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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012

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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012

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E4 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2, 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

If[?Xidfe Rod Harmon =ifdk_\<[`kfi From the Editor nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E> SOCIETY SNAPSHOTS: Avery Yale Kamila JF:@<KPJE8GJ?FKJ18m\ipPXc\BXd`cX gifm`[\jg_fkfjXe[[`jgXkZ_\j]ifd provides photos and dispatches from DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jjfZ`XcjZ\e\% Maine's social scene. LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE? CFM<K?<E@>?KC@=<6 GOT TO BOOGIE? >FKKF9FF>@<6 Listen to our picks for C`jk\ekfflig`Zbj]fi sexy 70s songs. j\opĂ&#x2039;.'jjfe^j%


FACE THE MUSIC: Live, local =8:<K?<DLJ@:1C`m\#cfZXc Xe[Y\pfe[#8`dj\cGfek`Yi`e^jpfl and beyond, Aimsel Ponti brings you dlj`Zn`k_XDX`e\YXZbY\Xk% music with a Maine backbeat.

musicandnightlife dlj`ZXe[e`^_kc`]\ Peter Frampton in sold-out show in Portland/E5 >SbS`4`O[^b]\W\a]ZR]cbaV]eW\>]`bZO\R3# â&#x20AC;˘N;OYW\U<]WaS(;Of5O`QWO1]\]dS`3$N5]bBWf3% Making Noise: Max Garcia Conover/E6 â&#x20AC;˘ Got Tix/E7 â&#x20AC;˘N@Ob^WU12`SdWSe3'N5=abOTTS`a^WQYbVSW`TOdS¸%a Ratpig CD review/E9 â&#x20AC;˘ GO staffers pick their fave '70s albums/ElO â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/Ell OZPc[a3N:WabW\Ua3

the movies k_\dfm`\j ASfDW]ZS\QS2WaQ]/Z]]YPOQYOb[]dWSa Sex! Violence! Disco! A look back at movies T`][bVSU`]]dW\¸¸%a3!N4S\eOgĂ&#x20AC;WQY3" from the groovin' '70s/E13 â&#x20AC;˘ Fenway flick/E14 â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD/E15 N<Se]\2D23#

calendar ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS OF EVENTS/E16-17 2/GA=43D3<BA3$%

artandtheater XikXe[k_\Xk\i '70s musical theater magic at work today/E19 ¸%a[caWQOZbVSObS`[OUWQObe]`Yb]ROg3' â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E20 N:WabW\Ua3 

dininganddrink [`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Eat and Run: South Portland House of Pizza/E23 3ObO\R@c\(A]cbV>]`bZO\R6]caS]T>WhhO3 ! â&#x20AC;˘ Atwell on suds/E24 â&#x20AC;˘ Bar Guide: Oasis/E25 N/beSZZ]\acRa3 "N0O`5cWRS(=OaWa3 #

etcetera \kZ\k\iX Faux wood paneling? Leisure suits and Sea-Monkeys? 4Ocfe]]R^O\SZW\U-:SWac`SacWbaO\RASO;]\YSga- Let's talk '70s trends/E27 â&#x20AC;˘ Off Beat goes back to :Sb¸abOZY¸%ab`S\Ra3 %N=TT0SObU]SaPOQYb] college/E28 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E29 Q]ZZSUS3 &N:WabW\Ua3 '


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The good, the bad K_\^ff[#k_\YX[ and the cheesy of Xe[k_\Z_\\jpf] one far-out decade fe\]Xi$flk[\ZX[\

COVER DESIGN 1=D3@23A75< Michael Fisher ;WQVOSZ4WaVS` LIKE US :793CA We're also ES¸`SOZa] online at: ]\ZW\SOb( eee4OQSP]]YQ][ pphgo ^^VU]

he 70s were a turbulent decade. IFTXFSFBUVSCVMFOUEFDBEF Vietnam, Kent State, Watergate, Black 7JFUOBN ,FOU4UBUF 8BUFSHBUF #MBDL Panthers, Patty Hearst, gas shortages, 1BOUIFST 1BUUZ)FBSTU HBTTIPSUBHFT  the Iranian hostage crisis, the Three Mile UIF*SBOJBOIPTUBHFDSJTJT UIF5ISFF.JMF Island disaster, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, infla*TMBOEEJTBTUFS 1PM1PU *EJ"NJO JOnB tion, energy crisis, malaise. UJPO FOFSHZDSJTJT NBMBJTF But that's not what we're commemorat#VUUIBUTOPUXIBUXFSFDPNNFNPSBU ing this week. JOHUIJTXFFL What you now hold in your hands (or 8IBUZPVOPXIPMEJOZPVSIBOET PS are reading online for free, in which case BSFSFBEJOHPOMJOFGPSGSFF JOXIJDIDBTF I highly recommend that you to pick up *IJHIMZSFDPNNFOEUIBUZPVUPQJDLVQ a print version so you can appreciate the BQSJOUWFSTJPOTPZPVDBOBQQSFDJBUFUIF magnificent designs by Sally Tyrrell ErNBHOJmDFOUEFTJHOTCZ4BMMZ5ZSSFMM&S icson and John Willhoite - really, I'm not JDTPOBOE+PIO8JMMIPJUFoSFBMMZ *NOPU kidding) is an homage to '70s cheese. LJEEJOH JTBOIPNBHFUPTDIFFTF I'm talking disco music, shag carpet*NUBMLJOHEJTDPNVTJD TIBHDBSQFU ing and platform shoes with live goldfish JOHBOEQMBUGPSNTIPFTXJUIMJWFHPMEmTI in the heels. Lava lamps and black-light JOUIFIFFMT-BWBMBNQTBOECMBDLMJHIU posters. Playing with an Evel Knievel QPTUFST1MBZJOHXJUIBO&WFM,OJFWFM stunt cycle in the backyard while munchTUVOUDZDMFJOUIFCBDLZBSEXIJMFNVODI ing on a Chunky candy bar, sipping on a JOHPOB$IVOLZDBOEZCBS TJQQJOHPOB bottle of Orange Crush and listening to CPUUMFPG0SBOHF$SVTIBOEMJTUFOJOHUP Casey Kasem's top 40 countdown on a $BTFZ,BTFNTUPQDPVOUEPXOPOB transistor radio while your older sister USBOTJTUPSSBEJPXIJMFZPVSPMEFSTJTUFS sunbathed with baby oil and yelled at you TVOCBUIFEXJUICBCZPJMBOEZFMMFEBUZPV to stop throwing lawn darts at the bratty UPTUPQUISPXJOHMBXOEBSUTBUUIFCSBUUZ kid who lived next door. LJEXIPMJWFEOFYUEPPS You can thank (or blame) Peter Framp:PVDBOUIBOL PSCMBNF 1FUFS'SBNQ ton for this if you want, because it was UPOGPSUIJTJGZPVXBOU CFDBVTFJUXBT his celebration of the 35th anniversary of IJTDFMFCSBUJPOPGUIFUIBOOJWFSTBSZPG "Frampton Comes Alive!" that sparked i'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwUIBUTQBSLFE the idea for a 70s-themed GO. He'll play UIFJEFBGPSBTUIFNFE(0)FMMQMBZ the album in its entirety to a sold-out UIFBMCVNJOJUTFOUJSFUZUPBTPMEPVU crowd at the State Theatre on Tuesday, DSPXEBUUIF4UBUF5IFBUSFPO5VFTEBZ  and you can read all about it on Page E5. BOEZPVDBOSFBEBMMBCPVUJUPO1BHF& But truth be told, we were just looking #VUUSVUICFUPME XFXFSFKVTUMPPLJOH for an excuse to pay tribute to the decade GPSBOFYDVTFUPQBZUSJCVUFUPUIFEFDBEF of our youth. All of us on the GO staff grew PGPVSZPVUI"MMPGVTPOUIF(0TUBGGHSFX up in the 70s or went to college in the VQJOUIFTPSXFOUUPDPMMFHFJOUIF 70s. (And we remember at least some of T "OEXFSFNFNCFSBUMFBTUTPNFPG it. There was a reason Cheech and Chong JU5IFSFXBTBSFBTPO$IFFDIBOE$IPOH were so popular, you know.) XFSFTPQPQVMBS ZPVLOPX

Faster than you could say "far out," 'BTUFSUIBOZPVDPVMETBZiGBSPVU w we hunted down old photos, cued up XFIVOUFEEPXOPMEQIPUPT DVFEVQ some tunes and set about embracing the TPNFUVOFTBOETFUBCPVUFNCSBDJOHUIF decade with a big, sloppy, Bubblicious-flaEFDBEFXJUIBCJH TMPQQZ #VCCMJDJPVTnB vored kiss. WPSFELJTT So sit back, relax, and join us on a jour4PTJUCBDL SFMBY BOEKPJOVTPOBKPVS ney of the music, the movies, the catchOFZPGUIFNVTJD UIFNPWJFT UIFDBUDI phrases, the fashion and the trends - good QISBTFT UIFGBTIJPOBOEUIFUSFOEToHPPE and bad - that made us forget things like BOECBEoUIBUNBEFVTGPSHFUUIJOHTMJLF long lines at the gas station and the missMPOHMJOFTBUUIFHBTTUBUJPOBOEUIFNJTT ing Nixon tapes. JOH/JYPOUBQFT And have a nice day. "OEIBWFBOJDFEBZ Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be 2S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPS contacted at 791-6450 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#]`Ob( rharmon(3)pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 GO E5 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3#

To mark the 35th anniversary of "Frampton B][O`YbVS!#bVO\\WdS`aO`g]Tµ4`O[^b]\ Comes Alive!', Peter Frampton will play the album 1][Sa/ZWdS¸>SbS`4`O[^b]\eWZZ^ZOgbVSOZPc[ in its entirety at a sold-out show at the State. W\WbaS\bW`SbgObOa]ZR]cbaV]eObbVSAbObS


ByALANSCULLEY #Z"-"/4$6--&:

eter Frampton vividly remembers the FUFS'SBNQUPOWJWJEMZSFNFNCFSTUIF shows that were recorded for his landTIPXTUIBUXFSFSFDPSEFEGPSIJTMBOE mark live album, "Frampton Comes NBSLMJWFBMCVN i'SBNQUPO$PNFT Alive!" - particularly the concert at "MJWFwoQBSUJDVMBSMZUIFDPODFSUBU Winterland in San Francisco, which 8JOUFSMBOEJO4BO'SBODJTDP XIJDI comprised most of the album. DPNQSJTFENPTUPGUIFBMCVN But it might be surprising to know that the most mem#VUJUNJHIUCFTVSQSJTJOHUPLOPXUIBUUIFNPTUNFN orable aspect for Frampton of the Winterland show (as PSBCMFBTQFDUGPS'SBNQUPOPGUIF8JOUFSMBOETIPX BT well as a pair of concerts the preceding nights in Marin XFMMBTBQBJSPGDPODFSUTUIFQSFDFEJOHOJHIUTJO.BSJO County) wasn't related that much to the performances $PVOUZ XBTOUSFMBUFEUIBUNVDIUPUIFQFSGPSNBODFT on stage themselves. POTUBHFUIFNTFMWFT "We were headlining for the first time in the Bay i8FXFSFIFBEMJOJOHGPSUIFmSTUUJNFJOUIF#BZ area," Frampton said in a recent phone interview. BSFB w'SBNQUPOTBJEJOBSFDFOUQIPOFJOUFSWJFX "That was very nerve-wracking, because it overi5IBUXBTWFSZOFSWFXSBDLJOH CFDBVTFJUPWFS shadowed the fact that there was a truck outside TIBEPXFEUIFGBDUUIBUUIFSFXBTBUSVDLPVUTJEF (recording)... It was the first time my name was SFDPSEJOH y*UXBTUIFmSTUUJNFNZOBNFXBT the only name on the ticket, and I was the guy UIFPOMZOBNFPOUIFUJDLFU BOE*XBTUIFHVZ they came to see. So that's why they're so indelUIFZDBNFUPTFF4PUIBUTXIZUIFZSFTPJOEFM ible to me." JCMFUPNFw That's not to say that Frampton 5IBUTOPUUPTBZUIBU'SBNQUPO doesn't remember the shows themEPFTOUSFNFNCFSUIFTIPXTUIFN Please see FRAMPTON, PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\4@/;>B=<GX^\<)-


KXcb`e^k_\ Talking the kXcbYfo talk box The bassist on Frampton's BVSPOaaWab]\4`O[^b]\¸a huge hit album reflects VcUSVWbOZPc[`SĂ&#x20AC;SQba on it then and now. ]\WbbVS\O\R\]e ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3 StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS

More than 35 years after he .PSFUIBOZFBSTBGUFSIF played bass on one of the bestQMBZFECBTTPOPOFPGUIFCFTU selling live albums of all time TFMMJOHMJWFBMCVNTPGBMMUJNF - "Frampton Comes Alive!" oi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFw - Stan Sheldon still doesn't o4UBO4IFMEPOTUJMMEPFTOU completely understand how DPNQMFUFMZVOEFSTUBOEIPX the famed "talk box" works. UIFGBNFEiUBMLCPYwXPSLT The "talk box" was the device 5IFiUBMLCPYwXBTUIFEFWJDF that allowed Frampton's voice UIBUBMMPXFE'SBNQUPOTWPJDF to sound like a guitar and his UPTPVOEMJLFBHVJUBSBOEIJT guitar to sound like a voice, HVJUBSUPTPVOEMJLFBWPJDF  most notably when he asked NPTUOPUBCMZXIFOIFBTLFE the audience in a robotic UIFBVEJFODFJOBSPCPUJD monotone, "Do you feel like we NPOPUPOF i%PZPVGFFMMJLFXF do?"w EP "Everybody wants to know i&WFSZCPEZXBOUTUPLOPX about the talk box, everybody BCPVUUIFUBMLCPY FWFSZCPEZ asks me how it works, but I'm BTLTNFIPXJUXPSLT CVU*N not sure I know," said Sheldon, OPUTVSF*LOPX wTBJE4IFMEPO  61, during a recent phone in EVSJOHBSFDFOUQIPOFJO terview. "I know he had a tube UFSWJFXi*LOPXIFIBEBUVCF from his mouth, and there was GSPNIJTNPVUI BOEUIFSFXBT sort of a blending of the guitar TPSUPGBCMFOEJOHPGUIFHVJUBS sound with his voice, and that TPVOEXJUIIJTWPJDF BOEUIBU Peter could manipulate the 1FUFSDPVMENBOJQVMBUFUIF sound. I know Stevie Wonder TPVOE*LOPX4UFWJF8POEFS used it first, and that's where VTFEJUmSTU BOEUIBUTXIFSF Peter heard it." 1FUFSIFBSEJUw But the talk box was only part #VUUIFUBMLCPYXBTPOMZQBSU of the reason why "FrampPGUIFSFBTPOXIZi'SBNQ ton Comes Alive!" became a UPO$PNFT"MJWFwCFDBNFB ground-breaking hit in 1976 HSPVOECSFBLJOHIJUJO and established the live album BOEFTUBCMJTIFEUIFMJWFBMCVN as an important commercial BTBOJNQPSUBOUDPNNFSDJBM and musical force. It's still BOENVTJDBMGPSDF*UTTUJMM used as a benchmark for live VTFEBTBCFODINBSLGPSMJWF albums today, and lives on by BMCVNTUPEBZ BOEMJWFTPOCZ virtue of continued airplay on WJSUVFPGDPOUJOVFEBJSQMBZPO classic rock stations. DMBTTJDSPDLTUBUJPOT "Frampton Comes Alive!" i'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFw was, and is, so big that FrampXBT BOEJT TPCJHUIBU'SBNQ Please see SHELDON, PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\A63:2=<GX^\<)-

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

?FK k`Zb\k

Jack's Mannequin tops bi AXZbĂ&#x2039;jDXee\hl`ekfgjY`cc

ALT-POP ROCKERS Jack's Mannequin /:B>=>@=193@A8OQY¸a;O\\S_cW\ will play tonight at the State Theatre, eWZZ^ZOgb]\WUVbObbVSAbObSBVSOb`S heading up a triple bill that also VSORW\Uc^Ob`W^ZSPWZZbVObOZa] includes Jukebox the Ghost and Allen Stone. W\QZcRSa8cYSP]fbVS5V]abO\R/ZZS\Ab]\S WHEN: 7 p.m. today E63<(%^[b]ROg WHERE: State Theatre, 609 Congress St., E63@3(AbObSBVSOb`S$'1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $23 6=E;C16( ! INFO: (800) 745-3000; 7<4=(&%"#!)abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][

'Girls Rock' at Bayside Bowl ?<8G Ă&#x160;>`icjIfZbĂ&#x2039;Xk9Xpj`[\9fnc : @CC B63;/7<3/1/23;G]T;]RS`\;caWQ THE MAINE ACADEMY of Modern Music


(MAMM) is hosting a "Girls Rock" ;/;;WaV]abW\UOµ5W`Za@]QY¶ concert at Bayside Bowl. There'll Q]\QS`bOb0OgaWRS0]eZBVS`S¸ZZ be performances by Emilia Dahlin, The PS^S`T]`[O\QSaPg3[WZWO2OVZW\BVS OxyMorons and Lady & The Tramps. =fg;]`]\aO\R:ORgBVSB`O[^a WHEN: 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Friday E63<($^[b]'^[4`WROg WHERE: Bayside Bowl, 58 Adler St., Portland E63@3(0OgaWRS0]eZ#&/RZS`Ab>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $5 for youths; $8 for adults 6=E;C16(#T]`g]cbVa)&T]`ORcZba INFO: 7<4=([OW\SOQORS[g]T[]RS`\[caWQ]`U

Making Noise: Max Garcia Conover, E6 NTix. E7 N`]Xe[`k:;i\m`\n#<0 if and it CD review. E9 NC`jk`e^j#<(( Listings. Ell DXb`e^Ef`j\1DXo>XiZ`X:fefm\i#<- K`o#<.

E6 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

Out standing in a field, Garcia FlkjkXe[`e^`eXĂ&#x201D;\c[#>XiZ`X :fefm\iĂ&#x201D;e[j_`j`ejg`iXk`fe Conover finds his inspiration !54/).352!.#% AUTO INSURANCE DM 800-489-6330  1085 Brighton Ave., Portland, ME 04102 â&#x20AC;˘ %ULJKWRQ$YH3RUWODQG0(Â&#x2021;ZZZKROGHQDJHQF\FRP

BY(BSDJB$POPWFSJTB1PSUMBOE ax Garcia Conover is a Portlandbased singer-songwriter with a CBTFETJOHFSTPOHXSJUFSXJUIB brand-new EJ^ i#JSDIFT-Pw"MMQSP "Birches Lo." All proCSBOEOFX&1 ceeds from sales go to Chewonki, a Maine DFFETGSPNTBMFTHPUP$IFXPOLJ B.BJOF nonprofit that offers programs to foster OPOQSPmUUIBUPGGFSTQSPHSBNTUPGPTUFS an appreciation for the natural world and BOBQQSFDJBUJPOGPSUIFOBUVSBMXPSMEBOE working in community with others. The XPSLJOHJODPNNVOJUZXJUIPUIFST5IF CD-release show is next week, and GO $%SFMFBTFTIPXJTOFYUXFFL BOE(0 got the low-down on "Birches Lo" and the HPUUIFMPXEPXOPOi#JSDIFT-PwBOEUIF musical life of its creator. NVTJDBMMJGFPGJUTDSFBUPS

You live in Portland, but where are :PVMJWFJO1PSUMBOE CVUXIFSFBSF you originally from? ZPVPSJHJOBMMZGSPN I grew up in a small *HSFXVQJOBTNBMM town on the western UPXOPOUIFXFTUFSO tip of New York. Lots UJQPG/FX:PSL-PUT of my songs are set PGNZTPOHTBSFTFU in those childJOUIPTFDIJME hood landscapes. IPPEMBOETDBQFT I came up to *DBNFVQUP Maine for college, .BJOFGPSDPMMFHF  left for a bit, and MFGUGPSBCJU BOE came back to DBNFCBDLUP Portland a year or 1PSUMBOEBZFBSPS so ago. I've been TPBHP*WFCFFO blown away by the CMPXOBXBZCZUIF community here, music and otherwise, DPNNVOJUZIFSF NVTJDBOEPUIFSXJTF  and I'll be staying for a while. BOE*MMCFTUBZJOHGPSBXIJMF

Aimsel Ponti 8`dj\cGfek` Making Noise DXb`e^Ef`j\

Max Garcia ;Of5O`QWO Conover 1]\]dS` listened ZWabS\SR to rap and b]`O^O\R hip-hop as VW^V]^Oa a teenager, ObSS\OUS` and says O\RaOga his songs VWaa]\Ua still have abWZZVOdS remnants `S[\O\ba of rap. ]T`O^ Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

What's on N_XkĂ&#x2039;jfe f[ MAX'S iPocl D8OĂ&#x2039;J`G `e[#Ă&#x2030; "Wealhet ofXa B`c Killing c`e^BRind," \Xk_\if] Ă&#x2C6;N The\KTallest on<X Earth ik_ Xefe Xcc\jkDMan K_ â&#x20AC;˘'Rex Blues," lav Farrar and[BKellvVW's \ccpN`cc`j Ă&#x2C6;I\o9cl\j#Ă&#x2030;AXp=XiiXiXe "Hymn Joe\GPug l^ '(#Ă&#x2030;Af pde(101," Ă&#x2C6;? "ITtv,"T*Kweli \c` Kip#Ă&#x2030;KXc`YBn Ă&#x2C6;@ â&#x20AC;˘â&#x20AC;˘Wonderful life," The Felice Brothers fk_\ij Z\9i Ă&#x2C6;Nfe[\i]lcC`]\#Ă&#x2030;K_\=\c` pcXe Y; "One Too Manv Mornings," Bob Dylan #Ă&#x2030;9f Ă&#x2C6;Fe\KffDXepDfie`e^j e[ fk_\ij9X "low Down," Brothers Band Xcc\kk9i K_\DMallett ne#Ă&#x2030;The fn;f Ă&#x2C6;C "Go, folks, Go," Bonnie "Prince" Billy `ccp i`eZ\Ă&#x2030;9 Ă&#x2C6;>f#=fcbj#>f#Ă&#x2030;9fee`\Ă&#x2C6;G "Rococo Zephyr," Bill Callahan X_Xe Ă&#x2C6;IfZfZfQ\g_pi#Ă&#x2030;9`cc:Xcc

I see you've lived in Puerto Rico, *TFFZPVWFMJWFEJO1VFSUP3JDP  Spain and Taiwan. How did those en4QBJOBOE5BJXBO)PXEJEUIPTFFO vironments inform you as a musician WJSPONFOUTJOGPSNZPVBTBNVTJDJBO and as a songwriter? BOEBTBTPOHXSJUFS Place is a major factor in my songwrit1MBDFJTBNBKPSGBDUPSJONZTPOHXSJU ing, and moving around has helped me JOH BOENPWJOHBSPVOEIBTIFMQFENF realize that and make use of it. Setting SFBMJ[FUIBUBOENBLFVTFPGJU4FUUJOH the scene is almost always where I find UIFTDFOFJTBMNPTUBMXBZTXIFSF*mOE footing lyrically. Besides that, each place GPPUJOHMZSJDBMMZ#FTJEFTUIBU FBDIQMBDF has been important in one way or anIBTCFFOJNQPSUBOUJOPOFXBZPSBO other. I only lived in Puerto Rico for thre PUIFS*POMZMJWFEJO1VFSUP3JDPGPSUISFF months, but that's where I started playing NPOUIT CVUUIBUTXIFSF*TUBSUFEQMBZJOH What was the best part for you of mak8IBUXBTUIFCFTUQBSUGPSZPVPGNBL music in front of people. NVTJDJOGSPOUPGQFPQMF ing "Birches Lo," and what does that JOHi#JSDIFT-P wBOEXIBUEPFTUIBU title mean? UJUMFNFBO What kind of music did you listen to 8IBULJOEPGNVTJDEJEZPVMJTUFOUP Writing songs is my favorite thing to do, 8SJUJOHTPOHTJTNZGBWPSJUFUIJOHUPEP  growing up, and does any of it influence BOEBMXBZTUIFNPTUSFXBSEJOHQBSUPG HSPXJOHVQ BOEEPFTBOZPGJUJOnVFODF and always the most rewarding part of the kind of music you're playing? UIFLJOEPGNVTJDZPVSFQMBZJOH this whole endeavor. "Lo" is a fantastic UIJTXIPMFFOEFBWPSi-PwJTBGBOUBTUJD Definitely. My dad is an audiophile, and %FmOJUFMZ.ZEBEJTBOBVEJPQIJMF BOE word. It means something like "an exclaXPSE*UNFBOTTPNFUIJOHMJLFiBOFYDMB he constantly had good music; Ry Cooder, NBUJPOVTFEUPDBMMBUUFOUJPOUPTPNFUIJOH IFDPOTUBOUMZIBEHPPENVTJD3Z$PPEFS  mation used to call attention to something Paul Simon and James Taylor were promi- BNB[JOHw 1BVM4JNPOBOE+BNFT5BZMPSXFSFQSPNJ amazing." nent playing in our house. As a teenager, I OFOUQMBZJOHJOPVSIPVTF"TBUFFOBHFS * The main characters throughout 5IFNBJODIBSBDUFSTUISPVHIPVU was pretty into hip-hop and rap, and not a i#JSDIFT-PwBSFUIFMBOETDBQFT.PTUPG XBTQSFUUZJOUPIJQIPQBOESBQ BOEOPUB "Birches Lo" are the landscapes. Most of fan of my dad's music. GBOPGNZEBETNVTJD the songs are at least partially about the UIFTPOHTBSFBUMFBTUQBSUJBMMZBCPVUUIF At this point, it's evident that my tastes "UUIJTQPJOU JUTFWJEFOUUIBUNZUBTUFT desire to and importance of connecting to EFTJSFUPBOEJNQPSUBODFPGDPOOFDUJOHUP have changed, but I think there are still IBWFDIBOHFE CVU*UIJOLUIFSFBSFTUJMM the natural world. For a big chunk of my UIFOBUVSBMXPSME'PSBCJHDIVOLPGNZ remnants of rap music in my songs. There MJGF UIFCJSDIFTXFSFKVTUUIFSF KVTUQBMF SFNOBOUTPGSBQNVTJDJONZTPOHT5IFSF life, the birches were just there, just pale are definitely overlaps between good rap USFFT5IFO*NPONZXBZCBDLUPUIF BSFEFmOJUFMZPWFSMBQTCFUXFFOHPPESBQ trees. Then I'm on my way back to the and good folk lyrically, and I think musical- 4UBUFTGSPNMJWJOHJOTVCUSPQJDBM5BJXBO BOEHPPEGPMLMZSJDBMMZ BOE*UIJOLNVTJDBM States from living in subtropical Taiwan ly as well. Lately, I've realized that that's MZBTXFMM-BUFMZ *WFSFBMJ[FEUIBUUIBUT and I'm on a train through Russia and BOE*NPOBUSBJOUISPVHI3VTTJBBOE probably part of the reason I've gravitated UIFSFXBTBIVHFMBLFMJOFEXJUITUBSL QSPCBCMZQBSUPGUIFSFBTPO*WFHSBWJUBUFE there was a huge lake lined with stark more toward finger-picking than strumNPSFUPXBSEmOHFSQJDLJOHUIBOTUSVN white birch trees, so "Birches Lo." XIJUFCJSDIUSFFT TPi#JSDIFT-Pw ming. NJOH When did you first pick up a guitar, 8IFOEJEZPVmSTUQJDLVQBHVJUBS  and how did your style develop into BOEIPXEJEZPVSTUZMFEFWFMPQJOUP what it is now? XIBUJUJTOPX I got my first guitar in high school, but I *HPUNZmSTUHVJUBSJOIJHITDIPPM CVU* didn't really figure out how to play it until I EJEOUSFBMMZmHVSFPVUIPXUPQMBZJUVOUJM* was almost done with college. I think a big XBTBMNPTUEPOFXJUIDPMMFHF*UIJOLBCJH reason for that is that strumming chords SFBTPOGPSUIBUJTUIBUTUSVNNJOHDIPSET was never interesting to me. The rhythm XBTOFWFSJOUFSFTUJOHUPNF5IFSIZUIN and variation that come with finger-pickBOEWBSJBUJPOUIBUDPNFXJUImOHFSQJDL ing allowed me to start writing songs I JOHBMMPXFENFUPTUBSUXSJUJOHTPOHT* wanted to sing. XBOUFEUPTJOH

Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PS contacted at 791-6455 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"##]`Ob( aponti@pressherald. com O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

MAX GARCIA CONOVER ;/F5/@17/1=<=D3@ WHEN: 8 p.m. Feb. 10 E63<(&^[4SP WHERE: Mayo Street Arts, E63@3(;Og]Ab`SSb/`ba 10 Mayo St., Portland ;Og]Ab>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $8 6=E;C16(& INFO: 7<4=([Og]ab`SSbO`ba]`U



The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 GO E7 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g   j5=3%

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775-3458 %%#!"#& March 8 - Carolina Chocolate Drops, ;O`QV&³1O`]ZW\O1V]Q]ZObS2`]^a 8 p.m., Strand Theatre, Rockland. $24. &^[Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R " The latest BVSZObSab; 594-0070 @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Heritage Hunter =\aOZSO[4`WROg³6S`WbOUS6c\bS` March 9 - Enter the Haggis, 8 p.m., Port ;O`QV'³3\bS`bVS6OUUWa&^[>]`b Tour: Mastodon and Opeth with Ghost, 7:30 B]c`(;Oab]R]\O\R=^SbVeWbV5V]ab%(! City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! p.m. April 4, State Theatre, Portland. $30/ ^[/^`WZ"AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E $35.; (800) 745!#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"# March 9 - Jonathan Sarty with The ;O`QV'³8]\ObVO\AO`bgeWbVBVS 3000; Cumberland County Civic Center !)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` White Mountain Boys, 8 p.m., Jonathan's, EVWbS;]c\bOW\0]ga&^[8]\ObVO\¸a box office P]f]T¿QS Ogunquit. $20.; =Uc\_cWb 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][) On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Passion Pit, 8 p.m. =\aOZSO[4`WROg³>OaaW]\>Wb&^[ 646-4526 $"$"# $ April 17, State Theatre, Portland. $25/$30. /^`WZ%AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R #! March 9-10 - Carolina Chocolate Drops, ;O`QV'³1O`]ZW\O1V]Q]ZObS2`]^a; (800) 745-3000; AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, &^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS` Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS Brownfield. $35. Stonemountainartscenter 0`]e\¿SZR!#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS` On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Toots & The =\aOZSO[4`WROg³B]]baBVS .com; 935-7292 Q][)'!#% ' Maytals, 7:30 p.m. March 21, State Theatre, ;OgbOZa%(!^[;O`QV AbObSBVSOb`S March 15 - Kung Fu with Flat Nose Diesel ;O`QV#³9c\U4ceWbV4ZOb<]aS2WSaSZ Portland. $23/$25. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R ! #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R Bus, 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. 0ca&^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg $10 to $20.; (888) b] >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&& Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS 512-SHOW # A6=E On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Godsmack and =\aOZSO[4`WROg³5]Ra[OQYO\R March 15 - Bob Marley, 8 p.m., Stone ;O`QV#³0]P;O`ZSg&^[Ab]\S Staind, 5 p.m. May 18, Bangor Waterfront AbOW\R#^[;Og&0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $27.50. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR %# Pavilion. $47.50.; >OdWZW]\"%#EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][); 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' (800) 745-3000 &%"#! March 16 - Bob Marley, 8 p.m., Jonathan's, ;O`QV$³0]P;O`ZSg&^[8]\ObVO\¸a On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Country =\aOZSO[4`WROg³1]c\b`g Ogunquit. $25.; =Uc\_cWb #8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][) Throwdown with Gary Allan, Justin Moore, BV`]eR]e\eWbV5O`g/ZZO\8cabW\;]]`S 646-4526 $"$"# $ Josh Thompson, Sunny Sweeney and Eric 8]aVBV][^a]\Ac\\gAeSS\SgO\R3`WQ Courtesy photo ;O`QV$³µAbO`a]\7QS¶%(!^[ 1]c`bSag^V]b] March 16 - "Stars on Ice," 7:30 p.m., Paslay, 3 p.m. May 26, Meadowbrook U.S. >OaZOg!^[;Og $;SOR]eP`]]YCA Toots and The Maytals are at the Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland. 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`>]`bZO\R B]]baO\RBVS;OgbOZaO`SObbVS Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $$29.75 to 1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 '%#b] to $125.; #b] #BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) State Theatre in Portland on March 21. AbObSBVSOb`SW\>]`bZO\R]\;O`QV  $25 $66.25.; (603) 293-4700 $$ #;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! '!"% Tickets go on sale Friday. (800) 745-3000 &%"#! BWQYSbaU]]\aOZS4`WROg On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Godsmack with =\aOZSO[4`WROg³5]Ra[OQYeWbV March 16 - The Head & The Heart, 8 p.m., ;O`QV$³BVS6SORBVS6SO`b&^[ Staind, 6:30 p.m. May 16, Verizon Wireless AbOW\R$(!^[;Og$DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa State Theatre, Portland. $18/$20. State AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R& AbObS Arts Center, Brownfield. $17.50. Stone /`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR%#Ab]\S Arena, Manchester, N.H. $39.50 to $49.50. /`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6!'#b]"'#; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!); 935-7292 []c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS Feb. 17 - Paula Poundstone, 8 4SP%³>OcZO>]c\Rab]\S& On sale noon Friday - Kevin Hart, 9:45 p.m. ^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!%# =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³9SdW\6O`b'("#^[ March 17 - Stephen Kellogg and The ;O`QV%³AbS^VS\9SZZ]UUO\RBVS p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $37.50. April 5, Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $81.50. /^`WZ#EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\&# Sixers, 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $30. AWfS`a&^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!; 646-4526 $ Feb. 17 - Jonny Lang, 8 p.m., State Theatre, 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# 4SP%³8]\\g:O\U&^[AbObSBVSOb`S On sale noon Friday - RAIN: A Tribute to =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³@/7<(/B`WPcbSb] March 17 - RJD2,&^[>]`b1Wbg 8 p.m., Port City Portland. $25 to $35. Statetheatreportland ;O`QV%³@82 >]`bZO\R #b]!#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R The Beatles, 2^[/^`WZ"EWZPc`BVSOb`S p.m. April 14, Wilbur Theatre, Q][)&%"#! BVS0SObZSa Music Hall, Portland. $20 to $40. ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R b]" .com; (800) 745-3000 Boston. $; (800) 7450]ab]\& BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Feb. 17 - The Skatalites, 8 p.m., Port 4SP%³BVSAYObOZWbSa&^[>]`b 3000 ! March 18 - Harlem Globetrotters, 2^[ p.m., ;O`QV&³6O`ZS[5Z]PSb`]bbS`a City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! On sale noon Friday - Nanci Griffith, 8 p.m. >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³<O\QW5`WT¿bV&^[ Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland. 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`>]`bZO\R; (888) 512-SHOW A6=E April 22,EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$b] Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $36 to /^`WZ $32b]&%&BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) to $87.80.; ! Feb. 18 - Inspectah Deck, 8 p.m., Port 4SP&³7\a^SQbOV2SQY&^[>]`b $44.20.; (800) 745-3000 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! "" BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! (800) 745-3000 &%"#! City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. On sale noon Friday - Slaughterhouse, =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³AZOcUVbS`V]caS; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E 8:30 p.m. May 2,EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\ Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $27 &(!^[;Og % 4SP Feb. 21 - Ruth Moody Band, 8 ³@cbV;]]Rg0O\R& Please see TIX, PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<)- to $33.; (800) 745-3000 b]!!BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $22.50. ^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb # On sale 10 a.m. Saturday - Beats Antique, 8 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# =\aOZSO[AObc`ROg³0SOba/\bW_cS&; 646-4526 $ p.m. May 10, Port City Music Hall, Portland. 4SP ^[;Og>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R Feb. 24 - Joan Osborne, 8 p.m., One "³8]O\=aP]`\S&^[=\S $18 to $40.; (888) &b]">]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&& Longfellow Square, Portland. $35. 761-1757; :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#%$%#%) 512-SHOW # A6=E =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ On sale 10 a.m. Saturday - GZA of =\aOZSO[AObc`ROg³5H/]T Feb. 24 - The Cottars, 8 p.m., Stone 4SP "³BVS1]bbO`a&^[Ab]\S Wu Tang Clan, 8 p.m. March 29, Port EcBO\U1ZO\&^[;O`QV '>]`b Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $17.50. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR%# City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30 . 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]!; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Feb. 24 - Leon Redbone, 8 p.m., 4SP "³:S]\@SRP]\S&^[ On sale 10 a.m. Saturday - The Polish =\aOZSO[AObc`ROg³BVS>]ZWaV Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $41.50 to $78.50. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb"#b]%&# Ambassador, 8 p.m. March 10, Port /[POaaOR]`&^[;O`QV>]`b; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! Feb. 25 - Beausoleil, 8 p.m., One 4SP #³0SOca]ZSWZ&^[=\S; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Longfellow Square, Portland. $30 to $35. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!b]!# )2)3/416%"2)3%; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% The locals &/1&4,,$%3!),2/. BVSZ]QOZa Feb. 25 - Nit Grit and Two Fresh, 8 p.m., 4SP #³<Wb5`WbO\RBe]4`SaV&^[ !,,/&/41%5%.32 Feb. 9 - David Sanborn, 8 p.m., Stone Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. 4SP'³2OdWRAO\P]`\&^[Ab]\S >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]! Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $65.; (888) 512-SHOW ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR$# >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E; 935-7292 Feb. 26 - John Mayall, 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' 4SP $³8]V\;OgOZZ&^[8]\ObVO\¸a Feb. 9-12³µ2Wa\Sg]\7QS(B`SOac`S - "Disney on Ice: Treasure Ogunquit. $45.; 4SP' =Uc\_cWb"#8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][) Trove," Cumberland County Civic Center, 646-4526 B`]dS¶1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` $"$"# $ Portland. $15 to $60.; Feb. 26 - Suzanne Vega, 8 p.m., Stone >]`bZO\R#b]$BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) 4SP $³AchO\\SDSUO&^[Ab]\S February 10 & 11 ~ Outside Ice Bar & Martini Luge ~ Starting at Hpm %"14!18  9432)$%#%!1!13).)4'%93!13).'!; (800) 745-3000 Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $55. BVSQWdWQQS\bS`Q][)&%"#! ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR## Featuring Cold River Vodka and Gin, ice wine, draft beer & hot toddies. %!341).'/,$)5%1/$+!!.$).)#%6).%$1!&3"%%1(/33/$$)%2 Feb. 10 - Le Vent du Nord, 8 p.m., One; 935-7292 4SP³:SDS\bRc<]`R&^[=\S Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' Longfellow Square, Portland. $25/$28. Feb. 28 - Chevelle, Middle Class Rut and :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R # & Pulled pork and sausage specials. Sealing inside and out. 4SP &³1VSdSZZS;WRRZS1ZOaa@cbO\R 4,,%$0/1+!.$2!42!'%20%#)!,2 %!3).').2)$%!.$/43; 761-1757 Janus, 7:30 p.m., State Theatre, Portland. =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% 8O\ca%(!^[AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R Feb. 10 - James Montgomery and Barrence $25/$30. February 10-1H ~ Offering a special Valentine's Day prix fixe menu ~ Starting at 5pm; (800) %"14!18  9&&%1).'!20%#)!,!,%.3).%2!801)7&)7%-%.493!13).'!304SP³8O[Sa;]\bU][S`gO\R0O``S\QS #!AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)& Whitfield, 7 p.m., Port City Music Hall, 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic EVWb¿SZR%^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ %"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ 3-course meal with five featured entrees. #/412%-%!,6)3(&)5%&%!341%$%.31=%2 Portland. $15 to $30.; 1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS Center box office >]`bZO\R#b]!>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) (888) 512-SHOW March 1 - Eric Church with Brantley Gilbert &&&# A6=E ;O`QV³3`WQ1Vc`QVeWbV0`O\bZSg5WZPS`b March 1st ~ "Come Fly With Me" ~ Boarding begins at 5:30pm, $-45. %10%12/. .#,4$%23!7'1!34)38  (Per person, includes tax & gratuity.) !1#( 239:/-%,8 )3(%;9/!1$).'"%').2!3 0-  Feb. 11 - "All Together Now" Beatles Tribute O\R2`OYSEVWbS%(!^[1c[PS`ZO\R and Drake White, 7:30 p.m., Cumberland 4SP³µ/ZZB]USbVS`<]e¶0SObZSaB`WPcbS Taste three wines each from 5 countries with Pine State Beverages in our Robinson Room. !23%3(1%%6).%2%!#(&1/-#/4.31)%26)3().%3!3%%5%1!'%2)./41/").2/.//- Band, 9 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $15 to County Civic Center, Portland. $34.75 to 0O\R'^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb#b] 1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`>]`bZO\R!"%#b] Enjoy cuisine from each region and entertainment will be represented from each country. .*/8#4)2).%&1/-%!#(1%')/.!.$%.3%13!).-%.36),,"%1%01%2%.3%$&1/-%!#(#/4.318 $52.; 646-4526 $42.50.; (800) 745-3000; # 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ " #BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!) Feb. 14 - John Waite, 8 p.m., 775-3458 4SP"³8]V\EOWbS&^[ %%#!"#& March 1-10, Three-course prix fixe menu for only $20. ~ Starting at 5pm !1#(  (1%%#/412%01)7&)7%-%.4&/1/.,8

93!13).'!30Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $32.50. March 1 - Zach Deputy Band, 8 p.m., 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb! # ;O`QV³HOQV2S^cbg0O\R&^[; 646-4526 Port City Music Hall, Portland. $12b] to $25. 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R # Celebrate Maine Restaurant Week with US.%5%1!'%23!7'1!34)38!1%!$$)3)/.!,  (Beverages, tax, gratuity are additional.) %,%"1!3%!).%%23!41!.3 %%+6)3(42  Feb. 15 - FREYA & Letter to the Exiles, 8; (888) 512-SHOW 4SP#³4@3G/:SbbS`b]bVS3fWZSa& >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E Reservations accepted for all events (except the Ice Bar). Prices shown cannot be combined with any promotions. Gift Certificates honored. %2%15!3)/.2!##%03%$&/1!,,%5%.32%7#%033(%#%!1 1)#%22(/6.#!../3"%#/-").%$6)3(!.801/-/3)/.2 )&3%13)&)#!3%2(/./1%$ p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $5 to March 2³B`Sb4c`S&^[ - Tret Pure, 8 p.m., ^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b] ;O`QV; (888) 512- Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $21 to $58. $20. >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb b]#& SHOW; 646-4526 A6=E  8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ Feb. 16 - Vasen, 7:30 p.m., Hannaford Hall, March 3 - Lori McKenna, 8 p.m., Stone 4SP$³DOaS\%(!^[6O\\OT]`R6OZZ ;O`QV!³:]`W;Q9S\\O&^[Ab]\S Portland. $34/$40.; 842-0800 Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $23. >]`bZO\R!"">]`bbWfQ][)&" & ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR !  #    " !

Feb. 16 - Soul Rebels Brass Band Mardi; 935-7292 4SP$ÂłA]cZ@SPSZa0`Oaa0O\R;O`RW Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' Gras Party, 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, March 6 - The Black Keys with Arctic 5`Oa>O`bg&^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ ;O`QV$ÂłBVS0ZOQY9SgaeWbV/`QbWQ INNATBRUNSWICKSTATION.COM Portland. $15 to $30.; ;]\YSga%(!^[1c[PS`ZO\R Monkeys, 7:30 p.m., Cumberland     >]`bZO\R#b]!>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) (888) 512-SHOW County Civic Center, Portland. $45 &&&# A6=E 1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`>]`bZO\R"# 207.837.6565 4 NOBLE STREET BRUNSWICK, ME         Feb. 16 - Sierra Hull, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!); (800) 745-3000; 4SP$ÂłAWS``O6cZZ&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\

Concerts and shows currently on sale: 1]\QS`baO\RaV]eaQc``S\bZg]\aOZS(






The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2,2012 | GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3'



"ULL-OOSE Bull MooseKFG(' WW

=ifdZXY`e`e]ffk_`ccj#YXe[gcXpj From cabin in foothills, band plays `e[`\$ifZbkle\jf]`jfcXk`fe#_fg\ indie-rock tunes of isolation, hope #Z3*$,+0)/40/ By RICK JOHNSON

- Courtesy of Bull Moose Âł1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS

!DVANCED 3ATURDAY Saturday $AYOF3HOW Feb. 1 1 tTHh &EB

?zM #<GCFR IH=

The ULTIMATE 70s Disco Party Band 4HE5,4)-!4%S$ISCO0ARTY"AND #!,,4/$!9TOBUYTICKETS CALL TODAY to buy tickets... THISSHOW7),,3%,,/54 this show WILL SELLOUT!

