech Theater, Leura Hill STORYBY&IGURESOF3PEECH4HEATER ,EURA(ILL "Insight Out: Exploring Gifts of Art from Private h)NSIGHT/UT%XPLORING'IFTSOF!RTFROM0RIVATE Eastman Performing Arts Center, Fryeburg. $10; %ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER &RYEBURG Collectors," contributions from private collectors #OLLECTORS vCONTRIBUTIONSFROMPRIVATECOLLECTORS $5 for students, 7 p.m. FORSTUDENTSFRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM since 1811, and "Intimations of Independence: SINCE ANDh)NTIMATIONSOF)NDEPENDENCE Friday. &RIDAY The First 100 Years of American Portraiture," 4HE&IRST9EARSOF!MERICAN0ORTRAITURE v "The Poets and the Assassin," play about women h4HE0OETSANDTHE!SSASSIN vPLAYABOUTWOMEN portraits of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison PORTRAITSOF4HOMAS*EFFERSON *AMES-ADISON in Iraq, Luther Bonney Hall, USM Portland. Free. IN)RAQ ,UTHER"ONNEY(ALL 53-0ORTLAND&REE and more, both through April 15; "Motion and ANDMORE BOTHTHROUGH!PRILh-OTIONAND 780-5798. 7 p.m. Friday.  PM&RIDAY Emotion: Contemporary Art from Gerhard Richter %MOTION#ONTEMPORARY!RTFROM'ERHARD2ICHTER Readings of New Works from Maine Playwrights, 2EADINGSOF.EW7ORKSFROM-AINE0LAYWRIGHTS to Chakaia Booker," through June 3; "Building a TO#HAKAIA"OOKER vTHROUGH*UNEh"UILDINGA by Belfast Maskers, First Church, Belfast. Free/ BY"ELFAST-ASKERS &IRST#HURCH "ELFAST&REE College Collection: Select Recent Acquisitions," #OLLEGE#OLLECTION3ELECT2ECENT!CQUISITIONS v donation. 505-0199. "Hatty" by Bundy Boit, DONATION h(ATTYvBY"UNDY"OIT more than 20,000 objects, and "Telephones," MORETHAN OBJECTS ANDh4ELEPHONES v 7 p.m. Friday; "Joe Patten for Senate' by Jon Potter SEVEN MINUTECOMPILATIONOF(OLLYWOODlLM PM&RIDAYh*OE0ATTENFOR3ENATEBY*ON0OTTER seven-minute compilation of Hollywood film and "Mansion on the Hill" by Eddie Adelman, ANDh-ANSIONONTHE(ILLvBY%DDIE!DELMAN clips, both through June 24. CLIPS BOTHTHROUGH*UNEBOWDOINEDU 7 p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY Bowdoin College (Peary-MacMillan Arctic "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0EARY -AC-ILLAN!RCTIC "A Finished Heart," drama about a loving h!&INISHED(EART vDRAMAABOUTALOVING Museum), Brunswick: "In a State of Becoming," -USEUM "RUNSWICKh)NA3TATEOF"ECOMING v marriage between two men at the end of life, MARRIAGEBETWEENTWOMENATTHEENDOFLIFE Inuit art from the collection of Rabbi Harry Sky, )NUITARTFROMTHECOLLECTIONOF2ABBI(ARRY3KY Congregation Bet Ha'am, South Portland. #ONGREGATION"ET(AAM 3OUTH0ORTLAND ongoing, ONGOINGBOWDOINEDUARCTICMUSEUM 772-2442. 8:30 p.m. Friday.  PM&RIDAY Maine Maritime Museum, Bath: "Port of -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATHh0ORTOF "Five Women Wearing the Same Dress," comedy h&IVE7OMEN7EARINGTHE3AME$RESS vCOMEDY Portland: A Ship-Shaped History," a look at 0ORTLAND!3HIP 3HAPED(ISTORY vALOOKAT by Alan Ball, Bates College (Gannett Theater), BY!LAN"ALL "ATES#OLLEGE'ANNETT4HEATER Portland's past via the ships that sailed through 0ORTLANDSPASTVIATHESHIPSTHATSAILEDTHROUGH Lewiston. Free. 786-8294. 7:30 p.m. Friday and ,EWISTON&REE PM&RIDAYAND the harbors, the city's shipping and shipTHEHARBORS THECITYSSHIPPINGANDSHIP Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY building industries, and more, through May 13. BUILDINGINDUSTRIES ANDMORE THROUGH-AY Rodgers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific," 2ODGERSAND(AMMERSTEINSh3OUTH0ACIlC v MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG touring production of Tony Award-winning TOURINGPRODUCTIONOF4ONY!WARD WINNING Bates College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston: "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON revival presented by Portland Ovations, Merrill REVIVALPRESENTEDBY0ORTLAND/VATIONS -ERRILL "James Ensor: 'Scenes de la vie du Christ' and h*AMES%NSOR@3CENESDELAVIEDU#HRISTAND Auditorium, Portland. $45 to $65. !UDITORIUM 0ORTLANDTOPORTTIXCOM Other Works," lithographs, and "Xiaoze Xie: /THER7ORKS vLITHOGRAPHS ANDh8IAOZE8IE 2 and 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. ANDPM3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY Amplified Moments," paintings, both through !MPLIlED-OMENTS vPAINTINGS BOTHTHROUGH Staged Reading of "Terra Nova," by Ten 3TAGED2EADINGOFh4ERRA.OVA vBY4EN Sunday, 3UNDAYBATESEDUMUSEUM Bucks Theatre, Bangor Public Library. Free, "UCKS4HEATRE "ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE Dyer Library/Saco Museum: "Rugs All Marked $YER,IBRARY3ACO-USEUMh2UGS!LL-ARKED 2 p.m. Saturday. BPLLIBMEUSPM3ATURDAY Out: Biddeford's Edward S. Frost," celebration of /UT"IDDEFORDS%DWARD3&ROST vCELEBRATIONOF The (Un)Spoken Maine Project, student-written 4HE5N 3POKEN-AINE0ROJECT STUDENT WRITTEN 19th-century rug entrepreneur, and "Hooked Rugs TH CENTURYRUGENTREPRENEUR ANDh(OOKED2UGS performance pieces about sexual health, PERFORMANCEPIECESABOUTSEXUALHEALTH of Artists from the Maine Tin Pedlar," both through OF!RTISTSFROMTHE-AINE4IN0EDLAR vBOTHTHROUGH communication and safety, University of Southern -ARCHWALLSCULPTURESBY5.%3TUDENTSMADE COMMUNICATIONANDSAFETY 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN March 24; wall sculptures by UNE Students made Maine (Russell Hall), Gorham. Free. 780-5151. -AINE2USSELL(ALL 'ORHAM&REE  from repurposed materials and with a marine FROMREPURPOSEDMATERIALSANDWITHAMARINE 7:30 p.m. Monday. PM-ONDAY theme, through March 30. 283-3861. THEME THROUGH-ARCH  The (Un)Spoken Maine Project, student-written 4HE5N 3POKEN-AINE0ROJECT STUDENT WRITTEN Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland: "The Art of &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLANDh4HE!RTOF performance pieces about sexual health, PERFORMANCEPIECESABOUTSEXUALHEALTH the Book," focuses on the museum's collection of THE"OOK vFOCUSESONTHEMUSEUMSCOLLECTIONOF communication and safety, University of New COMMUNICATIONANDSAFETY 5NIVERSITYOF.EW rare 19th- and 20th-century books, through RARETH ANDTH CENTURYBOOKS THROUGH England (Ludcke Auditorium), Portland. Free. %NGLAND,UDCKE!UDITORIUM 0ORTLAND&REE A p r i l ! . 596-6457. !PRIL Noon Wednesday. USMMAINEEDUTHEATRE.OON7EDNESDAY UMaine Museum of Art, Bangor: "The Moment: 5-AINE-USEUMOF!RT "ANGORh4HE-OMENT Henrik Ibsen's "Ghosts," by Lorem Ipsum, Space, (ENRIK)BSENSh'HOSTS vBY,OREM)PSUM 3PACE Paintings by Michael De Brito," Lori Nix: "The 0AINTINGSBY-ICHAEL$E"RITO v,ORI.IXh4HE Portland. $10; all ages, 7:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDALLAGESSPACEORGPM City," Brett Day Windham: "I Put a Spell on You" #ITY v"RETT$AY7INDHAMh)0UTA3PELLON9OUv March 22. Through April 1. -ARCH4HROUGH!PRIL and George Terry: "Because You're Mine," all AND'EORGE4ERRYh"ECAUSE9OURE-INE vALL

AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 "Oliver," by Deertrees Theatre, show dates are h/LIVER vBY$EERTREES4HEATRE SHOWDATESARE June 22-24 and June 29 to July 1, Stevens Brook *UNE AND*UNETO*ULY 3TEVENS"ROOK Elementary School, Bridgton. 671-3051. 6 to 9 %LEMENTARY3CHOOL "RIDGTON TO p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday. PM&RIDAYAMTOPM3ATURDAY

through March 24. THROUGH-ARCHUMMAUMAINEEDU Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor: "Twisted Path !BBE-USEUM "AR(ARBORh4WISTED0ATH II: Contemporary American Art Informed by ))#ONTEMPORARY!MERICAN!RT)NFORMEDBY Tradition," contemporary art show featuring 4RADITION vCONTEMPORARYARTSHOWFEATURING native artists from the Northeast, through May; NATIVEARTISTSFROMTHE.ORTHEAST THROUGH-AY

Please see ART, PageE22 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<))

&ORFUN FRIENDLY For fun, friendly, AFFORDABLE CASUAL affordable, casual FAMILYDINING family dining,

,5.#( LUNCH   11:30-4:00 4UESn3UNs$INE )N/NLY Tues â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sun â&#x20AC;¢ Dine-In Only


9/52 YOUR $ CHOICE #(/)#%

with purchase of a beverage WITHPURCHASEOFABEVERAGE

Twin Lobster Rolls 4WIN,OBSTER2OLLS with chips or fries & pickle WITHCHIPSORFRIESPICKLE

1. &ISHERMANS0LATTER Haddock, Shrimp & Clams (ADDOCK 3HRIMP#LAMS with French Fries & Coleslaw WITH&RENCH&RIES#OLESLAW

DINNER $)..%2 Served Any Time: Tues -Sun â&#x20AC;¢ Dine-In Only )N/NLY 3ERVED!NY4IME4UESn3UNs$INE 9/52 YOUR

fUftlfl? #(/)#% ^"vl^I^


^£m\ V WITHPURCHASE with purchase ^m^^ OFABEVERAGE of a beverage

Twin Lobsters 4WIN,OBSTERS

with lemon, drawn butter, potato & coleslaw WITHLEMON DRAWNBUTTER POTATOCOLESLAW

Colossal Cut #OLOSSAL#UT 24-Ounce Prime Rib  /UNCE0RIME2IB

succulent, mell-in-your-moulh served SUCCULENT MELT IN YOUR MOUTHSERVED with savory au jus, potato, pasta or WITHSAVORYAUJUS POTATO PASTAOR rice & fresh vegetable medley RICEFRESHVEGETABLEMEDLEY

Surf & Turf 3URF4URF


322 West Gray Rd, 7EST'RAY2D 'RAY -% 3INCE


GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3E225=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

HI#E6IĂ&#x192;H ST. PAT'S

donation. R]\ObW]\ â&#x20AC;˘ PORTLAND ST. PATRICK'S DAY PARADE: N>=@B:/<2AB>/B@719¸A2/G>/@/23(

:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# Continued from Page E5

A t this O l d P o r t p u b , t h e c e l e b r a t i o n /bbVWa=ZR>]`b^cPbVSQSZSP`ObW]\ b e g i n s at 6 a.m. w i t h " K e g s & Eggs," PSUW\aOb$O[eWbVÂľ9SUa3UUaÂś i n c l u d i n g Irish b r e a k f a s t o f f e r i n g s a n d W\QZcRW\U7`WaVP`SOYTOab]TTS`W\UaO\R live m u s i c t h a t b e g i n s at 7 a.m. T h e r e ZWdS[caWQbVObPSUW\aOb%O[BVS`S w i l l b e c o r n e d b e e f a n d c a b b a g e , fish eWZZPSQ]`\SRPSSTO\RQOPPOUSÂżaV a n d c h i p s , a n d o t h e r Irish f o o d s f o r O\RQVW^aO\R]bVS`7`WaVT]]RaT]` l u n c h a n d d i n n e r ; 2"7`WaVeVWaYSga)O\R 4 Irish w h i s k e y s ; a n d Zc\QVO\RRW\\S`) live Irish m u s i c all d a y l o n g , i n c l u d i n g ZWdS7`WaV[caWQOZZROgZ]\UW\QZcRW\U a s i n g - a l o n g w i t h Dave R o w e f r o m 10: OaW\UOZ]\UeWbV2OdS@]eST`][( 3 0 a.m. t o 12:30 p.m. a n d Irish d r i n k i n g !O[b] (!^[O\R7`WaVR`W\YW\U s o n g s w i t h R a n d y Billings f r o m 4 to 7 a]\UaeWbV@O\Rg0WZZW\UaT`]["b]% p.m. T h e r e w i l l also b e blues a n d r o c k ^[BVS`SeWZZOZa]PSPZcSaO\R`]QY bands playing at night. PO\Ra^ZOgW\UOb\WUVb â&#x20AC;˘ WEST END PROCESSION: &O[ 8 a.m., NE3AB3<2>@=13AA7=<( b e g i n s at Maine Irish H e r i t a g e Center, PSUW\aOb;OW\S7`WaV6S`WbOUS1S\bS` S t a t e a n d Gray streets, P o r t l a n d . 2!3 2AbObSO\R5`Ogab`SSba>]`bZO\R 2 001 The a n n u a l W e s t End St. Patrick's Day BVSO\\cOZESab3\RAb>Ob`WQY¸a2Og celebration begins w i t h a procession QSZSP`ObW]\PSUW\aeWbVO^`]QSaaW]\ a n d f l a g raising i n h o n o r o f t h e late O\RĂ&#x20AC;OU`OWaW\UW\V]\]`]TbVSZObS Eddie Murphy, a c o m m u n i t y activist 3RRWS;c`^VgOQ][[c\WbgOQbWdWab k n o w n a s " T h e G i a n t L e p r e c h a u n . " The Y\]e\OaÂľBVS5WO\b:S^`SQVOc\ÂśBVS p r o c e s s i o n w i l l be led by a c o l o r g u a r d ^`]QSaaW]\eWZZPSZSRPgOQ]Z]`UcO`R a n d b a n d . A f t e r w a r d , p e o p l e are i n v i t e d O\RPO\R/TbS`eO`R^S]^ZSO`SW\dWbSR t o t h e h e r i t a g e c e n t e r f o r tea a n d s o d a b]bVSVS`WbOUSQS\bS`T]`bSOO\Ra]RO bread. P`SOR â&#x20AC;˘ ST. PATRICK'S DAY POLAR DIP: 'O[ 9 a.m., NAB>/B@719¸A2/G>=:/@27>( S p r i n g Point, o f f F o r t R o a d , S o u t h A^`W\U>]W\b]TT4]`b@]ORA]cbV P o r t l a n d . $10 s u g g e s t e d d o n a t i o n . 9 3 9 >]`bZO\RacUUSabSRR]\ObW]\'!' 2 2 2 0 This o c e a n s w i m is a f u n d r a i s e r f o r BVWa]QSO\aeW[WaOTc\R`OWaS`T]` South Portland High School's Project A]cbV>]`bZO\R6WUVAQV]]Z¸a>`]XSQb G r a d u a t i o n . M e m b e r s o f t h e senior class 5`ORcObW]\;S[PS`a]TbVSaS\W]`QZOaa get financial sponsors, then j u m p as USbÂż\O\QWOZa^]\a]`abVS\Xc[^Oa a g r o u p into the ocean. C o m e by and OU`]c^W\b]bVS]QSO\1][SPgO\R j u m p in yourself, f o r a $10 s u g g e s t e d Xc[^W\g]c`aSZTT]`OacUUSabSR

10:30 a.m., P o r t l a n d Fish Pier to Maine (!O[>]`bZO\R4WaV>WS`b];OW\S S t a t e Pier via C o m m e r c i a l Street, AbObS>WS`dWO1][[S`QWOZAb`SSb Portland; >]`bZO\R)[OW\SW`WaVQ][ This is n o t t h e b i g g e s t p a r a d e you'll BVWaWa\]bbVSPWUUSab^O`ORSg]c¸ZZ ever see - m o s t f o l k s c o u l d w a l k t h e SdS`aSSÂł[]abT]ZYaQ]cZReOZYbVS r o u t e in 10 m i n u t e s - b u t it's c e r t a i n l y `]cbSW\[W\cbSaÂłPcbWb¸aQS`bOW\Zg t h e m o s t Irish o n e a r o u n d here. The bVS[]ab7`WaV]\SO`]c\RVS`SBVS a n n u a l p a r a d e is p u t on by t h e Irish O\\cOZ^O`ORSWa^cb]\PgbVS7`WaV A m e r i c a n C l u b o f Maine a n d will f e a t u r e /[S`WQO\1ZcP]T;OW\SO\ReWZZTSObc`S t w o pipe bands, the Portland Hurling be]^W^SPO\RabVS>]`bZO\R6c`ZW\U C l u b , t h e Stillson S c h o o l o f Irish Dance, 1ZcPbVSAbWZZa]\AQV]]Z]T7`WaV2O\QS t h e Gaelic S p o r t s A l l i a n c e , t h e Maine bVS5OSZWQA^]`ba/ZZWO\QSbVS;OW\S Police E m e r a l d Society, Girl S c o u t s of >]ZWQS3[S`OZRA]QWSbg5W`ZAQ]cba]T Maine a n d o t h e r s . It p r o b a b l y will last ;OW\SO\R]bVS`a7b^`]POPZgeWZZZOab 3 0 t o 4 5 m i n u t e s , a n d usually a t t r a c t s a !b]"#[W\cbSaO\RcacOZZgObb`OQbaO big crowd. PWUQ`]eR â&#x20AC;˘ BATH BLARNEY DAYS: /ZZROg All d a y N0/B60:/@<3G2/GA( d o w n t o w n B a t h . 4 4 2 -% 729 1; R]e\b]e\0ObV"" ')dWaWbPObVQ][ Saturday's festivities for Bath Blarney AObc`ROg¸aTSabWdWbWSaT]`0ObV0ZO`\Sg Days b e g i n a t 9 a.m. w i t h t w o r o a d 2OgaPSUW\Ob'O[eWbVbe]`]OR races, f o l l o w e d by a p a r a d e at 11 a.m. `OQSaT]ZZ]eSRPgO^O`ORSObO[ t h r o u g h o u t d o w n t o w n . There's a t u g bV`]cUV]cbR]e\b]e\BVS`S¸aObcU of w a r at 1 p.m. near c i t y hall, a n d live ]TeO`Ob^[\SO`QWbgVOZZO\RZWdS m u s i c at B y r n e s Irish Pub, 38 C e n t r e St., [caWQOb0g`\Sa7`WaV>cP!&1S\b`SAb all d a y l o n g . OZZROgZ]\U â&#x20AC;˘ IRISH SEA CHANTEY CONCERT: <]]\ Noon, N7@7A6A3/16/<B3G1=<13@B( Maine M a r i t i m e A c a d e m y , Pleasant ;OW\S;O`WbW[S/QORS[g>ZSOaO\b S t r e e t ( o f f R o u t e 166), Castine. Free. Ab`SSb]TT@]cbS$$1OabW\S4`SS 6 - 2 2 #$)PWbZge47^1> 56; !3 2$ The sea c h a n t e y g r o u p F r o m A w a y BVSaSOQVO\bSgU`]c^4`][/eOg D o w n East will p e r f o r m a c o n c e r t t i t l e d 2]e\3OabeWZZ^S`T]`[OQ]\QS`bbWbZSR " S o n g s o f Irish Sailors" i n t h e A l f o n d ÂľA]\Ua]T7`WaVAOWZ]`aÂśW\bVS/ZT]\R S t u d e n t Center. The c o n c e r t will c o n s i s t AbcRS\b1S\bS`BVSQ]\QS`beWZZQ]\aWab o f t r a d i t i o n a l s o n g s s u n g b y Irish]Tb`ORWbW]\OZa]\Uaac\UPg7`WaV American seamen. /[S`WQO\aSO[S\ â&#x20AC;˘ MUSIC IN MARCH ON ST. PATRICK'S N;CA717<;/@16=<AB>/B@719¸A DAY: 2^[B]^aVO[>cPZWQ:WP`O`g p.m., T o p s h a m Public Library, 25 2/G( #

F o r e s i d e R o a d . Free, t o p s h a m l i b r a r y . o r g 4]`SaWRS@]OR4`SSb]^aVO[ZWP`O`g]`U Irish m u s i c b y s i n g e r a n d g u i t a r i s t J u d 7`WaV[caWQPgaW\US`O\RUcWbO`Wab8cR Caswell. 1OaeSZZ â&#x20AC;˘ BAGPIPE MUSIC WHILE YOU EAT: N0/5>7>3;CA71E67:3G=C3/B( Miss P o r t l a n d Diner, 140 M a r g i n a l Way, ;Waa>]`bZO\R2W\S`";O`UW\OZEOg P o r t l a n d . 2$$%! 10-6673 >]`bZO\R Free b a g p i p e m u s i c d u r i n g l u n c h , 4`SSPOU^W^S[caWQRc`W\UZc\QV 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., a n d dinner, 5 to (!O[b](!^[O\RRW\\S`#b] 6 : 3 0 p.m. $(!^[ CORNED BEEF AND CABBAGE: Ab2S\Wa St. Denis 1=@<320334/<21/00/53( Hall, G r a n d A r m y R o a d ( R o u t e 126), 6OZZ5`O\R/`[g@]OR@]cbS $ W h i t e f i e l d . D o n a t i o n . 5 4 2& - 0 8 20 EVWbSÂżSZR2]\ObW]\#" T h e St. Denis K n i g h t s o f C o l u m b u s BVSAb2S\Wa9\WUVba]T1]Zc[Pca C o u n c i l No. 1423 in W h i t e f i e l d are a g a i n 1]c\QWZ<]" !W\EVWbSÂżSZRO`SOUOW\ holding their "famous" corned beef and V]ZRW\UbVSW`ÂľTO[]caÂśQ]`\SRPSSTO\R c a b b a g e d i n n e r o n St. Patrick's D a y QOPPOUSRW\\S`]\Ab>Ob`WQY¸a2Og along w i t h music by ragtime musician OZ]\UeWbV[caWQPg`OUbW[S[caWQWO\ J a z z o u J o n e s . There's n o set p r i c e 8Ohh]c8]\SaBVS`S¸a\]aSb^`WQS for the meal, but patrons' "free-will T]`bVS[SOZPcb^Ob`]\a¸ÂľT`SSeWZZ d o n a t i o n s " w i l l g o t o local c h a r i t i e s . R]\ObW]\aÂśeWZZU]b]Z]QOZQVO`WbWSa ST. PATTY'S DAY CLASH: '^[3[^W`S 9 p.m., E m p i r e AB>/BBG¸A2/G1:/A6( Dine a n d Dance, 575 C o n g r e s s St., 2W\SO\R2O\QS#%#1]\U`SaaAb P o r t l a n d . $5. p o r t l a n d e m p i r e . c o m >]`bZO\R#^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][ " T h e C l a s h " is a P o r t l a n d r o c k c l u b ÂľBVS1ZOaVÂśWaO>]`bZO\R`]QYQZcP t r a d i t i o n w h e r e local m u s i c i a n s c o v e r b`ORWbW]\eVS`SZ]QOZ[caWQWO\aQ]dS` w e l l - k n o w n b a n d s in a c o m p e t i t i v e eSZZY\]e\PO\RaW\OQ][^SbWbWdS r o c k - o f f . For St. Patrick's D a y t h e e v e n t `]QY]TT4]`Ab>Ob`WQY¸a2OgbVSSdS\b features bands covering three great TSObc`SaPO\RaQ]dS`W\UbV`SSU`SOb Irish r o c k b a n d s : U2,BVS>]UcSaO\R The Pogues and 7`WaV`]QYPO\Ra(C The Cranberries. BVS1`O\PS``WSa FOR MOREAb>Ob`WQY¸a2OgSdS\ba St. Patrick's Day events, 4=@;=@3 c h e c k o u t t h e listings t h r o u g h o u t this QVSQY]cbbVSZWabW\UabV`]cUV]cbbVWa issue of GO. WaacS]T5= Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6454 or at: %'$"#"]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: @RayRouthier BeWbbS`(.@Og@]cbVWS`

