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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012













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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012





%ASTER$INNER Easter Dinner ATat

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with pineapple raisin demi- glaze WITHPINEAPPLERAISINDEMI GLAZE

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E 4 GO The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 


nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f :::_'U HOME IN ON W H A T ' S HAPPENING ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E> SOCIETY SNAPSHOTS: Avery Yale Kamila JF:@<KPJE8GJ?FKJ18m\ipPXc\BXd`cX provides photos and dispatches from gifm`[\jg_fkfjXe[[`jgXkZ_\j]ifd Maine's social scene. DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jjfZ`XcjZ\e\% DINING GUIDE: Decide ;@E@E>>L@;<1;\Z`[\ where you want to eat, n_\i\pflnXekkf\Xk# what you want to eat n_XkpflnXekkf\Xk - and for how much. Ă&#x2020;Xe[]fi_fndlZ_%

music nightlife dlj`ZXe[e`^_kc`]\ COVER STORY: Bamboora at Port City/E5 â&#x20AC;˘ Making Noise: 1=D3@AB=@G(0O[P]]`OOb>]`b1Wbg3#N;OYW\U<]WaS( Jeff Beam/E6 â&#x20AC;˘ Tix/E7 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E8 â&#x20AC;˘ CD review: Devin 8STT0SO[3$NBWf3%N:WabW\Ua3&N12`SdWSe(2SdW\ Gray's "Dirigo Rataplan"/E9 5`Og¸aÂľ2W`WU]@ObO^ZO\Âś3'

w, movies k_\dfm`\j "Titanic" sails again - this time in 3-D/E11 â&#x20AC;˘ "Wrath ÂľBWbO\WQÂśaOWZaOUOW\ÂłbVWabW[SW\!23NÂľE`ObV of the Titans" review/E12N2S\\Wa>S`YW\a]\ â&#x20AC;˘ Dennis Perkins on ]TbVSBWbO\aÂś`SdWSe3 Portland's latest star turn/E13 â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD: >]`bZO\R¸aZObSababO`bc`\3!N<Se]\2D2( "War Horse"/E15 ÂľEO`6]`aSÂś3#

â&#x20AC;˘ii endar ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS' WORTH OF COOL EVENTS/E16-17 2/GA¸E=@B6=41==:3D3<BA3$%

a r t o : theater XikXe[k_\Xk\i "Mill-ennial 2012" kicks off/E19 Âľ;WZZS\\WOZ  ÂśYWQYa]TT3' â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E20 N:WabW\Ua3 

(lining i drink [`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Eat and Run: China Taste/E23 â&#x20AC;˘ Atwell on 3ObO\R@c\(1VW\OBOabS3 !N/beSZZ]\ Bunker brews/E24 â&#x20AC;˘ Bar Guide: Empire Dine 0c\YS`P`Sea3 "N0O`5cWRS(3[^W`S2W\S & Dance/E25 2O\QS3 #

Tracking down Easter egg hunts/E27 â&#x20AC;˘ Off Beat: B`OQYW\UR]e\3OabS`SUUVc\ba3 %N=TT0SOb( Shoot Your Face Off/E28 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E29 AV]]bG]c`4OQS=TT3 &N:WabW\Ua3 '


Shhh! Be vewy, vewy quiet. J___9\m\np#m\nphl`\k% We're hunting wabbit eggs. E27 N\Ă&#x2039;i\_lek`e^nXYY`k\^^j%<).

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ortland got a tremendous shot in the arm earPSUMBOEHPUBUSFNFOEPVTTIPUJOUIFBSNFBS lier this week when the City Council approved MJFSUIJTXFFLXIFOUIF$JUZ$PVODJMBQQSPWFE an Aug. 4 music festival headlined by Mumford BO"VHNVTJDGFTUJWBMIFBEMJOFECZ.VNGPSE & Sons on the Eastern Promenade. While all the 4POTPOUIF&BTUFSO1SPNFOBEF8IJMFBMMUIF details, including ticket prices and an on-sale date, EFUBJMT JODMVEJOHUJDLFUQSJDFTBOEBOPOTBMFEBUF  have yet to be announced, this is great news on a IBWFZFUUPCFBOOPVODFE UIJTJTHSFBUOFXTPOB number of fronts. OVNCFSPGGSPOUT Here are five reasons )FSFBSFmWFSFBTPOT that the "Gentlemen of the UIBUUIFi(FOUMFNFOPGUIF Road" concert will be ben3PBEwDPODFSUXJMMCFCFO eficial to Portland: FmDJBMUP1PSUMBOE 1. Mumford & Sons are hot .VNGPSE4POTBSFIPU right now, riding on the sucSJHIUOPX SJEJOHPOUIFTVD cess of the hit 2010 album DFTTPGUIFIJUBMCVN "Sigh No More," which rose i4JHI/P.PSF wXIJDISPTF to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 UP/PPOUIF#JMMCPBSE and garnered numerous BOEHBSOFSFEOVNFSPVT awards and nominations, BXBSETBOEOPNJOBUJPOT  including several Grammy JODMVEJOHTFWFSBM(SBNNZ nods. They are reportedly only playing a few OPET5IFZBSFSFQPSUFEMZPOMZQMBZJOHBGFX select dates this summer, so it's quite a coup for TFMFDUEBUFTUIJTTVNNFS TPJUTRVJUFBDPVQGPS Portland, and will result in more tourism dollars 1PSUMBOE BOEXJMMSFTVMUJONPSFUPVSJTNEPMMBST flowing into the state as fans from away flock to nPXJOHJOUPUIFTUBUFBTGBOTGSPNBXBZnPDLUP the show UIFTIPX 2. It helps to re-establish Portland's reputation *UIFMQTUPSFFTUBCMJTI1PSUMBOETSFQVUBUJPO as a draw for major touring acts, building on the BTBESBXGPSNBKPSUPVSJOHBDUT CVJMEJOHPOUIF success of the reopened State Theatre on ConTVDDFTTPGUIFSFPQFOFE4UBUF5IFBUSFPO$PO gress Street, last summer's outdoor shows at HSFTT4USFFU MBTUTVNNFSTPVUEPPSTIPXTBU Ocean Gateway and the sold-out March 6 Black 0DFBO(BUFXBZBOEUIFTPMEPVU.BSDI#MBDL Keys concert at the Cumberland County Civic ,FZTDPODFSUBUUIF$VNCFSMBOE$PVOUZ$JWJD Center. Word of mouth spreads incredibly quickly $FOUFS8PSEPGNPVUITQSFBETJODSFEJCMZRVJDLMZ in the entertainment industry, especially among JOUIFFOUFSUBJONFOUJOEVTUSZ FTQFDJBMMZBNPOH those responsible for booking tours. UIPTFSFTQPOTJCMFGPSCPPLJOHUPVST 3. The style of music is consistent with the laid5IFTUZMFPGNVTJDJTDPOTJTUFOUXJUIUIFMBJE back neighborhood atmosphere on the Prom. CBDLOFJHICPSIPPEBUNPTQIFSFPOUIF1SPN We're not talking heavy metal or rap here, we're 8FSFOPUUBMLJOHIFBWZNFUBMPSSBQIFSF XFSF talking folk-rock. Not that there's anything wrong UBMLJOHGPMLSPDL/PUUIBUUIFSFTBOZUIJOHXSPOH with metal or rap, they just would be inappropriXJUINFUBMPSSBQ UIFZKVTUXPVMECFJOBQQSPQSJ ate for the site. A Mumford & Sons show, on the BUFGPSUIFTJUF".VNGPSE4POTTIPX POUIF other hand, is tailor-made for an idyllic waterside PUIFSIBOE JTUBJMPSNBEFGPSBOJEZMMJDXBUFSTJEF concert experience. DPODFSUFYQFSJFODF 4. The grounds of the Eastern Prom will ac5IFHSPVOETPGUIF&BTUFSO1SPNXJMMBD commodate different types of concert goers. So if DPNNPEBUFEJGGFSFOUUZQFTPGDPODFSUHPFST4PJG your main objective is to see M&S up close, you ZPVSNBJOPCKFDUJWFJTUPTFF.4VQDMPTF ZPV can do that. And if you just want to chill out, lie on DBOEPUIBU"OEJGZPVKVTUXBOUUPDIJMMPVU MJFPO the grass and play Frisbee while listening to live UIFHSBTTBOEQMBZ'SJTCFFXIJMFMJTUFOJOHUPMJWF music, you can do that too. NVTJD ZPVDBOEPUIBUUPP 5. It's an outdoor concert. On the lawn. In the *UTBOPVUEPPSDPODFSU0OUIFMBXO*OUIF summer. In Portland. I've been to outdoor fests TVNNFS*O1PSUMBOE*WFCFFOUPPVUEPPSGFTUT all over the country, and it's hard to enjoy yourself BMMPWFSUIFDPVOUSZ BOEJUTIBSEUPFOKPZZPVSTFMG when you're shoulder-to-shoulder sweating bulXIFOZPVSFTIPVMEFSUPTIPVMEFSTXFBUJOHCVM lets for hours on a blacktop tarmac. Sure, it may MFUTGPSIPVSTPOBCMBDLUPQUBSNBD4VSF JUNBZ get a little toasty but come on - it's Maine. It's HFUBMJUUMFUPBTUZ CVUDPNFPOoJUT.BJOF*UT known as a summer vacation destination mainly LOPXOBTBTVNNFSWBDBUJPOEFTUJOBUJPONBJOMZ because it's not as hot as most of the rest of the CFDBVTFJUTOPUBTIPUBTNPTUPGUIFSFTUPGUIF country. DPVOUSZ Let's hope the M&S concert not only becomes -FUTIPQFUIF.4DPODFSUOPUPOMZCFDPNFT a legacy festival that occurs annually, but also BMFHBDZGFTUJWBMUIBUPDDVSTBOOVBMMZ CVUBMTP marks the impetus for similar events in the future. NBSLTUIFJNQFUVTGPSTJNJMBSFWFOUTJOUIFGVUVSF The City By the Sea deserves no less. 5IF$JUZ#ZUIF4FBEFTFSWFTOPMFTT For more details on the Aug. 4 concert, and 'PSNPSFEFUBJMTPOUIF"VHDPODFSU BOE to watch a video of Mumford & Sons perUPXBUDIBWJEFPPG.VNGPSE4POTQFS forming, read our story here: GPSNJOH SFBEPVSTUPSZIFSFUJOZVSMDPN EasternPromConcert &BTUFSO1SPN$PODFSU

Rod Harmon If[?Xidfe From the Editor =ifdk_\<[`kfi

FACE THE MUSIC: Live, local =8:<K?<DLJ@:1C`m\#cfZXc and beyond, Aimsel Ponti brings you Xe[Y\pfe[#8`dj\cGfek`Yi`e^jpfl music with a Maine backbeat. dlj`Zn`k_XDX`e\YXZbY\Xk%

cetera \kZ\k\iX

Dld]fi[Jfej Mumford & Sons fek_\Gifd6 on the Prom? Sounds good Jfle[j^ff[

COVER DESIGN 1=D3@23A75< Michael Fisher ;WQVOSZ4WaVS` LIKE US :793CA Find us at: 4W\RcaOb( www.Facebook eee4OQSP]]Y .com/pphgo Q][^^VU]

Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be contacted at 2S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6450 or at: %'$"#]`Ob( rharmon(a)pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RHarmonPPH BeWbbS`(@6O`[]\>>6

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO E5 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3#

?FK HOT k`Zb\k

;A9l^iX8bXbkXe#XbX9XdYffiX#Yi`e^j_`jkXc\ekj DJ Bugra Akaktan, aka Bamboora, brings his talents Xkk_\kliekXYc\kfGfik:`kpDlj`Z?XccfeJXkli[Xp% at the turntable to Port City Music Hall on Saturday. ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3


Staff Writer 4UBGG8SJUFS

ugra Akaktan doesn't make music in VHSB"LBLUBOEPFTOUNBLFNVTJDJO the traditional sense. UIFUSBEJUJPOBMTFOTF He finds it, tweaks it, pairs it with )FmOETJU UXFBLTJU QBJSTJUXJUI complementary sounds, and then tries DPNQMFNFOUBSZTPVOET BOEUIFOUSJFT to figure out who wants to hear it and UPmHVSFPVUXIPXBOUTUPIFBSJUBOE when. XIFO Akaktan, who performs "LBLUBO XIPQFSGPSNT under the name Bamboora, VOEFSUIFOBNF#BNCPPSB  is part of the dance/ JTQBSUPGUIFEBODF electronic music DJ FMFDUSPOJDNVTJD%+ scene growing around the country. TDFOFHSPXJOHBSPVOEUIFDPVOUSZ Based in Boston, the 28-year-old na#BTFEJO#PTUPO UIFZFBSPMEOB tive of Istanbul, Turkey, practices his UJWFPG*TUBOCVM 5VSLFZ QSBDUJDFTIJT craft at clubs in the Hub and tours DSBGUBUDMVCTJOUIF)VCBOEUPVST around the country. BSPVOEUIFDPVOUSZ One such tour stop will be Sat0OFTVDIUPVSTUPQXJMMCF4BU urday at Port City Music Hall in VSEBZBU1PSU$JUZ.VTJD)BMMJO Portland, where Akaktan will be the 1PSUMBOE XIFSF"LBLUBOXJMMCFUIF headlining performer during a six-hour IFBEMJOJOHQFSGPSNFSEVSJOHBTJYIPVS dance party - yes, six-hour - that will EBODFQBSUZoZFT TJYIPVSoUIBUXJMM also feature 10 or so local DJs. BMTPGFBUVSFPSTPMPDBM%+T For the night, Port City will resemble 'PSUIFOJHIU 1PSU$JUZXJMMSFTFNCMF an underground urban club or BOVOEFSHSPVOEVSCBODMVCPS industrial warehouse rave. JOEVTUSJBMXBSFIPVTFSBWF There will be two stages, 5IFSFXJMMCFUXPTUBHFT  laser lights, go-go dancMBTFSMJHIUT HPHPEBOD ers, glo-sticks, T-shirt FST HMPTUJDLT 5TIJSU vendors, black lights WFOEPST CMBDLMJHIUT and other party BOEPUIFSQBSUZ effects. AkakFGGFDUT"LBL tan will do UBOXJMMEP a two-hour BUXPIPVS

set near the end of the night. TFUOFBSUIFFOEPGUIFOJHIU Akaktan doesn't really fit into any specific musical "LBLUBOEPFTOUSFBMMZmUJOUPBOZTQFDJmDNVTJDBM genre, because he can use a wide range of music and HFOSF CFDBVTFIFDBOVTFBXJEFSBOHFPGNVTJDBOE sounds - from classic rock to electronica - as long as TPVOEToGSPNDMBTTJDSPDLUPFMFDUSPOJDBoBTMPOHBT people will dance to it. QFPQMFXJMMEBODFUPJU And getting people to dance is really part of his art. "OEHFUUJOHQFPQMFUPEBODFJTSFBMMZQBSUPGIJTBSU "What I try to do is create a continuous i8IBU*USZUPEPJTDSFBUFBDPOUJOVPVT action of music for the crowd," said BDUJPOPGNVTJDGPSUIFDSPXE wTBJE Akaktan, 28. "A certain energy "LBLUBO i"DFSUBJOFOFSHZ builds up, depending on what CVJMETVQ EFQFOEJOHPOXIBU I play and when. This is a *QMBZBOEXIFO5IJTJTB competitive business, and DPNQFUJUJWFCVTJOFTT BOE so an important part of it is TPBOJNQPSUBOUQBSUPGJUJT the surprise element, playUIFTVSQSJTFFMFNFOU QMBZ ing unheard music or old JOHVOIFBSENVTJDPSPME music they didn't expect NVTJDUIFZEJEOUFYQFDU to hear." UPIFBSw Akaktan said finding "LBLUBOTBJEmOEJOH music is how he spends NVTJDJTIPXIFTQFOET the bulk of his time UIFCVMLPGIJTUJNF Please see BAMBOORA, Gc\Xj\j\\0/;0==@/ Page E30 GX^\<*'



Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Winter's appeal N`ek\iĂ&#x2039;jXgg\Xc springs eternal jgi`e^j\k\ieXc GOOD GUITAR PLAYING never 5==25C7B/@>:/G7<5\SdS` gets old. That's a big part USba]ZRBVOb¸aOPWU^O`b of Johnny Winter's appeal. ]T8]V\\gEW\bS`¸aO^^SOZ He first began recording 6SÂż`abPSUO\`SQ]`RW\U his unique take on the VWac\W_cSbOYS]\bVS blues in the late '60s, and PZcSaW\bVSZObS¸$aO\R he's been a guitar hero for VS¸aPSS\OUcWbO`VS`]T]` the masses ever since. bVS[OaaSaSdS`aW\QS WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: Jonathan's, 92 E63@3(8]\ObVO\¸a' Bourne Lane, Ogunquit 0]c`\S:O\S=Uc\_cWb HOW MUCH: $44.50 in 6=E;C16(""#W\ advance; $48.50 day of ORdO\QS)"&#ROg]T show aV]e INFO: 646-4777; 7<4=($"$"%%%) X]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][

G :?<8I@CC


Bands rock out 9Xe[jifZbflk to aid fire victims kfX`[Ă&#x201D;i\m`Zk`dj GOOD ROCK FOR a 5==2@=194=@O good cause - that's U]]RQOcaSÂłbVOb¸a the theme of a bVSbVS[S]TO fundraiser at Empire Tc\R`OWaS`Ob3[^W`S this week to benefit bVWaeSSYb]PS\SÂżb victims of a recent dWQbW[a]TO`SQS\b fire in Fort Kent. Âż`SW\4]`b9S\b Performers will >S`T]`[S`aeWZZ include Dominic W\QZcRS2][W\WQ and The Lucid, John O\RBVS:cQWR8]V\ Clavette, Frank 1ZOdSbbS4`O\Y Hopkins and more. 6]^YW\aO\R[]`S WHEN: 8:30 p.m. E63<(&(!^[ Saturday AObc`ROg WHERE: Empire E63@3(3[^W`S Dine & Dance, 2W\S2O\QS 575 Congress St., #%#1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $7 6=E;C16(% INFO: Portland 7<4=(^]`bZO\R S[^W`SQ][

Making Noise: Jeff Beam. E6 NK`o#<. Tix. E7 NC`jk`e^j#</ Listings. E8 N:;i\m`\n1Ă&#x160;;`i`^fIXkXgcXe#Ă&#x2039;<0 CD review: 'Dirigo Rataplan/ E9 DXb`e^Ef`j\1A\]]9\Xd#<-

E6 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

"ULL-OOSE Bull MooseKFG(' WW Top 10 for Portland store March 26-April B]^T]`>]`bZO\Rab]`S;O`QV $/^`WZ 2:( 1. Madonna, "MDNA" ;OR]\\Oµ;2</¶ 2.BVSAVW\aµ>]`b]T;]``]e¶ The Shins, "Port of Morrow" 3. "Alvin and the Chipmunks: !µ/ZdW\O\RbVS1VW^[c\Ya( Chipwrecked" (DVD) 1VW^e`SQYSR¶2D2 4. Gotye, "Making Mirrors" "5]bgSµ;OYW\U;W``]`a¶ 5. Justin Townes Earle, "Nothing's Gonna #8cabW\B]e\Sa3O`ZSµ<]bVW\U¸a5]\\O Change the Way You Feel About Me Now" 1VO\USbVSEOgG]c4SSZ/P]cb;S<]e¶ 6. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" (DVD) $µBVS5W`ZeWbVbVS2`OU]\BObb]]¶2D2 7. The Pete Kilpatrick Band, "Heavy Fire" %BVS>SbS9WZ^Ob`WQY0O\Rµ6SOdg4W`S¶ 8. Mars Volta, "Noctourniquet" &;O`aD]ZbOµ<]Qb]c`\W_cSb¶ 9. "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close" 'µ3fb`S[SZg:]cR7\Q`SRWPZg1Z]aS¶ (DVD) 2D2 10. Meshuggah, "Koloss" ;SaVcUUOVµ9]Z]aa¶ - Courtesy of Bull Moose ³1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS


invite you to hear the author & environmentalist,

Paul Tukey 0AUL4UKEY give a talk on GIVEATALKON

"Lawn Games for Life h,AWN'AMESFOR,IFE "ENElTINGFROM Benefiting from 9OUR/RGANIC9ARDv Your Organic Yard" Dyer Library, Deering Wing, 371 Main St. Saco $YER,IBRARY $EERING7ING -AIN3T3ACO

Thursday Evening, 4HURSDAY%VENING

April 12, at 7 pm !PRIL ATPM Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Jeff Beam, a fan of psychedelic music since he was about 2 ]`!aOgaVSÂż\Ra or 3, says he finds 8STT0SO[OTO\]T^agQVSRSZWQ[caWQaW\QSVSeOaOP]cb that it almost always comes from the right place. Advance tickets $5, at Dyer Library & Vic & Whit's and at the door the evening of the performance bVObWbOZ[]abOZeOgaQ][SaT`][bVS`WUVb^ZOQS !DVANCETICKETS AT$YER,IBRARY6IC7HITSANDATTHEDOORTHEEVENINGOFTHEPERFORMANCE

Benefit of the Provident Association of Saco "ENElTOFTHE0ROVIDENT!SSOCIATIONOF3ACO

Bending, blending and 9\e[`e^#Yc\e[`e^Xe[ warping into new sounds nXig`e^`ekfe\njfle[j

JA 2%3%26!4)/.3 RES O NLh^E°NS /.,).%


"Big Surprise!! A great meal" ´%LJ6XUSULVH$JUHDWPHDO¾ 5HYLHZHG0DUFK Reviewed March 4.2012

Not only is this place reasonably priced, along 1RWRQO\LVWKLVSODFHUHDVRQDEO\SULFHGDORQJ with that you get great atmosphere and wonderful ZLWKWKDW\RXJHWJUHDWDWPRVSKHUHDQGZRQGHUIXO service. The lobster was steamed to perfection, the VHUYLFH7KHOREVWHUZDVVWHDPHGWRSHUIHFWLRQWKH prime rib was medium rare which was exactly what SULPHULEZDVPHGLXPUDUHZKLFKZDVH[DFWO\ZKDW I ordered and even the homemade mashed potatoes ,RUGHUHGDQGHYHQWKHKRPHPDGHPDVKHGSRWDWRHV were excellent and I NEVER order potatoes when ZHUHH[FHOOHQWDQG,1(9(5RUGHUSRWDWRHVZKHQ eating a large meal. We left full and satisfied. HDWLQJDODUJHPHDO:HOHIWIXOODQGVDWLVĂ&#x20AC;HG Blanche M %ODQFKH0 Hudson, MA +XGVRQ0$

eff Beam is on the cusp of FGG#FBNJTPOUIFDVTQPG dropping his album, "Be ESPQQJOHIJTBMCVN i#F Your Own Mirror," with a :PVS0XO.JSSPS wXJUIB CD-release show Friday at the $%SFMFBTFTIPX'SJEBZBUUIF Portland Empire. It's his third 1PSUMBOE&NQJSF*UTIJTUIJSE release, which is extra impresSFMFBTF XIJDIJTFYUSBJNQSFT sive considering he's only 23 TJWFDPOTJEFSJOHIFTPOMZ years old. He also plays bass in ZFBSTPME)FBMTPQMBZTCBTTJO the band The Milkman's Union. UIFCBOE5IF.JMLNBOT6OJPO Beam absolutely loves the #FBNBCTPMVUFMZMPWFTUIF psychedelic genre, and loves QTZDIFEFMJDHFOSF BOEMPWFT being in the recording studio. CFJOHJOUIFSFDPSEJOHTUVEJP GO recently sent him a bouquet (0SFDFOUMZTFOUIJNBCPVRVFU of multicolored questions: PGNVMUJDPMPSFERVFTUJPOT

think a common misconcepUIJOLBDPNNPONJTDPODFQ tion is about it? UJPOJTBCPVUJU As far as I can tell, I've been "TGBSBT*DBOUFMM *WFCFFO listening to psychedelic music MJTUFOJOHUPQTZDIFEFMJDNVTJD since I was about 2 or 3, startTJODF*XBTBCPVUPS TUBSU ing with The Beatles. I clearly JOHXJUI5IF#FBUMFT*DMFBSMZ remember "Are You ExperiSFNFNCFSi"SF:PV&YQFSJ enced?"wCZ+JNJ)FOESJYSFBMMZ by Jimi Hendrix really FODFE warping my 10-year-old mind. XBSQJOHNZZFBSPMENJOE I've found that psychedelic mu*WFGPVOEUIBUQTZDIFEFMJDNV sic almost always comes from TJDBMNPTUBMXBZTDPNFTGSPN the right place, and that it's UIFSJHIUQMBDF BOEUIBUJUT made with positive intentions. NBEFXJUIQPTJUJWFJOUFOUJPOT Unifying themes in psychedelic music 6OJGZJOHUIFNFTJOQTZDIFEFMJDNVTJD include expanding your perception and JODMVEFFYQBOEJOHZPVSQFSDFQUJPOBOE finding truth and honesty in life. It usually The album is called "Be Your Own mOEJOHUSVUIBOEIPOFTUZJOMJGF*UVTVBMMZ 5IFBMCVNJTDBMMFEi#F:PVS0XO deals with existential concepts and things Mirror." Tell us about it. EFBMTXJUIFYJTUFOUJBMDPODFQUTBOEUIJOHT .JSSPSw5FMMVTBCPVUJU to which all humans can relate. The com"Be Your Own Mirror" is a phrase I've UPXIJDIBMMIVNBOTDBOSFMBUF5IFDPN i#F:PVS0XO.JSSPSwJTBQISBTF*WF mon misconception about psychedelic heard my girlfriend use, and I liked it so, NPONJTDPODFQUJPOBCPVUQTZDIFEFMJD IFBSENZHJSMGSJFOEVTF BOE*MJLFEJUTP  music is that you need to be on drugs to I used it as the title. We are all mirrors to NVTJDJTUIBUZPVOFFEUPCFPOESVHTUP *VTFEJUBTUIFUJUMF8FBSFBMMNJSSPSTUP enjoy it. our surroundings, so the title has to do FOKPZJU PVSTVSSPVOEJOHT TPUIFUJUMFIBTUPEP with being conscious of what you reflect  XJUICFJOHDPOTDJPVTPGXIBUZPVSFnFDU back into the world. It was a very fulfilling Why did you decide to make the new 8IZEJEZPVEFDJEFUPNBLFUIFOFX CBDLJOUPUIFXPSME*UXBTBWFSZGVMmMMJOH project to finish. The most challenging album available (in limited quantities) BMCVNBWBJMBCMF JOMJNJUFERVBOUJUJFT  QSPKFDUUPmOJTI5IFNPTUDIBMMFOHJOH part was making different recordings of on cassette? PODBTTFUUF QBSUXBTNBLJOHEJGGFSFOUSFDPSEJOHTPG each song until they sounded just right, as I've sought the help of Crooked Cove to *WFTPVHIUUIFIFMQPG$SPPLFE$PWFUP FBDITPOHVOUJMUIFZTPVOEFEKVTUSJHIU BT well as editing songs and shaving off the press CDs this time, as opposed to releasQSFTT$%TUIJTUJNF BTPQQPTFEUPSFMFBT XFMMBTFEJUJOHTPOHTBOETIBWJOHPGGUIF ones that didn't fit. The best part is hearing handmade copies as I have for past JOHIBOENBEFDPQJFTBT*IBWFGPSQBTU POFTUIBUEJEOUmU5IFCFTUQBSUJTIFBS ing it now, fully realized. I'm incredibly albums. I found that I still had the desire BMCVNT*GPVOEUIBU*TUJMMIBEUIFEFTJSF JOHJUOPX GVMMZSFBMJ[FE*NJODSFEJCMZ proud of this album. to release something handmade, where UPSFMFBTFTPNFUIJOHIBOENBEF XIFSF QSPVEPGUIJTBMCVN each product is a completely unique FBDIQSPEVDUJTBDPNQMFUFMZVOJRVF How did you first become interested )PXEJEZPVmSTUCFDPNFJOUFSFTUFE in psychedelic music?8IBUEPZPV What do you Please see P O N T I , Page E10 JOQTZDIFEFMJDNVTJD Gc\Xj\j\\>=<B7GX^\<('

Aimsel Ponti 8`dj\cGfek` Making Noise DXb`e^Ef`j\

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012



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Concerts and shows currently on sale:

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The locals April 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Girlyman, 8 p.m., Jonathanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Ogunquit. $22.50.; 646-4526 April 13 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cheryl Wheeler, 8 p.m., Jonathanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Ogunquit. $35.50 to $72.50.; 646-4526 April 13 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Don McLean, 7:30 p.m., Franco American Heritage Center, Lewiston. $50 to $60. laďŹ April 13 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Conspirator with The Indobox and Of the Trees, 9 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30.; (888) 512-SHOW April 13 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Session Americana Barn Burner, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, BrownďŹ eld. $18. Stonemountainartscenter .com; 935-7292 April 14 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Shawn Colvin, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, BrownďŹ eld. $65.; 935-7292 April 15 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, BrownďŹ eld. $28. Stonemountainartscenter .com; 935-7292 April 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Needtobreathe, 7 p.m., State Theatre, Portland. $22/$25. Statetheatre; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic Center box ofďŹ ce April 16-18 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Kora Temple Shrine Circus, Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland. $5 to $12.; (800) 7453000; 775-3458 April 17 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Passion Pit, 8 p.m., State Theatre, Portland. $25/$30. Statetheatreportland .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic Center box ofďŹ ce April 18 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dan Hicks & The Hot Licks, 8 p.m., Jonathanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Ogunquit. $32.50.; 646-4526 April 18 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Minnesota, 9 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30.; (888) 512-SHOW April 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Elijah Ocean, 8 p.m., One Longfellow Square, Portland. $10/$12. 7611757; April 19 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Raekwon with Supernatural, 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to $30.; (888) 512SHOW April 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem, 8 p.m., One Longfellow Square, Portland. $17/ $20. 761-1757; April 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Seether, 8 p.m., State Theatre, Portland. $27/$30. Statetheatreportland .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic Center box ofďŹ ce April 20 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mayer Hawthorne & The County,

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& Event Center

Adapted from GĂŠrald Sibleyrasâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Le Vent des peupliers

â&#x20AC;Śis the ideal location for your special events!

Sponsored by: L.L. Bean, Maine Home + Design, maine, 6SRQVRUHGE\//%HDQ0DLQH+RPH'HVLJQPDLQH PORTLAND Magaz'ne, The Portland Press Hera d/Maine Sunday Telegram 3257/$1'0DJD]LQH7KH3RUWODQG3UHVV+HUDOG0DLQH6XQGD\7HOHJUDP

Bolero Lesson and Dance Friday, April 6th Lesson 7:15-8pm Dance 8-10:30pm Cost $12 Visit our website for our full class schedule!

352)(66,21$/7+($7(50$'(,10$,1( DANCE & EVENT CENTER

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207-899-4211 865 SPRING ST. WESTBROOK, ME 04092


On sale noon today â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Portland Performing Arts Festival, June 28 to July 1, several performers at various venues in downtown Portland. $135 for festival passes, indvidual show tickets available as well.; 842-0800 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Happy Together Tour featuring The Turtles with Flo and Eddie, Micky Dolenz, Gary Puckett, The Grass Roots and The Buckinghams, 5 p.m. July 27, Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $21.75 to $61.75.; (800) 745-3000 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Santigold, 8 p.m. May 11, State Theatre, Portland. $22/$25.; (800) 7453000; Cumberland County Civic Center box ofďŹ ce On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 311 and Slightly Stoopid, 7 p.m. July 29, Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $29.75 to $66.; (603) 293-4700 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Joe Cocker with Huey Lewis and the News, 7:30 p.m. Aug. 1, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston. $39 to $94.90.; (800) 745-3000 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Umphreyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s McGee with G. Love & Special Sauce, 7:30 p.m. June 30, Bank of America Pavilion, Boston. $32 to $51.85.; (800) 7453000 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Vans Warped Tour, 11 a.m. July 19, Comcast Center, MansďŹ eld, Mass. $52.; (800) 745-3000 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Jason Aldean with Luke Bryan, 7:30 p.m. July 14, Comcast Center, MansďŹ eld, Mass. $43.50 to $71.75.; (800) 745-3000 On sale 10 a.m. Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Dokken and Firehouse, 8 p.m. May 11, Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $29.60.; (800) 745-3000 On sale noon Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Mike Epps, 7:30 p.m. June 15, Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $44.70 to $57.70.; (800) 745-3000 On sale noon Friday â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Gang of Outlaws Tour featuring ZZ Top, 3 Doors Down and Gretchen Wilson, 7 p.m. May 25, Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. $49.75 to $80.40.; (800) 745-3000

Santigold: May 11 at the State Theatre in Portland.




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121 Center St. Portland, ME (207) 772-8274


E8 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

N#/.#%243 CONCERTS TODAY 4/$!9 Portland Jazz Orchestra, big band swing, 0ORTLAND*AZZ/RCHESTRA BIGBANDSWING /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLAND One Longfellow Square, Portland. $9. 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Rory Block, country/blues, Leura Hill Eastman 2ORY"LOCK COUNTRYBLUES ,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN Performing Arts Center, Fryeburg. $20; $15 for 0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER &RYEBURGFOR seniors; $10 for students, SENIORSFORSTUDENTSFRYEBURGACADEMYORG PACPM pac. 7:30 p.m. Sagapool, Canadian world music band, Unity 3AGAPOOL #ANADIANWORLDMUSICBAND 5NITY Centre for the Performing Arts. $15. #ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTSUNITYEDU uccpa. 7:30 p.m. UCCPAPM #AMDEN,IBRARY#OFFEEHOUSE WITH$AVIDAND4HE Camden Library Coffeehouse, with David and The Lowdown, Camden Public Library. $8. 236-3440. ,OWDOWN #AMDEN0UBLIC,IBRARY  7 p.m. PM Matt Baker and Dylan Grieve, mandolin, -ATT"AKERAND$YLAN'RIEVE MANDOLIN ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND$ONATION Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Donation, 7 p.m. LOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Johnny Winter, blues-rock, Jonathan's *OHNNY7INTER BLUES ROCK *ONATHANS Restaurant, Ogunquit. $44.50 to $85.50. 2ESTAURANT /GUNQUITTO 8 p.m. JONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM Jonathan Edwards, folk-rock, One Longfellow *ONATHAN%DWARDS FOLK ROCK /NE,ONGFELLOW Square, Portland. $35 in advance; $38 day of 3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOF show, 8 p.m. SHOWONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Heather Masse and Jed Wilson, folk, blues, (EATHER-ASSEAND*ED7ILSON FOLK BLUES jazz and country, Stone Mountain Arts Center, JAZZANDCOUNTRY 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER Brownfield. $20. "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOM 8 p.m. PM Andre Nickatina, rap, with Fashawn & Mumbls, !NDRE.ICKATINA RAP WITH&ASHAWN-UMBLS 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15, $30.  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Burnt Beard Band, Americana, bluegrass, jazz "URNT"EARD"AND !MERICANA BLUEGRASS JAZZ and rock, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. ANDROCK ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND Donation, 7 p.m. $ONATIONLOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM SnackCakes with 5G, funky trio of pop divas, 3NACK#AKESWITH' FUNKYTRIOOFPOPDIVAS St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $15. 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. STLAWRENCEARTSORGPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY SATURDAY 3!452$!9 EDM Experience featuring Bamboora, six-hour %$-%XPERIENCEFEATURING"AMBOORA SIX HOUR

c`jk`e^j listings

Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery, Brunswick. $10 &RONTIER#AFE #INEMA'ALLERY "RUNSWICK in advance; $12 day of show, INADVANCEDAYOFSHOWEXPLOREFRONTIERCOM 8 p.m. PM "EN6IDA ELECTRONICA WITH!RTIE!PPLESEED Ben Vida, electronica, with Artie Appleseed and Dark Urrru, all ages; Space, Portland. AND$ARK5RRRU ALLAGES3PACE 0ORTLAND $5/donation. 8 p.m. SPACEORGDONATIONPM


SUNDAY 35.$!9 Hot Jazz Brunch, with Sean Mencher, Bob (OT*AZZ"RUNCH WITH3EAN-ENCHER "OB Hamilton, Derek Moniz and special guests, (AMILTON $EREK-ONIZANDSPECIALGUESTS Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Donation, ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. LOCALSPROUTSCOOPAMTOPM MONDAY -/.$!9 We Came as Romans, post-hardcore/metalcore, 7E#AMEAS2OMANS POST HARDCOREMETALCORE WITH%MMURE "LESSTHE&ALL 7OEIS-EAND4HE with Emmure, Bless the Fall, Woe is Me and The Color Morale, all ages; Port City Music Hall, #OLOR-ORALE ALLAGES0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL Portland. $20, $35. 7 p.m. 0ORTLAND PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Lost in the Trees, chamber pop, with Poor Moon, ,OSTINTHE4REES CHAMBERPOP WITH0OOR-OON 18-plus; Space, Portland. $10.  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLANDSPACEORG 8 p.m. PM Tall Boy Tuesday, with Milkman's Union and 4ALL"OY4UESDAY WITH-ILKMANS5NIONAND Butcher Boy, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, "UTCHER"OY  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL Portland. $2. 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM James Carter, jazz saxophonist, Bowdoin College *AMES#ARTER JAZZSAXOPHONIST "OWDOIN#OLLEGE (Studzinski Recital Hall), Brunswick. Free. 3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL(ALL "RUNSWICK&REE 798-4141. 7:30 p.m.  PM

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

The Pete Kilpatrick Band celebrates the release of its new CD, BVS>SbS9WZ^Ob`WQY0O\RQSZSP`ObSabVS`SZSOaS]TWba\Se12 "Heavy Fire," with a show Saturday at the Frontier Cafe, Cinema & µ6SOdg4W`S¶eWbVOaV]eAObc`ROgObbVS4`]\bWS`1OTS1W\S[O Gallery in Brunswick. 5OZZS`gW\0`c\aeWQY electronica show with light show, ice luges, ELECTRONICASHOWWITHLIGHTSHOW ICELUGES 10 DJs, go-go dancers and more, 18-plus; $*S GO GODANCERSANDMORE  PLUS Port City Music Hall, Portland. $12 to $30. 0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLANDTO 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Village Coffee House, with Bin Tonic (a cappella) 6ILLAGE#OFFEE(OUSE WITH"LU4ONICACAPPELLA and Lousy Cowboy Music (blues, jazz and AND,OUSY#OWBOY-USICBLUES JAZZAND bluegrass), New Gloucester Congregational BLUEGRASS .EW'LOUCESTER#ONGREGATIONAL Church. $10; $5 for children and seniors. #HURCHFORCHILDRENANDSENIORS 7:30 p.m. VILLAGECOFFEEHOUSEORGPM Caribbean Night, with Pan Fried Steel #ARIBBEAN.IGHT WITH0AN&RIED3TEEL Drum Band, Opera House at Boothbay $RUM"AND /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY Harbor. $10 in advance; $15 day of show. (ARBORINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 7:30 p.m. BOOTHBAYOPERAHOUSECOMPM Omar Ricardo Show: The Sensational '60s, /MAR2ICARDO3HOW4HE3ENSATIONALS cabaret-style comedy and music, Johnson CABARET STYLECOMEDYANDMUSIC *OHNSON Hall Performing Arts Center, Gardiner. $28. (ALL0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER 'ARDINER 7 p.m. JOHNSONHALLORGPM Heather Masse and Ron Cody, jazz, CD-release (EATHER-ASSEAND2ON#ODY JAZZ #$ RELEASE show with special guests, One Longfellow Square, SHOWWITHSPECIALGUESTS /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $15 in advance; $18 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Two Sides of the Classical Guitar, multiple guitar 4WO3IDESOFTHE#LASSICAL'UITAR MULTIPLEGUITAR styles, Mayo Street Arts, Portland. $10 in advance; STYLES -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLANDINADVANCE $12 day of show, 7 p.m. DAYOFSHOWMAYOSTREETARTSORGPM A Barn Burner with The Giant Kings, R&B/soul/ !"ARN"URNERWITH4HE'IANT+INGS 2"SOUL country, Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. COUNTRY 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD $20. 8 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM Putnam Smith and Gabriel Zacchai, singer0UTNAM3MITHAND'ABRIEL:ACCHAI SINGER songwriters, Aarhus Gallery, Belfast. SB/donation. SONGWRITERS !ARHUS'ALLERY "ELFASTDONATION 7:30 p.m. AARHUSGALLERYCOMPM Mezzo-Soprano Joelle Morris, "Voyage a Paris," -EZZO 3OPRANO*OELLE-ORRIS h6OYAGEA0ARIS v Franco American Heritage Center, Lewiston. $16 &RANCO!MERICAN(ERITAGE#ENTER ,EWISTON in advance; $18 day of show, INADVANCEDAYOFSHOWFRANCOCENTERORG 7:30 p.m. PM Robin Jellis, classical, Celtic and modern cello 2OBIN*ELLIS CLASSICAL #ELTICANDMODERNCELLO music, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Free/ MUSIC ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REE donation, 11 a.m. DONATIONLOCALSPROUTSCOOPAM Chenda Cope, old-time ballads, Local #HENDA#OPE OLD TIMEBALLADS ,OCAL Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Donation, 3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 7 p.m. LOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM Pete Kilpatrick, "Heavy Fire" CD-release Show, 0ETE+ILPATRICK h(EAVY&IREv#$ RELEASE3HOW

WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 OLS All-Star Revue Fundraiser, with Joe Walsh, /,3!LL 3TAR2EVUE&UNDRAISER WITH*OE7ALSH Darol Anger, Brittany Haas, Courtney Hartman $AROL!NGER "RITTANY(AAS #OURTNEY(ARTMAN and Amanda Kowalski, One Longfellow Square, AND!MANDA+OWALSKI /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $25. 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Alisdair Fraser and Natalie Haas, Scottish fiddle !LISDAIR&RASERAND.ATALIE(AAS 3COTTISHlDDLE and cello, Waldo Theater, Waldoboro. $25. ANDCELLO 7ALDO4HEATER 7ALDOBORO 7:30 p.m. THEWALDOORGPM Old Time Music Jam, open jam of Appalachian /LD4IME-USIC*AM OPENJAMOF!PPALACHIAN music, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Free/ MUSIC ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REE donation, 7 p.m. DONATIONLOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM APRIL 12 !02), Girlyman, Americana/rock, with Coyote Grace, 'IRLYMAN !MERICANAROCK WITH#OYOTE'RACE Jonathan's Restaurant, Ogunquit. $22.50. *ONATHANS2ESTAURANT /GUNQUIT 8 p.m. JONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM MarkTipton Quintet, playing jazz classics -ARK4IPTON1UINTET PLAYINGJAZZCLASSICS of Woody Shaw, One Longfellow Square, OF7OODY3HAW /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $12 in advance; $15 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Pretty Girls Sing Soprano, duo singing variety 0RETTY'IRLS3ING3OPRANO DUOSINGINGVARIETY of music, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. OFMUSIC ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND Donation, 7 p.m. $ONATIONLOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM

COMEDY N#/-%$9 Open Mic Comedy, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. /PEN-IC#OMEDY  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. today and April 12. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPMTODAYAND!PRIL "Great Comedy for Good Friday," with Karen h'REAT#OMEDYFOR'OOD&RIDAY vWITH+AREN Morgan, Nellie Coes, Tuck Tucker, Stephanie -ORGAN .ELLIE#OES 4UCK4UCKER 3TEPHANIE Doyle and John Ater; Frontier Cafe, Cinema & $OYLEAND*OHN!TER&RONTIER#AFE #INEMA Gallery, Brunswick. $10 in advance; $12 day of 'ALLERY "RUNSWICKINADVANCEDAYOF show, 7 p.m. Friday. SHOWEXPLOREFRONTIERCOMPM&RIDAY

BARS/CLUBS N"!23#,5"3 TODAY 4/$!9 Tony Boffa Quartet, jazz, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, 4ONY"OFFA1UARTET JAZZ 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Peter Albert, solo guitar, Blue, Portland. Donation. 0ETER!LBERT SOLOGUITAR "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Joel Cage, acoustic rock, Blue, Portland. *OEL#AGE ACOUSTICROCK "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 8 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Potato Pickers, folk, country and bluegrass, Blue, 0OTATO0ICKERS FOLK COUNTRYANDBLUEGRASS "LUE Portland. Donation, 10 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B-set, "EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" SET 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. Doors  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN $OORS at 6 p.m. ATPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Bayside Bowl, Portland. *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMPM Band Beyond Description, jam-band covers, 21"AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BANDCOVERS 

Please see MUSIC, PageE9 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<0

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 | GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3'



PXidflk_g\iZljj`fe`jkĂ&#x2039;jĂ&#x160;IXkXgcXeĂ&#x2039; Yarmouth percussionist's 'Rataplan' XZ_Xcc\e^\Xe[Xgc\Xjli\ a challenge and a pleasure #Z45&7&'&&/&: By STEVE FEENEY :BSNPVUIOBUJWF%FWJO(SBZHPUFBSMZ Yarmouth native Devin Gray got early JOTQJSBUJPOUPQMBZUIFESVNTGSPNOFYU inspiration to play the drums from nextEPPSOFJHICPS5POZ.D/BCPFPG3VTUJD door neighbor Tony McNaboe of Rustic 0WFSUPOFTGBNF)FSFDFJWFEGVSUIFSEJ Overtones fame. He received further diSFDUJPOGSPNBNVTJDJBOHSBOEGBUIFSBOE rection from a musician grandfather and an impressive list of local teachers, not BOJNQSFTTJWFMJTUPGMPDBMUFBDIFST OPU to mention the five summers he spent at UPNFOUJPOUIFmWFTVNNFSTIFTQFOUBU the Maine Jazz Camp. UIF.BJOF+B[[$BNQ After appearing on a few recordings as "GUFSBQQFBSJOHPOBGFXSFDPSEJOHTBT a sideman or co-leader since graduating BTJEFNBOPSDPMFBEFSTJODFHSBEVBUJOH from the Peabody Conservatory in BalGSPNUIF1FBCPEZ$POTFSWBUPSZJO#BM timore, the 28-year-old Brooklyn-based UJNPSF UIFZFBSPME#SPPLMZOCBTFE percussionist is now ready to take the QFSDVTTJPOJTUJTOPXSFBEZUPUBLFUIF helm. IFMN Gray's new CD, "Dirigo Rataplan" (SBZTOFX$% i%JSJHP3BUBQMBOw (scheduled to be released on Tuesday) is TDIFEVMFEUPCFSFMFBTFEPO5VFTEBZ JT a challenge as well as a real pleasure for BDIBMMFOHFBTXFMMBTBSFBMQMFBTVSFGPS the ears, and confirms that he is becomUIFFBST BOEDPOmSNTUIBUIFJTCFDPN ing a major musical force. JOHBNBKPSNVTJDBMGPSDF "Dirigo Rataplan" is a collection of comi%JSJHP3BUBQMBOwJTBDPMMFDUJPOPGDPN positions by Gray that furthers the freeQPTJUJPOTCZ(SBZUIBUGVSUIFSTUIFGSFF jazz tradition that began more than half a KB[[USBEJUJPOUIBUCFHBONPSFUIBOIBMGB century ago. Gray's approach is summed DFOUVSZBHP(SBZTBQQSPBDIJTTVNNFE up in his choice for the album title, which VQJOIJTDIPJDFGPSUIFBMCVNUJUMF XIJDI "denotes leading from the beat." iEFOPUFTMFBEJOHGSPNUIFCFBUw The drummer's quartet mates are 5IFESVNNFSTRVBSUFUNBUFTBSF first-rate improvisers with reputations mSTUSBUFJNQSPWJTFSTXJUISFQVUBUJPOT already established on the international BMSFBEZFTUBCMJTIFEPOUIFJOUFSOBUJPOBM jazz scene. Ellery Eskelin's sax work KB[[TDFOF&MMFSZ&TLFMJOTTBYXPSL has gained notice in a variety of settings. IBTHBJOFEOPUJDFJOBWBSJFUZPGTFUUJOHT Trumpeter Dave Ballou is no stranger 5SVNQFUFS%BWF#BMMPVJTOPTUSBOHFS to Maine stages, and memorably backed UP.BJOFTUBHFT BOENFNPSBCMZCBDLFE singer Sheila Jordan in Portland a few TJOHFS4IFJMB+PSEBOJO1PSUMBOEBGFX years back. Bassist Michael Formanek ZFBSTCBDL#BTTJTU.JDIBFM'PSNBOFL has lent his powerful sound locally in supIBTMFOUIJTQPXFSGVMTPVOEMPDBMMZJOTVQ port of the likes of Tim Berne. QPSUPGUIFMJLFTPG5JN#FSOF "Downtime" is the most accessible of i%PXOUJNFwJTUIFNPTUBDDFTTJCMFPG the eight tunes on the disc, beginning with UIFFJHIUUVOFTPOUIFEJTD CFHJOOJOHXJUI a funky figure from Formanek and soulful BGVOLZmHVSFGSPN'PSNBOFLBOETPVMGVM unison lines from the horns. Gray keeps VOJTPOMJOFTGSPNUIFIPSOT(SBZLFFQT things elastic, pushing and pulling at the UIJOHTFMBTUJD QVTIJOHBOEQVMMJOHBUUIF beat. It's hard not to dance to this one, but CFBU*UTIBSEOPUUPEBODFUPUIJTPOF CVU that gets tricky later as the bass pulls out UIBUHFUTUSJDLZMBUFSBTUIFCBTTQVMMTPVU and we get a more reflective passage. The BOEXFHFUBNPSFSFnFDUJWFQBTTBHF5IF groove does return, though, and all ends HSPPWFEPFTSFUVSO UIPVHI BOEBMMFOET well on this excellent piece. XFMMPOUIJTFYDFMMFOUQJFDF Gray has said that, being from Maine, (SBZIBTTBJEUIBU CFJOHGSPN.BJOF  he is very attuned to the sounds of nature. IFJTWFSZBUUVOFEUPUIFTPVOETPGOBUVSF While technically sophisticated, his music 8IJMFUFDIOJDBMMZTPQIJTUJDBUFE IJTNVTJD does feel organic in the way he creates EPFTGFFMPSHBOJDJOUIFXBZIFDSFBUFT

Portland. $30/$35. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R!!#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS Continued from Page E7 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3% April 26 - Greg Brown, 8 p.m., One /^`WZ $³5`SU0`]e\&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $35/$40. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!#"; 761-1757 8 p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% &^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b] April 27 - April Verch Band, 8 p.m., One $30.; !>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) /^`WZ %³/^`WZDS`QV0O\R&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $18/$20. (888) 512-SHOW &&&# A6=E :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R&; 761-1757 April 20 - Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters, /^`WZ ³@]\\WS3O`ZBVS0`]ORQOabS`a =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% April 27 - The Brew with Barefoot Truth, 8 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $39 to $76. &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!'b]%$ /^`WZ %³BVS0`SeeWbV0O`ST]]bB`cbV& p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ ^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb] $30.; April 21 - Antje Duvekot, 8 p.m., One /^`WZ ³/\bXS2cdSY]b&^[=\S !>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) (888) 512-SHOW Longfellow Square, Portland. $15/$18. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R#& &&&# A6=E; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% April 27 - James McMurtry, 8 p.m., /^`WZ %³8O[Sa;Q;c`b`g&^[ April 24 - Theory of a Deadman, Pop /^`WZ "³BVS]`g]TO2SOR[O\>]^ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $44.50 to $85.50. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb""#b]&## Evil and Stellar, 7:30 p.m., State Theatre, 3dWZO\RAbSZZO`%(!^[AbObSBVSOb`S; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ Portland. $22.50/$25. Statetheatreportland /^`WZ April 28 - Scarab: A Tribute to Journey, 8 >]`bZO\R # #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R &³AQO`OP(/B`WPcbSb]8]c`\Sg& .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County ^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\Rb] p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 to Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS April 25 - O.A.R., 8 p.m., State Theatre, Please see TIX, Page E22 /^`WZ #³=/@&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<))





DEVIN GRAY - "DIRIGO RATAPLAN 23D7<5@/G³¾27@75=@/B/>:/<œ LABEL: Skirl Records :/03:(AYW`Z@SQ]`Ra (((( - Based on a four-star scale ³0OaSR]\OT]c`abO`aQOZS

sonic environments. "Katahdin" starts TPOJDFOWJSPONFOUTi,BUBIEJOwTUBSUT as a vigorous march (or climb) with BTBWJHPSPVTNBSDI PSDMJNC XJUI the leader keeping order as Ballou and UIFMFBEFSLFFQJOHPSEFSBT#BMMPVBOE Eskelin establish parameters before the &TLFMJOFTUBCMJTIQBSBNFUFSTCFGPSFUIF trumpeter takes the lead over Formanek's USVNQFUFSUBLFTUIFMFBEPWFS'PSNBOFLT groundwork. Eskelin tries out another exHSPVOEXPSL&TLFMJOUSJFTPVUBOPUIFSFY pressive path while Gray gets ever more QSFTTJWFQBUIXIJMF(SBZHFUTFWFSNPSF active with insistent flourishes. BDUJWFXJUIJOTJTUFOUnPVSJTIFT Perhaps the most formally impressive 1FSIBQTUIFNPTUGPSNBMMZJNQSFTTJWF cut is "Prospect Park in the Dark (for DVUJTi1SPTQFDU1BSLJOUIF%BSL GPS Charles Ives)." Gray shows substantial $IBSMFT*WFT w(SBZTIPXTTVCTUBOUJBM compositional skills here with sections DPNQPTJUJPOBMTLJMMTIFSFXJUITFDUJPOT that feel like chamber music set against UIBUGFFMMJLFDIBNCFSNVTJDTFUBHBJOTU improvisational rumbles and tumbles JNQSPWJTBUJPOBMSVNCMFTBOEUVNCMFT among the foursome. Gray's solo work on BNPOHUIFGPVSTPNF(SBZTTPMPXPSLPO the cymbals is a highlight, as is the piece's UIFDZNCBMTJTBIJHIMJHIU BTJTUIFQJFDFT very Ivesian transcendence of categories. WFSZ*WFTJBOUSBOTDFOEFODFPGDBUFHPSJFT Gray is working to line up some local (SBZJTXPSLJOHUPMJOFVQTPNFMPDBM gigs for later this year. In the meantime, HJHTGPSMBUFSUIJTZFBS*OUIFNFBOUJNF  check out this fine disc. DIFDLPVUUIJTmOFEJTD 

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Hot Neon Magic, '80s covers, RiRa, Portland. (OT.EON-AGIC SCOVERS 2I2A 0ORTLAND 761-4446. 10 p.m.  PM A Night of Heavy Metal Mayhem, with Terrible !.IGHTOF(EAVY-ETAL-AYHEM WITH4ERRIBLE O l d Man, Hessian, Infera Bruo, Adversaries /LD-AN (ESSIAN )NFERA"RUO !DVERSARIES and Shabti, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $8. AND3HABTI  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Tricky Britches, bluegrass, Andy's Old Port Pub, 4RICKY"RITCHES BLUEGRASS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Brad Strause, Americana, folk and country, Blue, "RAD3TRAUSE !MERICANA FOLKANDCOUNTRY "LUE Portland, 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Andrew Merzi, country and Americana, Blue, !NDREW-ERZI COUNTRYAND!MERICANA "LUE Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Okbari, Middle Eastern music with bellydancers, /KBARI -IDDLE%ASTERNMUSICWITHBELLYDANCERS Blue, Portland, 10 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Gary Richardson, jazz and blues, Gingko Blue 'ARY2ICHARDSON JAZZANDBLUES 'INGKO"LUE Jazz Club, Portland, 5 p.m. *AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Poke Chop & The Other White Meat, blues, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT BLUES

E1O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 35=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 


+YLE*AMES(AUSER FOLK "LUE 0ORTLAND Kyle James Hauser, folk, Blue, Portland. 8 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM -IKE"ELING4RIO JAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND Mike BelingTrio, jazz, Blue, Portland. 10 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Continued from Page E9 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3' Tommy O'Connell &The Juke Joint Devils, swing 4OMMY/#ONNELL4HE*UKE*OINT$EVILS SWING and blues, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland, ANDBLUES 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOM 9 p.m. PM 9 p.m. PM Cajun Aces, zydeco, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. #AJUN!CES ZYDECO $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH +EVIN-IDGLEYAND&RIENDS ACOUSTIC$ELTABLUES Kevin Midgley and Friends, acoustic Delta blues,  PM 846-9555. 7p.m. Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. 846-9555. 8 p.m. $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH PM Anni Clark, acoustic folk, Jumpin' Jakes Seafood !NNI#LARK ACOUSTICFOLK *UMPIN*AKES3EAFOOD $OUG#ANTWELL ACOUSTIC 'RITTY-C$UFFS Doug Cantwell, acoustic, Gritty McDuff's, #AFE /LD/RCHARD"EACH PM Cafe, Old Orchard Beach. 937-3250. 7 p.m. Freeport. Donation, 8 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONGRITTYSCOMPM Michael Krapovicky, acoustic, Gritty McDuff's, ,YNN$EEVESAND4RINA(AMLIN SINGER SONGWRITERS Lynn Deeves andTrina Hamlin, singer-songwriters, -ICHAEL+RAPOVICKY ACOUSTIC 'RITTY-C$UFFS Freeport. Donation. 8 p.m. &REEPORT$ONATIONPM The Barn, Topsham. $15. 4HE"ARN 4OPSHAMTHEBARNTOPSHAMCOM Hobgoblin Lounge Music Series, with guests Lady (OBGOBLIN,OUNGE-USIC3ERIES WITHGUESTS,ADY 7:30 p.m. PM Zen and DJ Sandman, Bayside Bowl, Portland. -!--*!--&IRST&RIDAY2OCK."OWL#ONCERT MAMM JAMM First Friday Rock 'N Bowl Concert :ENAND$*3ANDMAN "AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLAND 8 to 11 p.m. BAYSIDEBOWLCOMTOPM Series, all ages; Bayside Bowl, Portland. $5. main 3ERIES ALLAGES"AYSIDE"OWL 0ORTLANDMAIN Model Airplane, R&B/soul, with Lyle Divinsky, -ODEL!IRPLANE 2"SOUL WITH,YLE$IVINSKY 6 to 9 p.m. EACADEMYOFMODERNMUSICORGTOPM 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland,  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOM Plague, industrial night, Asylum (basement), 0LAGUE INDUSTRIALNIGHT !SYLUMBASEMENT 8 p.m. PM Portland. $5; $2 before 9:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDBEFOREPM Mouth Washington, rock, with RSO, Cuss and The -OUTH7ASHINGTON ROCK WITH23/ #USSAND4HE 9:30 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Outfits, 21-plus; Geno's Rock Club, Portland. $5. /UTlTS  PLUS'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND Heavy Breathing, hardcore, with The Restless (EAVY"REATHING HARDCORE WITH4HE2ESTLESS 221-2382. 9 p.m.  PM Shades and Trapper Keeper, 21-plus; Geno's Rock 3HADESAND4RAPPER+EEPER  PLUS'ENOS2OCK Club, Portland. $5. 221-2382. 9 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLAND PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Country Show and Dance, live music, raffles and #OUNTRY3HOWAND$ANCE LIVEMUSIC RAFmESAND SATURDAY 3!452$!9 food bar, hosted by the Down East Country Music FOODBAR HOSTEDBYTHE$OWN%AST#OUNTRY-USIC Fundraiser to Aid Fort Kent Fire Victims, with &UNDRAISERTO!ID&ORT+ENT&IRE6ICTIMS WITH Association, Litchfield Sportsman's Club. $5; free !SSOCIATION ,ITCHlELD3PORTSMANS#LUBFREE Domic and The Lucid, John Clavette, Frank $OMICAND4HE,UCID *OHN#LAVETTE &RANK for children under 12. Noon to 5 p.m. FORCHILDRENUNDERDECMAORG.OONTOPM Hopkins and more, 21-plus; Empire Dine and (OPKINSANDMORE  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND The Couch, open mic with host John Nels and 4HE#OUCH OPENMICWITHHOST*OHN.ELSAND Dance, Portland. $7. 9 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM guest artist Shane Allen, Empire Dine & Dance, GUESTARTIST3HANE!LLEN %MPIRE$INE$ANCE Kevin Attra and Ronda Dale, Americana +EVIN!TTRAAND2ONDA$ALE !MERICANA Portland, 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM originals, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. ORIGINALS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND Rhythmic Cypher, open mic of spoken-word 2HYTHMIC#YPHER OPENMICOFSPOKEN WORD 8:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM poetry with live music, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. POETRYWITHLIVEMUSIC  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND Station 85, rock cover band, RiRa, Portland. 3TATION ROCKCOVERBAND 2I2A 0ORTLAND 828-0900. 7 p.m.  PM 10 p.m. RIRACOMPM Paranoid Social Club, indie rock, with Repeat 0ARANOID3OCIAL#LUB INDIEROCK WITH2EPEAT Offenders, Fifth Freedom, Trial By Stone and Jacks /FFENDERS &IFTH&REEDOM 4RIAL"Y3TONEAND*ACKS and Aces, Club Texas, Auburn. $10 in advance; AND!CES #LUB4EXAS !UBURNINADVANCE $15 at door. 784-7785. 7 p.m. ATDOOR PM Liza Miller's Women's Benefit Show, 21-plus; ,IZA-ILLERS7OMENS"ENElT3HOW  PLUS Slainte, Portland, 9 p.m. 3LAINTE 0ORTLANDSLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Eric Ott, Americana and folk-rock, Blue, Portland. %RIC/TT !MERICANAANDFOLK ROCK "LUE 0ORTLAND 6 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM

MONDAY -/.$!9 Frank Hopkins &The Supersonics, funk, 21-plus; &RANK(OPKINS4HE3UPERSONICS FUNK  PLUS Big Easy, Portland, 10 p.m. "IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Open Mic with Alec Wall, acoustic singers /PEN-ICWITH!LEC7ALL ACOUSTICSINGERS and performers, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. ANDPERFORMERS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Stowaways Bluegrass Night, Empire Dine & 3TOWAWAYS"LUEGRASS.IGHT %MPIRE$INE

Dance, Portland, 6 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM open jam; 8 p.m. concert. OPENJAMPMCONCERT TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Out of the Blue Contest, battle of the bands /UTOFTHE"LUE#ONTEST BATTLEOFTHEBANDS SPEED DATINGSTYLE "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATION speed-dating style, Blue, Portland. Donation. 8 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Justin Lantrip, acoustic rock, Andy's Old Port Pub, *USTIN,ANTRIP ACOUSTICROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 6:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Karaoke Night with DJ Ponyfarm, 21+ARAOKE.IGHTWITH$*0ONYFARM  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND   plus; Slainte, Portland. $3, $5. 553-2350. 9 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM Travis James Humphrey, acoustic, Gritty McDuff's, 4RAVIS*AMES(UMPHREY ACOUSTIC 'RITTY-C$UFFS Portland, 10 p.m. 0ORTLANDGRITTYSCOMPM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Clash of the Titans, battle of the cover #LASHOFTHE4ITANS BATTLEOFTHECOVER bands, Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. $5. BANDS %MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND Jesus Lizard vs. Big Black, PORTLANDEMPIRECOM*ESUS,IZARDVS"IG"LACK 9 p.m. PM Open Mic Night, Slainte, Portland. 553-2350. /PEN-IC.IGHT 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND  8 p.m. PM Nikki Hunt Duo, acoustic, RiRa, Portland. .IKKI(UNT$UO ACOUSTIC 2I2A 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. RIRACOMPM Grainne Murphy and Kathleen Boyle, Irish music, 'RAINNE-URPHYAND+ATHLEEN"OYLE )RISHMUSIC Blue, Portland, 7:30 p.m. "LUE 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Traditional Irish Session, Blue, Portland. 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION "LUE 0ORTLAND 9:30 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Joe Young, acoustic, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. *OE9OUNG ACOUSTIC  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 10 p.m. SLAINTEWINEBARCOMPM David Beam and The Custom House Gang, blues $AVID"EAMAND4HE#USTOM(OUSE'ANG BLUES and bluegrass, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. ANDBLUEGRASS !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM "ILL"YRNE4RIO JAZZ 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Bill Byrne Trio, jazz, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland, 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM 2AP.IGHT LOCAL$*SANDMUSICIANS  PLUS"IG Rap Night, local DJs and musicians, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. 9 p.m. %ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM APRIL 12 !02), $INOSAUR&EATHERS AVANT POP WITH Dinosaur Feathers, avant-pop, with Grandchildren, 21-plus; Empire Dine and Dance, 'RANDCHILDREN  PLUS%MPIRE$INEAND$ANCE Portland. $5, $8. 9:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM DanTanini, American folk blues, Andy's Old Port $AN4ANINI !MERICANFOLKBLUES !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 6:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM -3!INTHE2OUND SINGER SONGWRITERS "LUE MSA in the Round, singer-songwriters, Blue, Portland, 6 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Cinder Cork, Eastern European, Blue, Portland. #INDER#ORK %ASTERN%UROPEAN "LUE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Trapparatus, funky jazz, Blue, Portland. 4RAPPARATUS FUNKYJAZZ "LUE 0ORTLAND 10 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Travis James Humphrey Blues Review, Gingko 4RAVIS*AMES(UMPHREY"LUES2EVIEW 'INGKO Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 8 p.m. "LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDPM Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ B"EER0ONG ,INE$ANCING +ARAOKEAND$*" set, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. SET  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN  Doors at 6 p.m. $OORSATPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM Band Beyond Description, jam-band covers, 21"AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BANDCOVERS  plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOM 9 p.m. PM Rural Ghosts, indie-folk, with Go Buttons and The 2URAL'HOSTS INDIE FOLK WITH'O"UTTONSAND4HE Watchers, 21-plus; Geno's Rock Club, Portland. 7ATCHERS  PLUS'ENOS2OCK#LUB 0ORTLAND 221-2382. 9 p.m.  PM


What's on _XkĂ&#x2039;jfe N

Continued from Page E6 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3$ thing. These tapes are all individually UIJOH5IFTFUBQFTBSFBMMJOEJWJEVBMMZ painted, so each one is totally differQBJOUFE TPFBDIPOFJTUPUBMMZEJGGFS ent from one another. Plus, the sound FOUGSPNPOFBOPUIFS1MVT UIFTPVOE is a little more wobbly. It's a slightly JTBMJUUMFNPSFXPCCMZ*UTBTMJHIUMZ different listening experience than EJGGFSFOUMJTUFOJOHFYQFSJFODFUIBO hearing the CD. IFBSJOHUIF$% Do you have a current favorite on %PZPVIBWFBDVSSFOUGBWPSJUFPO the album, and if so, why? UIFBMCVN BOEJGTP XIZ Oh boy. After a strenuous internal de0ICPZ"GUFSBTUSFOVPVTJOUFSOBMEF bate, I'd have to say that "Now" is my CBUF *EIBWFUPTBZUIBUi/PXwJTNZ favorite. I feel that I was able to create GBWPSJUF*GFFMUIBU*XBTBCMFUPDSFBUF something that had enough universal TPNFUIJOHUIBUIBEFOPVHIVOJWFSTBM appeal to be on the radio, but would be BQQFBMUPCFPOUIFSBEJP CVUXPVMECF perhaps the weirdest thing you hear on QFSIBQTUIFXFJSEFTUUIJOHZPVIFBSPO the radio that day. UIFSBEJPUIBUEBZ What inspired (the song) "Congratu 8IBUJOTQJSFE UIFTPOH i$POHSBUV lations on Your Latest Achievement?'w MBUJPOTPO:PVS-BUFTU"DIJFWFNFOU I can't talk about the specific example *DBOUUBMLBCPVUUIFTQFDJmDFYBNQMF (he'll probably read this), but in general, IFMMQSPCBCMZSFBEUIJT CVUJOHFOFSBM  it's about how people today just want to JUTBCPVUIPXQFPQMFUPEBZKVTUXBOUUP "get it" without caring how they "get it." iHFUJUwXJUIPVUDBSJOHIPXUIFZiHFUJUw Whatever "it" may be, it's undeserved, but 8IBUFWFSiJUwNBZCF JUTVOEFTFSWFE CVU they don't care as long as it has been obUIFZEPOUDBSFBTMPOHBTJUIBTCFFOPC tained. The process by which it's obtained UBJOFE5IFQSPDFTTCZXIJDIJUTPCUBJOFE is meaningless to them. It's all about JTNFBOJOHMFTTUPUIFN*UTBMMBCPVU instant gratification in today's world. JOTUBOUHSBUJmDBUJPOJOUPEBZTXPSME People would be less likely to take 1FPQMFXPVMECFMFTTMJLFMZUPUBLF shortcuts and cheat and steal their way to TIPSUDVUTBOEDIFBUBOETUFBMUIFJSXBZUP the top if we all respected the process of UIFUPQJGXFBMMSFTQFDUFEUIFQSPDFTTPG working for what we achieve, rather than XPSLJOHGPSXIBUXFBDIJFWF SBUIFSUIBO looking for the quick fix or easiest way. MPPLJOHGPSUIFRVJDLmYPSFBTJFTUXBZ You play about a gazillion instru:PVQMBZBCPVUBHB[JMMJPOJOTUSV ments. What's your favorite? NFOUT8IBUTZPVSGBWPSJUF This might be a bit of a stretch, but "the 5IJTNJHIUCFBCJUPGBTUSFUDI CVUiUIF recording studio" is my favorite instruSFDPSEJOHTUVEJPwJTNZGBWPSJUFJOTUSV ment. The ability to take a sound and NFOU5IFBCJMJUZUPUBLFBTPVOEBOE bend it and warp it until it's no longer CFOEJUBOEXBSQJUVOUJMJUTOPMPOHFS recognizable in its original form. The SFDPHOJ[BCMFJOJUTPSJHJOBMGPSN5IF ability to blend sounds together to make BCJMJUZUPCMFOETPVOETUPHFUIFSUPNBLF new sounds. With this record, I'm trying OFXTPVOET8JUIUIJTSFDPSE *NUSZJOH

JEFF f[ <8DĂ&#x2039;JS`GiPod ==9BEAM' A<

) #Ă&#x2030;IX[`f_\X[ Ă&#x2C6;Gfcp\k_pc\e\GXikj( "Revival," ;\\i_lek\i \m`mXc#Ă&#x2030;Deerhunter Ă&#x2C6;I "Celery EYÂŤ," Catk CXd`eXk\[:X \j#Ă&#x2030;Laminated \c\ip<p Ă&#x2C6;: "Molly Molasses," DDFJJ fcXjj\j#Ă&#x2030;MMOSS fccpD Ă&#x2C6;D cX`e ÂŤ,ntricateTextures " Great kN Western \jk\ieGPlain 5 Ă&#x2C6;@eki`ZXk\K\okli\j#Ă&#x2030;>i\X "See Emiiv Plav" Pink Hovel[ Ă&#x2C6;J\\<d`cpGcXp#Ă&#x2030;G`eb=cfp "Real Men," =X`iĂ&#x201D;\c[ AXi\[Fairfield \e#Ă&#x2030;Jared Ă&#x2C6;I ÂŤlf\XNotcDThis`jTime," Fifty Foot Hose j\ fk?f Ă&#x2C6;@]EfkK_ K`d\#Ă&#x2030;=`]kp=f "Bypkthe_\Time," C`jX&C`qX K`d\#Ă&#x2030;Lisa/Liza Ă&#x2C6;9 fle^ E\`cP "Everybody's Young 8cfe\#Ă&#x2030;Neil m\ipYf[pĂ&#x2039;jAlone," Ă&#x2C6;< I wi | â&#x20AC;˘Âť-â&#x20AC;&#x201D; ~ s

to capture existential feelings and present UPDBQUVSFFYJTUFOUJBMGFFMJOHTBOEQSFTFOU them in sound form, and I'd be unable to UIFNJOTPVOEGPSN BOE*ECFVOBCMFUP do so if not for the knobs and buttons of EPTPJGOPUGPSUIFLOPCTBOECVUUPOTPG the recording studio. UIFSFDPSEJOHTUVEJP Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PS contacted at 791-6455 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"##]`Ob( aponti@pressherald. com O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

TURN YOUR RADIO DIAL to 102.9 WBLM BC@<G=C@@/27=27/:b] 'E0:; every Friday at 8:30 a.m. to hear SdS`g4`WROgOb&(!O[b]VSO` Aimsel Ponti wax poetic about her top /W[aSZ>]\bWeOf^]SbWQOP]cbVS`b]^ three live music picks for the week bV`SSZWdS[caWQ^WQYaT]`bVSeSSY with the Captain and Celeste. eWbVbVS1O^bOW\O\R1SZSabS



JEFF BEAM CD-RELEASE SHOW 834403/;12@3:3/A3A6=E WHEN: 9:30 p.m. Friday E63<('(!^[4`WROg WHERE: Empire Dine & Dance, E63@3(3[^W`S2W\S2O\QS 575 Congress St., Portland #%#1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $6; 21-plus 6=E;C16($) ^Zca INFO: 7<4=(^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO Ell BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3



( ( ( * FG<E@E> OPENING ( * ( * K?@JN<<B THIS WEEK (*


"AMERICAN REUNION" (R) (1:53) Stars Âľ/;3@71/<@3C<7=<Âś@(#!AbO`a Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Seann Wil8Oa]\0WUUa/Zga]\6O\\WUO\ASO\\EWZ liam Scott and Chris Klein. Directed by Jon ZWO[AQ]bbO\R1V`Wa9ZSW\2W`SQbSRPg8]\ Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg. All the 6c`eWbhO\R6OgRS\AQVZ]aaPS`U/ZZbVS "American Pie" characters we met a little Âľ/[S`WQO\>WSÂśQVO`OQbS`aeS[SbOZWbbZS more than a decade ago are returning []`SbVO\ORSQORSOU]O`S`Sbc`\W\U to East Great Falls for their high school b]3Oab5`SOb4OZZaT]`bVSW`VWUVaQV]]Z reunion. `Sc\W]\ Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 1:30,4:20, 7, 9:40; Windham 5 Star ESR(!"( %'(")EW\RVO[#AbO` Fri 4:20, 7:10, 9:45 Sat 1:20,4:20, 7:10, 9:45 4`W"( %('("#AOb( "( %('("# Sun 1:20, 4:20, 7:10 Mon-Tues 4:20, Ac\( "( %(;]\BcSa"(  7:10 Wed 1:20,4:20, 7:10; Nordica %(ESR( "( %()<]`RWQO (Freeport) Fri-Wed 1:15, 4:10, 7:30, 9:50; 4`SS^]`b4`WESR(#"(%(!'(#) Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Fri 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`W 2:30, 5, 7:20,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2:30, 5, 7:20, (!#%( AObAc\ (!#%(  10 Mon-Wed 2:30, 5,7:20,10; Cinemagic ;]\ESR (!#%( )1W\S[OUWQ Saco Fri-Wed 12:05, 7:20, 9:45; AOQ]4`WESR (# 2:30,4:55, (!"(##%( '("#) Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed 11:30,2, 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR(! 4:40, 7:20,10; Brunswick 10 Fri-Sat 1:10, "("%( )0`c\aeWQY4`WAOb( 4:20, 7:10, 7:40, 9:50,10:15 Sun-Wed 1:10, "( %(%("'(#(#Ac\ESR( 4:20, 7:10, 9:50 "( %('(# "CORIOLANUS" (R) (2:02) Stars Ralph Âľ1=@7=:/<CAÂś@ ( AbO`a@OZ^V Fiennes, Gerard Butler and Brian Cox. 4WS\\Sa5S`O`R0cbZS`O\R0`WO\1]f Directed by Ralph Fiennes. A banished 2W`SQbSRPg@OZ^V4WS\\Sa/PO\WaVSR hero of Rome allies with a sworn enemy to VS`]]T@][SOZZWSaeWbVOae]`\S\S[gb] take his revenge on the city. bOYSVWa`SdS\US]\bVSQWbg Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 12:45, 3:45, 6:50, 9:35 ESR ("#!("#$(#'(!#

20th Century Fox bV1S\bc`g4]f

Raising 'Titanic' 5DLVLQJ¶7LWDQLF· James Cameron's epic hankiefest is back in all 8O[Sa1O[S`]\¸aS^WQVO\YWSTSabWaPOQYW\OZZ its cheesy glory, exactly as you remember it WbaQVSSagUZ]`gSfOQbZgOag]c`S[S[PS`Wb - only this time in exquisitely rendered 3-D. ³]\ZgbVWabW[SW\Sf_cWaWbSZg`S\RS`SR!2 By RENE RODRIGUEZ #Z3&/&30%3*(6&; McClatchy Newspapers .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST


he only question IFPOMZRVFTUJPO looming over "Titanic MPPNJOHPWFSi5JUBOJD 3-D" really is: Does the %wSFBMMZJT%PFTUIF 3-D get in the way?5IF The %HFUJOUIFXBZ ever-canny James Cameron has FWFSDBOOZ+BNFT$BNFSPOIBT wisely resisted the temptation to XJTFMZSFTJTUFEUIFUFNQUBUJPOUP tweak the film's Oscar-winning UXFBLUIFmMNT0TDBSXJOOJOH special effects - one of the 11 TQFDJBMFGGFDUToPOFPGUIF Academy Awards the movie won "DBEFNZ"XBSETUIFNPWJFXPO in 1998 - or update the CGI shots JOoPSVQEBUFUIF$(*TIPUT of the doomed ship (which, by PGUIFEPPNFETIJQ XIJDI CZ contemporary standards, occaDPOUFNQPSBSZTUBOEBSET PDDB sionally look a little hokey) or add TJPOBMMZMPPLBMJUUMFIPLFZ PSBEE previously deleted footage to slap QSFWJPVTMZEFMFUFEGPPUBHFUPTMBQ

on a "Director's Cut" subtitle POBi%JSFDUPST$VUwTVCUJUMF that would guarantee to sell a few UIBUXPVMEHVBSBOUFFUPTFMMBGFX extra tickets. FYUSBUJDLFUT No, this is exactly "Titanic" /P UIJTJTFYBDUMZi5JUBOJDw as you remember it - or, more BTZPVSFNFNCFSJUoPS NPSF accurately, the "Titanic" you've BDDVSBUFMZ UIFi5JUBOJDwZPVWF probably forgotten. The secret QSPCBCMZGPSHPUUFO5IFTFDSFU weapon of Cameron's monumenXFBQPOPG$BNFSPOTNPOVNFO tal blockbuster - the reason why UBMCMPDLCVTUFSoUIFSFBTPOXIZ audiences kept going back to see BVEJFODFTLFQUHPJOHCBDLUPTFF the movie, eventually buying an UIFNPWJF FWFOUVBMMZCVZJOHBO astounding $1.8 billion worth of BTUPVOEJOHCJMMJPOXPSUIPG tickets - is that this was a picture UJDLFUToJTUIBUUIJTXBTBQJDUVSF truly made for the big screen. At USVMZNBEFGPSUIFCJHTDSFFO"U Please see'TITAN 1C,' PageE28 Gc\Xj\j\\·B7B/<71¸GX^\<)/

REVIEW I<M@<N "TITANIC 3-D," ÂľB7B/<71!2Âś starring Leonardo abO``W\U:S]\O`R] DiCaprio, Kate 2W1O^`W]9ObS Winslet, Billy EW\aZSb0WZZg Zane, Kathy HO\S9ObVg Bates, Frances 0ObSa4`O\QSa Fisher, Gloria 4WaVS`5Z]`WO Stuart. Directed AbcO`b2W`SQbSR by James Pg8O[Sa Cameron. Rated 1O[S`]\@ObSR PG-13 for brief >5!T]`P`WST violence and adult dW]ZS\QSO\RORcZb themes. Running bVS[Sa@c\\W\U time: 3:14 bW[S(!("

Above, the /P]dSbVS "unsinkable" ocean Âľc\aW\YOPZSÂś]QSO\ liner goes down ZW\S`U]SaR]e\ - again - in "Titanic ÂłOUOW\ÂłW\ÂľBWbO\WQ 3-D." Below, DiCaprio !2Âś0SZ]e2W1O^`W] and Winslet in the O\REW\aZSbW\bVS starring roles. abO``W\U`]ZSa

"TITANIC 3-D" (PG-13) (3:15) Stars LeonµB7B/<71!2¶>5!!(#AbO`a:S]\ ardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and Billy Zane. O`R]2W1O^`W]9ObSEW\aZSbO\R0WZZgHO\S Directed by James Cameron. "Titanic," 2W`SQbSRPg8O[Sa1O[S`]\µBWbO\WQ¶ originally released in 1997, is returning ]`WUW\OZZg`SZSOaSRW\''%Wa`Sbc`\W\U to theaters as a 3-D, IMAX experience. b]bVSObS`aOaO!27;/FSf^S`WS\QS "Titanic" is a fictionalized account of the µBWbO\WQ¶WaO¿QbW]\OZWhSROQQ]c\b]TbVS sinking of the RMS Titanic. A boy and a girl aW\YW\U]TbVS@;ABWbO\WQ/P]gO\ROUW`Z from differing social backgrounds meet T`][RWTTS`W\Ua]QWOZPOQYU`]c\Ra[SSb during the ship's ill-fated maiden voyage. Rc`W\UbVSaVW^¸aWZZTObSR[OWRS\d]gOUS Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Today 3, 7 Fri 4, 8 Sat-Sun 12," 4, >]`bZO\RB]ROg!%4`W"&AObAc\ 8 Mon-Wed 4, 8; Cinemagic Saco Today&;]\ESR"&)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg Wed 12,4, 8; Cinemagic Westbrook TodayESR "&)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg Wed 11:30,3:30,7:30; Nordica (Freeport) ESR(!!(!%(!)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`b Fri-Wed 12:15,4:15, 8:15; Brunswick 10 4`WESR (#"(#&(#)0`c\aeWQY Fri-Wed 12:45,4:45, 4`WESR ("#"("#%(7:20,9 '


( ( ( (( ( (


JUMP STREET" (R) (1:49) Stars Âľ"218C;>AB@33BÂś@("'AbO`a Jonah Hill, Charming Tatum, Ice Cube, Brie 8]\OV6WZZ1VO\\W\UBObc[7QS1cPS0`WS Larson. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris :O`a]\2W`SQbSRPg>VWZ:]`RO\R1V`Wa Miller. A pair of underachieving cops are ;WZZS`/^OW`]Tc\RS`OQVWSdW\UQ]^aO`S sent back to a local high school to blend in aS\bPOQYb]OZ]QOZVWUVaQV]]Zb]PZS\RW\ and bring down a drug ring. O\RP`W\UR]e\OR`cU`W\U Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Today-Fri 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 Sat>]`bZO\RB]ROg4`W (!#%(!AOb Sun 12, 5, 7:30,10 Mon-Wed 2:30, 5, Ac\  2:30, (!#%(!;]\ESR (!# 7:30,10; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12, %(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 3:20, 7:20, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12, 3:20, 7:10, !( %( '(#4`WESR !( %( 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:05, '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (# 2:25, 4:45, 7:05, 9:25; Windham 5 Star ( #"("#%(#'( #)EW\RVO[#AbO` Today 4:35, 7:20 Fri 4:35, 7:20, 9:50 Sat B]ROg"(!#%( 4`W"(!#%( '(#AOb 7:20, 9:50 Sun 1:25,4:35, 7:20 (1:25,4:35, #"(!#%( '(#Ac\( #"(!#%(  Mon-Tues 4:35, 7:20 Wed 1:25, 4:35, 7:20; ;]\BcSa"(!#%( ESR( #"(!#%( ) Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 12:50,4:30, 0`c\aeWQY4`WESR (#"(! 7:30,10:05 %(!(# "ACT OF VALOR" (R) (1:41) Stars Emilio Âľ/1B=4D/:=@Âś@("AbO`a3[WZW] Rivera, Roselyn Sanchez, Alex Veadov, @WdS`O@]aSZg\AO\QVSh/ZSfDSOR]d

Please see MOVIES, PageEM Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(+

'Wrath of the Titans'review. E12Nâ&#x20AC;˘ DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jifc\`e`e[`\Ă&#x160;J\\>`icIle#Ă&#x2039;<(* Maine's role in indie 'See Girl Run/ E13Nâ&#x20AC;˘ E\nfe;M;#<(, New on DVD, E15 Ă&#x160;NiXk_f]k_\K`kXejĂ&#x2039;i\m`\n#<()

E12 GO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sam Worthington as Perseus, bedeviled in “Wrath of the Titans” by gods of evil intent who have imprisoned his father, Zeus (Liam Neeson), in the underworld.