Sun. February 12th, 2:00 pm 6XQ)HEUXDU\WKSP Fun preconcert activities at 1:15 pm! -\UWYLJVUJLY[HJ[P]P[PLZH[!WT

Rob Richards, organist 5RE5LFKDUGVRUJDQLVW House Organist at Disney's /V\ZL6YNHUPZ[H[+PZUL`ÂťZ historic El Capitan theatre OPZ[VYPJ,S*HWP[HU[OLH[YL 1]c`bSag^V]b] Courtesy photo


Christina Siravo, illustrator &KULVWLQD6LUDYRLOOXVWUDWRU Ce ebrat ng 100 years *LSLIYH[PUN`LHYZ w t h the ^P[O[OL

IF AND IT: "RATPIG" 74/<27B(Âľ@/B>75Âś LABEL: S e l f - p r o d u c e d :/03:(ASZT^`]RcQSR (((

General admission $10 .LULYHSHKTPZZPVU  Ages 12 and under free! (NLZHUK\UKLYMYLL

PortTix: 207-842-0800 3RUW7L[ ZZZSRUWWL[FRP

- Based on a four-star scale Âł0OaSR]\OT]c`abO`aQOZS

ly captured in the song "Monster": "We'll MZDBQUVSFEJOUIFTPOHi.POTUFSwi8FMM chase away the fireflies and stare down DIBTFBXBZUIFmSFnJFTBOETUBSFEPXO glowing green eyes." HMPXJOHHSFFOFZFTw As one might expect from an indie "TPOFNJHIUFYQFDUGSPNBOJOEJF release, "ratpig" definitely falls into the SFMFBTF iSBUQJHwEFmOJUFMZGBMMTJOUPUIF category of lo-fi, but this only adds to the DBUFHPSZPGMPm CVUUIJTPOMZBEETUPUIF album's charm. With barely a hint of reBMCVNTDIBSN8JUICBSFMZBIJOUPGSF verb on the whole album, the songs and WFSCPOUIFXIPMFBMCVN UIFTPOHTBOE lyrics take center stage. MZSJDTUBLFDFOUFSTUBHF


Source: "Happy Days" A]c`QS(µ6O^^g2Oga¶ (TV series, 1974-1984) BDaS`WSa'%"'&" The 70s became the first BVS¸%aPSQO[SbVS¿`ab decade where nostalgia RSQORSeVS`S\]abOZUWO was cool, and there was eOaQ]]ZO\RbVS`SeOa nothing more cool than the \]bVW\U[]`SQ]]ZbVO\bVS '5Os. Hence "Happy Days," ¸#a6S\QSµ6O^^g2Oga¶ a sitcom following the OaWbQ][T]ZZ]eW\UbVS lives of three teenage boys ZWdSa]TbV`SSbSS\OUSP]ga and their scene-stealing O\RbVSW`aQS\SabSOZW\U hoodlum friend, Arthur V]]RZc[T`WS\R/`bVc` "Fonzie" Fonzarelli. While µ4]\hWS¶4]\hO`SZZWEVWZS teens of the '5Os were no bSS\a]TbVS¸#aeS`S\] doubt as potty-mouthed R]cPbOa^]bbg[]cbVSR as the rest of us, you still OabVS`Sab]Tcag]cabWZZ couldn't say those words Q]cZR\¸baOgbV]aSe]`Ra on television, so we got ]\bSZSdWaW]\a]eSU]b the ultimate '5O-come-7Os bVScZbW[ObS¸#Q][S¸%a put-down: "Sit on it!" ^cbR]e\(µAWb]\Wb¶

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


o uo

uo !>


512 Warren Ave., Portland   221-2343 7ARREN!VE 0ORTLAND W W W T H E G O L D R O O M M A I N E  C O M


Rick Johnson is a radio host and freelance writer @WQY8]V\a]\WaO`ORW]V]abO\RT`SSZO\QSe`WbS` from Westbrook. T`][ESabP`]]Y

CCS Sit on it!' Ă&#x160;J`kfe`kĂ&#x2039;

"TLBNVTJDJBOIPXUPNBLFB Ask a musician how to make a HPPESFDPSEBOENBOZXJMMTBZ good record and many will say JUTOPUKVTUUIFNVTJDJUTFMGBOE it's not just the music itself and IPXJUTSFDPSEFEUIBUDPVOUT how it's recorded that counts. 8IFSFZPVSFDPSEUIFNVTJDJT Where you record the music is BMTPBCJHQBSUPGUIFFRVBUJPO also a big part of the equation. 8IJDICSJOHTVTUPi3BUQJH w Which brings us to "Ratpig," BTJYTPOHSFDPSECZB1PSUMBOE a six-song record by a Portland CBOEDBMMFEiJGBOEJUw)FSFJTB band called "if and it." Here is a SFMFBTFBMNPTUDFSUBJOMZJOnV release almost certainly influFODFECZXIFSFJUXBTSFDPSEFE enced by where it was recorded oJOBTNBMM/FX)BNQTIJSF - in a small New Hampshire cabin in the foothills of the White DBCJOJOUIFGPPUIJMMTPGUIF8IJUF Mountains. .PVOUBJOT Isolation and loneliness are *TPMBUJPOBOEMPOFMJOFTTBSF recurring themes on the EP BOE and SFDVSSJOHUIFNFTPOUIF&1 what better place to capture XIBUCFUUFSQMBDFUPDBQUVSF those moods than a tiny building UIPTFNPPETUIBOBUJOZCVJMEJOH out in the middle of nowhere. PVUJOUIFNJEEMFPGOPXIFSF "Ratpig" is definitely an indiei3BUQJHwJTEFmOJUFMZBOJOEJF rock affair, and as such, the SPDLBGGBJS BOEBTTVDI UIF instrumentation and arrangeJOTUSVNFOUBUJPOBOEBSSBOHF ments are sparse: Guitar, bass, NFOUTBSFTQBSTF(VJUBS CBTT  keyboards here and there, and drums LFZCPBSETIFSFBOEUIFSF BOEESVNT (never overpowering, and often sounding OFWFSPWFSQPXFSJOH BOEPGUFOTPVOEJOH like they're being played with brushes). MJLFUIFZSFCFJOHQMBZFEXJUICSVTIFT  The vocals remind one of a mellow Trey 5IFWPDBMTSFNJOEPOFPGBNFMMPX5SFZ Anastasio or a charmingly off-key Evan "OBTUBTJPPSBDIBSNJOHMZPGGLFZ&WBO Dando in one of his more subdued mo%BOEPJOPOFPGIJTNPSFTVCEVFENP ments. NFOUT Lyrically, some of the songs read like -ZSJDBMMZ TPNFPGUIFTPOHTSFBEMJLF letters to an ex-lover ("Just in case MFUUFSTUPBOFYMPWFS i+VTUJODBTF you were wondering/1 don't want to be ZPVXFSFXPOEFSJOH*EPOUXBOUUPCF anything," laments the opening track, BOZUIJOH wMBNFOUTUIFPQFOJOHUSBDL  "Wondering"). But if and it sprinkle little i8POEFSJOHw #VUJGBOEJUTQSJOLMFMJUUMF bits of hope and even joy throughout the CJUTPGIPQFBOEFWFOKPZUISPVHIPVUUIF songs, with images no doubt inspired by TPOHT XJUIJNBHFTOPEPVCUJOTQJSFECZ the nature surrounding the band's cabin. UIFOBUVSFTVSSPVOEJOHUIFCBOETDBCJO But nature, like relationships, can be #VUOBUVSF MJLFSFMBUJPOTIJQT DBOCF beautiful and scary, a sentiment perfectCFBVUJGVMBOETDBSZ BTFOUJNFOUQFSGFDU

Top 10 f o r P o r t l a n d s t o r e Jan. 2! 3 - 2'( 9: B]^T]`>]`bZO\Rab]`S8O\ 1. Various a r t i s t s , " C h i m e s of F r e e d o m : DO`W]caO`bWabaÂľ1VW[Sa]T4`SSR][( the Songs of Bob Dylan" bVSA]\Ua]T0]P2gZO\Âś 2Âľ>O`O\]`[OZ/QbWdWbg!Âś2D2 . " P a r a n o r m a l Activity 3" DVD) 3 . "Real S t e e l " ( D V D ) !Âľ@SOZAbSSZÂś2D2 4. " 5 0 / 5 0 " (DVD) "Âľ##Âś2D2 5. T h e B l a c k Keys, "El Carmino" #BVS0ZOQY9SgaÂľ3Z1O[W\]Âś 6. Adele, " 2 1 $/RSZSÂľ Âś" 7. A n i D i F r a n c o , " W h i c h Side A r e You %/\W2W4`O\Q]ÂľEVWQVAWRS/`SG]c On?" =\-Âś 8. S k r i l l e x , " B a n g a r a n g " (EP) &AY`WZZSfÂľ0O\UO`O\UÂś3> 9. Lamb of God, "Resolution" ':O[P]T5]RÂľ@Sa]ZcbW]\Âś 10. K a t h l e e n E d w a r d s , " V o y a g e u r " 9ObVZSS\3ReO`RaÂľD]gOUSc`Âś



V X Q G D\  H Y H Q L Q J





E10 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2, 2012 35=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

J o h n W i l l h o i t e , circa 1974. 8]V\EWZZV]WbSQW`QO'%"


unleash a lifetime w o r t h of c\ZSOaVOZWTSbW[Se]`bV]T anguish and defiance in one O\UcWaVO\RRSÂżO\QSW\]\S 11-track package. Screaming b`OQY^OQYOUSAQ`SO[W\U one m o m e n t and whisper]\S[][S\bO\ReVWa^S` ing the next, he leaves W\UbVS\SfbVSZSOdSa nothing off limits, f r o m his \]bVW\U]TTZW[WbaT`][VWa a b a n d o n m e n t as a child on OPO\R]\[S\bOaOQVWZR]\ "Mother" and his disdain for Âľ;]bVS`ÂśO\RVWaRWaROW\T]` obsessed fans in "I Found ]PaSaaSRTO\aW\Âľ74]c\R O u t " to his o w n sense of in=cbÂśb]VWa]e\aS\aS]TW\ security on "Working Class aSQc`Wbg]\ÂľE]`YW\U1ZOaa Hero." 6S`]Âś A n d just in case listen/\RXcabW\QOaSZWabS\ ers were uncertain about S`aeS`Sc\QS`bOW\OP]cb w h a t lay ahead, he makes it eVObZOgOVSORVS[OYSaWb clear in no uncertain terms QZSO`W\\]c\QS`bOW\bS`[a ]\Âľ5]RÂś(Âľ7R]\¸bPSZWSdS on "God": "I don't believe -,_._, i i _ _ ^ ^ â&#x20AC;&#x17E; , _ ^ u ^ ^ i @]R6O`[]\¸aaQV]]Z . . , / , â&#x20AC;˘ . . , ,Rod Harmons school W\0SObZSa7XcabPSZWSdSW\ ^WQbc`ST`]['%! in Beatles/ I just believe in . , , i n - 7 [SG]Y]O\R[SÂłbVOb¸a ~, / w i -i ~, 4-t- 4-> p i c t u r e f r o m 1973. `SOZWbgÂś:WYSWb]`\]b:S\\]\eOaU]W\Ub]T]`USVWa K m e / Y o k o and me - that s ]e\^ObVT`][\]e]\]\VWa]e\bS`[aO\SfO[^ZS reality." Like it or not, Lennon was going#gSO`a to forge his bVObVOaaS`dSR[SeSZZ]dS`bVS^Oab o w n path f r o m now on, on his o w n terms, an example ´@]R6O`[]\5=3RWb]` that has served me well over the past 25 years.

It was 1971, the year I went off to college. I loved 7beOa'%bVSgSO`7eS\b]TTb]Q]ZZSUS7Z]dSR everything a b o u t "At Fillmore East," f r o m the grainy SdS`gbVW\UOP]cbÂľ/b4WZZ[]`S3OabÂśT`][bVSU`OW\g black-and-white cover p h o t o of the boys, w h o looked PZOQYO\ReVWbSQ]dS`^V]b]]TbVSP]gaeV]Z]]YSR like everything an 18-year-old guy t h o u g h t a rock band ZWYSSdS`gbVW\UO\&gSO`]ZRUcgbV]cUVbO`]QYPO\R should look like (hairy and r o w d y and hooting it up) to aV]cZRZ]]YZWYSVOW`gO\R`]eRgO\RV]]bW\UWbc^b] the t w o vinyl records tucked inside, which I still have, bVSbe]dW\gZ`SQ]`RabcQYSRW\aWRSeVWQV7abWZZVOdS scratched and stained f r o m countless d o r m parties. aQ`ObQVSRO\RabOW\SRT`][Q]c\bZSaaR]`[^O`bWSa (I have since upgraded to CD, which has sustained 7VOdSaW\QSc^U`ORSRb]12eVWQVVOaacabOW\SR countless more listenings.) Q]c\bZSaa[]`SZWabS\W\Ua It was the music, t h o u g h , that was a revelation - long, 7beOabVS[caWQbV]cUVbVObeOaO`SdSZObW]\ÂłZ]\U exhilarating, jazzy, bluesy jams by keyboardist Gregg SfVWZO`ObW\UXOhhgPZcSagXO[aPgYSgP]O`RWab5`SUU Allrnan, d r u m m e r s Butch Trucks and Jai Johanny /ZZ[O\R`c[[S`a0cbQVB`cQYaO\R8OW8]VO\\g "Jaimoe" Johanson, bassist Barry Oakley and the great Âľ8OW[]SÂś8]VO\a]\POaaWab0O``g=OYZSgO\RbVSU`SOb guitarists Dickie Betts and Dwayne Allman. Hearing UcWbO`Waba2WQYWS0SbbaO\R2eOg\S/ZZ[O\6SO`W\U Betts and Allman, whose virtuosic slide licks still make 0SbbaO\R/ZZ[O\eV]aSdW`bc]aWQaZWRSZWQYaabWZZ[OYS me, at 58, want to break out the air guitar, trade solos [SOb#&eO\bb]P`SOY]cbbVSOW`UcWbO`b`ORSa]Z]a DAVID BOWIE, "THE RISE AND FALL OF ZIGGY STARDUST ;8M@;9FN@<#Ă&#x2C6;K?<I@J<8E;=8CCF=Q@>>PJK8I;LJK on "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" and " W h i p p i n g ]\Âľ7\;S[]`g]T3ZWhOPSbV@SSRÂśO\RÂľEVW^^W\U AND THE SPIDERS FROM MARS" (1972):1 8E;K?<JG@;<IJ=IFDD8IJĂ&#x2030;(0.) Post" and, my personal favorite, "Statesboro Blues"? >]abÂśO\R[g^S`a]\OZTOd]`WbSÂľAbObSaP]`]0ZcSaÂś- Never mind the '70s, this is one of the greatest al<SdS`[W\RbVS¸%abVWaWa]\S]TbVSU`SObSabOZ To this day, priceless. B]bVWaROg^`WQSZSaa bums of any decade. Granted, I was a tiny t o t when it â&#x20AC;&#x201D; John Willhoite, Designer Pc[a]TO\gRSQORS5`O\bSR7eOaObW\gb]beVS\Wb ´8]V\EWZZV]WbS2SaWU\S` was released in summer 1972, eOa`SZSOaSRW\ac[[S`'% but upon discovering it circa Pcbc^]\RWaQ]dS`W\UWbQW`QO 1984, this is the record that '&"bVWaWabVS`SQ]`RbVOb made me a lifelong Bowie fan. [ORS[SOZWTSZ]\U0]eWSTO\ Bowie's androgynous, 0]eWS¸aO\R`]Ug\]ca orange-haired Z i g g y Star]`O\USVOW`SRHWUUgAbO` dust takes the listener by the RcabbOYSabVSZWabS\S`PgbVS hand t h r o u g h the end of the VO\RbV`]cUVbVSS\R]TbVS w o r l d , a psychedelic daye]`ZRO^agQVSRSZWQROg dream, fame, outer space and R`SO[TO[S]cbS`a^OQSO\R ultimately, his o w n demise. cZbW[ObSZgVWa]e\RS[WaS He does this all brilliantly 6SR]SabVWaOZZP`WZZWO\bZg w i t h songs like "Moonage eWbVa]\UaZWYSÂľ;]]\OUS Daydream," "Starman" and 2OgR`SO[œ¾AbO`[O\ÂśO\R "Hang O n t o Yourself." The Âľ6O\U=\b]G]c`aSZTÂśBVS Z i g g y record also is home to HWUUg`SQ]`ROZa]WaV][Sb] t w o of rock's most famous be]]T`]QY¸a[]abTO[]ca guitar riffs, courtesy of Mick UcWbO``WTTaQ]c`bSag]T;WQY Ronson. The opening chords @]\a]\BVS]^S\W\UQV]`Ra B o b Keyes, left, on his 10th b i r t h d a y . 0]P9SgSaZSTb]\VWabVPW`bVROg of " Z i g g y Stardust" and ]TÂľHWUUgAbO`RcabÂśO\R "Suffragette City" are living, ÂľAcTT`OUSbbS1WbgÂśO`SZWdW\U JACKSON BROWNE, "RUNNING ON EMPTY" (1977):1 A8:BJFE9IFNE<#Ă&#x2C6;ILEE@E>FE<DGKPĂ&#x2030;(0.. breathing entities in the rock P`SObVW\US\bWbWSaW\bVS`]QY 7¸[\]bac`SWTbVS3O`bVaVWTbSReVS\7R`]^^SRbVS I'm not sure if the Earth shifted when I d r o p p e d the n' roll ether. A i m s e l P o n t i at ¸\¸`]ZZSbVS` /W[aSZ>]\bWOb \SSRZS]\8OQYa]\0`]e\S¸aÂľ@c\\W\U]\3[^bgÂśT]` needle on Jackson Browne's "Running on E m p t y " for There isn't a record that a b o u t 3. N o t e t h e BVS`SWa\¸bO`SQ]`RbVOb OP]cb!<]bSbVS bVSÂż`abbW[S0cba][SbVW\UaWU\WÂżQO\bVO^^S\SR the first time. But something significant happened. Bowie released during the s t y l i n ' muff. B o w i e 0]eWS`SZSOaSRRc`W\UbVS abgZW\¸[cTT0]eWS BVSa]\UabVObQ`OQYZSRT`][[ga^SOYS`aQVO\USR The songs that crackled f r o m my speakers changed '70s that I don't love. But would've approved. ¸%abVOb7R]\¸bZ]dS0cb e]cZR¸dSO^^`]dSR V]e7ZWabS\SRb][caWQO\RV]e7^S`QSWdSRbVSdS`g how I listened to music and how I perceived the very " Z i g g y Stardust" wins my ÂľHWUUgAbO`RcabÂśeW\a[g Q]\QS^b]TÂľU]]R[caWQÂś4`][bVOb^]W\bT]`eO`RbVS concept of " g o o d m u s i c " From that point f o r w a r d , the prize for the best of the best, and for sure, my favorite ^`WhST]`bVSPSab]TbVSPSabO\RT]`ac`S[gTOd]`WbS [caWQbVOb[ObbS`SR[]abb][SeOaOZZOP]cbZg`WQa music that mattered most to me was all about lyrics album of the decade. "Let the children use it, let the OZPc[]TbVSRSQORSÂľ:SbbVSQVWZR`S\caSWbZSbbVS and meaning. I liked songs that told stories and were O\R[SO\W\U7ZWYSRa]\UabVObb]ZRab]`WSaO\ReS`S children lose it, let all the children boogie." QVWZR`S\Z]aSWbZSbOZZbVSQVWZR`S\P]]UWSÂś laden w i t h lyrical narration. ZORS\eWbVZg`WQOZ\O``ObW]\ â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Aimsel Ponti, News Assistant ´/W[aSZ>]\bW<Sea/aaWabO\b The record caused a philosophical rift within my BVS`SQ]`RQOcaSRO^VWZ]a]^VWQOZ`WTbeWbVW\[g g r o u p of friends. A lot of my buddies were into hard U`]c^]TT`WS\Ra/Z]b]T[gPcRRWSaeS`SW\b]VO`R rock and heavy metal, and I m i g h t have trended in that AF?EC<EEFE#Ă&#x2C6;GC8JK@:FEF98E;Ă&#x2030;(0.' JOHN LENNON, "PLASTIC 0N0 BAND" (1970):1 `]QYO\RVSOdg[SbOZO\R7[WUVbVOdSb`S\RSRW\bVOb direction. But Browne caught me ear, and his music RW`SQbW]\0cb0`]e\SQOcUVb[SSO`O\RVWa[caWQ The music of John Lennon and The Beatles has carBVS[caWQ]T8]V\:S\\]\O\RBVS0SObZSaVOaQO` challenged me to think about the songs I liked and ried me t h r o u g h o u t my life, providing an escape from QVOZZS\USR[Sb]bVW\YOP]cbbVSa]\Ua7ZWYSRO\R `WSR[SbV`]cUV]cb[gZWTS^`]dWRW\UO\SaQO^ST`][ why. an abusive childhood and giving c o m f o r t in times of eVg O\OPcaWdSQVWZRV]]RO\RUWdW\UQ][T]`bW\bW[Sa]T It was a n o t e w o r t h y record for many reasons. It was failed relationships, bad career moves and self-doubt. 7beOaO\]bSe]`bVg`SQ]`RT]`[O\g`SOa]\a7beOa TOWZSR`SZObW]\aVW^aPORQO`SS`[]dSaO\RaSZTR]cPb a live record, and includes tracks recorded on stage, Nothing has received more listens than "Plastic Ono OZWdS`SQ]`RO\RW\QZcRSab`OQYa`SQ]`RSR]\abOUS <]bVW\UVOa`SQSWdSR[]`SZWabS\abVO\Âľ>ZOabWQ=\] backstage, on the tour bus ("rolling d o w n 295 out of Band." POQYabOUS]\bVSb]c`PcaÂľ`]ZZW\UR]e\ '#]cb]T 0O\RÂś Portland, Maine") and in hotel rooms. It represents not Sporting fresh wounds f r o m The Beatles' breakup, a >]`bZO\R;OW\SÂśO\RW\V]bSZ`]][a7b`S^`SaS\ba\]b A^]`bW\UT`SaVe]c\RaT`][BVS0SObZSa¸P`SOYc^O only a decade, but a personal awakening. high-profile drug bust and the public vilification of his ]\ZgORSQORSPcbO^S`a]\OZOeOYS\W\U VWUV^`]ÂżZSR`cUPcabO\RbVS^cPZWQdWZWÂżQObW]\]TVWa second wife, Lennon used his first true solo album to â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Bob Keyes, Staff Writer aSQ]\ReWTS:S\\]\caSRVWaÂż`abb`cSa]Z]OZPc[b] ´0]P9SgSaAbOTTE`WbS`

â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Rod Harmon, GO Editor


The folks who bring you GO every K_\]fcbjn_fYi`e^pfl>F\m\ip week share their picks for the n\\bj_Xi\k_\`ig`Zbj]fik_\ Y\jkXcYldjf]k_\Ă&#x2039;.'j% best albums of the 70s.

Ray R o u t h i e r in t h e m i d - V O s at a b o u t 11. Nice hat. @Og@]cbVWS`W\bVS[WR¸%aObOP]cb<WQSVOb


BVSPSOcbg]T`ORW]W\bVS¸%aeOabVObg]cQ]cZR The beauty of radio in the '70s was that you could VSO`^]^RWaQ]a]cZ`]QYO\R\]dSZbgbc\SaOZZ]\ hear pop, disco, soul, rock and novelty tunes all on bVSaO[SabObW]\cacOZZgeWbVW\O\cbSa^O\ the same station, usually within a 10-minute span. BVOb¸aeVg7Z]dSRbVS@]\Q]O\R9BSZÂľOaaSS\]\ That's w h y I loved the Ronco and K-Tel "as seen on BDÂśOZPc[abVOb^OQYOUSROR]hS\]`be]`ORW]VWba TV" albums that packaged a dozen or t w o radio hits b]USbVS` together. EVS\7U]bÂľ@]\Q]>`SaS\ba7\1]\QS`bÂśT]`1V`Wab W h e n I g o t "Ronco Presents In Concert" for Christ[OaW\'%#ObOUS mas in 1975 at age 12,7W[[SRWObSZgaZO^^SRWb]\bVS I immediately slapped it on the bc`\bOPZSU`OPPSRObS\\Wa`OQ_cSbUcWbO`O\RO turntable, grabbed a tennis racquet (guitar) and a VOW`P`caV[WQ`]^V]\SO\RabO`bSRaW\UW\UOZZ[g hair brush (microphone), and started singing all my favorite tunes of the day. I think I finally t o o k it off the TOd]`WbSbc\Sa]TbVSROg7bVW\Y7Âż\OZZgb]]YWb]TTbVS turntable sometime during the fall of '77 bc`\bOPZSa][SbW[SRc`W\UbVSTOZZ]T¸%% Consider the diversity and g o o d - t i m e grooviness of 1]\aWRS`bVSRWdS`aWbgO\RU]]RbW[SU`]]dW\Saa]T just the first four songs: "Rock The Boat" by The Hues XcabbVSÂż`abT]c`a]\Ua(Âľ@]QYBVS0]ObÂśPgBVS6cSa Corporation, "I'm Leaving it All Up to You" by Donny 1]`^]`ObW]\Âľ7¸[:SOdW\UWb/ZZC^b]G]cÂśPg2]\\g and Marie O s m o n d , "Put Your Hands Together" by O\R;O`WS=a[]\RÂľ>cbG]c`6O\RaB]USbVS`ÂśPg The O'Jays and "Takin' Care of Business" by BachBVS=¸8OgaO\RÂľBOYW\¸1O`S]T0caW\SaaÂśPg0OQV man-Turner Overdrive. There were also corny novelty [O\Bc`\S`=dS`R`WdSBVS`SeS`SOZa]Q]`\g\]dSZbg songs like "The Streak" by Ray Stevens and " W i l d a]\UaZWYSÂľBVSAb`SOYÂśPg@OgAbSdS\aO\RÂľEWZR w o o d W e e d " by Jim Stafford, danceable R&B tunes e]]RESSRÂśPg8W[AbOTT]`RRO\QSOPZS@0bc\Sa like "You Little Trustmaker" by Tymes and "Hang On ZWYSÂľG]c:WbbZSB`cab[OYS`ÂśPgBg[SaO\RÂľ6O\U=\ In There Baby" by Johnny Bristol, as well as fun fluffy 7\BVS`S0OPgÂśPg8]V\\g0`Wab]ZOaeSZZOaTc\Ă&#x20AC;cTTg pieces like "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace ^WSQSaZWYSÂľBVS<WUVb1VWQOU]2WSRÂśPg>O^S`:OQS and "Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" by O\RÂľ:WTSWaO@]QY0cbbVS@ORW]@]ZZSR;SÂśPg Reunion. @Sc\W]\ I like to think that album helped shape my musical 7ZWYSb]bVW\YbVObOZPc[VSZ^SRaVO^S[g[caWQOZ worldview, helping me realize that as a music listener, e]`ZRdWSeVSZ^W\U[S`SOZWhSbVObOaO[caWQZWabS\S` one can have a lot more fun if one can forget about ]\SQO\VOdSOZ]b[]`STc\WT]\SQO\T]`USbOP]cb the restrictive idea of musical genres and just enjoy bVS`Sab`WQbWdSWRSO]T[caWQOZUS\`SaO\RXcabS\X]g the music for w h a t it is. bVS[caWQT]`eVObWbWa A n d w h a t the music was in 1975 was all over the /\ReVObbVS[caWQeOaW\'%#eOaOZZ]dS`bVS map. [O^ â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Ray Routhier, Staff Writer ´@Og@]cbVWS`AbOTTE`WbS`


I had a Dorothy Hamill hairdo and was at a junior7VORO2]`]bVg6O[WZZVOW`R]O\ReOaObOXc\W]` high slumber party when I listened to the soundtrack VWUVaZc[PS`^O`bgeVS\7ZWabS\SRb]bVSa]c\Rb`OQY to a new movie called "Saturday Night Fever." That b]O\Se[]dWSQOZZSRÂľAObc`ROg<WUVb4SdS`ÂśBVOb

Please see A L B U M S , Page E12 Gc\Xj\j\\/:0C;AGX^\<()

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2,2012 | GO E l l BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3

STONE 3 4/.% 2 R )$'% IDGE


2%34!52!.4!.$ "2!.$.%7,/$').'


#ELEBRATING9EARS Celebrating 15 Years

4WIN,OBSTERS Twin Lobsters 0RIME2IB Prime Rib OZ53$!3LOW2OAST


SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Village Coffee House, with Dos Canosos, 6ILLAGE#OFFEE(OUSE WITH$OS#ANOSOS (traditional Latin music), New Gloucester TRADITIONAL,ATINMUSIC .EW'LOUCESTER Congregational Church. $10; $5 for children and #ONGREGATIONAL#HURCHFORCHILDRENAND seniors, 7:30 p.m. SENIORSVILLAGECOFFEEHOUSEORGPM Johnny A, rock guitarist, One Longfellow Square, *OHNNY! ROCKGUITARIST /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $23 in advance; $25 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Catie Curtis, singer-songwriter, Stone Mountain #ATIE#URTIS SINGER SONGWRITER 3TONE-OUNTAIN Arts Center, Brownfield. $20. stonemountainarts !RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTS 8 p.m. CENTERCOMPM Winter Frost Concert w i t h Fun, indie pop band, 7INTER&ROST#ONCERTWITH&UN INDIEPOPBAND University of Maine (Performing Arts Center), 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER Machias. $15,255-1245. 8 p.m. -ACHIAS PM Winter Carnival Dance Party, with Journey tribute 7INTER#ARNIVAL$ANCE0ARTY WITH*OURNEYTRIBUTE band Scarab and local '80s cover band Time BAND3CARABANDLOCALSCOVERBAND4IME Pilots, The Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough. 0ILOTS 4HE,ANDINGAT0INE0OINT 3CARBOROUGH $10 in advance; $15 day of show, thelandingat INADVANCEDAYOFSHOWTHELANDINGAT 8 p.m. PINEPOINTCOMPM Leukemia-pa-looza, with Jeff Lemons, Justin ,EUKEMIA PA LOOZA WITH*EFF,EMONS *USTIN Lantrip and Yellow Roman Candles; benefit ,ANTRIPAND9ELLOW2OMAN#ANDLESBENElT concert for leukemia patient Jacob Cuff of the CONCERTFORLEUKEMIAPATIENT*ACOB#UFFOFTHE Christian Cuff Band; Frontier Cafe, Cinema & #HRISTIAN#UFF"AND&RONTIER#AFE #INEMA Gallery, Brunswick. $8 in advance; $10 day of 'ALLERY "RUNSWICKINADVANCEDAYOF show, 7 p.m. SHOWEXPLOREFRONTIERCOMPM BioDiesel, synth-pop, with Sonic Spank, "IO$IESEL SYNTH POP WITH3ONIC3PANK Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to $25. 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLANDTO 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Dan Zane & Friends, children's music, Hannaford $AN:ANE&RIENDS CHILDRENSMUSIC (ANNAFORD

with Free Salad Bar & Bread WITH&REE3ALAD"AR"READ

Closed Mondays â&#x20AC;¢ (207) 625-2009



Hall, University of Southern Maine, Portland. Sold (ALL 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE 0ORTLAND3OLD out. 1 p.m. OUTPORTTIXCOMPM MONDAY -/.$!9 Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, with Cyborg "OB-ARLEY"IRTHDAY#ELEBRATION WITH#YBORG Trio (reggae/dub), Port City Music Hall, Portland. 4RIOREGGAEDUB 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND $5. 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Irish Descendants, Canadian folk/Celtic, Franco)RISH$ESCENDANTS #ANADIANFOLK#ELTIC &RANCO American Heritage Center, Lewiston. $20 in !MERICAN(ERITAGE#ENTER ,EWISTONIN advance; $22 day of show; $5 for students. ADVANCEDAYOFSHOWFORSTUDENTS 7 p.m. FRANCOCENTERORGPM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Peter Frampton, classic rock, all ages; State 0ETER&RAMPTON CLASSICROCK ALLAGES3TATE Theatre, Portland. Sold out. statetheatreportland 4HEATRE 0ORTLAND3OLDOUTSTATETHEATREPORTLAND .com. 7:30 p.m. COMPM Irish Descendants, Canadian folk/Celtic, Unity )RISH$ESCENDANTS #ANADIANFOLK#ELTIC 5NITY Centre for the Performing Arts. $20. #ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTSUNITYMEORG theater. 7:30 p.m. THEATERPM Restless Groove and Running Gags, prog2ESTLESS'ROOVEAND2UNNING'AGS PROG rock, Port City Music Hall, Portland. $2. ROCK 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Kill the Noise, dubstep/drum and bass dance +ILLTHE.OISE DUBSTEPDRUMANDBASSDANCE music, Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. MUSIC 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLANDTO 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Irish Descendants, Canadian folk/Celtic, Skye )RISH$ESCENDANTS #ANADIANFOLK#ELTIC 3KYE Theatre Performing Arts Center, South Carthage. 4HEATRE0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER 3OUTH#ARTHAGE $20. 562-4445. 7 p.m.  PM Maine Songwriters Association Showcase, with -AINE3ONGWRITERS!SSOCIATION3HOWCASE WITH Anni Clark, One Longfellow Square, Portland. $8. !NNI#LARK /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Richard Nelson Crossroads Concert, guitar, 2ICHARD.ELSON#ROSSROADS#ONCERT GUITAR Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery, Brunswick. Price &RONTIER#AFE #INEMA'ALLERY "RUNSWICK0RICE not given, 7 p.m. NOTGIVENEXPLOREFRONTIERCOMPM FEB. 9 &%" David Sanborn, jazz/R&B/pop, Stone Mountain $AVID3ANBORN JAZZ2"POP 3TONE-OUNTAIN Arts Center, Brownfield. $65. stonemountainarts !RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTS 8 p.m. CENTERCOMPM Robert Glasper Experiment, jazz and hip-hop, 2OBERT'LASPER%XPERIMENT JAZZANDHIP HOP Olin Concert Hall, Bates College, Lewiston. $12 /LIN#ONCERT(ALL "ATES#OLLEGE ,EWISTON in advance; $15 day of show; $6 seniors and INADVANCEDAYOFSHOWSENIORSAND students, 7:30 p.m. STUDENTSBATESTICKETSCOMPM Novel Jazz Septet, Skidompha Library, .OVEL*AZZ3EPTET 3KIDOMPHA,IBRARY Damariscotta. $12; $10 seniors; $5 young adults. $AMARISCOTTASENIORSYOUNGADULTS 563-5513. 7 p.m.  PM Annalivia and Putnam Smith, trad-roots, One !NNALIVIAAND0UTNAM3MITH TRAD ROOTS /NE Longfellow Square, Portland. $12 in advance; $15 ,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE

Please see MUSIC, Page E25 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<),

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Annalivia performs at One Longfellow Square in Portland on Feb. 9. Putnann /\\OZWdWO^S`T]`[aOb=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`SW\>]`bZO\R]\4SP'>cb\O[ Smith also is on the billl. A[WbVOZa]Wa]\bVSPWZZZ

FRIDAY &2)$!9 Liz Frame &The Kickers, Americana, One ,IZ&RAME4HE+ICKERS !MERICANA /NE Longfellow Square, Portland. $12 in advance; $15 ,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE day of show, 8 p.m. DAYOFSHOWONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Music in the Gallery, with singer-songwriter Peter -USICINTHE'ALLERY WITHSINGER SONGWRITER0ETER Alexander, Chocolate Church Art Gallery, Bath. !LEXANDER #HOCOLATE#HURCH!RT'ALLERY "ATH $10. 7 p.m. CHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORGPM Blueboy Productions, bass-heavy dance music, "LUEBOY0RODUCTIONS BASS HEAVYDANCEMUSIC with LeSpecial and Space Jesus, Port City Music WITH,E3PECIALAND3PACE*ESUS 0ORT#ITY-USIC Hall, Portland. $10 to $12. (ALL 0ORTLANDTOPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOM 8 p.m. PM

16oz. USDA Slow Roast wth Free Sa ad Bar & Bread WITH&REE3ALAD"AR"READ

Avont Dance & Event Center !VANT$ANCE%VENT#ENTER


TODAY 4/$!9 Jack's Mannequin, rock, with Jukebox the Ghost *ACKS-ANNEQUIN ROCK WITH*UKEBOXTHE'HOST and Allen Stone, all ages; State Theatre, Portland. AND!LLEN3TONE ALLAGES3TATE4HEATRE 0ORTLAND $23; general admission, GENERALADMISSIONSTATETHEATREPORTLANDCOM 7 p.m. PM Camden Library Coffeehouse, with singer#AMDEN,IBRARY#OFFEEHOUSE WITHSINGER songwriters Hannah Batley and Malcolm Brooks, SONGWRITERS(ANNAH"ATLEYAND-ALCOLM"ROOKS Camden Public Library. $7. #AMDEN0UBLIC,IBRARYCAMDENLIBMEUS 7 p.m. PM

390 Main St â&#x20AC;¢ Gorham, ME -AIN3Ts'ORHAM -% Closed Mondays â&#x20AC;¢ (207) 839-7651 #LOSED-ONDAYSs  


CONCERTS N#/.#%243

Avant is the ideal location for your wedding'related events! !VANTISTHEIDEALLOCATIONFORYOURWEDDING RELATEDEVENTS Wedding Receptions â&#x20AC;¢ Rehearsal Dinners 7EDDING2ECEPTIONSs2EHEARSAL$INNERS Bridal Showers â&#x20AC;¢ Bachelorette Parties "RIDAL3HOWERSs"ACHELORETTE0ARTIES Contact our event planner today! #ONTACTOUREVENTPLANNERTODAY

207-899-4211 â&#x20AC;¢   sKRISTIN AVANTMAINECOM - , - ~



- ,-_-, / ^ J l / - ^ ~ 1

302).'347%34"2//+ -% 865 SPRING S T . WESTBROOK, M E 04092

- . » . , - â&#x20AC;&#x201D; â&#x20AC;&#x17E; -.,-.,â&#x20AC;&#x201D;

$!.#%%6%.4 DANCE & EVENT #%.4%2


E125=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3 


VARIOUS ARTISTS, "FREE TO BE... M8I@FLJ8IK@JKJ#Ă&#x2C6;=I<<KF9<Âż YOU AND ME" (1972):1 PFL8E;D<Ă&#x2030;(0.)

Growing up on a back-to-the-land 5`]eW\Uc^]\OPOQYb]bVSZO\R homestead in Maine in the 1970s, I V][SabSORW\;OW\SW\bVS'%a7 quickly learned that gender equality was _cWQYZgZSO`\SRbVObUS\RS`S_cOZWbgeOa was the first, but by eOabVSÂż`abPcbPg just as important as organic vegetables XcabOaW[^]`bO\bOa]`UO\WQdSUSbOPZSa no means the last \][SO\abVSZOab and raw goat's milk. O\R`OeU]Ob¸a[WZY time I ever heard the bW[S7SdS`VSO`RbVS Sure, my mother, a card-carrying memAc`S[g[]bVS`OQO`RQO``gW\U[S[ Bee Gees ah-ah-ah-ah 0SS5SSaOVOVOVOV ber of NOW, had a lot to do with this, but PS`]T<=EVOROZ]bb]R]eWbVbVWaPcb "Stayin' Alive," Tavares ÂľAbOgW\¸/ZWdSÂśBOdO`Sa where I most vividly remember learning eVS`S7[]abdWdWRZg`S[S[PS`ZSO`\W\U singing "More Than a aW\UW\UÂľ;]`SBVO\O the value of tolerance and individuality bVSdOZcS]Tb]ZS`O\QSO\RW\RWdWRcOZWbg Woman" and Yvonne E][O\ÂśO\RGd]\\S was from repeatedly listening to my one eOaT`][`S^SObSRZgZWabS\W\Ub][g]\S Elliman showing the 3ZZW[O\aV]eW\UbVS and only record: "Free to Be... You and O\R]\Zg`SQ]`R(Âľ4`SSb]0SÂŹG]cO\R boys how to belt one P]gaV]eb]PSZb]\S Me." ;SÂś out with "If I Can't Have ]cbeWbVÂľ7T71O\¸b6OdS Here, I found catchy tunes that broke 6S`S7T]c\RQObQVgbc\SabVObP`]YS You." G]cÂś down gender stereotypes and encourR]e\US\RS`abS`S]bg^SaO\RS\Q]c` The songs were BVSa]\UaeS`S aged all kids to go after their dreams. OUSROZZYWRab]U]OTbS`bVSW`R`SO[a everywhere, the movie SdS`geVS`SbVS[]dWS "Free to Be" described a world where Âľ4`SSb]0SÂśRSaQ`WPSROe]`ZReVS`S was huge and, as is eOaVcUSO\ROaWa Sally Tyrrell in P]gaQ]cZRQ`gO\R]e\R]ZZaeVS`SUW`Za AOZZgBg``SZZW\ boys could cry and own dolls, where girls true of that kind of b`cS]TbVObYW\R]T about 1971. Not Q]cZRUWdSc^R`SaaSaO\RU`]ec^b]PS OP]cb'%<]b could give up dresses and grow up to be pop-culture phenom- SdS`g]\SQO\ ^]^QcZbc`S^VS\][ everyone can engineers. As the title track proclaims, S\UW\SS`a/abVSbWbZSb`OQY^`]QZOW[a enon, everything from QO``g]TTbVS S\]\SdS`gbVW\UT`][ it's "a land where the children are free." Wb¸aÂľOZO\ReVS`SbVSQVWZR`S\O`ST`SSÂś carry off the fashion to music and TOaVW]\b][caWQO\R sailor look. â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Avery Yale Kami/a, Staff Writer aOWZ]`Z]]Y ´/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOAbOTTE`WbS` dance styles reflected RO\QSabgZSa`SĂ&#x20AC;SQbSR the trend. Disco had been around for a bVSb`S\R2WaQ]VORPSS\O`]c\RT]`O while, but with "Saturday Night Fever," eVWZSPcbeWbVÂľAObc`ROg<WUVb4SdS`Âś it suddenly seemed like everyone, even WbacRRS\ZgaSS[SRZWYSSdS`g]\SSdS\ in my sleepy little corner of upstate New W\[gaZSS^gZWbbZSQ]`\S`]Tc^abObS<Se York, had signed on for the ride. G]`YVORaWU\SR]\T]`bVS`WRS Thankfully, I was a little too young to BVO\YTcZZg7eOaOZWbbZSb]]g]c\Ub] actually be going out in platform shoes OQbcOZZgPSU]W\U]cbW\^ZObT]`[aV]Sa and a nice polyester vest, blouse and O\RO\WQS^]ZgSabS`dSabPZ]caSO\R flared trousers and publicly attempting Ă&#x20AC;O`SRb`]caS`aO\R^cPZWQZgObbS[^bW\U disco moves. Not so my older sister, who RWaQ][]dSa<]ba][g]ZRS`aWabS`eV] was in high school when "SNF" hit. eOaW\VWUVaQV]]ZeVS\ÂľA<4ÂśVWb And that brings me to one great thing /\RbVObP`W\Ua[Sb]]\SU`SObbVW\U about this LP: It's a gift that keeps on OP]cbbVWa:>(7b¸aOUWTbbVObYSS^a]\ Avery Yale /dS`gGOZS giving. To this day, I can mock my sister UWdW\UB]bVWaROg7QO\[]QY[gaWabS` Kamila was 2 9O[WZOeOa with a fake falsetto, a few hip thrusts eWbVOTOYSTOZaSbb]OTSeVW^bV`caba when this photo eVS\bVWa^V]b] and some skyward finger points, and it O\Ra][SaYgeO`RÂż\US`^]W\baO\RWb was shot in 1975 eOaaV]bW\'%# annoys her almost as much as my mere O\\]gaVS`OZ[]abOa[cQVOa[g[S`S at Sunshine Farm ObAc\aVW\S4O`[ existence did back in the day. SfWabS\QSRWRPOQYW\bVSROg in Litchfield. W\:WbQVÂżSZR â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Sally Tyrrell, Designer ´AOZZgBg``SZZ2SaWU\S`

BILLY JOEL, "THE STRANGER" (1977):1 9@CCPAF<C#Ă&#x2C6;K?<JKI8E><IĂ&#x2030;(0..

In my senior year of high school, just as 7\[gaS\W]`gSO`]TVWUVaQV]]ZXcabOa I was about to sprout wings and fly away 7eOaOP]cbb]a^`]cbeW\UaO\RĂ&#x20AC;gOeOg from the repressed Southern culture I T`][bVS`S^`SaaSRA]cbVS`\QcZbc`S7 had grown up in, I fell in love with the VORU`]e\c^W\7TSZZW\Z]dSeWbVbVS angry-young-man persona that came out O\U`gg]c\U\^S`a]\ObVObQO[S]cb of Billy Joel in "The Stranger." I wanted ]T0WZZg8]SZW\ÂľBVSAb`O\US`Âś7eO\bSR to be Brenda riding around with Eddie, b]PS0`S\RO`WRW\UO`]c\ReWbV3RRWS with the car top down and the radio on. eWbVbVSQO`b]^R]e\O\RbVS`ORW]]\ I was more like Virginia, the Catholic 7eOa[]`SZWYSDW`UW\WObVS1ObV]ZWQ schoolgirl whose parents had built her a aQV]]ZUW`ZeV]aS^O`S\baVORPcWZbVS`O temple and locked her away. Just about bS[^ZSO\RZ]QYSRVS`OeOg8cabOP]cb everything I wanted to do was a sin. SdS`gbVW\U7eO\bSRb]R]eOaOaW\ Struggling to find my own identity, I Ab`cUUZW\Ub]Âż\R[g]e\WRS\bWbg7 moved from a private girls' school in []dSRT`][O^`WdObSUW`Za¸aQV]]ZW\ Memphis, where I spent most of my ;S[^VWaeVS`S7a^S\b[]ab]T[g free time studying ("working too hard T`SSbW[SabcRgW\UÂľe]`YW\Ub]]VO`R can give you a heart attack, ack, ack, QO\UWdSg]cOVSO`bObbOQYOQYOQY ack, ack, ack..."), to college in Colorado, OQYOQYOQYÂŹÂśb]Q]ZZSUSW\1]Z]`OR] where I could backpack every weekend eVS`S7Q]cZRPOQY^OQYSdS`geSSYS\R and learn to laugh with the sinners, not O\RZSO`\b]ZOcUVeWbVbVSaW\\S`a\]b cry with the saints. In 1978, Joel followed Q`geWbVbVSaOW\ba7\'%&8]SZT]ZZ]eSR up "The Stranger" with "52nd Street," c^ÂľBVSAb`O\US`ÂśeWbVÂľ# \RAb`SSbÂś and the song "My Life" became my anO\RbVSa]\UÂľ;g:WTSÂśPSQO[S[gO\ them. To this day, whenever anyone ticks bVS[B]bVWaROgeVS\SdS`O\g]\SbWQYa me off or tries to tell me what to think, [S]TT]`b`WSab]bSZZ[SeVObb]bVW\Y the lyrics to "My Life" go through my bVSZg`WQab]Âľ;g:WTSÂśU]bV`]cUV[g head: "I don't care what you say anyVSOR(Âľ7R]\¸bQO`SeVObg]caOgO\g more, this is my life/ Go ahead with your []`SbVWaWa[gZWTS5]OVSOReWbVg]c` own life, LEAVE ME ALONE." ]e\ZWTS:3/D3;3/:=<3Âś - Meredith Goad, Staff Writer ´;S`SRWbV5]ORAbOTTE`WbS`

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Champagne Toast, Amuse-Bouche #HAMPAGNE4OAST !MUSE "OUCHE A Cocktail, Wine or Beer of your choice !#OCKTAIL 7INEOR"EEROFYOURCHOICE Hearts of Lettuce Salad (EARTSOF,ETTUCE3ALAD

Wendy Almeida at about age 2,W\O in a ES\Rg/Z[SWROObOP]cbOUS poncho and boots belonging to one of ^]\QV]O\RP]]baPSZ]\UW\Ub]]\S]T the actual Bay City Rollers. Not really. bVSOQbcOZ0Og1Wbg@]ZZS`a<]b`SOZZg But it was fun to say. 0cbWbeOaTc\b]aOg


The first time I heard the Bay City RollBVSÂż`abbW[S7VSO`RbVS0Og1Wbg@]ZZ ers's self-titled album was at my older S`a¸aaSZTbWbZSROZPc[eOaOb[g]ZRS` cousin's house when I was about 8 years Q]caW\¸aV]caSeVS\7eOaOP]cb&gSO`a old. My then-teenage cousin showed off ]ZR;gbVS\bSS\OUSQ]caW\aV]eSR]TT the cover and commented on the "cute" bVSQ]dS`O\RQ][[S\bSR]\bVSÂľQcbSÂś guys while she sang the chorus to "SatUcgaeVWZSaVSaO\UbVSQV]`cab]ÂľAOb urday Night." c`ROg<WUVbÂś Being a few years younger and in dire 0SW\UOTSegSO`ag]c\US`O\RW\RW`S need of some coolness (or so I thought), \SSR]Ta][SQ]]Z\Saa]`a]7bV]cUVb I decided to emulate her enthusiasm 7RSQWRSRb]S[cZObSVS`S\bVcaWOa[ for the band, and quickly learned the T]`bVSPO\RO\R_cWQYZgZSO`\SRbVS words to the hit song. When I eventually e]`Rab]bVSVWba]\UEVS\7SdS\bcOZZg reached my teen years, I found my own `SOQVSR[gbSS\gSO`a7T]c\R[g]e\ taste ran toward a bit more "new wave," bOabS`O\b]eO`ROPWb[]`SÂľ\SeeOdSÂś and U2eOa^O`b]T[gZWP`O`g]TQ][^W was part of my library of compiO\RC lation cassette tapes. ZObW]\QOaaSbbSbO^Sa Here's an interesting and little-known 6S`S¸aO\W\bS`SabW\UO\RZWbbZSY\]e\ fact: At U2's very first show in 1977, the TOQb(/bC ¸adS`gÂż`abaV]eW\'%%bVS band played Bay City Roller songs, and PO\R^ZOgSR0Og1Wbg@]ZZS`a]\UaO\R Meredith Goad, with long, straight hair Bono dressed like the Rollers' lead singer. ;S`SRWbV5]OReWbVZ]\Uab`OWUVbVOW` 0]\]R`SaaSRZWYSbVS@]ZZS`a¸ZSORaW\US` and a smiley-face T-shirt in this photo â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Wendy Almeida, O\ROa[WZSgTOQSBaVW`bW\bVWa^V]b] ´ES\Rg/Z[SWRO taken during - yes! - the 1970s. Assistant News Editor bOYS\Rc`W\UÂłgSaÂłbVS'%a /aaWabO\b<Sea3RWb]`

Seafood Stuffed Haddock Or Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon 3EAFOOD3TUFFED(ADDOCK/R"ACON7RAPPED&ILET-IGNON Duchess Potatoes, Sauteed Vegetables $UCHESS0OTATOES 3AUTĂ?ED6EGETABLES Warm Rolls, Coffee Service, Trio of Chocolate Dessert 7ARM2OLLS #OFFEE3ERVICE 4RIOOF#HOCOLATE$ESSERT Featured Wines on Special &EATURED7INESON3PECIAL

'Up your nose Ă&#x160;Lgpfliefj\ with a rubber hose!' n`k_XilYY\i_fj\Ă&#x2039;

$45.00 per person, INCLUDESTAXANDGRATUITY includes tax and gratuity. PERPERSON After dinner relax, enjoy & laugh at our version of !FTERDINNERRELAX ENJOYLAUGHATOURVERSIONOF

"THE NEWLYWED GAME" h4(%.%7,97%$'!-%v Bob Crowley (from Survivor) and his wife, Peggy; and "OB#ROWLEYFROM3URVIVOR ANDHISWIFE 0EGGYAND Nicholas Mavodones (former Mayor or Portland) .ICHOLAS-AVODONESFORMER-AYOROR0ORTLAND and his wife Kelly are contestants!!! ANDHISWIFE+ELLYARECONTESTANTS

Jon Shannon from WPOR will MC. *ON3HANNONFROM70/2WILL-# Call Cammy for your tickets 939 8570 #ALL#AMMYFORYOURTICKETS Doors open at 5:45 p.m. Dinner at 6:30 p.m. $OORSOPENATPM$INNERATPM

JIVE TALKIN': '70s SLANG A@M<K8CB@EĂ&#x2039;1Ă&#x2039;.'jJC8E> Source: "Welcome Back, Hotter" (TV series, 1975-79) A]c`QS(ÂľESZQ][S0OQY9]bbS`ÂśBDaS`WSa'%#%' Before he was a disco-dancin' stud, Samuel L Jackson's hitman 0ST]`SVSeOaORWaQ]RO\QW\¸abcRAO[cSZ:8OQYa]\¸aVWb[O\ cohort or a jet pilot annoying his neighbors on Islesboro, John Q]V]`b]`OXSb^WZ]bO\\]gW\UVWa\SWUVP]`a]\7aZSaP]`]8]V\ Travolta was Vinnie Barbarino, a long-haired, dim-witted kid B`Od]ZbOeOaDW\\WS0O`PO`W\]OZ]\UVOW`SRRW[eWbbSRYWR attending James Buchanan High School in Brooklyn. Like a true ObbS\RW\U8O[Sa0cQVO\O\6WUVAQV]]ZW\0`]]YZg\:WYSOb`cS role model, Vinnie's teacher, Mr. Kotter, encouraged Vinnie and his `]ZS[]RSZDW\\WS¸abSOQVS`;`9]bbS`S\Q]c`OUSRDW\\WSO\RVWa pals to keep his old street gang alive - along with the lingo that ^OZab]YSS^VWa]ZRab`SSbUO\UOZWdSÂłOZ]\UeWbVbVSZW\U]bVOb was almost as dumb as the gang's name itself, the Sweathogs. eOaOZ[]abOaRc[POabVSUO\U¸a\O[SWbaSZTbVSAeSObV]Ua

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 | GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3!