The St. Patty's Day Clash will feature BVSAb>Obbg¸a2Og1ZOaVeWZZTSObc`S local bands covering music from The Z]QOZPO\RaQ]dS`W\U[caWQT`][BVS Pogues, U2O\RBVS1`O\PS``WSa and The Cranberries. >]UcSaC


Continued from Page E21 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3  "Indians and Rusticators," through Dec. 29. h)NDIANSAND2USTICATORS vTHROUGH$EC ABBEMUSEUMORG

â&#x20AC;˘ ART GALLERIES N !24'!,,%2)%3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Young at Art," showcase of K-8 graders' artwork, h9OUNGAT!RT vSHOWCASEOF+ GRADERSARTWORK Harlow Gallery, Hallowell. (ARLOW'ALLERY (ALLOWELLHARLOWGALLERYORG Opening reception, 4 to 7 p.m. Friday. Through /PENINGRECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH March 3 1 . -ARCH "Works of Michael Ranucci," Lyceum Gallery, h7ORKSOF-ICHAEL2ANUCCI v,YCEUM'ALLERY Lewiston. Gallery ,EWISTONFACEBOOKCOMLYCEUMGALLERY'ALLERY grand opening, 4:15 p.m. Friday. GRANDOPENING PM&RIDAY Damariscotta Artist Penny Moodey, Savory $AMARISCOTTA!RTIST0ENNY-OODEY 3AVORY Maine, Damariscotta. 563-2111. Opening -AINE $AMARISCOTTA /PENING reception, 3 to 5 p.m. Friday. Through April 16. RECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL

Route 1 North, Wells 2OUTE.ORTH 7ELLS 646-8467  








CONTINUING #/.4).5).' The Salt Exchange, Portland: "Reflections," sea4HE3ALT%XCHANGE 0ORTLANDh2EmECTIONS vSEA inspired oil paintings and metallic driftwood INSPIREDOILPAINTINGSANDMETALLICDRIFTWOOD sculptures by Ellen Thayer, through April 30. SCULPTURESBY%LLEN4HAYER THROUGH!PRIL THESALTEXCHANGENET Coffee By Design (India Street), Portland: "Out of #OFFEE"Y$ESIGN)NDIA3TREET 0ORTLANDh/UTOF the Blue," group show by YES Art Works, through THE"LUE vGROUPSHOWBY9%3!RT7ORKS THROUGH April 1. !PRILYESARTWORKSORG Lofts Gallery, Portland: "Open Spaces, Maine III," ,OFTS'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh/PEN3PACES -AINE))) v paintings by Leslie Anderson, Ann Mohnkern and PAINTINGSBY,ESLIE!NDERSON !NN-OHNKERNAND Louisa Wickard, through March 30. 773-1737. ,OUISA7ICKARD THROUGH-ARCH  Gleason Fine Art, Portland: Kevin Beers, "Trucks 'LEASON&INE!RT 0ORTLAND+EVIN"EERS h4RUCKS and Landscapes," new paintings, through March AND,ANDSCAPES vNEWPAINTINGS THROUGH-ARCH 30. 699-5599.   Greenhut Galleries, Portland: Sixth annual 'REENHUT'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND3IXTHANNUAL biennial invitational, through April 27. 772-2693. BIENNIALINVITATIONAL THROUGH!PRIL  Addison Woolley Gallery, Portland: "Portraits," !DDISON7OOLLEY'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh0ORTRAITS v photographs by Sally Dennison and MatThorne, PHOTOGRAPHSBY3ALLY$ENNISONAND-AT4HORNE through March 3 1 . THROUGH-ARCHADDISONWOOLLEYCOM Rose Contemporary, Portland: "Print/Counter2OSE#ONTEMPORARY 0ORTLANDh0RINT#OUNTER

Print," works by members of Peregrine Press, Zea 0RINT vWORKSBYMEMBERSOF0EREGRINE0RESS :EA Mays Printmaking and MECA, through March 30. -AYS0RINTMAKINGAND-%#! THROUGH-ARCH peregri PEREGRINEPRESSCOM 3 Fish Gallery, Portland: "Attach," new drawings &ISH'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh!TTACH vNEWDRAWINGS by Amy Ray, through March 30. 773-4773. BY!MY2AY THROUGH-ARCH  Art House Picture Frames, Portland: "Night !RT(OUSE0ICTURE&RAMES 0ORTLANDh.IGHT Studies," small works by Christina Goodwin, 3TUDIES vSMALLWORKSBY#HRISTINA'OODWIN through March 24. THROUGH-ARCHARTHOUSEPICTUREFRAMESCOM Harmon's & Barton's Gallery, Portland: "A Year of (ARMONS"ARTONS'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh!9EAROF New Work" by Neil Wyrick, through March 30. .EW7ORKvBY.EIL7YRICK THROUGH-ARCH HARMONSBARTONSCOM St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland: Lisa Dombek, 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND,ISA$OMBEK paintings and mixed media, through March 30. PAINTINGSANDMIXEDMEDIA THROUGH-ARCH STLAWRENCEARTSORG Portland Public Library (Lewis Gallery): "Visual 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY,EWIS'ALLERY h6ISUAL Poetry: A Painting Show," through April 3. 0OETRY!0AINTING3HOW vTHROUGH!PRIL PORTLANDLIBRARYCOM Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Portland: 3ALT)NSTITUTEFOR$OCUMENTARY3TUDIES 0ORTLAND "Flash Forward," group exhibition, through May h&LASH&ORWARD vGROUPEXHIBITION THROUGH-AY 4. SALTEDU Green Hand Bookshop, Portland: "Madness 'REEN(AND"OOKSHOP 0ORTLANDh-ADNESS Immemorial," tribute to H.P. Lovecraft by Brandon )MMEMORIAL vTRIBUTETO(0,OVECRAFTBY"RANDON Kawashima and Michelle Souliere, through March +AWASHIMAAND-ICHELLE3OULIERE THROUGH-ARCH 30. 253-6808.   South Portland Public Library: Portland 3OUTH0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY0ORTLAND Camera Club exhibit, work by Paul Schreiber #AMERA#LUBEXHIBIT WORKBY0AUL3CHREIBER and Mike Cullivan, through Monday. AND-IKE#ULLIVAN THROUGH-ONDAY PORTLANDCAMERACLUBORG Richard Boyd Gallery, Peaks Island: Retrospective 2ICHARD"OYD'ALLERY 0EAKS)SLAND2ETROSPECTIVE exhibit of 20th-century Peaks Island art, through EXHIBITOFTH CENTURY0EAKS)SLANDART THROUGH March 24. -ARCHRICHARDBOYDPOTTERYCOM Somerset Sports and Fitness Center, Scarborough: 3OMERSET3PORTSAND&ITNESS#ENTER 3CARBOROUGH "The Good Ole Days: Men and Their Tools," h4HE'OOD/LE$AYS-ENAND4HEIR4OOLS v 19th-century tools used by surveyor Levi Weston, TH CENTURYTOOLSUSEDBYSURVEYOR,EVI7ESTON Skowhegan History House traveling display, 3KOWHEGAN(ISTORY(OUSETRAVELINGDISPLAY through April 10. THROUGH!PRILSKOWHEGANHISTORYHOUSEORG University of Southern Maine (Art Gallery), 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE!RT'ALLERY Gorham: "The Myths," photographic exhibition 'ORHAMh4HE-YTHS vPHOTOGRAPHICEXHIBITION on the evolving roles of women, through April 4. ONTHEEVOLVINGROLESOFWOMEN THROUGH!PRIL USMMAINEEDUGALLERY

Please see ART, Page E"1 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<*(

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 | GO E23 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3 !


?FK HOT k`Zb\k Eat, drink, laugh <Xk#[i`eb#cXl^_ ]fi>XipĂ&#x2039;j?flj\ for Gary's House


SAMPLE FOOD A/;>:34==2 from more T`][[]`S than 16 bVO\$ restaurants, `SabOc`O\ba drink beer R`W\YPSS` and wine, O\ReW\S rub elbows `cPSZP]ea eWbVUcSab w th g est Hayward ' ^ 6OgeO`R judge Sam  XcRUSAO[ Hayward (inset) of Fore 6OgeO`RW\aSb]T4]`S Street, bid on cool stuff, Ab`SSbPWR]\Q]]ZabcTT and laugh at the antics of O\RZOcUVObbVSO\bWQa]T Joe Riccio at the Seventh 8]S@WQQW]ObbVSASdS\bV Annual Gourmet Gala for /\\cOZ5]c`[Sb5OZOT]` 5O`g¸a6]caS Gary's House. WHEN: 6 to 8 p.m. E63<($b]&^[ Wednesday ESR\SaROg WHERE: Holiday Inn By E63@3(6]ZWROg7\\0g the Bay, 88 Spring St., bVS0Og&&A^`W\UAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $ 4 0 6=E;C16(" INFO: Call Kim Toppi at 7<4=(1OZZ9W[B]^^WOb 879-3605 for tickets. &%'!$#T]`bWQYSba

Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer 5]`R]\1VWP`]aYWAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`


, who has tended bar at Brian Boru in Portland for 19 years, pours a glass of red wine. 8STT2OZPSQeV]VOabS\RSRPO`Ob0`WO\0]`cW\>]`bZO\RT]`'gSO`a^]c`aOUZOaa]T`SReW\S

Brian Boru earns its place at the top of the Irish pub heap. 9i`Xe9fil\Xiej`kjgcXZ\Xkk_\kfgf]k_\@i`j_glY_\Xg%


#Z&.."#065)*--&55& By EMMA BOUTHILLETTE

PSBSFMBUJWFMZTNBMMDJUZ 1PSUMBOEIBTRVJUFB or a relatively small city, Portland has quite a GFX*SJTIQVCT few Irish pubs. #SJBO#PSVPO$FOUFS4USFFUTUBOETPVUGSPN Brian Boru on Center Street stands out from UIFDSPXEXJUIJUTCSJHIUSFEFYUFSJPSBOEHJBOU the crowd with its bright-red exterior and giant (VJOOFTTUPVDBONVSBMQBJOUFEPOUIFTJEFPG Guinness toucan mural painted on the side of UIFCVJMEJOH'PSBTCSJHIUBTUIFCVJMEJOHJTPVU the building. For as bright as the building is outTJEF UIFJOTJEFDBQUVSFTUIFFTTFODFPGBO*SJTI side, the inside captures the essence of an Irish QVCMJDIPVTFQFSGFDUMZ public house perfectly. *UTCSJDLJOUFSJPS DP[ZEBSLCBSBOEMPOHUBCMFT Its brick interior, cozy dark bar and long tables GPSMBSHFHBUIFSJOHTPOUIFmSTUnPPSSFNJOENFPG for large gatherings on the first floor remind me of QMBDFT*XFOUXIJMFUSBWFMJOHJO*SFMBOE"TFDPOECBS places I went while traveling in Ireland. A second bar upstairs and a patio area lend more space for people to VQTUBJSTBOEBQBUJPBSFBMFOENPSFTQBDFGPSQFPQMFUP gather. HBUIFS When I dropped in for a drink on Valentine's Day, the lower 8IFO*ESPQQFEJOGPSBESJOLPO7BMFOUJOFT%BZ UIFMPXFS bar was crowded with happy hour revelers. I squeezed my CBSXBTDSPXEFEXJUIIBQQZIPVSSFWFMFST*TRVFF[FENZ way between people to get the attention of the bartender, who XBZCFUXFFOQFPQMFUPHFUUIFBUUFOUJPOPGUIFCBSUFOEFS XIP was busily filling pints of beer. Brian Boru has a full bar, but XBTCVTJMZmMMJOHQJOUTPGCFFS#SJBO#PSVIBTBGVMMCBS CVU I saw most people drinking a pint - whether it was Guinness, *TBXNPTUQFPQMFESJOLJOHBQJOUoXIFUIFSJUXBT(VJOOFTT  Smithwick's or a local brew depended on the person. 4NJUIXJDLTPSBMPDBMCSFXEFQFOEFEPOUIFQFSTPO I was contemplating a Guinness myself, until I saw Ship*XBTDPOUFNQMBUJOHB(VJOOFTTNZTFMG VOUJM*TBX4IJQ yard's new brew, Applehead, on tap. I am a huge fan of their ZBSETOFXCSFX "QQMFIFBE POUBQ*BNBIVHFGBOPGUIFJS Pumpkinhead, and Applehead reminds me of the fall brew. It 1VNQLJOIFBE BOE"QQMFIFBESFNJOETNFPGUIFGBMMCSFX*U costs $4.25 on tap. DPTUTPOUBQ I couldn't find a seat right at the bar, so I made my way to *DPVMEOUmOEBTFBUSJHIUBUUIFCBS TP*NBEFNZXBZUP the back and grabbed a table. I noticed the one I sat at had UIFCBDLBOEHSBCCFEBUBCMF*OPUJDFEUIFPOF*TBUBUIBE a cribbage board and a deck of cards. The other tables had BDSJCCBHFCPBSEBOEBEFDLPGDBSET5IFPUIFSUBCMFTIBE games such as Connect Four, Scrabble and Apples to Apples. HBNFTTVDIBT$POOFDU'PVS 4DSBCCMFBOE"QQMFTUP"QQMFT The server told me they were set up for Tuesday night's game 5IFTFSWFSUPMENFUIFZXFSFTFUVQGPS5VFTEBZOJHIUTHBNF night, which starts at 6 p.m., and that games were also availOJHIU XIJDITUBSUTBUQN BOEUIBUHBNFTXFSFBMTPBWBJM able throughout the week if people asked. BCMFUISPVHIPVUUIFXFFLJGQFPQMFBTLFE I was surprised at how busy the bar was for a Tuesday, but *XBTTVSQSJTFEBUIPXCVTZUIFCBSXBTGPSB5VFTEBZ CVU Please see BAR, Page E25 Gc\Xj\j\\0/@GX^\<),

BRIAN BORU 9I@8E9FIL WHERE: 57 Center St., Portland E63@3(#%1S\bS`Ab>]`bZO\R PHONE: 838-8494 >6=<3(&!&&"'" WEBSITE: E30A7B3(P`WO\P]`c^]`bZO\RQ][ HOURS: 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a 6=C@A((!O[b]O[aSdS\ROgaO week eSSY PARKING: Lot across the street after 5 p.m. >/@97<5(:]bOQ`]aabVSab`SSbOTbS`#^[ and on street O\R]\ab`SSb A13<3(1VO\\SZW\UbVS^cPa]T7`SZO\R SCENE: Channeling the pubs of Ireland, 0`WO\0]`cVOabVObQ]hg^cPZWQV]caSTSSZ Brian Boru has that cozy public house feel 6/>>G6=C@(5SO`g¸a^`]RcQba]\a^SQWOZ HAPPY HOUR: Geary's products on special T]`!Rc`W\UVO^^gV]c`"b]%^[ for $3 during happy hour, 4 to 7 p.m. ;]\ROgbV`]cUVAObc`ROg Monday through Saturday. A>317/:A(5SbO^WbQVS`]T>0@O\R SPECIALS: Get a pitcher of PBR and 10 eW\UaT]` wings for $12Rc`W\UBcSaROgUO[S during Tuesday game \WUVbaESR\SaROgb`WdWO\WUVba]`eVS\ nights, Wednesday trivia nights or when bVS>W`ObSa^ZOgW\b]e\[cabaV]eg]c` the Pirates play in town (must show your UO[SbWQYSbBVS`S¸aOZa]ZWdS[caWQ game ticket). There's also live music c^abOW`aT]`\]Q]dS`BVc`aROgabV`]cUV upstairs for no cover Thursdays through AObc`ROgaO\R[]`S[caWQT`][!b] Saturdays, and more music from 3 to $^[Ac\ROgaRc`W\UbVS^cP¸a7`WaV 6 p.m. Sundays during the pub's Irish ASaaW]\aeVS\g]cQO\USbO^W\b]T Sessions, when you can get a pint of 5cW\\Saa6O`^]`A[WbVeWQY¸aT]`! Guinness, Harp or Smithwick's for $3. 4]`Ab>Ob`WQY¸a2OgS\bS`bOW\[S\baSS (For St. Patrick's Day entertainment, see >OUS3# Page E5.) /;3<7B73A(Be]PO`aÂł]\SR]e\abOW`a AMENITIES: Two bars - one downstairs O\R]\Sc^abOW`aÂłeWbVOU`SOb]cbR]]` and one upstairs - with a great outdoor ^ObW]a^OQSO W\QVĂ&#x20AC;ObaQ`SS\T]`g]c` patio space, a 121-inch flat screen for your dWSeW\U^ZSOac`SO\R[]`SbVO\OR]hS\ viewing pleasure and more than a dozen UO[SaOdOWZOPZST]`g]cb]^ZOg games available for you to play. 5C7:BG>:3/AC@3(/^W\b]T5cW\\SaaO\RO GUILTY PLEASURE: A pint of Guinness and a Q]`\SRPSST`ScPS\ corned beef reuben

Atwell: Have a St. Patty's plan, E24Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Eat & Run: Becky's Diner, E25 8kn\cc1?Xm\XJk%GXkkpĂ&#x2039;jgcXe#<)+ <XkIle19\ZbpĂ&#x2039;j;`e\i#<),

G :?<8I@CC


Celebrate spring :\c\YiXk\jgi`e^ with herb clinic n`k__\iYZc`e`Z CELEBRATE the first day of 13:30@/B3bVSÂż`abROg]T spring by learning how to a^`W\UPgZSO`\W\UV]eb] design an herb garden and RSaWU\O\VS`PUO`RS\O\R select plants, including aSZSQb^ZO\baW\QZcRW\U culinary herbs. QcZW\O`gVS`Pa WHEN: 6 to 9 p.m. Tuesday E63<($b]'^[BcSaROg WHERE: Urban Farm E63@3(C`PO\4O`[ Fermentory, 200 4S`[S\b]`g  Anderson St., Bay 4, /\RS`a]\Ab0Og" Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12 6=E;C16( INFO: 7<4=(bW\gc`ZQ][ urbanfarmclasses c`PO\TO`[QZOaaSa

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3E24 "5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

Jk%GXki`ZbĂ&#x2039;j;XpgcXe1;`]]\i\ekY\\iXk\XZ_d\Xc St. Patrick's Day plan: Different beer at each mea SJ

8JEHFUDBOTUIBUJOGVTFUIF U1BUSJDLT%BZBOEESJOL t. Patrick's Day and drinkWidget cans that infuse the ing are linked. It may be beer with nitro. For a while CFFSXJUIOJUSP'PSBXIJMF JOHBSFMJOLFE*UNBZCF *ESBOLBMPUPGUIF8JEHFU BTUFSFPUZQF CVUUIF*SJTI a stereotype, but the Irish I drank a lot of the Widget have a reputation for drinking beers, but have since gone CFFST CVUIBWFTJODFHPOF IBWFBSFQVUBUJPOGPSESJOLJOH CBDLUPUIFPSJHJOBM&YQPSU BCJU a bit. back to the original Export. St. Patrick's Day this year But that is personal taste. #VUUIBUJTQFSTPOBMUBTUF 4U1BUSJDLT%BZUIJTZFBS .VSQIZT*SJTI4UPVUJTB comes on a Saturday, which is Murphy's Irish Stout is a DPNFTPOB4BUVSEBZ XIJDIJT good, because you can start bit rarer than Guinness, and CJUSBSFSUIBO(VJOOFTT BOE HPPE CFDBVTFZPVDBOTUBSU the day with a good Irish UIFEBZXJUIBHPPE*SJTI TOITl AtWGll DPNFTJOBUQFSDFOUBMDP comes in at 4 percent alcobreakfast of eggs, Irish bacon hol. This has a more hoppier IPM5IJTIBTBNPSFIPQQJFS CSFBLGBTUPGFHHT *SJTICBDPO and pudding - if you want. And What AleS YOU GJOJTIUIBO(VJOOFTT BOEQVEEJOHoJGZPVXBOU"OE finish than Guinness. as a T-shirt that I saw at the The third Irish dry stout 5IFUIJSE*SJTIESZTUPVU BTB5TIJSUUIBU*TBXBUUIF Lakes Region Beer Festival is Beamish, at 4.1 percent JT#FBNJTI BUQFSDFOU -BLFT3FHJPO#FFS'FTUJWBM said, "You can't drink all day if you alcohol. This is much harder to find, BMDPIPM5IJTJTNVDIIBSEFSUPGJOE  TBJE i:PVDBOUESJOLBMMEBZJGZPV don't start in the morning." and my personal favorite. It is stouter, BOENZQFSTPOBMGBWPSJUF*UJTTUPVUFS  EPOUTUBSUJOUIFNPSOJOHw The beer to drink in the morning is an DSFBNJFSBOETNPPUIFSUIBOUIFPUIFS creamier and smoother than the other 5IFCFFSUPESJOLJOUIFNPSOJOHJTBO Irish dry stout, because at 4 to 4.3 per- UXP two. *SJTIESZTUPVU CFDBVTFBUUPQFS cent alcohol and with some heftiness, O'Hara's is less creamy but a bit 0)BSBTJTMFTTDSFBNZCVUBCJU DFOUBMDPIPMBOEXJUITPNFIFGUJOFTT  you can drink a few without serious more complex, and comes in at 4.3 NPSFDPNQMFY BOEDPNFTJOBU ZPVDBOESJOLBGFXXJUIPVUTFSJPVT intoxication. percent alcohol. QFSDFOUBMDPIPM JOUPYJDBUJPO You can get Guinness everywhere If you don't want stout, there are *GZPVEPOUXBOUTUPVU UIFSFBSF :PVDBOHFU(VJOOFTTFWFSZXIFSF other Irish beers. I am not a fan of at 4.2 percent alcohol, but if you have PUIFS*SJTICFFST*BNOPUBGBOPG BUQFSDFOUBMDPIPM CVUJGZPVIBWF an iPhone, you can go to Guinness Black Lager, at 4.5 percent (VJOOFTT#MBDL-BHFS BUQFSDFOU BOJ1IPOF ZPVDBOHPUPUJOZVSMDPN 6u94vv3 to get an app that tells you alcohol. It seems thin and tasteless. BMDPIPM*UTFFNTUIJOBOEUBTUFMFTT VWWUPHFUBOBQQUIBUUFMMTZPV where the nearest pub selling GuinSmithwick's Ale and Harp Lager are 4NJUIXJDLT"MFBOE)BSQ-BHFSBSF XIFSFUIFOFBSFTUQVCTFMMJOH(VJO ness is located. Guinness siblings. I like Smithwick's, (VJOOFTTTJCMJOHT*MJLF4NJUIXJDLT  OFTTJTMPDBUFE On draught is the best way to drink which has 5 percent alcohol and a good XIJDIIBTQFSDFOUBMDPIPMBOEBHPPE 0OESBVHIUJTUIFCFTUXBZUPESJOL Guinness. It has to settle a bit after it rich flavor with a bit of oakiness. It's SJDIGMBWPSXJUIBCJUPGPBLJOFTT*UT (VJOOFTT*UIBTUPTFUUMFBCJUBGUFSJU a good beer for drinking rather than is drawn, and it has a wonderfully stiff BHPPECFFSGPSESJOLJOHSBUIFSUIBO JTESBXO BOEJUIBTBXPOEFSGVMMZTUJGG thinking. Harp is OK, but for me, it head that bartenders, when they have UIJOLJOH)BSQJT0, CVUGPSNF JU IFBEUIBUCBSUFOEFST XIFOUIFZIBWF the time, can put a shamrock on. doesn't stand up to the best European EPFTOUTUBOEVQUPUIFCFTU&VSPQFBO UIFUJNF DBOQVUBTIBNSPDLPO If I am drinking at home, I prefer the BOE"NFSJDBOMBHFST and American lagers. *G*BNESJOLJOHBUIPNF *QSFGFSUIF old-fashioned Guinness Export to the Just so you know, when I was in Ire+VTUTPZPVLOPX XIFO*XBTJO*SF PMEGBTIJPOFE(VJOOFTT&YQPSUUPUIF

Kfd8kn\cc N_Xk8c\jPfl

Maine fishermen and seamen share their world through poetry and music.                 A 50th anniversary event of Maine Maritime Museum.         