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Gods are kept to a minimum, but 3-D saves ‘Titans’ sequel By ROGER MOORE McClatchy Newspapers

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What’s the old saying – “3-D fool me once, shame on you, 3-D fool me twice, shame on me?” “Clash of the Titans” was a nearly humorless, overly digitized remake of a piece of sword-and-sorcery cheese from the 1980s, an inoffensive big-budget trifle whose biggest sin was a post-production conversion to 3-D. The “Titans” sequel wasn’t converted, so the 3-D is a lot better. And the director of “Battle Los Angeles” and the screenwriters give it a lighter touch, a bit of mythic whimsy amongst all the muddle about gods, demigods, the father of gods and the end of the age of gods. In a boulder-strewn Greek past of volcanoes, but no trees, Perseus (Sam Worthington, stoic as ever) is living the life of a village fisherman and single dad to Helius (John Bell). The kid is growing up without religion, without his grandpa. That’s because Perseus knows “There’s no such as ‘good gods,’” and his dad, Zeus (Liam Neeson, giving his more than it deserves), is entirely too busy for grandparenting. He’s too busy narrating. “The time of the gods is ending,” Zeus narrates. Hades (Ralph Fiennes, always interesting) aims to hasten that. “You’re sweating like a human, brother,” Hades purrs. “Next, it’ll be tears.” With another son of Zeus, Ares (Edgar Ramirez), the god of war, Hades traps Zeus in the underworld. Perseus must round up a team and go get ’em, before


“WRATH OF THE TITANS,” starring Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy and Danny Huston. Directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of fantasy violence and action. Running time: 1:39 god of gods Kronos cracks free and gods and men are drowned in a sea of lava. First among them is Andromeda, a vision in blond hair and armor played by Rosamund Pike. Bill Nighy steals the movie as Hephaestus, blacksmith and armorer to the gods. He makes the old tinkerer a crackpot who carries on conversations with himself, Gollum-style. Then, there’s the disreputable son of Poseidon, “The Navigator” Agenor, given a bemused spin by Toby Kebbell. He’s a reluctant recruit. “Would you do me a favor?” he asks Perseus. “Go to Hell.” So we know where this is going, and we know who’ll be in the final brawl. But director Jonathan Liebesman and company keep this stripped down (few gods, not too much dialogue) and manage a few surprises and a little fun on the trip. They even trot out Danny Huston as Poseidon, in a beard and get-up that remind us that his dad, John Huston, once played Noah on the big screen. Yes, this “Titans” is going to you-knowwhere. At least this one manages to make the 3-D ride worth the destination.

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 | GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3!


Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

Robin Tunney, star of TV's "The Mentalist," in a scene from "See Girl Run." @]PW\Bc\\SgabO`]TBD¸aµBVS;S\bOZWab¶W\OaQS\ST`][µASS5W`Z@c\¶

FeZ\k_\pj\\GfikcXe[# Once they see Portland, they'll want to film it k_\pĂ&#x2039;ccnXekkfĂ&#x201D;cd`k A8

pparently, the secret to QQBSFOUMZ UIFTFDSFUUP getting filmmakers to make HFUUJOHmMNNBLFSTUPNBLF their movies in Portland is UIFJSNPWJFTJO1PSUMBOEJT just to have them hang out here KVTUUPIBWFUIFNIBOHPVUIFSF for a while. GPSBXIJMF "In 2004,1 moved to Portland i*O *NPWFEUP1PSUMBOE with my wife and we made my XJUINZXJGFBOEXFNBEFNZ first film there. Even though mSTUmMNUIFSF&WFOUIPVHI Portland was so vibrant and 1PSUMBOEXBTTPWJCSBOUBOE unique and hasn't been shown VOJRVFBOEIBTOUCFFOTIPXO very much in film, I knew I WFSZNVDIJOmMN *LOFX* wasn't going to be able to show XBTOUHPJOHUPCFBCMFUPTIPX the area with the (nonexistent) UIFBSFBXJUIUIF OPOFYJTUFOU  budget and technology, so the film was CVEHFUBOEUFDIOPMPHZ TPUIFmMNXBT shot mostly in interiors and close-ups. TIPUNPTUMZJOJOUFSJPSTBOEDMPTFVQT "But with this new film, I really wanted i#VUXJUIUIJTOFXmMN *SFBMMZXBOUFE to highlight the city's beauty, distinctive UPIJHIMJHIUUIFDJUZTCFBVUZ EJTUJODUJWF culture and architecture." DVMUVSFBOEBSDIJUFDUVSFw So says Nate Meyer, whose second 4PTBZT/BUF.FZFS XIPTFTFDPOE feature, "See Girl Run," was filmed at GFBUVSF i4FF(JSM3VO wXBTmMNFEBU various locations in Portland (along with WBSJPVTMPDBUJPOTJO1PSUMBOE BMPOHXJUI South Portland, Damariscotta and NYC) 4PVUI1PSUMBOE %BNBSJTDPUUBBOE/:$  in summer 2011. The film stars Robin JOTVNNFS5IFmMNTUBST3PCJO Tunney ("The Mentalist," "The Craft") 5VOOFZ i5IF.FOUBMJTU wi5IF$SBGUw  as a thirty-something woman who leaves BTBUIJSUZTPNFUIJOHXPNBOXIPMFBWFT her stagnant marriage in New York and IFSTUBHOBOUNBSSJBHFJO/FX:PSLBOE heads back home to Maine with the secret IFBETCBDLIPNFUP.BJOFXJUIUIFTFDSFU agenda of looking up her old high-school BHFOEBPGMPPLJOHVQIFSPMEIJHITDIPPM boyfriend (indie favorite Adam Scott of CPZGSJFOE JOEJFGBWPSJUF"EBN4DPUUPG

"Friends with Kids," "Party i'SJFOETXJUI,JET wi1BSUZ Down" and "Parks and Recre%PXOwBOEi1BSLTBOE3FDSF ation"), an eccentric artist and BUJPOw BOFDDFOUSJDBSUJTUBOE hopeless romantic who never IPQFMFTTSPNBOUJDXIPOFWFS left Maine. MFGU.BJOF The film, which debuted last 5IFmMN XIJDIEFCVUFEMBTU month at the SXSW Film FestiNPOUIBUUIF4948'JMN'FTUJ val, is garnering good reviews. WBM JTHBSOFSJOHHPPESFWJFXT The performances of Tun5IFQFSGPSNBODFTPG5VO ney, Scott and old pro William OFZ 4DPUUBOEPMEQSP8JMMJBN Sadler ("The Shawshank Re4BEMFS i5IF4IBXTIBOL3F demption") are sharing praise EFNQUJPOw BSFTIBSJOHQSBJTF with Meyer's use of some XJUI.FZFSTVTFPGTPNF authentic Maine settings, a choice which BVUIFOUJD.BJOFTFUUJOHT BDIPJDFXIJDI presented his low-budget production with QSFTFOUFEIJTMPXCVEHFUQSPEVDUJPOXJUI some unique rewards - and challenges. TPNFVOJRVFSFXBSEToBOEDIBMMFOHFT "Maine offers so much for a filmmaki.BJOFPGGFSTTPNVDIGPSBmMNNBL er," said Meyer. "You want something FS wTBJE.FZFSi:PVXBOUTPNFUIJOH that's going to feel unique, that audiUIBUTHPJOHUPGFFMVOJRVF UIBUBVEJ ences haven't seen in every other movie. FODFTIBWFOUTFFOJOFWFSZPUIFSNPWJF Maine's diverse, and it has places you .BJOFTEJWFSTF BOEJUIBTQMBDFTZPV can't find anywhere else." DBOUmOEBOZXIFSFFMTFw Meyer also recommends the state for .FZFSBMTPSFDPNNFOETUIFTUBUFGPS the welcoming shooting experience. UIFXFMDPNJOHTIPPUJOHFYQFSJFODF "People there were just really excited to i1FPQMFUIFSFXFSFKVTUSFBMMZFYDJUFEUP be a part of it and help out," he said. "It's CFBQBSUPGJUBOEIFMQPVU wIFTBJEi*UT logistically or financially harder in places MPHJTUJDBMMZPSmOBODJBMMZIBSEFSJOQMBDFT

Dennis Perkins ;\ee`jG\ib`ej Indie Film @e[`\=`cd

Please see PERKINS, Page E18 Gc\Xj\j\\>3@97<AGX^\<(/

"THE SALT OF LIFE," d i r e c t e d by Gianni Di G r e g o r i o , 2012. In his w a r m a n d w i t t y ÂľB63A/:B=4:743ÂśRW`SQbSRPg5WO\\W2W5`SU]`W]  7\VWaeO`[O\ReWbbg follow-up to the 2010 sleeper hit "Mid-August Lunch," writer-director-actor T]ZZ]ec^b]bVS aZSS^S`VWbÂľ;WR/cUcab:c\QVÂśe`WbS`RW`SQb]`OQb]` Di Gregorio has created another sparkling comedy, this time with a dash of 2W5`SU]`W]VOaQ`SObSRO\]bVS`a^O`YZW\UQ][SRgbVWabW[SeWbVOROaV]T the bittersweet. Di Gregorio plays a middle-aged retiree who has become bVSPWbbS`aeSSb2W5`SU]`W]^ZOgaO[WRRZSOUSR`SbW`SSeV]VOaPSQ][S invisible to all Roman women, regardless of age or relation. He contends with W\dWaWPZSb]OZZ@][O\e][S\`SUO`RZSaa]TOUS]``SZObW]\6SQ]\bS\RaeWbV an aristocratic, spendthrift mother, a wife who is more patronizing friend O\O`Wab]Q`ObWQa^S\RbV`WTb[]bVS`OeWTSeV]Wa[]`S^Ob`]\WhW\UT`WS\R than romantic partner, a daughter with a slacker boyfriend whom Di Gregorio bVO\`][O\bWQ^O`b\S`OROcUVbS`eWbVOaZOQYS`P]gT`WS\ReV][2W5`SU]`W] unwillingly befriends, and a wild young neighbor who sees him merely as her c\eWZZW\UZgPST`WS\RaO\ROeWZRg]c\U\SWUVP]`eV]aSSaVW[[S`SZgOaVS` dog walker. Watching his "codger" friends snare beautiful younger women on R]UeOZYS`EObQVW\UVWaÂľQ]RUS`ÂśT`WS\Raa\O`SPSOcbWTcZg]c\US`e][S\]\ the sun-kissed cobblestones of Trastevere, Di Gregorio tries his polite, utterly bVSac\YWaaSRQ]PPZSab]\Sa]TB`OabSdS`S2W5`SU]`W]b`WSaVWa^]ZWbScbbS`Zg gracious best to generate some kind of extracurricular love life, with both U`OQW]caPSabb]US\S`ObSa][SYW\R]TSfb`OQc``WQcZO`Z]dSZWTSeWbVP]bV hilarious and poignant results. In Italian with English subtitles. Not rated. 1:30 VWZO`W]caO\R^]WU\O\b`SacZba7\7bOZWO\eWbV3\UZWaVacPbWbZSa<]b`ObSR(! Showing at: Portland Museum of Art, 6:30 p.m. Friday; 2^[AObc`ROgO\R p.m. Saturday and AV]eW\UOb(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b$(!^[4`WROg) Sunday Ac\ROg

0)2!4%3633(!2+3 3!452$!9 0./24(%!34$%,4!$%.4!, 4/4%"!'')6%!7!9 .)'(4/&#(!-0)/.3 02%3%.4%$"9-%2#9(/30)4!,

Easter Egg %ASTER%GG Hunt!** (UNT th Saturday, A p r i l 7TH I 1:00 A M - 1 : 0 0 PM 3ATURDAY !PRIL !-n0-


Bring a basket,DRESSFORTHEWEATHER dress for the weather. "RINGABASKET

Fun for the whole family! &UNFORTHEWHOLEFAMILY Nate Meyer on the set of "See Girl Run." <ObS;SgS`]\bVSaSb]TÂľASS5W`Z@c\Âś WWWFALMOUTHCONGREGATIONALCHURCHORG

267 Falmouth Road â&#x20AC;˘ 781-3413 &ALMOUTH2OADs  Egg Hunt for kids to age 12. %GG(UNTFORKIDSTOAGE Hula Hoop Contest, (ULA(OOP#ONTEST

Rain or 2AINOR Face Painting, Music, Food, &ACE0AINTING -USIC &OOD 3HINE Shine! Bouncy Houses, "OUNCY(OUSES FREE! &2%% CakeWalk&More! #AKE7ALK-ORE Come see Slugger of the #OMESEE3LUGGEROFTHE Sea Dogs and C r u s h e r of 3EA$OGSAND#RUSHEROF the Portland Red Claws! THE0ORTLAND2ED#LAWS

E14 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

-2,186(9(5<681'$<)520$07230 JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY FROM 10AM TO 1PM FOR BRUNCH AT PREVIEWS GRILL & BAR! )25%581&+$735(9,(:6*5,// %$5

3cUS\S:Sdg Eugene Levy O\R8Oa]\ and Jason 0WUUaW\ Biggs in Âľ/[S`WQO\ "American Reunion," @Sc\W]\Âś which gathers eVWQVUObVS`a the cast of bVSQOab]T the raunchy bVS`Oc\QVg comedy Q][SRg "American Âľ/[S`WQO\ Pie" for a >WSÂśT]`O high school VWUVaQV]]Z reunion. `Sc\W]\

35(9,(:6',11(5$1'$029,(63(&,$/,6%$&. PREVIEWS DINNER AND A MOVIE SPECIAL IS BACK! $6.<2856(59(5)25'(7$,/6


&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2 I MAX 3 D : WRATH OF THE TITANS GU     (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:10-2:25-4:40-7:00-9:15 3*  6$&2


* G   3*  3D TITANIC (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-4:00-8:00 WRATH OF THE TITANS (PG13) 12:25-2:40-4:50-7:15-9:30      3*  MIRROR MIRROR (PG) 12:00-2:20-4:40-7:00-9:20    3*  *       3*  THE HUNGER GAMES (PG13) 12:00-12:30-3:00-3:30-6:00-6:45-9:00-9:45 * FE  5  21 JUMP STREET (R) 12:05-2:25-4:45-7:05-9:25 JOHN CARTER (PG13) 12:30-3:30-6:45-9:45    3*  *   3*  THE LORAX (PG) 12:30-2:30-4:30-7:10-9:15 ACT OF VALOR (R) 12:00-2:20-4:45-7:10-9:30   5  *    3*  T H I S MEANS WAR (PG13) 12:20-2:35-4:50-7:10-9:25 THE VOW (PG13) 12:10-2:30-4:45-7:05-9:20   3*  THE ARTIST (PG13) 12:05-2:20-4:35-7:05-9:25    3* 





3D TITANIC (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 3:00-7:00 ** G   3*  3D WRATH OF THE TITANS (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 2:30-4:50-7:20-9:40 G     3*  *    3*  MIRROR MIRROR (PG) 2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00 *       3*  THE HUNGER GAMES (PG13) 1:00-3:00-4:00-6:30-7:00-9:30-10:00 * FE  5  21 JUMP STREET (R) 2:30-5:00-7:30-10:00 *    3*  JOHN CARTER (PG13) 1:00-4:00-6:50-9:45 *   3*  THE LORAX (PG) 2:15-4:30-7:00-9:20



3D TITANIC (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 11:30-3:30-7:30 G   3*  ** G     3*  3D WRATH OF THE TITANS (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:20-4:40-7:20-9:40 *      3*  WRATH OF THE TITANS (PG13) 11:40-2:00-4:20-7:00-9:20 *    3*  MIRROR MIRROR (PG) 11:30-11:50-2:00-2:10-4:30-4:40-7:10-7:20-9:40-9:50    3*  DARK TIDE (PG13) 12:10-3:00-6:50-9:30 JEFF WHO LIVES AT HOME (R) 11:30-1:30-3:30-5:30-7:30-9:30 

      5  H E HUNGER GAMES (PG13) 11:30-11:50-12:10-12:30-2:40-3:00-3:20-3:40 * T      3*  6:30-6:45-7:00-7:15-9:30-9:45-10:00  21 JUMP STREET (R) 12:00-3:20-7:20-9:50 FE  5  *    3*  JOHN CARTER (PG13) 12:10-3:20-6:45-9:50 THE LORAX (PG) 11:40-2:00-4:20-6:50-9:20   3*  *   5  ACT OF VALOR (R) 12:30-3:40-6:50-9:20 SAFE HOUSE (R 11:40-2:10-4:40-7:20-10:00     5 

7+(6(6+2:7,0(69$/,'$35,/ $//67$',806($7,1* ',*,7$/6281' r',*,7$/),/035(6(17$7,21 2& 23(1&$37,21('),/0



Universal Pictures C\WdS`aOZ>WQbc`Sa

MOVIES BDK>:H Continued from Page Ell :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3

Nestor Serrano and Jason Cottle. Directed by Scott <Sab]`AS``O\]O\R8Oa]\1]bbZS2W`SQbSRPgAQ]bb Waugh. A group of active-duty U.S. Navy SEALs offers EOcUV/U`]c^]TOQbWdSRcbgCA<OdgA3/:a]TTS`a a fictionalized account of real-life SEAL operations that OÂżQbW]\OZWhSROQQ]c\b]T`SOZZWTSA3/:]^S`ObW]\abVOb will take the audience on an adrenaline-fueled, edgeeWZZbOYSbVSOcRWS\QS]\O\OR`S\OZW\STcSZSRSRUS of-its-seat ride. ]TWbaaSOb`WRS Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:30, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR (! 3:40, 6:50, 9:20; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12, 2:20, !("$(#'( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (  4:45, 7:10, 9:30; Windham 5 Star Today 4:25, 7:15 Fri "("#%('(!)EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"( #%(#4`W 4:25, 7:15, 9:40 Sat 1:30,4:25, 7:15, 9:40 Sun 1:30,4:25, "( #%(#'("AOb(!"( #%(#'("Ac\(!"( # 7:15 Mon-Tues 4:25, 7:15 Wed 1:30, 4:25, 7:15; Brunswick %(#;]\BcSa"( #%(#ESR(!"( #%(#)0`c\aeWQY 10 Fri 1:15, 4:10 Sun-Wed 1:15,4:10 4`W(#"(Ac\ESR(#"( "THE ARTIST" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Jean Dujardin, ÂľB63/@B7ABÂś>5!("AbO`a8SO\2cXO`RW\ Berenice Bejo and John Goodman. Directed by Michel 0S`S\WQS0SX]O\R8]V\5]]R[O\2W`SQbSRPg;WQVSZ Hazanavicius. In 1929, as silent movie star George 6OhO\OdWQWca7\' 'OaaWZS\b[]dWSabO`5S]`US wonders if the arrival of talking pictures will cause him e]\RS`aWTbVSO``WdOZ]TbOZYW\U^WQbc`SaeWZZQOcaSVW[ to fade into oblivion, he sparks with a young dancer b]TORSW\b]]PZWdW]\VSa^O`YaeWbVOg]c\URO\QS` who is hoping for a big break. eV]WaV]^W\UT]`OPWUP`SOY Showing at: Nickelodeon Today 1:15,6:20; Cinemagic AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROg(#$( )1W\S[OUWQ Saco Today 12:05, 7:05, 9:25 AOQ]B]ROg (# 2:20,4:35, ( "(!#%(#'( # "BEING FLYNN" (R) (1:42)AbO`a>OcZ2O\]@]PS`b Stars Paul Dano, Robert Âľ037<54:G<<Âś@(" De Niro and Julianne Moore. Directed by Paul Weitz. 2S<W`]O\R8cZWO\\S;]]`S2W`SQbSRPg>OcZESWbh Working in a Boston homeless shelter, Nick Flynn reE]`YW\UW\O0]ab]\V][SZSaaaVSZbS`<WQY4Zg\\`S encounters his father, a con man and self-proclaimed S\Q]c\bS`aVWaTObVS`OQ]\[O\O\RaSZT^`]QZOW[SR poet. Sensing trouble in his own life, Nick wrestles with ^]SbAS\aW\Ub`]cPZSW\VWa]e\ZWTS<WQYe`SabZSaeWbV the notion of reaching out to his dad. bVS\]bW]\]T`SOQVW\U]cbb]VWaROR Showing at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) Today 1:30,4, AV]eW\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!" 6:30 $(!

6:30, 7, 9:30,10; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12,12:30, $(!%'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR  (! 3, 3:30, 6, 6:45, 9, 9:45; Cinemagic Westbrook Today!!(!$$("#''("#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg Wed 11:30,11:50,12:10,12:30, 3, 3:20, 3:40, 6:30, ESR(!(# ( (! 2:40, ("!!( !("$(! 6:45, 7, 7:15, 9:30, 9:45,10; Nordica (Freeport) Today$("#%%(#'(!'("#)<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg Wed 12:45, 3:45, 6:45, 9:45; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 12:45, ESR ("#!("#$("#'("#)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR ("# 1:40, 3:50,4:40, 7, 9,10 ("!(#"("%' "JEFF, WHO LIVES AT HOME" (R) (1:23) Stars Jason Âľ8344E6=:7D3A/B6=;3Âś@( !AbO`a8Oa]\ Segel, Ed Helms, Judy Greer and Susan Sarandon. ASUSZ3R6SZ[a8cRg5`SS`O\RAcaO\AO`O\R]\ Directed by Jay Duplass and Mark Duplass. Dispatched 2W`SQbSRPg8Og2c^ZOaaO\R;O`Y2c^ZOaa2Wa^ObQVSR from his basement room on an errand for his mother, T`][VWaPOaS[S\b`]][]\O\S``O\RT]`VWa[]bVS` slacker Jeff might discover his destiny (finally) when aZOQYS`8STT[WUVbRWaQ]dS`VWaRSabW\gÂż\OZZgeVS\ he spends the day with his brother as he tracks his VSa^S\RabVSROgeWbVVWaP`]bVS`OaVSb`OQYaVWa possibly adulterous wife. ^]aaWPZgORcZbS`]caeWTS Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 12:45, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg ("# 5:15,7:30, 9:45 Fri-Wed 4, 9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook #(#%(!'("#4`WESR"'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today 11:30,1:30, 3:30, 5:30, 7:30 Fri-Wed 12:10, B]ROg(!(!!(!#(!%(!4`WESR ( 2:20, (  4:30, 7, 9:30 "(!%'(! "JOHN CARTER" (PG-13) (2:12) Stars Taylor Kitsch, Âľ8=6<1/@B3@Âś>5! ( AbO`aBOgZ]`9WbaQV Lynn Collins, Willem Dafoe and Samantha Morton. :g\\1]ZZW\aEWZZS[2OT]SO\RAO[O\bVO;]`b]\ Directed by Andrew Stanton. Transplanted to Mars, a 2W`SQbSRPg/\R`SeAbO\b]\B`O\a^ZO\bSRb];O`aO Civil War vet discovers a lush planet inhabited by 12- 1WdWZEO`dSbRWaQ]dS`aOZcaV^ZO\SbW\VOPWbSRPg foot tall barbarians. Finding himself a prisoner of these T]]bbOZZPO`PO`WO\a4W\RW\UVW[aSZTO^`Wa]\S`]TbVSaS creatures, he escapes, only to encounter a princess Q`SObc`SaVSSaQO^Sa]\Zgb]S\Q]c\bS`O^`W\QSaa who is in desperate need of a savior. eV]WaW\RSa^S`ObS\SSR]TOaOdW]` Showing at: Windham 5 Star Today 4,6:45; CinAV]eW\UOb(EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg"$("#)1W\ emagic Grand (South Portland) Today 1,4, 6:50, 9:45 S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg"$(#'("# Fri-Wed 6:50, 9:45; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:30, 4`WESR$(#'("#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (! 3:30, 6:45, 9:45; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:10, !(!$("#'("#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg ( 3:20, 6:45, 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:10, 3:20, 6:45, 9:40; Bruns!( $("#'(#4`WESR (!( $("#'(")0`c\a wick 10 Fri (all 3D) 12:55, 3:55 Sun-Wed (all 3D) 12:55, eWQY4`WOZZ!2 (##!(##Ac\ESROZZ!2 (## 3:55, 7:45 !(##%("#

"THE LORAX" (PG) (1:34) Animated, with the voices µB63:=@/F¶>5(!"/\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa of Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Danny DeVito and Ed Helms. ]THOQ3T`]\BOgZ]`AeWTb2O\\g2SDWb]O\R3R6SZ[a Directed by Chris Renaud and Kyle Balda. A 12-year-old 2W`SQbSRPg1V`Wa@S\OcRO\R9gZS0OZRO/ gSO`]ZR boy searches for the one thing that will enable him to P]gaSO`QVSaT]`bVS]\SbVW\UbVObeWZZS\OPZSVW[b] win the affection of his dream girl. To find it he must eW\bVSOTTSQbW]\]TVWaR`SO[UW`ZB]¿\RWbVS[cab discover the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charmRWaQ]dS`bVSab]`g]TbVS:]`OfbVSU`c[^ggSbQVO`[ ing creature who fights to protect his world. W\UQ`SObc`SeV]¿UVbab]^`]bSQbVWae]`ZR Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today 1 (3D), 4, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg!2" 6:30, 9:40 (3D) Fri-Wed 1, 4, 6:30, 9:10; Windham 5 Star $(!'("!24`WESR"$(!'()EW\RVO[#AbO` Today 4:05, 6:50 Fri 4:05, 6:50, 9 Sat 1:15, 4:05, 6:50, 9 "FRIENDS WITH KIDS" (R) (1:50) Stars Jennifer B]ROg"(#$(#4`W"(#$(#'AOb(#"(#$(#' µ4@73<2AE7B6972A¶@(#AbO`a8S\\WTS` Sun 1:15, 4:05, 6:50 Mon-Tues 4:05, 6:50 Wed 1:15, 4:05, Westfeldt, Adam Scott and Maya Rudolph. Directed by Ac\(#"(#$(#;]\BcSa"(#$(#ESR(#"(# ESabTSZRb/RO[AQ]bbO\R;OgO@cR]Z^V2W`SQbSRPg 6:50; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today (all 3D) Jennifer Westfeldt. Two best friends decide to have a $(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROgOZZ!2 8S\\WTS`ESabTSZRbBe]PSabT`WS\RaRSQWRSb]VOdSO 4:30, 7, 9:204`WOZZ!2 Fri (all 3D) 2:30, 4:50, 7:20, 9:40 Satchild together while keeping their relationship platonic, 2:15, (#"(!%'( (!"(#%( '("AOb QVWZRb]USbVS`eVWZSYSS^W\UbVSW``SZObW]\aVW^^ZOb]\WQ Sun 12:10, (all 3D) 2:30, 4:50, 7:20, 9:40 Mon-Wed (all so they can avoid the toll kids can take on romantic Ac\ (OZZ!2 (!"(#%( '(";]\ESROZZ a]bVSgQO\Od]WRbVSb]ZZYWRaQO\bOYS]\`][O\bWQ 3D) 2:30, 4:50, 7:20, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed relationships. !2 (!"(#%( '(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR `SZObW]\aVW^a 7:10,9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 2:45 12:30,2:30,4:30, (! (!"(!%('(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg ("# Today 11:40, 2,4:20, 6:50, 9:20 Fri-Wed 11:50, 2:10, 4:20, B]ROg(" "( $(#'( 4`WESR(# ("(  6:50, 9:20; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1:30, 3:40, 6:40, 9:40 "THE HUNGER GAMES" (PG-13) (2:22) Stars Jennifer $(#'( )0`c\aeWQY4`WESR(!!("$("'(" µB636C<53@5/;3A¶>5! ( AbO`a8S\\WTS` Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth and :Oe`S\QS8]aV6cbQVS`a]\:WO[6S[ae]`bVO\R "MIRROR MIRROR" (PG) (1:46) Stars Lily Collins, Stanley Tucci. Directed by Gary Ross. Set in a future µ;7@@=@;7@@=@¶>5("$AbO`a:WZg1]ZZW\a AbO\ZSgBcQQW2W`SQbSRPg5O`g@]aaASbW\OTcbc`S Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer and Nathan Lane. where the government selects a boy and girl from each 8cZWO@]PS`ba/`[WS6O[[S`O\R<ObVO\:O\S eVS`SbVSU]dS`\[S\baSZSQbaOP]gO\RUW`ZT`][SOQV Directed by Tarsem Singh. An evil queen steals control of the 12RWab`WQbab]¿UVbb]bVSRSObV]\ZWdSbSZSdW districts to fight to the death on live televi2W`SQbSRPgBO`aS[AW\UV/\SdWZ_cSS\abSOZaQ]\b`]Z ]TbVS of a kingdom and an exiled princess enlists the help of sion, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger ]TOYW\UR][O\RO\SfWZSR^`W\QSaaS\ZWababVSVSZ^]T aW]\9Ob\Waa3dS`RSS\d]Zc\bSS`ab]bOYSVS`g]c\US` seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright. sister's place for the match. aSdS\`Sa]c`QSTcZ`SPSZab]eW\POQYVS`PW`bV`WUVb aWabS`¸a^ZOQST]`bVS[ObQV Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1,4, 6:45, Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today-Wed AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg"$("# AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR 9:10 Fri-Wed 1,4:10, 6:45, 9:10; Windham 5 Star Today 3:30, 6:30, 9:30; Windham 5 Star Today 3:55, '(4`WESR"($("#'()EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg 12:30, (!!(!$(!'(!)EW\RVO[#AbO`B]ROg!(## 4:15, 6:40 Fri 4:15, 6:40, 9:05 Sat 1,4:15, 6:40, 9:05 6:45 Fri 3:55, 6:45, 9:35 Sat 12:55, 3:55, 6:45, 9:35 Sun "(#$("4`W"(#$("'(#AOb"(#$("'(# $("#4`W!(##$("#'(!#AOb (##!(##$("#'(!#Ac\ Sun 1, 4:15, 6:40 Mon-Tues 4:15, 6:40 Wed 1, 4:15, 6:40; 3:55, 6:45 Mon-Tues 3:55, 6:45 Wed 12:55, 3:55, Ac\"(#$(";]\BcSa"(#$("ESR"(#$(") 12:55, (##!(##$("#;]\BcSa!(##$("#ESR (##!(## Nordica (Freeport) Today 12:30, 3, 6:50, 9:20 Fri-Wed 6:45; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today 1 (3D), <]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg (!!$(#'( 4`WESR $("#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg!2 3, 4 (3D), 6:30, 7 (3D), 9:30,10 Fri 1, 3, 4, 6:30, 7, 9:30, !"!2$(!%!2'(!4`W!"$(!%'(! 10 Sat-Sun 12,1, 3,4, 6:30, 7, 9:30,10 Mon-Wed 1, 3,4, Please see MOVIES, Page E18 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(/ AObAc\ !"$(!%'(!;]\ESR!" "DARK TIDE" (PG-13) (1:34) Stars Halle Berry, Olivier µ2/@9B723¶>5!(!"AbO`a6OZZS0S``g=ZWdWS` Martinez and Ralph Brown. Directed by John Stockwell. ;O`bW\ShO\R@OZ^V0`]e\2W`SQbSRPg8]V\Ab]QYeSZZ A professional diver returns to deep waters following /^`]TSaaW]\OZRWdS``Sbc`\ab]RSS^eObS`aT]ZZ]eW\U an almost fatal encounter with a great white shark and O\OZ[]abTObOZS\Q]c\bS`eWbVOU`SObeVWbSaVO`YO\R finds the nightmare from the sea is still lurking. ¿\RabVS\WUVb[O`ST`][bVSaSOWaabWZZZc`YW\U Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:10,3, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg (! 6:50, 9:30 $(#'(!

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO E15 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3#



reg.&199dbl.accp. REG GEORFFS

All Rooms !LL2OOMS â&#x20AC;˘s3UN &RI/NLY Sun.-Fri. Only Expires 4/30/12 ([SLUHV

Jacuzzi room, Jacuzzi with fireplace, *ACUZZIROOM *ACUZZIWITHlREPLACE

or Presidential suite. OR0RESIDENTIALSUITE

+ENNEBUNKPORT -AINEs*UNCTIONOF2OUTESAND Kennebunkport, Maine â&#x20AC;˘ Junction of Routes 9 and 35 1-800-286-5767 â&#x20AC;˘    sWWWKINGSPORTINNCOM

Based on availability, a pantry breakfast at King's Port Inn ^ "ASEDONAVAILABILITY APANTRYBREAKFASTAT+INGS0ORT)NN and lodging gratuities and tax are not included. ?t ANDLODGINGGRATUITIESANDTAXARENOTINCLUDED Excludes Holiday periods. Cannot be combined with any other offer. %XCLUDES(OLIDAYPERIODS#ANNOTBECOMBINEDWITHANYOTHEROFFER

Dream Works Pictures 2`SO[E]`Ya>WQbc`Sa

Jeremy Irvine with Joey in "War Horse." 8S`S[g7`dW\SeWbV8]SgW\ÂľEO`6]`aSÂś

Times for Thursday, April 5,2012     

TITANIC 3D  3^ 12:15,4:15,8:15        MIRROR MIRROR  E212:30,3:00,7:00,        9:20

 WRATH OF THE TITANS 3D  EEH l  :45,      4:20,7:20,9:40     THE HUNGER GAMES rn^m       12:45,3:45,    6:45,9:45   DR. SEUSS'THE LORAX [PG] 1:00,4:00,        6:30,9:10   A SEPARATION  EPCES     1:10,4:10,7:00,9:30       


 TITANIC IN REAL D 3D - EVENT         PRICING (PG-13t* (1245 PM 445 PM) 900 PM       MIRROR MIRROR (PG) (1003301645920      WRATH OF THE TITANS IN REAL D 3D         EVENT PRICING (PG-13) * (125 400) 710 945

       THE HUNGER GAMES (PG-13)      (1245 140 350 440) 700 800 930       21 JUMP STREET (R)- ID REQ'D 

   (1250320)720955    JOHN CARTER IN REAL D 3D - EVENT         PRICING (PG-13) * (110 PM 410 PM) 745 PM      DR SEUSS1 THE LORAX (PG)     (13D PM 340 PMJ 650PM   DR SEUSS1 THE LORAX IN REAL D 3D        EVENT PRICING (PG) * 1005 PM

     ACT OF VALOR (R) - ID REQ'D      (145PM 430PM)   PROJECT X (R) - ID REQ'D (1255 345) 725 1000 




)3  4($!9 ) &2

JOHNNY */(..9 WINTER 7).4%2 th

GIRLYMAN ')2,9-!. th APR. 12TH !02

APR. 13TH !02

APR. 6TH !02

DAN HICKS $!.()#+3

& The Hot thLicks 4HE(OT,ICKS APR. 18TH !02

CHERYL #(%29, WHEELER 7(%%,%2 th

RONNIE EARL 2/..)%%!2,

& The Broadcasters 4HE"ROADCASTERS th APR. 20TH !02

JAMES *!-%3 MCMURTRY -#-52429 th APR. 27TH !02



"BEING ELMO: A PUPPETEER'S JOURNEY," Âľ037<53:;=(/>C>>3B33@¸A8=C@<3GÂś documentary. Though we appreciate the furry R]Qc[S\bO`gBV]cUVeSO^^`SQWObSbVSTc``g red monster's ability to keep our kids occupied `SR[]\abS`¸aOPWZWbgb]YSS^]c`YWRa]QQc^WSR while we try to get some dishes done, it's safe eVWZSeSb`gb]USba][SRWaVSaR]\SWb¸aaOTS to say that we tend to view the ubiquitous b]aOgbVObeSbS\Rb]dWSebVScPW_cWb]ca Elmo as something of a mixed bag. You can't 3Z[]Oaa][SbVW\U]TO[WfSRPOUG]cQO\¸b hate something that your kids love with this VObSa][SbVW\UbVObg]c`YWRaZ]dSeWbVbVWa level of enthusiasm, but that squeaky voice, the ZSdSZ]TS\bVcaWOa[PcbbVOba_cSOYgd]WQSbVS incessant squealing and flopping around, it gets W\QSaaO\ba_cSOZW\UO\RĂ&#x20AC;]^^W\UO`]c\RWbUSba old. "Being Elmo" makes up for this inevitable ]ZRÂľ0SW\U3Z[]Âś[OYSac^T]`bVWaW\SdWbOPZS Elmo fatigue by revealing his creator and voice, 3Z[]TObWUcSPg`SdSOZW\UVWaQ`SOb]`O\Rd]WQS one Kevin Clash, to be just about as kind and ]\S9SdW\1ZOaVb]PSXcabOP]cbOaYW\RO\R relatable a guy as you could want spending time `SZObOPZSOUcgOag]cQ]cZReO\ba^S\RW\UbW[S "MADONNA: TRUTH OR DARE," starring MaÂľ;/2=<</(B@CB6=@2/@3ÂśabO``W\U;O with your kids, and the scenes of Clash and Elmo eWbVg]c`YWRaO\RbVSaQS\Sa]T1ZOaVO\R3Z[] donna and Warren Beatty. Controversial 1991 doc W\bS`OQbW\UeWbVQVWZR`S\O`SOZbS`\ObSZgTO[WZWO` R]\\OO\REO``S\0SObbg1]\b`]dS`aWOZ''R]Q interacting with children are alternately familiar finds the Material Girl in rare form in the midst Âż\RabVS;ObS`WOZ5W`ZW\`O`ST]`[W\bVS[WRab and revelatory. Hugely touching, and a lot of fun. O\R`SdSZOb]`g6cUSZgb]cQVW\UO\ROZ]b]TTc\ of her "Blonde Ambition" tour, allowing viewers ]TVS`Âľ0Z]\RS/[PWbW]\Âśb]c`OZZ]eW\UdWSeS`a Rated PG for some mild language, including a @ObSR>5T]`a][S[WZRZO\UcOUSW\QZcRW\UO an all-access backstage pass to her hectic, often O\OZZOQQSaaPOQYabOUS^Oaab]VS`VSQbWQ]TbS\ brief drug reference. Running time: 1:20 P`WSTR`cU`STS`S\QS@c\\W\UbW[S((  outrageous existence. Madonna, unsurprisingly, ]cb`OUS]caSfWabS\QS;OR]\\Oc\ac`^`WaW\UZg Suggested retail price: $29.95 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''# proves a hugely entertaining subject, engaging ^`]dSaOVcUSZgS\bS`bOW\W\UacPXSQbS\UOUW\U in all manner of odd antics and misbehavior with W\OZZ[O\\S`]T]RRO\bWQaO\R[WaPSVOdW]`eWbV "TYRANNOSAUR," starring Peter Mullan and ÂľBG@/<<=A/C@ÂśabO``W\U>SbS`;cZZO\O\R her backup dancers and, in one notorious scene, VS`POQYc^RO\QS`aO\RW\]\S\]b]`W]caaQS\S Olivia Colman. Actor-turned-director Paddy =ZWdWO1]Z[O\/Qb]`bc`\SRRW`SQb]`>ORRg reacting hilariously to a sheepish Kevin Costner. `SOQbW\UVWZO`W]caZgb]OaVSS^WaV9SdW\1]ab\S` Considine seems to make a concentrated effort 1]\aWRW\SaSS[ab][OYSOQ]\QS\b`ObSRSTT]`b Rated R. Running time: 2:00 @ObSR@@c\\W\UbW[S( ( to face the bleakest, most downbeat material b]TOQSbVSPZSOYSab[]abR]e\PSOb[ObS`WOZ Suggested retail price: $9.98; Blu-ray $14.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(''&)0Zc`Og"'' head on in his modest but compelling oeuvre, VSOR]\W\VWa[]RSabPcbQ][^SZZW\U]Scd`S and with "Tyrannosaur," he pulls out all the O\ReWbVÂľBg`O\\]aOc`ÂśVS^cZZa]cbOZZbVS NEW TO BLU-RAY <3EB=0:C@/G stops. Here, he introduces us to Joseph (Mullan), ab]^a6S`SVSW\b`]RcQSacab]8]aS^V;cZZO\ an unemployed, violent alcoholic, and Hannah O\c\S[^Z]gSRdW]ZS\bOZQ]V]ZWQO\R6O\\OV "CHINATOWN," starring Jack Nicholson and Âľ167</B=E<ÂśabO``W\U8OQY<WQV]Za]\O\R (Colman), a kindly Christian shopkeep and the 1]Z[O\OYW\RZg1V`WabWO\aV]^YSS^O\RbVS Faye Dunaway. Roman Polanski's enduring 1974 4OgS2c\OeOg@][O\>]ZO\aYW¸aS\Rc`W\U'%" victim of relentless abuse from her horrible husdWQbW[]T`SZS\bZSaaOPcaST`][VS`V]``WPZSVca modern classic is the film noir all other film []RS`\QZOaaWQWabVSÂżZ[\]W`OZZ]bVS`ÂżZ[ band, James (Eddie Marsan). Mainly exploring PO\R8O[Sa3RRWS;O`aO\;OW\ZgSf^Z]`W\U noirs aspire to be, with Nicholson's hard-boiled, \]W`aOa^W`Sb]PSeWbV<WQV]Za]\¸aVO`RP]WZSR the budding and complex relationship between famously bandaged private dick skulking around bVSPcRRW\UO\RQ][^ZSf`SZObW]\aVW^PSbeSS\ TO[]caZgPO\ROUSR^`WdObSRWQYaYcZYW\UO`]c\R Joseph and Hannah, "Tyrannosaur" is above all a 193Os-era Los Angeles, investigating an adultery 8]aS^VO\R6O\\OVÂľBg`O\\]aOc`ÂśWaOP]dSOZZO '!aS`O:]a/\USZSaW\dSabWUObW\UO\ORcZbS`g study in acting, as the leads are asked to portray case that turns out to be considerably more farabcRgW\OQbW\UOabVSZSORaO`SOaYSRb]^]`b`Og QOaSbVObbc`\a]cbb]PSQ]\aWRS`OPZg[]`STO` emotions and scenes that few would wish to reaching and complex than originally believed. S[]bW]\aO\RaQS\SabVObTSee]cZReWaVb] `SOQVW\UO\RQ][^ZSfbVO\]`WUW\OZZgPSZWSdSR experience in real life, let alone watch in a film. Special features include an audio commentary Sf^S`WS\QSW\`SOZZWTSZSbOZ]\SeObQVW\OÂżZ[ A^SQWOZTSObc`SaW\QZcRSO\OcRW]Q][[S\bO`g Running time: 1:32 from Oscar-winning screenwriter Robert Towne @c\\W\UbW[S((! T`][=aQO`eW\\W\UaQ`SS\e`WbS`@]PS`bB]e\S Suggested retail price: $27.99 and filmmaker and fan David Fincher. Rated R. AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( %'' O\RÂżZ[[OYS`O\RTO\2OdWR4W\QVS`@ObSR@ Running time: 2:10 @c\\W\UbW[S( ( - Courtesy of Videoport Suggested retail price: $26.98 Âł1]c`bSag]TDWRS]^]`b AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'&

"WE BOUGHT A ZOO," starring Matt Damon µE30=C56B/H==¶abO``W\U;Obb2O[]\ and Scarlett Johansson. Director Cameron Crowe O\RAQO`ZSbb8]VO\aa]\2W`SQb]`1O[S`]\1`]eS ("Almost Famous") applies his usual winning, µ/Z[]ab4O[]ca¶O^^ZWSaVWacacOZeW\\W\U soundtrack-minded approach to this adaptation a]c\Rb`OQY\RSRO^^`]OQVb]bVWaORO^bObW]\ of Benjamin Mee's popular memoir, in which ]T0S\XO[W\;SS¸a^]^cZO`[S[]W`W\eVWQV a bereaved journalist (Damon) seeks a muchOPS`SOdSRX]c`\OZWab2O[]\aSSYaO[cQV needed change of scenery following the passing \SSRSRQVO\US]TaQS\S`gT]ZZ]eW\UbVS^OaaW\U of his beloved wife, and, as you may have ]TVWaPSZ]dSReWTSO\ROag]c[OgVOdS guessed, inheriting a zoo in the process. Rated UcSaaSRW\VS`WbW\UOh]]W\bVS^`]QSaa@ObSR PG. Running time: 2:04 >5@c\\W\UbW[S( (" Suggested retail price: $29.98; Blu-ray $39.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''&)0Zc`Og!'''