( * * * ( ( * FG<E@E> OPENING (* ( K?@JN<<B * THIS WEEK (*


"ALBERT NOBBS" (R) (2:01) Stars Glenn Close, µ/:03@B<=00A¶@ (AbO`a5ZS\\1Z]aS Mia Wasikowska, Aaron Johnson and Antonia ;WOEOaWY]eaYO/O`]\8]V\a]\O\R/\b]\WO Campbell-Hughes. Directed by Rodrigo Garcia. 1O[^PSZZ6cUVSa2W`SQbSRPg@]R`WU]5O`QWO Set in 19th-century Ireland, a woman pretends to ASbW\'bVQS\bc`g7`SZO\ROe][O\^`SbS\Rab] be a man in order to land a job as a butler. After PSO[O\W\]`RS`b]ZO\ROX]POaOPcbZS`/TbS` 30 years of wearing men's clothing she finds !gSO`a]TeSO`W\U[S\¸aQZ]bVW\UaVS¿\Ra herself trapped in a prison of her own making. VS`aSZTb`O^^SRW\O^`Wa]\]TVS`]e\[OYW\U Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri-Wed 2, =^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`WESR 4:30, 7:10, 9:45 "(!%('("# "BIG MIRACLE" (PG) (1:47) Stars Drew Barµ075;7@/1:3¶>5("%AbO`a2`Se0O` rymore, John Krasinski, John Pingayak and `g[]`S8]V\9`OaW\aYW8]V\>W\UOgOYO\R Ahmaogak Sweeney. Directed by Ken Kwapis. /V[O]UOYAeSS\Sg2W`SQbSRPg9S\9eO^Wa In small-town Alaska, a family of gray whales 7\a[OZZb]e\/ZOaYOOTO[WZg]TU`OgeVOZSa is trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Wab`O^^SRPg`O^WRZgT]`[W\UWQSW\bVS/`QbWQ Circle. With time running out, a news reporter 1W`QZSEWbVbW[S`c\\W\U]cbO\Sea`S^]`bS` and his ex-girlfriend - a Greenpeace volunteer O\RVWaSfUW`ZT`WS\R³O5`SS\^SOQSd]Zc\bSS` - must rally an unlikely coalition of Inuit na³[cab`OZZgO\c\ZWYSZgQ]OZWbW]\]T7\cWb\O tives, oil companies and Russian and American bWdSa]WZQ][^O\WSaO\R@caaWO\O\R/[S`WQO\ military to set aside their differences and free [WZWbO`gb]aSbOaWRSbVSW`RWTTS`S\QSaO\RT`SS the whales. bVSeVOZSa Opening at: Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed =^S\W\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 3:30, 7, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12, 12:20, ( !(!%'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR 2:20,4:40, 7:10,9:30; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed ( "("%('(!)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR 2:05,4:40, 7:15, 9:45; Falmouth 10 Fri 4:50, 7:20, (#"("%(#'("#)4OZ[]cbV4`W"(#%(  9:50 Sat 2, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50 Sun (2:20, 4:50, 7:20 '(#AOb "(#%( '(#Ac\ "(#%(  Mon-Wed 4:50, 7:20 ;]\ESR"(#%( 

Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

For actors from John Travolta to Bruce Lee, the '70s were the decade to bust a move. 4]`OQb]`aT`][8]V\B`Od]ZbOb]0`cQS:SSbVS¸%aeS`SbVSRSQORSb]PcabO[]dS

TOTAL D8P MAYHWtt KFK8C ?<D The '70s on the big screen were dominated BVS¸%a]\bVSPWUaQ`SS\eS`SR][W\ObSR by disasters, gratuitous sex and violence and PgRWaOabS`aU`ObcWb]caaSfO\RdW]ZS\QSO\R extremely scary extraterrestrials. Oh, and disco. Sfb`S[SZgaQO`gSfb`ObS``Sab`WOZa=VO\RRWaQ] #Z%&//*41&3,*/4 By DENNIS PERKINS


or a largely-dePSBMBSHFMZEF rided decade, SJEFEEFDBEF  the 1970s were UIFTXFSF actually a golden BDUVBMMZBHPMEFO age for movBHFGPSNPW ies, maybe the JFT NBZCFUIF best 10-year stretch in film CFTUZFBSTUSFUDIJOmMN history. For that brief period, IJTUPSZ'PSUIBUCSJFGQFSJPE  studios were giving free rein TUVEJPTXFSFHJWJOHGSFFSFJO to young directors such as UPZPVOHEJSFDUPSTTVDIBT Martin Scorcese, Francis Ford .BSUJO4DPSDFTF 'SBODJT'PSE Coppola, Robert Altman, Bob $PQQPMB 3PCFSU"MUNBO #PC Rafelson, Hal Ashby Monte 3BGFMTPO )BM"TICZ .POUF Hellman and the pre-bloat )FMMNBOBOEUIFQSFCMPBU

George Lucas and Steven (FPSHF-VDBTBOE4UFWFO Spielberg, all of whom turned 4QJFMCFSH BMMPGXIPNUVSOFE out some of the best films ever PVUTPNFPGUIFCFTUmMNTFWFS made in a short space of time. NBEFJOBTIPSUTQBDFPGUJNF #VUUIBUTOPUXIZXFSFIFSF But that's not why we're here. 5IFTXFSFBMTPBUJNF The '70s were also a time XIFOFYQMPJUBUJPODJOFNB when exploitation cinema saw that no one was guarding TBXUIBUOPPOFXBTHVBSEJOH the onscreen content chicken UIFPOTDSFFODPOUFOUDIJDLFO coop, so to speak, and started DPPQ TPUPTQFBL BOETUBSUFE turning out some seriously UVSOJOHPVUTPNFTFSJPVTMZ gratuitous sex, violence and HSBUVJUPVTTFY WJPMFODFBOE all-around weirdness - some BMMBSPVOEXFJSEOFTToTPNF exhilaratingly bananas, some FYIJMBSBUJOHMZCBOBOBT TPNF not so much: OPUTPNVDI


BEST: "The Last Wave" #&45i5IF-BTU8BWFw (1977): While America just  8IJMF"NFSJDBKVTU couldn't get enough of watchDPVMEOUHFUFOPVHIPGXBUDI ing stuff blow up, burn, drown, JOHTUVGGCMPXVQ CVSO ESPXO  get creamed by blimps and HFUDSFBNFECZCMJNQTBOE otherwise go smash in the '70s, PUIFSXJTFHPTNBTIJOUIFT  I'm going to go off the map and *NHPJOHUPHPPGGUIFNBQBOE pick this creepy Australian QJDLUIJTDSFFQZ"VTUSBMJBO thriller about white Sydney UISJMMFSBCPVUXIJUF4ZEOFZ lawyer Richard Chamberlain MBXZFS3JDIBSE$IBNCFSMBJO defending five Aboriginals acEFGFOEJOHmWF"CPSJHJOBMTBD

"CHRONICLE" (PG-13) (1:23) Stars Michael B. µ16@=<71:3¶>5!( !AbO`a;WQVOSZ0 Jordan, Michael Kelly and Alex Russell. Directed 8]`RO\;WQVOSZ9SZZgO\R/ZSf@caaSZZ2W`SQbSR by Josh Trank. Three high school friends find a Pg8]aVB`O\YBV`SSVWUVaQV]]ZT`WS\Ra¿\RO mysterious substance that leaves them with su[gabS`W]caacPabO\QSbVObZSOdSabVS[eWbVac perpowers. They find their lives spinning out of ^S`^]eS`aBVSg¿\RbVSW`ZWdSaa^W\\W\U]cb]T control and their bond tested as they embrace Q]\b`]ZO\RbVSW`P]\RbSabSROabVSgS[P`OQS their darker sides. bVSW`RO`YS`aWRSa Opening at: Windham 5 Star Fri 4:30, 7:25, =^S\W\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`4`W"(!%( # 9:55 Sat 1:25, 4:30, 7:25,#'(##Ac\( 9:55 Sun 1:25, 4:30, '(##AOb( #"(!%( #"(! 7:25 Mon-Tues 4:30, 7:25 Wed 1:25,4:30, 7:25; %( #;]\BcSa"(!%( #ESR( #"(!%( #) Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Fri 2:15,4:20, 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`W (#"(  7, 9:30 Sat-Sun 12:10, 7, 9:30 Mon-Wed %'(!AObAc\ ( 2:15,4:20, (#"( %'(!;]\ESR 2:15,4:20, 7, 9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed (#"( %'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 4:40, 7:20, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Fri12, 2:10, ("("%( '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`W Wed 12, 2,4,7:15,9:20; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed ESR "%(#'( )0`c\aeWQY4`WESR 2:20,4:50, 7:35,10; Falmouth 10 Fri 5, 7:10, 9:30 ( "(#%(!#)4OZ[]cbV4`W#%('(! Sat 2:30, 5, 7:10, 9:30 Sun 2:30, 5, 7:10 Mon-Wed AOb (!#%('(!Ac\ (!#%(;]\ESR 5,7:10 #%( "THE WOMAN IN BLACK" (PG-13) (1:35) Stars µB63E=;/<7<0:/19¶>5!(!#AbO`a Daniel Radcliffe, Janet McTeer, Ciaran Hinds and 2O\WSZ@ORQZWTTS8O\Sb;QBSS`1WO`O\6W\RaO\R Emma Shorey. Directed by James Watkins. A 3[[OAV]`Sg2W`SQbSRPg8O[SaEObYW\a/ young lawyer travels to a remote village to put g]c\UZOegS`b`OdSZab]O`S[]bSdWZZOUSb]^cb his deceased client's affairs in order and discovVWaRSQSOaSRQZWS\b¸aOTTOW`aW\]`RS`O\RRWaQ]d ers the area residents are hiding a deadly secret S`abVSO`SO`SaWRS\baO`SVWRW\UORSORZgaSQ`Sb - a vengeful ghost of a scorned woman who is ³OdS\USTcZUV]ab]TOaQ]`\SRe][O\eV]Wa trying to find something she lost and terrorizing b`gW\Ub]¿\Ra][SbVW\UaVSZ]abO\RbS``]`WhW\U the locals in the process. bVSZ]QOZaW\bVS^`]QSaa Opening at: Windham 5 Star Fri 4:25, 7:15, 9:35 =^S\W\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`4`W"( #%(#'(!# Sat 1:20, 4:25, 7:15, 9:35 Sun 1:20,4:25, 7:15 MonAOb( "( #%(#'(!#Ac\( "( #%(#;]\ Tues 4:25, 7:15 Wed 1:20,4:25, 7:15; Cinemagic BcSa"( #%(#ESR( "( #%(#)1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) Fri 2:30,4:50, 7:10, 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`W (!"(#%( 9:50 Sat-Sun 12:10, 4:50, 7:10, 9:50 Mon'(#AObAc\ ( 2:30, (!"(#%('(#;]\ Wed 2:30,4:50,7:10,9:50; Cinemagic Westbrook ESR (!"(#%('(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Fri-Wed 11:40,2,4:30,7:10, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco 4`WESR(" "(!%('(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Fri-Wed 12:05, 7, 9:10; Brunswick 10 4`WESR (# 2:20,4:30, ( "(!%'()0`c\aeWQY Fri-Wed 2:10,4:30, 7:30, 9:55; Falmouth 10 Fri 4`WESR ("(!%(!'(##)4OZ[]cbV4`W 4:30, 7, 9:40 Sat 2:10,4:30, 7, 9:40 Sun 2:10,4:30, "(!%'("AOb ("(!%'("Ac\ ("(! 7 Mon-Wed 4:30, 7 %;]\ESR"(!% "IN THE BLOOD" Directed by Sumner McKane. µ7<B630:==2¶2W`SQbSRPgAc[\S`;Q9O\S This film will take the viewer into the 19thBVWa¿Z[eWZZbOYSbVSdWSeS`W\b]bVS'bV century Maine woods, a camp, and onto a river QS\bc`g;OW\Se]]RaOQO[^O\R]\b]O`WdS` featuring three historic characters. Combing oral TSObc`W\UbV`SSVWab]`WQQVO`OQbS`a1][PW\U]`OZ histories, photography, sound design and a live VWab]`WSa^V]b]U`O^Vga]c\RRSaWU\O\ROZWdS musical soundtrack creates an entertaining and [caWQOZa]c\Rb`OQYQ`SObSaO\S\bS`bOW\W\UO\R vivid experience. dWdWRSf^S`WS\QS

Please see 7 0 S MOVIES, Page E31 Gc\Xj\j\\¸%A;=D73AGX^\<*(

Indie Film: Fenway faithful, E14 on DVD: -Drive/ 'Dream House/ E15 @e[`\=`cd1=\enXp]X`k_]lc#<(+ Nâ&#x20AC;˘ New E\nfe;M;1Ă&#x160;;i`m\#Ă&#x2039;Ă&#x160;;i\Xd?flj\#Ă&#x2039;<(,

Please see MOVIES, Page E18 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(/

E14 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

',11(5$1'$029,(,6%$&. DINNER AND A MOVIE IS BACK!

The Fenway Four: Jacob BVS4S\eOg4]c`(8OQ]P Ouellette, executive =cSZZSbbSSfSQcbWdS producer; Luke Fraser, ^`]RcQS`):cYS4`OaS` executive producer; SfSQcbWdS^`]RcQS`) Kelsey Doherty, director 9SZaSg2]VS`bgRW`SQb]` of marketing; and Kyle ]T[O`YSbW\U)O\R9gZS Brasseur, director of 0`OaaSc`RW`SQb]`]T baseball research. POaSPOZZ`SaSO`QV

$77+(%,6752$7&/$5.6321' AT THE BISTRO AT CLARKS POND $1'35(9,(:6*5,// %$5 AND PREVIEWS GRILL & BAR!

1]c`bSag^V]b] Courtesy photo

&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2 IMAX 3D: UNDERWORLD AWAKENING GU    (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:15-2:20-4:30-7:00-9:10 5  6$&2


THE GREY (R) 12:30-3:10-6:50-9:20 *     5  MAN ON A LEDGE (PG13) 12:10-2:25-4:40-6:55-9:05    3* 


* * * *

ONE FOR THE MONEY (PG13) 12:15-2:20-4:25-7:05-9:15      3*  A DANGEROUS METHOD (R) 12:25-2:35-4:45-7:05-9:25     5  IRON LADY (PG13) 12:10-2:25-4:40-6:55-9:05  3*  THE DESCENDANTS (R) 12:20-3:00-6:50-9:15     5  UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:00-4:00-7:15-9:20  U    5  RED TAILS (PG13) 12:30-3:15-6:45-9:25    3*  EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE (PG13) 12:10-3:00-6:40-9:20   n     3*  HAYWIRE (R) 12:15-2:20-4:25-7:00-9:10

   5  3D BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:30-4:30-7:00 G    *  CONTRABAND (R) 12:05-2:25-4:45-7:05-9:25  5  JOYFUL NOISE (PG13) 12:00-9:15     3* 




THE GREY (R) 1:30-4:20-7:00-9:40 *     5  MAN ON A LEDGE (PG13) 2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00    3* 

ONE FOR THE MONEY (PG13) 2:15-4:30-7:10-9:30      3*  * G U    5  3D UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:20-4:40-7:20-9:40 RED TAILS (PG13) 1:20-4:10-7:00-9:50    3*  EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE (PG13) 1:10-4:00-6:50-9:40   n     3*  * G    *  3D BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:10-4:30 WAR HORSE (PG13) 1:10-4:20    3*  *      5  GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (R) 7:30 *      H 3*  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 (PG13) 7:30



H E GREY (R) 12:00-3:10-6:50-9:40 * T    5  MAN ON A LEDGE (PG13) 11:40-2:00-4:30-7:10-9:50    3* 

ONE FOR THE MONEY (PG13) 11:50-2:10-4:30-7:20-9:50      3*  THE ARTIST (PG13) 11:40-2:00-4:30-7:10-9:40    3*  * G U    5  3D UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 11:50-2:00-4:20-6:50-9:10 *    3*  RED TAILS (PG13) 12:20-3:20-7:00-9:50 EXTREMELY LOUD & INCREDIBLY CLOSE (PG13) 12:20-3:10-6:40-9:30   n     3*  HAYWIRE (R) 11:50-2:10-4:40-7:00-9:10

   5  * G    *  3D BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (G) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:20-4:40-7:10 CONTRABAND (R) 12:30-3:10-7:00-9:50  5  JOYFUL NOISE (PG13) 12:30-9:30     3*  IRON LADY (PG13) 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:10-9:40  3*  TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY (R) 3:20-6:40   X X X 5  *WAR HORSE (PG13) 9:30    3*  WE BOUGHT A ZOO (PG) 12:00-9:20    3*  GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO (R) 7:20      5  MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 (PG13) 3:30-6:30      H 3*  *    F 3*  SHERLOCK HOLMES 2 (PG13) 12:20-3:20-6:30-9:30 ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS 3 (G) 11:50-2:00-4:20  n  G *  * T    5  H E DESCENDANTS (R) 12:30-3:30-6:30-9:20

7+(6(6+2:7,0(69$/,')(%58$5< $//67$',806($7,1* ',*,7$/6281' r',*,7$/),/035(6(17$7,21 2& 23(1&$37,21('),/0


Documentary looks at Fenway ;fZld\ekXipcffbjXk=\enXp lj`e^jkfi`\j#\dfk`fejf]]Xej using stories, emotions of fans DM y wife and I have this plan for when ZXJGFBOE*IBWFUIJTQMBOGPSXIFO I die. *EJF After I'm cremated, she will "GUFS*NDSFNBUFE TIFXJMM smuggle some ashes into a Red Sox TNVHHMFTPNFBTIFTJOUPB3FE4PY game and sprinkle them onto the field at HBNFBOETQSJOLMFUIFNPOUPUIFmFMEBU Fenway. Sure, she'll probably be Tasered 'FOXBZ4VSF TIFMMQSPCBCMZCF5BTFSFE for throwing a mysterious white powder GPSUISPXJOHBNZTUFSJPVTXIJUFQPXEFS at a sporting event, BUBTQPSUJOHFWFOU  but I'm sure she, as CVU*NTVSFTIF BT the forbearing wife UIFGPSCFBSJOHXJGF of a Sox fan, will PGB4PYGBO XJMM understand. That's VOEFSTUBOE5IBUT what Fenway does to XIBU'FOXBZEPFTUP certain people. DFSUBJOQFPQMF Just ask Sanford +VTUBTL4BOGPSE native Jacob OuelOBUJWF+BDPC0VFM lette, one of a quartet MFUUF POFPGBRVBSUFU of Emerson College PG&NFSTPO$PMMFHF sophomores planning TPQIPNPSFTQMBOOJOH a documentary about BEPDVNFOUBSZBCPVU the venerable Boston landmark, which UIFWFOFSBCMF#PTUPOMBOENBSL XIJDI will celebrate its 100th birthday in April. XJMMDFMFCSBUFJUTUICJSUIEBZJO"QSJM "With Fenway, every time I walk in there i8JUI'FOXBZ FWFSZUJNF*XBMLJOUIFSF is like the first time," Ouellette said. "It's JTMJLFUIFmSTUUJNF w0VFMMFUUFTBJEi*UT like it's new all over again. I'm a diehard MJLFJUTOFXBMMPWFSBHBJO*NBEJFIBSE Red Sox fan, so being in a position where I 3FE4PYGBO TPCFJOHJOBQPTJUJPOXIFSF* can do something like this, it's combining DBOEPTPNFUIJOHMJLFUIJT JUTDPNCJOJOH a passion for both." BQBTTJPOGPSCPUIw Ouellette and his three partners in Red 0VFMMFUUFBOEIJTUISFFQBSUOFSTJO3FE Seat Productions (Biddeford's Kelsey 4FBU1SPEVDUJPOT #JEEFGPSET,FMTFZ Doherty and Massachusetts natives Luke %PIFSUZBOE.BTTBDIVTFUUTOBUJWFT-VLF Fraser and Kyle Brasseur) share that 'SBTFSBOE,ZMF#SBTTFVS TIBSFUIBU passion for the Red Sox and Fenway Park QBTTJPOGPSUIF3FE4PYBOE'FOXBZ1BSL and a personal history with the venerable BOEBQFSTPOBMIJTUPSZXJUIUIFWFOFSBCMF stadium. Together, they write the Sox blog TUBEJVN5PHFUIFS UIFZXSJUFUIF4PYCMPH "Red Seat Nation" ( i3FE4FBU/BUJPOw SFETFBUOBUJPOCMPH TQPUDPN  "The first time I met Kelsey was when i5IFmSTUUJNF*NFU,FMTFZXBTXIFO I saw online that we were both coming *TBXPOMJOFUIBUXFXFSFCPUIDPNJOH from Maine to go to Emerson - and that GSPN.BJOFUPHPUP&NFSTPOoBOEUIBU we were going to be at the same Red Sox XFXFSFHPJOHUPCFBUUIFTBNF3FE4PY game," said Ouellette. "And the first time HBNF wTBJE0VFMMFUUFi"OEUIFmSTUUJNF the four of us ever met in person was at UIFGPVSPGVTFWFSNFUJOQFSTPOXBTBU Fenway. That's the thing about Fenway, 'FOXBZ5IBUTUIFUIJOHBCPVU'FOXBZ  how it brings people together. Everyone IPXJUCSJOHTQFPQMFUPHFUIFS&WFSZPOF has a story." IBTBTUPSZw That shared fan experience is the basis 5IBUTIBSFEGBOFYQFSJFODFJTUIFCBTJT for Red Seat Productions' so-far unnamed GPS3FE4FBU1SPEVDUJPOTTPGBSVOOBNFE documentary on the park, which the four EPDVNFOUBSZPOUIFQBSL XIJDIUIFGPVS are preparing to coincide with Fenway's BSFQSFQBSJOHUPDPJODJEFXJUI'FOXBZT centennial this year and which Ouellette DFOUFOOJBMUIJTZFBSBOEXIJDI0VFMMFUUF hopes will set their film apart from other IPQFTXJMMTFUUIFJSmMNBQBSUGSPNPUIFS Red Sox docs. 3FE4PYEPDT "We're planning to avoid the standard i8FSFQMBOOJOHUPBWPJEUIFTUBOEBSE chronological approach of most documenDISPOPMPHJDBMBQQSPBDIPGNPTUEPDVNFO taries," he said. "Instead, we'll chronicle UBSJFT wIFTBJEi*OTUFBE XFMMDISPOJDMF events in a different way - through the FWFOUTJOBEJGGFSFOUXBZoUISPVHIUIF experience of Red Sox fans." FYQFSJFODFPG3FE4PYGBOTw Ouellette envisions the film as an oral 0VFMMFUUFFOWJTJPOTUIFmMNBTBOPSBM history built from the shared experiences IJTUPSZCVJMUGSPNUIFTIBSFEFYQFSJFODFT

Dennis Perkins ;\ee`jG\ib`ej Indie Film @e[`\=`cd

of those (like me) who trace some of their PGUIPTF MJLFNF XIPUSBDFTPNFPGUIFJS most joyful (and painful) memories to that NPTUKPZGVM BOEQBJOGVM NFNPSJFTUPUIBU emerald oasis in the gray Boston Fens. FNFSBMEPBTJTJOUIFHSBZ#PTUPO'FOT "This is going to be an emotional docui5IJTJTHPJOHUPCFBOFNPUJPOBMEPDV mentary," Ouellette said, "told through NFOUBSZ w0VFMMFUUFTBJE iUPMEUISPVHI the memories of the most passionate fans UIFNFNPSJFTPGUIFNPTUQBTTJPOBUFGBOT in all of sports." JOBMMPGTQPSUTw That emotion comes through in the 5IBUFNPUJPODPNFTUISPVHIJOUIF brief trailer that Red Seat Productions CSJFGUSBJMFSUIBU3FE4FBU1SPEVDUJPOT has produced, where one narrator says of IBTQSPEVDFE XIFSFPOFOBSSBUPSTBZTPG Fenway: "Every seat, every brick, every 'FOXBZi&WFSZTFBU FWFSZCSJDL FWFSZ spot... has got stories," and another, TQPUyIBTHPUTUPSJFT wBOEBOPUIFS  asked what Fenway means to him, simply BTLFEXIBU'FOXBZNFBOTUPIJN TJNQMZ says, "Home." (Anyone looking to share TBZT i)PNFw "OZPOFMPPLJOHUPTIBSF their stories should contact the filmmakUIFJSTUPSJFTTIPVMEDPOUBDUUIFmMNNBL ers at redseatnation (a FSTBUSFETFBUOBUJPO!HNBJMDPN

Like many aspiring filmmakers, the Red -JLFNBOZBTQJSJOHmMNNBLFST UIF3FE Seat crew has turned to the website Kick4FBUDSFXIBTUVSOFEUPUIFXFCTJUF,JDL starter to get the movie off the ground. TUBSUFSUPHFUUIFNPWJFPGGUIFHSPVOE But Ouellette stresses that, while actively #VU0VFMMFUUFTUSFTTFTUIBU XIJMFBDUJWFMZ securing interviewees, they're pursuing TFDVSJOHJOUFSWJFXFFT UIFZSFQVSTVJOH various other funding options - a "Plan WBSJPVTPUIFSGVOEJOHPQUJPOToBi1MBO B." That may be necessary, because their #w5IBUNBZCFOFDFTTBSZ CFDBVTFUIFJS campaign has only raised $232 of their DBNQBJHOIBTPOMZSBJTFEPGUIFJS proposed $5,500 goal as of this writing QSPQPTFE HPBMBTPGUIJTXSJUJOH (with a Feb. 10 deadline). XJUIB'FCEFBEMJOF  But that shouldn't be a problem. We Red #VUUIBUTIPVMEOUCFBQSPCMFN8F3FE Sox fans learned, long ago, to live in hope. 4PYGBOTMFBSOFE MPOHBHP UPMJWFJOIPQF Dennis Perkins is a Portland-based freelance writer. 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaO>]`bZO\RPOaSRT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`

COMING TO LOCAL SCREENS :FD@E>KFCF:8CJ:I<<EJ GENO'S ROCK CLUB 53<=¸A@=191:C0 (625 Congress St.) $ #1]\U`SaaAb Monday: The Geek Chorus presents ;]\ROg(BVS5SSY1V]`ca^`SaS\ba "The Babysitter." Portland's own ÂľBVS0OPgaWbbS`Âś>]`bZO\R¸a]e\ Mystery Science Theater 3 0 0 0 takes ;gabS`gAQWS\QSBVSObS`!bOYSa out their boozy film-geek rage at this ]cbbVSW`P]]hgÂżZ[USSY`OUSObbVWa sleazy exploitation non-classic about aZSOhgSf^Z]WbObW]\\]\QZOaaWQOP]cb what I can only assume is a very eVOb7QO\]\ZgOaac[SWaOdS`g unethical child-care specialist. The c\SbVWQOZQVWZRQO`Sa^SQWOZWabBVS Chorus brings in local funnyman Sean 1V]`caP`W\UaW\Z]QOZTc\\g[O\ASO\ Wilkinson for comedy backup this EWZYW\a]\T]`Q][SRgPOQYc^bVWa week! eSSY ROBERT FLAHERTY FILM SEMINAR @=03@B4:/63@BG47:;A3;7</@ The prestigious New York film BVS^`SabWUW]ca<SeG]`YÂżZ[ organization has announced a March ]`UO\WhObW]\VOaO\\]c\QSRO;O`QV 1 deadline for applicants for its LEF RSORZW\ST]`O^^ZWQO\baT]`Wba:34 New England Fellowships. Four New <Se3\UZO\R4SZZ]eaVW^a4]c`<Se England-based filmmakers will receive 3\UZO\RPOaSRÂżZ[[OYS`aeWZZ`SQSWdS an all-expenses-paid invite to the O\OZZSf^S\aSa^OWRW\dWbSb]bVS seminar in June. Application materials aS[W\O`W\8c\S/^^ZWQObW]\[ObS`WOZa can be found at: QO\PST]c\ROb(Ă&#x20AC;OVS`bgaS[W\O`]`U the-flaherty-seminar/fellowshipbVSĂ&#x20AC;OVS`bgaS[W\O`TSZZ]eaVW^ information-2012 W\T]`[ObW]\ 

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 GO E15 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g   j5=3#

4(%2%)3./#/-0!2)3/. %6%29$!9 !,,4(%4)-% */+%23)34(%"%346!,5%


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"THE BIG YEAR," starring Steve Martin and ÂľB63075G3/@ÂśabO``W\UAbSdS;O`bW\O\R Jack Black. Considering the star power and co8OQY0ZOQY1]\aWRS`W\UbVSabO`^]eS`O\RQ] medic potential of its three leads, "The Big Year" [SRWQ^]bS\bWOZ]TWbabV`SSZSORaÂľBVS0WUGSO`Âś is a relatively restrained affair, with Martin, Black WaO`SZObWdSZg`Sab`OW\SROTTOW`eWbV;O`bW\0ZOQY and Owen Wilson playing men who differ in O\R=eS\EWZa]\^ZOgW\U[S\eV]RWTTS`W\ most ways save one: An avid, near-rabid interest []abeOgaaOdS]\S(/\OdWR\SO``OPWRW\bS`Sab in bird watching. Rated PG. Running time: 1:40 W\PW`ReObQVW\U@ObSR>5@c\\W\UbW[S((" Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''&)0Zc`Og!'''

"QUEEN: DAYS OF OUR LIVES," documentary. µ?C33<(2/GA=4=C@:7D3A¶R]Qc[S\bO`g This exhaustive, career-spanning retrospective BVWaSfVOcabWdSQO`SS`a^O\\W\U`Sb`]a^SQbWdS doc provides enough Queen footage and info R]Q^`]dWRSaS\]cUV?cSS\T]]bOUSO\RW\T] for several films. It's loaded with rare backT]`aSdS`OZ¿Z[a7b¸aZ]ORSReWbV`O`SPOQY stage footage in addition to live performances, abOUST]]bOUSW\ORRWbW]\b]ZWdS^S`T]`[O\QSa interviews and music videos. A no-brainer gift W\bS`dWSeaO\R[caWQdWRS]a/\]P`OW\S`UWTb for fans, and a hugely entertaining watch for T]`TO\aO\ROVcUSZgS\bS`bOW\W\UeObQVT]` everyone. Running time: 3:41 SdS`g]\S@c\\W\UbW[S(!(" Suggested retail price: $19.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(''&

"DREAM HOUSE," starring Daniel Craig and µ2@3/;6=CA3¶abO``W\U2O\WSZ1`OWUO\R Rachel Weisz. A would-be novelist (Craig) and @OQVSZESWah/e]cZRPS\]dSZWab1`OWUO\R his family settle down in their new suburban ConVWaTO[WZgaSbbZSR]e\W\bVSW`\SeacPc`PO\1]\ necticut home, only to have their domestic bliss \SQbWQcbV][S]\Zgb]VOdSbVSW`R][SabWQPZWaa routinely interrupted by threatening trespassers `]cbW\SZgW\bS``c^bSRPgbV`SObS\W\Ub`Sa^OaaS`a and seemingly otherworldly elements. This leads O\RaSS[W\UZg]bVS`e]`ZRZgSZS[S\baBVWaZSORa to an investigation of their new digs that uncovers b]O\W\dSabWUObW]\]TbVSW`\SeRWUabVObc\Q]dS`a a variety of disturbing explanations. Rated PG-13. OdO`WSbg]TRWabc`PW\USf^ZO\ObW]\a@ObSR>5! Running time: 1:32 @c\\W\UbW[S((! Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $34.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''&)0Zc`Og!"'& "DRIVE," starring Ryan Gosling and Carey µ2@7D3¶abO``W\U@gO\5]aZW\UO\R1O`Sg Mulligan. This ultra-stylish throwback thriller ;cZZWUO\BVWacZb`OabgZWaVbV`]ePOQYbV`WZZS` concerns an unnamed stunt driver/mechanic Q]\QS`\aO\c\\O[SRabc\bR`WdS`[SQVO\WQ (Gosling), whose decision to help out an attrac5]aZW\UeV]aSRSQWaW]\b]VSZ^]cbO\Obb`OQ tive neighbor (Mulligan) proves ill-advised at bWdS\SWUVP]`;cZZWUO\^`]dSaWZZORdWaSROb best once a decidedly criminal element enters PSab]\QSORSQWRSRZgQ`W[W\OZSZS[S\bS\bS`a the picture. "Drive" is a thinking man's action bVS^WQbc`Sµ2`WdS¶WaObVW\YW\U[O\¸aOQbW]\ movie, with several already classic scenes and []dWSeWbVaSdS`OZOZ`SORgQZOaaWQaQS\SaO\R a wonderfully unpredictable storyline. Rated R. Oe]\RS`TcZZgc\^`SRWQbOPZSab]`gZW\S@ObSR@ Running time: 1:40 @c\\W\UbW[S((" Suggested retail price: $26.99; Blu-ray $30.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'')0Zc`Og!''

"BOARDWALK EMPIRE: THE COMPLETE FIRST µ0=/@2E/:93;>7@3(B631=;>:3B347@AB SEASON," starring Steve Buscemi and Michael A3/A=<¶abO``W\UAbSdS0caQS[WO\R;WQVOSZ Pitt. Filling the considerable void left by "The >Wbb4WZZW\UbVSQ]\aWRS`OPZSd]WRZSTbPgµBVS Sopranos" proved no easy task for HBO, but this A]^`O\]a¶^`]dSR\]SOagbOaYT]`60=PcbbVWa meticulously constructed drama comes closest. [SbWQcZ]caZgQ]\ab`cQbSRR`O[OQ][SaQZ]aSab Set in Prohibition-era Atlantic City, "Empire" ASbW\>`]VWPWbW]\S`O/bZO\bWQ1Wbgµ3[^W`S¶ focuses on Buscemi's Nucky Thompson, whose T]QcaSa]\0caQS[W¸a<cQYgBV][^a]\eV]aS position as city treasurer affords him unique ^]aWbW]\OaQWbgb`SOac`S`OTT]`RaVW[c\W_cS powers and connections, allowing him to rake ^]eS`aO\RQ]\\SQbW]\aOZZ]eW\UVW[b]`OYS in the dough through the illegal sale of alcohol W\bVSR]cUVbV`]cUVbVSWZZSUOZaOZS]TOZQ]V]Z while publicly condemning its usage. Running eVWZS^cPZWQZgQ]\RS[\W\UWbacaOUS@c\\W\U time: 12:00. bW[S( ( Suggested retail price: $79.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(%''& VIDEOPORT PICKS D723=>=@B>719A

"THE MILL AND THE CROSS," starring Rutger ÂľB63;7::/<2B631@=AAÂśabO``W\U@cbUS` Hauer and Charlotte Rampling. Dizzying 6OcS`O\R1VO`Z]bbS@O[^ZW\U2WhhgW\U beautiful and inventive, this labor of love from PSOcbWTcZO\RW\dS\bWdSbVWaZOP]`]TZ]dST`][ writer-director Lech Majewski is an examination e`WbS`RW`SQb]`:SQV;OXSeaYWWaO\SfO[W\ObW]\ of an era by way of one painting in particular: ]TO\S`OPgeOg]T]\S^OW\bW\UW\^O`bWQcZO`( "The Way to Calvary," created in 1564 by Pieter ÂľBVSEOgb]1OZdO`gÂśQ`SObSRW\#$"Pg>WSbS` Bruegel. The persecution of Christ parallels 0`cSUSZBVS^S`aSQcbW]\]T1V`Wab^O`OZZSZa "THE DOUBLE," starring Richard Gere and ÂľB632=C0:3ÂśabO``W\U@WQVO`R5S`SO\R easily with the daily horrors experienced by the SOaWZgeWbVbVSROWZgV]``]`aSf^S`WS\QSRPgbVS Topher Grace. A retired CIA man (Gere) is paired 4ZS[WaVRc`W\UbVSA^O\WaV7\_cWaWbW]\W\bVWa B]^VS`5`OQS/`SbW`SR17/[O\5S`SWa^OW`SR Flemish during the Spanish Inquisition in this with an eager FBI rookie (Grace) to take down a ]\S]TOYW\R^`]RcQbW]\<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\a eWbVO\SOUS`407`]]YWS5`OQSb]bOYSR]e\O one-of-a-kind production. Not rated; contains Russian spy suspected of murdering a senator. @caaWO\a^gaca^SQbSR]T[c`RS`W\UOaS\Ob]` some graphic violence. Running time: 1:37 a][SU`O^VWQdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\UbW[S((!% Seemingly dated but mostly compelling, with ASS[W\UZgRObSRPcb[]abZgQ][^SZZW\UeWbV Suggested retail price: $29.95; Blu-ray $34.95 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''#)0Zc`Og!"'# Gere making an amusingly weary foil for Grace's 5S`S[OYW\UO\O[caW\UZgeSO`gT]WZT]`5`OQS¸a showy histrionics. Rated PG-13. Running time: 1:32. aV]egVWab`W]\WQa@ObSR>5!@c\\W\UbW[S((! "OUTRAGE: WAY OF THE YAKUZA," starring Âľ=CB@/53(E/G=4B63G/9CH/ÂśabO``W\U Suggested retail price: $27.97; Blu-ray $29.97 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( %'%)0Zc`Og ''% Takeshi Kitano and Ryo Kase. Often and aptly BOYSaVW9WbO\]O\R@g]9OaS=TbS\O\RO^bZg compared to Clint Eastwood both for his no-nonQ][^O`SRb]1ZW\b3Oabe]]RP]bVT]`VWa\]\]\ "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD: 50TH ANNIVERÂľB=97::/;=197<507@2(#B6/<<7D3@ sense persona and multiple talents, Takeshi pulls aS\aS^S`a]\OO\R[cZbW^ZSbOZS\baBOYSaVW^cZZa SARY EDITION," starring Gregory Peck and Mary ]cbOZZbVSab]^aeWbVVWaZObSabO\W[^]aaWPZg A/@G327B7=<ÂśabO``W\U5`SU]`g>SQYO\R;O`g out all the stops with his latest, an impossibly Badham. Nearly as beloved as the classic book bloody depiction of an increasingly complex and 0ORVO[<SO`ZgOaPSZ]dSROabVSQZOaaWQP]]Y PZ]]RgRS^WQbW]\]TO\W\Q`SOaW\UZgQ][^ZSfO\R that inspired it, "Mockingbird" is a 1962QZOaaWQ classic bVObW\a^W`SRWbÂľ;]QYW\UPW`RÂśWaO'$ dire series of misunderstandings between two RW`SaS`WSa]T[Wac\RS`abO\RW\UaPSbeSS\be] drama in which crusading lawyer Atticus Finch Yakuza crews that escalates to levels of violence R`O[OW\eVWQVQ`caORW\UZOegS`/bbWQca4W\QV GOYchOQ`SeabVObSaQOZObSab]ZSdSZa]TdW]ZS\QS (Peck) chooses to defend a young black man almost operatic in their nasty beauty. Rated R >SQYQV]]aSab]RSTS\ROg]c\UPZOQY[O\ OZ[]ab]^S`ObWQW\bVSW`\OabgPSOcbg@ObSR@ accused of rape in the face of complete lack for violence, language and brief sexuality. RunOQQcaSR]T`O^SW\bVSTOQS]TQ][^ZSbSZOQY T]`dW]ZS\QSZO\UcOUSO\RP`WSTaSfcOZWbg@c\ of support and flat-out hostility from his racist ning time: 1:49 ]Tac^^]`bO\RĂ&#x20AC;Ob]cbV]abWZWbgT`][VWa`OQWab \W\UbW[S(("' community. Running time: 2:09 Suggested retail price: $26.98; Blu-ray $29.98 Q][[c\Wbg@c\\W\UbW[S( (' AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'&)0Zc`Og ''& Suggested retail price: $26.98; Blu-ray $26.98 â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Courtesy of Videoport AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'&)0Zc`Og $'& ´1]c`bSag]TDWRS]^]`b

1:00 4:10 6:40 9:10    

THE IRON LADY   (PG 13)   




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YES 9%3

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3  YES 9%3 YES 9%3 YES 9%3 YES 9%3

1  YES 9%3 YES 9%3 YES 9%3 YES 9%3


A DANGEROUSMETHOD(R)2A5 4:45 7:30 9:45              SHAME   (m 17)  

NO ./

THE"%340!249).4/7. 2O Feet GIANT Slide YES NO &EET')!.43LIDE 9%3 ./ Bounce Arena YES NO "OUNCE!RENA 9%3 ./ 1OO Ft Train YES NO &T4RAIN 9%3 ./ 3 Story GIGANTIC 3TORY')'!.4)# Playhouse YES NO 0LAYHOUSE 9%3 ./ Arcade /Video Games 65 45 !RCADE6IDEO'AMES   Menu Items 32 16 -ENU)TEMS  

TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY(R) 1:15 4:00 6:50 9:30             THE DESCENDANTS   (R)   

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Daily Bargain Matinees- All Seats $6.00 !')1!-%!'+!/'+$$.))$!/.  THE ARTIST    (PG 13) 

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Check out all the Oscar Nominated Films! &$"(,0/!))/&$."!-,*'+!/$#')*.


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SUPER TUESDAYS!!! ALL SEATS $5.00    Starts Friday- Glenn Close in ALBERT NOBBS /!-/.-'#!1)$++),.$'+


Source: "Star Wars" (movie, 1977) A]c`QS(µAbO`EO`a¶[]dWS'%% Long ago, in movie theaters far, far away, people :]\UOU]W\[]dWSbVSObS`aTO`TO`OeOg^S]^ZS Q]cZRS\X]gµAbO`EO`a¶eWbV]cbVOdW\Ub] could enjoy "Star Wars" without having to remember things like Jar Jar Binks and midi`S[S[PS`bVW\UaZWYS8O`8O`0W\YaO\R[WRW QVZ]`WO\aEWbVOQZOaaWQU]]RdS`acaSdWZ^Z]b chlorians. With a classic good-versus-evil plot, groundbreaking special effects and a toy market U`]c\RP`SOYW\Ua^SQWOZSTTSQbaO\ROb]g[O`YSb PWUS\]cUVb]`S_cW`SO2O`bVDORS`VSORXcabb] big enough to require a Darth Vader head just to store them all, nothing came even close to beatab]`SbVS[OZZ\]bVW\UQO[SSdS\QZ]aSb]PSOb W\UbVS]`WUW\OZ¿Z[W\^]^QcZbc`SR][W\O\QS ing the original film in pop-culture dominance. No one really knew what the Force was, but we <]]\S`SOZZgY\SeeVObbVS4]`QSeOaPcbeS knew that if it was with us, we could do stuff Y\SebVObWTWbeOaeWbVcaeSQ]cZRR]abcTT like move things with our minds and make killer ZWYS[]dSbVW\UaeWbV]c`[W\RaO\R[OYSYWZZS` lightsaber moves blindfolded. ZWUVbaOPS`[]dSaPZW\RT]ZRSR And what's cooler than that? /\ReVOb¸aQ]]ZS`bVO\bVOb-


Ă&#x160;DXpk_\=fiZ\ 'May the Force Y\n`k_pfl%Ă&#x2039; be with you.'


 ! (430PM) 720 PM    THE GREY (R) - ID REQ'D    (120 420) 710 950 ! $ THE GREY (R) - ID REQ'D    (410 PM) 700 PM ! $ ONE FOR THE MONEY (PG-13) ! (130410)720950    MAN ON A LEDGE (PG-13)     MAN ON A LEDGE (PG-13)     (440 PM) 730 PM    (100350)700945     THE DESCENDANTS (R) - ID REQ'D     $ HUGO IN REAL D 3D - EVENT     (420 PM) 710PM    PRICING (PG) *      (1240 PM 330 PM) 645 PM   LOUD & INCREDIBLY RED TAILS (PG-13) (350 PM) 640 PM EXTREMELY !    !        CLOSE (PG-13) (1245 340) 640 935

     UNDERWORLD AWAKENING IN REAL D       RED TAILS (PG-13) (1250400)650940    $         3D - EVENT PRICING (R) - ID REQ'D * (445PM) 735PM      UNDERWORLD AWAKENING IN REAL D       3D - EVENT PRICING (R) - ID REQ'D *    $  HAYWIRE (R) - ID REQ'D 740 PM  (115430)7301000  ! $    HAYWIRE (R) ID REQ'D (125 PM 425 PM)  ! $       !" # $ HAYWIRE [OC] (R) - ID REQ'D (450 PM)    BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN REAL D 3D  !        CONTRABAND (R) - ID REQ'D 705 PM  

   $ EVENT PRICING (G) *   (110PM 405PM) 705 PM       WAR HORSE (PG-13) (400PM)     CONTRABAND (R) - ID REQ'D 955 PM



   CLOSE (PG-13) (355PM) 650PM



    '      (105PM 345PM) HUGO IN REAL D 3D - EVENT     SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF      PRICING (PG) * 655 PM

 SHADOWS (PG-13) 940PM  





:Xk`\:lik`j Catie Curtis Nationally known folk-rock <ObW]\OZZgY\]e\T]ZY`]QY singer-songwriter as well as Saco aW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`OaeSZZOaAOQ] native Catie Curtis donates her \ObWdS1ObWS1c`bWaR]\ObSaVS` talents with a benefit concert for bOZS\baeWbVOPS\S¿bQ]\QS`bT]` Safe Passage. The organization AOTS>OaaOUSBVS]`UO\WhObW]\ provides education and inte^`]dWRSaSRcQObW]\O\RW\bS grated social support for more U`ObSRa]QWOZac^^]`bT]`[]`S than 550 of Guatemala's poorest bVO\##]T5cObS[OZO¸a^]]`Sab children and their families. Can't QVWZR`S\O\RbVSW`TO[WZWSa1O\¸b make this show? Curtis will be in [OYSbVWaaV]e-1c`bWaeWZZPSW\ Brownfield on Saturday at Stone 0`]e\¿SZR]\AObc`ROgObAb]\S Mountain Arts Center. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`

'CiRCA' Ă&#x160;:`I:8Ă&#x2039; With a soundtrack that includes EWbVOa]c\Rb`OQYbVObW\QZcRSa the likes of Leonard Cohen, Sigur bVSZWYSa]T:S]\O`R1]VS\AWUc` Ros and Cake, the Australian @]aO\R1OYSbVS/cab`OZWO\ Cirque Nouveau Troupe CiRCA 1W`_cS<]cdSOcB`]c^S1W@1/ will dazzle and delight with a eWZZROhhZSO\RRSZWUVbeWbVO visionary dance and circus show. dWaW]\O`gRO\QSO\RQW`QcaaV]e Seven performers merge bodies, ASdS\^S`T]`[S`a[S`USP]RWSa lights and sound to create a senZWUVbaO\Ra]c\Rb]Q`SObSOaS\ sory stunning extravaganza. a]`gabc\\W\USfb`OdOUO\hO WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Westbrook E63@3(ESabP`]]Y Performing Arts Center, >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS` 471 Stroudwater St. "%Ab`]cReObS`Ab HOW MUCH: $25, 6=E;C16( #$28; &) ^]`bZO\R]dObW]\a]`U

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Pickard Theater, E63@3(>WQYO`RBVSObS` Bowdoin College, 0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS Brunswick 0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: $20; 6=E;C16( ) safepassage. org/concert aOTS^OaaOUS]`UQ]\QS`b

'The Language Ă&#x160;K_\CXe^lX^\ Archive' 8iZ_`m\Ă&#x2039;



SuperbowlXLVI Jlg\iYfncOCM@ Party GXikp

Ă&#x160;8i\PflI\XccpDp 'Are You Really Ny =i`\e[6Ă&#x2039; Friend?'