Frank Gotwals; Stefanie Alley; Kendall Morse; Gordon Bok          5:30 to 7:30 p.m. !  !+* DiMillo's On the Water #  $ )&  154 Commercial Street "**(   Portland % 

Admission: $5 MMM Members; $7 **'  nonmembers. *

!*'  243     Washington Street    Bath, Maine 207-443-1316   

/&& $INE)N/NLY

Expires 3131112 ([SLUHV

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773-THAI (8424)  4(!)

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Best Thai Cuisine "EST4HAI#UISINE in Town IN4OWN

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Tom Atwell is a freelance writer who lives in Cape B][/beSZZWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\1O^S Elizabeth. He can be contacted at 767-2297 or'%]`Ob( at: 3ZWhOPSbV6SQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%$% b][ObeSZZ.[SQ][


Tonight Only - Voices of the Sea   

MBOEoUXJDFPWFSUIFQBTUEFDBEFoUIF land - twice over the past decade - the locals drank an awful lot of American MPDBMTESBOLBOBXGVMMPUPG"NFSJDBO #VEXFJTFS4PJGZPVXBOUUPCFBCJU Budweiser. So if you want to be a bit twisted and counter-intuitive, you could UXJTUFEBOEDPVOUFSJOUVJUJWF ZPVDPVME IBWFB#VEUPTIPXZPVSBMMFHJBODFUP have a Bud to show your allegiance to the Old Sod. UIF0ME4PE .BOZ"NFSJDBOCSFXFSTNBLFCFFST Many American brewers make beers they refer to as Irish red ales, patUIFZSFGFSUPBT*SJTISFEBMFT QBU terned after Smithwick's. They range UFSOFEBGUFS4NJUIXJDLT5IFZSBOHF from Killians (a sub-brand of Coors GSPN,JMMJBOT BTVCCSBOEPG$PPST that is now part of MillerCoors) to UIBUJTOPXQBSUPG.JMMFS$PPST UP small microbrews. Try some of them if TNBMMNJDSPCSFXT5SZTPNFPGUIFNJG you want, but not on St. Patrick's Day. ZPVXBOU CVUOPUPO4U1BUSJDLT%BZ The American beer I will accept as a 5IF"NFSJDBOCFFS*XJMMBDDFQUBTB St. Patrick's Day tipple is McSorley's, 4U1BUSJDLT%BZUJQQMFJT.D4PSMFZT  based on an ale served at an Irish pub CBTFEPOBOBMFTFSWFEBUBO*SJTIQVC established in New York's East VilFTUBCMJTIFEJO/FX:PSLT&BTU7JM lage in 1854. The beer is now brewed MBHFJO5IFCFFSJTOPXCSFXFE in Utica, N.Y., and is a subsidiary of JO6UJDB /: BOEJTBTVCTJEJBSZPG Pabst, but the tradition of old American 1BCTU CVUUIFUSBEJUJPOPGPME"NFSJDBO Irish is worth something. *SJTIJTXPSUITPNFUIJOH The beer is good, yeasty and crisp 5IFCFFSJTHPPE ZFBTUZBOEDSJTQ with a good mouthfeel and an earthy XJUIBHPPENPVUIGFFMBOEBOFBSUIZ hoppiness. I bought a six-pack for $8.99 IPQQJOFTT*CPVHIUBTJYQBDLGPS at Shaw's. BU4IBXT I think I'll go with Guinness at a bar *UIJOL*MMHPXJUI(VJOOFTTBUBCBS for breakfast, McSorley's for lunch and GPSCSFBLGBTU .D4PSMFZTGPSMVODIBOE a Beamish if I can find it for dinner. B#FBNJTIJG*DBOGJOEJUGPSEJOOFS Sounds like a good day. 4PVOETMJLFBHPPEEBZ

Nothing says St. <]bVW\UaOgaAb Patrick's Day like a >Ob`WQY¸a2OgZWYSO hefty Guinness. VSTbg5cW\\Saa

Evil and Stellar, 7:30 p.m., State Theatre, 3dWZO\RAbSZZO`%(!^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $22.50/$25. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R # #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office Continued from Page E8 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3& April 26$³5`SU0`]e\&^[=\S - Greg Brown, 8 p.m., One /^`WZ Longfellow Square, Portland. $35/$40. April 16 - Needtobreathe, 7 p.m., State :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#" /^`WZ$³<SSRb]P`SObVS%^[AbObS; 761-1757 Theatre, Portland. $22/$25. Statetheatre =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R  #AbObSbVSOb`S April 27%³/^`WZDS`QV0O\R&^[=\S - April Verch Band, 8 p.m., One; (800) 745-3000; /^`WZ ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Longfellow Square, Portland. $18/$20. Cumberland County Civic Center box office :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R&  1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS; 761-1757 April 17 - Passion Pit, 8 p.m., State Theatre, =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% /^`WZ%³>OaaW]\>Wb&^[AbObSBVSOb`S April 27%³BVS0`SeeWbV0O`ST]]bB`cbV - The Brew with Barefoot Truth, Portland. $25/$30. Statetheatreportland /^`WZ >]`bZO\R #!AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb] Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg $30. Civic Center box office !>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][ 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS April 28&³AQO`OP(/B`WPcbSb]8]c`\Sg - Scarab: A Tribute to Journey, April 18 - Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, /^`WZ /^`WZ&³2O\6WQYaBVS6]b:WQYa 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $32.50. &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb] &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb! # $25.; 646-4526  #>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][ 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ April 28&³8O[Sa;Q;c`b`g&^[ - James McMurtry, 8 p.m., April 18 - Minnesota, 9 p.m., Port /^`WZ /^`WZ&³;W\\Sa]bO'^[>]`b Strand Theatre, Rockland. $20/$24. City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R  " 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]!; 594-0070; (888) 512-SHOW @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 1 - Bob Weir, 8 p.m., State Theatre, April 19 - Elijah Ocean, 8 p.m., One ;Og³0]PESW`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S /^`WZ'³3ZWXOV=QSO\&^[=\S Portland. $40/$45. Statetheatreportland. Longfellow Square, Portland. $10/$12. >]`bZO\R""#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County 761-1757; Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ Civic Center box office April 19 - Raekwon with Supernatural, 8 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS /^`WZ'³@OSYe]\eWbVAc^S`\Obc`OZ& May 1 - Kathleen Edwards, 8 p.m., Port City p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to ;Og³9ObVZSS\3ReO`Ra&^[>]`b1Wbg ^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b] Music Hall, Portland. $18 to $30. $30.; ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]! !>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][); (888) 512-SHOW (888) 512-SHOW abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&&&# A6=E &&&# A6=E May 2³=bb[O`:WSPS`bO\R:c\O<SU`O - Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, April 20³@O\W/`P]2OWag;OgVS[& - Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, 8 ;Og /^`WZ 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $37.50. p.m., One Longfellow Square, Portland. $17/ &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!%# ^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R%; 646-4526 761-1757; 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ $20. %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ May 4 - Trailer Park Boys, 8 p.m., State April 20³ASSbVS`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S - Seether, 8 p.m., State Theatre, ;Og"³B`OWZS`>O`Y0]ga&^[AbObS /^`WZ Theatre, Portland. $29.50/$35. State Portland. $27/$30. Statetheatreportland BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R '#!#AbObS >]`bZO\R %!AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R; (800) 745-3000; .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Cumberland County Civic Center box office Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS May 4 - Cheryl Wheeler, 8 p.m., Stone April 20³;OgS`6OebV]`\SBVS1]c\bg - Mayer Hawthorne & The County, ;Og"³1VS`gZEVSSZS`&^[Ab]\S /^`WZ Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $23. 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR ! &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]; 935-7292 $30. (888) 512-SHOW Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' !&&&# A6=E May 5 - M. Ward, 8 p.m., State Theatre, April 20³@]\\WS3O`ZBVS0`]ORQOabS`a - Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, ;Og#³;EO`R&^[AbObSBVSOb`S /^`WZ Portland. $23/$25. Statetheatreportland. 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $39 to $76. >]`bZO\R ! #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!'b]%$ com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County; 646-4526 Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ Civic Center box office April 21³/\bXS2cdSY]b&^[=\S - Antje Duvekot, 8 p.m., One 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS /^`WZ May 5 - Judy Collins, 8 p.m., Stone Longfellow Square, Portland. $15/$18. ;Og#³8cRg1]ZZW\a&^[Ab]\S :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R#&; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% Please see TIX, PageE25 April 24"³BVS]`g]TO2SOR[O\>]^ - Theory of a Deadman, Pop Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<), /^`WZ

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E25 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3 #

9\ZbpĂ&#x2039;j18i\glkXk`fen\cc$\Xie\[ Becky's: A reputation we -earned GP

ORTLAND â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Before going 035-"/%Â&#x2030;#FGPSFHPJOH to Niagara Falls for the first UP/JBHBSB'BMMTGPSUIFmSTU time, I remember thinking, UJNF *SFNFNCFSUIJOLJOH  "This place can't possibly live up i5IJTQMBDFDBOUQPTTJCMZMJWFVQ UPUIFIZQFw to the hype." But it did. #VUJUEJE #FDLZT%JOFSPO1PSUMBOET Becky's Diner on Portland's waterfront may be in the same XBUFSGSPOUNBZCFJOUIFTBNF boat in some people's minds. It CPBUJOTPNFQFPQMFTNJOET*U seems like every TV food show, TFFNTMJLFFWFSZ57GPPETIPX  every visiting celebrity and every FWFSZWJTJUJOHDFMFCSJUZBOEFWFSZ travel writer who comes to town USBWFMXSJUFSXIPDPNFTUPUPXO finds their way to Becky's. mOETUIFJSXBZUP#FDLZT So the place gets a lot of hype. 4PUIFQMBDFHFUTBMPUPGIZQF But on a recent visit to Becky's, #VUPOBSFDFOUWJTJUUP#FDLZT  I was reminded why the hype *XBTSFNJOEFEXIZUIFIZQF started building in the first place TUBSUFECVJMEJOHJOUIFmSTUQMBDF - it's a genuine local institution, a oJUTBHFOVJOFMPDBMJOTUJUVUJPO B great diner with a very local vibe. HSFBUEJOFSXJUIBWFSZMPDBMWJCF My first reminder came when .ZmSTUSFNJOEFSDBNFXIFO I went in for breakfast on a Sat*XFOUJOGPSCSFBLGBTUPOB4BU urday, and was seated right next VSEBZ BOEXBTTFBUFESJHIUOFYU to the lobster tank. There can't UPUIFMPCTUFSUBOL5IFSFDBOU be that many places where you CFUIBUNBOZQMBDFTXIFSFZPV can eat hash and eggs and watch DBOFBUIBTIBOEFHHTBOEXBUDI lobsters that were probably in MPCTUFSTUIBUXFSFQSPCBCMZJO the ocean a day earlier. UIFPDFBOBEBZFBSMJFS The second big reminder came 5IFTFDPOECJHSFNJOEFSDBNF when my hash arrived. It was XIFONZIBTIBSSJWFE*UXBT the day's homemade corned beef UIFEBZTIPNFNBEFDPSOFECFFG hash special, which included the IBTITQFDJBM XIJDIJODMVEFEUIF hash, two eggs, home fries and IBTI UXPFHHT IPNFGSJFTBOE toast for $8.25. UPBTUGPS The hash had big shreds of ten5IFIBTIIBECJHTISFETPGUFO der corned beef, onions, potatoes EFSDPSOFECFFG POJPOT QPUBUPFT and tiny flecks of carrots. On BOEUJOZnFDLTPGDBSSPUT0O top was a wonderful dark-brown UPQXBTBXPOEFSGVMEBSLCSPXO crust, keeping all the hash's DSVTU LFFQJOHBMMUIFIBTIT moisture and flavor sealed in. NPJTUVSFBOEnBWPSTFBMFEJO One thing to remember about 0OFUIJOHUPSFNFNCFSBCPVU ordering the hash, though, is that PSEFSJOHUIFIBTI UIPVHI JTUIBU the homemade hash is a special UIFIPNFNBEFIBTIJTBTQFDJBM item. If you order hash off the JUFN*GZPVPSEFSIBTIPGGUIF regular menu as a side dish, it SFHVMBSNFOVBTBTJEFEJTI JU will likely be canned, a server XJMMMJLFMZCFDBOOFE BTFSWFS told me. UPMENF My sunny-side eggs were .ZTVOOZTJEFFHHTXFSF perfect - with whites that weren't QFSGFDUoXJUIXIJUFTUIBUXFSFOU runny and yokes that were still SVOOZBOEZPLFTUIBUXFSFTUJMM plenty fluid. This is a big deal QMFOUZnVJE5IJTJTBCJHEFBM with me. If I can't get my sunnyXJUINF*G*DBOUHFUNZTVOOZ side eggs perfect, I'd rather just TJEFFHHTQFSGFDU *ESBUIFSKVTU scramble them. TDSBNCMFUIFN To me, a diner is all about 5PNF BEJOFSJTBMMBCPVU breakfast, and Becky's does CSFBLGBTU BOE#FDLZTEPFT

<8K Xe[ ILE

BECKY'S DINER 9<:BPĂ&#x2039;J;@E<I WHERE: 390 Commercial St., E63@3(!'1][[S`QWOZAb Portland; 773-7070 >]`bZO\R)%%!%% HOURS: 4 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily 6=C@A("O[b]'^[ROWZg CHEAPEST GRUB: One buttermilk 163/>3AB5@C0(=\SPcbbS`[WZY pancake, $2.25; Commercial ^O\QOYS  #)1][[S`QWOZ Street Sandwich (breakfast), Ab`SSbAO\ReWQVP`SOYTOab $3.75 !%# WAIT: Once seated, 10 minutes E/7B(=\QSaSObSR[W\cbSa or so ]`a] PARKING: Yes, plus on street as >/@97<5(GSa^Zca]\ab`SSbOa well eSZZ HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE: Yes 6/<271/>>32/113AA70:3(GSa RATING: **** @/B7<5((((( Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\OÂżdSabO`aQOZS Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer 5]`R]\1VWP`]aYWAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Server Cameron Jordan has her hands full of breakfast dishes, including an omelette for Liana AS`dS`1O[S`]\8]`RO\VOaVS`VO\RaTcZZ]TP`SOYTOabRWaVSaW\QZcRW\UO\][SZSbbST]`:WO\O Rubinoff, at left. Becky's is a classic diner that serves breakfast all day. @cPW\]TTObZSTb0SQYg¸aWaOQZOaaWQRW\S`bVObaS`dSaP`SOYTOabOZZROg

need to eat again until the next OFFEUPFBUBHBJOVOUJMUIFOFYU day. EBZ breakfast all day long. After 4 egg, cheese and choice of ham, the diner, and lots of big booths The most exotic thing on the UIFEJOFS BOEMPUTPGCJHCPPUIT FHH DIFFTFBOEDIPJDFPGIBN  CSFBLGBTUBMMEBZMPOH"GUFS 5IFNPTUFYPUJDUIJOHPOUIF p.m. you can't get home fries, bacon, sausage or tomato. It was POCPUITJEFT on both sides. CBDPO TBVTBHFPSUPNBUP*UXBT QNZPVDBOUHFUIPNFGSJFT  breakfast menu was a lobster CSFBLGBTUNFOVXBTBMPCTUFS oatmeal or fruit bowls, but most HPPE CVUFWFSZPOFJONZQBSUZ good, but everyone in my party The menu is big too. Breakfast BOETXJTTDIFFTFPNFMFUUF BU and swiss cheese omelette, at 5IFNFOVJTCJHUPP#SFBLGBTU PBUNFBMPSGSVJUCPXMT CVUNPTU kept asking for a bite of my hash, GFBUVSFTFHHBOENFBUEJTIFT of the extensive breakfast menu LFQUBTLJOHGPSBCJUFPGNZIBTI  features egg and meat dishes PGUIFFYUFOTJWFCSFBLGBTUNFOV market price. NBSLFUQSJDF which was the clear star of the is available. - including at least 12 kinds of The menu also has a ton of oJODMVEJOHBUMFBTULJOETPG XIJDIXBTUIFDMFBSTUBSPGUIF JTBWBJMBCMF 5IFNFOVBMTPIBTBUPOPG morning. I sampled a buttermilk pancake NPSOJOH omelettes - pancakes, French PNFMFUUFToQBODBLFT 'SFODI *TBNQMFEBCVUUFSNJMLQBODBLF lunch offerings - all manner of MVODIPGGFSJOHToBMMNBOOFSPG ($2.25 for one), which was light Becky's is a lively, bustling toast, fruit bowls and all sorts of IPUBOEDPMETBOEXJDIFT CVSH hot and cold sandwiches, burgUPBTU GSVJUCPXMTBOEBMMTPSUTPG #FDLZTJTBMJWFMZ CVTUMJOH GPSPOF XIJDIXBTMJHIU and fluffy. I saw the very cute place on the waterfront, so you side orders. TJEFPSEFST ers, lobster rolls, etc. Plus, there QMBDFPOUIFXBUFSGSPOU TPZPV BOEnVGGZ*TBXUIFWFSZDVUF FST MPCTUFSSPMMT FUD1MVT UIFSF Mickey Mouse Fruity Face pan- TFFEJGGFSFOULJOETPGGPMLT GSPN see different kinds of folks, from The biggest dishes I spied were BSFMPUTPGGSJFETFBGPPEEJTIFT  are lots of fried seafood dishes, 5IFCJHHFTUEJTIFT*TQJFEXFSF .JDLFZ.PVTF'SVJUZ'BDFQBO lobstermen and waterfront work- UIF5JUBOJD0NFMFUUF   cake ($4.25), which is a favorite the Titanic Omelette ($10.75) pasta dinners, comfort foods like MPCTUFSNFOBOEXBUFSGSPOUXPSL DBLF  XIJDIJTBGBWPSJUF QBTUBEJOOFST DPNGPSUGPPETMJLF - with four eggs, bacon, ham, with kids. It was one big round ers to tourists, teens and entire meatloaf, and whole steamed oXJUIGPVSFHHT CBDPO IBN  FSTUPUPVSJTUT UFFOTBOEFOUJSF XJUILJET*UXBTPOFCJHSPVOE NFBUMPBG BOEXIPMFTUFBNFE pancake with two smaller panfamilies. (Speaking of families, sausage, cheese, onions and pep- MPCTUFST lobsters. TBVTBHF DIFFTF POJPOTBOEQFQ GBNJMJFT 4QFBLJOHPGGBNJMJFT  QBODBLFXJUIUXPTNBMMFSQBO cakes attached to form Mickey's #FDLZTXBTTUBSUFEJOCZ Becky's was started in 1991 by pers - and the Hobson's Wharf The dinners are mostly out of QFSToBOEUIF)PCTPOT8IBSG DBLFTBUUBDIFEUPGPSN.JDLFZT 5IFEJOOFSTBSFNPTUMZPVUPG Becky Rand, a mother of six. And 4QFDJBM  XIJDIJODMVEFTB ears. Strawberries, blueberries Special ($8.75), which includes a UIFQSJDFSBOHFGPSUIJTGFBUVSF  the price range for this feature, #FDLZ3BOE BNPUIFSPGTJY"OE FBST4USBXCFSSJFT CMVFCFSSJFT and other fruit formed his facial BUTPNFQPJOU BMMIFSLJETIBWF at some point, all her kids have choice of bacon or sausage, two but on the lunch menu, I'd love to DIPJDFPGCBDPOPSTBVTBHF UXP BOEPUIFSGSVJUGPSNFEIJTGBDJBM CVUPOUIFMVODINFOV *EMPWFUP features. worked there with her.) pancakes or French toast, two try the fried haddock sandwich QBODBLFTPS'SFODIUPBTU UXP XPSLFEUIFSFXJUIIFS

GFBUVSFT USZUIFGSJFEIBEEPDLTBOEXJDI We also had at our table a ComIt's a big, comfortable place, eggs any style, home fries and some time. FHHTBOZTUZMF IPNFGSJFTBOE *UTBCJH DPNGPSUBCMFQMBDF  8FBMTPIBEBUPVSUBCMFB$PN TPNFUJNF thanks to a 2007 renovation, with UPBTU mercial Street Sandwich ($3.75), UIBOLTUPBSFOPWBUJPO XJUI toast. NFSDJBM4USFFU4BOEXJDI   which is a breakfast sandwich stools and a counter that meanI've had it before, and it's the The staff of GO anonymously samples *WFIBEJUCFGPSF BOEJUTUIF TUPPMTBOEBDPVOUFSUIBUNFBO XIJDIJTBCSFBLGBTUTBOEXJDI BVSabOTT]T5=O\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa on an English muffin featuring ders in a circular fashion through LJOEPGUIJOHXIFSFZPVXPOU kind of thing where you won't meals for about $7. EFSTJOBDJSDVMBSGBTIJPOUISPVHI POBO&OHMJTINVGmOGFBUVSJOH [SOZaT]`OP]cb%


