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GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3E25=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 


September 23, 2011 3EPTEMBER  Italian Heritage Center )TALIAN(ERITAGE#ENTER 40 Westland Ave. 7ESTLAND!VE Silent Auction starts at 7pm 3ILENT!UCTIONSTARTSATPM A large variety of items to bid on so don't forget !LARGEVARIETYOFITEMSTOBIDONSODONTFORGET your checkbooks YOURCHECKBOOKS

Time Pilots take the stage at 8pm 4IME0ILOTSTAKETHESTAGEATPM Emcee %MCEE WMTW's Shannon Moss 7-47S3HANNON-OSS Tickets available at: 7LFNHWVDYDLODEOHDW keywords Time Pilots ZZZWLFNHWULYHUFRPNH\ZRUGV7LPH3LORWV Portland PD Federal Credit Union, 109 Middle St. 3RUWODQG3')HGHUDO&UHGLW8QLRQ0LGGOH6W or at the door 33'5$'#SRUWODQGPDLQHJRYRUDWWKHGRRU $25 per person SHUSHUVRQ THIS IS A 21+EVENT 7+,6,6$(9(17 Sponsored by: 6SRQVRUHGE\ 


dale r a n d 

P R I N N ( T

T. I



All Proceeds Will !LL0ROCEEDS7ILL Benefit the "ENElTTHE AMY ST. LAURENT !-934,!52%.4 FOUNDATION &/5.$!4)/.



ATLANTIC HIGHWAY TOURS !4,!.4)#()'(7!94/523

US Passport or Passport Card Needed. 530ASSPORTOR0ASSPORT#ARD.EEDED

Only $599.00 /NLY

Reservations Close September 28 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE3EPTEMBER

October 27- November 1 /CTOBERn.OVEMBER Washington D.C. 7ASHINGTON$#

5 Nights & 6 Days - Autumn is the most spectacular .IGHTS$AYS !UTUMNISTHEMOSTSPECTACULAR time to visit our Nation's Capital - Beautiful Weather TIMETOVISITOUR.ATIONS#APITAL "EAUTIFUL7EATHER and No Long Lines! 3 Nights at the 4-Star Hilton AND.O,ONG,INES.IGHTSATTHE 3TAR(ILTON Hotel in Herndon, Va. 8 Meals: 4 breakfasts at your (OTELIN(ERNDON 6A-EALSBREAKFASTSATYOUR hotels & 3 dinners while in DC. All of your sightseeing HOTELSDINNERSWHILEIN$#!LLOFYOURSIGHTSEEING with professional step-on interpretive guide. WITHPROFESSIONALSTEP ONINTERPRETIVEGUIDE

Only $579.00 00$BL/## PP/DH occ /NLY Reservations Close September 28 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE3EPTEMBER


4 Star Hotel - 3 Nights &4 Days - 6 Meals: 3 Breakfasts 3TAR(OTEL .IGHTS$AYS -EALS"REAKFASTS & 3 Dinners. Opportunity to see a Broadway Show or $INNERS/PPORTUNITYTOSEEA"ROADWAY3HOWOR Rockettes Christmas Show. 2OCKETTES#HRISTMAS3HOW

Only $499.00 /NLY

Reservations Close September 30 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE3EPTEMBER

December 10-11 Christmas Shopping $ECEMBER #HRISTMAS3HOPPING in the White Mountains of INTHE7HITE-OUNTAINSOF New Hampshire .EW(AMPSHIRE

All inclusive stay at the award winning Indian Head Resort !LLINCLUSIVESTAYATTHEAWARDWINNING)NDIAN(EAD2ESORT with 3 meals including deluxe luncheon, dinner and WITHMEALSINCLUDINGDELUXELUNCHEON DINNERAND breakfast all off the menu. Welcome cocktail party with BREAKFASTALLOFFTHEMENU7ELCOMECOCKTAILPARTYWITH free open bar. Cooking lesson. Visit to Christmas Tree FREEOPENBAR#OOKINGLESSON6ISITTO#HRISTMAS4REE Village, Holiday Floor Show and Dancing. Even a visit with 6ILLAGE (OLIDAY&LOOR3HOWAND$ANCING%VENAVISITWITH Santa. Christmas shopping at North Conwa/s Famous 3ANTA#HRISTMASSHOPPINGAT.ORTH#ONWAYS&AMOUS Maker Outlet Stores. -AKER/UTLET3TORES Turn holiday shopping into a real treat 4URNHOLIDAYSHOPPINGINTOAREALTREAT for yourself! FORYOURSELF Departing from Rockland, Damariscotta, Topsham, $EPARTINGFROM2OCKLAND $AMARISCOTTA 4OPSHAM

South Portland and Wells. 3OUTH0ORTLANDAND7ELLS


%15!,3!&!,,-%!, 2!7"!2!6!),!",%).#/.#/2$!.$3/54(0/24,!.$/.,9

Only $277.00 /NLY

!3!,7!93%!4&2%%/.9/52")24($!9 504/!6!,5%$).%)./.,9

'ist Us On Facebook: Atlantic Highway Tours or 6IST5S/N&ACEBOOK!TLANTIC(IGHWAY4OURSOR lur website OURWEBSITE


!$$!,/"34%2 NEWICKSCOM 'ORHAM2Ds3O0ORTLAND -%s   $OVER0T2Ds$OVER .(s   ,OUDON2Ds#ONCORD .(s  

3 Nights at the 4-Star Hotel Governeur Place du .IGHTSATTHE 3TAR(OTEL'OVERNEUR0LACEDU Puis, 4 Meals, City Tour. Travel through the autumn 0UIS -EALS #ITY4OUR4RAVELTHROUGHTHEAUTUMN splendor of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and SPLENDOROF-AINE .EW(AMPSHIRE 6ERMONTAND Quebec to the "Paris of North America". Depart 1UEBECTOTHEh0ARISOF.ORTH!MERICAv$EPART from Wells, South Portland, Topsham, Augusta and FROM7ELLS 3OUTH0ORTLAND 4OPSHAM !UGUSTAAND Waterville. 7ATERVILLE

Move .OVEMBERn New York City Holiday Trip .EW9ORK#ITY(OLIDAY4RIP

October 7-10 Spectacular /CTOBERn3PECTACULAR Montreal Fall Foliage Trip -ONTREAL&ALL&OLIAGE4RIP



E4 GO The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 22, 2011 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

>cYZm nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E>

OUTGOING: Ideas FLK>F@E>1@[\Xj for all kinds of ]fiXccb`e[jf] things to do in k_`e^jkf[f`e southern Maine. jflk_\ieDX`e\%

SOCIETY SNAPSHOTS: JF:@<KPJE8GJ?FKJ1 Photos and G_fkfjXe[ dispatches from [`jgXkZ_\j]ifd Maine's social scene. DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jjfZ`XcjZ\e\%

DINING GUIDE: De;@E@E>>L@;<1;\$ cide what you want Z`[\n_XkpflnXek to eat where - and kf\Xkn_\i\Ă&#x2020;Xe[ for how much. ]fi_fndlZ_%

POORtland PICKS: GFFIkcXe[G@:BJ1 Where to go to find N_\i\kf^fkfĂ&#x201D;e[ entertainment on the \ek\ikX`ed\ekfek_\ cheap. Z_\Xg%

music nightlife dlj`ZXe[e`^_kc`]\ Colisee flips the switch on Pretty Lights/E5 1]ZWaSSĂ&#x20AC;W^abVSaeWbQV]\>`Sbbg:WUVba3# â&#x20AC;˘N4OQSbVS;caWQ3$N;WYS=ZQ]bbQObQVSac^ Face the Music/E6 â&#x20AC;˘ Mike Olcott catches up with Olas/E7 â&#x20AC;˘ Keb' Mo' plays the State/E8 eWbV=ZOa3%N9SP¸;]¸^ZOgabVSAbObS3&

movies k_\dfm`\j "Killer Elite" has De Niro and Statham in Âľ9WZZS`3ZWbSÂśVOa2S<W`]O\RAbObVO[W\ signature tough-guy m o d e / E l l â&#x20AC;˘ Indie Film/E12 aWU\Obc`Sb]cUVUcg[]RS3N7\RWS4WZ[3 â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD/E13 N<Se]\2D23!

endar ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS OF EVENTS/E16-17 2/GA=43D3<BA3$%

art theater XikXe[k_\Xk\i Rooms" transforms York Âľ"21 @]][aÂśb`O\aT]`[aG]`Y motel into one-day art exhibit/E19 []bSZW\b]]\SROgO`bSfVWPWb3'

dining drink [`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Eat and Run: Granny's Burritos returns/E23 3ObO\R@c\(5`O\\g¸a0c``Wb]a`Sbc`\a3 !Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Atwell on beer/E24 â&#x20AC;˘ Bar Guide: Gauchos/E25 /beSZZ]\PSS`3 "N0O`5cWRS(5OcQV]a3 #

cetera \kZ\k\iX COVER STORY: Fair season ends with a bang 1=D3@AB=@G(4OW`aSOa]\S\RaeWbVOPO\U â&#x20AC;˘ Shannon Bryan likes them apples/E28 3E27 %NAVO\\]\0`gO\ZWYSabVS[O^^ZSa3 &


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8ccpfl^fkkX[f All you gotta do `j%%%XZkeXkliXccp is ...act naturally


IPLOFXUIBUUISPXJOHLPPTICBMMTDPVMEIFMQ ho knew that throwing koosh balls could help you become a better actor? ZPVCFDPNFBCFUUFSBDUPS I sure didn't, until I took a free acting work*TVSFEJEOU VOUJM*UPPLBGSFFBDUJOHXPSL shop on Monday by Acorn Productions in Westbrook. TIPQPO.POEBZCZ"DPSO1SPEVDUJPOTJO8FTUCSPPL But there I was, standing in a circle with nine other #VUUIFSF*XBT TUBOEJOHJOBDJSDMFXJUIOJOFPUIFS people, tossing balls back and forth, forth and back, QFPQMF UPTTJOHCBMMTCBDLBOEGPSUI GPSUIBOECBDL  trying to remember who the correct recipient was USZJOHUPSFNFNCFSXIPUIFDPSSFDUSFDJQJFOUXBT supposed to be. TVQQPTFEUPCF *UNBZTPVOETJMMZ CVUJUXBTBHPPEMFTTPOPOIPX It may sound silly, but it was a good lesson on how actors need to be on their toes at all times - and it BDUPSTOFFEUPCFPOUIFJSUPFTBUBMMUJNFToBOEJU  set the tone for the rest of the 2y2-hour session with TFUUIFUPOFGPSUIFSFTUPGUIF cIPVSTFTTJPOXJUI our instructor, Michael Levine. PVSJOTUSVDUPS .JDIBFM-FWJOF Acorn offers the free work"DPSOPGGFSTUIFGSFFXPSL shops as an introduction to its TIPQTBTBOJOUSPEVDUJPOUPJUT paid acting classes for adults QBJEBDUJOHDMBTTFTGPSBEVMUT and children. It allows would-be BOEDIJMESFO*UBMMPXTXPVMECF actors the chance to dip their BDUPSTUIFDIBODFUPEJQUIFJS toes in the water without any UPFTJOUIFXBUFSXJUIPVUBOZ monetary commitment while NPOFUBSZDPNNJUNFOUXIJMF giving those with acting experiHJWJOHUIPTFXJUIBDUJOHFYQFSJ ence a chance to brush up on FODFBDIBODFUPCSVTIVQPO their skills and learn new ones. UIFJSTLJMMTBOEMFBSOOFXPOFT We had people from both 8FIBEQFPQMFGSPNCPUI categories in our class, and I DBUFHPSJFTJOPVSDMBTT BOE* was among those with no acting experience whatsoXBTBNPOHUIPTFXJUIOPBDUJOHFYQFSJFODFXIBUTP ever. I had always wondered whether I would enjoy FWFS*IBEBMXBZTXPOEFSFEXIFUIFS*XPVMEFOKPZ acting, and how I would react onstage with other BDUJOH BOEIPX*XPVMESFBDUPOTUBHFXJUIPUIFS people watching. Would I freeze? 8PVME*NBLFB Would I make a QFPQMFXBUDIJOH8PVME*GSFF[F fool of myself? 0SEJE*IBWFUIFNBLJOHTPGBNBTUFS Or did I have the makings of a master GPPMPGNZTFMG thespian and not know it? UIFTQJBOBOEOPULOPXJU I'm still not sure of the answer, but I do know it was *NTUJMMOPUTVSFPGUIFBOTXFS CVU*EPLOPXJUXBT a lot of fun. BMPUPGGVO Anyone who assumes Acorn's acting classes are "OZPOFXIPBTTVNFT"DPSOTBDUJOHDMBTTFTBSF all about reading lines from a script are wrong. Only BMMBCPVUSFBEJOHMJOFTGSPNBTDSJQUBSFXSPOH0OMZ one exercise was like that, and it involved pairs POFFYFSDJTFXBTMJLFUIBU BOEJUJOWPMWFEQBJST of people exchanging the same bit of dialogue to PGQFPQMFFYDIBOHJOHUIFTBNFCJUPGEJBMPHVFUP emphasize how different vocal characteristics and FNQIBTJ[FIPXEJGGFSFOUWPDBMDIBSBDUFSJTUJDTBOE character goals can set the tone for a scene. DIBSBDUFSHPBMTDBOTFUUIFUPOFGPSBTDFOF The rest was all up to us. We were given a line, a 5IFSFTUXBTBMMVQUPVT8FXFSFHJWFOBMJOF B nervous tic, an emotion or a vague backdrop against OFSWPVTUJD BOFNPUJPOPSBWBHVFCBDLESPQBHBJOTU which we had to improvise dialogue, behaviors and XIJDIXFIBEUPJNQSPWJTFEJBMPHVF CFIBWJPSTBOE settings. The one thing it all had in common - and TFUUJOHT5IFPOFUIJOHJUBMMIBEJODPNNPOoBOE the secret to good acting, Levine said - was to react UIFTFDSFUUPHPPEBDUJOH -FWJOFTBJEoXBTUPSFBDU to something, and to do it in a natural way. One actor UPTPNFUIJOH BOEUPEPJUJOBOBUVSBMXBZ0OFBDUPS says something, another actor says something back, TBZTTPNFUIJOH BOPUIFSBDUPSTBZTTPNFUIJOHCBDL  and you go from there. BOEZPVHPGSPNUIFSF Surprisingly, it wasn't that difficult. Rather than 4VSQSJTJOHMZ JUXBTOUUIBUEJGmDVMU3BUIFSUIBO trying to force myself to behave like I felt a character USZJOHUPGPSDFNZTFMGUPCFIBWFMJLF*GFMUBDIBSBDUFS would react, I found myself behaving like I normally XPVMESFBDU *GPVOENZTFMGCFIBWJOHMJLF*OPSNBMMZ would, just under different circumstances. When XPVME KVTUVOEFSEJGGFSFOUDJSDVNTUBODFT8IFO someone's yelling at you, your natural inclination is TPNFPOFTZFMMJOHBUZPV ZPVSOBUVSBMJODMJOBUJPOJT to yell back. If your acting partner is tense, you feel UPZFMMCBDL*GZPVSBDUJOHQBSUOFSJTUFOTF ZPVGFFM tense. If someone's playing a mad significant other, UFOTF*GTPNFPOFTQMBZJOHBNBETJHOJmDBOUPUIFS  well, who hasn't had that experience? XFMM XIPIBTOUIBEUIBUFYQFSJFODF It really is art imitating life, with actors drawing on *USFBMMZJTBSUJNJUBUJOHMJGF XJUIBDUPSTESBXJOHPO their life experiences to make it believable. None of UIFJSMJGFFYQFSJFODFTUPNBLFJUCFMJFWBCMF/POFPG this "act like a flower" nonsense. UIJTiBDUMJLFBnPXFSwOPOTFOTF Acorn has one more free fall acting workshop - for "DPSOIBTPOFNPSFGSFFGBMMBDUJOHXPSLTIPQoGPS children - from 4 to 5 p.m. today. Regular classes for DIJMESFOoGSPNUPQNUPEBZ3FHVMBSDMBTTFTGPS adults cost $150 for new students and $135 for reBEVMUTDPTUGPSOFXTUVEFOUTBOEGPSSF turning students, while regular classes for children UVSOJOHTUVEFOUT XIJMFSFHVMBSDMBTTFTGPSDIJMESFO and teenagers cost $100 for new students and $85 BOEUFFOBHFSTDPTUGPSOFXTUVEFOUTBOE for returning students. Most classes run for eight GPSSFUVSOJOHTUVEFOUT.PTUDMBTTFTSVOGPSFJHIU sessions. TFTTJPOT For information on regular classes or to inquire 'PSJOGPSNBUJPOPOSFHVMBSDMBTTFTPSUPJORVJSF about future free classes, call 854-0065 or visit acornBCPVUGVUVSFGSFFDMBTTFT DBMMPSWJTJUBDPSO QSPEVDUJPOTPSH Whether you're interested in a career in acting, the 8IFUIFSZPVSFJOUFSFTUFEJOBDBSFFSJOBDUJOH UIF chance to perform in community theater or just a DIBODFUPQFSGPSNJODPNNVOJUZUIFBUFSPSKVTUB fun time, I highly recommend checking it out. GVOUJNF *IJHIMZSFDPNNFOEDIFDLJOHJUPVU

Rod Harmon If[?Xidfe From the Editor =ifdk_\<[`kfi

Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be contacted at 7912S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPSQ]\bOQbSROb%' 6450 or at: $"#]`Ob( rharmon(Q)pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 GO E5 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3#

Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

Derek Smith, who performs under the name Pretty Lights, inset photo, has a 3-D cityscape full of lights spanning the stage, above. 2S`SYA[WbVeV]^S`T]`[ac\RS`bVS\O[S>`Sbbg:WUVbaW\aSb^V]b]VOaO!2QWbgaQO^STcZZ]TZWUVbaa^O\\W\UbVSabOUSOP]dS

Electronic music maestro plays the Colisee in Lewiston on Sunday night. <c\Zkife`Zdlj`ZdX\jkifGi\kkpC`^_kjgcXpjk_\:fc`j\\`eC\n`jkfefeJle[Xpe`^_k% By RAY ROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3


StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS

erek Smith started FSFL4NJUITUBSUFE making music like a lot NBLJOHNVTJDMJLFBMPU of musicians: Sitting PGNVTJDJBOT4JUUJOH down with his guitar to EPXOXJUIIJTHVJUBSUP write songs. XSJUFTPOHT The Colorado na5IF$PMPSBEPOB tive played in bands, UJWFQMBZFEJOCBOET  then got interested in UIFOHPUJOUFSFTUFEJO recording music. He SFDPSEJOHNVTJD)F became very interested CFDBNFWFSZJOUFSFTUFE in computer software that allows JODPNQVUFSTPGUXBSFUIBUBMMPXT music to be created and manipulated NVTJDUPCFDSFBUFEBOENBOJQVMBUFE in myriad ways. JONZSJBEXBZT

Soon, he decided that being one 4PPO IFEFDJEFEUIBUCFJOHPOF part of the band wasn't for him. He QBSUPGUIFCBOEXBTOUGPSIJN)F like the idea of being the whole band. MJLFUIFJEFBPGCFJOHUIFXIPMFCBOE "At first, I was just trying to find i"UGJSTU *XBTKVTUUSZJOHUPGJOE beats for our band to rock to," said CFBUTGPSPVSCBOEUPSPDLUP wTBJE Smith. "But I realized I could write 4NJUIi#VU*SFBMJ[FE*DPVMEXSJUF entire songs, all the instrumentaFOUJSFTPOHT BMMUIFJOTUSVNFOUB tion, and I could create whatever I UJPO BOE*DPVMEDSFBUFXIBUFWFS* could imagine." DPVMEJNBHJOFw Smith, who performs under the 4NJUI XIPQFSGPSNTVOEFSUIF name Pretty Lights, has turned his OBNF1SFUUZ-JHIUT IBTUVSOFEIJT electronic music fascination into a FMFDUSPOJDNVTJDGBTDJOBUJPOJOUPB career. During the past few years, DBSFFS%VSJOHUIFQBTUGFXZFBST  he's established himself as one of IFTFTUBCMJTIFEIJNTFMGBTPOFPG the major performers in the genre. UIFNBKPSQFSGPSNFSTJOUIFHFOSF

PRETTY LIGHTS WITH BIG GIGANTIC >@3BBG:756BAE7B6075575/<B71 AND NIT GRIT /<2<7B5@7B WHEN: 7 p.m. Sunday E63<(%^[Ac\ROg WHERE: Androscoggin E63@3(/\R`]aQ]UUW\ Bank Colisee, 190 Birch St., 0O\Y1]ZWaSS'0W`QVAb Lewiston :SeWab]\ HOW MUCH: $30 to $40 6=E;C16(!b]" INFO: 783-2009, Ext. 208; 7<4=(%&! '3fb &) bVSQ]ZWaSSQ][



He's known for his sampling of old )FTLOPXOGPSIJTTBNQMJOHPGPME vinyl as well as his funky takes on WJOZMBTXFMMBTIJTGVOLZUBLFTPO songs that wouldn't seem to lend TPOHTUIBUXPVMEOUTFFNUPMFOE themselves to electronic manipulaUIFNTFMWFTUPFMFDUSPOJDNBOJQVMB tion. UJPO

It also helps that he puts a lot of his *UBMTPIFMQTUIBUIFQVUTBMPUPGIJT new music online for free to attract OFXNVTJDPOMJOFGPSGSFFUPBUUSBDU new listeners. OFXMJTUFOFST When Smith learned he was play8IFO4NJUIMFBSOFEIFXBTQMBZ ing a festival in West Virginia, for JOHBGFTUJWBMJO8FTU7JSHJOJB GPS instance, he decided to produce a reJOTUBODF IFEFDJEFEUPQSPEVDFBSF mix of the classic John Denver song NJYPGUIFDMBTTJD+PIO%FOWFSTPOH "Take Me Home, Country Roads," i5BLF.F)PNF $PVOUSZ3PBET w which mentions the state prominentXIJDINFOUJPOTUIFTUBUFQSPNJOFOU ly. He's got one song that samples MZ)FTHPUPOFTPOHUIBUTBNQMFT seven different Led Zeppelin songs. TFWFOEJGGFSFOU-FE;FQQFMJOTPOHT Smith will play a show at the 4NJUIXJMMQMBZBTIPXBUUIF Colisee in Lewiston on Sunday with $PMJTFFJO-FXJTUPOPO4VOEBZXJUI Please see PRETTY, PageE29 Gc\Xj\j\\>@3BBGGX^\<)0

Guaranteed hot time in Ogunquit >lXiXek\\[_fkk`d\`eF^lehl`k

Channeling the Duke and the Count :_Xee\c`e^k_\;lb\Xe[k_\:flek

BUCKWHEAT ZYDECO is one of the 0C19E63/BHG231=Wa]\S]TbVS longest-lasting and most revered Z]\USabZOabW\UO\R[]ab`SdS`SR acts in zydeco and Cajun music. Be OQbaW\hgRSQ]O\R1OXc\[caWQ0S prepared to dance your butt off. ^`S^O`SRb]RO\QSg]c`Pcbb]TT WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: Jonathan's, 920]c`\S:O\S=Uc\_cWb Bourne Lane, Ogunquit E63@3(8]\ObVO\¸a' HOW MUCH: $32.50 6=E;C16(! # INFO: 646-4777; 7<4=($"$"%%%)X]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][

THE PORTLAND JAZZ ORCHESTRA is made up of local B63>=@B:/<28/HH=@163AB@/Wa[ORSc^]TZ]QOZ and regional musicians. Tonight's show will likely O\R`SUW]\OZ[caWQWO\aB]\WUVb¸aaV]eeWZZZWYSZg include music from Big Band legends such as W\QZcRS[caWQT`][0WU0O\RZSUS\RaacQVOa Count Basie and Duke Ellington. 1]c\b0OaWSO\R2cYS3ZZW\Ub]\ WHEN: 8 p.m. today E63<(&^[b]ROg WHERE: One Longfellow Square, 181 State St., Portland E63@3(=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S&AbObSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $5 6=E;C16(# INFO: 761-1757; 7<4=(%$%#%)]\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][

?FK k`Zb\k

G :?<8I@CC


Face the Music, E6Nâ&#x20AC;˘ :XkZ_`e^lgn`k_FcXj#<. Catching up with Olas, E7 Nâ&#x20AC;˘ B\YĂ&#x2039;DfĂ&#x2039;XkJkXk\K_\Xki\#</ Keb' Mo' at State Theatre, E8 NK_\J_\ccYXZb9i`^X[\:;i\m`\n#<0 The Shellback Brigade CD review, E9 =XZ\k_\Dlj`Z#<-

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`  E6 GO

!54/-/"),% AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE ).352!.#%


,ETUSHELPYOU Let us help you lNDTHEBEST find the best VALUEFORYOUR value for your INSURANCENEEDS insurance needs.



/CEAN Ocean 'ARDENS Gardens 2ESTAURANT Restaurant #ELEBRATING9EARS Celebrating 15 Years

STONE 3 4/.% RIDGE 2 )$'%

2%34!52!.4!.$ "2!.$.%7,/$').'

Triple Lobster 0RIME2IB Prime Rib 4RIPLE,OBSTER OZ53$!#HOICE3LOWROAST $   $    19"  1499 14oz. USDA Choice Slowroast

WITH&REE with Free Salad Bar 3ALAD"AR & Bread "READ

All Lunch & !LL,UNCH Dinners Come With $INNERS#OME7ITH Salad Bar & Bread 3ALAD"AR"READ

390 Main St â&#x20AC;¢ Gorham, ME -AIN3Ts'ORHAM -% Open 7 Days â&#x20AC;¢ (207) 839-7651 /PEN$AYSs  

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8th Annual TH!NNUAL RAIN OR SHINE! 2!)./23().%

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?ldXej#JgXZ\#E`imXeX1 Humans, Space, Nirvana: the best of all worlds k_\Y\jkf]Xccnfic[j A8

bout a half-hour ago, I turned around CPVUBIBMGIPVSBHP *UVSOFEBSPVOE in my chair, looked at a co-worker and JONZDIBJS MPPLFEBUBDPXPSLFSBOE spouted something to the effect of, TQPVUFETPNFUIJOHUPUIFFGGFDUPG  "There's so much cool music this week, I i5IFSFTTPNVDIDPPMNVTJDUIJTXFFL * barely know what to do with myself." I've CBSFMZLOPXXIBUUPEPXJUINZTFMGw*WF literally been going from one amazing MJUFSBMMZCFFOHPJOHGSPNPOFBNB[JOH aural experience to the next. BVSBMFYQFSJFODFUPUIFOFYU Welcome, autumn, and thanks 8FMDPNF BVUVNO BOEUIBOLT for bringing with you a killer GPSCSJOHJOHXJUIZPVBLJMMFS soundtrack. Let's get to it. TPVOEUSBDL-FUTHFUUPJU

director. Dare I call The Humans a superEJSFDUPS%BSF*DBMM5IF)VNBOTBTVQFS HSPVQ group? *GUIFTIPFmUTy If the shoe fits ... The Humans. 9 p.m. Saturday. Em5IF)VNBOTQN4BUVSEBZ&N pire Dine and Dance, 575 Congress St., QJSF%JOFBOE%BODF $POHSFTT4U  Portland. $8, $10. Ages 21 and older. 1PSUMBOE "HFTBOEPMEFS QPSUMBOEFNQJSFDPN to shock you, but it was 20 years ago to the ENdayotliterally today when Nirvana re-

PUUPTIPDLZPV CVUJUXBT MJUFSBMMZZFBSTBHPUPUIF EBZUPEBZXIFO/JSWBOBSF leased the album of all albums, MFBTFEUIFBMCVNPGBMMBMCVNT  "Nevermind." To mark the rown Bird is the Rhode Island i/FWFSNJOEw5PNBSLUIF SPXO#JSEJTUIF3IPEF*TMBOE anniversary, 12 local bands will duo of David Lamb and MorBOOJWFSTBSZ MPDBMCBOETXJMM EVPPG%BWJE-BNCBOE.PS be performing the album in ganEve Swain. I've been writing CFQFSGPSNJOHUIFBMCVNJO HBO&WF4XBJO*WFCFFOXSJUJOH AifflSGl POIlti its entirety from "Smells Like about them for years - and with JUTFOUJSFUZ GSPNi4NFMMT-JLF BCPVUUIFNGPSZFBSToBOEXJUI Teen Spirit" to "Something in good reason. Their sound is one 5FFO4QJSJUwUPi4PNFUIJOHJO HPPESFBTPO5IFJSTPVOEJTPOF theUIF8BZw5IFMJOFVQPGMPDBMT Wa T h e lineu that lives on the darker side UIBUMJWFTPOUIFEBSLFSTJEF of American folk, ensconced JODMVEFT5XJTUFE5SVUI 7BOJ PG"NFSJDBOGPML FOTDPODFE includes Twisted Truth, Vaniin Eastern European roots UZJUFT 4BNVFM+BNFT .VSDJFM JO&BTUFSO&VSPQFBOSPPUT tyites, Samuel James, Murcielmusic. Their latest record is called "Salt BHP %JW,JE 5IF.BMMFU#SPUIFST#BOE  NVTJD5IFJSMBUFTUSFDPSEJTDBMMFEi4BMU ago, Div Kid, The Mallet Brothers Band, for Salt." It's not out until next month, 1JHCPBU (JH "SNZPG4RVJSSFMT #BMUJD GPS4BMUw*UTOPUPVUVOUJMOFYUNPOUI  Pigboat, 6Gig, Army of Squirrels, Baltic but you can hear songs from it tonight at 4FB $MVCCFS-BOHBOE1JOTLZ*OUIF CVUZPVDBOIFBSTPOHTGSPNJUUPOJHIUBU Sea, Clubber Lang and Pinsky. In the Space Gallery. BMNPTUMZSJDTPG,VSU$PCBJO i)FSFUIFZ 4QBDF(BMMFSZ almost-lyrics of Kurt Cobain, "Here they Lamb takes lead vocals on most songs BSFOPX FOUFSUBJOVTw1SPDFFETCFOFmU -BNCUBLFTMFBEWPDBMTPONPTUTPOHT are now, entertain us." Proceeds benefit while playing guitar, banjo and percusUIF3VTUZ3PDLFUGVOE XIJDITVQQPSUT XIJMFQMBZJOHHVJUBS CBOKPBOEQFSDVT the Rusty Rocket fund, which supports sion. Swain plays her fiddle, cello and NVTJDQSPHSBNTJO.BJOFTDIPPMT TJPO4XBJOQMBZTIFSmEEMF DFMMPBOE music programs in Maine schools. upright bass, and delivers soul-stirring /&7&3.*/%1PSUMBOEQN VQSJHIUCBTT BOEEFMJWFSTTPVMTUJSSJOH NEVERMIND Portland. 8 p.m. harmony vocals. "Chairkickers" is a su4BUVSEBZ"TZMVN $FOUFS4U  IBSNPOZWPDBMTi$IBJSLJDLFSTwJTBTV Saturday. Asylum, 121 Center St., perb example, so here's hoping they play 1PSUMBOE"HFTBOEPMEFS QFSCFYBNQMF TPIFSFTIPQJOHUIFZQMBZ Portland. $6. Ages 21 and older. that one live. Do the Facebook thing or QPSUMBOEBTZMVNDPN UIBUPOFMJWF%PUIF'BDFCPPLUIJOHPS make your way to NBLFZPVSXBZUPCSPXOCJSEOFU Also on the bill is Olas, a band that hope you hold onto your passport from "MTPPOUIFCJMMJT0MBT BCBOEUIBU IPQFZPVIPMEPOUPZPVSQBTTQPSUGSPN describes itself- quite well - as "heavily the Friday night show at Space, because EFTDSJCFTJUTFMGoRVJUFXFMMoBTiIFBWJMZ UIF'SJEBZOJHIUTIPXBU4QBDF CFDBVTF influenced by Andalusian flamenco and you'll need it again when you head back JOnVFODFECZ"OEBMVTJBOnBNFODPBOE ZPVMMOFFEJUBHBJOXIFOZPVIFBECBDL Arabian folk music, translated through a there Monday. As I write this, the sounds "SBCJBOGPMLNVTJD USBOTMBUFEUISPVHIB UIFSF.POEBZ"T*XSJUFUIJT UIFTPVOET blend of American folk, rock, Arabic and of accordion, violin, bouzouki, flugelhorn, CMFOEPG"NFSJDBOGPML SPDL "SBCJDBOE PGBDDPSEJPO WJPMJO CPV[PVLJ nVHFMIPSO  Afro-Cuban sounds." This will be the last tuba, dumbek, bass drum and cymbals "GSP$VCBOTPVOETw5IJTXJMMCFUIFMBTU UVCB EVNCFL CBTTESVNBOEDZNCBMT show from the eclectic collective for a are coursing through my ears, thanks to TIPXGSPNUIFFDMFDUJDDPMMFDUJWFGPSB BSFDPVSTJOHUISPVHINZFBST UIBOLTUP while, because some of the members are A Hawk and A Hacksaw, who will be takXIJMF CFDBVTFTPNFPGUIFNFNCFSTBSF ")BXLBOE")BDLTBX XIPXJMMCFUBL leaving the country, according to singer ing a left turn from their home in AlbuMFBWJOHUIFDPVOUSZ BDDPSEJOHUPTJOHFS JOHBMFGUUVSOGSPNUIFJSIPNFJO"MCV Chriss Sutherland. (Hmmm. Where querque when they come to Maine for the $ISJTT4VUIFSMBOE )NNN8IFSF RVFSRVFXIFOUIFZDPNFUP.BJOFGPSUIF are they going? $BO*HPUPP Can I go too?4FF.JLF See Mike first time. (Thanks, Bugs, I owe you one.) BSFUIFZHPJOH mSTUUJNF 5IBOLT #VHT *PXFZPVPOF  Olcott's interview on Page xx.) Vermont's ")BXLBOE")BDLTBXJTBDDPSEJPOJTU A Hawk and A Hacksaw is accordionist 0MDPUUTJOUFSWJFXPO1BHFYY 7FSNPOUT Barika will close out the night with deep Jeremy Barnes and violinist Heather #BSJLBXJMMDMPTFPVUUIFOJHIUXJUIEFFQ +FSFNZ#BSOFTBOEWJPMJOJTU)FBUIFS Malian grooves. Trost. Their sound is European-, Turkish.BMJBOHSPPWFT 5SPTU5IFJSTPVOEJT&VSPQFBO 5VSLJTI and Balkan-inspired lightning in a bottle. Man alive, one practically needs a pass.BOBMJWF POFQSBDUJDBMMZOFFETBQBTT BOE#BMLBOJOTQJSFEMJHIUOJOHJOBCPUUMF I'm obsessed with their "Cervantine" CD. port to go to this show - or to be a stowQPSUUPHPUPUIJTTIPXoPSUPCFBTUPX *NPCTFTTFEXJUIUIFJSi$FSWBOUJOFw$% away on an Olas globe-trotting adventure. Dark Dark Dark plays atmospheric, BXBZPOBO0MBTHMPCFUSPUUJOHBEWFOUVSF %BSL%BSL%BSLQMBZTBUNPTQIFSJD  Brown Bird, Olas and Barika. 8 p.m. multi-instrumental chamber folk music. #SPXO#JSE 0MBTBOE#BSJLBQN NVMUJJOTUSVNFOUBMDIBNCFSGPMLNVTJD Friday. Space Gallery, 538 Congress What?)FBSJOHJTCFMJFWJOH NZGSJFOET TP Hearing is believing, my friends, so 'SJEBZ4QBDF(BMMFSZ $POHSFTT 8IBU St., Portland. $10. Ages 18 and older. drift over to for an 4U 1PSUMBOE"HFTBOEPMEFS ESJGUPWFSUPCSJHIUCSJHIUCSJHIUDPNGPSBO earful of Nona Marie's soaring-throughTQBDFPSH FBSGVMPG/POB.BSJFTTPBSJOHUISPVHI the-clouds voice backed by a melange of UIFDMPVETWPJDFCBDLFECZBNFMBOHFPG piano, strings, percussion and a flotilla of he Humans are a three-piece experiQJBOP TUSJOHT QFSDVTTJPOBOEBnPUJMMBPG IF)VNBOTBSFBUISFFQJFDFFYQFSJ dreamy, perfectly blended sounds. Openmental rock band made up of Toyah ESFBNZ QFSGFDUMZCMFOEFETPVOET0QFO NFOUBMSPDLCBOENBEFVQPG5PZBI ing the show is the Chicago trio Pillars Wilcox, Bill Rieflin and Chris Wong. The JOHUIFTIPXJTUIF$IJDBHPUSJP1JMMBST 8JMDPY #JMM3JFnJOBOE$ISJT8POH5IF and Tongues. group came to be in 2007, and dig this: BOE5POHVFT HSPVQDBNFUPCFJO BOEEJHUIJT The Humans consist of a voice and two Dark Dark Dark with A Hawk and A %BSL%BSL%BSLXJUI")BXLBOE" 5IF)VNBOTDPOTJTUPGBWPJDFBOEUXP bass players. That's it, though you may Hacksaw and Pillars and Tongues. 8:30 )BDLTBXBOE1JMMBSTBOE5POHVFT CBTTQMBZFST5IBUTJU UIPVHIZPVNBZ hear some programmed drum beats or p.m. Monday. Space Gallery, 538 ConQN.POEBZ4QBDF(BMMFSZ $PO IFBSTPNFQSPHSBNNFEESVNCFBUTPS guest guitar during the live show gress St., Portland. $10. Ages 18 and HSFTT4U 1PSUMBOE"HFTBOE HVFTUHVJUBSEVSJOHUIFMJWFTIPX older, Here's a quick anatomy lesson: Wilcox PMEFSTQBDFPSH )FSFTBRVJDLBOBUPNZMFTTPO8JMDPY is an English singer and actress who's JTBO&OHMJTITJOHFSBOEBDUSFTTXIPT released 22 studio albums, written two Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be SFMFBTFETUVEJPBMCVNT XSJUUFOUXP AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PS books, and has appeared in 40 stage plays contacted at 791-6455 or at: CPPLT BOEIBTBQQFBSFEJOTUBHFQMBZT Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"##]`Ob( and 10 feature films. Translation: She's a aponti@pressherald. com BOEGFBUVSFmMNT5SBOTMBUJPO4IFTB O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ legend. Rieflin is a multi-instrumentalist MFHFOE3JFnJOJTBNVMUJJOTUSVNFOUBMJTU whose most recent gig was as drummer XIPTFNPTUSFDFOUHJHXBTBTESVNNFS TURN YOUR RADIO DIAL to 102.9 WBLM BC@<G=C@@/27=27/:b] 'E0:; for R.E.M. He's also worked with Robyn GPS3&.)FTBMTPXPSLFEXJUI3PCZO every Friday at 8:30 a.m. to hear SdS`g4`WROgOb&(!O[b]VSO` Hitchcock, Swans, Ministry and Nine Inch )JUDIDPDL 4XBOT .JOJTUSZBOE/JOF*ODI Aimsel Ponti wax poetic about her top /W[aSZ>]\bWeOf^]SbWQOP]cbVS`b]^ Nails, just to name a few bands. Wong is /BJMT KVTUUPOBNFBGFXCBOET8POHJT three live music picks for the week bV`SSZWdS[caWQ^WQYaT]`bVSeSSY a professional guitarist, bassist, arranger, BQSPGFTTJPOBMHVJUBSJTU CBTTJTU BSSBOHFS  with the Captain and Celeste. eWbVbVS1O^bOW\O\R1SZSabS orchestrator, composer and musical PSDIFTUSBUPS DPNQPTFSBOENVTJDBM


8`dj\cGfek` =XZ\k_\Dlj`Z FacG thiG Music




p of locals

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 GO E7 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3%


Asian Bistro Hibachi Bar !SIAN"ISTRO(IBACHI"AR HAPPY HOUR (!009(/52 4:30 - 6:30pm  PM DAILY

Martini OF -ARTINI THEDAY Bud Light "UD,IGHTOR Gritty's Draft 'RITTYS$RAFT

1140 Brighton Avenue "RIGHTON!VENUE Portland, ME 0ORTLAND -%


SINGLE 3).',% VISION 6)3)/.

