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Yarmouth Clam PXidflk_:cXd Festival =\jk`mXc Shucks! J_lZbj Page 41 GX^\+(

3E25=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg"  GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011


2OUTE.ORTH 7ELLS Route 1 North, Wells 646-8467 WWWBULLNCLAWCOM







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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E3 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!

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1038 Brighton Avenue, Portland "RIGHTON!VENUE 0ORTLAND

773-7333 â&#x20AC;˘ 1-888-201-4448  s    Open Mon.-Fri. 9:30-6:00; Sat. 10:00-3:00 /PEN-ONn&RIn3ATn




!!#$" "

!!#$" "

    Tickets Available  Online %$'   Only at  (%

450 Payne Road, Scarborough ( !#!#!&

Come Early For ŽžÄ&#x17E;Ä&#x201A;Ć&#x152;ĹŻÇ&#x2021;&Ĺ˝Ć&#x152;

"The *U Greased §7KH HDVHG /Lightning" LJKWQLQJ¨ & Prizes Î&#x2DC;WĆ&#x152;Ĺ?Ç&#x152;Ä&#x17E;Ć?

E4 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 


nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E>

OUT GOING: Ideas FLK>F@E>1@[\Xj for all kinds of ]fiXccb`e[jf] things to do in k_`e^jkf[f`e southern Maine. jflk_\ieDX`e\%

SOCIETY SNAPSHOTS: JF:@<KPJE8GJ?FKJ1 Photos and G_fkfjXe[ dispatches from [`jgXkZ_\j]ifd Maine's social scene. DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jjfZ`XcjZ\e\% DINING GUIDE: De;@E@E>>L@;<1;\$ cide what you want Z`[\n_XkpflnXek to eat where-and kf\Xkn_\i\Ă&#x2020;Xe[ for how much. ]fi_fndlZ_%

POORtland PICKS: GFFIkcXe[G@:BJ1 Where to go to find N_\i\kf^fkfĂ&#x201D;e[ entertainment on the \ek\ikX`ed\ekfek_\ cheap. Z_\Xg%


Robert Cray happy about blues fest/E5 @]PS`b1`OgVO^^gOP]cbPZcSaTSab3#N Face the Music/E6 Mike Olcott's Q&A 4OQSbVS;caWQ3$N;WYS=ZQ]bb¸a?/ with Mango Floss/E7 CD review: G. Love's eWbV;O\U]4Z]aa3%N12`SdWSe(5:]dS¸a "FixirT to Die"/E9 ¾4WfW\¸b]2WSœ3'


COVER STORY: Films galore at Waterville 1=D3@AB=@G(4WZ[aUOZ]`SObEObS`dWZZS festival/E15 Give 'em hell Harry Potter/E17 TSabWdOZ3#N5WdS¸S[VSZZ6O``g>]bbS`3% New on DVD/E19 N<Se]\2D23'

ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS OF EVENTS/E20 2/GA=43D3<BA3 

XikXe[k_\Xk\i Free plays in the park double the fun/E39 4`SS^ZOgaW\bVS^O`YR]cPZSbVSTc\3!'

[`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Clams and more on festival menu/E41 Bar Guide: 1ZO[aO\R[]`S]\TSabWdOZ[S\c3"N0O`5cWRS( Maxwell's Pub & Grill/E42N3ObO\R@c\(/aWO@SabOc`O\b Eat and Run: Asia Restaurant/ ;OfeSZZ¸a>cP5`WZZ3" E43 Atwell on beer/E43 3"!N/beSZZ]\PSS`3"!

\kZ\k\iX Grand old show house in York/E45 Shannon Bryan 5`O\R]ZRaV]eV]caSW\G]`Y3"#NAVO\\]\0`gO\ rounds up fun festival contests/E47 `]c\Rac^Tc\TSabWdOZQ]\bSaba3"%


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<efl^_Xci\X[p Enough already n`k_k_\_Xi[befZbj with the hard knocks on Annie and her ilk fe8ee`\Xe[_\i`cb


ast week, I took the family to see the BTUXFFL *UPPLUIFGBNJMZUPTFFUIF .BJOF4UBUF.VTJD5IFBUSFTQSPEVDUJPO Maine State Music Theatre's production of "Annie" in Brunswick. PGi"OOJFwJO#SVOTXJDL *UXBTBGBOUBTUJDQSPEVDUJPO*GZPV It was a fantastic production. If you haven't yet seen it, there's still a few more IBWFOUZFUTFFOJU UIFSFTTUJMMBGFXNPSF days before the show closes. EBZTCFGPSFUIFTIPXDMPTFT But while waiting for the curtain to #VUXIJMFXBJUJOHGPSUIFDVSUBJOUP rise, I was reading SJTF *XBTSFBEJOH the director's notes UIFEJSFDUPSTOPUFT by Marc Robin in the CZ.BSD3PCJOJOUIF MSMT program. And .4.5QSPHSBN"OE it brought back a pet JUCSPVHIUCBDLBQFU peeve of mine. QFFWFPGNJOF "When I told folks I i8IFO*UPMEGPMLT* was about to start a proXBTBCPVUUPTUBSUBQSP duction of 'Annie' they EVDUJPOPGA"OOJFUIFZ usually rolled their eyes VTVBMMZSPMMFEUIFJSFZFT or groaned or made a PSHSPBOFEPSNBEFB snide comment," Robin TOJEFDPNNFOU w3PCJO wrote. " 'Oh, that old XSPUFiA0I UIBUPME play'... 'They're doing it QMBZyA5IFZSFEPJOHJU again? ?'... 'Aren't you tired of that show?y BHBJO yA"SFOUZPVUJSFEPGUIBUTIPX 'Why do we need another production of A8IZEPXFOFFEBOPUIFSQSPEVDUJPOPG that?'" UIBU w Robin justifies presenting "Annie" 3PCJOKVTUJmFTQSFTFOUJOHi"OOJFw because its message of staying optimistic CFDBVTFJUTNFTTBHFPGTUBZJOHPQUJNJTUJD during hard times resonates with a recesEVSJOHIBSEUJNFTSFTPOBUFTXJUIBSFDFT sion-weary audience today. TJPOXFBSZBVEJFODFUPEBZ That's a valid reason. But if the play is 5IBUTBWBMJESFBTPO#VUJGUIFQMBZJT good, shouldn't that be reason enough? HPPE TIPVMEOUUIBUCFSFBTPOFOPVHI I've never been one to slap an expiration *WFOFWFSCFFOPOFUPTMBQBOFYQJSBUJPO date on entertainment. My CD collection EBUFPOFOUFSUBJONFOU.Z$%DPMMFDUJPO contains everything from World War I-era DPOUBJOTFWFSZUIJOHGSPN8PSME8BS*FSB jazz to the new album by Adele. My home KB[[UPUIFOFXBMCVNCZ"EFMF.ZIPNF video collection includes "Citizen Kane," WJEFPDPMMFDUJPOJODMVEFTi$JUJ[FO,BOF w "Casablanca," "Un Chien Andalou," "On the i$BTBCMBODB wi6O$IJFO"OEBMPV wi0OUIF Waterfront" ... and the latest "Star Trek" 8BUFSGSPOUwyBOEUIFMBUFTUi4UBS5SFLw movie and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. NPWJFBOEi5IF-PSEPGUIF3JOHTwUSJMPHZ Anyone can enjoy art on a surface level. "OZPOFDBOFOKPZBSUPOBTVSGBDFMFWFM But to truly appreciate art - whether it be #VUUPUSVMZBQQSFDJBUFBSUoXIFUIFSJUCF a painting, a play, a novel, a song or a film BQBJOUJOH BQMBZ BOPWFM BTPOHPSBmMN - it's essential to have at least a passing oJUTFTTFOUJBMUPIBWFBUMFBTUBQBTTJOH knowledge of the genre's history. Every LOPXMFEHFPGUIFHFOSFTIJTUPSZ&WFSZ artist has been influenced by another, and BSUJTUIBTCFFOJOnVFODFECZBOPUIFS BOE to be able to see those ties makes it all the UPCFBCMFUPTFFUIPTFUJFTNBLFTJUBMMUIF more enjoyable. NPSFFOKPZBCMF Anyway, saying you don't like something "OZXBZ TBZJOHZPVEPOUMJLFTPNFUIJOH because it's old smacks of elitism and, CFDBVTFJUTPMETNBDLTPGFMJUJTNBOE  frankly, ignorance. It's like saying an art GSBOLMZ JHOPSBODF*UTMJLFTBZJOHBOBSU museum isn't worth visiting unless it exNVTFVNJTOUXPSUIWJTJUJOHVOMFTTJUFY hibits only modern works, or that going to IJCJUTPOMZNPEFSOXPSLT PSUIBUHPJOHUP Shakespeare in the park is boring because 4IBLFTQFBSFJOUIFQBSLJTCPSJOHCFDBVTF of the 16th-century language. PGUIFUIDFOUVSZMBOHVBHF You're not being cool because you think :PVSFOPUCFJOHDPPMCFDBVTFZPVUIJOL The Rolling Stones are dinosaurs and that 5IF3PMMJOH4UPOFTBSFEJOPTBVSTBOEUIBU plays like "Annie" are shopworn. You're QMBZTMJLFi"OOJFwBSFTIPQXPSO:PVSF being ignorant. (On the flip side, those who CFJOHJHOPSBOU 0OUIFnJQTJEF UIPTFXIP think good entertainment ended with their UIJOLHPPEFOUFSUBJONFOUFOEFEXJUIUIFJS generation are being just as ignorant.) HFOFSBUJPOBSFCFJOHKVTUBTJHOPSBOU

So instead of trying to be hip and oh-so4PJOTUFBEPGUSZJOHUPCFIJQBOEPITP cutting-edge, try to enjoy things for what DVUUJOHFEHF USZUPFOKPZUIJOHTGPSXIBU they are. Sure, there was a lot of stuff that UIFZBSF4VSF UIFSFXBTBMPUPGTUVGGUIBU was popular in its time that doesn't hold up XBTQPQVMBSJOJUTUJNFUIBUEPFTOUIPMEVQ today. But the same holds true for what's UPEBZ#VUUIFTBNFIPMETUSVFGPSXIBUT popular right now. QPQVMBSSJHIUOPX Who knows?:PVNJHIUMJLFUIPTFPMENPW You might like those old mov8IPLOPXT ies, songs and plays. And you'll no longer JFT TPOHTBOEQMBZT"OEZPVMMOPMPOHFS have to worry about looking cool. IBWFUPXPSSZBCPVUMPPLJOHDPPM

Rod Harmon If[?Xidfe From the Editor =ifdk_\<[`kfi

Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be 2S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPS contacted at 791-6450 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"#]`Ob( rharmon@pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3# GO E5


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?FK HOT k`Zb\k

Paisley tour gallops GX`jc\pkfli^Xccfgj into Scarborough `ekfJZXiYfifl^_ IT ISN'T OFTEN t h a t y o u g e t a 7B7A<¸B=4B3<bVObg]cUSbO star the caliber of Brad Paisley abO`bVSQOZWPS`]T0`OR>OWaZSg at a horse track, and it's even ObOV]`aSb`OQYO\RWb¸aSdS\ rarer when that star has a hit `O`S`eVS\bVObabO`VOaOVWb album on the charts right now. OZPc[]\bVSQVO`ba`WUVb\]e Paisley will perform songs >OWaZSgeWZZ^S`T]`[a]\Ua from his new hit album "This T`][VWa\SeVWbOZPc[µBVWa Is Country Music" along with 7a1]c\b`g;caWQ¶OZ]\UeWbV old favorites at the Seacoast ]ZRTOd]`WbSaObbVSASOQ]Oab Country Music Festival. Also 1]c\b`g;caWQ4SabWdOZ/Za] performing are Blake Shelton ^S`T]`[W\UO`S0ZOYSAVSZb]\ and Jerrod Newman. O\R8S``]R<Se[O\ WHEN: 7 p.m. Sunday E63<(%^[Ac\ROg WHERE: Scarborough Downs, E63@3(AQO`P]`]cUV2]e\a 90 Payne Road '>Og\S@]OR HOW MUCH: $61 to $125 6=E;C16($b] # INFO: (888) 333-3101; 7<4=(&&&!!!!) a^SSRgbWfQ][

G :?<8I@CC


Courtesy photos 1]c`bSag^V]b]a

Robert Cray performs at 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the North Atlantic Blues Festival in Rockland. @]PS`b1`Og^S`T]`[aOb"(!^[Ac\ROgObbVS<]`bV/bZO\bWQ0ZcSa4SabWdOZW\@]QYZO\R

What do you get when you cross some of the world's great blues artists and a N_Xk[fpfl^\kn_\epflZifjjjfd\f]k_\nfic[Ă&#x2039;j^i\XkYcl\jXik`jkjXe[X summer weekend in Maine? Why, the North Atlantic Blues Festival, of course. jldd\in\\b\e[`eDX`e\6N_p#k_\Efik_8kcXek`Z9cl\j=\jk`mXc#f]Zflij\% ByRAYROUTHIER #Z3":3065)*&3 4UBGG8SJUFS StaffWriter


obert Cray likes blues PCFSU$SBZMJLFTCMVFT festivals. GFTUJWBMT As a guitarist and "TBHVJUBSJTUBOE singer known mainly TJOHFSLOPXONBJOMZ for the blues, he'll GPSUIFCMVFT IFMM readily admit that he SFBEJMZBENJUUIBUIF doesn't often play before really big EPFTOUPGUFOQMBZCFGPSFSFBMMZCJH crowds. DSPXET But at blues festivals - which have #VUBUCMVFTGFTUJWBMToXIJDIIBWF popped up all over the country in the QPQQFEVQBMMPWFSUIFDPVOUSZJOUIF last couple of decades - he does. MBTUDPVQMFPGEFDBEFToIFEPFT "Last weekend, we did a festival in i-BTUXFFLFOE XFEJEBGFTUJWBMJO Portland, Ore., and got to play before 1PSUMBOE 0SF BOEHPUUPQMBZCFGPSF about 30,000 people. It's not often we BCPVU QFPQMF*UTOPUPGUFOXF get to play for 30,000 people," said HFUUPQMBZGPS QFPQMF wTBJE

Cray during a phone interview last $SBZEVSJOHBQIPOFJOUFSWJFXMBTU week. "So we like festivals." XFFLi4PXFMJLFGFTUJWBMTw This weekend, Cray and his band 5IJTXFFLFOE $SBZBOEIJTCBOE will play for a big crowd again at XJMMQMBZGPSBCJHDSPXEBHBJOBU the North Atlantic Blues Festival in UIF/PSUI"UMBOUJD#MVFT'FTUJWBMJO Rockland. Now in its 18th year, the 3PDLMBOE/PXJOJUTUIZFBS UIF festival typically draws about 15,000 GFTUJWBMUZQJDBMMZESBXTBCPVU  people over a two-day span. QFPQMFPWFSBUXPEBZTQBO During the past two decades, the %VSJOHUIFQBTUUXPEFDBEFT UIF festival has gained a reputation GFTUJWBMIBTHBJOFEBSFQVUBUJPO among musicians as a good gig to BNPOHNVTJDJBOTBTBHPPEHJHUP get. Cray heard about the festival HFU$SBZIFBSEBCPVUUIFGFTUJWBM from his drummer, Tony BraunaGSPNIJTESVNNFS 5POZ#SBVOB gel, and he's eager to learn about it HFM BOEIFTFBHFSUPMFBSOBCPVUJU firsthand. mSTUIBOE Please see BLUES, Page Ell Gc\Xj\j\\0:C3AGX^\<((

T h e B r o o k s F a m i l y Blues D y n a s t y p e r f o r m s a t BVS0`]]Ya4O[WZg0ZcSa2g\Oabg^S`T]`[aOb 5:35 p.m. Saturday. #(!#^[AObc`ROg

Two Chicks to hold Knf:_`Zbjkf_fc[ court in Bean's yard Zflik`e9\XeĂ&#x2039;jpXi[ HERE'S A BARGAIN - t w o - t h i r d s 63@3¸A/0/@5/7<Âłbe]bVW`Ra of the hit country act The ]TbVSVWbQ]c\b`gOQbBVS Dixie Chicks for the price of 2WfWS1VWQYaT]`bVS^`WQS]T none. Martie Maguire and \]\S;O`bWS;OUcW`SO\R Emily Robison, aka Court Yard 3[WZg@]PWa]\OYO1]c`bGO`R Hounds, will be doing a free 6]c\RaeWZZPSR]W\UOT`SS show Saturday at L.L. Bean. aV]eAObc`ROgOb::0SO\ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. Saturday E63<(%(!^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Discovery Park, L.L. E63@3(2WaQ]dS`g>O`Y:: Bean, 95 Main St., Freeport 0SO\'#;OW\Ab4`SS^]`b HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: (877) 7557<4=(&%%%## 2326; ! $)bW\gc`ZQ][ freecourtyardhounds T`SSQ]c`bgO`RV]c\Ra

Face the Music, E6 up w i t h Nango Floss, E7 CD Country-blues from G. Love, E9 =XZ\k_\Dlj`Z#<- NCatching :XkZ_`e^lgn`k_ DXe^f=cfjj#<. Nreview: :;i\m`\n1:flekip$Ycl\j]ifd>%Cfm\#<0

E6 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 




3STONE 4/.% 2 R)$'% IDGE

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with Free Salad Bar & Bread -AIN3Ts'ORHAM -%


!LL,UNCH 14oz. USDA Choice Slowroast $INNERS#OME7ITH 3ALAD"AR"READ All Lunch & dinners Come With Salad Bar & Bread



G> L @ ? A ( 

8`dj\cGfek` Aimsel Ponti " y =XZ\k_\Dlj`Z

8d\i`ZXeC\^`feIk%),#N\jkYiffb#D< DX`e\:flekipDlj`Z?Xccf]=Xd\ @e[lZk\\>cfi`XA\Xen&GXlc8e[i`lcc`A`d:XmXccXif 

(,`eZcl[\j@kXc`Xed\XcXe[;\jj\ikgi\gXi\[Yp:_\]8ek_fep9XiiXjjf 8ek_fepĂ&#x2039;j@kXc`XeB`kZ_\e




;PF.VUIBOEUIF-PTU)JHI3PMMFST BNFUIBUKB[[CBOE GSFFDPVOUSZBOE ame that jazz band, free country and Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers. $2 rock are what I've got for you this 8 p.m. Sunday. Stone Mountain Arts QN4VOEBZ4UPOF.PVOUBJO"SUT SPDLBSFXIBU*WFHPUGPSZPVUIJT week. We start at the newly opened Center, 695 Dugway Road, Brownfield. $FOUFS %VHXBZ3PBE #SPXOmFME XFFL8FTUBSUBUUIFOFXMZPQFOFE Gingko Blue in Portland tonight, and from 'SFFTUPOFNPVOUBJOBSUTDFOUFSDPN Free, (JOHLP#MVFJO1PSUMBOEUPOJHIU BOEGSPN there it's a drive to Brownfield on Sunday UIFSFJUTBESJWFUP#SPXOmFMEPO4VOEBZ and then back to Congress Street in Porthe TWO series continues at Port City BOEUIFOCBDLUP$POHSFTT4USFFUJO1PSU IF580TFSJFTDPOUJOVFTBU1PSU$JUZ land on Tuesday. Music Hall with Vanityites and A Severe MBOEPO5VFTEBZ .VTJD)BMMXJUI7BOJUZJUFTBOE"4FWFSF Joy. Visit the first band at +PZ7JTJUUIFmSTUCBOEBUNZTQBDFDPN vanityites and listen to "The Hospital of ob Schreiber is a jazz drummer, and WBOJUZJUFTBOEMJTUFOUPi5IF)PTQJUBMPG PC4DISFJCFSJTBKB[[ESVNNFS BOE the Seven Teeth" and "The Actor." his new quartet needs a name. That's UIF4FWFO5FFUIwBOEi5IF"DUPSw IJTOFXRVBSUFUOFFETBOBNF5IBUT where you come in. Schreiber would like Now here's the story about the sec/PXIFSFTUIFTUPSZBCPVUUIFTFD XIFSFZPVDPNFJO4DISFJCFSXPVMEMJLF help coming up with a name for his band ond band: Much to my dismay, the band POECBOE.VDIUPNZEJTNBZ UIFCBOE IFMQDPNJOHVQXJUIBOBNFGPSIJTCBOE that plays jazz standards from the Great Spouse went on an indefinite hiatus in 4QPVTFXFOUPOBOJOEFmOJUFIJBUVTJO UIBUQMBZTKB[[TUBOEBSETGSPNUIF(SFBU American Songbook. So put April. However, singer Jose "QSJM)PXFWFS TJOHFS+PTF "NFSJDBO4POHCPPL4PQVU your thinking caps on and head Ayerve, thankfully, remains ac"ZFSWF UIBOLGVMMZ SFNBJOTBD ZPVSUIJOLJOHDBQTPOBOEIFBE over to surveymonkey.eom/s/ tive under the moniker A Severe UJWFVOEFSUIFNPOJLFS"4FWFSF PWFSUPTVSWFZNPOLFZDPNT LNXV8CS to submit your ideas. Joy (which is an anagram of his +PZ XIJDIJTBOBOBHSBNPGIJT -/97$4UPTVCNJUZPVSJEFBT The winner gets "A Great Day name). He calls the sound indieOBNF )FDBMMTUIFTPVOEJOEJF 5IFXJOOFSHFUTi"(SFBU%BZ in Harlem" (a historic jazz docdance pop. I call it fantastic, and EBODFQPQ*DBMMJUGBOUBTUJD BOE JO)BSMFNw BIJTUPSJDKB[[EPD umentary DVD) and an endless I wouldn't expect anything less *XPVMEOUFYQFDUBOZUIJOHMFTT VNFOUBSZ%7% BOEBOFOEMFTT supply of bragging rights. To from Ayerve. GSPN"ZFSWF TVQQMZPGCSBHHJOHSJHIUT5P M i.Z-VWBMFwJTBCPVODZ  L u v 4 $ale is a bounc fan the flames of your creativGBOUIFnBNFTPGZPVSDSFBUJW ity, head to Gingko Blue tonight NPPEZFMFDUSPOJDQJFDFPG JUZ IFBEUP(JOHLP#MVFUPOJHIU for a show from the Band-Tomoody electronic piece of NVTJDXJUIBESVNNBDIJOF  GPSBTIPXGSPNUIF#BOE5P m u s cw Be-Named-By-You quartet. Full FdCG tflG MlJSiC LFZCPBSET CBTTMJOFT FMFDUSJD i i t h a drum machine, #F/BNFE#Z:PVRVBSUFU'VMM disclosure: I am entering this keyboards, bass lines, electric HVJUBSBOE"ZFSWFTXPOEFSGVMMZ EJTDMPTVSF*BNFOUFSJOHUIJT contest, and fully plan on winning, but guitar and Ayerve's wonderfully CSJTUMZWPJDFi5IJTCSBOEPGJOEJFEBODF DPOUFTU BOEGVMMZQMBOPOXJOOJOH CVU bristly voice. "This brand of indie-dance Schreiber would still like your ideas just in QPQDPNFTDPNQMFUFXJUIUJHIUQBOUT  4DISFJCFSXPVMETUJMMMJLFZPVSJEFBTKVTUJO pop comes complete with tight pants, case I don't deliver the goods. MFBUIFSCPPUT NBLFVQBOEBNBTL BOE DBTF*EPOUEFMJWFSUIFHPPET leather boots, makeup and a mask, and Band-To-Be-Named-By-You. 7:30 toBXIPMFMPUPGGVUVSJTUJDEBODFNPWFT w #BOE5P#F/BNFE#Z:PVUP a whole lot of futuristic dance moves," night. Gingko Blue Jazz Club, 455 Fore "ZFSWFXSPUFPOUIF"4FWFSF+PZ'BDF OJHIU(JOHLP#MVF+B[[$MVC 'PSF Ayerve wrote on the A Severe Joy FaceSt., Portland. No cover. Ages 21 and CPPLQBHF BOE*EPOUEPVCUUIJTGPSB 4U 1PSUMBOE/PDPWFS"HFTBOE book page, and I don't doubt this for a older, NJMMJTFDPOE PMEFSHJOHLPCMVFDPN millisecond. 0I BOEJGZPVXBOUUPBOBHSBNZPVS Oh, and if you want to anagram your 'm still not going to officially admit that I OBNF IFSFTBOJGUZXFCTJUFUPDIFDLPVU NTUJMMOPUHPJOHUPPGmDJBMMZBENJUUIBU* name, here's a nifty website to check out: like country music because, for the most XPSETNJUIPSHBOBHSBN5IFGBWPSJUFTGPS MJLFDPVOUSZNVTJDCFDBVTF GPSUIFNPTU The favorites for part, I don't. But then I hear someone like NZOBNFBSFi"MJFOJTU.PQwBOEi&NBJM QBSU *EPOU#VUUIFO*IFBSTPNFPOFMJLF my name are "Alienist Mop" and "Email Zoe Muth, and I have to question my stub- 1JTUPOw ;PF.VUI BOE*IBWFUPRVFTUJPONZTUVC Piston." bornness. 5807BOJUZJUFTBOE"4FWFSF+PZ CPSOOFTT TWO: Vanityites and A Severe Joy. "Starlight Hotel" is the new CD from QN5VFTEBZ1PSU$JUZ.VTJD)BMM  i4UBSMJHIU)PUFMwJTUIFOFX$%GSPN 8 p.m. Tuesday. Port City Music Hall, Muth and her band the Lost High Rollers, $POHSFTT4U 1PSUMBOE"HFT .VUIBOEIFSCBOEUIF-PTU)JHI3PMMFST  504 Congress St., Portland. $2. Ages 18 and upon listening to samples of every BOEPMEFSQPSUDJUZNVTJDIBMMDPN BOEVQPOMJTUFOJOHUPTBNQMFTPGFWFSZ and older, song on it at, I was hooked. TPOHPOJUBU[PFNVUIDPN *XBTIPPLFE "If I Can't Trust You With a Quarter (How Staff Writer Aimsel Ponti can be i*G*$BOU5SVTU:PV8JUIB2VBSUFS )PX AbOTTE`WbS`/W[aSZ>]\bWQO\PS Can I Trust You With My Heart?)" and contacted at 791-6455 or at: $BO*5SVTU:PV8JUI.Z)FBSU

wBOE Q]\bOQbSROb%'$"##]`Ob( "Tired Workers Song" are two standouts, i5JSFE8PSLFST4POHwBSFUXPTUBOEPVUT  O^]\bW.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ but they are all worth your time. CVUUIFZBSFBMMXPSUIZPVSUJNF Hear the band live and for free at Stone )FBSUIFCBOEMJWFBOEGPSGSFFBU4UPOF Mountain Arts Center. This show is part .PVOUBJO"SUT$FOUFS5IJTTIPXJTQBSU ON THE AIR FEK?<8@I of the ongoing "Waltzing for Dreamers" PGUIFPOHPJOHi8BMU[JOHGPS%SFBNFSTw TURN YOUR RADIO dial to 102.9 WBLM BC@<G=C@@/27=RWOZb] 'E0:; show series at the venue in Brownfield. TIPXTFSJFTBUUIFWFOVFJO#SPXOmFME every Friday at 8:30 a.m. to hear SdS`g4`WROgOb&(!O[b]VSO` But although admission is free, you are #VUBMUIPVHIBENJTTJPOJTGSFF ZPVBSF Aimsel Ponti wax poetic about her top asked to bring new bags or cans of cat /W[aSZ>]\bWeOf^]SbWQOP]cbVS`b]^ BTLFEUPCSJOHOFXCBHTPSDBOTPGDBU three live music picks for the week and/or dog food with you for donation bV`SSZWdS[caWQ^WQYaT]`bVSeSSY BOEPSEPHGPPEXJUIZPVGPSEPOBUJPO with the Captain and Celeste. to the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in eWbVbVS1O^bOW\O\R1SZSabS UPUIF)BSWFTU)JMMT"OJNBM4IFMUFSJO Fryeburg. 'SZFCVSH


Open 7 Days â&#x20AC;˘ (207) 625-2009

390 Main St â&#x20AC;˘ Gorham, ME Open 7 Days â&#x20AC;˘ (207) 839-7651


?\i\Ă&#x2039;jpfliY`^Z_XeZ\ Here's your big chance kfeXd\k_XkaXqqYXe[ to name that jazz band