See the drama of the historic ASSbVSR`O[O]TbVSVWab]`WQ rematch led by Tom Brady and Eli `S[ObQVZSRPgB][0`ORgO\R3ZW Manning unfold in high definition ;O\\W\Uc\T]ZRW\VWUVRSÂż\WbW]\ on the movie theater screen. Get ]\bVS[]dWSbVSObS`aQ`SS\5Sb ready for Superbowl XLVI - live `SORgT]`Ac^S`P]eZF:D7ÂłZWdS from Lucas Oil Stadium in IndiaT`][:cQOa=WZAbORWc[W\7\RWO napolis - with all of its dazzling \O^]ZWaÂłeWbVOZZ]TWbaROhhZW\U ads, gridiron fury and a halftime ORaU`WRW`]\Tc`gO\ROVOZTbW[S show from Madonna. Donations aV]eT`][;OR]\\O2]\ObW]\a of non-perishable food and paper ]T\]\^S`WaVOPZST]]RO\R^O^S` goods will be given to the AIO U]]RaeWZZPSUWdS\b]bVS/7= Food Pantry. 4]]R>O\b`g

Photographer Tanja Alexia >V]b]U`O^VS`BO\XO/ZSfWO Hollander left the safety of 6]ZZO\RS`ZSTbbVSaOTSbg]T cyberspace far behind when she QgPS`a^OQSTO`PSVW\ReVS\aVS decided to travel around the RSQWRSRb]b`OdSZO`]c\RbVS world to photograph her 600e]`ZRb]^V]b]U`O^VVS`$ plus Facebook friends. The result ^Zca4OQSP]]YT`WS\RaBVS`SacZb is an ever-changing installation WaO\SdS`QVO\UW\UW\abOZZObW]\ of portraits that not only show]T^]`b`OWbabVOb\]b]\ZgaV]e cases Hollander's photography QOaSa6]ZZO\RS`¸a^V]b]U`O^Vg expertise but also calls into quesSf^S`bWaSPcbOZa]QOZZaW\b]_cSa tion the very nature of friendship. bW]\bVSdS`g\Obc`S]TT`WS\RaVW^ "Are You Really My Friend?" will ¾/`SG]c@SOZZg;g4`WS\R-œeWZZ be showing through June 17. PSaV]eW\UbV`]cUV8c\S%

Laughter is the best medicine in a :OcUVbS`WabVSPSab[SRWQW\SW\O comedy about love, marriage and Q][SRgOP]cbZ]dS[O``WOUSO\R miscommunication. "The Lan[WaQ][[c\WQObW]\µBVS:O\ guage Archive" makes its New UcOUS/`QVWdS¶[OYSaWba<Se England premiere in Lewiston. 3\UZO\R^`S[WS`SW\:SeWab]\ You'll find yourself rooting for the G]c¸ZZ¿\Rg]c`aSZT`]]bW\UT]`bVS main character George as he tries [OW\QVO`OQbS`5S]`USOaVSb`WSa to navigate through different b]\OdWUObSbV`]cUVRWTTS`S\b language landscapes. The final ZO\UcOUSZO\RaQO^SaBVS¿\OZ performance is Sunday. ^S`T]`[O\QSWaAc\ROg WHEN: 2O\R&^[ and 8 p.m. E63<( WHERE: The Public Theatre, E63@3(BVS>cPZWQBVSOb`S 31 Maple Lane, Lewiston !;O^ZS:O\S:SeWab]\ HOW MUCH: $18; 6=E;C16(&) 18 years and under $5; &gSO`aO\Rc\RS`#) bVS^cPZWQbVSOb`S]`U


1][^WZSRPg/W[aSZ>]\bW AbOTTE`WbS`

WHEN: 6:25 p.m. E63<($( #^[ WHERE: The Strand Theatre, E63@3(BVSAb`O\RBVSOb`S 345 Main St., Rockland !"#;OW\Ab@]QYZO\R HOW MUCH: Free; snacks 6=E;C16(4`SS)a\OQYa and beverages availO\RPSdS`OUSaOdOWZ able for purchase; OPZST]`^c`QVOaS) rocklandstrand. com `]QYZO\Rab`O\RQ][

Happy 200th ?Xggp)''k_ Birthday, Nr. 9`ik_[Xp#Di% Dickens ;`Zb\ej "Fan the sinking flame of hilarity Âľ4O\bVSaW\YW\UĂ&#x20AC;O[S]TVWZO`Wbg with the wing of friendship; and eWbVbVSeW\U]TT`WS\RaVW^)O\R pass the rosy wine." On the eve ^OaabVS`]ageW\SÂś=\bVSSdS of his 200th birthday, enjoy a ]TVWa bVPW`bVROgS\X]gO night of Charles Dickens readings \WUVb]T1VO`ZSa2WQYS\a`SORW\Ua in the lobby and bar area of PortW\bVSZ]PPgO\RPO`O`SO]T>]`b land Stage, where you're invited ZO\RAbOUSeVS`Sg]c¸`SW\dWbSR to raise a glass and celebrate all b]`OWaSOUZOaaO\RQSZSP`ObSOZZ things Dickens. bVW\Ua2WQYS\a WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: Portland Stage E63@3(>]`bZO\RAbOUS Company, 25A Forest Ave. 1][^O\g #/4]`Sab/dS HOW MUCH: $5; 6=E;C16(#) ^]`bZO\RabOUS]`U

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. E63<(O[b]#^[ WHERE: Portland Museum E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[ of Art, 7 Congress Square ]T/`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: $12ORcZba) adults; 6=E;C16( $10 seniors and stuaS\W]`aO\Rabc dents; $6, ages 13 to 17; RS\ba)$OUSa!b]%) 6 and under get in free; $O\Rc\RS`USbW\T`SS) p ^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U




9`f_XqXi[# Biohazard, Nadball, Sworn DX[YXcc#Jnfie Enemy and Blue <e\dpXe[9cl\ Collar Product :fccXiGif[lZk

MXc\ek`e\Ă&#x2039;j Valentine's 9\e\Ă&#x201D;k:feZ\ik Benefit Concert Maine State Music Theatre pres;OW\SAbObS;caWQBVSOb`S^`Sa ents a concert with veteran actor S\baOQ]\QS`beWbVdSbS`O\OQb]` Gregg Goodbrod and Philadel5`SUU5]]RP`]RO\R>VWZORSZ phia theater pro Denise Whelan. ^VWObVSObS`^`]2S\WaSEVSZO\ Both will be starring in the 0]bVeWZZPSabO``W\UW\bVS theater's summer production of bVSObS`¸aac[[S`^`]RcQbW]\]T Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Sunset /\R`Se:Z]gRESPPS`¸aÂľAc\aSb Boulevard." You'll hear tunes 0]cZSdO`RÂśG]c¸ZZVSO`bc\Sa from that show mixed in with T`][bVObaV]e[WfSRW\eWbV other Broadway gems. Desserts ]bVS`0`]OReOgUS[a2SaaS`ba and cocktails kick off this benefit O\RQ]QYbOWZaYWQY]TTbVWaPS\SÂżb for MSMT's summer internship T]`;A;B¸aac[[S`W\bS`\aVW^ program. ^`]U`O[

Four bands are sharpening their 4]c`PO\RaO`SaVO`^S\W\UbVSW` axes - and microphones - and OfSaÂłO\R[WQ`]^V]\SaÂłO\R getting ready to deliver all USbbW\U`SORgb]RSZWdS`OZZ sorts of metal, punk and rap for a]`ba]T[SbOZ^c\YO\R`O^T]` your soon-to-be bleeding ears. g]c`a]]\b]PSPZSSRW\USO`a Leading the charge is longtime :SORW\UbVSQVO`USWaZ]\UbW[S nationally touring act Biohazard \ObW]\OZZgb]c`W\UOQb0W]VOhO`R fronted by guitarist/vocalist Billy T`]\bSRPgUcWbO`Wabd]QOZWab0WZZg Graziadei. 5`OhWORSW

'Almost, Maine' Ă&#x160;8cdfjk#DX`e\Ă&#x2039;

Robert Glasper IfY\ik>cXjg\i Experiment <og\i`d\ek Don't fence pianist Robert 2]\¸bTS\QS^WO\Wab@]PS`b Glasper in with a strictly jazz 5ZOa^S`W\eWbVOab`WQbZgXOhh label because his trio, The Robert ZOPSZPSQOcaSVWab`W]BVS@]PS`b Glasper Experiment, colors way 5ZOa^S`3f^S`W[S\bQ]Z]`aeOg outside those lines and well ]cbaWRSbV]aSZW\SaO\ReSZZ into the realm of hip-hop. Hear W\b]bVS`SOZ[]TVW^V]^6SO` Glasper do his thing along with 5ZOa^S`R]VWabVW\UOZ]\UeWbV bassist Derrick Dodge and drumPOaaWab2S``WQY2]RUSO\RR`c[ mer Chris Dave. [S`1V`Wa2OdS WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Olin Concert Hall, E63@3(=ZW\1]\QS`b6OZZ Bates College, Lewiston 0ObSa1]ZZSUS:SeWab]\ HOW MUCH: $12; $6 stu6=E;C16( )$abc dents; RS\ba)PObSabWQYSbaQ][

This is a mythical yet humorous BVWaWaO[gbVWQOZgSbVc[]`]ca place. It is a place where love is ^ZOQS7bWaO^ZOQSeVS`SZ]dSWa lost and found, hearts are broken Z]abO\RT]c\RVSO`baO`SP`]YS\ and knees are bruised on a cold O\RY\SSaO`SP`cWaSR]\OQ]ZR winter's night beneath the northeW\bS`¸a\WUVbPS\SObVbVS\]`bV ern lights. Audiences all over the S`\ZWUVba/cRWS\QSaOZZ]dS`bVS country have fallen for "Almost, Q]c\b`gVOdSTOZZS\T]`µ/Z[]ab Maine," and you can count your;OW\S¶O\Rg]cQO\Q]c\bg]c` self among them through Feb. 19. aSZTO[]\UbVS[bV`]cUV4SP' WHEN: 9 p.m. E63<('^[ WHERE: Asylum, E63@3(/agZc[ Center St., Portland 121 1S\bS`Ab>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $18 in ad6=E;C16(&W\OR vance; day of show; dO\QS)$21 ROg]TaV]e) 21 years and older; gSO`aO\R]ZRS`) portlandasylum. com ^]`bZO\ROagZc[Q][


WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Community Little E63@3(1][[c\Wbg:WbbZS Theatre, 30 Academy St., BVSOb`S!/QORS[gAb Auburn /cPc`\ HOW MUCH: $18; 6=E;C16(&)ZOQZbQ][

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Studzinski Recital E63@3(AbcRhW\aYW@SQWbOZ Hall, Bowdoin College, 6OZZ0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS Brunswick 0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: $100; 6=E;C16()[a[b]`U



5Sbc^O\R5= Get up and GO eWbVbVSaSSdS\ba with these events

1G/< ;/53<B/ G3::=E 0:/19

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 | GO E17 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3%

IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!

E16 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

E18 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

BDK>:H MOVIES Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!

Opening at: Bates College's Olin Concert Hall (Lew=^S\W\UOb(0ObSa1]ZZSUS¸a=ZW\1]\QS`b6OZZ:Se iston) Fri 7:30 Wab]\4`W%(!


"ROCKLAND SHORTS: AN INTERNATIONAL FILM Âľ@=19:/<2A6=@BA(/<7<B3@</B7=</:47:; SERIES" The Farnsworth Art Museum and The Strand A3@73AÂśBVS4O`\ae]`bV/`b;caSc[O\RBVSAb`O\R Theatre in Rockland present a new film series that will BVSOb`SW\@]QYZO\R^`SaS\bO\SeÂżZ[aS`WSabVObeWZZ include an hour of short films. Select filmmakers will W\QZcRSO\V]c`]TaV]`bÂżZ[aASZSQbÂżZ[[OYS`aeWZZ join in a post-screening discussion with the audience. X]W\W\O^]abaQ`SS\W\URWaQcaaW]\eWbVbVSOcRWS\QS This month the series is headlined by a short film by BVWa[]\bVbVSaS`WSaWaVSORZW\SRPgOaV]`bÂżZ[Pg Mike Mills, who recently directed the autobiographi;WYS;WZZaeV]`SQS\bZgRW`SQbSRbVSOcb]PW]U`O^VW cal feature film "Beginners." Mills is being considered QOZTSObc`SÂżZ[Âľ0SUW\\S`aÂś;WZZaWaPSW\UQ]\aWRS`SR for a best director nomination for the 2012 Academy T]`OPSabRW`SQb]`\][W\ObW]\T]`bVS  /QORS[g Awards. Mills will be joining the inaugural post-screen/eO`Ra;WZZaeWZZPSX]W\W\UbVSW\OcUc`OZ^]abaQ`SS\ ing discussion at The Strand via Skype. W\URWaQcaaW]\ObBVSAb`O\RdWOAYg^S Opening at: The Strand Theatre (Rockland) Fri 6 =^S\W\UOb(BVSAb`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R4`W$



(% ) 

Sponsored by: L.L.Bean, Ma'ne Home & Des'gn, ma'ne, Wr'ght Express, The Portland Press Herald/Ma'ne Sunday Telegram 6SRQVRUHGE\//%HDQ0DLQH+RPH 'HVLJQPDLQH:ULJKW([SUHVV7KH3RUWODQG3UHVV+HUDOG0DLQH6XQGD\7HOHJUDP


( ( ( (( ( (


"A DANGEROUS METHOD" (R) (1:39) Stars Michael Âľ/2/<53@=CA;3B6=2Âś@(!'AbO`a;WQVOSZ Fassbender, Keira Knightley and Viggo Mortensen. 4OaaPS\RS`9SW`O9\WUVbZSgO\RDWUU];]`bS\aS\ Directed by David Cronenberg. A Russian woman 2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR1`]\S\PS`U/@caaWO\e][O\ is treated for hysteria by Carl Jung using Freudian Wab`SObSRT]`VgabS`WOPg1O`Z8c\UcaW\U4`ScRWO\ techniques, and the treatment is successful. But then bSQV\W_cSaO\RbVSb`SOb[S\bWaacQQSaaTcZ0cbbVS\ an intense liason develops between between Jung and O\W\bS\aSZWOa]\RSdSZ]^aPSbeSS\PSbeSS\8c\UO\R the woman which causes the relationship between bVSe][O\eVWQVQOcaSabVS`SZObW]\aVW^PSbeSS\ Sigmund Freud and Jung to deteriorate. AWU[c\R4`ScRO\R8c\Ub]RSbS`W]`ObS Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 2:15,4:45, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg (#"("# 7:30, 9:45 Fri-Wed 1:30, 3:45, 9; Cinemagic Saco Today %(!'("#4`WESR(!!("#')1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg 7:05, 9:25 Fri-Wed 9:25 12:25, ( # 2:35,4:45, (!#"("#%(#'( #4`WESR'( #

whose father is imprisoned by the Beast, offers herself eV]aSTObVS`WaW[^`Wa]\SRPgbVS0SOab]TTS`aVS`aSZT instead and discovers her captor to be an enchanted W\abSORO\RRWaQ]dS`aVS`QO^b]`b]PSO\S\QVO\bSR prince. A 3-D re-release. ^`W\QS/!2`S`SZSOaS Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today (all 3D) 12:( AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgOZZ!2 45, 2:45, 4:45, 7 Fri-Wed (all 3D) 12:45, Cinemagic "# ("#"("#%4`WESROZZ!2 ("#2:45; ("#)1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) Today (all 3D) 12, 2:10,4:30; 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgOZZ!2 ("(!) Cinemagic Westbrook Today (all 3D) 12,2:20,4:40, 7:10 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgOZZ!2  ( "("%( Fri-Wed (all 3D) 3:20,7; Cinemagic Saco Today (all 3D) 4`WESROZZ!2!( %)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgOZZ!2 2:30, 4:30, 7 Fri-Wed (all 3D) 12:30, Bruns(!"(!%4`WESROZZ!2 (! 2:30,4:30; (!"(!)0`c\a wick 10 (all 3D) Today (all 3D) 11:10, 4:05, 7:05 eWQYOZZ!2B]ROgOZZ!2("(#%(# "CONTRABAND" (R) (1:50) Stars Mark Wahlberg, µ1=<B@/0/<2¶@(#AbO`a;O`YEOVZPS`U Giovanni Ribisi, Kate Beckinsale and Robert Wahlberg. 5W]dO\\W@WPWaW9ObS0SQYW\aOZSO\R@]PS`bEOVZPS`U Directed by Baltasar Kormakur. To protect his brother2W`SQbSRPg0OZbOaO`9]`[OYc`B]^`]bSQbVWaP`]bVS` in-law from a drug lord, a former smuggler heads to W\ZOeT`][OR`cUZ]`ROT]`[S`a[cUUZS`VSORab] Panama to score millions of dollars in counterfeit bills. >O\O[Ob]aQ]`S[WZZW]\a]TR]ZZO`aW\Q]c\bS`TSWbPWZZa Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:30, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR (! 3:10, 7, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Today 12:05, 4:45, !(%'(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (# 2:25, ( #"("# 7:05, 9:25 Fri-Wed 12:05, 4:45, 7:05; Brunswick 10 %(#'( #4`WESR (# 2:25, ( #"("#%(#)0`c\aeWQY Today 9:55; Falmouth 10 Today 7:05 B]ROg'(##)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg%(# "THE DESCENDANTS" (R) (1:55) Stars George µB6323A13<2/<BA¶@(##AbO`a5S]`US Clooney, Shailene Woodley and Amara Miller. Directed 1Z]]\SgAVOWZS\SE]]RZSgO\R/[O`O;WZZS`2W`SQbSR by Alexander Payne. A Hawaiian land baron tries to Pg/ZSfO\RS`>Og\S/6OeOWWO\ZO\RPO`]\b`WSab] reconnect with his two daughters after his wife's boat`SQ]\\SQbeWbVVWabe]ROcUVbS`aOTbS`VWaeWTS¸aP]Ob ing accident leaves her on life support. W\UOQQWRS\bZSOdSaVS`]\ZWTSac^^]`b Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 1,4,7:10, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR"%( 9:50; Nickelodeon (Portland) Today-Wed 1:45,4:20, 7, '(#)<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR("#"( % 9:35; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:30,3:30, '(!#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR (!!(! 6:30, 9:20; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:20, 3, 6:50, $(!'( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR ( !$(# 9:15; Eveningstar (Brunswick) Today 1:30,4,6:30 Fri'(#)3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!"$(!4`W Sat 1:30,4, 6:30, 8:50 Sun-Wed 1:30, 4, 6:30; Falmouth AOb(!"$(!&(#Ac\ESR(!"$(!)4OZ[]cbV 10 Today 4:20, 7:10 Fri 4:55, 7:40,10:15 Sat 2:15,4:55, B]ROg"( %(4`W"(##%("(#AOb (#"(## 7:40,10:15 Sun 2:15, 4:55, 7:40 Mon-Wed 4:55, 7:40 %("(#Ac\ (#"(##%(";]\ESR"(##%("

"EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY CLOSE" (PGµ3FB@3;3:G:=C2/<27<1@3270:G1:=A3¶>5 13) (2:09) Stars Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks and Sandra ! ('AbO`aBV][Oa6]`\B][6O\YaO\RAO\R`O Bullock. Directed by Stephen Daldry. A 9-year-old who 0cZZ]QY2W`SQbSRPgAbS^VS\2OZR`g/'gSO`]ZReV] "THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN" (PG) (1:47) Stars µB63/2D3<BC@3A=4B7<B7<¶>5("%AbO`a lost his father in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Z]abVWaTObVS`W\bVS'ObbOQY]\bVSE]`ZRB`ORS Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig. Directed 8O[WS0SZZ/\RgAS`YWaO\R2O\WSZ1`OWU2W`SQbSR Center is convinced that his dad left a final message 1S\bS`WaQ]\dW\QSRbVObVWaRORZSTbO¿\OZ[SaaOUS by Steven Spielberg. Tintin, a young reporter, and his PgAbSdS\A^WSZPS`UBW\bW\Og]c\U`S^]`bS`O\RVWa for him somewhere in New York City, and he sets out T]`VW[a][SeVS`SW\<SeG]`Y1WbgO\RVSaSba]cb faithful dog Snowy set off on a treasure hunt for a TOWbVTcZR]UA\]egaSb]TT]\Ob`SOac`SVc\bT]`O to find it. b]¿\RWb sunken ship. The pair are kidnapped and turned over to ac\YS\aVW^BVS^OW`O`SYWR\O^^SRO\Rbc`\SR]dS`b] Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:05,4:05, 7 Fri AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg(#"(#%4`W Captain Haddock, who is also looking for the treasure. 1O^bOW\6ORR]QYeV]WaOZa]Z]]YW\UT]`bVSb`SOac`S 4:05, 7, 9:45 Sat 1:05, 4:05, 7, 9:45 Sun 1:05,4:05, 7 "(#%'("#AOb(#"(#%'("#Ac\(#"(#% Showing at: Brunswick 10 Today (all 3D) 1:05,3:45; AV]eW\UOb(0`c\aeWQYB]ROgOZZ!2(#!("#) Mon-Tues 4:05, 7 Wed 1:05, 4:05, 7; Nordica (Freeport) ;]\BcSa"(#%ESR(#"(#%)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b Falmouth 10 Today 4:05 Fri 4:15 Sat-Sun 1:55 Mon-Wed 4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(#4`W"(#AObAc\(##;]\ESR Today-Wed 12,!(!$("'(!)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\R 3:30, 6:40, 9:30; Cinemagic Grand B]ROgESR 4:15 "(# (South Portland) Today-Wed 1:10,4, 6:50, A]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR("$(# 9:40; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:20, 3:10, 6:40, '(")1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg ( !($(" "ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIP-WRECKED" µ/:D7</<2B63167>;C<9A(167>E@31932¶ 9:30 Fri-Wed 12:20, 3:20, 6:40, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco '(!4`WESR ( !( $("'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] (G) (1:27) Stars Justin Long, Matthew Gray Gubler, 5( %AbO`a8cabW\:]\U;ObbVSe5`Og5cPZS` Today 12:10, 3, 6:40, 9:20 Fri-Wed 12:10, 3, 6:30, 9; B]ROg (!$("'( 4`WESR (!$(!') Jesse McCartney. Directed by Mike Mitchell. Playing 8SaaS;Q1O`b\Sg2W`SQbSRPg;WYS;WbQVSZZ>ZOgW\U Brunswick 10 Today 12:45, 3:40, 6:40, 9:35 Fri-Wed 0`c\aeWQYB]ROg ("#!("$("'(!#4`WESR around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks O`]c\ReVWZSOP]O`ROQ`cWaSaVW^bVS1VW^[c\Ya 1:55,4:50, 7:40; Falmouth 10 Today 3:55, 6:50 Fri 4:40, (##"(#%(")4OZ[]cbVB]ROg!(##$(#4`W"(" and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up O\R1VW^SbbSaOQQWRS\bOZZgU]]dS`P]O`RO\RS\Rc^ 7:30,10:10 Sat 1:50,4:40, 7:30,10:10 Sun 1:50,4:40, 7:30 %(!(AOb(#"("%(!(Ac\(#"("%(! marooned in a tropical paradise. As they try to find [O`]]\SRW\Ob`]^WQOZ^O`ORWaS/abVSgb`gb]¿\R Mon-Wed 4:40, 7:30 ;]\ESR"("%(! a way home, Alvin and friends discover they are not OeOgV][S/ZdW\O\RT`WS\RaRWaQ]dS`bVSgO`S\]b alone on the island. OZ]\S]\bVSWaZO\R "THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO" (R) (2:38) µB6357@:E7B6B632@/5=<B/BB==¶@ (!& Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11: AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR( Stars Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Stellan Skarsgard and AbO`a2O\WSZ1`OWU@]]\Sg;O`OAbSZZO\AYO`aUO`RO\R 50, 2,4:20 # "(  Robin Wright. Directed by David Fincher. A disgraced @]PW\E`WUVb2W`SQbSRPg2OdWR4W\QVS`/RWaU`OQSR "THE ARTIST" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Jean Dujardin, µB63/@B7AB¶>5!("AbO`a8SO\2cXO`RW\ Berenice Bejo and John Goodman. Directed by Michel 0S`S\WQS0SX]O\R8]V\5]]R[O\2W`SQbSRPg;WQVSZ Hazanavicius. In 1929, as silent movie star George 6OhO\OdWQWca7\' 'OaaWZS\b[]dWSabO`5S]`US wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him e]\RS`aWTbVSO``WdOZ]TbOZYW\U^WQbc`SaeWZZQOcaSVW[ to fade into oblivion, he sparks with a young dancer b]TORSW\b]]PZWdW]\VSa^O`YaeWbVOg]c\URO\QS` who is hoping for a big break. eV]WaV]^W\UT]`OPWUP`SOY Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 12:30, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR (! 3:45, 7, 9:40; Nickelodeon Today-Wed 1, 4:10, 6:40, !("#%'(")<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROgESR"($(" 9:10; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 11:40,2,4:30, 7:10, 9: '()1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg(" "(!%('( 40 Fri-Wed 11:40, 2,4:30, 7:10, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco "4`WESR(" "(!%('(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Fri-Wed 12, 2:15, 4:30, 7, 9:15 4`WESR (#"(!%'(# "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST 3D" (G) (1:24) Stars Paige µ03/CBG/<2B6303/AB!2¶5( "AbO`a>OWUS O'Hara, Robby Benson, Richard White and Jerry Or=¸6O`O@]PPg0S\a]\@WQVO`REVWbSO\R8S``g=` bach. Directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Belle, POQV2W`SQbSRPg5O`gB`]caROZSO\R9W`YEWaS0SZZS

journalist gets assistance from a computer hacker to X]c`\OZWabUSbaOaaWabO\QST`][OQ][^cbS`VOQYS`b] unravel a horrific family history while investigating c\`OdSZOV]``WÂżQTO[WZgVWab]`geVWZSW\dSabWUObW\U the disappearance of a woman who went missing 40 bVSRWaO^^SO`O\QS]TOe][O\eV]eS\b[WaaW\U" years ago. gSO`aOU] Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Today 7:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 7:20 Fri-Wed B]ROg%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg%( 4`WESR 9:10 12,'(  "THE GREY" (R) (1:57) Stars Liam Neeson, Dermot ÂľB635@3GÂś@(#%AbO`a:WO[<SSa]\2S`[]b Mulroney, Frank Grille and Dallas Roberts. Directed by ;cZ`]\Sg4`O\Y5`WZZ]O\R2OZZOa@]PS`ba2W`SQbSRPg Joe Carnahan. An oil drilling team struggles to survive 8]S1O`\OVO\/\]WZR`WZZW\UbSO[ab`cUUZSab]ac`dWdS after a plane crash strands them in the Alaskan wild. OTbS`O^ZO\SQ`OaVab`O\RabVS[W\bVS/ZOaYO\eWZR The survivors have only a few days to escape the icy BVSac`dWd]`aVOdS]\ZgOTSeROgab]SaQO^SbVSWQg

Please see MOVIES, PageE24 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<)+

movies at THE MUSEUM MOVIESAT K?<DLJ<LD "LE HAVRE," directed by Aki Kaurismaki, 2011. In this warm-hearted portrait of Âľ:36/D@3ÂśRW`SQbSRPg/YW9Oc`Wa[OYW 7\bVWaeO`[VSO`bSR^]`b`OWb]T the French harbor city that gives the film its name, fate throws young African bVS4`S\QVVO`P]`QWbgbVObUWdSabVSÂżZ[Wba\O[STObSbV`]eag]c\U/T`WQO\ refugee Idrissa (Blondin Miguel) into the path of Marcel Marx (Andre Wilms), `STcUSS7R`WaaO0Z]\RW\;WUcSZW\b]bVS^ObV]T;O`QSZ;O`f/\R`SEWZ[a a well-spoken bohemian who works as a shoe shiner. With innate optimism OeSZZa^]YS\P]VS[WO\eV]e]`YaOaOaV]SaVW\S`EWbVW\\ObS]^bW[Wa[ and the unwavering support of his community, Marcel stands up to officials O\RbVSc\eOdS`W\Uac^^]`b]TVWaQ][[c\Wbg;O`QSZabO\Rac^b]]TÂżQWOZa doggedly pursuing the boy for deportation. A political fairy tale that exists R]UUSRZg^c`acW\UbVSP]gT]`RS^]`bObW]\/^]ZWbWQOZTOW`gbOZSbVObSfWaba somewhere between the reality of contemporary France and the classic cinema a][SeVS`SPSbeSS\bVS`SOZWbg]TQ]\bS[^]`O`g4`O\QSO\RbVSQZOaaWQQW\S[O of Jean-Pierre Melville and Marcel Carne, Le Havre is a charming, deadpan ]T8SO\>WS``S;SZdWZZSO\R;O`QSZ1O`\S:S6Od`SWaOQVO`[W\URSOR^O\ delight. In French with English subtitles. Not rated. Running time: 1:33 RSZWUVb7\4`S\QVeWbV3\UZWaVacPbWbZSa<]b`ObSR@c\\W\UbW[S((!! Showing at: Portland Museum of Art. 6:30 p.m. Friday and Feb. 10; 2^[ p.m. AV]eW\UOb(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b$(!^[4`WROgO\R4SP) Saturday and Feb. 11 and 12. AObc`ROgO\R4SPO\R


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3'

Musicals like "A Chorus Line," above, and "The Wiz," "Jesus Christ Superstar," ;caWQOZaZWYS¾/1V]`ca:W\SœOP]dSO\R¾BVSEWhœ¾8Saca1V`WabAc^S`abO`œ "Pippin" and "Follies," right, were huge Broadway hits in the 1970s. ¾>W^^W\œO\R¾4]ZZWSaœ`WUVbeS`SVcUS0`]OReOgVWbaW\bVS'%a

The musicals of the '70s made a big impression on the people K_\dlj`ZXcjf]k_\Ă&#x2039;.'jdX[\XY`^`dgi\jj`fefek_\g\fgc\ behind today's music and theater productions in Maine. Y\_`e[kf[XpĂ&#x2039;jdlj`ZXe[k_\Xk\igif[lZk`fej`eDX`e\% By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4 StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS


uch of the song and dance VDIPGUIFTPOHBOEEBODF we see in Portland these XFTFFJO1PSUMBOEUIFTF days comes from actors, EBZTDPNFTGSPNBDUPST  directors and other theater EJSFDUPSTBOEPUIFSUIFBUFS geeks whose interest in HFFLTXIPTFJOUFSFTUJO musicals began in the NVTJDBMTCFHBOJOUIF 1970s. T It was a significant de*UXBTBTJHOJmDBOUEF cade for musical theater in DBEFGPSNVTJDBMUIFBUFSJO America. The rock opera "NFSJDB5IFSPDLPQFSB became mainstream, and CFDBNFNBJOTUSFBN BOE two shows that denned the UXPTIPXTUIBUEFmOFEUIF theater experience - "The UIFBUFSFYQFSJFODFoi5IF Wiz" and "A Chorus Line" - made it OK to be gay 8J[wBOEi"$IPSVT-JOFwoNBEFJU0,UPCFHBZ and diverse. BOEEJWFSTF It was the decade of "Godspell," "Jesus Christ *UXBTUIFEFDBEFPGi(PETQFMM wi+FTVT$ISJTU Superstar" and Stephen Sondheim, who deliv4VQFSTUBSwBOE4UFQIFO4POEIFJN XIPEFMJW ered at least three musicals that have become FSFEBUMFBTUUISFFNVTJDBMTUIBUIBWFCFDPNF standard fare for theaters across the country: TUBOEBSEGBSFGPSUIFBUFSTBDSPTTUIFDPVOUSZ "Sweeney Todd," "A Little Night Music" and i4XFFOFZ5PEE wi"-JUUMF/JHIU.VTJDwBOE

G :?<8 C

"Follies." i'PMMJFTw "I have vivid memories of the 1970s," said Brian i*IBWFWJWJENFNPSJFTPGUIFT wTBJE#SJBO Allen, artistic director of Good Theater in Port"MMFO BSUJTUJDEJSFDUPSPG(PPE5IFBUFSJO1PSU land. "I was in high school from 74 to 78, and MBOEi*XBTJOIJHITDIPPMGSPNUP BOE then college. I made my first-ever trip to BroadUIFODPMMFHF*NBEFNZmSTUFWFSUSJQUP#SPBE way during the 70s, in 1977.1 saw 'A Chorus XBZEVSJOHUIFT JO*TBXA"$IPSVT Line' on Monday night and 'Annie' on Tuesday. I -JOFPO.POEBZOJHIUBOEA"OOJFPO5VFTEBZ* still remember exactly where I sat." TUJMMSFNFNCFSFYBDUMZXIFSF*TBUw It was a big deal for a Maine boy from Union to *UXBTBCJHEFBMGPSB.BJOFCPZGSPN6OJPOUP go to New York. Allen's father had a business in HPUP/FX:PSL"MMFOTGBUIFSIBEBCVTJOFTTJO Manhattan, and he took his son along as an early .BOIBUUBO BOEIFUPPLIJTTPOBMPOHBTBOFBSMZ graduation present. They stayed at the Hilton, HSBEVBUJPOQSFTFOU5IFZTUBZFEBUUIF)JMUPO  got all dressed up and went to the show. HPUBMMESFTTFEVQBOEXFOUUPUIFTIPX Allen was flabbergasted to see people at the "MMFOXBTnBCCFSHBTUFEUPTFFQFPQMFBUUIF theater in jeans. But he enjoyed the experience UIFBUFSJOKFBOT#VUIFFOKPZFEUIFFYQFSJFODF immensely. JNNFOTFMZ "I had been a 'Chorus Line' fanatic ever since it i*IBECFFOBA$IPSVT-JOFGBOBUJDFWFSTJODFJU came out. I was obsessed with the cast recordDBNFPVU*XBTPCTFTTFEXJUIUIFDBTUSFDPSE ing," he said. "I had even done a term paper on JOH wIFTBJEi*IBEFWFOEPOFBUFSNQBQFSPO it and read all the reviews. To actually see the JUBOESFBEBMMUIFSFWJFXT5PBDUVBMMZTFFUIF

Reception for Wethli's work I\Z\gk`fe]fiN\k_c`Ă&#x2039;jnfib

THE UNIVERSITY of Southern Maine unveils B63C<7D3@A7BG]TA]cbVS`\;OW\Sc\dSWZa Brunswick artist Mark Wethli's wall-hung 0`c\aeWQYO`bWab;O`YESbVZW¸aeOZZVc\U wooden sculpture, "Civitas," with a public e]]RS\aQcZ^bc`Sµ1WdWbOa¶eWbVO^cPZWQ reception Friday. Wethli, who teaches at `SQS^bW]\4`WROgESbVZWeV]bSOQVSaOb Bowdoin College, named the piece based on 0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS\O[SRbVS^WSQSPOaSR]\ the classical ideal of democratic citizenship. bVSQZOaaWQOZWRSOZ]TRS[]Q`ObWQQWbWhS\aVW^ WHEN: Reception, 3 to 5 p.m. Friday E63<(@SQS^bW]\!b]#^[4`WROg WHERE: Muskie School of Public Service, Wishcamper E63@3(;caYWSAQV]]Z]T>cPZWQAS`dWQSEWaVQO[^S` Center, USM, 34 Bedford St., Portland 1S\bS`CA;!"0SRT]`RAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 7<4=([caYWSca[[OW\SSRc



Please see MUSICALS, PageE21 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71/:AGX^\<)(

We're living in Trouble' times N\Ă&#x2039;i\c`m`e^`eĂ&#x160;KiflYc\Ă&#x2039;k`d\j

?FK k`Zb\k

PORTLAND STAGE rolls along with another >=@B:/<2AB/53`]ZZaOZ]\UeWbVO\]bVS` weekend of "Trouble Is My Business," a eSSYS\R]TÂľB`]cPZS7a;g0caW\SaaÂśO world-premiere detective drama based e]`ZR^`S[WS`SRSbSQbWdSR`O[OPOaSR on the writings of Raymond Chandler. James ]\bVSe`WbW\Ua]T@Og[]\R1VO\RZS`8O[Sa Glossman adapted the script and directs 5Z]aa[O\ORO^bSRbVSaQ`W^bO\RRW`SQba the play. bVS^ZOg WHEN: Various times today through Feb. 19 E63<(DO`W]cabW[Sab]ROgbV`]cUV4SP' WHERE: Portland Stage Company, 25A Forest E63@3(>]`bZO\RAbOUS1][^O\g #/4]`Sab Ave. /dS HOW MUCH: $17.50 to $39 6=E;C16(%#b]!' INFO: 774-0465; 7<4=(%%""$#)^]`bZO\RabOUS]`U

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

c`jk`e^j listings ART AND THEATER 8IK8E;K?<8K<I

CLASSICAL MUSIC N#,!33)#!,-53)# TODAY 4/$!9 Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY Concert, with Les Sorciers Perdus, MarkTipton, #ONCERT WITH,ES3ORCIERS0ERDUS -ARK4IPTON Carl Dimon and Shannon Allen, First Parish #ARL$IMONAND3HANNON!LLEN &IRST0ARISH Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland. Free. 5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH 0ORTLAND&REE 775-3356. 12:15 p.m.  PM Lisa de la Salle, French classical pianist, Bates ,ISADELA3ALLE &RENCHCLASSICALPIANIST "ATES College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. $10. #OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON 7:30 p.m. BATESTICKETSCOMPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 "Favorite Works, A La Carte," trombone concert h&AVORITE7ORKS !,A#ARTE vTROMBONECONCERT with Brian Diehl, University of Southern Maine WITH"RIAN$IEHL 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE (Corthell Concert Hall), Gorham. $15; $10 #ORTHELL#ONCERT(ALL 'ORHAM seniors; $5 students, SENIORSSTUDENTSUSMMAINEEDUMUSIC boxoffice. 8 p.m. BOXOFlCEPM Chamber ME Music Series, concert of Haydn, #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES CONCERTOF(AYDN Dvorak and Taneyev; Freeport Community Center. $VORAKAND4ANEYEV&REEPORT#OMMUNITY#ENTER Free/donation. 11 a.m. &REEDONATIONTINYURLCOMCHAMBER-%AM Chamber ME Music Series, concert of Haydn, #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES CONCERTOF(AYDN Dvorak and Taneyev; State Street Church, $VORAKAND4ANEYEV3TATE3TREET#HURCH Portland. Free/donation. 0ORTLAND&REEDONATIONTINYURLCOMCHAMBER-% 5 p.m. PM Children's Music Kotzschmar Jr. Organ Concert, #HILDRENS-USIC+OTZSCHMAR*R/RGAN#ONCERT organists John Sullivan and Seamus Gethienker ORGANISTS*OHN3ULLIVANAND3EAMUS'ETHIENKER play music and demonstrate how an organ PLAYMUSICANDDEMONSTRATEHOWANORGAN works for children, Dyer Library, Saco. Free. WORKSFORCHILDREN $YER,IBRARY 3ACO&REE 6:30 p.m. Friday; 10:30 a.m. SACOMUSEUMORGPM&RIDAYAM Saturday; 1:30 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Piano Series:Tamara Poddubnaya, Russian pianist 0IANO3ERIES4AMARA0ODDUBNAYA 2USSIANPIANIST with Raisa Kagramanova, Franco-American WITH2AISA+AGRAMANOVA &RANCO !MERICAN Heritage Center, Lewiston. $16 in advance; (ERITAGE#ENTER ,EWISTONINADVANCE $18 day of show; $14 students and seniors. DAYOFSHOWSTUDENTSANDSENIORS 7:30 p.m. FRANCOCENTERORGPM Chamber ME Music Series, concert of Haydn, #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES CONCERTOF(AYDN Dvorak and Taneyev; River Tree Arts, Kennebunk. $VORAKAND4ANEYEV2IVER4REE!RTS +ENNEBUNK Free/donation. 11 a.m. &REEDONATIONTINYURLCOMCHAMBER-%AM Pianist George Lopez and Violinist Eva Gruesser, 0IANIST'EORGE,OPEZAND6IOLINIST%VA'RUESSER three violin sonatas of Johannes Brahms, Bowdoin THREEVIOLINSONATASOF*OHANNES"RAHMS "OWDOIN College (Studzinski Recital Hall), Brunswick. Free. #OLLEGE3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL(ALL "RUNSWICK&REE 798-4141. 7:30 p.m.  PM FEB. 9 &%" Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY Concert, with Michael Albert and Bekkeh #ONCERT WITH-ICHAEL!LBERTAND"EKKEH Willey, First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, 7ILLEY &IRST0ARISH5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH Portland. Free. 775-3356. 12:15 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REE PM

DANCE N$!.#% CiRCA, Australian Cirque Nouveau Troupe #I2#! !USTRALIAN#IRQUE.OUVEAU4ROUPE performs dance and circus acrobatics, Westbrook PERFORMSDANCEANDCIRCUSACROBATICS 7ESTBROOK Performing Arts Center. $23 to $28; $10 students. 0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTERTOSTUDENTS 7:30 p.m. today. PORTLANDOVATIONSORGPMTODAY

THEATER N4(%!4%2 "Trouble Is My Business," Maine premiere of Jazz h4ROUBLE)S-Y"USINESS v-AINEPREMIEREOF*AZZ Age thriller based on Raymond Chandler stories, !GETHRILLERBASEDON2AYMOND#HANDLERSTORIES Portland Stage Company. $30 to $39; $27 seniors; 0ORTLAND3TAGE#OMPANYTOSENIORS $15 students, 7:30 p.m. today STUDENTSPORTLANDSTAGEORGPMTODAY and Friday; 4 and 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; AND&RIDAYANDPM3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and Feb. 9. Through Feb. PM7EDNESDAYAND&EB4HROUGH&EB 19.  "Next Fall," award-winning play about male h.EXT&ALL vAWARD WINNINGPLAYABOUTMALE partners and their relationship presented by Good PARTNERSANDTHEIRRELATIONSHIPPRESENTEDBY'OOD Theater, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $15 4HEATER 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND to $25. 7 p.m. today; 7:30 TOGOODTHEATERCOMPMTODAY p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM

Darren Setlow photo courtesy of Portland Stage Company 2O``S\ASbZ]e^V]b]Q]c`bSag]T>]`bZO\RAbOUS1][^O\g

David Mason and Leigh Poulos in "Trouble Is My Business," continuing through Feb. 19 at Portland Stage Company. 2OdWR;Oa]\O\R:SWUV>]cZ]aW\µB`]cPZS7a;g0caW\Saa¶Q]\bW\cW\UbV`]cUV4SP'Ob>]`bZO\RAbOUS1][^O\g Wednesday and Feb. 9. Through Feb. 19. 7EDNESDAYAND&EB4HROUGH&EB "Becky Shaw," Mad Horse Theatre performance h"ECKY3HAW v-AD(ORSE4HEATREPERFORMANCE of Obie Award-winning comedy, Lucid Stage, OF/BIE!WARD WINNINGCOMEDY ,UCID3TAGE Portland. $22; $20 seniors and students; pay0ORTLANDSENIORSANDSTUDENTSPAY what-you-can today and Feb. 9. WHAT YOU CANTODAYAND&EBLUCIDSTAGECOM 7:30 p.m. today; 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 PMTODAYPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. Feb. 9. Through Feb. 12. PM3UNDAYPM&EB4HROUGH&EB 'â&#x20AC;¢The Language Archive," whimsical comedy h4HE,ANGUAGE!RCHIVE vWHIMSICALCOMEDY about love, marriage and miscommunication, ABOUTLOVE MARRIAGEANDMISCOMMUNICATION Public Theatre, Lewiston. $18; $5 forages 18 and 0UBLIC4HEATRE ,EWISTONFORAGESAND younger, 7:30 p.m. today YOUNGERTHEPUBLICTHEATREORGPMTODAY and Friday; 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. AND&RIDAYPM3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY "Eurydice/' USM Theatre Department production, h%URYDICE v53-4HEATRE$EPARTMENTPRODUCTION Sarah Ruhl's 21st-century re-envisioning of the 3ARAH2UHLSST CENTURYRE ENVISIONINGOFTHE ancient Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, ANCIENT'REEKMYTHOF/RPHEUSAND%URYDICE University of Southern Maine (Russell Hall), 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE2USSELL(ALL Gorham. $15; $8 for students; $11 for seniors. 'ORHAMFORSTUDENTSFORSENIORS 7:30 p.m. today and Friday; 2 and 7:30 p.m. PMTODAYAND&RIDAYANDPM Saturday; 5 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY "The Aliens," Obie Award-winning drama h4HE!LIENS v/BIE!WARD WINNINGDRAMA about three young men finding community ABOUTTHREEYOUNGMENlNDINGCOMMUNITY in a coffeeshop back alley, Stonington Opera INACOFFEESHOPBACKALLEY 3TONINGTON/PERA House. $20. 7 p.m. today to (OUSEOPERAHOUSEARTSORGPMTODAYTO Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. Feb. 9. Through 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM&EB4HROUGH Feb. 12. &EB "As It Is in Heaven," Heartwood Theater Company h!S)T)SIN(EAVEN v(EARTWOOD4HEATER#OMPANY production about community and relationships, PRODUCTIONABOUTCOMMUNITYANDRELATIONSHIPS all ages; Skidompha Library, Damariscotta. $18; ALLAGES3KIDOMPHA,IBRARY $AMARISCOTTA $12 students, 7:30 p.m. STUDENTSHEARTWOODTHEATERORGPM Friday and Saturday. &RIDAYAND3ATURDAY Annie Baker's "Circle Mirror Transformation," !NNIE"AKERSh#IRCLE-IRROR4RANSFORMATION v award-winning play about students in acting class AWARD WINNINGPLAYABOUTSTUDENTSINACTINGCLASS revealing themselves through acting exercises, REVEALINGTHEMSELVESTHROUGHACTINGEXERCISES Theater Project, Brunswick. Pay-what-you-want. 4HEATER0ROJECT "RUNSWICK0AY WHAT YOU WANT 8 p.m. Friday, 2 p.m. Sunday; THEATERPROJECTCOMPM&RIDAY PM3UNDAY 7:30 p.m. Feb. 9. Through Feb. 19. PM&EB4HROUGH&EB "Fiddler on the Roof," South Portland High h&IDDLERONTHE2OOF v3OUTH0ORTLAND(IGH School production of classic musical, South 3CHOOLPRODUCTIONOFCLASSICMUSICAL 3OUTH Portland High School Auditorium. $15; $10 0ORTLAND(IGH3CHOOL!UDITORIUM students and seniors, STUDENTSANDSENIORSMYTICKETPORTALCOM 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. (with A.S.L. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPMWITH!3, interpretation) Sunday. Through Feb. 12. INTERPRETATION 3UNDAY4HROUGH&EB Musical Revue of "Les Miserables," Parisian -USICAL2EVUEOFh,ES-ISERABLES v0ARISIAN cabaret-style evening with food and silent auction CABARET STYLEEVENINGWITHFOODANDSILENTAUCTION by New England Regional Theater Company, BY.EW%NGLAND2EGIONAL4HEATER#OMPANY

Winter Street Center, Bath. $15; $25 per couple. 7INTER3TREET#ENTER "ATHPERCOUPLE 798-6966. Cocktails and silent auction at 7 p.m.,  #OCKTAILSANDSILENTAUCTIONATPM show at 8 p.m. Friday. SHOWATPM&RIDAY "Puss 'N Boots," satirical version of the classic h0USS@."OOTS vSATIRICALVERSIONOFTHECLASSIC Charles Perrault story by Fairy Tale Players, Acorn #HARLES0ERRAULTSTORYBY&AIRY4ALE0LAYERS !CORN Studios, Westbrook. $8; $6 for ages 12 and under. 3TUDIOS 7ESTBROOKFORAGESANDUNDER 11 a.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. ACORN PRODUCTIONSORGAM3ATURDAYPM Sunday.Through Feb. 12. 3UNDAY4HROUGH&EB "Valentines with the Rat Pack," five-course dinner h6ALENTINESWITHTHE2AT0ACK vlVE COURSEDINNER theater show, Anthony's Dinner Theater, Portland. THEATERSHOW !NTHONYS$INNER4HEATER 0ORTLAND $39.95. 7 p.m. ANTHONYSDINNERTHEATERCOMPM Saturday. Through Feb. 18. 3ATURDAY4HROUGH&EB "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare h4HE#OMPLETE7ORKSOF7ILLIAM3HAKESPEARE (Abridged)," Poland Stage Troupe winter !BRIDGED v0OLAND3TAGE4ROUPEWINTER production, Slainte, Portland, PRODUCTION 3LAINTE 0ORTLANDSLAINTEWINEBARCOM 7 p.m. Monday. PM-ONDAY "Naked Shakespeare: Will You Be Mine," by h.AKED3HAKESPEARE7ILL9OU"E-INE vBY Acorn Productions, Wine Bar & Restaurant, !CORN0RODUCTIONS 7INE"AR2ESTAURANT Portland. $8. 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDACORN PRODUCTIONSORGPM Monday. -ONDAY "Happy Birthday, Mr. Dickens," evening h(APPY"IRTHDAY -R$ICKENS vEVENING of Charles Dickens readings in lobby and OF#HARLES$ICKENSREADINGSINLOBBYAND bar, Portland Stage Company. $5/donation. BAR 0ORTLAND3TAGE#OMPANYDONATION 7 p.m. Monday, PORTLANDSTAGEORGPM-ONDAY

"The Glass Menagerie," classic play by Tennessee h4HE'LASS-ENAGERIE vCLASSICPLAYBY4ENNESSEE Williams, Freeport Factory Stage. $19; $15 seniors 7ILLIAMS &REEPORT&ACTORY3TAGESENIORS and students, 7:30 p.m. Feb. ANDSTUDENTSFREEPORTFACTORYCOMPM&EB 9. Through Feb. 25. 4HROUGH&EB

AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 The Who's "Tommy," audition with rock ballad 4HE7HOSh4OMMY vAUDITIONWITHROCKBALLAD or up-tempo song and dancing; show opens ORUP TEMPOSONGANDDANCINGSHOWOPENS in May; Portland Players, South Portland. IN-AY0ORTLAND0LAYERS 3OUTH0ORTLAND 2 to 5 p.m. Saturday and PORTLANDPLAYERSORGTOPM3ATURDAYAND Sunday. 3UNDAY Vivid Motion Inc., dance audition for spring 6IVID-OTION)NC DANCEAUDITIONFORSPRING show of ballet "Eclipse" and other dances; Acorn SHOWOFBALLETh%CLIPSEvANDOTHERDANCES!CORN Studios, Westbrook. vividm. 10 a.m. to noon 3TUDIOS 7ESTBROOKVIVIDMAMTONOON Sunday. 3UNDAY "Steel Magnolias," Schoolhouse Arts Center h3TEEL-AGNOLIAS v3CHOOLHOUSE!RTS#ENTER production; roles for six women, auditions will be PRODUCTIONROLESFORSIXWOMEN AUDITIONSWILLBE cold readings of script; Standish Congregational COLDREADINGSOFSCRIPT3TANDISH#ONGREGATIONAL Church. 642-3743. 6 p.m. Wednesday and Feb. 9. #HURCH PM7EDNESDAYAND&EB

ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 College Night 2012, live music, art projects, free #OLLEGE.IGHT LIVEMUSIC ARTPROJECTS FREE food and drinks, giveaways and prizes, Portland FOODANDDRINKS GIVEAWAYSANDPRIZES 0ORTLAND Museum of Art. Free for Maine college students -USEUMOF!RT&REEFOR-AINECOLLEGESTUDENTS with ID; $5 for others, 7 to WITH)$FOROTHERSPORTLANDMUSEUMORGTO 10 p.m. today. PMTODAY Tanja Alexia Hollander: "Are You Really My 4ANJA!LEXIA(OLLANDERh!RE9OU2EALLY-Y Friend?" photographs of Facebook friends, &RIENDvPHOTOGRAPHSOF&ACEBOOKFRIENDS Portland Museum of Art. 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RTPORTLANDMUSEUMORG Free opening reception with the artist, 5 to 7 p.m. &REEOPENINGRECEPTIONWITHTHEARTIST TOPM Friday. Through June 1 7. &RIDAY4HROUGH*UNE "Building a College Collection: Select Recent h"UILDINGA#OLLEGE#OLLECTION3ELECT2ECENT Acquisitions," more than 20,000 objects, !CQUISITIONS vMORETHAN OBJECTS Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick. "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK Opens Feb. 9. Through June 24. BOWDOINEDU/PENS&EB4HROUGH*UNE CONTINUING #/.4).5).' Portland Museum of Art: "Gather Up the 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RTh'ATHER5PTHE Fragments: The Andrews Shaker Collection," &RAGMENTS4HE!NDREWS3HAKER#OLLECTION v Shaker furniture, printed works, visual art, tools, 3HAKERFURNITURE PRINTEDWORKS VISUALART TOOLS textiles and small craft, through Sunday; "Making TEXTILESANDSMALLCRAFT THROUGH3UNDAYh-AKING Faces: Photographic Portraits of Actors and &ACES0HOTOGRAPHIC0ORTRAITSOF!CTORSAND Artists," photos of famous actors and artists plus !RTISTS vPHOTOSOFFAMOUSACTORSANDARTISTSPLUS works by the artists profiled, through March 12. WORKSBYTHEARTISTSPROlLED THROUGH-ARCH PORTLANDMUSEUMORG University of New England Art Gallery, Portland: 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND!RT'ALLERY 0ORTLAND "Faces of War," photo essay of soldiers in Iraq and h&ACESOF7AR vPHOTOESSAYOFSOLDIERSIN)RAQAND Afghanistan by Jerry Robinov, through Feb. 12. !FGHANISTANBY*ERRY2OBINOV THROUGH&EB UNEEDUARTGALLERYFACESOFWARCFM Maine Historical Society Museum/Longfellow -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM,ONGFELLOW House, Portland: "Take to the Streets!" (OUSE 0ORTLANDh4AKETOTHE3TREETSv photography exhibit examining American protest PHOTOGRAPHYEXHIBITEXAMINING!MERICANPROTEST movements, through March 31; "Dressing Up, MOVEMENTS THROUGH-ARCHh$RESSING5P Standing Out, Fitting In: Adornment & Identity in 3TANDING/UT &ITTING)N!DORNMENT)DENTITYIN Maine," artifacts reveal the way Mainers dressed -AINE vARTIFACTSREVEALTHEWAY-AINERSDRESSED from the 18th to 20th centuries, through May 27. FROMTHETHTOTHCENTURIES THROUGH-AY MAINEHISTORYORG Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick: "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK "Inside Out: Exploring Gifts of Art from Private h)NSIDE/UT%XPLORING'IFTSOF!RTFROM0RIVATE Collectors," contributions from private collectors #OLLECTORS vCONTRIBUTIONSFROMPRIVATECOLLECTORS since 1811, through April 15. SINCE THROUGH!PRILBOWDOINEDU


BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3 The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 GO E21

:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3  Continued from Page E20 -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATHh0ORTOF Maine Maritime Museum, Bath: "Port of 0ORTLAND!3HIP 3HAPED(ISTORY vALOOKAT Portland: A Ship-Shaped History," a look at 0ORTLANDSPASTVIATHESHIPSTHATSAILEDTHROUGH Portland's past via the ships that sailed through THEHARBORS THECITYSSHIPPINGANDSHIP the harbors, the city's shipping and shipBUILDINGINDUSTRIES ANDMORE THROUGH&EB building industries, and more, through Feb. 14. MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON Bates College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston: h*AMES%NSOR@3CENESDELAVIEDU#HRISTAND "James Ensor: 'Scenes de la vie du Christ' and /THER7ORKS vLITHOGRAPHS ANDh8IAOZE8IE Other Works," lithographs, and "Xiaoze Xie: !MPLIlED-OMENTS vPAINTINGS THROUGH-ARCH Amplified Moments," paintings, through March   17.786-6158. $YER,IBRARY3ACO-USEUM(EATHER$ENKMIRE Dyer Library/Saco Museum: Heather Denkmire, OILPASTELSANDPAINTONPAPER CANVASAND oil pastels and paint on paper, canvas and WOOD THROUGH&EBh2UGS!LL-ARKED/UT wood, through Feb. 28; "Rugs All Marked Out: "IDDEFORDS%DWARD3&ROST vCELEBRATIONOFTH Biddeford's Edward S. Frost," celebration of 19thCENTURYRUGENTREPRENEUR ANDh(OOKED2UGSOF century rug entrepreneur, and "Hooked Rugs of Artists from the Maine Tin Pedlar," both through !RTISTSFROMTHE-AINE4IN0EDLAR vBOTHTHROUGH -ARCH  March 24. 283-3861. &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLANDh"EYOND Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland: "Beyond 2UGSvRUG HOOKINGTEXTILEART THROUGH3UNDAY Rugs!" rug-hooking textile art, through Sunday; h4HE!RTOFTHE"OOK vFOCUSESONTHEMUSEUMS "The Art of the Book," focuses on the museum's collection of rare 19th- and 20th-century books, COLLECTIONOFRARETH ANDTH CENTURYBOOKS through A p r i l ! . 596-6457. THROUGH!PRIL  Penobscot Marine Museum, Searsport: "The 0ENOBSCOT-ARINE-USEUM 3EARSPORTh4HE #IRCUS#OMESTO4OWN v"EX"ROS#IRCUS Circus Comes to Town," Bex Bros. Circus MINIATURECIRCUSlGURES ANDMORE THROUGH&EB (miniature circus figures) and more, through Feb. 26. PENOBSCOTMARINEMUSEUMORG UMaine Museum of Art, Bangor: "The Moment: 5-AINE-USEUMOF!RT "ANGORh4HE-OMENT Paintings by Michael De Brito," Lori Nix: "The 0AINTINGSBY-ICHAEL$E"RITO v,ORI.IXh4HE #ITY v"RETT$AY7INDHAMh)0UTA3PELLON9OUv City," Brett Day Windham: "I Put a Spell on You" and George Terry: "Because You're Mine," all AND'EORGE4ERRYh"ECAUSE9OURE-INE vALL through March 24. THROUGH-ARCHUMMAUMAINEEDU Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor: "Twisted Path !BBE-USEUM "AR(ARBORh4WISTED0ATH

BJH>86AH MUSICALS Continued from Page E19 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3'

production was a thrill to this day. 'A QSPEVDUJPOXBTBUISJMMUPUIJTEBZA" Chorus Line' has a special place in my $IPSVT-JOFIBTBTQFDJBMQMBDFJONZ heart." IFBSUw Steve Peterson at Maine State Music 4UFWF1FUFSTPOBU.BJOF4UBUF.VTJD Theatre in Brunswick tells a similar 5IFBUSFJO#SVOTXJDLUFMMTBTJNJMBS story. He saw the original company of "A TUPSZ)FTBXUIFPSJHJOBMDPNQBOZPGi" Chorus Line" in San Francisco and twice $IPSVT-JOFwJO4BO'SBODJTDPBOEUXJDF in Los Angeles. JO-PT"OHFMFT "It was an important show for me," he i*UXBTBOJNQPSUBOUTIPXGPSNF wIF said. "It was about a life recognized. It TBJEi*UXBTBCPVUBMJGFSFDPHOJ[FE*U was the first time I heard gay characters XBTUIFmSTUUJNF*IFBSEHBZDIBSBDUFST speak, recognizably and openly, and I got TQFBL SFDPHOJ[BCMZBOEPQFOMZ BOE*HPU it." JUw Other important shows of the decade 0UIFSJNQPSUBOUTIPXTPGUIFEFDBEF include "Pippin" and "Chicago." "But it JODMVEFi1JQQJOwBOEi$IJDBHPwi#VUJU was 'The Wiz' that truly transformed me," XBTA5IF8J[UIBUUSVMZUSBOTGPSNFENF w Peterson said. "The joy, color and music 1FUFSTPOTBJEi5IFKPZ DPMPSBOENVTJD of that celebration stayed with me." PGUIBUDFMFCSBUJPOTUBZFEXJUINFw Alice Kornhauser, marketing director of "MJDF,PSOIBVTFS NBSLFUJOHEJSFDUPSPG the Portland Symphony Orchestra, grew UIF1PSUMBOE4ZNQIPOZ0SDIFTUSB HSFX up in the suburbs of New York and saw VQJOUIFTVCVSCTPG/FX:PSLBOETBX quite a few Broadway musicals in the 70s. RVJUFBGFX#SPBEXBZNVTJDBMTJOUIFT "I think my first was 'GodspelP when i*UIJOLNZmSTUXBTA(PETQFMMXIFO I was 6 or 7, which made a really big *XBTPS XIJDINBEFBSFBMMZCJH impression," she said. "I especially reJNQSFTTJPO wTIFTBJEi*FTQFDJBMMZSF member the scene with the heaven-bound NFNCFSUIFTDFOFXJUIUIFIFBWFOCPVOE sheep and the poor goats that suffered TIFFQBOEUIFQPPSHPBUTUIBUTVGGFSFE eternal damnation. FUFSOBMEBNOBUJPO "We also saw 'On the Twentieth Ceni8FBMTPTBXA0OUIF5XFOUJFUI$FO tury,' 'Ain't Misbehavin" and 'The Wiz,' UVSZ A"JOU.JTCFIBWJOBOEA5IF8J[  which was really fun. I remember being XIJDIXBTSFBMMZGVO*SFNFNCFSCFJOH aware of 'Oh! Calcutta!' which had full BXBSFPGA0I$BMDVUUBXIJDIIBEGVMM frontal nudity, but I have no firsthand GSPOUBMOVEJUZ CVU*IBWFOPmSTUIBOE knowledge of that. Very 70s." LOPXMFEHFPGUIBU7FSZTw Robert Moody, the PSO's music direc3PCFSU.PPEZ UIF140TNVTJDEJSFD tor, voted "Godspell" as his favorite 70s UPS WPUFEi(PETQFMMwBTIJTGBWPSJUFT musical "by far. I've actually directed the NVTJDBMiCZGBS*WFBDUVBMMZEJSFDUFEUIF show twice. On both occasions, I also was TIPXUXJDF0OCPUIPDDBTJPOT *BMTPXBT

N!24'!,,%2)%3 ART GALLERIES /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS h!RTIFACTSAND0ARTICLES vPHOTOGRAPHYBY#ALEB "Artifacts and Particles," photography by Caleb #HARLANDAND0ETER'RUNER3HELLENBERGER !DDISON Charland and Peter Gruner Shellenberger, Addison 7OOLLEY'ALLERY 0ORTLANDADDISONWOOLLEYCOM Woolley Gallery, Portland, /PENINGRECEPTION TOPMTODAY4HROUGH Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. today. Through &EB Feb. 26. h3YMBOLSOF,OVE vPIECESTHATCONVEYLOVEINITS "Symbols of Love," pieces that convey love in its MANYFORMSANDMEANINGS #ONSTELLATION'ALLERY many forms and meanings, Constellation Gallery, Portland. 409-6617. Opening reception, 5 to 7 0ORTLAND /PENINGRECEPTION TO PMTODAY4HROUGH&EB p.m. today. Through Feb. 29. h#OLOR vNEWWORKSBYSEVERALARTISTS 'REENHUT "Color," new works by several artists, Greenhut 'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND /PENSTODAY Galleries, Portland. 772-2693. Opens today. 4HROUGH&EB Through Feb. 25. &IRST&RIDAY!RT7ALK GALLERIESAND First Friday Art Walk, galleries and MUSEUMSOPENFORFREE DOWNTOWN0ORTLAND museums open for free, downtown Portland. 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. lRSTFRIDAYARTWALKCOMTOPM&RIDAY h"LUE vMULTIPLEARTISTSHOW !ARHUS'ALLERY "Blue," multiple artist show, Aarhus Gallery, Belfast, Opening reception, 5 "ELFASTAARHUSGALLERYCOM/PENINGRECEPTION  to 8 p.m. Friday. Through Feb. 26. TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH&EB "Side by Side: Higgison and Higgison," h3IDEBY3IDE(IGGISONAND(IGGISON v (ARMONS"ARTONS'ALLERY 0ORTLAND Harmon's & Barton's Gallery, Portland. Artist's social, 5 to 8 p.m. HARMONSBARTONSCOM!RTISTSSOCIAL TOPM Friday. Through Feb. 29. &RIDAY4HROUGH&EB "Blood, Phelgm and Tears," new paintings h"LOOD 0HELGMAND4EARS vNEWPAINTINGS BY!BBETH2USSELL !RT(OUSE0ICTURE&RAMES by Abbeth Russell, Art House Picture Frames, 0ORTLAND /PENINGRECEPTION TO Portland. 221-3443. Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Through Feb. 27. PM&RIDAY4HROUGH&EB Kevin Beers: "Trucks and Landscapes," new +EVIN"EERSh4RUCKSAND,ANDSCAPES vNEW

at THE PLAYING FIELD ^w m MW AT4(%0,!9).'&)%,$ with DJ MJ WITH$*-* FOR$*BOOKINGSCALL  



2OUTE.ORTH 7ELLS Route 1 North, Wells 646-8467 WWWBULLNCLAWCOM


Please see ART, PageE22 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<))

Judas in the cast. I think Steven Schwartz +VEBTJOUIFDBTU*UIJOL4UFWFO4DIXBSU[ is a musical genius. And for me, with a JTBNVTJDBMHFOJVT"OEGPSNF XJUIB strong religious background, the mesTUSPOHSFMJHJPVTCBDLHSPVOE UIFNFT sage of the book of Matthew, set in this TBHFPGUIFCPPLPG.BUUIFX TFUJOUIJT rock-musical fashion, opens my thinking SPDLNVTJDBMGBTIJPO PQFOTNZUIJOLJOH to greater possibilities for faith." UPHSFBUFSQPTTJCJMJUJFTGPSGBJUIw Susan and Tony Reilly, who operate the 4VTBOBOE5POZ3FJMMZ XIPPQFSBUFUIF Irish American Repertory Ensemble, *SJTI"NFSJDBO3FQFSUPSZ&OTFNCMF  have strong feelings about the era. IBWFTUSPOHGFFMJOHTBCPVUUIFFSB "The show that had the biggest imi5IFTIPXUIBUIBEUIFCJHHFTUJN pact on me was 'Pippin' (also written by QBDUPONFXBTA1JQQJO BMTPXSJUUFOCZ Schwartz), about one of the sons of the 4DIXBSU[ BCPVUPOFPGUIFTPOTPGUIF 9th-century emperor Charlemagne trying UIDFOUVSZFNQFSPS$IBSMFNBHOFUSZJOH to find his place in the world," said Susan UPmOEIJTQMBDFJOUIFXPSME wTBJE4VTBO Reilly. 3FJMMZ "Crazy idea for a musical, but it worked i$SB[ZJEFBGPSBNVTJDBM CVUJUXPSLFE - terrific songs, knock-out choreograoUFSSJmDTPOHT LOPDLPVUDIPSFPHSB phy by the great Bob Fosse, dynamite QIZCZUIFHSFBU#PC'PTTF EZOBNJUF performances and a meaningful subject QFSGPSNBODFTBOEBNFBOJOHGVMTVCKFDU for a young person trying to find her place GPSBZPVOHQFSTPOUSZJOHUPmOEIFSQMBDF in the world. I still like to listen to the JOUIFXPSME*TUJMMMJLFUPMJTUFOUPUIF score." TDPSFw Tony Reilly offered up "Follies" as his 5POZ3FJMMZPGGFSFEVQi'PMMJFTwBTIJT favorite 70s musical. In his mind, it may GBWPSJUFTNVTJDBM*OIJTNJOE JUNBZ be the greatest Broadway musical ever. CFUIFHSFBUFTU#SPBEXBZNVTJDBMFWFS " 'Follies' ushered in a whole new level iA'PMMJFTVTIFSFEJOBXIPMFOFXMFWFM of sophistication. I was so blown away PGTPQIJTUJDBUJPO*XBTTPCMPXOBXBZ by it that I saw it seven times," he said. CZJUUIBU*TBXJUTFWFOUJNFT wIFTBJE "In those days, you could get a standingi*OUIPTFEBZT ZPVDPVMEHFUBTUBOEJOH room seat for $2.50 and then grab a seat SPPNTFBUGPSBOEUIFOHSBCBTFBU anywhere. It was the most lavish, tuneful BOZXIFSF*UXBTUIFNPTUMBWJTI UVOFGVM and breathtakingly beautiful experience BOECSFBUIUBLJOHMZCFBVUJGVMFYQFSJFODF on the giant stage of the Winter Garden POUIFHJBOUTUBHFPGUIF8JOUFS(BSEFO theater. I've seen many of the revivals, UIFBUFS*WFTFFONBOZPGUIFSFWJWBMT  but nothing can compare to the original." CVUOPUIJOHDBODPNQBSFUPUIFPSJHJOBMw That notion applies to the decade as a 5IBUOPUJPOBQQMJFTUPUIFEFDBEFBTB whole. XIPMF Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted at 791-6457 AbOTTE`WbS`0]P9SgSaQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#% or: ]`( bkeyes@pressherald. com PYSgSa.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: pphbkeyes BeWbbS`(^^VPYSgSa






))#ONTEMPORARY!MERICAN!RT)NFORMEDBY II: Contemporary American Art Informed by 4RADITION vCONTEMPORARYARTSHOWFEATURING Tradition," contemporary art show featuring NATIVEARTISTSFROMTHE.ORTHEAST THROUGH-AY native artists from the Northeast, through May; h)NDIANSAND2USTICATORS vTHROUGH$ECEMBER "Indians and Rusticators," through December. ABBEMUSEUMORG



PRIMO CUBANO 35,02&8%$12 6Saturday, DWXUGD\ 0March DUFK 3 8 PM 30

LAURA KARGUL /$85$.$5*8/ RONALD LANTZ 521$/'/$17=

Dance all night or just come to listen! 'DQFHDOOQLJKWRUMXVWFRPHWROLVWHQ

6Saturday, DWXUGD\ )February HEUXDU\ 11 7:30  7KH6LQJHU¶V$UW

-2+1$'$06: 6($1)/(0,1* 6XQGD\)HEUXDU\30 A rare U.S. concert $UDUH86FRQFHUW by acclaimed Irish E\DFFODLPHG,ULVK singer songwriter VLQJHUVRQJZULWHU

ENTER THE HAGGIS (17(57+(+$**,6 6Saturday, DWXUGD\ 0March DUFK 10 8 PM 30

DECLAN '(&/$1 O'ROURKE 2·5285.( )Friday, ULGD\ 0March DUFK 2

Roots 5RRWV Rock 5RFN Reinvented! 5HLQYHQWHG Celebrate &HOHEUDWH St. Patty's 6W3DWW\¶V Early! (DUO\

8 PM 30

Special Advance Tickets $15 6SHFLDO$GYDQFH7LFNHWV

Tickets also on sale for the Pan Fried 7LFNHWVDOVRRQVDOHIRUWKH3DQ)ULHG Steel Drums, Breakers Jazz, Farewell 6WHHO'UXPV%UHDNHUV-D]])DUHZHOO Drifters, Frank Vignola, Johnny Tillotson, 'ULIWHUV)UDQN9LJQROD-RKQQ\7LOORWVRQ Peter Yarrow, Hot Club of Cowtown, 3HWHU<DUURZ+RW&OXERI&RZWRZQ Livingston Taylor, The Kruger Brothers, /LYLQJVWRQ7D\ORU7KH.UXJHU%URWKHUV John Mock, Alasdair Fraser, Delfeayo -RKQ0RFN$ODVGDLU)UDVHU'HOIHD\R Marsalis and much more! 0DUVDOLVDQGPXFKPRUH

For fun, friendly, &ORFUN FRIENDLY AFFORDABLE affordable, CASUALFAMILY casual family dining. DINING

9/52 #(/)#%

LUNCH ,5.#(



Dine-In Only $INE )N/NLY


GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3E225=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

Ă&#x160;J_XqYfkĂ&#x2039; 'Hiazbot!'

on O iâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;,

with purchase of a beverage WITHPURCHASEOFABEVERAGE

&ISHERMANS Fisherman's Platter 0LATTER Haddock, Shrimp (ADDOCK 3HRIMP & Clams with French #LAMSWITH&RENCH Fries & Coleslaw &RIES#OLESLAW

Twin 4WIN with chips or fries & pickle WITHCHIPSORFRIESPICKLE

DINNER $)..%2

Source: "Mork & Mindy" (TV A]c`QS(Âľ;]`Y;W\RgÂśBD series, 1978-1982) aS`WSa'%&'& Like Laverne and Shirley but not :WYS:OdS`\SO\RAVW`ZSgPcb\]b as funny, Mork from Ork originated OaTc\\g;]`YT`][=`Y]`WUW\ObSR on "Happy Days," where the ]\Âľ6O^^g2OgaÂśeVS`SbVS "Shazbof'-spouting spaceman ÂľAVOhP]bÂśa^]cbW\Ua^OQS[O\ (Robin Williams) did battle @]PW\EWZZWO[aRWRPObbZS with the Fonz. By the time he eWbVbVS4]\h0gbVSbW[SVS got his own series, however, U]bVWa]e\aS`WSaV]eSdS` Mork had given up his plans ;]`YVORUWdS\c^VWa^ZO\a for world conquest and his T]`e]`ZRQ]\_cSabO\RVWa red crotch-pointing jumpsuit `SRQ`]bQV^]W\bW\UXc[^acWb in favor of domestic life with the W\TOd]`]TR][SabWQZWTSeWbVbVS daughter of a record-store owner, ROcUVbS`]TO`SQ]`Rab]`S]e\S` which whom he would have a son, eVWQVeV][VSe]cZRVOdSOa]\ Jonathan Winters. Yes, this was a 8]\ObVO\EW\bS`aGSabVWaeOaO very disturbing show. dS`gRWabc`PW\UaV]e

YOUR 9/52 CHOICE #(/)#%

Served Any Time: 3ERVED!NY4IME Tues - Sun 4UESn3UN Dine-In Only $INE )N/NLY

Colossal Cut #OLOSSAL#UT 24-Ounce  /UNCE Prime Rib 0RIME2IB

sirloin steak with your choice SIRLOINSTEAKWITHYOURCHOICE of lobster pie or fried Maine OFLOBSTERPIEORFRIED-AINE


succulent, melt-in-your-mouth SUCCULENT MELT IN YOUR MOUTH served with savory aujus, SERVEDWITHSAVORYAUJUS potato, pasta or rice & fresh POTATO PASTAORRICEFRESH vegetable medley VEGETABLEMEDLEY

pasta, or rice. PASTA ORRICE






and Vietnam, through March 31. 450-8499. AND6IETNAM THROUGH-ARCH  Coffee By Design (India Street), Portland: "Out of #OFFEE"Y$ESIGN)NDIA3TREET 0ORTLANDh/UTOF the Blue," group show by YES Art Works, through THE"LUE vGROUPSHOWBY9%3!RT7ORKS THROUGH Continued from Page E21 April 1. :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 !PRILYESARTWORKSORG The Blue Spoon, Portland: "Portraits" by Michael 4HE"LUE3POON 0ORTLANDh0ORTRAITSvBY-ICHAEL paintings, Gleason Fine Art, Portland. 699-5599. PAINTINGS 'LEASON&INE!RT 0ORTLAND  Douglas, through today, $OUGLAS THROUGHTODAYYESARTWORKSORG Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Through /PENINGRECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH University of Southern Maine (Woodbury 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE7OODBURY March 30. -ARCH Campus Center), Portland: Juried student #AMPUS#ENTER 0ORTLAND*URIEDSTUDENT "LostTrail and Beyond," illustrations by Ben h,OST4RAILAND"EYOND vILLUSTRATIONSBY"EN exhibition, through Feb. 19. EXHIBITION THROUGH&EBUSMMAINEEDU Bishop, Green Hand Bookshop, Portland. 253"ISHOP 'REEN(AND"OOKSHOP 0ORTLAND gallery GALLERY 6808. Reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Through Feb. 2ECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH&EB Somerset Sports and Fitness Center, Scarborough: 3OMERSET3PORTSAND&ITNESS#ENTER 3CARBOROUGH 29.  "The Good Ole Days: Men and Their Tools," h4HE'OOD/LE$AYS-ENAND4HEIR4OOLS v Round Pond Artist Jill Tarkleson, Savory Maine, 2OUND0OND!RTIST*ILL4ARKLESON 3AVORY-AINE 19th-century tools used by surveyor Levi Weston, TH CENTURYTOOLSUSEDBYSURVEYOR,EVI7ESTON Damariscotta. 563-2111. Opening reception, 3 to 3KOWHEGAN(ISTORY(OUSETRAVELINGDISPLAY $AMARISCOTTA /PENINGRECEPTION TO Skowhegan History House traveling display, 5 p.m. Friday. Through March 3. PM&RIDAY4HROUGH-ARCH through April 10. THROUGH!PRILSKOWHEGANHISTORYHOUSEORG Photographer Kathryn Coccyx, Geno's Rock Club, 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE!RT'ALLERY 0HOTOGRAPHER+ATHRYN#OCCYX 'ENOS2OCK#LUB University of Southern Maine (Art Gallery), Portland. 221-2382. Reception, 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND 2ECEPTION TOPM Gorham: USM art faculty exhibition, through Feb. 'ORHAM53-ARTFACULTYEXHIBITION THROUGH&EB Friday. &RIDAY 17. USMMAINEEDUGALLERY Robin Farren, portraiture photography, 2OBIN&ARREN PORTRAITUREPHOTOGRAPHY Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Falmouth: Deborah %LIZABETH-OSS'ALLERY &ALMOUTH$EBORAH Constellation Gallery, Portland. 409-661 7. 5 to 8 #ONSTELLATION'ALLERY 0ORTLAND TO Randall and Henry Kallem, drawings, through 2ANDALLAND(ENRY+ALLEM DRAWINGS THROUGH p.m. Friday. PM&RIDAY March 3. 781-2620. -ARCH  Dennis Fournier: "Places We Know," new works, $ENNIS&OURNIERh0LACES7E+NOW vNEWWORKS Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth: "Favorite -ERRILL-EMORIAL,IBRARY 9ARMOUTHh&AVORITE Townsend Real Estate & Art Gallery, Willard 4OWNSEND2EAL%STATE!RT'ALLERY 7ILLARD Places," oil paintings by Anne Lively, through Feb. 0LACES vOILPAINTINGSBY!NNE,IVELY THROUGH&EB Square, South Portland. 842-9200. Opening 3QUARE 3OUTH0ORTLAND /PENING 18. YARMOUTHLIBRARYORG reception, 5 to 7 p.m. Feb. 9. Through March 11. RECEPTION TOPM&EB4HROUGH-ARCH 317 Main Street Community Music Center, -AIN3TREET#OMMUNITY-USIC#ENTER Yarmouth: Oils and pastels of Belize and Maine 9ARMOUTH/ILSANDPASTELSOF"ELIZEAND-AINE CONTINUING #/.4).5).' by Patti Bradley, through March 9. 846-6264. BY0ATTI"RADLEY THROUGH-ARCH  Maine College of Art (MECA), Portland: Michael -AINE#OLLEGEOF!RT-%#! 0ORTLAND-ICHAEL Royal Bean, Yarmouth: Artisans collective mixed2OYAL"EAN 9ARMOUTH!RTISANSCOLLECTIVEMIXED Bell-Smith, lo-ti environments exhibit, through "ELL 3MITH LO lENVIRONMENTSEXHIBIT THROUGH media show, through March 30. 846-7967. MEDIASHOW THROUGH-ARCH  March 14. 699-5029. -ARCH  North Yarmouth Academy (Curtis Gallery), .ORTH9ARMOUTH!CADEMY#URTIS'ALLERY Addison Woolley Gallery, Portland: "Maine !DDISON7OOLLEY'ALLERY 0ORTLANDh-AINE Photographers: Eyes on Asia," 45 photos of China, 0HOTOGRAPHERS%YESON!SIA vPHOTOSOF#HINA Please see ART, PageE26 Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<)(ONG+ONG )NDIA *APAN 3OUTH+OREA 4HAILAND

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2,2012 | GO E23 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3 !


065)1035-"/% OUTH PORTLAND Â&#x2030;5IJTGBMMTJOUPUIFDBU â&#x20AC;&#x201D; This falls into the catFHPSZPGOFJHICPSIPPE egory of neighborhood FOWZ5IFSFBSFQMFOUZPG envy. There are plenty of SFBTPOTUIBUGPMLTXIP reasons that folks who live in the Meetinghouse MJWFJOUIF.FFUJOHIPVTF Hill/Willard Beach area of South Portland )JMM8JMMBSE#FBDIBSFBPG4PVUI1PSUMBOE rightfully feel proud of where they live. The SJHIUGVMMZGFFMQSPVEPGXIFSFUIFZMJWF5IF houses are nice and the neighborhoods are IPVTFTBSFOJDFBOEUIFOFJHICPSIPPETBSF tight, and they have great amenities close UJHIU BOEUIFZIBWFHSFBUBNFOJUJFTDMPTF by - not the least of which is South Portland CZoOPUUIFMFBTUPGXIJDIJT4PVUI1PSUMBOE House of Pizza. )PVTFPG1J[[B I confess: I wish I lived there. The value of a *DPOGFTT*XJTI*MJWFEUIFSF5IFWBMVFPGB local pizza and sub shop cannot be underestiMPDBMQJ[[BBOETVCTIPQDBOOPUCFVOEFSFTUJ mated. NBUFE South Portland House of Pizza nourishes 4PVUI1PSUMBOE)PVTFPG1J[[BnPVSJTIFT because of its consistency. The pizza is solidly CFDBVTFPGJUTDPOTJTUFODZ5IFQJ[[BJTTPMJEMZ good and reasonably priced, the steak grindHPPEBOESFBTPOBCMZQSJDFE UIFTUFBLHSJOE ers have achieved legendary status, and the FSTIBWFBDIJFWFEMFHFOEBSZTUBUVT BOEUIF hot sandwiches always seem to taste fresh. I IPUTBOEXJDIFTBMXBZTTFFNUPUBTUFGSFTI* happen to love the pasta. IBQQFOUPMPWFUIFQBTUB I stopped in for lunch with a friend the other *TUPQQFEJOGPSMVODIXJUIBGSJFOEUIFPUIFS day in between appointments. I ordered a EBZJOCFUXFFOBQQPJOUNFOUT*PSEFSFEB massive plate of ziti with three meatballs NBTTJWFQMBUFPG[JUJXJUIUISFFNFBUCBMMT for $7.45.1 also got a small side salad with GPS*BMTPHPUBTNBMMTJEFTBMBEXJUI an amazing homemade creamy Greek salad BOBNB[JOHIPNFNBEFDSFBNZ(SFFLTBMBE dressing. ESFTTJOH The key was the meatballs. It was easy to 5IFLFZXBTUIFNFBUCBMMT*UXBTFBTZUP taste that they were freshly made, and almost UBTUFUIBUUIFZXFSFGSFTIMZNBEF BOEBMNPTU certainly made on the premises. They were DFSUBJOMZNBEFPOUIFQSFNJTFT5IFZXFSF not uniform in size or shape, nor did they OPUVOJGPSNJOTJ[FPSTIBQF OPSEJEUIFZ taste or give any hint of ever have been froUBTUFPSHJWFBOZIJOUPGFWFSIBWFCFFOGSP zen. They tasted something like the meatballs [FO5IFZUBTUFETPNFUIJOHMJLFUIFNFBUCBMMT my mom used to make. NZNPNVTFEUPNBLF The red sauce was tangy and chunked with 5IFSFETBVDFXBTUBOHZBOEDIVOLFEXJUI large bits of tomatoes. The sauce was a bit MBSHFCJUTPGUPNBUPFT5IFTBVDFXBTBCJU runny for my taste, but it passed all my interSVOOZGPSNZUBTUF CVUJUQBTTFEBMMNZJOUFS nal checks otherwise. I loved the meal and OBMDIFDLTPUIFSXJTF*MPWFEUIFNFBMBOE especially appreciated the fact that the waiter FTQFDJBMMZBQQSFDJBUFEUIFGBDUUIBUUIFXBJUFS brought an extra roll to sop up my extra CSPVHIUBOFYUSBSPMMUPTPQVQNZFYUSB sauce. I appreciated that gesture very much. TBVDF*BQQSFDJBUFEUIBUHFTUVSFWFSZNVDI My buddy tried something similar. He or.ZCVEEZUSJFETPNFUIJOHTJNJMBS)FPS dered the spaghetti meal with two sausages, EFSFEUIFTQBHIFUUJNFBMXJUIUXPTBVTBHFT  also $7.45.1 noticed he was sweating a bit BMTP*OPUJDFEIFXBTTXFBUJOHBCJU during the meal, and asked him about the EVSJOHUIFNFBM BOEBTLFEIJNBCPVUUIF sausages. He said they were more hot than TBVTBHFT)FTBJEUIFZXFSFNPSFIPUUIBO spicy, but they had enough bite that you didn't TQJDZ CVUUIFZIBEFOPVHICJUFUIBUZPVEJEOU forget about them right away. GPSHFUBCPVUUIFNSJHIUBXBZ The perspiration on his face confirmed as 5IFQFSTQJSBUJPOPOIJTGBDFDPOmSNFEBT much. NVDI I've had the pizza here before, and always *WFIBEUIFQJ[[BIFSFCFGPSF BOEBMXBZT felt they did a good job with it. But the steak GFMUUIFZEJEBHPPEKPCXJUIJU#VUUIFTUFBL

Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer 5]`R]\1VWP`]aYWAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

A n t h o n y B r u n e a u , nnanager, offers up a steak sub at S o u t h P o r t l a n d House of Pizza. /\bV]\g0`c\SOc[O\OUS`]TTS`ac^OabSOYacPObA]cbV>]`bZO\R6]caS]T>WhhO

subs are what keep me coming back. The TVCTBSFXIBULFFQNFDPNJOHCBDL5IF regular grinder with cheese ($6.95) is enough SFHVMBSHSJOEFSXJUIDIFFTF  JTFOPVHI to give Philly a run for its money. UPHJWF1IJMMZBSVOGPSJUTNPOFZ This place does not have a ton of atmo5IJTQMBDFEPFTOPUIBWFBUPOPGBUNP sphere. You order at the counter, then take a TQIFSF:PVPSEFSBUUIFDPVOUFS UIFOUBLFB table over in the dining area. There is nothing UBCMFPWFSJOUIFEJOJOHBSFB5IFSFJTOPUIJOH fancy about the physical space or the process. GBODZBCPVUUIFQIZTJDBMTQBDFPSUIFQSPDFTT I suspect that most of the business is done *TVTQFDUUIBUNPTUPGUIFCVTJOFTTJTEPOF on a take-out basis so that all the lucky people POBUBLFPVUCBTJTTPUIBUBMMUIFMVDLZQFPQMF who live around here can go back and in eat XIPMJWFBSPVOEIFSFDBOHPCBDLBOEJOFBU in their beautiful homes. JOUIFJSCFBVUJGVMIPNFT

WHERE: 4 3 3 C o t t a g e R o a d , S o u t h E63@3("!!1]bbOUS@]ORA]cbV P o r t l a n d ; 7 6 7 - 2! 300 >]`bZO\R)%$% HOURS: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily 6=C@A(O[b]'^[ROWZg 163/>3AB5@C0(A[OZZ]`RS`]TT`WSa CHEAPEST GRUB: Small o r d e r of fries ]`]\W]\`W\Ua" or o n i o n rings, $ 4 . 2# 5 6/<271/>>32/113AA70:3(GSa HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE: Yes @/B7<5(((( RATING: â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘


Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\OÂżdSabO`aQOZS

The staff of GO anonymously samples meals for about $7. BVSabOTT]T5=O\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa[SOZaT]`OP]cb%

Pop in at sweet pop-up bake shop Gfg`eXkjn\\kgfg$lgYXb\j_fg AB=>0G>]`bZO\R¸a¿`ab^]^c^POYSaV]^O\R PcgQc^QOYSaQ]]YWSaO\R]bVS`POYSRU]]Ra G T`][a][S]TbVSabObS¸aPSabaeSSbaV]^a 8 ?<

STOP BY P o r t l a n d ' s first p o p - u p bake s h o p a n d buy cupcakes, cookies and other baked g o o d s f r o m s o m e o f t h e state's best s w e e t shops. Proceeds go to fight c h i l d h o o d hunger in >`]QSSRaU]b]ÂżUVbQVWZRV]]RVc\US`W\ Maine. ;OW\S WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2^[AObc`ROg p.m. S a t u r d a y E63<(O[b] WHERE: A k a r i , 193 M i d d l e St., P o r t l a n d E63@3(/YO`W'!;WRRZSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Prices r a n g e f r o m $1 to $7 6=E;C16(>`WQSa`O\UST`][b]% INFO: 5 4 2!% - 3 7 2!3 7<4=(#"

: I@CC K?




Jflk_GfikcXe[?flj\f]G`qqX South Portland House of Pizza gets its role as a neighborhood ^\kj`kjifc\XjXe\`^_Yfi_ff[ pizza and sub shop just right. g`qqXXe[jlYj_fgaljki`^_k%

Sample Italian food and wines at Leroux JXdgc\@kXc`Xe]ff[Xe[n`e\jXkC\iflo

?FK k`Zb\k

JOIN s e c o n d - g e n e r a t i o n w i n e m a k e r N i c c o l o 8=7<aSQ]\RUS\S`ObW]\eW\S[OYS`<WQQ]Z] C h i o c c i o l i f r o m Italy's A l t a d o n n a w i n e r y a n d 1VW]QQW]ZWT`][7bOZg¸a/ZbOR]\\OeW\S`gO\R c h e f Lee Skawinski f r o m C i n q u e Terre on QVST:SSAYOeW\aYWT`][1W\_cSBS``S]\ a chilly w i n t e r d a y f o r a w i n e t a s t i n g a n d OQVWZZgeW\bS`ROgT]`OeW\SbOabW\UO\R cooking demonstration. Q]]YW\URS[]\ab`ObW]\ WHEN: 5 to 7 p.m. W e d n e s d a y E63<(#b]%^[ESR\SaROg WHERE: L e r o u x K i t c h e n , 161 C o m m e r c i a l St., P o r t l a n d E63@3(:S`]cf9WbQVS\$1][[S`QWOZAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 5 5 3 - 7 6 6 5 7<4=(##!%$$#

Atwell's Peak performance, E24 NBar Guide: Oasis, E25 8kn\ccĂ&#x2039;jG\Xbg\i]fidXeZ\#<)+ 9Xi>l`[\1FXj`j#<),

4 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2, 2012 3E 2"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

@eG\XbĂ&#x2039;jXcc$DX`e\Yi\n#dXckjkXe[jlgkf_fgj In Peak's all-Maine brew, malt stands up to hops @I

Tom Atwell Kfd8kn\cc What Ales You N_Xk8c\jPfl

DIBOHFUIFnBWPS change the flavor. 5IJTQFSDFOUBMDPIPMCFFSXBT This 6.8-percent alcohol beer was DPNQMFY5IFMBCFMEFTDSJCFTJUBT complex. The label describes it as assertively hopped, with dry-hopBTTFSUJWFMZIPQQFE XJUIESZIPQ ping as well as hopping in the boil. QJOHBTXFMMBTIPQQJOHJOUIFCPJM And while the beer does have an "OEXIJMFUIFCFFSEPFTIBWFBO earthy and floral hop aroma, it's FBSUIZBOEnPSBMIPQBSPNB JUT mild compared to some of the hop NJMEDPNQBSFEUPTPNFPGUIFIPQ bombs that have been appearing CPNCTUIBUIBWFCFFOBQQFBSJOH on the market during the past POUIFNBSLFUEVSJOHUIFQBTU few years. And I recall its being GFXZFBST"OE*SFDBMMJUTCFJOH less hoppy than Sebago's Local MFTTIPQQZUIBO4FCBHPT-PDBM Harvest, another beer made with )BSWFTU BOPUIFSCFFSNBEFXJUI all-Maine ingredients. BMM.BJOFJOHSFEJFOUT The hops definitely did not over5IFIPQTEFmOJUFMZEJEOPUPWFS power the malt, which gave the QPXFSUIFNBMU XIJDIHBWFUIF beer a strong backbone and a bit CFFSBTUSPOHCBDLCPOFBOEBCJU of sweetness at the end. PGTXFFUOFTTBUUIFFOE Searching for the Peak beers 4FBSDIJOHGPSUIF1FBLCFFST was only part of the reason for my XBTPOMZQBSUPGUIFSFBTPOGPSNZ trip to RSVP.BSJOFS%JTUSJCV Mariner DistribuUSJQUP3471 tors was conducting a beer tasting UPSTXBTDPOEVDUJOHBCFFSUBTUJOH in which it offered Fuller's ESB, JOXIJDIJUPGGFSFE'VMMFST&4#  Cody Brewing's Wheeler's Brown, $PEZ#SFXJOHT8IFFMFST#SPXO  DeProuf Zoetzuur Flemish Ale and %F1SPVG;PFU[VVS'MFNJTI"MFBOE Innis and Gunn Rum Cask Ale. *OOJTBOE(VOO3VN$BTL"MF I reviewed the Wheeler Brown a *SFWJFXFEUIF8IFFMFS#SPXOB couple of weeks ago. The Fuller's, DPVQMFPGXFFLTBHP5IF'VMMFST  from England, is the model for GSPN&OHMBOE JTUIFNPEFMGPS an Extra Special Bitter. It has a BO&YUSB4QFDJBM#JUUFS*UIBTB wonderfully rich malt flavor and XPOEFSGVMMZSJDINBMUnBWPSBOE a pleasing amount of hops. It's at BQMFBTJOHBNPVOUPGIPQT*UTBU

MOVIES BDK>:H Continued from Page E18 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3&

elements - and a vicious pack of rogue wolves - beSZS[S\baÂłO\ROdWQW]ca^OQY]T`]UcSe]ZdSaÂłPS fore their time runs out. T]`SbVSW`bW[S`c\a]cb Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:35,4:35,7:20 AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg(!#"(!#%(  Fri 4:35, 7:20, 9:50 Sat 1:35,4:35, 7:20, 9:50, Sun 1:35, 4`W"(!#%( '(#AOb(!#"(!#%( '(#Ac\(!# 4:35, 7:20 Mon-Tues 4:35, 7:20 Wed 1:35,4:35, 7:20; "(!#%( ;]\BcSa"(!#%( ESR(!#"(!#%( ) Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today-Wed 1:30, 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR(! 4:20, 7, 9:40; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12, "( %'(")1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR 3:10, 6:50, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:30, !($(#'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (! 3:10, 6:50, 9:20; Brunswick 10 Today 1:20, 4:20, 7:10, !($(#'( )0`c\aeWQYB]ROg( "( %( 9:50 Fri-Wed 1:45,4:25, 7:10, 9:50; Falmouth 10 Today '(#4`WESR("#"( #%('(#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg 4:10, 7 Fri 4:35, 7:25,10:05 Sat 2,4:35, Sun 2, "(%4`W"(!#%( #(#AOb "(!#%(7:25,10:05 #(#Ac\ 4:35, 7:25 Mon-Wed 4:35, 7:25 "(!#%( #;]\ESR"(!#%( # "HAYWIRE" (R) (1:32) Stars Gina Carano, Ewan Âľ6/GE7@3Âś@(! AbO`a5W\O1O`O\]3eO\ McGregor, Michael Fassbender and Michael Angarano. ;Q5`SU]`;WQVOSZ4OaaPS\RS`O\R;WQVOSZ/\UO`O\] Directed by Steven Soderbergh. A highly trained 2W`SQbSRPgAbSdS\A]RS`PS`UV/VWUVZgb`OW\SR operative for a government security contractor seeks ]^S`ObWdST]`OU]dS`\[S\baSQc`WbgQ]\b`OQb]`aSSYa payback after she is betrayed and set up during a ^OgPOQYOTbS`aVSWaPSb`OgSRO\RaSbc^Rc`W\UO mission. [WaaW]\ Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:30,4:30; AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg(!"(!) Cinemagic Westbrook Today 11:50,2:10,4:40, 7, 9:10 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg(# ("("%'( Fri-Wed 3:30,6:50; Cinemagic Saco Today 12:15, 4`WESR!(!$(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (# 2:20, (  4:25, 7, 9:10; Brunswick 10 Today 1:25, 4:25, 9:45 "( #%'()0`c\aeWQYB]ROg( #"( #%(7:25, #'("# Fri-Wed 10:05; Falmouth 10 Today 4:50, 7:40 4`WESR(#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(#%("

QFSDFOUBMDPIPM BOEJTBHSFBU 5.9 percent alcohol, and is a great beer for drinking and relaxing. CFFSGPSESJOLJOHBOESFMBYJOH 5IF'MFNJTI"MFIBTBCJUPG The Flemish Ale has a bit of sourness from the Brettanamyces TPVSOFTTGSPNUIF#SFUUBOBNZDFT yeast and some sweetness from ZFBTUBOETPNFTXFFUOFTTGSPN fresh Belgian cherries. This is a GSFTI#FMHJBODIFSSJFT5IJTJTB good beer, but not to my personal HPPECFFS CVUOPUUPNZQFSTPOBM liking - I'm just not a big fan of MJLJOHo*NKVTUOPUBCJHGBOPG cherries. It costs $11.79 for a 750DIFSSJFT*UDPTUTGPSB milliliter bottle. NJMMJMJUFSCPUUMF The Rum Cask Ale is unique and 5IF3VN$BTL"MFJTVOJRVFBOE a little bit off the wall. It's a ScotBMJUUMFCJUPGGUIFXBMM*UTB4DPU tish ale aged in rum barrels rather UJTIBMFBHFEJOSVNCBSSFMTSBUIFS than the traditional whisky barUIBOUIFUSBEJUJPOBMXIJTLZCBS rels. The beer is a bit sweet, with SFMT5IFCFFSJTBCJUTXFFU XJUI flavors of molasses, vanilla and nBWPSTPGNPMBTTFT WBOJMMBBOE oak along with the hops and malt. PBLBMPOHXJUIUIFIPQTBOENBMU It's not a beer you could drink a lot *UTOPUBCFFSZPVDPVMEESJOLBMPU of, but it is something to try. It cost PG CVUJUJTTPNFUIJOHUPUSZ*UDPTU $2.39 for an 11.2-ounce bottles, and GPSBOPVODFCPUUMFT BOE was 7 percent alcohol. XBTQFSDFOUBMDPIPM

THE MAIL BROUGHT a 5)&."*-#306()5B sampling of Samuel Adams beers, TBNQMJOHPG4BNVFM"EBNTCFFST  three of which I had not tried: UISFFPGXIJDI*IBEOPUUSJFE Whitewater IPA, Alpine Spring 8IJUFXBUFS*1" "MQJOF4QSJOH and Mighty Oak Ale. All three BOE.JHIUZ0BL"MF"MMUISFF are part of the current Brewer's BSFQBSUPGUIFDVSSFOU#SFXFST Choice 12-pack, retailing for $IPJDFQBDL SFUBJMJOHGPS $13.99.  My least favorite of the three .ZMFBTUGBWPSJUFPGUIFUISFF was the Whitewater IPA, another XBTUIF8IJUFXBUFS*1" BOPUIFS

GVTJPOPG*1"BOEXIJUFCFFS*UT fusion of IPA and white beer. It's more witbier than IPA, with a NPSFXJUCJFSUIBO*1" XJUIB cloudy golden color and flavors of DMPVEZHPMEFODPMPSBOEnBWPSTPG copycat brewing. This style was inDPQZDBUCSFXJOH5IJTTUZMFXBTJO vented only a couple of years ago WFOUFEPOMZBDPVQMFPGZFBSTBHP - now everybody is brewing one, oOPXFWFSZCPEZJTCSFXJOHPOF  and I am already tired of it. BOE*BNBMSFBEZUJSFEPGJU The Mighty Oak Ale was only 5IF.JHIUZ0BL"MFXBTPOMZ lightly oaked rather than mightily MJHIUMZPBLFESBUIFSUIBONJHIUJMZ oaked, but had a nice maltiness PBLFE CVUIBEBOJDFNBMUJOFTT and sweetness, and was a crysBOETXFFUOFTT BOEXBTBDSZT tal-clear amber color. It had fairly UBMDMFBSBNCFSDPMPS*UIBEGBJSMZ heavy carbonation and 5.7 percent IFBWZDBSCPOBUJPOBOEQFSDFOU alcohol. BMDPIPM The Alpine Spring was my favor5IF"MQJOF4QSJOHXBTNZGBWPS ite of the three. The 5.5-percent JUFPGUIFUISFF5IFQFSDFOU alcohol lager is unfiltered, so it's BMDPIPMMBHFSJTVOmMUFSFE TPJUT just a little bit cloudy, and the hops KVTUBMJUUMFCJUDMPVEZ BOEUIFIPQT have a bit of citrus in them. It's IBWFBCJUPGDJUSVTJOUIFN*UT quite malty for a lager, and has a RVJUFNBMUZGPSBMBHFS BOEIBTB nice dry finish. OJDFESZmOJTI Finally, I had some of Sebago's 'JOBMMZ *IBETPNFPG4FCBHPT Midnight Porter, which is beer .JEOJHIU1PSUFS XIJDIJTCFFS they brewed in the past but not UIFZCSFXFEJOUIFQBTUCVUOPU for a couple of years. This has a GPSBDPVQMFPGZFBST5IJTIBTB nice bit of chocolate malt, and is OJDFCJUPGDIPDPMBUFNBMU BOEJT an easy-drinking dark beer for the BOFBTZESJOLJOHEBSLCFFSGPSUIF days of late winter. EBZTPGMBUFXJOUFS Tom Atwell is a freelance writer. He can be B][/beSZZWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`6SQO\PS contacted at 767-2297 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%$% '%]`Ob( tomatwell@me. com b][ObeSZZ.[SQ][