Photo by Pierce McCleary >V]b]Pg>WS`QS;Q1ZSO`g

Olas is slated to perform Friday night at Portland's Space Gallery before =ZOaWaaZObSRb]^S`T]`[4`WROg\WUVbOb>]`bZO\R¸aA^OQS5OZZS`gPST]`S taking a break to allow some of its members to travel and study elsewhere. bOYW\UOP`SOYb]OZZ]ea][S]TWba[S[PS`ab]b`OdSZO\RabcRgSZaSeVS`S

Complete Lenses & Frames #OMPLETE,ENSES&RAMES

<eafpFcXjĂ&#x2039;]fcb$Ă&#x2022;Xd\eZf Enjoy Olas' folk-flamenco dX^`ZY\]fi\^iflgĂ&#x2039;j_`Xklj magic before group's hiatus

D`b\FcZfkk DXb`e^Ef`j\

What is Olas? 8IBUJT0MBT Sutherland: As our website says: "Olas 4VUIFSMBOE"TPVSXFCTJUFTBZTi0MBT is a band of musicians and dancers from JTBCBOEPGNVTJDJBOTBOEEBODFSTGSPN Portland, Maine, inspired by traditional 1PSUMBOE .BJOF JOTQJSFECZUSBEJUJPOBM and modern flamenco, translated through BOENPEFSOnBNFODP USBOTMBUFEUISPVHI a blend of American folk, rock, Arabic and BCMFOEPG"NFSJDBOGPML SPDL "SBCJDBOE Afro-Cuban sounds." "GSP$VCBOTPVOETw We are a group of friends with varied 8FBSFBHSPVQPGGSJFOETXJUIWBSJFE backgrounds who really love to hang out, CBDLHSPVOETXIPSFBMMZMPWFUPIBOHPVU  create and express our personalities. DSFBUFBOEFYQSFTTPVSQFSTPOBMJUJFT

99 C7 1 PAIR pair

1038 Brighton Avenue, Portland "RIGHTON!VENUE 0ORTLAND

OlAS' 8JĂ&#x2039; FC

773-7333 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-888-201-4448  s   


"imidiwan:1:Companions," K`eXi`n\e gXe`fej#Ă&#x2030;Tinariwen d`[`nXe fd Ă&#x2C6;@"Chimurenga Forever-Thomas Mapfumo Xg]ldf _fdXjD Ă&#x2C6;:_`dli\e^X=fi\m\i#Ă&#x2030;K "A Ciegas," Miguel Poveda Ă&#x2C6;8:`\^Xj#Ă&#x2030;D`^l\cGfm\[X "CantaConlaVozDelCorazon," Xqfe#Ă&#x2030; Ă&#x2C6;:XekX:feCXMfq;\c:fi Carmen eXi\j id\eC`Linares :X ÂŤNeMeQuittePas,"NinaSimone J`dfe\ Ă&#x2C6;E\D\Hl`kk\GXj#Ă&#x2030;E`eX "Maninda,"MoussaDiallof Ă&#x2C6;DXe`e[X#Ă&#x2030;DfljjX;`Xcc "NonJeNeRegretteRien," PiafX] <[`k_G` A\E\I\^i\kk\I`\e#Ă&#x2030;Edith fe Ă&#x2C6;E "Curse Your Little Heart," Devotchka \mfkZ_bX Ă&#x2C6;:lij\PfliC`kkc\?\Xik#Ă&#x2030;; "SaboraMi," XYfiXD`#Ă&#x2030; Ă&#x2C6;J jZX`ccX  Antonio Gonzalez Pescailla) <cG\ eqXc\q(El 8ekfe`f>f nej "Naila," lilacX;f Downs X`cX#Ă&#x2030;C` Ă&#x2C6;E

Open Mon.-Fri. 9:30-6:00; Sat. 10:00-3:00 /PEN-ONn&RIn3ATn


further and deeper in Sevilla, Spain. I think GVSUIFSBOEEFFQFSJO4FWJMMB 4QBJO*UIJOL it's important for all citizens of this great JUTJNQPSUBOUGPSBMMDJUJ[FOTPGUIJTHSFBU country to realize that musical groups can DPVOUSZUPSFBMJ[FUIBUNVTJDBMHSPVQTDBO exist forever without ever playing a show FYJTUGPSFWFSXJUIPVUFWFSQMBZJOHBTIPX or making a record. PSNBLJOHBSFDPSE Keogh: The rest of us will stay here and ,FPHI5IFSFTUPGVTXJMMTUBZIFSFBOE hopefully still get together to cook, eat, IPQFGVMMZTUJMMHFUUPHFUIFSUPDPPL FBU  drink lots of wine and play music. ESJOLMPUTPGXJOFBOEQMBZNVTJD

How important is dance to the Olas )PXJNQPSUBOUJTEBODFUPUIF0MBT experience? FYQFSJFODF Sutherland: I would say that the dance This is your last show for a little while. 4VUIFSMBOE*XPVMETBZUIBUUIFEBODF 5IJTJTZPVSMBTUTIPXGPSBMJUUMFXIJMF experience is easily 50 to 60 percent of the What gives? FYQFSJFODFJTFBTJMZUPQFSDFOUPGUIF 8IBUHJWFT Olas experience. The dancing is what Sutherland: We have been doing Olas for 0MBTFYQFSJFODF5IFEBODJOHJTXIBU 4VUIFSMBOE8FIBWFCFFOEPJOH0MBTGPS really grounds the music and brings emothree years, and it's time to take a bit of a SFBMMZHSPVOETUIFNVTJDBOECSJOHTFNP UISFFZFBST BOEJUTUJNFUPUBLFBCJUPGB tional meaning to what, like many songs, break so some of our members can travel UJPOBMNFBOJOHUPXIBU MJLFNBOZTPOHT  CSFBLTPTPNFPGPVSNFNCFSTDBOUSBWFM and study elsewhere; namely Lindsey, who BOETUVEZFMTFXIFSFOBNFMZ-JOETFZ XIP will be studying the flamenco tradition XJMMCFTUVEZJOHUIFnBNFODPUSBEJUJPO Please see OLCOTT, PageEIS Gc\Xj\j\\=:1=BBGX^\<(,

C7 â&#x201A;Ź7 2PAIR pair

*Certain restrictions apply. Price only good with this coupon.



ext time you're wandering ConFYUUJNFZPVSFXBOEFSJOH$PO gress Street wondering where HSFTT4USFFUXPOEFSJOHXIFSF all the primal spice in your life BMMUIFQSJNBMTQJDFJOZPVSMJGF has escaped to, consider chomping a IBTFTDBQFEUP DPOTJEFSDIPNQJOHB rose stem and blasting the vivacious SPTFTUFNBOECMBTUJOHUIFWJWBDJPVT sounds of Olas out your speakers. This TPVOETPG0MBTPVUZPVSTQFBLFST5IJT gypsy crew of musicians from PortHZQTZDSFXPGNVTJDJBOTGSPN1PSU land fuses folk and MBOEGVTFTGPMLBOE flamenco, and has nBNFODP BOEIBT packed the sweatiQBDLFEUIFTXFBUJ est, sexiest dance FTU TFYJFTUEBODF floors in town. nPPSTJOUPXO Sadly, the troupe 4BEMZ UIFUSPVQF is going on hiatus JTHPJOHPOIJBUVT at the end of the BUUIFFOEPGUIF month so NPOUI TPJGZPVSF Mike OlCOtt > if you're into devastating JOUPEFWBTUBUJOH rhythms and swirling SIZUINTBOETXJSMJOH crimson dresses, get DSJNTPOESFTTFT HFU to Space Gallery on UP4QBDF(BMMFSZPO Friday night to be taken by an Olas storrr 'SJEBZOJHIUUPCFUBLFOCZBO0MBTTUPSN for the last time until further notice. But GPSUIFMBTUUJNFVOUJMGVSUIFSOPUJDF#VU first, read on for more about the group mSTU SFBEPOGPSNPSFBCPVUUIFHSPVQ from Chriss Sutherland (lead vocals, GSPN$ISJTT4VUIFSMBOE MFBEWPDBMT  guitar, palmas), Megan Keogh (zapateadx HVJUBS QBMNBT .FHBO,FPHI [BQBUFBEP palmas, vocals) and Lindsey Bourassa QBMNBT WPDBMT BOE-JOETFZ#PVSBTTB (zapateado, palmas, vocals). [BQBUFBEP QBMNBT WPDBMT 

 seqoo*  $0000* 


            ! " #   $%& '('




E8 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

Keb' Mo' takes many paths, always arrives B\YĂ&#x2039;DfĂ&#x2039;kXb\jdXepgXk_j#XcnXpjXii`m\j By MIKE OLCOTT #Z.*,&0-$055 There are few tunes in the last 20 years 5IFSFBSFGFXUVOFTJOUIFMBTUZFBST UIBUIPMEIPQFBTXFMMBTi5FMM&WFSZ that hold hope as well as "Tell Everybody I Know" from Keb' Mo's seminal, CPEZ*,OPXwGSPN,FC.PTTFNJOBM  TFMGUJUMFEEFCVU self-titled debut. But there was always something a little #VUUIFSFXBTBMXBZTTPNFUIJOHBMJUUMF BNJTTPOUIBUSFDPSE)FSFXBTUIJTBG amiss on that record. Here was this affable chap, looking and sounding every GBCMFDIBQ MPPLJOHBOETPVOEJOHFWFSZ CJUUIFUFOVSFECMVFTNBO CVUQSBDUJ bit the tenured blues man, but practically laughing out lyrics of love and joy. DBMMZMBVHIJOHPVUMZSJDTPGMPWFBOEKPZ Quite suddenly, in 1994, Keb' Mo' 2VJUFTVEEFOMZ JO ,FC.P caught fire, adding new (direction to a DBVHIUmSF BEEJOHOFXEJSFDUJPOUPB well-preserved, well-protected craft. The XFMMQSFTFSWFE XFMMQSPUFDUFEDSBGU5IF sunny delivery didn't jive with classic TVOOZEFMJWFSZEJEOUKJWFXJUIDMBTTJD blues tales of woebegone wretches, and CMVFTUBMFTPGXPFCFHPOFXSFUDIFT BOE America loved it. "NFSJDBMPWFEJU When Keb' Mo' brings his mighty ax 8IFO,FC.PCSJOHTIJTNJHIUZBY and bright songbook to the State TheBOECSJHIUTPOHCPPLUPUIF4UBUF5IF atre in Portland on Wednesday night, it BUSFJO1PSUMBOEPO8FEOFTEBZOJHIU JU won't be without precedent. XPOUCFXJUIPVUQSFDFEFOU "I opened for The Subdudes at the i*PQFOFEGPS5IF4VCEVEFTBUUIF old State Theatre," he said in a recent PME4UBUF5IFBUSF wIFTBJEJOBSFDFOU phone interview. "I just remember QIPOFJOUFSWJFXi*KVTUSFNFNCFS enjoying this beautiful venue and the FOKPZJOHUIJTCFBVUJGVMWFOVFBOEUIF fans. Everyone I met in Portland was so GBOT&WFSZPOF*NFUJO1PSUMBOEXBTTP friendly and down-home." GSJFOEMZBOEEPXOIPNFw A certain flexibility with the rules set in "DFSUBJOnFYJCJMJUZXJUIUIFSVMFTTFUJO early on for Keb' Mo', whose true name FBSMZPOGPS,FC.P XIPTFUSVFOBNF is Kevin Moore. He was never bound to JT,FWJO.PPSF)FXBTOFWFSCPVOEUP one style. POFTUZMF "My band teacher showed me how i.ZCBOEUFBDIFSTIPXFENFIPX to play steel drums," he recalled in a UPQMBZTUFFMESVNT wIFSFDBMMFEJOB voice with a beautifully life-scuffed low WPJDFXJUIBCFBVUJGVMMZMJGFTDVGGFEMPX register, "but I really got started when SFHJTUFS iCVU*SFBMMZHPUTUBSUFEXIFO my Uncle Herman gave me a guitar and NZ6ODMF)FSNBOHBWFNFBHVJUBSBOE taught me 'Jamaica Farewell.' " UBVHIUNFA+BNBJDB'BSFXFMMw That this accomplished blues player 5IBUUIJTBDDPNQMJTIFECMVFTQMBZFS

Meghan Aileen Schirmer photo ;SUVO\/WZSS\AQVW`[S`^V]b]

Keb' Mo,' an accomplished blues 9SP¸;]¸O\OQQ][^ZWaVSRPZcSa player, is comfortable in any genre that ^ZOgS`WaQ][T]`bOPZSW\O\gUS\`SbVOb matches his moment in life. [ObQVSaVWa[][S\bW\ZWTS began his musical journey with CaribCFHBOIJTNVTJDBMKPVSOFZXJUI$BSJC bean folk speaks to his comfort in any CFBOGPMLTQFBLTUPIJTDPNGPSUJOBOZ genre that matches his moment in life. HFOSFUIBUNBUDIFTIJTNPNFOUJOMJGF "It might come out in different ways, i*UNJHIUDPNFPVUJOEJGGFSFOUXBZT  but it's just a need to express what's CVUJUTKVTUBOFFEUPFYQSFTTXIBUT going on in my mind with my guitar and HPJOHPOJONZNJOEXJUINZHVJUBSBOE

WPJDF wIFTBJE voice," he said. And so, the rusty balladry in "Every "OETP UIFSVTUZCBMMBESZJOi&WFSZ Morning" from 1994 has given way to the .PSOJOHwGSPNIBTHJWFOXBZUPUIF smooth organ R&B of "Crush on You" TNPPUIPSHBO3#PGi$SVTIPO:PVw from this year's CD, "The Reflection." GSPNUIJTZFBST$% i5IF3FnFDUJPOw Somehow, it still all sounds like Keb' 4PNFIPX JUTUJMMBMMTPVOETMJLF,FC Mo'. .P Although he was raised in Compton, "MUIPVHIIFXBTSBJTFEJO$PNQUPO  Calif., Keb' Mo's practiced Southern$BMJG ,FC.PTQSBDUJDFE4PVUIFSO gospel charm is obvious and infectious. HPTQFMDIBSNJTPCWJPVTBOEJOGFDUJPVT Even after a full career collaborating &WFOBGUFSBGVMMDBSFFSDPMMBCPSBUJOH with legends such as Bobby McFerrin XJUIMFHFOETTVDIBT#PCCZ.D'FSSJO and Bonnie Raitt, the singer still leads BOE#POOJF3BJUU UIFTJOHFSTUJMMMFBET with a deeply genuine humility. XJUIBEFFQMZHFOVJOFIVNJMJUZ So what's a guy who's won multiple 4PXIBUTBHVZXIPTXPONVMUJQMF Grammys count among his proudest (SBNNZTDPVOUBNPOHIJTQSPVEFTU accomplishments? i.ZGBNJMZ wIFTBJE "My family," he said BDDPNQMJTINFOUT without a whiff of hesitation. XJUIPVUBXIJGGPGIFTJUBUJPO Suddenly, it's not so hard to understand 4VEEFOMZ JUTOPUTPIBSEUPVOEFSTUBOE how this rhythm-and-blues phenom can IPXUIJTSIZUINBOECMVFTQIFOPNDBO so comfortably exude positivity in his TPDPNGPSUBCMZFYVEFQPTJUJWJUZJOIJT sacred blues forms. The well-traveled TBDSFECMVFTGPSNT5IFXFMMUSBWFMFE performer has evolved gracefully for beQFSGPSNFSIBTFWPMWFEHSBDFGVMMZGPSCF ing so well-grounded at the start. JOHTPXFMMHSPVOEFEBUUIFTUBSU "They've taught me so much," he said i5IFZWFUBVHIUNFTPNVDI wIFTBJE of his family. "They're definitely what I PGIJTGBNJMZi5IFZSFEFmOJUFMZXIBU* love most about life." MPWFNPTUBCPVUMJGFw Mike Olcott is a freelance writer. ;WYS=ZQ]bbWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`

KEB' MO' 930¸;=¸ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday E63<(%(!^[ESR\SaROg WHERE: State Theatre, 609 E63@3(AbObSBVSOb`S$' Congress St., Portland 1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $25, $35 6=E;C16( #!# INFO: 7<4=(abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][



^fkk`o6 got tix?

CONCERTS AND SHOWS :FE:<IKJ8E;J?FNJ Concerts and shows currently on sale: 1]\QS`baO\RaV]eaQc``S\bZg]\aOZS( The latest BVSZObSab On sale 1O a.m. Friday - Badfish: A Tribute =\aOZSO[4`WROg³0OR¿aV(/B`WPcbS to Sublime, 8 p.m. Dec. 17, State Theatre, b]AcPZW[S&^[2SQ%AbObSBVSOb`S Portland. $18/$20.; >]`bZO\R& AbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic &%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ Center box office 1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS On sale 1O a.m. Saturday - Bob Seger & The =\aOZSO[AObc`ROg³0]PASUS`BVS Silver Bullet Band, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 29, DCU AWZdS`0cZZSb0O\R%(!^[<]d '21C Center, Worcester, Mass. $75.; 1S\bS`E]`QSabS`;Oaa%#:WdS\ObW]\Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! On sale noon Saturday - MacKlemore, 7 p.m. =\aOZS\]]\AObc`ROg³;OQ9ZS[]`S%^[ Dec. 8, Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $20. 2SQ&>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale 1O a.m. Monday - Sting, 8 p.m. Oct. =\aOZSO[;]\ROg³AbW\U&^[=Qb 21 & 22,1WbW>S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\U Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre, Boston. $51 to $151.50.; BVSOb`S0]ab]\#b]##1WbWQS\bS`]`U) (866) 348-9738 &$$!"&'%!&  The locals BVSZ]QOZa Sept. 3O - Rodney CrowAS^b!³@]R\Sg1`]e ell, 8 p.m., One Longfellow SZZ&^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, Portland. $25/$28. A_cO`S>]`bZO\R # &; =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][) 761-1757 %$%#% Sept. 3O - Maria Muldaur, AS^b!³;O`WO;cZROc` 8 p.m., Jonathan's, Ogun&^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\ Madeleine ;ORSZSW\S quit. $27.50 to $67.50. %#b]$%# Peyroux: Oct. _cWb >Sg`]cf(=Qb; 6 in Portland. 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][) $W\>]`bZO\R 646-4526 $"$"# $ Sept. 3O - Tommy Malone, 8 p.m., The AS^b!³B][[g;OZ]\S&^[BVS Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. $18. =^S`O6]caSOb0]]bVPOg6O`P]`&; 633-5159 0]]bVPOg]^S`OV]caSQ][)$!!##' Oct. 1 - Cheryl Wheeler, 7 p.m., Jon=Qb³1VS`gZEVSSZS`%^[8]\ athan's, Ogunquit. $32.50/$35.50. ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb! #!##

Please see TIX, PageE9 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<0

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 22, 2011 | GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3'


Shellback Brigade's lament' J_\ccYXZb9i`^X[\Ă&#x2039;jĂ&#x160;CXd\ekĂ&#x2039; cfe^fe`[\Xj#j_fikfejkpc\ long on ideas, short on style

#ENTERFOR Center for

-AINE#RAFT Maine Craft

ATTHE-AINE-ALL at the Maine Mall .OWTHEREIS-AINEATTHE-AINE-ALL Now there is Maine at the Maine Mall!

#Z.*,&0-$055 By MIKE OLCOTT

The Center for Maine Craft represents 4HE#ENTERFOR-AINE#RAFTREPRESENTS the best of Maine Fine Craft: THEBESTOF-AINE&INE#RAFT Baskets, C e r a m i c s , Fiber, F u r n i t u r e , "ASKETS #ERAMICS &IBER &URNITURE

Glass, J e w e l r y , Leather, M e t a l , 'LASS *EWELRY ,EATHER -ETAL

M i x e d M e d i a , Paper, S t o n e & W o o d . -IXED-EDIA 0APER 3TONE7OOD Find Us in t h e &IND5SINTHE Food Court! &OOD#OURT Open Mon. - Sat. /PEN-ONn3AT AMnPM 10am -9pm &  3UNAM PM Sun. 11am - 6pm THROUGH through 12/31/11

HOW IT RATES ?FN@KI8K<J THE SHELLBACK BRIGADE: B63A63::0/190@75/23( "THE POLLYWOG'S LAMENT ¾B63>=::GE=5¸A:/;3<Bœ ((( Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\O¿dSabO`aQOZS

type of tune O'Reilly's side project will be UZQFPGUVOF03FJMMZTTJEFQSPKFDUXJMMCF capable of in the future. Give the Brigade DBQBCMFPGJOUIFGVUVSF(JWFUIF#SJHBEF some credit: They threw everything at the TPNFDSFEJU5IFZUISFXFWFSZUIJOHBUUIF wall, and some of it stuck. XBMM BOETPNFPGJUTUVDL


Mike Olcott is a freelance writer. ;WYS=ZQ]bbWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`


-!).%-!,, MAINE MALL


0HILBROOK2D 15PhilbrookRd. 3OUTH0ORTLAND South Portland

   207-774-7335 ALWAYS /-%4().' 933SOMETHING !,7!HAPPENING! (!00%.).'

Hats, 8 p.m., House of Blues, Boston. $ 2#!# 5/$35. 6Oba&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Friday - Primus, 8 p.m., O r p h e u m Theatre, 4`WROg³>`W[ca&^[=`^VSc[BVSOb`S Boston. $43.25 to $53.50.; 0]ab]\"! #b]#!#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) Continued from Page E8 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3& (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Friday - Mason Jennings, 9 p.m., Paradise 4`WROg³;Oa]\8S\\W\Ua'^[>O`ORWaS; 6 4 6 - 4 5 2$6 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# Rock Club, Boston. $18/$20.; @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\& :WdS\ObW]\Q][) Oct. 1 - Johnson's Crossroads and Moses =Qb³8]V\a]\¸a1`]aa`]ORaO\R;]aSa (800) 745-3000 &%"#! A t w o o d , 8 p.m., One Longfellow Square, /be]]R&^[=\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S Friday - Pretty Lights w i t h Big Gigantic and 4`WROg³>`Sbbg:WUVbaeWbV0WU5WUO\bWQO\R Portland. $12/$15.; >]`bZO\R #=\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][) Nit Grit, 7 p.m., Bank of America Pavilion, <Wb5`Wb%^[0O\Y]T/[S`WQO>OdWZW]\ 761-1757 %$%#% Boston. $39 to $45.50.; 0]ab]\!'b]"##:WdS\ObW]\Q][) Oct. 2³8]\ObVO\3ReO`Ra%^[Ab - Jonathan Edwards, 7 p.m., St. =Qb (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $ 3 5 / $ 4 0 . :Oe`S\QS/`ba1S\bS`>]`bZO\R!#" Friday - Colbie Caillat, 8 p.m., House of Blues, 4`WROg³1]ZPWS1OWZZOb&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa AbZOe`S\QSO`ba]`U Boston. $ 2"":WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 4 / $ 4 0 .; ( 8 0 0 ) 7450]ab]\ Oct. 2³/aZSS^ObbVSEVSSZ&^[Ab]\S - Asleep at the Wheel, 8 p.m., Stone =Qb 3000 ! Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $50. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR# Friday - Celtic Thunder, 7:30 p.m., Citi Per4`WROg³1SZbWQBVc\RS`%(!^[1WbW>S`; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% '  f o r m i n g Arts Center W a n g Theatre, Boston. T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\UBVSOb`S0]ab]\ Oct. 2³B]cPOP9`SeS&^[>]`b1Wbg - Toubab Krewe, 8 p.m., Port City =Qb $ 4 8 to $98.; ( 8 6 6 ) 348-9738 "&b]'&1WbWQS\bS`]`U)&$$!"&'%!& Music Hall, Portland. $13.50 to $25.50. ;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R!#b] ## Saturday - Reba McEntire, 7:30 p.m., AObc`ROg³@SPO;Q3\bW`S%(!^[; 8 9 9 - 4 9 9 0 >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&''"'' M e a d o w b r o o k U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, ;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R Oct. 5 - The Toasters, 8 p.m., Port N.H. $39.75 to $99.75.; =Qb#³BVSB]OabS`a&^[>]`b <6!'%#b]''%#;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb) City Music Hall, Portland. $12b] to $20. ( 6 0 3 ) 2'!"% 93-4700 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R  $!; 8 9 9 - 4 9 9 0 Sunday - Lindsey Buckingham, 7 p.m., >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&''"'' Ac\ROg³:W\RaSg0cQYW\UVO[%^[ Oct. 5 - Jackson Browne, 7:30 p.m., Merrill A u - EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\ Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $27.65 to $52.20. =Qb#³8OQYa]\0`]e\S%(!^[;S``WZZ/c %$#b]#   d i t o r i u m , Portland. $34.50 to $95.; BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 RWb]`Wc[>]`bZO\R!"#b]'#>]`bbWfQ][) 8 4 2& -0800 Sunday - A v e t t Brothers, 7 p.m., Meadow&" Ac\ROg³/dSbb0`]bVS`a%^[;SOR]e brook U.S. Cellular Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. Oct. 6 - Madeleine Peyroux, 7:30 p.m., State =Qb$³;ORSZSW\S>Sg`]cf%(!^[AbObS P`]]YCA1SZZcZO`>OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 to $62.50; ( 6 0 3 ) Theatre, Portland. $25 to $39. All ages. BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R #b]!'/ZZOUSa $28.75 &%#b]$ #;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! 2'!"% 93-4700; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 ; abObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office M o n d a y - k.d. Lang, 8 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS ;]\ROg³YR:O\U&^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S Oct. 6 - Crooked Still, 8 p.m., Stone Mountain Boston. $59.35 to $84.95.; =Qb$³1`]]YSRAbWZZ&^[Ab]\S;]c\bOW\ 0]ab]\#'!#b]&"'#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) Arts Center, Brownfield. $29. Stonemountain (800) 745-3000 /`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR 'Ab]\S[]c\bOW\ &%"#!; 935-7292 W e d n e s d a y - O c t . 1 - Steely Dan, 8 p.m., Citi O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' ESR\SaROg=Qb³AbSSZg2O\&^[1WbW Performing Arts Center W a n g Theatre, Boston. >S`T]`[W\U/`ba1S\bS`EO\UBVSOb`S0]ab]\ $ 4 8 to $198.; ( 8 6 6 ) 348-9738 Get outta town "&b]'&1WbWQS\bS`]`U)&$$!"&'%!& 5Sb]cbbOb]e\ W e d n e s d a y - Marc Broussard, 7:30 p.m., ESR\SaROg³;O`Q0`]caaO`R%(!^[ Today - Enrique Iglesias w i t h Pitbull and B]ROg³3\`W_cS7UZSaWOaeWbV>WbPcZZO\R Paradise Rock Club, Boston. $17.50/$20. >O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\%#  Prince Royce, 7 p.m., TD Garden, Boston. >`W\QS@]gQS%^[B25O`RS\0]ab]\; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! $19.50 to $99.50.; '#b]''#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][) (800) 745-3000 &%"#! Today - The Human League w i t h Men W i t h o u t Please see TIX, Page E22 B]ROg³BVS6c[O\:SOUcSeWbV;S\EWbV]cb Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<))

1PSUMBOECBTTJTU,FWJO03FJMMZIBE Portland bassist Kevin O'Reilly had BQSPNJTJOHFQJQIBOZJO BOVSHF a promising epiphany in 2010, an urge UPUBLFUIFSJDIUBMFTJOIJTGBWPSJUFGPML to take the rich tales in his favorite folk UVOFTBOESFDPSEUIFNXJUICJHSPDL tunes and record them with big-rock DIVOLBOEESVNTGPSNBYJNVNPPNQI chunk and drums for maximum oomph. 03FJMMZTMBSHFTDBMFDPMMBCPSBUJWFQSPK O'Reilly's large-scale collaborative projFDUJTDBMMFE5IF4IFMMCBDL#SJHBEF)F ect is called The Shellback Brigade. He BOEIJTTQJSJUFEDPIPSUTSFDFOUMZESPQQFE and his spirited cohorts recently dropped i5IF1PMMZXPHT-BNFOU wBOFGGPSUUIBU "The Pollywog's Lament," an effort that BUUJNFTXJFMETB%SPQLJDL.VSQIZTTOBSM at times wields a Dropkick Murphys snarl GPSJUTBNCJUJPVTGPMLSFEVY for its ambitious folk redux. "TBDPODFQU i5IF1PMMZXPHT-B As a concept, "The Pollywog's LaNFOUwJOUSJHVFT.PTUPGUIFDVUTCPBTU ment" intrigues. Most of the cuts boast TUSPOHTUPSJFTBOECPMEBSSBOHFNFOUT strong stories and bold arrangements. 5IFTIPSUDPNJOHJTJOUIFFYFDVUJPO The shortcoming is in the execution. i#MJOE.BOT#MVGG "Blind Man's Bluff"wTPVOETMJLFBTJNQMF sounds like a simple chantey, but it sinks fast with agro Slash DIBOUFZ CVUJUTJOLTGBTUXJUIBHSP4MBTI guitar licks. After a promising start, "The HVJUBSMJDLT"GUFSBQSPNJTJOHTUBSU i5IF Tale of Finn O'Doul" and its bombastic 5BMFPG'JOO0%PVMwBOEJUTCPNCBTUJD drums are hard to take seriously against ESVNTBSFIBSEUPUBLFTFSJPVTMZBHBJOTU the cartoony overkill in the singing. The UIFDBSUPPOZPWFSLJMMJOUIFTJOHJOH5IF tenets of smooth syntax never entered UFOFUTPGTNPPUITZOUBYOFWFSFOUFSFE the equation on this track, and it suffers UIFFRVBUJPOPOUIJTUSBDL BOEJUTVGGFST greatly for it. HSFBUMZGPSJU Overall on this CD, O'Reilly's vocals are 0WFSBMMPOUIJT$% 03FJMMZTWPDBMTBSF too often unwieldy and over-articulated. UPPPGUFOVOXJFMEZBOEPWFSBSUJDVMBUFE By contrast, there's some believable #ZDPOUSBTU UIFSFTTPNFCFMJFWBCMF longing in set highlight "Wild Mountain MPOHJOHJOTFUIJHIMJHIUi8JME.PVOUBJO Thyme," a traditional number given The 5IZNF wBUSBEJUJPOBMOVNCFSHJWFO5IF Byrds treatment here. The track employs #ZSETUSFBUNFOUIFSF5IFUSBDLFNQMPZT a patient jangle and offers promise for the BQBUJFOUKBOHMFBOEPGGFSTQSPNJTFGPSUIF








E1O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 35=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

c`jk`e^j listings

DLJ@:8E;E@>?KC@=< MUSIC AND NIGHTLIFE Yarmouth AMVETS, Ladies Auxiliary and 9ARMOUTH!-6%43 ,ADIES!UXILIARYAND Sons of AMVETS 3ONSOF!-6%43

CONCERTS N#/.#%243 TODAY 4/$!9 Shemekia Copeland, blues, Stone Mountain Arts 3HEMEKIA#OPELAND BLUES 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS Center, Browntield. $25. stonemountainartscenter #ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTER .com. 8 p.m. COMPM Teada and Seamus Begley, traditional Irish tunes, 4EADAAND3EAMUS"EGLEY TRADITIONAL)RISHTUNES Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. $15. 9485NITY#ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTS 7469. 7:30 p.m. PM Portland Jazz Orchestra, One Longfellow Square, 0ORTLAND*AZZ/RCHESTRA /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $5, $9. 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Novel Jazz Septet, classic jazz, Skidompha .OVEL*AZZ3EPTET CLASSICJAZZ 3KIDOMPHA Library, Damariscotta. $10, $12; $5 forages 12 to ,IBRARY $AMARISCOTTA FORAGESTO 18; under 12 free. 563-5513. 7 to 9:30 p.m. UNDERFREE TOPM

Summer 2011 Military Appreciation Dinner 3UMMER-ILITARY!PPRECIATION$INNER Membership Drive -EMBERSHIP$RIVE Public Invited 0UBLIC)NVITED This is a free event unless you wish to purchase a dinner 4HISISAFREEEVENTUNLESSYOUWISHTOPURCHASEADINNER

Saturday September 24, 2011 3ATURDAY3EPTEMBER 

12:00 to 4:00 pm TOPM Steak/Shore Dinner with all the Fixings 3TEAK3HORE$INNERWITHALLTHE&IXINGS Tickets: $25.00 in advance $30.OO at the door 4ICKETSINADVANCEATTHEDOOR

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FRIDAY &2)$!9 GeorgeThorogood and The Destroyers, blues/ 'EORGE4HOROGOODAND4HE$ESTROYERS BLUES rock, Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $22.50 to ROCK "ANGOR7ATERFRONT0AVILIONTO $51.50. 7:30 p.m. WATERFRONTCONCERTSCOMPM Buckwheat Zydeco, blues/zydeco, all "UCKWHEAT:YDECO BLUESZYDECO ALL ages; Jonathan's Restaurant, Ogunquit. AGES*ONATHANS2ESTAURANT /GUNQUIT $32.50 in advance; $35.50 day of show. INADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. JONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM Lotus, electronic jam band, all ages; State Theatre, ,OTUS ELECTRONICJAMBAND ALLAGES3TATE4HEATRE Portland. $20 in advance; $22 day of show. (800) 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 745-3000. 8 p.m.  PM Kit Demos, jazz and improv, with special guests, +IT$EMOS JAZZANDIMPROV WITHSPECIALGUESTS Mayo Street Arts, Portland. $5 to $10/donation. -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLANDTODONATION 8 p.m. MAYOSTREETARTSORGPM Brown Bird, Olas and Barika, indie rock/ "ROWN"IRD /LASAND"ARIKA INDIEROCK world music, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $10. WORLDMUSIC  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. SPACEORGPM The Drenched Earth Tour, music by Chris Castle 4HE$RENCHED%ARTH4OUR MUSICBY#HRIS#ASTLE and The Womack Family Band, Local Sprouts AND4HE7OMACK&AMILY"AND ,OCAL3PROUTS Cooperative, Portland. Free, #OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REELOCALSPROUTSCOOP 7 p.m. PM Shemekia Copeland, blues, Kents Hill School 3HEMEKIA#OPELAND BLUES +ENTS(ILL3CHOOL (Performing Arts Center at Newton Hall), Kents 0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTERAT.EWTON(ALL +ENTS Hill. $25. 685-1 635. 8 p.m. (ILL PM Josephine Cameron, songs of the Civil War, *OSEPHINE#AMERON SONGSOFTHE#IVIL7AR Congregational Church, Phippsburg. $10; $6 for #ONGREGATIONAL#HURCH 0HIPPSBURGFOR students and children. 389-1770. 7:30 p.m. STUDENTSANDCHILDREN PM Eric Anderson, singer-songwriter, with %RIC!NDERSON SINGER SONGWRITER WITH Joyce Anderson, One Longfellow Square, *OYCE!NDERSON /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $22 in advance; $25 day of show. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Dirty White Hats, local hip hop, 18-plus; Port City $IRTY7HITE(ATS LOCALHIPHOP  PLUS0ORT#ITY Music Hall, Portland. $5; first 50 people through -USIC(ALL 0ORTLANDlRSTPEOPLETHROUGH door admitted free, 9 p.m. DOORADMITTEDFREEPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM "A Totally R.A.D. Evening," '80s music by The h!4OTALLY2!$%VENING v@SMUSICBY4HE Time Pilots and silent auction, 21-plus; benefit for 4IME0ILOTSANDSILENTAUCTION  PLUSBENElTFOR the Amy St. Laurent Foundation; Italian Heritage THE!MY3T,AURENT&OUNDATION)TALIAN(ERITAGE Center, Portland. $25. 7 p.m. #ENTER 0ORTLANDTICKETRIVERCOMPM Teada and Seamus Begley, Irish music, Stone 4EADAAND3EAMUS"EGLEY )RISHMUSIC 3TONE Mountain Arts Center, Browntield. $10. stone -OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONE 8 p.m. MOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 The Fab Faux, Beatles cover band, all ages; State 4HE&AB&AUX "EATLESCOVERBAND ALLAGES3TATE Theatre, Portland. $30 to $70. (800) 745-3000. 4HEATRE 0ORTLANDTO   8 p.m. PM Astronautalis and Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, !STRONAUTALISAND,ADY,AMBTHE"EEKEEPER indie rock, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $12. INDIEROCK  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLAND

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

George Thorogood and The 5S]`USBV]`]U]]RO\RBVS Destroyers are at the Bangor 2Sab`]gS`aO`SObbVS0O\U]` Waterfront Pavilion on Friday. EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\]\4`WROg 9 p.m. SPACEORGPM USM Concert Band Old-Fashioned Outdoor 53-#ONCERT"AND/LD &ASHIONED/UTDOOR Concert, University of Southern Maine #ONCERT 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE (outside Corthell Concert Hall), Gorham. Free. OUTSIDE#ORTHELL#ONCERT(ALL 'ORHAM&REE 1 p.m. USMMAINEEDUABOUTPM The Pressure Points End of Summer 4HE0RESSURE0OINTS%NDOF3UMMER Reggae Bash, The Hive, Kennebunk. $7. 2EGGAE"ASH 4HE(IVE +ENNEBUNK 8 p.m. THEHIVEKENNEBUNKCOMPM Ben Powell, multi-stylistic jazz violinist, Chocolate "EN0OWELL MULTI STYLISTICJAZZVIOLINIST #HOCOLATE Church Arts Center, Bath. $12 in advance; $14 #HURCH!RTS#ENTER "ATHINADVANCE day of show, 7:30 p.m. DAYOFSHOWCHOCOLATECHURCHARTSORGPM Farren Butcher Inc., singer-songwriter duo, One &ARREN"UTCHER)NC SINGER SONGWRITERDUO /NE Longfellow Square, Portland. $20 in advance; $23 ,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE at door, 8 p.m. ATDOORONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM k.d. langandThe Siss Boom Bang, country-rock, KDLANGAND4HE3ISS"OOM"ANG COUNTRY ROCK Collins Center for the Arts, Orono. $68 to $103. #OLLINS#ENTERFORTHE!RTS /RONOTO 7 p.m. COLLINSCENTERFORTHEARTSCOMPM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Pretty Lights, electronica, with Big Gigantic and 0RETTY,IGHTS ELECTRONICA WITH"IG'IGANTICAND Nit Grit, Androscoggin Bank Colisee, Lewiston. .IT'RIT !NDROSCOGGIN"ANK#OLISEE ,EWISTON $30 to $40. 6 p.m. TOTHECOLISEECOMPM BoubacarTraoreTrio, Mali blues guitarist and "OUBACAR4RAORE4RIO -ALIBLUESGUITARISTAND singer, Stone Mountain Arts Center, Browntield. SINGER 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD $19.50. 8 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM Weekly Music Jam Sessions, bring an instrument 7EEKLY-USIC*AM3ESSIONS BRINGANINSTRUMENT or just listen, Sail Power and Steam Museum, ORJUSTLISTEN 3AIL0OWERAND3TEAM-USEUM Rockland. Free. 701-7627.2 to 4 p.m. 2OCKLAND&REE TOPM Community Hymn Festival, with the Portland #OMMUNITY(YMN&ESTIVAL WITHTHE0ORTLAND Chapter of the American Guild of Organists, #HAPTEROFTHE!MERICAN'UILDOF/RGANISTS Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $5/donation. -ERRILL!UDITORIUM 0ORTLANDDONATION 3 p.m. FOKOORGPM Maine Ole' Opry Induction Ceremony and Show, -AINE/LE/PRY)NDUCTION#EREMONYAND3HOW music by Bobby Reed, Rob Elston, Jewel Clark, MUSICBY"OBBY2EED 2OB%LSTON *EWEL#LARK Bobby Le, Bonnie Rairdon, Dennis Doiron and "OBBY,E "ONNIE2AIRDON $ENNIS$OIRONAND more, Silver Spur, Mechanic Falls. $6, $7. 490MORE 3ILVER3PUR -ECHANIC&ALLS  1232. 1 p.m. PM MONDAY -/.$!9 Dark Dark Dark, chamber folk music, with A $ARK$ARK$ARK CHAMBERFOLKMUSIC WITH! Hawk and A Hacksaw and Pillars and Tongues, (AWKAND!(ACKSAWAND0ILLARSAND4ONGUES

Please see MUSIC, PageE18 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<(/

Bull Moose TOP 10 "ULL-OOSE KFG(' Top 1O for Portland Sept. 12-18: B]^T]`>]`bZO\RAS^b &( 1. "Thor" (DVD) ÂľBV]`Âś2D2 2.ÂľF;S\(4W`ab1ZOaaÂś2D2 "X-Men: First Class" (DVD) 3. Primus, "Green Naugahyde" !>`W[caÂľ5`SS\<OcUOVgRSÂś 4. Mumford and Sons, "Sigh No More" ";c[T]`RO\RA]\aÂľAWUV<];]`SÂś 5. "Star Wars: The Complete Saga" #ÂľAbO`EO`a(BVS1][^ZSbSAOUOÂś (DVD) 2D2

6. "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: $µ7b¸a/ZeOgaAc\\gW\>VWZORSZ^VWO( Season 6" (DVD) ASOa]\$¶2D2 7. Adele, "21" %/RSZSµ ¶ 8. St. Vincent, "Strange Mercy" &AbDW\QS\bµAb`O\US;S`Qg¶ 9. Wild Flag, "Wild Flag" 'EWZR4ZOUµEWZR4ZOU¶ 10. "NHL 12" for X360 µ<6: ¶T]`F!$ - Courtesy of Bull Moose ³1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 GO Ell BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3

k_\dfm`\j GRRRRRR ... >IIIIII%%% Open Road Films =^S\@]OR4WZ[a

Robert De Niro, left, is a hostage and Jason Statham his would-be rescuer in "Killer Elite." @]PS`b2S<W`]ZSTbWaOV]abOUSO\R8Oa]\AbObVO[VWae]cZRPS`SaQcS`W\Âľ9WZZS`3ZWbSÂś

De Niro, Statham and Owen are well cast as menacing 2S<W`]AbObVO[O\R=eS\O`SeSZZQOabOa[S\OQW\U junkyard dogs in 'Killer Elite/ a good old-fashioned actioner. Xc\YgO`RR]UaW\·9WZZS`3ZWbS¸OU]]R]ZRTOaVW]\SROQbW]\S` By ROGER MOORE #Z30(&3.003& McClatchy Newspapers .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST


iller Elite" is JMMFS&MJUFwJT a guy's movie BHVZTNPWJF and makes no BOENBLFTOP bones about it. CPOFTBCPVUJU It's an old-school *UTBOPMETDIPPM straight-noTUSBJHIUOP chaser action picture about an DIBTFSBDUJPOQJDUVSFBCPVUBO ex-CIA agent who hunts down FY$*"BHFOUXIPIVOUTEPXO assorted troopers from the BritBTTPSUFEUSPPQFSTGSPNUIF#SJU ish Special Forces to save an JTI4QFDJBM'PSDFTUPTBWFBO American agent from a vengeful "NFSJDBOBHFOUGSPNBWFOHFGVM Arab. "SBC The film's hook is that it pits 5IFmMNTIPPLJTUIBUJUQJUT Jason Statham against Clive +BTPO4UBUIBNBHBJOTU$MJWF Owen, the two marquee names 0XFO UIFUXPNBSRVFFOBNFT among the current generation BNPOHUIFDVSSFOUHFOFSBUJPO of British action stars. Statham PG#SJUJTIBDUJPOTUBST4UBUIBN plays Danny, an ex-CIA assassin QMBZT%BOOZ BOFY$*"BTTBTTJO blackmailed out of retirement CMBDLNBJMFEPVUPGSFUJSFNFOU to hunt down Spike (Owen) and UPIVOUEPXO4QJLF 0XFO BOE his British Special Forces (SAS) IJT#SJUJTI4QFDJBM'PSDFT 4"4  colleagues as payback for a misDPMMFBHVFTBTQBZCBDLGPSBNJT sion they took part in long ago. TJPOUIFZUPPLQBSUJOMPOHBHP Robert De Niro is Hunter, who 3PCFSU%F/JSPJT)VOUFS XIP used to be Danny's boss. He's VTFEUPCF%BOOZTCPTT)FT being held hostage by an Arab CFJOHIFMEIPTUBHFCZBO"SBC sheik intent on revenge. TIFJLJOUFOUPOSFWFOHF That sends Danny hither 5IBUTFOET%BOOZIJUIFS and yon, rounding up his own BOEZPO SPVOEJOHVQIJTPXO "team," trying to take out guys iUFBN wUSZJOHUPUBLFPVUHVZT nicknamed "The Clinic," men OJDLOBNFEi5IF$MJOJD wNFO who are just as lethal as he is. XIPBSFKVTUBTMFUIBMBTIFJT Danny and his crew must make %BOOZBOEIJTDSFXNVTUNBLF the murders look like accidents, UIFNVSEFSTMPPLMJLFBDDJEFOUT  so there will be no reprisals. TPUIFSFXJMMCFOPSFQSJTBMT Standard killer-for-hire stuff, in 4UBOEBSELJMMFSGPSIJSFTUVGG JO other words. PUIFSXPSET But what sets "Killer Elite" #VUXIBUTFUTi,JMMFS&MJUFw

REVIEW I<M@<N "KILLER ELITE," starring Jason Âľ97::3@3:7B3ÂśabO``W\U8Oa]\ Statham, Clive Owen, Robert AbObVO[1ZWdS=eS\@]PS`b De Niro and Dominic Purcell. 2S<W`]O\R2][W\WQ>c`QSZZ Directed by Gary McKendry. 2W`SQbSRPg5O`g;Q9S\R`g Rated R for strong violence, @ObSR@T]`ab`]\UdW]ZS\QS language and some sexuality/ ZO\UcOUSO\Ra][SaSfcOZWbg nudity. Running time: 1:45 \cRWbg@c\\W\UbW[S(("# apart from, say, your typical BQBSUGSPN TBZ ZPVSUZQJDBM stubbly-faced Statham B-movie TUVCCMZGBDFE4UBUIBN#NPWJF actioner is the dialogue - reams BDUJPOFSJTUIFEJBMPHVFoSFBNT of crisp, punchy hardboiled lines PGDSJTQ QVODIZIBSECPJMFEMJOFT that co-writer/director Gary UIBUDPXSJUFSEJSFDUPS(BSZ McKendry and screenwriter .D,FOESZBOETDSFFOXSJUFS Matt Sherring copped from the .BUU4IFSSJOHDPQQFEGSPNUIF Ranulph Fiennes novel "The 3BOVMQI'JFOOFTOPWFMi5IF Feather Men." 'FBUIFS.FOw "I'm done with killing," Danny i*NEPOFXJUILJMMJOH w%BOOZ mutters. NVUUFST "Maybe killing isn't done with i.BZCFLJMMJOHJTOUEPOFXJUI you," Hunter mutters back. ZPV w)VOUFSNVUUFSTCBDL "Killing's easy. Living with it's i,JMMJOHTFBTZ-JWJOHXJUIJUT the hard part." UIFIBSEQBSUw Government red tape and (PWFSONFOUSFEUBQFBOE restrictions dog both the hunters SFTUSJDUJPOTEPHCPUIUIFIVOUFST and the hunted. BOEUIFIVOUFE "I've got no problem with blood. i*WFHPUOPQSPCMFNXJUICMPPE It's ink that worries me." *UTJOLUIBUXPSSJFTNFw Thinking of double-crossing 5IJOLJOHPGEPVCMFDSPTTJOH Danny?.BZCFHPJOHJOUPIJEJOH Maybe going into hiding %BOOZ afterward? BGUFSXBSE "Remember, everybody gets i3FNFNCFS FWFSZCPEZHFUT found." GPVOEw And there's this pithy lecture "OEUIFSFTUIJTQJUIZMFDUVSF on old soldiers - "No uniform. No POPMETPMEJFSToi/PVOJGPSN/P war. You're not 'Special.' They XBS:PVSFOPUA4QFDJBM5IFZ don't know what to do with you. EPOULOPXXIBUUPEPXJUIZPV