1 Freeport Village Station â&#x20AC;˘ 228-1868   


"CLEOPATRA," starring Elizabeth Taylor and Âľ1:3=>/B@/ÂśabO``W\U3ZWhOPSbVBOgZ]`O\R Richard Burton. A favorite target of critics for @WQVO`R0c`b]\/TOd]`WbSbO`USb]TQ`WbWQaT]` decades now, this 1963 would-be epic is worth RSQORSa\]ebVWa'$!e]cZRPSS^WQWae]`bV seeing for the over-the-top splendor alone, with aSSW\UT]`bVS]dS`bVSb]^a^ZS\R]`OZ]\SeWbV sets and costumes that have yet to be surpassed aSbaO\RQ]abc[SabVObVOdSgSbb]PSac`^OaaSR even today, all of which is simply stunning in this SdS\b]ROgOZZ]TeVWQVWaaW[^Zgabc\\W\UW\bVWa remastered 5Oth-anniversary edition. And of `S[OabS`SR#bVO\\WdS`aO`gSRWbW]\/\R]T course, nobody hams it up with as much enterQ]c`aS\]P]RgVO[aWbc^eWbVOa[cQVS\bS` taining abandon as the great Taylor and Burton. bOW\W\UOPO\R]\OabVSU`SObBOgZ]`O\R0c`b]\ At three hours and 12[W\cbSaÂľ1ZS]^Ob`OÂś[WUVb minutes, "Cleopatra" might /bbV`SSV]c`aO\R be a bit much for some audiences to handle, but PSOPWb[cQVT]`a][SOcRWS\QSab]VO\RZSPcb "a bit much" appears to be exactly what director ÂľOPWb[cQVÂśO^^SO`ab]PSSfOQbZgeVObRW`SQb]` Joseph Mankiewicz ("All About Eve") was shoot8]aS^V;O\YWSeWQhÂľ/ZZ/P]cb3dSÂśeOaaV]]b ing for. W\UT]` Suggested retail price: $44.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(""'&


"WAR HORSE," starring Jeremy Irvine and µE/@6=@A3¶abO``W\U8S`S[g7`dW\SO\R Emily Watson. Based on the Tony Award-winning 3[WZgEOba]\0OaSR]\bVSB]\g/eO`ReW\\W\U Broadway play, Steven Spielberg's sumptuous 0`]OReOg^ZOgAbSdS\A^WSZPS`U¸aac[^bc]ca and heart-rending WWI-era drama has a broad O\RVSO`b`S\RW\UEE7S`OR`O[OVOaOP`]OR audience appeal, but will particularly touch OcRWS\QSO^^SOZPcbeWZZ^O`bWQcZO`Zgb]cQV animal lovers, as the particular bond between O\W[OZZ]dS`aOabVS^O`bWQcZO`P]\RPSbeSS\ man and beast has rarely been explored with [O\O\RPSOabVOa`O`SZgPSS\Sf^Z]`SReWbV such beauty and sensitivity. Young Albert acQVPSOcbgO\RaS\aWbWdWbgG]c\U/ZPS`b (Irvine) bonds with a thoroughbred horse as a 7`dW\SP]\RaeWbVObV]`]cUVP`SRV]`aSOaO boy, is separated from it when it's sold to the P]gWaaS^O`ObSRT`][WbeVS\Wb¸aa]ZRb]bVS British cavalry, and is reunited under unusual and 0`WbWaVQOdOZ`gO\RWa`Sc\WbSRc\RS`c\cacOZO\R potentially tragic circumstances. Special features ^]bS\bWOZZgb`OUWQQW`Qc[abO\QSaA^SQWOZTSObc`Sa include a making-of documentary. Rated PG-13 W\QZcRSO[OYW\U]TR]Qc[S\bO`g@ObSR>5! for intense sequences of war violence. Running T]`W\bS\aSaS_cS\QSa]TeO`dW]ZS\QS@c\\W\U time: 2:26 bW[S( ( $ Suggested retail price: $29.99; Blu-ray $45.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''')0Zc`Og"#''



E16 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 


5Sbc^O\R5= Get up and GO eWbVbVSaSSdS\ba with these events


Figures of Speech =`^li\jf]Jg\\Z_ 

Rory Block brings her famous @]`g0Z]QYP`W\UaVS`TO[]ca Delta blues to Maine. She walks 2SZbOPZcSab];OW\SAVSeOZYa the line between traditional and bVSZW\SPSbeSS\b`ORWbW]\OZO\R modern blues and folk with her []RS`\PZcSaO\RT]ZYeWbVVS` scintillating guitar and vocals. aQW\bWZZObW\UUcWbO`O\Rd]QOZa With a 20-album catalog of EWbVO OZPc[QObOZ]U]T songs to choose from, expect a a]\Uab]QV]]aST`][Sf^SQbO spellbinding night of music. a^SZZPW\RW\U\WUVb]T[caWQ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Leura Hill Eastman E63@3(:Sc`O6WZZ3Oab[O\ Performing Arts Center, >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS` Fryeburg Academy 4`gSPc`U/QORS[g HOW MUCH: $20; $15 6=E;C16( )# seniors; $10 students; aS\W]`a)abcRS\ba) T`gSPc`UOQORS[g]`U^OQ



Andre Nickatina 8e[i\E`ZbXk`eX with Fashawn and n`k_=Xj_XneXe[ Mumbls DldYcj For a time, his moniker was Dre 4]`ObW[SVWa[]\WYS`eOa2`S Dog. These days, rapper and 2]UBVSaSROga`O^^S`O\R producer Andre Nickatina has re^`]RcQS`/\R`S<WQYObW\OVOa`S invented himself with the musical W\dS\bSRVW[aSZTeWbVbVS[caWQOZ depth on his most recent record, RS^bV]\VWa[]ab`SQS\b`SQ]`R "Cocaine INC." Âľ1]QOW\S7<1Âś WHEN: 9 p.m. E63<('^[ WHERE: Port City Music E63@3(>]`b1Wbg;caWQ Hall, 504 Congress St., 6OZZ#"1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $15; $30 6=E;C16(#)! VIP; 18 years and older; D7>)&gSO`aO\R]ZRS`) ^]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][


Ă&#x160;K_\=XZ\f]k_\ 'The Face of the Ghetto' >_\kkfĂ&#x2039;

Figures of Speech Theatre 4WUc`Sa]TA^SSQVBVSOb`S celebrates its 3Oth season of QSZSP`ObSaWba!bVaSOa]\]T dazzling puppetry and actROhhZW\U^c^^Sb`gO\ROQb ing magic with "Jester King of W\U[OUWQeWbVµ8SabS`9W\U]T Java," "Nightingale" and "Cupid 8OdO¶µ<WUVbW\UOZS¶O\Rµ1c^WR and Psyche" over the next two O\R>agQVS¶]dS`bVS\Sfbbe] weekends. You'll laugh to the tale eSSYS\RaG]c¸ZZZOcUVb]bVSbOZS of King Rama and a re-imagined, ]T9W\U@O[OO\RO`SW[OUW\SR musical rendering of a beloved [caWQOZ`S\RS`W\U]TOPSZ]dSR Hans Christian Andersen tale. 6O\a1V`WabWO\/\RS`aS\bOZS WHEN: 1 and 7 p.m. E63<(O\R%^[ WHERE: Lucid Stage, E63@3(:cQWRAbOUS 29 Baxter Blvd., Portland '0OfbS`0ZdR>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $10; 6=E;C16() lucidstage. com ZcQWRabOUSQ][


1][^WZSRPg/W[aSZ>]\bW AbOTTE`WbS`

"The Face of the Ghetto: Pictures ÂľBVS4OQS]TbVS5VSbb](>WQbc`Sa by Jewish Photographers from Pg8SeWaV>V]b]U`O^VS`aT`][ the Lodz Ghetto 1940-1944" is bVS:]Rh5VSbb]'"'""ÂśWa a show of recently discovered OaV]e]T`SQS\bZgRWaQ]dS`SR photographs taken by its Jewish ^V]b]U`O^VabOYS\PgWba8SeWaV inhabitants depicting community W\VOPWbO\baRS^WQbW\UQ][[c\Wbg life in the Lodz Ghetto in Poland. ZWTSW\bVS:]Rh5VSbb]W\>]ZO\R The United Nations exhibit will be BVSC\WbSR<ObW]\aSfVWPWbeWZZPS on display at the Maine Jewish ]\RWa^ZOgObbVS;OW\S8SeWaV Museum for its first stop on a ;caSc[T]`WbaÂż`abab]^]\O two-year tour around the U.S. It be]gSO`b]c`O`]c\RbVSCA7b will be in Portland until May 1. eWZZPSW\>]`bZO\Rc\bWZ;Og

'Jiro Dreams of Ă&#x160;A`if;i\Xdjf] Sushi' Jlj_`Ă&#x2039; Jiro Ono is an 85-year-old sushi 8W`]=\]WaO\&#gSO`]ZRacaVW chef with an international followQVSTeWbVO\W\bS`\ObW]\OZT]ZZ]e ing. He owns Sukiyabashi Jiro, W\U6S]e\aAcYWgOPOaVW8W`] a 10-seat, sushi-only restaurant OaSObacaVW]\Zg`SabOc`O\b located in a Tokyo subway station. Z]QObSRW\OB]Yg]acPeOgabObW]\ "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" is a mediÂľ8W`]2`SO[a]TAcaVWÂśWaO[SRW tative documentary about work, bObWdSR]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cbe]`Y family, perfection and fatherhood TO[WZg^S`TSQbW]\O\RTObVS`V]]R all rolled into one. OZZ`]ZZSRW\b]]\S WHEN: 5 and 7 p.m. E63<(#O\R%^[ WHERE: The Space Gallery, E63@3(BVSA^OQS5OZZS`g 538 Congress St., Portland #!&1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $7; 6=E;C16(%) spaceSJS.orflr a^OQS#!&]`U

WHEN: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. E63<(O[b]#^[ WHERE: Maine Jewish E63@3(;OW\S8SeWaV Museum, 267 Congress St., ;caSc[ $%1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free; 6=E;C16(4`SS) treeoflifemuseum. org b`SS]Ă&#x20AC;WTS[caSc[]`U



OLS All Star Revue FCJ8ccJkXiI\ml\

'Titanic: Ă&#x160;K`kXe`Z1 A Survivor's Story' 8Jlim`mfiĂ&#x2039;jJkfipĂ&#x2039; This month marks the 100BVWa[]\bV[O`YabVS year anniversary of one of the gSO`O\\WdS`aO`g]T]\S]TbVS world's most famous, and tragic, e]`ZR¸a[]abTO[]caO\Rb`OUWQ maritime disasters - the sinking [O`WbW[SRWaOabS`aÂłbVSaW\YW\U of the RMS Titanic in the North ]TbVS@;ABWbO\WQW\bVS<]`bV Atlantic. There were 1,514 souls /bZO\bWQBVS`SeS`S#"a]cZa lost, but an 8-year-old passenZ]abPcbO\&gSO`]ZR^OaaS\ ger, Marshall Drew, survived. St. US`;O`aVOZZ2`Seac`dWdSRAb Joseph's College professor Karen 8]aS^V¸a1]ZZSUS^`]TSaa]`9O`S\ Lemke interviewed Drew in 1986, :S[YSW\bS`dWSeSR2`SeW\'&$ and she will share many of his O\RaVSeWZZaVO`S[O\g]TVWa vivid details during this talk. dWdWRRSbOWZaRc`W\UbVWabOZY WHEN: Noon E63<(<]]\ WHERE: Maine Historical E63@3(;OW\S6Wab]`WQOZ Society, 489 Congress St., A]QWSbg"&'1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free; 6=E;C16(4`SS) mainehistory. org [OW\SVWab]`g]`U

One Longfellow Square has put =\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`SVOa^cb together a night to remember for b]USbVS`O\WUVbb]`S[S[PS`T]` their OLS All Star Revue benefit bVSW`=:A/ZZAbO`@SdcSPS\S¿b concert. A string band super Q]\QS`b/ab`W\UPO\Rac^S` group of Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, U`]c^]T2O`]Z/\US`8]SEOZaV Brittany Haas, Courtney Hart0`WbbO\g6OOa1]c`b\Sg6O`b man, Wes Corbett and Amanda [O\ESa1]`PSbbO\R/[O\RO Kowalski will be pulling out all 9]eOZaYWeWZZPS^cZZW\U]cbOZZ the stops - and strings - to supbVSab]^a³O\Rab`W\Ua³b]ac^ port One Longfellow Square's ^]`b=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S¸a nonprofit endeavors. \]\^`]¿bS\RSOd]`a WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: One Longfellow E63@3(=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, 181 State St., A_cO`S&AbObSAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $25; 6=E;C16( #) onelongfellowsquare. com ]\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][

'Eclipse' Ă&#x160;<Zc`gj\Ă&#x2039; Vivid Motion presents an original DWdWR;]bW]\^`SaS\baO\]`WUW\OZ ballet performed to selections POZZSb^S`T]`[SRb]aSZSQbW]\a of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the ]T>W\Y4Z]gR¸aÂľ2O`YAWRS]TbVS Moon." The show is described ;]]\ÂśBVSaV]eWaRSaQ`WPSR as one part soldier's story, one Oa]\S^O`ba]ZRWS`¸aab]`g]\S part prodigal lover and one ^O`b^`]RWUOZZ]dS`O\R]\S part "Alice in Wonderland." The ^O`bÂľ/ZWQSW\E]\RS`ZO\RÂśBVS show's second act will include aV]e¸aaSQ]\ROQbeWZZW\QZcRS another batch of "just for fun" O\]bVS`PObQV]TÂľXcabT]`Tc\Âś dances set to the music of Lady RO\QSaaSbb]bVS[caWQ]T:ORg Lamb the Beekeeper, Ben Folds :O[PbVS0SSYSS^S`0S\4]ZRa Five, Fatboy Slim and others. 4WdS4ObP]gAZW[O\R]bVS`a See "Eclipse" tonight, Friday or ASSÂľ3QZW^aSÂśb]\WUVb4`WROg]` Saturday night. AObc`ROg\WUVb WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: St. Lawrence Arts E63@3(Ab:Oe`S\QS/`ba Center, 76 Congress St., 1S\bS`%$1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12;)$T]`c\ $6 for un6=E;C16( der 13; RS`!)abZOe`S\QSO`ba]`U

8gi`c(* Shawn Colvin J_Xne:fcm`e



Three-time Grammy winner BV`SSbW[S5`O[[geW\\S` Shawn Colvin performs a benAVOe\1]ZdW\^S`T]`[aOPS\ efit concert for the Aleigh Mills S¿bQ]\QS`bT]`bVS/ZSWUV;WZZa Scholarship Fund. Mills, from the AQV]ZO`aVW^4c\R;WZZaT`][bVS class of 2006, is remembered for QZOaa]T $Wa`S[S[PS`SRT]` her outgoing nature, concern for VS`]cbU]W\U\Obc`SQ]\QS`\T]` others and generous spirit. This ]bVS`aO\RUS\S`]caa^W`WbBVWa concert and the scholarship in Q]\QS`bO\RbVSaQV]ZO`aVW^W\ her name will continue Aleigh's VS`\O[SeWZZQ]\bW\cS/ZSWUV¸a legacy to generations of Kents ZSUOQgb]US\S`ObW]\a]T9S\ba Hill students - not to mention 6WZZabcRS\ba³\]bb][S\bW]\ that you'll hear a terrific set from bVObg]c¸ZZVSO`ObS``W¿QaSbT`][ a sensational singer-songwriter. OaS\aObW]\OZaW\US`a]\Ue`WbS` WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Center for the E63@3(1S\bS`T]`bVS Performing Arts at New>S`T]`[W\U/`baOb<Se ton Hall, Kents Hill School, b]\6OZZ9S\ba6WZZAQV]]Z 1614 Main St. $";OW\Ab HOW MUCH: $45; $70 VIP; 6=E;C16("#)%D7>) YS\baVWZZ]`UQ]\QS`ba

Levmion Muuurn C\n`jkfe8lYlie Film Festival =`cd=\jk`mXc An impressive schedule of films, /\W[^`SaaWdSaQVSRcZS]T¿Z[a including the world premiere of W\QZcRW\UbVSe]`ZR^`S[WS`S]T the Maine-made "You Can't Kill bVS;OW\SRSµG]c1O\¸b9WZZ Stephen King," is in store this AbS^VS\9W\U¶WaW\ab]`SbVWa weekend at venues througheSSYS\RObdS\cSabV`]cUV out Lewiston and Auburn. The ]cb:SeWab]\O\R/cPc`\BVS Lewiston Auburn Film Festival :SeWab]\/cPc`\4WZ[4SabWdOZ has something for every film buff VOaa][SbVW\UT]`SdS`g¿Z[PcTT out there. ]cbbVS`S WHEN: Starts at 10 a.m. E63<(AbO`baObO[ WHERE: Downtown LewisE63@3(2]e\b]e\:SeWa ton and Auburn locations b]\O\R/cPc`\Z]QObW]\a HOW MUCH: $22 T]`OTbS` for after6=E;C16( noon pass to all films in \]]\^Oaab]OZZ¿Z[aW\ all venues on Saturday; OZZdS\cSa]\AObc`ROg) ZO¿Z[TSabWdOZ]`U


Kf[Xp Rory Block Ifip9cfZb

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IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!


1G/< ;/53<B/ G3::=E 0:/19

BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3% The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO El 7

ro ~C3 oo

V â&#x20AC;˘



d re



the same woman. bVSaO[Se][O\ Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:20,2:35, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (  (!# 4:50, 7:10, 9:25; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12:20, "(#%('( #)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR (  2:35, (!# 4:50, 7:10, 9:25 "(#%('( #

3, 7,9:20; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) 12:30, (!!%'( )1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Today-Fri 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 Sat-Sun 12, 2:30, 5, 7:30,10 B]ROg4`W (!#%(!AObAc\ (!#%(! Mon-Wed 2:30, 5,7:30,10; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed ;]\ESR (!#%(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR 4:40, 7, 9:20; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12, 2:20, ( "("%'( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 11:30,11:50, 2, 2:10, 4:30, 4:40, 7:10, 7:20, 9:40, 9:50 Fri(!(# ("(!"("%(%( '("'(#4`W Wed 11:40,11:50, 2, 2:10,4:30,4:40, 7:10, 7:20, 9:40, ESR("(# ("(!"("%(%( '(" 9:50; Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1, 3:30, 6:45, 9:30 '(#)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR!(!$("#'(!

"THE VOW" (PG-13) (1:48) Stars Rachel McAdams, ÂľB63D=EÂś>5!("&AbO`a@OQVSZ;Q/RO[a Channing Tatum, Sam Neill and Jessica Lange. Directed 1VO\\W\UBObc[AO[<SWZZO\R8SaaWQO:O\US2W`SQbSR by Michael Sucsy. A car accident puts Paige (McAdPg;WQVOSZAcQag/QO`OQQWRS\b^cba>OWUS;Q/R ams) in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe O[aW\OQ][OO\ReVS\aVSeOYSac^eWbVaSdS`S memory loss, her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win [S[]`gZ]aaVS`VcaPO\R:S]BObc[e]`Yab]eW\ her heart again. VS`VSO`bOUOW\ Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:10,2:30, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR ( (! 4:45, 7:05, 9:20 "("#%(#'( 

:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3" Continued from Page E14

"SAFE HOUSE" (R) (1:55) Stars Denzel Washington, ÂľA/436=CA3Âś@(##AbO`a2S\hSZEOaVW\Ub]\ Ryan Reynolds and Robert Patrick. Directed by Daniel @gO\@Sg\]ZRaO\R@]PS`b>Ob`WQY2W`SQbSRPg2O\WSZ Espinosa. A young CIA agent is tasked with looking af3a^W\]aO/g]c\U17/OUS\bWabOaYSReWbVZ]]YW\UOT ter a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house bS`OTcUWbWdSW\OaOTSV]caS0cbeVS\bVSaOTSV]caS is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge. WaObbOQYSRVSÂż\RaVW[aSZT]\bVS`c\eWbVVWaQVO`US Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:40, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(" 2:10, 4:40, 7:20,10 ("("%( 

"W.E." (R) (1:59) Stars Abbie Cornish, James D'Arcy µE3¶@(#'AbO`a/PPWS1]`\WaV8O[Sa2¸/`Qg and Andrea Riseborough. Directed by Madonna. The O\R/\R`SO@WaSP]`]cUV2W`SQbSRPg;OR]\\OBVS affair between King Edward VIII and American divorcee OTTOW`PSbeSS\9W\U3ReO`RD777O\R/[S`WQO\RWd]`QSS Wallis Simpson sparks the interest of a contemporary EOZZWaAW[^a]\a^O`YabVSW\bS`Sab]TOQ]\bS[^]`O`g romance between a married woman and a Russian `][O\QSPSbeSS\O[O``WSRe][O\O\RO@caaWO\ security guard. aSQc`WbgUcO`R Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 3:40,9 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg!("'

"SEPARATION" (NR) (2:03) Stars Peyman Moadi, µA3>/@/B7=<¶<@ (!AbO`a>Sg[O\;]ORW Leila Hatami and Sareh Bayat. Directed by Asghar :SWZO6ObO[WO\RAO`SV0OgOb2W`SQbSRPg/aUVO` Farhadi. A married couple are faced with a difficult 4O`VORW/[O``WSRQ]c^ZSO`STOQSReWbVORWT¿QcZb decision - to improve the life of their child by moving RSQWaW]\³b]W[^`]dSbVSZWTS]TbVSW`QVWZRPg[]dW\U to another country or to stay in Iran to take care of a b]O\]bVS`Q]c\b`g]`b]abOgW\7`O\b]bOYSQO`S]TO parent with Alzheimer's. ^O`S\beWbV/ZhVSW[S`¸a Showing at: Nordica (Freeport) Today 1:10,4:10, 7, AV]eW\UOb(<]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROg("(% 9:30; Eveningstar (Brunswick) Fri-Sat 1:30,4, 6:30, 9 '(!)3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQY4`WAOb(!"$(!' Sun-Wed 1:30,4, 6:30 Ac\ESR(!"$(!

"WRATH OF THE TITANS" (PG-13) (1:39) Stars Sam ÂľE@/B6=4B63B7B/<AÂś>5!(!'AbO`aAO[ Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike and Ralph E]`bVW\Ub]\:WO[<SSa]\@]aO[c\R>WYSO\R@OZ^V Fiennes. Directed by Jonathan Liebesman. Perseus 4WS\\Sa2W`SQbSRPg8]\ObVO\:WSPSa[O\>S`aSca braves the treacherous underworld to rescue his father, P`OdSabVSb`SOQVS`]cac\RS`e]`ZRb]`SaQcSVWaTObVS` Zeus, captured by his son, Ares, and brother Hades, HScaQO^bc`SRPgVWaa]\/`SaO\RP`]bVS`6ORSa who unleash the ancient Titans upon the world. eV]c\ZSOaVbVSO\QWS\bBWbO\ac^]\bVSe]`ZR Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:45, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg("# 4:30, 7:30, 9:20 Fri-Wed 1:45,4:30, 7:10, 9:20; Windham "(!%(!'( 4`WESR("#"(!%('( )EW\RVO[ 5 Star Today 4:10, 7 Fri 4:10, 7, 9:10 Sat 1:10, 4:10, 7, #AbO`B]ROg"(%4`W"(%'(AOb("(% 9:10 Sun 1:10, 4:10, 7 Mon-Tues 4:10, 7 Wed 1:10,4:10, 7; '(Ac\("(%;]\BcSa"(%ESR("(%) "THIN ICE" (R) (1:33) Stars Greg Kinnear, Billy ÂľB67<713Âś@(!!AbO`a5`SU9W\\SO`0WZZg Nordica (Freeport) Today-Wed 1:45,4:20,7:20, Crudup and Alan Arkin. Directed by Jill Sprecher. An in- <]`RWQO4`SS^]`bB]ROgESR("#"( %(  1`cRc^O\R/ZO\/`YW\2W`SQbSRPg8WZZA^`SQVS`/\W\ 9:40; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today 2:30, surance agent looking for a way out of frigid Wisconsin '(")1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg (! ac`O\QSOUS\bZ]]YW\UT]`OeOg]cb]TT`WUWREWaQ]\aW\ 4:50,7:20, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:10 is blackmailed by an unstable locksmith in the theft of "(#%( '(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR ( WaPZOQY[OWZSRPgO\c\abOPZSZ]QYa[WbVW\bVSbVSTb]T (IMAX 3D), 12:25, (IMAX 3D), 2:40,4:40 (IMAX 3D), a rare violin that belongs to a retired farmer. 7;/F!2 ( # 2:25 ( #7;/F!2 (""("7;/F!2 O`O`SdW]ZW\bVObPSZ]\Uab]O`SbW`SRTO`[S` 4:50, 7 (IMAX 3D), 7:15, 9:15 (IMAX 3D), 9:30; Cinemagic "(#%7;/F!2%(#'(#7;/F!2'(!)1W\S[OUWQ Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:30,4:15, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg(!"(# Westbrook Today 11:40,12 !2 (3D), 2, 2:20 (3D), 4:20, ESabP`]]YB]ROg(" ( !2"(  7, 9:40 Fri-Wed 1:15, 6:40 %'("4`WESR(#$(" 4:40 (3D), 7, 7:20 (3D), 9:20, 9:40 (3D) Fri-Wed 11:40,12 "("!2%%( !2'( '("!24`WESR(" (3D), 2, 2:20 (3D), 4:20,4:40 (3D), 7, 7:30 (3D), 9:30, !2 ( !2"( "("!2%%(!!2'(! "THIS MEANS WAR" (PG-13) (1:38) Stars Reese ÂľB67A;3/<AE/@Âś>5!(!&AbO`a@SSaS 9:50 (3D); Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1:25, 4, 7:25, 9:45 Witherspoon, Chris Pine and Tom Hardy. Directed '(#!2)0`c\aeWQY4`WESR( #"%( #'("# EWbVS`a^]]\1V`Wa>W\SO\RB][6O`Rg2W`SQbSR by McG. Two top CIA operatives wage an epic battle Pg;Q5Be]b]^17/]^S`ObWdSaeOUSO\S^WQPObbZS against one another after they discover they are dating - From news services; subject to change OUOW\ab]\SO\]bVS`OTbS`bVSgRWaQ]dS`bVSgO`SRObW\U Âł4`][\SeaaS`dWQSa)acPXSQbb]QVO\US

E:G@>CH PERKINS :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! Continued from Page E13

that are more jaded. And having the UIBUBSFNPSFKBEFE"OEIBWJOHUIF personal connection and relationships in QFSTPOBMDPOOFDUJPOBOESFMBUJPOTIJQTJO Portland from my first film ('Pretty in the 1PSUMBOEGSPNNZmSTUmMN A1SFUUZJOUIF Face,' 2007) far outweighed the financial 'BDF  GBSPVUXFJHIFEUIFmOBODJBM considerations." DPOTJEFSBUJPOTw As for those "financial considerations," "TGPSUIPTFimOBODJBMDPOTJEFSBUJPOT w Meyer concedes that Maine's lack of tax .FZFSDPODFEFTUIBU.BJOFTMBDLPGUBY incentives is a major impediment to other JODFOUJWFTJTBNBKPSJNQFEJNFOUUPPUIFS filmmakers coming to the state. "While we mMNNBLFSTDPNJOHUPUIFTUBUFi8IJMFXF were small enough that it wouldn't have XFSFTNBMMFOPVHIUIBUJUXPVMEOUIBWF made much difference, for bigger producNBEFNVDIEJGGFSFODF GPSCJHHFSQSPEVD tions, it (the lack of tax help) will keep UJPOT JU UIFMBDLPGUBYIFMQ XJMMLFFQ them away." UIFNBXBZw Indeed, Meyer's own production team *OEFFE .FZFSTPXOQSPEVDUJPOUFBN was against using Maine until they came XBTBHBJOTUVTJOH.BJOFVOUJMUIFZDBNF to scout locations and "everyone fell in UPTDPVUMPDBUJPOTBOEiFWFSZPOFGFMMJO love with it." MPWFXJUIJUw Meyer's experience in Portland also con.FZFSTFYQFSJFODFJO1PSUMBOEBMTPDPO vinced him that Maine was an appropriate WJODFEIJNUIBU.BJOFXBTBOBQQSPQSJBUF home for Scott's artistically ambitious yet IPNFGPS4DPUUTBSUJTUJDBMMZBNCJUJPVTZFU professionally aimless artist. QSPGFTTJPOBMMZBJNMFTTBSUJTU "I see Portland as a kind of Utopian, idyli*TFF1PSUMBOEBTBLJOEPGVUPQJBO JEZM lic community," explains Meyer, adding MJDDPNNVOJUZ wFYQMBJOT.FZFS BEEJOH with a laugh, "I mean that in a good way XJUIBMBVHI i*NFBOUIBUJOBHPPEXBZ Maine has a wide, rich, supportive artistic .BJOFIBTBXJEF SJDI TVQQPSUJWFBSUJTUJD community. Anytime you have that kind of DPNNVOJUZ"OZUJNFZPVIBWFUIBULJOEPG place, you'll have people who pursue their QMBDF ZPVMMIBWFQFPQMFXIPQVSTVFUIFJS art, but few have the opportunity to do it BSU CVUGFXIBWFUIFPQQPSUVOJUZUPEPJU for pay. Portland fosters artists, and a lot GPSQBZ1PSUMBOEGPTUFSTBSUJTUT BOEBMPU of them stay. And I was one of them." PGUIFNTUBZ"OE*XBTPOFPGUIFNw Still making the festival circuit with "See 4UJMMNBLJOHUIFGFTUJWBMDJSDVJUXJUIi4FF Girl Run," Meyer says a showing at the (JSM3VO w.FZFSTBZTBTIPXJOHBUUIF Maine International Film Festival, or even .BJOF*OUFSOBUJPOBM'JMN'FTUJWBM PSFWFO a Portland premiere, is a possibility. B1PSUMBOEQSFNJFSF JTBQPTTJCJMJUZ

And as for other directors using Port"OEBTGPSPUIFSEJSFDUPSTVTJOH1PSU land as a backdrop - well, if we can all MBOEBTBCBDLESPQoXFMM JGXFDBOBMM just let Martin Scorsese or Wes Anderson KVTUMFU.BSUJO4DPSTFTFPS8FT"OEFSTPO crash at our places for a summer (and get DSBTIBUPVSQMBDFTGPSBTVNNFS BOEHFU the Legislature to pass some tax incenUIF-FHJTMBUVSFUPQBTTTPNFUBYJODFO tives), we just might make it happen. UJWFT XFKVTUNJHIUNBLFJUIBQQFO *WFHPUSPPN I've got room. Dennis Perkins is a Portland freelance writer. 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaO>]`bZO\RT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`

COMING TO LOCAL SCREENS :FD@E>KFCF:8CJ:I<<EJ SPACE GALLERY ( A>/135/::3@Ga^OQS#!&]`U Saturday: "Alan Lomax: American AObc`ROg(µ/ZO\:][Of(/[S`WQO\ Patchwork." First up, Space takes >ObQVe]`Y¶4W`abc^A^OQSbOYSa care of Portland's music/movie QO`S]T>]`bZO\R¸a[caWQ[]dWS fans with this documentary about TO\aeWbVbVWaR]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cb folklorist Lomax's decade-long travels T]ZYZ]`Wab:][Of¸aRSQORSZ]\Ub`OdSZa documenting traditional roots music in R]Qc[S\bW\Ub`ORWbW]\OZ`]]ba[caWQW\ the American South. Then, on Sunday, bVS/[S`WQO\A]cbVBVS\]\Ac\ROg it's the movie/foodie fans' turn with Wb¸abVS[]dWST]]RWSTO\a¸bc`\eWbV Space's presentation of "Jiro Dreams A^OQS¸a^`SaS\bObW]\]Tµ8W`]2`SO[a of Sushi," the acclaimed documentary ]TAcaVW¶bVSOQQZOW[SRR]Qc[S\bO`g about the titular chef whose tiny OP]cbbVSbWbcZO`QVSTeV]aSbW\g restaurant, housed in a Tokyo subway `SabOc`O\bV]caSRW\OB]Yg]acPeOg station, is world renowned for having abObW]\Wae]`ZR`S\]e\SRT]`VOdW\U the best sushi in the world. bVSPSabacaVWW\bVSe]`ZR HADLOCK FIELD 6/2:=19473:2 Saturday: Red Seat Productions AObc`ROg(@SRASOb>`]RcQbW]\a (profiled in this column in February) ^`]¿ZSRW\bVWaQ]Zc[\W\4SP`cO`g is coming to Portland to film WaQ][W\Ub]>]`bZO\Rb]¿Z[ interviews with Red Sox fans for their W\bS`dWSeaeWbV@SRA]fTO\aT]`bVSW` documentary about Fenway Park. So R]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cb4S\eOg>O`YA] all members of Red Sox Nation who OZZ[S[PS`a]T@SRA]f<ObW]\eV] want to share their memories of the eO\bb]aVO`SbVSW`[S[]`WSa]TbVS cathedral of baseball should head to QObVSR`OZ]TPOaSPOZZaV]cZRVSORb] Portland's Fenway Jr. from noon to 2 >]`bZO\R¸a4S\eOg8`T`][\]]\b] p.m. for the filming. ^[T]`bVS¿Z[W\U


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3'

?FK HOT k`Zb\k :\c\YiXk\DX`e\ Celebrate Maine plays all month gcXpjXccdfek_ THE MAINE PLAYWRIGHTS B63;/7<3>:/GE@756BA FESTIVAL hits full stride 43AB7D/:VWbaTcZZab`WRS this week and continues bVWaeSSYO\RQ]\bW\cSa all month with staged OZZ[]\bVeWbVabOUSR readings beginning `SORW\UaPSUW\\W\U Saturday. This is the 11th AObc`ROgBVWaWabVSbV year of the festival, hosted gSO`]TbVSTSabWdOZV]abSR by Acorn Productions, and Pg/Q]`\>`]RcQbW]\aO\R it features new scripts by WbTSObc`Sa\SeaQ`W^baPg some of the region's most a][S]TbVS`SUW]\¸a[]ab promising playwrights. ^`][WaW\U^ZOge`WUVba WHEN: Staged reading of E63<(AbOUSR`SORW\U]T "Memorial Day" by Lynne µ;S[]`WOZ2Og¶Pg:g\\S Cullen, 7:30 p.m. Saturday 1cZZS\%(!^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Acorn Studios, E63@3(/Q]`\AbcRW]a Dana Warp Mill, 2O\OEO`^;WZZ Westbrook ESabP`]]Y ADMISSION: SS/donation /2;7AA7=<(#R]\ObW]\ INFO & FULL SCHEDULE: 7<4=4C::A1632C:3( 854-0065; &#"$#) OQ]`\^`]RcQbW]\a]`U

 8  KF

; < > <E

C 8 L ; L C C 8 :?