"ULL-OOSE Bull MooseKFG(' WW Top 10 for Portland store July 4-10: B]^T]`>]`bZO\Rab]`S8cZg"( 1. Tedeschi Trucks Band, "Revelator" BSRSaQVWB`cQYa0O\RÂľ@SdSZOb]`Âś 2.5WZZWO\ESZQVÂľBVS6O``]eBVS6O`dSabÂś Gillian Welch, "The Harrow & The Harvest" 3. Bon Iver, "Bon Iver" !0]\7dS`Âľ0]\7dS`Âś 4. "Hobo with a Shotgun" (DVD) "Âľ6]P]eWbVOAV]bUc\Âś2D2 5. Adele, "21" #/RSZSÂľ Âś 6. "Battle: Los Angeles" (DVD) $Âľ0ObbZS(:]a/\USZSaÂś2D2 7. Fleet Foxes, "Helplessness Blues" %4ZSSb4]fSaÂľ6SZ^ZSaa\Saa0ZcSaÂś 8. "13 Assassins" (DVD) &Âľ!/aaOaaW\aÂś2D2 9. Mumford & Sons, "Sigh No More" ';c[T]`RA]\aÂľAWUV<];]`SÂś 10. Nuclear Boots, "Idiots in the City" <cQZSO`0]]baÂľ7RW]baW\bVS1WbgÂś - Courtesy of Bull Moose Âł1]c`bSag]T0cZZ;]]aS


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E7 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3%

 &' %#"#  -Vv/estern


 Mary Schiavoni photo ;O`gAQVWOd]\W^V]b]

Mango Floss, having toured New England for the past six months, will make a ;O\U]4Z]aaVOdW\Ub]c`SR<Se3\UZO\RT]`bVS^OabaWf[]\bVaeWZZ[OYSO stop in Portland tonight. It all started at Bowdoin College. ab]^W\>]`bZO\Rb]\WUVb7bOZZabO`bSROb0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS

Laid-back Mango Floss CX`[$YXZbDXe^f=cfjj jXpk_\paljknXekkfgcXp say they just want to play 8A

young band often makes the mistake ZPVOHCBOEPGUFONBLFTUIFNJTUBLF of giving off even the slightest whiff PGHJWJOHPGGFWFOUIFTMJHIUFTUXIJGG of entitlement, otherwise known as PGFOUJUMFNFOU PUIFSXJTFLOPXOBT being really into yourself. These bands, CFJOHSFBMMZJOUPZPVSTFMG5IFTFCBOET  however talented, usually hemorrhage IPXFWFSUBMFOUFE VTVBMMZIFNPSSIBHF  fans and watch helplessly as egos corrode GBOTBOEXBUDIIFMQMFTTMZBTFHPTDPSSPEF the fragile dynamic UIFGSBHJMFEZOBNJD Ă&#x2C6;K_\:`kp#Ă&#x2030;K_\;`jd\d among players in a BNPOHQMBZFSTJOB Y\id\ekGcXe Ă&#x2C6;;`ik#Ă&#x2030;NlCp] hurry. IVSSZ This is why it's fun to 5IJTJTXIZJUTGVOUP Ă&#x2C6;: _`eXkfne#Ă&#x2030;;\ jkifp\i "Chinatown/' Destroyer encounter happy-goFODPVOUFSIBQQZHP Ă&#x2C6;> \k Jf d\ lucky crews like the MVDLZDSFXTMJLFUIF #Ă&#x2030; Cp bb\C` "GetSome/'LykkeLi once-goofy members PODFHPPGZNFNCFST Ă&#x2C6;K_\DX^`ZGcXZ\#Ă&#x2030;Alc`X eeX9Xin`Zb of Mango Floss. That PG.BOHP'MPTT5IBU Ă&#x2C6;C\k<e^cXland the are in lt onl for e[ J_ Xb UIFZBSFJOJUPOMZGPS \#Ă&#x2030; GA Shake," Pj Harvey ? Xim\p y y the ride makes their Ă&#x2C6;Ctahaha/'ShugoTokumaru X_X_X#Ă&#x2030;J_l^fKfbldXi UIFSJEFNBLFTUIFJS l tunes that much UVOFTUIBUNVDI Ă&#x2C6;9 `qe\jj#Ă&#x2030;kLe<p8i;j "Bizness/'tUnEyArDs more buoyant and NPSFCVPZBOUBOE Ă&#x2C6;<p\j9\:cfj\[#Ă&#x2030;NXj_\ likable. It's also what MJLBCMF*UTBMTPXIBU "Eyes Be Closed," Washed[FOut lk allows a procrasBMMPXTBQSPDSBT Ă&#x2C6;?\Xik`ePfli?\XikYi\ Xb #Ă&#x2030; GX `ejf]9\`e^ tinated side project to blossom into a UJOBUFETJEFQSPKFDUUPCMPTTPNJOUPB Gli\Xk?\Xik lively stage show. MJWFMZTUBHFTIPX  Read what Sarah Wood (vocals, 3FBEXIBU4BSBI8PPE WPDBMT  guitar, keyboards) has to say, then check HVJUBS LFZCPBSET IBTUPTBZ UIFODIFDL out Mango Floss' abundance of great hook PVU.BOHP'MPTTBCVOEBODFPGHSFBUIPPL toe-tappers at The Flask Lounge tonight. UPFUBQQFSTBU5IF'MBTL-PVOHFUPOJHIU Bet it'll loosen you right up. #FUJUMMMPPTFOZPVSJHIUVQ zero music theory background. You can [FSPNVTJDUIFPSZCBDLHSPVOE:PVDBO always tell when elements of a song are BMXBZTUFMMXIFOFMFNFOUTPGBTPOHBSF Describe the origins of Mango Floss. XPSLJOHPSOPU BOEUIFPOMZSFBMUSJDLJT %FTDSJCFUIFPSJHJOTPG.BOHP'MPTT working or not, and the only real trick is Mango Floss exists because I'm all talk LOPXJOHXIBUQBSUTUPMFUHPBOEXIBU .BOHP'MPTTFYJTUTCFDBVTF*NBMMUBML knowing what parts to let go and what and Farhan Rahman is all action. We BOE'BSIBO3BINBOJTBMMBDUJPO8F parts to push further. And the only proof QBSUTUPQVTIGVSUIFS"OEUIFPOMZQSPPG met at Bowdoin, but didn't start playing NFUBU#PXEPJO CVUEJEOUTUBSUQMBZJOH is if you catch a roommate humming your JTJGZPVDBUDIBSPPNNBUFIVNNJOHZPVS together until about a year and a half ago, TPOHT UPHFUIFSVOUJMBCPVUBZFBSBOEBIBMGBHP  songs. presumably because Farhan got sick of QSFTVNBCMZCFDBVTF'BSIBOHPUTJDLPG me talking about writing music and never NFUBMLJOHBCPVUXSJUJOHNVTJDBOEOFWFS Does the band ever have extended %PFTUIFCBOEFWFSIBWFFYUFOEFE following through. After college we reGPMMPXJOHUISPVHI"GUFSDPMMFHFXFSF spats? TQBUT corded our EP "Monsters" with our friend 8FEPOUSFBMMZIBWFTQBUT *EPOUUIJOL DPSEFEPVS&1i.POTUFSTwXJUIPVSGSJFOE We don't really have spats, I don't think. Peter McLaughlin (of the Milkman's 1FUFS.D-BVHIMJO PGUIF.JMLNBOT We run into tension sometimes because 8FSVOJOUPUFOTJPOTPNFUJNFTCFDBVTF Union). Thanks to Farhan's determination 'BSIBOMJWFTJO#PTUPO BOEJUTIBSEUP 6OJPO 5IBOLTUP'BSIBOTEFUFSNJOBUJPO Farhan lives in Boston, and it's hard to to keep playing, Peter has stuck around, UPLFFQQMBZJOH 1FUFSIBTTUVDLBSPVOE  keep us all on the same page with band LFFQVTBMMPOUIFTBNFQBHFXJUICBOE and we've spent the last six months or so JTTVFTXIFOXFTFFFBDIPUIFSTPJOGSF BOEXFWFTQFOUUIFMBTUTJYNPOUITPSTP issues when we see each other so infredoing shows around New England. EPJOHTIPXTBSPVOE/FX&OHMBOE quently. The only spat that ever occurred RVFOUMZ5IFPOMZTQBUUIBUFWFSPDDVSSFE

NWhat's _XkĂ&#x2039;jfe on J8 I8?NWOOD'S FF;Ă&#x2039;J `GiPod SARAH f[

Nike Olcott D`b\FcZfkk Making Noise DXb`e^Ef`j\

was when I wrote a song about Farhan, XBTXIFO*XSPUFBTPOHBCPVU'BSIBO  What's the trick to making a song 8IBUTUIFUSJDLUPNBLJOHBTPOH and he rightfully refused to play it. I've BOEIFSJHIUGVMMZSFGVTFEUPQMBZJU*WF catchy? DBUDIZ since rewritten the lyrics, but you can tell TJODFSFXSJUUFOUIFMZSJDT CVUZPVDBOUFMM If I knew a trick to making a song catchy, XIJDIPOFJUJTXIFOXFQMBZPO5IVSTEBZ  *G*LOFXBUSJDLUPNBLJOHBTPOHDBUDIZ  which one it is when we play on Thursday, I definitely wouldn't tell you. We've man*EFmOJUFMZXPVMEOUUFMMZPV8FWFNBO aged to stumble onto it a number of times, BHFEUPTUVNCMFPOUPJUBOVNCFSPGUJNFT  Please see OLCOTT, Page E9 and I do mean literally stumble -1 have BOE*EPNFBOMJUFSBMMZTUVNCMFo*IBWF Gc\Xj\j\\=:1=BBGX^\<0

! %    '  $$ foe-4s  &  # %" LIVE MUSIC 


(& '!)*%'#  %'"+ #" * ++&" ).(.&, -* 0"Pâ&#x201E;˘ PatPepin &+ -*m "! ))$%". _?P Red Gallagher -* ,+ ."3". )1"/., '" 0 -* *.& "))5!+ &+$. ,1 -"

-* ."/". 20&,+ )1"/  +! (& '!)*%'#  +"*$""& + #" * (5). (66+/"*) "   %," +&4&2"  -* %3 +". ". -*  ,00 Mercer 2&! Scott David & 2501.0"2 +0 DavySturtevant -* )  ( ,! Black Cat0Road


 %'"+ (& '!)*%'# $ ! 

  "   #   %  Band  + #"  +"*$""& (& '!)*%'# "  !% !       12 pm   e BBQ- Crafts -Demos ,/ 7.#0/7"* 0&0&2" ,*-"Classic Cars -Saturday 5 01.! )//& ./7-Sunday Motorcycles 1+!5 7 / )" ,0,. 5 Bull -Kid Zone ÂťAe*anlcal &!,+" )7 1)  " %+& )

 JULY 25-24-, 2011 AT

    SATURDAY, JULY 23:10 AM - 8 PM     ,  SUNDAY, JULY 24:10 AM - 4 PM    , $5 ADMISSION (UNDER 10 FREE) â&#x20AC;˘ FREE PARKING "%.*44*0/Ų6/%&3'3&&Ĺłr'3&&1"3,*/( WESTERNMAINEBBQFESTIVAL.COM  

   207.647.4449 â&#x20AC;˘ FIND US ON FACEBOOK r'*/%640/'"$&#00,

,.0%""+"80,# &+"&,+/)1/+!0%" ,**1+&0&"/0%"5/".2"

.,1!/-,+/,.,#)&2"*1/&  ,+03,#"/0&2)/0$"/

E8 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, July 14, 2011 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

^fkk`o6 got tix?




'2!.$/0%.).' AR IN #



:FE:<IKJ8E;J?FNJ CONCERTS AND SHOWS Concerts and shows currently on sale: 1]\QS`baO\RaV]eaQc``S\bZg]\aOZS(

The latest BVSZObSab

featuring Sushi Bar, FEATURING3USHI"AR (IBACHI'RILL 3EAFOOD Hibachi Grill, Seafood, (OT#OLD3ANDWICHES Hot & Cold Sandwiches, )CE#REAM$ESSERT"AR Ice Cream & Dessert Bar. Serving Cocktails & Beer 3ERVING#OCKTAILS"EER

HAPPY HOUR (!009(/52  PM $RINK3PECIALS 4:30 - 7:00 pm - Drink Specials


3%!HOWUSYOU $/ R REC '4)#+%4 Large Groups ROUPS 4!+%/54$%,)6%29 EIVEA RGE' & ,A 2 % USES -f4i OuUrR" Buses WITHE%3/$ 34),,!6!),!",% ! VERYB  E UFF ELCOM Welcome! 7 RCHti, ASE ET We deliver to Portland, South Portland, Westbrook & FalmouthPUPur 7EDELIVERTO0ORTLAND 3OUTH0ORTLAND 7ESTBROOK&ALMOUTH


88 -/. &2) MON.- FRI.$ 7 8 8 3!4 SAT $ 8 88 $ SUN. 1 0  35. ALL DAY !,,$!9


BUFFET "5&&%4 HOURS (/523 Mon. - Thurs. 11 am - 9 pm -ON 4HURSAMnPM Fri. &Sat. 11 a m - 1 0 pm &RI3ATAMnPM Sun. 11:30 a m - 9 pm 3UNAMnPM



$)..%2 "5&&%4 BUFFET &EATURINGEXPANDED Featuring expanded 3EA&OOD3ELECTIONS Sea Food Selections

88 -/. 3!4 MON.- SAT.$ 1 0   35. SUN. $1Q88 ALL DAY !,,$!9




LUNCH ,5.#( BUFFET "5&&%4

On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Pixies with =\aOZSO[4`WROg³BVS>WfWSaeWbV Surfer Blood, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 1, State Ac`TS`0Z]]R%(!^[<]dAbObS Theatre, Portland. $45. All ages. State BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R"#/ZZOUSaAbObS; (800) 745-3000; bVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Hanson, 8 p.m. =\aOZSO[4`WROg³6O\a]\&^[ Oct. 11, State Theatre, Portland. $25. All =QbAbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R #/ZZ ages.; (800) 745OUSaAbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"# 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Civic Center !)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` box office P]f]T¿QS On sale 10 a.m. Friday- Umphrey's McGee, =\aOZSO[4`WROg³C[^V`Sg¸a;Q5SS 8:30 p.m. Sept. 17 , State Theatre, Portland. &(!^[AS^b%AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R All ages. Statetheatreportland $20/$25.  #/ZZOUSaAbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\R .com; (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Q][)&%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg Civic Center box office 1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Lotus, 8 p.m. Sept. =\aOZSO[4`WROg³:]bca&^[AS^b 23, State Theatre, Portland. $20/$22. All !AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R  /ZZ ages.; (800) 745OUSaAbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"# 3 0 0 0 ; Cumberland County Civic Center !)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS` box office P]f]T¿QS On sale 10 a.m. Friday- Gillian Welch, =\aOZSO[4`WROg³5WZZWO\ESZQV 7:30 p.m. Nov. 27, State Theatre, Portland. %(!^[<]d %AbObSBVSOb`S>]`bZO\R $30. All ages.; !/ZZOUSaAbObSbVSOb`S^]`bZO\RQ][) (800) 745-3000; Cumberland County Civic &%"#!)1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ Center box office 1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Dropkick =\aOZSO[4`WROg³BVS2`]^YWQY Murphys Sham Rock n' Roll Fest, with ;c`^VgaAVO[@]QY\¸@]ZZ4SabeWbV national and local acts, 11 a.m. Sept. 10, \ObW]\OZO\RZ]QOZOQbaO[AS^b Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $29.50. 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\ '#; 783-2009 EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)%&! ' On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Foo Fighters, 7 =\aOZSO[4`WROg³4]]4WUVbS`a% p.m. Nov. 16, TD Garden, Boston. $47.50 to ^[<]d$B25O`RS\0]ab]\"%#b]

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

Tickets f o r t h e Foo F i g h t e r s ' Nov. 16 BWQYSbaT]`bVS4]]4WUVbS`a¸<]d$ c o n c e r t in B o s t o n go on sale Friday. Q]\QS`bW\0]ab]\U]]\aOZS4`WROg $73.05.; (800) 745-3000 %!#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - Seth Meyers, =\aOZSO[4`WROg³ASbV;SgS`a 8 p.m. Aug. 20, Casino Ballroom, &^[/cU 1OaW\]0OZZ`]][ Hampton Beach, N.H. $37.85 to $48.10. 6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!%&#b]"&; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Friday - The Pixies, 8 p.m. =\aOZSO[4`WROg³BVS>WfWSa&^[ Oct. 30, Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, =Qb!1OaW\]0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV N.H. $48.10.; (800) 745<6"&BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"# 3000 ! On sale noon Friday - k.d. Lang, 8 p.m. =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³YR:O\U&^[ Sept. 26, Wilbur Theatre, Boston. $59.35 to AS^b $EWZPc`BVSOb`S0]ab]\#'!#b] $84.95.; (800) 745-3000 &"'#BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale noon Friday - Jackie Greene, 8 =\aOZS\]]\4`WROg³8OQYWS5`SS\S& p.m. Oct. 16, Paradise Rock Club, Boston. ^[=Qb$>O`ORWaS@]QY1ZcP0]ab]\ $23.; (800) 745-3000  !BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#! On sale 10 a.m. Saturday - Widespread =\aOZSO[AObc`ROg³EWRSa^`SOR Panic, 7 p.m. Sept. 16, Orpheum >O\WQ%^[AS^b$=`^VSc[ Theatre, Boston. $43.25 to $48.40. BVSOb`S0]ab]\"! #b]"&"; (800) 745-3000 BWQYSb[OabS`Q][)&%"#!

The locals BVSZ]QOZa July 21 - Mary Chapin Carpenter, 8 p.m., 8cZg Âł;O`g1VO^W\1O`^S\bS`&^[ Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. Ab]\S;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\ÂżSZR $85.; &#Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][) Please see Page E14 Gc\Xj\j\\B7FGX^\<(+



 !" #!" "

#"   " 

, )" '(* ('-!"'

   #  #!


+"% 0& *+(' '* .#%$ ')%" -#,""*#+,#'  1* 0-$ * ( *, %%('


-%0     **#%%-#,(*#-&(*,%' #$ ,+ (*,#/(&(*  


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E9 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3'


 MAINE'S #1 !).%3 -


isit cWT the Seaside XbXc BTPbXST Pavilion ?PeX[X^] in X] Old >[S >aRWPaS1TPRWU^afW^[Tb^\T Orchard Beach for wholesome, family friendly entertainment. UP\X[hUaXT]S[hT]cTacPX]\T]c

COMEDY CLUB ,5" /-%$9# #

HOW IT RATES ?FN@KI8K<J G. LOVE: "FIXIN' TO DIE" 5:=D3(µ47F7<¸B=273¶ Produced by Scott and Seth >`]RcQSRPgAQ]bbO\RASbV Avett, Brushfire Records /dSbb0`caV¿`S@SQ]`Ra 1/2 (((

15+ Years AUGHTER F,Laughter ARSOof 9E 

â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢ 4HURS 3AT 0ORTLANDS/WN


Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\O¿dSabO`aQOZS

â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢ .%847%%+

By MIKE OLCOTT #Z.*,&0-$055 Like Hootie before him, Garrett "G. -JLF)PPUJFCFGPSFIJN (BSSFUUi( Love" Button is goiif country, dropping -PWFw%VUUPOJTHPJODPVOUSZ ESPQQJOH G's on a whim on "Fixin' to Die," his most (TPOBXIJNPOi'JYJOUP%JF wIJTNPTU strident effort yet without the aid of the TUSJEFOUFGGPSUZFUXJUIPVUUIFBJEPGUIF Special Sauce. 4QFDJBM4BVDF Produced by Scott and Seth Avett, the 1SPEVDFECZ4DPUUBOE4FUI"WFUU UIF record is perfectly serviceable roots SFDPSEJTQFSGFDUMZTFSWJDFBCMFSPPUT Americana, and not as far a cry as you "NFSJDBOB BOEOPUBTGBSBDSZBTZPV might think from G. Love's rust-pop NJHIUUIJOLGSPN(-PWFTSVTUQPQ staples "Philadelphonic" and "Yeah, It's TUBQMFTi1IJMBEFMQIPOJDwBOEi:FBI *UT That Easy." 5IBU&BTZw It also drops at a fashionable time for the *UBMTPESPQTBUBGBTIJPOBCMFUJNFGPSUIF genre, and thus smacks more of a savvy HFOSF BOEUIVTTNBDLTNPSFPGBTBWWZ than creative risk for the mostly reliable UIBODSFBUJWFSJTLGPSUIFNPTUMZSFMJBCMF blues man. CMVFTNBO Fans in Maine can hear what G. Love 'BOTJO.BJOFDBOIFBSXIBU(-PWF has live on Friday at his Maine State Pier IBTMJWFPO'SJEBZBUIJT.BJOF4UBUF1JFS concert. Go to for tickets. DPODFSU(PUPTUBUFQJFSDPNGPSUJDLFUT G. Love still does small better than big. (-PWFTUJMMEPFTTNBMMCFUUFSUIBOCJH The close-quarters boogie-woogie of "Get 5IFDMPTFRVBSUFSTCPPHJFXPPHJFPGi(FU Goiif " or the back-porch whistler "Heav(PJOwPSUIFCBDLQPSDIXIJTUMFSi)FBW en" play much stronger than the overFOwQMBZNVDITUSPOHFSUIBOUIFPWFS


bombastic title track, a bust-out-the-gates CPNCBTUJDUJUMFUSBDL BCVTUPVUUIFHBUFT anthem covering legend Bukka White, BOUIFNDPWFSJOHMFHFOE#VLLB8IJUF  here with more horsepower than G. Love IFSFXJUINPSFIPSTFQPXFSUIBO(-PWF can or should command. DBOPSTIPVMEDPNNBOE Breezy ballads like "Walk On" and #SFF[ZCBMMBETMJLFi8BML0OwBOE "Home" are sweet enough but feel generic i)PNFwBSFTXFFUFOPVHICVUGFFMHFOFSJD compared to the silly, fun ode to coffee, DPNQBSFEUPUIFTJMMZ GVOPEFUPDPGGFF  "Milk and Sugar." i.JMLBOE4VHBSw Country-blues is a perfect fit for G. $PVOUSZCMVFTJTBQFSGFDUmUGPS( Love's famous quirky warble, and an obvi-PWFTGBNPVTRVJSLZXBSCMF BOEBOPCWJ ous expansion of his performing palette. PVTFYQBOTJPOPGIJTQFSGPSNJOHQBMFUUF (His amazing harp work alone gives him a )JTBNB[JOHIBSQXPSLBMPOFHJWFTIJNB ticket in the door.) UJDLFUJOUIFEPPS

But with The Avett Brothers' stomp#VUXJUI5IF"WFUU#SPUIFSTTUPNQ clap radio-pop stylings running the show, DMBQSBEJPQPQTUZMJOHTSVOOJOHUIFTIPX  something of G. Love's understated subtle TPNFUIJOHPG(-PWFTVOEFSTUBUFETVCUMF charm is lost. It's a shame when the set DIBSNJTMPTU*UTBTIBNFXIFOUIFTFU succumbs to saccharine; he has too much TVDDVNCTUPTBDDIBSJOFIFIBTUPPNVDI unique talent to try to play by the rules. VOJRVFUBMFOUUPUSZUPQMBZCZUIFSVMFT


;^^Z [PcTbc schedules bRWTSd[Tb and P]S Look U^a for latest ticket prices on our website. cXRZTc_aXRTb^]^dafTQbXcT

Friday, July 15 5aXSPh9d[h $ Mark Lowry, Unplugged &. <PaZ;^fahD]_[dVVTS Unplanned with Stan Whitmire D]_[P]]TSfXcWBcP]FWXc\XaT Time: 7:00 pm 8MQITQ Ticket Price: $ 5/$ 9 8MGOIX4VMGI Day of Show (E]SJ7LS[ A n ght not to be m ssed. %RMKLXRSXXSFIQMWWIH Mark w have you on 1EVO[MPPLEZI]SYSR the edge of your seat one XLIIHKISJ]SYVWIEXSRI m nute,FIPP]PEYKLMRKXLIRI\X be y augh ng the next.&YX[EMX But wat! QMRYXI There's more.7XER;LMXQMVI[MPPFI Stan Wh tin re w be 8LIVI´WQSVI jo n ng Mark on the Pav on stage aga n! NSMRMRK1EVOSRXLI4EZMPMSRWXEKIEKEMR

16 Custom House Wharf #USTOM(OUSE7HARF

Reservations call 774-5554 2ESERVATIONSCALL  online tickets: ONLINETICKETS WWWMAINECOMEDYCOM *Ask about our free parking*


8 Sixth St., Old Orchard Beach, 'BXgcWBc>[S>aRWPaS1TPRW Maine O4O64 â&#x20AC;¢ 2O7 934 2O24 <PX]T#%#}!&("#!!#



Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland ;WYS=ZQ]bbWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\>]`bZO\R and Boston. O\R0]ab]\


A ROBOT PRESENTS: MANGO FLOSS, /@=0=B>@3A3<BA(;/<5=4:=AA WHEN PARTICLES COLLIDE AND E63<>/@B71:3A1=::723/<2 ELIZABETH TAILLON 3:7H/03B6B/7::=< WHEN: 8 tonight E63<(&b]\WUVb because he will make a sour face. CFDBVTFIFXJMMNBLFBTPVSGBDF WHERE: Flask Lounge, 117 Spring St., E63@3(4ZOaY:]c\US%A^`W\UAb Portland >]`bZO\R What's the most unfortunate quality to HOW 8IBUTUIFNPTUVOGPSUVOBUFRVBMJUZUP MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS see in a young band? TFFJOBZPVOHCBOE INFO: 7<4=(Ã&#x20AC;OaYZ]c\USQ][ Unfortunate quality... probably hubris, 6OGPSUVOBUFRVBMJUZyQSPCBCMZIVCSJT  though I haven't encountered it. I imagine UIPVHI*IBWFOUFODPVOUFSFEJU*JNBHJOF it would be difficult to play with people JUXPVMECFEJGmDVMUUPQMBZXJUIQFPQMF possible for us to have gotten to this place, convinced of some sort of destiny, espeQPTTJCMFGPSVTUPIBWFHPUUFOUPUIJTQMBDF  DPOWJODFEPGTPNFTPSUPGEFTUJOZ FTQF being part of a community and playing big cially since we are rather laid back and CFJOHQBSUPGBDPNNVOJUZBOEQMBZJOHCJH DJBMMZTJODFXFBSFSBUIFSMBJECBDLBOE shows like Picnic and Hot August Night, just want to play. TIPXTMJLF1JDOJDBOE)PU"VHVTU/JHIU  KVTUXBOUUPQMBZ aka Party Barge (at Space Gallery Aug. 7). BLB1BSUZ#BSHF BU4QBDF(BMMFSZ"VH  Any secret ingredients in what you're "OZTFDSFUJOHSFEJFOUTJOXIBUZPVSF Do you make eye contact with audicooking up for the next show? %PZPVNBLFFZFDPOUBDUXJUIBVEJ DPPLJOHVQGPSUIFOFYUTIPX ence members? 8IZPSXIZOPU Why or why not? No secret ingredients! There will be at FODFNFNCFST /PTFDSFUJOHSFEJFOUT5IFSFXJMMCFBU I usually make eye contact with people least two new songs debuting. *VTVBMMZNBLFFZFDPOUBDUXJUIQFPQMF MFBTUUXPOFXTPOHTEFCVUJOH I know. Does that count?*VTVBMMZLOPX I usually know *LOPX%PFTUIBUDPVOU most of the people in the crowd, so hopeHow does Portland nurture up-andNPTUPGUIFQFPQMFJOUIFDSPXE TPIPQF )PXEPFT1PSUMBOEOVSUVSFVQBOE fully I will be tested soon. I used to spend coming performers? GVMMZ*XJMMCFUFTUFETPPO*VTFEUPTQFOE DPNJOHQFSGPSNFST most shows resisting the urge to stare at Portland has been amazing. With such a NPTUTIPXTSFTJTUJOHUIFVSHFUPTUBSFBU 1PSUMBOEIBTCFFOBNB[JOH8JUITVDIB my shoes. tight-knit community, if one person hears NZTIPFT UJHIULOJUDPNNVOJUZ JGPOFQFSTPOIFBST you and likes you, your name spreads. ZPVBOEMJLFTZPV ZPVSOBNFTQSFBET Mike Olcott is a freelance writer who lives in Portland Honestly, if we hadn't played our first ;WYS=ZQ]bbWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\>]`bZO\R )POFTUMZ JGXFIBEOUQMBZFEPVSmSTU and Boston. show in Portland, it would have been imO\R0]ab]\ TIPXJO1PSUMBOE JUXPVMEIBWFCFFOJN

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â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢â&#x20AC;¢ /.3!,%./7 !UGUST 

Glove's latest is likable enough >%Cfm\Ã&#x2039;jcXk\jk`jc`bXYc\\efl^_


4eT]cb PaT held WT[S aPX] bWX]T X] Events are rain ^a or shine in our fully stadium type ^da Ud[[h covered, R^eTaTS bcPSXd\ch_T seating, pavilion, Free _PaZX]V parking P]S and bTPcX]V _PeX[X^] 5aTT shuttle bus service nearby. bWdcc[TQdbbTaeXRT]TPaQh