You don't know what to do with :PVEPOULOPXXIBUUPEPXJUI yourself." ZPVSTFMGw McKendry, new to feature films, .D,FOESZ OFXUPGFBUVSFmMNT  wanders a bit, giving us governXBOEFSTBCJU HJWJOHVTHPWFSO ment intrigues, a love interest NFOUJOUSJHVFT BMPWFJOUFSFTU for Danny (Yvonne Strahovski) GPS%BOOZ :WPOOF4USBIPWTLJ  and other distractions. But he BOEPUIFSEJTUSBDUJPOT#VUIF handles the assorted "hits" with IBOEMFTUIFBTTPSUFEiIJUTwXJUI gritty, period flair. The film is HSJUUZ QFSJPEnBJS5IFmMNJT "based on a true story," so the iCBTFEPOBUSVFTUPSZ wTPUIF setting is the early '80s - a "time TFUUJOHJTUIFFBSMZToBiUJNF of crisis, revolution." That makes PGDSJTJT SFWPMVUJPOw5IBUNBLFT it something of a parable for our JUTPNFUIJOHPGBQBSBCMFGPSPVS times, men sent to do a dirty job UJNFT NFOTFOUUPEPBEJSUZKPC for their government, only to GPSUIFJSHPWFSONFOU POMZUP have their government back the IBWFUIFJSHPWFSONFOUCBDLUIF other side, years later. PUIFSTJEF ZFBSTMBUFS It's hard to see the victims as *UTIBSEUPTFFUIFWJDUJNTBT particularly deserving of their QBSUJDVMBSMZEFTFSWJOHPGUIFJS fate. And that lack of a sense GBUF"OEUIBUMBDLPGBTFOTF of "righteous kills" creates an PGiSJHIUFPVTLJMMTwDSFBUFTBO unease that strips "Killer Elite" VOFBTFUIBUTUSJQTi,JMMFS&MJUFw of some of its cool. The actors PGTPNFPGJUTDPPM5IFBDUPST cast as both Danny and Spike's DBTUBTCPUI%BOOZBOE4QJLFT "teams" are unfamiliar, generic. iUFBNTwBSFVOGBNJMJBS HFOFSJD More effort had to be made to .PSFFGGPSUIBEUPCFNBEFUP give us a reason to root for or HJWFVTBSFBTPOUPSPPUGPSPS against them, and not against BHBJOTUUIFN BOEOPUBHBJOTU the rich sheik who set this whole UIFSJDITIFJLXIPTFUUIJTXIPMF killing spree off. LJMMJOHTQSFFPGG But it's still a decent yarn, de#VUJUTTUJMMBEFDFOUZBSO EF cently told, a tough-guy film built DFOUMZUPME BUPVHIHVZmMNCVJMU around veteran screen tough BSPVOEWFUFSBOTDSFFOUPVHI guys. Best of all, the filmmakers HVZT#FTUPGBMM UIFmMNNBLFST took the time to give these hard UPPLUIFUJNFUPHJWFUIFTFIBSE men just the right things to say NFOKVTUUIFSJHIUUIJOHTUPTBZ - not catchphrases, just lines oOPUDBUDIQISBTFT KVTUMJOFT that smell of blood and gunpowUIBUTNFMMPGCMPPEBOEHVOQPX der every time Statham, Owen or EFSFWFSZUJNF4UBUIBN 0XFOPS De Niro utter them. %F/JSPVUUFSUIFN

( ***

( ( ( * FG<E@E> OPENING (* ( * FRIDAY (* =I@;8P "MONEYBALL" (PG-13) (2:13) Stars µ;=<3G0/::¶>5! (!AbO`a Brad Pitt, Robin Wright and Jonah Hill. 0`OR>Wbb@]PW\E`WUVbO\R8]\OV6WZZ Directed by Bennett Miller. Oakland A's 2W`SQbSRPg0S\\Sbb;WZZS`=OYZO\R/¸a general manager Billy Beane works to put US\S`OZ[O\OUS`0WZZg0SO\Se]`Yab]^cb together a baseball club on a budget by b]USbVS`OPOaSPOZZQZcP]\OPcRUSbPg employing computer-generated analysis S[^Z]gW\UQ][^cbS`US\S`ObSRO\OZgaWa to draft his players. Strong language. b]R`OTbVWa^ZOgS`aAb`]\UZO\UcOUS Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) =^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R Fri-Wed 1, 3:45, 6:40, 9:30; Brunswick 4`WESR!("#$("'(!)0`c\aeWQY 10 Fri-Wed 1:10,4:05, 7, 9:50; Cinemagic 4`WESR("(#%'(#)1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) Fri-Wed 12,!(! 3:30, 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`WESR 6:30,9:20; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed $(!'( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 6:40, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco 12:10, (!(3:20, $("'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Fri-Wed 12:25, 6:30, 9:20; Falmouth 4`WESR ( #!(3:20, $(!'( )4OZ[]cbV 10 Fri 4, 7,10 Sat 1,4, 7,10 Sun 1,4, 7 4`W"%AOb"%Ac\"% Mon-Wed 4, 7 ;]\ESR"% "ABDUCTION" (PG-13) (1:46) Stars Tayµ/02C1B7=<¶>5!("$AbO`aBOg lor Lautner, Lily Collins and Alfred Molina. Z]`:Ocb\S`:WZg1]ZZW\aO\R/ZT`SR;]ZW\O Directed by John Singleton. When Na2W`SQbSRPg8]V\AW\UZSb]\EVS\<O than, who has always felt distanced from bVO\eV]VOaOZeOgaTSZbRWabO\QSRT`][ his parents, discovers that he was kidVWa^O`S\baRWaQ]dS`abVObVSeOaYWR napped as a child, he begins to uncover \O^^SROaOQVWZRVSPSUW\ab]c\Q]dS` a vast conspiracy and must go on the run OdOabQ]\a^W`OQgO\R[cabU]]\bVS`c\ in order to survive. Sequences of intense W\]`RS`b]ac`dWdSAS_cS\QSa]TW\bS\aS violence and action, brief language, some dW]ZS\QSO\ROQbW]\P`WSTZO\UcOUSa][S sexual content and teen partying. aSfcOZQ]\bS\bO\RbSS\^O`bgW\U Opening at: Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1:40, =^S\W\UOb(0`c\aeWQY4`WESR(" 4:30, 7:30,10:05; Cinemagic Grand (South "(!%(!(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV Portland) Fri-Wed 12:30,4:10, 7:20, 9:50; >]`bZO\R4`WESR (!"(%( '(#) Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed 11:50 a.m., 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR(#O[ 2:10, 4:40, 7:20, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco Fri("("%( '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`W Wed 12, 2:20, 4:40, 7, 9:20; Falmouth 10 ESR ( "("%'( )4OZ[]cbV Fri 4:40, 7:40,10:05 Sat 1:30, 4:40, 4`W"("%("(#AOb(!"(" 7:40,10:05 Sun 1:30,4:40, 7:40 Mon-Wed %("(#Ac\(!"("%(";]\ESR 4:40, 7:40 "("%(" "KILLER ELITE" (R) (1:40) Stars Jason µ97::3@3:7B3¶@("AbO`a8Oa]\ Statham, Clive Owen and Robert De Niro. AbObVO[1ZWdS=eS\O\R@]PS`b2S<W`] Directed by Gary McKendry. A retired 2W`SQbSRPg5O`g;Q9S\R`g/`SbW`SR member of Britain's Elite Special Air Ser[S[PS`]T0`WbOW\¸a3ZWbSA^SQWOZ/W`AS` vice is forced into action when his mentor dWQSWaT]`QSRW\b]OQbW]\eVS\VWa[S\b]` is taken captive. His mission: kill three WabOYS\QO^bWdS6Wa[WaaW]\(YWZZbV`SS assassins dispatched by their cunning OaaOaaW\aRWa^ObQVSRPgbVSW`Qc\\W\U leader. Strong violence, language and ZSORS`Ab`]\UdW]ZS\QSZO\UcOUSO\R some sexuality/nudity. a][SaSfcOZWbg\cRWbg Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W Wed 1:30, 4, 6:50, 9:20; Brunswick 10 FriESR(!"$(#'( )0`c\aeWQY4`W Wed 1:50,4:20,7:20,10; Cinemagic Grand ESR(#"( %( )1W\S[OUWQ5`O\R (South Portland) Fri-Wed 12:10,4, 7:10, A]cbV>]`bZO\R4`WESR ("%( 9:50; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed '(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 3:30, 7, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Fri12:30, (!!(!%'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`W Wed 12:30, 3:10, 6:45, 9:15; Falmouth 10 ESR (!!($("#'(#)4OZ[]cbV Fri 4:50, 7:30,10:10 Sat 2,4:50, 7:30,10:10 4`W"(#%(!(AOb "(#%(!( Sun 2,4:50, 7:30 Mon-Wed 4:50, 7:30 Ac\ "(#%(!;]\ESR"(#%(! "DOLPHIN TALE" (PG) (1:53) Stars µ2=:>67<B/:3¶>5(#!AbO`a Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd and Harry ;]`UO\4`SS[O\/aVZSg8cRRO\R6O``g Connick Jr. Directed by Charles Martin 1]\\WQY8`2W`SQbSRPg1VO`ZSa;O`bW\ Smith. A boy befriends a dolphin who lost A[WbV/P]gPST`WS\RaOR]Z^VW\eV]Z]ab her tail in a crab trap. Inspired by a true VS`bOWZW\OQ`OPb`O^7\a^W`SRPgOb`cS story, everyone who knows the young ab]`gSdS`g]\SeV]Y\]eabVSg]c\U man works together to create a pros[O\e]`Yab]USbVS`b]Q`SObSO^`]a thetic appendage for the dolphin, who in bVSbWQO^^S\ROUST]`bVSR]Z^VW\eV]W\ turn becomes an inspiration for people bc`\PSQ][SaO\W\a^W`ObW]\T]`^S]^ZS with special needs. Some mild thematic eWbVa^SQWOZ\SSRaA][S[WZRbVS[ObWQ elements. SZS[S\ba Opening at: Brunswick 10 Fri-Wed 1, =^S\W\UOb(0`c\aeWQY4`WESR 1:30 (3D), 3:40, 4:10 (3D), 6:40, 7:05 (3D), (!!2!(""(!2$("%(#!2 9:40 (3D); Cinemagic Grand (South Port'("!2)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`b land) Fri-Wed 12:30, 4:10 (3D), 7, ZO\R4`WESR (!"(!2% 9:30 (3D); Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed '(!!2)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 3, 3:10, 6:40, 6:50, 9:20, 9:30; 12,12:10,  (!!($("$(#'( '(!) Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12!2 (3D), 2:05, 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR (#

Indie Film, E12Nâ&#x20AC;˘ NewonDVD,E13 @e[`\=`cd#<() E\nfe;M;#<(*

Columbia Pictures 1]Zc[PWO>WQbc`Sa

Brad Pitt, left, portrays Oakland 0`OR>WbbZSTb^]`b`Oga=OYZO\R A's general manager Billy Beane /¸aUS\S`OZ[O\OUS`0WZZg0SO\S and Jonah Hill is his stats-geek O\R8]\OV6WZZWaVWaabObaUSSY assistant in "Moneyball." OaaWabO\bW\µ;]\SgPOZZ¶ 4:30, 6:55, 9:25; Falmouth 10 Fri 4:20, "(!$(##'( #)4OZ[]cbV4`W"(  7:10 (3D), 9:45 Sat 1:40 (3D), 4:20, 7:10 %(!2'("#AOb("!2"( %( (3D), 9:45 Sun 1:40 (3D), 4:20, 7:10 (3D), !2'("#Ac\("!2"( %(!2 Mon-Wed 4:20, 7:10 (3D) ;]\ESR"( %(!2 "THE WHISTLEBLOWER" (R) (1:52) µB63E67AB:30:=E3@¶@(# Stars Rachel Weisz, Monica Bellucci and AbO`a@OQVSZESWah;]\WQO0SZZcQQWO\R Vanessa Redgrave. Directed by Larysa DO\SaaO@SRU`OdS2W`SQbSRPg:O`gaO Knodracki. Nebraska cop Kathryn Bolko9\]R`OQYW<SP`OaYOQ]^9ObV`g\0]ZY] vac takes a one-year contract serving as dOQbOYSaO]\SgSO`Q]\b`OQbaS`dW\UOa a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia, where O^SOQSYSS^S`W\^]abeO`0]a\WOeVS`S she outs the U.N. for covering up cases of aVS]cbabVSC<T]`Q]dS`W\Uc^QOaSa]T sex trafficking. Disturbing violent content aSfb`OT¿QYW\U2Wabc`PW\UdW]ZS\bQ]\bS\b including a brutal sexual assault, graphic W\QZcRW\UOP`cbOZaSfcOZOaaOcZbU`O^VWQ nudity and language. \cRWbgO\RZO\UcOUS Opening at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) =^S\W\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQY Fri-Wed 1:30, 4, 6:40, 8:45 4`WESR(!"$("&("#


( ( ( (( ( (


"APOLL018" (PG-13) (1:25) Directed µ/>=::=&¶>5!( #2W`SQbSR by Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego. Decades-old Pg5]\hOZ]:]^Sh5OZZSU]2SQORSa]ZR found footage from NASA's Apollo 18 misT]c\RT]]bOUST`][</A/¸a/^]ZZ]&[Wa sion, in which two American astronauts aW]\W\eVWQVbe]/[S`WQO\Oab`]\Ocba were sent on a secret expedition, reveals eS`SaS\b]\OaSQ`SbSf^SRWbW]\`SdSOZa the reason the U.S. has never returned to bVS`SOa]\bVSCAVOa\SdS``Sbc`\SRb] the moon. bVS[]]\ Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Today AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg 4:30, 7:10, 9:20 Fri-Wed 12:30, 12:30, (! 2:30, (!"(!%('( 4`WESR (! 2:30,4:30; Cinemagic Westbrook Today (!"(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 9:30; Brunswick 10 Today 4:20, 9:50 12:10, ('(!)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg"( '(# "BUCKYLARSON:BORN TO BE A µ0C19G:/@A=<(0=@<B=03/ STAR" (R) Stars Nick Swardson, Don AB/@¶@AbO`a<WQYAeO`Ra]\2]\ Johnson and Christina Ricci. Directed by 8]V\a]\O\R1V`WabW\O@WQQW2W`SQbSRPg Tom Brady. After learning that his parents B][0`ORg/TbS`ZSO`\W\UbVObVWa^O`S\ba were porn stars in the 1970s, a nerdy eS`S^]`\abO`aW\bVS'%aO\S`Rg guy leaves his home in northern Iowa UcgZSOdSaVWaV][SW\\]`bVS`\7]eO for Hollywood, hoping to follow in their T]`6]ZZge]]RV]^W\Ub]T]ZZ]eW\bVSW` footsteps. He's taken in by a down-andT]]babS^a6S¸abOYS\W\PgOR]e\O\R out director who sees a bright future for ]cbRW`SQb]`eV]aSSaOP`WUVbTcbc`ST]` himself and the kid. Pervasive crude sexuVW[aSZTO\RbVSYWR>S`dOaWdSQ`cRSaSfc al content, language and some nudity. OZQ]\bS\bZO\UcOUSO\Ra][S\cRWbg Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today 12:30, 3:30, 7, 9:20; Cinemagic Saco B]ROg (!!(!%'( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Today 12:10, 4:40, 7, 9:15; Brunswick B]ROg ( 2:25, ( #"("%'(#)0`c\aeWQY 10 Today 9:45 B]ROg'("# "CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST µ1/>B/7</;3@71/(B6347@AB AVENGER" (PG-13) (2:05) Stars Chris /D3<53@¶>5! (#AbO`a1V`Wa Evans, Hugo Weaving and Samuel L. 3dO\a6cU]ESOdW\UO\RAO[cSZ: Jackson. Directed by Joe Johnston. After 8OQYa]\2W`SQbSRPg8]S8]V\ab]\/TbS` being deemed unfit for military service, PSW\URSS[SRc\¿bT]`[WZWbO`gaS`dWQS Steve Rogers volunteers for a top secret AbSdS@]US`ad]Zc\bSS`aT]`Ob]^aSQ`Sb research project that turns him into `SaSO`QV^`]XSQbbVObbc`\aVW[W\b] Captain America, a superhero dedicated 1O^bOW\/[S`WQOOac^S`VS`]RSRWQObSR to defending America's ideals. Intense b]RSTS\RW\U/[S`WQO¸aWRSOZa7\bS\aS sequences of sci-fi violence and action. aS_cS\QSa]TaQW¿dW]ZS\QSO\ROQbW]\ Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today 3, 6:50 B]ROg!$(# MOVIES, Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(+

E125=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3 


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Women talking to women, Nfd\ekXcb`e^kfnfd\e# Xe[^Xjg and (gasp!) efkXYflkd\e not about men FO

Call today #ALLTODAY for consultation FORCONSULTATION 

#!,,  7774(%'/,$2//--!).%#/- PORTLANDPHOTOBOOTH GMAILCOM

The BVS Bluestocking 0ZcSab]QYW\U Film Series, 4WZ[AS`WSa the womenbVSe][S\ only short ]\ZgaV]`b film festival, ¿Z[TSabWdOZ premieres ^`S[WS`Sa at the St. ObbVSAb Lawrence :Oe`S\QS Arts Center /`ba1S\bS` on Oct. 30. ]\=Qb!

nce you start applying the ODFZPVTUBSUBQQMZJOHUIF Bechdel Test to movies, #FDIEFM5FTUUPNPWJFT  you can't stop. ZPVDBOUTUPQ Coined by cartoonist Alison $PJOFECZDBSUPPOJTU"MJTPO Bechdel, the test evaluates a #FDIEFM UIFUFTUFWBMVBUFTB movie on three criteria: NPWJFPOUISFFDSJUFSJB 1. It has to have at least two *UIBTUPIBWFBUMFBTUUXP women in it. XPNFOJOJU 2. Who talk to each other. 8IPUBMLUPFBDIPUIFS 3. About something other than "CPVUTPNFUIJOHPUIFSUIBO a man. BNBO Obviously, the Bechdel Test 0CWJPVTMZ UIF#FDIEFM5FTU was intended to prove a point, XBTJOUFOEFEUPQSPWFBQPJOU  and it does. It's pretty eye-opening when BOEJUEPFT*UTQSFUUZFZFPQFOJOHXIFO you think about how many films (even ZPVUIJOLBCPVUIPXNBOZmMNT FWFO great ones) come up short, relegating HSFBUPOFT DPNFVQTIPSU SFMFHBUJOH their female characters to the periphery. UIFJSGFNBMFDIBSBDUFSTUPUIFQFSJQIFSZ And the Bechdel Test is also one of the "OEUIF#FDIEFM5FTUJTBMTPPOFPGUIF criteria for inclusion in the Bluestocking DSJUFSJBGPSJODMVTJPOJOUIF#MVFTUPDLJOH Film Series, the women-only short film 'JMN4FSJFT UIFXPNFOPOMZTIPSUmMN festival premiering at the St. Lawrence GFTUJWBMQSFNJFSJOHBUUIF4U-BXSFODF Arts Center on Oct. 30. It's the brainchild "SUT$FOUFSPO0DU*UTUIFCSBJODIJME of Kate Kaminski, who teaches filmmakPG,BUF,BNJOTLJ XIPUFBDIFTmMNNBL ing and film studies at the University of JOHBOEmMNTUVEJFTBUUIF6OJWFSTJUZPG Southern Maine and is a mainstay of the 4PVUIFSO.BJOFBOEJTBNBJOTUBZPGUIF Portland movie scene. 1PSUMBOENPWJFTDFOF

when women sign up. I'm a big XIFOXPNFOTJHOVQ*NBCJH supporter of all my students, TVQQPSUFSPGBMMNZTUVEFOUT  but I really try to reach out to CVU*SFBMMZUSZUPSFBDIPVUUP ex-students who are women. FYTUVEFOUTXIPBSFXPNFO Hopefully, I'll see them carry )PQFGVMMZ *MMTFFUIFNDBSSZ on. Truly, though, I don't see PO5SVMZ UIPVHI *EPOUTFF it shifting much. I really have JUTIJGUJOHNVDI*SFBMMZIBWF no explanation. It's just really OPFYQMBOBUJPO*UTKVTUSFBMMZ hard to make films indepenIBSEUPNBLFmMNTJOEFQFO dently. It'll beat you down, male EFOUMZ*UMMCFBUZPVEPXO NBMF or female. I teach kids in the PSGFNBMF*UFBDILJETJOUIF summer, and the girls muscle TVNNFS BOEUIFHJSMTNVTDMF their way right to the front; they UIFJSXBZSJHIUUPUIFGSPOUUIFZ learn just as fast as the boys. I will say MFBSOKVTUBTGBTUBTUIFCPZT*XJMMTBZ that there are lots more women working UIBUUIFSFBSFMPUTNPSFXPNFOXPSLJOH in the underground indie-film arena. JOUIFVOEFSHSPVOEJOEJFmMNBSFOB

Dennis Perkins ;\ee`jG\ib`ej Indie Film @e[`\=`cd

Why "Bluestocking?" 8IZi#MVFTUPDLJOH w The term "bluestocking" was originally 5IFUFSNiCMVFTUPDLJOHwXBTPSJHJOBMMZ a pejorative for the idea of female intelBQFKPSBUJWFGPSUIFJEFBPGGFNBMFJOUFM lectualism, but women embraced it and MFDUVBMJTN CVUXPNFOFNCSBDFEJUBOE re-appropriated it. SFBQQSPQSJBUFEJU What prompted the inclusion of the 8IBUQSPNQUFEUIFJODMVTJPOPGUIF Bechdel Test as a qualification? #FDIEFM5FTUBTBRVBMJmDBUJPO It's not a political thing necessarily, *UTOPUBQPMJUJDBMUIJOHOFDFTTBSJMZ  it's just important that the films reflect JUTKVTUJNQPSUBOUUIBUUIFmMNTSFnFDU female experience in whatever form that GFNBMFFYQFSJFODFJOXIBUFWFSGPSNUIBU takes. Does that mean no men can be in UBLFT%PFTUIBUNFBOOPNFODBOCFJO it?/P PGDPVSTFOPU*UTNPSFBXBZUP No, of course not. It's more a way to JU guarantee there'll be women in the film HVBSBOUFFUIFSFMMCFXPNFOJOUIFmMN and they'll be talking about something in BOEUIFZMMCFUBMLJOHBCPVUTPNFUIJOHJO the experience of being a woman. UIFFYQFSJFODFPGCFJOHBXPNBO Do you see more women becoming %PZPVTFFNPSFXPNFOCFDPNJOH involved in filmmaking? JOWPMWFEJOmMNNBLJOH As a woman filmmaker, I have, obvious"TBXPNBOmMNNBLFS *IBWF PCWJPVT ly, a vested interest in saying, "Hey, over MZ BWFTUFEJOUFSFTUJOTBZJOH i)FZ PWFS here! Anybody watching?" Also, as an IFSF"OZCPEZXBUDIJOH w"MTP BTBO educator, I'm always extremely pleased FEVDBUPS *NBMXBZTFYUSFNFMZQMFBTFE

What sort of submissions are you 8IBUTPSUPGTVCNJTTJPOTBSFZPV looking for for Bluestocking? MPPLJOHGPSGPS#MVFTUPDLJOH I want to be real clear - we're not look*XBOUUPCFSFBMDMFBSoXFSFOPUMPPL ing necessarily for slick stuff. I'm a big fan JOHOFDFTTBSJMZGPSTMJDLTUVGG*NBCJHGBO of the dirty, the rough, to see stuff that rePGUIFEJSUZ UIFSPVHI UPTFFTUVGGUIBUSF Please see PERKINS, PageEIS Gc\Xj\j\\>3@97<AGX^\<(,

COMING TO LOCAL SCREENS :FD@E>KFCF:8CJ:I<<EJ SPACE GALLERY A>/135/::3@G a^OQS#!&]`U Tuesday: Manhattan Short Film FesBcSaROg(;O\VObbO\AV]`b4WZ[4Sa tival: Your chance to determine the bWdOZ(G]c`QVO\QSb]RSbS`[W\SbVS winner of this, the largest short-film eW\\S`]TbVWabVSZO`USabaV]`b¿Z[ festival in the world, as the Space auTSabWdOZW\bVSe]`ZROabVSA^OQSOc dience joins in voting for the best film RWS\QSX]W\aW\d]bW\UT]`bVSPSab¿Z[ along with more than 100,000 viewers OZ]\UeWbV[]`SbVO\dWSeS`a in 250 cities around the world. Plus, W\ #QWbWSaO`]c\RbVSe]`ZR>Zca you know, you get to see some great g]cY\]eg]cUSbb]aSSa][SU`SOb movies. []dWSa REGAL CINEMAS BRUNSWICK 10 @35/:17<3;/A0@C<AE719 19 Gurnet Road, Brunswick; 798-4505 '5c`\Sb@]OR0`c\aeWQY)%'&"## Tuesday: "An Evening with Jane BcSaROg(µ/\3dS\W\UeWbV8O\S Goodall Live": Accompanying the 5]]ROZZ:WdS¶(/QQ][^O\gW\UbVS national debut of "Jane's Journey," the \ObW]\OZRSPcb]Tµ8O\S¸a8]c`\Sg¶bVS new documentary biopic of the leg\SeR]Qc[S\bO`gPW]^WQ]TbVSZSU endary chimpanzee expert, the great S\RO`gQVW[^O\hSSSf^S`bbVSU`SOb lady herself will be on hand (in video ZORgVS`aSZTeWZZPS]\VO\RW\dWRS] form at least) answering pre-submitT]`[ObZSOabO\aeS`W\U^`SacP[Wb ted questions to audiences around the bSR_cSabW]\ab]OcRWS\QSaO`]c\RbVS world. e]`ZR

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 | GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3!



C\kĂ&#x2039;j_\Xi`k]fik_\^`icj1 Let's hear it for the girls: Dljkj\\Ă&#x160;9i`[\jdX`[jĂ&#x2039; Must see'Bridesmaids'


N E W ON DVD A N D BLU-RAY <3E=<2D2/<20:C@/G

NEW O N DVD <3E=<2D2 "CASTLE: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON," Âľ1/AB:3(B631=;>:3B3B67@2A3/A=<Âś starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katie. BestsellabO``W\U<ObVO\4WZZW]\O\RAbO\O9ObWQ0SabaSZZ ing mystery novelist and all-around likable W\U[gabS`g\]dSZWabO\ROZZO`]c\RZWYOPZS rogue Rick Castle (Fillion, "Firefly") enjoys `]UcS@WQY1OabZS4WZZW]\Âľ4W`SĂ&#x20AC;gÂśS\X]ga another season of tagging along with an NYPD O\]bVS`aSOa]\]TbOUUW\UOZ]\UeWbVO\<G>2 homicide investigation team, occasionally proV][WQWRSW\dSabWUObW]\bSO[]QQOaW]\OZZg^`] viding helpful input but mainly to glean realistic dWRW\UVSZ^TcZW\^cbPcb[OW\Zgb]UZSO\`SOZWabWQ material for his books. Mostly tolerating him and [ObS`WOZT]`VWaP]]Ya;]abZgb]ZS`ObW\UVW[O\R probably fancying him is detective and team ^`]POPZgTO\QgW\UVW[WaRSbSQbWdSO\RbSO[ leader Kate Beckett (the lovely Katie). Nobody ZSORS`9ObS0SQYSbbbVSZ]dSZg9ObWQ<]P]Rg does this particular brand of jocular cockiness R]SabVWa^O`bWQcZO`P`O\R]TX]QcZO`Q]QYW\Saa like Fillion, and his chemistry with Katie carries ZWYS4WZZW]\O\RVWaQVS[Wab`geWbV9ObWQQO``WSa this likable series a long way. Not rated; contains bVWaZWYOPZSaS`WSaOZ]\UeOg<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\a language and violence. Running time: 17:12 ZO\UcOUSO\RdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\UbW[S(%( Suggested retail price: $45.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS("#'' "THE MENTALIST: THE COMPLETE THIRD ÂľB63;3<B/:7AB(B631=;>:3B3B67@2 SEASON," starring Simon Baker and Robin A3/A=<ÂśabO``W\UAW[]\0OYS`O\R@]PW\ Tunney. Bereaved quasi-psychic Patrick Jane Bc\\Sg0S`SOdSR_cOaW^agQVWQ>Ob`WQY8O\S (Baker, "The Guardian") continues assisting the 0OYS`ÂľBVS5cO`RWO\ÂśQ]\bW\cSaOaaWabW\UbVS California Bureau of Investigation with various 1OZWT]`\WO0c`SOc]T7\dSabWUObW]\eWbVdO`W]ca seemingly unsolvable crimes that cater well to aSS[W\UZgc\a]ZdOPZSQ`W[SabVObQObS`eSZZb] his powers of observation while simultaneously VWa^]eS`a]T]PaS`dObW]\eVWZSaW[cZbO\S]caZg hunting for Red John, the man who killed his Vc\bW\UT]`@SR8]V\bVS[O\eV]YWZZSRVWa family. As it happens, Red John is all over season TO[WZg/aWbVO^^S\a@SR8]V\WaOZZ]dS`aSOa]\ three, making for a particularly personal and bV`SS[OYW\UT]`O^O`bWQcZO`Zg^S`a]\OZO\R intense group of episodes. Not rated; contains W\bS\aSU`]c^]TS^Wa]RSa<]b`ObSR)Q]\bOW\a language and violence. Running time: 17:38 ZO\UcOUSO\RdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\UbW[S(%(!& Suggested retail price: $59.98 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(#''& "MODERN FAMILY: THE COMPLETE SECOND Âľ;=23@<4/;7:G(B631=;>:3B3A31=<2 SEASON," starring Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen. A3/A=<ÂśabO``W\U3R=¸<SWZZO\R8cZWS0]eS\ Currently one of TV's most acclaimed half-hours 1c``S\bZg]\S]TBD¸a[]abOQQZOW[SRVOZTV]c`a and one of several destined to save the ailing O\R]\S]TaSdS`OZRSabW\SRb]aOdSbVSOWZW\U sitcom format, "Modern Family" is that rare aWbQ][T]`[ObÂľ;]RS`\4O[WZgÂśWabVOb`O`S combination of ideal cast with intelligent and Q][PW\ObW]\]TWRSOZQOabeWbVW\bSZZWUS\bO\R witty writing. Season two finds the series really eWbbge`WbW\UASOa]\be]Âż\RabVSaS`WSa`SOZZg hitting its stride, and provides the ideal opportuVWbbW\UWbaab`WRSO\R^`]dWRSabVSWRSOZ]^^]`bc nity to discover what the buzz is about, ot rated; \Wbgb]RWaQ]dS`eVObbVSPchhWaOP]cb]b`ObSR)

Courtesy Disney 1]c`bSag2Wa\Sg

Disney's " D u m b o " is o u t - a n d even 2Wa\Sg¸aÂľ2c[P]ÂśWa]cbÂłO\RSdS\ m o r e m a g i c a l - on Blu-ray. []`S[OUWQOZÂł]\0Zc`Og contains language and crude humor. Running Q]\bOW\aZO\UcOUSO\RQ`cRSVc[]`@c\\W\U time: 8:48 bW[S(&("& Suggested retail price: DVD $49.99; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2"''')0Zc`Og $59.99 #''' N E W O N B L U - R A Y <3E=<0:C@/G "BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S," starring Audrey Âľ0@3/94/AB/BB744/<G¸AÂśabO``W\U/cR`Sg Hepburn and George Peppard. The beloved and 6S^Pc`\O\R5S]`US>S^^O`RBVSPSZ]dSRO\R undisputed ultimate romantic comedy, this 1961 c\RWa^cbSRcZbW[ObS`][O\bWQQ][SRgbVWa'$ classic follows supposed socialite Holly Golightly QZOaaWQT]ZZ]eaac^^]aSRa]QWOZWbS6]ZZg5]ZWUVbZg (Hepburn, absolutely stunning and wonderful in 6S^Pc`\OPa]ZcbSZgabc\\W\UO\Re]\RS`TcZW\ the performance that would define her career), bVS^S`T]`[O\QSbVObe]cZRRSÂż\SVS`QO`SS` who spends her free time wowing the attendees eV]a^S\RaVS`T`SSbW[Se]eW\UbVSObbS\RSSa of high-class parties with her wit and poise, pur]TVWUVQZOaa^O`bWSaeWbVVS`eWbO\R^]WaS^c` portedly looking for a millionaire husband but ^]`bSRZgZ]]YW\UT]`O[WZZW]\OW`SVcaPO\RPcb unexpectedly falling for a broke writer (Peppard, c\Sf^SQbSRZgTOZZW\UT]`OP`]YSe`WbS`>S^^O`R in a rare but winning romantic role). Not rated; W\O`O`SPcbeW\\W\U`][O\bWQ`]ZS<]b`ObSR) contains mild sexual content. Running time: 1:55 Q]\bOW\a[WZRaSfcOZQ]\bS\b@c\\W\UbW[S((## Suggested retail price: $29.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( ''' "DUMBO," animated with the voices of Âľ2C;0=ÂśO\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa]T Sterling Holloway and Edward Brophy. The gorAbS`ZW\U6]ZZ]eOgO\R3ReO`R0`]^VgBVSU]` geous, hand-drawn 1941 flying elephant classic US]caVO\RR`Oe\'"Ă&#x20AC;gW\USZS^VO\bQZOaaWQ animation on Blu-ray makes even the most O\W[ObW]\]\0Zc`Og[OYSaSdS\bVS[]ab up-to-date CGI look like a joke, and Disney's c^b]RObS157Z]]YZWYSOX]YSO\R2Wa\Sg¸a standby misfit-makes-good formula works its abO\RPg[WaÂżbYSaU]]RT]`[cZOe]`YaWba magic once again. Rated G. Running time: 1:04 [OUWQ]\QSOUOW\@ObSR5@c\\W\UbW[S((" Suggested retail price: $39.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(!'''

VIDEOPORT PICKS D723=>=@B>719A "MY RUN," documentary. A less whimsical µ;G@C<¶R]Qc[S\bO`g/ZSaaeVW[aWQOZ look at obsession is this profoundly uplifting Z]]YOb]PaSaaW]\WabVWa^`]T]c\RZgc^ZWTbW\U doc from director Tim VandeSteeg ("Mulligan"), R]QT`][RW`SQb]`BW[DO\RSAbSSUµ;cZZWUO\¶ which focuses on widower and single dad Terry eVWQVT]QcaSa]\eWR]eS`O\RaW\UZSRORBS``g Hitchcock and is narrated by good old Billy Bob 6WbQVQ]QYO\RWa\O``ObSRPgU]]R]ZR0WZZg0]P Thornton. Left to care for three children on his BV]`\b]\:STbb]QO`ST]`bV`SSQVWZR`S\]\VWa own after losing his wife to breast cancer, Hitch]e\OTbS`Z]aW\UVWaeWTSb]P`SOabQO\QS`6WbQV cock decides to bring attention to the demandQ]QYRSQWRSab]P`W\UObbS\bW]\b]bVSRS[O\R ing situation single parents everywhere find W\UaWbcObW]\aW\UZS^O`S\baSdS`geVS`S¿\R themselves in by publicly taking on an unthinkbVS[aSZdSaW\Pg^cPZWQZgbOYW\U]\O\c\bVW\Y able challenge: Run 75 consecutive marathons OPZSQVOZZS\US(@c\%#Q]\aSQcbWdS[O`ObV]\a in as many days. We're privy to just about every W\Oa[O\gROgaES¸`S^`Wdgb]XcabOP]cbSdS`g physically unendurable, miserable and ultimate^VgaWQOZZgc\S\Rc`OPZS[WaS`OPZSO\RcZbW[ObS ly beautiful moment, unning time: 1:25 ZgPSOcbWTcZ[][S\bc\\W\UbW[S(( # Suggested retail price: $19.99 AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS('''


6(3 2&7


Sponsored by: L.L.Bean, Maine Home & Design, maine, MacDonald Page & Co. LLC 6SRQVRUHGE\//%HDQ0DLQH+RPH 'HVLJQPDLQH0DF'RQDOG3DJH &R//&

7LFNHWV 352)(66,21$/7+($7(50$'(,10$,1(



NOWISTHETIME is the time ./7

TOTURNYOUR to turn your GENTLYUSED gently usedFURNITURE furniture INTOCONSIGNMENTSAND into consignments and

#!3( CASH!

Courtesy of Videoport ´1]c`bSag]TDWRS]^]`b

m o v i e s at THE MUSEUM MOVIESAT K?<DLJ<LD "BEATS, RHYMES, & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST," d i r e c t e d by Michael Âľ03/BA@6G;3A:743(B63B@/D3:A=4/B@7031/::32?C3ABÂśRW`SQbSRPg;WQVOSZ Rapaport. One of the most influential and groundbreaking musical groups in @O^O^]`b=\S]TbVS[]abW\Ă&#x20AC;cS\bWOZO\RU`]c\RP`SOYW\U[caWQOZU`]c^aW\ hip-hop history, A Tribe Called Quest scored five gold and platinum selling VW^V]^VWab]`g/B`WPS1OZZSR?cSabaQ]`SRÂżdSU]ZRO\R^ZObW\c[aSZZW\U albums within eight years. The band's sudden break-up in 1998 shocked the OZPc[aeWbVW\SWUVbgSO`aBVSPO\R¸aacRRS\P`SOYc^W\''&aV]QYSRbVS industry and saddened their fans, whose appetite for the group's innovative W\Rcab`gO\RaORRS\SRbVSW`TO\aeV]aSO^^SbWbST]`bVSU`]c^¸aW\\]dObWdS musical stylings never seems to diminish. Rapaport sets out on tour with A [caWQOZabgZW\Ua\SdS`aSS[ab]RW[W\WaV@O^O^]`baSba]cb]\b]c`eWbV/ Tribe Called Quest in 2008, when they reunited to perform sold-out concerts B`WPS1OZZSR?cSabW\ &eVS\bVSg`Sc\WbSRb]^S`T]`[a]ZR]cbQ]\QS`ba across the country. Rated R. Running time: 1:38 OQ`]aabVSQ]c\b`g@ObSR@@c\\W\UbW[S((!& Showing at: 6:30 p.m. Friday, 2O\R%^[AObc`ROg and 7 p.m. Saturday, 2^[Ac\ROgOb>]`bZO\R p.m. Sunday at Portland AV]eW\UOb($(!^[4`WROg Museum of Art ;caSc[]T/`b



"BRIDESMAIDS," starring Kristen µ0@723A;/72A¶abO``W\U9`WabS\ Wiig and Maya Rudolph. One of EWWUO\R;OgO@cR]Z^V=\S]T this year's biggest surprise hits, this bVWagSO`¸aPWUUSabac`^`WaSVWbabVWa raucous, can't-miss comedy applies `OcQ]caQO\¸baaQ][SRgO^^ZWSa the patented Judd Apatow formula of bVS^ObS\bSR8cRR/^Ob]eT]`[cZO]T crassness plus poignancy to the all-tooQ`Oaa\Saa^Zca^]WU\O\Qgb]bVSOZZb]] underpopulated "girls night out" genre, with c\RS`^]^cZObSRµUW`Za\WUVb]cb¶US\`SeWbV terrifically funny results. "Saturday Night Live" bS``W¿QOZZgTc\\g`SacZbaµAObc`ROg<WUVb:WdS¶ veteran Wiig, who also co-wrote, agrees to asdSbS`O\EWWUeV]OZa]Q]e`]bSOU`SSab]Oa sume the responsibility and expense associated ac[SbVS`Sa^]\aWPWZWbgO\RSf^S\aSOaa]QWObSR with the coveted maid of honor position at her eWbVbVSQ]dSbSR[OWR]TV]\]`^]aWbW]\ObVS` best friend's (fellow SNL vet Rudolph) upcomPSabT`WS\R¸aTSZZ]eA<:dSb@cR]Z^Vc^Q][ ing wedding, despite her own considerable W\UeSRRW\URSa^WbSVS`]e\Q]\aWRS`OPZS relationship and financial woes. "Bridesmaids" `SZObW]\aVW^O\R¿\O\QWOZe]Saµ0`WRSa[OWRa¶ is arguably the funniest mainstream comedy of WaO`UcOPZgbVSTc\\WSab[OW\ab`SO[Q][SRg]T the year. Rated R. Running time: 2:05 bVSgSO`@ObSR@@c\\W\UbW[S( (# Suggested retail price: DVD $29.98; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2 ''&)0Zc`Og $34.98 !"'&

E14 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY FROM 10AM TO 1 PM -2,186(9(5<681'$<)520$07230 FOR BRUNCH AT PREVIEWS GRILL & BAR! )25%581&+$735(9,(:6*5,// %$5


FBI agent to investigate an international drug-smug407OUS\bb]W\dSabWUObSO\W\bS`\ObW]\OZR`cUa[cU gling ring. Pervasive language, some violence, drug UZW\U`W\U>S`dOaWdSZO\UcOUSa][SdW]ZS\QSR`cU material and sexual content. [ObS`WOZO\RaSfcOZQ]\bS\b Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1,3:10, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg!( 7:30, 9:40 Fri-Wed 1:10, 7:40 %(!'("4`WESR(%("

"COLOMBIANA" (PG-13) (1:47) Stars Zoe Saldana, Âľ1=:=;07/</Âś>5!("%AbO`aH]SAOZRO\O Michael Vartan and Callum Blue. Directed by Olivier ;WQVOSZDO`bO\O\R1OZZc[0ZcS2W`SQbSRPg=ZWdWS` Megaton. Cataleya Restrepo, who was raised in the ;SUOb]\1ObOZSgO@Sab`S^]eV]eOa`OWaSRW\bVS U.S. by her uncle to be a top-tier assassin, looks to CAPgVS`c\QZSb]PSOb]^bWS`OaaOaaW\Z]]Yab] settle with the Colombian drug lord who executed her aSbbZSeWbVbVS1]Z][PWO\R`cUZ]`ReV]SfSQcbSRVS` parents when she was 10 years old. Violence, disturb^O`S\baeVS\aVSeOagSO`a]ZRDW]ZS\QSRWabc`P ing images, intense sequences of action, sexuality and W\UW[OUSaW\bS\aSaS_cS\QSa]TOQbW]\aSfcOZWbgO\R brief strong language. P`WSTab`]\UZO\UcOUS Showing at: Falmouth 10 Today 4, 6:40; Cinemagic AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"$(")1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Today 6:40, 9:10 ESabP`]]YB]ROg$("'(

"HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: µ6/@@G>=BB3@/<2B6323/B6:G6/::=EA( PART 2" (PG-13) (2:10) Stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma >/@B ¶>5! (AbO`a2O\WSZ@ORQZWTTS3[[O Watson and Rupert Grint. Directed by David Yates. EOba]\O\R@c^S`b5`W\b2W`SQbSRPg2OdWRGObSa The final chapter begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione BVS¿\OZQVO^bS`PSUW\aOa6O``g@]\O\R6S`[W]\S continue their quest of finding and destroying the Dark Q]\bW\cSbVSW`_cSab]T¿\RW\UO\RRSab`]gW\UbVS2O`Y Lord's three remaining Horcruxes. Some sequences of :]`R¸abV`SS`S[OW\W\U6]`Q`cfSaA][SaS_cS\QSa]T intense action violence and frightening images. W\bS\aSOQbW]\dW]ZS\QSO\RT`WUVbS\W\UW[OUSa Showing at: Falmouth 10 Today 4:55, 7:45 Fri 6:40 AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(##%("#4`W$(" Sat-Sun 1:10,6:40 Mon-Wed 6:40; Cinemagic Saco AObAc\($(";]\ESR$(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Today 12:20,3:20; Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed B]ROg ( !( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR 3:20, 6:30, 9:20; Brunswick 10 Today 1:35, 6:40 12:20, ( !( $(!'( )0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!#$("

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&,1(0$*,& ,0$;,16$&2 IMAX: CONTAGION (PG13) 123$66(6 NO PASSES U  3* 

12:00-2:25-4:45-7:05-9:30  6$&2


** *



DRIVE (R) 12:05-2:15-4:30-7:10-9:25    5  STRAW DOGS (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:25-4:50-7:15-9:35   5  3D LION KING (G)123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:05-2:15-4:15-7:00-9:10 G    *  LION KING (G) 12:30-2:30-4:30-7:15-9:30     *  I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT (PG13) 12:30-2:35-4:40-7:15-9:20      3*  WARRIOR (PG13) 12:15-3:30-6:30-9:25   3*  BLCKY LARSON (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:10-2:20-4:40-7:00-9:15  5  APOLLO 18 (R) 12:30-2:30-4:30-7:10-9:20 EL 5  THE DEBT (R) 12:00-2:25-4:50-7:10-9:35    5  DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK (R) 6:50-9:10       5  OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) 7:05-9:05     5  THE HELP (PG13) 12:15-3:20-6:30-9:30    3*  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG13) 12:15-2:30-4:45          3*  HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 (PG13) 12:20-3:20

 KF 3* 



* ** *


DRIVE (R) 12:10-2:30-4:50-7:20-9:50    5  STRAW DOGS (R) 12:20-4:00-7:00-9:40   5  3D LION KING (G)123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:30-4:40-7:00-9:20 G    *  CONTAGION (PG13) 12:20-4:40-7:10-9:40   3*  THE DEBT (R) 12:30-4:10-6:50-9:30    5  OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) 12:00-2:20-4:30-7:10-9:20     5  THE HELP (PG13) 12:30-4:00-7:30    3*  SMLRFS(PG) 12:10-2:20-4:30   3*  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG13) 6:50-9:30          3* 