XBTBU3471PO'PSFTU"WFOVF was at RSVP on Forest Avenue trying to find Peak Organic's USZJOHUPmOE1FBL0SHBOJDT Simcoe Spring Ale, which I 4JNDPF4QSJOH"MF XIJDI* missed last year but heard was NJTTFEMBTUZFBSCVUIFBSEXBT great, or Peak's Mocha Ale, which HSFBU PS1FBLT.PDIB"MF XIJDI I saw on Facebook and sounded *TBXPO'BDFCPPLBOETPVOEFE intriguing. JOUSJHVJOH Neither /FJUIFS was on the XBTPOUIF shelves, but TIFMWFT CVU I did find a *EJEmOEB 22-ounce PVODF bottle of CPUUMFPG Peak's Local 1FBLT-PDBM Series Maine 4FSJFT.BJOF edition, so I FEJUJPO TP* bought that CPVHIUUIBU for a bit more GPSBCJUNPSF than $5. UIBO What Peak has done is brew four 8IBU1FBLIBTEPOFJTCSFXGPVS 50-barrel batches of beer using the CBSSFMCBUDIFTPGCFFSVTJOHUIF same recipe, except that the hops TBNFSFDJQF FYDFQUUIBUUIFIPQT and barley comes from a different BOECBSMFZDPNFTGSPNBEJGGFSFOU state for each batch: Maine, VerTUBUFGPSFBDICBUDI.BJOF 7FS mont, Massachusetts or New York. NPOU .BTTBDIVTFUUTPS/FX:PSL I got the Maine version, and I *HPUUIF.BJOFWFSTJPO BOE* think that's the only one available UIJOLUIBUTUIFPOMZPOFBWBJMBCMF at RSVP*NOPUTVSF CFDBVTF I'm not sure, because BU3471 I didn't read the label until I got *EJEOUSFBEUIFMBCFMVOUJM*HPU home. But if you had all four, you IPNF#VUJGZPVIBEBMMGPVS ZPV could compare them to see how DPVMEDPNQBSFUIFNUPTFFIPX the ingredients from each region UIFJOHSFEJFOUTGSPNFBDISFHJPO

Innis a n d Gunn's 7\\WaO\R5c\\¸a u n i q u e R u m Cask c\W_cS@c[1OaY A l e is a g e d in /ZSWaOUSRW\ r u m barrels. `c[PO``SZa

assignment puts her on the trail of a guy she used to OaaWU\[S\b^cbaVS`]\bVSb`OWZ]TOUcgaVScaSRb] date who is now a wanted local cop. RObSeV]Wa\]eOeO\bSRZ]QOZQ]^ Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:15,4, 6:50 Fri 4, AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg(#"$(#4`W" 6:50, 9:25 Sat 1:14, 4, 6:50, 9:25 Sun 1:15,4, 6:50 Mon$(#'( #AOb(""$(#'( #Ac\(#"$(#;]\ Tues 4,6:50 Wed 1:15,4, 6:50; Cinemagic Grand (South BcSa"$(#ESR(#"$(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Today 12, 2:15, 4:30, 7:10, 9:30 Fri 2:15,4:30, >]`bZO\RB]ROg (#"(!%('(!4`W (#"(! 7:10, 9:30 Sat-Sun 12, 2:15,4:30, 7:10, 9:30 Mon-Wed %('(!AObAc\ (#"(!%('(!;]\ESR 2:15,4:30,7:10,9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed (#"(!%('(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR 11:50, 2:10,4:30, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Today 12:15, (# ("(!%(7:20, '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (# 2:20, 4:25, 7:05, 9:15 Fri-Wed 12:15, 4:35, 7:05, 9:15; ( "( #%(#'(#4`WESR (# 2:30, (!"(!#%(#'(#) Brunswick 10 Today 1:30,4:10, 7:20, 9:50 Fri-Wed 2, 0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!"(%( '(#4`WESR 4:15, 7, 9:30; Falmouth 10 Today 4:30, 7:20 Fri 4:20, "(#%'(!)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(!%( 4`W"(  6:50, 9:35 Sat 2:05, 4:20, 6:50, 9:35 Sun 2:05,4:20, 6:50 $(#'(!#AOb (#"( $(#'(!#Ac\ (#"( $(# Mon-Wed 4:20, 6:50 ;]\ESR"( $(#

Daniel 2O\WSZ R a d c l i f f e in @ORQZWTTSW\ "RED TAILS" (PG-13) (2:00) Stars Nate Parker, David Âľ@32B/7:AÂś>5! (AbO`a<ObS>O`YS`2OdWR "The W o m a n in ÂľBVSE][O\W\ Oyelowo, Ne-Yo and Bryan Cranston. Directed by =gSZ]e]<SG]O\R0`gO\1`O\ab]\2W`SQbSRPg Black." 0ZOQYÂś Anthony Hemingway. During World War II, the U.S. /\bV]\g6S[W\UeOg2c`W\UE]`ZREO`77bVSCA

military forms the first all-black aerial-combat unit [WZWbO`gT]`[abVS¿`abOZZPZOQYOS`WOZQ][PObc\Wb known as the Tuskegee Airmen. Y\]e\OabVSBcaYSUSS/W`[S\ 10A4WZ[a Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 12:55,3:55, AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg (##!(## 6:55 Fri 3:55, 6:55, 9:30 Sat 12:55, 3:55, 6:55, 9:30 Sun $(##4`W!(##$(##'(!AOb (##!(##$(##'(!Ac\ Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 12:15, Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today 12,2:30, 5, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR (# 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg  (!# 3:55, 6:55 Mon-Tues 3:55, 6:55 Wed 12:55, 3:55, 12:55, (##!(##$(##;]\BcSa!(##$(##ESR (##!(## 3:20,6:50,9:20; Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 2, 7:30,10 Fri 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 !( $(#'( )<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg %(!4`W (!#%(!AObAc\ (!#%(! 6:55; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today 1:20, $(##)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg(  4:30, 7:15, 9:40 Fri-Wed 2:15, 4:45, 7:20, 9:40; CinMon-Wed 2:30, 5, 7:30,10; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 4:10,7,9:50 Fri-Wed 7:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today "(!%(#'("4`WESR (#"("#%( '(")1W\ ;]\ESR (!#%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg "(%'(#4`WESR%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg emagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:40, 2:10, 4:40, 7:10, 11:40, 2,4:30, 7:10, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:30, 3:10, 6:40, 9:10; S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(" ("("%( (" "(!%('(#4`WESR (!!($("'() 3:20, 7, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:20, 3:20, 6:50, 9:40; Cin12:20, ( !( %'(#4`WESR ( !( $(#'(")1W\ 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:10, Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:10, 4:40, 6:55, 9:05; emagic Saco Today 12:30, 3:15, 6:45, 9:25 Fri-Wed 6:30, '(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR ( 2:25,4:40, ( #"(" 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR ( 2:25, ( #"("$(##'(#) S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (!!(#$("#'( #4`WESR$(! 6:55, 9:05; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1:45, 4:10, 6:50, 9:20 Brunswick 10 Today 1, 3:50, 7, 9:45 Fri-Tues 2:15,4:45, $(##'(#)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR("#"($(#'(  0`c\aeWQYB]ROg!(#%'("#4`WBcSa (#"("# 9:10; Brunswick 10 Today 12:50,4, 6:50, 9:40 Fri-Wed '()0`c\aeWQYB]ROg (#"$(#'("4`WESR 7:25,10 Wed 2:15; Falmouth 10 Today 4:40, 7:30 Fri %( #ESR (#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"("%(!4`W 1:55, 4:40, 6:55, 9:40; Falmouth 10 Today 3:50, 6:40 (##"("$(##'(")4OZ[]cbVB]ROg!(#$(" "JOYFUL NOISE" (PG-13) (1:57) Stars Queen Latifah, 5:05, 7:35,10 Sat 2:25, 5:05, 7:35,10 Sun 2:25, 5:05, 7:35 µ8=G4C:<=7A3¶>5!(#%AbO`a?cSS\:ObWTOV #(#%(!#AOb ( ##(#%(!#Ac\ ( ##(#%(!# Dolly Parton, Keke Palmer and Jeremy Jordan. Directed ;]\ESR#(#%(!# Mon-Wed 5:05, 7:35 "HUGO" (PG) (2:06) Stars Ben Kingsley, Asa Butter2]ZZg>O`b]\9SYS>OZ[S`O\R8S`S[g8]`RO\2W`SQbSR µ6C5=¶>5 ($AbO`a0S\9W\UaZSg/aO0cbbS` "SHAME" (NR-17) (1:48) Stars Michael Fassbender, µA6/;3¶<@%("&AbO`a;WQVOSZ4OaaPS\RS` by Todd Graff. Two strongly opinioned women (Queen field, Christopher Lee and Chloe Grace Moretz. Directed PgB]RR5`OTTBe]ab`]\UZg]^W\W]\SRe][S\?cSS\ ¿SZR1V`Wab]^VS`:SSO\R1VZ]S5`OQS;]`Sbh2W`SQbSR Carey Mulligan and James Badge Dale. Directed by 1O`Sg;cZZWUO\O\R8O[Sa0ORUS2OZS2W`SQbSRPg Latifah and Dolly Parton) need to work together to win "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL" (PG-13) by Martin Scorsese. A mystery involving a dead father :ObWTOVO\R2]ZZg>O`b]\\SSRb]e]`Yb]USbVS`b]eW\ µ;7AA7=<7;>=AA70:3(56=AB>@=B=1=:¶>5! Pg;O`bW\AQ]`aSaS/[gabS`gW\d]ZdW\UORSORTObVS` Steve McQueen. In New York City, a man's carefully AbSdS;Q?cSS\7\<SeG]`Y1WbgO[O\¸aQO`STcZZg a choir competition. Stars Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner and Paula and an automaton sends an orphan, who lives within OQV]W`Q][^SbWbW]\ (2:13) (!AbO`aB][1`cWaS8S`S[g@S\\S`O\R>OcZO O\RO\Ocb][Ob]\aS\RaO\]`^VO\eV]ZWdSaeWbVW\ cultivated private life, which allows him to indulge his QcZbWdObSR^`WdObSZWTSeVWQVOZZ]eaVW[b]W\RcZUSVWa Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:30, 9:30; >Obb]\2W`SQbSRPg0`OR0W`RBVSOUS\Qg3bVO\6c\b Patton. Directed by Brad Bird. The agency Ethan Hunt the walls of a 1930s Paris train station, on an extraordiAV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg (!'(!) bVSeOZZa]TO'!a>O`Wab`OW\abObW]\]\O\Sfb`O]`RW sexual addiction, is disrupted when his sister arrives aSfcOZORRWQbW]\WaRWa`c^bSReVS\VWaaWabS`O``WdSa Cinemagic Saco Today 12,9:15 works for is shut down when it's implicated in the nary adventure. 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg '(# e]`YaT]`WaaVcbR]e\eVS\Wb¸aW[^ZWQObSRW\bVS \O`gORdS\bc`S unannounced for an indefinite stay. c\O\\]c\QSRT]`O\W\RS¿\WbSabOg bombing of the Kremlin, causing Hunt and his team to Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:30,6:20 P][PW\U]TbVS9`S[ZW\QOcaW\U6c\bO\RVWabSO[b] AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg(!$(  Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 4:15,9 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg"(#' "MAN ON A LEDGE" (R) (2:00) Stars Sam Worthinggo rogue to clear their organization's name. Fri-Wed 1:15 6:20; Brunswick 10 Today 12:40, 3:30, 6:45 µ;/<=</:3253¶@ (AbO`aAO[E]`bVW\U U]`]UcSb]QZSO`bVSW`]`UO\WhObW]\¸a\O[S 4`WESR(#$( )0`c\aeWQYB]ROg ("!(!$("# ton, Elizabeth Banks and Jamie Bell. Directed by Asger Fri-Wed (all 3D) 1:50,4:35, 7:20; Falmouth 10 (all 3D) Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) b]\3ZWhOPSbV0O\YaO\R8O[WS0SZZ2W`SQbSRPg/aUS` AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R 4`WESROZZ!2(#"(!#%( )4OZ[]cbVOZZ!2 "SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS" (PGµA63@:=196=:;3A(/5/;3=4A6/2=EA¶>5 Leth. As a police psychologist works to talk down an Today 6:55 Fri 6:55, 9:45 Sat 4:15, 6:55, 9:45 Sun 4:15, Today 7:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 3:30, 6:30 :SbV/aO^]ZWQS^agQV]Z]UWabe]`Yab]bOZYR]e\O\ B]ROg$(##4`W$(##'("#AOb"(#$(##'("#Ac\"(# B]ROg%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg!(!$(! 13) (2:09) Stars Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared ! ('AbO`a@]PS`b2]e\Sg8`8cRS:Oe8O`SR ex-cop who is also now a wanted fugitive threatening 6:55 Mon-Wed 6:55 Fri-Wed 6:30, 9:30 SfQ]^eV]WaOZa]\]eOeO\bSRTcUWbWdSbV`SObS\W\U $(##;]\ESR$(## 4`WESR$(!'(! Harris, Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace. Directed 6O``Wa@OQVSZ;Q/RO[aO\R<]][W@O^OQS2W`SQbSR to jump from a Manhattan hotel rooftop, a big crime is b]Xc[^T`][O;O\VObbO\V]bSZ`]]Tb]^OPWUQ`W[SWa  by Guy Ritchie. Austria's crown prince is found dead, Pg5cg@WbQVWS/cab`WO¸aQ`]e\^`W\QSWaT]c\RRSOR also in motion. "THE IRON LADY" (PG-13) (1:45) Stars Meryl Streep, "ONE FOR THE MONEY" (PG-13) (1:46) Stars KathOZa]W\[]bW]\ µB637@=<:/2G¶>5!("#AbO`a;S`gZAb`SS^ µ=<34=@B63;=<3G¶>5!("$AbO`a9ObV and Holmes believes the crime is a piece of a larger O\R6]Z[SaPSZWSdSabVSQ`W[SWaO^WSQS]TOZO`US` Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:20,4:10, Jim Broadbent and Richard E. Grant. Directed by Phylerine Heigl, Jason O'Mara, Daniel Sunjata and John AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg( "( 8W[0`]ORPS\bO\R@WQVO`R35`O\b2W`SQbSRPg>VgZ S`W\S6SWUZ8Oa]\=¸;O`O2O\WSZAc\XObOO\R8]V\ puzzle designed by his nemisis, the evil genius Moriarty. ^chhZSRSaWU\SRPgVWa\S[WaWabVSSdWZUS\Wca;]`WO`bg 7:05 Fri 4:10, 7:05, 9:40 Sat 1:20,4:10, 7:05, 9:40 Sun lida Lloyd. A look at the life of Margaret Thatcher, the Leguizamo. Directed by Julie Anne Robinson. Unem%(#4`W"(%(#'("AOb( "(%(#'("Ac\ ZWRO:Z]gR/Z]]YObbVSZWTS]T;O`UO`SbBVObQVS`bVS :SUcWhO[]2W`SQbSRPg8cZWS/\\S@]PW\a]\C\S[ 1:20,4:10, 7:05 Mon-Tues 4:10, 7:05 Wed 1:20, 4:10, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, with a ployed and in need of a job, Stephanie Plum lands a ( "(%(#;]\BcSa"(%(#ESR( "( T]`[S`^`W[S[W\WabS`]TbVSC\WbSR9W\UR][eWbVO ^Z]gSRO\RW\\SSR]TOX]PAbS^VO\WS>Zc[ZO\RaO Please see MOVIES, PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<*' 7:05; Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 1:15,4:15,7:20,10; focus on the price she paid for power. job at her cousin's bail-bond business, where her first %(#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR(#"(#%( ) X]PObVS`Q]caW\¸aPOWZP]\RPcaW\SaaeVS`SVS`¿`ab T]Qca]\bVS^`WQSaVS^OWRT]`^]eS`

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 GO E25 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3 #


FXj`jc`m\jlgkf`kjeXd\n_\e#YXYp#`kĂ&#x2039;jZfc[flkj`[\ Oasis ives up to its name when, baby, it's cold outside @I

OASIS =/A7A WHERE: 42EVO`TAb>]`bZO\R Wharf St., Portland E63@3(" PHONE: 370-9048 >6=<3(!%'"& WEBSITE: E30A7B3(]OaWa^]`bZO\RQ][ HOURS: Right now, it's open 7 p.m. to 6=C@A(@WUVb\]eWb¸a]^S\%^[b] 1 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday, O[ESR\SaROgbV`]cUVAObc`ROg but during the summer, it's open PcbRc`W\UbVSac[[S`Wb¸a]^S\ seven days a week. aSdS\ROgaOeSSY PARKING: On street >/@97<5(=\ab`SSb SCENE: It's a dance club upstairs with A13<3(7b¸aORO\QSQZcPc^abOW`aeWbV a bar downstairs, and the ideal place OPO`R]e\abOW`aO\RbVSWRSOZ^ZOQS for a party. T]`O^O`bg SPECIALS: Thursdays get $1 PBR A>317/:A(BVc`aROgaUSb>0@ drafts, $2@SR0cZZD]RYOaO\R! Red Bull Vodkas and $3 R`OTba Rolling Rocks; Fridays features Blue @]ZZW\U@]QYa)4`WROgaTSObc`Sa0ZcS Raspberry Kamikaze shots, $5 Sex on @Oa^PS``g9O[WYOhSaV]ba#ASf]\ the Beach and $6 Long Island Iced bVS0SOQVO\R$:]\U7aZO\R7QSR Tea; Saturday amps it up with $6 Red BSO)AObc`ROgO[^aWbc^eWbV$@SR Bull Vodkas or Jagerbombs. 0cZZD]RYOa]`8OUS`P][Pa AMENITIES: Two giant Connect Four /;3<7B73A(Be]UWO\b1]\\SQb4]c` game boards mounted on the wall UO[SP]O`Ra[]c\bSR]\bVSeOZZ downstairs and a giant Jenga game. R]e\abOW`aO\ROUWO\b8S\UOUO[S Entertainment includes a live band 3\bS`bOW\[S\bW\QZcRSaOZWdSPO\R downstairs and a DJ upstairs. R]e\abOW`aO\RO28c^abOW`a GUILTY PLEASURE: A bucket of Rum 5C7:BG>:3/AC@3(/PcQYSb]T@c[ Punch or a PBR in a brown bag. >c\QV]`O>0@W\OP`]e\POU

By EMMA BOUTHILLETTE #Z&.."#065)*--&55&

t's cold out. The snow has finally arrived UTDPMEPVU5IFTOPXIBTmOBMMZBSSJWFE JO.BJOF4JEFXBMLTBSFTMVTIZ in Maine. Sidewalks are slushy. This Maine winter makes me want to 5IJT.BJOFXJOUFSNBLFTNFXBOUUP SVOPGGUPTPNFQBSBEJTFMJLFQMBDFUIBU run off to some paradise-like place that would be a pleasant change from the gray XPVMECFBQMFBTBOUDIBOHFGSPNUIFHSBZ TLJFTPVUTJEFNZIPVTF#VU*EPOUIBWF skies outside my house. But I don't have the funds to fly somewhere fancy like UIFGVOETUPnZTPNFXIFSFGBODZMJLF that, so it's probably not going to happen UIBU TPJUTQSPCBCMZOPUHPJOHUPIBQQFO anytime soon. BOZUJNFTPPO However, tucked in the heart of the )PXFWFS UVDLFEJOUIFIFBSUPGUIF Old Port is a little taste of tropical at the 0ME1PSUJTBMJUUMFUBTUFPGUSPQJDBMBUUIF Oasis. The nightclub has two levels with 0BTJT5IFOJHIUDMVCIBTUXPMFWFMTXJUI a bar and dance floor, and is perfect for a BCBSBOEEBODFnPPS BOEJTQFSGFDUGPSB night out on the town. OJHIUPVUPOUIFUPXO My friend and I navigated our way down .ZGSJFOEBOE*OBWJHBUFEPVSXBZEPXO slushy cobblestone Wharf Street to the TMVTIZDPCCMFTUPOF8IBSG4USFFUUPUIF Oasis. Two tall palm trees greeted us just 0BTJT5XPUBMMQBMNUSFFTHSFFUFEVTKVTU inside. Although fake, these trees set the JOTJEF"MUIPVHIGBLF UIFTFUSFFTTFUUIF mood, sending you to a place less like NPPE TFOEJOHZPVUPBQMBDFMFTTMJLF Antarctica and more like the Domini"OUBSDUJDBBOENPSFMJLFUIF%PNJOJ can Republic. Water walls with flowing DBO3FQVCMJD8BUFSXBMMTXJUInPXJOH bubbles and changing lights mesmerize CVCCMFTBOEDIBOHJOHMJHIUTNFTNFSJ[F you behind the full bar, where tenders ZPVCFIJOEUIFGVMMCBS XIFSFUFOEFST work fast to get drinks to their customers. XPSLGBTUUPHFUESJOLTUPUIFJSDVTUPNFST Usually a draw for late-night crowds, 6TVBMMZBESBXGPSMBUFOJHIUDSPXET  we were the first two customers on a XFXFSFUIFmSTUUXPDVTUPNFSTPOB recent Saturday night. We grabbed two SFDFOU4BUVSEBZOJHIU8FHSBCCFEUXP seats at the tall granite bar and had the TFBUTBUUIFUBMMHSBOJUFCBSBOEIBEUIF bartender's full attention as he mixed our CBSUFOEFSTGVMMBUUFOUJPOBTIFNJYFEPVS cocktails. DPDLUBJMT I had an Absolut Ruby Red mixed with *IBEBO"CTPMVU3VCZ3FENJYFEXJUI orange juice, which was served nicely in PSBOHFKVJDF XIJDIXBTTFSWFEOJDFMZJO a glass with an orange slice, a colorful BHMBTTXJUIBOPSBOHFTMJDF BDPMPSGVM straw and a palm tree swizzle stick. It was TUSBXBOEBQBMNUSFFTXJ[[MFTUJDL*UXBT the perfect concoction to remind me of a UIFQFSGFDUDPODPDUJPOUPSFNJOENFPGB tropical paradise. USPQJDBMQBSBEJTF As more people filtered in, it was clear "TNPSFQFPQMFmMUFSFEJO JUXBTDMFBS the crowd consisted mostly 20-someUIFDSPXEDPOTJTUFENPTUMZTPNF things. Even though it was getting busy, UIJOHT&WFOUIPVHIJUXBTHFUUJOHCVTZ  the bartender didn't rush anyone. UIFCBSUFOEFSEJEOUSVTIBOZPOF "What would you like?" he asked one i8IBUXPVMEZPVMJLF wIFBTLFEPOF girl. "I'm feeling adventurous," she said. HJSMi*NGFFMJOHBEWFOUVSPVT wTIFTBJE


Continued from Page Ell :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 day of show, DAYOFSHOWONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM 8 p.m. PM

COMEDY N#/-%$9 Open Mic Comedy Night, 21/PEN-IC#OMEDY.IGHT  plus; Slainte, Portland. Free. PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND&REE 8 p.m. today and SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPMTODAYAND Feb. 9. &EB

BARS/CLUBS N"!23#,5"3 TODAY 4/$!9 "A Rockin' Benefit for a Fallen h!2OCKIN"ENElTFORA&ALLEN Hero," with Dirty White Hats, Johnny (ERO vWITH$IRTY7HITE(ATS *OHNNY Cremains, burlesque dancers, silent #REMAINS BURLESQUEDANCERS SILENT auction and raffles, 21-pius; benefits AUCTIONANDRAFmES  PLUSBENElTS charity work in Dominican Republic; CHARITYWORKIN$OMINICAN2EPUBLIC Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 221-2382. 'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND  9 p.m. PM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT open blues jam, The Cage, Lewiston. OPENBLUESJAM 4HE#AGE ,EWISTON 783-0668. 8 p.m.  PM Band Beyond Description, jam-band "AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BAND covers, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. COVERS  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer 8]V\>Ob`W_cW\AbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

a night of spinning tunes. We didn't stick BOJHIUPGTQJOOJOHUVOFT8FEJEOUTUJDL around, but from past experience I know BSPVOE CVUGSPNQBTUFYQFSJFODF*LOPX With a few more questions, he decided blocks in one move, and my friend agreed, UIBUEBODFnPPSHFUTQSFUUZKBNQBDLFEBT that dance floor gets pretty jam-packed as CMPDLTJOPOFNPWF BOENZGSJFOEBHSFFE  8JUIBGFXNPSFRVFTUJPOT IFEFDJEFE to create a pink cocktail with a mix of Mal- TPXFPQUFEUPTUJDLXJUITJUUJOHBOETJQ so we opted to stick with sitting and sipthe night goes on. The Oasis does have an UIFOJHIUHPFTPO5IF0BTJTEPFTIBWFBO UPDSFBUFBQJOLDPDLUBJMXJUIBNJYPG.BM ibu, pineapple juice and some grenadine ping our drinks. outdoor space to enjoy music during the PVUEPPSTQBDFUPFOKPZNVTJDEVSJOHUIF QJOHPVSESJOLT JCV QJOFBQQMFKVJDFBOETPNFHSFOBEJOF for the color. It inspired my friend to order More people came in, and one guy summer, but as I mentioned before, it's TVNNFS CVUBT*NFOUJPOFECFGPSF JUT .PSFQFPQMFDBNFJO BOEPOFHVZ GPSUIFDPMPS*UJOTQJSFENZGSJFOEUPPSEFS ordered a Pabst Blue Ribbon. I was a second drink with a dash of grenadine. cold out this time of year. DPMEPVUUIJTUJNFPGZFBS PSEFSFEB1BCTU#MVF3JCCPO*XBT BTFDPOEESJOLXJUIBEBTIPGHSFOBEJOF All of these snazzy drinks were garnished UPUBMMZBNVTFEUIBUUIF0BTJTTFSWFTUIF totally amused that the Oasis serves the The minute my friend and I stepped out5IFNJOVUFNZGSJFOEBOE*TUFQQFEPVU "MMPGUIFTFTOB[[ZESJOLTXFSFHBSOJTIFE with fresh fruits, and cost just $7 apiece. 2 4-ounce can in a custom paper bag. It's side, it was back to the Maine winter realTJEF JUXBTCBDLUPUIF.BJOFXJOUFSSFBM PVODFDBOJOBDVTUPNQBQFSCBH*UT XJUIGSFTIGSVJUT BOEDPTUKVTUBQJFDF A band was setting up in the corner of apparently one of its signature things, but JUZ#VUUIF0BTJTEJEMFBWFNFESFBNJOH ity. But the Oasis did leave me dreaming BQQBSFOUMZPOFPGJUTTJHOBUVSFUIJOHT CVU "CBOEXBTTFUUJOHVQJOUIFDPSOFSPG of a warm summer night, enjoying drinks the bar space, and people started playso is its $9 Rum Pail - rum punch served PGBXBSNTVNNFSOJHIU FOKPZJOHESJOLT TPJTJUT3VN1BJMoSVNQVODITFSWFE UIFCBSTQBDF BOEQFPQMFTUBSUFEQMBZ ing the giant games Oasis has to offer in a plastic bucket. What more could you on the patio and the sounds of a live band. POUIFQBUJPBOEUIFTPVOETPGBMJWFCBOE JOBQMBTUJDCVDLFU8IBUNPSFDPVMEZPV JOHUIFHJBOUHBNFT0BTJTIBTUPPGGFS want? - two Connect Four boards and oversized XBOU oUXP$POOFDU'PVSCPBSETBOEPWFSTJ[FE wooden blocks stacked up to play Jenga. The bar was really filling up by the time Emma Bouthillette is a freelance writer who lives in 5IFCBSXBTSFBMMZmMMJOHVQCZUIFUJNF XPPEFOCMPDLTTUBDLFEVQUPQMBZ+FOHB 3[[O0]cbVWZZSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\ Biddeford. I knew I'd knock over the tower of Jenga we left around 8:30 p.m. as it got ready for 0WRRST]`R XFMFGUBSPVOEQNBTJUHPUSFBEZGPS *LOFX*ELOPDLPWFSUIFUPXFSPG+FOHB

Bartender Mike La Rose mixes up an Oasis Ocean Martini. 0O`bS\RS`;WYS:O@]aS[WfSac^O\=OaWa=QSO\;O`bW\W 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Retro Night, Asylum, Portland. 2ETRO.IGHT !SYLUM 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and "EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND DJ B-set, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $*" SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN $2. 784-7785. Doors at 6 p.m.  $OORSATPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 9ARMOUTH TO PM Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Bayside Bowl, *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS "AYSIDE"OWL Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM Spike Sikes, jazz/blues/pop, Blue, 3PIKE3IKES JAZZBLUESPOP "LUE Portland. Donation, 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 6 p.m. PM Will Duval, folk, Blue, Portland. 7ILL$UVAL FOLK "LUE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Geoff Zimmerman and Pete Miller, 'EOFF:IMMERMANAND0ETE-ILLER singer-songwriters, Blue, Portland. SINGER SONGWRITERS "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 10 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Brian Patricks, singer-songwriter, "RIAN0ATRICKS SINGER SONGWRITER Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 6:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Steve Jones and Josh Robbins, acoustic, 3TEVE*ONESAND*OSH2OBBINS ACOUSTIC Run of the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 571 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACO 9648. 8 to 11 p.m. TOPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Girls Rock!, Maine Academy of Modern 'IRLS2OCK -AINE!CADEMYOF-ODERN Music concert with Emilia Dahlin, The -USICCONCERTWITH%MILIA$AHLIN 4HE Oxymorons and Lady & The Tramps, /XYMORONSAND,ADY4HE4RAMPS Bayside Bowl, Portland. $8; $5 for "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLANDFOR

youth, maineacademyof modern music YOUTHMAINEACADEMYOFMODERNMUSIC .org. 6 to 9 p.m. ORGTOPM Daniel Higgs, indie, The Oak and the $ANIEL(IGGS INDIE 4HE/AKANDTHE Ax, Biddeford. $8. !X "IDDEFORDTHEOAKANDTHEAXBLOG 8 p.m. SPOTCOMPM Peterson Project, acoustic blues, 0ETERSON0ROJECT ACOUSTICBLUES White's Cue Connection, Gray. 6577HITES#UE#ONNECTION 'RAY 2266. 8 p.m. PM Moore and Lynch, acoustic blues, -OOREAND,YNCH ACOUSTICBLUES Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Ruckus Cup, emcee battle featuring 2UCKUS#UP EMCEEBATTLEFEATURING Prolyphic, A-frame and Mike Clouds, 0ROLYPHIC ! FRAMEAND-IKE#LOUDS ill by instinct and In the Attic, Big Easy, ILLBYINSTINCTAND)NTHE!TTIC "IG%ASY Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Station 85, hard-rock covers, RiRa, 3TATION HARD ROCKCOVERS 2I2A Portland, 10 p.m. 0ORTLANDRIRACOMPM In the Round with John Colvert, )NTHE2OUNDWITH*OHN#OLVERT jazz, Blue, Portland. Donation. JAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Nick Young, alt-country, Blue, Portland. .ICK9OUNG ALT COUNTRY "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 8 $ONATIONPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOM p.m. PM Okbari, Middle Eastern music, Blue, /KBARI -IDDLE%ASTERNMUSIC "LUE Portland. Donation, 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 10p.m. PM Gary Richardson, acoustic jazz and 'ARY2ICHARDSON ACOUSTICJAZZAND blues, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. BLUES 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND 5 p.m. GINGKOBLUECOMPM

Please see MUSIC, Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<*(

JIVE TALKIN': 70s SLANG A@M<K8CB@EĂ&#x2039;1Ă&#x2039;.'jJC8E> Source: "Good Times" (TV series, 1974-1979) A]c`QS(Âľ5]]RBW[SaÂśBDaS`WSa'%"'%' Originally, "Good Times" was about an African-American family =`WUW\OZZgÂľ5]]RBW[SaÂśeOaOP]cbO\/T`WQO\/[S`WQO\TO[WZg struggling to get by in the Chicago projects while retaining ab`cUUZW\Ub]USbPgW\bVS1VWQOU]^`]XSQbaeVWZS`SbOW\W\U their dignity. But that concept was all but abandoned once the bVSW`RWU\Wbg0cbbVObQ]\QS^beOaOZZPcbOPO\R]\SR]\QSbVS buffoonish eldest son JJ. (Jimmie Walker) uttered "Dy-No-Mite!" PcTT]]\WaVSZRSaba]\888W[[WSEOZYS`cbbS`SRÂľ2g<];WbSÂś and became the most popular character. Faster than you can O\RPSQO[SbVS[]ab^]^cZO`QVO`OQbS`4OabS`bVO\g]cQO\ say "marketing opportunity," the dad was killed off, the projects aOgÂľ[O`YSbW\U]^^]`bc\WbgÂśbVSROReOaYWZZSR]TTbVS^`]XSQba suddenly became a hot location for celebrity guest-stars, and acRRS\ZgPSQO[SOV]bZ]QObW]\T]`QSZSP`WbgUcSababO`aO\R J.J.'s catchphrase was splashed across T-shirts nationwide. 88¸aQObQV^V`OaSeOaa^ZOaVSROQ`]aaBaVW`ba\ObW]\eWRS

'Dy-No-Mite!' Ă&#x160;;p$Ef$D`k\Ă&#x2039;

GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3E26 $5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

H=:A9DC SHELDON :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# Continued from Page E5

UPO BMTP JTDVSSFOUMZJOUIFTFDPOEZFBSPGB ton, also 61, is currently in the second year of a UPVSDFMFCSBUJOHJUTUIBOOJWFSTBSZ4IFMEPO  tour celebrating its 35th anniversary. Sheldon, who has played off and on with Frampton all XIPIBTQMBZFEPGGBOEPOXJUI'SBNQUPOBMM these years, is on the tour with him. UIFTFZFBST JTPOUIFUPVSXJUIIJN During the tour, Frampton and his band have %VSJOHUIFUPVS 'SBNQUPOBOEIJTCBOEIBWF been playing three-hour shows that include all CFFOQMBZJOHUISFFIPVSTIPXTUIBUJODMVEFBMM the songs from "Frampton Comes Alive!" plus UIFTPOHTGSPNi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwQMVT others from his career. PUIFSTGSPNIJTDBSFFS 4IFMEPOUIJOLTUIFBMCVNTTVDDFTTXBTMBSHF Sheldon thinks the album's success was largely due to the songs. "They still sound great," he MZEVFUPUIFTPOHTi5IFZTUJMMTPVOEHSFBU wIF said. But another reason was the live energy TBJE#VUBOPUIFSSFBTPOXBTUIFMJWFFOFSHZ of the album and the fact that the audience is a PGUIFBMCVNBOEUIFGBDUUIBUUIFBVEJFODFJTB huge part of the record. IVHFQBSUPGUIFSFDPSE Sheldon said that wasn't an accident. Framp4IFMEPOTBJEUIBUXBTOUBOBDDJEFOU'SBNQ ton set out to make and market a live album, UPOTFUPVUUPNBLFBOENBSLFUBMJWFBMCVN  and he auditioned his band specifically for that BOEIFBVEJUJPOFEIJTCBOETQFDJmDBMMZGPSUIBU purpose. Sheldon was a young musician living QVSQPTF4IFMEPOXBTBZPVOHNVTJDJBOMJWJOH in Los Angeles when he heard about FrampJO-PT"OHFMFTXIFOIFIFBSEBCPVU'SBNQ ton's search. UPOTTFBSDI "I think Peter had called me in as a last resort. i*UIJOL1FUFSIBEDBMMFENFJOBTBMBTUSFTPSU I rolled my amp into the hotel (where Framp*SPMMFENZBNQJOUPUIFIPUFM XIFSF'SBNQ ton was staying) and auditioned right there. A UPOXBTTUBZJOH BOEBVEJUJPOFESJHIUUIFSF" month later, we were off on tour," said Sheldon. NPOUIMBUFS XFXFSFPGGPOUPVS wTBJE4IFMEPO "The brilliant thing about Peter was that he i5IFCSJMMJBOUUIJOHBCPVU1FUFSXBTUIBUIF knew that this could happen, that people really LOFXUIBUUIJTDPVMEIBQQFO UIBUQFPQMFSFBMMZ wanted live albums and they could be big. What XBOUFEMJWFBMCVNTBOEUIFZDPVMECFCJH8IBU he did different (from other live albums at the IFEJEEJGGFSFOU GSPNPUIFSMJWFBMCVNTBUUIF time) was mix in the audience so you can really UJNF XBTNJYJOUIFBVEJFODFTPZPVDBOSFBMMZ hear them." IFBSUIFNw The songs on the album are still played on 5IFTPOHTPOUIFBMCVNBSFTUJMMQMBZFEPO rock radio today, and stand out for their wonSPDLSBEJPUPEBZ BOETUBOEPVUGPSUIFJSXPO derful crowd interaction. Hits from the album EFSGVMDSPXEJOUFSBDUJPO)JUTGSPNUIFBMCVN include "Baby, I Love Your Way," "Show Me the JODMVEFi#BCZ *-PWF:PVS8BZ wi4IPX.FUIF Way" and "Do You Feel Like We Do?" 8BZwBOEi%P:PV'FFM-JLF8F%P w Sheldon said Frampton began to realize the 4IFMEPOTBJE'SBNQUPOCFHBOUPSFBMJ[FUIF power of live albums when he was in the band QPXFSPGMJWFBMCVNTXIFOIFXBTJOUIFCBOE Humble Pie with Steve Marriott of The Small )VNCMF1JFXJUI4UFWF.BSSJPUUPG5IF4NBMM

;G6BEIDC FRAMPTON :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# Continued from Page E5

selves. Winterland in particular stood out, and TFMWFT8JOUFSMBOEJOQBSUJDVMBSTUPPEPVU BOE the thoughts that Frampton and his band had UIFUIPVHIUTUIBU'SBNQUPOBOEIJTCBOEIBE leaving the stage that night were confirmed MFBWJOHUIFTUBHFUIBUOJHIUXFSFDPOmSNFE the next day when they heard the previous UIFOFYUEBZXIFOUIFZIFBSEUIFQSFWJPVT evening's tracks. FWFOJOHTUSBDLT "We walked in," Frampton said. "I remember i8FXBMLFEJO w'SBNQUPOTBJEi*SFNFNCFS looking at (guitarist/keyboardist) Bob Mayo, MPPLJOHBU HVJUBSJTULFZCPBSEJTU #PC.BZP  and we just went, 'Holy crap! Listen to that. The BOEXFKVTUXFOU A)PMZDSBQ-JTUFOUPUIBU5IF energy of that crowd and how we're playing, and FOFSHZPGUIBUDSPXEBOEIPXXFSFQMBZJOH BOE we got it (on tape).' It was one of those nights XFHPUJU POUBQF *UXBTPOFPGUIPTFOJHIUT when we came off that night, we all said, 'Oh my XIFOXFDBNFPGGUIBUOJHIU XFBMMTBJE A0INZ God, we recorded that. I can't believe it.'" (PE XFSFDPSEFEUIBU*DBOUCFMJFWFJUw That good night changed the course of 5IBUHPPEOJHIUDIBOHFEUIFDPVSTFPG Frampton's music career - and his life - forever. 'SBNQUPOTNVTJDDBSFFSoBOEIJTMJGFoGPSFWFS When "Frampton Comes Alive!" was released 8IFOi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwXBTSFMFBTFE in early 1976, the album took off like few records JOFBSMZ UIFBMCVNUPPLPGGMJLFGFXSFDPSET in history. It topped Billboard's album chart for JOIJTUPSZ*UUPQQFE#JMMCPBSETBMCVNDIBSUGPS 17 weeks, and was on that chart for more than XFFLT BOEXBTPOUIBUDIBSUGPSNPSFUIBO 90 weeks. XFFLT In the process, Frampton became the biggest *OUIFQSPDFTT 'SBNQUPOCFDBNFUIFCJHHFTU act in rock during 1975 and 1976, and a fateful BDUJOSPDLEVSJOHBOE BOEBGBUFGVM photograph that graced the cover of Rolling QIPUPHSBQIUIBUHSBDFEUIFDPWFSPG3PMMJOH Stone, showing a shirtless Frampton with his 4UPOF TIPXJOHBTIJSUMFTT'SBNQUPOXJUIIJT curly blonde hair flowing past his shoulders, DVSMZCMPOEFIBJSnPXJOHQBTUIJTTIPVMEFST  turned him into a pop-music idol. UVSOFEIJNJOUPBQPQNVTJDJEPM To mark the 35th anniversary of the album, the 5PNBSLUIFUIBOOJWFSTBSZPGUIFBMCVN UIF singer/guitarist has embarked on a marathon TJOHFSHVJUBSJTUIBTFNCBSLFEPOBNBSBUIPO tour where, for the first time since 1976, he's UPVSXIFSF GPSUIFmSTUUJNFTJODF IFT playing "Frampton Comes Alive!" in its entirety. QMBZJOHi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwJOJUTFOUJSFUZ On Tuesday, he'll play a sold-out show at the 0O5VFTEBZ IFMMQMBZBTPMEPVUTIPXBUUIF State Theatre in Portland. 4UBUF5IFBUSFJO1PSUMBOE In a way it's surprising to see Frampton *OBXBZ JUTTVSQSJTJOHUPTFF'SBNQUPO celebrate his most famous album this way DFMFCSBUFIJTNPTUGBNPVTBMCVNUIJTXBZ 


@= >F P E T E R FRA MPTON: >3B3@4@/;>B=<( µ4@/;>B=<1=;3A/:7D3!#B=C@¶ "FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE 35 TOUR" E63<(%(!^[BcSaROg WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Tuesday E63@3(AbObSBVSOb`S$'1]\U`SaaAb WHERE: State Theatre, 609 Congress St., >]`bZO\R Portland HOW MUCH: S O L D OUT 6=E;C16(A=:2=CB INFO:; 7<4=(AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#!

Faces. He left that band in 1971, then watched 'BDFT)FMFGUUIBUCBOEJO UIFOXBUDIFE the band's live album "Rockin' the Fillmore" UIFCBOETMJWFBMCVNi3PDLJOUIF'JMMNPSFw head up the charts. IFBEVQUIFDIBSUT But Humble Pie wasn't Frampton's only expe#VU)VNCMF1JFXBTOU'SBNQUPOTPOMZFYQF rience with the music business, having literally SJFODFXJUIUIFNVTJDCVTJOFTT IBWJOHMJUFSBMMZ grown up in it in England. He was playing in HSPXOVQJOJUJO&OHMBOE)FXBTQMBZJOHJO bands by age 10, and was a grammar-school CBOETCZBHF BOEXBTBHSBNNBSTDIPPM classmate of David Bowie. By the time he was DMBTTNBUFPG%BWJE#PXJF#ZUIFUJNFIFXBT 16, he was lead guitarist and singer of The  IFXBTMFBEHVJUBSJTUBOETJOHFSPG5IF Herd, which had a string of British pop hits. )FSE XIJDIIBEBTUSJOHPG#SJUJTIQPQIJUT So Frampton had a feel for music and audi4P'SBNQUPOIBEBGFFMGPSNVTJDBOEBVEJ ences when he put together his band to tour FODFTXIFOIFQVUUPHFUIFSIJTCBOEUPUPVS and make "Frampton Comes Alive!" into an BOENBLFi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwJOUPBO album. BMCVN "We just happened to capture the magic of i8FKVTUIBQQFOFEUPDBQUVSFUIFNBHJDPG live shows, even though we hadn't been togethMJWFTIPXT FWFOUIPVHIXFIBEOUCFFOUPHFUI er too long," said Sheldon. "We just all clicked." FSUPPMPOH wTBJE4IFMEPOi8FKVTUBMMDMJDLFEw During the last 35 years, Sheldon has taken %VSJOHUIFMBTUZFBST 4IFMEPOIBTUBLFO some time off from music to study Latin AmeriTPNFUJNFPGGGSPNNVTJDUPTUVEZ-BUJO"NFSJ can culture and music, and to get "healthy" DBODVMUVSFBOENVTJD BOEUPHFUiIFBMUIZw after years of drug addiction. When Frampton BGUFSZFBSTPGESVHBEEJDUJPO8IFO'SBNQUPO called him and asked him to tour again, he DBMMFEIJNBOEBTLFEIJNUPUPVSBHBJO IF quickly said yes. RVJDLMZTBJEZFT "I'm not crazy," he said. "When Peter calls, I i*NOPUDSB[Z wIFTBJEi8IFO1FUFSDBMMT * say 'Yeah!'" TBZ A:FBI w Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at 791-6454 or AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]` at: Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

because although it was a thrilling time for him, CFDBVTFBMUIPVHIJUXBTBUISJMMJOHUJNFGPSIJN  he struggled with becoming known not as a talIFTUSVHHMFEXJUICFDPNJOHLOPXOOPUBTBUBM ented guitarist, but a pop idol. It took him nearly FOUFEHVJUBSJTU CVUBQPQJEPM*UUPPLIJNOFBSMZ 30 years to once again shift the focus back to his ZFBSTUPPODFBHBJOTIJGUUIFGPDVTCBDLUPIJT skills as a guitarist and musician. TLJMMTBTBHVJUBSJTUBOENVTJDJBO Given the image issues, it's not surprising to (JWFOUIFJNBHFJTTVFT JUTOPUTVSQSJTJOHUP hear Frampton had some hesitations over doing IFBS'SBNQUPOIBETPNFIFTJUBUJPOTPWFSEPJOH the "Frampton Comes Alive!" tour. But two maUIFi'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWFwUPVS#VUUXPNB jor factors convinced him - he liked the idea of KPSGBDUPSTDPOWJODFEIJNoIFMJLFEUIFJEFBPG playing the entire album (including bonus cuts QMBZJOHUIFFOUJSFBMCVN JODMVEJOHCPOVTDVUT that were added in subsequent reissues), and he UIBUXFSFBEEFEJOTVCTFRVFOUSFJTTVFT BOEIF knew the show would be long enough to accomLOFXUIFTIPXXPVMECFMPOHFOPVHIUPBDDPN modate newer material. NPEBUFOFXFSNBUFSJBM "I don't think I can go out there and just do i*EPOUUIJOL*DBOHPPVUUIFSFBOEKVTUEP 'Frampton Comes Alive!' I've got to do the other A'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWF*WFHPUUPEPUIFPUIFS stuff as well," Frampton said. "I would feel TUVGGBTXFMM w'SBNQUPOTBJEi*XPVMEGFFM unfulfilled and (like I was) resting on my laurels VOGVMmMMFEBOE MJLF*XBT SFTUJOHPONZMBVSFMT and taking the easy way out. That's not it for me BOEUBLJOHUIFFBTZXBZPVU5IBUTOPUJUGPSNF at all. It's never been about that. I want to do BUBMM*UTOFWFSCFFOBCPVUUIBU*XBOUUPEP new material." OFXNBUFSJBMw Frampton's show for this tour achieves those 'SBNQUPOTTIPXGPSUIJTUPVSBDIJFWFTUIPTF goals. One set is the entire "Frampton Comes HPBMT0OFTFUJTUIFFOUJSFi'SBNQUPO$PNFT Alive!" performance, while the other set (which "MJWFwQFSGPSNBODF XIJMFUIFPUIFSTFU XIJDI brings the show to three hours) features his CSJOHTUIFTIPXUPUISFFIPVST GFBUVSFTIJT more recent material as well as some songs NPSFSFDFOUNBUFSJBMBTXFMMBTTPNFTPOHT from other parts his solo career and his Humble GSPNPUIFSQBSUTIJTTPMPDBSFFSBOEIJT)VNCMF Pie years. 1JFZFBST In a way this tour allows Frampton to use his *OBXBZ UIJTUPVSBMMPXT'SBNQUPOUPVTFIJT famous live album to introduce his other music GBNPVTMJWFBMCVNUPJOUSPEVDFIJTPUIFSNVTJD to a whole new audience. UPBXIPMFOFXBVEJFODF "There are some people that sort of shut down i5IFSFBSFTPNFQFPQMFUIBUTPSUPGTIVUEPXO after 'Frampton Comes Alive!', people who are BGUFSA'SBNQUPO$PNFT"MJWF QFPQMFXIPBSF (now) coming out for the first time," Frampton OPX DPNJOHPVUGPSUIFmSTUUJNF w'SBNQUPO said. "And it's a wonderful opportunity to say TBJEi"OEJUTBXPOEFSGVMPQQPSUVOJUZUPTBZ  'Well that's what you remember, now check this A8FMMUIBUTXIBUZPVSFNFNCFS OPXDIFDLUIJT out.'" PVUw Alan Sculley is a freelance writer. /ZO\AQcZZSgWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`


:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 Continued from Page E22 Yarmouth: "L'Avventura: Chronicling Amy's 9ARMOUTHh,!VVENTURA#HRONICLING!MYS (mis) Adventures in Italia and Elsewhere," MIS !DVENTURESIN)TALIAAND%LSEWHERE v text and images by Amy Miller, through Feb. TEXTANDIMAGESBY!MY-ILLER THROUGH&EB 17.847-5423.   Thornton Oaks, Brunswick: Brunswick 4HORNTON/AKS "RUNSWICK"RUNSWICK High School art exhibit, through Friday. (IGH3CHOOLARTEXHIBIT THROUGH&RIDAY 729-8033.   Curtis Memorial Library, Brunswick: #URTIS-EMORIAL,IBRARY "RUNSWICK "Explorations," work by Alan Mast, h%XPLORATIONS vWORKBY!LAN-AST through Feb. 29. 725-5242. THROUGH&EB  Chocolate Church Art Gallery, Bath: #HOCOLATE#HURCH!RT'ALLERY "ATH "Midwinter Night's Dream," group show, h-IDWINTER.IGHTS$REAM vGROUPSHOW through March 3. THROUGH-ARCHCHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORG Markings Gallery, Bath: "Maine Art to -ARKINGS'ALLERY "ATHh-AINE!RTTO Touch Your Heart," pieces in wood, clay, 4OUCH9OUR(EART vPIECESINWOOD CLAY fiber, metals, glass and more, through Feb. lBER METALS GLASSANDMORE THROUGH&EB 29. MARKINGSGALLERYCOM Topsham Public Library (Crooker Gallery):' 4OPSHAM0UBLIC,IBRARY#ROOKER'ALLERY  Fourth annual juried art exhibit, through &OURTHANNUALJURIEDARTEXHIBIT THROUGH Feb. 18. 725-1727. &EB  University of Southern Maine (Atrium 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE!TRIUM Art Gallery), Lewiston: "The Inspired !RT'ALLERY ,EWISTONh4HE)NSPIRED Hand 5," juried artwork by Maine (AND vJURIEDARTWORKBY-AINE Crafts Association, through March 16. #RAFTS!SSOCIATION THROUGH-ARCH USMMAINEEDUATRIUMGALLERY University of Maine at Farmington Art 5NIVERSITYOF-AINEAT&ARMINGTON!RT Gallery: "Decor," featuring artists Clint 'ALLERYh$ECOR vFEATURINGARTISTS#LINT Fulkerson, Ian Henderson, Katrazyna &ULKERSON )AN(ENDERSON +ATRAZYNA Randall and Kate Russo, through, Feb. 12. 2ANDALLAND+ATE2USSO THROUGH &EB UMFMAINEEDU University of New England (Campus 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND#AMPUS Center), Biddeford: "Jazz Series," black#ENTER "IDDEFORDh*AZZ3ERIES vBLACK and-white paintings by Richard Payette, AND WHITEPAINTINGSBY2ICHARD0AYETTE thrvough March 2. THRVOUGH-ARCHUNEEDU York Public Library: "Winter Show," 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARYh7INTER3HOW v paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs PAINTINGS SCULPTURES PRINTS PHOTOGRAPHS and mixed media presented by Ogunquit ANDMIXEDMEDIAPRESENTEDBY/GUNQUIT Art Association and York Library, through !RT!SSOCIATIONAND9ORK,IBRARY THROUGH March 3. 363-2818. -ARCH  York Art Association, York Harbor: "The 9ORK!RT!SSOCIATION 9ORK(ARBORh4HE Image and the Word," artwork based on )MAGEANDTHE7ORD vARTWORKBASEDON writing, prose or poetry, through March 4. WRITING PROSEORPOETRY THROUGH-ARCH 363-4049.  


:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3% Continued from Page E7

5Sb]cbbOb]e\ 4`WROg³1VO`ZSa0`ORZSgO\R6Wa Get o u t t a t o w n 3fb`O]`RW\OW`Sa&^[BVS;caWQ Friday - Charles B r a d l e y ab] n d His% 6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6 E x t r a o r d i n a i r e s , 8 p.m., The Music BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$ " Hall, P o r t s m o u t h , N.H. $ 2 2 to $27. 4`WROg³8OQY¸a;O\\S_cW\&^[; ( 6 0 3 ) 4 3 6 - 2 4 0 0 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ F r i d a y - Jack's M a n n e q u i n ,&b] 8 p.m., !'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# H o u s e o f Blues, B o s t o n . $ 2 8 t o ! $39.50.; ( 8 0 0 ) 7453000 BcSaROg³9O`Z2S\a]\¸aBW\g T u e s d a y - Karl D e n s o n ' s Tiny C\WdS`aS>`SaS\baµAbWQYg4W\US`a¶ U n i v e r s e Presents " S t i c k y## Fingers," &^[@]gOZS0]ab]\ 8 p.m., Royale B o s t o n . $25.15. BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ESR\SaROg³BVWaEWZZ2Sab`]g W e d n e s d a y - This W i l l D e s t r o y G]cO\R/4O`1`g&^[ You a n d A Far Cry, 8 p.m., Royale B o s t o n . $ 2#b] 0 . 0 5 t o $23.10. @]gOZS0]ab]\ !; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! W e d n e s d a y - D u m D u m Girls, 8 ESR\SaROg³2c[2c[5W`Za& p.m., Paradise R o c k C l u b , B o s t o n . ^[>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $ 2 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 0.; ( 8 0 0 ) 745 3000 ! F e b . 9 - G e o r g e C l i n t o n , 8 p.m., 4SP'³5S]`US1ZW\b]\&^[ Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $ 3 9 . 4 0 / EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\!'" $46.55.; ( 8 0 0 ) "$##BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! F e b . 9 - Tea Leaf G r e e n , 9 p.m., 4SP'³BSO:SOT5`SS\'^[ Paradise R o c k C l u b , B o s t o n . $ 1 6 . 5 0 / >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\$# $18. T i c k e t m a s t e r . c o m ; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 &BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"# 3000 ! F e b . 11 - SOJA, 7 p.m., Paradise 4SP³A=8/%^[>O`ORWaS R o c k C l u b , B o s t o n . $ 2$# 6.50. @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\

Fryeburg Academy (Palmina F. and &RYEBURG!CADEMY0ALMINA&AND Stephen S. Pace Galleries of Art): 3TEPHEN30ACE'ALLERIESOF!RT  h3INGULAR4EN!RTISTS0ORTRAITSOF/BJECTS v "Singular: Ten Artists' Portraits of Objects," through March 18. 935-9232. THROUGH-ARCH  Red Door Pottery Studio, Kittery: "Focus 2ED$OOR0OTTERY3TUDIO +ITTERYh&OCUS on India," photos by New Hampshire ON)NDIA vPHOTOSBY.EW(AMPSHIRE craftsman Lawrence Elbroch, through CRAFTSMAN,AWRENCE%LBROCH THROUGH March 3 1 . 4 3 9 - 5 6 7 1 . -ARCH  Perimeter Gallery, Belfast: 0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFAST "Communique," paintings by Belfast artist h#OMMUNIQUE vPAINTINGSBY"ELFASTARTIST and gallery co-founder Freddy LaFage, ANDGALLERYCO FOUNDER&REDDY,A&AGE through Feb. 26. 338-0555. THROUGH&EB  University of Maine (Hutchinson Center), 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE(UTCHINSON#ENTER Belfast: Selections from the Elmer "ELFAST3ELECTIONSFROMTHE%LMER Montgomery collection and "The Atlantic -ONTGOMERYCOLLECTIONANDh4HE!TLANTIC Fisherman," Penobscot Marine Museum &ISHERMAN v0ENOBSCOT-ARINE-USEUM traveling exhibition, through April 30. TRAVELINGEXHIBITION THROUGH!PRIL PENOBSCOTMARINEMUSEUMORG Belfast Co-op Cafe Gallery: "Maine "ELFAST#O OP#AFE'ALLERYh-AINE Agriculture: Views from the Past," !GRICULTURE6IEWSFROMTHE0AST v Penobscot Marine Museum traveling 0ENOBSCOT-ARINE-USEUMTRAVELING exhibition, through Feb. 29. penobscot EXHIBITION THROUGH&EBPENOBSCOT MARINEMUSEUMORG Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, #ENTERFOR&URNITURE#RAFTSMANSHIP Rockport: "Maine Wood 2012," 2OCKPORTh-AINE7OOD v biennial juried exhibition of outstanding BIENNIALJURIEDEXHIBITIONOFOUTSTANDING Maine woodworkers, through Friday. -AINEWOODWORKERS THROUGH&RIDAY WOODSCHOOLORG Craft, Camden: Pottery by Barbara #RAFT #AMDEN0OTTERYBY"ARBARA Michelena, Hanako Kanazato and George -ICHELENA (ANAKO+ANAZATOAND'EORGE Pearlman, through May 1. 0EARLMAN THROUGH-AYCRAFTONELMCOM Bangor Public Library: Minako McKenzie, "ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARY-INAKO-C+ENZIE pencil and monochromatic portraits, PENCILANDMONOCHROMATICPORTRAITS through Feb. 29. 947-8336. THROUGH&EB  College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor: #OLLEGEOFTHE!TLANTIC "AR(ARBOR "Word as Art," images combining words h7ORDAS!RT vIMAGESCOMBININGWORDS and art, through Friday; "Biology Through ANDART THROUGH&RIDAYh"IOLOGY4HROUGH the Lens" and "The Faces of Migration: THE,ENSvANDh4HE&ACESOF-IGRATION Illustrations of Birds on Great Duck )LLUSTRATIONSOF"IRDSON'REAT$UCK Island," photography by students and )SLAND vPHOTOGRAPHYBYSTUDENTSAND artwork by Jordan Chalfant and Anna ARTWORKBY*ORDAN#HALFANTAND!NNA Stunkel, both through March 10. 2883TUNKEL BOTHTHROUGH-ARCH 5015.  Archipelago, Rockland: "All Things Bright !RCHIPELAGO 2OCKLANDh!LL4HINGS"RIGHT and Beautiful," diverse works of four AND"EAUTIFUL vDIVERSEWORKSOFFOUR Maine artists, through March 16. 596-AINEARTISTS THROUGH-ARCH 0701.; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Feb. 16 - M i r a n d a L a m b e r t , 7:30 4SP$³;W`O\RO:O[PS`b%(! p.m., Mullins Center, A m h e r s t , Mass. ^[;cZZW\a1S\bS`/[VS`ab;Oaa $ 3 5 . 3 5 t o $61.35. T i c k e t m a s t e r . c o m ; !#!#b]$!#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Feb. 16 - J o n n y L a n g , 7:30 p.m., The 4SP$³8]\\g:O\U%(!^[BVS Music Hall, P o r t s m o u t h , N.H. $ 4 9 t o ;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6"'b] $ 6 2 .BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$; ( 6 0 3 ) 4 3 6 $ 2" 400 Feb. 23 - L a u r y n Hill, 8 p.m., H o u s e 4SP !³:Oc`g\6WZZ&^[6]caS o f Blues, B o s t o n . $57.50 t o $75. ]T0ZcSa0]ab]\#%#b]%#; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Feb. 23 - Blake S h e l t o n , 7:30 p.m., 4SP !³0ZOYSAVSZb]\%(!^[ DCU Center, W o r c e s t e r , Mass. 21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa $38.40 to $63.85.; !&"b]$!&#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Feb. 24 - The T e m p t a t i o n s , 8 p.m., 4SP "³BVSBS[^bObW]\a&^[ The Music Hall, P o r t s m o u t h , N.H. BVS;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6 $ 4 4 t o $ 5 2 .BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!; (603) ""b]# 4 3 6 - 2" 400 "!$ Feb. 26 - Steel Pulse, G a l a c t i c a n d 4SP $³AbSSZ>cZaS5OZOQbWQO\R The Soul Rebels, 8 p.m., H o u s e BVSA]cZ@SPSZa&^[6]caS o f Blues, B o s t o n . $27.50 to $35. ]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ %#b]!#; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Feb. 26 - H a r l e m G l o b e t r o t t e r s , 2 4SP $³6O`ZS[5Z]PSb`]bbS`a p.m., D C U Center, W o r c e s t e r , Mass. ^[21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa $ 3 0 t o $143.20.; !b]"! BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Feb. 2&³<]/\bWR]bSB]c`eWbV 8 - N o A n t i d o t e Tour w i t h 4SP T w o Fresh a n d Nit Grit, 8 p.m., Be]4`SaVO\R<Wb5`Wb&^[ Paradise R o c k Club, B o s t o n . $ 2 0. >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Feb. 2'³/cUcab0c`\a@SReWbV 9 - A u g u s t Burns Red w i t h 4SP Silverstein, Texas in J u l y a n d The AWZdS`abSW\BSfOaW\8cZgO\RBVS Breather, 7:15 p.m., H o u s e of Blues, 0`SObVS`%(#^[6]caS]T0ZcSa B o s t o n . $ 2:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 0.; ( 8 0 0 ) 0]ab]\ 745-3000 %"#!


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 | GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3 %

In the 70s, pet rocks and @ek_\Ă&#x2039;.'j#g\kifZbjXe[ dff[i`e^jn\i\Xcck_\iX^\% mood rings were all the rage.

#Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" By AVERY YALE KAMILA 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter he '70s brought us microwave ovens, VCRs and the earliest home computers. It IFTCSPVHIUVTNJDSPXBWFPWFOT 7$3TBOEUIFFBSMJFTUIPNFDPNQVUFST*U also brought platform shoes, hot pants and pet rocks. Join us as we take a look back BMTPCSPVHIUQMBUGPSNTIPFT IPUQBOUTBOEQFUSPDLT+PJOVTBTXFUBLFBMPPLCBDL at some of the hottest trends of the '70s, some of which we remember fondly and BUTPNFPGUIFIPUUFTUUSFOETPGUIFT TPNFPGXIJDIXFSFNFNCFSGPOEMZBOE others that should be wrapped in a polyester leisure suit and buried forever. PUIFSTUIBUTIPVMECFXSBQQFEJOBQPMZFTUFSMFJTVSFTVJUBOECVSJFEGPSFWFS 1]c`bSag^V]b]a


"HAVE A NICE DAY" SMILEY FACES: Fresh from the Summer of Love, the i)"7&"/*$&%":w4.*-&:'"$&4'SFTIGSPNUIF4VNNFSPG-PWF UIF youth of the early '70s had a lot to smile about. Capturing this spirit (and some would ZPVUIPGUIFFBSMZTIBEBMPUUPTNJMFBCPVU$BQUVSJOHUIJTTQJSJU BOETPNFXPVME say parodying the cynical politics of the day) were two icons of the decade: The TBZQBSPEZJOHUIFDZOJDBMQPMJUJDTPGUIFEBZ XFSFUXPJDPOTPGUIFEFDBEF5IF bright yellow smiley face and the related salutation "have a nice day." Initially CSJHIUZFMMPXTNJMFZGBDFBOEUIFSFMBUFETBMVUBUJPOiIBWFBOJDFEBZw*OJUJBMMZ created by an advertising firm for an insurance company client, the smiley DSFBUFECZBOBEWFSUJTJOHmSNGPSBOJOTVSBODFDPNQBOZDMJFOU UIFTNJMFZ face and the accompanying phrase was everywhere - on buttons, GBDFBOEUIFBDDPNQBOZJOHQISBTFXBTFWFSZXIFSFoPOCVUUPOT  stickers, T-shirts, piggy banks, coffee mugs and even underTUJDLFST 5TIJSUT QJHHZCBOLT DPGGFFNVHTBOEFWFOVOEFS wear. XFBS PET ROCKS: In a land of conspicuous con1&530$,4*OBMBOEPGDPOTQJDVPVTDPO sumption, it can be hard to come TVNQUJPO JUDBOCFIBSEUPDPNF Please see GROOVY, Page E28 Gc\Xj\j\\5@==DGGX^\<)/

The leisure suit and the smiley BVSZSWac`SacWbO\RbVSa[WZSg face were ubiquitous in the '70s. TOQSeS`ScPW_cWb]caW\bVS¸%a

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

Bath, Tsugaru celebrate sisterhood 9Xk_#Kjl^XilZ\c\YiXk\j`jk\i_ff[

AS PART of Bath's Japanese Cultural Weekend /A>/@B]T0ObV¸a8O^O\SaS1cZbc`OZESSYS\R celebrating the sister city relationship with QSZSP`ObW\UbVSaWabS`QWbg`SZObW]\aVW^eWbV Tsugaru, you can watch celebrity sumo BacUO`cg]cQO\eObQVQSZSP`Wbgac[] wrestling and a performance by the Bowdoin College e`SabZW\UO\RO^S`T]`[O\QSPgbVS0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS Taiko drumming group, then take part in Japanese bingo. BOWY]R`c[[W\UU`]c^bVS\bOYS^O`bW\8O^O\SaSPW\U] WHEN: 7 to 8 p.m. Saturday E63<(%b]&^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Bath Middle School, 6 Old Brunswick Road E63@3(0ObV;WRRZSAQV]]Z$=ZR0`c\aeWQY@]OR HOW MUCH: Free/donation 6=E;C16(4`SSR]\ObW]\ INFO: 7<4=(PObVbacUO`c]`U

SoPo festival welcomes winter's grin JfGf]\jk`mXcn\cZfd\jn`ek\iĂ&#x2039;j^i`g INSTEAD of cursing the snow, embrace it 7<AB3/2]TQc`aW\UbVSa\]eS[P`OQSWb with family ice skating, a snowman-making eWbVTO[WZgWQSaYObW\UOa\]e[O\YW\U contest, snowshoeing and more at the South Q]\bSaba\]eaV]SW\UO\R[]`SObbVSA]cbV Portland Rotary Club Winter Festival. >]`bZO\R@]bO`g1ZcPEW\bS`4SabWdOZ WHEN: 5 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday E63<(#^[4`WROg)'O[b]%^[AObc`ROg WHERE: ;WZZ1`SSY>O`YO\RBV][Oa9\WUVb>O`Y Mill Creek Park and Thomas Knight Park E63@3( South Portland A]cbV>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: facebook.eom/#l/danmooers 7<4=(TOQSP]]YQ][RO\[]]S`a

Off Beat: College Night at PMA, E28Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Listings, E29 F]]9\Xk1:fcc\^\E`^_kXkGD8#<)/ C`jk`e^j#<)0

G :?<8 @CC


GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3E28 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

=i\\X[d`jj`fe#]i\\]ff[Ă&#x2020;`kĂ&#x2039;j:fcc\^\E`^_kXkGD8 Free admission, free food - it's College Night at PMA Levesque, director of marketing -FWFTRVF EJSFDUPSPGNBSLFUJOH for the museum. GPSUIFNVTFVN nyone who has ever been to, OZPOFXIPIBTFWFSCFFOUP  1PSUMBOEIBTBOBSUDPMMFHF Portland has an art college or even near, a college camPSFWFOOFBS BDPMMFHFDBN - Maine College of Art - and o.BJOF$PMMFHFPG"SUoBOE pus will tell you there's one QVTXJMMUFMMZPVUIFSFTPOF UIPTFTUVEFOUTIBWFQSPCBCMZ those students have probably sure way to get college students TVSFXBZUPHFUDPMMFHFTUVEFOUT found the PMA by now. But stuGPVOEUIF1."CZOPX#VUTUV to show up to something: Throw UPTIPXVQUPTPNFUIJOH5ISPX dents studying other things may EFOUTTUVEZJOHPUIFSUIJOHTNBZ a party. BQBSUZ OFFEBMJUUMFJODFOUJWFBOEBQSJDF n n ii.need a little incentive and a price So the folks at the Portland 4PUIFGPMLTBUUIF1PSUMBOE Ray ROUthier CSFBLUPCSJOHUIFNJOUPBOBSU break to bring them into an art Museum of Art are doing just that museum. .VTFVNPG"SUBSFEPJOHKVTUUIBU NVTFVN tonight at the museum's annual UPOJHIUBUUIFNVTFVNTBOOVBM 5IFQSJDFCSFBLBUUIJTFWFOUJT UTT bGdl The price break at this event is College Night. $PMMFHF/JHIU impressive. It's free if you have JNQSFTTJWF*UTGSFFJGZPVIBWF There'll be a DJ, two bands, 5IFSFMMCFB%+ UXPCBOET  a student ID, and $5 if you don't. BTUVEFOU*% BOEJGZPVEPOU free pizza and munchies, soda and raffle Regular admission is $10 for students with GSFFQJ[[BBOENVODIJFT TPEBBOESBGnF 3FHVMBSBENJTTJPOJTGPSTUVEFOUTXJUI prizes. Oh yeah, all the museum's art will *%BOEGPSBEVMUT QSJ[FT0IZFBI BMMUIFNVTFVNTBSUXJMM ID and $12 for adults. be there too, and hopefully it will get some 5IFFOUFSUBJONFOUCFHJOTBUQNXJUI CFUIFSFUPP BOEIPQFGVMMZJUXJMMHFUTPNF The entertainment begins at 7 p.m. with attention. tunes spun by D J Ponyfarm. At 8 p.m., BUUFOUJPO UVOFTTQVOCZ%+1POZGBSN"UQN  The event was started a few years ago 5IFFWFOUXBTTUBSUFEBGFXZFBSTBHP there'll be a performance by the band Boy UIFSFMMCFBQFSGPSNBODFCZUIFCBOE#PZ as a way to get college students into the BTBXBZUPHFUDPMMFHFTUVEFOUTJOUPUIF Without God, led by Boston native Gabriel 8JUIPVU(PE MFECZ#PTUPOOBUJWF(BCSJFM museum, and it works. Last year more NVTFVN BOEJUXPSLT-BTUZFBSNPSF Birnbaum. At 9 p.m., the Portland indie#JSOCBVN"UQN UIF1PSUMBOEJOEJF than 400 students showed up, said Kristen SPDLUSJP.JMLNBOT6OJPOXJMMQFSGPSN UIBOTUVEFOUTTIPXFEVQ TBJE,SJTUFO rock trio Milkman's Union will perform.

1PSUSBJUTPG"DUPSTBOE"SUJTUTw1MVTBMMPG Portraits of Actors and Artists." Plus all of the museum's galleries. UIFNVTFVNTHBMMFSJFT 4PJGZPVSFBDPMMFHFTUVEFOU ZPVNJHIU So if you're a college student, you might want to stop by the PMA tonight to see XBOUUPTUPQCZUIF1."UPOJHIUUPTFF XIBUUIJTBSUNVTFVNUIJOHJTBMMBCPVU what this art museum thing is all about. Because even a college student can't live #FDBVTFFWFOBDPMMFHFTUVEFOUDBOUMJWF POQJ[[BBOESPDLCBOETBMPOF on pizza and rock bands alone. 

ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3 StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS


IXpIflk_`\i F]]9\Xk

GROOVY <GDDKN Continued from Page E27 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 %

Left: An original :STb(/\]`WUW\OZ 1970s mood ring. '%a[]]R`W\U Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

up with something people don't already VQXJUITPNFUIJOHQFPQMFEPOUBMSFBEZ have. Which is why advertising executive IBWF8IJDIJTXIZBEWFSUJTJOHFYFDVUJWF Gary Dahl showed a solid stroke of bril(BSZ%BIMTIPXFEBTPMJETUSPLFPGCSJM liance when he took ordinary stones and MJBODFXIFOIFUPPLPSEJOBSZTUPOFTBOE elevated them to the status of pet rocks. FMFWBUFEUIFNUPUIFTUBUVTPGQFUSPDLT This short-lived fad peaked in 1975, but 5IJTTIPSUMJWFEGBEQFBLFEJO CVU the product's inherent absurdity causes UIFQSPEVDUTJOIFSFOUBCTVSEJUZDBVTFT it to live on in popular culture. Today, if JUUPMJWFPOJOQPQVMBSDVMUVSF5PEBZ JG you want a pet rock, you'll need to make ZPVXBOUBQFUSPDL ZPVMMOFFEUPNBLF your own or settle for a facsimile version ZPVSPXOPSTFUUMFGPSBGBDTJNJMFWFSTJPO called the USB Pet Rock that plugs into DBMMFEUIF64#1FU3PDLUIBUQMVHTJOUP your computer and does... well, no one ZPVSDPNQVUFSBOEEPFTyXFMM OPPOF is exactly sure. Turns out the more pet JTFYBDUMZTVSF5VSOTPVUUIFNPSFQFU rocks change, the more they stay the SPDLTDIBOHF UIFNPSFUIFZTUBZUIF same. TBNF FUNKY FORMALWEAR: The age of '6/,:'03."-8&"35IFBHFPG disco could not be satisfied with the staid EJTDPDPVMEOPUCFTBUJTmFEXJUIUIFTUBJE black dinner jacket, white shirt and black CMBDLEJOOFSKBDLFU XIJUFTIJSUBOECMBDL bow tie. Instead, when guys wanted to CPXUJF*OTUFBE XIFOHVZTXBOUFEUP look sophisticated, they donned threeMPPLTPQIJTUJDBUFE UIFZEPOOFEUISFF piece suits (a la "Saturday Night Fever") QJFDFTVJUT BMBi4BUVSEBZ/JHIU'FWFSw  or picked tuxedos in colors such as white, PSQJDLFEUVYFEPTJODPMPSTTVDIBTXIJUF  maroon, lime green or powder blue. NBSPPO MJNFHSFFOPSQPXEFSCMVF Plain front shirts were too tame for this 1MBJOGSPOUTIJSUTXFSFUPPUBNFGPSUIJT high-strung decade, and dress shirts with IJHITUSVOHEFDBEF BOEESFTTTIJSUTXJUI ruffled fronts took their place. Those who SVGnFEGSPOUTUPPLUIFJSQMBDF5IPTFXIP needed an extra edge of glam went with OFFEFEBOFYUSBFEHFPGHMBNXFOUXJUI the polished look you can only achieve UIFQPMJTIFEMPPLZPVDBOPOMZBDIJFWF with a crushed-velvet tuxedo. XJUIBDSVTIFEWFMWFUUVYFEP STREAKING: Running nude through 453&",*/(3VOOJOHOVEFUISPVHI public places has a long (or not so long, QVCMJDQMBDFTIBTBMPOH PSOPUTPMPOH  depending on the streaker) history. But EFQFOEJOHPOUIFTUSFBLFS IJTUPSZ#VU in the freewheeling 70s, it erupted into JOUIFGSFFXIFFMJOHT JUFSVQUFEJOUP a full-frontal pop culture trend. Even BGVMMGSPOUBMQPQDVMUVSFUSFOE&WFO Snoopy got in on the stripped-down fun. 4OPPQZHPUJOPOUIFTUSJQQFEEPXOGVO But the most memorable streaking mo#VUUIFNPTUNFNPSBCMFTUSFBLJOHNP ment came when Robert Opel ran naked NFOUDBNFXIFO3PCFSU0QFMSBOOBLFE across the stage flashing the peace sign BDSPTTUIFTUBHFnBTIJOHUIFQFBDFTJHO during the 1974 Academy Awards. David EVSJOHUIF"DBEFNZ"XBSET%BWJE Niven, who was on stage at the time, /JWFO XIPXBTPOTUBHFBUUIFUJNF  took it all in stride, remarking: "Isn't it UPPLJUBMMJOTUSJEF SFNBSLJOHi*TOUJU fascinating to think that probably the only GBTDJOBUJOHUPUIJOLUIBUQSPCBCMZUIFPOMZ laugh that man will ever get in his life is MBVHIUIBUNBOXJMMFWFSHFUJOIJTMJGFJT by stripping off and showing his shortCZTUSJQQJOHPGGBOETIPXJOHIJTTIPSU comings?" DPNJOHT w FEATHERED AND WEDGE HAIR'&"5)&3&%"/%8&%(&)"*3 CUTS: The decade's trendiest locks $6545IFEFDBEFTUSFOEJFTUMPDLT took their cue from celebrities. Farrah UPPLUIFJSDVFGSPNDFMFCSJUJFT'BSSBI Fawcett's feathered 'do was the decade's 'BXDFUUTGFBUIFSFEEPXBTUIFEFDBEFT

Farrah Fawcett's feathered hairdo 4O``OV4OeQSbb¸aTSObVS`SRVOW`R] was the "it" look of the '70s, though eOabVSµWb¶Z]]Y]TbVS¸%abV]cUV the Dorothy Hamill wedge and the bVS2]`]bVg6O[WZZeSRUSO\RbVS afro also were popular. OT`]OZa]eS`S^]^cZO`

"it" look for any girl who dreamed of beiJUwMPPLGPSBOZHJSMXIPESFBNFEPGCF ing one of Charlie's Angels. Those who JOHPOFPG$IBSMJFT"OHFMT5IPTFXIP wanted a more girl-next-door look went XBOUFEBNPSFHJSMOFYUEPPSMPPLXFOU with the wedge haircut popularized by XJUIUIFXFEHFIBJSDVUQPQVMBSJ[FECZ Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill. 0MZNQJDmHVSFTLBUFS%PSPUIZ)BNJMM And anyone who had the curls to support "OEBOZPOFXIPIBEUIFDVSMTUPTVQQPSU it took their hair vertical with an afro. JUUPPLUIFJSIBJSWFSUJDBMXJUIBOBGSP MOOD RINGS: For those who felt .00%3*/(4'PSUIPTFXIPGFMU out of touch with their emotions, the PVUPGUPVDIXJUIUIFJSFNPUJPOT UIF 70s served up a perfect solution: The TTFSWFEVQBQFSGFDUTPMVUJPO5IF mood ring. Invented in 1975, the rings NPPESJOH*OWFOUFEJO UIFSJOHT used liquid crystals that changed color VTFEMJRVJEDSZTUBMTUIBUDIBOHFEDPMPS in response to body temperature. While JOSFTQPOTFUPCPEZUFNQFSBUVSF8IJMF no longer all the rage, mood rings can OPMPOHFSBMMUIFSBHF NPPESJOHTDBO still be found today, and may be just what TUJMMCFGPVOEUPEBZ BOENBZCFKVTUXIBU

5IFSFBMTPXJMMCFBSUQSPKFDUTUPQBSUJDJ There also will be art projects to participate in and a raffle for gift certificates QBUFJOBOEBSBGnFGPSHJGUDFSUJmDBUFT from local restaurants, arts venues and GSPNMPDBMSFTUBVSBOUT BSUTWFOVFTBOE stores. TUPSFT Free food will be provided by Leonardo's 'SFFGPPEXJMMCFQSPWJEFECZ-FPOBSEPT Pizza, Flatbread Company, Amato's and 1J[[B 'MBUCSFBE$PNQBOZ "NBUPTBOE more. Drinks will be provided by Capt'n NPSF%SJOLTXJMMCFQSPWJEFECZ$BQUO Eli's Soda. &MJT4PEB And the college students will be able "OEUIFDPMMFHFTUVEFOUTXJMMCFBCMF to see the museum's current special UPTFFUIFNVTFVNTDVSSFOUTQFDJBM exhibition, "Making Faces: Photographic FYIJCJUJPO i.BLJOH'BDFT1IPUPHSBQIJD

the doctor ordered if you have trouble UIFEPDUPSPSEFSFEJGZPVIBWFUSPVCMF determining when you're calm and when EFUFSNJOJOHXIFOZPVSFDBMNBOEXIFO you're having an absolute meltdown. ZPVSFIBWJOHBOBCTPMVUFNFMUEPXO PONG: Don't tell today's kids with 10/(%POUUFMMUPEBZTLJETXJUI their fancy iPads, Wiis and Xbox 360s, UIFJSGBODZJ1BET 8JJTBOE9CPYT  but in the 70s, the coolest computer CVUJOUIFT UIFDPPMFTUDPNQVUFS game involved two lines and a bouncing HBNFJOWPMWFEUXPMJOFTBOEBCPVODJOH ball. Pong started out as an arcade video CBMM1POHTUBSUFEPVUBTBOBSDBEFWJEFP game, and later migrated into people's HBNF BOEMBUFSNJHSBUFEJOUPQFPQMFT living rooms. Unlike today's video games, MJWJOHSPPNT6OMJLFUPEBZTWJEFPHBNFT  which require sophisticated controlXIJDISFRVJSFTPQIJTUJDBUFEDPOUSPM lers and cheat codes to advance to new MFSTBOEDIFBUDPEFTUPBEWBODFUPOFX levels, Pong only required a flexible wrist MFWFMT 1POHPOMZSFRVJSFEBnFYJCMFXSJTU capable of operating a joystick. DBQBCMFPGPQFSBUJOHBKPZTUJDL LAVA LAMPS: Any decorator aiming -"7"-".14"OZEFDPSBUPSBJNJOH to reproduce a 70s interior is required UPSFQSPEVDFBTJOUFSJPSJTSFRVJSFE to install a lava lamp in a place of honor. UPJOTUBMMBMBWBMBNQJOBQMBDFPGIPOPS These psychedelic lighting fixtures were 5IFTFQTZDIFEFMJDMJHIUJOHmYUVSFTXFSF invented in the '60s, and continued to be JOWFOUFEJOUIFT BOEDPOUJOVFEUPCF a popular interior design element during BQPQVMBSJOUFSJPSEFTJHOFMFNFOUEVSJOH the following decade. Sure, the lamps UIFGPMMPXJOHEFDBEF4VSF UIFMBNQT have an appealing space-age quality, but IBWFBOBQQFBMJOHTQBDFBHFRVBMJUZ CVU fans no doubt have fond memories of how GBOTOPEPVCUIBWFGPOENFNPSJFTPGIPX well the groovy light show paired with the XFMMUIFHSPPWZMJHIUTIPXQBJSFEXJUIUIF decade's mind-altering substances. EFDBEFTNJOEBMUFSJOHTVCTUBODFT SEA-MONKEYS: Brine shrimp sound 4&".0/,&:4#SJOFTISJNQTPVOE boring and scientific, so marketer Harold CPSJOHBOETDJFOUJmD TPNBSLFUFS)BSPME von Braunhut decided to rename them WPO#SBVOIVUEFDJEFEUPSFOBNFUIFN with the much catchier moniker SeaXJUIUIFNVDIDBUDIJFSNPOJLFS4FB Monkeys, and in the process created .POLFZT BOEJOUIFQSPDFTTDSFBUFE an aquatic craze. Spurred on by grossly BOBRVBUJDDSB[F4QVSSFEPOCZHSPTTMZ unrealistic ads in comic books and on VOSFBMJTUJDBETJODPNJDCPPLTBOEPO TV, millions of kids dreamt of the mas57 NJMMJPOTPGLJETESFBNUPGUIFNBT sive Sea-Monkey empire they'd oversee TJWF4FB.POLFZFNQJSFUIFZEPWFSTFF one day. That is, until they came home POFEBZ5IBUJT VOUJMUIFZDBNFIPNF and their Sea-Monkeys were all floating BOEUIFJS4FB.POLFZTXFSFBMMnPBUJOH belly-up, and they spent the rest of the CFMMZVQ BOEUIFZTQFOUUIFSFTUPGUIF day holding an elaborate funeral in the EBZIPMEJOHBOFMBCPSBUFGVOFSBMJOUIF backyard. CBDLZBSE FAUX WOOD PANELING: Natural '"69800%1"/&-*/(/BUVSBM materials were all the rage in the 70s, but NBUFSJBMTXFSFBMMUIFSBHFJOUIFT CVU so were polyester pants. This may explain TPXFSFQPMZFTUFSQBOUT5IJTNBZFYQMBJO why homeowners displayed an unnatural XIZIPNFPXOFSTEJTQMBZFEBOVOOBUVSBM fondness for fake wood paneling. It was GPOEOFTTGPSGBLFXPPEQBOFMJOH*UXBT the perfect complement to Naugahyde reUIFQFSGFDUDPNQMFNFOUUP/BVHBIZEFSF cliners, shag carpeting and plastic palm DMJOFST TIBHDBSQFUJOHBOEQMBTUJDQBMN trees. The only thing we can't explain is USFFT5IFPOMZUIJOHXFDBOUFYQMBJOJT why this trend was so short-lived. XIZUIJTUSFOEXBTTPTIPSUMJWFE Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be contacted at AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6297 or at: %'$ '%]`Ob( akamila@pressherald. com OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: AveryYaleKamila BeWbbS`(/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO

Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be reached at 791-6454 AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS`SOQVSROb%'$"#" or at: ]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

COLLEGE NIGHT 2012 1=::353<756B  WHEN: 7 to 10 p.m. today E63<(%b]^[b]ROg WHERE: Portland Museum of E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T Art, 7 Congress Square /`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: Free with valid student ID; 6=E;C16(4`SSeWbVdOZWRabcRS\b72) $5 without #eWbV]cb INFO: 7<4=(^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U



JIVE TALKIN': A@M<K8CB@EĂ&#x2039;1 70s SLANG Ă&#x2039;.'jJC8E>

'Give Ă&#x160;>`m\ a hoot, X_ffk# don't pollute!' [feĂ&#x2039;kgfcclk\Ă&#x2039;

Source: Woodsy Owl, 1971 A]c`QS(E]]Rag=eZ'% Alongside Chief Iron Eyes /Z]\UaWRS1VWST7`]\3gSa Cody, who cried after his 1]RgeV]Q`WSROTbS`VWa moccasins were pelted []QQOaW\aeS`S^SZbSR with litter in a TV public eWbVZWbbS`W\OBD^cPZWQ service announcement, aS`dWQSO\\]c\QS[S\b Woodsy Owl was the E]]Rag=eZeOabVS face of conservation for TOQS]TQ]\aS`dObW]\T]` Generation X. Created 5S\S`ObW]\F1`SObSR for the first Earth Day T]`bVS¿`ab3O`bV2Og in 1970 by Harold Bell, W\'%Pg6O`]ZR0SZZ the producer of many bVS^`]RcQS`]T[O\g Smokey Bear PSAs, A[]YSg0SO`>A/a Woodsy didn't utter his E]]RagRWR\¸bcbbS`VWa famous catch-phrase for TO[]caQObQV^V`OaST]` another year. Chief Iron O\]bVS`gSO`1VWST7`]\ Eyes (who wasn't really 3gSaeV]eOa\¸b`SOZZg Native American) was seen <ObWdS/[S`WQO\eOaaSS\ smiling in a sequel, but by a[WZW\UW\OaS_cSZPcbPg 1980, he was crying again. '&VSeOaQ`gW\UOUOW\

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3 '

c`jk`e^j listings ET CETERA <K:<K<I8

FIRST FRIDAY          Support the

N"%.%&)43 BENEFITS TODAY 4/$!9 h4OASTONTHE#OAST v%ASTER3EALS-AINEBENElT "Toast on the Coast," Easter Seals Maine benefit featuring more than 100 wines and food from FEATURINGMORETHANWINESANDFOODFROM local restaurants, 21-plus; The Landing at Pine LOCALRESTAURANTS  PLUS4HE,ANDINGAT0INE Point, Scarborough. $40. 828-0754. 5:30 to 8:30 0OINT 3CARBOROUGH TO p.m. PM


FRIDAY &2)$!9 Catie Curtis, benefit concert for Safe Passage, #ATIE#URTIS BENElTCONCERTFOR3AFE0ASSAGE Bowdoin College (PickardTheater), Brunswick. "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0ICKARD4HEATER "RUNSWICK $20. 7:30 p.m. SAFEPASSAGEORGCONCERTPM "Celebrating Hope," Center for Grieving Children h#ELEBRATING(OPE v#ENTERFOR'RIEVING#HILDREN 25th anniversary dinner and auction hosted by THANNIVERSARYDINNERANDAUCTIONHOSTEDBY WCSH6 News anchor Cindy Williams, Holiday 7#3(.EWSANCHOR#INDY7ILLIAMS (OLIDAY Inn by the Bay, Portland. $90. )NNBYTHE"AY 0ORTLANDCGCMAINEORG events. 5:30 to 9:30 p.m. EVENTSTOPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Texas Hold 'Em Poker Tournament, benefit for 4EXAS(OLD@%M0OKER4OURNAMENT BENElTFOR South Berwick Library building fund, Regatta 3OUTH"ERWICK,IBRARYBUILDINGFUND 2EGATTA Banquet and Conference Center, Eliot. $60. "ANQUETAND#ONFERENCE#ENTER %LIOT 6 p.m. FRIENDSOFSOUTHBERWICKLIBRARYORGPM DaPonte String Quartet, benefit concert of $A0ONTE3TRING1UARTET BENElTCONCERTOF Haitian chamber music to benefit Konbit Sante, (AITIANCHAMBERMUSICTOBENElT+ONBIT3ANTE St. Mary's Episcopal Church, Falmouth. $25. 3T-ARYS%PISCOPAL#HURCH &ALMOUTH 7:30 p.m. KONBITSANTEORGPM Children's Book Sale, includes craft and reading #HILDRENS"OOK3ALE INCLUDESCRAFTANDREADING corners for children, Prince Memorial Library, CORNERSFORCHILDREN 0RINCE-EMORIAL,IBRARY Cumberland Center. 829-3924. 9 a.m. to 1:30 #UMBERLAND#ENTER AMTO p.m. PM Benefit Breakfast, benefits Bath-Tsugaru fund "ENElT"REAKFAST BENElTS"ATH 4SUGARUFUND for travel scholarships and hosting, part of Bath's FORTRAVELSCHOLARSHIPSANDHOSTING PARTOF"ATHS Japanese Celebration Weekend, Starlight Cafe, *APANESE#ELEBRATION7EEKEND 3TARLIGHT#AFE Bath. Price not given, 8 to 11 a.m. "ATH0RICENOTGIVENCITYOFBATHCOMTOAM Silent and Live Auctions, plus entertainment, 3ILENTAND,IVE!UCTIONS PLUSENTERTAINMENT appetizers and cash bar to benefit St. Thomas APPETIZERSANDCASHBARTOBENElT3T4HOMAS School; The Town Club, Sanford. $15 in advance; 3CHOOL4HE4OWN#LUB 3ANFORDINADVANCE $17 at door. 324-5832. 7 to 10p.m. ATDOOR TOPM FEB. 9 &%" A Night to Remember Fashion Show, benefit !.IGHTTO2EMEMBER&ASHION3HOW BENElT for Southern Maine Dress for Success hosted by FOR3OUTHERN-AINE$RESSFOR3UCCESSHOSTEDBY fashion designer Ashley Lauren Kerr, People's FASHIONDESIGNER!SHLEY,AUREN+ERR 0EOPLES Choice Credit Union, Saco. $10.282-1201. #HOICE#REDIT5NION 3ACO  5:30 p.m. PM

FAIRS/FESTIVALS N&!)23&%34)6!,3 South Portland Rotary Club Winter Festival, 3OUTH0ORTLAND2OTARY#LUB7INTER&ESTIVAL family skating party, snowman-making contest, FAMILYSKATINGPARTY SNOWMAN MAKINGCONTEST scavenger hunt, band concerts and more, Mill SCAVENGERHUNT BANDCONCERTSANDMORE -ILL Creek Park and Thomas Knight Park, South #REEK0ARKAND4HOMAS+NIGHT0ARK 3OUTH Portland. Free, 0ORTLAND&REEWWWFACEBOOKCOMDANMOOERS 5 p.m. Friday; 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday PM&RIDAYAMTOPM3ATURDAY Ice and Smelt Festival, reading, storytelling, )CEAND3MELT&ESTIVAL READING STORYTELLING refreshments, local art, games, contests and REFRESHMENTS LOCALART GAMES CONTESTSAND parade, Merrymeeting Arts Center, Bowdoinham. PARADE -ERRYMEETING!RTS#ENTER "OWDOINHAM 710-0349. 5:30 to 8 p.m. Friday; 10a.m. to 4  TOPM&RIDAYAMTO p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY Winter Carnival and Centennial Extravaganza, 7INTER#ARNIVALAND#ENTENNIAL%XTRAVAGANZA sledding, music, hot chocolate, skating, sleigh SLEDDING MUSIC HOTCHOCOLATE SKATING SLEIGH rides, snow-sculpture contest, chocolate lounge RIDES SNOW SCULPTURECONTEST CHOCOLATELOUNGE and ice bar, St. Joseph's College, Standish. Free; ANDICEBAR 3T*OSEPHS#OLLEGE 3TANDISH&REE $9 for brunch, $10 for dinner. 893-7890. 6 to 8 FORBRUNCH FORDINNER TO p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. Saturday. PM&RIDAYAM3ATURDAY Longfellow Days, month-long celebration ,ONGFELLOW$AYS MONTH LONGCELEBRATION of readings, tours, dinners, films and more OFREADINGS TOURS DINNERS lLMSANDMORE honoring Henry W. Longfellow, various HONORING(ENRY7,ONGFELLOW VARIOUS locations, Brunswick. Various prices. LOCATIONS "RUNSWICK6ARIOUSPRICES BRUNSWICKDOWNTOWNCOMLONGFELLOWDAYS Saturday to Feb. 26. 3ATURDAYTO&EB Chinese New Year Festival, dance program, #HINESE.EW9EAR&ESTIVAL DANCEPROGRAM martial arts demos, children's activities, panel MARTIALARTSDEMOS CHILDRENSACTIVITIES PANEL discussion, food and more, Westbrook Performing DISCUSSION FOODANDMORE 7ESTBROOK0ERFORMING


Pick upjtour guide today!        firstfridayartwalk. com       


Press Herald file >`Saa6S`OZR¿ZS

Brunswick celebrates the poet Henry 0`c\aeWQYQSZSP`ObSabVS^]Sb6S\`g Wadsworth Longfellow with a monthEORae]`bV:]\UTSZZ]eeWbVO[]\bV long observance beginning Saturday. Z]\U]PaS`dO\QSPSUW\\W\UAObc`ROg Arts Center. $4, $6; free for ages 2 and under. !RTS#ENTER FREEFORAGESANDUNDER 10:30 a.m. Saturday. CAFAMMAINEORGAM3ATURDAY Winter Ecology Festival, indoor and outdoor 7INTER%COLOGY&ESTIVAL INDOORANDOUTDOOR activities, birds of prey, crafts, winter tracking, ACTIVITIES BIRDSOFPREY CRAFTS WINTERTRACKING walks and more, Merryspring Nature Center, WALKSANDMORE -ERRYSPRING.ATURE#ENTER Camden. Free, 10 a.m. to 12:30 #AMDEN&REEMERRYSPRINGORGAMTO p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY Skowhegan Winter Carnival, children's games, 3KOWHEGAN7INTER#ARNIVAL CHILDRENSGAMES face painting, snowshoeing, pie-eating contest, FACEPAINTING SNOWSHOEING PIE EATINGCONTEST fire pit and more, Skowhegan Parks & Recreation lREPITANDMORE 3KOWHEGAN0ARKS2ECREATION Dept. Fees for some activities. 474-6901. 12:30 to $EPT&EESFORSOMEACTIVITIES TO 2:30 p.m. Sunday. PM3UNDAY


SPECIAL EVENTS N30%#)!,%6%.43 TODAY 4/$!9 Drop-in Sake Tasting, 21-pi us; Now You're $ROP IN3AKE4ASTING  PLUS.OW9OURE Cooking, Bath. Free, 5 to 7 p.m. #OOKING "ATH&REECITYOFBATHCOMTOPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Rich Charette, children's concert, Fryeburg 2ICH#HARETTE CHILDRENSCONCERT &RYEBURG Academy (Leura Hill Eastman Performing !CADEMY,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING Arts Center). $10; $5 for children. !RTS#ENTER FORCHILDREN 7 p.m. FRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM Japanese Cooking Class, with chef Chris Toy, *APANESE#OOKING#LASS WITHCHEF#HRIS4OY Now You're Cooking, Bath. Free/donation. .OW9OURE#OOKING "ATH&REEDONATION 5 to 7 p.m. CITYOFBATHCOMTOPM The Big Chill, ice sculptures, wine tasting, music, 4HE"IG#HILL ICESCULPTURES WINETASTING MUSIC ice games, children's shows and more, The Red ICEGAMES CHILDRENSSHOWSANDMORE 4HE2ED Barn at Outlook Farm, South Berwick. $20; $10 "ARNAT/UTLOOK&ARM 3OUTH"ERWICK for children; $40 per family, FORCHILDRENPERFAMILYDOVERWOMENAIDORG 5 to 11 p.m. Friday; 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. TOPM&RIDAYAMTOPM3ATURDAY SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Sleigh Day, Skyline Farm, North Yarmouth. $8; 3LEIGH$AY 3KYLINE&ARM .ORTH9ARMOUTH $30 per family; free for children under 6. 829PERFAMILYFREEFORCHILDRENUNDER 9203. Noon to 3 p.m. .OONTOPM Winter Carnival, bike race, dog sledding, story 7INTER#ARNIVAL BIKERACE DOGSLEDDING STORY walk, equipment demonstration, food and drinks, WALK EQUIPMENTDEMONSTRATION FOODANDDRINKS Quarry Road Recreation Area, Waterville. Free/ 1UARRY2OAD2ECREATION!REA 7ATERVILLE&REE donation. 680-4744. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. DONATION AMTOPM Family Carnival, Japanese crafts, activities, dragon &AMILY#ARNIVAL *APANESECRAFTS ACTIVITIES DRAGON parade and more, Bath Middle School. Free/ PARADEANDMORE "ATH-IDDLE3CHOOL&REE donation, 1 to 3 p.m. DONATIONBATH TSUGARUORGTOPM Celebrity Sumo Wrestling, with Bowdoin College #ELEBRITY3UMO7RESTLING WITH"OWDOIN#OLLEGE

Please see ETC., PageE30 Gc\Xj\j\\3B1GX^\<*'


A compliment to any woman's spirit,     in sterling silver or gold. 