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DLJ@:8E;E@>?KC@=< MUSIC AND NIGHTLIFE CONCERTS N#/.#%243 TODAY 4/$!9 6ISHTEN 0RINCE%DWARD)SLANDlDDLING Vishten, Prince Edward Island fiddling, dancing and song, One Longfellow Square, DANCINGANDSONG /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $17 in advance; $20 at door. 0ORTLANDINADVANCEATDOOR 8 p.m. ONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOMPM Makem and Spain Brothers, Irish folk music, -AKEMAND3PAIN"ROTHERS )RISHFOLKMUSIC Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. $18 in /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY(ARBORIN advance; $22 day of show. 633-5159. 7:30 p.m. ADVANCEDAYOFSHOW PM (Doors at 7 p.m.) $OORSATPM Summer Lakeside Concerts, with Crunchy 3UMMER,AKESIDE#ONCERTS WITH#RUNCHY Western Boys, folk/bluegrass, Bates College 7ESTERN"OYS FOLKBLUEGRASS "ATES#OLLEGE (Keigwin Amphitheater), Lewiston. Free. 786+EIGWIN!MPHITHEATER ,EWISTON&REE 6330. 6 p.m. PM Belfast Summer Nights Weekly Music Series, "ELFAST3UMMER.IGHTS7EEKLY-USIC3ERIES with Ameranouche (gypsy jazz and world music), WITH!MERANOUCHEGYPSYJAZZANDWORLDMUSIC Heritage Park, Belfast. Free. 322-7123. 5:30 to (ERITAGE0ARK "ELFAST&REE TO 7:30 p.m. PM Colin Grant Band, traditional Cape Breton music, #OLIN'RANT"AND TRADITIONAL#APE"RETONMUSIC Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. $15. 9485NITY#ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTS 7469. 7:30 p.m. PM Karen & Don McNatt, acoustic Americana/ +AREN$ON-C.ATT ACOUSTIC!MERICANA country, Fifth Maine Regiment Museum, Peaks COUNTRY &IFTH-AINE2EGIMENT-USEUM 0EAKS Island. $10. 766-4421. 7:30 p.m. )SLAND PM Martin Swinger, traditional and contemporary -ARTIN3WINGER TRADITIONALANDCONTEMPORARY Americana, Fountain Park, Lewiston. Free. !MERICANA &OUNTAIN0ARK ,EWISTON&REE Noon. LAARTSORG.OON Coos Canyon, acoustic trio, Memorial Park at Oak #OOS#ANYON ACOUSTICTRIO -EMORIAL0ARKAT/AK Hill, Scarborough. Free, scarboroughcommunity (ILL 3CARBOROUGH&REESCARBOROUGHCOMMUNITY 6:30 p.m. CHAMBERCOMPM Pete Kilpatrick Band, acoustic pop/rock, Portland 0ETE+ILPATRICK"AND ACOUSTICPOPROCK 0ORTLAND Lobster Company. Free, portlandlobstercompany ,OBSTER#OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANY .com. 6 to 9 p.m. COMTOPM Alive at Five,CONCERTSERIESWITH7ILL'ATTISINDIE concert series with Will Gattis (indie !LIVEAT&IVE

pop) and Dirigo (folk/alt-country), Monument POP AND$IRIGOFOLKALT COUNTRY -ONUMENT Square, Portland. Free. 772-6828. 5 to 7:30 p.m. 3QUARE 0ORTLAND&REE TOPM Crusher's Kids Concerts in the Park,WITH$ELILAH with Delilah #RUSHERS+IDS#ONCERTSINTHE0ARK

& Chandra (singing hands), Deering Oaks Park, #HANDRASINGINGHANDS $EERING/AKS0ARK Portland. Free. 756-8275 or 756-8130. 12:20 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REE OR PM Don Roy,&RANCO !MERICANlDDLER &ORT!LLEN0ARK Franco-American fiddler, Fort Allen Park $ON2OY

Bandstand, Eastern Promenade, Portland. Free. "ANDSTAND %ASTERN0ROMENADE 0ORTLAND&REE 756-8275 or 756-81 30. 7 p.m.  OR PM Delta Knights, R&B, country, classic rock and $ELTA+NIGHTS 2" COUNTRY CLASSICROCKAND blues, Memorial Park, O l d Orchard Beach. Free. BLUES -EMORIAL0ARK /LD/RCHARD"EACH&REE 934-0860. 6:30 p.m.  PM New England Bluegrass Band, with Elizabeth .EW%NGLAND"LUEGRASS"AND WITH%LIZABETH Hopkins and Trestan Matel, Central School, South (OPKINSAND4RESTAN-ATEL #ENTRAL3CHOOL 3OUTH Berwick. Free/donation. 384-5846. 6 p.m. "ERWICK&REEDONATION PM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Cindy Bullens and Greg Trooper, rock/folk/ #INDY"ULLENSAND'REG4ROOPER ROCKFOLK country, One Longfellow Square, Portland. $15 in COUNTRY /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDIN advance; $18 at door, ADVANCEATDOORONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM 8 p.m. PM Putnam Smith, acoustic pop/rock, Portland 0UTNAM3MITH ACOUSTICPOPROCK 0ORTLAND Lobster Company. Free, portlandlobstercompany ,OBSTER#OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANY .com. 4 to 7 p.m. COMTOPM Toughcats, newgrass, Portland Lobster Company. 4OUGHCATS NEWGRASS 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Free, 8 to 10 p.m. &REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMTOPM Time Pilots, '80s dance party, The Landing at Pine 4IME0ILOTS SDANCEPARTY 4HE,ANDINGAT0INE Point, Scarborough. $10, $15. thelandingatpine 0OINT 3CARBOROUGH THELANDINGATPINE 9 p.m. POINTCOMPM G. Love & Special Sauce, blues/rock/hip-hop, ',OVE3PECIAL3AUCE BLUESROCKHIP HOP all ages; Maine State Pier, Portland. $29.50. ALLAGES-AINE3TATE0IER 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. STATEPIERCOMPM Ameranouche, gypsy jazz and acoustic world !MERANOUCHE GYPSYJAZZANDACOUSTICWORLD music trio, Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery, MUSICTRIO &RONTIER#AFE #INEMA'ALLERY Brunswick. $10, $12. 725-5222. 7:30 p.m. "RUNSWICK  PM Mark Lowry, acoustic, with Stan Whitmore, -ARK,OWRY ACOUSTIC WITH3TAN7HITMORE Seaside Pavilion, Old Orchard Beach. $6, $9. 3EASIDE0AVILION /LD/RCHARD"EACH  934-2024. 7 p.m.  PM Olas, musicians and dancers inspired by /LAS MUSICIANSANDDANCERSINSPIREDBY traditional and modern flamenco, rock, Arabic TRADITIONALANDMODERNmAMENCO ROCK !RABIC and Afro-Cuban; Local Sprouts Cooperative, AND!FRO #UBAN,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE Portland. Free/donation. 899-3529. 6 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REEDONATION PM

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

John Sebastian performs on Sunday 8]V\ASPOabWO\^S`T]`[a]\Ac\ROg at Jonathan's in Ogunquit. Ob8]\ObVO\¸aW\=Uc\_cWb Paul Sullivan and Theresa Thomason, jazz/gospel, 0AUL3ULLIVANAND4HERESA4HOMASON JAZZGOSPEL Deertrees Theatre, Harrison. $9 to $18. 583-6747. $EERTREES4HEATRE (ARRISONTO  8 p.m. PM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 TheAmigos, acoustic, Portland Lobster Company. 4HE!MIGOS ACOUSTIC 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY Free, Noon to 3 &REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM.OONTO p.m. PM Eric Bettencourt and Velourosaurus, acoustic %RIC"ETTENCOURTAND6ELOUROSAURUS ACOUSTIC pop/rock, Portland Lobster Company. Free. POPROCK 0ORTLAND,OBSTER#OMPANY&REE 7 to 10 p.m. PORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOMTOPM North Atlantic Blues Festival, with Robert Cray, .ORTH!TLANTIC"LUES&ESTIVAL WITH2OBERT#RAY Eddie "The Chief" Clearwater, Magic Slim &The %DDIEh4HE#HIEFv#LEARWATER -AGIC3LIM4HE Teardrops, Eric Bibb and more; Harbor Park, 4EARDROPS %RIC"IBBANDMORE(ARBOR0ARK Rockland. $35 per day; $70 weekend pass, north 2OCKLANDPERDAYWEEKENDPASSNORTH Gates open at 11 a.m. ATLANTICBLUESFESTIVALCOM'ATESOPENATAM Saturday and Sunday. 3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY Pine Leaf Boys, Cajun music, Stone Mountain Arts 0INE,EAF"OYS #AJUNMUSIC 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS Center, Brownfield. $20. stonemountainartscenter #ENTER "ROWNlELDSTONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTER .com. 8 p.m. COMPM Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen, folk/rock, One #HRIS(ILLMANAND(ERB0EDERSEN FOLKROCK /NE Longfellow Square, Portland. $30 in advance; $35 ,ONGFELLOW3QUARE 0ORTLANDINADVANCE at door. 761-1757. 8 p.m. ATDOOR PM Don Roy Quartet, Franco-American and $ON2OY1UARTET &RANCO !MERICANAND Celtic music, Windham July Concert Series, #ELTICMUSIC 7INDHAM*ULY#ONCERT3ERIES Windham Hill United Church of Christ. $8 to 7INDHAM(ILL5NITED#HURCHOF#HRISTTO $12; free for children under age 5. 892-2154. FREEFORCHILDRENUNDERAGE 7 p.m. WINDHAMHILLUCCORGPM Court Yard Hounds, country, L.L. Bean Discovery #OURT9ARD(OUNDS COUNTRY ,,"EAN$ISCOVERY Park, Freeport. Free; bring lawn chair or blanket. 0ARK &REEPORT&REEBRINGLAWNCHAIRORBLANKET p.m. LLBEANCOMPM Denny Breau, Delta blues, country and jazz; $ENNY"REAU $ELTABLUES COUNTRYANDJAZZ benefit for the community center; Nasson BENElTFORTHECOMMUNITYCENTER.ASSON Community Center (Little Theatre), Springvale. #OMMUNITY#ENTER,ITTLE4HEATRE 3PRINGVALE $15. 7 p.m. NASSONCCORGPM Courtney Nabiloff and Geoff Zimmerman, urban#OURTNEY.ABILOFFAND'EOFF:IMMERMAN URBAN folk and indie rock, Local Sprouts Cooperative, FOLKANDINDIEROCK ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE Portland. Free/donations. 899-3529. 7 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REEDONATIONS PM Joseph Firecrow, Native American flute, Summer *OSEPH&IRECROW .ATIVE!MERICANmUTE 3UMMER Concert Series at the Hope Hobbs Gazebo, Wells #ONCERT3ERIESATTHE(OPE(OBBS'AZEBO 7ELLS Harbor Community Park. Free. 7:30 p.m. (ARBOR#OMMUNITY0ARK&REEPM "The Band" Band, The Band tribute band, h4HE"ANDv"AND 4HE"ANDTRIBUTEBAND Deertrees Theatre, Harrison. $22. 583-6747. $EERTREES4HEATRE (ARRISON  8 p.m. PM

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Continued from Page E5 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3# i8FEPOUHFUUP.BJOFWFSZPGUFO BOE "We don't get to Maine very often, and it's such a nice place to play," said Cray, JUTTVDIBOJDFQMBDFUPQMBZ wTBJE$SBZ  57.  Cray is one of several modern blues $SBZJTPOFPGTFWFSBMNPEFSOCMVFT performers who've achieved a fair QFSGPSNFSTXIPWFBDIJFWFEBGBJS amount of crossover success, getting BNPVOUPGDSPTTPWFSTVDDFTT HFUUJOH airplay on rock and pop radio. His songs BJSQMBZPOSPDLBOEQPQSBEJP)JTTPOHT "Smoking Gun" and "Don't Be Afraid i4NPLJOH(VOwBOEi%POU#F"GSBJE of the Dark" both made the Billboard PGUIF%BSLwCPUINBEFUIF#JMMCPBSE singles charts in the late 1980s, and two TJOHMFTDIBSUTJOUIFMBUFT BOEUXP of his albums during that period made PGIJTBMCVNTEVSJOHUIBUQFSJPENBEF the top 40 on Billboard's album chart. UIFUPQPO#JMMCPBSETBMCVNDIBSU And while some hardcore blues fans "OEXIJMFTPNFIBSEDPSFCMVFTGBOT might knock commercial success, Cray NJHIULOPDLDPNNFSDJBMTVDDFTT $SBZ does not. EPFTOPU "That crossover success got us big i5IBUDSPTTPWFSTVDDFTTHPUVTCJH tours, and radio airplay and a video on UPVST BOESBEJPBJSQMBZBOEBWJEFPPO MTy which helped us get a big follow.57 XIJDIIFMQFEVTHFUBCJHGPMMPX ing," said Cray. "All that is helping us to JOH wTBJE$SBZi"MMUIBUJTIFMQJOHVTUP this day." UIJTEBZw Part of that crossover success might 1BSUPGUIBUDSPTTPWFSTVDDFTTNJHIU be due to the fact that while growing up, CFEVFUPUIFGBDUUIBUXIJMFHSPXJOHVQ  Cray loved blues, rock, jazz and lots of $SBZMPWFECMVFT SPDL KB[[BOEMPUTPG other kinds of music. PUIFSLJOETPGNVTJD So while he's glad that his success is 4PXIJMFIFTHMBEUIBUIJTTVDDFTTJT helping keep the American blues tradiIFMQJOHLFFQUIF"NFSJDBOCMVFTUSBEJ tion alive, he's not trying too hard to be a UJPOBMJWF IFTOPUUSZJOHUPPIBSEUPCFB caretaker of a musical heritage. DBSFUBLFSPGBNVTJDBMIFSJUBHF "I play the music because I enjoy it. i*QMBZUIFNVTJDCFDBVTF*FOKPZJU No other reason," he said. "We're glad /PPUIFSSFBTPO wIFTBJEi8FSFHMBE to be doing what we're doing, and there UPCFEPJOHXIBUXFSFEPJOH BOEUIFSF are a lot of others doing it to, and that BSFBMPUPGPUIFSTEPJOHJUUP BOEUIBU helps keep the music alive. We play the IFMQTLFFQUIFNVTJDBMJWF8FQMBZUIF music we know, it's all the music we love NVTJDXFLOPX JUTBMMUIFNVTJDXFMPWF meshed together." NFTIFEUPHFUIFSw Cray caught "the blues bug" after see$SBZDBVHIUiUIFCMVFTCVHwBGUFSTFF ing the legendary blues guitarist Albert JOHUIFMFHFOEBSZCMVFTHVJUBSJTU"MCFSU Collins at a couple of music festivals in $PMMJOTBUBDPVQMFPGNVTJDGFTUJWBMTJO the late 1960s and early 1970s. Cray's UIFMBUFTBOEFBSMZT$SBZT high school class, in Tacoma, Wash., then IJHITDIPPMDMBTT JO5BDPNB 8BTI UIFO hired Collins to play its graduation. IJSFE$PMMJOTUPQMBZJUTHSBEVBUJPO "The reason we got him is that we i5IFSFBTPOXFHPUIJNJTUIBUXF (Cray and some friends) had seen him $SBZBOETPNFGSJFOET IBETFFOIJN play at a couple of festivals, and I just QMBZBUBDPVQMFPGGFTUJWBMT BOE*KVTU watched him lay waste to anyone who XBUDIFEIJNMBZXBTUFUPBOZPOFXIP had been on stage prior to him," said IBECFFOPOTUBHFQSJPSUPIJN wTBJE Cray. $SBZ When he's relaxing, Cray listens to a 8IFOIFTSFMBYJOH $SBZMJTUFOTUPB wide range of music, from classic jazz to XJEFSBOHFPGNVTJD GSPNDMBTTJDKB[[UP contemporary world music, and to conDPOUFNQPSBSZXPSMENVTJD BOEUPDPO temporary blues players such as Jonny UFNQPSBSZCMVFTQMBZFSTTVDIBT+POOZ Lang and Derek Trucks. But he says he -BOHBOE%FSFL5SVDLT#VUIFTBZTIF doesn't spend much time listening to EPFTOUTQFOENVDIUJNFMJTUFOJOHUP "modern" rock or pop on the radio. iNPEFSOwSPDLPSQPQPOUIFSBEJP Cray will close the North Atlantic Blues $SBZXJMMDMPTFUIF/PSUI"UMBOUJD#MVFT Festival at 4:30 p.m. Sunday. 'FTUJWBMBUQN4VOEBZ There will be 11 national acts in all, 5IFSFXJMMCFOBUJPOBMBDUTJOBMM  including Eddy "The Chief"w$MFBSXBUFS  Clearwater, JODMVEJOH&EEZi5IF$IJFG the Brooks Family (Lonnie, Ronnie and UIF#SPPLT'BNJMZ -POOJF 3POOJFBOE Wayne), Magic Slim and Eric Bibb. 8BZOF .BHJD4MJNBOE&SJD#JCC The festival - run by Rockland-area 5IFGFTUJWBMoSVOCZ3PDLMBOEBSFB music promoters Paul Benjamin and NVTJDQSPNPUFST1BVM#FOKBNJOBOE Jamie Isaacson - began as a fairly small +BNJF*TBBDTPOoCFHBOBTBGBJSMZTNBMM affair 18 years ago. BGGBJSZFBSTBHP The first one drew about 1,500 people 5IFmSTUPOFESFXBCPVU QFPQMF for the weekend and lost money, said GPSUIFXFFLFOEBOEMPTUNPOFZ TBJE Isaacson. *TBBDTPO But the event proved "compelling" #VUUIFFWFOUQSPWFEiDPNQFMMJOHw enough for the promoters to try again FOPVHIGPSUIFQSPNPUFSTUPUSZBHBJO the next year. UIFOFYUZFBS As the festival crowds grew, the event "TUIFGFTUJWBMDSPXETHSFX UIFFWFOU started to attract big names, includTUBSUFEUPBUUSBDUCJHOBNFT JODMVE ing Bo Diddley Junior Wells, Keb' Mo', JOH#P%JEEMFZ +VOJPS8FMMT ,FC.P  Shemekia Copeland and Cray. 4IFNFLJB$PQFMBOEBOE$SBZ Eventually, a "club crawl" was added, &WFOUVBMMZ BiDMVCDSBXMwXBTBEEFE  with local blues musicians performing at XJUIMPDBMCMVFTNVTJDJBOTQFSGPSNJOHBU or outside of a dozen or more area clubs PSPVUTJEFPGBEP[FOPSNPSFBSFBDMVCT

Continued from Page E10 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 SUNDAY 35.$!9 *ERKSOF'RASS BLUEGRASS 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Jerks of Grass, bluegrass, Portland Lobster Company. Free, #OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM Noon to 3 p.m. .OONTOPM Pete Kilpatrick Band, acoustic pop/rock, Portland 0ETE+ILPATRICK"AND ACOUSTICPOPROCK 0ORTLAND Lobster Company. Free, portlandlobstercompany ,OBSTER#OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANY .com. 5 to 8 p.m. COMTOPM Waltzings for Dreamers, concert series, featuring 7ALTZINGSFOR$REAMERS CONCERTSERIES FEATURING singer-songwriter Zoe Muth and The Lost High SINGER SONGWRITER:OE-UTHAND4HE,OST(IGH Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b] Rollers, Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. 2OLLERS 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD Eric Bibb performs at 3 p.m. Sunday. 3`WQ0WPP^S`T]`[aOb!^[Ac\ROg &REEDONATIONOFPETFOODFORANIMALSHELTERS Free/donation of pet food for animal shelters. 8 p.m. STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM Seacoast Country Music Festival, with Brad 3EACOAST#OUNTRY-USIC&ESTIVAL WITH"RAD Paisley, Blake Shelton and Jerrod Neimann, 0AISLEY "LAKE3HELTONAND*ERROD.EIMANN Scarborough Downs. $61 to $125. 3CARBOROUGH$OWNSTOSPEEDYTIXCOM 7 p.m. (doors at 3 p.m.) PMDOORSATPM Weekly Music Jam Sessions, bring an instrument 7EEKLY-USIC*AM3ESSIONS BRINGANINSTRUMENT <=@B6/B:/<B710:C3A43AB7D/: NORTH ATLANTIC BLUES FESTIVAL or just listen, Sail Power and Steam Museum, ORJUSTLISTEN 3AIL0OWERAND3TEAM-USEUM E63<(5ObSa]^S\ObO[AObc`ROg WHEN: Gates open at 11 a.m. Saturday Rockland. Free. 701 -7627. 2 to 4 p.m. 2OCKLAND&REE TOPM O\RAc\ROg and Sunday John Sebastian, classic rock and folk, all *OHN3EBASTIAN CLASSICROCKANDFOLK ALL E63@3(6O`P]`>O`Y %#;OW\Ab WHERE: Harbor Park, 275 Main St., ages; Jonathan's Restaurant, Ogunquit. AGES*ONATHANS2ESTAURANT /GUNQUIT @]QYZO\R Rockland $37.50 in advance; $41.50 day of show. INADVANCEDAYOFSHOW 6=E;C16(!#T]`]\SROg)%T]`bVS HOW MUCH: $35 for one day; $70 for the JONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM 8 p.m. eSSYS\R weekend Tucker Louisos-Daniels, ukulele music, Local 4UCKER,OUISOS $ANIELS UKULELEMUSIC ,OCAL 7<4=($' "&) INFO: 691-2248; Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. Free/donations. 3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REEDONATIONS \]`bVObZO\bWQPZcSaTSabWdOZQ][ 899-3529. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  AMTOPM E6/B3:A3(=\4`WROgO\RAObc`ROg Downeast Country Music Association Southern WHAT ELSE: On Friday and Saturday $OWNEAST#OUNTRY-USIC!SSOCIATION3OUTHERN \WUVbbVSTSabWdOZeWZZ]`UO\WhSOQZcP Maine Division Music Competition, with live -AINE$IVISION-USIC#OMPETITION WITHLIVE night, the festival will organize a club Q`OeZeWbVZ]QOZPZcSa[caWQWO\a music and raffles, Walnut Grove Campground, MUSICANDRAFmES 7ALNUT'ROVE#AMPGROUND crawl, with local blues musicians ^ZOgW\UOb[]`SbVO\OR]hS\O`SO Alfred. Free/donation. 792-8884. 10 a.m. !LFRED&REEDONATION AM playing at more than a dozen area dS\cSaBVS`SeWZZPSa][SQZcP Tuckermans at 9, a capella, Trinity Church, York. 4UCKERMANSAT ACAPELLA 4RINITY#HURCH 9ORK venues. There will be some club Q`OeZ^S`T]`[O\QSa]\Ac\ROgOa Free/donation. 363-5095. 7:30 p.m. &REEDONATION PM crawl performances on Sunday as


@= >F

eSZZbV]cUV\]bOa[O\g/TSabWdOZ well, though not as many. A festival eSSYS\RbWQYSb]`OAObc`ROg weekend ticket or a Saturday bWQYSbUWdSaOQQSaab]bVSQZcPa ticket gives access to the clubs O\R`SabOc`O\ba^O`bWQW^ObW\UW\bVS and restaurants participating in the Q`OeZBVS`SeWZZOZa]PST`SSab`SSb crawl. There will also be free street ^S`T]`[O\QSaASSbVSTSabWdOZeSPaWbS performances. See the festival website T]`OZWab]T^O`bWQW^ObW\UQZcPa for a list of participating clubs. SATURDAY A/BC@2/G


Nellie "Tiger" Travis: 11 a.m. to noon <SZZWSµBWUS`¶B`OdWa(O[b]\]]\ Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater: 12:15 to 3RRgµBVS1VWST¶1ZSO`eObS`( (#b] 1:15 p.m. (#^[ LiT Ed & the Blues Imperials: 1:30 to :WZ¸3RbVS0ZcSa7[^S`WOZa((!b] 2:35 p.m. (!#^[ Billy Branch & the Sons of Blues: 0WZZg0`O\QVbVSA]\a]T0ZcSa( (#b]"^[ 2:50 to 4 p.m. ;OUWQAZW[bVSBSO`R`]^a("(#b] Magic Slim & the Teardrops: 4:15 to #( ^[ 5:20 p.m. 0`]]Ya4O[WZg0ZcSa2g\Oabg(#(!#b] Brooks Family Blues Dynasty: 5:35 to %^[ 7 p.m. SUNDAY AC<2/G

Trampled Under Foot: 11 a.m. to noon B`O[^ZSRC\RS`4]]b(O[b]\]]\ James Armstrong: 12:15 to 1:20 p.m. 8O[Sa/`[ab`]\U( (#b]( ^[ Toni Lynn Washington: 1:35 to 2:45 B]\W:g\\EOaVW\Ub]\((!#b] ("# p.m. ^[ Eric Bibb: 3 to 4:15 p.m. 3`WQ0WPP(!b]"(#^[ Robert Cray: 4:30 to 6 p.m. @]PS`b1`Og("(!b]$^[

MONDAY -/.$!9 North of Nashville, country, Portland Lobster .ORTHOF.ASHVILLE COUNTRY 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company. Free, #OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM 6 to 9 p.m. TOPM Robert Cray, blues, Stone Mountain Arts Center, 2OBERT#RAY BLUES 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER Brownfield. Sold out. stonemountainartscenter "ROWNlELD3OLDOUTSTONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTER .com. 8 p.m. COMPM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 The Still, acoustic rock, Portland Lobster 4HE3TILL ACOUSTICROCK 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company. Free, #OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM 6 to 9 p.m. TOPM Havana Nights Summer Series, with Primo (AVANA.IGHTS3UMMER3ERIES WITH0RIMO Cubano (Latin/salsa), The Landing at Pine Point, #UBANO,ATINSALSA 4HE,ANDINGAT0INE0OINT Scarborough. Free, 3CARBOROUGH&REETHELANDINGATPINEPOINTCOM 6 to 9 p.m. TOPM Summer Concert Series, with Canadian 3UMMER#ONCERT3ERIES WITH#ANADIAN songwriters Ian Sherwood and Carmel Mikol, SONGWRITERS)AN3HERWOODAND#ARMEL-IKOL North New Portland Community Church, New .ORTH.EW0ORTLAND#OMMUNITY#HURCH .EW Portland. $8; $20 for family. 562-4445. 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDFORFAMILY PM Jimmy Jo and the Jumbol A'yuhs, Cajun/bluegrass *IMMY*OANDTHE*UMBOL!YUHS #AJUNBLUEGRASS Maine-style, 2011 Cornish Bandstand Summer -AINE STYLE #ORNISH"ANDSTAND3UMMER Series, Cornish Bandstand. Free, cornish3ERIES #ORNISH"ANDSTAND&REECORNISH 7 p.m. MAINEORGPM

WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Eric Bettencourt, acoustic pop/rock, Portland %RIC"ETTENCOURT ACOUSTICPOPROCK 0ORTLAND Lobster Company. Free, portlandlobstercompany ,OBSTER#OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANY .com. 6 to 9 p.m. COMTOPM Nu-Topians, John Lennon covers, 21-plus; The .U 4OPIANS *OHN,ENNONCOVERS  PLUS4HE Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough. $20, $25. ,ANDINGAT0INE0OINT 3CARBOROUGH 6 p.m. THELANDINGATPINEPOINTCOMPM Mary Chapin Carpenter, rock/country/folk, -ARY#HAPIN#ARPENTER ROCKCOUNTRYFOLK Stone Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $85. 3TONE-OUNTAIN!RTS#ENTER "ROWNlELD before and during the festival. CFGPSFBOEEVSJOHUIFGFTUJWBM 8 p.m. Wednesday STONEMOUNTAINARTSCENTERCOMPM7EDNESDAY In 2002, the North Atlantic Blues *O UIF/PSUI"UMBOUJD#MVFT and July 2 1 . AND*ULY Festival won a Keeping the Blues Alive 'FTUJWBMXPOB,FFQJOHUIF#MVFT"MJWF Yarmouth Summer Arts Series, with Boston a 9ARMOUTH3UMMER!RTS3ERIES WITH"OSTONA Award from the Blues Foundation, based "XBSEGSPNUIF#MVFT'PVOEBUJPO CBTFE capella group Ball in the House, Royal River Park, CAPELLAGROUP"ALLINTHE(OUSE 2OYAL2IVER0ARK in Memphis. JO.FNQIJT Yarmouth. Free. 846-2406. 6:15 p.m. (Rain date 9ARMOUTH&REE PM2AINDATE "The whole blues community has i5IFXIPMFCMVFTDPNNVOJUZIBT July 21.) *ULY become very aware of this festival," said 7EEKLY/LD4IME-USIC*AM OPENJAMOF CFDPNFWFSZBXBSFPGUIJTGFTUJWBM wTBJE Weekly Old Time Music Jam, open jam of Isaacson. "And it doesn't hurt that Maine OLD TIME!PPALACHIANMUSIC ,OCAL3PROUTS *TBBDTPOi"OEJUEPFTOUIVSUUIBU.BJOF old-time Appalachian music, Local Sprouts is a great place to visit in the summer, JTBHSFBUQMBDFUPWJTJUJOUIFTVNNFS  Cooperative, Portland. Free/donation. 899-3529. #OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND&REEDONATION  and we can feed them lobster." BOEXFDBOGFFEUIFNMPCTUFSw 7 to 9 p.m. TOPM Summer Music Series, with The Mainely Country 3UMMER-USIC3ERIES WITH4HE-AINELY#OUNTRY Band, Bangor Public Library. Free, "AND "ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARY&REEBPLLIBMEUS Staff Writer Ray Routhier can be contacted at 791 to AbOTTE`WbS`@Og@]cbVWS`QO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'b] 7 p.m. PM 6454 or at: $"#"]`Ob( Auburn Community Concert Band, Festival Plaza, !UBURN#OMMUNITY#ONCERT"AND &ESTIVAL0LAZA rrouthier@pressherald. com ``]cbVWS`.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][