DRIVE (R) 12:20-3:20-7:20-9:50    5  STRAW DOGS (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:20-3:20-6:50-9:30   5  * G    *  3D LION KING (G)123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:00-2:10-4:30-7:00-9:10 *     *  LION KING (G) 11:50-2:00-4:20-6:50-9:00 I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT (PG13) 12:00-2:10-4:30-7:20-9:40      3*  *   3*  WARRIOR (PG13) 12:10-3:10-6:30-9:30 BLCKY LARSON (R) 123$66(6 NO PASSES 12:30-3:30-7:00-9:20  5  CONTAGION (PG13) 12:30-3:30-7:00-9:40   3*  * EL 5  APOLLO 18 (R) 12:10-9:30 THE DEBT (R) 12:10-3:00-7:10-9:50    5  OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) 12:00-2:10-4:20-7:10-9:50     5  COLUMBIANA (PG13) 6:40-9:10   3*  SPY KIDS 4 (PG) 11:50-2:00-4:20  H 3*  *THE HELP (PG13) 11:50-3:10-6:30-9:30    3*  RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES (PG13) 12:20-3:10-7:10-9:40          3*  CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (PG13) 12:30-3:30-6:40-9:20 X X  3*  *     3*  CAPTAIN AMERICA (PG13) 3:00-6:50 HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 (PG13) 12:20-3:20-6:30-9:20

 KF 3* 

7+(6(6+2:7,0(69$/,'6(37(0%(5 $//67$',806($7,1* ',*,7$/6281' r',*,7$/),/035(6(17$7,21 %8<<2857,&.(7621/,1($7:::&,1(0$*,&029,(6&20

"CONTAGION" (PG-13) (1:45) Stars Matt Damon, Kate µ1=<B/57=<¶>5!("#AbO`a;Obb2O[]\9ObS Winslet and Jude Law. Directed by Steven Soderbergh. EW\aZSbO\R8cRS:Oe2W`SQbSRPgAbSdS\A]RS`PS`UV An action thriller centered on the threat posed by a /\OQbW]\bV`WZZS`QS\bS`SR]\bVSbV`SOb^]aSRPgO deadly disease and an international team of doctors RSORZgRWaSOaSO\RO\W\bS`\ObW]\OZbSO[]TR]Qb]`a contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak. Q]\b`OQbSRPgbVS121b]RSOZeWbVbVS]cbP`SOY Disturbing content and some language. 2Wabc`PW\UQ]\bS\bO\Ra][SZO\UcOUS Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:20,3:50, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg( !(# 6:40, 9 Fri-Wed 1:20, 3:50, 7:15, 9:40; Cinemagic West$("'4`WESR( !(#%(#'(")1W\S[OUWQESab brook Today 12:30, 3:30, 7, 9:40 Fri-Wed 12:30, 3:30, P`]]YB]ROg (!!(!%'("4`WESR (!!(! 7:10, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco IMAX Today-Wed 12:05, %('(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]7;/FB]ROgESR (# 2:( 25,4:45,7:05,9:30; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) #"("#%(#'(!)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Today-Wed 12:20, 4:40, 7:10, 9:40; Brunswick 10 Today B]ROgESR ( "("%('(")0`c\aeWQYB]ROg 1:10,4:25, 7:25, 9:55 Fri-Wed 1:05,4:25, 9:55; ("( #%( #'(##4`WESR(#"( #%(7:25, #'(##) Falmouth 10 Today 4:20, 7 Fri 4:25, 7:05, 9:40 Sat 1:35, 4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"( %4`W"( #%(#'("AOb(!# 4:25, 7:05, 9:40 Sun 1:35,4:25, 7:05 Mon-Wed 4:25, 7:05 "( #%(#'("Ac\(!#"( #%(#;]\ESR"( #%(# "CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE" (PG-13) (1:58) Stars Steve µ1@/HGABC>72:=D3¶>5!(#&AbO`aAbSdS Carell, Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore. Directed by 1O`SZZ@gO\5]aZW\UO\R8cZWO\\S;]]`S2W`SQbSRPg Glenn Ficarra and John Requa. A father's life unravels 5ZS\\4WQO``OO\R8]V\@S_cO/TObVS`¸aZWTSc\`OdSZa while he deals with a marital crisis and tries to manage eVWZSVSRSOZaeWbVO[O`WbOZQ`WaWaO\Rb`WSab][O\OUS his relationship with his children. Coarse humor, sexual VWa`SZObW]\aVW^eWbVVWaQVWZR`S\1]O`aSVc[]`aSfcOZ content and language. Q]\bS\bO\RZO\UcOUS Opening at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:30, =^S\W\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR (! 3:50, 6:40, 9:20 !(#$("'(  "THE DEBT" (R) (1:54) Stars Helen Mirren, Sam µB63230B¶@(#"AbO`a6SZS\;W``S\AO[ Worthington and Tom Wilkinson. Directed by John E]`bVW\Ub]\O\RB][EWZYW\a]\2W`SQbSRPg8]V\ Madden. In 1965, Mossad agent Rachel Singer was ;ORRS\7\'$#;]aaOROUS\b@OQVSZAW\US`eOa part of a secret mission to capture and bring to trial ^O`b]TOaSQ`Sb[WaaW]\b]QO^bc`SO\RP`W\Ub]b`WOZ the Surgeon of Birkenau, a Nazi war criminal. In her bVSAc`US]\]T0W`YS\OcO<OhWeO`Q`W[W\OZ7\VS` present-day life, when a man claiming to be the killer ^`SaS\bROgZWTSeVS\O[O\QZOW[W\Ub]PSbVSYWZZS` surfaces in Ukraine, Singer travels to Eastern Europe to ac`TOQSaW\CY`OW\SAW\US`b`OdSZab]3OabS`\3c`]^Sb] seek out the truth. Some violence and language. aSSY]cbbVSb`cbVA][SdW]ZS\QSO\RZO\UcOUS Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R Today 12:30,4:10, 6:50, 9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook B]ROg (!"($(#'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today-Wed 12:10,3,7:10,9:50; Cinemagic Saco TodayB]ROgESR (!%('(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg Wed 12, 7:10, 9:35; Falmouth 10 Today 4:15, ESR  2:25,4:50, ( #"(#%('(!#)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(# 6:50 Fri 4:10, 6:45, 9:25 Sat 1:25,4:10, 6:45, 9:25 Sun $(#4`W"($("#'( #AOb( #"($("#'( #Ac\ 4:10, 6:45 Mon-Wed 4:10, 6:45; Brunswick 10 Today (1:25,#"($("#;]\ESR"($("#)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg 1:15,3:55, 6:55, 9:35 Fri-Wed 9:35; Nickelodeon Today (#!(##$(##'(!#4`WESR'(!#)<WQYSZ]RS]\B]ROg 1:30, 4, 6:50 Fri-Wed 5:15, 9:45 (!"$(#4`WESR#(#'("#

"THE HELP" (PG-13) (2:26) Stars Emma Stone, Viola µB6363:>¶>5! ( $AbO`a3[[OAb]\SDW]ZO Davis and Octavia Spencer. Directed by Tate Taylor. 2OdWaO\R=QbOdWOA^S\QS`2W`SQbSRPgBObSBOgZ]` Jackson, Mississippi, 1962: Aspiring writer Eugenia 8OQYa]\;WaaWaaW^^W'$ (/a^W`W\Ue`WbS`3cUS\WO "Skeeter" Phelan returns home after college, where µAYSSbS`¶>VSZO\`Sbc`\aV][SOTbS`Q]ZZSUSeVS`S unexpected friendships with African-American maids c\Sf^SQbSRT`WS\RaVW^aeWbV/T`WQO\/[S`WQO\[OWRa Aibileen Clark and Minny Jackson result in a book that /WPWZSS\1ZO`YO\R;W\\g8OQYa]\`SacZbW\OP]]YbVOb gives a previously unheard voice to a community's UWdSaO^`SdW]caZgc\VSO`Rd]WQSb]OQ][[c\Wbg¸a suffering. acTTS`W\U Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 11:50 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR(# a.m., 3:10,6:30,9:30; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed O[!($(!'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR 3:20, 6:30, 9:30; Falmouth 10 Today 4:40, 7:40 Fri 12:15, (#!( $(!'(!)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"("%("4`W 4:30, 7:35 Sat-Sun 1:20,4:30, 7:35 Mon-Wed 4:30, "(!%(!#AObAc\( "(!%(!#;]\ESR"(! 7:35; Brunswick 10 Today-Wed 1,4:15,7:15; Nickelodeon %(!#)0`c\aeWQYB]ROgESR"(#%(#)<WQYSZ]RS]\ (Portland) Today-Wed 1:45,4:45. 7:45; Cinemagic >]`bZO\RB]ROgESR("#"("#%("#)1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) Today 12:30,4,7:30 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg (!"%(! "I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT" (PG-13) (1:35) µ72=<¸B9<=E6=EA632=3A7B¶>5!(!# Stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Pierce Brosnan and Kelsey AbO`aAO`OV8SaaWQO>O`YS`>WS`QS0`]a\O\O\R9SZaSg Grammer. Directed by Douglas McGrath. Kate Reddy 5`O[[S`2W`SQbSRPg2]cUZOa;Q5`ObV9ObS@SRRg is a finance executive who is the breadwinner for her WaO¿\O\QSSfSQcbWdSeV]WabVSP`SOReW\\S`T]`VS` husband and two kids. A new account adds another VcaPO\RO\Rbe]YWRa/\SeOQQ]c\bORRaO\]bVS` layer to her already packed schedule - and it includes ZOgS`b]VS`OZ`SORg^OQYSRaQVSRcZS³O\RWbW\QZcRSa temptation in the form of business associate Jack bS[^bObW]\W\bVST]`[]TPcaW\SaaOaa]QWObS8OQY Abelhammer. /PSZVO[[S` Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12,2:10, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg  ( 4:30, 7:20, 9:40 Fri-Wed 12, 4:30, 7, 9:10; Cin"(!%( '("4`WESR  2:10, ("(!%'()1W\ emagic Saco Today-Wed 12:30, 4:40, 7:15, 9:20; S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (! 2:35, (!#"("%(#'( ) Brunswick 10 Today 1:30, 3:40, 7, 9:40 Fri-Mon 1:15,3:45, 0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!!("%'("4`W;]\(#!("# 6:50, 9:25 Tue 1:15, 3:45 Wed 1:15, 3:45, 6:50, 9:25 $(#'( #BcS(#!("#ESR(#!("#$(#'( #

"THE LION KING" (G) (1:29) Animated with the ÂľB63:7=<97<5Âś5( '/\W[ObSReWbVbVS voices of Matthew Broderick, Jeremy Irons and James d]WQSa]T;ObbVSe0`]RS`WQY8S`S[g7`]\aO\R8O[Sa Earl Jones. Directed by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff. 3O`Z8]\Sa2W`SQbSRPg@]US`/ZZS`aO\R@]P;W\Y]TT Tricked into thinking he killed his father, a guilt ridden B`WQYSRW\b]bVW\YW\UVSYWZZSRVWaTObVS`OUcWZb`WRRS\ lion cub flees into exile and abandons his identity as ZW]\QcPĂ&#x20AC;SSaW\b]SfWZSO\ROPO\R]\aVWaWRS\bWbgOa the future king. First released in 1994. bVSTcbc`SYW\U4W`ab`SZSOaSRW\''" Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) ToAV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB] day-Wed 12, 2:30, 4:40, 7, 9:20; Cinemagic Westbrook ROgESR (!"("%'( )1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today-Wed 11:50 a.m., 12 (3D), 2, (3D), 4:20,4:30 B]ROgESR(#O[ !2  2:10 (!2"( "(! (3D), 6:50, 7 (3D), 9, 9:10 (3D); Cinemagic Saco Today !2$(#%!2''(!2)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (3D), 12:30, (3D), 2:30,4:15 (3D), 4:30, 7 (3D), 12:05 (#!2 (! 2:15 (#!2 (!"(#!2"(!%!2 7:15, 9:10 (3D), 9:30 Fri-Wed 12:05, (3D), 4:25 (3D), %(#'(!2'(!4`WESR (# 2:25 ( #!2"( #!2 "DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK" (R) (1:39) Stars Âľ2=<¸B03/4@/72=4B632/@9Âś@(!'AbO`a 7 (3D), 9 (3D); Brunswick 10 Today 1:20,1:40 (3D), 3:50, %!2'!2)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg( ("!2!(# Katie Holmes, Guy Pearce and Bailee Madison. Directed 9ObWS6]Z[Sa5cg>SO`QSO\R0OWZSS;ORWa]\2W`SQbSR 4:10 (3D), 6:50, 7:10 (3D), 9:30 (3D) Fri-Wed (3D) 1:20, "(!2$(#%(!2'(!!24`WESR!2(  by Troy Nixey. A young girl sent to live with her father PgB`]g<WfSg/g]c\UUW`ZaS\bb]ZWdSeWbVVS`TObVS` 3:50, 7:10, 9:30; Falmouth 10 Today 4:30 (3D), 5, 7:10 !(#%('(!)4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(!!2#%( and his new girlfriend discovers creatures in her new O\RVWa\SeUW`ZT`WS\RRWaQ]dS`aQ`SObc`SaW\VS`\Se (3D), 7:30 Fri (3D) 4:35, 7:20, 9:30 Sat 1:50, 4:35, 7:20, !2%(!4`W!2"(!#%( '(!AOb(#"(!#%(  home who want to claim her as one of their own. V][SeV]eO\bb]QZOW[VS`Oa]\S]TbVSW`]e\ 9:30 Sun 1:50, 4:35, 7:20 Mon-Wed 4:35, 7:20 '(!Ac\(#"(!#%( ;]\ESR"(!#%(  Showing at: Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 6:50, 9:10 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR$(#'( "DRIVE" (R) (1:40) Stars Ryan Gosling, Carey MulÂľ2@7D3Âś@("AbO`a@gO\5]aZW\U1O`Sg;cZ ligan and Bryan Cranston. Directed by Nicolas Winding ZWUO\O\R0`gO\1`O\ab]\2W`SQbSRPg<WQ]ZOaEW\RW\U Refn. A Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as @ST\/6]ZZge]]Rabc\b^S`T]`[S`eV][]]\ZWUVbaOa a wheelman discovers that a contract has been put out OeVSSZ[O\RWaQ]dS`abVObOQ]\b`OQbVOaPSS\^cb]cb on him after a heist gone wrong. Strong brutal bloody ]\VW[OTbS`OVSWabU]\Se`]\UAb`]\UP`cbOZPZ]]Rg violence, language and some nudity. dW]ZS\QSZO\UcOUSO\Ra][S\cRWbg Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today-Wed 1:40, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROgESR(" 4:15,7,9:15; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today"(#%'(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg Wed 12:10, Cinemagic Westbrook ESR ( 2:30,4:50,7:20,9:50; (!"(#%( '(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y Today-Wed 12:20, 3:20, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco B]ROgESR ( !( %(7:20, '(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Today 12:05, 7:10, 9:25; Brunswick 10 Today B]ROg (# 2:15,4:30, (#"(!%('( #)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg 6:45, 7:30,10 Fri-Wed 1:45,4:30, 7:35, (1:25,1:45,4:30, #("#"(!$("#%(!4`WESR("#"(!%(!# 10:10; Falmouth 10 Today 4:50, 7:20 Fri 4:45, 7:15, 9:50 ()4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(#%( 4`W"("#%(#'(# Sat 1:55, 4:45, 7:15, 9:50 Sun 1:55,4:45, 7:15 Mon-Wed AOb(##"("#%(#'(#Ac\(##"("#%(#;]\ESR 4:45, 7:15 "("#%(# "THE GUARD" (R) (1:36) Stars Brendan Gleeson, Don ÂľB635C/@2Âś@(!$AbO`a0`S\RO\5ZSSa]\2]\ Cheadle and Mark Strong. Directed by John Michael 1VSORZSO\R;O`YAb`]\U2W`SQbSRPg8]V\;WQVOSZ McDonagh. An unorthodox Irish policeman with a con;Q2]\OUV/\c\]`bV]R]f7`WaV^]ZWQS[O\eWbVOQ]\ frontational personality is teamed up with an uptight T`]\bObW]\OZ^S`a]\OZWbgWabSO[SRc^eWbVO\c^bWUVb

"MIDNIGHT IN PARIS" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Owen µ;72<756B7<>/@7A¶>5!("AbO`a=eS\ Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates. Directed EWZa]\@OQVSZ;Q/RO[aO\R9ObVg0ObSa2W`SQbSR by Woody Allen. A romantic comedy about a family PgE]]Rg/ZZS\/`][O\bWQQ][SRgOP]cbOTO[WZg traveling to the French capital for business. The party b`OdSZW\Ub]bVS4`S\QVQO^WbOZT]`PcaW\SaaBVS^O`bg includes a young engaged couple forced to confront W\QZcRSaOg]c\US\UOUSRQ]c^ZST]`QSRb]Q]\T`]\b the illusion that a life different from their own is better. bVSWZZcaW]\bVObOZWTSRWTTS`S\bT`][bVSW`]e\WaPSbbS` Some sexual references and smoking. A][SaSfcOZ`STS`S\QSaO\Ra[]YW\U Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 3:20 AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg!(  Fri-Wed 3:10 4`WESR!( "OUR IDIOT BROTHER" (R) (1:30) Stars Paul Rudd, µ=C@727=B0@=B63@¶@(!AbO`a>OcZ@cRR Elizabeth Banks and Zooey Deschanel. Directed by 3ZWhOPSbV0O\YaO\RH]]Sg2SaQVO\SZ2W`SQbSRPg Jesse Peretz. A pot bust sends nice guy Ned to jail, 8SaaS>S`Sbh/^]bPcabaS\Ra\WQSUcg<SRb]XOWZ and though he's released early on good behavior, he O\RbV]cUVVS¸a`SZSOaSRSO`Zg]\U]]RPSVOdW]`VS returns home to discover that his girlfriend has left and `Sbc`\aV][Sb]RWaQ]dS`bVObVWaUW`ZT`WS\RVOaZSTbO\R taken his dog. Homeless and unemployed, he divides bOYS\VWaR]U6][SZSaaO\Rc\S[^Z]gSRVSRWdWRSa his time by couching-surfing at the homes of his VWabW[SPgQ]cQVW\Uac`¿\UObbVSV][Sa]TVWa three sisters. Sexual content including nudity, and for bV`SSaWabS`aASfcOZQ]\bS\bW\QZcRW\U\cRWbgO\RT]` language throughout. ZO\UcOUSbV`]cUV]cb

Please see MOVIES, PageE26 Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<)-

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011


at the DRIVE-INS



Warner Bros.

15+ Years of Laught

Nathan Gamble with Winter in “Dolphin Tale.”

Thurs-Sat 8:30

PRIDES CORNER DRIVE-IN, 651 Bridgton Road, Westbrook; 797-3154. Open Friday through Sunday. “Dolphin Tale” (PG) 7:30 p.m.; “Contagion” (PG 13). Gates open at 7:15 p.m.


SACO DRIVE-IN, 969 Portland Road, Saco; 284-1016. Open Friday through Sunday. “Dolphin Tale” (PG) 7:30 p.m.; “Warrior” (PG-13). Gates open at 7 p.m.

OLCOTT Continued from Page E7

is just a string of words, notes, chords and rhythms. The dancing is truly beautiful. Bourassa: Both the music and dance of Olas are integral components, each inspired by and working with the other. The choreographies stand as visual and emotive responses to the music and the meaning of the songs, while the music responds to and takes cues from the sounds and movements of the dance, engaging both elements in a series of calls and responses. Within the dance, the footwork (percussive tapping of the feet) is also an important part of Olas’ percussion section of palmas, cajon and bongo, working to complement each song as a whole. Describe some highlight performances from the last three years. Sutherland: One of our highlight performances from the last three years was our CD-release show for “La Perla” at Mayo Street Arts. It just felt like the audience wanted to be there as much as we did. Bourassa: Overall, an ongoing highlight has been the outpouring of support and warm reception we have received from our community over the last three years. How does your new material compare to 2009’s “La Perla”? Sutherland: The new material is much more evolved, mature and realized. About half the group had never recorded before when we sat down to do “La Perla,” so there was a lot to learn, not to mention (determining) how to record an eightpiece group with dancing. The new music

and recording are much better representations of what we are/were attempting to get across. Bourassa: We have relaxed around trying to “fit” the musical traditions that first influenced us. In the process, we have found a stronger voice that is truly ours, while oddly coming closer to the essence of those influences that first inspired us. What do you lose when Lindsey departs to Spain? Sutherland: We lose the physical presence of a kind, emotive and benevolent friend. Keogh: The group loses a family member and a beautiful, passionate dancer. We are all going to miss Lindsey terribly and I am personally going to lose someone who is like a sister to me and a great motivator in my life. This group really pushed me to start dancing again, and I am so grateful to Lindsey for giving me that push. How do you hope the Olas project will grow in the future? Sutherland: We are not entirely sure. We hope that, like all great friendships, we will remain in close contact, communicate honestly and often, and when the appropriate moment arises, we’ll strike up the band again. Mike Olcott is a freelance writer.

OLAS WITH BROWN BIRD AND BARIKA WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday WHERE: Space Gallery, 538 Congress St., Portland HOW MUCH: $10 INFO:



••••••••••••••••••••••••• Next Week… KELLY MACFARLAND •••••••••••••••••••••••••

Daily Bargain Matinees- All Seats $6.00

DRIVE (R) 1:40 4:15 7:00 9:15 TABLOID (R) 1:10 5:20 7:20 9:30 CONTAGION (PG–13) 1:20 3:50 6:40 9:00 THE GUARD (R) 1:00 3:10 7:30 9:40 THE DEBT (R) 1:30 4:00 6:50 THE HELP (PG–13) 1:45 4:45 7:45 SARAH'S KEY (PG–13) 5:10 9:20 MIDNIGHT IN PARIS (PG–13) 3:20

**Bob Marley Holiday Shows** at Merrill Auditorium Dec. 29-31

Tickets ON SALE NOW Call 842-0800 or order online

Starts Friday- MONEYBALL

16 Custom House Wharf

Starts Friday- KILLER ELITE

Reservations call 774-5554


*Ask about our free parking*

Adv. Tix on Sale MONEYBALL

Adv. Tix on Sale MONEYBALL

Adv. Tix on Sale KILLER ELITE

Adv. Tix on Sale KILLER ELITE

THE LION KING (G) (500 PM) THE LION KING IN REAL D 3D - EVENT PRICING (G) ★ (140 410) 710 930 THE LION KING IN REAL D 3D - EVENT (430 PM) 710 PM THE LION KING (G)(120 PM 350 PM) 650 PM PRICING (G) ★ DRIVE (R) - ID REQ'D 720 PM DRIVE (R) - ID REQ'D (125 145 430) 645 730 1000 OC: DRIVE (R) - ID REQ'D (450 PM) I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT (PG-13) (130 340) 700 940 CONTAGION (PG-13) (420 PM) 700 PM CONTAGION (PG-13)

(110 425) 725 955 APOLLO 18 (PG-13)

THE HELP (PG-13) (100 PM 415 PM) 715 PM THE DEBT (R) - ID REQ'D (415 PM) 650 PM WARRIOR (PG-13) (100 PM 400 PM) 735 PM COLOMBIANA (PG-13)

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ally pushes the envelope. This isn’t about the remake of “Beaches” – let’s see some edge, ladies! I would like everyone to know that we want you to just focus on creating something. (Don’t) worry too much about how it looks. I’ll take an iPhone 4 movie if it’s interesting. How about some comedy! It’s not about being politically correct at

all; it’s just about supporting the expression of women in film. Dennis Perkins is a freelance writer who lives in Portland.

THE BLUESTOCKING SERIES is looking for applicants, with a submission deadline of Oct. 7. See 9891445689/bluestocking-filmsarrive-portland-maine for details.

730 PM

(400 PM) 640 PM

RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE OUR IDIOT BROTHER (R) - ID REQ'D715 PM APES (PG-13) (405 PM) 925 PM SPY KIDS 4: ALL THE TIME IN THE THE DEBT (R) - ID REQ'D (115 355) 655 935 WORLD (PG) (405 PM) HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 (PG-13) THE HELP (PG-13) (440 PM) 740 PM (135 PM) 640 PM RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APOLLO 18 (PG-13) (420 PM) 950 PM APES (PG-13) (410 PM) 645 PM BUCKY LARSON: BORN TO BE A STAR (R) - ID REQ'D Times For Thursday,September 22,2011

945 PM

HARRY POTTER 7 PART 2 (PG-13) (455 PM) 745 PM

© 2011


BRIDGTON TWIN DRIVE-IN, 383 Portland Road, Bridgton; 647-8666. Open Friday through Sunday. Screen 1: “Contagion” (PG-13) Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 7:05 p.m.; “Crazy, Stupid, Love” (PG-13) Friday and Saturday 9:25 p.m., Sunday 9 p.m. Screen 2: “Apollo 18” (PG-13) Friday & Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 7:05 p.m.; “Our Idiot Brother” (R) Friday & Saturday 9:05 p.m., Sunday 8:40 p.m.

GO E15



Ă&#x160;J_\Jg\XbjĂ&#x2039; 'SheSpeaks' "SheSpeaks" is an electrifying ÂľAVSA^SOYaÂśWaO\SZSQb`WTgW\U evening of storytelling from five SdS\W\U]Tab]`gbSZZW\UT`][ÂżdS local women. Get inspired by JesZ]QOZe][S\5SbW\a^W`SRPg8Sa sica Esch, Shay Stewart-Bouley, aWQO3aQVAVOgAbSeO`b0]cZSg Monique Barrett, Lee Farrington ;]\W_cS0O``Sbb:SS4O``W\Ub]\ and Karen Wyman. O\R9O`S\Eg[O\ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Mayo Street Arts, E63@3(;Og]Ab`SSb/`ba 10 Mayo St., Portland ;Og]Ab>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12, $15; 6=E;C16( #) mayostreetarts. org [Og]ab`SSbO`ba]`U

Martinis DXik`e`j SArt 8ik With all proceeds EWbVOZZ^`]QSSRa benefiting the PS\SÂżbW\UbVS American Cancer /[S`WQO\1O\QS` Society's Patient A]QWSbg¸a>ObWS\b Navigator Program in <OdWUOb]`>`]U`O[W\ Maine, "Martinis and ;OW\SÂľ;O`bW\WaO\R Art" is a superb /`bÂśWaOac^S`P night out. Enjoy \WUVb]cb3\X]g food, drinks and T]]RR`W\YaO\R jazz from Standard XOhhT`][AbO\RO`R Issue while you peruse art that 7aacSeVWZSg]c^S`caSO`bbVOb will be raffled off. eWZZPS`OTĂ&#x20AC;SR]TT WHEN: 5:30 to 8 p.m. E63<(#(!b]&^[ WHERE: Gulf of Maine E63@3(5cZT]T;OW\S Research Institute, @SaSO`QV7\abWbcbS 350 Commercial St., Portland !#1][[S`QWOZAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $85 (includes one 6=E;C16(&#W\QZcRSa]\S raffle ticket); 373-3700 `OTĂ&#x20AC;SbWQYSb)!%!!%





k.d. lang b%[%cXe^ Black Unicorn 9cXZbLe`Zfie Cabaret :XYXi\k Take three dark cabaret bands BOYSbV`SSRO`YQOPO`SbPO\Ra and add plenty of bawdy O\RORR^ZS\bg]TPOeRg burlesque, music, mischief and Pc`ZSa_cS[caWQ[WaQVWSTO\R mayhem and what you've got is [OgVS[O\ReVObg]c¸dSU]bWa a vaudeville show of a different OdOcRSdWZZSaV]e]TORWTTS`S\b stripe. The Black Unicorn Cabaret ab`W^SBVS0ZOQYC\WQ]`\1OPO`Sb stars Voltaire, This Way to the abO`aD]ZbOW`SBVWaEOgb]bVS Egress and the Hellblinki Sextet. 3U`SaaO\RbVS6SZZPZW\YWASfbSb 282SVc[O\&a^W\abVSU]bVO\R L-J uciiuiiiano ;>|JIII;> inc y u m anu W\Rcab`WOZbc\Sa industrial tunes.

The Collins Center for the Arts BVS1]ZZW\a1S\bS`T]`bVS/`ba celebrates its 25th anniversary QSZSP`ObSaWba #bVO\\WdS`aO`g with a performance by none eWbVO^S`T]`[O\QSPg\]\S other than k.d. lang. Siss Boom ]bVS`bVO\YRZO\UAWaa0]][ Bang opens and you better act 0O\U]^S\aO\Rg]cPSbbS`OQb fast, because tickets for this one TOabPSQOcaSbWQYSbaT]`bVWa]\S are dwindling. O`SReW\RZW\U WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: Collins Center for the E63@3(1]ZZW\a1S\bS`T]`bVS Arts, University of Maine, /`baC\WdS`aWbg]T;OW\S Orono =`]\] HOW MUCH: $68 to $103; 6=E;C16($&b]!) collinscenterforthearts. com Q]ZZW\aQS\bS`T]`bVSO`baQ][

WHEN: 9 p.m. E63<('^[ WHERE: Asylum, E63@3(/agZc[ Center St., Portland 121 1S\bS`Ab>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12, $15; 6=E;C16( #) portlandasylum. com ^]`bZO\ROagZc[Q][

'Jack and Jill' Ă&#x160;AXZbXe[A`ccĂ&#x2039; Take a delightful romp through BOYSORSZWUVbTcZ`][^bV`]cUV marriage during a performance [O``WOUSRc`W\UO^S`T]`[O\QS of "Jack and Jill." The play runs ]TÂľ8OQYO\R8WZZÂśBVS^ZOg`c\a through Oct. 2O\RWaOTc\R`OWaS` and is a fundraiser bV`]cUV=Qb for the Osher LifeLong Learning T]`bVS=aVS`:WTS:]\U:SO`\W\U Institute. 7\abWbcbS  WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Wishcamper Center, E63@3(EWaVQO[^S`1S\bS` University of Southern Maine, C\WdS`aWbg]TA]cbVS`\;OW\S 34 Bedford St., Portland !"0SRT]`RAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $10; 929-66763 6=E;C16()' '$$%$!




1][^WZSRPg/W[aSZ>]\bW Compiled by Aimsel Ponti, AbOTTE`WbS` Staff Writer


'The Norini Ă&#x160;K_\Dfi`e` Strad' JkiX[Ă&#x2039;

 "The Morini Strad," inspired by a ÂľBVS;]`W\WAb`ORÂśW\a^W`SRPgO true story that rocked the clasb`cSab]`gbVOb`]QYSRbVSQZOa sical music world, runs through aWQOZ[caWQe]`ZR`c\abV`]cUV Oct. 23. Concert violinist Erica =Qb !1]\QS`bdW]ZW\Wab3`WQO Morini hires an unassuming violin ;]`W\WVW`SaO\c\Oaac[W\UdW]ZW\ maker to restore her legendary [OYS`b]`Sab]`SVS`ZSUS\RO`g Stradivarius. The two develop Ab`ORWdO`WcaBVSbe]RSdSZ]^ an unexpected friendship over O\c\Sf^SQbSRT`WS\RaVW^]dS` the priceless instrument in this bVS^`WQSZSaaW\ab`c[S\bW\bVWa imaginative new drama about W[OUW\ObWdS\SeR`O[OOP]cb the sacrifices one makes for bVSaOQ`WÂżQSa]\S[OYSaT]` artistry. O`bWab`g

Boubacar Traore 9flYXZXiKiXfi\ Trio Ki`f

 Legendary blues guitarist and :SUS\RO`gPZcSaUcWbO`WabO\R singer Boubacar Traore hails from aW\US`0]cPOQO`B`O]`SVOWZaT`][ Mali. Here's a rare opportunity to ;OZW6S`S¸aO`O`S]^^]`bc\Wbgb] see him perform with his band in aSSVW[^S`T]`[eWbVVWaPO\RW\ Maine. ;OW\S WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Stone Mountain Arts E63@3(Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba Center, 695 Dugway Road, 1S\bS`$'#2cUeOg@]OR Brownfield 0`]e\¿SZR HOW MUCH: $19.50; 6=E;C16('#) stonemountainartscenter. com ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][

Ben Powell 9\eGfn\cc Catch a rising star in the jazz 1ObQVO`WaW\UabO`W\bVSXOhh world when multi-stylistic jazz e]`ZReVS\[cZbWabgZWabWQXOhh violinist, composer and band dW]ZW\WabQ][^]aS`O\RPO\R leader Ben Powell performs in ZSORS`0S\>]eSZZ^S`T]`[aW\ Bath. 0ObV WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Chocolate Church E63@3(1V]Q]ZObS1Vc`QV Arts Center, 804 Washing/`ba1S\bS`&"EOaVW\U ton St., Bath b]\Ab0ObV HOW MUCH: $12, $14; 6=E;C16( ") QV]Q]ZObSQVc`QVO`ba]`U

BUCKWHEAT #+7(%!4 "5 -! 2)!5,$!52 CHERYL #(%29,7 ZYDECO MARIA MULDAUR WHEELER $%#/ :9 (%%,%2 3E PTE MB ER RD TH /  CT BER OB TEM ER 3EP September 23rd September 30th October1st ST

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Portland Stage E63@3(>]`bZO\RAbOUS Company, 25A Forest Ave. 1][^O\g #/4]`Sab/dS HOW MUCH: $30; 6=E;C16(!) ^]`bZO\RabOUS]`U

'Gisele' Ă&#x160;>`j\c\Ă&#x2039; It's one of the world's most 7b¸a]\S]TbVSe]`ZR¸a[]ab treasured romantic ballets, and b`SOac`SR`][O\bWQPOZZSbaO\R seeing "Gisele" broadcast from aSSW\UÂľ5WaSZSÂśP`]ORQOabT`][ the Royal Opera House in London bVS@]gOZ=^S`O6]caSW\:]\R]\ is the next best thing to being WabVS\SfbPSabbVW\Ub]PSW\U there. bVS`S WHEN: 2O\R$^[ and 6 p.m. E63<( WHERE: Frontier Cafe, E63@3(4`]\bWS`1OTS 14 Maine St., Brunswick ";OW\SAb0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: $15; 6=E;C16(#) explorefrontier. com Sf^Z]`ST`]\bWS`Q][

35 %$% SUEDE / CTOBER8th October TH


FZkfY\i( Swine & Stein Jn`e\Jk\`e Oktoberfest FbkfY\i]\jk

Ă&#x160;9X[;Xk\jĂ&#x2039; 'Bad Dates'

 Good Theater takes up residency 5]]RBVSObS`bOYSac^`SaWRS\Qg at St. Lawrence through Oct. 16 ObAb:Oe`S\QSbV`]cUV=Qb$ with "Bad Dates." It's a hilarious eWbVµ0OR2ObSa¶7b¸aOVWZO`W]ca play about a single mother and ^ZOgOP]cbOaW\UZS[]bVS`O\R restaurant manager getting back `SabOc`O\b[O\OUS`USbbW\UPOQY into the world of dating. Throw in W\b]bVSe]`ZR]TRObW\UBV`]eW\ hundreds of pairs of shoes plus Vc\R`SRa]T^OW`a]TaV]Sa^Zca the Romania mafia, and you've bVS@][O\WO[O¿OO\Rg]c¸dS got a delightful comedy. U]bORSZWUVbTcZQ][SRg WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: St. Lawrence Arts E63@3(Ab:Oe`S\QS/`ba Center, 76 Congress St., 1S\bS`%$1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $15, $25; 6=E;C16(# #) stla wrencearts. org abZOe`S\QSO`ba]`U

-Engaging Insects' Ă&#x160;<e^X^`e^@ej\ZkjĂ&#x2039;

 The work of nine artists and sciBVSe]`Y]T\W\SO`bWabaO\RaQW entists takes on fascinating forms S\bWababOYSa]\TOaQW\ObW\UT]`[a in "Engaging Insects." See some W\Âľ3\UOUW\U7\aSQbaÂśASSa][S of the ways artists and scientists ]TbVSeOgaO`bWabaO\RaQWS\bWaba work with insects in an exhibit e]`YeWbVW\aSQbaW\O\SfVWPWb that runs through Nov. 11. bVOb`c\abV`]cUV<]d WHEN: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. E63<(O[b]"^[ WHERE: University of Southern E63@3(C\WdS`aWbg]TA]cbVS`\ Maine Art Gallery, 37 College ;OW\S/`b5OZZS`g!%1]ZZSUS Ave., Gorham /dS5]`VO[ HOW MUCH: Free; 6=E;C16(4`SS) usm.maine. edu/gallery ca[[OW\SSRcUOZZS`g

SLAID ,%!6%3 )$#CLEAVES 3,! October TH /CTOBER9th


)2,3 '/'GIRLS INDIGO ).$) Oct. 18th & 19th TH /CTTH

Maria Nuldaur DXi`XDlc[Xli Wake up the camels, Maria EOYSc^bVSQO[SZa;O`WO Muldaur is coming to town. ;cZROc`WaQ][W\Ub]b]e\ Muldaur's latest work is with her ;cZROc`¸aZObSabe]`YWaeWbVVS` Red Hot Bluesiana Band, and the @SR6]b0ZcSaWO\O0O\RO\RbVS tunes will be smoking with her bc\SaeWZZPSa[]YW\UeWbVVS` strong, time-deepened pipes. ab`]\UbW[SRSS^S\SR^W^Sa

Tommy Nalone KfddpDXcfe\

WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Jonathan's, E63@3(8]\ObVO\¸a 920]c`\S:O\S=Uc\_cWb Bourne Lane, Ogunquit ' HOW MUCH: $27.50, $30.50; 6=E;C16( %#!#) X]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][

Tommy Malone takes a break B][[g;OZ]\SbOYSaOP`SOY from his role as lead singer and T`][VWa`]ZSOaZSORaW\US`O\R guitarist of The Subdudes for UcWbO`Wab]TBVSAcPRcRSaT]` two local performances. See him be]Z]QOZ^S`T]`[O\QSaASSVW[ with multi-instrumentalist and eWbV[cZbWW\ab`c[S\bOZWabO\R singer Ray Ganucheau tonight aW\US`@Og5O\cQVSOcb]\WUVb in Scarborough and tomorrow in W\AQO`P]`]cUVO\Rb][]``]eW\ Boothbay HarborP]]bVPOg (boothbay 0]]bVPOg6O`P]` ]^S`OV]caSQ][ WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: The Landing at Pine E63@3(BVS:O\RW\UOb>W\S Point, 353 Pine Point Road, >]W\b!#!>W\S>]W\b@]OR Scarborough AQO`P]`]cUV HOW MUCH: $20; 6=E;C16( ) bVSZO\RW\UOb^W\S^]W\bQ][

3(!7.-5,,).3 */.0/53%44% SHAWNMULLINS $!^24"! K .$â&#x201E;˘ / CTOBER25th TH October November 5th H VEMBERT .O

')2 ,9-!. GIRLYMAN .O VEMBERT November 6th H

The streets of downBVSab`SSba]TR]e\ town Gardiner will b]e\5O`RW\S`eWZZ be flooded with PSĂ&#x20AC;]]RSReWbV a steady flow OabSORgĂ&#x20AC;]e of Maine craft ]T;OW\SQ`OTb beers during PSS`aRc`W\U Swine & Stein AeW\SAbSW\ Oktoberfest. =Yb]PS`TSab Sample the AO[^ZSbVS brews, eat some P`SeaSOba][S mouthwatering []cbVeObS`W\U Maine farm-to-table ;OW\STO`[b]bOPZS pork and hear live local music all ^]`YO\RVSO`ZWdSZ]QOZ[caWQOZZ day long. ROgZ]\U WHEN: 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. E63<((!O[b]$(!^[ WHERE: Downtown Gardiner E63@3(2]e\b]e\5O`RW\S` HOW MUCH: $15; 582-3100 6=E;C16(#)#& !

Johnson's Crossroads Af_ejfeĂ&#x2039;j:ifjjifX[j and Noses Atwood Xe[Dfj\j8knff[ The music's been called both BVS[caWQ¸aPSS\QOZZSRP]bV "Appalachian soul" and "hillbilly Âľ/^^OZOQVWO\a]cZÂśO\RÂľVWZZPWZZg metal," but you can decide for [SbOZÂśPcbg]cQO\RSQWRST]` yourself tonight. Johnson's Crossg]c`aSZTb]\WUVb8]V\a]\¸a1`]aa roads headlines this show with `]ORaVSORZW\SabVWaaV]eeWbV acoustic folk and blues musician OQ]cabWQT]ZYO\RPZcSa[caWQWO\ Moses Atwood opening. ;]aSa/be]]R]^S\W\U WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: One Longfellow E63@3(=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, 181 State St., Portland A_cO`S&AbObSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $12,#) $15; 6=E;C16( onelongfello wsquare. com ]\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][

$/ .7 DON WHITE & ()4% #( 2)3 4). %, !6 ). CHRISTINE LAVIN

.O VEMBER TH November 18th

SPYRO GYRA 2! /'9 3092 December 9th H BERT $ECEM



5Sbc^O\R5= Get up and GO eWbVbVSaSSdS\ba with these events

1G/< ;/53<B/ G3::=E 0:/19

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 | GO E17 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3%

IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!

E16 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

E18 GO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011



Continued from Page E10 18-plus; Space, Portland. $10. 8:30 p.m.

(PG 13) I Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Know How She Does It (PG-13)


Showtimes effective 9/23-9/29 (PG13) Abduction (PG-13)


4-25 7:20, 7-20 9:50 9-50 Fri: 4:25, 1:05,4:25,7:20,9:50 Sat: 1:05, 4:25, 7:20, 9:50 1-05 4-25 7-20 Sun: 1:05, 4:25, 7:20 4-25 7:20 7-20 Mon & Tue:' 4:25, ' 1:05,4:25,7:20 Wed: 1:05, 4:25, 7:20 4:25, 7:20 7:20 Thu: 4:25,



Fri: 4:20, 4-20 6:45, 6.459:20 9.20 Sat: 1:15, 4:20, 6:45, 9:20 1:15,4:20,6:45,9:20 Sun: 1:15, 4:20, 6:45 1:15,4:20,6:45 Mon & Tue: 4:20, 6:45 4:20,6:45 Wed: 1:15, 4:20, 6:45 1:15,4:20,6:45 4:20,6:45 Thu: 4:20, 6:45

Contagion (PG-13) (PG 13)

Fri: 4:00, 9:45 4 : 0 0 , 7:00, 7:00,9 :45 Sat: 1:00, 1 : 0 0 ,4:00, 4 : 0 0 , 77:00, : 0 0 , 99:45 :45 Sun: 1:00, 1 : 0 0 ,4:00, 4 : 0 0 , 77:00 :00 Mon & Tue: 4:00, 4 : 0 0 , 7:00 7:00 Wed: 1:00, 1 : 0 0 , 4:00, 4 : 0 0 , 77:00 :00 Thu: 4:00, 4 : 0 0 , 7:00 7:00 ,R. Drive (R) l

Fri: 4:05, 4 : 0 5 ,7:15, 7 : 1 5 ,9:40 9:40 Sat: 1:20, 1 : 2 04:05, , 4 : 0 5 ,7:15, 7 : 1 5 ,9:40 9:40 1 : 2 0 4:05, , 4 : 0 5 ,7:15 7:15 Sun: 1:20, 4 : 0 5 ,7:15 7:15 Mon & Tue: 4:05, 1 : 2 0 4:05, , 4 : 0 5 ,7:15 7:15 Wed: 1:20, 4 0 5 7:15 7'15 Thu: 4:05,

, . o n y . o n Q-RR Fri: 4:30, 7:30, 9:55 1 2 5 ,4:30, 4-307:30, 7 30, 9:55 Sat: 1:25, 9:55 1-25 4:30, 4-30 7:30 7-30 Sun: 1:25, 4 30 7 30 Mon & Tue: 4:30, 7:30 V25 4:30, 4 - 3 07:30 >30 Wed: 1:25, 4-30 7:30 7-30' ' Thu: 4:30, '



Let Us Host Your Birthday Party - Hollywood Style!

4 : 1 5 , 6:55, 6 : 5 5 , 99:15 :15 Fri: 4:15, 1 : 1 0 ,4:15, 4 : 1 5 , 66:55, : 5 5 , 99:15 :15 Sat: 1:10, 1 : 1 0 , 4:15, 4 : 1 5 , 66:55 :55 Sun: 1:10, 4 : 1 5 , 6 : 5 5 Mon & Tue: 4:15, 6:55 1 : 1 0 , 4:15, 4 : 1 5 , 66:55 :55 Wed: 1:10, 4 1 5 6:55 655 Thu: 4:15,

(PG 13) The Help (PG-13)

Fri: 3:55, 6:50, 9:35 3:55, 6:50, 9:35 Sat: 12:55, 3:55, 6:50, 9:35 12:55,3:55,6:50,9:35 12:55,3:55,6:50 Sun: 12:55, 3:55, 6:50 Mon & Tue: 3:55, 6:50 3:55,6:50 Wed: 12:55, 3:55, 6:50 12:55,3:55,6:50 3:55,6:50 Thu: 3:55, 6:50

What movie theater gives away FREE POPCORN? This one! Bring in in this this coupon for Bring

New releases, goodies from our concession stand, and we take care of the clean-up. What could be better?