The BVS Saco AOQ]

Museum and ;caSc[O\R

Engine in Biddeford 3\UW\SW\0WRRST]`R

wanted to showcase eO\bSRb]aV]eQOaS

G :?<8I@CC

the work of the artists of the bVSe]`Y]TbVSO`bWaba]TbVS

Saco River Valley. The Mill-ennial AOQ]@WdS`DOZZSg¡BVS;WZZS\\WOZ 2012' begins its run tonight.  ¸PSUW\aWba`c\b]\WUVb


By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4 StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS

hen Jessica Skwire Routhier interIFO+FTTJDB4LXJSF3PVUIJFSJOUFS viewed for the job as director of the WJFXFEGPSUIFKPCBTEJSFDUPSPGUIF Saco Museum, she mentioned it 4BDP.VTFVN TIFNFOUJPOFEJU would be kind of neat if the museum XPVMECFLJOEPGOFBUJGUIFNVTFVN could find a way to host a biennial of DPVMEmOEBXBZUPIPTUBCJFOOJBMPG its own. JUTPXO Contemporary artists living and $POUFNQPSBSZBSUJTUTMJWJOHBOE working in Saco, Biddeford and Old XPSLJOHJO4BDP #JEEFGPSEBOE0ME Orchard Beach stand as a unique lot, 0SDIBSE#FBDITUBOEBTBVOJRVFMPU  yet they tend to show in places like ZFUUIFZUFOEUPTIPXJOQMBDFTMJLF Portland, Kennebunk and other loca1PSUMBOE ,FOOFCVOLBOEPUIFSMPDB tions. Routhier thought it would be UJPOT3PVUIJFSUIPVHIUJUXPVMECF appropriate to bring them together BQQSPQSJBUFUPCSJOHUIFNUPHFUIFS for an exhibition that celebrates the GPSBOFYIJCJUJPOUIBUDFMFCSBUFTUIF art scene of the Saco River Valley. BSUTDFOFPGUIF4BDP3JWFS7BMMFZ Beginning with an opening recep#FHJOOJOHXJUIBOPQFOJOHSFDFQ tion today, the museum and the UJPOUPEBZ UIFNVTFVNBOEUIF community arts organization Engine DPNNVOJUZBSUTPSHBOJ[BUJPO&OHJOF in Biddeford will present "The MillJO#JEEFGPSEXJMMQSFTFOUi5IF.JMM ennial 2012," the second in a series FOOJBM wUIFTFDPOEJOBTFSJFT of juried biennial exhibitions of PGKVSJFECJFOOJBMFYIJCJUJPOTPG Please see EXHIBIT, Gc\Xj\j\\3F6707BGX^\<*(

Courtesy image 1]c`bSagW[OUS

"Bean Factory, Night," by Âľ0SO\4OQb]`g<WUVbÂśPg Alison Rector, oil on panel /ZWa]\@SQb]`]WZ]\^O\SZ

'The Portland Show' Ă&#x160;K_\GfikcXe[J_fnĂ&#x2039; artists feted at party Xik`jkj]\k\[XkgXikp

From the top: Works by artists 4`][bVSb]^(E]`YaPgO`bWaba Richard Smukler, Laura Dunn @WQVO`RA[cYZS`:Oc`O2c\\ and Rachael Eastman. O\R@OQVOSZ3Oab[O\ Left: A piece by Nora Tryon. :STb(/^WSQSPg<]`OB`g]\

VIEWASLIDESHOW M@<N8JC@;<J?FN STAFFWRITER BOB KEYES narrates a slideshow of works from AB/44E@7B3@0=093G3A\O``ObSaOaZWRSaV]e]Te]`YaT`][ the Mill-ennial show at: bVS;WZZS\\WOZaV]eOb(eee^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ZWTSU]

GREENUT GALLERIES hosts 5@33<CB5/::3@73AV]aba a reception for "The O`SQS^bW]\T]`ÂľBVS Portland Show," on view >]`bZO\RAV]eÂś]\dWSe through April 28. The bV`]cUV/^`WZ &BVS gallery invited artists UOZZS`gW\dWbSRO`bWaba from across Maine to T`][OQ`]aa;OW\Sb] interpret Portland. The W\bS`^`Sb>]`bZO\RBVS variety of work represents dO`WSbg]Te]`Y`S^`SaS\ba the breadth of artists bVSP`SORbV]TO`bWaba working in Maine, and e]`YW\UW\;OW\SO\R demonstrates how artists RS[]\ab`ObSaV]eO`bWaba can look at a familiar QO\Z]]YObOTO[WZWO` subject and see things acPXSQbO\RaSSbVW\Ua differently. RWTTS`S\bZg WHEN: Reception 5 to 7 E63<(@SQS^bW]\#b]% p.m. today ^[b]ROg WHERE: Greenhut Galleries, E63@3(5`SS\Vcb5OZZS`WSa 146 Middle St., Portland "$;WRRZSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 772-2693; 7<4=(%%  $'!) eeeU`SS\VcbUOZZS`WSaQ][

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

c`jk`e^j 8IK8E;K?<8K<I

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance," the legendary Irish dance troupe, is at Merrill Auditorium in Portland for two shows on Friday. ;WQVOSZ4ZObZSg¸aµ:]`R]TbVS2O\QS¶bVSZSUS\RO`g7`WaVRO\QSb`]c^SWaOb;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[W\>]`bZO\RT]`be]aV]ea]\4`WROg Ewazen's Celestial Dancers, Merrill Auditorium, %WAZENS#ELESTIAL$ANCERS -ERRILL!UDITORIUM Portland. $6; $3 for students, seniors and alumni. 0ORTLANDFORSTUDENTS SENIORSANDALUMNI 7 p.m. USMMAINEEDUMUSICPM Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY Concert, with pianist Frank Glazer, First Parish #ONCERT WITHPIANIST&RANK'LAZER &IRST0ARISH Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland. Free. 5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH 0ORTLAND&REE 775-3356. 12:15 p.m.  PM

Penobscot Theatre Company, Bangor Opera 0ENOBSCOT4HEATRE#OMPANY "ANGOR/PERA House. $20. 7 p.m. today; (OUSEPENOBSCOTTHEATREORGPMTODAY TODAY 4/$!9 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 3 p.m. Sunday; 7 p.m. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM Portland Conservatory of Music Noonday 0ORTLAND#ONSERVATORYOF-USIC.OONDAY Wednesday and April 12. Through April 15. 7EDNESDAYAND!PRIL4HROUGH!PRIL Concert, with Elliott Schwartz & Friends, First #ONCERT WITH%LLIOTT3CHWARTZ&RIENDS &IRST "Lady Day at Emerson's Bar & Grille," Mardra h,ADY$AYAT%MERSONS"AR'RILLE v-ARDRA Parish Unitarian Universalist Church, Portland. 0ARISH5NITARIAN5NIVERSALIST#HURCH 0ORTLAND Thomas as Billie Holiday with Flash Allen on 4HOMASAS"ILLIE(OLIDAYWITH&LASH!LLENON Free. 775-3356. 12:15 p.m. &REE PM piano, Freeport Factory Stage. $19; $15 for seniors PIANO &REEPORT&ACTORY3TAGEFORSENIORS and students; pay-what-you-can on Thursdays. ANDSTUDENTSPAY WHAT YOU CANON4HURSDAYS FRIDAY &2)$!9 7:30 p.m. today to Saturday; FREEPORTFACTORYCOMPMTODAYTO3ATURDAY DANCE Chamber ME Music Series, Haydn and Beethoven N$!.#% #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES (AYDNAND"EETHOVEN 2 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. April 12. Through April PM3UNDAYPM!PRIL4HROUGH!PRIL string quartets, Freeport Community Center. Free/ Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance," Irish dance  STRINGQUARTETS &REEPORT#OMMUNITY#ENTER&REE -ICHAEL&LATLEYSh,ORDOFTHE$ANCE v)RISHDANCE 14. 11 a.m. show, Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $41 to $57. DONATIONTINYURLCOMCHAMBER-%AM SHOW -ERRILL!UDITORIUM 0ORTLANDTO "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," Poland h9OUREA'OOD-AN #HARLIE"ROWN v0OLAND Chamber ME Music Series, Haydn and Beethoven PORTTIXCOMANDPM&RIDAY 4 and 8 p.m. Friday. #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES (AYDNAND"EETHOVEN Players musical, suitable for all ages, Dr. Robert 0LAYERSMUSICAL SUITABLEFORALLAGES $R2OBERT string quartets, Key Bank, Portland. Free/donation. h,ITTLE2ED2IDING(OOD v0ORTLAND3CHOOLOF "Little Red Riding Hood," Portland School of STRINGQUARTETS +EY"ANK 0ORTLAND&REEDONATION Wall Theatre, Poland. $8; $5 for children. 9987ALL4HEATRE 0OLANDFORCHILDREN 5 p.m. Ballet's "Kids for Kids" series with narration by TINYURLCOMCHAMBER-%PM "ALLETSh+IDSFOR+IDSvSERIESWITHNARRATIONBY 5400, Ext. 457. 7 p.m. today to Saturday.  %XTPMTODAYTO3ATURDAY Suzanne Nance, Westbrook Performing Arts 3UZANNE.ANCE 7ESTBROOK0ERFORMING!RTS "South Pacific," classic musical, McCormack h3OUTH0ACIlC vCLASSICMUSICAL -C#ORMACK SATURDAY Center. $10; $5 for children, 3!452$!9 #ENTERFORCHILDRENPORTLANDBALLETORG Performing Arts Center (Gorham High School). $9; 0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER'ORHAM(IGH3CHOOL  Chamber ME Music Series, Haydn and Beethoven AM3ATURDAY 11 a.m. Saturday. #HAMBER-%-USIC3ERIES (AYDNAND"EETHOVEN $6 for seniors and students. 839-5754. 7:30 p.m. FORSENIORSANDSTUDENTS PM string quartets, River Tree Arts, Kennebunk. Free/ "Eclipse (and Other Dances)," Vivid Motion STRINGQUARTETS 2IVER4REE!RTS +ENNEBUNK&REE h%CLIPSEAND/THER$ANCES v6IVID-OTION Friday; 2 and 7:30 p.m. Saturday. &RIDAYANDPM3ATURDAY 11 a.m. spring show, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. DONATIONTINYURLCOMCHAMBER-%AM SPRINGSHOW 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND "Jester King of Java," traditional Javanese Wayang h*ESTER+INGOF*AVA vTRADITIONAL*AVANESE7AYANG Metropolitan Opera Live in HD:"Manon," live $12; $6 for children +ULITSHADOWPUPPETRYPRESENTEDBY&IGURES -ETROPOLITAN/PERA,IVEIN($h-ANON vLIVE FORCHILDRENUNDERSTLAWRENCEARTSORG Kulit shadow puppetry presented by Figures broadcast, Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts 7:30 p.m. April 12. BROADCAST ,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS PM!PRIL of Speech Theater, Lucid Stage, Portland. $10. OF3PEECH4HEATER ,UCID3TAGE 0ORTLAND Center, Fryeburg. $26; $23 for seniors; $18 for #ENTER &RYEBURGFORSENIORSFOR 7:30 p.m. Friday; 1 p.m. Saturday. LUCIDSTAGECOMPM&RIDAYPM3ATURDAY students, Noon. STUDENTSFRYEBURGACADEMYORGPAC.OON Through April 16. 4HROUGH!PRIL THEATER N4(%!4%2 "Nightingale," musical adaptation of Hans h.IGHTINGALE vMUSICALADAPTATIONOF(ANS TUESDAY 45%3$!9 "Heroes," comedy about three WWII veterans h(EROES vCOMEDYABOUTTHREE77))VETERANS Christian Andersen story presented by Figures #HRISTIAN!NDERSENSTORYPRESENTEDBY&IGURES University of Maine Wind Ensemble, South 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE7IND%NSEMBLE 3OUTH in a French retirement home, Portland Stage INA&RENCHRETIREMENTHOME 0ORTLAND3TAGE of Speech Theater, Lucid Stage, Portland. $10. OF3PEECH4HEATER ,UCID3TAGE 0ORTLAND Portland Auditorium. Free, southportlandmusic 0ORTLAND!UDITORIUM&REESOUTHPORTLANDMUSIC Company. $27 to $39; $15 to $19.50 for students. LUCIDSTAGECOMPM3ATURDAY #OMPANYTOTOFORSTUDENTS 7:30 p.m. Saturday. 7 p.m. BOOSTERSORGPM 7:30 p.m. today and Friday; 4 PORTLANDSTAGEORGPMTODAYAND&RIDAY Maine Playwrights Festival, staged Reading of -AINE0LAYWRIGHTS&ESTIVAL STAGED2EADINGOF and 8 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. ANDPM3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM "Memorial Day" by Lynne Cullen, Acorn Studios, h-EMORIAL$AYvBY,YNNE#ULLEN !CORN3TUDIOS APRIL 12 !02), Wednesday and April 12. Through April 22. 7EDNESDAYAND!PRIL4HROUGH!PRIL Westbrook. $5/donation. 7ESTBROOKDONATIONACORN PRODUCTIONSORG USM Youth Ensemble Spring Instrumental 53-9OUTH%NSEMBLE3PRING)NSTRUMENTAL "Ink," world premiere of play about the first h)NK vWORLDPREMIEREOFPLAYABOUTTHElRST 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Through April 29. PM3ATURDAY4HROUGH!PRIL Concert, Highlights from "Peer Gynt" with Eric #ONCERT (IGHLIGHTSFROMh0EER'YNTvWITH%RIC woman published in America, presented by WOMANPUBLISHEDIN!MERICA PRESENTEDBY "You the Man," one-man play about dating h9OUTHE-AN vONE MANPLAYABOUTDATING

CLASSICAL MUSIC N#,!33)#!,-53)#

violence that addresses bystander intervention VIOLENCETHATADDRESSESBYSTANDERINTERVENTION and prevention, University of Maine (Olsen ANDPREVENTION 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE/LSEN Student Center), Farmington. Free. 778-7188. 3TUDENT#ENTER &ARMINGTON&REE  7 p.m. Tuesday. PM4UESDAY "Company," recorded broadcast of Stephen h#OMPANY vRECORDEDBROADCASTOF3TEPHEN Sondheim musical with New York Philharmonic, 3ONDHEIMMUSICALWITH.EW9ORK0HILHARMONIC Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center, ,EURA(ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER Fryeburg. $18; $15 for seniors; $10 for students. &RYEBURGFORSENIORSFORSTUDENTS 7:30 p.m. April 12. FRYEBURGACADEMYORGPACPM!PRIL

AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Mikado," roles 'ILBERTAND3ULLIVANSh4HE-IKADO vROLES for adults and children ages 14 and olderFORADULTSANDCHILDRENAGESANDOLDER performances are July 19 to Aug. 5; Freeport PERFORMANCESARE*ULYTO!UG&REEPORT Middle School, 6:30 to -IDDLE3CHOOLFCPONLINEORGAUDITIONSTO 8:30 p.m. Tuesday and April 12. PM4UESDAYAND!PRIL

ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "The 2012 Mill-Ennial: Celebrating the Art and h4HE-ILL %NNIAL#ELEBRATINGTHE!RTAND the Artists of the Cities on the Saco," shared THE!RTISTSOFTHE#ITIESONTHE3ACO vSHARED exhibit with Engine in Biddeford, Saco Museum. EXHIBITWITH%NGINEIN"IDDEFORD 3ACO-USEUM Opening reception, 5:30 to SACOMUSEUMORG/PENINGRECEPTION TO 7:30 p.m. today. Through June 10. PMTODAY4HROUGH*UNE John Goodman: "Moments Abstracted," *OHN'OODMANh-OMENTS!BSTRACTED v photography; Ruth Marshall: "Vanished into PHOTOGRAPHY2UTH-ARSHALLh6ANISHEDINTO Sticks," animal pelts made from felt; and 3TICKS vANIMALPELTSMADEFROMFELTAND Jemma Gascione: "Slab Waltz," sculpture and *EMMA'ASCIONEh3LAB7ALTZ vSCULPTUREAND ceramics; UMaine Museum of Art, Bangor. CERAMICS5-AINE-USEUMOF!RT "ANGOR

Please see ART, PageE21 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<)(

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 | GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3


N!24'!,,%2)%3 ART GALLERIES

&RAME3HOPAND'ALLERY !RTISTS Frame Shop and Gallery. 846-7777. Artists' reception, 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday. Through May 3 1 . RECEPTION TOPM3ATURDAY4HROUGH-AY "Georgetown: A Painter's Paradise," by Stuart h'EORGETOWN!0AINTERS0ARADISE vBY3TUART Ross, Georgetown Historical Society. 371-9200. 2OSS 'EORGETOWN(ISTORICAL3OCIETY  Opens Saturday. Through June 15. /PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH*UNE "Joy of the Lens," original photography by yearh*OYOFTHE,ENS vORIGINALPHOTOGRAPHYBYYEAR round Maine residents, Topsham Public Library ROUND-AINERESIDENTS 4OPSHAM0UBLIC,IBRARY (Crooker Gallery), Opens #ROOKER'ALLERY TOPSHAMLIBRARYORG/PENS Tuesday.Through May 12. 4UESDAY4HROUGH-AY "Local Colors," work by Midcoast artists, h,OCAL#OLORS vWORKBY-IDCOASTARTISTS Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay. #OASTAL-AINE"OTANICAL'ARDENS "OOTHBAY Opening reception, 5 to 7 p.m. MAINEGARDENSORG/PENINGRECEPTION TOPM April 12. Through May 24. !PRIL4HROUGH-AY Jac Ouellette: "Favorite Views," oil paintings, *AC/UELLETTEh&AVORITE6IEWS vOILPAINTINGS Townsend Real Estate & Art Gallery, Willard 4OWNSEND2EAL%STATE!RT'ALLERY 7ILLARD Square, South Portland. 842-9200. Opening 3QUARE 3OUTH0ORTLAND /PENING reception, 5 to 7 p.m. April 12. Through May 18. RECEPTION TOPM!PRIL4HROUGH-AY

THEMEDWORKBYEIGHTLOCALARTISTS THROUGH!PRIL themed work by eight local artists, through April 2 1 . VICTORIAMANSIONORG 'LEASON&INE!RT 0ORTLANDh4WO#OLORISTS v4OM Gleason Fine Art, Portland: "Two Colorists,"Tom Curry and Andrea Peters, through May 26. #URRYAND!NDREA0ETERS THROUGH-AY 699-5599.   Rose Contemporary, Portland: "Print/Counter2OSE#ONTEMPORARY 0ORTLANDh0RINT#OUNTER Print," works by members of Peregrine Press, Zea 0RINT vWORKSBYMEMBERSOF0EREGRINE0RESS :EA Mays Printmaking and MECA, through April 15. -AYS0RINTMAKINGAND-%#! THROUGH!PRIL peregri PEREGRINEPRESSCOM $AUNIS&INE*EWELRY 0ORTLANDh#OLORSTHAT4ALK Daunis Fine Jewelry, Portland: "Colors that Talk to Each Other," acrylic paintings by Jean Beal, TO%ACH/THER vACRYLICPAINTINGSBY*EAN"EAL through April 30. 773-6011. THROUGH!PRIL  University of New England (Art Gallery), 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND!RT'ALLERY Portland: "Lullaby for Maine," artist's books by 0ORTLANDh,ULLABYFOR-AINE vARTISTSBOOKSBY Rebecca Goodale, through June 16. 2EBECCA'OODALE THROUGH*UNEUNEEDU artgallery ARTGALLERY June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA, Portland: *UNE&ITZPATRICK'ALLERYAT-%#! 0ORTLAND "Spring Salon," group exhibit of paintings, h3PRING3ALON vGROUPEXHIBITOFPAINTINGS sculpture, pottery and works on paper, through SCULPTURE POTTERYANDWORKSONPAPER THROUGH

/0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS "Master/Mentor: A Printmaking Collaboration h-ASTER-ENTOR!0RINTMAKING#OLLABORATION Continued from Page E20 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3  n4HE7ORKSOF$ON'ORVETTAND3EAN(URLEY v! - T h e Works of Don Gorvett and Sean Hurley," A Fine Thing: Edward T. Pollack Fine Arts, Portland. &INE4HING%DWARD40OLLACK&INE!RTS 0ORTLAND UMMAUMAINEEDU/PENS&RIDAY4HROUGH*UNE Opens Friday. Through June 9.  /PENINGRECEPTION TOPMTODAY 699-2919. Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. today. "Animal Allies: Inuit Views of the Natural World," 4HROUGH!PRIL h!NIMAL!LLIES)NUIT6IEWSOFTHE.ATURAL7ORLD v Through April 28. Inuit artifacts, Bowdoin College (Peary-MacMillan %MILY"RACALEh,YME ,IGHT0ORTRAITSOF )NUITARTIFACTS "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0EARY -AC-ILLAN Emily Bracale: "Lyme-Light: Portraits of !RCTIC-USEUM "RUNSWICK/PENS&RIDAY Arctic Museum), Brunswick. Opens Friday. Illness and Healing," Bangor Public Library. )LLNESSAND(EALING v"ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARY BOWDOINEDUARCTICMUSEUM Opening reception, 6 to 7:30 WWWBPLLIBMEUS/PENINGRECEPTION TO "Senior Exhibition 2012," multi-media, Bates h3ENIOR%XHIBITION vMULTI MEDIA "ATES p.m. today. Through April 30. PMTODAY4HROUGH!PRIL College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. #OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTONBATESEDU "The Portland Show," sixth biennial h4HE0ORTLAND3HOW vSIXTHBIENNIAL museum. Opening reception, 6 to 8 p.m. Friday. MUSEUM/PENINGRECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY invitational, Greenhut Galleries, Portland. INVITATIONAL 'REENHUT'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND Through May 26. 4HROUGH-AY Artists' reception, 5 to 7 GREENHUTGALLERIESCOM!RTISTSRECEPTION TO "The Face of the Ghetto: Pictures by Jewish h4HE&ACEOFTHE'HETTO0ICTURESBY*EWISH p.m. today. Through Apri 127. PMTODAY4HROUGH!PRIL Photographers from the Lodz Ghetto 19400HOTOGRAPHERSFROMTHE,ODZ'HETTO h4HE-ILL %NNIAL#ELEBRATINGTHE!RTAND "The 2 0 1 2 Mill-Ennial: Celebrating the Art and 1944," Maine Jewish Museum, Portland.  v-AINE*EWISH-USEUM 0ORTLAND THE!RTISTSOFTHE#ITIESONTHE3ACO vSHARED the Artists of the Cities on the Saco," shared Reception and screening TREEOmIFEMUSEUMORG2ECEPTIONANDSCREENING exhibit with the Saco Museum, Engine, Biddeford EXHIBITWITHTHE3ACO-USEUM %NGINE "IDDEFORD CONTINUING #/.4).5).' of "There Once Was a Town," 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. OFh4HERE/NCE7ASA4OWN vPM4UESDAY Opening reception, 5:30 to FEEDTHEENGINEORG/PENINGRECEPTION TO Victoria Mansion, Portland: "Victoria's 6ICTORIA-ANSION 0ORTLANDh6ICTORIAS Through May 1. 4HROUGH-AY 7:30 p.m. today. Through June 10. PMTODAY4HROUGH*UNE Wonderama," original, site-specific and fantasy7ONDERAMA vORIGINAL SITE SPECIlCANDFANTASY Please see ART, Page E22 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<)) Lesley Vance, paintings, Bowdoin College ,ESLEY6ANCE PAINTINGS "OWDOIN#OLLEGE "Botany of Desire," multi-artist exhibit, Aarhus h"OTANYOF$ESIRE vMULTI ARTISTEXHIBIT !ARHUS Museum of Art, Brunswick, Opens -USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICKBOWDOINEDU/PENS Gallery, Belfast, Opens today. 'ALLERY "ELFASTAARHUSGALLERYCOM/PENSTODAY April 12. Through July 1. !PRIL4HROUGH*ULY Through April 29. 4HROUGH!PRIL *APANESE(IBACHI4ABLESs!SIAN"ISTROs#OCKTAILSs3USHI First Friday ArtWalk, galleries and museums &IRST&RIDAY!RT7ALK GALLERIESANDMUSEUMS CONTINUING open for free, downtown Portland. #/.4).5).' OPENFORFREE DOWNTOWN0ORTLAND Portland Museum of Art: "Making Faces: 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RTh-AKING&ACES lRSTFRIDAYARTWALKCOMTOPM&RIDAY Photographic Portraits of Actors and Artists," "Sea Mystics," ocean-themed art of David Cray, h3EA-YSTICS vOCEAN THEMEDARTOF$AVID#RAY 0HOTOGRAPHIC0ORTRAITSOF!CTORSAND!RTISTS v photos of famous actors and artists plus works Marika Alisha Skin Care, Portland, marikaalisha -ARIKA!LISHA3KIN#ARE 0ORTLANDMARIKAALISHA PHOTOSOFFAMOUSACTORSANDARTISTSPLUSWORKS Reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. by the artists profiled, through Sunday; "Edgar SKINCARECOM2ECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY BYTHEARTISTSPROlLED THROUGH3UNDAYh%DGAR Degas: The Private Impressionist," more than Linda Murray and Joy Scott: "Organic ,INDA-URRAYAND*OY3COTTh/RGANIC $EGAS4HE0RIVATE)MPRESSIONIST vMORETHAN HAPPY HOUR (!009(/52 70 drawings, prints, pastels, photographs Musings," Harmons & Bartons Gallery, Portland. -USINGS v(ARMONS"ARTONS'ALLERY 0ORTLAND DRAWINGS PRINTS PASTELS PHOTOGRAPHS Opening reception, 5 to and sculptures, through May 28; Tanja Alexia HARMONSBARTONSCOM/PENINGRECEPTION TO ANDSCULPTURES THROUGH-AY4ANJA!LEXIA 4:30 - 6:30pm  PM 8 p.m. Friday. Through April 30. Hollander: "Are You Really My Friend?" PM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL (OLLANDERh!RE9OU2EALLY-Y&RIENDv daily DAILY photographs of Facebook friends, through June Student Art Show, by students of Greely High 3TUDENT!RT3HOW BYSTUDENTSOF'REELY(IGH PHOTOGRAPHSOF&ACEBOOKFRIENDS THROUGH*UNE School and North Yarmouth Academy, 317 Main 17. 3CHOOLAND.ORTH9ARMOUTH!CADEMY -AIN PORTLANDMUSEUMORG Martini of -ARTINI OF Maine Historical Society Museum/Longfellow Street Community Music Center, Yarmouth. 8463TREET#OMMUNITY-USIC#ENTER 9ARMOUTH -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY-USEUM,ONGFELLOW the day $5 THEDAY  6264. Opening reception with live music by the House, Portland: "Dressing Up, Standing Out, /PENINGRECEPTIONWITHLIVEMUSICBYTHE (OUSE 0ORTLANDh$RESSING5P 3TANDING/UT NYA Bluegrass Ensemble, 6 to 7:30 p.m. Friday. Bud Light or Fitting In: Adornment & Identity in Maine," .9!"LUEGRASS%NSEMBLE TOPM&RIDAY "UD,IGHTOR &ITTING)N!DORNMENT)DENTITYIN-AINE v Through April 24. artifacts reveal the way Mainers dressed from 4HROUGH!PRIL ARTIFACTSREVEALTHEWAY-AINERSDRESSEDFROM Gritty's Draft $2 'RITTYS$RAFT 1140 Brighton Avenue "RIGHTON!VENUE "Occupy Art! Union of Maine Visual Artists the 18th to 20th centuries, through May 27. h/CCUPY!RT5NIONOF-AINE6ISUAL!RTISTS THETHTOTHCENTURIES THROUGH-AY Portland, ME 0ORTLAND -% in Action," Harlow Gallery, Hallowell. IN!CTION v(ARLOW'ALLERY (ALLOWELL MAINEHISTORYORG Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. HARLOWGALLERYORG/PENINGRECEPTION TOPM Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick: "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT "RUNSWICK WWW+ON!SIAN"ISTRO-%COMs4 Friday. Through April 28. &RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL "Insight Out: Exploring Gifts of Art from Private h)NSIGHT/UT%XPLORING'IFTSOF!RTFROM0RIVATE Carol Bass: "A Powerful Joy of Colors," Portland #AROL"ASSh!0OWERFUL*OYOF#OLORS v0ORTLAND Collectors," contributions from private collectors #OLLECTORS vCONTRIBUTIONSFROMPRIVATECOLLECTORS Public Library, Opening 0UBLIC,IBRARYPORTLANDLIBRARYCOM/PENING since 1811, and "Intimations of Independence: SINCE ANDh)NTIMATIONSOF)NDEPENDENCE reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Through April 27. RECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL The First 100 Years of American Portraiture," 4HE&IRST9EARSOF!MERICAN0ORTRAITURE v " 1 0 Years in Portland: An Illustrator's Saga," h9EARSIN0ORTLAND!N)LLUSTRATORS3AGA v portraits of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and PORTRAITSOF4HOMAS*EFFERSON *AMES-ADISONAND artwork by Joel Rivers, Green Hand Bookshop, ARTWORKBY*OEL2IVERS 'REEN(AND"OOKSHOP more, through April 15; "Motion and Emotion: MORE THROUGH!PRILh-OTIONAND%MOTION Portland. 253-6808. Opening reception, 5 to 8 0ORTLAND /PENINGRECEPTION TO Contemporary Art from Gerhard Richter to #ONTEMPORARY!RTFROM'ERHARD2ICHTERTO p.m. Friday. Through April 30. PM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL Chakaia Booker," through June 3; "Building a #HAKAIA"OOKER vTHROUGH*UNEh"UILDINGA "Agri-CULTURE: A Celebration of Farming in Art h!GRI #5,452%!#ELEBRATIONOF&ARMINGIN!RT College Collection: Select Recent Acquisitions," #OLLEGE#OLLECTION3ELECT2ECENT!CQUISITIONS v and Community," River Tree Arts, Kennebunk. AND#OMMUNITY v2IVER4REE!RTS +ENNEBUNK more than 20,000 objects, and "Telephones," MORETHAN OBJECTS ANDh4ELEPHONES v Opening reception with live RIVERTREEARTSORG/PENINGRECEPTIONWITHLIVE seven-minute compilation of Hollywood film SEVEN MINUTECOMPILATIONOF(OLLYWOODlLM music, farmers market light fare and "Meet Your MUSIC FARMERSMARKETLIGHTFAREANDh-EET9OUR clips, through June 24. CLIPS THROUGH*UNEBOWDOINEDU Farmer" film, 6 p.m. Friday. Through April 2 1 . &ARMERvlLM PM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL Bowdoin College (Peary-MacMillan Arctic "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0EARY -AC-ILLAN!RCTIC Printmaker and Illustrator Emily Walsh, new 0RINTMAKERAND)LLUSTRATOR%MILY7ALSH NEW Museum), Brunswick: "In a State of Becoming," -USEUM "RUNSWICKh)NA3TATEOF"ECOMING v work, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. WORK 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND Inuit art from the collection of Rabbi Harry Sky, )NUITARTFROMTHECOLLECTIONOF2ABBI(ARRY3KY Artist reception, 5 to 7 p.m. STLAWRENCEARTSORG!RTISTRECEPTION TOPM ongoing, ONGOINGBOWDOINEDUARCTICMUSEUM Friday. Through April 30. &RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL Maine Maritime Museum, Bath: "Port of -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATHh0ORTOF " I n & Out of Abstraction," photography, Addison h)N/UTOF!BSTRACTION vPHOTOGRAPHY !DDISON Portland: A Ship-Shaped History," a look at 0ORTLAND!3HIP 3HAPED(ISTORY vALOOKAT Woolley Gallery, Portland, 7OOLLEY'ALLERY 0ORTLANDADDISONWOOLLEYCOM Portland's past via the ships that sailed through 0ORTLANDSPASTVIATHESHIPSTHATSAILEDTHROUGH Opening reception, 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. Through /PENINGRECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH the harbors, the city's shipping and shipTHEHARBORS THECITYSSHIPPINGANDSHIP April 28. !PRIL building industries, and more, through May 13. BUILDINGINDUSTRIES ANDMORE THROUGH-AY "Liquid Lens," exhibit by Portland High School h,IQUID,ENS vEXHIBITBY0ORTLAND(IGH3CHOOL MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG Photography Club, 3Fish Gallery, Portland. 0HOTOGRAPHY#LUB &ISH'ALLERY 0ORTLAND Dyer Library/Saco Museum: Mainely Photo Arts $YER,IBRARY3ACO-USEUM-AINELY0HOTO!RTS 5 to 8 p.m. Friday and noon to lSHGALLERYCOMTOPM&RIDAYANDNOONTO by Murray Dellow, through April 30. dyerlibrary BY-URRAY$ELLOW THROUGH!PRILDYERLIBRARY 6 p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY SACOMUSEUMORG Steve Roberts: "View Points: Internal and 3TEVE2OBERTSh6IEW0OINTS)NTERNALAND Ogunquit Museum of American Art: /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT External," Constellation Gallery, Portland. %XTERNAL v#ONSTELLATION'ALLERY 0ORTLAND "Rediscoveries 2: New Perspectives on the h2EDISCOVERIES.EW0ERSPECTIVESONTHE Reception, 5 to 8 p.m. CONSTELLATIONARTCOM2ECEPTION TOPM Permanent Collection," though April 29. 0ERMANENT#OLLECTION vTHOUGH!PRIL Friday. &RIDAY OGUNQUITMUSEUMORG " D a r k Unknown Pleasures," oil paintings and h$ARK5NKNOWN0LEASURES vOILPAINTINGSAND Brick Store Museum, Kennebunk: "Design and "RICK3TORE-USEUM +ENNEBUNKh$ESIGNAND mixed media by Mayo Street Arts interns and MIXEDMEDIABY-AYO3TREET!RTSINTERNSAND Function: Furnishings, Portraits, and Art 1685&UNCTION&URNISHINGS 0ORTRAITS AND!RT USM students, Mayo Street Arts, Portland. 53-STUDENTS -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLAND Day & Evening C l a s s e s Programs for High S c h o o l S t u d e n t s         1840," historic furniture and artwork, ongoing.  vHISTORICFURNITUREANDARTWORK ONGOING Opening reception, 5 to MAYOSTREETARTSORG/PENINGRECEPTION TO Art, Arabic, Biology, Chemistry, Citizenship, "$"  ( #$"( $)#! Scholarships available!     985-4802.   8 p.m. Friday. Through April 30. PM&RIDAY4HROUGH!PRIL Education, English, Environmental Communication, %$  %$  # &" $ Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland: "The Art of &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLANDh4HE!RTOF "Building Inspiration: Hope and Houses in h"UILDING)NSPIRATION(OPEAND(OUSESIN Live and study on UNE's oceanfront campus and

&#$%(  # " $!%# Studies, History, Mathematics, Neuroscience, $%# #$ "( $$#%" # the Book," collection of 19th- and 20th-century THE"OOK vCOLLECTIONOFTH ANDTH CENTURY Freeport," student artwork inspired by Somalian &REEPORT vSTUDENTARTWORKINSPIREDBY3OMALIAN earn college credit in one programs: " "$  offour %"!" "# Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology,  # !((## $#(  ( books, through May 20; "The Homestead Project: BOOKS THROUGH-AYh4HE(OMESTEAD0ROJECT refugees moving into Habitat for Humanity home, REFUGEESMOVINGINTO(ABITATFOR(UMANITYHOME Spanish and Sports Management â&#x20AC;¢ Coastal Marine Ecology Neuroscience Sociology,   (!#! "$# $ r #$ "   ( r%" # A Residence Reimagined," architectural designs, VIA Agency, Portland. 5 to 8 p.m. Friday. !2ESIDENCE2EIMAGINED vARCHITECTURALDESIGNS 6)!!GENCY 0ORTLANDTOPM&RIDAY â&#x20AC;¢ Creative WritingPoetry Pre-Law/Trial Advocacy r "$&"$ $"( r" '"& ( through Sept. 23. 865-4706, Ext. 307. THROUGH3EPTFARNSWORTHMUSEUMORG   %XT Ask about Art Courses open to high school       Abbe Museum, Bar Harbor: "Twisted Path "Chronology of a Life: Artist's Books, Poems, and !BBE-USEUM "AR(ARBORh4WISTED0ATH h#HRONOLOGYOFA,IFE!RTISTS"OOKS 0OEMS AND      Commuters welcome, too. juniors and seniors. Earn college credit!              II: Contemporary American Art Informed by Publications of Georgiana Peacher," Glickman ))#ONTEMPORARY!MERICAN!RT)NFORMEDBY 0UBLICATIONSOF'EORGIANA0EACHER v'LICKMAN Tradition," contemporary art show featuring Family Library (Unum Great Reading Room), 4RADITION vCONTEMPORARYARTSHOWFEATURING &AMILY,IBRARY5NUM'REAT2EADING2OOM native artists from the Northeast, through May; Portland. 228-8014. Reception, 2 to 3:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND 2ECEPTION TOPM NATIVEARTISTSFROMTHE.ORTHEAST THROUGH-AY "Indians and Rusticators," through Dec. 29. Saturday. Through April 30. For more i n f o r m a t i o n : ( 2 0 7 ) 6O2-2O5O Connections. For Life. |   3ATURDAY4HROUGH!PRIL h)NDIANSAND2USTICATORS vTHROUGH$EC "Spring Eternal," multi-artist show, Yarmouth h3PRING%TERNAL vMULTI ARTISTSHOW 9ARMOUTH ABBEMUSEUMORG

Asian Bistro Hibachi Bar !SIAN"ISTRO(IBACHI"AR






GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3E225=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 


"Untitled 1O2," ÂľC\bWbZSR Âś mixed media on [WfSR[SRWO]\ paper by Rose ^O^S`Pg@]aS Samson, is part AO[a]\Wa^O`b of the "Spring ]TbVSÂľA^`W\U Salon" group AOZ]\ÂśU`]c^ show continuing aV]eQ]\bW\cW\U through April bV`]cUV/^`WZ 21ObbVS8c\S at the June Fitzpatrick Gallery 4Wbh^Ob`WQY5OZZS`g at MECA in Ob;31/W\ Portland. >]`bZO\R

Continued from Page E21 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 !PRIL  April 21. 699-5083. 3ALT%XCHANGE 0ORTLANDh2EmECTIONS vSEA Salt Exchange, Portland: "Reflections," seainspired oil paintings and metallic driftwood INSPIREDOILPAINTINGSANDMETALLICDRIFTWOOD sculptures by Ellen Thayer, through April 30. SCULPTURESBY%LLEN4HAYER THROUGH!PRIL THESALTEXCHANGENET &LAT)RON'ALLERY 0ORTLAND$IANE"OWIE:AITLIN Flat Iron Gallery, Portland: Diane Bowie Zaitlin, mixed media, through May 2. 838-7591. MIXEDMEDIA THROUGH-AY  Richard Boyd Gallery, Peaks Island: "Scenes from 2ICHARD"OYD'ALLERY 0EAKS)SLANDh3CENESFROM -AINE vLANDSCAPESANDCOASTALSCENESBY*AY Maine," landscapes and coastal scenes by Jay LaBrie, through April 30. ,A"RIE THROUGH!PRILRICHARDBOYDPOTTERYCOM Elizabeth Moss Gallery, Falmouth: "Monhegan %LIZABETH-OSS'ALLERY &ALMOUTHh-ONHEGAN Island Year Around" by Alison Hill and "Still Life, )SLAND9EAR!ROUNDvBY!LISON(ILLANDh3TILL,IFE Revisited" by Brita Holmquist, Margaret Ryan and 2EVISITEDvBY"RITA(OLMQUIST -ARGARET2YANAND Margareta McDonald, through Saturday, elizabeth -ARGARETA-C$ONALD THROUGH3ATURDAYELIZABETH MOSSGALLERIESCOM Merrill Memorial Library, Yarmouth: "Red Horse," -ERRILL-EMORIAL,IBRARY 9ARMOUTHh2ED(ORSE v works by Cheslye Ventimiglia, through April 28. WORKSBY#HESLYE6ENTIMIGLIA THROUGH!PRIL 846-6264.   Clayton's Gourmet Market & Cafe, Yarmouth: #LAYTONS'OURMET-ARKET#AFE 9ARMOUTH "My (so-called) Teenage Life 2011-2012," North h-YSO CALLED 4EENAGE,IFE  v.ORTH Yarmouth Academy student photography exhibit, 9ARMOUTH!CADEMYSTUDENTPHOTOGRAPHYEXHIBIT through April 30. THROUGH!PRILNYAORG Thos. Moser Showroom, Freeport: "Viewpoints," 4HOS-OSER3HOWROOM &REEPORTh6IEWPOINTS v new work by painters Eric Hopkins, James Mullen NEWWORKBYPAINTERS%RIC(OPKINS *AMES-ULLEN and Colin Page, through May 1. 865-4519. AND#OLIN0AGE THROUGH-AY  Little Tokyo, Brunswick: "Gyotaku: The Ancient ,ITTLE4OKYO "RUNSWICKh'YOTAKU4HE!NCIENT Art of Japanese Fish Prints" by Jean Kigel, through !RTOF*APANESE&ISH0RINTSvBY*EAN+IGEL THROUGH


Continued from Page E9 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3'; $25. #>]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][) (888) 512-SHOW &&&# A6=E April 28 - James McMurtry, 8 p.m. /^`WZ &Âł8O[Sa;Q;c`b`g&^[

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b] April 30. 798-6888. !PRIL  Coleman Burke Gallery (Fort Andross), #OLEMAN"URKE'ALLERY&ORT!NDROSS Brunswick: "AThickening Rhythm," "RUNSWICKh!4HICKENING2HYTHM v group exhibition, through May 19. GROUPEXHIBITION THROUGH-AY COLEMANBURKEGALLERYCOM Maine Fiberarts, Topsham: "The Art of the -AINE&IBERARTS 4OPSHAMh4HE!RTOFTHE Needle," needlepoint tapestries by Jill Vendituoli, .EEDLE vNEEDLEPOINTTAPESTRIESBY*ILL6ENDITUOLI through April 23. THROUGH!PRILMAINElBERARTSORG Markings Gallery, Bath: "Creatures of the Sea and -ARKINGS'ALLERY "ATHh#REATURESOFTHE3EAAND Sky," sea mammals and seabirds carved in native 3KY vSEAMAMMALSANDSEABIRDSCARVEDINNATIVE and exotic woods by Wayne Robbins, through ANDEXOTICWOODSBY7AYNE2OBBINS THROUGH April 30. !PRILMARKINGSGALLERYCOM Chocolate Church Arts Center, Bath: "Springtime #HOCOLATE#HURCH!RTS#ENTER "ATHh3PRINGTIME

Floriade," multi-disciplinary exhibit, through April &LORIADE vMULTI DISCIPLINARYEXHIBIT THROUGH!PRIL 20. CHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORG Merrymeeting Arts Center, Bowdoinham: "Vernal -ERRYMEETING!RTS#ENTER "OWDOINHAMh6ERNAL Pools and the First Signs of Spring," through April 0OOLSANDTHE&IRST3IGNSOF3PRING vTHROUGH!PRIL 28.841-5914.   York Public Library: York schools art exhibit, 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY9ORKSCHOOLSARTEXHIBIT work by students in K-12, through April 30. WORKBYSTUDENTSIN+  THROUGH!PRIL YORKLIBMEUS Thornton Academy, Saco: "More Than a Rap 4HORNTON!CADEMY 3ACOh-ORE4HANA2AP Sheet: The Real Stories of Incarcerated Women," 3HEET4HE2EAL3TORIESOF)NCARCERATED7OMEN v through April 16. THROUGH!PRILTHORNTONACADEMYORG University of Maine (Hutchinson Center), Belfast: 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE(UTCHINSON#ENTER "ELFAST Selections from the Elmer Montgomery collection 3ELECTIONSFROMTHE%LMER-ONTGOMERYCOLLECTION

Strand Theatre, Rockland. $20/$24. Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R  "; 594-0070 @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% April 28 - Stone Mountain Live with Don /^`WZ &ÂłAb]\S;]c\bOW\:WdSeWbV2]\ Dixon and Marti Jones, 7:30 p.m., Stone 2Wf]\O\R;O`bW8]\Sa%(!^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $45-$75. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR"#%#; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 1 - Bob Weir, 8 p.m., State Theatre, ;OgÂł0]PESW`&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $40/$45. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R""#AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R

.com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS May 1 - Kathleen Edwards, 8 p.m., Port City ;Og³9ObVZSS\3ReO`Ra&^[>]`b1Wbg Music Hall, Portland. $18 to $30. state ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]!abObS; (888) 512-SHOW bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&&&# A6=E May 2³=bb[O`:WSPS`bO\R:c\O<SU`O - Ottmar Liebert and Luna Negra, ;Og 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $37.50. &^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!%#; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ May 3 - Dierks Bentley with Eli Young ;Og!³2WS`Ya0S\bZSgeWbV3ZWG]c\U Band and Will Hoge, 8 p.m., Augusta Civic 0O\RO\REWZZ6]US&^[/cUcabO1WdWQ Center. $25 and up.; 1S\bS` #O\Rc^BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 4 - Trailer Park Boys, 8 p.m., State ;Og"³B`OWZS`>O`Y0]ga&^[AbObS Theatre, Portland. $29.50/$35. State BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R '#!#AbObS; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS May 4 - Cheryl Wheeler, 8 p.m., Stone ;Og"³1VS`gZEVSSZS`&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $23. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR !; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 4 - MercyMe, 7 p.m., University of ;Og"³;S`Qg;S%^[C\WdS`aWbg]T Southern Maine, Gorham. $20 to $50. A]cbVS`\;OW\S5]`VO[ b]#; 232-0966 :WUVbV]caSSdS\baQ][) ! '$$ May 5 - M. Ward, 8 p.m., State Theatre, ;Og#³;EO`R&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $23/$25. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R ! #AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS May 5 - Judy Collins, 8 p.m., Stone ;Og#³8cRg1]ZZW\a&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $85. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR&#; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 6 - Judy Collins, 8 p.m., ;Og$³8cRg1]ZZW\a&^[ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $65 to $102. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb$#b]; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ May 6 - Foxy Shazam, 8 p.m., Port City ;Og$³4]fgAVOhO[&^[>]`b1Wbg Music Hall, Portland. $12b] to $20. State ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R AbObS; (888) 512-SHOW bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&&&# A6=E May 9 - Trans-Siberian Orchestra: ;Og'³B`O\aAWPS`WO\=`QVSab`O( Beethoven's Last Night, 5:30 p.m., Bangor 0SSbV]dS\¸a:Oab<WUVb#(!^[0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion. $41.75 to $61.75. EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"%#b]$%#; (800) 745-3000. EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! May 10 - Beats Antique, 8 p.m., Port ;Og³0SOba/\bW_cS&^[>]`b City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to $40. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]"; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 11 - Southside Johnny & The Poor ;Og³A]cbVaWRS8]V\\gBVS>]]` Fools, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts Center, 4]]Za&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS` Brownfield. $40. Stonemountainartscenter 0`]e\¿SZR"Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS` .com; 935-7292 Q][)'!#% ' May 11 - Aztec Two Step, 8 p.m., One ;Og³/hbSQBe]AbS^&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $25/$28. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R # &; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% May 12³BVS0Sab]T0`]OReOg - The Best of Broadway 2012: ;Og  ( Benefit for Barbara Bush Children's 0S\S¿bT]`0O`PO`O0caV1VWZR`S\¸a


Happy Roasted Red Pepper & Asiago Cheese Dip  4.99 /   /     " * 2 

, )) Chili, Bisque or Chowder in a Bread Bowl 7.99 # + 4  5    +  +5' )) Baked Haddock Parmesan ) 9.99 +3  3 !  )) Seafarer Baked Stuffed Haddock 9.99  1  +3  11  3) )) All You Can Eat Fried Sole  12.99 *   - .  