!UBURN&REE  %XTTOPM Auburn. Free. 333-6601, Ext. 2108. 7 to 8:15 p.m. Summer Concerts at Mill Creek Park, with Delta 3UMMER#ONCERTSAT-ILL#REEK0ARK WITH$ELTA +NIGHTS2"SWINGBLUESCLASSICROCK -ILL#REEK Knights (R&B/swing/blues/classic rock), Mill Creek 0ARK 3OUTH0ORTLAND&REE TO Park, South Portland. Free. 767-7650. 6:30 to 8 p.m. PM Trevor Lavenbein, trumpet, Jordan Hall, Ocean 4REVOR,AVENBEIN TRUMPET *ORDAN(ALL /CEAN Park. $5/donation. 7:30 p.m. 0ARKDONATIONOCEANPARKORGPM -USICONTHE-ALL WITH4HE#OLWELL"ROTHERS Music on the Mall, with The Colwell Brothers Band (blues/rock), Brunswick Mall. Free. 729"ANDBLUESROCK "RUNSWICK-ALL&REE 4439. 6 to 8 p.m. TOPM #ASTLEBAY #ELTIC INSPIREDFOLKDUO ,ITTLE"ROWN Castlebay, Celtic-inspired folk duo, Little Brown Church, Round Pond. $10; free for children. 529#HURCH 2OUND0ONDFREEFORCHILDREN 5438. 7:30 p.m. PM Sunset Folk Series, with Mark Farrington, Western 3UNSET&OLK3ERIES WITH-ARK&ARRINGTON 7ESTERN 0ROMENADE0ARK 0ORTLAND&REE  Promenade Park, Portland. Free. 756-8130. 7:45 p.m. PM JULY 21 *5,9 Joint Chiefs, acoustic trio, Portland Lobster *OINT#HIEFS ACOUSTICTRIO 0ORTLAND,OBSTER Company. Free, #OMPANY&REEPORTLANDLOBSTERCOMPANYCOM 6 to 9 p.m. TOPM Portland Jazz Orchestra, One Longfellow Square, 0ORTLAND*AZZ/RCHESTRA /NE,ONGFELLOW3QUARE Portland. $5 in advance and for students and 0ORTLANDINADVANCEANDFORSTUDENTSAND seniors; $9 at door, SENIORSATDOORONELONGFELLOWSQUARECOM 8 p.m. PM Country Bluegrass, several groups performing, #OUNTRY"LUEGRASS SEVERALGROUPSPERFORMING cabins available; F.A.R.M. Park, Fort Fairfield. CABINSAVAILABLE&!2-0ARK &ORT&AIRlELD July 21 to Sept. 4. COUNTRYBLUEGRASSCOM*ULYTO3EPT Paragon Ragtime Orchestra, Stonington Opera 0ARAGON2AGTIME/RCHESTRA 3TONINGTON/PERA House. $20; free for island students. 367-2788. (OUSEFREEFORISLANDSTUDENTS  7 p.m. PM Paul Sullivan and Theresa Thompson, jazz, blues 0AUL3ULLIVANAND4HERESA4HOMPSON JAZZ BLUES and gospel, Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. ANDGOSPEL /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY(ARBOR $16 in advance; $20 day of show. 633-5159. INADVANCEDAYOFSHOW  7:30 p.m. PM Enter the Haggis, Celtic rock, with Carbon Leaf, %NTERTHE(AGGIS #ELTICROCK WITH#ARBON,EAF 21-plus; The Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough.  PLUS4HE,ANDINGAT0INE0OINT 3CARBOROUGH $1 7.50, $22.50.  THELANDINGATPINEPOINTCOM 8 p.m. PM Summer Lakeside Concerts, with Perpetual 3UMMER,AKESIDE#ONCERTS WITH0ERPETUAL e-Motion (acoustic prog-rock), Bates College E -OTIONACOUSTICPROG ROCK "ATES#OLLEGE (Keigwin Amphitheater), Lewiston. Free. 786+EIGWIN!MPHITHEATER ,EWISTON&REE 6330. 6 p.m. PM Edwin McCain, rock/pop, all ages, Jonathan's %DWIN-C#AIN ROCKPOP ALLAGES *ONATHANS Restaurant, Ogunquit. $37.50 in advance; $41.50 2ESTAURANT /GUNQUITINADVANCE day of show, 8 p.m. DAYOFSHOWJONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM Summer Music Concert Series, with singer3UMMER-USIC#ONCERT3ERIES WITHSINGER songwriter Billy Libby, Lithgow Public Library, SONGWRITER"ILLY,IBBY ,ITHGOW0UBLIC,IBRARY Augusta. Free. 626-2415. 6:30 p.m. !UGUSTA&REE PM Ian Sherwood, award-winning singer-songwriter, )AN3HERWOOD AWARD WINNINGSINGER SONGWRITER Unity Centre for the Performing Arts. $15. 9485NITY#ENTREFORTHE0ERFORMING!RTS 7469. 7:30 p.m. PM Pretty Girls Sing Soprano, duo sings covers and 0RETTY'IRLS3ING3OPRANO DUOSINGSCOVERSAND originals, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Portland. ORIGINALS ,OCAL3PROUTS#OOPERATIVE 0ORTLAND Free/donation. 899-3529. 7 to 9 p.m. &REEDONATION TOPM Motor Booty Affair, funk/disco, Memorial -OTOR"OOTY!FFAIR FUNKDISCO -EMORIAL Park at Oak Hill, Scarborough. Free. 0ARKAT/AK(ILL 3CARBOROUGH&REE 6:30 p.m. MOTORBOOTYAFFAIRCOMPM Hot Summer Nights Music Series, with Chronic (OT3UMMER.IGHTS-USIC3ERIES WITH#HRONIC Jazz Syndrome and Lane Klossner, Central School, *AZZ3YNDROMEAND,ANE+LOSSNER #ENTRAL3CHOOL South Berwick. Free/donation. 384-5846. 6 p.m. 3OUTH"ERWICK&REEDONATION PM Summer Concert Series, with The Don Campbell 3UMMER#ONCERT3ERIES WITH4HE$ON#AMPBELL Band (contemporary country and rock), Memorial "ANDCONTEMPORARYCOUNTRYANDROCK -EMORIAL Park, Old Orchard Beach. Free. 934-0860. 0ARK /LD/RCHARD"EACH&REE  6:30 p.m. PM Alive at Five,CONCERTSERIESWITH4HE&OGCUTTERS concert series with The Fogcutters !LIVEAT&IVE

Big Band (jazz) and Sly-Chi (funk/soul), "IG"ANDJAZZ AND3LY #HIFUNKSOUL Monument Square, Portland. Free. 772-6828. -ONUMENT3QUARE 0ORTLAND&REE  5 to 7:30 p.m. TOPM Crusher's Kids Concerts in the Park,WITH with #RUSHERS+IDS#ONCERTSINTHE0ARK

Tangletoons (Maine songs), Deering Oaks Park, 4ANGLETOONS-AINESONGS $EERING/AKS0ARK Portland. Free. 756-8275 or 756-8130. 12:20 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REE OR PM Chandler's Band,BIG BANDJAZZANDMARCHES big-band jazz and marches, #HANDLERS"AND

Fort Allen Park Bandstand, Eastern Promenade, &ORT!LLEN0ARK"ANDSTAND %ASTERN0ROMENADE Portland. Free. 756-8275 or 756-8130. 7 p.m. 0ORTLAND&REE OR PM Ossipee Valley Music Festival, with Wide Open /SSIPEE6ALLEY-USIC&ESTIVAL WITH7IDE/PEN Spaces, The Wiyos, Red Molly and Sierra Hull, 3PACES 4HE7IYOS 2ED-OLLYAND3IERRA(ULL Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds, South Hiram. $20 to /SSIPEE6ALLEY&AIRGROUNDS 3OUTH(IRAMTO $95. 5 p.m. OSSIPEEVALLEYCOMPM

COMEDY N#/-%$9 Comedy Showcase, with George Hamm, 18#OMEDY3HOWCASE WITH'EORGE(AMM  plus (16-plus with parent); Comedy Connection, PLUS PLUSWITHPARENT #OMEDY#ONNECTION

Please see MUSIC, Page E13 Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<(*

E125=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3 

&ROM/UR&AMILYTO9OURSx From Our Family to Yours...

$I3ANTOSCOOKSITUP DiSanto's cooks it up! On Route 202, in Gray, /N2OUTE IN'RAY

3 miles from Windham Center MILESFROM7INDHAM#ENTER

,5.#(30%#)!,3 LUNCH SPECIALS 11:30-4:00 Tues-Sun (Dine in Only)  4UESn3UN$INEIN/NLY

9/52 #(/)#%

â&#x20AC;¢ 4Twin Lobster Rolls s WIN,OBSTER2OLLS

with chips or tries and pickle WITHCHIPSORFRIESANDPICKLE

â&#x20AC;¢ &Fisherman's Platter s ISHERMANS0LATTER

haddock, shrimp & clams with French fries HADDOCK SHRIMPCLAMSWITH&RENCHFRIES & coleslaw COLESLAW

$)..%230%#)!,3 DINNER SPECIALS Served Any Time: Tues-Sun (Dine in Only) 3ERVED!NY4IME4UESn3UN$INEIN/NLY

â&#x20AC;¢ 4Twin Lobsters s WIN,OBSTERS 9/52 #(/)#%

with lemon, drawn butter, potato & coleslaw WITHLEMON DRAWNBUTTER POTATOCOLESLAW

â&#x20AC;¢ 3Surf & Turf s URF4URF

lOoz sirloin steak and lobster with potato, OZSIRLOINSTEAKANDLOBSTERWITHPOTATO rice, or pasta RICE ORPASTA

â&#x20AC;¢ Maine Shore Dinner s AINE3HORE$INNER

with lobster, steamers and corn; served with WITHLOBSTER STEAMERSANDCORNSERVEDWITH lemon, drawn butter, fries & coleslaw LEMON DRAWNBUTTER FRIESCOLESLAW

GJ MF JA=F<DQ>>GJ<9:D= 9EADQAFAF? 322 West Gray Rd., GRAY â&#x20AC;¢  428-4300 7EST'RAY2D '2!9s WWWDISANTOSRESTAURANTCOM DIRECTIONS: 15 minutes from Portland. $)2%#4)/.3MINUTESFROM0ORTLAND to exit 63. Left onto 202, 3 miles on right. TOEXIT,EFTONTO MILESONRIGHT

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E13 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!


Continued from Page Ell :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3 Portland, 8:30 p.m. today 0ORTLANDMAINECOMEDYCOMPMTODAY  AND&RIDAY  ($7.50) and Friday ($15). Karen Morgan and Nancy Witter, Deertrees +AREN-ORGANAND.ANCY7ITTER $EERTREES Theatre, Harrison. $18. 583-6747. 8 p.m. today. 4HEATRE (ARRISON PMTODAY 0AULA0OUNDSTONE ALLAGES *ONATHANS2ESTAURANT Paula Poundstone, all ages, Jonathan's Restaurant, /GUNQUITINADVANCEDAYOF Ogunquit. $37.50 in advance; $42.50 day of show, 8 p.m. Friday; SHOWJONATHANSRESTAURANTCOMPM&RIDAY 7 p.m. Saturday. PM3ATURDAY Comedy Showcase, with George Hamm #OMEDY3HOWCASE WITH'EORGE(AMM AND#AROLYN0LUMMER  PLUS PLUSWITH and Carolyn Plummer, 18-plus (16-plus with parent); Comedy Connection, Portland. $15. PARENT #OMEDY#ONNECTION 0ORTLAND 7 and 9 p.m. Saturday. MAINECOMEDYCOMANDPM3ATURDAY Susan Sparks, The Temple, Ocean Park. $12. 3USAN3PARKS 4HE4EMPLE /CEAN0ARK 7:30 p.m. Saturday. OCEANPARKORGPM3ATURDAY Bob Marley, Deertrees Theatre, Harrison. $25. "OB-ARLEY $EERTREES4HEATRE (ARRISON 583-6747. 7 and 9:30 p.m. July 21.  ANDPM*ULY Comedy Showcase, with Frank Santorelli, 18#OMEDY3HOWCASE WITH&RANK3ANTORELLI  plus (16-plus with parent); Comedy Connection, PLUS PLUSWITHPARENT #OMEDY#ONNECTION Portland, $7.50. 8:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDMAINECOMEDYCOMPM July 21. *ULY

BARS/CLUBS N"!23#,5"3 TODAY 4/$!9 Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM Mid-Summer Mega Dance Party, with Gabe -ID 3UMMER-EGA$ANCE0ARTY WITH'ABE FM, hip-hop, 21-plus; Space, Portland. $3. &- HIP HOP  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. SPACEORGPM Jazz Quartet, songs from the Great American *AZZ1UARTET SONGSFROMTHE'REAT!MERICAN Songbook, 21 -plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, 3ONGBOOK  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Portland, 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM The Mutineers, electric string band, Dogfish Bar 4HE-UTINEERS ELECTRICSTRINGBAND $OGlSH"AR and Grille, Portland. 772-5483. 8 p.m. AND'RILLE 0ORTLAND PM Southern Maine Songwriters Showcase, hosted 3OUTHERN-AINE3ONGWRITERS3HOWCASE HOSTED by Rob "RC" Carlson, Bebe's Burritos & Cantina, BY2OBh2#v#ARLSON "EBES"URRITOS#ANTINA Biddeford. 283-4222. 6:30 to 10p.m. "IDDEFORD TOPM Beam & Fink, acoustic duo, Andy's Old Port Pub, "EAM&INK ACOUSTICDUO !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 7 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Band Beyond Description, jam-band covers, 21"AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BANDCOVERS  plus; Big Easy, Portland, 9 p.m. PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Dopapod, jam band, with Cyborg Trio, 21$OPAPOD JAMBAND WITH#YBORG4RIO  plus; Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. $8. PLUS%MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Retro Night, with DJs King Alberto and Dark City, 2ETRO.IGHT WITH$*S+ING!LBERTOAND$ARK#ITY Asylum, Portland, 9 p.m. !SYLUM 0ORTLANDPORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM To All My Dear Friends, violin-fronted rock band, 4O!LL-Y$EAR&RIENDS VIOLIN FRONTEDROCKBAND with Mouth Washington and El Grande, 21-plus; WITH-OUTH7ASHINGTONAND%L'RANDE  PLUS Geno's, Portland. Call for cover. 221-2382. 9 p.m. 'ENOS 0ORTLAND#ALLFORCOVER PM Mango Floss, indie rock, with When Particles -ANGO&LOSS INDIEROCK WITH7HEN0ARTICLES Collide and Elizabeth Taillon, Flask Lounge, #OLLIDEAND%LIZABETH4AILLON &LASK,OUNGE Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDmASKLOUNGECOMPM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Tricky Britches, country/bluegrass/folk-rock 4RICKY"RITCHES COUNTRYBLUEGRASSFOLK ROCK CD-release show, 18-plus; Space, Portland. $8. #$ RELEASESHOW  PLUS3PACE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. SPACEORGPM Hannah Kramer, jazz, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz (ANNAH+RAMER JAZZ  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Club, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Poke Chop &The Other White Meat, blues, 0OKE#HOP4HE/THER7HITE-EAT BLUES 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland.  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. to midnight. GINGKOBLUECOMPMTOMIDNIGHT Apathy, rap, 21 -plus; Big Easy, Portland. !PATHY RAP  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM The Lucid, rock/pop, with Robbie Kramer & 4HE,UCID ROCKPOP WITH2OBBIE+RAMER Tan Vampires, 21-plus; Empire Dine & Dance, 4AN6AMPIRES  PLUS%MPIRE$INE$ANCE Portland. $6. 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Plague, goth night, Asylum, Portland. 0LAGUE GOTHNIGHT !SYLUM 0ORTLAND 9:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPMTOAM Rhythm Method, R&B, all ages, Inn on the Blues, 2HYTHM-ETHOD 2" ALLAGES )NNONTHE"LUES York Beach. $6. 351-3221. 9:30 p.m. 9ORK"EACH PM Blue Khakis, rock, punk, reggae and comedy, 21"LUE+HAKIS ROCK PUNK REGGAEANDCOMEDY  plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $5. 784-7785. Doors PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN $OORS at 8 p.m. ATPM Friday Night Jazz, with keyboardist Flash Allen, &RIDAY.IGHT*AZZ WITHKEYBOARDIST&LASH!LLEN Solo Bistro, Bath. 443-3373. 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. 3OLO"ISTRO "ATH TOPM Paleface, indie folk duo, with Lucy Michelle and 0ALEFACE INDIEFOLKDUO WITH,UCY-ICHELLEAND The Velvet Lapels, The Oak and the Ax, Biddeford. 4HE6ELVET,APELS 4HE/AKANDTHE!X "IDDEFORD $8. 8 p.m. THEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOMPM Brian Patricks, acoustic rock, Andy's Old Port "RIAN0ATRICKS ACOUSTICROCK !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 8:30 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Arthur Webster and The Holy Mackerels, acoustic !RTHUR7EBSTERAND4HE(OLY-ACKERELS ACOUSTIC

QUARTET -C3EAGULLS "OOTHBAY(ARBOR  quartet, McSeagull's, Boothbay Harbor. 633-5900. 9 p.m. PM 4HE&EATURE COVERSFROMTHESANDBEYOND The Feature, covers from the '50s and beyond, The Local Buzz, Cape Elizabeth. 541-9024. 7 p.m. 4HE,OCAL"UZZ #APE%LIZABETH PM *" HIPHOP2" "UBBAS3ULKY,OUNGE JB5, hip hop/R&B, Bubba's Sulky Lounge, Portland, 9 p.m. 0ORTLANDBUBBASSULKYLOUNGECOMPM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 ,EX*OE BLUES  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Lex & Joe, blues, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Ludington Van Voorst, jazz, 21-plus; Gingko Blue ,UDINGTON6AN6OORST JAZZ  PLUS'INGKO"LUE Jazz Club, Portland, 9 p.m. to *AZZ#LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMPMTO MIDNIGHT midnight. ,YLE$IVINKSY ACOUSTICFOLKSOUL WITH:ONGO Lyle Divinksy, acoustic folk/soul, with Zongo Junction andTurkuaz, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. *UNCTIONAND4URKUAZ  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Bass Box, pop/rock, with Dan Gutter, 21"ASS"OX POPROCK WITH$AN'UTTER  plus; Empire Dine & Dance, Portland. $8. PLUS%MPIRE$INE$ANCE 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Rockin' Jake, harmonica blues, all ages; Inn on 2OCKIN*AKE HARMONICABLUES ALLAGES)NNON the Blues, York Beach. $6. 351-3221. 9:30 p.m. THE"LUES 9ORK"EACH PM Dead Season, hard rock, with Mercy list and Jack's $EAD3EASON HARDROCK WITH-ERCYLISTAND*ACKS Academy, 21-pi us; Crazy 8's, South Paris. $8 to !CADEMY  PLUS#RAZYS 3OUTH0ARISTO $12. 739-2989. Doors at 7 p.m.  $OORSATPM D12, hip hop, 21-plus; Club Texas, Auburn. $15. $ HIPHOP  PLUS#LUB4EXAS !UBURN 784-7785. Doors at 8 p.m.  $OORSATPM RX Bandits, rock/reggae/punk/ska, with Fang 28"ANDITS ROCKREGGAEPUNKSKA WITH&ANG Island, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. )SLAND  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND $16 to $22. 7 p.m. TOPORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Live Jazz Supper Club, 21-plus; Zachery's, ,IVE*AZZ3UPPER#LUB  PLUS:ACHERYS Portland. 774-5601. 7 to 11 p.m. 0ORTLAND TOPM Matt Bauer and Dana Falconberry, folk, with -ATT"AUERAND$ANA&ALCONBERRY FOLK WITH Plains and Arborea, The Oak and the Ax, 0LAINSAND!RBOREA 4HE/AKANDTHE!X Biddeford. $7. "IDDEFORDTHEOAKANDTHEAXBLOGSPOTCOM 8 p.m. PM Ben Ripani Music Co., classic contemporary "EN2IPANI-USIC#O CLASSICCONTEMPORARY Americana, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. !MERICANA !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 8:30 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Arthur Webster and The Holy Mackerels, acoustic !RTHUR7EBSTERAND4HE(OLY-ACKERELS ACOUSTIC quartet, McSeagull's, Boothbay Harbor. 633-5900. QUARTET -C3EAGULLS "OOTHBAY(ARBOR  9 p.m. PM Okbari Middle Eastern Ensemble, The Local Buzz, /KBARI-IDDLE%ASTERN%NSEMBLE 4HE,OCAL"UZZ Cape Elizabeth. 541-9024. 7 p.m. #APE%LIZABETH PM SUNDAY 35.$!9 David Claude, solo sax, Andy's Old Port Pub, $AVID'LAUDE SOLOSAX !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB Portland, 5:30 p.m. 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Line of Force, soul, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. ,INEOF&ORCE SOUL  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Model Airplanes, funk, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. -ODEL!IRPLANES FUNK  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND $5. 10 p.m. BIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM The Couch, open mic with John Nels and guest 4HE#OUCH OPENMICWITH*OHN.ELSANDGUEST artist Yellow Roman Candles, all ages; Empire Dine ARTIST9ELLOW2OMAN#ANDLES ALLAGES%MPIRE$INE & Dance, Portland. $8. 8 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Cullu Reggae Sundays, all ages, Porthole #ULLU2EGGAE3UNDAYS ALLAGES 0ORTHOLE Restaurant, Portland. $3. 780-6533. 4 to 8 p.m. 2ESTAURANT 0ORTLAND TOPM Arthur Webster and The Holy Mackerels, acoustic !RTHUR7EBSTERAND4HE(OLY-ACKERELS ACOUSTIC quartet, Robinson's Wharf, Southport. 633-3830. QUARTET 2OBINSONS7HARF 3OUTHPORT  1 to 4 p.m. TOPM MONDAY -/.$!9 Open Mic Night with Alec Wall, Andy's Old Port /PEN-IC.IGHTWITH!LEC7ALL !NDYS/LD0ORT Pub, Portland, 7 p.m. 0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM Bluegrass Mondays, open jam followed by "LUEGRASS-ONDAYS OPENJAMFOLLOWEDBY Stowaways concert, 21-plus; Empire Dine & 3TOWAWAYSCONCERT  PLUS%MPIRE$INE Dance, Portland, 7 p.m. jam; $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPMJAM 9 p.m. concert. PMCONCERT Seanachie Nights, Celtic music by Four Shillings 3EANACHIE.IGHTS #ELTICMUSICBY&OUR3HILLINGS Short, Bull Feeney's, Portland. $9. 846-1321. 7 to 3HORT "ULL&EENEYS 0ORTLAND TO 9 p.m. PM TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Cover to Cover, local musicians play originals #OVERTO#OVER LOCALMUSICIANSPLAYORIGINALS and a classic album, 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. ANDACLASSICALBUM  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLAND Jeff Beam releases new EP and BIGEASYPORTLANDCOM*EFF"EAMRELEASESNEW%0AND covers "The Rise and Fall ot'Ziggy Stardust and the COVERSh4HE2ISEAND&ALLOF:IGGY3TARDUSTANDTHE Spiders from Mars" by David Bowie, 9 p.m. 3PIDERSFROM-ARSvBY$AVID"OWIE PM Chas Lester Trio, R&B/soul; Empire Dine & Dance, #HAS,ESTER4RIO 2"SOUL%MPIRE$INE$ANCE Portland, 8 p.m. 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Jazz Night, with Katy Moy, Daniel Claude and *AZZ.IGHT WITH+ATY-OY $ANIEL'LAUDEAND Kyle Hardy, 21-plus; Slainte, Portland. 828-0900. +YLE(ARDY  PLUS3LAINTE 0ORTLAND  8 p.m. PM Green Lion Reggae, Inn on the Blues, York Beach. 'REEN,ION2EGGAE )NNONTHE"LUES 9ORK"EACH $2; ladies free. 351-3221. 9:30 p.m. LADIESFREE PM John Rowlingson, acoustic folk and blues, Andy's *OHN2OWLINGSON ACOUSTICFOLKANDBLUES !NDYS

Please see MUSIC, PageEM Gc\Xj\j\\;CA71GX^\<(+


isit cWT the BTPbXST Seaside ?PeX[X^] Pavilion X] in Old XbXc >[S >aRWPaS1TPRWU^afW^[Tb^\T Orchard Beach for wholesome, family friendly entertainment. UP\X[hUaXT]S[hT]cTacPX]\T]c 4eT]cb Events PaT are WT[S held aPX] rain ^a or bWX]T shine X] in our Ud[[h fully R^eTaTS covered, bcPSXd\ch_T stadium type ^da seating, _PeX[X^] pavilion, 5aTT Free _PaZX]V parking P]S and bTPcX]V shuttle bus service nearby. bWdcc[TQdbbTaeXRT]TPaQh

Look U^a for [PcTbc latest bRWTSd[Tb schedules and ;^^Z P]S ticket prices on our website. cXRZTc_aXRTb^]^dafTQbXcT

July 19 Once Upon A Time9d[h (>]RTD_^]0CX\T~ Interactive Story Time 8]cTaPRcXeTBc^ahCX\T with Maine authors fXcW<PX]TPdcW^ab Lynn Plourde &Toni ; h]]?[^daSTC ^]X Buzzeo 1diiT^ Time: 6:00 pm 8MQITQ Ticket Price: 8MGOIX4VMGI $6.00/$9.00 Day of Show/ (E]SJ7LS[ Chldren underage 12 FREE! 'LMPHVIRYRHIVEKI¯*6)) Br ng your < ds to hear these award w'nn ng &VMRK]SYVOMHWXSLIEVXLIWIE[EVH[MRRMRK authors read the r stores and 'nteract wth EYXLSVWVIEHXLIMVWXSVMIWERHMRXIVEGX[MXL the aud ence.-X´WEJEQMP]RMKLXPMOIRSSXLIV t's a fam y n ght <e no other! XLIEYHMIRGI