One coupon coupon per per customer, customer, per per day, day, with with purchase purchase One of any any drink. drink. Expires Expires 10/7/11 10/7/11 of

Call or stop by for details.

795 Roosevelt Trail â&#x20AC;˘ Windham, ME â&#x20AC;˘ (207) 893-0604 â&#x20AC;˘



WEDNESDAY Kebâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Moâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, jazz/blues/R&B, State Theatre, Portland. $25 to $35. (800) 745-3000. 7:30 p.m. Cathie Ryan, American Irish vocalist, Skye Theatre Performing Arts Center, South Carthage. $15. 5624445. 7 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Clash,â&#x20AC;? battle of cover bands, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. The Cars vs. Blondie, 9 p.m. SEPT. 29 Chris Botti, contemporary jazz, Merrill Auditorium, Portland. $51 to $71. 7:30 p.m. Tommy Malone, rock/pop, The Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough. $20. thelandingatpinepoint .com. 7 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Waltzings for Dreamersâ&#x20AC;? with Honey Dewdrops, Stone Mountain Arts Center, BrownďŹ eld. Free; reservations requested. stonemountainartscenter .com. 8 p.m. Cathie Ryan, American Irish vocalist, Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. $15. 948-7469. 7:30 p.m. Rubblebucket, indie dance band, Port City Music Hall, Portland. $10 in advance; $12 at door; $20 VIP. 7 p.m. Connor Garvey, singer-songwriter, CD-release show with Sara Hallie Richardson, One Longfellow Square, Portland. $8 in advance; $10 at door. 8 p.m.


Book by t, Isobel Lennar Jule St yne and Bob Merrill

Music and Lyrics by Bob Merrill and Jule St yne

September 16 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; October 2, 2011 Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM Sundays at 2:30 PM


207-799 -7337 Find us on

TUESDAY Billy Libby, indie folk/pop, CD-release show with guest Jacob Augustine, all ages; One Longfellow Square, Portland. $8 in advance; $10 at door. 8 p.m. Cathie Ryan, American Irish vocalist, FrancoAmerican Heritage Center, Lewiston. $15. 7831585. 7 p.m.

Facebook or visit the website:

Comedy Showcase, with PJ Thibodeau, 18-plus (16-plus with parent), Comedy Connection, Portland. $7.50. 8:30 p.m. today. Comedy Showcase, with PJ Thibodeau, Carolyn Plummer and Ryan Waning, 18-plus (16-plus with parent), Comedy Connection, Portland. $15. 8:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Birdie Googins, one-woman show, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Accidentally Maineâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Own Supermodel,â&#x20AC;? Theater Project, Brunswick. $10. 7:30 p.m. Friday. Comedian/Magician Bruce McKenzie Johnson, Fryeburg Academy (Leura Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center). $8; $4 for children. 935-9232. 7 p.m. Saturday. Dream Factory of Maine, beneďŹ t performance with comedians Tom Hayes and Mitch Stinson, Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport. $25. 6463344. 8 p.m. Saturday. Comedy Night, with Brian Brinegar and Paul Hunt, 21-plus (all ages with parent), Racks Sports Bar and Grille, Portland. Free. 773-3466. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. Comedy Showcase, with Kelly MacFarland, 18plus (16-plus with parent), Comedy Connection, Portland. $7.50. 8:30 p.m. Sept. 29.

n BARS/CLUBS TODAY The Pressure Points, reggae for Jamaica and Vermont ďŹ&#x201A;ood relief, 21-plus; Empire Dine and Dance, Portland. Call for cover: 879-8988. 9 p.m. In the Round with MSA, Phil Daligan, Ronda Dale and Brad Strause, Blue, Portland. Donation. 8 p.m. Eric Winter Quartet, jazz, Blue, Portland. Donation. 10 p.m. Cattle Call, country, Run of the Mill Brewpub, Saco. 571-9648. 8 to 11 p.m. GrifďŹ n Sherry and The Ghost of Paul Revere, acoustic, Americana and soul, DogďŹ sh Bar and Grille, Portland. thedogďŹ 8 p.m. Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. 8469555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. A Band Beyond Description, jam-band covers, 21plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. 9 p.m. Group Night Out Thirsty Thursday, karaoke with TJ the DJ, 21-plus (all ages with parent); Racks Sports Bar and Grille, Portland. 773-3466. 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. Retro Night, Asylum, Portland. 9 p.m. Duane Edwards, jazz, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 5 to 8 p.m. N.E. Town, acoustic blues and roots, Andyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Old Port Pub, Portland. 7 p.m. Beer Pong, Line Dancing, Karaoke and DJ Bset, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $2. 784-7785. Doors at 6 p.m. Old Man Markley, punk bluegrass, with The Pubcrawlers and Lenny Lashleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Gang of One, Genoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rock Club, Portland. Call for cover: 221-2382. 9 p.m. FRIDAY Ladies Night with DJ B-Set, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. 784-7785. Doors at 8 p.m. Bob Rosero, blues/acoustic rock, Blue, Portland. Donation. 8 p.m. Joe Mazzari, former member of The Daughters, Blue, Portland. Donation. 10 p.m. Mother Leopard, Lit on the Flash and Great Western Plain, rock, Big Easy, Portland. Call for cover: 775-2266. 10 p.m. â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;80s Dance Party, Bubbaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Sulky Lounge, Portland. Free if in head-to-toe â&#x20AC;&#x2122;80s attire. 9 p.m. Voltaireâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Black Unicorn Cabaret, gothic vaudeville, with This Way to the Egress, The Hellblinki Sextet and burlesque performers, 21plus; Asylum, Portland. $12 in advance; $15 at door. 772-8274. 9 p.m. Kilcollins Band, rock covers, Ri Ra Irish Pub, Portland. 761-4446. 10 p.m. Arthur Webster and The Holy Mackerels, Americana and sea shanties, McSeagullâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Boothbay Harbor. 633-5900. 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Pitch Black Ribbons, alternative Americana, Dobra Tea, Portland. 210-6566. 8 to 10 p.m. Doug Cantwel, acoustic classics, Gritty McDuffâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Freeport. 865-4321. 8 to 10:30 p.m. Nick Ludington Trio, jazz standards, The Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth. Donation. 8 p.m. Happy Hour with Travis James Humphrey, Americana and rock, DogďŹ sh Bar and Grille, Portland. thedogďŹ 5 to 7 p.m. Lucky Tubb and The Modern Day Troubadours, honky tonk, Bayside Bowl, Portland. $8. 10 p.m. Jeff Cusack, acoustic rock, Andyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Old Port Pub, Portland. 8 p.m. Wesley Jay, bossa nova, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 5 to 8 p.m. Mamaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Boomshack, soul/R&B/blues, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland. 9 p.m. Phantom Companion, garage rock, with Altertone, Jug and BurntďŹ reempire, Genoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Rock Club, Portland. Call for cover: 221-2382. 9 p.m. SATURDAY Bruce Marshall Group, blues, Inn on the Blues, York Beach. $6. 351-3221. 9:30 p.m.

Please see MUSIC, Page E22

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 | GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3'

?8M@E>8E H A V I N G A N

8IK8KK8:B XikXe[k_\Xk\i

Artists will transform York's Nevada Motel into a temporary gallery in Friday's 71 Rooms' exhibit. 8ik`jkjn`cckiXej]fidPfibĂ&#x2039;jE\mX[XDfk\c`ekfXk\dgfiXip^Xcc\ip`e=i`[XpĂ&#x2039;jĂ&#x160;)(IffdjĂ&#x2039;\o_`Y`k% By SHANNON BRYAN #Z4)"//0/#3:"/


StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS


otels are known PUFMTBSFLOPXO for notable art. GPSOPUBCMFBSU Most notably, the .PTUOPUBCMZ UIF kind that's bolted LJOEUIBUTCPMUFE to the wall to UPUIFXBMMUP prevent guests QSFWFOUHVFTUT from taking the framed watercolor GSPNUBLJOHUIFGSBNFEXBUFSDPMPS seascape back to the Midwest as a TFBTDBQFCBDLUPUIF.JEXFTUBTB souvenir. TPVWFOJS But the 21 rooms of the water#VUUIFSPPNTPGUIFXBUFS front Nevada Motel on Long Sands GSPOU/FWBEB.PUFMPO-POH4BOET Beach in York will feature artwork #FBDIJO:PSLXJMMGFBUVSFBSUXPSL that doesn't just complement the UIBUEPFTOUKVTUDPNQMFNFOUUIF room - it'll take the room over. SPPNoJUMMUBLFUIFSPPNPWFS Twenty-one artists from around 5XFOUZPOFBSUJTUTGSPNBSPVOE the country, including four from UIFDPVOUSZ JODMVEJOHGPVSGSPN Maine, are checking into the hotel .BJOF BSFDIFDLJOHJOUPUIFIPUFM today and turning the traveler's UPEBZBOEUVSOJOHUIFUSBWFMFST lodgings into a temporary art MPEHJOHTJOUPBUFNQPSBSZBSU space. TQBDF For two days, the artists will cre'PSUXPEBZT UIFBSUJTUTXJMMDSF ate within the walls of their motel BUFXJUIJOUIFXBMMTPGUIFJSNPUFM room, and the result of the miniSPPN BOEUIFSFTVMUPGUIFNJOJ residency will be on display Friday SFTJEFODZXJMMCFPOEJTQMBZ'SJEBZ evening during "21 Rooms," an FWFOJOHEVSJOHi3PPNT wBO interactive event featuring installaJOUFSBDUJWFFWFOUGFBUVSJOHJOTUBMMB tion, performance and video art. UJPO QFSGPSNBODFBOEWJEFPBSU "We specifically wanted interi8FTQFDJmDBMMZXBOUFEJOUFS active, installation and video BDUJWF JOTUBMMBUJPOBOEWJEFP - things like that. We want the art oUIJOHTMJLFUIBU8FXBOUUIFBSU to transform the room," said John UPUSBOTGPSNUIFSPPN wTBJE+PIO Gayle, co-founder of Portsmouth, (BZMF DPGPVOEFSPG1PSUTNPVUI  N.H.-based 3S Artspace, along /)CBTFE4"SUTQBDF BMPOH with Chris Greiner. "Several of the XJUI$ISJT(SFJOFSi4FWFSBMPGUIF pieces are literally, step into the QJFDFTBSFMJUFSBMMZ TUFQJOUPUIF room and interact with the artist's SPPNBOEJOUFSBDUXJUIUIFBSUJTUT installation." JOTUBMMBUJPOw Guest curator Quinn Corey (VFTUDVSBUPS2VJOO$PSFZ selected the 21 artists from more TFMFDUFEUIFBSUJTUTGSPNNPSF

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k


Above: /P]dS( Installation artist 7\abOZZObW]\O`bWab Bennett Morris of 0S\\Sbb;]``Wa]T Portland is one >]`bZO\RWa]\S of the 21O`bWaba artists ]TbVS whose work eV]aSe]`Y eWZZPSTSObc`SR will be featured W\Âľ in "21@]][aÂś Rooms." @WUVb(>]`bZO\R Right: Portland O`bWab8SaaWQO artist Jessica :Oc`S\:W^b]\ Lauren Lipton aOgadWaWb]`ab] says visitors to VS`Âľ her "21@]][aÂś Rooms" ^S`T]`[O\QSeWZZ performance will PSS\Q]c`OUSRb] be encouraged to W\bS`OQbeWbVVS` interact with her. Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

PMA to open exhibit of Madeleine de Sinety photographs GD8kffg\e\o_`Y`kf]DX[\c\`e\[\J`e\kpg_fkf^iXg_j

DURING THE PAST 40 years, Maine-based 2C@7<5B63>/AB"gSO`a;OW\SPOaSR photographer Madeleine de Sinety has ^V]b]U`O^VS`;ORSZSW\SRSAW\SbgVOa documented the everyday lives and public events of R]Qc[S\bSRbVSSdS`gROgZWdSaO\R^cPZWQSdS\ba]T the world's rural residents. The Portland Museum of bVSe]`ZR¸a`c`OZ`SaWRS\baBVS>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T Art explores the breadth of de Sinety's photographic /`bSf^Z]`SabVSP`SORbV]TRSAW\Sbg¸a^V]b]U`O^VWQ essays in a new exhibition opening Saturday. SaaOgaW\O\SeSfVWPWbW]\]^S\W\UAObc`ROg WHEN: Saturday to Dec 31 E63<(AObc`ROgb]2SQ! WHERE: Portland Museum of Art, 7 Congress Square E63@3(>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`b%1]\U`SaaA_cO`S HOW MUCH: $10 adults; $8 seniors; $4 ages 6 to 17; 6=E;C16(ORcZba)&aS\W]`a)"OUSa$b]%) free ages 5 and younger T`SSOUSa#O\Rg]c\US` INFO: 775-6148; 7<4=(%%#$"&)^]`bZO\R[caSc[]`U

ROOMS" Âľ"21@==;AÂś WHEN: 5 to 9 p.m. Friday E63<(#b]'^[4`WROg WHERE: Nevada Motel, 141 E63@3(<SdORO;]bSZ" Long Beach Ave., York :]\U0SOQV/dSG]`Y HOW MUCH: Free/donation 6=E;C16(4`SSR]\ObW]\ INFO: 7<4=(!aO`ba]`U

than 70 submissions, focusUIBOTVCNJTTJPOT GPDVT ing on works that allow the audiJOHPOXPSLTUIBUBMMPXUIFBVEJ ence to get involved. FODFUPHFUJOWPMWFE "21 Rooms" isn't an ease-by-ani3PPNTwJTOUBOFBTFCZBO easel kind of experience. FBTFMLJOEPGFYQFSJFODF Among the artists is Jessica Lau"NPOHUIFBSUJTUTJT+FTTJDB-BV ren Lipton of Portland, who says SFO-JQUPOPG1PSUMBOE XIPTBZT her interactive performance "is IFSJOUFSBDUJWFQFSGPSNBODFiJT about manifesting the ephemeral BCPVUNBOJGFTUJOHUIFFQIFNFSBM effect of relationships in a tangible FGGFDUPGSFMBUJPOTIJQTJOBUBOHJCMF way." Her room will be set up like XBZw)FSSPPNXJMMCFTFUVQMJLF a film noir scene with the heroine BmMNOPJSTDFOFXJUIUIFIFSPJOF sitting at her vanity, endlessly preTJUUJOHBUIFSWBOJUZ FOEMFTTMZQSF paring herself for a grand entrance QBSJOHIFSTFMGGPSBHSBOEFOUSBODF to an unspecified event. Attendees UPBOVOTQFDJmFEFWFOU"UUFOEFFT are encouraged to interact by BSFFODPVSBHFEUPJOUFSBDUCZ touching her and applying charcoal UPVDIJOHIFSBOEBQQMZJOHDIBSDPBM to her skin, which she'll work to UPIFSTLJO XIJDITIFMMXPSLUP wash away even as more is added. XBTIBXBZFWFOBTNPSFJTBEEFE Bennett Morris, also of Port#FOOFUU.PSSJT BMTPPG1PSU land, is a multidisciplinary artist, MBOE JTBNVMUJEJTDJQMJOBSZBSUJTU  designer and teacher. His instalEFTJHOFSBOEUFBDIFS)JTJOTUBM lations "infiltrate architectural MBUJPOTiJOmMUSBUFBSDIJUFDUVSBM spaces" and feature "landscapes TQBDFTwBOEGFBUVSFiMBOETDBQFT of unknown origin (that) appear PGVOLOPXOPSJHJO UIBU BQQFBS in lensed portals that seem to be JOMFOTFEQPSUBMTUIBUTFFNUPCF looking back. Video feeds blur the MPPLJOHCBDL7JEFPGFFETCMVSUIF boundaries of the simulated and CPVOEBSJFTPGUIFTJNVMBUFEBOE the real." UIFSFBMw The event is part of 3S's Open 5IFFWFOUJTQBSUPG4T0QFO Space series - an effort to 4QBDFTFSJFToBOFGGPSUUP showcase emerging artists and TIPXDBTFFNFSHJOHBSUJTUTBOE Please see MOTEL, Page E22 Gc\Xj\j\\;=B3:GX^\<))

Maine museums free for a day DX`e\dlj\ldj]i\\]fiX[Xp

G :?<8I@CC

CAN'T BEAT FREE. Smithsonian magazine 1/<¸B03/B4@33A[WbVa]\WO\[OUOhW\S once again sponsors Museum Day on ]\QSOUOW\a^]\a]`a;caSc[2Og]\ Saturday, providing free admission for AObc`ROg^`]dWRW\UT`SSOR[WaaW]\T]` two to more than 1,500 museums nationwide, be]b][]`SbVO\#[caSc[a\ObW]\eWRS including the Portland Museum of Art, the Saco Museum, W\QZcRW\UbVS>]`bZO\R;caSc[]T/`bbVSAOQ];caSc[ the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath and 21]bVS`aW\;OW\S others in Maine. bVS;OW\S;O`WbW[S;caSc[W\0ObVO\R WHEN: All day Saturday E63<(/ZZROgAObc`ROg WHERE: Two dozen museums across Maine E63@3(Be]R]hS\[caSc[aOQ`]aa;OW\S INFO: To receive free admission, download a ticket from 7<4=(B]`SQSWdST`SSOR[WaaW]\R]e\Z]ORObWQYSbT`][ the Smithsonian magazine website, bVSA[WbVa]\WO\[OUOhW\SeSPaWbSa[WbVa]\WO\[OUQ][ museumday [caSc[ROg


GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

c`jk`e^j listings 8IK8E;K?<8K<I ART AND THEATER


CLASSICAL MUSIC N#,!33)#!,-53)#

    """""larrysnue Weekends

The N-E-WTrio (violin, cello and piano), music 4HE. % 74RIOVIOLIN CELLOANDPIANO MUSIC by Haydn, Beethoven and Dvorak; Emlen Hall, BY(AYDN "EETHOVENAND$VORAK%MLEN(ALL "AY3CHOOL "LUE(ILL PM Bay School, Blue Hill. $25. 374-2203. 3 p.m. Saturday. 3ATURDAY Jimmy Briere, Quebec pianist, Franco-American *IMMY"RIERE 1UEBECPIANIST &RANCO !MERICAN Heritage Center, Lewiston. $12 to $15; free for (ERITAGE#ENTER ,EWISTONTOFREEFOR students, 7:30 p.m. Saturday. STUDENTSFRANCOCENTERORGPM3ATURDAY Paul Sullivan, pianist and composer, Hammond 0AUL3ULLIVAN PIANISTANDCOMPOSER (AMMOND Hall, Winter Harbor. $15; $10 for students. (ALL 7INTER(ARBORFORSTUDENTS 963-2569. 7 p.m. Saturday.  PM3ATURDAY Pianist Slyvia Berry, works by Bach and Mozart, 0IANIST3LYVIA"ERRY WORKSBY"ACHAND-OZART Olin Concert Hall, Lewiston. Free. 786-6135. /LIN#ONCERT(ALL ,EWISTON&REE  12:30 p.m. Tuesday. PM4UESDAY


GET TICKETS TODAY! ###"#' $10 ADVANCE % $15 AT DOOR  #! PAYWHATYOU WANT PREVIEW '&#'$&#   THURS SEPT 15, 730 $!" #  

 Sept. 15 - Oct. 2

  FriiSat 7.30pm, Sun 2pm *#, )&-')&

Freeport Performing Arts Center 30 Holbrook St. Freeport *)(*,* (*&#'!*,+',*(%*(($,*)(*, TICKETS at Freeport Community Ctr. Thrift,"() )(,, Shop, 53 Depot St. ,*)(*,(&&-'#,/,*"*# â&#x20AC;¢ Info(%#' 

 line: 865-2220 (*,... )('%#'(*!0'

Tickets available at box office or online 4ICKETSAVAILABLEATBOXOFlCEORONLINE

DANCE N$!.#% Karen Montanaro, mime and dance, +AREN-ONTANARO MIMEANDDANCE Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. $20. /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY(ARBOR 7:30 p.m. today. BOOTHBAYOPERAHOUSECOMPMTODAY Pumpkinhead Ale Meets Prima Ballerinas, 0UMPKINHEAD!LE-EETS0RIMA"ALLERINAS Portland Ballet Studio's fall celebration and sneak 0ORTLAND"ALLET3TUDIOSFALLCELEBRATIONANDSNEAK preview of "The Legend of Sleepy Hoi low," 21 PREVIEWOFh4HE,EGENDOF3LEEPY(OLLOW v plus; Portland Ballet Studio. $10. 772-9671. PLUS0ORTLAND"ALLET3TUDIO  6 to 8 p.m. Friday. TOPM&RIDAY

THEATER N4(%!4%2 "Miss Saigon," modern musical variation of h-ISS3AIGON vMODERNMUSICALVARIATIONOF "Madame Butterfly" set in Vietnam, Ogunquit h-ADAME"UTTERmYvSETIN6IETNAM /GUNQUIT Playhouse. $42.50 to $69. 646-5511. 8 p.m. 0LAYHOUSETO PM today and Friday; 3:30 and 8:30 p.m. Saturday; 2 TODAYAND&RIDAYANDPM3ATURDAY and 7 p.m. Sunday; 2:30 and 8 p.m. Wednesday ANDPM3UNDAYANDPM7EDNESDAY and Sept. 29. Through Oct. 23. AND3EPT4HROUGH/CT "Unnecessary Farce," comedy with two cops, h5NNECESSARY&ARCE vCOMEDYWITHTWOCOPS three crooks and eight doors, Schoolhouse Arts THREECROOKSANDEIGHTDOORS 3CHOOLHOUSE!RTS Center, Standish. $10, $12. 642-3743. 7:30 p.m. #ENTER 3TANDISH  PM Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. &RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY "Last Gas," romantic comedy by Maine h,AST'AS vROMANTICCOMEDYBY-AINE playwright presented by Penobscot Theatre Co., PLAYWRIGHTPRESENTEDBY0ENOBSCOT4HEATRE#O Bangor Opera House. $20. 581-1755. 7 p.m. "ANGOR/PERA(OUSE PM today; 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 3 p.m. Sunday. TODAYPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY "ART," Tony Award-winning play by French h!24 v4ONY!WARD WINNINGPLAYBY&RENCH playwright Yasmina Reza, Freeport Factory Stage. PLAYWRIGHT9ASMINA2EZA &REEPORT&ACTORY3TAGE $15; $12 for seniors and students. 865-5505. FORSENIORSANDSTUDENTS  7:30 p.m. today to Saturday and Sept. 29. Through PMTODAYTO3ATURDAYAND3EPT4HROUGH Oct. 2. /CT "The Foreigner," comedy about a small Southern h4HE&OREIGNER vCOMEDYABOUTASMALL3OUTHERN town dealing with a stranger, Freeport Performing TOWNDEALINGWITHASTRANGER &REEPORT0ERFORMING Arts Center. $10 to $15. 865-2220. 7:30 p.m. !RTS#ENTERTO PM Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. Through &RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH Oct. 2. /CT "Funny Girl," classic musical based on the life h&UNNY'IRL vCLASSICMUSICALBASEDONTHELIFE of Fanny Brice, Portland Players, South Portland. OF&ANNY"RICE 0ORTLAND0LAYERS 3OUTH0ORTLAND $15 to $20. 8 p.m. Friday and TOPORTLANDPLAYERSORGPM&RIDAYAND Saturday; 2:30 p.m. Sunday. Through Oct. 2. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH/CT "Sister Robert Anne's Cabaret Class," new version h3ISTER2OBERT!NNES#ABARET#LASS vNEWVERSION of "Nunsense," Northport Music Theater. $20 to OFh.UNSENSE v.ORTHPORT-USIC4HEATERTO $25. 7:30 p.m. Friday NORTHPORTMUSICTHEATERCOMPM&RIDAY and Saturday; 3:30 p.m. Sunday. Through Oct. 2. AND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH/CT "Thoroughly Modern Millie," 1920s-era musical h4HOROUGHLY-ODERN-ILLIE vS ERAMUSICAL comedy about a flapper, Lyric Music Theater, COMEDYABOUTAmAPPER ,YRIC-USIC4HEATER South Portland. $21.99. 3OUTH0ORTLANDLYRICMUSICTHEATERORG 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2:30 p.m. Sunday. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY Through Oct. 8. 4HROUGH/CT "Across the Wild and Lonesome Prairie," h!CROSSTHE7ILDAND,ONESOME0RAIRIE v children's play, Children's Museum and Theatre of CHILDRENSPLAY #HILDRENS-USEUMAND4HEATREOF Maine, Portland. $8, $9. 828-1234, Ext. 231. -AINE 0ORTLAND   %XT 6 p.m. Friday and Saturday. PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY "On the Twentieth Century," musical that's part h/NTHE4WENTIETH#ENTURY vMUSICALTHATSPART operetta, part farce, Theater at Monmouth. $20, OPERETTA PARTFARCE 4HEATERAT-ONMOUTH $24. 7:30 p.m. Friday THEATERATMONMOUTHORGPM&RIDAY and Saturday; 1 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. Sept. 29. AND3ATURDAYPM3UNDAYPM3EPT Through Oct. 2. 4HROUGH/CT "ART," Tony Award-winning play by French h!24 v4ONY!WARD WINNINGPLAYBY&RENCH playwright Yasmina Reza, York Public Library. PLAYWRIGHT9ASMINA2EZA 9ORK0UBLIC,IBRARY

Courtesy Farnsworth Art Museum 1]c`bSag4O`\ae]`bV/`b;caSc[

Tracy Jamar's "Land Parcels Quad," B`OQg8O[O`¸aµ:O\R>O`QSZa?cOR¶ from "Beyond Rugs!", opening T`][µ0Sg]\R@cUa¶]^S\W\U Saturday at the Farnsworth Art AObc`ROgObbVS4O`\ae]`bV/`b Museum in Rockland. ;caSc[W\@]QYZO\R 363-2818. 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday.  PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY OlydeTyme Radio Show: "Wuthering /LYDE4YME2ADIO3HOWh7UTHERING Heights," Sanford Maine Stage, Springvale. (EIGHTS v3ANFORD-AINE3TAGE 3PRINGVALE $8. 7 p.m. Friday and SANFORDMAINESTAGECOMPM&RIDAYAND Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY "The Morini Strad," drama about a violinist and h4HE-ORINI3TRAD vDRAMAABOUTAVIOLINISTAND her relationship with a violin maker, Portland HERRELATIONSHIPWITHAVIOLINMAKER 0ORTLAND Stage Company. $30. 7:30 p.m. 3TAGE#OMPANYPORTLANDSTAGEORGPM Tuesday to Sept. 29. Through Oct. 23. 4UESDAYTO3EPT4HROUGH/CT "Bad Dates," comedy about a single mother h"AD$ATES vCOMEDYABOUTASINGLEMOTHER starting to date again, St. Lawrence Arts Center, STARTINGTODATEAGAIN 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER Portland. $15 to $25. 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDTOSTLAWRENCEARTSORGPM Wednesday and Sept. 29. Through Oct. 16. 7EDNESDAYAND3EPT4HROUGH/CT

AUDITIONS N!5$)4)/.3 Murder Mystery Dinner, women and men -URDER-YSTERY$INNER WOMENANDMEN needed; show dates are Nov. 5 and 12, Sanford NEEDEDSHOWDATESARE.OVAND 3ANFORD Maine Stage, Springvale. -AINE3TAGE 3PRINGVALESANFORDMAINESTAGECOM 5 to 7 p.m. Sunday. TOPM3UNDAY

ART MUSEUMS N!24-53%5-3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Tale Spinning," narrative art, Bates College h4ALE3PINNING vNARRATIVEART "ATES#OLLEGE (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. 786-6158. Opening /LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON /PENING reception, 7 to 9 p.m. Friday. Through Dec. 17. RECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH$EC National Smithsonian Magazine Museum .ATIONAL3MITHSONIAN-AGAZINE-USEUM Day, free admission to numerous Maine $AY FREEADMISSIONTONUMEROUS-AINE museums; visitors must download a ticket from MUSEUMSVISITORSMUSTDOWNLOADATICKETFROM Saturday. SMITHSONIANMAGCOMMUSEUMDAY3ATURDAY "Madeleine de Sinety: Photographs," photos h-ADELEINEDE3INETY0HOTOGRAPHS vPHOTOS of everyday people and public events over OFEVERYDAYPEOPLEANDPUBLICEVENTSOVER a 40-year period, Portland Museum of Art. A YEARPERIOD 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT Opens Saturday. Through PORTLANDMUSEUMORG/PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH Dec. 18. $EC "Botanical Illustrations," by Kate Furbish h"OTANICAL)LLUSTRATIONS vBY+ATE&URBISH (1834-1931), Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens,   #OASTAL-AINE"OTANICAL'ARDENS Boothbay. 633-4333. Reception, lecture and "OOTHBAY 2ECEPTION LECTUREAND auction, 3 p.m. Saturday. Through Sept. 30. AUCTION PM3ATURDAY4HROUGH3EPT "Beyond Rugs!", rug-hooking textile art, h"EYOND2UGSv RUG HOOKINGTEXTILEART Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland. 596-6457. &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLAND  Opens Saturday. Through Feb. 5. /PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH&EB CONTINUING #/.4).5).' "From My Garden," ink line and watercolor h&ROM-Y'ARDEN vINKLINEANDWATERCOLOR portraits of flowers by Jean Swan Gordon, Coastal PORTRAITSOFmOWERSBY*EAN3WAN'ORDON #OASTAL Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay. 633-4333. -AINE"OTANICAL'ARDENS "OOTHBAY  Through Sept. 29. 4HROUGH3EPT "Folk Art on High," weather vane exhibit, Rufus h&OLK!RTON(IGH vWEATHERVANEEXHIBIT 2UFUS

Please see ART, PageE21 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<)(

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3 

     Two-for-One   Special

#!'"#'" ## !' #  "% " )!  "   #" ! "! %"'#" $   !!" " )   & !# !'" "



-AINE7//,%.3 Maine WOOLENS

Many items woven at our Mill in Brunswick! -ANYITEMSWOVENATOUR-ILLIN"RUNSWICK Maine Made Qifts , , . Perfect for any Occasion -AINE-ADE'IFTS0ERFECTFORANY/CCASION All Johnson Mills !LL*OHNSON-ILLS Red, White & Blue 2ED 7HITE"LUE ~ Capes ~ ^#APES^ Fleece Throws! &LEECE4HROWS

- Vests ~ ^6ESTS^ /&& ^*AC 3HIRTS^ - Jac-Shirts -

Reg $4.99 ./7 NOW $3.50 2EG offer expires 9/30/11 OFFEREXPIRES

-ILL2UN"LANKET3ECONDSAND)RREGULARSFOR,%33 HUQE Selection of Throws, Blankets, Bates Bedspreads, Balsam, Qrandpa's Qarden, Maple Syrup, Hurt's Bees & Much More.1 (5'%3ELECTIONOF4HROWS "LANKETS "ATES"EDSPREADS "ALSAM 'RANDPAS'ARDEN -APLE3YRUP "URTS"EES-UCH-ORE

Visit our website at www.Maine Woolens .com 6ISITOURWEBSITEATWWW-AINE7OOLENSCOM DAILY SPECIALS! Open 9 - 5 , 7 Days a Week $!),930%#)!,3/PEN  $AYSA7EEK


106 Pleasant Street, Brunswick 0LEASANT3TREET "RUNSWICK 798-7933  



Route 1 (next to Dunkin' Donuts) 2OUTENEXTTO$UNKIN$ONUTS



Major Credit Cards Accepted -AJOR#REDIT#ARDS!CCEPTED



Join our professional actors as we read new and classic -RLQRXUSURIHVVLRQDODFWRUVDVZHUHDGQHZDQGFODVVLF children's books, then participate in an acting workshop FKLOGUHQ¡VERRNVWKHQSDUWLFLSDWHLQDQDFWLQJZRUNVKRS based on the stories. EDVHGRQWKHVWRULHV

f Not TooJ )-)) Scary Stories +1-)+%!,

October 1,8,15,22 & 29 -)!+    

Action & Adventure Tales -%)( /!(-.+!&!, November 5,12 & 19 )/!'!+   



Maine Art Gallery, Gorham. 780-5008. Opening -AINE!RT'ALLERY 'ORHAM /PENING reception, 6 to 8 p.m. today. Through Nov. 10. RECEPTION TOPMTODAY4HROUGH.OV h!RTATTHE'RILL vWORKBY%D"OTKIN 'EORGE "Art at the Grill," work by Ed Botkin, George 7ARDWELLAND+ATHLEEN4HORNTON $AMARISCOTTA Wardwell and Kathleen Thornton, Damariscotta Continued from Page E20 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3  River Grill, Reception, 2IVER'RILLDAMARISCOTTARIVERGRILLCOM2ECEPTION 4 to 6 p.m. today. Through Oct. 31. Porter Museum, Bridgton. TOPMTODAY4HROUGH/CT 0ORTER-USEUM "RIDGTONRUFUSPORTERMUSEUMORG h2OOMS vINTERACTIVEEXHIBITOFINSTALLATION "21 Rooms," interactive exhibit of installation, Through Oct. 1. 4HROUGH/CT PERFORMANCEANDVIDEOARTBYLOCALANDNATIONAL performance and video art by local and national h)NSPIREDBY"UDDHISM!NCIENT!RTFROMTHE "Inspired by Buddhism: Ancient Art from the artists, Nevada Motel, York. Free/donation. ARTISTS .EVADA-OTEL 9ORK&REEDONATION Permanent Collection," objects from Cambodia, 0ERMANENT#OLLECTION vOBJECTSFROM#AMBODIA 5 to 9 p.m. Friday. SARTSORGTOPM&RIDAY #HINA 4IBET +OREAAND*APAN #OLBY#OLLEGE China, Tibet, Korea and Japan, Colby College !NNE2ITCHIE PHOTOGRAPHSONCANVASANDIN Anne Ritchie, photographs on canvas and in (Museum of Art), Waterville. Through -USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH PRINT -AIN3TREET#OMMUNITY-USIC#ENTER print, 317 Main Street Community Music Center, Oct. 2. /CT Yarmouth. Opening reception, 9ARMOUTHMAINSTORG/PENINGRECEPTION "Exhibiting Whistler: A Tribute to David P. h%XHIBITING7HISTLER!4RIBUTETO$AVID0 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday. Through Nov. 11. TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH.OV Becker," prints by James McNeill Whistler, Colby "ECKER vPRINTSBY*AMES-C.EILL7HISTLER #OLBY h,ADIES.IGHT/UTATTHE!RTISTS3TUDIO vWINE "Ladies Night Out at the Artist's Studio," wine #OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU College (Museum of Art), Waterville. and cheese mixer and painting demonstration, A. ANDCHEESEMIXERANDPAINTINGDEMONSTRATION ! Through Oct. 2. 4HROUGH/CT Heywood Studio, Waldoboro. $15. 832-6684. (EYWOOD3TUDIO 7ALDOBORO  "American Modern," photographs by Abbott, h!MERICAN-ODERN vPHOTOGRAPHSBY!BBOTT 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday. Evans and Bourke-White, Colby Coliege (Museum TOPM&RIDAY %VANSAND"OURKE 7HITE #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUM "Autumn Arrivals," recent acquisitions of 19thh!UTUMN!RRIVALS vRECENTACQUISITIONSOFTH of Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. OF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT and 20th-century American and European ANDTH CENTURY!MERICANAND%UROPEAN "Little Elegies: The Art of Nineteenth-Century h,ITTLE%LEGIES4HE!RTOF.INETEENTH #ENTURY paintings as weli as new works, Wiscasset Bay PAINTINGSASWELLASNEWWORKS 7ISCASSET"AY Mourning," paintings, texts and objects created -OURNING vPAINTINGS TEXTSANDOBJECTSCREATED Gallery, Wiscasset. to assuage grief and memorialize the dead, Colby 'ALLERY 7ISCASSETWISCASSETBAYGALLERYCOM TOASSUAGEGRIEFANDMEMORIALIZETHEDEAD #OLBY Opens Saturday. Through Oct. 31. /PENS3ATURDAY4HROUGH/CT College (Museum of Art), Waterville. #OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU Through Oct. 2. 4HROUGH/CT CONTINUING #/.4).5).' "Celebrating a Gift: The Norma B. Marin h#ELEBRATINGA'IFT4HE.ORMA"-ARIN "Beauty Sleep," installation with video and Photography Collection," Colby College (Museum h"EAUTY3LEEP vINSTALLATIONWITHVIDEOAND 0HOTOGRAPHY#OLLECTION v#OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUM drawings by Nancy Andrews, College of the DRAWINGSBY.ANCY!NDREWS #OLLEGEOFTHE of Art), Waterville. 859-5609. Through Oct. 2. OF!RT 7ATERVILLE 4HROUGH/CT Atlantic (Ethel H. Blum Gallery), Bar Harbor. !TLANTIC%THEL("LUM'ALLERY "AR(ARBOR "Andrew Moore: Detroit Disassembled," h!NDREW-OORE$ETROIT$ISASSEMBLED v 288-5015.Through Friday.  4HROUGH&RIDAY photographs of Detroit's industrial decline and PHOTOGRAPHSOF$ETROITSINDUSTRIALDECLINEAND "Maine Landscape, " group show, River Arts, h-AINE,ANDSCAPE vGROUPSHOW 2IVER!RTS reclamation by nature, Colby College (Museum RECLAMATIONBYNATURE #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUM Damariscotta. 563-1507. Through Friday. $AMARISCOTTA 4HROUGH&RIDAY of Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. OF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT "A League of Our Own," etchings, photography h!,EAGUEOF/UR/WN vETCHINGS PHOTOGRAPHY "Alex Katz: Drawings," ink and oil sketches and h!LEX+ATZ$RAWINGS vINKANDOILSKETCHESAND and colored porcelain, Red Door Pottery Studio ANDCOLOREDPORCELAIN 2ED$OOR0OTTERY3TUDIO graphite drawings, Colby College (Museum of GRAPHITEDRAWINGS #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUMOF and Gallery Shop, Kittery. 439-5671 .Through AND'ALLERY3HOP +ITTERY 4HROUGH Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. !RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT Saturday. 3ATURDAY "Andrew and Jamie Wyeth: Selections from the h!NDREWAND*AMIE7YETH3ELECTIONSFROMTHE "Drawing the Line #7," drawings by Susan h$RAWINGTHE,INE vDRAWINGSBY3USAN Private Collection of Victoria Browning Wyeth," 0RIVATE#OLLECTIONOF6ICTORIA"ROWNING7YETH v Groce, Kimberly Convery, Ken Greenleafand 'ROCE +IMBERLY#ONVERY +EN'REENLEAFAND paintings, Bates College (Olin Arts Center), PAINTINGS "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER Robin Mandel, June Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA, 2OBIN-ANDEL *UNE&ITZPATRICK'ALLERYAT-%#! Lewiston. 786-6158. Through Oct. 2. ,EWISTON 4HROUGH/CT Portland. 699-5083. Through Saturday. 0ORTLAND 4HROUGH3ATURDAY Ralf Feyl: "Threshold," new oil paintings, Gleason 2ALF&EYLh4HRESHOLD vNEWOILPAINTINGS 'LEASON ART GALLERIES N!24'!,,%2)%3 Fine Art, Portland. 699-5599. Through Saturday. &INE!RT 0ORTLAND 4HROUGH3ATURDAY OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Droge and Lash," paintings by Michael Droge h$ROGEAND,ASH vPAINTINGSBY-ICHAEL$ROGE "Engaging Insects: Artists and Scientists," work of ANDSCULPTUREBY2OBERT,ASH (ARLOW'ALLERY h%NGAGING)NSECTS!RTISTSAND3CIENTISTS vWORKOF and sculpture by Robert Lash, Harlow Gallery, nine artists and scientists, University of Southern Hallowell. Saturday. NINEARTISTSANDSCIENTISTS 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN (ALLOWELLHARLOWGALLERYORG4HROUGH3ATURDAY

-.+   1 )" #%-!+ ! $ 

Plus! After School &.,"-!+$))& Youth Theater for Kids, ).-$$!-!+")+% Grades?-12 + !,



Theater for Kids programming at Portland Stage is generously supported by Susie Konkel. 7KHDWHUIRU.LGVSURJUDPPLQJDW3RUWODQG6WDJHLVJHQHURXVO\VXSSRUWHGE\6XVLH.RQNHO


GO | T h e P o r t l a n d P r e s s H e r a l d / T h u r s d a y , S e p t e m b e r 2 2  , 2011 3E 2 2 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 




Continued from Page E19 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3'


Migis is 45 minutes up Forest Ave & -IGISISMINUTESUP&OREST!VE Rte 302 from Portland, and also 45 minutes from 2TEFROM0ORTLAND ANDALSOMINUTESFROM Falmouth, Yarmouth, Freeport, & Fryeburg. &ALMOUTH 9ARMOUTH &REEPORT &RYEBURG

It'll be worth the trip. )TLLBEWORTHTHETRIP â&#x20AC;¢ (207) 655-4524 MIGISCOMs   ' Reservatonsrequred Does not nc ude bar serv ce


 It's xSclCrl...   The    Pumpkin   Pie    Mart:

Route 1 North, Wells 2OUTE.ORTH 7ELLS 646-8467  





Staff Writer Shannon Bryan can be contacted at AbOTTE`WbS`AVO\\]\0`gO\QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6333 or at: %'$!!!]`Ob( aP`gO\.[OW\Sb]ROgQ][ Twitter: mainetoday BeWbbS`([OW\Sb]ROg WWWBULLNCLAWCOM






CSJOHBSUUPVOJRVFTQBDFT(BZMF XIP bring art to unique spaces. Gayle, who lives in Kittery, says the motel art show MJWFTJO,JUUFSZ TBZTUIFNPUFMBSUTIPX was an idea he and a friend had years XBTBOJEFBIFBOEBGSJFOEIBEZFBST ago. BHP But unlike the gallery-style hotel #VUVOMJLFUIFHBMMFSZTUZMFIPUFM exhibits done elsewhere in the country FYIJCJUTEPOFFMTFXIFSFJOUIFDPVOUSZ  organizers wanted the rooms to be part PSHBOJ[FSTXBOUFEUIFSPPNTUPCFQBSU of the art. PGUIFBSU "The idea we had was, give the rooms i5IFJEFBXFIBEXBT HJWFUIFSPPNT to the artists and have them make art in UPUIFBSUJTUTBOEIBWFUIFNNBLFBSUJO that room," Gayle said. UIBUSPPN w(BZMFTBJE 5IFJNQFSNBOFOUBSUJTUTUVEJPXJMMJO The impermanent artist studio will influence the artist and the resulting work. nVFODFUIFBSUJTUBOEUIFSFTVMUJOHXPSL And visitors will see the piece in the place "OEWJTJUPSTXJMMTFFUIFQJFDFJOUIFQMBDF where it was created. XIFSFJUXBTDSFBUFE At a seaside space like the Nevada Mo"UBTFBTJEFTQBDFMJLFUIF/FWBEB.P tel, with its '50s-era facade and waterfront UFM XJUIJUTTFSBGBDBEFBOEXBUFSGSPOU proximity, it's typically the views of the QSPYJNJUZ JUTUZQJDBMMZUIFWJFXTPGUIF Atlantic that catch people's attention. "UMBOUJDUIBUDBUDIQFPQMFTBUUFOUJPO Friday's exhibit will have those people 'SJEBZTFYIJCJUXJMMIBWFUIPTFQFPQMF looking inside rather than out. MPPLJOHJOTJEFSBUIFSUIBOPVU And while "21 Rooms" attendees will "OEXIJMFi3PPNTwBUUFOEFFTXJMM have a chance to see 21 diverse perforIBWFBDIBODFUPTFFEJWFSTFQFSGPS mance and installation artists in one NBODFBOEJOTUBMMBUJPOBSUJTUTJOPOF venue, the exhibition also introduces WFOVF UIFFYIJCJUJPOBMTPJOUSPEVDFT many of those artists to the Maine coast NBOZPGUIPTFBSUJTUTUPUIF.BJOFDPBTU for the first time. GPSUIFmSTUUJNF 5IFFWFOUiTIPXDBTFTFNFSHJOHBSUJTUT The event "showcases emerging artists