Diamond Professionals 'LDPRQG3URIHVVLRQDOV Since 1914 6LQFH


AUBURN â&#x20AC;¢ %BRUNSWICK â&#x20AC;¢6 SO. WATERVILLE â&#x20AC;¢0 MANCHESTER, NH $ 8%851Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;¢ %BANGOR $1*25Â&#x2021; 5816:,&.Â&#x2021; 2 3PORTLAND 257/$1'Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;¢ : $7(59,//(Â&#x2021; $1&+(67(5 1+

E30 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g 

Continued from Page E29 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 ' 4AIKODRUMMINGGROUP "ATH-IDDLE3CHOOL Taiko drumming group, Bath Middle School. Free/donation, 7 p.m. &REEDONATIONBATH TSUGARUORGPM UMFK's Alumni Association Talent Show, vocal, 5-&+S!LUMNI!SSOCIATION4ALENT3HOW VOCAL instrumental and dance performances; proceeds INSTRUMENTALANDDANCEPERFORMANCESPROCEEDS benefit scholarship fund; University of Maine BENElTSCHOLARSHIPFUND5NIVERSITYOF-AINE (Fox Auditorium), Fort Kent. $5. 834-7557. 7 &OX!UDITORIUM &ORT+ENT  p.m. PM "Eight Planets and Counting," planetarium show h%IGHT0LANETSAND#OUNTING vPLANETARIUMSHOW about the solar system, University of Southern ABOUTTHESOLARSYSTEM 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN Maine (Southworth Planetarium), Portland. $4, -AINE3OUTHWORTH0LANETARIUM 0ORTLAND $6. 780-4249. 3 p.m.  PM "Trendsetters: Emerging European Whites," h4RENDSETTERS%MERGING%UROPEAN7HITES v sommelier Erica Archer leads a guided wineSOMMELIER%RICA!RCHERLEADSAGUIDEDWINE tasting discussion, 21-plus; Wine Bar & TASTINGDISCUSSION  PLUS7INE"AR Restaurant, Portland. $30 in advance; $35 day of 2ESTAURANT 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOF event, 6 to 8 p.m. EVENTWINEWISEEVENTSCOMTOPM "A Wine Walk in the Old Port: The Many Styles h!7INE7ALKINTHE/LD0ORT4HE-ANY3TYLES of Cabernet," led by sommelier Erica Archer, OF#ABERNET vLEDBYSOMMELIER%RICA!RCHER 21-pius; starts at Zapoteca and goes to three  PLUSSTARTSAT:APOTECAANDGOESTOTHREE other restaurants, Portland. $35 in advance; $40 OTHERRESTAURANTS 0ORTLANDINADVANCE day of walk, 3 to 5 p.m. DAYOFWALKWINEWISEEVENTSCOMTOPM Great Chowder Cook Off, American Legion Post 'REAT#HOWDER#OOK/FF !MERICAN,EGION0OST 42, Damariscotta. $5. 6:30 p.m.  $AMARISCOTTAPM Winter Family Fun Day, cross-country skiing, 7INTER&AMILY&UN$AY CROSS COUNTRYSKIING snowshoeing, ice skating, sledding, horse-drawn SNOWSHOEING ICESKATING SLEDDING HORSE DRAWN sleigh rides, natural history exploration and SLEIGHRIDES NATURALHISTORYEXPLORATIONAND more, Mt. Blue State Park, Weld. $1.50 for ages MORE -T"LUE3TATE0ARK 7ELDFORAGES 12 to 64; free for all others. 585-2261. 10 a.m. TOFREEFORALLOTHERS AM to 3 p.m. TOPM SUNDAY 35.$!9 "Greetings from the Heart," chocolate and its h'REETINGSFROMTHE(EART vCHOCOLATEANDITS evolution in American cookery with Sandra EVOLUTIONIN!MERICANCOOKERYWITH3ANDRA Oliver, includes tasting, Freeport Historical /LIVER INCLUDESTASTING &REEPORT(ISTORICAL Society Harrington House. $10. freeporthistorical 3OCIETY(ARRINGTON(OUSEFREEPORTHISTORICAL 2 p.m. SOCIETYORGPM Southern Maine Antique Paper Show, more than 3OUTHERN-AINE!NTIQUE0APER3HOW MORETHAN 40 exhibitors, Fireside Inn, Portland. $4. 828EXHIBITORS &IRESIDE)NN 0ORTLAND 8 0 6 5 . 8 : 3 0 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. AMTOPM Super Bowl XLVI Live in H D , Strand Theatre, 3UPER"OWL8,6),IVEIN($ 3TRAND4HEATRE Rockland. Free, 6:25 p.m. 2OCKLAND&REEROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM "Dinosaurs," planetarium show, University h$INOSAURS vPLANETARIUMSHOW 5NIVERSITY of Southern Maine (Southworth Planetarium), OF3OUTHERN-AINE3OUTHWORTH0LANETARIUM Portland. $5; $4 for children and seniors. 0ORTLANDFORCHILDRENANDSENIORS 3 p.m. USMMAINEEDUPLANETPM "Gardening, Geisha, Green Tea and More," h'ARDENING 'EISHA 'REEN4EAAND-ORE v afternoon of Japanese activities geared toward AFTERNOONOF*APANESEACTIVITIESGEAREDTOWARD a wide range of interests, Patten Free Library, AWIDERANGEOFINTERESTS 0ATTEN&REE,IBRARY Bath. Price not given, Noon to "ATH0RICENOTGIVENBATH TSUGARUORG.OONTO 5 p.m. PM Shape Note Singing, four-part singing tradition 3HAPE.OTE3INGING FOUR PARTSINGINGTRADITION also known as Sacred Harp, everyone is ALSOKNOWNAS3ACRED(ARP EVERYONEIS welcome to participate, The New Church, WELCOMETOPARTICIPATE 4HE.EW#HURCH Portland. Free/donation. 216-3890. 1 to 4 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REEDONATION TOPM MONDAY -/.$!9 Storytime in the Garden, hour-long stories 3TORYTIMEINTHE'ARDEN HOUR LONGSTORIES read by Pat Jeremiah, Coastal Maine Botanical READBY0AT*EREMIAH #OASTAL-AINE"OTANICAL Gardens, Boothbay. Free. 633-4333. 10 a.m. 'ARDENS "OOTHBAY&REE AM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 KinderKonzerts, "Peter and the Wolf," for ages 3 +INDER+ONZERTS h0ETERANDTHE7OLF vFORAGES


'Sorry, Charlie!' Ă&#x160;Jfiip#:_Xic`\Ă&#x2039;


:I8# ETC.

Source: "Charlie's Angels" A]c`QS(Âľ1VO`ZWS¸a/\USZaÂś (TV series, 1976-1981) BDaS`WSa'%$'& =\SQ]cZRO`UcSbVObbVWaQObQV One could argue that this catchphrase-turned-put-down originated ^V`OaSbc`\SR^cbR]e\]`WUW\ObSR with the Charlie the Tuna comeWbVbVS1VO`ZWSbVSBc\OQ][ mercials for StarKist Tuna, but we [S`QWOZaT]`AbO`9WabBc\OPcbeS remember it best from the original `S[S[PS`WbPSabT`][bVS]`WUW\OZ "Charlie's Angels" TV show about Âľ1VO`ZWS¸a/\USZaÂśBDaV]eOP]cb three beautiful women who alterbV`SSPSOcbWTcZe][S\eV]OZbS` nated between flirtatious damsels in \ObSRPSbeSS\Ă&#x20AC;W`bObW]caRO[aSZaW\ distress and kick-butt private eyes. RWab`SaaO\RYWQYPcbb^`WdObSSgSa They never really knew Charlie, their BVSg\SdS``SOZZgY\Se1VO`ZWSbVSW` employer - in fact, they never S[^Z]gS`ÂłW\TOQbbVSg\SdS` even saw his face - yet they SdS\aOeVWaTOQSÂłgSbbVSg never hesitated to do whatever \SdS`VSaWbObSRb]R]eVObSdS` he asked via speakerphone. VSOaYSRdWOa^SOYS`^V]\S Which is really sort of creepy, EVWQVWa`SOZZga]`b]TQ`SS^g now that we think about it. \]ebVObeSbVW\YOP]cbWb

to 7, Oxford Elementary School. $4. 773-6128. TO /XFORD%LEMENTARY3CHOOL  9:45 a.m., 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. AM AMANDPM FEB. 9 &%" National Theater in London Live: "Travelling .ATIONAL4HEATERIN,ONDON,IVEh4RAVELLING Light," Nicholas Wright's new play, Strand ,IGHT v.ICHOLAS7RIGHTSNEWPLAY 3TRAND Theatre, Rockland. $23; $15 forages 18 and 4HEATRE 2OCKLANDFORAGESAND under, Live at 2 p.m.; UNDERROCKLANDSTRANDCOM,IVEATPM rebroadcast at 7 p.m. REBROADCASTATPM National Theater in London Live: "Travelling .ATIONAL4HEATERIN,ONDON,IVEh4RAVELLING Light," Nicholas Wright's new play, Fryeburg ,IGHT v.ICHOLAS7RIGHTSNEWPLAY &RYEBURG Academy (Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts !CADEMY,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS Center). $18; $15 for seniors; $10 for students. #ENTER FORSENIORSFORSTUDENTS 2 p.m. FRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM National Theater in London Live: "Travelling .ATIONAL4HEATERIN,ONDON,IVEh4RAVELLING Light," Nicholas Wright's new play, Lincoln ,IGHT v.ICHOLAS7RIGHTSNEWPLAY ,INCOLN Theater, Damariscotta. $15. 563-3424. 4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA  Rebroadcast, 7 p.m. 2EBROADCAST PM

FILMS N&),-3 TODAY 4/$!9 "Shall We Dance?" (1996), in Japanese with h3HALL7E$ANCEv IN*APANESEWITH English subtitles, Winter Street Center, Bath. %NGLISHSUBTITLES 7INTER3TREET#ENTER "ATH Donation, 7 p.m. $ONATIONBATH TSUGARUORGPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 "Seven Samurai" (1954), classic Japanese actionh3EVEN3AMURAIv CLASSIC*APANESEACTION adventure, Hampton Inn, Bath. Donation, bathADVENTURE (AMPTON)NN "ATH$ONATIONBATH 7 p.m. TSUGARUORGPM " I n the Blood" (2012), documentary about the h)NTHE"LOODv DOCUMENTARYABOUTTHE history of Maine lumbermen accompanied by live HISTORYOF-AINELUMBERMENACCOMPANIEDBYLIVE music, Bates College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. MUSIC "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON $6. 7:30 p.m. BATESTICKETSCOMPM "Rockland Shorts," hour of short films with posth2OCKLAND3HORTS vHOUROFSHORTlLMSWITHPOST screening discussion; some films contain adult SCREENINGDISCUSSIONSOMElLMSCONTAINADULT language and sexual content; Strand Theatre, LANGUAGEANDSEXUALCONTENT3TRAND4HEATRE

Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Fri-Wed 4:45, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b4`WESR"("# 7:45; Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:15,4,6:50,9:30 %("#)<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg(#"$(#'(! Fri-Wed 4,6:50,9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 4`WESR"$(#'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 3:20,$(" 6:40 !( Continued from Page E24 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 "  "UNDERWORLD: AWAKENING" (R) (1:28) Stars Kate ÂľC<23@E=@:2(/E/93<7<5Âś@( &AbO`a9ObS Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:20, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg (  Beckinsale, Michael Ealy, India Eisley and Stephen 0SQYW\aOZS;WQVOSZ3OZg7\RWO3WaZSgO\RAbS^VS\ 3:20, 6:30, 9:30 Fri-Wed 12:20, 9:20; Brunswick 10 !( $(!'(!4`WESR ( '( )0`c\aeWQY Rea. Directed by Mans Marlind and Bjorn Stein. When @SO2W`SQbSRPg;O\a;O`ZW\RO\R0X]`\AbSW\EVS\ Today 9:40 B]ROg'(" human forces discover the existence of the Vampire Vc[O\T]`QSaRWaQ]dS`bVSSfWabS\QS]TbVSDO[^W`S and Lycan clans, a war to eradicate both species O\R:gQO\QZO\aOeO`b]S`ORWQObSP]bVa^SQWSa "TINKER TAILOR SOLDIER SPY" (R) (2:07) Stars ÂľB7<93@B/7:=@A=:273@A>GÂś@ (%AbO`a commences. The vampire warrioress Selene leads the Q][[S\QSaBVSdO[^W`SeO``W]`SaaASZS\SZSORabVS Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tom Hardy. Directed by 5O`g=ZR[O\1]ZW\4W`bVO\RB][6O`Rg2W`SQbSRPg battle against humankind. This is the fourth film in the PObbZSOUOW\abVc[O\YW\RBVWaWabVST]c`bVÂżZ[W\bVS Tomas Alfredson. In 1970s England, the head of MI6 B][Oa/ZT`SRa]\7\'%a3\UZO\RbVSVSOR]T;7$ series and the first in 3-D. dispatches a spy to meet with a Hungarian general, but aS`WSaO\RbVSÂż`abW\!2 RWa^ObQVSaOa^gb][SSbeWbVO6c\UO`WO\US\S`OZPcb Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 1:25,4:25, 7:30; AV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg( #"( #%(!) something goes wrong and the general dies before he a][SbVW\UU]Sae`]\UO\RbVSUS\S`OZRWSaPST]`SVS Nordica (Freeport) Today (all 3D) 12:30, 3:45, 7:30, <]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgOZZ!2 (!!("#%(! can reveal the information. Veteran agent George SmiQO\`SdSOZbVSW\T]`[ObW]\DSbS`O\OUS\b5S]`USA[W 9:40; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today (all 3D) ley is called back from forced retirement to find a mole '(")1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgOZZ!2 ZSgWaQOZZSRPOQYT`][T]`QSR`SbW`S[S\bb]Âż\RO[]ZS 9:40 Fri (all 3D) 2:20,4:40, 7:20, 12, 2:20,4:40, ( "("%(7:20, '("4`WOZZ!2 ( "("%(  and stop the flow of British secrets to the Russians. O\Rab]^bVSĂ&#x20AC;]e]T0`WbWaVaSQ`Sbab]bVS@caaWO\a




Rockland. $10, $12. 596-6256. 6 p.m. 2OCKLAND  PM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 "Retrospective: The Films ofTerrence Malick," h2ETROSPECTIVE4HE&ILMSOF4ERRENCE-ALICK v Strand Theatre, Rockland. $7.50. 594-0070. "The 3TRAND4HEATRE 2OCKLAND h4HE Thin Red Line" (1998), 3 p.m. 4HIN2ED,INEv PM Fly Fishing Film Tour, preceded by silent auction, &LY&ISHING&ILM4OUR PRECEDEDBYSILENTAUCTION Fryeburg Academy (Leura Hill Eastman Performing &RYEBURG!CADEMY,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING Arts Center). $12 in advance; $15 day of show. !RTS#ENTER INADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 935-9232. 6:30 p.m.  PM MONDAY -/.$!9 "West Side Story" (1961), classic Oscar-winning h7EST3IDE3TORYv CLASSIC/SCAR WINNING musical, Skidompha Library, Damariscotta. $5/ MUSICAL 3KIDOMPHA,IBRARY $AMARISCOTTA donation. 563-5513. 6:30 p.m. DONATION PM "Devil Got My Woman," blues footage h$EVIL'OT-Y7OMAN vBLUESFOOTAGE from historic 1966 Newport Folk Festival, FROMHISTORIC.EWPORT&OLK&ESTIVAL One Longfellow Square, Portland. $7. /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM

*ANET-ENDELSOHN AUTHOROFh-AINES-USEUMS Janet Mendelsohn, author of "Maine's Museums: !RT /DDITIESAND!RTIFACTS v9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY Art, Oddities and Artifacts," York Public Library. &REEYORKLIBMEUS.OON Free, Noon. FRIDAY &2)$!9 h#OLONIAL(OUSE2EVISITED*OHN"EAR "Colonial House Revisited: John Bear Reminisces," with storyteller, author and actor 2EMINISCES vWITHSTORYTELLER AUTHORANDACTOR John Bear Mitchell, Ricker Memorial Library, *OHN"EAR-ITCHELL 2ICKER-EMORIAL,IBRARY Poland Spring. 998-4390. Book signing at 6:30 0OLAND3PRING "OOKSIGNINGAT p.m.; program at 7 p.m. PMPROGRAMATPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Poetry Reading and Commentary, with Maggie 0OETRY2EADINGAND#OMMENTARY WITH-AGGIE Finch and Jerry Day, Brunswick Inn on Park Row. &INCHAND*ERRY$AY "RUNSWICK)NNON0ARK2OW Free. 721-0141.2 p.m. &REE PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Ted Bookey, Helene McGlauflin and Ricardo 4ED"OOKEY (ELENE-C'LAUmINAND2ICARDO Zarate, poetry reading, Curtis Memorial Library, :ARATE POETRYREADING #URTIS-EMORIAL,IBRARY Brunswick. Free. 721-0141. 1 p.m. "RUNSWICK&REE PM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 "Chats w i t h Champions," with Martha White, h#HATSWITH#HAMPIONS vWITH-ARTHA7HITE author of "In the Words of E.B. White," Skidompha AUTHOROFh)NTHE7ORDSOF%"7HITE v3KIDOMPHA Library, Damariscotta. 563-5513. 10 a.m. ,IBRARY $AMARISCOTTA AM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Toure, journalist and commentator, Bates College 4OURE JOURNALISTANDCOMMENTATOR "ATES#OLLEGE (Benjamin Mays Center), Lewiston. 786-8303. "ENJAMIN-AYS#ENTER ,EWISTON  7:30 p.m. PM FEB. 9 &%" Dawn Potter and Meg Kearney, poetry reading, $AWN0OTTERAND-EG+EARNEY POETRYREADING Bates College (Edmund S. Muskie Archives), "ATES#OLLEGE%DMUND3-USKIE!RCHIVES Lewiston. Free. 786-6256. 7:30 p.m. ,EWISTON&REE PM

PRO SPORTS N02/30/243 Portland Pirates, AHL affiliate of the Phoenix 0ORTLAND0IRATES !(,AFlLIATEOFTHE0HOENIX #OYOTES #UMBERLAND#OUNTY#IVIC#ENTER Coyotes, Cumberland County Civic Center, 0ORTLANDTO 6S"RIDGEPORT  Portland. $12 to $20. 828-4665. Vs. Bridgeport, 7 p.m. Friday; Vs. Binghamton, 7 p.m. Saturday. PM&RIDAY6S"INGHAMTON PM3ATURDAY

PARTICIPANT DANCE N0!24)#)0!.4$!.#%

Cha Cha Lessons and Dance, music by Fred #HA#HA,ESSONSAND$ANCE MUSICBY&RED Dunn of Seacoast Ballroom, Avant Dance & Event $UNNOF3EACOAST"ALLROOM !VANT$ANCE%VENT Center, Westbrook. $12. Lesson #ENTER 7ESTBROOKAVANTMAINECOM,ESSON at 7:15 p.m.; dance 8 to 10:30 p.m. Friday. ATPMDANCETOPM&RIDAY Swing Dance, music by The Blue W i l l o w Band, 3WING$ANCE MUSICBY4HE"LUE7ILLOW"AND Wescustogo Hall, North Yarmouth. $8. 653-5012. 7ESCUSTOGO(ALL .ORTH9ARMOUTH  WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Lesson at 7 p.m.; dance at 8 p.m. Friday. ,ESSONATPMDANCEATPM&RIDAY "Porgy and Bess" (1959), Dunaway Center, h0ORGYAND"ESSv $UNAWAY#ENTER Contra Dance, with music by The Don Ray #ONTRA$ANCE WITHMUSICBY4HE$ON2AY Ogunquit. Free. 646-7055. 7 p.m. /GUNQUIT&REE PM Quartet and caller Adina Gordon; bring "Lourdes" (2009), in French with English subtitles, 1UARTETANDCALLER!DINA'ORDONBRING h,OURDESv IN&RENCHWITH%NGLISHSUBTITLES clean non-street shoes for dancing; Falmouth Bowdoin College (Kresge Auditorium), Brunswick. CLEANNON STREETSHOESFORDANCING&ALMOUTH "OWDOIN#OLLEGE+RESGE!UDITORIUM "RUNSWICK Congregational Church. $5 to $10; free for Free. 725-3465. 7 p.m. &REE PM #ONGREGATIONAL#HURCHTOFREEFOR children under age 5. 358-9354. 7:15 p.m. CHILDRENUNDERAGE PM Saturday. FEB. 9 &%" 3ATURDAY Foreign Films in February, Rockland Library. Free. #ONTRA$ANCE WITH4HE"IG-OOSE#ONTRA$ANCE &OREIGN&ILMSIN&EBRUARY 2OCKLAND,IBRARY&REE Contra Dance, with The Big Moose Contra Dance 594-0310. "Welcome" (2009), in French, English  h7ELCOMEv IN&RENCH %NGLISH Band and caller Chrissy Fowler, College of the "ANDANDCALLER#HRISSY&OWLER #OLLEGEOFTHE and Kurdish with English subtitles, 6:30 p.m. AND+URDISHWITH%NGLISHSUBTITLES PM Atlantic (Gates Center), Bar Harbor. $6; free for !TLANTIC'ATES#ENTER "AR(ARBORFREEFOR children. 288-5015. Lessons at 7:30 p.m.; dance CHILDREN ,ESSONSATPMDANCE at 8 p.m. Saturday. ATPM3ATURDAY BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23 International Folk Dance, dances from the )NTERNATIONAL&OLK$ANCE DANCESFROMTHE Balkans, Israel, France, Greece and around the "ALKANS )SRAEL &RANCE 'REECEANDAROUNDTHE TODAY 4/$!9 world, The New Church, Portland. $5; $3 for WORLD 4HE.EW#HURCH 0ORTLANDFOR Tracy Ann Lord, author of "Good Catch," 4RACY!NN,ORD AUTHOROFh'OOD#ATCH v children. 776-5351. 7 to 9 p.m. Sunday. CHILDREN TOPM3UNDAY Rockland Library. 594-0310. 6:30 p.m. 2OCKLAND,IBRARY PM

9:40 Sat-Sun (all 3D) 12, 2:20,4:40, 7:20, 9:40 '("AObAc\OZZ!2 ( "("%( '(" Mon-Wed (all 3D) 2:20, 4:40, 7:20, 9:40; Cinemagic ;]\ESROZZ!2 ( "("%( '(")1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Today (all 3D) 11:50, 2,4:20, 6:50, 9:10 FriESabP`]]YB]ROgOZZ!2(# "( $(#'(4`W Wed (all 3D) 11:50, 2,4:20, 6:40, 9:10; Cinemagic Saco ESROZZ!2(# "( $("'()1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Today 12,12:15 (3D IMAX), 2, 2:20 (3D IMAX), 4,4:30 B]ROg  (#!27;/F ( !27;/F""(! (3D IMAX), 7 (3D IMAX), 7:15, 9:10 (3D IMAX), 9:20 Fri!27;/F%!27;/F%(#'(!27;/F'( 4`W Wed (all 3D IMAX) 12:15 4:30, 7, 9:10; Brunswick ESROZZ!27;/F (#, 2:20, ( "(!%'()0`c\aeWQY 10 Today (all 3D) 1:15, 4:30, 7:30,10; Falmouth 10 Today B]ROgOZZ!2(#"(!%(!)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg (all 3D) 4:45, 7:35 OZZ!2"("#%(!# "WAR HORSE" (PG-13) (2:26) Stars Jeremy Irvine, µE/@6=@A3¶>5! ( $AbO`a8S`S[g7`dW\S Peter Mullan and Emily Watson. Directed by Steven >SbS`;cZZO\O\R3[WZgEOba]\2W`SQbSRPgAbSdS\ Spielberg. Set during World War I in Europe, a young A^WSZPS`UASbRc`W\UE]`ZREO`7W\3c`]^SOg]c\U man meets and trains a horse. The pair are forced to [O\[SSbaO\Rb`OW\aOV]`aSBVS^OW`O`ST]`QSRb] part, and the film follows the horse's journey as he ^O`bO\RbVS¿Z[T]ZZ]eabVSV]`aS¸aX]c`\SgOaVS moves through the war and the lives he touches along []dSabV`]cUVbVSeO`O\RbVSZWdSaVSb]cQVSaOZ]\U the way. bVSeOg

Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today 9:10; CinAV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg'()1W\ emagic Grand (South Portland) Today-Wed 1:10,4:20; S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR("( ) Cinemagic Westbrook Today 9:30; Brunswick 10 Today 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg'(!)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg 6:30, 9:20; Falmouth 10 Today 4 Fri 4:45, 7:45 Sat-Sun $(!'( )4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"4`W"("#%("#AObAc\ 1:45,4:45, 7:45 Mon-Wed 4:45, 7:45 ("#"("#%("#;]\ESR"("#%("# "WE BOUGHT A ZOO" (PG-13) (2:04) Stars Matt µE30=C56B/H==¶>5! ("AbO`a;Obb Damon, Scarlett Johansson and Thomas Haden Church. 2O[]\AQO`ZSbb8]VO\aa]\O\RBV][Oa6ORS\1Vc`QV Directed by Cameron Crowe. Following his wife's 2W`SQbSRPg1O[S`]\1`]eS4]ZZ]eW\UVWaeWTS¸a death, a father and his two children decide to make a RSObVOTObVS`O\RVWabe]QVWZR`S\RSQWRSb][OYSO fresh start by buying property in the country. That land T`SaVabO`bPgPcgW\U^`]^S`bgW\bVSQ]c\b`gBVObZO\R also happens to include an old wildlife park, with many OZa]VO^^S\ab]W\QZcRSO\]ZReWZRZWTS^O`YeWbV[O\g animals still living there. O\W[OZaabWZZZWdW\UbVS`S Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12,'( 9:20 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg  - From news services; subject to change ³4`][\SeaaS`dWQSa)acPXSQbb]QVO\US

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2,2012 GO E31 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g  j5=3!


Continued from Page E25 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 # 2ICK-ILLER(IS"AND #HICAGOBLUES Rick Miller & His Band, Chicago blues, 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 9 p.m. GINGKOBLUECOMPM 3UNRUNNERS #ONFUSATRONAND4HE Sunrunners, Confusatron and The Highway, indie rock, 21-pius; Geno's Rock (IGHWAY INDIEROCK  PLUS'ENOS2OCK #LUB 0ORTLAND &OLLOWS Club, Portland. 221-2382. Follows 5:30 p.m. art show. PMARTSHOW Plague, industrial night, Asylum 0LAGUE INDUSTRIALNIGHT !SYLUM (basement), Portland. $5; $2 before 9:30 BASEMENT 0ORTLANDBEFORE p.m. 9:30 p.m. PMPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM &IRST&RIDAY3ALSA WITH2ADIO-AMBO First Friday Salsa, with Radio Mambo, Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. $6. %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM

SUNDAY 35.$!9 Stephanie Hayward, vocals and 3TEPHANIE(AYWARD VOCALSAND keyboards, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. KEYBOARDS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 5:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM The Couch, open mic with host John Nels 4HE#OUCH OPENMICWITHHOST*OHN.ELS and guest artist Joe Gallant, Empire Dine ANDGUESTARTIST*OE'ALLANT %MPIRE$INE and Dance, Portland, AND$ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOM 9 p.m. PM Rhythmic Cypher, open mic of spoken2HYTHMIC#YPHER OPENMICOFSPOKEN word poetry with live music, 21-plus; WORDPOETRYWITHLIVEMUSIC  PLUS Slainte, Portland. 828-0900. 8 p.m. 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND PM MONDAY -/.$!9 Frank Hopkins & Friends, funk, with &RANK(OPKINS&RIENDS FUNK WITH Supersonics, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. 3UPERSONICS  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Trivia Night, Run of the Mill Brewpub, 4RIVIA.IGHT 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB

TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Mike Krapovicky, contemporary acoustic -IKE+RAPOVICKY CONTEMPORARYACOUSTIC rock, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. ROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 6 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Chas Lester Trio, jazz, soul and funk, all #HAS,ESTER4RIO JAZZ SOULANDFUNK ALL ages; Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. AGES%MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Karaoke Night with DJ Ponyfarm, 21+ARAOKE.IGHTWITH$*0ONYFARM  plus; Slainte, Portland. $3, $5. 553-2350. PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Open Mic Night with Slack Master, Run /PEN-IC.IGHTWITH3LACK-ASTER 2UN of the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 571-9648. 8 to OFTHE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACO TO 11 p.m. PM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Al Dente's Inferno, ragtime, Blue, Portland. !L$ENTES)NFERNO RAGTIME "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 7:30 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Traditional Irish Session, Irish music, Blue, 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION )RISHMUSIC "LUE Portland. Donation, 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 9:30 p.m. PM Rap Night, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. 2AP.IGHT  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Mitch Alden, acoustic, RiRa, Portland. -ITCH!LDEN ACOUSTIC 2I2A 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. RIRACOMPM Open Mic Night, Slainte, Portland. 553/PEN-IC.IGHT 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 2350.8p.m. PM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, blues 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT BLUES jam, The Venue, portland. 541-9045. 7 JAM 4HE6ENUE PORTLAND  p.m. PM David Beam and The Custom House Gang, $AVID"EAMAND4HE#USTOM(OUSE'ANG blues and Americana, Andy's Old Port Pub, BLUESAND!MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 7:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Octane, swing/jazz, Gingko Blue Jazz /CTANE SWINGJAZZ 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Club, Portland, 6 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Karaoke with DJ Johnny Red, Asylum, +ARAOKEWITH$**OHNNY2ED !SYLUM Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM

FEB. 9 &%" Biohazard and Madball, rap/metal/punk, "IOHAZARDAND-ADBALL RAPMETALPUNK with Sworn Enemy and Blue Collar WITH3WORN%NEMYAND"LUE#OLLAR Product, 21-plus; Asylum, Portland. 0RODUCT  PLUS!SYLUM 0ORTLAND $18 in advance; $21 day of show. INADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Waylon Speed, country-metal, with 7AYLON3PEED COUNTRY METAL WITH Hobson's Choice and Whale Oil, (OBSONS#HOICEAND7HALE/IL Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. $4. %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLAND 9:30 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Alan and Erb, Americana, Andy's Old Port !LANAND%RB !MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM 6:30 p.m. PM Scratch, Run of the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 3CRATCH 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACO 571-9648. 8 to 11 p.m.  TOPM Tony Boffa Quartet, cool jazz, Gingko 4ONY"OFFA1UARTET COOLJAZZ 'INGKO Blue Jazz Club, Portland, "LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOM 8 p.m. PM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, open 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT OPEN blues jam, The Cage, Lewiston. 783-0668. BLUESJAM 4HE#AGE ,EWISTON  8 p.m. PM Band Beyond Description, jam-band "AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BAND covers, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. COVERS  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ "EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$* B-set, 21-plus; ClubTexas, Auburn. $2. 784" SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN 7785. Doors at 6 p.m. $OORSATPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN Yarmouth. 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. 9ARMOUTH TOPM Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Bayside Bowl, *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS "AYSIDE"OWL Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDBAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM Maine Songwriters Association in -AINE3ONGWRITERS!SSOCIATIONIN the Round, Blue, Portland. Donation. THE2OUND "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Justin Lantrip, singer-songwriter, Blue, *USTIN,ANTRIP SINGER SONGWRITER "LUE Portland. Donation, 8 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM p.m. PM Trapparatus, funky jazz, Blue, Portland. 4RAPPARATUS FUNKYJAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 10 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM

Ă&#x192;,%hBDK>:H '70s MOVIES

(and their hair), a sheepish BOEUIFJSIBJS BTIFFQJTI Christopher Plummer in a $ISJTUPQIFS1MVNNFSJOB muumim, a more annoying NVVNVV BNPSFBOOPZJOH robot than C-3PO and an SPCPUUIBO$10BOEBO all-around talent-lack. The BMMBSPVOEUBMFOUMBDL5IF fact that this was never lamGBDUUIBUUIJTXBTOFWFSMBN pooned on "Mystery Science QPPOFEPOi.ZTUFSZ4DJFODF Theater 3000" is a national 5IFBUFSwJTBOBUJPOBM tragedy. USBHFEZ


Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!

cused of a ritual murder. As he DVTFEPGBSJUVBMNVSEFS"TIF delves into the case, ChamEFMWFTJOUPUIFDBTF $IBN berlain becomes increasingly CFSMBJOCFDPNFTJODSFBTJOHMZ haunted by visions of all of IBVOUFECZWJTJPOTPGBMMPG Australia being destroyed by a "VTUSBMJBCFJOHEFTUSPZFECZB cataclysmic tidal wave. HauntDBUBDMZTNJDUJEBMXBWF)BVOU ing, weird and ultimately terriJOH XFJSEBOEVMUJNBUFMZUFSSJ fying - although, sadly, George GZJOHoBMUIPVHI TBEMZ (FPSHF Kennedy does not appear. ,FOOFEZEPFTOPUBQQFBS WORST: "Meteor" (1979): 80345i.FUFPSw   As the 70s dribbled to a close, "TUIFTESJCCMFEUPBDMPTF  the "busload of stars slumUIFiCVTMPBEPGTUBSTTMVN ming for a paycheck in front NJOHGPSBQBZDIFDLJOGSPOU of unconvincing miniature PGVODPOWJODJOHNJOJBUVSF effects" trend culminated FGGFDUTwUSFOEDVMNJOBUFE in this pre-"Armageddon" JOUIJTQSFi"SNBHFEEPOw slog about the titular model TMPHBCPVUUIFUJUVMBSNPEFM boulder threatening a sixthCPVMEFSUISFBUFOJOHBTJYUI grader's model New York. HSBEFSTNPEFM/FX:PSL The likes of Sean Connery, 5IFMJLFTPG4FBO$POOFSZ  Henry Fonda, Natalie Wood, )FOSZ'POEB /BUBMJF8PPE  Karl Maiden, Trevor Howard ,BSM.BMEFO 5SFWPS)PXBSE and Brian Keith (looking very, BOE#SJBO,FJUI MPPLJOHWFSZ  very sheepish) mumble lines WFSZTIFFQJTI NVNCMFMJOFT like Connery's classic, "If you MJLF$POOFSZTDMBTTJD i*GZPV think you can prevent it by UIJOLZPVDBOQSFWFOUJUCZ burying your heads under a CVSZJOHZPVSIFBETVOEFSB blanket of (expletive), fine. If CMBOLFUPG FYQMFUJWF mOF*G you ever reach your decision, ZPVFWFSSFBDIZPVSEFDJTJPO  I'll be in the bar across the *MMCFJOUIFCBSBDSPTTUIF street." It's the only line he TUSFFUw*UTUIFPOMZMJOFIF delivers with some feeling. EFMJWFSTXJUITPNFGFFMJOH


BEST: "The Texas Chain#&45i5IF5FYBT$IBJO saw Massacre" (1974): TBX.BTTBDSFw   "Grindhouse" was rarely i(SJOEIPVTFwXBTSBSFMZ more literal than in this stillNPSFMJUFSBMUIBOJOUIJTTUJMM grueling low-budget legend HSVFMJOHMPXCVEHFUMFHFOE about a family of cannibal BCPVUBGBNJMZPGDBOOJCBM human-butchers and the IVNBOCVUDIFSTBOEUIF unpleasant vanload of young VOQMFBTBOUWBOMPBEPGZPVOH people they want to turn into QFPQMFUIFZXBOUUPUVSOJOUP sausage. The grimy, authenTBVTBHF5IFHSJNZ BVUIFO tically-disreputable atmoUJDBMMZEJTSFQVUBCMFBUNP sphere of "TCM" has never TQIFSFPGi5$.wIBTOFWFS been equalled. You should CFFOFRVBMMFE:PVTIPVME probably be grateful... QSPCBCMZCFHSBUFGVMy WORST (TIE): "I Spit on 80345 5*& i*4QJUPO Your Grave" (1978) and "The :PVS(SBWFw  BOEi5IF Last House on the Left" -BTU)PVTFPOUIF-FGUw (1972): I'm not condemning  *NOPUDPOEFNOJOH the exploitative rape-iness UIFFYQMPJUBUJWFSBQFJOFTT of these notorious cult films, PGUIFTFOPUPSJPVTDVMUmMNT  necessarily; I love movie OFDFTTBSJMZ*MPWFNPWJF sleaze in all its forms. I call TMFB[FJOBMMJUTGPSNT*DBMM out these dirtbag-favorite PVUUIFTFEJSUCBHGBWPSJUF flicks for making it clear that nJDLTGPSNBLJOHJUDMFBSUIBU the directors (Meir Zarchi UIFEJSFDUPST .FJS;BSDIJ and Wes Craven, respecBOE8FT$SBWFO SFTQFD tively) were cynically getting UJWFMZ XFSFDZOJDBMMZHFUUJOH off on the degradation of their PGGPOUIFEFHSBEBUJPOPGUIFJS various heroines. WBSJPVTIFSPJOFT


BEST: "Enter the Dragon" #&45i&OUFSUIF%SBHPOw (1973): Was there ever any  8BTUIFSFFWFSBOZ doubt?/PBDUJPOTUBS JOUIF No action star, in the EPVCU history of movies, has ever IJTUPSZPGNPWJFT IBTFWFS been more charismatic, sexy, CFFONPSFDIBSJTNBUJD TFYZ  graceful or legitimately forHSBDFGVMPSMFHJUJNBUFMZGPS midable than Bruce Lee, and NJEBCMFUIBO#SVDF-FF BOE this is his best movie. Sure, UIJTJTIJTCFTUNPWJF4VSF  it's got problems, as do all JUTHPUQSPCMFNT BTEPBMM Lee's (sadly meager) roster of -FFT TBEMZNFBHFS SPTUFSPG films. Still, as Lee infiltrates mMNT4UJMM BT-FFJOmMUSBUFT the now-cliche martial arts UIFOPXDMJDIFNBSUJBMBSUT tournament on the now-reqUPVSOBNFOUPOUIFOPXSFR uisite evil crimelord's private VJTJUFFWJMDSJNFMPSETQSJWBUF island and defeats formidable JTMBOEBOEEFGFBUTGPSNJEBCMF psychos Bolo Yeung and Bob QTZDIPT#PMP:FVOHBOE#PC Wall - and then an entire army 8BMMoBOEUIFOBOFOUJSFBSNZ - there has never been a more oUIFSFIBTOFWFSCFFOBNPSF thrilling screen presence, of UISJMMJOHTDSFFOQSFTFODF PG any genre, ever. BOZHFOSF FWFS WORST: "Bruce Lee Fights Back From the 80345i#SVDF-FF'JHIUT#BDL'SPNUIF Grave" (1976): As if to prove how irreplaceable (SBWFw  "TJGUPQSPWFIPXJSSFQMBDFBCMF Lee was, an entire industry sprang up (called -FFXBT BOFOUJSFJOEVTUSZTQSBOHVQ DBMMFE "Bruceploitation") after Lee's death, churning i#SVDFQMPJUBUJPOw BGUFS-FFTEFBUI DIVSOJOH out martial-arts knockoffs capitalizing on the PVUNBSUJBMBSUTLOPDLPGGTDBQJUBMJ[JOHPOUIF man's legacy. I chose this one not necessarily NBOTMFHBDZ*DIPTFUIJTPOFOPUOFDFTTBSJMZ because of its awfulness, but because of its CFDBVTFPGJUTBXGVMOFTT CVUCFDBVTFPGJUT utter shamelessness -1 mean, having faux VUUFSTIBNFMFTTOFTTo*NFBO IBWJOHGBVY Bruce rise from his (cheesy, box-lettered) #SVDFSJTFGSPNIJT DIFFTZ CPYMFUUFSFE  grave because he made a deal with the devil? HSBWFCFDBVTFIFNBEFBEFBMXJUIUIFEFWJM That's totally karate kick-worthy... 5IBUTUPUBMMZLBSBUFLJDLXPSUIZy


BEST: "Halloween" (1978): #&45i)BMMPXFFOw   It's not its fault that nearly *UTOPUJUTGBVMUUIBUOFBSMZ every aspect of John CarpenFWFSZBTQFDUPG+PIO$BSQFO ter's seminal slasher about UFSTTFNJOBMTMBTIFSBCPVU silent, implacable killer TJMFOU JNQMBDBCMFLJMMFS Michael Myers returning to .JDIBFM.ZFSTSFUVSOJOHUP his hometown on a certain IJTIPNFUPXOPOBDFSUBJO holiday evening has been reIPMJEBZFWFOJOHIBTCFFOSF cycled into cliche hundreds DZDMFEJOUPDMJDIFIVOESFET of times in the intervening PGUJNFTJOUIFJOUFSWFOJOH ÂŁ ZFBST/PSJTJUTVSQSJTJOH years. Nor is it surprising | UIBUOPOFPGUIPTFNZSJBE that none of those myriad â&#x20AC;˘3 JNJUBUPSTIBWFTVSQBTTFEJU imitators have surpassed it. | 80345i%SJWF*O.BT WORST: "Drive-In MasSi TBDSFw  *GZPVWFHPUB sacre" (1977): If you've got a sure-fire sleaze-classic title TVSFmSFTMFB[FDMBTTJDUJUMF like that, you'd darn well better not be this MJLFUIBU ZPVEEBSOXFMMCFUUFSOPUCFUIJT ridiculously dull. SJEJDVMPVTMZEVMM 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Hobgoblin Lounge Series, with music by (OBGOBLIN,OUNGE3ERIES WITHMUSICBY The Aquanauts, burlesque dancer Becky 4HE!QUANAUTS BURLESQUEDANCER"ECKY Bottoms of Atomic Trash and pinup model "OTTOMSOF!TOMIC4RASHANDPINUPMODEL Holly D'Anger, Bayside Bowl, Portland. (OLLY$!NGER "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND 8 to 11 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMTOPM Ducky Boys, punk, CD-release show with $UCKY"OYS PUNK #$ RELEASESHOWWITH Pinkerton Thugs, Hudson Falcons and 0INKERTON4HUGS (UDSON&ALCONSAND Lenny Lashley, 21-plus; Geno's Rock Club, ,ENNY,ASHLEY  PLUS'ENOS2OCK#LUB Portland. 221-2382. 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND PM Scott Lank, classic rock covers, Jumpin' 3COTT,ANK CLASSICROCKCOVERS *UMPIN Jakes Seafood Cafe, Old Orchard Beach. *AKES3EAFOOD#AFE /LD/RCHARD"EACH 937-3250. 7 p.m.  PM Jacob Augustine, singer-songwriter, with *ACOB!UGUSTINE SINGER SONGWRITER WITH Tom Thumb and Lisa/Liza, The Oak and the 4OM4HUMBAND,ISA,IZA 4HE/AKANDTHE Ax, Biddeford. $8 in advance; $10 day of !X "IDDEFORDINADVANCEDAYOF show, SHOWTHEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOM 8 p.m. PM Cullu, jazz/blues, Big Easy, Portland. #ULLU JAZZBLUES "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Highland Rovers, Irish rock, RiRa, Portland. (IGHLAND2OVERS )RISHROCK 2I2A 0ORTLAND 10 p.m. RIRACOMPM Take One Car, The Nasty and Volcano 4AKE/NE#AR 4HE.ASTYAND6OLCANO Rabbit, rock, 131 Washington Ave, 2ABBIT ROCK 7ASHINGTON!VE Portland, Washington. 0ORTLANDFACEBOOKCOMWASHINGTON 8 p.m. PM Riot Act, rock, 21-pius; Club Texas, 2IOT!CT ROCK  PLUS#LUB4EXAS Auburn. $5. Doors at 8 p.m. !UBURNCLUBTEXASINFO$OORSATPM Third Seven with Billy Mickelson, rock 4HIRD3EVENWITH"ILLY-ICKELSON ROCK cello, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. CELLO !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Kennebunk River Band, rock/blues, Run +ENNEBUNK2IVER"AND ROCKBLUES 2UN of the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 571-9648. 8 to OFTHE-ILL"REWPUB 3ACO TO 11 p.m. PM Eric Ott, singer/songwriter, Blue, Portland. %RIC/TT SINGERSONGWRITER "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation. 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOM$ONATIONPM John FunkhouserTrio, jazz/funk/ *OHN&UNKHOUSER4RIO JAZZFUNK blues, Blue, Portland. Donation. BLUES "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 8 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Mike BelingTrio, jazz, Blue, Portland. -IKE"ELING4RIO JAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 10 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Tommy O'Connell &The Juke Joint Devils, 4OMMY/#ONNELL4HE*UKE*OINT$EVILS blues/swing, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, BLUESSWING 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Kelly Parker Band, country/pop, 21-plus; +ELLY0ARKER"AND COUNTRYPOP  PLUS Club Texas, Auburn. 784-7785. 8 p.m. #LUB4EXAS !UBURN PM El Grande, groove reggae, 21-plus; %L'RANDE GROOVEREGGAE  PLUS Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. %MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM

Saco. 571-9648. 7 to 9 p.m. 3ACO TOPM Open Mic with Alec Wall, acoustic singers /PEN-ICWITH!LEC7ALL ACOUSTICSINGERS and performers, Andy's Old Port Pub, ANDPERFORMERS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Stowaways Bluegrass Night, Empire Dine 3TOWAWAYS"LUEGRASS.IGHT %MPIRE$INE and Dance, Portland, AND$ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOM 6 p.m. open jam; 8 p.m. concert. PMOPENJAMPMCONCERT Open Mic with Ev Guy, RiRa, Portland. /PEN-ICWITH%V'UY 2I2A 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. RIRACOMPM


BEST: "Saturday Night Fever" (1977): Of #&45i4BUVSEBZ/JHIU'FWFSw  0G course, of all the regrettable things about the DPVSTF PGBMMUIFSFHSFUUBCMFUIJOHTBCPVUUIF 70s (cocaine, polyester, that "Seasons in the T DPDBJOF QPMZFTUFS UIBUi4FBTPOTJOUIF Sun" song), disco tops the list. But you can't 4VOwTPOH EJTDPUPQTUIFMJTU#VUZPVDBOU deny that this coming-of-age tale of a young EFOZUIBUUIJTDPNJOHPGBHFUBMFPGBZPVOH Brooklyn lad who can only escape his dreary #SPPLMZOMBEXIPDBOPOMZFTDBQFIJTESFBSZ life on the light-up disco dance floor still holds MJGFPOUIFMJHIUVQEJTDPEBODFnPPSTUJMMIPMET up relatively well. Sure, svelte young John VQSFMBUJWFMZXFMM4VSF TWFMUFZPVOH+PIO SCI-FI Travolta's suitably narcissistic dance moves J:@$=@ 5SBWPMUBTTVJUBCMZOBSDJTTJTUJDEBODFNPWFT BEST: "Alien" (1979): Still the scariest, and nowadays teeter between "impressive" and #&45i"MJFOw  4UJMMUIFTDBSJFTU BOE OPXBEBZTUFFUFSCFUXFFOiJNQSFTTJWFwBOE most influential, sci-fi horror film of all time. "giggle-inducing," but "Fever" remains the NPTUJOnVFOUJBM TDJmIPSSPSmMNPGBMMUJNF iHJHHMFJOEVDJOH wCVUi'FWFSwSFNBJOTUIF Sequelled, remade, ripped-off, spun-off and 4FRVFMMFE SFNBEF SJQQFEPGG TQVOPGGBOE best relic of a best-forgotten genre. CFTUSFMJDPGBCFTUGPSHPUUFOHFOSF soon to be prequelled (by original director TPPOUPCFQSFRVFMMFE CZPSJHJOBMEJSFDUPS WORST: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club 80345i4HU1FQQFST-POFMZ)FBSUT$MVC Ridley Scott, no less), it'll never be equaled. 3JEMFZ4DPUU OPMFTT JUMMOFWFSCFFRVBMFE Band" (1978): In deference to Peter Framp#BOEw  *OEFGFSFODFUP1FUFS'SBNQ WORST: "Starcrash" (1978): An Italian at80345i4UBSDSBTIw  "O*UBMJBOBU ton's visit to our fair city, let's just pretend this UPOTWJTJUUPPVSGBJSDJUZ MFUTKVTUQSFUFOEUIJT tempt to cash in on "Star Wars," this alterUFNQUUPDBTIJOPOi4UBS8BST wUIJTBMUFS Bee Gees/Frampton as The Beatles "musical" #FF(FFT'SBNQUPOBT5IF#FBUMFTiNVTJDBMw nately-hilariously bad and tedious space opera OFWFSIBQQFOFE TIBMMXF OBUFMZIJMBSJPVTMZCBEBOEUFEJPVTTQBDFPQFSB never happened, shall we? suffers from a miniscule budget, awful special TVGGFSTGSPNBNJOJTDVMFCVEHFU BXGVMTQFDJBM Dennis Perkins is a Portland-based freelance writer. effects, Marjoe Gortner and David Hasselhoff 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaO>]`bZO\RPOaSRT`SSZO\QSe`WbS` FGGFDUT .BSKPF(PSUOFSBOE%BWJE)BTTFMIPGG

E325=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg4SP`cO`g GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, February 2, 2012 3! 

# /-%( /-%4 /! .*/.3 COME HOME TO ANJON'S YOUR /52 9 CHOICE (/)#% #

&INE)TALIAN#UISINE #HOICE3TEAKS Fine Italian Cuisine, Choice Steaks & Fresh Maine Seafood &RESH-AINE3EAFOOD &AMOUSFOR3TUFFED"READS Famous for Stuffed Breads and Award'Winning Pasta Sauces AND!WARD 7INNING0ASTA3AUCES


HPURCHASE LIDWIT 6A Valid with ERAGE BEVpurchase NY OFA of any beverage.

FISH &)3( PLATTER 0,!44%2 q(ADDOCK â&#x20AC;¢ Haddock q3HRIMP â&#x20AC;¢ Shrimp q#LAMS â&#x20AC;¢ Clams


WITHFRENCHFRIES with french fries COLESLAW & cole slaw 9 /52 YOUR # ( /)#% CHOICE

TWIN 47). ,/"34%2 LOBSTER 2/,,3 ROLLS

WITHCHIPSOR with chips or FRIESPICKLE fries & pickle

Served Anytime 7 Days a Week 3ERVED!NYTIME$AYSA7EEK



6ALIDWITHPURCHASE OFANY Vahd with BEVpurchase ERAGE of any beverage.

WITHLEMONANDDRAWN with lemon and drawn BUTTER FRENCHFRIES butter, french fries COLESLAW & cole slaw


GIGANTIC CUT ')'!.4)##54 /5.#%02)-%2)" 24 OUNCE PRIME RIB 3ERVEDWITHSAVORY!UJUS POTATOORPASTA Served with savory Au jus, potato or pasta ANDSTEAMEDBROCCOLI and steamed broccoli


TWIN LOBSTERS 47).,/"34%23

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Go Portland Press Herald Feb. 2, 2012