8 Sixth St., Old Orchard Beach, 'BXgcWBc>[S>aRWPaS1TPRW Maine O4O64 â&#x20AC;˘ 2O7 934 2O24 <PX]T#%#}!&("#!!#


Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale (!229 HARRY 0/44%2!.$4(% POTTER AND THE !DV Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale (!229 HARRY 0/44%2!.$4(% POTTER AND THE $%!4(,9 !DV DEATHLY (!,,/73 HALLOWS  2 DEATHLY (!,,/73 HALLOWS  2 $%!4(,9 Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale &2)%.$3 FRIENDS 7)4("%.%&)43 WITH BENEFITS !DV Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale #!04!).!-%2)#! CAPTAIN AMERICA: 4(% THE Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale &2)%.$3 FRIENDS 7)4("%.%&)43 WITH BENEFITS !DV !DV FIRST !6%.'%2 AVENGER &)234 Adv. 4IX Tix ON on 3ALE Sale #!04!).!-%2)#! CAPTAIN AMERICA: 4(% THE (/22)",% HORRIBLE "/33%32 )$2%1g$ BOSSES (R) - ID REQ'D !DV FIRST !6%.'%2 AVENGER &)234 (1220240500)7401000      THEZOOKEEPER(PG) 4(% ://+%%0%20' HARRY 0/44%2$%!4(,9 POTTER DEATHLY ))II ).2%!,$ IN REALD (!229 (1210230450)720950      3D-EVENT 02)#).'0'  ( PRICING (PG-13) 1201 AM $ %6%.4 !OC & DA: ,!229 LARRY #2/7.%0'  CROWNE (PG-13) /#$! (220 PM) 0930 PM 0- HARRY 0/44%2!.$4(% POTTER AND THE $%!4(,9 DEATHLY (!229 LARRY #2/7.%0'  CROWNE (PG-13) ,!229 HALLOWS ))II - -)$.)'(40'  ( MIDNIGHT (PG-13) (!,,/73 (1200PM 440PM) 0710PM 0-0- ' !1201 AM MONTE #!2,/0' CARLO (PG) -/.4% THEZOOKEEPER(PG) 4(% ://+%%0%20' (1255PM 345PM) 0645PM 0-0- (1230115320420)650720920        42!.3&/2-%23 TRANSFORMERS: $!2+/& DARK OF 4(% THE MOON (PG-13) (1205 PM 340 PM) 0700 PM -//.0'  0-0- HORRIBLE "/33%32 )$2%1g$ BOSSES (R) - ID REQ'D (/22)",% TRANSFORMERS: $!2+/& DARK OF ).2%!,$$ IN REALD 3D(105400)710740930      42!.3&/2-%23 EVENT 02)#).'0'  ( PRICING (PG-13) %6%.4 (1250PM 410PM) 0730PM 0-0- TRANSFORMERS: $!2+/& DARK OF ).2%!,$$ IN REALD 3D42!.3&/2-%23 BAD TEACHER (R)-ID REQ'D EVENT 02)#).'0'  ( PRICING (PG-13) "!$4%!#(%22 )$2%1g$ %6%.4 (1230250505)7451010 (100430)7451000          CARS ' 2 (G) (210PM) 0715PM #!23 0- TRANSFORMERS: $!2+/& DARK OF 4(% THE 42!.3&/2-%23 CARS 2 IN REALD 3D EVENT PRICING (G) #!23  ).2%!,$$ %6%.4 02)#).'' MOON (PG-13) (1215PM 330PM) 0645PM ( -//.0'  0-0- (100PM 400PM) 0650PM 0-0- MR. 0/00%2g3 POPPER'S 0%.'5).30' PENGUINS (PG) -2 LARRY #2/7.%0'  CROWNE (PG-13) ,!229 (455 PM) 0940 PM 0- (1240410)715940     SUPER 8 (PG-13) (1240350)640920     350%20'  CARS ' 2 (G) (1220350)700935 #!23     (!229 HARRY 0/44%2!.$4(% POTTER AND THE $%!4(,9 DEATHLY HALLOWS ))II - -)$.)'(40'  ( MIDNIGHT (PG-13) (!,,/73 BAD TEACHER (R)-ID REQ'D "!$4%!#(%22 )$2%1g$ 1201 AM !(1245335)730955     (!229 HARRY 0/44%2!.$4(% POTTER AND THE $%!4(,9 DEATHLY HALLOWS ))II - -)$.)'(40'  ( MIDNIGHT V(PG-13); MONTE #!2,/0' CARLO (PG) (1250 PM 340 PM) (!,,/73 -/.4% 0-0- 1 2!0 1 AM HARRY 0/44%2$%!4(,9 POTTER DEATHLY ))II ).2%!,$ IN REALD SUPER 8 (PG-13) 0-0- (1225 PM 345 PM) 0655 PM (!229 350%20'  3D-EVENT 02)#).'0'  ( PRICING (PG-13) 1201 AM !$ %6%.4 4IMES&OR4HURSDAY *ULY 




City Music Hall, Portland. $18 to $30. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R&b]!; 899-4990 >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&''"''

Continued from Page E8 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3&

Get outta town 5Sb]cbbOb]e\

935-7292 '!#% ' July 21 - Enter The Haggis, 8 p.m., The 8cZg ³3\bS`BVS6OUUWa&^[BVS Landing at Pine Point, Scarborough. $25 to :O\RW\UOb>W\S>]W\bAQO`P]`]cUV #b] $30. thelanding; 774-4527 !bVSZO\RW\UOb^W\S^]W\bQ][)%%""# % July 21 - Edwin McCain Acoustic Trio, 8 8cZg ³3ReW\;Q1OW\/Q]cabWQB`W]& p.m., Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $37.50/$41.50. ^[8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb!%#"#; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ June 21 - Paul Sullivan, 7:30 p.m., The 8c\S ³>OcZAcZZWdO\%(!^[BVS Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. $16/$20. =^S`O6]caSOb0]]bVPOg6O`P]`$; 633-5159 0]]bVPOg]^S`OV]caSQ][)$!!##' July 22³;O`g1VO^W\1O`^S\bS`& - Mary Chapin Carpenter, 8 8cZg p.m., Strand Theatre, Rockland. $70. ^[Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R%; 594-0070 @]QYZO\RAb`O\RQ][)#'"% July 22³@]`g0Z]QY&^[ - Rory Block, 8 p.m., 8cZg Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $22.50/$25. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb # #; 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ July 22³;]c\bOW\6SO`b&^[Ab]\S - Mountain Heart, 8 p.m., Stone 8cZg Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $25. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR #; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' July 22³1]g]bS5`OQSAO[8O[Sa - Coyote Grace, Sam James 8cZg and Lloyd Thayer, 8 p.m., One O\R:Z]gRBVOgS`&^[=\S Longfellow Square, Portland. $12/$15. :]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R #; 761-1757 =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% July 22³BVS6SOdg;SbOZ9W\Ua&^[ - The Heavy Metal Kings, 8 p.m., 8cZg Port City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $25. >]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b] #; 899-4990 >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&''"'' July 23 - Martyparty, 8 p.m., Port 8cZg !³;O`bg^O`bg&^[>]`b City Music Hall, Portland. $15 to $25. 1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ>]`bZO\R#b] #; 899-4990 >]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][)&''"'' July 23 - Jimmy Webb, 8 p.m., Stone 8cZg !³8W[[gESPP&^[Ab]\S Mountain Arts Center, Brownfield. $30. ;]c\bOW\/`ba1S\bS`0`]e\¿SZR!; 935-7292 Ab]\S[]c\bOW\O`baQS\bS`Q][)'!#% ' July 23 - Leo Kottke, 8 p.m., The Opera 8cZg !³:S]9]bbYS&^[BVS=^S`O House at Boothbay Harbor. $25/$30. 6]caSOb0]]bVPOg6O`P]` #!; 633-5159 0]]bVPOg]^S`OV]caSQ][)$!!##' July 23 - Melissa Etheridge, 7:30 p.m., 8cZg !³;SZWaaO3bVS`WRUS%(!^[ Bangor Waterfront Pavilion. $41.50 to 0O\U]`EObS`T`]\b>OdWZW]\"#b] $71.50.; 783-2009 %#EObS`T`]\bQ]\QS`baQ][)%&! ' July 23 - Mountain Heart, 8 p.m., 8cZg !³;]c\bOW\6SO`b&^[ Jonathan's, Ogunquit. $25/$28. 8]\ObVO\¸a=Uc\_cWb &;# 646-4526 8]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][)$"$"# $ July 23 - The Delta Generators, 8 p.m., 8cZg !³BVS2SZbO5S\S`Ob]`a&^[ One Longfellow Square, Portland. $12/$15. =\S:]\UTSZZ]eA_cO`S>]`bZO\R; 761-1757 # =\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][)%$%#% July 24 - Reel Big Fish, 7 p.m., State 8cZg "³@SSZ0WU4WaV%^[AbObS Theatre, Portland. $20/$23. statetheatre BVSOb`S>]`bZO\R !abObSbVSOb`S; (800)  745-3000; ^]`bZO\RQ][)&%"#!) Cumberland County Civic Center box office 1c[PS`ZO\R1]c\bg1WdWQ1S\bS`P]f]T¿QS July 24 - Marc Broussard, 7 p.m., Port 8cZg "³;O`Q0`]caaO`R%^[>]`b

Saturday - Brad Paisley with Blake Shelton AObc`ROgÂł0`OR>OWaZSgeWbV0ZOYSAVSZb]\ and Jerrod Niemann, 7:30 p.m., Comcast O\R8S``]R<WS[O\\%(!^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $41.50 to $81.50. 1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa"#b]&#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Saturday - Huey Lewis & The News AObc`ROgÂł6cSg:SeWaBVS<Sea with Entrain, 7:30 p.m., Bank of eWbV3\b`OW\%(!^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $20 to $50. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\ b]#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Sunday - Lil Wayne with Rick Ross, Keri Ac\ROgÂł:WZEOg\SeWbV@WQY@]aa9S`W Hilson, Far East Movement and Lloyd, 7 6WZa]\4O`3Oab;]dS[S\bO\R:Z]gR% p.m., Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. ^[1][QOab1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa $22.25 to $125.; (800) 745  #b] #:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"# 3000 ! Tuesday - Motley Crue, Poison and BcSaROgÂł;]bZSg1`cS>]Wa]\O\R The New York Dolls, 7 p.m., Comcast BVS<SeG]`Y2]ZZa%^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $87 to $119.30 1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa&%b]'!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Tuesday - Goo Goo Dolls with Michelle BcSaROgÂł5]]5]]2]ZZaeWbV;WQVSZZS Branch and Parachute, 7 p.m., Bank of 0`O\QVO\R>O`OQVcbS%^[0O\Y]T America Pavilion, Boston. $20 to $45. /[S`WQO>OdWZW]\0]ab]\ b]"#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! Tuesday - Miranda Cosgrove with Greyson BcSaROgÂł;W`O\RO1]aU`]dSeWbV5`Sga]\ Chance, 7 p.m., Meadowbrook U.S. Cellular 1VO\QS%^[;SOR]eP`]]YCA1SZZcZO` Pavilion, Gilford, N.H. $26.50 to $96.25. >OdWZW]\5WZT]`R<6 $#b]'$ #; (603) 293-4700 ;SOR]eP`]]Y\Sb)$! '!"% Wednesday - Jeff Dunham, 8 p.m., Casino ESR\SaROgÂł8STT2c\VO[&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $49 to $80. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6"'b]&; (603) 929-4100 1OaW\]POZZ`]][Q][)$!' '" July 21 - Furthur featuring Phil Lesh 8cZg Âł4c`bVc`TSObc`W\U>VWZ:SaV and Bob Weir, 7 p.m., Comcast Center, O\R0]PESW`%^[1][QOab1S\bS` Mansfield, Mass. $32b]%!# to $73.50. ;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa!; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 22Âł;OgVS[4SabWdOZTSObc`W\U - Mayhem Festival featuring 8cZg Disturbed, Godsmack, Megadeth, Machine 2Wabc`PSR5]Ra[OQY;SUORSbV;OQVW\S Head and more, 2:15 p.m., Comcast 6SORO\R[]`S (#^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. to $69.75. 1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa$25.25 # #b]$'%#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 22Âł3RRWS;]\Sg&^[1OaW\] - Eddie Money, 8 p.m., Casino 8cZg Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $24 to $41. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6 "b]"; (603) 929-4100 1OaW\]POZZ`]][Q][)$!' '" July 23 - Buckcherry, 8 p.m., Casino 8cZg !Âł0cQYQVS``g&^[1OaW\] Ballroom, Hampton Beach, N.H. $30/$33. 0OZZ`]][6O[^b]\0SOQV<6!!!; (603) 929-4100 1OaW\]POZZ`]][Q][)$!' '" July 23 - 311 with Sublime with Rome, 6:30 8cZg !Âł!eWbVAcPZW[SeWbV@][S$(! p.m., Comcast Center, Mansfield, Mass. $20 ^[1][QOab1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa  to $49.50.; (800) 745-3000 b]"'#:WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#! July 24 - Tim McGraw with Luke Bryan 8cZg "ÂłBW[;Q5`OeeWbV:cYS0`gO\ and The Band Perry, 7 p.m., Comcast O\RBVS0O\R>S``g%^[1][QOab Center, Mansfield, Mass. $39.75 to $100.05. 1S\bS`;O\aÂżSZR;Oaa!'%#b]#; (800) 745-3000 :WdS\ObW]\Q][)&%"#!


Continued from Page E13 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3! Old Port Pub, Portland, /LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM 7 p.m. PM TWO, featuring The Vanityites and A Severe Joy, 47/ FEATURING4HE6ANITYITESAND!3EVERE*OY rock, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. $2. ROCK  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Port Veritas, spoken word, Blue, Portland. 0ORT6ERITAS SPOKENWORD "LUE 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM

$5. 9 p.m. PORTCITYMUSICHALLCOMPM Floydz Boyz, jazz piano trio, Grace, Portland. &LOYDZ"OYZ JAZZPIANOTRIO 'RACE 0ORTLAND 6 to 9 p.m. RESTAURANTGRACECOMTOPM David Beam &The Custom House Gang, roots $AVID"EAM4HE#USTOM(OUSE'ANG ROOTS and blues, Andy's Old Port Pub, Portland. ANDBLUES !NDYS/LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLAND 7 p.m. ANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOMPM

JULY 21 *5,9 Shawn Tooley, jazz, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz 3HAWN4OOLEY JAZZ  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ Club, Portland, 5 to 8 p.m. #LUB 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Open Mic Night, Deer Run Tavern, Yarmouth. /PEN-IC.IGHT $EER2UN4AVERN 9ARMOUTH 846-9555. 7:30 to 10:30 p.m.  TOPM Band Beyond Description, jam-band covers, 21"AND"EYOND$ESCRIPTION JAM BANDCOVERS  WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 plus; Big Easy, Portland, 9 p.m. PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOMPM Katy Moy, jazz, 21-plus; Gingko Blue Jazz Club, +ATY-OY JAZZ  PLUS'INGKO"LUE*AZZ#LUB Robert Cimitile, acoustic rock and covers, Andy's 2OBERT#IMITILE ACOUSTICROCKANDCOVERS !NDYS Portland, 7 to 10 p.m. 0ORTLANDGINGKOBLUECOMTOPM Old Port Pub, Portland, /LD0ORT0UB 0ORTLANDANDYSOLDPORTPUBCOM Rap Night, hosted by Shupe and III By Instinct, 2AP.IGHT HOSTEDBY3HUPEAND)LL"Y)NSTINCT 7 p.m. PM 21-plus; Big Easy, Portland. $3.  PLUS"IG%ASY 0ORTLANDBIGEASYPORTLANDCOM Adam Ezra Group, rock, 21-plus; Empire Dine & !DAM%ZRA'ROUP ROCK  PLUS%MPIRE$INE 9 p.m. PM Dance, Portland, 9 p.m. $ANCE 0ORTLANDPORTLANDEMPIRECOMPM Karaoke, with DJ Johnny Red, Asylum, Portland. +ARAOKE WITH$**OHNNY2ED !SYLUM 0ORTLAND Retro Night, Asylum, Portland. 2ETRO.IGHT !SYLUM 0ORTLAND 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM 9 p.m. PORTLANDASYLUMCOMPM Irish Music Night, with Randy Miller and Jim )RISH-USIC.IGHT WITH2ANDY-ILLERAND*IM Hyena, indie rock, tour kickoff show with Blood (YENA INDIEROCK TOURKICKOFFSHOWWITH"LOOD Prendergast, Blue, Portland, 0RENDERGAST "LUE 0ORTLANDPORTCITYBLUECOM Warrior, Great Valley and Some Say Leland, The 7ARRIOR 'REAT6ALLEYAND3OME3AY,ELAND 4HE 7:30 p.m. PM Oak and the Ax, Biddeford. $7. theoakandtheax /AKANDTHE!X "IDDEFORDTHEOAKANDTHEAX Traditional Irish Session, Blue, Portland. 4RADITIONAL)RISH3ESSION "LUE 0ORTLAND 8 p.m. BLOGSPOTCOMPM 9:30 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Union-Jefferson, blues, Blue, Portland. 5NION *EFFERSON BLUES "LUE 0ORTLAND Trivia Night, all ages, Inn on the Blues, York 4RIVIA.IGHT ALLAGES )NNONTHE"LUES 9ORK 7:30 p.m. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM Beach. 351-3221. 8:30 p.m. "EACH PM Jacks and Aces, blues, Blue, Portland. *ACKSAND!CES BLUES "LUE 0ORTLAND "The Clash," battle of the cover bands: Ice-T vs. h4HE#LASH vBATTLEOFTHECOVERBANDS)CE 4VS 10 p.m. Ice Cube, 18-plus; Port City Music Hall, Portland. PORTCITYBLUECOMPM )CE#UBE  PLUS0ORT#ITY-USIC(ALL 0ORTLAND

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E15 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3#



Dljk$j\\j Nust-sees Xdfe^cfkjf] among lots of dXpY\$j_flc[j maybe-shoulds


he 14th annual Maine InternaIFUIBOOVBM.BJOF*OUFSOB tional Film Festival kicks off UJPOBM'JMN'FTUJWBMLJDLTPGG Friday and, as ever, organizers 'SJEBZBOE BTFWFS PSHBOJ[FST will bring both Hollywood royalty XJMMCSJOHCPUI)PMMZXPPESPZBMUZ (this year it's screen legend Mal UIJTZFBSJUTTDSFFOMFHFOE.BM colm McDowell and noted characDPMN.D%PXFMMBOEOPUFEDIBSBD ter actress Karen Young) and the UFSBDUSFTT,BSFO:PVOH BOEUIF traditional roster USBEJUJPOBMSPTUFS of stellar new PGTUFMMBSOFX and classic films BOEDMBTTJDmMNT from around the GSPNBSPVOEUIF world. XPSME There are 5IFSFBSF almost 100 films BMNPTUmMNT on tap in this POUBQJOUIJT year's MIFF. ZFBST.*'' Dennis Perkins I'm offering *NPGGFSJOH up some titles VQTPNFUJUMFT Indie Film that jumped UIBUKVNQFE out at me (and PVUBUNF BOE parenthetical descriptions of where QBSFOUIFUJDBMEFTDSJQUJPOTPGXIFSF they're from), but you should UIFZSFGSPN CVUZPVTIPVME check out the entire schedule on DIFDLPVUUIFFOUJSFTDIFEVMFPO pages E36 and E37. For tickets, go to QBHFT&BOE&'PSUJDLFUT HPUP NJGGPSH "Another Earth": MIFF's closi"OPUIFS&BSUIw.*''TDMPT ing-night film, this enigmatic sci-fi JOHOJHIUmMN UIJTFOJHNBUJDTDJm drama/romance about the discovery ESBNBSPNBODFBCPVUUIFEJTDPWFSZ of a hidden, Earth-like planet in our PGBIJEEFO &BSUIMJLFQMBOFUJOPVS solar system walked out of SunTPMBSTZTUFNXBMLFEPVUPG4VO dance with an armload of awards EBODFXJUIBOBSNMPBEPGBXBSET and lots of buzz. 7:30 p.m. July 24 BOEMPUTPGCV[[QN+VMZ "The Ballad of Genesis and Lady i5IF#BMMBEPG(FOFTJTBOE-BEZ Jaye": Fascinating, oddly touching +BZFw'BTDJOBUJOH PEEMZUPVDIJOH documentary about former ThrobEPDVNFOUBSZBCPVUGPSNFS5ISPC bing Gristle musician/performance CJOH(SJTUMFNVTJDJBOQFSGPSNBODF artist Genesis P-Orridge and his BSUJTU(FOFTJT10SSJEHFBOEIJT wife Lady Jaye, who underwent a XJGF-BEZ+BZF XIPVOEFSXFOUB series of cosmetic surgeries to more TFSJFTPGDPTNFUJDTVSHFSJFTUPNPSF closely resemble each other in an DMPTFMZSFTFNCMFFBDIPUIFSJOBO act of extreme devotion/artistic BDUPGFYUSFNFEFWPUJPOBSUJTUJD weirdness. 9:15 p.m. Tuesday; 6 p.m. XFJSEOFTTQN5VFTEBZQN July 22 +VMZ "Catching Hell": If some guy at i$BUDIJOH)FMMw*GTPNFHVZBU Fenway had instinctively reached 'FOXBZIBEJOTUJODUJWFMZSFBDIFE out and snagged a ball in play that PVUBOETOBHHFEBCBMMJOQMBZUIBU ended up costing the Red Sox the FOEFEVQDPTUJOHUIF3FE4PYUIF 2004 World Series, would I (the big8PSME4FSJFT XPVME* UIFCJH gest Sox nerd on this, or another HFTU4PYOFSEPOUIJT PSBOPUIFS Earth), have hounded the poor guy &BSUI IBWFIPVOEFEUIFQPPSHVZ out of town, harassed him and made PVUPGUPXO IBSBTTFEIJNBOENBEF

;\ee`jG\ib`ej @e[`\=`cd

?<CFM<J=@CDJ# HE LOVES FILMSFESTIVAL LOVES HIM =<JK@M8CCFM<J?@D Honoree Malcolm McDowell embraces his darkest roles with humor. 6]\]`SS;OZQ]Z[;Q2]eSZZS[P`OQSaVWaRO`YSab`]ZSaeWbVVc[]`

^ Photos courtesy of MIFF >V]b]aQ]c`bSag]T;744

Malcolm McDowell, shown at top in "A Clockwork ;OZQ]Z[;Q2]eSZZaV]e\Obb]^W\Âľ/1Z]QYe]`Y Orange," will receive the Mid-Life Achievement Award on =`O\USÂśeWZZ`SQSWdSbVS;WR:WTS/QVWSdS[S\b/eO`R]\ Saturday at the Maine International Film Festival. AObc`ROgObbVS;OW\S7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[4SabWdOZ

By DENNIS PERKINS #Z%&//*41&3,*/4

EPBUFSSJCMF.BMDPMN.D%PXFMMJNQSFTTJPO do a terrible Malcolm McDowell impression. *LOPXUIBUCFDBVTF*WFTQFOUUIFMBTUXFFLSFDPVOU I know that because I've spent the last week recountJOH UPNZNPSFQBUJFOUGSJFOETBOEGBNJMZ NZQIPOFDPO ing, to my more patient friends and family, my phone conWFSTBUJPOXJUIUIFMFHFOEBSZ.D%PXFMM SFDJQJFOUPGUIJT versation with the legendary McDowell, recipient of this ZFBST.JE-JGF"DIJFWFNFOU"XBSEBUUIFUIBOOVBM year's Mid-Life Achievement Award at the 14th annual .BJOF*OUFSOBUJPOBM'JMN'FTUJWBM XIJDISVOT'SJEBZUP Maine International Film Festival, which runs Friday to +VMZJO8BUFSWJMMF July 24 in Waterville. 4MJHIUMZHSBWFMMZXJUIBHF IFT IJTOPSUIFSO&OH Slightly gravelly with age (he's 68), his northern EngMJTIBDDFOUCSJTUMJOHXJUIJOUFMMJHFODF IVNPSBOENBZCF lish accent bristling with intelligence, humor and maybe KVTUBIJOUPGUIFDIBSJTNBUJDNFOBDFGSPNi"$MPDLXPSL0SBOHF w just a hint of the charismatic menace from "A Clockwork Orange," i*GywBOEBIVOESFENPSFmMNT .D%PXFMMTWPJDFJTXBSNBOE "If...." and a hundred more films, McDowell's voice is warm and enthusiastic. FOUIVTJBTUJD "It's nice of them to put it that way" McDowell joked about the i*UTOJDFPGUIFNUPQVUJUUIBUXBZ w.D%PXFMMKPLFEBCPVUUIF Please see PERKINS, Page E~5 "mid-life" part of the award he'll receive at a screening of his 1973 iNJEMJGFwQBSUPGUIFBXBSEIFMMSFDFJWFBUBTDSFFOJOHPGIJT Gc\Xj\j\\>3@97<AGX^\<*, film "0 Lucky Man!" at Colby College on Saturday. mMNi0-VDLZ.BOwBU$PMCZ$PMMFHFPO4BUVSEBZ "It's a great honor, and that's why I wanted to come i*UTBHSFBUIPOPS BOEUIBUTXIZ*XBOUFEUPDPNF and say thank you." BOETBZUIBOLZPVw McDowell's been to Maine before - he visited the .D%PXFMMTCFFOUP.BJOFCFGPSFoIFWJTJUFEUIF late Lindsay Anderson, director of "0 Lucky Man!" MBUF-JOETBZ"OEFSTPO EJSFDUPSPGi0-VDLZ.BOw and a longtime friend, when Anderson was shooting BOEBMPOHUJNFGSJFOE XIFO"OEFSTPOXBTTIPPUJOH "The Whales of August" (1987) on Cliff Island and in i5IF8IBMFTPG"VHVTUw  PO$MJGG*TMBOEBOEJO Portland. 1PSUMBOE "Unfortunately, I can only stay for four days, which i6OGPSUVOBUFMZ *DBOPOMZTUBZGPSGPVSEBZT XIJDI is a great shame," he said. "I'd love to have brought JTBHSFBUTIBNF wIFTBJEi*EMPWFUPIBWFCSPVHIU the family. Maine's such a beautiful place; an incredUIFGBNJMZ.BJOFTTVDIBCFBVUJGVMQMBDFBOJODSFE ible coastline, lobsters and seafood." JCMFDPBTUMJOF MPCTUFSTBOETFBGPPEw McDowell went on to tell a few funny stories about .D%PXFMMXFOUPOUPUFMMBGFXGVOOZTUPSJFTBCPVU the then-aged Bette Davis' antics on the set of "The UIFUIFOBHFE#FUUF%BWJTBOUJDTPOUIFTFUPGi5IF Âľ/\]bVS`3O`bVÂśaV]eW\U]\QZ]aW\U\WUVb "Another Earth," showing on closing night, Please see M C D O W E L L , Page E37 8cZg "VOaabW``SROZ]b]TPchh Gc\Xj\j\\;Q2=E3::GX^\<*. July 24, has stirred a lot of buzz.

New on DVD, E19 What's opening and what's playing, E16 N?XiipGfkk\iĂ&#x201D;eXc\#<(. Harry Potter finale, E17 NE\nfe;M;#<(0 N_XkĂ&#x2039;jfg\e`e^Xe[n_XkĂ&#x2039;jgcXp`e^#<(-

E16 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 


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"HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS: µ6/@@G>=BB3@/<2B6323/B6:G6/::=EA( PART 2" (PG-13) Stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma >/@B ¶(2:10) (>5!AbO`a2O\WSZ@ORQZWTTS3[[O Watson and Rupert Grint. Directed by David Yates. EOba]\O\R@c^S`b5`W\b2W`SQbSRPg2OdWRGObSa The final chapter begins as Harry, Ron and Hermione BVS¿\OZQVO^bS`PSUW\aOa6O``g@]\O\R6S`[W]\S continue their quest of finding and destroying the Dark Q]\bW\cSbVSW`_cSab]T¿\RW\UO\RRSab`]gW\UbVS2O`Y Lord's three remaining Horcruxes. Some sequences of :]`R¸abV`SS`S[OW\W\U6]`Q`cfSaA][SaS_cS\QSa]T intense action violence and frightening images. W\bS\aSOQbW]\dW]ZS\QSO\RT`WUVbS\W\UW[OUSa Opening at: Nickelodeon (Portland) Fri 12:01 a.m., Fri=^S\W\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\R4`W (O[4`W Wed 12:30 p.m., 3:30, 6:40, 9:20; Falmouth 10 Fri 12:01 ESR (!^[!(!$("'( )4OZ[]cbV4`W ( a.m., 12:01 a.m. (3D), Fri-Wed 12:15 p.m. (3D), 12:50 O[ (O[!24`WESR (#^[!2 (# (3D), 1:15, 3, 3:20, 3:55 (3D), 4:20,6:05, 6:25 (3D), 7 (3D), !2(#!!( !(##!2"( $(#$( #!2%!2 7:25, 9:10, 9:30 (3D), 10:05 (3D), 10:30; Cinemagic Saco %( #'('(!!2(#!2(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Fri 12:01 a.m., Fri-Wed 127;/F (IMAX), 12:10,12:20,12:30, 4`W (O[4`WESR ( (  (! 3 (IMAX), 3:10, 3:20, 3:30, 6:30 (IMAX), 6:45, 7, 7:10, !7;/F!(!( !(!$(!7;/F$("#%%( 9:25#7;/F'(!#'("#'(##)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV (IMAX), 9:35, 9:45, 9:55; Cinemagic Grand (South '( Portland) Fri 12:01 a.m., Fri-Wed 11:45 a.m., 12:15 p.m. >]`bZO\R4`W (O[4`WESR("#O[ (#^[ (3D), 2:45, 3:15 (3D), 6:30, 7 (3D), 9:30,10 (3D); !2 ("#!(#!2$(!%!2'(!!2) Cinemagic Westbrook Fri 12:01 a.m., Fri-Wed 11:20 a.m., 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`W (O[4`WESR( O[ 11:40 a.m., 12!2 (3D), 12:10, 3, 3:20 (3D), 3:30, 6:20, ("O[ ( 2:40, ("!!( !2!(!$(  6:30, 6:50 (3D), 7, 9:20, 9:30,9:50 (3D), 10; Brunswick 10 $(!$(#!2%'( '(!'(#!2)0`c\aeWQY Fri 12:01 a.m., 12:01 a.m. (3D), Fri-Sun 10 a.m., 10:30 a.m. 4`W (O[ (O[!24`WAc\O[(!O[ (3D), 12,12:30 (3D), 1,1:30 (3D), 3:40 (3D), 4,4:20, 4:40 !2  (!!2(!!2!("!2""( "(" (3D), 6:30, 7 (3D), 7:30, 8 (3D), 9:40,10:05 (3D), 10:30, !2$(!%!2%(!&!2'("(#!2(! Mon-Tue 12,12:30 (3D), 1,1:30 (3D), 3:40 (3D), 4,4:20, ;]\BcS  (!!2(!!2!("!2""(  4:40 (3D), 6:30, 7 (3D), 7:30, 8 (3D), 9:40,10:05 (3D), "("!2$(!%!2%(!&!2'("(#!2 10:30, Wed 12,12:30 (3D), 1,1:30 (3D), 3:20 (3D), 4:20, (!ESR  (!!2(!!2!( !2"(  4:40 (3D), 6:30, 7 (3D), 7:30, 8 (3D), 10:05 (3D), 10:30 "("!2$(!%!2%(!&!2(#!2(!