BOEUSJFTUPDPOOFDUMPDBMBSUJTUTXJUIUIF and tries to connect local artists with the MPDBMDPNNVOJUZ wTBJE(BZMF#VUJUTBMTP local community," said Gayle. But it's also about bringing in other people. BCPVUCSJOHJOHJOPUIFSQFPQMF i5IFZMMHPCBDLUP$IJDBHPPS5FYBT "They'll go back to Chicago or Texas or New York and say 'There's this really PS/FX:PSLBOETBZ A5IFSFTUIJTSFBMMZ cool place in Maine or Portland or PortsDPPMQMBDFJO.BJOFPS1PSUMBOEPS1PSUT mouth. .. this beautiful area," he said. NPVUIyUIJTCFBVUJGVMBSFB wIFTBJE 5IJTJTUIFmSTUFWFOU4"SUTQBDFIBT This is the first event 3S Artspace has organized in Maine. Although based out of PSHBOJ[FEJO.BJOF"MUIPVHICBTFEPVUPG Portsmouth, Gayle says the mission of 3S 1PSUTNPVUI (BZMFTBZTUIFNJTTJPOPG4 has always been focused on the seacoast IBTBMXBZTCFFOGPDVTFEPOUIFTFBDPBTU - and not hindered by state borders. oBOEOPUIJOEFSFECZTUBUFCPSEFST *OBEEJUJPOUPUIF0QFO4QBDFTFSJFT 4 In addition to the Open Space series, 3S Artspace is continuing work on a multi"SUTQBDFJTDPOUJOVJOHXPSLPOBNVMUJ disciplianry art space in downtown PortsEJTDJQMJBOSZBSUTQBDFJOEPXOUPXO1PSUT mouth that will feature an art gallery, NPVUIUIBUXJMMGFBUVSFBOBSUHBMMFSZ  performance venue and farm-to-table QFSGPSNBODFWFOVFBOEGBSNUPUBCMF restaurant. The space is expected to open SFTUBVSBOU5IFTQBDFJTFYQFDUFEUPPQFO in fall 2012. JOGBMM "21 Rooms" is free and open to the pubi3PPNTwJTGSFFBOEPQFOUPUIFQVC lic from 5 to 9 p.m. DJ Douglas Urbank MJDGSPNUPQN%+%PVHMBT6SCBOL will spin "experimental, improvisational XJMMTQJOiFYQFSJNFOUBM JNQSPWJTBUJPOBM and otherwise unconventional music," BOEPUIFSXJTFVODPOWFOUJPOBMNVTJD w and Inn on the Blues and Guac-N-Roll BOE*OOPOUIF#MVFTBOE(VBD/3PMM will provide food. XJMMQSPWJEFGPPE An after-party at Inn on the Blues in "OBGUFSQBSUZBU*OOPOUIF#MVFTJO York Beach will feature a cash bar and :PSL#FBDIXJMMGFBUVSFBDBTICBSBOE live music from The Gentleman Outfit. MJWFNVTJDGSPN5IF(FOUMFNBO0VUmU


Continued from Page E18 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3& The Humans, contemporary rock, 21-plus; Empire 4HE(UMANS CONTEMPORARYROCK  PLUS%MPIRE Dine and Dance, Portland. $8 in advance; $10 at $INEAND$ANCE 0ORTLANDINADVANCEAT door, 9 p.m. DOORPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Mainestream, rock/pop, 21-plus; Club Texas, -AINESTREAM ROCKPOP  PLUS#LUB4EXAS Auburn. $5. 784-7785. Doors at 8 p.m. !UBURN $OORSATPM DJ Che Ros and Little Internet, Slainte, Portland. $*#HE2OSAND,ITTLE)NTERNET 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND 553-2350. 9 p.m.  PM Justin Boss, alt-pop/rock, Blue, Portland. *USTIN"OSS ALT POPROCK "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 8 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Soul, Jazz & Blues Night, Big Easy, Portland. Call 3OUL *AZZ"LUES.IGHT "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND#ALL for cover: 775-2266. 8 p.m. FORCOVER PM Tickle, R&B/pop/hip hop, Bubba's Sulky Lounge, 4ICKLE 2"POPHIPHOP "UBBAS3ULKY,OUNGE Portland. Call for cover: 828-0549. 9 p.m. 0ORTLAND#ALLFORCOVER PM Nevermind Portland, Nirvana's "Nevermind" .EVERMIND0ORTLAND .IRVANASh.EVERMINDv album covered in its entirety by 12 local bands ALBUMCOVEREDINITSENTIRETYBYLOCALBANDS including Vanityites, 6Gig, Murcielago, Pigboat, INCLUDING6ANITYITES 'IG -URCIELAGO 0IGBOAT Samuel James and Baltic Sea, 21-plus; Asylum, 3AMUEL*AMESAND"ALTIC3EA  PLUS!SYLUM Portland. $6. 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Cat Haus, rock/pop, Ri Ra Irish Pub, Portland. #AT(AUS ROCKPOP 2I2A)RISH0UB 0ORTLAND 761-4446. 10 p.m.  PM Matt Newberg, singer/songwriter, Bayside Bowl, -ATT.EWBERG SINGERSONGWRITER "AYSIDE"OWL Portland. Call for cover: 791-2695. 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND#ALLFORCOVER PM Swing Shift Jazz Trio, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, 3WING3HIFT*AZZ4RIO 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Rick Miller & His Band, blues, Gingko Blue Jazz 2ICK-ILLER(IS"AND BLUES 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Club, Portland, 9 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Mount Eerie, eclectic, with Tiger Saw, The Oak -OUNT%ERIE ECLECTIC WITH4IGER3AW 4HE/AK and the Ax, Biddeford. $8 in advance; $10 day of ANDTHE!X "IDDEFORDINADVANCEDAYOF show, 8 p.m. SHOWTHEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOMPM


Continued from Page E9 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3' Sept. 30 - The B-52s, 8 p.m., Casino BallAS^b!³BVS0# a&^[1OaW\]0OZZ room, H a m p t o n Beach, N.H. $ 4 0 / $ 4 3 . `]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6""!; ( 6 0 3 ) 929-4100 1OaW\]POZZ`]][Q][)$!' '" Sept. 30 - Ben Harper, 8 p.m., House of Blues, AS^b!³0S\6O`^S`&^[6]caS]T0ZcSa Boston. $ 4 0 / $ 6 0 .; ( 8 0 0 ) 7450]ab]\"$:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 3000 ! Sept. 30 - Rubblebucket, 9 p.m., Paradise AS^b!³@cPPZSPcQYSb'^[>O`ORWaS Rock Club, Boston. $15.; ( 8 0 0 ) @]QY1ZcP0]ab]\#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&

Steve Jones, blues, Run of the Mill Brewpub, 3TEVE*ONES BLUES 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB Saco. 571-9648. 8 to 11 p.m. 3ACO TOPM Ocean Sol, jazz standards, The Local Buzz, Cape /CEAN3OL JAZZSTANDARDS 4HE,OCAL"UZZ #APE Elizabeth. Donation, 8 p.m. %LIZABETH$ONATIONCAPELOCALBUZZCOMPM Juke Joint Devils Band, blues, Dogfish Bar and *UKE*OINT$EVILS"AND BLUES $OGlSH"ARAND Grille, Portland, 'RILLE 0ORTLANDTHEDOGlSHBARANDGRILLECOM 8 p.m. PM Sweet Wednesday, rock/blues, Andy's Old Port 3WEET7EDNESDAY ROCKBLUES !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 8:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Sasquatch &The Sickabillys, psychobilly, with The 3ASQUATCH4HE3ICKABILLYS PSYCHOBILLY WITH4HE Motor Creeps and The Outsiders, Geno's Rock -OTOR#REEPSAND4HE/UTSIDERS 'ENOS2OCK Club, Portland. Call for cover: 221-2382. 9 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLAND#ALLFORCOVER PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 The Couch, open mic hosted by John Nels with 4HE#OUCH OPENMICHOSTEDBY*OHN.ELSWITH featured artist Helen Hummel, Empire Dine and FEATUREDARTIST(ELEN(UMMEL %MPIRE$INEAND Dance, Portland. 879-8988. 9 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLAND PM Lady Zen, R&B/hip-hop, Run of the Mill Brewpub, ,ADY:EN 2"HIP HOP 2UNOFTHE-ILL"REWPUB Saco. 571-9648. 8 to 11 p.m. 3ACO TOPM Spike Sikes, jazz, DobraTea, Portland. 210-6566. 3PIKE3IKES JAZZ $OBRA4EA 0ORTLAND  11 a.m. to 1 p.m. AMTOPM Hattie Simon and Nick Thompson-Brown, jazz, (ATTIE3IMONAND.ICK4HOMPSON "ROWN JAZZ Bard Coffee, Portland. 899-4788. Noon to 2 p.m. "ARD#OFFEE 0ORTLAND .OONTOPM Bob Danzillo, alt-folk, Andy's Old Port Pub, "OB$ANZILLO ALT FOLK !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 5:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM MONDAY -/.$!9 Trivia Night, hosted by Ryan Prosser, 21-plus; 4RIVIA.IGHT HOSTEDBY2YAN0ROSSER  PLUS Slainte, Portland. 828-0900. 9 p.m. 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND PM The Stowaways, bluegrass, Empire Dine and 4HE3TOWAWAYS BLUEGRASS %MPIRE$INEAND Dance, Portland, 6 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM jam, 8 p.m. concert. JAM PMCONCERT Murder of Crows, funk, Big Easy, Portland. $5. -URDEROF#ROWS FUNK "IG%ASY 0ORTLAND

Please see MUSIC, Page E25 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<),

745-3000 %"#! Oct. 1 - Louis CK, 10 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Bos=Qb³:]cWa19^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]a ton. $ 4 4 .; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 b]\""BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Oct. 2³0`cQS6]`\aPgBVS<]WaS[OYS`a& - Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers, 8 =Qb p.m., Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $41.95 to $52.50. ^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\"'#b]# #; ( 8 0 0 ) 7 4 5 - 3 0 0 0 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! Oct. 3 - James Blake, 8 p.m., Paradise Rock =Qb!³8O[Sa0ZOYS&^[>O`ORWaS@]QY Club, Boston. $25.; ( 8 0 0 ) 7451ZcP0]ab]\ #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 3000 ! Oct. 4 - The Bangles, 8 p.m., Wilbur Theatre, =Qb"³BVS0O\UZSa&^[EWZPc`BVSOb`S Boston. $35.50.; ( 8 0 0 ) 7450]ab]\!##BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"# 3000 !

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 22, 2011 | GO E23 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3 !


8db[dgiVWanhij[[ZY Comfortably stuffed


Fc[]i`\e[>iXeepĂ&#x2039;j9lii`kfj`jYXZb`eYlj`e\jj`eGfikcXe[#j\im`e^lg`kj]Xd`c`Xi#Ă&#x201D;cc`e^]Xi\% Old friend Granny's Burritos is back in business in Portland, serving up its familiar, filling fare.

tried one before. Unlike some quesaUSJFEPOFCFGPSF6OMJLFTPNFRVFTB dillas I've had, which use two round EJMMBT*WFIBE XIJDIVTFUXPSPVOE tortillas, this had one big tortilla folded UPSUJMMBT UIJTIBEPOFCJHUPSUJMMBGPMEFE over, sort of like a flat, grilled burrito. PWFS TPSUPGMJLFBnBU HSJMMFECVSSJUP Inside, there was mashed sweet po*OTJEF UIFSFXBTNBTIFETXFFUQP tato (almost pureed) spiced with garlic UBUP BMNPTUQVSFFE TQJDFEXJUIHBSMJD and ginger, as well as cheese, BOEHJOHFS BTXFMMBTDIFFTF  beans, tomatoes and salsa. It CFBOT UPNBUPFTBOETBMTB*U was very warm and gooey, and XBTWFSZXBSNBOEHPPFZ BOE the sweet potato with the ginUIFTXFFUQPUBUPXJUIUIFHJO ger and garlic was incredible HFSBOEHBSMJDXBTJODSFEJCMF -just spicy enough. It was very oKVTUTQJDZFOPVHI*UXBTWFSZ satisfying, and it came with a TBUJTGZJOH BOEJUDBNFXJUIB small order of chips and salsa. TNBMMPSEFSPGDIJQTBOETBMTB Other quesadillas on the 0UIFSRVFTBEJMMBTPOUIF enu ranged from a veggie FOVSBOHFEGSPNBWFHHJF or $4.50 to chicken pesto or GPSUPDIJDLFOQFTUPPS chicken mango for $7, and DIJDLFONBOHPGPS BOE also include spinach, guaBMTPJODMVEFTQJOBDI HVB camole and beef. DBNPMFBOECFFG For children, you can get a 'PSDIJMESFO ZPVDBOHFUB kid-sized burrito, quesadilla LJETJ[FECVSSJUP RVFTBEJMMB or peanut butter and jelly PSQFBOVUCVUUFSBOEKFMMZ )ll-up for $3, with chips on PMMVQGPS XJUIDIJQTPO u ic side. UIFTJEF The menu also includes turkey chili 5IFNFOVBMTPJODMVEFTUVSLFZDIJMJ ($3 a cup) and sides of chips with vari BDVQ BOETJEFTPGDIJQTXJUIWBSJ ous condiments, as well as rice, beans, PVTDPOEJNFOUT BTXFMMBTSJDF CFBOT  rice and bean combos, or sweet potaSJDFBOECFBODPNCPT PSTXFFUQPUB toes. A plain order of rice and beans UPFT"QMBJOPSEFSPGSJDFBOECFBOT is $3.50, while adding sweet potato or JT XIJMFBEEJOHTXFFUQPUBUPPS spinach brings it to $4.50. Add chicken, TQJOBDICSJOHTJUUP"EEDIJDLFO  beef or guacamole for $5.50. CFFGPSHVBDBNPMFGPS

<8K Xe[ ILE

Gabe Souza/Staff Photographer 5OPSA]chOAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

D i a n a D u a n e p r e p a r e s a quesadilla at Granny's B u r r i t o s . 2WO\O2cO\S^`S^O`SaO_cSaORWZZOOb5`O\\g¸a0c``Wb]a

HOT ?FK k`Zb\k

ranny's Burritos SBOOZT#VSSJUPT is back. JTCBDL For lots of locals, 'PSMPUTPGMPDBMT  that short sentence UIBUTIPSUTFOUFODF doesn't need much EPFTOUOFFENVDI explanation. But FYQMBOBUJPO#VU it's still JUTTUJMM worth talking about. XPSUIUBMLJOHBCPVU Beginning in 1995, Granny's #FHJOOJOHJO (SBOOZT Burritos established itself #VSSJUPTFTUBCMJTIFEJUTFMG as one of the go-to places for BTPOFPGUIFHPUPQMBDFTGPS good take-out food in PortHPPEUBLFPVUGPPEJO1PSU land, not to mention greatMBOE OPUUPNFOUJPOHSFBU tasting and innovative burUBTUJOHBOEJOOPWBUJWFCVS ritos and quesadillas. Owner SJUPTBOERVFTBEJMMBT0XOFS Christopher Godin moved $ISJTUPQIFS(PEJONPWFE the place several times UIFQMBDFTFWFSBMUJNFT around the Old Port and BSPVOEUIF0ME1PSUBOE downtown. It was located EPXOUPXO*UXBTMPDBUFE on Congress Street near PO$POHSFTT4USFFUOFBS the West End before Godin UIF8FTU&OECFGPSF(PEJO closed it. It remained closed DMPTFEJU*USFNBJOFEDMPTFE for about three years. GPSBCPVUUISFFZFBST But a few weeks ago, Godir #VUBGFXXFFLTBHP (PEJO re-opened Granny's - with an ma SFPQFOFE(SBOOZToXJUIBMMIJT old recipes intact - in the busy secondPMESFDJQFTJOUBDUoJOUIFCVTZTFDPOE floor eatery space at the Public Market nPPSFBUFSZTQBDFBUUIF1VCMJD.BSLFU House in Monument Square. )PVTFJO.POVNFOU4RVBSF When I visited during a recent lunch 8IFO*WJTJUFEEVSJOHBSFDFOUMVODI hour, Granny's was bustling, and Godin IPVS (SBOOZTXBTCVTUMJOH BOE(PEJO was hustling to keep pace with orders. XBTIVTUMJOHUPLFFQQBDFXJUIPSEFST I sampled the guacamole burrito *TBNQMFEUIFHVBDBNPMFCVSSJUP ($7.50) in a sun-dried tomato tortilla  JOBTVOESJFEUPNBUPUPSUJMMB as well as the sweet potato quesadilla BTXFMMBTUIFTXFFUQPUBUPRVFTBEJMMB ($5.50) in a white tortilla. I ate half of  JOBXIJUFUPSUJMMB*BUFIBMGPG each that day for lunch, and the other FBDIUIBUEBZGPSMVODI BOEUIFPUIFS halves the next day. It made for two IBMWFTUIFOFYUEBZ*UNBEFGPSUXP filling lunches. mMMJOHMVODIFT The burrito was as I remembered it. 5IFCVSSJUPXBTBT*SFNFNCFSFEJU It was large and packed with cheese, *UXBTMBSHFBOEQBDLFEXJUIDIFFTF  rice, pinto and black beans, salsa, SJDF QJOUPBOECMBDLCFBOT TBMTB  lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and MFUUVDF UPNBUPFT TPVSDSFBNBOE Granny's fresh guacamole. I could (SBOOZTGSFTIHVBDBNPMF*DPVME taste everything individually, as no UBTUFFWFSZUIJOHJOEJWJEVBMMZ BTOP one flavor or spice overshadowed the POFnBWPSPSTQJDFPWFSTIBEPXFEUIF others. The guacamole was especially PUIFST5IFHVBDBNPMFXBTFTQFDJBMMZ good, and the whole thing was warm HPPE BOEUIFXIPMFUIJOHXBTXBSN and comforting. BOEDPNGPSUJOH Other burritos on the menu range 0UIFSCVSSJUPTPOUIFNFOVSBOHF from a veggie for $5.50 to the chicken GSPNBWFHHJFGPSUPUIFDIJDLFO mango or chicken pesto for $8, and also NBOHPPSDIJDLFOQFTUPGPS BOEBMTP include sweet potato, spinach and beef. JODMVEFTXFFUQPUBUP TQJOBDIBOECFFG The sweet potato quesadilla was a 5IFTXFFUQPUBUPRVFTBEJMMBXBTB very pleasant surprise, as I had never WFSZQMFBTBOUTVSQSJTF BT*IBEOFWFS

Figa, Crush host dinner/pairing =`^X#:ilj__fjk[`ee\i&gX`i`e^

FIGA is h o s t i n g its f i r s t - e v e r w i n e d i n n e r in 475/WaV]abW\UWbaÂż`abSdS`eW\SRW\\S`W\ c o l l a b o r a t i o n w i t h Crush D i s t r i b u t o r s . Enjoy Q]ZZOP]`ObW]\eWbV1`caV2Wab`WPcb]`a3\X]g a f i v e - c o u r s e meal p r e p a r e d by Figa c h e f / o w n e r Lee OÂżdSQ]c`aS[SOZ^`S^O`SRPg4WUOQVST]e\S`:SS Farrington paired w i t h a selection of Austrian wines f r o m 4O``W\Ub]\^OW`SReWbVOaSZSQbW]\]T/cab`WO\eW\SaT`][ Klaus W i t t a u e r o f K W S e l e c t i o n . 9ZOcaEWbbOcS`]T9EASZSQbW]\ WHEN: 6 : 3 0 p.m. Friday E63<($(!^[4`WROg WHERE: 2"'1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R 4 9 Congress St., P o r t l a n d E63@3( HOW MUCH: $ 6 5 ; reservations r e q u i r e d 6=E;C16($#)`SaS`dObW]\a`S_cW`SR INFO: 5 1 8 - 9 4 0 0 7<4=(#&'"

The Features staff anonymously samples meals BVS4SObc`SaabOTTO\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa[SOZa for about $7. T]`OP]cb%

GRANNY'S BURRITOS >I8EEPĂ&#x2039;J9LII@KFJ WHERE: Public M a r k e t House, 28 E63@3(>cPZWQ;O`YSb6]caS & M o n u m e n t Square, P o r t l a n d . 7 4 9 ;]\c[S\bA_cO`S>]`bZO\R%"' 0951. '# HOURS: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. M o n d a y 6=C@A(O[b]%^[;]\ROg t h r o u g h S a t u r d a y ; 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. bV`]cUVAObc`ROg)O[b]#^[ Sunday. Ac\ROg CHEAPEST GRUB: Rice a n d beans 163/>3AB5@C0(@WQSO\RPSO\a $ 3 . 5 0 ; Turkey chili, $3 a c u p . !#)Bc`YSgQVWZW!OQc^ WAIT: Five to 10 m i n u t e s , d e p e n d i n g E/7B(4WdSb][W\cbSaRS^S\RW\U on w h a t you get. ]\eVObg]cUSb PARKING: On street. >/@97<5(=\ab`SSb HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE: Yes, there's 6/<271/>>32/113AA70:3(GSabVS`S¸a an elevator. O\SZSdOb]` RATING: * â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘  1/2 @/B7<5((((( Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\OÂżdSabO`aQOZS

Wine nights resume at Havana South N`e\e`^_kji\jld\Xk?XmXeXJflk_ HAVANA SOUTH is s t a r t i n g up its w i n e n i g h t s 6/D/</A=CB6WaabO`bW\Uc^WbaeW\S\WUVba again. This w e e k , 10 Italian w h i t e s , reds a n d OUOW\BVWaeSSY7bOZWO\eVWbSa`SRaO\R sparklers c h o s e n by Devenish W i n e s will a^O`YZS`aQV]aS\Pg2SdS\WaVEW\SaeWZZ b e f e a t u r e d , a n d t h e r e will b e a p p e t i z e r s t o PSTSObc`SRO\RbVS`SeWZZPSO^^SbWhS`ab] c o m p l e m e n t each w i n e . Q][^ZS[S\bSOQVeW\S WHEN: 6 t o n i g h t E63<($b]\WUVb WHERE: Havana S o u t h , 4 4 - 5 0 W h a r f St., P o r t l a n d E63@3(6OdO\OA]cbV""#EVO`TAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $10 f o r 10 w i n e s 6=E;C16(T]`eW\Sa INFO: 7 7 2''&& -9988 7<4=(%%

Atwell on Maine Lakes Brew Fest, E24 Bar9Xi>l`[\1>XlZ_fj9iXq`c`XeJk\Xb_flj\#<), Guide: Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse, E25 8kn\ccfeDX`e\CXb\j9i\n=\jk#<)+ Nâ&#x20AC;˘ 

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GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3E24 "5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

Choosing the only problem :_ffj`e^k_\fecpgifYc\d XkDX`e\CXb\j9i\n=\jk at Maine Lakes Brew Fest


IF.BJOF-BLFT#SFX'FTU TDIFEVMFE he Maine Lakes Brew Fest, scheduled for 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Point GPSBNUPQN4BUVSEBZBU1PJOU Sebago Resort in Casco, will feature 26 4FCBHP3FTPSUJO$BTDP XJMMGFBUVSF brewers and even more beers. CSFXFSTBOEFWFONPSFCFFST The event, which will be held rain or 5IFFWFOU XIJDIXJMMCFIFMESBJOPS shine, is described as the region's biggest TIJOF JTEFTDSJCFEBTUIFSFHJPOTCJHHFTU party, and will include 16 food vendors and QBSUZ BOEXJMMJODMVEFGPPEWFOEPSTBOE musical entertainment in addition to the NVTJDBMFOUFSUBJONFOUJOBEEJUJPOUPUIF beer, cider and wine CFFS DJEFSBOEXJOF being served. CFJOHTFSWFE Billi Lynn Burke #JMMJ-ZOO#VSLF - who also goes by the oXIPBMTPHPFTCZUIF name Mrs. Tux - said OBNF.ST5VYoTBJE there are a number UIFSFBSFBOVNCFS of changes this year. PGDIBOHFTUIJTZFBS For starters, there are 'PSTUBSUFST UIFSFBSF h u e t e n t s s o if UISFFIVHFUFOUT TPJG Trim Atuioll t h r e eweather § gets' bad, IUIII HIWCII UIFXFBUIFSHFUTCBE  the FWFSZPOFXJMMCFBCMF 16 UPTUBZESZ*OBEEJ tion, the festival has UJPO UIFGFTUJWBMIBT improved the sound, so people will be able JNQSPWFEUIFTPVOE TPQFPQMFXJMMCFBCMF to hear the music no matter which tent UPIFBSUIFNVTJDOPNBUUFSXIJDIUFOU they are in. UIFZBSFJO Music will be provided by Mr. Tux, who .VTJDXJMMCFQSPWJEFECZ.S5VY XIP also is the master of ceremonies, and BMTPJTUIFNBTUFSPGDFSFNPOJFT BOE Random Order from Raymond. The Dis3BOEPN0SEFSGSPN3BZNPOE5IF%JT claimers, who also appeared last year, will DMBJNFST XIPBMTPBQQFBSFEMBTUZFBS XJMM be closing the show CFDMPTJOHUIFTIPX "We have beer, wine and cider," Burke i8FIBWFCFFS XJOFBOEDJEFS w#VSLF said. "The cider has been very popular for TBJEi5IFDJEFSIBTCFFOWFSZQPQVMBSGPS the past couple of years, and it is going to UIFQBTUDPVQMFPGZFBST BOEJUJTHPJOHUP go under the wine category in the People's HPVOEFSUIFXJOFDBUFHPSZJOUIF1FPQMFT Choice voting." $IPJDFWPUJOHw Gates will be opening at 10:30 a.m., but (BUFTXJMMCFPQFOJOHBUBN CVU the brewers will not begin serving until 11 UIFCSFXFSTXJMMOPUCFHJOTFSWJOHVOUJM a.m. Burke said the early opening is deBN#VSLFTBJEUIFFBSMZPQFOJOHJTEF signed to reduce lines. The taps will stop TJHOFEUPSFEVDFMJOFT5IFUBQTXJMMTUPQ flowing at 4 p.m. nPXJOHBUQN Tickets to the brew fest are 5JDLFUTUPUIFCSFXGFTUBSF $25 if you order them online at JGZPVPSEFSUIFNPOMJOFBU and $30 if you NBJOFMBLFTCSFXGFTUDPNBOEJGZPV pay at the gate. With that, you get 10 QBZBUUIFHBUF8JUIUIBU ZPVHFU tickets good for 4-ounce glasses of beer or UJDLFUTHPPEGPSPVODFHMBTTFTPGCFFSPS 2-ounce glasses of wine. PVODFHMBTTFTPGXJOF That might create a problem, given that 5IBUNJHIUDSFBUFBQSPCMFN HJWFOUIBU there are 26 brewers on hand, and most will UIFSFBSFCSFXFSTPOIBOE BOENPTUXJMM have more than one offering. It is going to IBWFNPSFUIBOPOFPGGFSJOH*UJTHPJOHUP take some strategy in making the choices. UBLFTPNFTUSBUFHZJONBLJOHUIFDIPJDFT One of my choices will be in the Samuel 0OFPGNZDIPJDFTXJMMCFJOUIF4BNVFM Adams Beer Lovers Choice contest - the "EBNT#FFS-PWFST$IPJDFDPOUFTUoUIF annual contest that has resulted in such BOOVBMDPOUFTUUIBUIBTSFTVMUFEJOTVDI beers as Noble Pils coming to the Samuel CFFSTBT/PCMF1JMTDPNJOHUPUIF4BNVFM Adams lineup. "EBNTMJOFVQ The two choices this year are Oaked Ale 5IFUXPDIPJDFTUIJTZFBSBSF0BLFE"MF and Maple Pecan Porter. I expect I am goBOE.BQMF1FDBO1PSUFS*FYQFDU*BNHP ing to prefer the Oaked Ale, but I will want JOHUPQSFGFSUIF0BLFE"MF CVU*XJMMXBOU to try both. UPUSZCPUI I am going to have to try some Shag *BNHPJOHUPIBWFUPUSZTPNF4IBH Rock out of Rockland, because I have had 3PDLPVUPG3PDLMBOE CFDBVTF*IBWFIBE only two of their beers - and I think one POMZUXPPGUIFJSCFFSToBOE*UIJOLPOF of them might have had a problem in the PGUIFNNJHIUIBWFIBEBQSPCMFNJOUIF brewing. I will have some Oak Pond out of CSFXJOH*XJMMIBWFTPNF0BL1POEPVUPG Skowhegan, because their beers are tough 4LPXIFHBO CFDBVTFUIFJSCFFSTBSFUPVHI to find. UPmOE Sebago Brewing Co. is a sponsor, so 4FCBHP#SFXJOH$PJTBTQPOTPS TP it probably will have one of its specialty JUQSPCBCMZXJMMIBWFPOFPGJUTTQFDJBMUZ brews. And Bray's, which is one of the CSFXT"OE#SBZT XIJDIJTPOFPGUIF food vendors, is likely to have something GPPEWFOEPST JTMJLFMZUPIBWFTPNFUIJOH special on tap as well. TQFDJBMPOUBQBTXFMM I have been a fan of Otter Creek from *IBWFCFFOBGBOPG0UUFS$SFFLGSPN Vermont, so I will see what they have, and 7FSNPOU TP*XJMMTFFXIBUUIFZIBWF BOE probably will have one. QSPCBCMZXJMMIBWFPOF

Kfd8kn\cc N_Xk8c\jPfl What Ales You S ^ t a a d t

th 15TH Annual !NNUAL 

Now .OW "LUE'RASS'ATHERING Blue Grass Gathering Open #HICKEN""1 /PEN & Chicken BBQ 3AT3EPT Sat. Sept. 24th  11-5 &OR/UR For Our ""1STARTSATNOON RD BBQ starts at noon 63rd ,)6% !PPLE 3EASON Apple -ON5ST3AG)# E TH


DIRECTIONS: $)2%#4)/.3 Going West on 'OING7ESTON Route 25, turn right 2OUTE TURNRIGHT at Cornish Library. AT#ORNISH,IBRARY OPEN 7 DAYS; 9-5 /0%.$!93 

Farm store features fresh pressed apple cider, &ARMSTOREFEATURESFRESHPRESSEDAPPLECIDER homemade cider donuts, apple pies, and many HOMEMADECIDERDONUTS APPLEPIES ANDMANY flavors of fudge. Also, we have country gifts made mAVORSOFFUDGE!LSO WEHAVECOUNTRYGIFTSMADE by our Maine neighbors, and also Eric's antiques. BYOUR-AINENEIGHBORS ANDALSO%RICSANTIQUES


â&#x20AC;˘ Free for Children - Apple Playland s&REEFOR#HILDRENn!PPLE0LAYLAND â&#x20AC;˘ Win a free X A lb. of fudge at the Apple Blaster s7INAFREEÂ&#x2014;LBOFFUDGEATTHE!PPLE"LASTER â&#x20AC;˘ Apple Bin Maze s!PPLE"IN-AZE



!DULTS $7 Adults +IDSUNDER Kids 16 & under &2%% FREE

PARTICIPATING BREWERS G8IK@:@G8K@E>9I<N<IJ THE LIST OF BREWERS participating in the B63:7AB=40@3E3@A^O`bWQW^ObW\UW\bVS eighth annual Maine Lakes Brew Fest: SWUVbVO\\cOZ;OW\S:OYSa0`Se4Sab( Allagash Brewing Co., Andrews /ZZOUOaV0`SeW\U1]/\R`Sea Brewing Co., Baxter Brewing Co., 0`SeW\U1]0OfbS`0`SeW\U1] Blacksmiths Winery, Bray's Brewing 0ZOQYa[WbVaEW\S`g0`Og¸a0`SeW\U Co., Brooklyn Brewery, D.L. Geary 1]0`]]YZg\0`SeS`g2:5SO`g Brewing Co., Kennebunkport Brewing/ 0`SeW\U1]9S\\SPc\Y^]`b0`SeW\U Federal Jack's, Gritty McDuff's 4SRS`OZ8OQY¸a5`Wbbg;Q2cTT¸a Brewing Co., Massachusetts Bay 0`SeW\U1];OaaOQVcaSbba0Og Brewing (Harpoon), Kennebec River 0`SeW\U6O`^]]\9S\\SPSQ@WdS` Brewery, Long Trail Brewing Co., 0`SeS`g:]\UB`OWZ0`SeW\U1] Magic Hat Brewery, Maine Beer Co., ;OUWQ6Ob0`SeS`g;OW\S0SS`1] Narragansett Brewing Co., <O``OUO\aSbb0`SeW\U1] Oak Pond Brewery, Otter Creek =OY>]\R0`SeS`g=bbS`1`SSY Brewing Co., Rising Tide Brewing Co., 0`SeW\U1]@WaW\UBWRS0`SeW\U1] The Run of the Mill Brewery, Samuel BVS@c\]TbVS;WZZ0`SeS`gAO[cSZ Adams/Boston Beer Co., Sea Dog /RO[a0]ab]\0SS`1]ASO2]U Brewing Co., Sebago Brewing Co., 0`SeW\U1]ASPOU]0`SeW\U1] Shag Rock Brewing Co. (Amalfi on the AVOU@]QY0`SeW\U1]/[OZ¿]\bVS Water), Shipyard Brewing Co., Sunday EObS`AVW^gO`R0`SeW\U1]Ac\ROg River Brewing Co., Green Mountain/ @WdS`0`SeW\U1]5`SS\;]c\bOW\ Vermont Woodchuck Hard Cider, DS`[]\bE]]RQVcQY6O`R1WRS` Wicked Wines EWQYSREW\Sa

That is seven out of the 10 right there, 5IBUJTTFWFOPVUPGUIFSJHIUUIFSF  and I haven't even had a chance to see if BOE*IBWFOUFWFOIBEBDIBODFUPTFFJG any of my regular brewers have brought BOZPGNZSFHVMBSCSFXFSTIBWFCSPVHIU something special with them. TPNFUIJOHTQFDJBMXJUIUIFN The rule again is not to waste a ticket on 5IFSVMFBHBJOJTOPUUPXBTUFBUJDLFUPO anything I have had before. BOZUIJOH*IBWFIBECFGPSF NARRAGANSETT BEER has been /"33"("/4&55#&&3IBTCFFO holding its Neighbor Day Celebration IPMEJOHJUT/FJHICPS%BZ$FMFCSBUJPO Series since Aug. 30, and it comes to a 4FSJFTTJODF"VH BOEJUDPNFTUPB conclusion on Friday in Portland. DPODMVTJPOPO'SJEBZJO1PSUMBOE The tour is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. at 5IFUPVSJTTDIFEVMFEUPTUBSUBUQNBU the Great Lost Bear, 540 Forest Ave., and UIF(SFBU-PTU#FBS 'PSFTU"WF BOE end at Mama's Crowbar, 189 Congress St. FOEBU.BNBT$SPXCBS $POHSFTT4U Stops in between will include Brian Boru, 4UPQTJOCFUXFFOXJMMJODMVEF#SJBO#PSV  54 Center St.; Nosh, 551 Congress St.; and $FOUFS4U/PTI $POHSFTT4UBOE the Thirsty Pig, 37 Exchange St. UIF5IJSTUZ1JH &YDIBOHF4U Other stops and exact times will be an0UIFSTUPQTBOEFYBDUUJNFTXJMMCFBO nounced on Twitter (a GansettBeer. Each OPVODFEPO5XJUUFS!(BOTFUU#FFS&BDI bar stop will feature games, giveaways CBSTUPQXJMMGFBUVSFHBNFT HJWFBXBZT - including T-shirts and coozies - and oJODMVEJOH5TIJSUTBOEDPP[JFToBOE goodwill rounds of beer by the 'Gansett HPPEXJMMSPVOETPGCFFSCZUIF(BOTFUU team. UFBN PUMPKINHEAD ALE fans can help 16.1,*/)&"%"-&GBOTDBOIFMQ support the ballet from 6 to 8 p.m. Friday TVQQPSUUIFCBMMFUGSPNUPQN'SJEBZ at the Portland Ballet Studios, 517 Forest BUUIF1PSUMBOE#BMMFU4UVEJPT 'PSFTU Ave. "WF "Pumpkinhead & Primas," sponsored in i1VNQLJOIFBE1SJNBT wTQPOTPSFEJO part by Shipyard Brewing, will include a QBSUCZ4IJQZBSE#SFXJOH XJMMJODMVEFB sneak preview of "The Legend of Sleepy TOFBLQSFWJFXPGi5IF-FHFOEPG4MFFQZ Hollow," which the ballet will be performing )PMMPX wXIJDIUIFCBMMFUXJMMCFQFSGPSNJOH in two shows Oct. 15 at the Westbrook PerJOUXPTIPXT0DUBUUIF8FTUCSPPL1FS forming Arts Center, 471 Stroudwater St. GPSNJOH"SUT$FOUFS 4USPVEXBUFS4U In addition to the ballet preview, Friday's *OBEEJUJPOUPUIFCBMMFUQSFWJFX 'SJEBZT event will include bar games, Shipyard FWFOUXJMMJODMVEFCBSHBNFT 4IJQZBSE Pumpkinhead, and beer and ballet trivia. 1VNQLJOIFBE BOECFFSBOECBMMFUUSJWJB Admission is a suggested donation of "ENJTTJPOJTBTVHHFTUFEEPOBUJPOPG $10. For details, call 772-9671 or visit 'PSEFUBJMT DBMMPSWJTJU portlandballet. org. QPSUMBOECBMMFUPSH Staff Writer Tom Atwell can be contacted at 791-6362 AbOTTE`WbS`B][/beSZZQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$!$ or at: ]`Ob( tatwell@pressherald. com bObeSZZ.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 GO E25 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3 #


>XlZ_fjj_Xb\j`klgn`k_CXk`ekn`jkfeYXiZcXjj`Zj Gauchos shakes it up with Latin twist on bar classics DM


By ELISA DOUCETTE #Z&-*4"%06$&55&

any people familiar with the BOZQFPQMFGBNJMJBSXJUIUIF Portland dining scene have 1PSUMBOEEJOJOHTDFOFIBWF IFBSEPG(BVDIPT#SB[JMJBO heard of Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse, the all-you-can-eat, 4UFBLIPVTF UIFBMMZPVDBOFBU  SPUJTTFSJFDPPLFENFBUPOB rotisserie-cooked meat-on-asword restaurant at the corner of TXPSESFTUBVSBOUBUUIFDPSOFSPG $VTUPN)PVTF8IBSGBOE$PN Custom House Wharf and Commercial Street. NFSDJBM4USFFU But most are not familiar with #VUNPTUBSFOPUGBNJMJBSXJUI the amazing bar at the restauUIFBNB[JOHCBSBUUIFSFTUBV rant or the atmosphere and SBOUPSUIFBUNPTQIFSFBOE menu it offers. NFOVJUPGGFST I've never been to Argentina or *WFOFWFSCFFOUP"SHFOUJOBPS Brazil, so I can't speak to Gau#SB[JM TP*DBOUTQFBLUP(BV chos' South American authenticDIPT4PVUI"NFSJDBOBVUIFOUJD ity. But I do know that when you JUZ#VU*EPLOPXUIBUXIFOZPV enter Gauchos, you immediately FOUFS(BVDIPT ZPVJNNFEJBUFMZ forget you are in a building near GPSHFUZPVBSFJOBCVJMEJOHOFBS Portland's working waterfront. 1PSUMBOETXPSLJOHXBUFSGSPOU And the bar area is enough of a "OEUIFCBSBSFBJTFOPVHIPGB reason to visit on its own. SFBTPOUPWJTJUPOJUTPXO The focal point is the semi-cir5IFGPDBMQPJOUJTUIFTFNJDJS cle bar that curls into the space DMFCBSUIBUDVSMTJOUPUIFTQBDF between the two doorways to the CFUXFFOUIFUXPEPPSXBZTUPUIF dining areas. About 15 unique EJOJOHBSFBT"CPVUVOJRVF metal-worked stools make the NFUBMXPSLFETUPPMTNBLFUIF bar a place where you can take CBSBQMBDFXIFSFZPVDBOUBLF a group of friends or co-workers BHSPVQPGGSJFOETPSDPXPSLFST for a quick drink and bite to eat. GPSBRVJDLESJOLBOECJUFUPFBU If you visit on your own, as I did, *GZPVWJTJUPOZPVSPXO BT*EJE  the outgoing staff and friendly UIFPVUHPJOHTUBGGBOEGSJFOEMZ regular patrons of Gauchos will SFHVMBSQBUSPOTPG(BVDIPTXJMM make sure you don't feel alone. NBLFTVSFZPVEPOUGFFMBMPOF The drink menu offers many 5IFESJOLNFOVPGGFSTNBOZ South American twists on 4PVUI"NFSJDBOUXJTUTPO classics that take your favorite DMBTTJDTUIBUUBLFZPVSGBWPSJUF cocktails and create a new way DPDLUBJMTBOEDSFBUFBOFXXBZ to experience them. One of UPFYQFSJFODFUIFN0OFPG the most popular is the CapirUIFNPTUQPQVMBSJTUIF$BQJS rinha Traditional (cachaca with SJOIB5SBEJUJPOBM DBDIBDBXJUI muddled sugar and lime; $8). NVEEMFETVHBSBOEMJNF  Cachaca is a Brazilian sugar $BDIBDBJTB#SB[JMJBOTVHBS cane liquor that is fermented in DBOFMJRVPSUIBUJTGFSNFOUFEJO wood or copper, then boiled down XPPEPSDPQQFS UIFOCPJMFEEPXO three times to a concentrate. UISFFUJNFTUPBDPODFOUSBUF It's used in many of the drinks *UTVTFEJONBOZPGUIFESJOLT featured on the martini list. GFBUVSFEPOUIFNBSUJOJMJTU With all of Gauchos' new and 8JUIBMMPG(BVDIPTOFXBOE different blends, it might seem EJGGFSFOUCMFOET JUNJHIUTFFN overwhelming to order your PWFSXIFMNJOHUPPSEFSZPVS staple drink. But have no fear, as TUBQMFESJOL#VUIBWFOPGFBS BT bartenders such as Matt MulCBSUFOEFSTTVDIBT.BUU.VM len are quick to offer guidance MFOBSFRVJDLUPPGGFSHVJEBODF and info about what compares to BOEJOGPBCPVUXIBUDPNQBSFTUP