Continued from Page E23 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 ! maybe it was because it was Valentine's Day. I NBZCFJUXBTCFDBVTFJUXBT7BMFOUJOFT%BZ* do know it's a popular place for post-work happy EPLOPXJUTBQPQVMBSQMBDFGPSQPTUXPSLIBQQZ hour, and some people were dressed like they IPVS BOETPNFQFPQMFXFSFESFTTFEMJLFUIFZ came from the office. DBNFGSPNUIFPGmDF I've also seen how busy it gets out on the patio *WFBMTPTFFOIPXCVTZJUHFUTPVUPOUIFQBUJP when the weather gets warmer and bands are XIFOUIFXFBUIFSHFUTXBSNFSBOECBOETBSF playing. QMBZJOH With more time to kill before meeting up with 8JUINPSFUJNFUPLJMMCFGPSFNFFUJOHVQXJUI my friend, I ordered a house garden salad with NZGSJFOE *PSEFSFEBIPVTFHBSEFOTBMBEXJUI maple-brined grilled chicken and lemon caper NBQMFCSJOFEHSJMMFEDIJDLFOBOEMFNPODBQFS vinaigrette for $12. Sometimes pubs miss the WJOBJHSFUUFGPS4PNFUJNFTQVCTNJTTUIF mark on salads, but this one was especially deliNBSLPOTBMBET CVUUIJTPOFXBTFTQFDJBMMZEFMJ cious. The greens and vegetables were crisp and DJPVT5IFHSFFOTBOEWFHFUBCMFTXFSFDSJTQBOE fresh, and the chicken added great flavor. It all GSFTI BOEUIFDIJDLFOBEEFEHSFBUnBWPS*UBMM

complemented my Applehead very well. DPNQMFNFOUFENZ"QQMFIFBEWFSZXFMM Less than a month away from St. Patrick's Day, -FTTUIBOBNPOUIBXBZGSPN4U1BUSJDLT%BZ  general manager Chris Rockwell said plans are HFOFSBMNBOBHFS$ISJT3PDLXFMMTBJEQMBOTBSF in place for a day full of entertainment. By a day JOQMBDFGPSBEBZGVMMPGFOUFSUBJONFOU#ZBEBZ full, he really means it. The pub will open its doors GVMM IFSFBMMZNFBOTJU5IFQVCXJMMPQFOJUTEPPST at 6 a.m. to kick off the day with a traditional Irish BUBNUPLJDLPGGUIFEBZXJUIBUSBEJUJPOBM*SJTI breakfast. CSFBLGBTU Traditional Irish music will start around 7:30 5SBEJUJPOBM*SJTINVTJDXJMMTUBSUBSPVOE a.m. with a couple of performers through 11:30 BNXJUIBDPVQMFPGQFSGPSNFSTUISPVHI a.m., at which time the Cora Highlanders BagBN BUXIJDIUJNFUIF$PSB)JHIMBOEFST#BH pipers will take over and roam the city. Aidan QJQFSTXJMMUBLFPWFSBOESPBNUIFDJUZ"JEBO O'Brien and "other lads" will do a poetry reading 0#SJFOBOEiPUIFSMBETwXJMMEPBQPFUSZSFBEJOH at 9:30 a.m. BUBN Events are planned all the way through &WFOUTBSFQMBOOFEBMMUIFXBZUISPVHI 1 a.m., and the full schedule is available at BN BOEUIFGVMMTDIFEVMFJTBWBJMBCMFBU The pub is also keeping a CSJBOCPSVQPSUMBOEDPN5IFQVCJTBMTPLFFQJOHB St. Patrick's countdown on its Facebook page. 4U1BUSJDLTDPVOUEPXOPOJUT'BDFCPPLQBHF Emma Bouthillette is a freelance writer who lives in Biddeford. 3[[O0]cbVWZZSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\0WRRST]`R


Continued from Page E24 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 " Mountain Arts Center, ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS` Brownfield. $85. Stonemountain 0`]e\¿SZR&#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\; 935-7292 O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 6 - Judy Collins, 8 p.m., ;Og$³8cRg1]ZZW\a&^[ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $65 to 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb$#b] $102.8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][);  646-4526 $"$"# $ May 9 - Trans-Siberian ;Og'³B`O\aAWPS`WO\ Orchestra: Beethoven's Last =`QVSab`O(0SSbV]dS\¸a:Oab Night, 5:30 p.m., Bangor <WUVb#(!^[0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion. $41.75 to EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"%#b] $61.75.; $%#EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 10 - Beats Antique, ;Og³0SOba/\bW_cS 8 p.m., Port City Music &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ

Hall, Portland. $18 to $40. 6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]" >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][ May 11 - Southside Johnny ;Og³A]cbVaWRS8]V\\g & The Poor Fools, 8 p.m., BVS>]]`4]]Za&^[ Stone Mountain Arts Center, Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS` Brownfield. $40. Stonemountain 0`]e\¿SZR"Ab]\S[]c\bOW\; 935-7292 O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 11 - Aztec Two Step, ;Og³/hbSQBe]AbS^ 8 p.m., One Longfellow &^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, Portland. $25/$28. A_cO`S>]`bZO\R # &; =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][) 761-1757 %$%#% May 12³BVS0Sab]T0`]OReOg - The Best of Broadway ;Og 2012: Benefit for Barbara Bush  (0S\S¿bT]`0O`PO`O0caV Children's Hospital, 7:30 p.m., 1VWZR`S\¸a6]a^WbOZ%(!^[ Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $30 ;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R! to $40.; 842-0800 b]">]`bbWfQ][)&" & May 12³4Z]UUW\U;]ZZg&^[ - Flogging Molly, 8 p.m. ;Og

Please see TIX, PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<)-

6 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, March 15, 2012 3E 2$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

Photos by John Patriquin/Staff Photographer >V]b]aPg8]V\>Ob`W_cW\AbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

L e f t : M e g a n B u c k l e y helps J e n n i f e r J o n e s dress f o r rehearsal at P o r t l a n d Ballet. The t w o share t h e lead role in "Giselle." R i g h t : Jones, p r a c t i c i n g in t h e P o r t l a n d :STb(;SUO\0cQYZSgVSZ^a8S\\WTS`8]\SaR`SaaT]``SVSO`aOZOb>]`bZO\R0OZZSbBVSbe]aVO`SbVSZSOR`]ZSW\µ5WaSZZS¶@WUVb(8]\Sa^`OQbWQW\UW\bVS>]`bZO\R Ballet s t u d i o , calls "Giselle" " t h e m o s t c h a l l e n g i n g role I have ever d o n e , by far." It's also o n e of t h e first ballets she saw as a c h i l d . 0OZZSbabcRW]QOZZaµ5WaSZZS¶µbVS[]abQVOZZS\UW\U`]ZS7VOdSSdS`R]\SPgTO`¶7b¸aOZa]]\S]TbVS¿`abPOZZSbaaVSaOeOaOQVWZR

'GISELLE' Ă&#x201A;<>H:AA:Ă&#x192; Continued from Page E19 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3'

her, and that can be a scary IFS BOEUIBUDBOCFBTDBSZ process," she said. "She comes QSPDFTT wTIFTBJEi4IFDPNFT across early on as needy, but BDSPTTFBSMZPOBTOFFEZ CVU she has an underlying strength TIFIBTBOVOEFSMZJOHTUSFOHUI that really surfaces and grows UIBUSFBMMZTVSGBDFTBOEHSPXT as the ballet goes on. In the end, BTUIFCBMMFUHPFTPO*OUIFFOE  her love transcends death, and IFSMPWFUSBOTDFOETEFBUI BOE she finds a way to forgive. She TIFmOETBXBZUPGPSHJWF4IF has a quiet strength." IBTBRVJFUTUSFOHUIw She calls Giselle "the most 4IFDBMMT(JTFMMFiUIFNPTU challenging role I have ever DIBMMFOHJOHSPMF*IBWFFWFS done, by far." EPOF CZGBSw Jones will dance another role +POFTXJMMEBODFBOPUIFSSPMF alongside Buckley during other BMPOHTJEF#VDLMFZEVSJOHPUIFS performances, and will be availQFSGPSNBODFT BOEXJMMCFBWBJM able for the lead in the event BCMFGPSUIFMFBEJOUIFFWFOU

that Buckley cannot dance. UIBU#VDLMFZDBOOPUEBODF Buckley prepared for Giselle #VDLMFZQSFQBSFEGPS(JTFMMF in much the same way as Jones. JONVDIUIFTBNFXBZBT+POFT "To get into the character, I i5PHFUJOUPUIFDIBSBDUFS * have to find the Giselle in me IBWFUPmOEUIF(JTFMMFJONF and me in her," Buckley said. BOENFJOIFS w#VDLMFZTBJE "This role has a little bit of i5IJTSPMFIBTBMJUUMFCJUPG everything. It's a roller-coaster FWFSZUIJOH*UTBSPMMFSDPBTUFS of emotion. She goes from this PGFNPUJPO4IFHPFTGSPNUIJT young and happy-in-love girl to ZPVOHBOEIBQQZJOMPWFHJSMUP this mad young woman who dies UIJTNBEZPVOHXPNBOXIPEJFT and returns as a ghost capable BOESFUVSOTBTBHIPTUDBQBCMF of forgiveness. PGGPSHJWFOFTT "The degree and range of emoi5IFEFHSFFBOESBOHFPGFNP tions is challenging. It's equally UJPOTJTDIBMMFOHJOH*UTFRVBMMZ acting and dancing." BDUJOHBOEEBODJOHw Neither woman tries to /FJUIFSXPNBOUSJFTUP emulate the other. Both watch FNVMBUFUIFPUIFS#PUIXBUDI each other during rehearsal, FBDIPUIFSEVSJOHSFIFBSTBM  and both are open to the other's BOECPUIBSFPQFOUPUIFPUIFST interpretation of the role. JOUFSQSFUBUJPOPGUIFSPMF


Continued from Page E25 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 # State Theatre, Portland. $30/$35. State AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!!#AbObS; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 16 - Aziz Ansari, 8 p.m., State Theatre, ;Og$Âł/hWh/\aO`W&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $31.50 and $36.50. Statetheatre >]`bZO\R!#O\R!$#AbObSbVSOb`S; (800) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 17 - Whitechapel, Miss May I and ;Og%ÂłEVWbSQVO^SZ;Waa;Og7O\R After the Burial, 6:30 p.m., State Theatre, /TbS`bVS0c`WOZ$(!^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $1750/$20. Statetheatreportland. >]`bZO\R%# AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 18 - Godsmack and Staind, 5 p.m., ;Og&Âł5]Ra[OQYO\RAbOW\R#^[ Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $47.50. 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"%#; (800) 745-3000 EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#!

But both approach the role #VUCPUIBQQSPBDIUIFSPMF individually. JOEJWJEVBMMZ "We feel no pressure to be i8FGFFMOPQSFTTVSFUPCF alike," said Jones, who has BMJLF wTBJE+POFT XIPIBT had many conversations with IBENBOZDPOWFSTBUJPOTXJUI associate artistic director Nell BTTPDJBUFBSUJTUJDEJSFDUPS/FMM Shipman, who portrayed Giselle 4IJQNBO XIPQPSUSBZFE(JTFMMF in Portland Ballet's 2009 producJO1PSUMBOE#BMMFUTQSPEVD tion. UJPO "Nell is great about allowing i/FMMJTHSFBUBCPVUBMMPXJOH us to make the role personal," VTUPNBLFUIFSPMFQFSTPOBM w Jones said. "I will be watch+POFTTBJEi*XJMMCFXBUDI ing Meg in rehearsal and see JOH.FHJOSFIFBSTBMBOETFF something I like and think, 'Oh, I TPNFUIJOH*MJLFBOEUIJOL A0I * want to do that.' But things that XBOUUPEPUIBU#VUUIJOHTUIBU work for her might not work for XPSLGPSIFSNJHIUOPUXPSLGPS me. We learn from each other." NF8FMFBSOGSPNFBDIPUIFSw For O'Brien and Portland Bal'PS0#SJFOBOE1PSUMBOE#BM let, "Giselle" also represents a MFU i(JTFMMFwBMTPSFQSFTFOUTB challenge because of the touring DIBMMFOHFCFDBVTFPGUIFUPVSJOH component. After the Westbrook DPNQPOFOU"GUFSUIF8FTUCSPPL

May 18 - Enter the Haggis, 8 p.m., Stone ;Og&Âł3\bS`bVS6OUUWa&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR #; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 19 - Tom Rush, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain ;Og'ÂłB][@caV&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\ Arts Center, Brownfield. $37.50. /`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR!%#; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 20 - Chris Smither, 8 p.m., One ;Og Âł1V`WaA[WbVS`&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $22/$25. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R  #; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% May 23 - Joe Bonamassa, 8 p.m., Merrill ;Og !Âł8]S0]\O[OaaO&^[;S``WZZ Auditorium, Portland. $49 to $79. /cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R"'b]%'; 842-0800 >]`bbWfQ][)&" & May 23 - The Wood Brothers, 8 p.m., ;Og !ÂłBVSE]]R0`]bVS`a&^[ Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]!; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 27 - Country Throwdown with Gary ;Og %Âł1]c\b`gBV`]eR]e\eWbV5O`g Allan, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Sunny /ZZO\8cabW\;]]`S8]aVBV][^a]\Ac\\g Sweeney and several others on multiple AeSS\SgO\RaSdS`OZ]bVS`a]\[cZbW^ZS stages, 3 p.m., Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. abOUSa!^[0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ to $52.25.; $22.25  #b]#  #EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)

performances, the company QFSGPSNBODFT UIFDPNQBOZ will pack up the costumes and XJMMQBDLVQUIFDPTUVNFTBOE sets and head northeast across TFUTBOEIFBEOPSUIFBTUBDSPTT the border for a performance UIFCPSEFSGPSBQFSGPSNBODF on March 31 at the Imperial PO.BSDIBUUIF*NQFSJBM Theater in St. John, New Bruns5IFBUFSJO4U+PIO /FX#SVOT wick. XJDL That means transporting 5IBUNFBOTUSBOTQPSUJOH about two dozen dancers, which BCPVUUXPEP[FOEBODFST XIJDI presents logistical challenges. QSFTFOUTMPHJTUJDBMDIBMMFOHFT There is no orchestra - Portland 5IFSFJTOPPSDIFTUSBo1PSUMBOE Ballet is using a recorded score #BMMFUJTVTJOHBSFDPSEFETDPSF by Adolphe Adam - but this repCZ"EPMQIF"EBNoCVUUIJTSFQ resents a major undertaking. SFTFOUTBNBKPSVOEFSUBLJOH O'Brien got the idea for the 0#SJFOHPUUIFJEFBGPSUIF Canadian trek after attend$BOBEJBOUSFLBGUFSBUUFOE ing a cross-cultural exchange JOHBDSPTTDVMUVSBMFYDIBOHF conference sponsored by the DPOGFSFODFTQPOTPSFECZUIF Maine Arts Commission. The .BJOF"SUT$PNNJTTJPO5IF conference encouraged Maine DPOGFSFODFFODPVSBHFE.BJOF artists to look north instead of BSUJTUTUPMPPLOPSUIJOTUFBEPG

(800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 31 - Bonnie Raitt with Marc Cohn, ;Og!Âł0]\\WS@OWbbeWbV;O`Q1]V\ 8 p.m., Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $52.50 &^[;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R# # to $62.50.; 842-0800 b]$ #>]`bbWfQ][)&" & May 31 - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 8 p.m., ;Og!Âł<Wbbg5`Wbbg2W`b0O\R&^[ Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR $75.; %#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) 935-7292 '!#% '

Get outta town 5Sb]cbbOb]e\ Today-Friday - Dropkick Murphys, 7 p.m., B]ROg4`WROgÂł2`]^YWQY;c`^Vga%^[ House of Blues, Boston. $32.50 to $60. 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\! #b]$; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Friday - Celtic Woman, 7:30 p.m., Verizon 4`WROgÂł1SZbWQE][O\%(!^[DS`Wh]\ Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. $43.50 to EW`SZSaa/`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6"!#b] $59.; (800) 745-3000 #'BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Saturday - Harlem Globetrotters, 7 p.m., AObc`ROgÂł6O`ZS[5Z]PSb`]bbS`a%^[ Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa/`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6 $27 to $138.35.;  %b]!&!#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)

only south for performance opPOMZTPVUIGPSQFSGPSNBODFPQ portunities. QPSUVOJUJFT Portland Ballet will be the 1PSUMBOE#BMMFUXJMMCFUIF guest of the Imperial Theater, HVFTUPGUIF*NQFSJBM5IFBUFS  which is producing the show XIJDIJTQSPEVDJOHUIFTIPX and incurring the costs and BOEJODVSSJOHUIFDPTUTBOE risks. SJTLT "We are building a bridge in a i8FBSFCVJMEJOHBCSJEHFJOB direction that few people go," EJSFDUJPOUIBUGFXQFPQMFHP w O'Brien said. "We feel there are 0#SJFOTBJEi8FGFFMUIFSFBSF great possibilities for us, and HSFBUQPTTJCJMJUJFTGPSVT BOE we are going with a great sense XFBSFHPJOHXJUIBHSFBUTFOTF of honor and obligation. We are PGIPOPSBOEPCMJHBUJPO8FBSF representing Maine, and proud SFQSFTFOUJOH.BJOF BOEQSPVE to do so." UPEPTPw Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted AbOTTE`WbS`0]P9SgSaQO\PSQ]\bOQbSR at 791-6457 or: Ob%'$"#%]`( bkeyes@pressherald. com PYSgSa.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: pphbkeyes BeWbbS`(^^VPYSgSa

(800) 745-3000 &%"#! Tuesday - GWAR, 7:30 p.m., Wilbur BcSaROgÂł5E/@%(!^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $28.50.; BVSOb`S0]ab]\ &#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! March 22Âł2`2]U&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa - Dr. Dog, 8 p.m., House of Blues, ;O`QV Boston. $22.50 to $35.; 0]ab]\ #b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! March 23 - Kathy Griffin, 10 p.m., Wilbur ;O`QV !Âł9ObVg5`WTÂż\^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $59.25 to $81.75. BVSOb`S0]ab]\#' #b]&%#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! March 24 - Martin Sexton, 8 p.m., House of ;O`QV "Âł;O`bW\ASfb]\&^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $25 to $35.; 0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! March 27 - Kasabian, 8 p.m., House of ;O`QV %Âł9OaOPWO\&^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $23 to $25.; 0ZcSa0]ab]\ !b] #:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! March 27 - Delta Spirit, 8 p.m., Paradise ;O`QV %Âł2SZbOA^W`Wb&^[>O`ORWaS Rock Club, Boston. $24.50.; @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ "#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)

Please see TIX, PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<*'

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3 %


HOT ?FK k`Zb\k


[^\jgZ Former Olympians Sarah Hughes, Sasha Cohen 4]`[S`=Zg[^WO\aAO`OV6cUVSaAOaVO1]VS\ and many others will skate at the Stars on Ice O\R[O\g]bVS`aeWZZaYObSObbVSAbO`a]\7QS show Friday night in Portland. aV]e4`WROg\WUVbW\>]`bZO\R


1]c` bSag ^V] b]

@= >F STARS ON ICE AB/@A=<713 WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Friday E63<(%(!^[4`WROg WHERE: Cumberland E63@3(1c[PS`ZO\R County Civic Center, 1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` 45 Spring St., Portland "#A^`W\UAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $25 to $125; 6=E;C16( #b] #) discounts available for RWaQ]c\baOdOWZOPZST]` seniors ages 65 and aS\W]`aOUSa$#O\R older and children ]ZRS`O\RQVWZR`S\ under age 12 c\RS`OUS INFO:; 7<4=(bVSQWdWQQS\bS`Q][) bWQYSb[OabS`Q][

Staff Writer 4UBGG8SJUFS t's been 10 years since Sarah Hughes skated UTCFFOZFBSTTJODF4BSBI)VHIFTTLBUFE her way from fourth place to a stunning gold IFSXBZGSPNGPVSUIQMBDFUPBTUVOOJOHHPME medal win during the 2002 Winter Olympics. NFEBMXJOEVSJOHUIF8JOUFS0MZNQJDT On Friday, the crowd in Portland will get to 0O'SJEBZ UIFDSPXEJO1PSUMBOEXJMMHFUUP celebrate the anniversary with her when she DFMFCSBUFUIFBOOJWFSTBSZXJUIIFSXIFOTIF joins the cast of Stars on Ice at the Cumberland KPJOTUIFDBTUPG4UBSTPO*DFBUUIF$VNCFSMBOE County Civic Center for a special guest perfor$PVOUZ$JWJD$FOUFSGPSBTQFDJBMHVFTUQFSGPS mance. NBODF The current Stars on Ice tour travels to 10 5IFDVSSFOU4UBSTPO*DFUPVSUSBWFMTUP cities, all of which have hosted sold-out perforDJUJFT BMMPGXIJDIIBWFIPTUFETPMEPVUQFSGPS mances of the show in the past. But only four NBODFTPGUIFTIPXJOUIFQBTU#VUPOMZGPVS feature performances by Hughes. GFBUVSFQFSGPSNBODFTCZ)VHIFT "I'm looking forward to coming back to i*NMPPLJOHGPSXBSEUPDPNJOHCBDLUP Portland," said Hughes, 26, who last visited 1PSUMBOE wTBJE)VHIFT  XIPMBTUWJTJUFE the city in 2005 during the Stars on Ice tour. "It's a beautiUIFDJUZJOEVSJOHUIF4UBSTPO*DFUPVSi*UTBCFBVUJ ful town." GVMUPXOw Hughes will be joined on the ice by fellow Olympians )VHIFTXJMMCFKPJOFEPOUIFJDFCZGFMMPX0MZNQJBOT Sasha Cohen, Ekaterina Gordeeva, Ilia Kulik and Joannie 4BTIB$PIFO &LBUFSJOB(PSEFFWB *MJB,VMJLBOE+PBOOJF Rochette, as well as world and national champions Kurt 3PDIFUUF BTXFMMBTXPSMEBOEOBUJPOBMDIBNQJPOT,VSU Browning, Todd Eldredge, Kyoko Ina, John Zimmerman, #SPXOJOH 5PEE&MESFEHF ,ZPLP*OB +PIO;JNNFSNBO  Ryan Bradley, and Sinead and John Kerr. 3ZBO#SBEMFZ BOE4JOFBEBOE+PIO,FSS "Everyone brings something very different to the show, i&WFSZPOFCSJOHTTPNFUIJOHWFSZEJGGFSFOUUPUIFTIPX  and that's what makes it exciting," Hughes said. BOEUIBUTXIBUNBLFTJUFYDJUJOH w)VHIFTTBJE The show is broken into two acts and features two dozen 5IFTIPXJTCSPLFOJOUPUXPBDUTBOEGFBUVSFTUXPEP[FO performances, including singles, doubles, ice dancing and QFSGPSNBODFT JODMVEJOHTJOHMFT EPVCMFT JDFEBODJOHBOE Bradley's signature backnip. #SBEMFZTTJHOBUVSFCBDLnJQ The theme is "Love 'if Life" with music that ranges from 5IFUIFNFJTi-PWFO-JGFwXJUINVTJDUIBUSBOHFTGSPN "Rolling in the Deep" by Adele and "Love in this Club" by i3PMMJOHJOUIF%FFQwCZ"EFMFBOEi-PWFJOUIJT$MVCwCZ Usher to "The Best is Yet to Come" by Frank Sinatra and 6TIFSUPi5IF#FTUJT:FUUP$PNFwCZ'SBOL4JOBUSBBOE "Love Will Keep Us Together" by Captain & Tennille. i-PWF8JMM,FFQ6T5PHFUIFSwCZ$BQUBJO5FOOJMMF For her part, Hughes will skate to "What I Did for Love" 'PSIFSQBSU )VHIFTXJMMTLBUFUPi8IBU*%JEGPS-PWFw from the Broadway musical "A Chorus Line." GSPNUIF#SPBEXBZNVTJDBMi"$IPSVT-JOFw "I wanted to do something special for the 10th annii*XBOUFEUPEPTPNFUIJOHTQFDJBMGPSUIFUIBOOJ versary of the Salt Lake Olympics," Hughes said. "It's a WFSTBSZPGUIF4BMU-BLF0MZNQJDT w)VHIFTTBJEi*UTB beautiful song about all the things we do for what we love. CFBVUJGVMTPOHBCPVUBMMUIFUIJOHTXFEPGPSXIBUXFMPWF Whether we win or lose, make it or don't - no regrets. It's a 8IFUIFSXFXJOPSMPTF NBLFJUPSEPOUoOPSFHSFUT*UTB