)) Sauteed Seafood Fiesta  12.99 

  1 .  )) Baked Stuffed Shrimp & Steak Tips 15.99 +3  11  ! "  3 0  )) Served with rice pilafand fresh steamed asparagus        

Baked Stuffed Shrimp & Sirloin Steak 23.95 +3  11  ! "   3% ) Served with baked potato and fresh steamed asparagus         LIMITED TIME OFFERS SUBJECT TO CHANGE    

Ask About Weathervane '§ Free Function Rooms         for Your Special Family Gathering       %($ ! /#    ''6%(&

ANDh4HE!TLANTIC&ISHERMAN v0ENOBSCOT-ARINE and "The Atlantic Fisherman," Penobscot Marine Museum traveling exhibition, through April 30. -USEUMTRAVELINGEXHIBITION THROUGH!PRIL PENOBSCOTMARINEMUSEUMORG Perimeter Gallery, Belfast: "As High as Heaven," 0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFASTh!S(IGHAS(EAVEN v paintings and drawings by Kenny Cole, through PAINTINGSANDDRAWINGSBY+ENNY#OLE THROUGH April 21. 338-0555. !PRIL  Maine Farmland Trust Gallery, Belfast: "Rural -AINE&ARMLAND4RUST'ALLERY "ELFASTh2URAL (ARVEST vEXHIBITABOUTSTEWARDSHIPANDTHE Harvest," exhibit about stewardship and the vulnerability of family farming, through May 30. VULNERABILITYOFFAMILYFARMING THROUGH-AY MAINEFARMLANDTRUSTORG 3AVORY-AINE $AMARISCOTTA$AMARISCOTTAARTIST Savory Maine, Damariscotta: Damariscotta artist Penny Moodey, through April 16. 563-2111. 0ENNY-OODEY THROUGH!PRIL  $AMARISCOTTA2IVER'RILLh3PRING7ORKS vBY Damariscotta River Grill: "Spring Works," by Cynthia Hammett, Ed McCartan and Dorothy K. #YNTHIA(AMMETT %D-C#ARTANAND$OROTHY+ Magadieu, through April 24. damariscottarivergr -AGADIEU THROUGH!PRILDAMARISCOTTARIVERGR ILLCOM Lincoln Street Center for Arts and Education, ,INCOLN3TREET#ENTERFOR!RTSAND%DUCATION Rockland: Katharine A. Cartwright, "Mindscapes 2OCKLAND+ATHARINE!#ARTWRIGHT h-INDSCAPES in Watercolor," through Sunday. 594-6490. IN7ATERCOLOR vTHROUGH3UNDAY  Craft, Camden: Pottery by Barbara Michelena, #RAFT #AMDEN0OTTERYBY"ARBARA-ICHELENA Hanako Kanazato and George Pearlman, through (ANAKO+ANAZATOAND'EORGE0EARLMAN THROUGH May 1. -AYCRAFTONELMCOM Camden Public Library: "The Marine Photography #AMDEN0UBLIC,IBRARYh4HE-ARINE0HOTOGRAPHY of Red Boutilier," through April 30. 236-3440. OF2ED"OUTILIER vTHROUGH!PRIL  Haynes Galleries, Thomaston: "The Wyeths: First (AYNES'ALLERIES 4HOMASTONh4HE7YETHS&IRST Family of American Realism," work by N.C., &AMILYOF!MERICAN2EALISM vWORKBY.# Andrew, Jamie, Carolyn, Henriette and Victoria !NDREW *AMIE #AROLYN (ENRIETTEAND6ICTORIA Wyeth, through Tuesday, 7YETH THROUGH4UESDAYHAYNESGALLERIESCOM University of Maine at Farmington Art Gallery: 5NIVERSITYOF-AINEAT&ARMINGTON!RT'ALLERY "Free Form Flow," by Tim Clorius and Matt W. h&REE&ORM&LOW vBY4IM#LORIUSAND-ATT7 Moore, through today. 778-7002. -OORE THROUGHTODAY 

Hospital, 7:30 p.m., Merrill Auditorium, 6]a^WbOZ%(!^[;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[ Portland. $30 to $40.; >]`bZO\R!b]">]`bbWfQ][) 842-0800 &" & May 12ÂłAbSdS9W[]QY4`WS\Ra' - Steve Kimock & Friends, 9 ;Og p.m., Port City Music Hall, Portland. ^[>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 12Âł4Z]UUW\U;]ZZg&^[AbObS - Flogging Molly, 8 p.m., State ;Og Theatre, Portland. $30/$35. Statetheatrep BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!!#AbObSbVSOb`S^; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland ]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R County Civic Center box office 1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 12ÂłAbSdS9W[]QY4`WS\Ra'^[ - Steve Kimock & Friends, 9 p.m., ;Og Port City Music Hall, Portland. $25 to $40. >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R #b]"; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 16 - Aziz Ansari, 8 p.m., State Theatre, ;Og$Âł/hWh/\aO`W&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $31.50 and $36.50. Statetheatre >]`bZO\R!#O\R!$#AbObSbVSOb`S; (800) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 17 - Whitechapel, Miss May I and ;Og%ÂłEVWbSQVO^SZ;Waa;Og7O\R After the Burial, 6:30 p.m., State Theatre, /TbS`bVS0c`WOZ$(!^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $17.50/$20. Statetheatreportland >]`bZO\R%# AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS May 18 - Godsmack and Staind, 5 p.m., ;Og&Âł5]Ra[OQYO\RAbOW\R#^[ Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $47.50. 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"%#; (800) 745-3000 EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! May 18 - Enter the Haggis, 8 p.m., Stone ;Og&Âł3\bS`bVS6OUUWa&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR #; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 19 - Tom Rush, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain ;Og'ÂłB][@caV&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\ Arts Center, Brownfield. $37.50. /`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR!%#; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 20 - Chris Smither, 8 p.m., One ;Og Âł1V`WaA[WbVS`&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $22/$25. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R  #; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% May 23 - Joe Bonamassa, 8 p.m., Merrill ;Og !Âł8]S0]\O[OaaO&^[;S``WZZ Auditorium, Portland. $49 to $79. /cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R"'b]%'; 842-0800 >]`bbWfQ][)&" & May 23 - The Wood Brothers, 8 p.m., ;Og !ÂłBVSE]]R0`]bVS`a&^[ Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $30. >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b]!; (888) 512-SHOW >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E May 26 - Terrance Simien, 8 p.m., Stone ;Og $ÂłBS``O\QSAW[WS\&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR #; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' May 27 - Country Throwdown with Gary ;Og %Âł1]c\b`gBV`]eR]e\eWbV5O`g Allan, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Sunny /ZZO\8cabW\;]]`S8]aVBV][^a]\Ac\\g Sweeney and several others on multiple AeSS\SgO\RaSdS`OZ]bVS`a]\[cZbW^ZS stages, 3 p.m., Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. abOUSa!^[0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ $22.25 to $52.25.;   #b]#  #EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#!

Please see TIX, PageE24 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<)+

<8K Xe[ ILE


The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 | GO E23 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3 !

CHINA TASTE :?@E8K8JK< WHERE: 1223 Washington Ave., E63@3( !EOaVW\Ub]\/dS Portland; 878-1388 or 878-1588 >]`bZO\R)&%&!&&]`&%&#&& HOURS: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday 6=C@A(O[b]^[Ac\ROg through Thursday; 11 a.m. to 11 bV`]cUVBVc`aROg)O[b] p.m. Friday and Saturday ^[4`WROgO\RAObc`ROg CHEAPEST GRUB: L u n c h e o n s p e 163/>3AB5@C0(:c\QVS]\a^S 10 minutes [W\cbSa PARKING: Yes >/@97<5(GSa HANDICAPPED ACCESS: No 6/<271/>>32/113AA(<] RATING: â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;¢ â&#x20AC;¢ @/B7<5(((( Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\O¿dSabO`aQOZS



9ffb`\j1I\X[ Bookies: Read Ã&#x2039;\dXe[\Xk 'em and eat EAT YOUR WORDS at 3/BG=C@E=@2AOb the annual Edible bVSO\\cOZ3RWPZS Book Festival. View 0]]Y4SabWdOZDWSe edible books based SRWPZSP]]YaPOaSR on a book or poem, ]\OP]]Y]`^]S[ vote for your favord]bST]`g]c`TOd]` ites, then dig in and WbSabVS\RWUW\O\R taste creations like last bOabSQ`SObW]\aZWYSZOab year's "Three Cakes of gSO`¸aµBV`SS1OYSa]T Tea," constructed out BSO¶Q]\ab`cQbSR]cb of cakes shaped like ]TQOYSaaVO^SRZWYS the letter "T." bVSZSbbS`µB¶ WHEN: 5 to 8 p.m. FriE63<(#b]&^[4`W day. (Voting from 5 to ROgD]bW\UT`][#b] 7 p.m., eating begins at %^[SObW\UPSUW\aOb 7 p.m.) %^[ WHERE: Rines AuditoE63@3(@W\Sa/cRWb] rium, Portland Public `Wc[>]`bZO\R>cPZWQ Library, 5 Monument :WP`O`g#;]\c[S\b Square A_cO`S HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: w e y a n d @ p o r t l a n d 7<4=(eSgO\R.^]`bZO\R ZWP[Sca

?FK k`Zb\k

John Patriquin/Staff Photographer 8]V\>Ob`W_cW\AbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Guo Sen Shi, owner and cook at China Taste, serves up a meal 5c]AS\AVW]e\S`O\RQ]]YOb1VW\OBOabSaS`dSac^O[SOZ of cashew chicken with mixed vegetables and pork fried rice. ]TQOaVSeQVWQYS\eWbV[WfSRdSUSbOPZSaO\R^]`YT`WSR`WQS


A relative newcomer in Portland, China Taste has some welcome menu options. 8i\cXk`m\e\nZfd\i`eGfikcXe[#:_`eXKXjk\_Xjjfd\n\cZfd\d\elfgk`fej%

was very excited last year XBTWFSZFYDJUFEMBTUZFBS when it looked as if we XIFOJUMPPLFEBTJGXF were getting a new little XFSFHFUUJOHBOFXMJUUMF restaurant in our neighborSFTUBVSBOUJOPVSOFJHICPS hood, and even more so IPPE BOEFWFONPSFTP after I discovered it would BGUFS*EJTDPWFSFEJUXPVME be a new Chinese place. CFBOFX$IJOFTFQMBDF When China Taste 8IFO$IJOB5BTUF opened on the corner of PQFOFEPOUIFDPSOFSPG Washington and Maine 8BTIJOHUPOBOE.BJOF avenues, the parking lot was constantly BWFOVFT UIFQBSLJOHMPUXBTDPOTUBOUMZ busy with residents buzzing in and out CVTZXJUISFTJEFOUTCV[[JOHJOBOEPVU for takeout. After a few weeks, however, GPSUBLFPVU"GUFSBGFXXFFLT IPXFWFS  traffic dropped off considerably, and USBGmDESPQQFEPGGDPOTJEFSBCMZ BOE after eating there several times, I underBGUFSFBUJOHUIFSFTFWFSBMUJNFT *VOEFS stood why TUPPEXIZ Folks in the 'hood were perhaps hoping 'PMLTJOUIFIPPEXFSFQFSIBQTIPQJOH

G :?<8I@CC

for a place that wasn't like every other GPSBQMBDFUIBUXBTOUMJLFFWFSZPUIFS Chinese restaurant in town, and while $IJOFTFSFTUBVSBOUJOUPXO BOEXIJMF China Taste is just fine, it's not really $IJOB5BTUFJTKVTUmOF JUTOPUSFBMMZ anything new I slowly found myself miBOZUIJOHOFX*TMPXMZGPVOENZTFMGNJ grating back to Thai food for takeout. HSBUJOHCBDLUP5IBJGPPEGPSUBLFPVU Recently, a local paper gave China 3FDFOUMZ BMPDBMQBQFSHBWF$IJOB Taste a good review, so I decided to give 5BTUFBHPPESFWJFX TP*EFDJEFEUPHJWF it another try. JUBOPUIFSUSZ The restaurant is owned by the same 5IFSFTUBVSBOUJTPXOFECZUIFTBNF family who owns China Taste in YarGBNJMZXIPPXOT$IJOB5BTUFJO:BS mouth. There's a very small dining area NPVUI5IFSFTBWFSZTNBMMEJOJOHBSFB with just four tables, and a small sitting XJUIKVTUGPVSUBCMFT BOEBTNBMMTJUUJOH area where you can wait for your food if BSFBXIFSFZPVDBOXBJUGPSZPVSGPPEJG you haven't called in your order. ZPVIBWFOUDBMMFEJOZPVSPSEFS The menu is huge, as it is at most 5IFNFOVJTIVHF BTJUJTBUNPTU Chinese places, and covers the usual $IJOFTFQMBDFT BOEDPWFSTUIFVTVBM territory. I've found the quality of the UFSSJUPSZ*WFGPVOEUIFRVBMJUZPGUIF

food to be uneven. GPPEUPCFVOFWFO In my early trips to China Taste, I was *ONZFBSMZUSJQTUP$IJOB5BTUF *XBT unimpressed with its shrimp fried rice, VOJNQSFTTFEXJUIJUTTISJNQGSJFESJDF  preferring the more flavorful version QSFGFSSJOHUIFNPSFnBWPSGVMWFSTJPO at Veranda Thai down the street on the BU7FSBOEB5IBJEPXOUIFTUSFFUPOUIF other end of Washington Avenue. China PUIFSFOEPG8BTIJOHUPO"WFOVF$IJOB Taste's eggrolls are just OK. 5BTUFTFHHSPMMTBSFKVTU0, But I have also had some better-than#VU*IBWFBMTPIBETPNFCFUUFSUIBO average dishes there, including a few BWFSBHFEJTIFTUIFSF JODMVEJOHBGFX during my recent visits that were a cut EVSJOHNZSFDFOUWJTJUTUIBUXFSFBDVU above other Chinese places. I like the BCPWFPUIFS$IJOFTFQMBDFT*MJLFUIF black bean sauce, which has a smokier CMBDLCFBOTBVDF XIJDIIBTBTNPLJFS flavor to it than others I've tried, and nBWPSUPJUUIBOPUIFST*WFUSJFE BOE the beef and chicken teriyakis are both UIFCFFGBOEDIJDLFOUFSJZBLJTBSFCPUI delicious. EFMJDJPVT Please see EAT, Page E25 Gc\Xj\j\\3/BGX^\<),

Atwell on Bunker beers, E24N â&#x20AC;¢ Bar Guide: Empire Dine & Dance, E25 8kn\ccfe9leb\iY\\ij#<)+ 9Xi>l`[\1<dg`i\;`e\;XeZ\#<),

Here's the scoop ?\i\Ã&#x2039;jk_\jZffg on center benefit feZ\ek\iY\e\Ã&#x201D;k SUPPORT THE BRUNSWICK AC>>=@BB630@C<AE719 TEEN CENTER by purchasB33<13<B3@Pg^c`QVOa ing a scoop of gelato by 11 W\UOaQ]]^]TUSZOb]Pg tonight at Gelato Fiasco's b]\WUVbOb5SZOb]4WOaQ]¸a "Scoop-a-Thon." Teachers, µAQ]]^OBV]\¶BSOQVS`a town officials, students b]e\]T¿QWOZaabcRS\ba and other members of the O\R]bVS`[S[PS`a]TbVS community will be scoopQ][[c\WbgeWZZPSaQ]]^ ing, and there will be live W\UO\RbVS`SeWZZPSZWdS music [caWQ WHEN: 11 a.m. t o l l p.m. E63<(O[b]^[ today b]ROg WHERE: Gelato Fiasco, 74 E63@3(5SZOb]4WOaQ]%" Maine St., Brunswick ;OW\SAb0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: One scoop costs 6=E;C16(=\SaQ]]^Q]aba $3.75 !%# INFO: 607-4002;) 7<4=($%" USZOb]¿OaQ]Q][

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3E24 "5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

9i\n`e^Zfddle`kpn\cZfd\j9leb\ikfk_\]fc[ Brewing community welcomes Bunker to the fold 9B

unker Brewing Co. has joined the VOLFS#SFXJOH$PIBTKPJOFEUIF Portland brewery boom, having made 1PSUMBOECSFXFSZCPPN IBWJOHNBEF beers for the past few weeks at 122 CFFSTGPSUIFQBTUGFXXFFLTBU Anderson St. "OEFSTPO4U Jay Villani, owner of Sonny's and Local +BZ7JMMBOJ PXOFSPG4POOZTBOE-PDBM 188, was present on March 29 when The  XBTQSFTFOUPO.BSDIXIFO5IF Great Lost Bear offered three of Bunker's (SFBU-PTU#FBSPGGFSFEUISFFPG#VOLFST beers, and I got to talk to him about how CFFST BOE*HPUUPUBMLUPIJNBCPVUIPX the brewery was created. UIFCSFXFSZXBTDSFBUFE Chresten Sorenson, who bakes bread for $ISFTUFO4PSFOTPO XIPCBLFTCSFBEGPS Villani's restaurants, started talking to Vil7JMMBOJTSFTUBVSBOUT TUBSUFEUBMLJOHUP7JM lani about beer while MBOJBCPVUCFFSXIJMF making his bread NBLJOHIJTCSFBE deliveries. Then he EFMJWFSJFT5IFOIF started bringing in TUBSUFECSJOHJOHJO some of the beers he TPNFPGUIFCFFSTIF had brewed at home, IBECSFXFEBUIPNF  and the conversation BOEUIFDPOWFSTBUJPO moved to starting a NPWFEUPTUBSUJOHB brewer CSFXFSZ We ended up get i8FFOEFEVQHFU tin the ne barrel UJOHUIFPOFCBSSFM u i i u i t t i c j i u u TZTUFNUIBU.BJOF systemthatMaine Beer Co. started #FFS$PTUBSUFE with," Villani said, noting that the city's XJUI w7JMMBOJTBJE OPUJOHUIBUUIFDJUZT beer community has been strongly behind CFFSDPNNVOJUZIBTCFFOTUSPOHMZCFIJOE the effort. UIFFGGPSU So far, Bunker's beers have been avail4PGBS #VOLFSTCFFSTIBWFCFFOBWBJM able only on draft at Mama's Crowbar, BCMFPOMZPOESBGUBU.BNBT$SPXCBS  Novare Res and The Great Lost Bear in /PWBSF3FTBOE5IF(SFBU-PTU#FBSJO addition to Villani's two restaurants. The BEEJUJPOUP7JMMBOJTUXPSFTUBVSBOUT5IF brewery is located in an old brick scrapCSFXFSZJTMPDBUFEJOBOPMECSJDLTDSBQ yard. ZBSE The brewer plans to use only "malt, 5IFCSFXFSQMBOTUPVTFPOMZiNBMU  water, hops, yeast, time, temperature and XBUFS IPQT ZFBTU UJNF UFNQFSBUVSFBOE the passion" to make fine beers in small, UIFQBTTJPOwUPNBLFmOFCFFSTJOTNBMM  hand-made batches, according to an anIBOENBEFCBUDIFT BDDPSEJOHUPBOBO

Tom Atwell  y mm HIWCII Kfd8kn\cc What Ales You § ° N_Xk8c\jPfl


very dark amber to brown color, is lightly WFSZEBSLBNCFSUPCSPXODPMPS JTMJHIUMZ DBSCPOBUFE BOEJTBMJUUMFCJUBTUSJOHFOUBU carbonated, and is a little bit astringent at the end. UIFFOE I enjoyed all three of the beers, and I am *FOKPZFEBMMUISFFPGUIFCFFST BOE*BN looking forward to having more of them in MPPLJOHGPSXBSEUPIBWJOHNPSFPGUIFNJO the future. UIFGVUVSF ALTHOUGH MARCH had a week of "-5)06()."3$)IBEBXFFLPG summer-like weather, I was surprised to TVNNFSMJLFXFBUIFS *XBTTVSQSJTFEUP see the first of Maine's summer beers TFFUIFmSTUPG.BJOFTTVNNFSCFFST showing up at the supermarket a couple TIPXJOHVQBUUIFTVQFSNBSLFUBDPVQMF of weeks ago. PGXFFLTBHP The packaging for Geary's Summer Ale 5IFQBDLBHJOHGPS(FBSZT4VNNFS"MF this year was designed by Annie Mora, a UIJTZFBSXBTEFTJHOFECZ"OOJF.PSB B at the Maine College of Art studyKVOJPSBUUIF.BJOF$PMMFHFPG"SUTUVEZ Courtesy photo junior 1]c`bSag^V]b] ing Graphic Design and a resident of JOH(SBQIJD%FTJHOBOEBSFTJEFOUPG Bunker Brewing recently joined the 0c\YS`0`SeW\U`SQS\bZgX]W\SRbVS South Londonderry, Vt. 4PVUI-POEPOEFSSZ 7U busy Portland craft beer scene. Pcag>]`bZO\RQ`OTbPSS`aQS\S Each year, Geary's holds a competition &BDIZFBS (FBSZTIPMETBDPNQFUJUJPO nouncement for the event at the Bear. OPVODFNFOUGPSUIFFWFOUBUUIF#FBS among Maine College of Art students, BNPOH.BJOF$PMMFHFPG"SUTUVEFOUT  The first beer produced by Bunker was XJUIUIFXJOOFSSFDFJWJOHB TDIPMBS 5IFmSTUCFFSQSPEVDFECZ#VOLFSXBT with the winner receiving a $5,000 scholarBunker Ale 2, which is almost but not #VOLFS"MF XIJDIJTBMNPTUCVUOPU ship. TIJQ quite an India Pale Ale. It's a dark redRVJUFBO*OEJB1BMF"MF*UTBEBSLSFE When thinking of a design for the Sum8IFOUIJOLJOHPGBEFTJHOGPSUIF4VN dish-brown color and lightly carbonated, EJTICSPXODPMPSBOEMJHIUMZDBSCPOBUFE  mer Ale, Mora wanted to illustrate the NFS"MF .PSBXBOUFEUPJMMVTUSBUFUIF and has a good real ale flavor. BOEIBTBHPPESFBMBMFnBWPS energy of the ocean, Jessica Tomlinson FOFSHZPGUIFPDFBO +FTTJDB5PNMJOTPO Bunker Lager 1 is a little sweet for a #VOLFS-BHFSJTBMJUUMFTXFFUGPSB of the Maine College of Art told me. The PGUIF.BJOF$PMMFHFPG"SUUPMENF5IF lager upfront. It has an earthy aftertaste MBHFSVQGSPOU*UIBTBOFBSUIZBGUFSUBTUF inspiration for "the splash" came from JOTQJSBUJPOGPSiUIFTQMBTIwDBNFGSPN that is unusual but kind of pleasant, add- XBUFSDPMPSQBJOUJOHTUIBUTIFEPFTJOIFS UIBUJTVOVTVBMCVULJOEPGQMFBTBOU BEE watercolor paintings that she does in her ing a bit of complexity to the beer, and is JOHBCJUPGDPNQMFYJUZUPUIFCFFS BOEJT sketchbook. The colors in the packaging TLFUDICPPL5IFDPMPSTJOUIFQBDLBHJOH lightly hopped. It's a good drinkable beer. SFQSFTFOUXBSNTVNNFSEBZTJO.BJOF MJHIUMZIPQQFE*UTBHPPEESJOLBCMFCFFS represent warm summer days in Maine. Hopscotch Ale, a Scottish ale, was )PQTDPUDI"MF B4DPUUJTIBMF XBT Geary's Summer Ale is similar to a Ger(FBSZT4VNNFS"MFJTTJNJMBSUPB(FS served for the first time during the March NBOTUZMF,PMTDIBMF BMJHIUCVUTUJMMnB TFSWFEGPSUIFmSTUUJNFEVSJOHUIF.BSDI man-style Kolsch ale, a light but still fla29 special at the Bear, and it is an interest- WPSGVMBMFDSFBUFEJO$PMPHOFUPDPNQFUF TQFDJBMBUUIF#FBS BOEJUJTBOJOUFSFTU vorful ale created in Cologne to compete ing beer. "This is a big beer, a bit like a JOHCFFSi5IJTJTBCJHCFFS BCJUMJLFB with the lagers that were being imported XJUIUIFMBHFSTUIBUXFSFCFJOHJNQPSUFE wee heavy," Villani said. XFFIFBWZ w7JMMBOJTBJE from Bavaria back around 1250. GSPN#BWBSJBCBDLBSPVOE Hopscotch Ale is 8 percent alcohol, and )PQTDPUDI"MFJTQFSDFOUBMDPIPM BOE While grocery shopping, I also noticed 8IJMFHSPDFSZTIPQQJOH *BMTPOPUJDFE doesn't have the sweetness or body that EPFTOUIBWFUIFTXFFUOFTTPSCPEZUIBU that Gritty's Vacationland Summer Ale was UIBU(SJUUZT7BDBUJPOMBOE4VNNFS"MFXBT I might expect of a Scottish ale. It's a *NJHIUFYQFDUPGB4DPUUJTIBMF*UTB on the shelves. This is another good beer, a POUIFTIFMWFT5IJTJTBOPUIFSHPPECFFS B bit hoppier than most summer ales. CJUIPQQJFSUIBONPTUTVNNFSBMFT And from 5 to 8 p.m. today, Shipyard will "OEGSPNUPQNUPEBZ 4IJQZBSEXJMM




V X Q G D\  H Y H Q L Q J

8PM  SP 3/25$%"")%$!6)%3  0GHEELHGDYLHV  7PM 4/15  SP VXJDUEOXH0 35'!2",5% 

4/29 7PM SP &KULVEHDUG   #(2)3"%!2$ 07PM  SP 5/6 VPRNLQMRHNXEHN   3-/+).*/%+5"%+ 07PM 6/3  SP VXJDUUD\ WKHEOXHWRQHV0  35'!22!94(%",5%4/.%3



Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

The new Geary's Summer Ale BVS\Se5SO`g¸aAc[[S`/ZS packaging was designed by ^OQYOUW\UeOaRSaWU\SRPg MECA student Annie Mora. ;31/abcRS\b/\\WS;]`O be celebrating the return of its Summer CFDFMFCSBUJOHUIFSFUVSOPGJUT4VNNFS Ale with a party at Three Dollar Dewey's, "MFXJUIBQBSUZBU5ISFF%PMMBS%FXFZT  241 Commercial St., Portland. There will $PNNFSDJBM4U 1PSUMBOE5IFSFXJMM be specials, prizes and giveaways. CFTQFDJBMT QSJ[FTBOEHJWFBXBZT With all this summer beer, can we return 8JUIBMMUIJTTVNNFSCFFS DBOXFSFUVSO to some of the summer-like temperatures UPTPNFPGUIFTVNNFSMJLFUFNQFSBUVSFT we had in mid-March? XFIBEJONJE.BSDI Tom Atwell is a freelance writer living in Cape B][/beSZZWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`ZWdW\UW\1O^S Elizabeth. He can be contacted at 767-2297 or at: 3ZWhOPSbV6SQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%$% '%]`Ob( b][ObeSZZ.[SQ][

(800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic &%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ Center box office 1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS June 22 ³BVS0SOQV0]ga#bV - The Beach Boys 50th 8c\S Continued from Page E22 Anniversary Tour, 5:30 p.m., Bangor :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 /\\WdS`aO`gB]c`#(!^[0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion. $47.75 to $91.75. EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"%%#b]'%#; (800) 745-3000 May 28 - Bela Fleck and The Marcus EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! ;Og &³0SZO4ZSQYO\RBVS;O`Qca June 24"³8O[SaBOgZ]`O\R6Wa0O\R - James Taylor and His Band, Roberts Trio, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Arts 8c\S @]PS`baB`W]&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba 8 p.m., Cumberland County Civic Center, Brownfield. $100. Stonemountain &^[1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ 1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZRAb]\S[]c\bOW\ Center, Portland. $59.50 to $79.50.; 935-7292 1S\bS`>]`bZO\R#'#b]%'# O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '; (800) 745-3000; 775May 31 - Bonnie Raitt with Marc Cohn, 8 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!)%%# ;Og!³0]\\WS@OWbbeWbV;O`Q1]V\& 3458 p.m., Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $52.50 to !"#& ^[;S``WZZ/cRWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R# #b] June 30 - Slaid Cleaves, 8 p.m., One $62.50.; 842-0800 8c\S!³AZOWR1ZSOdSa&^[=\S $ #>]`bbWfQ][)&" & Longfellow Square, Portland. $23. 761-1757; May 31 - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, 8 p.m., :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R !%$%#%) ;Og!³<Wbbg5`Wbbg2W`b0O\R&^[ Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR July 6 - J. Geils, Jeff Pitchell, and Gerry $75.; 8cZg$³85SWZa8STT>WbQVSZZO\R5S``g %#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) Beaudoin & Texas Flood, 8 p.m., Jonathan's, 935-7292 0SOcR]W\BSfOa4Z]]R&^[8]\ObVO\¸a '!#% ' Ogunquit. $42.50. May 31 - Gogol Bordello with Two Gallants =Uc\_cWb" #8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][ ;Og!³5]U]Z0]`RSZZ]eWbVBe]5OZZO\ba July 6 - Rascal Flatts, Little Big Town, Eli and Mariachi El Bronx, 8 p.m., State 8cZg$³@OaQOZ4ZObba:WbbZS0WUB]e\3ZW O\R;O`WOQVW3Z0`]\f&^[AbObS Young and Edens Edge, 7:30 p.m., Bangor Theatre, Portland. $25/$30. Statetheatre G]c\UO\R3RS\a3RUS%(!^[0O\U]` BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R #!AbObSbVSOb`S Waterfront Pavilion. $37.50 to $131.50.; (800) 745-3000; EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\!%#b]!# ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!); (800) 745-3000 Cumberland County Civic Center box office EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS July 8 - REO Speedwagon, Styx June 2³HOQ0`]e\0O\R#^[0O\U]` - Zac Brown Band, 5 p.m., Bangor 8cZg&³@3=A^SSReOU]\Abgf 8c\S and Ted Nugent, 6:30 p.m., Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $32.75 to $82.75. O\RBSR<cUS\b$(!^[0O\U]` EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\! %#b]& %# Waterfront Pavilion. $37.50 to $71.50.; (800) 745-3000 EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\!%#b]%# EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#!; (800) 745-3000 June 2³2O`EWZZWO[a$(!O\R'(!^[ - Dar Williams, 6:30 and 9:30 p.m., EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)&%"#! 8c\S July 14 - Maia Sharp, 8 p.m., One One Longfellow Square, Portland. $35. 8cZg"³;OWOAVO`^&^[=\S =\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R!# Longfellow Square, Portland. $18. 761-1757; 761-1757; :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R&%$%#%) %$%#%)=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ June 6 - Trombone Shorty & =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][ 8c\S$³B`][P]\SAV]`bg July 15 - Paula Poundstone, 8 p.m., Stone Orleans Avenue, 7 p.m., Port City 8cZg#³>OcZO>]c\Rab]\S&^[Ab]\S =`ZSO\a/dS\cS%^[>]`b1Wbg Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $45. Music Hall, Portland. $25 to $40. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR"# ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R #b]"; 935-7292; (888) 512-SHOW Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&&&# A6=E July 26$³8O\Wa7O\&^[ - Janis Ian, 8 p.m., June 15 - Enter the Haggis, 8 p.m., Stone 8cZg 8c\S#³3\bS`bVS6OUUWa&^[Ab]\S Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $32.50. Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb! # ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR #; 646-4526; 935-7292 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' July 26$³5`SU0`]e\&^[Ab]\S - Greg Brown, 8 p.m., Stone June 16 - Michael Franti & Spearhead, 8 8cZg 8c\S$³;WQVOSZ4`O\bWA^SO`VSOR& p.m., State Theatre, Portland. $35/$40. ^[AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!#"; Please see TIX, PageE25 AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<),

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 | GO E25 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3 #


8k<dg`i\#[`e\Xe[[XeZ\aljkgXikf]k_\XkkiXZk`fe At Empire, dine and dance just part of the attraction #Z&.."#065)*--&55& By EMMA BOUTHILLETTE


HSBCCFEBGFXGSJFOETGPSB grabbed a few friends for a MBEJFTOJHIUMBTUXFFLBOE ladies night last week and ESPQQFEJOGPSBESJOLBU&N dropped in for a drink at EmQJSF%JOF%BODFPOUIFDPSOFS pire Dine & Dance on the corner PG$POHSFTT4USFFUBOE'PSFTU of Congress Street and Forest "WFOVFJO1PSUMBOE Avenue in Portland. *UXBTBRVJFU8FEOFTEBZOJHIU It was a quiet Wednesday night XIFOXFXBMLFEJOUP&NQJSF  when we walked into Empire, XJUIBGFXQFPQMFTJUUJOHBUUIF with a few people sitting at the CBSBOETPNFBUUIFUBCMFT8F bar and some at the tables. We TOBHHFEBUBCMFBMPOHUIFXBMM  snagged a table along the wall, DMPTFUPXIFSFUIFFOUFSUBJO close to where the entertainment was setting up for the NFOUXBTTFUUJOHVQGPSUIF evening. FWFOJOH A server came over shortly "TFSWFSDBNFPWFSTIPSUMZ after we were seated and let us BGUFSXFXFSFTFBUFEBOEMFUVT know that the beers on tap were LOPXUIBUUIFCFFSTPOUBQXFSF listed on a nearby wall. There MJTUFEPOBOFBSCZXBMM5IFSF were eight varieties scrawled XFSFFJHIUWBSJFUJFTTDSBXMFE out on the chalkboard, along PVUPOUIFDIBMLCPBSE BMPOH with specials from the kitchen XJUITQFDJBMTGSPNUIFLJUDIFO for the night. GPSUIFOJHIU Two of us ordered the Angry 5XPPGVTPSEFSFEUIF"OHSZ Orchard hard cider on tap, and 0SDIBSEIBSEDJEFSPOUBQ BOE the other two opted for an AlUIFPUIFSUXPPQUFEGPSBO"M lagash White and a Stowaway MBHBTI8IJUFBOEB4UPXBXBZ IPA. The cider was $4 for a stan*1"5IFDJEFSXBTGPSBTUBO dard pint, and the beers were $5 EBSEQJOU BOEUIFCFFSTXFSF apiece. BQJFDF There's something about 5IFSFTTPNFUIJOHBCPVU Empire that I just find relaxing. &NQJSFUIBU*KVTUmOESFMBYJOH The broad wooden tables, art on 5IFCSPBEXPPEFOUBCMFT BSUPO the walls with some connection UIFXBMMTXJUITPNFDPOOFDUJPO to music, dim lighting and dark UPNVTJD EJNMJHIUJOHBOEEBSL color scheme just put you in a DPMPSTDIFNFKVTUQVUZPVJOB laid-back mood. MBJECBDLNPPE That staff was also pretty laid5IBUTUBGGXBTBMTPQSFUUZMBJE back. We started to notice that a CBDL8FTUBSUFEUPOPUJDFUIBUB few of the servers were sitting at GFXPGUIFTFSWFSTXFSFTJUUJOHBU tables catching up with customUBCMFTDBUDIJOHVQXJUIDVTUPN ers who are likely friends. Our FSTXIPBSFMJLFMZGSJFOET0VS server stayed pretty attentive TFSWFSTUBZFEQSFUUZBUUFOUJWF up until the end, when we were VQVOUJMUIFFOE XIFOXFXFSF ready to pay and leave. Maybe SFBEZUPQBZBOEMFBWF.BZCF she just wanted us to stay longer TIFKVTUXBOUFEVTUPTUBZMPOHFS

EMPIRE DINE & DANCE <DG@I<;@E<;8E:< WHERE: 575 Congress St., E63@3(#%#1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R PHONE: 8 7 9 - 8 9 8 8 >6=<3(&%'&'&& WEBSITE: p o r t l a n d e m p i r e . c o m E30A7B3(^]`bZO\RS[^W`SQ][ HOURS: 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily 6=C@A("^[b]O[ROWZg PARKING: Try y o u r luck on t h e >/@97<5(B`gg]c`ZcQY]\bVS streets of P o r t l a n d or pull into ab`SSba]T>]`bZO\R]`^cZZW\b] t h e g a r a g e o n Forest A v e n u e . bVSUO`OUS]\4]`Sab/dS\cS SCENE: E m p i r e Dine & Dance A13<3(3[^W`S2W\S2O\QS is a casual bar f o r g r a b b i n g WaOQOacOZPO`T]`U`OPPW\U drinks after w o r k or catching R`W\YaOTbS`e]`Y]`QObQVW\U s o m e local music, w i t h a][SZ]QOZ[caWQeWbV something happening almost a][SbVW\UVO^^S\W\UOZ[]ab every n i g h t o f t h e week. SdS`g\WUVb]TbVSeSSY SPECIALS: "Beer, B o u r b o n , A>317/:A(Âľ0SS`0]c`P]\ B u r g e r " ( $ 6 ) , 5 to 8 p.m. daily 0c`US`Âś$#b]&^[ROWZg

have been the Blue Mango VegIBWFCFFOUIF#MVF.BOHP7FH gie Burger, because that just HJF#VSHFS CFDBVTFUIBUKVTU sounded amazing. TPVOEFEBNB[JOH I've eaten at Empire in the *WFFBUFOBU&NQJSFJOUIF past, but I think it has changed QBTU CVU*UIJOLJUIBTDIBOHFE the menu since then, because I UIFNFOVTJODFUIFO CFDBVTF* remember having a quesadilla, SFNFNCFSIBWJOHBRVFTBEJMMB  and I didn't see it listed this time BOE*EJEOUTFFJUMJTUFEUIJTUJNF John Ewing/Staff Photographer 8]V\3eW\UAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS` around. But that could have H e a t h e r Piela t e n d s bar at E m p i r e Dine & Dance, w h i c h offers s o m e t h i n g extra to do m o s t nights. BSPVOE#VUUIBUDPVMEIBWF 6SObVS`>WSZObS\RaPO`Ob3[^W`S2W\S2O\QSeVWQV]TTS`aa][SbVW\USfb`Ob]R][]ab\WUVba been one of the nightly specials CFFOPOFPGUIFOJHIUMZTQFDJBMT too. UPP and enjoy the band that had fancy. There's no cover for days, which features two local EBZT XIJDIGFBUVSFTUXPMPDBM GBODZ5IFSFTOPDPWFSGPS BOEFOKPZUIFCBOEUIBUIBE We admittedly did leave just as 8FBENJUUFEMZEJEMFBWFKVTUBT been setting up in the corner. what's happening downstairs, bands playing covers of two bigCBOETQMBZJOHDPWFSTPGUXPCJH XIBUTIBQQFOJOHEPXOTUBJST  CFFOTFUUJOHVQJOUIFDPSOFS the band du jour kicked off downUIFCBOEEVKPVSLJDLFEPGGEPXO but there's usually a charge for name artists. This Wednesday If you're looking for someOBNFBSUJTUT5IJT8FEOFTEBZ CVUUIFSFTVTVBMMZBDIBSHFGPS *GZPVSFMPPLJOHGPSTPNF stairs, because we wanted to try upstairs. It depends on the night. XJMMGFBUVSF+FTVT-J[BSEWFSTVT will feature Jesus Lizard versus TUBJST CFDBVTFXFXBOUFEUPUSZ thing different to do, check out VQTUBJST*UEFQFOETPOUIFOJHIU UIJOHEJGGFSFOUUPEP DIFDLPVU out another fine local establishBig Black. PVUBOPUIFSmOFMPDBMFTUBCMJTI Empire's calendar on its website It seems the entertainment #JH#MBDL *UTFFNTUIFFOUFSUBJONFOU &NQJSFTDBMFOEBSPOJUTXFCTJUF ment and wouldn't have been NFOUBOEXPVMEOUIBWFCFFO ( There's offerings are of a wide variety We didn't order food on our 8FEJEOUPSEFSGPPEPOPVS PGGFSJOHTBSFPGBXJEFWBSJFUZ QPSUMBOEFNQJSFDPN 5IFSFT able to carry on a conversation something happening almost BCMFUPDBSSZPOBDPOWFSTBUJPO as well. Empire hosted a watch ladies night out, but Empire MBEJFTOJHIUPVU CVU&NQJSF BTXFMM&NQJSFIPTUFEBXBUDI TPNFUIJOHIBQQFOJOHBMNPTU with the band jamming out right every night of the week. XJUIUIFCBOEKBNNJOHPVUSJHIU party for this season's premiere EPFTIBWFBNFOVUIBUXPVME does have a menu that would QBSUZGPSUIJTTFBTPOTQSFNJFSF FWFSZOJHIUPGUIFXFFL next to us. of "Mad Men," and an after-party UFNQU BOEOPUIJOHJTNPSFUIBO tempt, and nothing is more than OFYUUPVT In addition to space downstairs PGi.BE.FO wBOEBOBGUFSQBSUZ *OBEEJUJPOUPTQBDFEPXOTUBJST But we definitely toasted to a for all the Snoop Dogg fans last $10. If I liked bourbon, I probably #VUXFEFmOJUFMZUPBTUFEUPB for entertainment, there may be GPSBMMUIF4OPPQ%PHHGBOTMBTU *G*MJLFECPVSCPO *QSPCBCMZ GPSFOUFSUBJONFOU UIFSFNBZCF fun and different night out. week. There's also a sing-along would have opted for the famous GVOBOEEJGGFSFOUOJHIUPVU entertainment upstairs as well. XPVMEIBWFPQUFEGPSUIFGBNPVT XFFL5IFSFTBMTPBTJOHBMPOH FOUFSUBJONFOUVQTUBJSTBTXFMM piano bar downstairs during the OJHIUMZi#FFS #PVSCPO #VSHFSw nightly "Beer, Bourbon, Burger" Upstairs offers more space, so QJBOPCBSEPXOTUBJSTEVSJOHUIF 6QTUBJSTPGGFSTNPSFTQBDF TP week, and the popular "Clash of TQFDJBM  )BE*PSEFSFE special ($6). Had I ordered you can both listen and dance Emma Bouthillette is a freelance writer XFFL BOEUIFQPQVMBSi$MBTIPG ZPVDBOCPUIMJTUFOBOEEBODF 3[[O0]cbVWZZSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS` the Titans" series on Wednessomething, it probably would a little, should that strike your who lives in Biddeford. TPNFUIJOH JUQSPCBCMZXPVME UIF5JUBOTwTFSJFTPO8FEOFT BMJUUMF TIPVMEUIBUTUSJLFZPVS eV]ZWdSaW\0WRRST]`R



If you have kids who like chicken fingers, the ones at China *GZPVIBWFLJETXIPMJLFDIJDLFOmOHFST UIFPOFTBU$IJOB Taste are tender, hot and refreshingly not dripping in grease 5BTUFBSFUFOEFS IPUBOESFGSFTIJOHMZOPUESJQQJOHJOHSFBTF as you'll often find in other restaurants. Generally, the vegBTZPVMMPGUFOmOEJOPUIFSSFTUBVSBOUT(FOFSBMMZ UIFWFH etables seem fresh and not overcooked. FUBCMFTTFFNGSFTIBOEOPUPWFSDPPLFE China Taste serves an array of lunch specials from 11 a.m. $IJOB5BTUFTFSWFTBOBSSBZPGMVODITQFDJBMTGSPNBN to 3 p.m. These are combination plates such as sesame chickUPQN5IFTFBSFDPNCJOBUJPOQMBUFTTVDIBTTFTBNFDIJDL en and crab rangoon, or shrimp with lobster sauce and an FOBOEDSBCSBOHPPO PSTISJNQXJUIMPCTUFSTBVDFBOEBO egg roll. They come with either white rice or pork-fried rice, FHHSPMM5IFZDPNFXJUIFJUIFSXIJUFSJDFPSQPSLGSJFESJDF  plus your choice of egg drop, wonton or hot and sour soup. QMVTZPVSDIPJDFPGFHHESPQ XPOUPOPSIPUBOETPVSTPVQ Similar dinner combos, some (but not all) with an extra 4JNJMBSEJOOFSDPNCPT TPNF CVUOPUBMM XJUIBOFYUSB item, are priced at $8.25 to $8.95. JUFN BSFQSJDFEBUUP Chef's specialties range from $10.95 for General Tso's $IFG TTQFDJBMUJFTSBOHFGSPNGPS(FOFSBM5TPT Chicken to $15.95 for Gai Poo Lo Mein, which costs more $IJDLFOUPGPS(BJ1PP-P.FJO XIJDIDPTUTNPSF because it contains lobster and other seafood. CFDBVTFJUDPOUBJOTMPCTUFSBOEPUIFSTFBGPPE The bottom line: If you're looking for a place you can run 5IFCPUUPNMJOF*GZPVSFMPPLJOHGPSBQMBDFZPVDBOSVO into and grab some quick, American-style Chinese takeout JOUPBOEHSBCTPNFRVJDL "NFSJDBOTUZMF$IJOFTFUBLFPVU for dinner - and you're not too fussy - China Taste will suit GPSEJOOFSoBOEZPVSFOPUUPPGVTTZo$IJOB5BTUFXJMMTVJU your needs just fine. ZPVSOFFETKVTUmOF

Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR $35.; !#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) 935-7292 '!#% ' July 28 - Jonathan Edwards' 8cZg &³8]\ObVO\3ReO`Ra¸ Birthday Bash, 7 p.m., 0W`bVROg0OaV%^[ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $40. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb"; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ July 28 - Travis Tritt with The Mallet 8cZg &³B`OdWaB`WbbeWbVBVS;OZZSb Brothers and L-A Harley Band, 4 0`]bVS`aO\R:/6O`ZSg0O\R" p.m., Rangeley Region Health & ^[@O\USZSg@SUW]\6SOZbV Wellness Pavilion. $49 to $200. ESZZ\Saa>OdWZW]\"'b]; 864-4397 BWQYSbeSPQ][)&$""!'% Aug. 4 - Slaid Cleaves and Bill /cU"³AZOWR1ZSOdSaO\R0WZZ Kirchen, 7:30 p.m., Stone Mountain 9W`QVS\%(!^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\ Arts Center, Brownfield. $79. Stone /`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR%'Ab]\S; 935-7292 []c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' Aug. 7 - M83, 8 p.m., State Theatre, /cU%³;&!&^[AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $25/$28. Statetheatre >]`bZO\R # &AbObSbVSOb`S; (800) 745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`

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The staff of GO anonymously samples meals for about $7. BVSabOTT]T5=O\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa[SOZaT]`OP]cb%

Continued from Page E24 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 "

box office P]f]TÂżQS Aug. 19 - Last Summer on Earth /cU'Âł:OabAc[[S`]\3O`bV with Barenaked Ladies, Blues eWbV0O`S\OYSR:ORWSa0ZcSa Traveler, Big Head Todd & Monsters, B`OdSZS`0WU6SORB]RR;]\abS`a and Cracker, 5 p.m., Bangor O\R1`OQYS`#^[0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion. $23.25 to EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ ! #b] $62.75.; $ %#EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Aug. 31 - Big Time Rush and /cU!Âł0WUBW[S@caVO\R Cody Simpson, 7 p.m., Bangor 1]RgAW[^a]\%^[0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion. $22b]$% to $67 EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\; EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Sept. 1 - Keith Urban and David AS^bÂł9SWbVC`PO\O\R2OdWR Nail, 5:30 p.m., Bangor Waterfront <OWZ#(!^[0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b Pavilion. $27.75 to $71.75. >OdWZW]\ %%#b]%%#; EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Sept. 2Âł8Oa]\/ZRSO\:cYS - Jason Aldean & Luke AS^b Bryan, 5:30 p.m., $139.50 to $260. 0`gO\#(!^[!'#b] $ Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\; EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Sept. 16 - Connie Smith, 8 p.m., AS^b$Âł1]\\WSA[WbV&^[ Stone Mountain Arts Center, Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`

Brownfield. $45. Stonemountainarts 0`]e\ÂżSZR"#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`ba; 935-7292 QS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' Oct. 6 - Ben Harper, 8 p.m., State =Qb$Âł0S\6O`^S`&^[AbObS Theatre, Portland. $35 to $55. BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R!#b]##; (800) AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)& 745-3000; Cumberland County %"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]TÂżQS

Get outta town 5Sb]cbbOb]e\ Today-Friday - Furthur, 7:30 p.m., B]ROg4`WROgÂł4c`bVc`%(!^[ Citi Performing Arts Center Wang 1WbW>S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\U Theatre, Boston. $49.50 to $59.50. BVSOb`S0]ab]\"'#b]#'#; (866) 348-9738 1WbWQS\bS`]`U)&$$!"&'%!& Today, Saturday - Kevin Hart, 7 and B]ROgAObc`ROgÂł9SdW\6O`b%O\R 9:45 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. '("#^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\ $81.50.; &#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Wednesday - RAIN: A Tribute ESR\SaROgÂł@/7<(/B`WPcbS to The Beatles, 8 and 2^[ p.m., b]BVS0SObZSa&O\R Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $82. EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\&; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! April 12ÂłA\]e>Ob`]Z%(!^[ - Snow Patrol, 7:30 p.m., /^`WZ Orpheum Theatre, Boston. $43.20 =`^VSc[BVSOb`S0]ab]\"! 