4( JULY 18â&#x201E;˘ *5,9

07:3O PM

Tickets: $10 4ICKETS Box Office (207 865-5505) "OX/FlCE  EXPERIENCE %80%2)%.#% WILL'S SHORTS 7),,33(/243 3rd Monday Every Month RD-ONDAY%VERY-ONTH


#/-).' TRICKY BRITCHES!MERICANROOTSMUSIC American roots music, *5,9!5'53442)#+9"2)4#(%3



July 221 CASTLEBAY #ELTIC-USIC *ULY\ Celtic Music, July 231 BEFORE BILLA! *ULY\ comic romp through medieval times, July 28-August 14, a Freeport Shakespeare COMICROMPTHROUGHMEDIEVALTIMES *ULY !UGUST A&REEPORT3HAKESPEARE Festival production. &ESTIVALPRODUCTION


"WINNIE THE POOH" (1:09) (G) Animated with the ÂľE7<<73B63>==6Âś('5/\W[ObSReWbVbVS voices of Jim Cummings, Craig Ferguson and Peter d]WQSa]T8W[1c[[W\Ua1`OWU4S`Uca]\O\R>SbS` Cullen. Directed by Stephen J. Anderson and Son Hall. 1cZZS\2W`SQbSRPgAbS^VS\8/\RS`a]\O\RA]\6OZZ While out looking for some honey, Winnie the Pooh is EVWZS]cbZ]]YW\UT]`a][SV]\SgEW\\WSbVS>]]VWa pulled into a quest to save Christopher Robin from an ^cZZSRW\b]O_cSabb]aOdS1V`Wab]^VS`@]PW\T`][O\ imaginary culprit. W[OUW\O`gQcZ^`Wb Opening at: Falmouth 10 Fri-Wed 1,3:10, 5, =^S\W\UOb(4OZ[]cbV4`WESR!(# 7:10; Cinemagic Saco Fri-Wed 12:10,1:55, 3:40,7, 9; %()1W\S[OUWQAOQ]4`WESR ((##!("%') Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) Fri-Wed 12:10, 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R4`WESR ( 2:10,4:15,6:50,9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook Fri-Wed ("(#$(#'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y4`WESR 11:50 a.m., 2:20,4:20,7:20, 9:10; Brunswick 10 Fri-Sun (#O[ ( "( %( '()0`c\aeWQY4`WAc\ 10:10 a.m., 12:10, 3:50,7:20 Mon-Wed 12:10,2,3:50, 7:20 (O[ ( 2,!(#%( ;]\ESR ( !(#%( 



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"BAD TEACHER" (R) (1:32)AbO`a1O[S`]\2WOh Stars Cameron Diaz, Âľ0/2B3/163@Âś@(! Jason Segel and Justin Timberlake. Directed by Jake 8Oa]\ASUSZO\R8cabW\BW[PS`ZOYS2W`SQbSRPg8OYS Kasdan. A comedy centered around a foul-mouthed 9OaRO\/Q][SRgQS\bS`SRO`]c\ROT]cZ[]cbVSR junior high teacher who, after being dumped by her Xc\W]`VWUVbSOQVS`eV]OTbS`PSW\URc[^SRPgVS` sugar daddy, begins to woo a colleague - a move that acUO`RORRgPSUW\ab]e]]OQ]ZZSOUcSÂłO[]dSbVOb pits her against a well-loved teacher. Sexual content, ^WbaVS`OUOW\abOeSZZZ]dSRbSOQVS`ASfcOZQ]\bS\b nudity, language and some drug use. \cRWbgZO\UcOUSO\Ra][SR`cUcaS Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) today 12:30, 5:15, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROg (!#(# 7:20, 9:30; Brunswick 10 today 12:45,3:35, 7:30, 9:55 %( '(!)0`c\aeWQYb]ROg ("#!(!#%(!'(## Fri-Wed 9:20; Falmouth 10 today 12:30, 5:05, 7:45, 4`WESR'( )4OZ[]cbVb]ROg (! 2:50, (##(#%("# 10:10 Fri-Wed 9; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) (4`WESR')1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R today 11:45 a.m., 2,4:15,7:20, 9:40; Cinemagic Saco b]ROg("#O[ "(#%( '(")1W\S[OUWQAOQ] today-Wed 12:05, 4:35, 7:05, 9:10; Cinemagic b]ROgESR (# 2:25, ( #"(!#%(#'()1W\S[OUWQ Westbrook today 11:50 a.m., 2:20,4:50, 7:20,10, FriESabP`]]Yb]ROg(#O[ ( "(#%( 4`W Wed 11:50 a.m., 2:20, 4:40, 7:20, 9:40 ESR(#O[ ( "("%( '(" "BEGINNERS" (R) (1:45) Stars Ewan McGregor, Âľ0357<<3@AÂś@("#AbO`a3eO\;Q5`SU]` Christopher Plummer and Melanie Laurent. Directed 1V`Wab]^VS`>Zc[[S`O\R;SZO\WS:Oc`S\b2W`SQbSR by Mike Mills. A young man is rocked by two Pg;WYS;WZZa/g]c\U[O\Wa`]QYSRPgbe] announcements from his elderly father: that he has O\\]c\QS[S\baT`][VWaSZRS`ZgTObVS`(bVObVSVOa terminal cancer, and that he has a young male lover. bS`[W\OZQO\QS`O\RbVObVSVOaOg]c\U[OZSZ]dS` Language and some sexual content. :O\UcOUSO\Ra][SaSfcOZQ]\bS\b Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) today-Wed 1:10, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROgESR( 4, 6:50,9:10; Eveningstar (Brunswick) Fri-Wed 1:30, "$(#'()3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQY4`WESR(! 3:45, 6, 8:15 !("#$&(#

Disney 2Wa\Sg

Owl (voiced by Craig Ferguson) and =eZd]WQSRPg1`OWU4S`Uca]\O\R Tigger (voiced by Jim Cummings) in BWUUS`d]WQSRPg8W[1c[[W\UaW\ Disney's new "Winnie the Pooh." 2Wa\Sg¸a\SeµEW\\WSbVS>]]V¶ Directed by John Lasseter and Brad Lewis. Star race car 2W`SQbSRPg8]V\:OaaSbS`O\R0`OR:SeWaAbO``OQSQO` Lightning McQueen and his pal Mater head overseas to :WUVb\W\U;Q?cSS\O\RVWa^OZ;ObS`VSOR]dS`aSOab] compete in the World Grand Prix race. But the road to Q][^SbSW\bVSE]`ZR5`O\R>`Wf`OQS0cbbVS`]ORb] the championship gets rocky as Mater is caught up in bVSQVO[^W]\aVW^USba`]QYgOa;ObS`WaQOcUVbc^W\ an adventure of his own: international espionage. O\ORdS\bc`S]TVWa]e\(W\bS`\ObW]\OZSa^W]\OUS Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:20 a.m., AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg( O[ 11:30 a.m. (3D), 1:50, 2 !2"(!"("!2%('(" (3D), 4:30, 4:40 (3D), 7:10, 9:40 (!O[!2(# Fri-Wed 11:20 a.m., 1:50,4:30,7:10, 9:40; Cinemagic 4`WESR( O[(#"(!%('(")1W\S[OUWQ Grand (South Portland) today 11:30 a.m., 2,4:30 (3D), 7, 5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\Rb]ROg(!O[ "(!!2% 9:30 (3D) Fri-Wed 11:30 a.m., 2,"(!%'(!)1W\S[OUWQ 4:30, 7, 9:30; Cinemagic '(!!24`WESR(!O[ Saco today 11:30 a.m. (3D), 11:30 a.m. (IMAX), 11:45 a.m., AOQ]b]ROg(!O[!2(!O[7;/F("#O[ 2:05 (3D), 2:20,4:35 (3D), 4:50, 7:10 (3D), 7:20, 9:40 (#!2 ( "(!#!2"(#%(!2%( '(" (3D), 9:50 Fri-Wed 12:30, 3, 6:55, 9:20; Brunswick 10 !2'(#4`WESR (!!$(##'( )0`c\aeWQY today 12:20, 3:50, 7, 9:35 Fri-Sun 10:05 a.m., 12:40, 4:30, b]ROg ( !(#%'(!#4`WAc\(#O[ (""(! 7:15, 9:50 Mon-Wed 12:40, 4:30, 7:15, 9:50; Falmouth 10 %(#'(#;]\ESR (""(!%(#'(#)4OZ[]cbV today 1 (3D), 2:10, 4 (3D), 6:50 (3D), 7:15, 9:35 (3D) Frib]ROg!2 ("!2$(#!2%(#'(!#!24`W Wed 12:40, 3:50, 7:05, 9:50 ESR ("!(#%(#'(# "GREEN LANTERN" (PG-13) (1:54) Stars Ryan µ5@33<:/<B3@<¶>5!(#"AbO`a@gO\ Reynolds, Blake Lively and Peter Sarsgaard. Directed @Sg\]ZRa0ZOYS:WdSZgO\R>SbS`AO`aUOO`R2W`SQbSR by Martin Campbell. A test pilot is granted a mystical Pg;O`bW\1O[^PSZZ/bSab^WZ]bWaU`O\bSRO[gabWQOZ green ring that bestows him with otherwordly powers, U`SS\`W\UbVObPSab]eaVW[eWbV]bVS`e]`RZg^]eS`a as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron OaeSZZOa[S[PS`aVW^W\b]O\W\bS`UOZOQbWQa_cOR`]\ tasked with keeping peace within the universe. bOaYSReWbVYSS^W\U^SOQSeWbVW\bVSc\WdS`aS Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:20 a.m., AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg( O[ 1:50,4:30, 7:10, 9:40 Fri-Wed 1:50, 4:30, 7:10; Brunswick (#"(!%('("4`WESR(#"(!%()0`c\aeWQY 10 today 9:45 b]ROg'("# "THE HANGOVER PART II" (R) (1:42)AbO`a0`ORZSg Stars Bradley µB636/<5=D3@>/@B77¶@(" Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Ed Helms. Directed by Todd 1]]^S`HOQV5OZW¿O\OYWa3R6SZ[a2W`SQbSRPgB]RR Phillips. After the bachelor party in Las Vegas, Phil, Stu, >VWZZW^a/TbS`bVSPOQVSZ]`^O`bgW\:OaDSUOa>VWZAbc Alan and Doug jet to Thailand for Stu's wedding. Stu's /ZO\O\R2]cUXSbb]BVOWZO\RT]`Abc¸aeSRRW\UAbc¸a plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes ^ZO\T]`OacPRcSR^`SeSRRW\UP`c\QVV]eSdS`U]Sa seriously awry. Crude and sexual content, pervasive aS`W]caZgOe`g1`cRSO\RaSfcOZQ]\bS\b^S`dOaWdS language and some drug content. ZO\UcOUSO\Ra][SR`cUQ]\bS\b Showing at: Cinemagic Saco today 7:15, 9:30; AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg%(#'(!) Cinemagic Westbrook today 3:20, 6:40 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg!( $(" "HORRIBLE BOSSES" (R) (1:40) Stars Jason µ6=@@70:30=AA3A¶@("AbO`a8Oa]\ Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis. Directed by 0ObS[O\1VO`ZWS2OgO\R8Oa]\AcRSWYWa2W`SQbSRPg Seth Gordon. Three friends conspire to murder their ASbV5]`R]\BV`SST`WS\RaQ]\a^W`Sb][c`RS`bVSW` awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the OeTcZP]aaSaeVS\bVSg`SOZWhSbVSgO`SabO\RW\UW\bVS way of their happiness. eOg]TbVSW`VO^^W\Saa Showing at: Cinemagic Saco today-Wed 12:05,2:15, AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROgESR (# (# 4:30,7, 9:15; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) today"(!%'(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\Rb]ROg Wed 12,2:30,4:50,7:30,10; Cinemagic Westbrook ESR  (!"(#%(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Y today 11:40 a.m., 2,4:20, 7, 9:30, Fri-Wed 11:40 a.m., 2, b]ROg("O[ "( %'(!4`WESR("O[ 4:20, 7, 9:20; Falmouth 10 today 12:20, 5, 7:40, "( %'( )4OZ[]cbVb]ROg (  2:40, ("#%(" 10, Fri-Wed 12:30, 5:05, 7:30,10:20; Brunswick 10 4`WESR (! 2:40, ("#(#%(!( )0`c\aeWQY today 1:05, 4, 7:10, 7:40, 9:30,10:10 Fri-Wed 1:20,4:15, b]ROg(#"%(%("'(!(4`WESR( "(# 7:40,10:15 %("(#

"LARRY CROWNE" (PG-13) (1:39) Stars Tom Hanks µ:/@@G1@=E<3¶>5!(!'AbO`aB][6O\Ya and Julia Roberts. Directed by Tom Hanks. Unclear of O\R8cZWO@]PS`ba2W`SQbSRPgB][6O\YaC\QZSO`]T his next steps after losing his job at a big-box retailer, VWa\SfbabS^aOTbS`Z]aW\UVWaX]PObOPWUP]f`SbOWZS` Larry Crowne enrolls at a local college, where he :O``g1`]e\SS\`]ZZaObOZ]QOZQ]ZZSUSeVS`SVS finds a niche among a community of outcasts and a ¿\RaO\WQVSO[]\UOQ][[c\Wbg]T]cbQOabaO\RO connection with a teacher who has lost her passion for Q]\\SQbW]\eWbVObSOQVS`eV]VOaZ]abVS`^OaaW]\T]` life. Brief strong language and some sexual content. ZWTS0`WSTab`]\UZO\UcOUSO\Ra][SaSfcOZQ]\bS\b Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) today 1:20,4:30, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROg( "(! 7, 9:15; Brunswick 10 today 12:40,4:10, 7:15, 9:40, Fri-Tue %'(#)0`c\aeWQYb]ROg (""(%(#'("4`WBcS 1:10, 7:10, Wed 1:10; Falmouth 10 today 12, 2:20,4:40, (%(ESR()4OZ[]cbVb]ROg ( "(" "BRIDESMAIDS" (R) (2:05) Stars Kristen Wiig, Maya µ0@723A;/72A¶@ (#AbO`a9`WabS\EWWU;OgO 7:10, 9:30, Fri-Wed 12:10, 4:50, 7:20,10; Cinemagic ( 2:30, (!"(#%( )1W\S[OUWQ Rudolph and Rose Byrne. Directed by Paul Feig. Picked %('(!4`WESR @cR]Z^VO\R@]aS0g`\S2W`SQbSRPg>OcZ4SWU>WQYSR Saco today 11:45 a.m., 2,4:20, 7:05, 9:25, Fri-Wed 12:10, AOQ]b]ROg("#O[ "( %(#'( #4`WESR ( as her best friend's maid of honor, lovelorn and broke OaVS`PSabT`WS\R¸a[OWR]TV]\]`Z]dSZ]`\O\RP`]YS Cinemagic Westbrook today-Wed ( "(!%(#'( #)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROgESR Annie looks to bluff her way through the expensive and 2:20,4:30,7:05,9:25; /\\WSZ]]Yab]PZcTTVS`eOgbV`]cUVbVSSf^S\aWdSO\R 11:50 a.m., 2:10,4:30,7,9:30; Cinemagic Grand (South (#O[ ("(!%'(!)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV bizarre rituals with an oddball group of bridesmaids. PWhO``S`WbcOZaeWbVO\]RRPOZZU`]c^]TP`WRSa[OWRa Portland) today-Wed 12:10, 4:50, 7:10, 9:30 >]`bZO\Rb]ROgESR ( 2:30, (!"(#%('(! Some strong sexuality and language throughout. A][Sab`]\UaSfcOZWbgO\RZO\UcOUSbV`]cUV]cb Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) today 2:30 FriAV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROg (!4`W "MIDNIGHT IN PARIS" (PG-13) (1:40) Stars Owen µ;72<756B7<>/@7A¶>5!("AbO`a=eS\ Wed 1,4:15,7,9:40; Cinemagic Westbrook today-Wed ESR"(#%'(")1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROgESR Wilson, Rachel McAdams and Kathy Bates. Directed EWZa]\@OQVSZ;Q/RO[aO\R9ObVg0ObSa2W`SQbSR 3:10, 6:30, 9:30; Cinemagic Saco today 3, 6:45 12,!($(!'(!)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg!$("# by Woody Allen. A romantic comedy about a family PgE]]Rg/ZZS\/`][O\bWQQ][SRgOP]cbOTO[WZg "CARS 2" (G) (1:52)/\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa]T Animated with the voices of µ1/@A ¶5(# Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Caine. Please see MOVIES, PageE18 =eS\EWZa]\:O``gbVS1OPZS5cgO\R;WQVOSZ1OW\S Gc\Xj\j\\;=D73AGX^\<(/

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E17 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3%


Warner Bros. EO`\S`0`]a

In a scene from "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2," the noseless nennesis Voldennort has Harry in a bad spot as they fight for control of the horcruxes. 7\OaQS\ST`][µ6O``g>]bbS`O\RbVS2SObVZg6OZZ]ea>O`b ¶bVS\]aSZSaa\S[SaWaD]ZRS[]`bVOa6O``gW\OPORa^]bOabVSg¿UVbT]`Q]\b`]Z]TbVSV]`Q`cfSa

Bittersweet finale crowns a 15-year phenomenon 9`kk\ijn\\kÃ&#x201D;eXc\ZifnejX(,$p\Xig_\efd\efe Team Potter goes K\XdGfkk\i^f\j out with a bang flkn`k_XYXe^

#Z+0)/"/%&340/ By JOHN ANDERSON .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST McClatchy Newspapers


GZPVMJWFEUISPVHIUIF"HFPG f you lived through the Age of &OMJHIUFONFOU ZPVQSPCBCMZ Enlightenment, you probably EJEOULOPXJU-JLFXJTF UIF didn't know it. Likewise, the "HFPG3FBTPO0SUIF"HF Age of Reason. Or the Age PG*OOPDFODF#VUUIF"HF of Innocence. But the Age PG)BSSZ of Harry?'PS.VHHMFTOPU For Muggles not UPLOPXUIFZWFCFFOMJWJOH to know they've been living UISPVHIUIF1PUUFS&SBXPVME through the Potter Era would CFMJLFOPUOPUJDJOHB)PH be like not noticing a HogXBSUTDPNNFODFNFOUFYFSDJTFNBSDIJOH warts' commencement exercise marching UISPVHIUIFJSMJWJOHSPPN0SUIFOPTFMFTT through their living room. Or the noseless 7PMEFNPSUTJUUJOHJOUIFCSFBLGBTUOPPL Voldemort sitting in the breakfast nook. 8IFOi)BSSZ1PUUFSBOEUIF%FBUIMZ When "Harry Potter and the Deathly )BMMPXT1BSUwPQFOT'SJEBZ BDUVBMMZ Hallows Part 2" opens Friday (actually NJEOJHIUUPOJHIUBUNBOZUIFBUFST JUXJMM midnight tonight at many theaters), it will NBSLUIFFOEPGTPNFUIJOHoUIPVHIQSPC mark the end of something - though probably not entirely the enchanted PotterBCMZOPUFOUJSFMZUIFFODIBOUFE1PUUFS mania that has made the series the most NBOJBUIBUIBTNBEFUIFTFSJFTUIFNPTU popular in film history. And which has QPQVMBSJOmMNIJTUPSZ"OEXIJDIIBT helped sell 450 million copies of the seven IFMQFETFMMNJMMJPODPQJFTPGUIFTFWFO J.K. Rowling novels on which the movies +,3PXMJOHOPWFMTPOXIJDIUIFNPWJFT are based. BSFCBTFE Certainly, when the second half of the $FSUBJOMZ XIFOUIFTFDPOEIBMGPGUIF last movie is finally released Friday - in MBTUNPWJFJTmOBMMZSFMFBTFE'SJEBZoJO 3-D, which was still more or less a novelty % XIJDIXBTTUJMMNPSFPSMFTTBOPWFMUZ when the inaugural "Harry Potter and the XIFOUIFJOBVHVSBMi)BSSZ1PUUFSBOEUIF Sorcerer's Stone" was released in 2001 - it 4PSDFSFST4UPOFwXBTSFMFBTFEJOoJU will free Daniel Radcliffe (age 21), Rupert XJMMGSFF%BOJFM3BEDMJGGF BHF 3VQFSU Grint (22) and Emma Watson (21) from (SJOU  BOE&NNB8BUTPO  GSPN the characters that have denned their UIFDIBSBDUFSTUIBUIBWFEFmOFEUIFJS young lives (and made them, one hastens ZPVOHMJWFT BOENBEFUIFN POFIBTUFOT to add, financially independent). UPBEE mOBODJBMMZJOEFQFOEFOU  It also will mean more free time for a big *UBMTPXJMMNFBONPSFGSFFUJNFGPSBCJH bunch of older British actors. And it will CVODIPGPMEFS#SJUJTIBDUPST"OEJUXJMM make finite, in a way the Potter GeneraNBLFmOJUF JOBXBZ UIF1PUUFS(FOFSB tion: kids, many of whom are no longer UJPOLJET NBOZPGXIPNBSFOPMPOHFS

#Z$0-*/$07&35 By COLIN COVERT .D$MBUDIZ/FXTQBQFST McClatchy Newspapers

8JUIJUTIBVOUFEWJTUBT DMBOLJOHCBUUMFT  With its haunted vistas, clanking battles, JOTQJSFEFGGFDUT IFSPJTN USFBDIFSZ  inspired effects, heroism, treachery, GSBHJMFBMMJBODFTBOENPSBMBNCJHVJUZ UIF fragile alliances and moral ambiguity, the CMPDLCVTUFSmOBMFPGUIF)BSSZ1PUUFS blockbuster finale of the Harry Potter TBHBBDIJFWFTBTVQFSOBUVSBMTQMFOEPS saga achieves a supernatural splendor. 5IFTFSJFTIBTTQVUUFSFEIFSFBOEUIFSF The series has sputtered here and there PWFSUIFMBTUEFDBEF MPTJOHJUTGPDVTBOE over the last decade, losing its focus and UFNQP CVUUIJTDMJNBYJTBUSJVNQIPG tempo, but this climax is a triumph of


Their characters in the Potter films have defined the young lives of actors BVSW`QVO`OQbS`aW\bVS>]bbS`¿Z[aVOdSRS¿\SRbVSg]c\UZWdSa]TOQb]`a Daniel Radcliffe (Harry), Ennnna Watson (Hernnione) and Rupert Grint (Ron). 2O\WSZ@ORQZWTTS6O``g3[[OEOba]\6S`[W]\SO\R@c^S`b5`W\b@]\

kids, who read the books, saw the movies, LJET XIPSFBEUIFCPPLT TBXUIFNPWJFT  were disappointed when they turned 11 XFSFEJTBQQPJOUFEXIFOUIFZUVSOFE and didn't get an invitation to Hogwarts BOEEJEOUHFUBOJOWJUBUJPOUP)PHXBSUT Academy, and will see the conclusion of "DBEFNZ BOEXJMMTFFUIFDPODMVTJPOPG the films as a bittersweet punctuation UIFmMNTBTBCJUUFSTXFFUQVODUVBUJPO point on the entirety of their childhoods. QPJOUPOUIFFOUJSFUZPGUIFJSDIJMEIPPET It's been 15 years since the whole thing *UTCFFOZFBSTTJODFUIFXIPMFUIJOH started (with the books), 10 since the TUBSUFE XJUIUIFCPPLT TJODFUIF movies began, and while David Yates NPWJFTCFHBO BOEXIJMF%BWJE:BUFT hasn't been on it that long, he seemed IBTOUCFFOPOJUUIBUMPOH IFTFFNFE

"HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS µ6/@@G>=BB3@/<2B6323/B6:G6/::=EA -PART2," starring Daniel Radcliffe, ³>/@B ¶abO``W\U2O\WSZ@ORQZWTTS Ennnna Watson and Rupert Grint. 3[[OEOba]\O\R@c^S`b5`W\b Directed by David Yates. Rated PG2W`SQbSRPg2OdWRGObSa@ObSR>5 13 for some sequences of intense !T]`a][SaS_cS\QSa]TW\bS\aS violence and frightening images. dW]ZS\QSO\RT`WUVbS\W\UW[OUSa

ready to leave the wizards behind. When SFBEZUPMFBWFUIFXJ[BSETCFIJOE8IFO the last installment was "98 percent in the UIFMBTUJOTUBMMNFOUXBTiQFSDFOUJOUIF can," the director - the fourth to take on DBO wUIFEJSFDUPSoUIFGPVSUIUPUBLFPO "Potter" (after Chris Columbus, Alfonso i1PUUFSw BGUFS$ISJT$PMVNCVT "MGPOTP Cuaron and Mike Newell) - said he often $VBSPOBOE.JLF/FXFMM oTBJEIFPGUFO met the same kind of question. NFUUIFTBNFLJOEPGRVFTUJPO " A8JUIUISFFEJSFDUPSTCFGPSFZPV B 'With three directors before you, a i book, other source material, what is it CPPL PUIFSTPVSDFNBUFSJBM XIBUJTJU

spectacle and well-earned sentiment. TQFDUBDMFBOEXFMMFBSOFETFOUJNFOU "Potter" is the anti-"Transformers," high i1PUUFSwJTUIFBOUJi5SBOTGPSNFST wIJHI adventure with heart and soul to spare. BEWFOUVSFXJUIIFBSUBOETPVMUPTQBSF Daniel Radcliffe has matured into a solid %BOJFM3BEDMJGGFIBTNBUVSFEJOUPBTPMJE actor, impressive in tense scenes of deadly BDUPS JNQSFTTJWFJOUFOTFTDFOFTPGEFBEMZ combat and quiet moments of subtle, DPNCBUBOERVJFUNPNFOUTPGTVCUMF  shifting emotion. He puts those skills TIJGUJOHFNPUJPO)FQVUTUIPTFTLJMMT to good use in Harry's showdown with UPHPPEVTFJO)BSSZTTIPXEPXOXJUI

Please see HARRY, Page E18 Gc\Xj\j\\6/@@GGX^\<(/

Please see REVIEW, Page E18 Gc\Xj\j\\@3D73EGX^\<(/

E18 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 


Continued from Page E17 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3%

BDK>:H MOVIES Continued from Page E16 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3$

traveling to the French capital for business. The party b`OdSZW\Ub]bVS4`S\QVQO^WbOZT]`PcaW\SaaBVS^O`bg UIBUZPV%0 that you DO?'w:BUFTTBZT RVPUJOHIJT " Yates says, quoting his includes a young engaged couple forced to confront W\QZcRSaOg]c\US\UOUSRQ]c^ZST]`QSRb]Q]\T`]\b questioners. "And I say, 'A lot, actually!' RVFTUJPOFSTi"OE*TBZ A"MPU BDUVBMMZ the illusion that a life different from their own is better. bVSWZZcaW]\bVObOZWTSRWTTS`S\bT`][bVSW`]e\WaPSbbS` But it goes back to that notion that it #VUJUHPFTCBDLUPUIBUOPUJPOUIBUJU Some sexual references and smoking. A][SaSfcOZ`STS`S\QSaO\Ra[]YW\U doesn't belong to anybody. I can truly say EPFTOUCFMPOHUPBOZCPEZ*DBOUSVMZTBZ Showing at: Eveningstar (Brunswick) today 1:30,3:45, AV]eW\UOb(3dS\W\UabO`0`c\aeWQYb]ROg(!!("# this belongs to the audience; that's what it $&(#)<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROgESR UIJTCFMPOHTUPUIFBVEJFODFUIBUTXIBUJU 6,8:15; Nickelodeon (Portland) today-Wed 12:45, 3, 5:10, ("#!#( 7:30,9:45; Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:30 a.m., 1:50, %(!'("#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg(!O[(# feels like to me." GFFMTMJLFUPNFw 4:20, 6:50, 9:20, Fri-Wed 6:50, 9:10; Cinemagic Saco "( $(#'( 4`WESR$(#'()1W\S[OUWQAOQ] Audiences would agree: The movies "VEJFODFTXPVMEBHSFF5IFNPWJFT today 12:05,2:10,4;15, 7:05,9:10, Fri-Wed 12:05,2:10,4:15 b]ROg (# (")#%(#'(4`WESR (# ("(# - which have made a tidy $6.4 billion for oXIJDIIBWFNBEFBUJEZCJMMJPOGPS