Olympic =Zg[^WQ gold U]ZR medalist [SROZWab Sarah AO`OV Hughes. 6cUVSa

ByAVERYYALE KAMILA #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-"

Please see ICE, PageE28 Gc\Xj\j\\713GX^\<)/

Off Beat: Transcendental chess, E28Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Listings, E29 F]]9\Xk1KiXejZ\e[\ekXcZ_\jj#<)/ C`jk`e^j#<)0

Jones'n for boating Afe\jĂ&#x2039;e]fiYfXk`e^ season? Quick fix! j\Xjfe6Hl`ZbĂ&#x201D;o SAIL AWAY on thoughts of A/7:/E/G]\bV]cUVba]T the coming summer's blue bVSQ][W\Uac[[S`¸aPZcS waters and balmy breezes eObS`aO\RPOZ[gP`SShSa during the annual Maine Rc`W\UbVSO\\cOZ;OW\S Boatbuilders Show, where 0]ObPcWZRS`aAV]eeVS`S manufacturers showcase [O\cTOQbc`S`aaV]eQOaS the latest sailboats, bVSZObSabaOWZP]Oba powerboats, canoes, ^]eS`P]ObaQO\]Sa kayaks and row boats. YOgOYaO\R`]eP]Oba WHEN: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. E63<(O[b]$^[ Friday and Saturday; 10 4`WROgO\RAObc`ROg) a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday O[b]"^[Ac\ROg WHERE: Portland Company E63@3(>]`bZO\R1][^O\g Complex, 58 Fore St. 1][^ZSf#&4]`SAb HOW MUCH: $15; group rates 6=E;C16(#)U`]c^`ObSa and multi-day passes O\R[cZbWROg^OaaSa available OdOWZOPZS INFO: portlandcompany 7<4=(^]`bZO\RQ][^O\g .com/boatShow Q][P]ObAV]e

G :?<8I@CC


Move to the beat Dfm\kfk_\Y\Xk at Lewiston party XkC\n`jkfegXikp FROM OLD-SCHOOL funk to 4@=;=:2A16==:Tc\Yb] current top 40 hip-hop Qc``S\bb]^"VW^V]^ hits, the Decades Dance VWbabVS2SQORSa2O\QS Party with VJ Pulse and DJ >O`bgeWbVD8>cZaSO\R28 Hanzo will have everyone 6O\h]eWZZVOdSSdS`g]\S on their feet at this 21-plus ]\bVSW`TSSbObbVWa ^Zca event. SdS\b WHEN: 9 p.m. Friday E63<('^[4`WROg WHERE: Franco American E63@3(4`O\Q]/[S`WQO\ Heritage Center, 46 Cedar 6S`WbOUS1S\bS`"$1SRO` St., Lewiston Ab:SeWab]\ HOW MUCH: $7 6=E;C16(% INFO: 7<4=(T`O\Q]QS\bS`]`U

GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3E28 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 

A better brand 8Y\kk\iYiXe[ f]Z_\jj6:_\Zb of chess? Check

#Z3":3065)*&3 ByRAYROUTHIER


4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter

PNFUJNFT SBOEPNOFTTJTB ometimes, randomness is a good thing. HPPEUIJOH 8IFOZPVIJUUIFSBOEPNTIVG When you hit the random shuffle option on your CD changer, nFPQUJPOPOZPVS$%DIBOHFS  you might hear a song you like ZPVNJHIUIFBSBTPOHZPVMJLF that you hadn't thought about UIBUZPVIBEOUUIPVHIUBCPVU playing in years. Sometimes a random QMBZJOHJOZFBST4PNFUJNFTBSBOEPN stop on a road trip reveals a great TUPQPOBSPBEUSJQSFWFBMTBHSFBU diner, or some really cool scenic spot. EJOFS PSTPNFSFBMMZDPPMTDFOJDTQPU So it is too, apparently, with chess. 4PJUJTUPP BQQBSFOUMZ XJUIDIFTT There seems to be a faction of chess 5IFSFTFFNTUPCFBGBDUJPOPGDIFTT players out there who think the grand QMBZFSTPVUUIFSFXIPUIJOLUIFHSBOE old game can be even more interesting PMEHBNFDBOCFFWFONPSFJOUFSFTUJOH and challenging if just a hint of randomBOEDIBMMFOHJOHJGKVTUBIJOUPGSBOEPN ness is added. OFTTJTBEEFE The result is a variation called transcen5IFSFTVMUJTBWBSJBUJPODBMMFEUSBOTDFO dental chess, and it comes to Portland in EFOUBMDIFTT BOEJUDPNFTUP1PSUMBOEJO a public way on Saturday at Space. The BQVCMJDXBZPO4BUVSEBZBU4QBDF5IF event is billed as "The Transcendental FWFOUJTCJMMFEBTi5IF5SBOTDFOEFOUBM Chess Round-Up," and is basically a $IFTT3PVOE6Q wBOEJTCBTJDBMMZB gathering for like-minded chess players HBUIFSJOHGPSMJLFNJOEFEDIFTTQMBZFST to try out this more mystical and fateUPUSZPVUUIJTNPSFNZTUJDBMBOEGBUF driven version of the game they love. ESJWFOWFSTJPOPGUIFHBNFUIFZMPWF "Within only a few minutes of playi8JUIJOPOMZBGFXNJOVUFTPGQMBZ ing (transcendental chess), it was JOH USBOTDFOEFOUBMDIFTT JUXBT so clear to me that this was a far TPDMFBSUPNFUIBUUIJTXBTBGBS superior way of playing," said TVQFSJPSXBZPGQMBZJOH wTBJE Rob Lieber, an art teacher at 3PC-JFCFS BOBSUUFBDIFSBU Southern Maine Community 4PVUIFSO.BJOF$PNNVOJUZ College and an organizer of $PMMFHFBOEBOPSHBOJ[FSPG the event. "The board opens UIFFWFOUi5IFCPBSEPQFOT up much quicker, every VQNVDIRVJDLFS FWFSZ game is so different, and HBNFJTTPEJGGFSFOU BOE everybody is on equal footFWFSZCPEZJTPOFRVBMGPPU ing." JOHw Everybody is on equal foot&WFSZCPEZJTPOFRVBMGPPU ing?*GUIFZBMSFBEZLOPXIPXUP If they already know how to JOH play chess, Lieber adds. That's a key QMBZDIFTT -JFCFSBEET5IBUTBLFZ here: You have to already know how to IFSF:PVIBWFUPBMSFBEZLOPXIPXUP play chess. QMBZDIFTT The main difference between this and 5IFNBJOEJGGFSFODFCFUXFFOUIJTBOE regular chess is that the pieces in the SFHVMBSDIFTTJTUIBUUIFQJFDFTJOUIF back row are shuffled and placed on CBDLSPXBSFTIVGnFEBOEQMBDFEPO


Continued from Page E27 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 %

great parable for life, because that's HSFBUQBSBCMFGPSMJGF CFDBVTFUIBUT what life is about too." XIBUMJGFJTBCPVUUPPw During the 2002 Olympics, Hughes %VSJOHUIF0MZNQJDT )VHIFT placed fourth in the short program, QMBDFEGPVSUIJOUIFTIPSUQSPHSBN  behind Michelle Kwan, Sasha Cohen CFIJOE.JDIFMMF,XBO 4BTIB$PIFO and Irina Slutskaya. But when she BOE*SJOB4MVUTLBZB#VUXIFOTIF returned to the ice for her long proSFUVSOFEUPUIFJDFGPSIFSMPOHQSP gram and flawlessly executed seven HSBNBOEnBXMFTTMZFYFDVUFETFWFO triple jumps - including two triple-triUSJQMFKVNQToJODMVEJOHUXPUSJQMFUSJ ples - she leapt into first place, while QMFToTIFMFBQUJOUPmSTUQMBDF XIJMF the favorites stumbled. UIFGBWPSJUFTTUVNCMFE But don't expect to see any of those #VUEPOUFYQFDUUPTFFBOZPGUIPTF nail-bitting triples this Friday from OBJMCJUUJOHUSJQMFTUIJT'SJEBZGSPN Hughes, who no longer skates com)VHIFT XIPOPMPOHFSTLBUFTDPN petitively. QFUJUJWFMZ "I will not be doing triple-triples in i*XJMMOPUCFEPJOHUSJQMFUSJQMFTJO the Portland show," she said, "but I UIF1PSUMBOETIPX wTIFTBJE iCVU* have to tell you, it really is an enterIBWFUPUFMMZPV JUSFBMMZJTBOFOUFS taining show" UBJOJOHTIPXw Since her Olympic win, Hughes 4JODFIFS0MZNQJDXJO )VHIFT has graduated from Yale University, IBTHSBEVBUFEGSPN:BMF6OJWFSTJUZ  where she majored in American XIFSFTIFNBKPSFEJO"NFSJDBO

This 'transcendental' variant BVWa·b`O\aQS\RS\bOZ¸dO`WO\b of the ancient game speeds ]TbVSO\QWS\bUO[Sa^SSRa things along and levels the bVW\UaOZ]\UO\RZSdSZabVS playing field. ^ZOgW\U¿SZR

Ray Routhier IXpIflk_`\i Off Beat F]]9\Xk AVcbbS`ab]QYQ][



studies with a concentration in TUVEJFTXJUIBDPODFOUSBUJPOJO politics and communities. She's used QPMJUJDTBOEDPNNVOJUJFT4IFTVTFE her celebrity to advocate for Afghan IFSDFMFCSJUZUPBEWPDBUFGPS"GHIBO women and children, and to help XPNFOBOEDIJMESFO BOEUPIFMQ raise awareness of breast cancer. SBJTFBXBSFOFTTPGCSFBTUDBODFS Hughes is currently working on )VHIFTJTDVSSFOUMZXPSLJOHPO a book about the six female figureBCPPLBCPVUUIFTJYGFNBMFmHVSF skating Olympians who preceded her. TLBUJOH0MZNQJBOTXIPQSFDFEFEIFS "It's the story of women who broke i*UTUIFTUPSZPGXPNFOXIPCSPLF down barriers and made the sports EPXOCBSSJFSTBOENBEFUIFTQPSUT landscape what it is today," she said. MBOETDBQFXIBUJUJTUPEBZ wTIFTBJE Hughes is an honorary board mem)VHIFTJTBOIPOPSBSZCPBSENFN ber of Figure Skating in Harlem, and CFSPG'JHVSF4LBUJOHJO)BSMFN BOE in 2010, she was inducted into the JO TIFXBTJOEVDUFEJOUPUIF U.S. Figure Skating Hall of Fame. 64'JHVSF4LBUJOH)BMMPG'BNF While she's in town, Hughes plans 8IJMFTIFTJOUPXO )VHIFTQMBOT to do some sightseeing and check out UPEPTPNFTJHIUTFFJOHBOEDIFDLPVU the nightlife scene. But what she is UIFOJHIUMJGFTDFOF#VUXIBUTIFJT most looking forward to is Portland's NPTUMPPLJOHGPSXBSEUPJT1PSUMBOET culinary delights. DVMJOBSZEFMJHIUT "I've been dying for a Maine lobster i*WFCFFOEZJOHGPSB.BJOFMPCTUFS since 2005," she said. TJODF wTIFTBJE Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PS contacted at 791-6297 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$ '%]`Ob( OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: AveryYaleKamila BeWbbS`(/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO

Sasha Cohen, right, and Kyoko Ina with John Zinnnnernnan, far right. AOaVO1]VS\`WUVbO\R9g]Y]7\OeWbV8]V\HW[[S`[O\TO``WUVb Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

TRANSCENDENTAL CHESS B@/<A13<23<B/:163AA WHEN: 3 to 9 p.m. Saturday E63<(!b]'^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Space, 538 Congress St. E63@3(A^OQS#!&1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 7<4=(a^OQS#!&]`U

TRVBSFTJOSBOEPNPSEFS JOTUFBEPGXIFSF squares in random order, instead of where they're usually placed. Sounds simple, but UIFZSFVTVBMMZQMBDFE4PVOETTJNQMF CVU Lieber says it makes the game so much -JFCFSTBZTJUNBLFTUIFHBNFTPNVDI less predictable. MFTTQSFEJDUBCMF -JFCFSTBZTUIBUQFPQMFXIPQMBZBMPUPG Lieber says that people who play a lot of chess and read a lot of chess books know a DIFTTBOESFBEBMPUPGDIFTTCPPLTLOPXB lot of the moves they'll make beforehand. MPUPGUIFNPWFTUIFZMMNBLFCFGPSFIBOE And when they're presented with certain "OEXIFOUIFZSFQSFTFOUFEXJUIDFSUBJO scenarios, they know exactly what moves TDFOBSJPT UIFZLOPXFYBDUMZXIBUNPWFT will work. XJMMXPSL But by adding some randomness, the #VUCZBEEJOHTPNFSBOEPNOFTT UIF books go out the window. CPPLTHPPVUUIFXJOEPX Even the great chess champ Bobby &WFOUIFHSFBUDIFTTDIBNQ#PCCZ Fischer promoted "random variants" of 'JTDIFSQSPNPUFEiSBOEPNWBSJBOUTwPG chess late in his life, saying that chess had DIFTTMBUFJOIJTMJGF TBZJOHUIBUDIFTTIBE become too much about memorization CFDPNFUPPNVDIBCPVUNFNPSJ[BUJPO and not enough about ability and underBOEOPUFOPVHIBCPVUBCJMJUZBOEVOEFS standing the game. TUBOEJOHUIFHBNF And keeping with the random "OELFFQJOHXJUIUIFSBOEPN theme, the transcendental chess UIFNF UIFUSBOTDFOEFOUBMDIFTT event is being held on St. Patrick's FWFOUJTCFJOHIFMEPO4U1BUSJDLT Day, serving as an alternative %BZ TFSWJOHBTBOBMUFSOBUJWF to the drinking and merriment UPUIFESJOLJOHBOENFSSJNFOU that will be happening in most UIBUXJMMCFIBQQFOJOHJONPTU other public spaces. Tea will be PUIFSQVCMJDTQBDFT5FBXJMMCF served for free, but the bar will TFSWFEGPSGSFF CVUUIFCBSXJMM be open at Space for those who CFPQFOBU4QBDFGPSUIPTFXIP want a different drink. XBOUBEJGGFSFOUESJOL Lieber is also asking that -JFCFSJTBMTPBTLJOHUIBU people who have chess sets QFPQMFXIPIBWFDIFTTTFUT bring them, as he doesn't know CSJOHUIFN BTIFEPFTOULOPX how many players might show IPXNBOZQMBZFSTNJHIUTIPX up. VQ "We just want people to come out i8FKVTUXBOUQFPQMFUPDPNFPVU and explore this type of chess," he BOEFYQMPSFUIJTUZQFPGDIFTT wIF said. TBJE And you don't have to make a reserva"OEZPVEPOUIBWFUPNBLFBSFTFSWB tion or let anyone know you're coming. UJPOPSMFUBOZPOFLOPXZPVSFDPNJOH Just show up if you can. +VTUTIPXVQJGZPVDBO It's more random that way *UTNPSFSBOEPNUIBUXBZ Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS contacted at 791-6454 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: @RayRouthier BeWbbS`(.@Og@]cbVWS`

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3 '

c`jk`e^j listings <K:<K<I8 ET CETERA

N"%.%&)43 BENEFITS 7 p.m. LONGFELLOWBOOKSCOMPM Nicholson Baker, author of "Double Fold," .ICHOLSON"AKER AUTHOROFh$OUBLE&OLD v Maine Historical Society, Portland. 774-1822. -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY 0ORTLAND  7 p.m. PM *USTIN4USSING 6ISITING7RITERS3ERIES 5NIVERSITY Justin Tussing, Visiting Writers Series, University of Maine (Olsen Student Center), Farmington. OF-AINE/LSEN3TUDENT#ENTER &ARMINGTON Free. 778-7346. 7:30 p.m. &REE PM Joyce Stoddard Adrian, author of "Now I've Seen *OYCE3TODDARD!DRIAN AUTHOROFh.OW)VE3EEN Everything: Growing Up in Maine in the 1940s %VERYTHING'ROWING5PIN-AINEINTHES and 1950s," Cumberland Historical Society, ANDS v#UMBERLAND(ISTORICAL3OCIETY Cumberland Center. Free/donation. 829-4423. #UMBERLAND#ENTER&REEDONATION  7 p.m. PM

TODAY 4/$!9 Labyrinth Walk, benefits the Center for Grieving ,ABYRINTH7ALK BENElTSTHE#ENTERFOR'RIEVING #HILDREN 4RINITY%PISCOPAL#HURCH 0ORTLAND&REE Children, Trinity Episcopal Church, Portland. Free/ donation. 772-7421. 4 to 7:30 p.m. DONATION TOPM Friends of Walker Memorial Library Book Sale, &RIENDSOF7ALKER-EMORIAL,IBRARY"OOK3ALE Walker Memorial Library, Westbrook. 854-0630. 7ALKER-EMORIAL,IBRARY 7ESTBROOK  AMTOPMTODAYAMTOPM&RIDAY 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. today; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. AMTOPM3ATURDAY FRIDAY &2)$!9 Rock Around-the-World Fundraiser, dances from 2OCK!ROUND THE 7ORLD&UNDRAISER DANCESFROM many cultures, international hors d'oeuvres, raffle MANYCULTURES INTERNATIONALHORSDOEUVRES RAFmE and silent auction; benefits Portland's Multilingual ANDSILENTAUCTIONBENElTS0ORTLANDS-ULTILINGUAL Summer Program; Italian Heritage Center, 3UMMER0ROGRAM)TALIAN(ERITAGE#ENTER Portland. $25 in advance; $30 day of event. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFEVENT 874-8135. 7 to 11 p.m.  TOPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 L/A Arts Fundraiser Reception and "Piano Men" ,!!RTS&UNDRAISER2ECEPTIONANDh0IANO-ENv Performance, music of Elton John and Billy Joel, 0ERFORMANCE MUSICOF%LTON*OHNAND"ILLY*OEL Franco American Heritage Center, Lewiston. $35; &RANCO!MERICAN(ERITAGE#ENTER ,EWISTON $25 performance only, Reception at PERFORMANCEONLYLAARTSORG2ECEPTIONAT 6 p.m., performance at 7:30 p.m. PM PERFORMANCEATPM "Shamrocks and Shenanigans," spring dance, h3HAMROCKSAND3HENANIGANS vSPRINGDANCE dinner, live auction and music by Bob Charest DINNER LIVEAUCTIONANDMUSICBY"OB#HAREST Band; benefits St. Mary's Regional Medical "ANDBENElTS3T-ARYS2EGIONAL-EDICAL Center cancer program; Martindale Country Club, #ENTERCANCERPROGRAM-ARTINDALE#OUNTRY#LUB Auburn. $80 to $100. 755-3366. 6 p.m. !UBURNTO PM Humorist Tim (UMORIST4IM Sample, benefits 3AMPLE BENElTS Friends of Maine's &RIENDSOF-AINES Mountains, -OUNTAINS Harraseeket Inn, (ARRASEEKET)NN Freeport. $30. 628&REEPORT 2070.7p.m. PM Maine Maritime -AINE-ARITIME Academy "A Night !CADEMYh!.IGHT By the Bay" Benefit, "YTHE"AYv"ENElT dinner, silent auction DINNER SILENTAUCTION and music by Motor ANDMUSICBY-OTOR Booty Affair, Marriott "OOTY!FFAIR -ARRIOTT at Sable Oaks South AT3ABLE/AKS 3OUTH Tim Sample, ' BW[AO[^ZS 0ORTLAND Saturday in Portland. $80; $600 AObc`ROgW\ FORTABLEOFEIGHT Freeport for table of eight. 4`SS^]`b rL M rU " 326-2470. 6 p.m.  PM Organ Recital with Sean Fleming, benefits St. /RGAN2ECITALWITH3EAN&LEMING BENElTS3T John's outreach program, St. John Baptist Church, *OHNSOUTREACHPROGRAM 3T*OHN"APTIST#HURCH Thomaston. $12/donation. 354-8734. 4 p.m. 4HOMASTONDONATION PM "Perform for a Cure," variety show featuring h0ERFORMFORA#URE vVARIETYSHOWFEATURING children from the Greater Portland area; benefits CHILDRENFROMTHE'REATER0ORTLANDAREABENElTS American Cancer Society/Relay for Life; South !MERICAN#ANCER3OCIETY2ELAYFOR,IFE3OUTH Portland Auditorium. $12; $10 for students and 0ORTLAND!UDITORIUMFORSTUDENTSAND seniors, 2:30 p.m. SENIORSPERFORMFORACUREORGPM Lasagna Dinner and Dessert Auction, benefits ,ASAGNA$INNERAND$ESSERT!UCTION BENElTS EPIC youth group, Christchurch, Portland. Dinner %0)#YOUTHGROUP #HRISTCHURCH 0ORTLAND$INNER free if you buy dessert. 775-1900. 6 p.m. FREEIFYOUBUYDESSERT PM Home and Garden Show, 60 vendors, (OMEAND'ARDEN3HOW VENDORS demonstrations, workshops and more; benefits DEMONSTRATIONS WORKSHOPSANDMOREBENElTS Strong Kids Campaign; Central Lincoln County 3TRONG+IDS#AMPAIGN#ENTRAL,INCOLN#OUNTY YMCA, Damariscotta. $5; free for children under 9-#! $AMARISCOTTAFREEFORCHILDRENUNDER 12. 563-3477. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m.  AMTOPM3ATURDAYAM to 3 p.m. Sunday. TOPM3UNDAY