WHERE: 100 Commercial St., E63@3(1][[S`QWOZAb Portland. 774-9460; gauchos >]`bZO\R%%"'"$)UOcQV]a P`OhWZWO\abSOYV]caSQ][ HOURS: 4 to 10 p.m. Tuesday 6=C@A("b]^[BcSaROg through Saturday bV`]cUVAObc`ROg PARKING: With the tourist traffic >/@97<5(EWbVbVSb]c`Wabb`OT¿Q coming at a slower pace now Q][W\UObOaZ]eS`^OQS\]e that summer is over, metered bVObac[[S`Wa]dS`[SbS`SR spaces are easier to find on a^OQSaO`SSOaWS`b]¿\R]\ Commercial Street. Or pay by 1][[S`QWOZAb`SSb=`^OgPg the hour at either the Casco bVSV]c`ObSWbVS`bVS1OaQ] Bay Garage near the pier or 0Og5O`OUS\SO`bVS^WS`]` the Custom House Garage a bVS1cab][6]caS5O`OUSO block away on Pearl Street. PZ]QYOeOg]\>SO`ZAb`SSb SPECIALS: Happy hour every A>317/:A(6O^^gV]c`SdS`g day from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., ROgT`]["(!b]$(!^[ with all bar menu items and eWbVOZZPO`[S\cWbS[aO\R martinis for $5 [O`bW\WaT]`# PEOPLE WATCHING: During >3=>:3E/B167<5(2c`W\U the week, you will find the bVSeSSYg]ceWZZ¿\RbVS friendliest crew of downtown T`WS\RZWSabQ`Se]TR]e\b]e\ Portland professionals >]`bZO\R^`]TSaaW]\OZa unwinding after work. c\eW\RW\UOTbS`e]`Y Later at night and on the :ObS`Ob\WUVbO\R]\bVS weekends, expect more young eSSYS\RaSf^SQb[]`Sg]c\U professionals and tourists. ^`]TSaaW]\OZaO\Rb]c`Waba BARSTOOL COMFORT: Funky metal 0/@AB==:1=;4=@B(4c\Yg[SbOZ Cabe Souza/Staff Photographer 5OPSA]chOAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS` bar chairs with cushioned red PO`QVOW`aeWbVQcaVW]\SR`SR Matt Mullen, the bar manager at Gauchos Brazilian Steakhouse on Commercial Street, pours a ;Obb;cZZS\bVSPO`[O\OUS`Ob5OcQV]a0`OhWZWO\AbSOYV]caS]\1][[S`QWOZAb`SSb^]c`aO "pleather" seats, black and µ^ZSObVS`¶aSObaPZOQYO\R Grand Martini, made with equal parts Jose Cuervo and Cointreau and a splash of Grand Marnier. U]ZR[SbOZe]`YO\RQ]\dSf 5`O\R;O`bW\W[ORSeWbVS_cOZ^O`ba8]aS1cS`d]O\R1]W\b`SOcO\ROa^ZOaV]T5`O\R;O`\WS` gold metalwork and convex ladder backing lesson in South American flavors, PCTDVSFBOEVOLOPXOCSFXFSJFT conventional flavors. With a $5 obscure and unknown breweries. ZORRS`POQYW\U MFTTPOJO4PVUI"NFSJDBOnBWPST  DPOWFOUJPOBMnBWPST8JUIB GUILTY PLEASURE: The Grand 5C7:BG>:3/AC@3(BVS5`O\R martini and mixed-drink happy with many wines coming from Instead, it's a lesson in comfort *OTUFBE JUTBMFTTPOJODPNGPSU XJUINBOZXJOFTDPNJOHGSPN NBSUJOJBOENJYFEESJOLIBQQZ martini (Grand Marnier, Jose [O`bW\W5`O\R;O`\WS`8]aS hour from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. every WJOFZBSETBOEMBCFMTPVUPG$IJMF  vineyards and labels out of Chile, BOETUBOECZT XJUIEPNFTUJD and standbys, with domestic IPVSGSPNUPQNFWFSZ Cuervo Especial and Cointreau 1cS`d]3a^SQWOZO\R1]W\b`SOc day, you don't have much to lose "SHFOUJOBBOE#SB[JM4JODFUIJT Argentina and Brazil. Since this GBWPSJUFTMJLF#VEXFJTFS   favorites like Budweiser ($3.75) EBZ ZPVEPOUIBWFNVDIUPMPTF muddled with fresh lime and [cRRZSReWbVT`SaVZW[SO\R if you choose to test a few. is a South American Steakhouse, BOEWBSJPVT4IJQZBSECSFXT and various Shipyard brews JTB4PVUI"NFSJDBOTUFBLIPVTF  JGZPVDIPPTFUPUFTUBGFX sugar; $12) If you are feeling particularly you would be remiss not to try ($4.25). The import list is equally acUO`)  5IFJNQPSUMJTUJTFRVBMMZ ZPVXPVMECFSFNJTTOPUUPUSZ *GZPVBSFGFFMJOHQBSUJDVMBSMZ standard, featuring Heineken bold, you can order one of Gauthe house-made sangria ($6.50 TUBOEBSE GFBUVSJOH)FJOFLFO UIFIPVTFNBEFTBOHSJB  CPME ZPVDBOPSEFSPOFPG(BV per glass, $24 per pitcher), a chos' signature naming drinks. ($4.50), Guinness ($5) and Stella  (VJOOFTT  BOE4UFMMB QFSHMBTT QFSQJUDIFS B DIPTTJHOBUVSFnBNJOHESJOLT With fall coming into full swing, blend of fruits, juices and house Artois ($4.25), but with the added DBOFOKPZCBSTUBQMFTTVDIBT "SUPJT  CVUXJUIUIFBEEFE CMFOEPGGSVJUT KVJDFTBOEIPVTF 8JUIGBMMDPNJOHJOUPGVMMTXJOH  can enjoy bar staples such as try the pumpkin pie martini wine. touch of Corona Extra ($4.50) UPVDIPG$PSPOB&YUSB   XJOF USZUIFQVNQLJOQJFNBSUJOJ scallops wrapped in bacon ($8) or TDBMMPQTXSBQQFEJOCBDPO  PS Gauchos has a climate-con(Bailey's Irish Cream, Kahlua, and Presidente ($4.25) if you are DIJDLFOXJOHT  TFSWFEXJUI BOE1SFTJEFOUF  JGZPVBSF (BVDIPTIBTBDMJNBUFDPO #BJMFZT*SJTI$SFBN ,BIMVB  chicken wings ($7) served with trolled walk-in wine cellar, so looking for something a little off DeKuyper ButterShots schnapps USPMMFEXBMLJOXJOFDFMMBS TP red and green pepper slices inMPPLJOHGPSTPNFUIJOHBMJUUMFPGG %F,VZQFS#VUUFS4IPUTTDIOBQQT SFEBOEHSFFOQFQQFSTMJDFTJO and Goldschlager garnished with CPUUMFT UP BSFTFSWFE the radar. bottles ($26 to $48) are served UIFSBEBS BOE(PMETDIMBHFSHBSOJTIFEXJUI stead of celery and carrot sticks. TUFBEPGDFMFSZBOEDBSSPUTUJDLT cinnamon sugar; $9), which is to your table at the perfect Gauchos is known for its I went for a more daring dinner (BVDIPTJTLOPXOGPSJUT UPZPVSUBCMFBUUIFQFSGFDU DJOOBNPOTVHBS XIJDIJT *XFOUGPSBNPSFEBSJOHEJOOFS perfect for a chilly evening in the UFNQFSBUVSF8JOFCZUIFHMBTT temperature. Wine by the glass protein-intense meals ($27.95 QSPUFJOJOUFOTFNFBMT  QFSGFDUGPSBDIJMMZFWFOJOHJOUIF selection and chose the Milanesa TFMFDUJPOBOEDIPTFUIF.JMBOFTB to $29.95 per person) featuring Old Port. ($6.50) is only available in the UPQFSQFSTPO GFBUVSJOH  JTPOMZBWBJMBCMFJOUIF 0ME1PSU ($8), a well-sized, thinly sliced  BXFMMTJ[FE UIJOMZTMJDFE Or order the creme brulee mar- IPVTFCMFOETPGXIJUF[JOGBOEFM  house blends of white zinfandel, NFBUTTLFXFSFEPOBTXPSEBOE meats skewered on a sword and QJFDFPGTUFBLUIBUJTCSFBEFE 0SPSEFSUIFDSFNFCSVMFFNBS piece of steak that is breaded tini (Stoli Vanil vodka, DeKuyper DIBSEPOOBZ NFSMPUBOEDBCFSOFU chardonnay, merlot and cabernet EFMJWFSFEEJSFDUMZUPZPVSUBCMF delivered directly to your table and fried. Maybe not the most UJOJ 4UPMJ7BOJMWPELB %F,VZQFS BOEGSJFE.BZCFOPUUIFNPTU savignon. when your dining card is green ButterShots schnapps, Bailey's healthy option, but certainly deliXIFOZPVSEJOJOHDBSEJTHSFFO TBWJHOPO #VUUFS4IPUTTDIOBQQT #BJMFZT IFBMUIZPQUJPO CVUDFSUBJOMZEFMJ With such a South AmericanIrish Cream and Bacardi 151; $9) for "go." At the bar, the menu is cious. GPSiHPw"UUIFCBS UIFNFOVJT 8JUITVDIB4PVUI"NFSJDBO *SJTI$SFBNBOE#BDBSEJ  DJPVT and experience a muy caliente flavored wine and drink menu, equally appetizing, but it's buffetFRVBMMZBQQFUJ[JOH CVUJUTCVGGFU nBWPSFEXJOFBOEESJOLNFOV  BOEFYQFSJFODFBNVZDBMJFOUF mixed drink experience. you might expect to find a beer style and a little less expensive. Elisa Doucette is a freelance writer who TUZMFBOEBMJUUMFMFTTFYQFOTJWF ZPVNJHIUFYQFDUUPmOEBCFFS NJYFEESJOLFYQFSJFODF 3ZWaO2]cQSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV] list with Spanish ales from Gauchos' wine menu is also a The less adventurous diner lives in Saco. 5IFMFTTBEWFOUVSPVTEJOFS MJTUXJUI4QBOJTIBMFTGSPN (BVDIPTXJOFNFOVJTBMTPB ZWdSaW\AOQ]


Page E22 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 775-2266. 8 p.m.  PM Open Mic with Alec Wall, acoustic, Andy's Old /PEN-ICWITH!LEC7ALL ACOUSTIC !NDYS/LD Port Pub, Portland. 874-2639. 7 to 11 p.m. 0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND TOPM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Open Mic Night with Slack Master, Run of the /PEN-IC.IGHTWITH3LACK-ASTER 2UNOFTHE Mill Brewpub, Saco. 571-9648. 8 to 11 p.m. -ILL"REWPUB 3ACO TOPM The Still, acoustic, Portland Lobster Company. 4HE3TILL ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY 775-2112. 6 to 9 p.m.  TOPM Karaoke, Slainte, Portland. 553-2350. 9 p.m. +ARAOKE 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND PM Chas Lester Trio, jazz/soul/funk, Empire Dine #HAS,ESTER4RIO JAZZSOULFUNK %MPIRE$INE and Dance, Portland, AND$ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOM 9 p.m. PM

Cover to Cover, original music and a favorite #OVERTO#OVER ORIGINALMUSICANDAFAVORITE album performed by local musicians, Big Easy, ALBUMPERFORMEDBYLOCALMUSICIANS "IG%ASY Portland, De La Soul by 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOM$E,A3OULBY Educated Advocates, 9 p.m. %DUCATED!DVOCATES PM Pub Quiz, Ri Ra Irish Pub, Portland. 761-4446. 0UB1UIZ 2I2A)RISH0UB 0ORTLAND  8 p.m. PM Mike Krapovicky, acoustic rock, Andy's Old Port -IKE+RAPOVICKY ACOUSTICROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland. 6:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDPM R&B/Soul Night, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz 2"3OUL.IGHT  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Club, Portland, 5 to 11 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Irish Music Night with Fil Campbell, Blue, )RISH-USIC.IGHTWITH&IL#AMPBELL "LUE Portland. Donation, 8 p.m. 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Traditional Irish Session, Blue, Portland, 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION "LUE 0ORTLAND Donation, 9:30 p.m. $ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOMPM Karaoke with DJ Johnny Red, Asylum, Portland. +ARAOKEWITH$**OHNNY2ED !SYLUM 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM

Club, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Palm Trio, Calypso jazz, Gingko Blue Jazz Club, 0ALM4RIO #ALYPSOJAZZ 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPM Beam and Fink, acoustic rock, Andy's Old Port "EAMAND&INK ACOUSTICROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 7 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM A Band Beyond Description, jam-band !"AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BAND covers, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3. COVERS  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND SEPT. 29 3%04 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Skot Veroczi, singer/songwriter and guitarist, 3KOT6EROCZI SINGERSONGWRITERANDGUITARIST Group Night Out Thirsty Thursday, karaoke with 'ROUP.IGHT/UT4HIRSTY4HURSDAY KARAOKEWITH Blue, Portland. Donation, "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM TJ the DJ, 21-plus (all ages with parent); Racks 4*THE$*  PLUSALLAGESWITHPARENT 2ACKS 8 p.m. PM Sports Bar and Grille, Portland. 773-3466. 7:30 3PORTS"ARAND'RILLE 0ORTLAND  Samuel James and Dana Gross, roots, blues and 3AMUEL*AMESAND$ANA'ROSS ROOTS BLUESAND to 11:30 p.m. soul, Blue, Portland. Donation, TOPM SOUL "LUE 0ORTLAND$ONATIONPORTCITYBLUECOM 10p.m. Retro Night, Asylum, Portland. PM 2ETRO.IGHT !SYLUM 0ORTLAND Peter & The Wolftones, jazz, Gingko Blue Jazz 0ETER4HE7OLFTONES JAZZ 'INGKO"LUE*AZZ 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Rap Night with Shupe and III By Instinct, Big 2AP.IGHTWITH3HUPEAND)LL"Y)NSTINCT "IG Easy, Portland. $3. 775-2266. 9 p.m. %ASY 0ORTLAND PM Open Mic Night, Slainte, Portland. 553-2350. /PEN-IC.IGHT 3LAINTE 0ORTLAND  8 p.m. PM Nikki Hunt Duo, acoustic, Ri Ra Irish Pub, .IKKI(UNT$UO ACOUSTIC 2I2A)RISH0UB Portland. 761-4446. 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND PM David Beam and The Custom House Gang, $AVID"EAMAND4HE#USTOM(OUSE'ANG blues/Americana, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. BLUES!MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 3E26 $5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 

BDK>:H MOVIES Continued from Page E14 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"

Showing at: Falmouth 10 Today 7:15; Cinemagic AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVB]ROg%(#)1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) Today 12,2:20,4:30, 7:10,9:30; 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg  ( "(!%('(!) Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12,2:10,4:20, 7:10,9:50; 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg  ("( %('(#) Cinemagic Saco Today 7:05,9:05 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg%(#'(# "RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES" (PG-13) (1:55) µ@7A3=4B63>:/<3B=4B63/>3A¶>5!(## Stars James Franco, Andy Serkis and Freida Pinto. DiAbO`a8O[Sa4`O\Q]/\RgAS`YWaO\R4`SWRO>W\b]2W rected by Rupert Wyatt. In present day San Francisco, `SQbSRPg@c^S`bEgObb7\^`SaS\bROgAO\4`O\QWaQ] a scientist looks for a cure for Alzheimer's disease by OaQWS\bWabZ]]YaT]`OQc`ST]`/ZhVSW[S`¸aRWaSOaSPg experimenting on a chimpanzee named Caesar. The Sf^S`W[S\bW\U]\OQVW[^O\hSS\O[SR1OSaO`BVS development of animal intelligence brings about a war RSdSZ]^[S\b]TO\W[OZW\bSZZWUS\QSP`W\UaOP]cbOeO` for supremacy between humans and apes. Violence, T]`ac^`S[OQgPSbeSS\Vc[O\aO\RO^SaDW]ZS\QS terror, some sexuality and brief strong language. bS``]`a][SaSfcOZWbgO\RP`WSTab`]\UZO\UcOUS Showing at: Falmouth 10 Today 4:10, 6:45 Fri-Sat AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"($("#4`WAOb 4:05, 9:35 Sun-Wed 4:05; Brunswick 10 Today 4:05, "(#'(!#Ac\ESR"(#)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg"(# 9:25; Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:20,3:10,7:10, '( #)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg ( !(%( 9:40; Cinemagic Saco Today 12:15, Cin'(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg (# 2:30,4:45; (!"("#)1W\ emagic Grand (South Portland) Today 6:50, 9:30 S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg$(#'(! "SARAH'S KEY" (1:51) (PG-13) Stars Kristin Scott µA/@/6¸A93G¶(#>5!AbO`a9`WabW\AQ]bb Thomas, Melusine Mayance and Niels Arestrup. DiBV][Oa;SZcaW\S;OgO\QSO\R<WSZa/`Sab`c^2W rected by Gilles Paquet-Brenner. In modern-day Paris, `SQbSRPg5WZZSa>O_cSb0`S\\S`7\[]RS`\ROg>O`Wa a journalist finds her life becoming entwined with a OX]c`\OZWab¿\RaVS`ZWTSPSQ][W\US\beW\SReWbVO young girl whose family was torn apart during the nog]c\UUW`ZeV]aSTO[WZgeOab]`\O^O`bRc`W\UbVS\] torious Vel' d'Hiv Roundup in 1942.BVS[ObWQ[ObS`WOZ Thematic material b]`W]caDSZ¸R¸6Wd@]c\Rc^W\'" including disturbing situations involving the Holocaust. W\QZcRW\URWabc`PW\UaWbcObW]\aW\d]ZdW\UbVS6]Z]QOcab Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 5:10,9:20; AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg#('( ) Eveningstar (Brunswick) Today 1:30, 4, 6:30, 8:45 3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYB]ROg(!"$(!&("# "SMURFS" (PG) (1:26) Animated with the voices of µA;C@4A¶>5( $/\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa]T Hank Azaria, Katy Perry and Jonathan Winters. Di6O\Y/hO`WO9Obg>S``gO\R8]\ObVO\EW\bS`a2W rected by Raja Gosnell. When the evil wizard Gargamel `SQbSRPg@OXO5]a\SZZEVS\bVSSdWZeWhO`R5O`UO[SZ chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they QVOaSabVSbW\gPZcSA[c`Ta]cb]TbVSW`dWZZOUSbVSg tumble from their magical world and into ours. Some bc[PZST`][bVSW`[OUWQOZe]`ZRO\RW\b]]c`aA][S mild rude humor and action. [WZR`cRSVc[]`O\ROQbW]\ Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today 12:20, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg (  3:20; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Today 12:10, !( )1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB]ROg ( 2:20, 4:30 ( "(! "SPY KIDS: ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD IN 4D" µA>G972A(/::B63B7;37<B63E=@:27<"2¶

(PG) (1:29) Stars Jessica Alba, Jeremy Piven and Joel >5( 'AbO`a8SaaWQO/ZPO8S`S[g>WdS\O\R8]SZ McHale. Directed by Robert Rodriguez. Retired agent ;Q6OZS2W`SQbSRPg@]PS`b@]R`WUcSh@SbW`SROUS\b Marissa Cortez Wilson gets back into action - and ;O`WaaO1]`bShEWZa]\USbaPOQYW\b]OQbW]\ÂłO\R recruits her two stepchildren - to stop a supervillain `SQ`cWbaVS`be]abS^QVWZR`S\Âłb]ab]^Oac^S`dWZZOW\ known as the Timekeeper from taking over the planet. Y\]e\OabVSBW[SYSS^S`T`][bOYW\U]dS`bVS^ZO\Sb Showing at: Falmouth 10 Today 4:05; Cinemagic AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVB]ROg"(#)1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook Today 11:50 a.m., 2,4:20 ESabP`]]YB]ROg(#O[ "(  "STRAW DOGS" (R) Stars James Marsden, Kate BosÂľAB@/E2=5AÂś@AbO`a8O[Sa;O`aRS\9ObS0]a worth and Alexander Skarsgard. Directed by Rod Lurie. e]`bVO\R/ZSfO\RS`AYO`aUO`R2W`SQbSRPg@]R:c`WS L.A. screenwriter David Sumner relocates with his wife, :/aQ`SS\e`WbS`2OdWRAc[\S``SZ]QObSaeWbVVWaeWTS Amy, to her hometown in the deep South. There, while /[gb]VS`V][Sb]e\W\bVSRSS^A]cbVBVS`SeVWZS tensions build between them, a brewing conflict with bS\aW]\aPcWZRPSbeSS\bVS[OP`SeW\UQ]\Ă&#x20AC;WQbeWbV locals becomes a threat to them both. Strong brutal Z]QOZaPSQ][SaObV`SObb]bVS[P]bVAb`]\UP`cbOZ violence including a sexual attack, menace, some dW]ZS\QSW\QZcRW\UOaSfcOZObbOQY[S\OQSa][S sexual content and pervasive language. aSfcOZQ]\bS\bO\R^S`dOaWdSZO\UcOUS Showing at: Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) ToAV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\RB] day-Wed 12:20,4,7,9:40; Cinemagic Westbrook Today ROgESR ( "%'(")1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROg 3:20, 6:50, 9:30 Fri-Wed 12:20, 3, 6:50, 9:30; 12:20, ( !( $(#'(!4`WESR ( !$(#'(!) Cinemagic Saco Today 12, 4:50, 7:15, 9:35; Fri-Wed 1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROg  2:25, ( #"(#%(#'(!#)4`WESR 12:10,2:30,4:50,7:15,9:35 ( (!"(#%(#'(!# "TABLOID" (R) (1:27) Stars Kent Gavin and Joyce ÂľB/0:=72Âś@( %AbO`a9S\b5OdW\O\R8]gQS McKinney. Directed by Errol Morris. Documentary on a ;Q9W\\Sg2W`SQbSRPg3``]Z;]``Wa2]Qc[S\bO`g]\O former Miss Wyoming who is charged with abducting T]`[S`;WaaEg][W\UeV]WaQVO`USReWbVOPRcQbW\U and imprisoning a young Mormon missionary. O\RW[^`Wa]\W\UOg]c\U;]`[]\[WaaW]\O`g Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Today 1:10, 5:20, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\RB]ROg(#(  7:20,9:30 %( '(! "WARRIOR" (PG-13) Stars Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte and ÂľE/@@7=@Âś>5!AbO`aB][6O`Rg<WQY<]ZbSO\R Joel Edgerton. Directed by Gavin O'Connor. Ex-Marine 8]SZ3RUS`b]\2W`SQbSRPg5OdW\=¸1]\\]`3f;O`W\S Tommy Riordan returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh B][[g@W]`RO\`Sbc`\ab]VWaV][Sb]e\]T>WbbaPc`UV to train for a mixed martial arts tournament with a mab]b`OW\T]`O[WfSR[O`bWOZO`bab]c`\O[S\beWbVO[O jor cash prize. Looking to his father, an alcoholic former X]`QOaV^`WhS:]]YW\Ub]VWaTObVS`O\OZQ]V]ZWQT]`[S` coach, for guidance is tough enough, but Tommy's Q]OQVT]`UcWRO\QSWab]cUVS\]cUVPcbB][[g¸a chosen path also puts him on a collision course with his QV]aS\^ObVOZa]^cbaVW[]\OQ]ZZWaW]\Q]c`aSeWbVVWa older brother, Brendan, a former MMA competitor and ]ZRS`P`]bVS`0`S\RO\OT]`[S`;;/Q][^SbWb]`O\R currently a struggling parent. Intense mixed martial arts Qc``S\bZgOab`cUUZW\U^O`S\b7\bS\aS[WfSR[O`bWOZO`ba fighting, some language and thematic material. ÂżUVbW\Ua][SZO\UcOUSO\RbVS[ObWQ[ObS`WOZ Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook Today-Wed 12:10, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]YB]ROgESR ( 3:10, 6:30, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco Today-Wed 12:15, 3:30, !($(!'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]B]ROgESR (#!(! 6:30, 9:25; Brunswick 10 Today 1, 4, 7:35 $(!'( #)0`c\aeWQYB]ROg"%(!# - Subject to change ÂłAcPXSQbb]QVO\US

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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3 %

?FK HOT k`Zb\k

Stuff a scarecrow, Jkl]]XjZXi\Zifn# paint a pumpkin gX`ekXgldgb`e File photo 4WZS^V]b]

A youngster enjoys the carousel at the 2005 Cumberland County Fair. /g]c\UabS`S\X]gabVSQO`]caSZObbVS #1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg4OW`

8ccĂ&#x2039;j]X`i By AVERY YALE KAMILA #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" Staff Writer 4UBGG8SJUFS


on't let fall pass POUMFUGBMMQBTT you by without ZPVCZXJUIPVU a bite of fried BCJUFPGGSJFE dough, a spin on EPVHI BTQJOPO the Tilt-a-Whirl UIF5JMUB8IJSM or a gander at PSBHBOEFSBU draft horses in ESBGUIPSTFTJO action. Where BDUJPO8IFSF can you find DBOZPVmOE such a random TVDIBSBOEPN assortment of delights? "UPOF At one BTTPSUNFOUPGEFMJHIUT of the state's agricultural fairs, PGUIFTUBUFTBHSJDVMUVSBMGBJST  of course. PGDPVSTF Maine is home to more than .BJOFJTIPNFUPNPSFUIBO two dozen fairs, but there are UXPEP[FOGBJST CVUUIFSFBSF only three major ones left POMZUISFFNBKPSPOFTMFGU before the Ferris wheels are CFGPSFUIF'FSSJTXIFFMTBSF trucked out of state, the prizeUSVDLFEPVUPGTUBUF UIFQSJ[F winning pumpkins go under the XJOOJOHQVNQLJOTHPVOEFSUIF knife and the blue ribbon dairy LOJGFBOEUIFCMVFSJCCPOEBJSZ cows hang up their awards and DPXTIBOHVQUIFJSBXBSETBOE head home to their milking IFBEIPNFUPUIFJSNJMLJOH stalls. TUBMMT Fortunately, the final three 'PSUVOBUFMZ UIFmOBMUISFF - the Common Ground Country oUIF$PNNPO(SPVOE$PVOUSZ Fair, the Cumberland County 'BJS UIF$VNCFSMBOE$PVOUZ Fair and the Fryeburg Fair 'BJSBOEUIF'SZFCVSH'BJS - are three of the best, each oBSFUISFFPGUIFCFTU FBDI

attracting tens of thousands of BUUSBDUJOHUFOTPGUIPVTBOETPG visitors every year. WJTJUPSTFWFSZZFBS Fairs, by their very nature, 'BJST CZUIFJSWFSZOBUVSF  present a sensory overload of QSFTFOUBTFOTPSZPWFSMPBEPG sights, sounds and smells. The TJHIUT TPVOETBOETNFMMT5IF challenge comes in figuring DIBMMFOHFDPNFTJOmHVSJOH out what to take in during your PVUXIBUUPUBLFJOEVSJOHZPVS visit. To help you make the WJTJU5PIFMQZPVNBLFUIF most of your fair-going experiNPTUPGZPVSGBJSHPJOHFYQFSJ ence, we've put together this FODF XFWFQVUUPHFUIFSUIJT handy user guide. IBOEZVTFSHVJEF COMMON GROUND COUNTRY FAIR :FDDFE>IFLE;:FLEKIP=8@I

Most fairs in Maine follow the .PTUGBJSTJO.BJOFGPMMPXUIF same formula, but not the ComTBNFGPSNVMB CVUOPUUIF$PN mon Ground. The fair, hosted NPO(SPVOE5IFGBJS IPTUFE by the Maine Organic Farmers CZUIF.BJOF0SHBOJD'BSNFST and Gardeners Association, BOE(BSEFOFST"TTPDJBUJPO  sprang from the counterculture TQSBOHGSPNUIFDPVOUFSDVMUVSF movement of the 1970s and NPWFNFOUPGUIFTBOE continues to highlight self-sufDPOUJOVFTUPIJHIMJHIUTFMGTVG ficiency, sustainable agriculmDJFODZ TVTUBJOBCMFBHSJDVM ture, natural healing and green UVSF OBUVSBMIFBMJOHBOEHSFFO living even as many of these MJWJOHFWFOBTNBOZPGUIFTF things have gone mainstream. UIJOHTIBWFHPOFNBJOTUSFBN Don't look for midway rides %POUMPPLGPSNJEXBZSJEFT or cotton candy here. Instead, PSDPUUPODBOEZIFSF*OTUFBE  attend for the more than 700 BUUFOEGPSUIFNPSFUIBO educational events, hundreds FEVDBUJPOBMFWFOUT IVOESFET of vendors, seven barns of PGWFOEPST TFWFOCBSOTPG

Here's everything you 6S`S¸aSdS`gbVW\Ug]c need to know about the \SSRb]Y\]eOP]cbbVS 'big three' remaining fairs ·PWUbV`SS¸`S[OW\W\UTOW`a of the season - Common ]TbVSaSOa]\³1][[]\ Ground, Cumberland 5`]c\R1c[PS`ZO\R County and Fryeburg. 1]c\bgO\R4`gSPc`U livestock displays and more MJWFTUPDLEJTQMBZTBOENPSF than 50 food vendors serving UIBOGPPEWFOEPSTTFSWJOH organic and locally grown fare. PSHBOJDBOEMPDBMMZHSPXOGBSF WHEN: 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. E63<(BNUPQN Friday and Saturday; 9 a.m. to 'SJEBZBOE4BUVSEBZBNUP 5 p.m. Sunday QN4VOEBZ WHERE: Common Ground E63@3($PNNPO(SPVOE Country Fairgrounds, Unity $PVOUSZ'BJSHSPVOET 6OJUZ HOW MUCH: $10; $8 for ages 6=E;C16(GPSBHFT 65 and older. Free for MOFGA BOEPMEFS'SFFGPS.0'(" members and children ages 12 NFNCFSTBOEDIJMESFOBHFT and under. Valet bike parking BOEVOEFS7BMFUCJLFQBSLJOH for $8 for those who bicycle to GPSGPSUIPTFXIPCJDZDMFUP the fair. UIFGBJS INFO:, where there 7<4=(NPGHBPSH XIFSFUIFSF is a searchable directory of the JTBTFBSDIBCMFEJSFDUPSZPGUIF more than 700 fair events NPSFUIBOGBJSFWFOUT WHAT TO SEE: Sheep dog E6/BB=A33(4IFFQEPH demos (10 a.m., noon and 2 EFNPT BN OPPOBOE p.m. daily), bike parade (10 a.m. QNEBJMZ CJLFQBSBEF BN daily), manure toss (10 a.m. EBJMZ NBOVSFUPTT BN and 2 p.m. Saturday), eightBOEQN4BUVSEBZ FJHIU mule hitch (11 a.m. Saturday NVMFIJUDI BN4BUVSEBZ and Sunday), kids' vegetable BOE4VOEBZ LJETWFHFUBCMF garden parade (10:30 a.m. and HBSEFOQBSBEF BNBOE 2:30 p.m. daily), Youth EnterQNEBJMZ :PVUI&OUFS prise Zone (Friday), QSJTF;POF 'SJEBZ PSH Moving Planet Rally and photo .PWJOH1MBOFU3BMMZBOEQIPUP Please see FAIRS, PageESO Gc\Xj\j\\4/7@AGX^\<*'

Shannon Bryan on the Manchester Apple Festival. E28 Nâ&#x20AC;˘ Listings. E29 J_Xeefe9ipXefek_\DXeZ_\jk\i8ggc\=\jk`mXc#<)/ C`jk`e^j#<)0

PILE THE KIDS into the car and >7:3B63972AW\b]bVSQO`O\R head to Wells Reserve at VSORb]ESZZa@SaS`dSOb Laudholm for Punkinfiddle, :OcRV]Z[T]`>c\YW\ÂżRRZS a day of scarecrow OROg]TaQO`SQ`]e building, apple pressing PcWZRW\UO^^ZS^`SaaW\U and pumpkin decorating O\R^c[^YW\RSQ]`ObW\U paired with traditional ^OW`SReWbVb`ORWbW]\OZ skill demonstrations, farm aYWZZRS[]\ab`ObW]\aTO`[ animals and a farmers O\W[OZaO\ROTO`[S`a market. [O`YSb WHEN: 10 a.m. to 4p.m. E63<(O[b]"^[ Saturday AObc`ROg WHERE: Wells Reserve at E63@3(ESZZa@SaS`dSOb Laudholm, 342:OcRV]Z[ Laudholm :OcRV]Z[!" Farm Road, Wells 4O`[@]ORESZZa HOW MUCH: $15 per car; $10 6=E;C16(#^S`QO`) for members T]`[S[PS`a INFO: 7<4=(eSZZa`SaS`dS]`U

G :?<8I@CC


Female authors =\dXc\Xlk_fij read tonight at Space i\X[kfe`^_kXkJgXZ\ HEAR SEVEN female authors 63/@A3D3<TS[OZSOcbV]`a who published books in eV]^cPZWaVSRP]]YaW\ 2011 offer five-minute ]TTS`¿dS\cbS readings during Maine `SORW\UaRc`W\U;OW\S Women Write's Inaugural E][S\E`WbS¸a7\OcUc`OZ Event. Participating 3dS\b>O`bWQW^ObW\U authors include Sarah OcbV]`aW\QZcRSAO`OV Braunstein, Susan Conley, 0`Oc\abSW\AcaO\1]\ZSg Melissa Coleman, Elizabeth ;SZWaaO1]ZS[O\3ZWhOPSbV Miles, Shonna Milliken, ;WZSaAV]\\O;WZZWYS\ Liza Bakewell and Caitlin :WhO0OYSeSZZO\R1OWbZW\ Shetterly. AVSbbS`Zg WHEN: 7:30 tonight E63<(%(!b]\WUVb WHERE: Space Gallery, 538 E63@3(A^OQS5OZZS`g#!& Congress St., Portland 1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 7<4=(a^OQS#!&]`U

3 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS`


C\kĂ&#x2039;jc\kYp^fe\jY\Yp^fe\j Let's let bygones be bygones Xe[Z\c\YiXk\k_\Xggc\ and celebrate the apple @I

t's hard to recover your reputation once UTIBSEUPSFDPWFSZPVSSFQVUBUJPOPODF you've been accused of fomenting the ZPVWFCFFOBDDVTFEPGGPNFOUJOHUIF fall of man. It's the sort of indictment GBMMPGNBO*UTUIFTPSUPGJOEJDUNFOU that humanity doesn't easily forget. UIBUIVNBOJUZEPFTOUFBTJMZGPSHFU But the apple has been trying to live #VUUIFBQQMFIBTCFFOUSZJOHUPMJWF down that whole Adam and Eve incident EPXOUIBUXIPMF"EBNBOE&WFJODJEFOU for centuries. The past is the past, the GPSDFOUVSJFT5IFQBTUJTUIFQBTU UIF Honeycrisps have pleaded. Let the fruit )POFZDSJTQTIBWFQMFBEFE-FUUIFGSVJU move on, cried the Cortlands. But with NPWFPO DSJFEUIF$PSUMBOET#VUXJUI time, a few decades of therapy UJNF BGFXEFDBEFTPGUIFSBQZ and an expensive PR campaign, BOEBOFYQFOTJWF13DBNQBJHO  it seems even a naughty apple JUTFFNTFWFOBOBVHIUZBQQMF can turn its image around. DBOUVSOJUTJNBHFBSPVOE Besides, before the tale of that #FTJEFT CFGPSFUIFUBMFPGUIBU misbehaving couple surfaced, NJTCFIBWJOHDPVQMFTVSGBDFE  apples were Aphrodite's fruit. BQQMFTXFSF"QISPEJUFTGSVJU The Greeks believed throwing 5IF(SFFLTCFMJFWFEUISPXJOH an apple at someone was to BOBQQMFBUTPNFPOFXBTUP symbolically declare one's love. TZNCPMJDBMMZEFDMBSFPOFTMPWF To catch the apple was to sym5PDBUDIUIFBQQMFXBTUPTZN bolically show one's acceptance CPMJDBMMZTIPXPOFTBDDFQUBODF In Norse mythology, the god*O/PSTFNZUIPMPHZ UIFHPE dess Iounn provided apples to the gods to EFTT*PVOOQSPWJEFEBQQMFTUPUIFHPETUP give them eternal youthfulness. HJWFUIFNFUFSOBMZPVUIGVMOFTT We mortals still manage to age despite 8FNPSUBMTTUJMMNBOBHFUPBHFEFTQJUF our heavy apple consumption, but the PVSIFBWZBQQMFDPOTVNQUJPO CVUUIF plump pomes still come in handy when QMVNQQPNFTTUJMMDPNFJOIBOEZXIFO battling scurvy, preventing heart disease, CBUUMJOHTDVSWZ QSFWFOUJOHIFBSUEJTFBTF  encouraging regularity and generally FODPVSBHJOHSFHVMBSJUZBOEHFOFSBMMZ keeping the doctor away. LFFQJOHUIFEPDUPSBXBZ Plus, they're sublime in pies or coated 1MVT UIFZSFTVCMJNFJOQJFTPSDPBUFE in caramel. They're good in green and in JODBSBNFM5IFZSFHPPEJOHSFFOBOEJO red - but best, I think, when a subtle pink SFEoCVUCFTU *UIJOL XIFOBTVCUMFQJOL spreads across the skin like an embarTQSFBETBDSPTTUIFTLJOMJLFBOFNCBS rassed blush. SBTTFECMVTI It's no wonder apple festivals have *UTOPXPOEFSBQQMFGFTUJWBMTIBWF sprouted in Maine like so many Tolman TQSPVUFEJO.BJOFMJLFTPNBOZ5PMNBO Sweets from a tree. The fruit has been 4XFFUTGSPNBUSFF5IFGSVJUIBTCFFO good to us. And in return, people have no HPPEUPVT"OEJOSFUVSO QFPQMFIBWFOP trouble indulging in apple appreciation. USPVCMFJOEVMHJOHJOBQQMFBQQSFDJBUJPO Tributes come in all forms - apple-pie 5SJCVUFTDPNFJOBMMGPSNToBQQMFQJF eating contests, bake sales, cider pressFBUJOHDPOUFTUT CBLFTBMFT DJEFSQSFTT ing, apple picking and apple-centric craft JOH BQQMFQJDLJOHBOEBQQMFDFOUSJDDSBGU sales. But some festivals rise above the TBMFT#VUTPNFGFTUJWBMTSJTFBCPWFUIF traditional. USBEJUJPOBM The Manchester Apple Festival, taking 5IF.BODIFTUFS"QQMF'FTUJWBM UBLJOH place at Lakeside Orchards in ManchesQMBDFBU-BLFTJEF0SDIBSETJO.BODIFT ter from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 1, features UFSGSPNBNUPQN0DU GFBUVSFT some atypical apple events. Most notable TPNFBUZQJDBMBQQMFFWFOUT.PTUOPUBCMF is the Great Apple Race across Muck JTUIF(SFBU"QQMF3BDFBDSPTT.VDL Pond. 1POE Originally intended to be an imitation 0SJHJOBMMZJOUFOEFEUPCFBOJNJUBUJPO of the lobster crate race held during PGUIFMPCTUFSDSBUFSBDFIFMEEVSJOH Rockland's annual Lobster Festival - ex3PDLMBOETBOOVBM-PCTUFS'FTUJWBMoFY cept using apple crates instead of lobster DFQUVTJOHBQQMFDSBUFTJOTUFBEPGMPCTUFS crates - organizers soon learned that the DSBUFToPSHBOJ[FSTTPPOMFBSOFEUIBUUIF smaller apple crate didn't quite work. TNBMMFSBQQMFDSBUFEJEOURVJUFXPSL "They aren't as big, and they don't float i5IFZBSFOUBTCJH BOEUIFZEPOUnPBU as well. Everybody fell in," said Doug Ide, BTXFMM&WFSZCPEZGFMMJO wTBJE%PVH*EF  Manchester Apple Festival event coor.BODIFTUFS"QQMF'FTUJWBMFWFOUDPPS dinator. "Everybody watching enjoyed EJOBUPSi&WFSZCPEZXBUDIJOHFOKPZFE seeing that." TFFJOHUIBUw This year, they're trying something dif5IJTZFBS UIFZSFUSZJOHTPNFUIJOHEJG ferent. GFSFOU "We're using other floating things," Ide i8FSFVTJOHPUIFSnPBUJOHUIJOHT w*EF said. "People will have to transport apples TBJEi1FPQMFXJMMIBWFUPUSBOTQPSUBQQMFT across a floating obstacle course." BDSPTTBnPBUJOHPCTUBDMFDPVSTFw Ide is building the contraption himself, *EFJTCVJMEJOHUIFDPOUSBQUJPOIJNTFMG  and was otherwise vague on the details. BOEXBTPUIFSXJTFWBHVFPOUIFEFUBJMT But the course will be open to children #VUUIFDPVSTFXJMMCFPQFOUPDIJMESFO and adults at no charge starting at 2:30 BOEBEVMUTBUOPDIBSHFTUBSUJOHBU p.m. A prize package will be given to the QN"QSJ[FQBDLBHFXJMMCFHJWFOUPUIF Muck Pond competitor with the fastest .VDL1POEDPNQFUJUPSXJUIUIFGBTUFTU time. UJNF

The festival will also include an ac5IFGFTUJWBMXJMMBMTPJODMVEFBOBD coutrement of apple-flinging that might DPVUSFNFOUPGBQQMFnJOHJOHUIBUNJHIU offend some conservative apple fans. PGGFOETPNFDPOTFSWBUJWFBQQMFGBOT The apple launcher will be standing by 5IFBQQMFMBVODIFSXJMMCFTUBOEJOHCZ throughout the event. Interested launchUISPVHIPVUUIFFWFOU*OUFSFTUFEMBVODI ers can send an apple smashing into a FSTDBOTFOEBOBQQMFTNBTIJOHJOUPB target 150 feet away with the help of a giUBSHFUGFFUBXBZXJUIUIFIFMQPGBHJ ant sling shot. "They just have to pull and BOUTMJOHTIPUi5IFZKVTUIBWFUPQVMMBOE let it fly," said Ide. The cost is $1 for three MFUJUnZ wTBJE*EF5IFDPTUJTGPSUISFF apples. BQQMFT While apple peeling is a skill 8IJMFBQQMFQFFMJOHJTBTLJMM honed by the recipe-wielding IPOFECZUIFSFDJQFXJFMEJOH bakers of the world, it's also a CBLFSTPGUIFXPSME JUTBMTPB talent that is showcased during UBMFOUUIBUJTTIPXDBTFEEVSJOH an apple festival. Experienced BOBQQMFGFTUJWBM&YQFSJFODFE peelers can compete in the QFFMFSTDBODPNQFUFJOUIF apple-peeling contest (and are BQQMFQFFMJOHDPOUFTU BOEBSF welcome to bring their own XFMDPNFUPCSJOHUIFJSPXO trusted utensil), and novices USVTUFEVUFOTJM BOEOPWJDFT are welcome to give it a try. BSFXFMDPNFUPHJWFJUBUSZ (Peelers provided. Bring your 1FFMFSTQSPWJEFE#SJOHZPVS own Band-Aids). PXO#BOE"JET  Even the festival hay maze is more than &WFOUIFGFTUJWBMIBZNB[FJTNPSFUIBO just a stack of dried grass. KVTUBTUBDLPGESJFEHSBTT "The hay bail maze was designed by a i5IFIBZCBJMNB[FXBTEFTJHOFECZB mathematician," said Ide. "It's not your NBUIFNBUJDJBO wTBJE*EFi*UTOPUZPVS typical maze where you sort of find your UZQJDBMNB[FXIFSFZPVTPSUPGmOEZPVS way There's a certain way you have to XBZ5IFSFTBDFSUBJOXBZZPVIBWFUP approach the maze... you have to actually BQQSPBDIUIFNB[FyZPVIBWFUPBDUVBMMZ think and strategize." UIJOLBOETUSBUFHJ[Fw And in true apple festival form, there "OEJOUSVFBQQMFGFTUJWBMGPSN UIFSF must be a pie-eating contest - maybe even NVTUCFBQJFFBUJOHDPOUFTUoNBZCFFWFO a pie-eating championship. BQJFFBUJOHDIBNQJPOTIJQ At 12:45 p.m., pie eaters are invited to "UQN QJFFBUFSTBSFJOWJUFEUP go face-first into the flaky crust and apple HPGBDFmSTUJOUPUIFnBLZDSVTUBOEBQQMF insides of as many pies as possible. The JOTJEFTPGBTNBOZQJFTBTQPTTJCMF5IF winner will be hailed as a hero. Or at least XJOOFSXJMMCFIBJMFEBTBIFSP0SBUMFBTU applauded by those present. BQQMBVEFECZUIPTFQSFTFOU The festival also includes a 5K road race, 5IFGFTUJWBMBMTPJODMVEFTB,SPBESBDF  a parade, a baking contest, live music, a BQBSBEF BCBLJOHDPOUFTU MJWFNVTJD B dunk tank and other activities, most of EVOLUBOLBOEPUIFSBDUJWJUJFT NPTUPG which are free. XIJDIBSFGSFF The apple's "minion of evil" reputation is 5IFBQQMFTiNJOJPOPGFWJMwSFQVUBUJPOJT all but forgotten - an association the apple BMMCVUGPSHPUUFOoBOBTTPDJBUJPOUIFBQQMF is glad to get rid of. JTHMBEUPHFUSJEPG On the other hand, the practice of 0OUIFPUIFSIBOE UIFQSBDUJDFPG launching love-seeking apples at the MBVODIJOHMPWFTFFLJOHBQQMFTBUUIF object of our affections seems worth PCKFDUPGPVSBGGFDUJPOTTFFNTXPSUI revisiting. SFWJTJUJOH

Shannon Bryan J_Xeefe9ipXe Off Beat F]]9\Xk

Staff Writer Shannon Bryan can be AbOTTE`WbS`AVO\\]\0`gO\QO\PS contacted at 791-6333 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$!!!]`Ob( sbryan@mainetoday. com aP`gO\.[OW\Sb]ROgQ][ Twitter: mainetoday BeWbbS`([OW\Sb]ROg MANCHESTER APPLE FESTIVAL ;/<163AB3@/>>:343AB7D/: WHEN: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. O c t . 1 E63<(O[b]"^[=Qb WHERE: Lakeside O r c h a r d s , E63@3(:OYSaWRS=`QVO`Ra 318 R e a d f i e l d R o a d ( R o u t e 17), !&@SORÂżSZR@]OR@]cbS% Manchester ;O\QVSabS` HOW MUCH: Most a c t i v i t i e s are 6=E;C16(;]abOQbWdWbWSaO`S free; $1 f o r a p p l e launcher T`SS)T]`O^^ZSZOc\QVS` INFO: m a n c h e s t e r a p p l e f e s t i v a l 7<4=([O\QVSabS`O^^ZSTSabWdOZ .com Q][ 




MORE APPLE FESTIVALS DFI<8GGC<=<JK@M8CJ SATURDAY A/BC@2/G APPLE PUMPKIN FESTIVAL, 10 a.m. to />>:3>C;>97<43AB7D/:O[b] 3 p.m., L i v e r m o r e Falls R e c r e a t i o n !^[:WdS`[]`S4OZZa@SQ`SObW]\ Fields, 1 F o u n d r y R o a d . 4WSZRa4]c\R`g@]OR MONMOUTH APPLE FEST, M o n m o u t h ;=<;=CB6/>>:343AB;]\[]cbV Please see APPLES, PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\/>>:3AGX^\<*'

The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 22, 2011 | GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` j5=3 '