ATTHE;I@M<$@EJ ALL THREE local drive-ins will feature midnight screenings of the final installment /::B6@33Z]QOZR`WdSW\aeWZZTSObc`S[WR\WUVbaQ`SS\W\Ua]TbVS¿\OZW\abOZZ[S\b in the Harry Potter series, with two playing Part 1 and Part 2 POQYb]POQY back-to-back. W\bVS6O``g>]bbS`aS`WSaeWbVbe]^ZOgW\U>O`bO\R>O`b Both Saco and Bridgton Twin will show "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 0]bVAOQ]O\R0`WRUb]\BeW\eWZZaV]eµ6O``g>]bbS`O\RbVS2SObVZg6OZZ]ea Part 1" at 9 p.m. tonight, followed by "Part 2"¶Ob at 12:01 a.m. >O`b¶Ob'^[b]\WUVbT]ZZ]eSRPgµ>O`b (O[ Pride's Corner will show a triple-feature tonight beginning with "Green Lantern" >`WRS¸a1]`\S`eWZZaV]eOb`W^ZSTSObc`Sb]\WUVbPSUW\\W\UeWbVµ5`SS\:O\bS`\¶ at 8:30 p.m., followed by "The Hangover Part II" and "Harry Potter and the Ob&(!^[T]ZZ]eSRPgµBVS6O\U]dS`>O`b77¶O\Rµ6O``g>]bbS`O\RbVS Deathly Hallows Part 2." "Harry" is expected to start around 12:20 a.m. 2SObVZg6OZZ]ea>O`b ¶µ6O``g¶WaSf^SQbSRb]abO`bO`]c\R ( O[

STARTING FRIDAY: AB/@B7<54@72/G( BRIDGTON TWIN DRIVE-IN, 383 Portland Road, Bridgton; 647-8666. Open nightly. 0@725B=<BE7<2@7D37<!&!>]`bZO\R@]OR0`WRUb]\)$"%&$$$=^S\\WUVbZg Screen 1: "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2" (PG-13) 8:45 p.m.; AQ`SS\(µ6O``g>]bbS`BVS2SObVZg6OZZ]ea>O`b ¶>5!&("#^[) Warner Bros. - have 28 million Facebook 8BSOFS#SPToIBWFNJMMJPO'BDFCPPL "MONTE CARLO" (PG) (1:49) Stars Selena Gomez, µ;=<B31/@:=¶>5("'AbO`aASZS\O5][Sh "Horrible Bosses" (R) 11 p.m. µ6]``WPZS0]aaSa¶@^[ Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy. Directed by :SWUVb]\;SSabS`O\R9ObWS1OaaWRg2W`SQbSRPg friends, and the books have been transGSJFOET BOEUIFCPPLTIBWFCFFOUSBOT Screen 2:(µ1O`a "Cars 2" (G) 8:45 p.m.; "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" (PG-13) AQ`SS\ ¶5&("#^[)µB`O\aT]`[S`a(2O`Y]TbVS;]]\¶>5! Thomas Bezucha. Three young women vacationing in BV][Oa0ShcQVOBV`SSg]c\Ue][S\dOQObW]\W\UW\ lated into 60 languages. Rowling recently MBUFEJOUPMBOHVBHFT3PXMJOHSFDFOUMZ 10:50 p.m. (#^[ Paris find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo >O`Wa¿\RbVS[aSZdSaeVWaYSROeOgb];]\bS1O`Z] unveiled a website called Pottermore VOWFJMFEBXFCTJUFDBMMFE1PUUFSNPSF after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress. OTbS`]\S]TbVSUW`ZaWa[WabOYS\T]`O0`WbWaVVSW`Saa PRIDES CORNER DRIVE-IN, 651 Bridgton Road, Westbrook; 797-3154. Open nightly. >@723A1=@<3@2@7D37<$#0`WRUb]\@]ORESabP`]]Y)%'%!#"=^S\\WUVbZg (, intended to develop QPUUFSNPSFDPN JOUFOEFEUPEFWFMPQ Brief mild language. 0`WST[WZRZO\UcOUS SACO DRIVE-IN, 969 Portland Road, Saco; 284-1016. Open nightly. A/1=2@7D37<'$'>]`bZO\R@]ORAOQ]) &"$=^S\\WUVbZg characters and plot lines already in books DIBSBDUFSTBOEQMPUMJOFTBMSFBEZJOCPPLT Showing at: Brunswick 10 today 12:50,3:40; Falmouth AV]eW\UOb(0`c\aeWQYb]ROg (#!(")4OZ[]cbV "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2" (PG-13); "Horrible Bosses" (R). µ6O``g>]bbS`BVS2SObVZg6OZZ]ea>O`b ¶>5!)µ6]``WPZS0]aaSa¶@ and allow readers to interact with and navi- b]ROg BOEBMMPXSFBEFSTUPJOUFSBDUXJUIBOEOBWJ 10 today 12:55, 3:45, 6:45, 9:25; Cinemagic Saco today (##!("#$("#'( #)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg Gates open at 7 p.m., first show starts at dusk. 5ObSa]^S\Ob%^[¿`abaV]eabO`baObRcaY 11:30 a.m., 2,4:30,7,9:30; Cinemagic Westbrook today (!O[ "(!%'(!)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg gate the wizardly world of Harry Potter. HBUFUIFXJ[BSEMZXPSMEPG)BSSZ1PUUFS 11:40 a.m., 2:10, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50, Fri-Wed 11:20 a.m., ("(#%( '(#4`WESR( O[ Pottermaniacs reportedly can register on ("O[ 1PUUFSNBOJBDTSFQPSUFEMZDBOSFHJTUFSPO 9:50; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) today 11:50 '(#)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\Rb]ROg(# the site July 31, Harry Potter's birthday. UIFTJUF+VMZ )BSSZ1PUUFSTCJSUIEBZ a.m., 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50 O[ ( "(#%( '(# as he seeks answers to the origins and meaning of life. "Deathly Hallows" was originally ini%FBUIMZ)BMMPXTwXBTPSJHJOBMMZJO 7:30,10; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) today 3:30, OaVSaSSYaO\aeS`ab]bVS]`WUW\aO\R[SO\W\U]TZWTS %(!)1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\Rb]ROg!(! Some thematic material. 10; Brunswick 10 today 12:25, 3:45, 6:55, 9:50; Falmouth A][SbVS[ObWQ[ObS`WOZ )0`c\aeWQYb]ROg ( #!("#$(##'(#)4OZ[]cbV "MR. POPPER'S PENGUINS" (PG) (1:37) Stars Jim µ;@>=>>3@¸A>3<5C7<A¶>5(!%AbO`a8W[ tended as one movie but later split in two UFOEFEBTPOFNPWJFCVUMBUFSTQMJUJOUXP Showing at: Nickelodeon (Portland) today 1, 3:50, AV]eW\UOb(<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROg!(# 10 today 12:40, 3:50, 6:40, 9:20, Fri-Wed 12:20 b]ROg ("!(#$("'( 4`WESR (  Carrey, Carla Gugino and Angela Lansbury. Directed - ostensibly because the narrative was so 1O``Sg1O`ZO5cUW\]O\R/\USZO:O\aPc`g2W`SQbSR oPTUFOTJCMZCFDBVTFUIFOBSSBUJWFXBTTP 6:40, 9:25, Fri-Wed 1:30,4;45,7:15 $("'( #4`WESR(!")"#%(# by Mark Waters. The life of a businessman begins Pg;O`YEObS`aBVSZWTS]TOPcaW\Saa[O\PSUW\a fat (but no one missed the point that two GBU CVUOPPOFNJTTFEUIFQPJOUUIBUUXP "TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON" (PG-13) µB@/<A4=@;3@A(2/@9=4B63;==<¶>5! to change after he inherits six penguins, and as he b]QVO\USOTbS`VSW\VS`WbaaWf^S\UcW\aO\ROaVS movies are far more profitable than one). b`O\aT]`[aVWaO^O`b[S\bW\b]OeW\bS`e]\RS`ZO\RVWa "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS" (PG-13) (2:11) Stars James NPWJFTBSFGBSNPSFQSPmUBCMFUIBOPOF  µF;3<(47@AB1:/AA¶>5! (AbO`a8O[Sa (2:37) Stars Shia LaBeouf, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland, his  (!%AbO`aAVWO:O0S]cT@]aWS6c\bW\Ub]\EVWbSZSg McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence. ;Q/d]g;WQVOSZ4OaaPS\RS`O\R8S\\WTS`:Oe`S\QS and Tyrese Gibson. Directed by Michael Bay. The O\RBg`SaS5WPa]\2W`SQbSRPg;WQVOSZ0OgBVS In it, Harry, Ron Weasley and Hermione *OJU )BSSZ 3PO8FBTMFZBOE)FSNJPOF professional side starts to unravel. ^`]TSaaW]\OZaWRSabO`bab]c\`OdSZ Directed by Matthew Vaughn. In 1963, Charles Xavier 2W`SQbSRPg;ObbVSeDOcUV\7\'$!1VO`ZSaFOdWS` Autobots learn of a Cybertronian spacecraft hidden on /cb]P]baZSO`\]TO1gPS`b`]\WO\a^OQSQ`OTbVWRRS\]\ Granger continue to search out horcruxes AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg (SBOHFSDPOUJOVFUPTFBSDIPVUIPSDSVYFT Showing at: Cinemagic Saco today 12:10, ( 2:20,4;40; ( ")") gathers a team of people with superhuman abilities, the moon, and race against Decepticons to reach it and UObVS`aObSO[]T^S]^ZSeWbVac^S`Vc[O\OPWZWbWSa bVS[]]\O\R`OQSOUOW\ab2SQS^bWQ]\ab]`SOQVWbO\R - objects that contain a fragment of a Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:30 a.m., 2,4:20, 6:50, oPCKFDUTUIBUDPOUBJOBGSBHNFOUPGB 1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg(!O[ "( $(# including his best friend ... and future archenemy. W\QZcRW\UVWaPSabT`WS\R¬O\RTcbc`SO`QVS\S[g learn its secrets. ZSO`\WbaaSQ`Sba 9:20, Fri-Wed 11:30 a.m., 2,4:20; Falmouth 10 today '( 4`WESR(!O[ "( )4OZ[]cbVb]ROg soul, and which the evil Voldemort (aka TPVM BOEXIJDIUIFFWJM7PMEFNPSU BLB Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook today 12,'( 9:20 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg  Showing at: Brunswick 10 today 12:15,1 (3D), 3:30, AV]eW\UOb(0`c\aeWQYb]ROg (#!2!(! 4:55, 9:40 "(##'(" You Know Who, aka He Who Must Not Be :PV,OPX8IP BLB)F8IP.VTU/PU#F 4:30 (3D), 6:45, 7:45 (3D), 10, Fri-Wed 12:20 (3D), 3, "(!!2$("#%("#!24`WESR ( !2! Named, aka the Dark Lord) is using to /BNFE BLBUIF%BSL-PSE JTVTJOHUP "ZOOKEEPER" (PG) (1:41) Stars Kevin James, Rosario µH==933>3@¶>5("AbO`a9SdW\8O[Sa@]aO`W] 3:30 (3D), 6:50 (3D), 9:30,10:10 (3D); Falmouth 10 !(!!2$(#!2'(!(!2)4OZ[]cbV "PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER µ>7@/B3A=4B631/@7003/<(=<AB@/<53@ Dawson and Leslie Bibb. Directed by Frank Coraci. A 2Oea]\O\R:SaZWS0WPP2W`SQbSRPg4`O\Y1]`OQW/ today 12:05,12:50 (3D), 3:40, 4:10 (3D), 7, 7:30 (3D), b]ROg (# (#!2!(""(!2%%(!!2 both attain immortality and achieve total B723A¶>5! TIDES" (PG-13) (2:21) Stars Johnny Depp, Penelope CPUIBUUBJOJNNPSUBMJUZBOEBDIJFWFUPUBM ( AbO`a8]V\\g2S^^>S\SZ]^S group of zoo animals decide to break their code of U`]c^]Th]]O\W[OZaRSQWRSb]P`SOYbVSW`Q]RS]T 10:15 (3D), 10:45 (3D), Fri-Wed 12,!(!$(#() 3:30, 6:50,10:10; (#!2("#!24`WESR Cruz and Ian McShane. Directed by Rob Marshall. After 1`chO\R7O\;QAVO\S2W`SQbSRPg@]P;O`aVOZZ/TbS` control of the Wizarding World. DPOUSPMPGUIF8J[BSEJOH8PSME silence to help their zookeeper find love - without aWZS\QSb]VSZ^bVSW`h]]YSS^S`¿\RZ]dS³eWbV]cb Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) today 11:30 a.m., 12 1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\Rb]ROg(!O[ crossing paths with a woman from his past, Captain What "Deathly Hallows Part 2" promises Q`]aaW\U^ObVaeWbVOe][O\T`][VWa^Oab1O^bOW\ 8IBUi%FBUIMZ)BMMPXT1BSUwQSPNJTFT opting to leave his current job for something more ]^bW\Ub]ZSOdSVWaQc``S\bX]PT]`a][SbVW\U[]`S (3D), 3:30 (3D), 6:30, 6:45 (3D), 9:50 (3D), Fri-Wed 12, !2!(!!2$(!$("#!2'(#!24`WESR Jack Sparrow is swept aboard the Queen Anne's 8OQYA^O``]eWaaeS^bOP]O`RbVS?cSS\/\\S¸a is an apocalyptic battle between the forces Revenge, the ship of the pirate Blackboard, on an JTBOBQPDBMZQUJDCBUUMFCFUXFFOUIFGPSDFT illustrious. Some rude and suggestive humor, and 3:30, 6:45, 9:50; Cinemagic Saco today 11:45 a.m., 12:15, !(!$("#'(#)1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg("#O[ (# WZZcab`W]caA][S`cRSO\RacUUSabWdSVc[]`O\R @SdS\USbVSaVW^]TbVS^W`ObS0ZOQYPSO`R]\O\ of dark and light, several untimely deaths c\Sf^SQbSR[WaaW]\b]¿\RbVST]c\bOW\]Tg]cbV PGEBSLBOEMJHIU TFWFSBMVOUJNFMZEFBUIT language. ZO\UcOUS 3 (IMAX), 4, 6:30 (IMAX), 7:30, 9:30, 9:50 (IMAX), Fri!7;/F"$(!7;/F%(!'(!'(#7;/F4`W unexpected mission to find the fountain of youth. and a denouement that will bring full cirBOEBEFOPVFNFOUUIBUXJMMCSJOHGVMMDJS Showing at: Falmouth 10 today 12:10, AV]eW\UOb(4OZ[]cbVb]ROg ( 2:30,4:50,7:20, (!"(#%(  Wed 12!2 (3D), 12:30, 3:15 (3D), 4, 6:30 (3D), 7:30, 9:40 ESR (!!(#!2"$(!!2%(!'(" Showing at: Cinemagic Westbrook today 7:30 AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg%(! 9:50. Fri-Wed 1:10,4, 6:40, 9:20; Cinemagic Saco today '(#4`WESR("$("'( )1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg (3D); Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:40 a.m., 11:50 a.m. cle Rowling's subtle Christian allegories !2)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg("O[(#O[ DMF3PXMJOHTTVCUMF$ISJTUJBOBMMFHPSJFT "SUPER 8" (PG-13) (1:52)AbO`a3ZZS4O\\W\U/[O\RO Stars Elle Fanning, Amanda !2 µAC>3@&¶>5!(# 11:50 a.m., 2:20, 4:50, 7:20, 9:50, Fri-Wed 12, 2:25,4:50, (#O[ ( "(#%( '(#4`WESR ( #"(# (3D), 12,!!(!2!( 3, 3:10 (3D), 3:20, 6:30, 6:40 (3D), 7, 9:40, 9:50 $(!$("!2%'("'(# and politically nuanced metaphors about BOEQPMJUJDBMMZOVBODFENFUBQIPSTBCPVU Michalka and Kyle Chandler. Directed by JJ. Abrams. ;WQVOZYOO\R9gZS1VO\RZS`2W`SQbSRPg88/P`O[a 7:15, 9:40; Cinemagic Grand (South Portland) (3D), Fri-Wed 11:30 a.m., 12!2 (3D), 2:40, 3:10 (3D), 6:20, %(#'(")1W\S[OUWQ5`O\RA]cbV>]`bZO\R !24`WESR(!O[ ("!(!2$(  torture, "blood purity" and the corrupting /TbS`eWb\SaaW\UO[gabS`W]cab`OW\Q`OaVOU`]c^]T UPSUVSF iCMPPEQVSJUZwBOEUIFDPSSVQUJOH After witnessing a mysterious train crash, a group of today-Wed 11:50 a.m., 2,4:45,7:10,9:40; Cinemagic 7:30 (3D), 9:40; Nickelodeon (Portland) today 12,!(# 3:15, b]ROgESR(#O[ "("#%('(")1W\S[OUWQ %(!!2'(")<WQYSZ]RS]\>]`bZO\Rb]ROg effects of power. FGGFDUTPGQPXFS friends in the summer of 1979 begin noticing strange T`WS\RaW\bVSac[[S`]T'%'PSUW\\]bWQW\Uab`O\US Westbrook today-Wed 11:20 a.m., 2:10,4:40,7:10,9:50; 6:25, 9:30, Fri-Wed 1:20,4:30, ESabP`]]Yb]ROgESR( O[ ("("%('(#) $( #'(!4`WESR( "(!&8 Will Harry have a lasting effect on the 8JMM)BSSZIBWFBMBTUJOHFGGFDUPOUIF happenings in their town, and begin to investigate the VO^^S\W\UaW\bVSW`b]e\O\RPSUW\b]W\dSabWUObSbVS Brunswick 10 today 12:30,1:15, 6:50, 7:20, 0`c\aeWQYb]ROg (!(#!(3:20, "(4:20, $(#%(  "THE TREE OF LIFE" (PG-13) (2:18) Stars Brad Pitt, µB63B@33=4:743¶>5! (&AbO`a0`OR>Wbb creepy phenomenon. Intense sequences of sci-fi action culture? 6OEPVCUFEMZ'BOTIBWFMFBSOFE Undoubtedly. Fans have learned Q`SS^g^VS\][S\]\7\bS\aSaS_cS\QSa]TaQW¿OQbW]\ DVMUVSF 9:20, Fri-Sun 10:20 a.m., 12:50,4:10, 6:40, 9:55, Mon'( 4`WAc\( O[ (#"($("'(##;]\ Sean Penn and Jessica Chastain. Directed by Terrence ASO\>S\\O\R8SaaWQO1VOabOW\2W`SQbSRPgBS``S\QS and violence, language and some drug use. O\RdW]ZS\QSZO\UcOUSO\Ra][SR`cUcaS Wed 12:50,4:10, 6:40, 9:55 all sorts of terms specific to the seven ESR (#"($("'(## BMMTPSUTPGUFSNTTQFDJmDUPUIFTFWFO Malick. Follows Jack O'Brien from his upbringing in the Showing at: Cinemagic Saco today 12:30,3, 6:45, 9:15, ;OZWQY4]ZZ]ea8OQY=¸0`WS\T`][VWac^P`W\UW\UW\bVS AV]eW\UOb(1W\S[OUWQAOQ]b]ROg (!!$("#'(# novels - "hippogriffs" and "kneazles" are OPWFMToiIJQQPHSJGGTwBOEiLOFB[MFTwBSF - From news services; movie listings are subject to 1950s Midwest through his complicated relationship ³4`][\SeaaS`dWQSa)[]dWSZWabW\UaO`SacPXSQbb] '#a;WReSabbV`]cUVVWaQ][^ZWQObSR`SZObW]\aVW^ Fri-Wed 6:45,9:15; Cinemagic Westbrook today 11:20 4`WESR$("#'(#)1W\S[OUWQESabP`]]Yb]ROg(  creatures, an "animagus" and a "mudDSFBUVSFT BOiBOJNBHVTwBOEBiNVE change with his father, to his adult life in the modern world, QVO\US eWbVVWaTObVS`b]VWaORcZbZWTSW\bVS[]RS`\e]`ZR a.m., 2,4;40, 7:10, 9:40, Fri-Wed 11:20 a.m., 2,4:40, O[ ")"%('("4`WESR( O[ "(" blood" (though derisive) are people. The CMPPEw UIPVHIEFSJTJWF BSFQFPQMF5IF characters themselves have been so DIBSBDUFSTUIFNTFMWFTIBWFCFFOTP well-defined that we feel we know them XFMMEFmOFEUIBUXFGFFMXFLOPXUIFN Near the climax, Harry's mentor Albus tor David Yates keeps the ebb and flow of /FBSUIFDMJNBY )BSSZTNFOUPS"MCVT UPS%BWJE:BUFTLFFQTUIFFCCBOEnPXPG - and people like them: Few young women oBOEQFPQMFMJLFUIFN'FXZPVOHXPNFO combat clear; for all its blitzkreig energy, Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) returns %VNCMFEPSF .JDIBFM(BNCPO SFUVSOT DPNCBUDMFBSGPSBMMJUTCMJU[LSFJHFOFSHZ  would be insulted by being referred to as XPVMECFJOTVMUFECZCFJOHSFGFSSFEUPBT the battle never feels incoherent. in a vision to advise the young wizard that JOBWJTJPOUPBEWJTFUIFZPVOHXJ[BSEUIBU UIFCBUUMFOFWFSGFFMTJODPIFSFOU Continued from Page E17 a "Hermione"; not everybody wants to be :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3% Bi)FSNJPOFwOPUFWFSZCPEZXBOUTUPCF What distinguishes this from other sum- XPSETBSFQPUFOUGPSNTPGFODIBOUNFOU  words are potent forms of enchantment, 8IBUEJTUJOHVJTIFTUIJTGSPNPUIFSTVN a "Weasley" (the perpetual second fiddle, mer shrapnel-fests is the way it follows rich with the power to hurt or heal. Here Bi8FBTMFZw UIFQFSQFUVBMTFDPOEmEEMF  SJDIXJUIUIFQPXFSUPIVSUPSIFBM)FSF NFSTISBQOFMGFTUTJTUIFXBZJUGPMMPXT Lord Voldemort, the snake-faced tyrant -PSE7PMEFNPSU UIFTOBLFGBDFEUZSBOU individuals that we care about through the UIFTFDSFUPGUIFTFSJFTJTSFWFBMFE the secret of the series is revealed. despite his occasional act of bravery). JOEJWJEVBMTUIBUXFDBSFBCPVUUISPVHIUIF EFTQJUFIJTPDDBTJPOBMBDUPGCSBWFSZ  who killed Harry's parents and aims to XIPLJMMFE)BSSZTQBSFOUTBOEBJNTUP conflict. Second fiddles Neville LongbotIf the Potter franchise had been cooked *GUIF1PUUFSGSBODIJTFIBECFFODPPLFE DPOnJDU4FDPOEmEEMFT/FWJMMF-POHCPU Similarly, if you want to insult someone, 4JNJMBSMZ JGZPVXBOUUPJOTVMUTPNFPOF  crush the world beneath his heel. With DSVTIUIFXPSMECFOFBUIIJTIFFM8JUI up in a studio pitch meeting with storytom (Matthew Lewis) and Prof. McGona- VQJOBTUVEJPQJUDINFFUJOHXJUITUPSZ UPN .BUUIFX-FXJT BOE1SPG.D(POB call him or her a Dursley (along with DBMMIJNPSIFSB%VSTMFZ BMPOHXJUI Hermione (Emma Watson, her iron-jawed HBMM .BHHJF4NJUI TUFQGPSXBSEUPQMBZ )FSNJPOF &NNB8BUTPO IFSJSPOKBXFE gall (Maggie Smith) step forward to play boards and visual-effects demos, it could CPBSETBOEWJTVBMFGGFDUTEFNPT JUDPVME members of their family). NFNCFSTPGUIFJSGBNJMZ  self-confidence draining away) and Ron TFMGDPOmEFODFESBJOJOHBXBZ BOE3PO never become the generation-defining pivotal roles. The film creates a world OFWFSCFDPNFUIFHFOFSBUJPOEFmOJOH QJWPUBMSPMFT5IFmMNDSFBUFTBXPSME The idea of Muggledom, too, is fraught 5IFJEFBPG.VHHMFEPN UPP JTGSBVHIU (Rupert Grint, whose befuddled expreswhere heroism and deceit spring from phenomenon that it is. It captured the QIFOPNFOPOUIBUJUJT*UDBQUVSFEUIF XIFSFIFSPJTNBOEEFDFJUTQSJOHGSPN with mixed interpretation: To be a Muggle 3VQFSU(SJOU XIPTFCFGVEEMFEFYQSFT XJUINJYFEJOUFSQSFUBUJPO5PCFB.VHHMF sion suits his overwhelmed character), TJPOTVJUTIJTPWFSXIFMNFEDIBSBDUFS  unexpected sources. It's one of the glories JNBHJOBUJPOPGBOFSBMJLFOPDVMUVSBM imagination of an era like no cultural VOFYQFDUFETPVSDFT*UTPOFPGUIFHMPSJFT means to be an outsider in the world of NFBOTUPCFBOPVUTJEFSJOUIFXPSMEPG Harry returns to Hogwarts to find and )BSSZSFUVSOTUP)PHXBSUTUPmOEBOE of the Potter series that it can deliver a event since Beatlemania because it FWFOUTJODF#FBUMFNBOJBCFDBVTFJU PGUIF1PUUFSTFSJFTUIBUJUDBOEFMJWFSB wizards, a forever-inferior creature who XJ[BSET BGPSFWFSJOGFSJPSDSFBUVSFXIP destroy the remaining Horcruxes, the childlike sense of wonder without requirstands on a solid million-word foundation TUBOETPOBTPMJENJMMJPOXPSEGPVOEBUJPO DIJMEMJLFTFOTFPGXPOEFSXJUIPVUSFRVJS can never truly belong with Harry and his EFTUSPZUIFSFNBJOJOH)PSDSVYFT UIF DBOOFWFSUSVMZCFMPOHXJUI)BSSZBOEIJT containers in which Voldemort has hidden JOHBDIJMEJTICMBDLBOEXIJUFXPSMEWJFX DPOUBJOFSTJOXIJDI7PMEFNPSUIBTIJEEFO created by J.K. Rowling. She put story ing a childish black-and-white worldview. DSFBUFECZ+,3PXMJOH4IFQVUTUPSZ ilk. And yet, who ever felt that way about JML"OEZFU XIPFWFSGFMUUIBUXBZBCPVU fragments of his malignant soul. GSBHNFOUTPGIJTNBMJHOBOUTPVM and character front and center, and when And what wonders are on display! The BOEDIBSBDUFSGSPOUBOEDFOUFS BOEXIFO "OEXIBUXPOEFSTBSFPOEJTQMBZ5IF One of J.K. Rowling's gifts is that she JUit?0OFPG+,3PXMJOHTHJGUTJTUIBUTIF How the school has changed from the )PXUIFTDIPPMIBTDIBOHFEGSPNUIF power bolts, spells and invisibility cloaks they're succeeding, the Potter films do, UIFZSFTVDDFFEJOH UIF1PUUFSmMNTEP  QPXFSCPMUT TQFMMTBOEJOWJTJCJMJUZDMPBLT can create a world in which the exclusion- joyous DBODSFBUFBXPSMEJOXIJDIUIFFYDMVTJPO theme park of old. Dementors KPZPVTUIFNFQBSLPGPME%FNFOUPST are beautifully realized, absurd yet too. UPP BSFCFBVUJGVMMZSFBMJ[FE BCTVSEZFU ary, magical nature of her characters - the nPBUBCPWFUIFDPVSUZBSE UIFJSUBUUFSFE BSZ NBHJDBMOBUVSFPGIFSDIBSBDUFSToUIF float above the courtyard, their tattered persuasive. The brutish ogres and giant For all the movies' dazzle and flash and 'PSBMMUIFNPWJFTEB[[MFBOEnBTIBOE QFSTVBTJWF5IFCSVUJTIPHSFTBOEHJBOU thing that should have distanced them UIJOHUIBUTIPVMEIBWFEJTUBODFEUIFN shrouds trailing like jellyfish tentacles. TISPVETUSBJMJOHMJLFKFMMZmTIUFOUBDMFT tarantulas Voldemort unleashes in the Hippogriffs, the characters are more vivid )JQQPHSJGGT UIFDIBSBDUFSTBSFNPSFWJWJE UBSBOUVMBT7PMEFNPSUVOMFBTIFTJOUIF from their nonmagical audience - is the GSPNUIFJSOPONBHJDBMBVEJFODFoJTUIF Students march in prison camp formation. mOBMCBUUMFJOTQJSFHFOVJOFTIJWFSTPGGFBS 4UVEFOUTNBSDIJOQSJTPODBNQGPSNBUJPO final battle inspire genuine shivers of fear. UIBOUIFTQFDJBMFGGFDUT*UJTPVSFNP than the special effects. It is our emovery thing that made the audience feel WFSZUIJOHUIBUNBEFUIFBVEJFODFGFFM Overseeing it all from a high window is 0WFSTFFJOHJUBMMGSPNBIJHIXJOEPXJT And there are witty miracles; the dragon tional involvement with the three-dimenUJPOBMJOWPMWFNFOUXJUIUIFUISFFEJNFO "OEUIFSFBSFXJUUZNJSBDMFTUIFESBHPO that it belonged. Harry could never vanish 7PMEFNPSUTBMMZ 1SPG4OBQF "MBO3JDL Voldemort's ally, Prof. Snape (Alan RickUIBUJUCFMPOHFE)BSSZDPVMEOFWFSWBOJTI demolition of Gringott's goblin bank is sional heroes and villains, sidekicks and TJPOBMIFSPFTBOEWJMMBJOT TJEFLJDLTBOE EFNPMJUJPOPG(SJOHPUUTHPCMJOCBOLJT entirely, not even if he and his movies man, delivering each line of dialog as if FOUJSFMZ OPUFWFOJGIFBOEIJTNPWJFT NBO EFMJWFSJOHFBDIMJOFPGEJBMPHBTJG a riotous image of a corrupt financial background players that draws us back CBDLHSPVOEQMBZFSTUIBUESBXTVTCBDL BSJPUPVTJNBHFPGBDPSSVQUmOBODJBM savoring a plum). His expression is stoic were somehow wrapped in a Cloak of TBWPSJOHBQMVN )JTFYQSFTTJPOJTTUPJD XFSFTPNFIPXXSBQQFEJOB$MPBLPG firm's collapse. When Hermione transtime after time. The final chapter ends UJNFBGUFSUJNF5IFmOBMDIBQUFSFOET mSNTDPMMBQTF8IFO)FSNJPOFUSBOT but... could that be a nicker of regret? Invisibility. CVUDPVMEUIBUCFBnJDLFSPGSFHSFU *OWJTJCJMJUZ forms herself into a double of Bellatrix with an epilogue that puts a lump in your XJUIBOFQJMPHVFUIBUQVUTBMVNQJOZPVS GPSNTIFSTFMGJOUPBEPVCMFPG#FMMBUSJY The story has an epic war-movie feel, 5IFTUPSZIBTBOFQJDXBSNPWJFGFFM  But the pang that hits the Potter People, #VUUIFQBOHUIBUIJUTUIF1PUUFS1FPQMF  Lestrange (Helena Bonham Carter) for a UISPBUBOENBLFTZPVXBOUUPXBUDIUIFN throat and makes you want to watch them -FTUSBOHF )FMFOB#POIBN$BSUFS GPSB as Voldemort's army strikes back against TQZNJTTJPO #POIBN$BSUFSQMBZT8BUTPO when that final movie rolls to a close, will BT7PMEFNPSUTBSNZTUSJLFTCBDLBHBJOTU spy mission, Bonham Carter plays Watson BMMBHBJOGSPNUIFCFHJOOJOH5IBUTUIF all again from the beginning. That's the XIFOUIBUmOBMNPWJFSPMMTUPBDMPTF XJMM Harry's student and staff rebellion. Direc- JNQFSTPOBUJOH#FMMBUSJYUPIJMBSJPVTFGGFDU )BSSZTTUVEFOUBOETUBGGSFCFMMJPO%JSFD impersonating Bellatrix to hilarious effect. EFmOJUJPOPGBDMBTTJD definition of a classic. probably feel a lot like homesickness. QSPCBCMZGFFMBMPUMJLFIPNFTJDLOFTT