Singer-songwriter AW\US`a]\Ue`WbS` Gordon Bok is joined 5]`R]\0]YWaX]W\SR by lobstermen Frank PgZ]PabS`[S\4`O\Y Gotswals and Stefanie 5]baeOZaO\RAbSTO\WS Alley and humorist /ZZSgO\RVc[]`Wab Kendall Morse for 9S\ROZZ;]`aST]` "Voices of the Sea: µD]WQSa]TbVSASO( Poetry and Music of >]Sb`gO\R;caWQ]T Working Fishermen" E]`YW\U4WaVS`[S\¶ today at DiMillo's b]ROgOb2W;WZZ]¸a Floating Restaurant in 4Z]ObW\U@SabOc`O\bW\ Portland. >]`bZO\R Folk Music Society 4]ZY;caWQA]QWSbg of Huntington ]T6c\bW\Ub]\

MARCH 22 -!2#( Second Annual Cupcake War, benefits Maine 3ECOND!NNUAL#UPCAKE7AR BENElTS-AINE Alzheimer's Association, Sedgewood Commons, !LZHEIMERS!SSOCIATION 3EDGEWOOD#OMMONS Falmouth. $15 per entry. 781-5775, Ext. 227. &ALMOUTHPERENTRY  %XT Set-up at 10 a.m., judging at 11:30 a.m., winners 3ET UPATAM JUDGINGATAM WINNERS announced at 2 p.m. ANNOUNCEDATPM

FAIRS/FESTIVALS N&!)23&%34)6!,3 Bath Blarney Days, St. Patrick's festival with "ATH"LARNEY$AYS 3T0ATRICKSFESTIVALWITH live music, Irish films, Midnight Madness Sale, LIVEMUSIC )RISHlLMS -IDNIGHT-ADNESS3ALE "Shamrock Sprint," parade and more, downtown h3HAMROCK3PRINT vPARADEANDMORE DOWNTOWN Bath. Schedule at"ATH3CHEDULEATVISITBATHCOMEVENTSBATH blarney-days-2012. Various times today to Sunday. BLARNEY DAYS 6ARIOUSTIMESTODAYTO3UNDAY

SPECIAL EVENTS N30%#)!,%6%.43 TODAY 4/$!9 Voices of the Sea: Poetry and Music of Working 6OICESOFTHE3EA0OETRYAND-USICOF7ORKING Fishermen, with musician Gordon Bok, &ISHERMEN WITHMUSICIAN'ORDON"OK lobstermen Frank Gotswals and Stefanie Alley, LOBSTERMEN&RANK'OTSWALSAND3TEFANIE!LLEY and humorist Kendall Morse; DiMillo's Floating ANDHUMORIST+ENDALL-ORSE$I-ILLOS&LOATING Restaurant, Portland. $7; $5 for Maine Maritime 2ESTAURANT 0ORTLANDFOR-AINE-ARITIME Museum members, -USEUMMEMBERSMAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. TOPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 "Stars on Ice," ice-skating show with Olympic, h3TARSON)CE vICE SKATINGSHOWWITH/LYMPIC world and national champions, Cumberland WORLDANDNATIONALCHAMPIONS #UMBERLAND County Civic Center, Portland. $25 to $125; #OUNTY#IVIC#ENTER 0ORTLANDTO discounts for seniors and children. 775-3458. DISCOUNTSFORSENIORSANDCHILDREN  7:30 p.m. PM Maine Boatbuilders Show, custom fiberglass -AINE"OATBUILDERS3HOW CUSTOMlBERGLASS and wooden boats, Portland Company Complex. ANDWOODENBOATS 0ORTLAND#OMPANY#OMPLEX $15; $25 for two days; $40 for three days. FORTWODAYSFORTHREEDAYS 10 a.m. to PORTLANDCOMPANYCOMBOAT3HOWAMTO 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYAMTOPM Sunday. 3UNDAY

SUNDAY 35.$!9 "Swing into Spring," concert by Bonny Eagle h3WINGINTO3PRING vCONCERTBY"ONNY%AGLE Jazz Combo, Saco River Jazz Ensemble and Opus *AZZ#OMBO 3ACO2IVER*AZZ%NSEMBLEAND/PUS One Big Band; benefits Bonny Eagle High School /NE"IG"ANDBENElTS"ONNY%AGLE(IGH3CHOOL SATURDAY music program; Roost Function Hall, Buxton. $10; 3!452$!9 MUSICPROGRAM2OOST&UNCTION(ALL "UXTON St. Patrick's Day Parade, Commercial Street, $5 for ages 10 to 18; free for children under 10. 3T0ATRICKS$AY0ARADE #OMMERCIAL3TREET FORAGESTOFREEFORCHILDRENUNDER Portland. Free, 10:30 a.m. 229-3003. 6 to 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REEIRISHOFMAINEORGAM  TOPM St. Patricks's Day Concert and Supper, with 3T0ATRICKSS$AY#ONCERTAND3UPPER WITH vocalists Danielle Mills, David O'Brien, Schuyler WEDNESDAY VOCALISTS$ANIELLE-ILLS $AVID/"RIEN 3CHUYLER 7%$.%3$!9 and Owen White, Christ Church, Kennebunk. Gourmet Gala for Gary's House, with comedian AND/WEN7HITE #HRIST#HURCH +ENNEBUNK 'OURMET'ALAFOR'ARYS(OUSE WITHCOMEDIAN Supper: $10; $7 for seniors and children; concert Joe Ricchio, Paper Street Jazz Band, and live and 3UPPERFORSENIORSANDCHILDRENCONCERT *OE2ICCHIO 0APER3TREET*AZZ"AND ANDLIVEAND and dinner: $15; $10 for children. silent auctions, Holiday Inn by the Bay, Portland. ANDDINNERFORCHILDREN SILENTAUCTIONS (OLIDAY)NNBYTHE"AY 0ORTLAND 4 p.m. $40. 879-3605. 6 p.m. CHRISTCHURCHKENNEBUNKORGPM  PM

Personal Tour of Froggy's Sap Shack, Froggy's Sap 0ERSONAL4OUROF&ROGGYS3AP3HACK &ROGGYS3AP Shack, Union. $25; $40 per family, 3HACK 5NIONPERFAMILYGRLTORG 2 p.m. PM

FRIDAY &2)$!9 Live in HD, author Joan Didion discusses ,IVEIN($ AUTHOR*OAN$IDIONDISCUSSES "Blue Nights" from Montgomery Auditorium in h"LUE.IGHTSvFROM-ONTGOMERY!UDITORIUMIN Philadelphia, Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta. $10. 0HILADELPHIA ,INCOLN4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA Noon. LCCTORG.OON "Lowry's Lodge," monthly reading series with h,OWRYS,ODGE vMONTHLYREADINGSERIESWITH poets Duff Plunkett and Nancy Henry, Acorn POETS$UFF0LUNKETTAND.ANCY(ENRY !CORN Studios, Westbrook. $5/donation. acorn3TUDIOS 7ESTBROOKDONATIONACORN 7 p.m. PRODUCTIONSORGPM "Glorious Slow Going," book launch by h'LORIOUS3LOW'OING vBOOKLAUNCHBY writer Elizabeth Peavey and artist Marguerite WRITER%LIZABETH0EAVEYANDARTIST-ARGUERITE Robichaux, Portland Museum of Art. Free. 2OBICHAUX 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT&REE 5 to 8 p.m. PORTLANDMUSEUMORGTOPM Harrison Thorp, author of "Freak the News: (ARRISON4HORP AUTHOROFh&REAKTHE.EWS Journalistic High Jinks in a Small MaineTown," *OURNALISTIC(IGH*INKSINA3MALL-AINE4OWN v Portland Public Library, 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARYPORTLANDLIBRARYCOM Noon. .OON

SUNDAY 35.$!9 Chris Van Dusen, author of "Randy Riley's Really #HRIS6AN$USEN AUTHOROFh2ANDY2ILEYS2EALLY Big Hit," and MattTavares, author of "There Goes "IG(IT vAND-ATT4AVARES AUTHOROFh4HERE'OES SUNDAY 35.$!9 Ted Williams," University of Southern Maine 4ED7ILLIAMS v5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE Harlem Globetrotters, Cumberland County Civic (ARLEM'LOBETROTTERS #UMBERLAND#OUNTY#IVIC (bookstore), Portland, 2 p.m. Center, Portland. $32 to $87.80. BOOKSTORE 0ORTLANDUSMMAINEEDUPM #ENTER 0ORTLANDTOTICKETMASTERCOM 2 p.m. PM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Freeport Poet Ken Nye, author of "From the &REEPORT0OET+EN.YE AUTHOROFh&ROMTHE MONDAY -/.$!9 Heart" and "Searching for Spring," People Plus, (EARTvANDh3EARCHINGFOR3PRING v0EOPLE0LUS Harlem Globetrotters, Bangor Auditorium. (ARLEM'LOBETROTTERS "ANGOR!UDITORIUM Brunswick. 729-0757. 2 p.m. "RUNSWICK PM $32.40 to $60.20. 7 p.m. TOTICKETMASTERCOMPM Screening of Lecture by Edmund Morris, 3CREENINGOF,ECTUREBY%DMUND-ORRIS Seanachie Nights: Spoken Word and Music, 3EANACHIE.IGHTS3POKEN7ORDAND-USIC Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award author 0ULITZER0RIZEAND.ATIONAL"OOK!WARDAUTHOR Cambridge, England, storyteller Marion Leeper #AMBRIDGE %NGLAND STORYTELLER-ARION,EEPER of "Colonel Roosevelt," recorded at Free Library OFh#OLONEL2OOSEVELT vRECORDEDAT&REE,IBRARY tells "The Kitchen Kat," Bull Feeney's, Portland. TELLSh4HE+ITCHEN+AT v"ULL&EENEYS 0ORTLAND in Philadelphia; Leura Hill Eastman Performing IN0HILADELPHIA,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING $9/donation. 253-0288. 7 to 9 p.m. DONATION TOPM Arts Center, Fryeburg. $10; $7 for seniors; $5 for !RTS#ENTER &RYEBURGFORSENIORSFOR students, 7:30 p.m. STUDENTSFRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM

FILMS N&),-3

"The Red Baron," (2008; Rated PG-13), Leura Hill h4HE2ED"ARON v2ATED0'  ,EURA(ILL Eastman Performing Arts Center, Fryeburg. $8; $4 %ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER &RYEBURG for students, 7:30 p.m. FORSTUDENTSFRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM today. TODAY Maine Jewish Film Festival, independent -AINE*EWISH&ILM&ESTIVAL INDEPENDENT documentaries, feature films and shorts, DOCUMENTARIES FEATURElLMSANDSHORTS Nickelodeon Cinemas, Portland. Schedule at .ICKELODEON#INEMAS 0ORTLAND3CHEDULEAT Saturday to March 24. MJFFORG3ATURDAYTO-ARCH "The Sword in the Stone" (1963, Rated G), h4HE3WORDINTHE3TONEv 2ATED' animated family film, York Public Library. Free. ANIMATEDFAMILYlLM 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE 363-2818. 6:30 p.m. Saturday.  PM3ATURDAY Global Lens International Films Series, Bates 'LOBAL,ENS)NTERNATIONAL&ILMS3ERIES "ATES College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. Free. 786#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON&REE 6158. "Street Days" (2010, Georgia), 7 p.m. h3TREET$AYSv 'EORGIA PM Monday; "The White Meadows" (2009, Iran), -ONDAYh4HE7HITE-EADOWSv )RAN 7 p.m. Wednesday. Through April 2. PM7EDNESDAY4HROUGH!PRIL "Food Matters," (2008), documentary, Louis h&OOD-ATTERS v DOCUMENTARY ,OUIS T. Graves Library, Kennebunkport. Free. 4'RAVES,IBRARY +ENNEBUNKPORT&REE 7 p.m. Tuesday. GRAVESLIBRARYORGPM4UESDAY "The Road Back," powerful film created by teens, h4HE2OAD"ACK vPOWERFULlLMCREATEDBYTEENS Husson University (GracieTheatre), Bangor. Free; (USSON5NIVERSITY'RACIE4HEATRE "ANGOR&REE reservations required, RESERVATIONSREQUIREDACADIATHEROADBACKORG 7 p.m. Wednesday. PM7EDNESDAY

BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23 TODAY 4/$!9 Leslie Daniels, book release of "Cleaning ,ESLIE$ANIELS BOOKRELEASEOFh#LEANING Nabokov's House," Longfellow Books, Portland. .ABOKOVS(OUSE v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS 0ORTLAND

PRO SPORTS N02/30/243 Portland Pirates, AHL affiliate of the Phoenix 0ORTLAND0IRATES !(,AFlLIATEOFTHE0HOENIX Coyotes, Cumberland County Civic Center, #OYOTES #UMBERLAND#OUNTY#IVIC#ENTER Portland. $12 to $20. Vs. 0ORTLANDTOPORTLANDPIRATESCOM6S Bridgeport, 7 p.m. Saturday. "RIDGEPORT PM3ATURDAY Maine Red Claws, NBA Development League -AINE2ED#LAWS ."!$EVELOPMENT,EAGUE affiliate of the Celtics, Bobcats and 76ers, AFlLIATEOFTHE#ELTICS "OBCATSANDERS Portland Exposition Building. $6 to $30. 2100ORTLAND%XPOSITION"UILDINGTO 6655., 7 p.m. NBACOMDLEAGUE6S!USTIN PM Friday; 1 p.m. Sunday. &RIDAYPM3UNDAY

PARTICIPANT DANCE N0!24)#)0!.4$!.#% Swing Dance, music by Maine Swingin' DJs, 3WING$ANCE MUSICBY-AINE3WINGIN$*S Wescustogo Hall, North Yarmouth. $8. 6537ESCUSTOGO(ALL .ORTH9ARMOUTH 5012. Lesson at 7 p.m., dance at 8 p.m. Friday. ,ESSONATPM DANCEATPM&RIDAY West Coast Swing Lesson and Dance, ballroom, 7EST#OAST3WING,ESSONAND$ANCE BALLROOM Latin and swing dancing, Avant Dance & Event ,ATINANDSWINGDANCING !VANT$ANCE%VENT Center, Westbrook. $12. #ENTER 7ESTBROOKAVANTMAINECOM Lessons at 7:15 p.m., dance 8 to 10:30 p.m. ,ESSONSATPM DANCETOPM Friday. &RIDAY Bath Family Dance, live fiddle music and dance "ATH&AMILY$ANCE LIVElDDLEMUSICANDDANCE lessons, Bath Dance Works. $3; $12 per family. LESSONS "ATH$ANCE7ORKSPERFAMILY 522-3900. 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday.  TOPM&RIDAY International Folk Dance, traditional music )NTERNATIONAL&OLK$ANCE TRADITIONALMUSIC and dance from the Balkans, Israel, France and ANDDANCEFROMTHE"ALKANS )SRAEL &RANCEAND Greece, Mallett Hall, Pownal. $5. 688-2293. 'REECE -ALLETT(ALL 0OWNAL  Family dance at 5:30 p.m., folk dance at 7 p.m. &AMILYDANCEATPM FOLKDANCEATPM Sunday. 3UNDAY

E 3 0 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / T h u r s d a y , M a r c h 15, 2012 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# 



:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3& Continued from Page E18

:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 $ Continued from Page E26 &%"#! ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 March 30 - The Joy Formidable, 8 ;O`QV!ÂłBVS8]g4]`[WROPZS& p.m., Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $20. ^[>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! March 30 - Levon Helm Band with Los ;O`QV!Âł:Sd]\6SZ[0O\ReWbV:]a Lobos, 8 p.m., Casino Ballroom, Hampton :]P]a&^[1OaW\]0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\ Beach, N.H. $36 to $70.; 0SOQV<6!$b]%BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! March 30 - DJ Shadow, 9 p.m., House of ;O`QV!Âł28AVOR]e'^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $27.; 0ZcSa0]ab]\ %:WdS\ObW]\Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! March 31 - Harlem Globetrotters, 2^[ p.m., ;O`QV!Âł6O`ZS[5Z]PSb`]bbS`a TD Garden, Boston. $35.25 to $178.45. B25O`RS\0]ab]\!# #b]%&"#; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! April 5-6 - Furthur, 7:30 p.m., Citi /^`WZ#$Âł4c`bVc`%(!^[1WbW Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre, >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\UBVSOb`S Boston. $49.50 to $59.50.; 0]ab]\"'#b]#'#1WbWQS\bS`]`U) (866) 348-9738 &$$!"&'%!& A p r i l 5, 7 - Kevin Hart, 7 and 9:45 /^`WZ#%Âł9SdW\6O`b%O\R'("# p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $81.50. ^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\&#; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! April 11,14 - Rain: A Tribute to The Beatles, /^`WZ"Âł@OW\(/B`WPcbSb]BVS0SObZSa 8 and 2^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\& p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $82. &O\R; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 12ÂłA\]e>Ob`]Z%(!^[=`^VSc[ - Snow Patrol, 7:30 p.m., Orpheum /^`WZ Theatre, Boston. $43.20 to $47.80. BVSOb`S0]ab]\"! b]"%&; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! April 12Âł2O`gZ6OZZeWbVAVO`]\8]\SaO\R - Daryl Hall with Sharon Jones and /^`WZ Allen Stone, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. /ZZS\Ab]\S&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ $49.50 to $75.; "'#b]%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 14 - White Rabbits, 9 p.m., Paradise /^`WZ"ÂłEVWbS@OPPWba'^[>O`ORWaS Rock Club, Boston. $20.; @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ :WdS\ObW]\Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 16 - Bad Brains, 8 p.m., Paradise Rock /^`WZ$Âł0OR0`OW\a&^[>O`ORWaS@]QY Club, Boston. $33.; 1ZcP0]ab]\!!BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 17 - The Avett Brothers, 8 p.m., /^`WZ%ÂłBVS/dSbb0`]bVS`a&^[ Whittemore Center Arena, Durham, N.H. EVWbbS[]`S1S\bS`/`S\O2c`VO[<6 $44.75.; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 ""%#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 21 - Death Cab for Cutie, 7:30 p.m., /^`WZ Âł2SObV1OPT]`1cbWS%(!^[ Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre, 1WbW>S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\UBVSOb`S Boston. $39.50 to $59.50.; 0]ab]\!'#b]#'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (866) 348-9738 &$$!"&'%!& A p r i l 22Âł<O\QW5`WTÂżbV&^[EWZPc` - Nanci Griffith, 8 p.m., Wilbur /^`WZ Theatre, Boston. $36 to $44.20. BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$b]""; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! April 23 - Rodrigo y Gabriela, 7:30 p.m., /^`WZ !Âł@]R`WU]g5OP`WSZO%(!^[ Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $35 to $45. =`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\!#b]"#; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 26 - Kathleen Edwards, 8 p.m., Royale /^`WZ $Âł9ObVZSS\3ReO`Ra&^[@]gOZS Boston. $25.15.; 0]ab]\ ##BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 26 - Nick Lowe, 8 p.m., Wilbur /^`WZ $Âł<WQY:]eS&^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $36.50 to $57.20. BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$#b]#%; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 27 - Creed, 8 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, /^`WZ %Âł1`SSR&^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S Boston. $35 to $75.; 0]ab]\!#b]%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 27 - Lewis Black, 8 p.m., Hanover /^`WZ %Âł:SeWa0ZOQY&^[6O\]dS` Theatre, Worcester, Mass. $39.50 to $59.50. BVSOb`SE]`QSabS`;Oaa!'#b]#'# :WdS\ObW]\Q][ April 28 - Greg Lake, 8 p.m., Wilbur /^`WZ &Âł5`SU:OYS&^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $57.70/$72.70. BVSOb`S0]ab]\#%%% %; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 28 - Imagination Movers, 1:30 p.m., /^`WZ &Âł7[OUW\ObW]\;]dS`a(!^[ Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $32.70/$43.25. =`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\! %"! #; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! April 28 - Nickelback with Bush, Seether /^`WZ &Âł<WQYSZPOQYeWbV0caVASSbVS` and My Darkest Days, 6 p.m., DCU Center, O\R;g2O`YSab2Oga$^[21C1S\bS` Worcester, Mass. $50.50 to $90.50. E]`QSabS`;Oaa##b]'#; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! A p r i l 29 - Miike Snow, 8 p.m., House of /^`WZ 'Âł;WWYSA\]e&^[6]caS]T Blues, Boston. $25 to $35.; 0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 &%"#! April 29 - Rammstein, 8 p.m., DCU /^`WZ 'Âł@O[[abSW\&^[21C Center, Worcester, Mass. $76.95 to $92.85. 1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa%$'#b]' &#; ( 8 0 0 ) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!