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IFTBJEi0OTUBHF *XBOUUPCFBCMFUP he said. "On stage, I want to be able to use my keyboards and software applicaVTFNZLFZCPBSETBOETPGUXBSFBQQMJDB tions and controls to improvise on the UJPOTBOEDPOUSPMTUPJNQSPWJTFPOUIF :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# Continued from Page E5 fly or p l a y s o l o s It > s r e a l l y important GMZPSQMBZTPMPT*UTSFBMMZJNQPSUBOU , , â&#x20AC;&#x17E; _.. to me that I'm not up there iust playing UPNFUIBU*NOPUVQUIFSFKVTUQMBZJOH UXPPUIFSFMFDUSPOJDBQFSGPSNFSTo#JH two other electronica performers - Big tracks " USBDLTw (JHBOUJDBOE/JU(SJUoPQFOJOH&WFO Gigantic and Nit Grit - opening. Even .,; ,, , , , â&#x20AC;&#x17E; 0 S4NJUITBZTUIFUPUBMQFSGPSNBODFJTJN UIPVHIJUTIJTGJSTUTIPXJO.BJOF XF though it's his first show in Maine, we QPSUBOUUPIJN TPUIFMJHIUTBOEWJEFPT â&#x201E;¢ lth f ? %s t h e ^ Performance is imQSPCBCMZTIPVMEOUFYQFDUIJNUPIBWFB probably shouldn't expect him to have a GPSIJTTIPXTBSFUJFEJOWFSZTQFDJGJDBMMZ J?or a n t ° m m ' s o t h e h S h t s a n d wldreâ&#x201E;¢ f o r h l s s h o w s a r e t i e d in v e r .BJOFTPOHBNPOHIJTTBNQMFT5IFSF Maine song among his samples. There y specifically tUPUIFNVTJD0OUIJTUPVS UIFSFJTB o t h e m u s i c 0n t h i s t o u r t h e r e is a BSFOUUIBUNBOZPGUIFN BOZXBZ aren't that many of them, anyway. > %DJUZTDBQFGVMMPGMJHIUTTQBOOJOHUIF 5IFOBHBJO ZPVOFWFSLOPX"OPUIFS Then again, you never know. Another 3-D cityscape full of lights spanning the IBMMNBSLPGB1SFUUZ-JHIUTTIPXJTUIBU hallmark of a Pretty Lights show is that TUBHFCFIJOE4NJUIBTIFQFSGPSNT stage behind Smith as he performs. i8FVTFEUPKVTUIBWFBGMBUTDSFFOCF 4NJUIMPWFTUPJNQSPWJTFXJUIIJTLFZ Smith loves to improvise with his key"We used to just have a flat screen beCPBSETBOEDPNQVUFSDPOUSPMT IJOENF wIFTBJE iCVUUIBUHPUCPSJOHw boards and computer controls. hind me," he said, "but that got boring." i*TQFOEXFFLTJOUIFTUVEJPSFGJOJOH "I spend weeks in the studio refining NZTPOHTTPUIBUUIFDPNCJOBUJPOPGUIF AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PS my songs so that the combination of the Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be TPVOE TUSVDUVSF TUZMFBOEWJCFDBOCF Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#"]`Ob( sound, structure, style and vibe can be contacted at 791-6454 or at: NBOJQVMBUFEMJWF TP*DBOJNQSPWJTF w ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ manipulated live, so I can improvise,"


BENEFITS N"%.%&)43 TODAY 4/$!9 Portland Symphony Orchestra Show House 0ORTL AND3YMPHONY/RCHESTRA3HOW(OUSE Tour, benefits the PSO, 149 Western Promenade, 4OUR BENElTSTHE03/ 7ESTERN0ROMENADE Portland. $25 at door, 10 a.m. to 4 0ORTLANDATDOORPORTTIXCOMAMTO p.m. today to Saturday; noon to 4 p.m. Sunday; PMTODAYTO3ATURDAYNOONTOPM3UNDAY 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. AMTOPM4UESDAYAMTOPM Wednesday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sept. 29. Through 7EDNESDAYAMTOPM3EPT4HROUGH Oct. 2. /CT "Martinis and A r t , " art raffle, food, drinks and h-ARTINISAND!RT vARTRAFmE FOOD DRINKSAND jazz music to benefit the American Cancer JAZZMUSICTOBENElTTHE!MERICAN#ANCER Society's Patient Navigator Program, Gulf of 3OCIETYS0ATIENT.AVIGATOR0ROGRAM 'ULFOF Maine Research Institute, Portland. $85 (includes -AINE2ESEARCH)NSTITUTE 0ORTLANDINCLUDES one raffle ticket). 373-3700. 5:30 to 8 p.m. ONERAFmETICKET  TOPM

SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Step Up! For Autism, walk benefitting Maine 3TEP5P&OR!UTISM WALKBENElTTING-AINE Autism Alliance, all ages; Back Cove, Portland. !UTISM!LLIANCE ALLAGES"ACK#OVE 0ORTLAND 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. MAINEAUTISMORGAMTOPM Lighthouse Cruise, with College of the Atlantic ,IGHTHOUSE#RUISE WITH#OLLEGEOFTHE!TLANTIC faculty members and local historians; benefits FACULTYMEMBERSANDLOCALHISTORIANSBENElTS COA's marine program and repairs of buildings #/!SMARINEPROGRAMANDREPAIRSOFBUILDINGS on Great Duck Island; Bar Harbor Whale Watch ON'REAT$UCK)SLAND"AR(ARBOR7HALE7ATCH Company. $30; $10 for ages 14 and under. 288#OMPANYFORAGESANDUNDER 2386. 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. TOPM Frolic for Flippers 5K, benefit for Marine Animal &ROLICFOR&LIPPERS+ BENElTFOR-ARINE!NIMAL Rehabilitation Center; University of New England, 2EHABILITATION#ENTER5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND Biddeford. $25; $20 for students. 602-2750. "IDDEFORDFORSTUDENTS  Registration at 7 a.m.; run at 10 a.m. 2EGISTRATIONATAMRUNATAM "Swinging for a Cure," golf tournament benefit h3WINGINGFORA#URE vGOLFTOURNAMENTBENElT for Pulmonary Hypertension research, Webhannet FOR0ULMONARY(YPERTENSIONRESEARCH 7EBHANNET Golf Club, Kennebunk. $125 per player (includes 'OLF#LUB +ENNEBUNKPERPLAYERINCLUDES cart, green fees and post-tournament barbecue). CART GREENFEESANDPOST TOURNAMENTBARBECUE  695-3042. Registration at 11:30 a.m.; golfing at  2EGISTRATIONATAMGOLlNGAT 1 p.m. PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Jim Scott, concert by composer and performer to *IM3COTT CONCERTBYCOMPOSERANDPERFORMERTO benefit Universal Universalist Brunswick Church, BENElT5NIVERSAL5NIVERSALIST"RUNSWICK#HURCH damaged by fire in June; First Universalist Church DAMAGEDBYlREIN*UNE&IRST5NIVERSALIST#HURCH of Auburn. $10 to $20; free for children. 783OF!UBURNTOFREEFORCHILDREN 0 4 6 1 . 1 p.m. PM "Let's Book" Walkathon, benefits Southwest h,ETS"OOKv7ALKATHON BENElTS3OUTHWEST Harbor Public Library, Pemetic School Green, (ARBOR0UBLIC,IBRARY 0EMETIC3CHOOL'REEN Southwest Harbor. 244-7065. 2 p.m. 3OUTHWEST(ARBOR PM Pemaquid Oyster Festival, featuring oysters 0EMAQUID/YSTER&ESTIVAL FEATURINGOYSTERS from the Damariscotta River, entertainment, FROMTHE$AMARISCOTTA2IVER ENTERTAINMENT educational exhibits and boat tours; benefits EDUCATIONALEXHIBITSANDBOATTOURSBENElTS Edward A. Myers Marine Conservation Fund; %DWARD!-YERS-ARINE#ONSERVATION&UND Schooner Landing, Damariscotta. Free/donation. 3CHOONER,ANDING $AMARISCOTTA&REEDONATION 380-9912. Noon to dusk.  .OONTODUSK MONDAY -/.$!9 "A Glittering Occasion," fantastical art, jewelry h!'LITTERING/CCASION vFANTASTICALART JEWELRY and collectibles auction; benefits N A M I ; Senator ANDCOLLECTIBLESAUCTIONBENElTS.!-)3ENATOR Inn and Spa, Augusta. RSVP: (800) 464-5767. )NNAND3PA !UGUSTA2360   5 to 9 p.m. TOPM

FAIRS/FESTIVALS N&!)23&%34)6!,3 171st Annual Farmington Fair, agriculture ST!NNUAL&ARMINGTON&AIR AGRICULTURE exhibits, midway, harness racing and more, EXHIBITS MIDWAY HARNESSRACINGANDMORE

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Meet alpacas Saturday and Sunday ;SSbOZ^OQOaAObc`ROgO\RAc\ROg at Longwoods Alpaca Farm in Ob:]\Ue]]Ra/Z^OQO4O`[W\ Cumberland, part of Open Farm 1c[PS`ZO\R^O`b]T=^S\4O`[ Weekend. ESSYS\R fairgrounds, Farmington. Today to Saturday; FAIRGROUNDS &ARMINGTON4ODAYTO3ATURDAY schedule at SCHEDULEATFARMINGTONFAIRMAINECOM Common Ground Country Fair, demonstrations, #OMMON'ROUND#OUNTRY&AIR DEMONSTRATIONS Maine organic foods and crafts, livestock exhibits -AINEORGANICFOODSANDCRAFTS LIVESTOCKEXHIBITS and entertainment, Common Ground Fairgrounds, ANDENTERTAINMENT #OMMON'ROUND&AIRGROUNDS Unity. $10; $8 for seniors; free for ages 12 and 5NITYFORSENIORSFREEFORAGESAND under and for those with handicaps, UNDERANDFORTHOSEWITHHANDICAPSMOFGAORG 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 9 a.m. to AMTOPM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAYAMTO 5 p.m. Sunday. PM3UNDAY Chalk on the Walk, art walk, performances, #HALKONTHE7ALK ARTWALK PERFORMANCES workshops and more; various locations, WORKSHOPSANDMOREVARIOUSLOCATIONS Biddeford. Free, 11 a.m. to "IDDEFORD&REEHEARTOFBIDDEFORDORGAMTO 4 p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY Maine Lakes BrewFest, microbrews, live -AINE,AKES"REW&EST MICROBREWS LIVE music and local food vendors, Point Sebago MUSICANDLOCALFOODVENDORS 0OINT3EBAGO Resort, Casco. $25 in advance; $30 at gate. 2ESORT #ASCOINADVANCEATGATE 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. MAINELAKESBREWFESTCOMAMTOPM Saturday. 3ATURDAY Punkinfiddle Festival, old-time games, traditional 0UNKINlDDLE&ESTIVAL OLD TIMEGAMES TRADITIONAL arts, music, farm animals and more, Wells ARTS MUSIC FARMANIMALSANDMORE 7ELLS Reserve at Laudholm Farm. $15 per carload. 2ESERVEAT,AUDHOLM&ARMPERCARLOAD 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. WELLSRESERVEORGAMTOPM3ATURDAY O O B Autumn Celebration,FOOD LIVEMUSIC food, live music, //"!UTUMN#ELEBRATION

farmers market, petting zoo and more, Memorial FARMERSMARKET PETTINGZOOANDMORE -EMORIAL Park, Old Orchard Beach. Free, 11 0ARK /LD/RCHARD"EACH&REEOOBCOM a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. AMTOPM3ATURDAY Cumberland County Fair, agriculture exhibits, #UMBERLAND#OUNTY&AIR AGRICULTUREEXHIBITS midway, food, live entertainment and MIDWAY FOOD LIVEENTERTAINMENTAND more, 197 Blanchard Road, Cumberland. MORE "LANCHARD2OAD #UMBERLAND $9 adults weekends; $7 CUMBERLANDFAIRCOMADULTSWEEKENDS adults weekdays; free for ages 12 and under. ADULTSWEEKDAYSFREEFORAGESANDUNDER Various times Sunday to Oct. 1. 6ARIOUSTIMES3UNDAYTO/CT

Men's Stem ess Stee Watch 0HQ·V6WDLQOHVV6WHHO:DWFK Quartz Movement 4XDUW]0RYHPHQW Water Res'stant :DWHU5HVLVWDQW

SPECIAL EVENTS N30%#)!,%6%.43 TODAY 4/$!9 Girl Scout Dropout Launch Party, women 'IRL3COUT$ROPOUT,AUNCH0ARTY WOMEN celebrate their independence and share CELEBRATETHEIRINDEPENDENCEANDSHARE experiences with a sense of humor, Grace EXPERIENCESWITHASENSEOFHUMOR 'RACE Restaurant, Portland, 5:30 2ESTAURANT 0ORTLANDGIRLSCOUTDROPOUTCOM to 8:30 p.m. TOPM Soprano Renee Fleming: Live in HD, live 3OPRANO2ENEE&LEMING,IVEIN($ LIVE screening of "Night of Love," Strand Theatre, SCREENINGOFh.IGHTOF,OVE v3TRAND4HEATRE Rockland. $15. 3 p.m. 2OCKLANDROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM

Date Feature 'DWH)HDWXUH Back D'a %ODFN'LDO Retail: $200 5HWDLO Day's: $99.99 'D\·V


FRIDAY &2)$!9 Community Harvest's Savory and Sweet #OMMUNITY(ARVESTS3AVORYAND3WEET Soiree, proceeds will help provide emergency 3OIREE PROCEEDSWILLHELPPROVIDEEMERGENCY assistance, complimentary monthly dinners and ASSISTANCE COMPLIMENTARYMONTHLYDINNERSAND holiday meals to families, Nonantum Resort, HOLIDAYMEALSTOFAMILIES .ONANTUM2ESORT Kennebunkport. $20 to $ 2 5 , 9 6 7 - 1 9 1 1 . 5:30 to +ENNEBUNKPORTTO TO 7:30 p.m. PM "Jack and Jill," play about a delightful romp h*ACKAND*ILL vPLAYABOUTADELIGHTFULROMP through marriage; fundraiser for Osher LifeLong THROUGHMARRIAGEFUNDRAISERFOR/SHER,IFE,ONG Learning Institute; University of Southern Maine ,EARNING)NSTITUTE5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE (Wishcamper Center), Portland. $10; $5 for 7ISHCAMPER#ENTER 0ORTLANDFOR Osher members. 929-6676. 7:30 p.m. Friday and /SHERMEMBERS PM&RIDAYAND Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY

FRIDAY &2)$!9 Full Dome$OUBLE&EATUREh4WO3MALL0IECESOF Double Feature: "Two Small Pieces of &ULL$OME Glass" and "IBEX," University of Southern Maine 'LASSvANDh)"%8 v5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE (Southworth Planetarium), Portland. $5, $6. 7803OUTHWORTH0LANETARIUM 0ORTLAND  4249. 7 and 8:30 p.m. Through Sept. 30. ANDPM4HRO UGH3EPT Blabbermouth Night, free-wheeling soapbox "LABBERMOUTH.IGHT FREE WHEELINGSOAPBOX

Please see ETC., PageE'O Gc\Xj\j\\3B1GX^\<*'

D i a m o n d Professionals 'LDPRQG3URIHVVLRQDOV S i n c e 1914 6LQFH ZZZGD\VMHZHOHUVFRP

AUBURN â&#x20AC;¢% BANGOR â&#x20AC;¢% BRUNSWICK â&#x20AC;¢ 6SO WATERVILLE MANCHESTER, NH $ 8%851Â&#x2021; $1*25Â&#x2021; 5816:,&.Â&#x2021; 2 3PORTLAND 257/$1'Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;¢ : $7(59,//(Â&#x2021;â&#x20AC;¢ 0 $1&+(67(51 +

E3O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22,2011 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 


Continued from Page E27 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 % QN4BUVSEBZ BOE'JEEMFST4IPX (3:50 p.m. Saturday) and Fiddlers' Showcase (10 a.m. Sunday) DBTF BN4VOEBZ

E6/BB=3/B(1JF$POFT 3PBTU#FFG WHAT TO EAT: Pie Cones, Roast Beef Sundae (mashed potatoes, roast beef 4VOEBF NBTIFEQPUBUPFT SPBTUCFFG BOEHSBWZXJUIBDIFSSZUPNBUPPOUPQ  and gravy with a cherry tomato on top), wood-fired pizza, smoothies, tacos, burXPPEmSFEQJ[[B TNPPUIJFT UBDPT CVS SJUPT 5IBJTUJSGSJFT DSBCSPMMT HZSPTBOE ritos, Thai stir fries, crab rolls, gyros and organic fried dough. Vegan and glutenPSHBOJDGSJFEEPVHI7FHBOBOEHMVUFO fr66 options GSFFPQUJPOT HOW TO SAVE $: Bike to the fair and save 6=EB=A/D3(#JLFUPUIFGBJSBOETBWF $2 off the admission price. Purchase vegPGGUIFBENJTTJPOQSJDF1VSDIBTFWFH etarian food, which tends to be less exFUBSJBOGPPE XIJDIUFOETUPCFMFTTFY pensive. Create a picnic by buying fresh QFOTJWF$SFBUFBQJDOJDCZCVZJOHGSFTI bread, cheese, meats and vegetables from CSFBE DIFFTF NFBUTBOEWFHFUBCMFTGSPN vendors or by bringing your own food WFOEPSTPSCZCSJOHJOHZPVSPXOGPPE from home. GSPNIPNF WHAT ELSE: Bottled water will not be E6/B3:A3(#PUUMFEXBUFSXJMMOPUCF sold at the fair. Instead, be sure to bring TPMEBUUIFGBJS*OTUFBE CFTVSFUPCSJOH a water bottle, which you can fill at free BXBUFSCPUUMF XIJDIZPVDBOmMMBUGSFF stations throughout the fairgrounds. TUBUJPOTUISPVHIPVUUIFGBJSHSPVOET


The biggest agricultural event in Cum5IFCJHHFTUBHSJDVMUVSBMFWFOUJO$VN berland County kicks off its 140th year CFSMBOE$PVOUZLJDLTPGGJUTUIZFBS Sunday and runs through Oct. 1. Harness 4VOEBZBOESVOTUISPVHI0DU)BSOFTT racing remains a staple of the fair, as do SBDJOHSFNBJOTBTUBQMFPGUIFGBJS BTEP the carnival rides, livestock events and UIFDBSOJWBMSJEFT MJWFTUPDLFWFOUTBOE exhibition hall. The local 4-H clubs play a FYIJCJUJPOIBMM5IFMPDBM)DMVCTQMBZB big role in the fair, with shows, contests, CJHSPMFJOUIFGBJS XJUITIPXT DPOUFTUT  demonstrations and auctions. EFNPOTUSBUJPOTBOEBVDUJPOT The Don Campbell Band will give three 5IF%PO$BNQCFMM#BOEXJMMHJWFUISFF shows, Maine comedian Bob Marley hits TIPXT .BJOFDPNFEJBO#PC.BSMFZIJUT the stage at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, the Irish UIFTUBHFBUQN4VOEBZ UIF*SJTI Dancers perform at 2 p.m. Monday, and %BODFSTQFSGPSNBUQN.POEBZ BOE country musician Debbie Myers belts out DPVOUSZNVTJDJBO%FCCJF.ZFSTCFMUTPVU the tunes at 5 p.m. Sept. 30. UIFUVOFTBUQN4FQU New this year are lawnmower races, /FXUIJTZFBSBSFMBXONPXFSSBDFT  Maine Maple Day on Sept. 30 and the .BJOF.BQMF%BZPO4FQUBOEUIF Antique Tractor Pull, which returns to the "OUJRVF5SBDUPS1VMM XIJDISFUVSOTUPUIF fair after a five-year hiatus. GBJSBGUFSBmWFZFBSIJBUVT WHEN: Sunday to Oct. 1, times vary E63<(4VOEBZUP0DU UJNFTWBSZ WHERE: Cumberland County Fair, 197 E63@3($VNCFSMBOE$PVOUZ'BJS  Blanchard Road, Cumberland #MBODIBSE3PBE $VNCFSMBOE HOW MUCH: $9 adults weekends; $7 6=E;C16(BEVMUTXFFLFOET adults weekdays; free for ages 12 and BEVMUTXFFLEBZTGSFFGPSBHFTBOE under; $35 weekly pass; $3 for parking VOEFSXFFLMZQBTTGPSQBSLJOH INFO: 7<4=(DVNCFSMBOEGBJSDPN WHAT TO SEE: Miniature horse show (9 E6/BB=A33(.JOJBUVSFIPSTFTIPX  a.m. Sunday), pumpkin contest (10 a.m. BN4VOEBZ QVNQLJODPOUFTU BN Sunday), draft horse wagon obstacle 4VOEBZ ESBGUIPSTFXBHPOPCTUBDMF course (3 p.m. Wednesday), Rave X Free DPVSTF QN8FEOFTEBZ 3BWF9'SFF Style Jumping (6 p.m. Wednesday), apple 4UZMF+VNQJOH QN8FEOFTEBZ BQQMF pie contest (11 a.m. Sept. 29), lawnmower QJFDPOUFTU BN4FQU MBXONPXFS racing (6:30 p.m. Sept. 29), Antique TracSBDJOH QN4FQU "OUJRVF5SBD tor Pull (noon Sept. 30), maple candy UPS1VMM OPPO4FQU NBQMFDBOEZ demonstration (2 p.m. Sept. 30), pig EFNPOTUSBUJPO QN4FQU QJH scramble (9 a.m. Oct. 1), calf scramble TDSBNCMF BN0DU DBMGTDSBNCMF (9:30 a.m. Oct. 1), Grand Parade (10 a.m. BN0DU (SBOE1BSBEF BN Oct. 1), pig races (daily, times vary) and 0DU QJHSBDFT EBJMZ UJNFTWBSZ BOE World of Horses Show (7 p.m. Oct. 1) 8PSMEPG)PSTFT4IPX QN0DU

WHAT TO EAT: Apple crisp, crabmeat E6/BB=3/B("QQMFDSJTQ DSBCNFBU rolls, beanhole beans, broccoli soup in SPMMT CFBOIPMFCFBOT CSPDDPMJTPVQJO bread bowl at Cole Farm's Restaurant, CSFBECPXMBU$PMF'BSNT3FTUBVSBOU  breakfast sandwiches at the 4-H booth, CSFBLGBTUTBOEXJDIFTBUUIF)CPPUI 

APPLES 6EEA:H Continued from Page E28 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 &

Museum, 748 Main St. ;caSc[%"&;OW\Ab 22ND ANNUAL CORNISH APPLE FESTIVAL, 9 <2/<<C/:1=@<7A6/>>:343AB7D/:' a.m. to 4:30 p.m., rain or shine, center O[b]"(!^[`OW\]`aVW\SQS\bS` of Cornish village in Thompson Park, ]T1]`\WaVdWZZOUSW\BV][^a]\>O`Y Route 2. @]cbS 15TH ANNUAL BLUEGRASS GATHERING at #B6/<<C/:0:C35@/AA5/B63@7<5Ob

BOEUIFBGGPSEBCMFFBUTBUUIF-JPOT$MVC and the affordable eats at the Lion's Club CPPUIBOEUIF(SBZ.FUIPEJTU$IVSDI booth and the Gray Methodist Church 3FTUBVSBOU Restaurant. 6=EB=A/D3((FUPGGUIFUJDLFUQSJDF HOW TO SAVE $: Get $2 off the ticket price .POEBZUISPVHI5IVSTEBZ3JEFQBTTFT Monday through Thursday. Ride passes GPSBSFHPPEGPSBMMEBZ.POEBZ  for $15 are good for all day Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. There are free 8FEOFTEBZBOE5IVSTEBZ5IFSFBSFGSFF tastings daily in the exhibition hall and UBTUJOHTEBJMZJOUIFFYIJCJUJPOIBMMBOE museum. NVTFVN E6/B3:A3($IFDLPVUUIFOJHIUIBSOFTT WHAT ELSE: Check out the night harness racing at 7 p.m. Monday and Friday. SBDJOHBUQN.POEBZBOE'SJEBZ


This weeklong fair, which traces its 5IJTXFFLMPOHGBJS XIJDIUSBDFTJUT roots back to 1851, serves up plenty of SPPUTCBDLUP TFSWFTVQQMFOUZPG livestock pulls, carnival rides, midway MJWFTUPDLQVMMT DBSOJWBMSJEFT NJEXBZ games, horse racing and pig scrambles. HBNFT IPSTFSBDJOHBOEQJHTDSBNCMFT One thing that distinguishes this fair is 0OFUIJOHUIBUEJTUJOHVJTIFTUIJTGBJSJT the caliber of its musical entertainment, UIFDBMJCFSPGJUTNVTJDBMFOUFSUBJONFOU  which puts a heavy emphasis on counXIJDIQVUTBIFBWZFNQIBTJTPODPVO try. A few years ago, the fair played host USZ"GFXZFBSTBHP UIFGBJSQMBZFEIPTU to Lady Antebellum before the country UP-BEZ"OUFCFMMVNCFGPSFUIFDPVOUSZ supergroup hit it big. This year, the StealTVQFSHSPVQIJUJUCJH5IJTZFBS UIF4UFBM ing Angels show on Wednesday night is JOH"OHFMTTIPXPO8FEOFTEBZOJHIUJT shaping up to be a big draw. TIBQJOHVQUPCFBCJHESBX Other acts include the musical "Always, 0UIFSBDUTJODMVEFUIFNVTJDBMi"MXBZT  Patsy Cline" on Monday night, Randy 1BUTZ$MJOFwPO.POEBZOJHIU 3BOEZ Houser on Thursday night and David )PVTFSPO5IVSTEBZOJHIUBOE%BWJE Foster & The Monhegan Sun All Stars on 'PTUFS5IF.POIFHBO4VO"MM4UBSTPO Friday night, which will conclude with a 'SJEBZOJHIU XIJDIXJMMDPODMVEFXJUIB fireworks show. mSFXPSLTTIPX New this year are dedicated barns for /FXUIJTZFBSBSFEFEJDBUFECBSOTGPS hogs, goats and oxen, and an expanded IPHT HPBUTBOEPYFO BOEBOFYQBOEFE garden center. HBSEFODFOUFS WHEN: Oct. 2-9, times vary E63<(0DU UJNFTWBSZ WHERE: Fryeburg Fairground, 1154 Main E63@3('SZFCVSH'BJSHSPVOE .BJO St. 4U HOW MUCH: $10 adults; free for children 6=E;C16(BEVMUTGSFFGPSDIJMESFO under 12; $65 weekly pass; $5 for parking VOEFSXFFLMZQBTTGPSQBSLJOH INFO: 7<4=(GSZFCVSHGBJSPSH WHAT TO SEE: 4-H Riding Horse Show E6/BB=A33()3JEJOH)PSTF4IPX (8:30 a.m. Oct. 2), Woodmen's Field Day BN0DU 8PPENFOT'JFME%BZ (9:30 a.m. Oct. 3), Skillet Throw (noon BN0DU 4LJMMFU5ISPX OPPO Oct. 3), Whoopie Pie Contest (1 p.m. Oct. 0DU 8IPPQJF1JF$POUFTU QN0DU 3), Blueberry Dessert Contest (1 p.m.  #MVFCFSSZ%FTTFSU$POUFTU QN Oct. 4), Two Crusted Apple Pie Contest (1 0DU 5XP$SVTUFE"QQMF1JF$POUFTU  p.m. Oct. 6), Calf Scramble (10 a.m. Oct. QN0DU $BMG4DSBNCMF BN0DU 7), Decorated Cake Contest (1 p.m. Oct.  %FDPSBUFE$BLF$POUFTU QN0DU 7), Grand Parade (10 a.m. Oct. 8) and pig  (SBOE1BSBEF BN0DU BOEQJH scrambles (11:30 a.m. Oct. 2; 1 p.m. Oct. 5; TDSBNCMFT BN0DUQN0DU 10 a.m. Oct. 7 and 10:30 a.m. Oct. 9) BN0DUBOEBN0DU

WHAT TO EAT: Tom's Jumbo Donuts, fried E6/BB=3/B(5PNT+VNCP%POVUT GSJFE Maine seafood, Sunflower Pizza, beanhole .BJOFTFBGPPE 4VOnPXFS1J[[B CFBOIPMF beans, lobster rolls, and fish chowder and CFBOT MPCTUFSSPMMT BOEmTIDIPXEFSBOE beef stew at the Lion's Club booth. CFFGTUFXBUUIF-JPOT$MVCCPPUI HOW TO SAVE $: Tuesday is Senior Citizen 6=EB=A/D3(5VFTEBZJT4FOJPS$JUJ[FO Day, when folks ages 65 and older get in %BZ XIFOGPMLTBHFTBOEPMEFSHFUJO free. Ride passes for $20 are available on GSFF3JEFQBTTFTGPSBSFBWBJMBCMFPO select days from 2 to 9 p.m. Bring your TFMFDUEBZTGSPNUPQN#SJOHZPVS own picnic from home. PXOQJDOJDGSPNIPNF WHAT ELSE: Buzz into the sky with E6/B3:A3(#V[[JOUPUIFTLZXJUI Scabelli's Helicopter Rides. The cost is 4DBCFMMJT)FMJDPQUFS3JEFT5IFDPTUJT $50 per person and the rides take place all QFSQFSTPOBOEUIFSJEFTUBLFQMBDFBMM day, every day, weather permitting. EBZ FWFSZEBZ XFBUIFSQFSNJUUJOH

:I8# ETC,

Continued from Page E29 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 ' DISCOURSEWITHAUDIENCEPARTICIPATION 9VETTE discourse with audience participation, Yvette 4ORRES&INE!RT 2OCKLAND   Torres Fine Art, Rockland. (888) 777-1077. 6 to 8 p.m. TOPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Wharf Street Sparkling Wine Walk, 21-plus; 7HARF3TREET3PARKLING7INE7ALK  PLUS CinqueTerre Restaurant, Portland. $30 to $40. #INQUE4ERRE2ESTAURANT 0ORTLANDTO 3 to 5 p.m. WINEWISEEVENTSCOMTOPM Classic Quilters Demonstration, Sabbathday #LASSIC1UILTERS$EMONSTRATION 3ABBATHDAY Lake Shaker Village, New Gloucester. Free. ,AKE3HAKER6ILLAGE .EW'LOUCESTER&REE 926-4597. 10a.m.  AM Guided Tours Through Topsham's Historic 'UIDED4OURS4HROUGH4OPSHAMS(ISTORIC District, Old Town Hall, Topsham. $5/donation. $ISTRICT /LD4OWN(ALL 4OPSHAMDONATION 749-0458. 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  AMTOPM First Parish Market Arts and Crafts Fair, First &IRST0ARISH-ARKET!RTSAND#RAFTS&AIR &IRST Parish Church, Freeport. 0ARISH#HURCH &REEPORTlRSTPARISHMARKETCOM 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Through Oct. 8. AMTOPM4HROUGH/CT Pumpkin Patch Trolley, ride to a field designated 0UMPKIN0ATCH4ROLLEY RIDETOAlELDDESIGNATED as the pumpkin patch, Seashore Trolley Museum, ASTHEPUMPKINPATCH 3EASHORE4ROLLEY-USEUM Kennebunkport. $5.50 to $8; free for ages 5 and +ENNEBUNKPORTTOFREEFORAGESAND younger, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. YOUNGERTROLLEYMUSEUMORGAMTOPM Saturday and Sunday. 3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY Open Farm Weekend, meet alpacas and /PEN&ARM7EEKEND MEETALPACASAND watch spinning, weaving and fiber dyeing, WATCHSPINNING WEAVINGANDlBERDYEING Longwoods Alpaca Farm, Cumberland. Free. ,ONGWOODS!LPACA&ARM #UMBERLAND&REE 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. LONGWOODALPACASCOMAMTOPM Saturday and Sunday. 3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY SUNDAY 35.$!9 Spirits Alive Tours of Eastern Cemetery, learn about 3PIRITS!LI VE4OURSOF%ASTERN#EMETERY LEARNABOUT historical figures via historical re-enactments, HISTORICALlGURESVIAHISTORICALRE ENACTMENTS Eastern Cemetery (Congress Street gate), Portland. %ASTERN#EMETERY#ONGRESS3TREETGATE 0ORTLAND $7; free for children under age 12. FREEFORCHILDRENUNDERAGESPIRITSALIVEORG 1:15 p.m. PM North Yarmouth Family Triathlon, two-mile .ORTH9ARMOUTH&AMILY4RIATHLON TWO MILE paddle, one-mile run and one-mile bike ride, PADDLE ONE MILERUNANDONE MILEBIKERIDE Wescustogo Park, North Yarmouth. $15 per team. 7ESCUSTOGO0ARK .ORTH9ARMOUTHPERTEAM 2 p.m. NYMEVENTSCOMPM Fall Equinox Gulden Meditation and Community &ALL%QUINOX'UIDEN-EDITATIONAND#OMMUNITY Sauna Celebration, silent meditation woods walk 3AUNA#ELEBRATION SILENTMEDITATIONWOODSWALK and sauna sweat, Nurture through Nature Retreat ANDSAUNASWEAT .URTURETHROUGH.ATURE2ETREAT Center, Denmark. $30. 452-2929. 3 to 5:30 p.m. #ENTER $ENMARK TOPM Psychic Sunday, Lucid Stage, Portland. $1 0SYCHIC3UNDAY ,UCID3TAGE 0ORTLAND admission; additional fees for readings, products ADMISSIONADDITIONALFEESFORREADINGS PRODUCTS and services, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. ANDSERVICESLUCIDSTAGECOMAMTOPM National Theater in London Live, screening .ATIONAL4HEATERIN,ONDON,IVE SCREENING of comedy "One Man, Two Guvnors," Strand OFCOMEDYh/NE-AN 4WO'UVNORS v3TRAND Theatre, Rockland. $23; $15 forages 18 and 4HEATRE 2OCKLANDFORAGESAND under, 3 p.m. UNDERROCKLANDSTRANDCOMPM Ecstatic Dance, with DJs, The Awake Collective, %CSTATIC$ANCE WITH$*S 4HE!WAKE#OLLECTIVE Portland. $10 to $20. 0ORTLANDTOTHEAWAKECOLLECTIVECOM 10 a.m. to noon. AMTONOON MONDAY -/.$!9 "Giselle," broadcast of ballet performed at h'ISELLE vBROADCASTOFBALLETPERFORMEDAT the Royal Opera House in London, Frontier THE2OYAL/PERA(OUSEIN,ONDON &RONTIER Cafe, Cinema & Gallery, Brunswick. $15. #AFE #INEMA'ALLERY "RUNSWICK 2 and 6 p.m. EXPLOREFRONTIERCOMANDPM

Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PS contacted at 791-6297 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$ '%]`Ob( akamila@pressherald. com OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: AveryYaleKamila BeWbbS`(/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO

TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Photographer Richard Ferland, slideshow and 0HOTOGRAPHER2ICHARD&ERLAND SLIDESHOWAND presentation on traveling in China, Thomas PRESENTATIONONTRAVELINGIN#HINA 4HOMAS Memorial Library, Cape Elizabeth. 799-1720. -EMORIAL,IBRARY #APE%LIZABETH  7 p.m. PM Pig Roast Dinner, Woodfords Club, Portland. 0IG2OAST$INNER 7OODFORDS#LUB 0ORTLAND $10; $5 for children. 772-4893. 6:30 p.m. FORCHILDREN PM

Apple Acres Farm, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., /^^ZS/Q`Sa4O`[O[b]#^[ 363 Durgintown Road, South Hiram. !$!2c`UW\b]e\@]ORA]cbV6W`O[

707 Shaker Road (Route 26), New %%AVOYS`@]OR@]cbS $<Se Gloucester. 5Z]cQSabS`


OCT.1 =1B

SHAKER HILL APPLE FESTIVAL, 10 a.m. to A6/93@67::/>>:343AB7D/:O[b] 4 p.m., Shaker Village on Shaker Hill "^[AVOYS`DWZZOUS]\AVOYS`6WZZ Road, Alfred. @]OR/ZT`SR SEPT. 24, OCT. 1 AND OCT. 8 A3>B "=1B/<2=1B&

APPLE SATURDAY, 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., />>:3A/BC@2/GO[b]"(!^[ Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village lawn, AOPPObVROg:OYSAVOYS`DWZZOUSZOe\

RANGELEY LAKES LOGGING MUSEUM @/<53:3G:/93A:=557<5;CA3C; APPLE FESTIVAL, 9a.m. to3p.m., />>:343AB7D/:'O[b]!^[ The Episcopal Church of the Good BVS3^WaQ]^OZ1Vc`QV]TbVS5]]R Shepherd, 2614 Main St., Rangeley. AVS^VS`R $";OW\Ab@O\USZSg OCT. 8 =1B& FARMINGTON APPLE FESTIVAL, 10 a.m. to 3 4/@;7<5B=</>>:343AB7D/:O[b]!

N&),-3 FILMS TODAY 4/$!9 "I, Borg," with post-screen discussion, Rockland h) "ORG vWITHPOST SCREENDISCUSSION 2OCKLAND ,IBRARY&REE PM Library. Free. 594-0310. 6:30 p.m. h3HAKESPEAREIN,OVEv 7INTER3TREET "Shakespeare in Love" (1998), Winter Street Center, Bath. $5. 522-1018. 7 p.m. #ENTER "ATH PM FRIDAY &2)$!9 h"EATS 2HYMESAND,IFE4HE4RAVELSOF!4RIBE "Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of A Tribe #ALLED1UESTv MUSICDOCUMENTARY Called Quest" (2011), music documentary (rated R), Portland Museum of Art. $7. RATED2 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT 7 p.m. Friday; 2 and 7 p.m. PORTLANDMUSEUMORGPM&RIDAYANDPM 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday. SUNDAY 35.$!9 "Kissed by Lightning" (2009), University of h+ISSEDBY,IGHTNINGv 5NIVERSITYOF Maine (Lincoln Auditorium), Farmington. Free. -AINE,INCOLN!UDITORIUM &ARMINGTON&REE 778-7424. 7 p.m.  PM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 2011 Manhattan Short Film Festival, 10 short -ANHATTAN3HORT&ILM&ESTIVAL SHORT films from around the world, Space, Portland. $8. lLMSFROMAROUNDTHEWORLD 3PACE 0ORTLAND 7:30 p.m. SPACEORGPM "Jane's Journey" (2010), documentary with live h*ANES*OURNEYv DOCUMENTARYWITHLIVE video chat with Jane Goodall, Brunswick 10. VIDEOCHATWITH*ANE'OODALL "RUNSWICK $15. 8 p.m. FATHOMEVENTSCOMPM

BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23 TODAY 4/$!9 SheSpeaks, storytelling by Jeanne Thompson, 3HE3PEAKS STORYTELLINGBY*EANNE4HOMPSON Shay Stewart Bouley, Jessica Esch, Monique 3HAY3TEWART"OULEY *ESSICA%SCH -ONIQUE Barrett and Karen Wyman, Mayo Street Arts, "ARRETTAND+AREN7YMAN -AYO3TREET!RTS Portland. $12 to $15. 0ORTLANDTOMAYOSTREETARTSORG 7:30 p.m. PM Gregory Pardlo, poetry reading, Bates Museum of 'REGORY0ARDLO POETRYREADING "ATES-USEUMOF Art, Lewiston. Free. 786-6256. 7:30 p.m. !RT ,EWISTON&REE PM Maine Women Write's Inaugural Kick-Off, -AINE7OMEN7RITES)NAUGURAL+ICK /FF launch of statewide book club celebrating LAUNCHOFSTATEWIDEBOOKCLUBCELEBRATING Maine authors being published this year, Space, -AINEAUTHORSBEINGPUBLISHEDTHISYEAR 3PACE Portland. Free, 7:30 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REESPACEORGPM Eric Hopkins, author of "Eric Hopkins: Above %RIC(OPKINS AUTHOROFh%RIC(OPKINS!BOVE and Beyond," book signing and illustrated talk, AND"EYOND vBOOKSIGNINGANDILLUSTRATEDTALK Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland. Free with &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLAND&REEWITH museum admission. 12:30 p.m. (for museum MUSEUMADMISSIONPMFORMUSEUM members only), 1 to 2 p.m. and 2:15 to 4 p.m. MEMBERSONLY TOPMANDTOPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Layne Witherell, author of "Wine Maniacs: Life ,AYNE7ITHERELL AUTHOROFh7INE-ANIACS,IFE in the Wine Biz," Longfellow Books, Portland. INTHE7INE"IZ v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS 0ORTLAND 772-4045. 7 p.m.  PM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Patty Rutka, author of "Salome" and "Jarus's 0ATTY2UTKA AUTHOROFh3ALOMEvANDh*ARUSS Daughter," Wiscasset Public Library. Free. 882$AUGHTER v7ISCASSET0UBLIC,IBRARY&REE 7161. 1 p.m. PM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 "Ten Contemporary Poets, Plus One," readings h4EN#ONTEMPORARY0OETS 0LUS/NE vREADINGS from contemporary American poets, York Public FROMCONTEMPORARY!MERICANPOETS 9ORK0UBLIC Library. Free; call to register. 363-2818. 7 p.m. ,IBRARY&REECALLTOREGISTER PM Colin Woodard, author of "American Nations: #OLIN7OODARD AUTHOROFh!MERICAN.ATIONS A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures !(ISTORYOFTHE%LEVEN2IVAL2EGIONAL#ULTURES of North America," Owl & Turtle Bookstore, OF.ORTH!MERICA v/WL4URTLE"OOKSTORE Camden. 236-4769. 4:30 p.m. #AMDEN PM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Brown Bag Lecture, with David Livingstone "ROWN"AG,ECTURE WITH$AVID,IVINGSTONE Smith, author of "Less Than Human," Portland 3MITH AUTHOROFh,ESS4HAN(UMAN v0ORTLAND Public Library. Free; bring a lunch. 871-1710. 0UBLIC,IBRARY&REEBRINGALUNCH  Noon to 1 p.m. .OONTOPM

p.m., Fairbanks School Neighborhood ^[4OW`PO\YaAQV]]Z<SWUVP]`V]]R Association, 508 Fairbanks Road /aa]QWObW]\#&4OW`PO\Ya@]OR (Route 4, two miles north of @]cbS"be][WZSa\]`bV]T downtown). R]e\b]e\ OCT. 23 =1B !

GREAT MAINE APPLE DAY, noon to 4 p.m., 5@3/B;/7<3/>>:32/G\]]\b]"^[ rain or shine at Common Ground `OW\]`aVW\SOb1][[]\5`]c\R Education Center, 294 Crosby Brook 3RcQObW]\1S\bS` '"1`]aPg0`]]Y Road, Unity. @]ORC\Wbg â&#x20AC;&#x201D; Compiled by Meredith Goad, Staff Writer ´1][^WZSRPg;S`SRWbV5]ORAbOTTE`WbS`

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011



Dine in only, with purchase of a beverage

Dine in only, with purchase of a beverage

11:30 - 4:00 Tues – Sun






• Twin Lobsters

• Fisherman’s Platter

• Surf & Turf

haddock, shrimp & clams with French fries & coleslaw

GO E31

Served Any Time: Tues – Sun

• Twin Lobster Rolls with chips or fries and pickle



with lemon, drawn butter, potato & coleslaw 10oz sirloin steak and lobster with potato, rice, or pasta

From Our Family to Yours… DiSanto’s cooks it up! For fun, friendly, affordable, casual family dining.

DIRECTIONS: 15 minutes from Portland/3 miles from Windham Ctr. 95 to exit 63. Left onto 202, 3 miles on right.


322 West Gray Rd., GRAY • 428-4300

E325=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, September 22, 2011 3! 

# /-%( /-%TO 4/! .*/.3 COME HOME ANJON'S &INE)TALIAN#UISINE #HOICE3TEAKS Fine Italian Cuisine, Choice Steaks &RESH-AINE3EAFOOD & Fresh Maine Seafood

Famous for Stuffed Breads &AMOUSFOR3TUFFED"READS and Award-Winning Pasta Sauces AND!WARD 7INNING0ASTA3AUCES YOUR /52 9 CHOICE (/)#% #


Valid with URCHASE HPpurchase LIDWIT 6A ERAGE NYBEV of any beverage. OFA


&)3( 0,!44%2 PLATTER â&#x20AC;¢ Haddock q(ADDOCK â&#x20AC;¢ Shrimp q3HRIMP q#LAMS â&#x20AC;¢ Clams F 1.011

WITHFRENCHFRIES with french fries COLESLAW & cole slaw

TWIN LOBSTER 47).,/"34%2 ROLLS 2/,,3

with chips or fries & pickle WITHCHIPSORFRIESPICKLE 9 /52 YOUR # ( /)#% CHOICE


Served Anytime 7 Days a Week 3ERVED!NYTIME$AYSA7EEK



LID WITHP URCHASE «dOFA with purchase NYBEV of any beverage. ERAGE

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GO | Portland Press Herald | Sept. 22, 2011  

GO | Portland Press Herald | Sept. 22, 2011

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