Please see TIX, PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<*'

3 $5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 | GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3 %

<>>J$KI8<>>J$KI8 DON'T FORGET ;FEÃ&#x2039;K=FI><K GOING TO AN Easter egg 5=7<5B=/<3OabS`SUU hunt? Make sure you dress Vc\b-;OYSac`Sg]cR`Saa for the outdoors (where T]`bVS]cbR]]`aeVS`S the ground can be muddy bVSU`]c\RQO\PS[cRRg at this time of year), and ObbVWabW[S]TgSO`O\R bring your Easter basket. P`W\Ug]c`3OabS`POaYSb

I\X[XccXYflkcfZXc<Xjk\i\^^_lekj% Read all about local Easter egg hunts. By AVERY YALE KAMILA #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter oo often, Easter egg hunts in Maine can mean wading through PPPGUFO &BTUFSFHHIVOUTJO.BJOFDBONFBOXBEJOHUISPVHI snow and slush to find the colorful treats. But this year's unTOPXBOETMVTIUPmOEUIFDPMPSGVMUSFBUT#VUUIJTZFBSTVO seasonably warm weather means kids will be pushing aside TFBTPOBCMZXBSNXFBUIFSNFBOTLJETXJMMCFQVTIJOHBTJEF blooming daffodils and tulips to find the hidden eggs. CMPPNJOHEBGGPEJMTBOEUVMJQTUPmOEUIFIJEEFOFHHT The only downside is that mud could be lurking be5IFPOMZEPXOTJEFJTUIBUNVEDPVMECFMVSLJOHCF neath the sprouting green grass, so when you grab OFBUIUIFTQSPVUJOHHSFFOHSBTT TPXIFOZPVHSBC your Easter basket and bonnet, don't forget to pull on ZPVS&BTUFSCBTLFUBOECPOOFU EPOUGPSHFUUPQVMMPO a pair of boots too. BQBJSPGCPPUTUPP Through Saturday, the Maine Mall in 5ISPVHI4BUVSEBZ UIF.BJOF.BMMJO South Portland offers children a 4PVUI1PSUMBOEPGGFSTDIJMESFOB chance to have their picture taken with the EasDIBODFUPIBWFUIFJSQJDUVSFUBLFOXJUIUIF&BT ter Bunny. Other indoor options include egg UFS#VOOZ0UIFSJOEPPSPQUJPOTJODMVEFFHH IVOUTBUUIF1FFLBCPP$IJMESFOT$FOUFSBOE hunts at the Peekaboo Children's Center and UIF$IJMESFOT.VTFVN the Children's Museum. 4IPVMEZPVXBOUUPIFBEPVUTJEFGPSUIJT Should you want to head outside for this USBEJUJPOBMTQSJOHSJUVBM UIJTXFFLFOE traditional spring ritual, this weekend TFSWFTVQQMFOUZPGPQQPSUVOJUJFTUPIVOU serves up plenty of opportunities to hunt FHHTBOEIPCOPCXJUIUIF&BTUFS#VOOZ eggs and hobnob with the Easter Bunny JO.BJOFTGSFTITQSJOHBJS



in Maine's fresh spring air.

FRIDAY =I@;8P â&#x20AC;¢ SWEET-LESS EASTER EGG HUNT: Kids w o n ' t N AE33B:3AA3/AB3@3556C<B(9WRae]\¸b get a sugar high at this USbOacUO`VWUVObbVWa event that features eggs SdS\bbVObTSObc`SaSUUa filled with toys and trinkets ¿ZZSReWbVb]gaO\Rb`W\YSba rather than candy. `ObVS`bVO\QO\Rg WHEN: 9 to 11:30 a.m. E63<('b](!O[ WHERE: Peekaboo Children's Center, Dana E63@3(>SSYOP]]1VWZR`S\¸a1S\bS`2O\O Warp Mill, 90 Bridge St., Suite 206, Westbrook EO`^;WZZ'0`WRUSAbAcWbS $ESabP`]]Y HOW MUCH: $5 per p e r s o n 6=E;C16(#^S`^S`a]\ INFO: 8 5 4 - 3 5 0 0 7<4=(&#"!# Please see EGGS, PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\355AGX^\<*'

Short films star in Rockland series J_fikÃ&#x201D;cdjjkXi`eIfZbcXe[j\i`\j G WATCH short films from around the world and ?<8 E/B16aV]`b¿Z[aT`][O`]c\RbVSe]`ZRO\R

: I@CC K?

around the corner at Rockland Shorts: An InterO`]c\RbVSQ]`\S`Ob@]QYZO\RAV]`ba(/\7\bS` national Short Film Series. A post-film discussion \ObW]\OZAV]`b4WZ[AS`WSa/^]ab¿Z[RWaQcaaW]\ takes place with filmmakers after the screening, bOYSa^ZOQSeWbV¿Z[[OYS`aOTbS`bVSaQ`SS\W\U followed by an after-party at the Wyeth Center. T]ZZ]eSRPgO\OTbS`^O`bgObbVSEgSbV1S\bS` WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: Strand Theatre, 345 Main St., Rockland E63@3(Ab`O\RBVSOb`S!"#;OW\Ab@]QYZO\R HOW MUCH: $10 members; $12\]\[S[PS`aW\QZcRSabe] nonmembers (includes two 6=E;C16([S[PS`a) drink tickets for the after-party) R`W\YbWQYSbaT]`bVSOTbS`^O`bg INFO: 7<4=(TO`\ae]`bV[caSc[]`U

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

Urn, wanna go to the prom? Ld#nXeeX^fkfk_\gifd6

WAS YOUR prom experience more "CarE/AG=C@^`][Sf^S`WS\QS[]`Sµ1O` rie" or "Pretty in Pink"? Or did you skip `WS¶]`µ>`SbbgW\>W\Y¶-=`RWRg]caYW^ it altogether? Whatever your past prom WbOZb]USbVS`-EVObSdS`g]c`^Oab^`][ baggage may be, you can wipe the slate clean and try POUUOUS[OgPSg]cQO\eW^SbVSaZObSQZSO\O\Rb`g again at the Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Horse Prom. OUOW\ObbVS;OR;OR;OR;OR;OR6]`aS>`][ WHEN: 7 to 11 p.m. Saturday E63<(%b]^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Maine State Ballet Theatre, 348 U.S. Route 1, E63@3(;OW\SAbObS0OZZSbBVSOb`S!"&CA@]cbS Falmouth 4OZ[]cbV HOW MUCH: $25 6=E;C16( # INFO: 7<4=([ORV]`aSQ][

Off Beat: Shoot Your Face Off, E28Nâ&#x20AC;¢ C`jk`e^j#<)0 Listings, E29 F]]9\Xk1J_ffkPfli=XZ\F]]#<)/

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3E28 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

Ă&#x201A;I>I6C>8Ă&#x192; 'TITANIC' Continued from Page Ell :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3

G_fkffg1 oto op: W N

Put your mug in a >cbg]c`[cUW\O one-of-a-kind work ]\S]TOYW\Re]`Y of art at Space's ]TO`bObA^OQS¸a aptly named Shoot O^bZg\O[SRAV]]b Your Face Off event. G]c`4OQS=TTSdS\b

hen's the last time you One of the photogra0OFPGUIFQIPUPHSB IFOTUIFMBTUUJNFZPV sat for a portrait? phers who will be shootQIFSTXIPXJMMCFTIPPU TBUGPSBQPSUSBJU Think about it. If you're ing Friday is Samuel JOH'SJEBZJT4BNVFM 5IJOLBCPVUJU*GZPVSF not in school, there are very Cousins of Portland, who $PVTJOTPG1PSUMBOE XIP OPUJOTDIPPM UIFSFBSFWFSZ few times when you sit still in will be teamed with artist XJMMCFUFBNFEXJUIBSUJTU GFXUJNFTXIFOZPVTJUTUJMMJO front of a photographer and Kimberly Convery. Their ,JNCFSMZ$POWFSZ5IFJS GSPOUPGBQIPUPHSBQIFSBOE a tripod to have your picture idea includes presenting JEFBJODMVEFTQSFTFOUJOH BUSJQPEUPIBWFZPVSQJDUVSF taken. There's virtually no QPSUSBJUTVCKFDUTXJUIBWB UBLFO5IFSFTWJSUVBMMZOP n n *uportrait subjects with a vareason to anymore. Ray ROUthier SJFUZPGIBOEESBXOTDFOFT nety of hand-drawn scenes SFBTPOUPBOZNPSF "Now we have cameras from which to choose. GSPNXIJDIUPDIPPTF i/PXXFIBWFDBNFSBT in phones and we're taking 5IFJNBHFXJMMUIFO JOQIPOFTBOEXFSFUBLJOH Off Beat The image will then pictures of each other all the be projected - using an CFQSPKFDUFEoVTJOHBO QJDUVSFTPGFBDIPUIFSBMMUIF time, so the idea of sitting in overhead projector - onto PWFSIFBEQSPKFDUPSoPOUP UJNF TPUIFJEFBPGTJUUJOHJO front of a professional photographer is UIFQFSTPO5IFFGGFDUPGUIFmOJTIFE the person. The effect of the finished GSPOUPGBQSPGFTTJPOBMQIPUPHSBQIFSJT photograph will be that the person just sort of fading away," said Nat May, QIPUPHSBQIXJMMCFUIBUUIFQFSTPO KVTUTPSUPGGBEJOHBXBZ wTBJE/BU.BZ  executive director of Space in Portbecomes part of the hand-drawn scene. CFDPNFTQBSUPGUIFIBOEESBXOTDFOF FYFDVUJWFEJSFDUPSPG4QBDFJO1PSU land. "So we wanted to take that idea "The inspiration is the Coney Island i5IFJOTQJSBUJPOJTUIF$POFZ*TMBOE MBOEi4PXFXBOUFEUPUBLFUIBUJEFB of sitting for a portrait - like you might TUBOEVQTXJUIDVUPVUTUPTUJDLZPVS stand-ups with cut-outs to stick your PGTJUUJOHGPSBQPSUSBJUoMJLFZPVNJHIU have done at Sears - and have some face through," said Cousins. GBDFUISPVHI wTBJE$PVTJOT IBWFEPOFBU4FBSToBOEIBWFTPNF fun with it." Cousins, who works under the name $PVTJOT XIPXPSLTVOEFSUIFOBNF GVOXJUIJUw What May did was organize an event 4BNVFM$PVTJOT1IPUPHSBQIZ XBOUFE Samuel Cousins Photography, wanted 8IBU.BZEJEXBTPSHBOJ[FBOFWFOU at Space where a professional photog- UPCFQBSUPGUIFFWFOUCFDBVTFiJUT to be part of the event because "it's BU4QBDFXIFSFBQSPGFTTJPOBMQIPUPH rapher and an artist team up to take something different from what I usuTPNFUIJOHEJGGFSFOUGSPNXIBU*VTV SBQIFSBOEBOBSUJTUUFBNVQUPUBLF photographic portraits, but with an ally do." He primarily photographs BMMZEPw)FQSJNBSJMZQIPUPHSBQIT QIPUPHSBQIJDQPSUSBJUT CVUXJUIBO artsy twist. People will sit for a porevents, including concerts, parties and FWFOUT JODMVEJOHDPODFSUT QBSUJFTBOE BSUTZUXJTU1FPQMFXJMMTJUGPSBQPS trait, but the backdrop might contain social functions. TPDJBMGVODUJPOT USBJU CVUUIFCBDLESPQNJHIUDPOUBJO strange props or weird projected imSo doing a portrait of someone and in4PEPJOHBQPSUSBJUPGTPNFPOFBOEJO TUSBOHFQSPQTPSXFJSEQSPKFDUFEJN serting them into a hand-drawn scene ages. TFSUJOHUIFNJOUPBIBOEESBXOTDFOF BHFT "One team is going to have some is certainly different. JTDFSUBJOMZEJGGFSFOU i0OFUFBNJTHPJOHUPIBWFTPNF kind of cabinet of curiosities with odd May thinks Shoot Your Face Off might .BZUIJOLT4IPPU:PVS'BDF0GGNJHIU LJOEPGDBCJOFUPGDVSJPTJUJFTXJUIPEE objects in it, and they'll take the picture HJWFQFPQMFBMJUUMFCJUPGUIFUISJMMPGUIF give people a little bit of the thrill of the PCKFDUTJOJU BOEUIFZMMUBLFUIFQJDUVSF in such a way that your head looks like PMEEBZT XIFOTJUUJOHGPSBQPSUSBJUXBT old days, when sitting for a portrait was JOTVDIBXBZUIBUZPVSIFBEMPPLTMJLF it's on one of the shelves," said May. a big deal. BCJHEFBM JUTPOPOFPGUIFTIFMWFT wTBJE.BZ The event, called Shoot Your Face Off, 1MVT UIFZMMHFUUPTFFUIFNTFMWFTJO Plus, they'll get to see themselves in 5IFFWFOU DBMMFE4IPPU:PVS'BDF0GG  will take place from 5 to 8 p.m. Fria work of art. BXPSLPGBSU XJMMUBLFQMBDFGSPNUPQN'SJ day, during the city's First Friday Art And that's still a big deal. "OEUIBUTTUJMMBCJHEFBM EBZ EVSJOHUIFDJUZT'JSTU'SJEBZ"SU Walk. There will be three teams taking 8BML5IFSFXJMMCFUISFFUFBNTUBLJOH Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be photographs, with a photographer and QIPUPHSBQIT XJUIBQIPUPHSBQIFSBOE AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS contacted at 791-6454 or at: artist on each team, and portraits will BSUJTUPOFBDIUFBN BOEQPSUSBJUTXJMM Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]`Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com be done on the spot for $20 each. CFEPOFPOUIFTQPUGPSFBDI ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RayRouthier But coming in to watch the process #VUDPNJOHJOUPXBUDIUIFQSPDFTT BeWbbS`(@Og@]cbVWS` is free. JTGSFF In the past, Space has hosted a *OUIFQBTU 4QBDFIBTIPTUFEB SHOOT YOUR FACE OFF similar event where people get their TJNJMBSFWFOUXIFSFQFPQMFHFUUIFJS @=PFL A6==BG=C@4/13=44 WHEN: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. portraits drawn by an artist. Space QPSUSBJUTESBXOCZBOBSUJTU4QBDF E63<(#^[b]&^[ Friday also hosted a photo event like this once BMTPIPTUFEBQIPUPFWFOUMJLFUIJTPODF 4`WROg WHERE: Space, before, about two years ago. CFGPSF BCPVUUXPZFBSTBHP E63@3(A^OQS 538 Congress St., Portland Judging by how much people liked +VEHJOHCZIPXNVDIQFPQMFMJLFE #!&1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $20 per portrait; those experiences, May expects a big UIPTFFYQFSJFODFT .BZFYQFDUTBCJH 6=E;C16( ^S`^]`b`OWb) free to watch crowd on Friday. "People were getting T`SSb]eObQV DSPXEPO'SJEBZi1FPQMFXFSFHFUUJOH INFO: their pictures done four or five times." 7<4=(a^OQS#!&]`U UIFJSQJDUVSFTEPOFGPVSPSmWFUJNFTw

IXpIflk_`\i F]]9\Xk


home, on DVD, no matter how big your IPNF PO%7% OPNBUUFSIPXCJHZPVS flatscreen or video projector are, "TinBUTDSFFOPSWJEFPQSPKFDUPSBSF i5J tanic" just isn't the same: It's a souvenir UBOJDwKVTUJTOUUIFTBNF*UTBTPVWFOJS PGUIFFYQFSJFODFZPVIBEBUUIFUIFBUFS  of the experience you had at the theater, when the enormity of Cameron's vision XIFOUIFFOPSNJUZPG$BNFSPOTWJTJPO XBTHJWFOJUTQSPQFSEVF BOEXIFSFZPVS was given its proper due, and where your stomach felt a twinge of vertigo as LeonTUPNBDIGFMUBUXJOHFPGWFSUJHPBT-FPO BSEP%J$BQSJPBOE,BUF8JOTMFUDMVOH ardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet clung from the ship's railing, people beneath GSPNUIFTIJQTSBJMJOH QFPQMFCFOFBUI them falling to their deaths, as the boat UIFNGBMMJOHUPUIFJSEFBUIT BTUIFCPBU began its final plunge into icy, deadly CFHBOJUTmOBMQMVOHFJOUPJDZ EFBEMZ waters. XBUFST Cameron, who spent a year and $18 mil$BNFSPO XIPTQFOUBZFBSBOENJM lion retrofitting "Titanic" into 3-D, knows MJPOSFUSPmUUJOHi5JUBOJDwJOUP% LOPXT how to use the technology as expertly IPXUPVTFUIFUFDIOPMPHZBTFYQFSUMZ as Spielberg and Scorsese. Most of the BT4QJFMCFSHBOE4DPSTFTF.PTUPGUIF effects - especially during the first, preFGGFDUToFTQFDJBMMZEVSJOHUIFmSTU QSF iceberg half - are used to augment spaJDFCFSHIBMGoBSFVTFEUPBVHNFOUTQB tiality and dimension. The interior of the UJBMJUZBOEEJNFOTJPO5IFJOUFSJPSPGUIF ship looks more magnificent. The gold TIJQMPPLTNPSFNBHOJmDFOU5IFHPME ornamentation on the dinner plates looks PSOBNFOUBUJPOPOUIFEJOOFSQMBUFTMPPLT real enough to touch. DiCaprio looks SFBMFOPVHIUPUPVDI%J$BQSJPMPPLT impossibly, incredibly young (while you're JNQPTTJCMZ JODSFEJCMZZPVOH XIJMFZPVSF watching the movie, you can't help but XBUDIJOHUIFNPWJF ZPVDBOUIFMQCVU think about how the actor's life changed UIJOLBCPVUIPXUIFBDUPSTMJGFDIBOHFE after its release). Winslet is more beautiBGUFSJUTSFMFBTF 8JOTMFUJTNPSFCFBVUJ ful and radiant than you remembered. GVMBOESBEJBOUUIBOZPVSFNFNCFSFE Unlike many 3-D post-conversions, 6OMJLFNBOZ%QPTUDPOWFSTJPOT  where the image is darkened by the use XIFSFUIFJNBHFJTEBSLFOFECZUIFVTF of the glasses, Titanic doesn't look any PGUIFHMBTTFT 5JUBOJDEPFTOUMPPLBOZ duller than before: If anything, the image EVMMFSUIBOCFGPSF*GBOZUIJOH UIFJNBHF seems crisper and cleaner, the way BluTFFNTDSJTQFSBOEDMFBOFS UIFXBZ#MV rays look better than DVDs. Particular SBZTMPPLCFUUFSUIBO%7%T1BSUJDVMBS standouts are the shots in the bowels of TUBOEPVUTBSFUIFTIPUTJOUIFCPXFMTPG the ships, where the churning turbines UIFTIJQT XIFSFUIFDIVSOJOHUVSCJOFT seem larger than before, and scenes in TFFNMBSHFSUIBOCFGPSF BOETDFOFTJO which the characters try to outrun floods XIJDIUIFDIBSBDUFSTUSZUPPVUSVOnPPET of seawater after the boat has started to PGTFBXBUFSBGUFSUIFCPBUIBTTUBSUFEUP sink. TJOL Unlike the recent 3-D re-release of "The 6OMJLFUIFSFDFOU%SFSFMFBTFPGi5IF Phantom Menace," in which technology 1IBOUPN.FOBDF wJOXIJDIUFDIOPMPHZ was used primarily for gee-whiz effect, XBTVTFEQSJNBSJMZGPSHFFXIJ[FGGFDU  Cameron uses 3-D to deepen everything $BNFSPOVTFT%UPEFFQFOFWFSZUIJOH you already loved about the movie. There ZPVBMSFBEZMPWFEBCPVUUIFNPWJF5IFSF wasn't a single scene in the film where XBTOUBTJOHMFTDFOFJOUIFmMNXIFSF I found myself wishing I could watch it *GPVOENZTFMGXJTIJOH*DPVMEXBUDIJU in plain old 2-D (and the film's final shot, JOQMBJOPME% BOEUIFmMNTmOBMTIPU  one of my favorites of any movie, works POFPGNZGBWPSJUFTPGBOZNPWJF XPSLT even better now). FWFOCFUUFSOPX  Did "Titanic" need to be in 3-D?0G Of %JEi5JUBOJDwOFFEUPCFJO% course not. If I had a choice, would I DPVSTFOPU*G*IBEBDIPJDF XPVME* prefer to watch it in 2-D?:FT#VUUIBUJT Yes. But that is QSFGFSUPXBUDIJUJO% not an option, and the ability to be able to OPUBOPQUJPO BOEUIFBCJMJUZUPCFBCMFUP see this spectacle in theaters again - and TFFUIJTTQFDUBDMFJOUIFBUFSTBHBJOoBOE share the experience with sons, daughTIBSFUIFFYQFSJFODFXJUITPOT EBVHI ters, nieces and nephews who have never UFST OJFDFTBOEOFQIFXTXIPIBWFOFWFS seen it - is worth the hassle of wearing TFFOJUoJTXPSUIUIFIBTTMFPGXFBSJOH those glasses for three hours. UIPTFHMBTTFTGPSUISFFIPVST I know a lot of people who hate "Ti*LOPXBMPUPGQFPQMFXIPIBUFi5J tanic" for its 10-cent script, for its awful UBOJDwGPSJUTDFOUTDSJQU GPSJUTBXGVM dialogue, for its paper-thin characterizaEJBMPHVF GPSJUTQBQFSUIJODIBSBDUFSJ[B tions and for its multitude of plot holes. UJPOTBOEGPSJUTNVMUJUVEFPGQMPUIPMFT I recognize all those problems. And yet *SFDPHOJ[FBMMUIPTFQSPCMFNT"OEZFU none of them matters. This is an exceedOPOFPGUIFNNBUUFST5IJTJTBOFYDFFE ingly rare example of a director's vision JOHMZSBSFFYBNQMFPGBEJSFDUPSTWJTJPO overriding his talents as a writer: "TiPWFSSJEJOHIJTUBMFOUTBTBXSJUFSi5J tanic" remains a stirring, awe-inspiring, UBOJDwSFNBJOTBTUJSSJOH BXFJOTQJSJOH  enthralling entertainment, and judging FOUISBMMJOHFOUFSUBJONFOU BOEKVEHJOH by the amount of nose-blowing at a recent CZUIFBNPVOUPGOPTFCMPXJOHBUBSFDFOU preview screening, it also remains an QSFWJFXTDSFFOJOH JUBMTPSFNBJOTBO irresistible tearjerker. JSSFTJTUJCMFUFBSKFSLFS Here is a rare opportunity to revisit a )FSFJTBSBSFPQQPSUVOJUZUPSFWJTJUB movie that I'm willing to bet you don't NPWJFUIBU*NXJMMJOHUPCFUZPVEPOU remember nearly as well as you think you SFNFNCFSOFBSMZBTXFMMBTZPVUIJOLZPV do. Here is a rare opportunity to return to EP)FSFJTBSBSFPQQPSUVOJUZUPSFUVSOUP something you once loved, and discover it TPNFUIJOHZPVPODFMPWFE BOEEJTDPWFSJU still holds up, no apologies necessary. TUJMMIPMETVQ OPBQPMPHJFTOFDFTTBSZ

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3 '

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"Rockland Shorts," nine short films from h2OCKLAND3HORTS vNINESHORTlLMSFROM around the world, Strand Theatre, Rockland. AROUNDTHEWORLD 3TRAND4HEATRE 2OCKLAND SPECIAL EVENTS N30%#)!,%6%.43 $10 for members; $12 for non-members FORMEMBERSFORNON MEMBERS (includes screening and after-party). INCLUDESSCREENINGANDAFTER PARTY  FRIDAY &2)$!9 8 p.m. FARNSWORTHMUSEUMORGROCKLANDSHORTSPM Portland Performing Arts Festival Preview, 0ORTLAND0ERFORMING!RTS&ESTIVAL0REVIEW Friday. &RIDAY music by Dead Man's Clothes and A Severe Joy, MUSICBY$EAD-ANS#LOTHESAND!3EVERE*OY "Jiro Dreams of Sushi," documentary about 85goth vaudeville group Dark Follies, spoken word h*IRO$REAMSOF3USHI vDOCUMENTARYABOUT GOTHVAUDEVILLEGROUP$ARK&OLLIES SPOKENWORD year-old sushi chef Jiro One, Space, Portland. YEAR OLDSUSHICHEF*IRO/NE 3PACE 0ORTLAND by Ann Tracy and Pippa Curran, 488 Congress BY!NN4RACYAND0IPPA#URRAN #ONGRESS $7. 7:30 p.m. Sunday. St., Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. SPACEORGPM3UNDAY 3T 0ORTLANDPORTLANDFESTIVALORGTOPM

"Paths of Glory" (1957), Dunaway Center, h0ATHSOF'LORYv $UNAWAY#ENTER Ogunquit. Free. 646-7055. 7 p.m. Wednesday. /GUNQUIT&REE PM7EDNESDAY

BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23 TODAY 4/$!9 Kieran Shields, author of "The Truth of +IERAN3HIELDS AUTHOROFh4HE4RUTHOF All Things," Longfellow Books, Portland. !LL4HINGS v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. LONGFELLOWBOOKSCOMPM Poet Dawn Potter, author of "How the Crimes 0OET$AWN0OTTER AUTHOROFh(OWTHE#RIMES Happened" and "Boy Land and Other Poems," (APPENEDvANDh"OY,ANDAND/THER0OEMS v North Yarmouth Academy (Higgins Hall), .ORTH9ARMOUTH!CADEMY(IGGINS(ALL Yarmouth. Free, 7 p.m. 9ARMOUTH&REENYAORGPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Bill Roorbach, author of "Temple Stream" "ILL2OORBACH AUTHOROFh4EMPLE3TREAMv and "Life Among Giants," Longfellow Books, ANDh,IFE!MONG'IANTS v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS Portland, 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDLONGFELLOWBOOKSCOMPM Katherine Mayfield, author of "The Box +ATHERINE-AYlELD AUTHOROFh4HE"OX of Daughter: Overcoming a Legacy of OF$AUGHTER/VERCOMINGA,EGACYOF Emotional Abuse," Portland Public Library. %MOTIONAL!BUSE v0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY Noon. PORTLANDLIBRARYCOM.OON SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Celebration of Maine Poet and Author Lewis #ELEBRATIONOF-AINE0OETAND!UTHOR,EWIS Turco, Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. 4URCO 5NITY#ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTS 2 p.m. UNITYEDUUCCPAPM Poetry with Andrew Fersch, author of 0OETRYWITH!NDREW&ERSCH AUTHOROF "The Rough Draft of My Life Story," for h4HE2OUGH$RAFTOF-Y,IFE3TORY vFOR ages 8 to 12, Portland Public Library. Free. AGESTO 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE 11 a.m. PORTLANDLIBRARYCOMAM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 "Book Club with Michael Smerconish," h"OOK#LUBWITH-ICHAEL3MERCONISH v broadcast with Chris Matthews of MSNBC and BROADCASTWITH#HRIS-ATTHEWSOF-3."#AND author of "Jack Kennedy: Elusive Hero," Strand AUTHOROFh*ACK+ENNEDY%LUSIVE(ERO v3TRAND Theatre, Rockland. $10. 4HEATRE 2OCKLANDROCKLANDSTRANDCOM 7 p.m. PM Michael Kazin, author of "American Dreamers: -ICHAEL+AZIN AUTHOROFh!MERICAN$REAMERS How the Left Changed a Nation," Hills (OWTHE,EFT#HANGEDA.ATION v(ILLS Auditorium, University of Maine, Orono. !UDITORIUM 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE /RONO 3:15 p.m. UMAINEEDUPM PortVeritas Spoken Word Night, Local 0ORT6ERITAS3POKEN7ORD.IGHT ,OCAL Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Free/donation. 3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REEDONATION 7 p.m. LOCALSPROUTSCOOPPM George Daughan, author of "1812: The Navy's 'EORGE$AUGHAN AUTHOROFh4HE.AVYS War," Camden Public Library. 236-3440. 6:30 7AR v#AMDEN0UBLIC,IBRARY  p.m. PM Poet Robert McDowell, author of "Quiet 0OET2OBERT-C$OWELL AUTHOROFh1UIET Money" and "The Diviners," University of Maine -ONEYvANDh4HE$IVINERS v5NIVERSITYOF-AINE (Nadeau Hall), Fort Kent. 834-7557. 11:30 and .ADEAU(ALL &ORT+ENT AND 7 p.m. PM

WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Lunchtime Fireside Poetry, local high school ,UNCHTIME&IRESIDE0OETRY LOCALHIGHSCHOOL poets, Rockland Public Library. 594-0310. POETS 2OCKLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY  Noon. .OON Michael Kazin, author of "American Dreamers: -ICHAEL+AZIN AUTHOROFh!MERICAN$REAMERS How the Left Changed a Nation," University of (OWTHE,EFT#HANGEDA.ATION v5NIVERSITYOF Southern Maine (Wishcamper Center), Portland. 3OUTHERN-AINE7ISHCAMPER#ENTER 0ORTLAND 5:30 p.m. USMMAINEEDUPM APRIL 12 !02), Diane B. Henriques, author of "The Wizard of $IANE"(ENRIQUES AUTHOROFh4HE7IZARDOF Lies: Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust," ,IES"ERNIE-ADOFFANDTHE$EATHOF4RUST v University of New England (Ludcke Auditorium), 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND,UDCKE!UDITORIUM Portland, 4 p.m. 0ORTLANDUNEEDUPM "Words and Pictures: Maine's Poet Laureate h7ORDSAND0ICTURES-AINES0OET,AUREATE Wesley McNair," author of 18 books, including 7ESLEY-C.AIR vAUTHOROFBOOKS INCLUDING "Lovers of the Lost: New and Selected Poems," h,OVERSOFTHE,OST.EWAND3ELECTED0OEMS v South Portland Public Library. Free, southportlan 3OUTH0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY&REESOUTHPORTLAN 7 p.m. DLIBRARYCOMPM Pam Flowers, author of "Alone Across the Arctic: 0AM&LOWERS AUTHOROFh!LONE!CROSSTHE!RCTIC One Woman's Epic Journey by Dog Team" and /NE7OMANS%PIC*OURNEYBY$OG4EAMvAND "Big Enough Anna," Thomas Memorial Library, h"IG%NOUGH!NNA v4HOMAS-EMORIAL,IBRARY Cape Elizabeth, #APE%LIZABETHTHOMASMEMORIALLIBRARYORG 6:30 p.m. PM

SPORTS N30/243 Maine Red Claws, NBA Development League -AINE2ED#LAWS ."!$EVELOPMENT,EAGUE affiliate of the Celtics, Bobcats and 76ers, AFlLIATEOFTHE#ELTICS "OBCATSANDERS Portland Exposition Building, Portland. $6 to 0ORTLAND%XPOSITION"UILDING 0ORTLANDTO $30.210-6655.,  NBACOMDLEAGUE6S4ULSA 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY Portland Pirates, AHL affiliate of the Phoenix 0ORTLAND0IRATES !(,AFlLIATEOFTHE0HOENIX Coyotes, Cumberland County Civic Center, #OYOTES #UMBERLAND#OUNTY#IVIC#ENTER Portland. $12 to $20. Vs. 0ORTLANDTOPORTLANDPIRATESCOM6S Worcester, 7 p.m. Saturday; Vs. Connecticut, 7ORCESTER PM3ATURDAY6S#ONNECTICUT 6:30 p.m. Wednesday. PM7EDNESDAY

PARTICIPANT DANCE N0!24)#)0!.4$!.#% Swing Dance, music by Maine Swingin' DJs, 3WING$ANCE MUSICBY-AINE3WINGIN$*S Wescustogo Hall, North Yarmouth. $8. 6537ESCUSTOGO(ALL .ORTH9ARMOUTH 5012. Lesson at 7 p.m., dance at 8 p.m. Friday. ,ESSONATPM DANCEATPM&RIDAY Contra Dance, live music by The Steampacket #ONTRA$ANCE LIVEMUSICBY4HE3TEAMPACKET and calling my Mary Wesley; bring clean, ANDCALLINGMY-ARY7ESLEYBRINGCLEAN non-street shoes for dancing; Falmouth NON STREETSHOESFORDANCING&ALMOUTH Congregational Church. $5 to $10; free for #ONGREGATIONAL#HURCHTOFREEFOR children under age 5. 358-9354. 7:15 p.m. CHILDRENUNDERAGE PM Saturday. 3ATURDAY Contradance, live music by Big Moose Contra #ONTRADANCE LIVEMUSICBY"IG-OOSE#ONTRA Dance Band, caller John Mclntire, College of $ANCE"AND CALLER*OHN-C)NTIRE #OLLEGEOF the Atlantic (Gates Center), Bar Harbor, THE!TLANTIC'ATES#ENTER "AR(ARBORCOAEDU Lessons at 7:30 p.m.; dance at 8 p.m. Saturday. ,ESSONSATPMDANCEATPM3ATURDAY

E3O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, April 5, 2012 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ# 

BAMBOORA 76B7DDG6 Continued from Page E5 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3#

when's not performing. He searches online and XIFOTOPUQFSGPSNJOH)FTFBSDIFTPOMJOFBOE DBMMTNVTJDJBOTBOEQSPEVDFST BMXBZTMPPLJOH calls musicians and producers, always looking for something new and different. GPSTPNFUIJOHOFXBOEEJGGFSFOU )FIPQFTXIBUIFEPFTXJMMFWFOUVBMMZMFBEUP He hopes what he does will eventually lead to him producing his own music, using electronics IJNQSPEVDJOHIJTPXONVTJD VTJOHFMFDUSPOJDT BOEGPVOETPVOET#VUGPSOPX IFNBLFTUIF and found sounds. But for now, he makes the most of other people's produced music. NPTUPGPUIFSQFPQMFTQSPEVDFENVTJD The Bamboora show at Port City Music Hall 5IF#BNCPPSBTIPXBU1PSU$JUZ.VTJD)BMM is part of the Congress Street club's efforts to JTQBSUPGUIF$POHSFTT4USFFUDMVCTFGGPSUTUP bring in more electronic music and DJ-based CSJOHJONPSFFMFDUSPOJDNVTJDBOE%+CBTFE shows, said Rob Evon, the club's manager. TIPXT TBJE3PC&WPO UIFDMVCTNBOBHFS Evon recently got a late-night entertainment &WPOSFDFOUMZHPUBMBUFOJHIUFOUFSUBJONFOU license for the club, so shows can go on until MJDFOTFGPSUIFDMVC TPTIPXTDBOHPPOVOUJM 2 a.m. (Though alcohol can't be sold that late.) BN 5IPVHIBMDPIPMDBOUCFTPMEUIBUMBUF  Evon says he will schedule some of the dance &WPOTBZTIFXJMMTDIFEVMFTPNFPGUIFEBODF and electronica shows to start at midnight. BOEFMFDUSPOJDBTIPXTUPTUBSUBUNJEOJHIU On March 29, Port City hosted D J Figure in its 0O.BSDI 1PSU$JUZIPTUFE%+'JHVSFJOJUT first late-night show. The opening acts started mSTUMBUFOJHIUTIPX5IFPQFOJOHBDUTTUBSUFE at 10 p.m., but the headliner didn't go on until BUQN CVUUIFIFBEMJOFSEJEOUHPPOVOUJM midnight. The Bamboora show will be similar, NJEOJHIU5IF#BNCPPSBTIPXXJMMCFTJNJMBS  with doors opening at 8 p.m. but the main atXJUIEPPSTPQFOJOHBUQNCVUUIFNBJOBU traction coming on much later. USBDUJPODPNJOHPONVDIMBUFS The late starts help create more of a dance 5IFMBUFTUBSUTIFMQDSFBUFNPSFPGBEBODF club or rave vibe, and they also help fill a void in DMVCPSSBWFWJCF BOEUIFZBMTPIFMQmMMBWPJEJO town for late-night, after-hours entertainment. UPXOGPSMBUFOJHIU BGUFSIPVSTFOUFSUBJONFOU Evon said his club has lost out on concerts &WPOTBJEIJTDMVCIBTMPTUPVUPODPODFSUT to the larger State Theatre, located just down UPUIFMBSHFS4UBUF5IFBUSF MPDBUFEKVTUEPXO Congress Street, ever since that venue re$POHSFTT4USFFU FWFSTJODFUIBUWFOVFSF opened more than a year ago. So if he can't get PQFOFENPSFUIBOBZFBSBHP4PJGIFDBOUHFU the same acts playing the State, Evon said he UIFTBNFBDUTQMBZJOHUIF4UBUF &WPOTBJEIF will bring in some acts that probably won't play XJMMCSJOHJOTPNFBDUTUIBUQSPCBCMZXPOUQMBZ the State - like dance music D Js - and schedUIF4UBUFoMJLFEBODFNVTJD%+ToBOETDIFE ule shows that are late enough that they don't VMFTIPXTUIBUBSFMBUFFOPVHIUIBUUIFZEPOU bump against State Theatre shows. CVNQBHBJOTU4UBUF5IFBUSFTIPXT "This way, people can transition from one i5IJTXBZ QFPQMFDBOUSBOTJUJPOGSPNPOF venue into ours and still have time for a decent WFOVFJOUPPVSTBOETUJMMIBWFUJNFGPSBEFDFOU set of music," said Evon. "It's an opportunity TFUPGNVTJD wTBJE&WPOi*UTBOPQQPSUVOJUZ for us to fill a niche and make up for some loss GPSVTUPmMMBOJDIFBOENBLFVQGPSTPNFMPTT of business." PGCVTJOFTTw The Bamboora show is being staged by Maine 5IF#BNCPPSBTIPXJTCFJOHTUBHFECZ.BJOF Electronic Entertainment, a business which &MFDUSPOJD&OUFSUBJONFOU BCVTJOFTTXIJDI started as a collective of local D Js and has TUBSUFEBTBDPMMFDUJWFPGMPDBM%+TBOEIBT evolved into an event-planning company with FWPMWFEJOUPBOFWFOUQMBOOJOHDPNQBOZXJUI a focus on dance parties. The company has a BGPDVTPOEBODFQBSUJFT5IFDPNQBOZIBTB stable of six or seven D Js that it uses regularly TUBCMFPGTJYPSTFWFO%+TUIBUJUVTFTSFHVMBSMZ who do events ranging from weddings and festiXIPEPFWFOUTSBOHJOHGSPNXFEEJOHTBOEGFTUJ vals to all sorts of dance club events, said Derek WBMTUPBMMTPSUTPGEBODFDMVCFWFOUT TBJE%FSFL Giusto, one of the company's managers. (JVTUP POFPGUIFDPNQBOZTNBOBHFST


Continued from Page E27 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 % SATURDAY J8KLI;8P


Sharp-eyed sleuths can hunt for AVO`^SgSRaZScbVaQO\Vc\bT]` hundreds of eggs hidden among the Vc\R`SRa]TSUUaVWRRS\O[]\UbVS exhibits. A special egg-hunt area will SfVWPWba/a^SQWOZSUUVc\bO`SOeWZZ be devoted to children under 3. PSRSd]bSRb]QVWZR`S\c\RS`! WHEN: 9 to 10 a.m. E63<('b]O[ WHERE: Children's Museum and TheE63@3(1VWZR`S\¸a;caSc[O\RBVS atre of Maine, 1424`SSAb>]`bZO\R Free St., Portland Ob`S]T;OW\S" HOW MUCH: $7 members; $8 nonmem6=E;C16(%[S[PS`a)&\]\[S[ bers PS`a INFO: 828-123 7<4=(& & !