"THE IRON LADY" (PG-13) (1:45) Stars Meryl Streep, ÂľB637@=<:/2GÂś>5!("#AbO`a;S`gZAb`SS^ Jim Broadbent and Richard E. Grant. Directed by Phyl8W[0`]ORPS\bO\R@WQVO`R35`O\b2W`SQbSRPg>VgZ lida Lloyd. A look at the life of Margaret Thatcher, the ZWRO:Z]gR/Z]]YObbVSZWTS]T;O`UO`SbBVObQVS`bVS former prime minister of the United Kingdom, with a T]`[S`^`W[S[W\WabS`]TbVSC\WbSR9W\UR][eWbVO focus on the price she paid for power. T]Qca]\bVS^`WQSaVS^OWRT]`^]eS` Showing at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) Fri-Sun 1:30, AV]eW\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQY4`WAc\(! 4, 6:30, 8:30 Mon-Wed 1:30,4, 6:30; Cinemagic West"$(!&(!;]\ESR(!"$(!)1W\S[OUWQESab brook Today 2:20,4:40, 7:10 Fri-Wed 11:50, 9:40 P`]]YB]ROg ( "("%(4`WESR(#'(" "JOHN CARTER" (PG-13) (2:12) Stars Taylor Kitsch, Âľ8=6<1/@B3@Âś>5! ( AbO`aBOgZ]`9WbaQV Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe and Samantha Morton. :g\\1]ZZW\aEWZZS[2OT]SO\RAO[O\bVO;]`b]\ Directed by Andrew Stanton. Transplanted to Mars, a 2W`SQbSRPg/\R`SeAbO\b]\B`O\a^ZO\bSRb];O`aO Civil War vet discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12- 1WdWZEO`dSbRWaQ]dS`aOZcaV^ZO\SbW\VOPWbSRPg foot-tall barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these T]]bbOZZPO`PO`WO\a4W\RW\UVW[aSZTO^`Wa]\S`]TbVSaS creatures, he escapes, only to encounter a princess Q`SObc`SaVSSaQO^Sa]\Zgb]S\Q]c\bS`O^`W\QSaa who is in desperate need of a savior. eV]WaW\RSa^S`ObS\SSR]TOaOdW]` Showing at: Nickelodeon Today-Wed 1,3:50, 6:40, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROgESR!(#$(" 9:30; Windham 5 Star Today 4, 6:45 Fri 4, 6:45, 9:30 '(!)EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"$("#4`W"$("#'(! Sat 1:05,4, 6:45, 9:30 Sun 1:05, 4, 6:45 Mon-Tues 4, AOb(#"$("#'(!Ac\(#"$("#;]\BcSa" 6:45 Wed 1:05, 4, 6:45; Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed $("#ESR(#"$("#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR (all 3D) 1, 3:45, 6:50, 9:40; Brunswick 10 Today 1 (3D), OZZ!2!("#$(#'(")0`c\aeWQYB]ROg!2 1:30, 4 (3D), 7 (3D), 7:20,'( 9:20!24`W!2( (3D) Fri 1 (3D), 1:25, 4 (!"!2%!2%( #" (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D), 9:20!2AOb!2( (3D) Sat 1 (3D), 1:25, 4 (3D), !2$(#%(!2'( #"!2 6:50, 7:10 (3D) Sun 1 (3D), 1:25,4 (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D), $(#%(!2Ac\!2( #"!2$(#%(!2 9:20 (3D) Mon-Tues 1 (3D), 1:25,4 (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D) '( !2;]\BcSa!2( #"!2$(#%(!2 Wed 1 (3D), 1:25,4 (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D); Falmouth ESR!2( #"!2$(#%(!2)4OZ[]cbV 10 Today 3:40,4:10,7:10; Cinemagic Grand (South B]ROg!(""(%()1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Today (all 3D) 1, 4, 6:40, 9:45 Fri-Wed (all >]`bZO\RB]ROgOZZ!2"$("'("#4`WESROZZ 3D) 1, 4, 6:50, 9:45; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:30,1 !2"$(#'("#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (! (IMAX), 3:30,4 (IMAX), 6:45, 7 (IMAX), 9:45,10 (IMAX); 7;/F!(!"7;/F$("#%7;/F'("#7;/F) Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:50,12:10 (3D), 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(# (!2 3:20, 3:30 (3D), 6:45, 7 (3D), 9:40, 9:50 (3D) !( !(!!2$("#%!2'("'(#!2

J o n a h Hill, left, 8]\OV6WZZZSTb and Channing O\R1VO\\W\U T a t u m i n "21 BObc[W\Âľ  J u m p Street." 8c[^Ab`SSbÂś See review, D14. ASS`SdWSe2"


Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri 1:50,4:45, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W(#"("# 7:30, 9:55 Sat 1:50,4:45 Sun 9:55, Mon 1:50, 7:30, %(!'(##AOb(#"("#Ac\'(##;]\(#%(! 9:50 Tue-Wed 1:50, 9:55; Windham 5 Star Today 4:30, '(#BcSESR(#'(##)EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"(! 7:30 Fri 4:30, 7:30, 9:45 Sat 1:35, 4:30, 7:30, 9:45 Sun %(!4`W"(!%(!'("#AOb(!#"(!%(!'("#Ac\ 1:35, 4:30, 7:30 Mon-Tues 4:30, 7:30 Wed 1:35, 4:30, (!#"(!%(!;]\BcSa"(!%(!ESR(!#"(! 7:30; Brunswick 10 Today 2:05,4:40, 7:40,10:15 Fri-Wed %(!)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg (#"("%("(#4`WESR 1:40,4:35,7:35,10; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) (""(!#%(!#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Today-Fri 2:20,4:20, 7:10, 9:20 Sat-Sun 2:20,4:20, B]ROg4`W ( "( %('( AObAc\ ( "(  7:10, 9:20 Mon-Wed 2:20, 4:20, 7:10, 9:20; Cinemagic %('( ;]\ESR ( "( %('( )1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Today-Wed 11:50,1:50,4:10,7,9:20; CinESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(#(#"(%'( )1W\ emagic Saco Today-Wed 12:05, 7:15, S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (# 2:15,4:20, (#"( %(# 9:10; Falmouth 10 Today 4:45,7:35; Nordica (Freeport) '()4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"("#%(!#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b Fri-Wed 4, 9:35 4`WESR"'(!#

holds a valuable lesson on the consequences of every V]ZRaOdOZcOPZSZSaa]\]\bVSQ]\aS_cS\QSa]TSdS`g word we speak. e]`ReSa^SOY Showing at: Brunswick 10 Today 2,4:20,7:15, AV]eW\UOb(0`c\aeWQYB]ROg "( %(# 9:30 Fri 1:35, 3:55, 6:40,10:05 Sat 10:05 Sun 6:40, '(!4`W(!#!(##$("(#AOb(#Ac\$(" 10:05 Mon-Wed 10:05; Cinemagic Grand (South Port(#;]\ESR(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`b land) Today-Fri 2:20,4:20, 7, 9:20 Sat-Sun 12:20, ZO\RB]ROg4`W ( "( %'( AObAc\ (  2:20, (  4:20, 7, 9:20 Mon-Wed 2:20,4:20, 7, 9:20; Cinemagic "( %'( ;]\ESR ( "( %'( )1W\S[OUWQ Saco Today-Wed 12:10, 7:10, 9:15; Cinemagic AOQ]B]ROgESR ( 2:15,4:25, (#"( #%('(#)1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Today 12, 2:10,4:30, 7:30, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12, ESabP`]]YB]ROg ("(!%(!'(#4`WESR 2:10, 4:20,%(!'(# 7:30, 9:50 ("(

"TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY" (R) (2:07) Stars ÂľB7<93@B/7:=@A=:273@A>GÂś@ (%AbO`a Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy. Directed by 5O`g=ZR[O\1]ZW\4W`bVO\RB][6O`Rg2W`SQbSRPg Tomas Alfredson. In 1970s England, the head of MI6 B][Oa/ZT`SRa]\7\'%a3\UZO\RbVSVSOR]T;7$ dispatches a spy to meet with a Hungarian general, but "JOURNEY 2:(B63;GAB3@7=CA7A:/<2Âś>5(!" THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND" (PG) (1:34) "SAFE HOUSE" (R) (1:55) Stars Denzel Washington, RWa^ObQVSaOa^gb][SSbeWbVO6c\UO`WO\US\S`OZPcb ÂľA/436=CA3Âś@(##AbO`a2S\hSZEOaVW\Ub]\ Âľ8=C@<3G something goes wrong and the general dies before he Stars Josh Hutcherson, Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine @gO\@Sg\]ZRaO\R@]PS`b>Ob`WQY2W`SQbSRPg2O\WSZ Ryan Reynolds and Robert Patrick. Directed by Daniel a][SbVW\UU]Sae`]\UO\RbVSUS\S`OZRWSaPST]`SVS AbO`a8]aV6cbQVS`a]\2eOg\S8]V\a]\;WQVOSZ1OW\S can reveal the information. Veteran agent George Smiand Luis Guzman. Directed by Brad Peyton. Sean AnEspinosa. A young CIA agent is tasked with looking afQO\`SdSOZbVSW\T]`[ObW]\DSbS`O\OUS\b5S]`USA[W 3a^W\]aO/g]c\U17/OUS\bWabOaYSReWbVZ]]YW\UOT O\R:cWa5ch[O\2W`SQbSRPg0`OR>Sgb]\ASO\/\ ley is called back from forced retirement to find a mole derson partners with his mom's boyfriend on a mission bS`OTcUWbWdSW\OaOTSV]caS0cbeVS\bVSaOTSV]caS ter a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house ZSgWaQOZZSRPOQYT`][T]`QSR`SbW`S[S\bb]Âż\RO[]ZS RS`a]\^O`b\S`aeWbVVWa[][¸aP]gT`WS\R]\O[WaaW]\ and stop the flow of British secrets to the Russians. to find his grandfather, who is thought to be missing is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge. O\Rab]^bVSĂ&#x20AC;]e]T0`WbWaVaSQ`Sbab]bVS@caaWO\a WaObbOQYSRVSÂż\RaVW[aSZT]\bVS`c\eWbVVWaQVO`US b]Âż\RVWaU`O\RTObVS`eV]WabV]cUVbb]PS[WaaW\U on a mythical island. Showing at: Brunswick 10 Today 1:10,3:50, 7:10,9:50 Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 3:45,9 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg!("#' AV]eW\UOb(0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!(#%('(# ]\O[gbVWQOZWaZO\R Fri-Wed 1:10, 3:50,7:05,9:45; Cinemagic Grand (South Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 2:10,  4`WESR(!(#%(#'("#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR ( Portland) Today 4:50, 9:50; Cinemagic Westbrook 4:30, 7:20; Windham 5 Star Today 4:10, 6:45 Fri 4:10, "THIS MEANS WAR" (PG-13) (1:38) Stars Reese ÂľB67A;3/<AE/@Âś>5!(!&AbO`a@SSaS >]`bZO\RB]ROg"(#'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y "(!%( )EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"($("#4`W"( Today-Wed 11:30,2,4:40,7:20,10; Cinemagic Saco 6:45, 8:40 Sat 1:10, 4:10, 6:45, 8:40 Sun 1:10, 4:10, 6:45 Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Directed EWbVS`a^]]\1V`Wa>W\SO\RB][6O`Rg2W`SQbSR B]ROgESR(! "("%( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ] $("#&("AOb("($("#&("Ac\("($("# Today-Wed 12:10, 5, 7:25, 9:50 Mon-Tues 4:10, 6:45 Wed 1:10,4:10, 6:45; Brunswick 10 by McG. Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle Pg;Q5Be]b]^17/]^S`ObWdSaeOUSO\S^WQPObbZS B]ROgESR ( 2:35, (!##%( #'(# ;]\BcSa"($("#ESR("($("#)0`c\aeWQY Today 1:20 (3D), 3:45, 6:40 (3D), 10 (3D) Fri-Sat 1:20, against one another after they discover they are dating OUOW\ab]\SO\]bVS`OTbS`bVSgRWaQ]dS`bVSgO`SRObW\U B]ROg( !2!("#$("!2!24`WAOb(  3:45 Sun-Wed 1:20, 3:45, 7, 9:30; Falmouth 10 Today the same woman. "THE SECRET WORLD OF ARRIETTY" (G) (1:34) Stars bVSaO[Se][O\ ÂľB63A31@3BE=@:2=4/@@73BBGÂś5(!"AbO`a !("#Ac\ESR( !("#%'(!)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg 4:20 Bridgit Mendler, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. Directed Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R 0`WRUWb;S\RZS`/[g>]SVZS`O\REWZZ/`\Sbb2W`SQbSR "(  by Hiromasa Yonebayashi and Gary Rydstrom. The Today 12:10, Cinemagic Saco Today 7:10, 9:25 B]ROg ( 2:30, (!%(7:20; )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg%('( # Pg6W`][OaOG]\SPOgOaVWO\R5O`g@gRab`][BVS Clock family are 4-inch-tall people who live anonyFri-Wed 12:20, Cinemagic West"THE LORAX" (PG) (1:34) Stars Zac Efron, Taylor 4`WESR (  2:35,4:50,7:10,9:25; (!#"(#%('( #)1W\S[OUWQESab 1Z]QYTO[WZgO`S"W\QVbOZZ^S]^ZSeV]ZWdSO\]\g ÂľB63:=@/FÂś>5(!"AbO`aHOQ3T`]\BOgZ]` mously in another family's residence, borrowing simple P`]]YB]ROgESR(" brook Today-Wed 11:40, 2,"( 4:20, 6:50, 9:20; Brunswick Swift, Danny DeVito and Ed Helms. Directed by Chris $(#'( )0`c\aeWQY []caZgW\O\]bVS`TO[WZg¸a`SaWRS\QSP]``]eW\UaW[^ZS AeWTb2O\\g2SDWb]O\R3R6SZ[a2W`SQbSRPg1V`Wa items to make their home. Life changes for the Clocks 10 Today 9:45 Renaud and Kyle Balda. A 12-year-old boy searches for B]ROg'("# WbS[ab][OYSbVSW`V][S:WTSQVO\USaT]`bVS1Z]QYa @S\OcRO\R9gZS0OZRO/ gSO`]ZRP]gaSO`QVSaT]` when their daughter, Arrietty, is discovered. the one thing that will enable him to win the affection eVS\bVSW`ROcUVbS`/``WSbbgWaRWaQ]dS`SR bVS]\SbVW\UbVObeWZZS\OPZSVW[b]eW\bVSOTTSQbW]\ of his dream girl. To find it he must discover the story Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today 1:20,4:30; "THE VOW" (PG-13) (1:48) Stars Rachel McAdams, ÂľB63D=EÂś>5!("&AbO`a@OQVSZ;Q/RO[a AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg( "(!) ]TVWaR`SO[UW`ZB]Âż\RWbVS[cabRWaQ]dS`bVSab]`g of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who Cinemagic Westbrook Today 11:30,2,4:20; Cinemagic Channing Tatum, Sam Neill and Jessica Lange. Directed 1VO\\W\UBObc[AO[<SWZZO\R8SaaWQO:O\US2W`SQbSR 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg(! "( )1W\S[OUWQ ]TbVS:]`OfbVSU`c[^ggSbQVO`[W\UQ`SObc`SeV] fights to protect his world. Saco Today 12:20, 4:50 by Michael Sucsy. A car accident puts Paige (McAdPg;WQVOSZAcQag/QO`OQQWRS\b^cba>OWUS;Q/R AOQ]B]ROg (  2:35, (!#"(# ÂżUVbab]^`]bSQbVWae]`ZR ams) in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 12:45 O[aW\OQ][OO\ReVS\aVSeOYSac^eWbVaSdS`S AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR ("# memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win (3D), 3, 6:40 (3D), 9; Windham 5 Star Today 4:05, 6:50 "SEPARATION" (NR) (2:03) Stars Peyman Moadi, [S[]`gZ]aaVS`VcaPO\R:S]BObc[e]`Yab]eW\ ÂľA3>/@/B7=<Âś<@ (!AbO`a>Sg[O\;]ORW !2!$("!2')EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"(#$(# her heart again. Fri 4:05, 6:50, 9 Sat 1:15,4:05, 6:50, 9 Sun 1:15,4:05, Leila Hatami and Sareh Bayat. Directed by Asghar VS`VSO`bOUOW\ :SWZO6ObO[WO\RAO`SV0OgOb2W`SQbSRPg/aUVO` 4`W"(#$(#'AOb(#"(#$(#'Ac\(#"(# 6:50 Mon-Tues 4:05, 6:50 Wed 1:15, 4:05, 6:50; BrunsFarhadi. A married couple are faced with a difficult Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today 7:20,9:30 AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg%( '(! 4O`VORW/[O``WSRQ]c^ZSO`STOQSReWbVORWTÂżQcZb $(#;]\BcSa"(#$(#ESR(#"(#$(#)0`c\a wick 10 Today 1:15,1:50 (3D), 3:40, 4:10 (3D), 6:40, 7:30 decision - to improve the life of their child by moving Fri-Wed 1:30,7:20; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) 4`WESR(!%( )1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R RSQWaW]\Âłb]W[^`]dSbVSZWTS]TbVSW`QVWZRPg[]dW\U eWQYB]ROg(#(#!2!(""(!2$("%(! (3D), 9:35 (3D) Fri-Wed 1:15,1:50 (3D), 3:40, 4:10 (3D), to another country or to stay in Iran to take care of a Today-Fri 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2:30, 5, 7:30, B]ROg4`W (!#%(!AObAc\ (!#%(! b]O\]bVS`Q]c\b`g]`b]abOgW\7`O\b]bOYSQO`S]TO !2'(!#!24`WESR(#(#!2!(""(!2 6:45, 7:30 (3D), 9:35 (3D); Falmouth 10 Today 4:30 parent with Alzheimer's. 10 Mon-Wed 2:30, 5,7:30,10; Cinemagic Westbrook ;]\ESR (!#%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y ^O`S\beWbV/ZhVSW[S`¸a $("#%(!!2'(!#!2)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(! (3D), 7 (3D); Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) TodayToday-Wed 11:40,2:10,4:50,7:30,10; Cinemagic Saco Showing at: Nickelodeon Today 1:20,4, 6:50, 9:25 B]ROgESR(" ("(#%(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROg( "$(#'( # !2%!2)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg Fri 2,"$&AObAc\ 4, 6, 8,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2,"$&;]\ESR 4, 6, 8,10, Mon-Wed 2, Today-Wed 12:10, 4:45, 7:05, 9:20; Windham 5 Fri-Wed 1:10, 6:20 B]ROgESR ( 2:30, (!"("#%(#'( )EW\RVO[# 4`WESR($(  4`W 4, 6, 8,10; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:40,12 Star Today 4:15, 7:10 Fri 4:15, 7:10, 9:35 Sat 1,4:15, 7:10, AbO`B]ROg"(#%(4`W"(#%('(!#AOb"(#%( "$&)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(" (3D), 2, 2:20 (3D), 4:20,4:40 (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D), 9:20, 9:35 Sun 1,4:15, 7:10 Mon-Tues 4:15, 7:10 Wed 1, 4:15, "SILENT HOUSE" (R) (1:25) Stars Elizabeth Olsen, '(!#Ac\"(#%(;]\BcSa"(#%(ESR"(# ÂľA7:3<B6=CA3Âś@( #AbO`a3ZWhOPSbV=ZaS\ !2 ( !2"( "("!2$(#%(!2'(  9:30 (3D); Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12,1 (3D), 2,! 3 7:10; Brunwick 10 Today 4:30, 9:55 Fri-Wed 4:25, 9:55; Adam Trese, Eric Sheffer Stevens and Julia Taylor Ross. %()0`c\eWQYB]ROg"(!'(##4`WESR"( #'(##) /RO[B`SaS3`WQAVSTTS`AbSdS\aO\R8cZWOBOgZ]`@]aa '(!!2)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR !2 (3D), 4, 5 (3D), 6, 7 (3D), 8, 9 (3D), 10 Falmouth 10 Today 4:35, 7:15 Directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. Trapped inside 4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(!#%(# 2W`SQbSRPg1V`Wa9S\bWaO\R:Oc`O:OcB`O^^SRW\aWRS !2"#!2$%!2&'!2 her family's lakeside retreat, a young woman finds VS`TO[WZg¸aZOYSaWRS`Sb`SObOg]c\Ue][O\Âż\Ra she is unable to contact the outside world as events "PARIAH" (R) (1:26) Stars Adepero Oduye, Kim "WANDERLUST" (R) (1:41) Stars Jennifer Aniston, ÂľE/<23@:CABÂś@("AbO`a8S\\WTS`/\Wab]\ aVSWac\OPZSb]Q]\bOQbbVS]cbaWRSe]`ZROaSdS\ba Âľ>/@7/6Âś@( $AbO`a/RS^S`]=RcgS9W[ become increasingly ominous in and around the house. >OcZ@cRR;OZW\/YS`[O\O\R8cabW\BVS`]cf2W`SQb Wayans and Aasha Davis. Directed by Dee Rees. A Paul Rudd, Malin Akerman and Justin Theroux. DirectPSQ][SW\Q`SOaW\UZg][W\]caW\O\RO`]c\RbVSV]caS EOgO\aO\R/OaVO2OdWa2W`SQbSRPg2SS@SSa/ Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and ed by David Wain. Rattled by sudden unemployment, Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) ToSRPg2OdWREOW\@ObbZSRPgacRRS\c\S[^Z]g[S\b AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB] 0`]]YZg\bSS\OUS`XcUUZSaQ]\Ă&#x20AC;WQbW\UWRS\bWbWSaO\R risks friendship, heartbreak and family in a desperate a Manhattan couple surveys alternative living options, day-Fri 2,4, 6, 8,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2,4, 6, 8,10 Mon-Wed O;O\VObbO\Q]c^ZSac`dSgaOZbS`\ObWdSZWdW\U]^bW]\a ROg4`W "$&AObAc\ "$&;]\ESR `WaYaT`WS\RaVW^VSO`bP`SOYO\RTO[WZgW\ORSa^S`ObS search for sexual expression. ultimately deciding to experiment with living on a rural 2,4, 6, 8,10; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12, 2,4, 6, 8, cZbW[ObSZgRSQWRW\Ub]Sf^S`W[S\beWbVZWdW\U]\O`c`OZ "$&)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR "$& aSO`QVT]`aSfcOZSf^`SaaW]\ commune where free love rules. 10; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:10, Showing at: Nickelodeon Today 1:40,4:30,7:15,9:20 ( 2:20,4:50,7:20, ( "(#%(  Q][[c\SeVS`ST`SSZ]dS`cZSa AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROg(""(!%(#'(  )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:10, 7:10, 9:20 Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:50, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(# '(#4`WESR ( 2:20,4:50, ( "(#%('(  2:10, 4:30, 7:30,10; Cinemagic Saco Today 12:20, "PROJECT X" (R) (1:28) Stars Thomas Mann, Oliver ("(!%(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (  2:30, (! Âľ>@=831BFÂś@( &AbO`aBV][Oa;O\\=ZWdS` 4:50, 7:20, 9:40; Brunswick 10 Today 1:40 Fri-Wed 9:55; Cooper, Jonathan Daniel Brown and Dax Flame. Di"A THOUSAND WORDS" (PG-13) (1:31) Stars Eddie "(#%( '(")0`c\aeWQYB]ROg("4`WESR'(##) Âľ/B6=CA/<2E=@2AÂś>5!(!AbO`a3RRWS 1]]^S`8]\ObVO\2O\WSZ0`]e\O\R2Of4ZO[S2W Windham 5 Star Today 4:35, 7:35; Falmouth 10 Today rected by Nima Nourizadeh. Three high school seniors Murphy, Cliff Curtis, Kerry Washington and Clark Duke. EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"(!#%(!#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg ;c`^Vg1ZWTT1c`bWa9S``gEOaVW\Ub]\O\R1ZO`Y2cYS `SQbSRPg<W[O<]c`WhORSVBV`SSVWUVaQV]]ZaS\W]`a 4:40, 7:30 throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves Directed by Brian Robbins. After stretching the truth "("%(! 2W`SQbSRPg0`WO\@]PPW\a/TbS`ab`SbQVW\UbVSb`cbV bV`]eOPW`bVROg^O`bgb][OYSO\O[ST]`bVS[aSZdSa but as the night progresses, things spiral out of control ]\ORSOZeWbVOa^W`WbcOZUc`cZWbS`O`gOUS\b8OQY;Q on a deal with a spiritual guru, literary agent Jack McPcbOabVS\WUVb^`]U`SaaSabVW\Uaa^W`OZ]cb]TQ]\b`]Z as word of the party spreads. Call finds a Bodhi tree on his property. Its appearance - From news services; subject to change 1OZZÂż\RaO0]RVWb`SS]\VWa^`]^S`bg7baO^^SO`O\QS Please see TIX, Page E31 Oae]`R]TbVS^O`bga^`SORa Âł4`][\SeaaS`dWQSa)acPXSQbb]QVO\US Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<*(

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 GO E31 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV#  j5=3!



Continued from Page E22 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Falmouth: "Monhegan Island Year %LIZABETH-OSS'ALLERY &ALMOUTHh-ONHEGAN)SLAND9EAR !ROUNDvBY!LISON(ILLANDh3TILL,IFE 2EVISITEDvBY"RITA Around" by Alison Hill and "Still Life, Revisited" by Brita Holmquist, Margaret Ryan and Margareta McDonald, (OLMQUIST -ARGARET2YANAND-ARGARETA-C$ONALD through April 7. THROUGH!PRILELIZABETHMOSSGALLERIESCOM 2OYAL"EAN 9ARMOUTH!RTISANSCOLLECTIVEMIXED MEDIA Royal Bean, Yarmouth: Artisans collective mixed-media show, through March 30. 846-7967. SHOW THROUGH-ARCH  Yarmouth Frame Shop and Gallery: "Painting in 9ARMOUTH&RAME3HOPAND'ALLERYh0AINTINGIN Normandy and Beyond," six-woman show, through .ORMANDYAND"EYOND vSIX WOMANSHOW THROUGH March 30. 846-7777. -ARCH  Thos. Moser Showroom, Freeport: "Viewpoints," new 4HOS-OSER3HOWROOM &REEPORTh6IEWPOINTS vNEW work by painters Eric Hopkins, James Mullen and Colin WORKBYPAINTERS%RIC(OPKINS *AMES-ULLENAND#OLIN Page, through May 1. 865-4519. 0AGE THROUGH-AY  Gallery Framing, Brunswick: Debra Arter: "Layers of 'ALLERY&RAMING "RUNSWICK$EBRA!RTERh,AYERSOF Meaning," mixed-media work, through March 29. 729-EANING vMIXED MEDIAWORK THROUGH-ARCH 9108.  Little Dog Coffee Shop, Brunswick: "Little House Meets ,ITTLE$OG#OFFEE3HOP "RUNSWICKh,ITTLE(OUSE-EETS Little Dog," paintings by Melissa Capuano, through March ,ITTLE$OG vPAINTINGSBY-ELISSA#APUANO THROUGH-ARCH 30. SPINDLEWORKSORG Markings Gallery, Bath: New work by Obie Buell, Susie -ARKINGS'ALLERY "ATH.EWWORKBY/BIE"UELL 3USIE Stevenson, Susan Mutton and Annette Kearney, through 3TEVENSON 3USAN(UTTONAND!NNETTE+EARNEY THROUGH March 30. -ARCHMARKINGSGALLERYCOM Chocolate Church Arts Center, Bath: "Springtime #HOCOLATE#HURCH!RTS#ENTER "ATHh3PRINGTIME Floriade," multi-disciplinary exhibit, through April 20. &LORIADE vMULTI DISCIPLINARYEXHIBIT THROUGH!PRIL CHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORG Topsham Public Library (Crooker Gallery): "Assembly 4OPSHAM0UBLIC,IBRARY#ROOKER'ALLERY h!SSEMBLY Line," work by Barbara Bean, Maureen Block, ,INE vWORKBY"ARBARA"EAN -AUREEN"LOCK Terry Grasse and Ann Slocum, through March 27. 4ERRY'RASSEAND!NN3LOCUM THROUGH-ARCH TOPSHAMLIBRARYORG Maine Fiberarts, Topsham: "The Art of the Needle," -AINE&IBERARTS 4OPSHAMh4HE!RTOFTHE.EEDLE v needlepoint tapestries by J i l l Vendituoli, through April 23. NEEDLEPOINTTAPESTRIESBY*ILL6ENDITUOLI THROUGH!PRIL MAINElBERARTSORG University of Southern Maine (Atrium Art Gallery), 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE!TRIUM!RT'ALLERY Lewiston: "The Inspired Hand 5," juried artwork by ,EWISTONh4HE)NSPIRED(AND vJURIEDARTWORKBY Maine Crafts Association, through Friday, -AINE#RAFTS!SSOCIATION THROUGH&RIDAYUSMMAINEEDU atriumgallery ATRIUMGALLERY Hubbard Free Library, Hallowell: Altered book exhibition (UBBARD&REE,IBRARY (ALLOWELL!LTEREDBOOKEXHIBITION from Margo Ogden's workshop, through March 28. FROM-ARGO/GDENSWORKSHOP THROUGH-ARCH HARLOWGALLERYORG Engine, Biddeford Arts: "MERC: Mainers Recycling %NGINE "IDDEFORD!RTSh-%2#-AINERS2ECYCLING Cardboard," through March 30. #ARDBOARD vTHROUGH-ARCHFEEDTHEENGINEORG University of New England (Campus Center), Biddeford: 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND#AMPUS#ENTER "IDDEFORD "Another Part of Me," staff and faculty exhibit, through h!NOTHER0ARTOF-E vSTAFFANDFACULTYEXHIBIT THROUGH April 2. !PRILUNEEDU Fryeburg Academy (Palmina F. and Stephen S. Pace &RYEBURG!CADEMY0ALMINA&AND3TEPHEN30ACE Galleries of Art): "Singular: Ten Artists' Portraits of 'ALLERIESOF!RT h3INGULAR4EN!RTISTS0ORTRAITSOF Objects," through Sunday. 935-9232. /BJECTS vTHROUGH3UNDAY  River Tree Arts, Kennebunk: "Charles Gatewood's Wall 2IVER4REE!RTS +ENNEBUNKh#HARLES'ATEWOODS7ALL Street," rare vintage and contemporary photographs of the 3TREET vRAREVINTAGEANDCONTEMPORARYPHOTOGRAPHSOFTHE 1970s, through Saturday. 967-9120. S THROUGH3ATURDAY  Red Door Pottery Studio, Kittery: "Focus on India," 2ED$OOR0OTTERY3TUDIO +ITTERYh&OCUSON)NDIA v photos by New Hampshire craftsman Lawrence Elbroch, PHOTOSBY.EW(AMPSHIRECRAFTSMAN,AWRENCE%LBROCH through March 31. 439-5671. THROUGH-ARCH  University of Maine (Hutchinson Center), Belfast: 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE(UTCHINSON#ENTER "ELFAST Selections from the Elmer Montgomery collection and 3ELECTIONSFROMTHE%LMER-ONTGOMERYCOLLECTIONAND "The Atlantic Fisherman," Penobscot Marine Museum h4HE!TLANTIC&ISHERMAN v0ENOBSCOT-ARINE-USEUM traveling exhibition, through April 30. penobscotmarine TRAVELINGEXHIBITION THROUGH!PRILPENOBSCOTMARINE MUSEUMORG Aarhus Gallery, Belfast: "44N 69W: Radius Belfast," !ARHUS'ALLERY "ELFASTh.72ADIUS"ELFAST v fourth annual show, through April 1. FOURTHANNUALSHOW THROUGH!PRILAARHUSGALLERYCOM Waterfall Arts, Belfast: "Painters, Players and Poets," 7ATERFALL!RTS "ELFASTh0AINTERS 0LAYERSAND0OETS v


Continued from Page E30 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! May 2³AZOcUVbS`V]caS&(!^[EWZPc` - Slaughterhouse, 8:30 p.m., Wilbur ;Og Theatre, Boston. $27 to $33.; BVSOb`S0]ab]\ %b]!!BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 3 - Human Nature: The Motown Show ;Og!³6c[O\<Obc`S(BVS;]b]e\AV]e presented by Smokey Robinson, 7:30 p.m., Casino ^`SaS\bSRPgA[]YSg@]PW\a]\%(!^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $38.80 to $68. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!&&b]$&; BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 4 - Shpongle, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. ;Og"³AV^]\UZS&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ to $35.; (800) 745-3000 $22.50 #b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! May 5 - Trailer Park Boys, 9 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, ;Og#³B`OWZS`>O`Y0]ga'^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S Boston. $31 to $41.70.; (800) 0]ab]\!b]"%BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)& 745-3000 %"#!

Continued from Page E12 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3

Courtesy of the artist 1]c`bSag]TbVSO`bWab

Rose Contemporary in Portland shows @]aS1]\bS[^]`O`gW\>]`bZO\RaV]ea works by members of Peregrine Press e]`YaPg[S[PS`a]T>S`SU`W\S>`Saa (including Kit Pike, shown), Zea Mays W\QZcRW\U9Wb>WYSaV]e\HSO;Oga Printmaking and MECA through March 30. >`W\b[OYW\UO\R;31/bV`]cUV;O`QV! "Branching Out: Water" and Gardiner-area artists, h"RANCHING/UT7ATERvAND'ARDINER AREAARTISTS through March 27. THROUGH-ARCHWATERFALLARTSORG Perimeter Gallery, Belfast: "As High as Heaven," 0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFASTh!S(IGHAS(EAVEN v paintings and drawings by Kenny Cole, through April 21. PAINTINGSANDDRAWINGSBY+ENNY#OLE THROUGH!PRIL 338-0555.   Craft, Camden: Pottery by Barbara Michelena, Hanako #RAFT #AMDEN0OTTERYBY"ARBARA-ICHELENA (ANAKO Kanazato and George Pearlman, through May 1. +ANAZATOAND'EORGE0EARLMAN THROUGH-AY CRAFTONELMCOM River Arts, Damariscotta: "Playing Around: Art of the 2IVER!RTS $AMARISCOTTAh0LAYING!ROUND!RTOFTHE Imagination," 96 works by 46 artists, with several 3D )MAGINATION vWORKSBYARTISTS WITHSEVERAL$ sculptures in a variety of media and assemblages, through SCULPTURESINAVARIETYOFMEDIAANDASSEMBLAGES THROUGH March 29. -ARCHRIVERARTSMEORG Damariscotta River Grill: "Spring Works," by Cynthia $AMARISCOTTA2IVER'RILLh3PRING7ORKS vBY#YNTHIA Hammett, Ed McCartan and Dorothy K. Magadieu, (AMMETT %D-C#ARTANAND$OROTHY+-AGADIEU through April 24. THROUGH!PRILDAMARISCOTTARIVERGRILLCOM Haynes Galleries, Thomaston: "The Wyeths: First Family (AYNES'ALLERIES 4HOMASTONh4HE7YETHS&IRST&AMILY of American Realism," work by N.C., Andrew, Jamie, OF!MERICAN2EALISM vWORKBY.# !NDREW *AMIE Carolyn, Henriette and Victoria Wyeth, through April 10. #AROLYN (ENRIETTEAND6ICTORIA7YETH THROUGH!PRIL HAYNESGALLERIESCOM Archipelago, Rockland: "All Things Bright and Beautiful," !RCHIPELAGO 2OCKLANDh!LL4HINGS"RIGHTAND"EAUTIFUL v diverse works of four Maine artists, through Friday. 596DIVERSEWORKSOFFOUR-AINEARTISTS THROUGH&RIDAY 0701.  Schoolhouse Gallery, Kingfield: Marguerite Robichaux, 3CHOOLHOUSE'ALLERY +INGlELD-ARGUERITE2OBICHAUX Hugh Verrier and John Orcutt, landscape paintings, paper (UGH6ERRIERAND*OHN/RCUTT LANDSCAPEPAINTINGS PAPER bird sculptures and nature photography, through March BIRDSCULPTURESANDNATUREPHOTOGRAPHY THROUGH-ARCH 28.939-6518.   University of Maine at Farmington Art Gallery: "Free 5NIVERSITYOF-AINEAT&ARMINGTON!RT'ALLERYh&REE Form Flow," by Tim Clorius and Matt W. Moore, through &ORM&LOW vBY4IM#LORIUSAND-ATT7-OORE THROUGH April 5. 778-7002. !PRIL  Bangor Public Library: Rita Haunert's "Attending to the "ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARY2ITA(AUNERTSh!TTENDINGTOTHE Ordinary," plus works from Art in Heart artists, through /RDINARY vPLUSWORKSFROM!RTIN(EARTARTISTS THROUGH March 30. -ARCHWWWBPLLIBMEUS

May 5 - Lady Antebellum, 7 p.m., DCU ;Og#³:ORg/\bSPSZZc[%^[21C Center, Worcester, Mass. $66.65 to $87.20. 1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa$$$#b]&%; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 6 - Andrew Bird, 8 p.m., House of Blues, ;Og$³/\R`Se0W`R&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $35 to $45.; (800) 7450]ab]\!#b]"#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 3000 ! May 8 - Erik Larson, 7:30 p.m., The Music Hall, ;Og&³3`WY:O`a]\%(!^[BVS;caWQ6OZZ Portsmouth, N.H. $13.; (603) >]`ba[]cbV<6!BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$! 436-2400 "!$ " May 11 - The Cranberries, 8 p.m., House of Blues, ;Og³BVS1`O\PS``WSa&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $36 to $49.50.; (800) 0]ab]\!$b]"'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! May 11 - Cinderella, 8 p.m., Casino Ballroom, ;Og³1W\RS`SZZO&^[1OaW\]0OZZ`]][ Hampton Beach, N.H. $26/$28.; 6O[^b]\0SOQV<6 $ &BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 16 - Godsmack with Staind, 6:30 p.m., ;Og$³5]Ra[OQYeWbVAbOW\R$(!^[ Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. $39.50 DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa/`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6!'# to $49.50.; (800) 745-3000 b]"'#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!

PM 7785. 8 p.m. Kevin Burtram, indie rock, Blue, +EVIN"URTRAM INDIEROCK "LUE Portland. Donation, 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 5 p.m. PM Sean Mencher & His Rhythm Kings, 3EAN-ENCHER(IS2HYTHM+INGS SWINGBLUESROCKABILLY "LUE 0ORTLAND swing/blues/rockabilly, Blue, Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tip O' the Hat Series, with The Mark 4IP/THE(AT3ERIES WITH4HE-ARK 4IPTON4RIOPAYINGTRIBUTETO3TEPHANE Tipton Trio paying tribute to Stephane Grapelli, jazz, Blue, Portland. 'RAPELLI JAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 10 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM David Mello, solo acoustic blues $AVID-ELLO SOLOACOUSTICBLUES guitar, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, GUITAR 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 5 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Rick Miller & His Band, Chicago blues, 2ICK-ILLER(IS"AND #HICAGOBLUES Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. GINGKOBLUECOMPM St. Patrick's Day with The Milleners, 3T0ATRICKS$AYWITH4HE-ILLENERS traditional Irish drinking music, TRADITIONAL)RISHDRINKINGMUSIC Jumpin' Jakes Seafood Cafe, Old *UMPIN*AKES3EAFOOD#AFE /LD Orchard Beach. 937-3250. 7 p.m. /RCHARD"EACH PM Too Broke to Be This Drunk, 4OO"ROKETO"E4HIS$RUNK country, Bayside Bowl, Portland. $5. COUNTRY "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM St. Patty's Day Dance Party, with 3T0ATTYS$AY$ANCE0ARTY WITH DJ King Alberto, Geno's Rock Club, $*+ING!LBERTO 'ENOS2OCK#LUB Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 0ORTLAND PM Lucky Lass Throwdown, St. Patrick's ,UCKY,ASS4HROWDOWN 3T0ATRICKS Day party with DJ Vik44 hosted by $AYPARTYWITH$*6IKHOSTEDBY Maine Roller Derby, Asylum, Portland. -AINE2OLLER$ERBY !SYLUM 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Jimmy &The Soul Cats, soul, jazz *IMMY4HE3OUL#ATS SOUL JAZZ and blues, Big Easy, Portland. ANDBLUES "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Portland Battle of the Bands, with 0ORTLAND"ATTLEOFTHE"ANDS WITH Saint Monday, Archon, Chaos Sauce, 3AINT-ONDAY !RCHON #HAOS3AUCE Smoked Salmon, Madgingers, Ghost 3MOKED3ALMON -ADGINGERS 'HOST of Paul Revere, Altertone, Evan Baird OF0AUL2EVERE !LTERTONE %VAN"AIRD Trio, Razor & Eas, C-Notes, Conman 4RIO 2AZOR%AS # .OTES #ONMAN and Twisted Truth, all ages; Big Easy, AND4WISTED4RUTH ALLAGES"IG%ASY Portland. $8 in advance; $10 day of 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOF show, 4 p.m. SHOWBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Nick Racioppi, rock/reggae, .ICK2ACIOPPI ROCKREGGAE Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 5 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Rhythmic Cypher, open mic of spoken2HYTHMIC#YPHER OPENMICOFSPOKEN word poetry with live music, 21-plus; WORDPOETRYWITHLIVEMUSIC  PLUS Slainte, Portland. 828-0900. 8 p.m. 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND PM The Couch, open mic with host John 4HE#OUCH OPENMICWITHHOST*OHN Nels and guest artist Jesse Pilgrim, .ELSANDGUESTARTIST*ESSE0ILGRIM Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. %MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM 6 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Karaoke Night with DJ Ponyfarm, +ARAOKE.IGHTWITH$*0ONYFARM  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND  21-plus; Slainte, Portland. $3, $5. 9 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM /UTOFTHE"LUE#ONTEST BATTLEOF Out of the Blue Contest, battle of THEBANDSSPEED DATINGSTYLE "LUE the bands speed-dating style, Blue, Portland. Donation, 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 8 p.m. PM #HAS,ESTER4RIO JAZZ SOULAND Chas Lester Trio, jazz, soul and funk, all ages; Empire Dine & FUNK ALLAGES%MPIRE$INE Dance (downstairs), Portland. $ANCEDOWNSTAIRS 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 0RESS'ANG )RISHMUSIC "LUE 0ORTLAND Press Gang, Irish music, Blue, Portland. Donation, 7:30 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Traditional Irish Session, Irish 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION )RISH music, Blue, Portland. Donation. MUSIC "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 9:30 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT blues jam, The New Venue, Portland. BLUESJAM 4HE.EW6ENUE 0ORTLAND 541-9045. 7 p.m.  PM North of Nashville with J. Biddy, .ORTHOF.ASHVILLEWITH*"IDDY acoustic covers, RiRa, Portland. 761ACOUSTICCOVERS 2I2A 0ORTLAND 4446. 8:30 p.m. PM David Beam and The Custom $AVID"EAMAND4HE#USTOM House Gang, blues and bluegrass, (OUSE'ANG BLUESANDBLUEGRASS Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Open Mic Night, Slainte, Portland. /PEN-IC.IGHT 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 553-2350. 8p.m.  PM Indie Dance Party, Slainte, Portland. )NDIE$ANCE0ARTY 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND $3, $5. 553-2350. 10p.m.   PM Jan van Voorst, jazz and swing, *ANVAN6OORST JAZZANDSWING Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND 6 p.m. GINGKOBLUECOMPM Karaoke with DJ Johnny Red, Asylum, +ARAOKEWITH$**OHNNY2ED !SYLUM Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Rap Night, local DJs and musicians, 2AP.IGHT LOCAL$*SANDMUSICIANS 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3.  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM

MARCH 22 -!2#( Dopapod, trance/rock/dubstep/funk, $OPAPOD TRANCEROCKDUBSTEPFUNK with The Manhattan Project, Big Easy, WITH4HE-ANHATTAN0ROJECT "IG%ASY Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Barn Swallows, Americana/ "ARN3WALLOWS !MERICANA bluegrass, Blue, Portland. Donation. BLUEGRASS "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Patrick Fitzsimmons, singer-songwriter, 0ATRICK&ITZSIMMONS SINGER SONGWRITER Blue, Portland, "LUE 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOM Donation. 8 p.m. $ONATIONPM Samuel James & Dana Gross, roots/ 3AMUEL*AMES$ANA'ROSS ROOTS blues, Blue, Portland. Donation. BLUES "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 10 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Al and Erb, Americana, Andy's Old Port !LAND%RB !MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM 6:30 p.m. PM Hot Club du Monde, gypsy jazz (OT#LUBDU-ONDE GYPSYJAZZ and swing, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, ANDSWING 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB MONDAY -/.$!9 Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Stowaways Bluegrass Night, 3TOWAWAYS"LUEGRASS.IGHT Milkman's Union, indie rock, 21-plus; -ILKMANS5NION INDIEROCK  PLUS Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. %MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. 6 p.m. open jam; %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLAND PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPMOPENJAM 9:30 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM 8 p.m. concert. PMCONCERT Gordo and Friends, comedic music, 'ORDOAND&RIENDS COMEDICMUSIC Open Mic with Alec Wall, acoustic /PEN-ICWITH!LEC7ALL ACOUSTIC 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. $3, $5. singers and performers, Andy's Old Port  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND  SINGERSANDPERFORMERS !NDYS/LD0ORT 10 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Pub, Portland, 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and "EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND 7 p.m. PM DJ B-set, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. Open Mic with Ev Guy, RiRa, Portland. $*" SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN /PEN-ICWITH%V'UY 2I2A 0ORTLAND $2. 784-7785. Doors at 6 p.m.  $OORSATPM 8 p.m. RIRACOMPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN Heavy Metal Monday, Asylum, (EAVY-ETAL-ONDAY !SYLUM Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 to 9ARMOUTH TO Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM 10:30 p.m. PM Monday Night Funk, with Frank -ONDAY.IGHT&UNK WITH&RANK Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Bayside *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS "AYSIDE Hopkins and friends, Big Easy, (OPKINSANDFRIENDS "IG%ASY Bowl, Portland, "OWL 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOM Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM 8 p.m. PM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT TUESDAY 45%3$!9 open blues jam, The Cage, Lewiston. OPENBLUESJAM 4HE#AGE ,EWISTON "Cover to Cover," local artists h#OVERTO#OVER vLOCALARTISTS 783-0668. 8 p.m.  PM play originals and favorite classic PLAYORIGINALSANDFAVORITECLASSIC Poor Howard, acoustic blues, 0OOR(OWARD ACOUSTICBLUES album, Big Easy, Portland. ALBUM "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND The Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth. 4HE,OCAL"UZZ #APE%LIZABETH Cam Groves BIGEASYPORTLANDCOM#AM'ROVES 8 p.m. CAPELOCALBUZZCOMPM performs "Doggystyle" by Snoop PERFORMSh$OGGYSTYLEvBY3NOOP Salli and Doug, acoustic, with Boxes 3ALLIAND$OUG ACOUSTIC WITH"OXES Doggy Dogg, 9 p.m. $OGGY$OGG PM and Phantom Buffalo, Geno's Rock AND0HANTOM"UFFALO 'ENOS2OCK Jim Pryor, originals and covers, *IM0RYOR ORIGINALSANDCOVERS Club, Portland. 221-2382. 9 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLAND PM Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND

E325=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg;O`QV# GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, March 15, 2012 3! 

               Keep your resume, references, and other important job-search 

     documents at your fingertips      with a NEW FLASH DRIVE!        Bring your flash drive to the Spring Career Fair for resume     #$! $$$    critiques and uploads in our brand new Trumpy Resource

      $' #(%"'$ Center to help increase your employment options. There's !&$         a whole new world of opportunities and Monster wants         to help you connect with them!   


! Stop by office at our "  One City Center !   (2nd Floor) in Portland  today! !


'$%($ )# &" #  "$&!"% '  "!$%%&$&"$&! One per person, available while supplies last. Must be 18 !"    years or older to participate. Must present a valid ID and # !  email address at time of pickup. Office hours 8:30-5:00pm.  $    

Career Fair sponsored by 

GO Portland Press Herald, March 15, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, March 15, 2012

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