'PSUIF#BNCPPSBTIPX .BJOF&MFDUSPOJD For the Bamboora show, Maine Electronic Entertainment will bring in vendors that will &OUFSUBJONFOUXJMMCSJOHJOWFOEPSTUIBUXJMM TFMMHMPTUJDLT 5TIJSUTBOETVOHMBTTFT BTXFMM sell glo-sticks, T-shirts and sunglasses, as well as go-go dancers and all sorts of light effects, BTHPHPEBODFSTBOEBMMTPSUTPGMJHIUFGGFDUT  JODMVEJOHCMBDLMJHIUTBOEMJHIUTBDUJWBUFECZ including black lights and lights activated by sound. TPVOE i8FXBOUQFPQMFBUBOFWFOUUPTFFJU GFFMJU  "We want people at an event to see it, feel it, hear it," said Giusto. "We want people to be IFBSJU wTBJE(VJTUPi8FXBOUQFPQMFUPCF WJTVBMMZTBUJTmFEBTXFMMw visually satisfied as well." Akaktan first became interested in dance mu"LBLUBOmSTUCFDBNFJOUFSFTUFEJOEBODFNV sic while growing up in Istanbul, and became TJDXIJMFHSPXJOHVQJO*TUBOCVM BOECFDBNF even more interested when his family moved to FWFONPSFJOUFSFTUFEXIFOIJTGBNJMZNPWFEUP the Chicago area when he was 16. He had older UIF$IJDBHPBSFBXIFOIFXBT)FIBEPMEFS cousins who would would play dance tracks DPVTJOTXIPXPVMEXPVMEQMBZEBODFUSBDLT and DJ stuff for him, so he soon started fooling BOE%+TUVGGGPSIJN TPIFTPPOTUBSUFEGPPMJOH around with music and equipment on his own. BSPVOEXJUINVTJDBOEFRVJQNFOUPOIJTPXO "I was just a bedroom DJ, but friends started i*XBTKVTUBCFESPPN%+ CVUGSJFOETTUBSUFE saying, 'Why don't you try to get paid for that?' TBZJOH A8IZEPOUZPVUSZUPHFUQBJEGPSUIBU " said Akaktan. "I was the kid playing music at wTBJE"LBLUBOi*XBTUIFLJEQMBZJOHNVTJDBU the parties." UIFQBSUJFTw After high school, he started getting gigs "GUFSIJHITDIPPM IFTUBSUFEHFUUJOHHJHT at clubs around Chicago. Then he had some BUDMVCTBSPVOE$IJDBHP5IFOIFIBETPNF friends who moved to Boston, and he decided to GSJFOETXIPNPWFEUP#PTUPO BOEIFEFDJEFEUP move there and keep working. NPWFUIFSFBOELFFQXPSLJOH Akaktan said a lot of what he does at a club is "LBLUBOTBJEBMPUPGXIBUIFEPFTBUBDMVCJT pretty spontaneous. From practicing, he knows QSFUUZTQPOUBOFPVT'SPNQSBDUJDJOH IFLOPXT what sounds he likes to use together and what XIBUTPVOETIFMJLFTUPVTFUPHFUIFSBOEXIBU tracks fit well with others. He might even go USBDLTmUXFMMXJUIPUIFST)FNJHIUFWFOHP into a gig with a sort of setlist in his head of JOUPBHJHXJUIBTPSUPGTFUMJTUJOIJTIFBEPG what he wants to play. XIBUIFXBOUTUPQMBZ But exactly how he plays it and when depends #VUFYBDUMZIPXIFQMBZTJUBOEXIFOEFQFOET a lot on the crowd. Unlike a lot of other musiBMPUPOUIFDSPXE6OMJLFBMPUPGPUIFSNVTJ cians, the crowd's reaction is really part of his DJBOT UIFDSPXETSFBDUJPOJTSFBMMZQBSUPGIJT performance. QFSGPSNBODF That's why it's called dance music. 5IBUTXIZJUTDBMMFEEBODFNVTJD "There are certain things I'll be thinking i5IFSFBSFDFSUBJOUIJOHT*MMCFUIJOLJOH about playing, but I never set anything in BCPVUQMBZJOH CVU*OFWFSTFUBOZUIJOHJO stone," said Akaktan. "It's all about reading the TUPOF wTBJE"LBLUBOi*UTBMMBCPVUSFBEJOHUIF crowd." DSPXEw Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at 791-6454 or AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]` at: Ob( rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RayRouthier BeWbbS`(@Og@]cbVWS`


@= >F BAMBOORA 0/;0==@/

WHEN: 9 p.m. Saturday E63<('^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Port City Music Hall, 504 Congress St., E63@3(>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ#"1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12b]! to $30 6=E;C16( INFO: (888) 512-SHOW; 7<4=(&&&# A6=E)^]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][

Street entrance 4USFFUFOUSBODF HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16('SFF INFO: 846-2406 7<4=( WILBUR'S OF MAINE EASTER EGG HUNT: NE7:0C@¸A=4;/7<33/AB3@3556C<B( Search for plastic eggs filled with 4FBSDIGPSQMBTUJDFHHTmMMFEXJUI Wilbur's chocolates and prize tickets, 8JMCVSTDIPDPMBUFTBOEQSJ[FUJDLFUT  then spend time with the Easter Bunny UIFOTQFOEUJNFXJUIUIF&BTUFS#VOOZ and Wilbur the Moose. BOE8JMCVSUIF.PPTF WHEN: 10 to 11:30 a.m. E63<(UPBN WHERE: Wilbur's of Maine, 174 Lower E63@3(8JMCVSTPG.BJOF -PXFS Main St., Freeport .BJO4U 'SFFQPSU HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16('SFF INFO: 865-4071 7<4=(

PINELAND FARMS EASTER EGG HUNT: Head N>7<3:/<24/@;A3/AB3@3556C<B()FBE out to the farm for an egg hunt that goes PVUUPUIFGBSNGPSBOFHHIVOUUIBUHPFT on rain or shine. Children will also enjoy POSBJOPSTIJOF$IJMESFOXJMMBMTPFOKPZ a selection of games and activities at this EASTER EGG HUNT: In its 25th year, YarBTFMFDUJPOPGHBNFTBOEBDUJWJUJFTBUUIJT N3/AB3@3556C<B(*OJUTUIZFBS :BS event, sponsored by the Gray Parks & mouth Community Services presents an FWFOU TQPOTPSFECZUIF(SBZ1BSLT NPVUI$PNNVOJUZ4FSWJDFTQSFTFOUTBO Recreation Department. annual hunt for toy-filled (and candy-free) 3FDSFBUJPO%FQBSUNFOU BOOVBMIVOUGPSUPZmMMFE BOEDBOEZGSFF  WHEN: 10 a.m. eggs for town residents. The event is for E63<(BN FHHTGPSUPXOSFTJEFOUT5IFFWFOUJTGPS WHERE: The Market, Pineland Farms, 15 ages 2 to 7, with separate areas for ages 4 E63@3(5IF.BSLFU 1JOFMBOE'BSNT  BHFTUP XJUITFQBSBUFBSFBTGPSBHFT Farm View Drive, New Gloucester and under and ages 5 to 7. 'BSN7JFX%SJWF /FX(MPVDFTUFS BOEVOEFSBOEBHFTUP HOW MUCH: Free WHEN: 10 a.m. 6=E;C16('SFF E63<(BN WHERE: Royal River Park, East Elm INFO: 688-4539 7<4=( E63@3(3PZBM3JWFS1BSL &BTU&MN


Theatre, Boston. $57.70/$72.70. BVSOb`S0]ab]\#%%% %; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! April 28 - Imagination Movers, /^`WZ &³7[OUW\ObW]\;]dS`a Continued from Page E25 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 # 1:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, (!^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S Boston. $32.70/$43.25. 0]ab]\! %"! # to $47.80.; b]"%&:WdS\ObW]\Q][); (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! (800) 745-3000 &%"#! April 28 - Nickelback with Bush, /^`WZ &³<WQYSZPOQYeWbV0caV April 12³2O`gZ6OZZeWbVAVO`]\ - Daryl Hall with Sharon /^`WZ Seether and My Darkest Days, 6 ASSbVS`O\R;g2O`YSab2Oga$ Jones and Allen Stone, 8 p.m., 8]\SaO\R/ZZS\Ab]\S&^[ p.m., DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. ^[21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa House of Blues, Boston. $49.50 to 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\"'#b] $50.50 to $90.50.; ##b]'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) $75.; %#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! (800) 745-3000 &%"#! April 29 - Miike Snow, 8 p.m., /^`WZ '³;WWYSA\]e&^[ April 14 - White Rabbits, 9 p.m., /^`WZ"³EVWbS@OPPWba'^[ House of Blues, Boston. $25 to $35. 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b]!# Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $20. >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! April 29 - Rammstein, 8 p.m., DCU /^`WZ '³@O[[abSW\&^[21C April 16 - Bad Brains, 8 p.m., /^`WZ$³0OR0`OW\a&^[ Center, Worcester, Mass. $76.95 to 1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa%$'#b] Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $33. >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\!! $92.85.; ' &#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][); (800) 745-3000 &%"#! BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! (800) 745-3000 April 17 - The Avett Brothers, /^`WZ%³BVS/dSbb0`]bVS`a May 2³AZOcUVbS`V]caS&(!^[ - Slaughterhouse, 8:30 p.m., ;Og 8 p.m., Whittemore Center &^[EVWbbS[]`S1S\bS` Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $27 to $33. EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\ %b]!! Arena, Durham, N.H. $44.75. /`S\O2c`VO[<6""%#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!; (800) 745-3000 ;Og!³6c[O\<Obc`S(BVS BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 3 - Human Nature: The April 20 - Merle Haggard, 8 p.m., /^`WZ ³;S`ZS6OUUO`R&^[ Motown Show presented by ;]b]e\AV]e^`SaS\bSRPg The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. BVS;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6 Smokey Robinson, 7:30 p.m., Casino A[]YSg@]PW\a]\%(!^[1OaW\] $74 to $82.BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U); %"b]& Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6 (603) 436-2400 $!"!$ " $38.80 to $68.; !&&b]$&BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) April 21 - Death Cab for Cutie, /^`WZ ³2SObV1OPT]`1cbWS (800) 745-3000 &%"#! 7:30 p.m., Citi Performing Arts %(!^[1WbW>S`T]`[W\U/`ba May 4 - Shpongle, 8 p.m., House ;Og"³AV^]\UZS&^[6]caS Center Wang Theatre, Boston. 1S\bS`EO\UBVSOb`S0]ab]\ of Blues, Boston. $22.50 to $35. ]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ #b]!# $39.50 to $59.50.; !'#b]#'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][); (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! (866) 348-9738 &$$!"&'%!& May 5 - Trailer Park Boys, 9 p.m., ;Og#³B`OWZS`>O`Y0]ga'^[ April 22³@]aO\\S1OaV%(!^[ - Rosanne Cash, 7:30 p.m., EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\!b] /^`WZ Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $31 to The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. BVS;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6 $41.70.; "%BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) $46 to $51.; "$b]#BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! (603) 436-2400 $!"!$ " May 5 - Lady Antebellum, 7 p.m., ;Og#³:ORg/\bSPSZZc[%^[ April 22³<O\QW5`WT¿bV&^[ - Nanci Griffith, 8 p.m., /^`WZ DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. 21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $36 to EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$b] $66.65 to $87.20.; $$$#b]&% BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) $44.20.; "" BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! (800) 745-3000 May 6 - Andrew Bird, 8 p.m., House &%"#! ;Og$³/\R`Se0W`R&^[6]caS April 23 - Rodrigo y Gabriela, /^`WZ !³@]R`WU]g5OP`WSZO of Blues, Boston. $35 to $45. ]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!#b]"# 7:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, %(!^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Boston. $35 to $45.; ;Og%³<S]\B`SSaO\R 0]ab]\!#b]"#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) May 7 - Neon Trees and (800) 745-3000 AWOLNATION, 7:30 p.m., Paradise &%"#! /E=:</B7=<%(!^[>O`ORWaS April 26 - Kathleen Edwards, Rock Club, Boston. $26.50. /^`WZ $³9ObVZSS\3ReO`Ra @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $# 8 p.m., Royale Boston. $25.15. &^[@]gOZS0]ab]\ ##; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!; (800) 745-3000 ;Og&³3`WY:O`a]\%(!^[BVS May 8 - Erik Larson, 7:30 p.m., The BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! April 26 - Nick Lowe, 8 p.m., Wilbur ;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6! Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $13. /^`WZ $³<WQY:]eS&^[EWZPc` Theatre, Boston. $36.50 to $57.20.; (603) 436-2400 BVSOb`S0]ab]\!$#b]#%  BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$ "; (800) 745-3000 ;Og³BVS1`O\PS``WSa&^[ BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 11 - The Cranberries, 8 p.m., April 27 - Creed, 8 p.m., Orpheum House of Blues, Boston. $36 to /^`WZ %³1`SSR&^[=`^VSc[ 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!$b] Theatre, Boston. $35 to $75. $49.50.; BVSOb`S0]ab]\!#b]%# "'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][); (800) 745-3000 (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! &%"#! April 27 - Lewis Black, 8 p.m., May 16 - Godsmack with Staind, /^`WZ %³:SeWa0ZOQY&^[ ;Og$³5]Ra[OQYeWbVAbOW\R Hanover Theatre, Worcester, Mass. 6:30 p.m., Verizon Wireless Arena, 6O\]dS`BVSOb`SE]`QSabS`;Oaa $(!^[DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa/`S\O $39.50 to $59.50. !'#b]#'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][ April 28 - Greg Lake, 8 p.m., Wilbur /^`WZ &³5`SU:OYS&^[EWZPc` Please see TIX, PageE31 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<*(

GARDINER EASTER EGG SCAVENGER HUNT: N5/@27<3@3/AB3@355A1/D3<53@6C<B( Start at Picture Perfect Photography 4UBSUBU1JDUVSF1FSGFDU1IPUPHSBQIZ to pick up a scorecard, then search the UPQJDLVQBTDPSFDBSE UIFOTFBSDIUIF downtown storefronts for eggs of all EPXOUPXOTUPSFGSPOUTGPSFHHTPGBMM shapes and sizes. Candy prizes will be TIBQFTBOETJ[FT$BOEZQSJ[FTXJMMCF handed out to all participants. Kids can IBOEFEPVUUPBMMQBSUJDJQBOUT,JETDBO also create crafts at Sweet Love BouBMTPDSFBUFDSBGUTBU4XFFU-PWF#PV tique. UJRVF WHEN: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. E63<(BNUPQN WHERE: Water Street, Gardiner E63@3(8BUFS4USFFU (BSEJOFS HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16('SFF INFO: 582-3100 7<4=(

SUNDAY JLE;8P SADDLEBACK EASTER EGG HUNT: NA/22:30/193/AB3@3556C<B( Children ages 11 and under can comb the $IJMESFOBHFTBOEVOEFSDBODPNCUIF lower mountain trails for eggs. One lucky MPXFSNPVOUBJOUSBJMTGPSFHHT0OFMVDLZ skier or boarder will find the golden egg, TLJFSPSCPBSEFSXJMMmOEUIFHPMEFOFHH  which contains a 2012-13 season XIJDIDPOUBJOTBTFBTPO pass. QBTT WHEN: 11:20 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. E63<(BNUPQN WHERE: Lower mountain trails, SaddleE63@3(-PXFSNPVOUBJOUSBJMT 4BEEMF back Mountain, Rangeley CBDL.PVOUBJO 3BOHFMFZ HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16('SFF INFO: 7<4=(TBEEMFCBDLNBJOFDPN

SUGARLOAF EASTER SUNDAY ACTIVITIES: NAC5/@:=/43/AB3@AC<2/G/1B7D7B73A( From 8:30 to 9:15 a.m., children can color 'SPNUPBN DIJMESFODBODPMPS and hang a paper egg on the Easter tree BOEIBOHBQBQFSFHHPOUIF&BTUFSUSFF and meet the Easter Bunny. At 9 a.m., BOENFFUUIF&BTUFS#VOOZ"UBN  groups of two to three children ages 8 HSPVQTPGUXPUPUISFFDIJMESFOBHFT to 12 can take part in a scavenger hunt UPDBOUBLFQBSUJOBTDBWFOHFSIVOU throughout the base lodge. Finally, at UISPVHIPVUUIFCBTFMPEHF'JOBMMZ BU 11:30 a.m., anyone with spring fever can BN BOZPOFXJUITQSJOHGFWFSDBO join the Spring Costume Parade. KPJOUIF4QSJOH$PTUVNF1BSBEF WHEN: 8:30 a.m. to noon E63<(BNUPOPPO WHERE: Sugarloaf, Carrabassett Valley E63@3(4VHBSMPBG $BSSBCBTTFUU7BMMFZ COST: Free 1=AB('SFF INFO: 7<4=(TVHBSMPBGDPN

SUNDAY RIVER EASTER EGG HUNT: Join NAC<2/G@7D3@3/AB3@3556C<B(+PJO the Easter Bunny for a slopeside hunt for UIF&BTUFS#VOOZGPSBTMPQFTJEFIVOUGPS eggs with prizes and treats inside. FHHTXJUIQSJ[FTBOEUSFBUTJOTJEF WHEN: 9 a.m. E63<(BN WHERE: South Ridge, Sunday River, E63@3(4PVUI3JEHF 4VOEBZ3JWFS  Newry /FXSZ COST: Free 1=AB('SFF INFO: 7<4=(TVOEBZSJWFSDPN Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be contacted at AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6297 or at: %'$ '%]`Ob( akamila@pressherald. com OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, A p r i l 5, 2012 | GO E31 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg/^`WZ#  j5=3!


:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! Continued from Page E30 Manchester, N.H. $39.50 to $49.50. ;O\QVSabS`<6!'#b]"'#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 16 - Chickenfoot with Black Stone ;Og$³1VWQYS\T]]beWbV0ZOQYAb]\S Cherry, 7:30 p.m., Orpheum Theatre, 1VS``g%(!^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S Boston. $39.50 to $59.50.; 0]ab]\!'#b]#'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 19 - LeAnn Rimes, 8 p.m., Casino ;Og'³:S/\\@W[Sa&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $30 to $56. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!b]#$; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 19 - Adam Lambert, Gym Class ;Og'³/RO[:O[PS`b5g[1ZOaa Heroes, Flo Rida, Enrique Iglesias, The 6S`]Sa4Z]@WRO3\`W_cS7UZSaWOaBVS Wanted, Hot Chelle Rae and many others, 3 EO\bSR6]b1VSZZS@OSO\R[O\g]bVS`a! p.m., Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. $35 ^[1][QOab1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa!# to $200.; (800) 745-3000 b] :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! May 23 - Sinead O'Connor, 8 p.m., ;Og !³AW\SOR=¸1]\\]`&^[ House of Blues, Boston. $35 to $49.50. 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!#b]"'#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! May 25 - Joe Bonamassa, 8 p.m., Casino ;Og #³8]S0]\O[OaaO&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $52b]&' to $89. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 26 - Country Throwdown with Gary ;Og $³1]c\b`gBV`]eR]e\eWbV5O`g Allan, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, /ZZO\8cabW\;]]`S8]aVBV][^a]\ Sunny Sweeney and Eric Paslay 3 p.m., Ac\\gAeSS\SgO\R3`WQ>OaZOg!^[ Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, ;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R N.H. $29.75 to $66.25.; <6 '%#b]$$ #;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb) (603) 293-4700 $! '!"% May 26 - Garbage, 9 p.m., Paradise Rock ;Og $³5O`POUS'^[>O`ORWaS@]QY Club, Boston. $46.70.; 1ZcP0]ab]\"$%:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! May 26 - The Kooks, 7 p.m., House of Blues, ;Og $³BVS9]]Ya%^[6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $25 to $35.; (800) 0]ab]\ #b]!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)& 745-3000 %"#! May 29 - Radiohead, 7:30 p.m., Comcast ;Og '³@ORW]VSOR%(!^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $32b]$ to $62. 1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! May 30 - Bonnie Raitt, 8 p.m., Casino ;Og!³0]\\WS@OWbb&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $36.50 to 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!$#b] $80.50.; (800) 745-3000 &#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! May 30-31 - Cirque du Soleil, 7:30 p.m., ;Og!!³1W`_cSRcA]ZSWZ%(!^[ Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. DS`Wh]\EW`SZSaa/`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6 $47.20 to $159.55.; "% b]#'##BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 1 - Gogol Bordello with Two Gallants 8c\S³5]U]Z0]`RSZZ]eWbVBe]5OZZO\ba and Mariachi El Bronx, 7:30 p.m., Bank of O\R;O`WOQVW3Z0`]\f%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $32b]"## to $45.50. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 1 - Kid Rock, 8 p.m., House of Blues, 8c\S³9WR@]QY&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $49.50 to $75.; 0]ab]\"'#b]%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 2³@WQY@]aa0WUASO\EOZS2WUUg - Rick Ross, Big Sean, Wale, Diggy 8c\S Simmons, B.o.B., Kid Ink and others, 5 p.m., AW[[]\a0]09WR7\YO\R]bVS`a#^[ Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. $35 to 1][QOab1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa!#b] $150.50.; (800) 745-3000 ##:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!

:M=>7>I EXHIBIT :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3' Continued from Page E19

contemporary art. The show features 48 DPOUFNQPSBSZBSU5IFTIPXGFBUVSFT works of art in a range of media by 20 artXPSLTPGBSUJOBSBOHFPGNFEJBCZBSU ists connected to Saco, Biddeford and Old JTUTDPOOFDUFEUP4BDP #JEEFGPSEBOE0ME Orchard Beach. 0SDIBSE#FBDI The Saco Museum, 371 Main St., Saco, 5IF4BDP.VTFVN .BJO4U 4BDP  and Engine, 265 Main St., Biddeford, both BOE&OHJOF .BJO4U #JEEFGPSE CPUI show a large selection of work. It was TIPXBMBSHFTFMFDUJPOPGXPSL*UXBT important that both cities have exhibition JNQPSUBOUUIBUCPUIDJUJFTIBWFFYIJCJUJPO opportunities for this show, because "The PQQPSUVOJUJFTGPSUIJTTIPX CFDBVTFi5IF Mill-ennial" represents the broad cre.JMMFOOJBMwSFQSFTFOUTUIFCSPBEDSF ative community of the Saco River Valley, BUJWFDPNNVOJUZPGUIF4BDP3JWFS7BMMFZ  Routhier said. 3PVUIJFSTBJE "This isn't just about Saco. It's about the i5IJTJTOUKVTUBCPVU4BDP*UTBCPVUUIF cities of the Saco," she said. "It's broader DJUJFTPGUIF4BDP wTIFTBJEi*UTCSPBEFS than a single place on Main Street in UIBOBTJOHMFQMBDFPO.BJO4USFFUJO Saco. The 'Mill-ennial' supports creative 4BDP5IFA.JMMFOOJBMTVQQPSUTDSFBUJWF economy issues, and so much of the FDPOPNZJTTVFT BOETPNVDIPGUIF discussion about the creative economy is EJTDVTTJPOBCPVUUIFDSFBUJWFFDPOPNZJT about revitalizing Main streets. Engine is BCPVUSFWJUBMJ[JOH.BJOTUSFFUT&OHJOFJT

June 2³2O`YAbO`=`QVSab`O&^[ - Dark Star Orchestra, 8 p.m., 8c\S Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. 1OaW\]0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6; $26/$29. $ 'BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 2³µ2Wa\Sg¸a0SOcbgO\RbVS0SOab¶ - "Disney's Beauty and the Beast," 8c\S 8 p.m., Boston Opera House. $42.60 to &^[0]ab]\=^S`O6]caS" $b] $126.85.; (800) 745-3000  $&#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 2³AbSdSEW\e]]ReWbV;WQVOSZ - Steve Winwood with Michael 8c\S Franti & Spearhead, 7:30 p.m., Bank of 4`O\bWA^SO`VSOR%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $25 to $70. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\ #b]%; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 3 - Brad Paisley with The Band Perry 8c\S!³0`OR>OWaZSgeWbVBVS0O\R>S``g and Easton Corbin, 7:30 p.m., Comcast O\R3Oab]\1]`PW\%(!^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $41.50 to $81.50. 1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa"#b]&#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 5-6 - Dave Matthews Band with 8c\S#$³2OdS;ObbVSea0O\ReWbV Carolina Chocolate Drops, 7 p.m., Comcast 1O`]ZW\O1V]Q]ZObS2`]^a%^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $40.50 to $75. 1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa"#b]%#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 7-8 - Phish, 7:30 p.m., DCU Center, 8c\S%&³>VWaV%(!^[21C1S\bS` Worcester, Mass. $60.; E]`QSabS`;Oaa$BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 19 - Matthew Sweet, 8 p.m., Paradise 8c\S'³;ObbVSeAeSSb&^[>O`ORWaS Rock Club, Boston. $26.50.; @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 8 - Kristin Chenoweth, 8 p.m., 8c\S&³9`WabW\1VS\]eSbV&^[ Boston Opera House. $48.85 to $139.15. 0]ab]\=^S`O6]caS"&&#b]!'#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 9 - Victor Wooten, 9 p.m., Paradise 8c\S'³DWQb]`E]]bS\'^[>O`ORWaS Rock Club, Boston. $30.50.; @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\!#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 10 - Yanni, 7:30 p.m., Bank of 8c\S³GO\\W%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $35 to $150. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!#b]#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 11 - Queen Extravaganza, 8 p.m., 8c\S³?cSS\3fb`OdOUO\hO&^[ House of Blues, Boston. $20 to $30 6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\ b]!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 12³9SO\SeWbV;gabS`g8Sba& - Keane with Mystery Jets, 8 8c\S p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $35 to $49. ^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!#b]"'; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 13 - Crosby, Stills & Nash, 8 p.m., 8c\S!³1`]aPgAbWZZa<OaV&^[ Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, ;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R N.H. $36 to $84.75.; <6!$b]&"%#;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb) (603) 293-4700 $! '!"% June 15 - Foster the People with 8c\S#³4]abS`bVS>S]^ZSeWbV Tokyo Police Club, 7:30 p.m., Bank of B]Yg]>]ZWQS1ZcP%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $30 to $34.50. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!b]!"#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 16 - Rascal Flatts with Little Big Town, 8c\S$³@OaQOZ4ZObbaeWbV:WbbZS0WUB]e\ Eli Young Band and Edens Edge, 7 p.m., 3ZWG]c\U0O\RO\R3RS\a3RUS%^[ Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. $25.50 to 1][QOab1S\bS`;O\a¿SZR;Oaa ##b] $60.25.; (800) 745-3000 $ #BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 16 - Sugarland, 8 p.m., Meadowbrook 8c\S$³AcUO`ZO\R&^[;SOR]eP`]]Y U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $46.25 to CA1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6"$ #b] $106.25. Phone and box office sales begin $ #>V]\SO\RP]f]T¿QSaOZSaPSUW\ 11 a.m. Friday.; (603) O[4`WROg;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! 293-4700 '!"% June 19 - Jonny Lang and Buddy Guy, 8c\S'³8]\\g:O\UO\R0cRRg5cg


Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

S i n g e r - s o n g w r i t e r N o r a h J o n e s is at AW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`<]`OV8]\SaWaOb t h e Bank of A m e r i c a Pavilion in B o s t o n bVS0O\Y]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\W\0]ab]\ on July 1. ]\8cZg 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $37 to &^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\!%b] $49.50.; (800) 745-3000 "'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! June 21 - Childish Gambino with Danny 8c\S Âł1VWZRWaV5O[PW\]eWbV2O\\g Brown, 7:30 p.m., Bank of America Pavilion, 0`]e\%(!^[0O\Y]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\ Boston. $22.50 to $30.; 0]ab]\ #b]!:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 22 Âł9/A9/23%^[21C1S\bS` - KASKADE, 7 p.m., DCU Center, 8c\S Worcester, Mass. $51.75 to $72.05. E]`QSabS`;Oaa#%#b]% #; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 23 - Neil Diamond, 8 p.m., TD 8c\S !Âł<SWZ2WO[]\R&^[B2 Garden, Boston. $68.40 to $134.75. 5O`RS\0]ab]\$&"b]!"%#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 23 - Nellie McKay 7 and 9 p.m., 8c\S !Âł<SZZWS;Q9Og%O\R'^[ The Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $33. BVS;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6!!; (603) 436-2400 BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$ " June 24 - Happy Together Tour featuring 8c\S "Âł6O^^gB]USbVS`B]c`TSObc`W\U The Turtles, Micky Dolenz, The Grass Roots, BVSBc`bZSa;WQYg2]ZS\hBVS5`Oaa@]]ba Gary Puckett & The Union Gap and The 5O`g>cQYSbbBVSC\W]\5O^O\RBVS Buckinghams, 8 p.m., Casino Ballroom, 0cQYW\UVO[a&^[1OaW\]0OZZ`]][ Hampton Beach, N.H. $30 to $60. 6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!b]$; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 26 - The Beach Boys 50th 8c\S $ÂłBVS0SOQV0]ga#bV Anniversary Tour, 7:30 p.m., Bank of /\\WdS`aO`gB]c`%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $30 to $95. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!b]'#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 26 - Iron Maiden with Alice Cooper, 8c\S $Âł7`]\;OWRS\eWbV/ZWQS1]]^S` 7:30 p.m., Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. %(!^[1][QOab1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa

GPSDPOTJEFSBUJPO 3PVUIJFSOPUFE for consideration, Routhier noted. "UFBNPGUISFFKVSPSTNBEFUIFmOBM A team of three jurors made the final @= >F TFMFDUJPOT+VSPSTXFSF3PO$SVTBO  selections. Jurors were Ron Crusan, director of the Ogunquit Museum of EJSFDUPSPGUIF0HVORVJU.VTFVNPG THE MILL-ENNIAL 2012 K?<D@CC$<EE@8C)'() American Art; Berri Kramer, president of "NFSJDBO"SU#FSSJ,SBNFS QSFTJEFOUPG WHERE: Saco M u s e u m , 371 Main St., E63@3(AOQ];caSc[!%;OW\Ab Heartwood College of Art in Kennebunk; )FBSUXPPE$PMMFHFPG"SUJO,FOOFCVOL Saco; a n d Engine, 2$#;OW\Ab 6 5 Main St., AOQ])O\R3\UW\S and Andy Verzosa, director of Aucocisco BOE"OEZ7FS[PTB EJSFDUPSPG"VDPDJTDP Biddeford 0WRRST]`R Galleries in Portland. (BMMFSJFTJO1PSUMBOE WHEN: O p e n i n g r e c e p t i o n , 5:30 to E63<(=^S\W\U`SQS^bW]\#(!b] In their statement, the jurors wrote, *OUIFJSTUBUFNFOU UIFKVSPSTXSPUF  7 p.m. t o n i g h t at b o t h l o c a t i o n s . %^[b]\WUVbObP]bVZ]QObW]\a "The overall quality of submissions was i5IFPWFSBMMRVBMJUZPGTVCNJTTJPOTXBT T h r o u g h J u n e 10. BV`]cUV8c\S high, and it was a great opportunity to IJHI BOEJUXBTBHSFBUPQQPSUVOJUZUP INFO: 2&!!&$3fb"]`RgS`ZWP`O`g 8 3 - 3 8 6 1 , Ext. 114, or d y e r l i b r a r y 7<4=( see which artists hailed from and/or laid TFFXIJDIBSUJTUTIBJMFEGSPNBOEPSMBJE s a c o m u s e u m . o r g ( m u s e u m ) ; 2 2' 9aOQ][caSc[]`U[caSc[) claim to this southern Maine community. DMBJNUPUIJTTPVUIFSO.BJOFDPNNVOJUZ 3 5 6 0 or (Engine) !#$]`TSSRbVSS\UW\S]`U3\UW\S "Each with our own preferences and i&BDIXJUIPVSPXOQSFGFSFODFTBOE particulars, we felt that we selected a QBSUJDVMBST XFGFMUUIBUXFTFMFDUFEB Main Street in Biddeford, and we are on .BJO4USFFUJO#JEEFGPSE BOEXFBSFPO very strong exhibition that is well-suited WFSZTUSPOHFYIJCJUJPOUIBUJTXFMMTVJUFE Main Street in Saco." .BJO4USFFUJO4BDPw to both sites. Each of us could have UPCPUITJUFT&BDIPGVTDPVMEIBWF For a second-time event, "The Mill-en'PSBTFDPOEUJNFFWFOU i5IF.JMMFO indeed selected different artworks that JOEFFETFMFDUFEEJGGFSFOUBSUXPSLTUIBU nial" has generated a respectable amount XPVMEIBWFSFTVMUFEJOUISFFEJGGFSFOU OJBMwIBTHFOFSBUFEBSFTQFDUBCMFBNPVOU would have resulted in three different of interest. This year, 62 artists submitted TIPXT CVUUIFDPMMBCPSBUJWFFOEFBWPSBOE PGJOUFSFTU5IJTZFBS BSUJTUTTVCNJUUFE shows, but the collaborative endeavor and work for consideration. XPSLGPSDPOTJEFSBUJPO process allowed for something more than QSPDFTTBMMPXFEGPSTPNFUIJOHNPSFUIBO Artists have shown a lot of enthusiasm "SUJTUTIBWFTIPXOBMPUPGFOUIVTJBTN that, and we think arguably better." UIBU BOEXFUIJOLBSHVBCMZCFUUFSw for the exhibition, as is evidenced in both GPSUIFFYIJCJUJPO BTJTFWJEFODFEJOCPUI With its high ceilings and interior walls, 8JUIJUTIJHIDFJMJOHTBOEJOUFSJPSXBMMT  the quality and quantity of work submitted UIF4BDP.VTFVNJTTIPXJOHXIBUXPVME UIFRVBMJUZBOERVBOUJUZPGXPSLTVCNJUUFE the Saco Museum is showing what would

$35 to $75.; !#b]%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! June 29 - Cinderella, 8 p.m., Casino 8c\S '³1W\RS`SZZO&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $26/$28. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6 $ &; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 29 - Jim's Big Ego, 8 p.m., The 8c\S '³8W[¸a0WU3U]&^[BVS Music Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $18. ;caWQ6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6&; (603) 436-2400 BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$ " July 29-30 - Coldplay 7 p.m., TD 8cZg '!³1]ZR^ZOg%^[B2 Garden, Boston. $62.75 to $129.65. 5O`RS\0]ab]\$ %#b] '$#; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 30 - Billy Bragg, 8 p.m., The Music 8c\S!³0WZZg0`OUU&^[BVS;caWQ Hall, Portsmouth, N.H. $26 to $32. 6OZZ>]`ba[]cbV<6 $b]!; (603) 436-2400 BVS[caWQVOZZ]`U)$!"!$ " June 30 - James Taylor, 7:30 p.m., Verizon 8c\S!³8O[SaBOgZ]`%(!^[DS`Wh]\ Wireless Arena, Manchester, N.H. $45.50 to EW`SZSaa/`S\O;O\QVSabS`<6"##b] $75.50.; (800) 745-3000 %##BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! June 30 - Collective Soul, 8 p.m., Casino 8c\S!³1]ZZSQbWdSA]cZ&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $28/$31. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6 &!; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! July 1 - Roger Waters: The Wall Live, 8:30 8cZg³@]US`EObS`a(BVSEOZZ:WdS&(! p.m., Fenway Park, Boston. $40 to $255. ^[4S\eOg>O`Y0]ab]\"b] ##; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 1 - LMFAO and The Party Rock Crew 8cZg³:;4/=O\RBVS>O`bg@]QY1`Se with Far East Movement, The Quest Crew, eWbV4O`3Oab;]dS[S\bBVS?cSab1`Se Sidney Samson, Eva Simons and Natalia AWR\SgAO[a]\3dOAW[]\aO\R<ObOZWO Kills, 7 p.m., DCU Center, Worcester, Mass. 9WZZa%^[21C1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa $35 to $95.50.; !#b]'##:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! July 1 - Norah Jones, 7:30 p.m., Bank of 8cZg³<]`OV8]\Sa%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $39 to $79.40. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!'b]%'"; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 2³BS\OQW]ca2%(!^[0O\Y]T - Tenacious D, 7:30 p.m., Bank of 8cZg America Pavilion, Boston. $45.50 to $57.50. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\"##b]#%#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 6 - Zappa Plays Zappa, 8 p.m., Casino 8cZg$³HO^^O>ZOgaHO^^O&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $36 to $80. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!$b]&; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! July 6 - Sarah McLachlan, 7:30 p.m., Bank 8cZg$³AO`OV;Q:OQVZO\%(!^[0O\Y of America Pavilion, Boston. $31 to $76. ]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\!b]%$; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 7 - Styx, REO Speedwagon and Ted 8cZg%³Abgf@3=A^SSReOU]\O\RBSR Nugent, 6:40 p.m., Meadowbrook U.S. <cUS\b$("^[;SOR]eP`]]YCA Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $29 to $74. 1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 'b]%"; (603) 293-4700 ;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! '!"% July 7 - Badfish: A Tribute to Sublime, 8 8cZg%³0OR¿aV(/B`WPcbSb]AcPZW[S& p.m., Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, ^[1OaW\]0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV N.H. $18/$23.; <6& !BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! July 10 - Stevie Nicks, 8 p.m., Bank of 8cZg³AbSdWS<WQYa&^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $52.35 to /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\# !#b] $148.50.; (800) 745-3000 "&#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 11 - Squeeze and The B-52s, 7:30 p.m., 8cZg³A_cSShSO\RBVS0# a%(!^[ Bank of America Pavilion, Boston. $20 to 0O\Y]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\ b] $70.; (800) 745-3000 %:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!

be considered more traditional work CFDPOTJEFSFENPSFUSBEJUJPOBMXPSL - paintings and prints primarily, as well oQBJOUJOHTBOEQSJOUTQSJNBSJMZ BTXFMM as a few sculptures. BTBGFXTDVMQUVSFT Engine, with its street-facing windows &OHJOF XJUIJUTTUSFFUGBDJOHXJOEPXT and high-visibility location, is handling BOEIJHIWJTJCJMJUZMPDBUJPO JTIBOEMJOH some of the sculptural assemblages and TPNFPGUIFTDVMQUVSBMBTTFNCMBHFTBOE larger pieces. MBSHFSQJFDFT "Even if you don't go into the Engine i&WFOJGZPVEPOUHPJOUPUIF&OHJOF space, passers-by have access to the TQBDF QBTTFSTCZIBWFBDDFTTUPUIF work, which is appealing," Routhier said. XPSL XIJDIJTBQQFBMJOH w3PVUIJFSTBJE Artists with work in the show are: Susan "SUJTUTXJUIXPSLJOUIFTIPXBSF4VTBO Amons, Peter T. Bennett, Sarah Bowen, "NPOT 1FUFS5#FOOFUU 4BSBI#PXFO  Pat Campbell, Donna L. Caron, Michele 1BU$BNQCFMM %POOB-$BSPO .JDIFMF A. Caron, Sally Orth Chandler, James "$BSPO 4BMMZ0SUI$IBOEMFS +BNFT Chute, Laura Dunn, Rachael Eastman, $IVUF -BVSB%VOO 3BDIBFM&BTUNBO  Tanya Fletcher, Tyson Jacques, J. Mark 5BOZB'MFUDIFS 5ZTPO+BDRVFT +.BSL Koerber, Benjamin Lambert, Cheryl Lich,PFSCFS #FOKBNJO-BNCFSU $IFSZM-JDI well, Heath Paley Robin Puleio, Richard XFMM )FBUI1BMFZ 3PCJO1VMFJP 3JDIBSE Smukler, Nora Tryon and Diane Bowie 4NVLMFS /PSB5SZPOBOE%JBOF#PXJF Zaitlin. ;BJUMJO Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted at 791-6457 AbOTTE`WbS`0]P9SgSaQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#% or: ]`( bkeyes@pressherald. com PYSgSa.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

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