The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, J u l y 14, 2011 | GO E19 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3'


25*$1,&:+($7*/87(1)5(( 25'(521/,1()5(('(/,9(5<&$55<287 9(*$19(*(7$5,$1 Patrick >Ob`WQY Wilson EWZa]\ and Rose O\R@]aS Byrne star in 0g`\SabO`W\ "Insidious." Âľ7\aWRW]caÂś /ZZWO\QS4WZ[a Alliance Films

<3E=<2D2/<20:C@/G NEW ON DVD AND BLU-RAY "ARTHUR," starring Russell Brand and Helen µ/@B6C@¶abO``W\U@caaSZZ0`O\RO\R6SZS\ Mirren. Genial if relatively needless remake of ;W``S\5S\WOZWT`SZObWdSZg\SSRZSaa`S[OYS]T the 1981 comedy favorite with the suddenly bVS'&Q][SRgTOd]`WbSeWbVbVSacRRS\Zg omnipresent Brand filling in for the sorely missed ][\W^`SaS\b0`O\R¿ZZW\UW\T]`bVSa]`SZg[WaaSR Dudley Moore as the "Arthur" in question, a 2cRZSg;]]`SOabVSµ/`bVc`¶W\_cSabW]\O perennially soused millionaire whose vast in^S`S\\WOZZga]caSR[WZZW]\OW`SeV]aSdOabW\ heritance hangs in the balance when he falls for VS`WbO\QSVO\UaW\bVSPOZO\QSeVS\VSTOZZaT]` a girl (Greta Gerwig of "Greenberg") his family OUW`Z5`SbO5S`eWU]Tµ5`SS\PS`U¶VWaTO[WZg doesn't much care for. It probably goes without R]Sa\¸b[cQVQO`ST]`7b^`]POPZgU]SaeWbV]cb saying that the original isn't improved upon here, aOgW\UbVObbVS]`WUW\OZWa\¸bW[^`]dSRc^]\VS`S but Brand is a suitably daffy stand-in, and while Pcb0`O\RWaOacWbOPZgROTTgabO\RW\O\ReVWZS no one could possibly hope to match the great \]]\SQ]cZR^]aaWPZgV]^Sb][ObQVbVSU`SOb John Gielgud's original performance as Arthur's 8]V\5WSZUcR¸a]`WUW\OZ^S`T]`[O\QSOa/`bVc`¸a bitter butler, Mirren comes awfully close. Rated PWbbS`PcbZS`;W``S\Q][SaOeTcZZgQZ]aS@ObSR PG-13. Running time: 1:50. >5!@c\\W\UbW[S((# Suggested retail price: DVD $28.98; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2 &'&)0Zc`Og $35.99. !#''

upon themselves to put the couple's young son c^]\bVS[aSZdSab]^cbbVSQ]c^ZS¸ag]c\Ua]\ Dalton (Ty Simpkins) into a coma. Relying on 2OZb]\BgAW[^YW\aW\b]OQ][O@SZgW\U]\ eerie atmosphere and quick glimpses of terror SS`WSOb[]a^VS`SO\R_cWQYUZW[^aSa]TbS``]` rather than rubbing the viewer's face in as much `ObVS`bVO\`cPPW\UbVSdWSeS`¸aTOQSW\Oa[cQV gore as possible, Wan has delivered a good oldU]`SOa^]aaWPZSEO\VOaRSZWdS`SROU]]R]ZR fashioned fright flick that hearkens back to such TOaVW]\SRT`WUVbĂ&#x20AC;WQYbVObVSO`YS\aPOQYb]acQV unexplained-evil-in-the-house classics as "The c\Sf^ZOW\SRSdWZW\bVSV]caSQZOaaWQaOaÂľBVS Exorcist" and "Poltergeist." Rated PG-13. Running 3f]`QWabÂśO\RÂľ>]ZbS`USWabÂś@ObSR>5!@c\\W\U time: 1:43. bW[S(("! Suggested retail price: DVD $30.99; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2!'')0Zc`Og $35.99. !#''

"THE LINCOLN LAWYER," starring Matthew µB63:7<1=:<:/EG3@¶abO``W\U;ObbVSe McConaughey and Marisa Tomei. Solid legal ;Q1]\OcUVSgO\R;O`WaOB][SWA]ZWRZSUOZ thriller gives McConaughey one of his better bV`WZZS`UWdSa;Q1]\OcUVSg]\S]TVWaPSbbS` recent roles as Mick Haller, a defense attorney `SQS\b`]ZSaOa;WQY6OZZS`ORSTS\aSObb]`\Sg who conducts all of his business out of his LineV]Q]\RcQbaOZZ]TVWaPcaW\Saa]cb]TVWa:W\ coln town car. When called upon to represent a Q]Z\b]e\QO`EVS\QOZZSRc^]\b]`S^`SaS\bO wealthy real estate heir (Ryan Phillippe) accused eSOZbVg`SOZSabObSVSW`@gO\>VWZZW^^SOQQcaSR ]TOaaOcZbW\UO\SaQ]`b^WSQSaabO`bb]TOZZb] "INSIDIOUS," starring Patrick Wilson and Rose of assaulting an escort, pieces start to fall toµ7<A727=CA¶abO``W\U>Ob`WQYEWZa]\O\R@]aS gether that seem to link back to an older case of USbVS`bVObaSS[b]ZW\YPOQYb]O\]ZRS`QOaS]T Byrne. Genuinely chilling supernatural thriller 0g`\S5S\cW\SZgQVWZZW\Uac^S`\Obc`OZbV`WZZS` Mick's, and he begins to suspect a set-up. With ;WQY¸aO\RVSPSUW\ab]aca^SQbOaSbc^EWbV from the normally far less subtle James Wan T`][bVS\]`[OZZgTO`ZSaaacPbZS8O[SaEO\ an excellent supporting cast (including Bryan ("Saw") finds young parents Josh (Wilson, "Little O\SfQSZZS\bac^^]`bW\UQOabW\QZcRW\U0`gO\ µAOe¶¿\Rag]c\U^O`S\ba8]aVEWZa]\µ:WbbZS Children") and Renai (Byrne, "Bridesmaids") 1VWZR`S\¶O\R@S\OW0g`\Sµ0`WRSa[OWRa¶ forced to contend with evil spirits, which take it T]`QSRb]Q]\bS\ReWbVSdWZa^W`WbaeVWQVbOYSWb Please see DVD, Page E34 Gc\Xj\j\\2D2GX^\<*+

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   Any Large Pizza           


A n y Large   Specialty Pizza


25'(521/,1( )5(('(/,9(5< &$55<287

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3 

1G/< ;/53<B/ G3::=E 0:/19

GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3E2O 5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 





E`^_k Visit M`j`k

Vishten is a four-member band DWaVbS\WaOT]c`[PS`PO\R from Prince Edward Island. T`][>`W\QS3ReO`R7aZO\R Expect an impassioned mix of 3f^SQbO\W[^OaaW]\SR[Wf]T Acadian, Irish and Scottish music /QORWO\7`WaVO\RAQ]bbWaV[caWQ with fiddles blazing and the flyeWbVÂżRRZSaPZOhW\UO\RbVSĂ&#x20AC;g ing feet of step dancing. W\UTSSb]TabS^RO\QW\U WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: One Longfellow E63@3(=\S:]\UTSZZ]e Square, 181 State St., Portland A_cO`S&AbObSAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $17 in advance; 6=E;C16(%W\ORdO\QS) day of show; $20 ROg]TaV]e) onelongfello wsquare. com ]\SZ]\UTSZZ]ea_cO`SQ][

"A Funny Thing" Ă&#x2C6;8=leepK_`e^Ă&#x2030; "A Funny Thing Happened on Âľ/4c\\gBVW\U6O^^S\SR]\ the Way to the Forum" spins the bVSEOgb]bVS4]`c[Âśa^W\abVS tale of a Roman slave's quest bOZS]TO@][O\aZOdS¸a_cSab for freedom. The show is full of T]`T`SSR][BVSaV]eWaTcZZ]T farce, puns, mistaken identity and TO`QS^c\a[WabOYS\WRS\bWbgO\R plenty of satire. It runs through ^ZS\bg]TaObW`S7b`c\abV`]cUV July 23. 8cZg ! WHEN: 2O\R&^[ and 8 p.m. E63<( WHERE: Hackmatack PlayE63@3(6OQY[ObOQY>ZOg house, 538 Route 9, Berwick V]caS#!&@]cbS'0S`eWQY HOW MUCH: $12 to $29.50; 6=E;C16( b] '#) hackma VOQY[O tack bOQY .org ]`U

Paula Poundstone GXlcXGfle[jkfe\ Hilarious stand-up comedian 6WZO`W]caabO\Rc^Q][SRWO\ Paula Poundstone takes the >OcZO>]c\Rab]\SbOYSabVS stage for two nights in Ogunquit. abOUST]`be]\WUVbaW\=Uc\_cWb She's well known as a popular AVS¸aeSZZY\]e\OaO^]^cZO` panelist on NPR's "Wait Wait ... ^O\SZWab]\<>@¸aµEOWbEOWb¬ Don't Tell Me!" quiz show and 2]\¸bBSZZ;S¶_cWhaV]eO\R a frequent guest on "A Prairie OT`S_cS\bUcSab]\µ/>`OW`WS Home Companion." 6][S1][^O\W]\¶ WHEN: 8 p.m. (7 p.m. E63<(&^[%^[ Saturday) AObc`ROg WHERE: Jonathan's RestauE63@3(8]\ObVO\¸a@SabOc rant, 920]c`\S:O\S Bourne Lane, `O\b' Ogunquit =Uc\_cWb HOW MUCH: $37.50 in 6=E;C16(!%#W\ advance; $42.50 day ORdO\QS)" #ROg of show; Jonathans ]TaV]e)X]\ObVO\a restaurant, com `SabOc`O\bQ][

Give a hoot - about 5WdSOV]]b³OP]cb owls, that is. It's "All ]eZabVObWa7b¸aµ/ZZ About Owls Night" at the Maine /P]cb=eZa<WUVb¶ObbVS;OW\S Wildlife Park. Visit with the live EWZRZWTS>O`YDWaWbeWbVbVSZWdS owls and learn about their ]eZaO\RZSO`\OP]cbbVSW` mysterious ways with educators [gabS`W]caeOgaeWbVSRcQOb]`a from the Chewonki Foundation. T`][bVS1VSe]\YW4]c\RObW]\ WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Maine Wildlife Park, E63@3(;OW\SEWZRZWTS>O`Y 56 Game Farm Road, Gray #$5O[S4O`[@]OR5`Og HOW MUCH: $5 and $7, 6=E;C16(#O\R% ages 3 and under free; OUSa!O\Rc\RS`T`SS) mainewildlifepark. com [OW\SeWZRZWTS^O`YQ][

Alcp(. John Sebastian Af_eJ\YXjk`Xe

Singer-songwriter and harmonica AW\US`a]\Ue`WbS`O\RVO`[]\WQO player John Sebastian founded ^ZOgS`8]V\ASPOabWO\T]c\RSR The Lovin' Spoonful back in 1964 BVS:]dW\¸A^]]\TcZPOQYW\'$" and then launched a solo career O\RbVS\ZOc\QVSROa]Z]QO`SS` in 1968. In 1970 he played harW\'$&7\'%VS^ZOgSRVO` monica under a pseudonym on []\WQOc\RS`O^aScR]\g[]\ The Doors' "Roadhouse Blues." BVS2]]`a¸µ@]ORV]caS0ZcSa¶ He's perhaps best known for his 6S¸a^S`VO^aPSabY\]e\T]`VWa No. 1 single "Welcome Back," the <]aW\UZSµESZQ][S0OQY¶bVS theme song to TV's "Welcome bVS[Sa]\Ub]BD¸aµESZQ][S Back Kotter." 0OQY9]bbS`¶ WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Jonathan's RestauE63@3(8]\ObVO\¸a@SabOc rant, 920]c`\S:O\S Bourne Lane, `O\b' Ogunquit =Uc\_cWb HOW MUCH: $37.50 in advance; 6=E;C16(!%#W\ORdO\QS) $41.50 day of show; "#ROg]TaV]e) jonathansrestaurant. com X]\ObVO\a`SabOc`O\bQ][

RX Bandits IO9Xe[`kj Progressive reggae/ska band RX >`]U`SaaWdS`SUUOSaYOPO\R@F Bandits is calling it quits after 16 0O\RWbaWaQOZZW\UWb_cWbaOTbS`$ years. With socially conscious gSO`aEWbVa]QWOZZgQ]\aQW]ca lyrics and genre-bending songs, Zg`WQaO\RUS\`SPS\RW\Ua]\Ua the band is known for soul-shakbVSPO\RWaY\]e\T]`a]cZaVOY ing live shows. Since the last W\UZWdSaV]eaAW\QSbVSZOab hoorah is near, carpe diem and V]]`OVWa\SO`QO`^SRWS[O\R catch this one. QObQVbVWa]\S



Milking Monday D`cb`e^Dfe[Xp

Ă&#x2C6;K_\N`qXi[ "The Wizard ofOz" f]FqĂ&#x2030;

Who needs a manic Monday EV]\SSRaO[O\WQ;]\ROg when there's a Milking eVS\bVS`S¸aO;WZYW\U Monday to be enjoyed at ;]\ROgb]PSS\X]gSROb Pineland Farms? Tour the >W\SZO\R4O`[a-B]c`bVS calf, heifer and dairy barns QOZTVSWTS`O\RROW`gPO`\a to learn how the cows grow b]ZSO`\V]ebVSQ]eaU`]e up and produce milk. You'll c^O\R^`]RcQS[WZYG]c¸ZZ even have a chance to milk SdS\VOdSOQVO\QSb][WZY a cow yourself. OQ]eg]c`aSZT WHEN: 10 a.m. E63<(O[ WHERE: Pineland Farms, E63@3(>W\SZO\R4O`[a 15 Farm View Drive, #4O`[DWSe2`WdS New Gloucester <Se5Z]cQSabS` HOW MUCH: $5; 6=E;C16(#) pinelandfarms. org ^W\SZO\RTO`[a]`U

"The Wizard of Oz" lands in µBVSEWhO`R]T=h¶ZO\RaW\ Arundel as Dorothy and her /`c\RSZOa2]`]bVgO\RVS` crew rail against the Wicked Q`Se`OWZOUOW\abbVSEWQYSR Witch of the West. Toto, you EWbQV]TbVSESabB]b]g]c better believe you're not in PSbbS`PSZWSdSg]c¸`S\]bW\ Kansas anymore, because this 9O\aOaO\g[]`SPSQOcaSbVWa production is right here in ^`]RcQbW]\Wa`WUVbVS`SW\ Maine through Aug. 6. ;OW\SbV`]cUV/cU$

Naked Shakespeare EXb\[J_Xb\jg\Xi\ North Efik_ Naked Shakespeare North at <OYSRAVOYSa^SO`S<]`bVOb the Freeport Factory Stage bVS4`SS^]`b4OQb]`gAbOUS has a starring role for your VOaOabO``W\U`]ZST]`g]c` imagination, with performancW[OUW\ObW]\eWbV^S`T]`[O\Q es presented without sets or Sa^`SaS\bSReWbV]cbaSba]` costumes. As The Bard would Q]abc[Sa/aBVS0O`Re]cZR say, "such stuff as dreams are aOgÂľacQVabcTTOaR`SO[aO`S made on." [ORS]\Âś

WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: Port City Music Hall, E63@3(>]`b1Wbg;caWQ6OZZ 504 Congress St., Portland #"1]\U`SaaAb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $16 to $22;) 6=E;C16($b] portcitymusichall. com ^]`bQWbg[caWQVOZZQ][ 

Compiled by 1][^WZSRPg Aimsel Ponti, /W[aSZ>]\bW Staff Writer AbOTTE`WbS`

Alcp)' "Shakespeare, Ă&#x2C6;J_Xb\jg\Xi\# 8Yi`[^\[Ă&#x2030; Abridged" Buckle up for "The Compleat 0cQYZSc^T]`ÂľBVS1][^ZSOb Wrks of William Shakespeare, E`Ya]TEWZZWO[AVOYSa^SO`S Abridged." Three actors will take /P`WRUSRÂśBV`SSOQb]`aeWZZbOYS you on a whirlwind, hilarious g]c]\OeVW`ZeW\RVWZO`W]ca adventure through all of ShakeORdS\bc`SbV`]cUVOZZ]TAVOYS speare's comedies, histories and a^SO`S¸aQ][SRWSaVWab]`WSaO\R tragedies, complete with improv b`OUSRWSaQ][^ZSbSeWbVW[^`]d and other hijinks. The show can O\R]bVS`VWXW\YaBVSaV]eQO\ also be seen on Aug. 3 and 17. OZa]PSaSS\]\/cU!O\R%



C\fBfkkb\ Leo Kottke

Running through the end of the @c\\W\UbV`]cUVbVSS\R]TbVS month, "Fame Takes a Holiday" []\bVÂľ4O[SBOYSaO6]ZWROgÂś is the zany story of the High WabVShO\gab]`g]TbVS6WUV Heeled Women as they perform a 6SSZSRE][S\OabVSg^S`T]`[O madcap comedy revue of songs [ORQO^Q][SRg`SdcS]Ta]\Ua and sketches that include Bette O\RaYSbQVSabVObW\QZcRS0SbbS Davis, Eleanor Roosevelt, Edith 2OdWa3ZSO\]`@]]aSdSZb3RWbV Piaf, Iranian plate spinners and a >WOT7`O\WO\^ZObSa^W\\S`aO\RO Busby Berkeley chorus line. 0caPg0S`YSZSgQV]`caZW\S

Innovative acoustic guitar 7\\]dObWdSOQ]cabWQUcWbO` virtuoso Leo Kottke graces dW`bc]a]:S]9]bbYSU`OQSa the stage at the Opera House bVSabOUSObbVS=^S`O6]caS at Boothbay Harbor. Kottke's Ob0]]bVPOg6O`P]`9]bbYS¸a been releasing records since PSS\`SZSOaW\U`SQ]`RaaW\QS 1968 and has gained nothing '$&O\RVOaUOW\SR\]bVW\U short of a cult following since. aV]`b]TOQcZbT]ZZ]eW\UaW\QS

"Xanadu" Ă&#x2C6;OXeX[lĂ&#x2030;

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Saco River Grange E63@3(AOQ]@WdS`5`O\US Hall, Salmon Falls Road, 6OZZAOZ[]\4OZZa@]OR Bar Mills 0O`;WZZa HOW MUCH: Pay-what-you6=E;C16(>OgeVObg]c want tonight and July 28, eO\bb]\WUVbO\R8cZg & $15 and $18 other dates; #O\R&]bVS`RObSa) 929-5412 ' '#"

WHEN: 7 p.m. E63<(%^[ WHERE: Freeport Factory E63@3(4`SS^]`b4OQb]`g Stage, 5 Depot Road AbOUS#2S^]b@]OR HOW MUCH: $10; 6=E;C16() freeportfactory. com T`SS^]`bTOQb]`gQ][

2 UJ

Ă&#x2C6;=Xd\KXb\j "FameTakes a Holiday" X?fc`[XpĂ&#x2030;

WHEN: 7:30 p.m. E63<(%(!^[ WHERE: Theater at Monmouth, E63@3(BVSObS`Ob;]\[]cbV Route 132 @]cbS! HOW MUCH: $10 and $24; 6=E;C16(O\R ") bVSObS`Ob[]\[]cbV]`U

WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Arundel Barn PlayE63@3(/`c\RSZ0O`\>ZOg house, 53 Old Post Road V]caS#!=ZR>]ab@]OR HOW MUCH: $38; 6=E;C16(!&) arundelbarnplayhouse. com O`c\RSZPO`\^ZOgV]caSQ][


Revisit the splendor of the @SdWaWbbVSa^ZS\R]`]TbVS early '80s in a glitter-covered SO`Zg¸&aW\OUZWbbS`Q]dS`SR place called "Xanadu." A Greek ^ZOQSQOZZSRµFO\ORc¶/5`SSY muse comes to Earth hoping [caSQ][Sab]3O`bVV]^W\U to help artist Sonny make his b]VSZ^O`bWabA]\\g[OYSVWa dream of opening a roller disco R`SO[]T]^S\W\UO`]ZZS`RWaQ] come true. Trouble, love and Q][Sb`cSB`]cPZSZ]dSO\R songs ensue when Clio, disa]\UaS\acSeVS\1ZW]RWa guised as an Australian roller UcWaSROaO\/cab`OZWO\`]ZZS` girl, touches down on mortal UW`Zb]cQVSaR]e\]\[]`bOZ soil. The fun continues through a]WZBVSTc\Q]\bW\cSabV`]cUV Aug. 6. /cU$

WHEN: 8 p.m. E63<(&^[ WHERE: Opera House at E63@3(=^S`O6]caSOb Boothbay Harbor, 0]]bVPOg6O`P]` 86 Townsend Ave. &$B]e\aS\R/dS HOW MUCH: $25 and $30; 6=E;C16( #O\R!) P]]bVPOg]^S`OV]caSQ][


Alcp(+ Vishten M`j_k\e

=c`^WQYaT]`g]c`PSab Our picks for your best entertainment this week S\bS`bOW\[S\bbVWaeSSY

IFG$GG?$>FGi\m`\n)+ Df[`Ă&#x201D;\[,&((&'0 @e;\j`^e!




WHEN: 2O\R%(!^[ and 7:30 p.m. E63<( WHERE: Pickard Theater at E63@3(>WQYO`RBVSObS`Ob Bowdoin College, 1 Bath 0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS0ObV Road, Brunswick @]OR0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: $33 to $56; 6=E;C16(!!b]#$) [a[b]`U



*U July LY 17thTH 


*/ (.3 %"!34)!. JOHN SEBASTIAN

LY July *U st ST 21

MCCAIN ##!). $7).%EDWIN

*ULY July

July *ULY



nd ND

2 /29"BLOCK KORY ,/#+

rd RD

%!24 MOUNTAIN HEART 5.4!).( -/

*ULY July th  26TH . !4!,)%NATALIE MACMASTER !#-!34%2  /..%,,LEAHY &$ DONNELL ,%!(9




The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E21 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3

DX`e\j \d\i^`e^ ^\e\iXk`fe f]c\X[\ij

GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3E225=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Jeremy Reynolds

 ''! " Realtor  %"'! Anne Erwin Sotheby's " ""' International Realty At 28, Jeremy Reynolds is younger 8k)/#A\i\dpI\pefc[j`jpfle^\i than most agents, but he has earned k_XedfjkX^\ekj#Ylk_\_Xj\Xie\[ the respect and trust of his clients k_\i\jg\ZkXe[kiljkf]_`jZc`\ekj to handle the complicated issues kf_Xe[c\k_\Zfdgc`ZXk\[`jjl\j associated with both buying and XjjfZ`Xk\[n`k_Yfk_Ylp`e^Xe[ selling real estate. He has closed in j\cc`e^i\Xc\jkXk\%?\_XjZcfj\[`e excess of $50 million worth of real \oZ\jjf],'d`cc`fenfik_f]i\Xc estate transactions and continues \jkXk\kiXejXZk`fejXe[Zfek`el\j to be the youngest successful agent kfY\k_\pfle^\jkjlZZ\jj]lcX^\ek in the southern Maine marketplace. `ek_\jflk_\ieDX`e\dXib\kgcXZ\% Outside of work, Reynolds has been Flkj`[\f]nfib#I\pefc[j_XjY\\e an organizer of the Dockside Striper Xefi^Xe`q\if]k_\;fZbj`[\Jki`g\i Tournament, which has benefited the KflieXd\ek#n_`Z__XjY\e\Ă&#x201D; k\[k_\ York Hospital as well as the York and Pfib?fjg`kXcXjn\ccXjk_\PfibXe[ Kittery Food Pantries. B`kk\ip=ff[GXeki`\j%

Rob Brown  % #&#"$ " Founding Executive Director  "#"'  Opportunity Maine Rob Brown, 38, led the campaign to IfY9ifne#*/#c\[k_\ZXdgX`^ekf create the Opportunity Maine Program, Zi\Xk\k_\Fggfikle`kpDX`e\Gif^iXd# which can erase the student debt of a n_`Z_ZXe\iXj\k_\jkl[\ek[\Ykf]X college graduate living and working in Zfcc\^\^iX[lXk\c`m`e^Xe[nfib`e^`e Maine. He was a leader in creating the DX`e\%?\nXjXc\X[\i`eZi\Xk`e^k_\ Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties G\efYjZfkXe[G`jZXkXhl`j:flek`\j Pathways Project, a green construction GXk_nXpjGifa\Zk#X^i\\eZfejkilZk`fe training program prodiicing superkiX`e`e^gif^iXdgif[lZ`e^jlg\i$ efficient replacement houses for old, \]Ă&#x201D; Z`\eki\gcXZ\d\ek_flj\j]fifc[# dangerous mobile homes; and the [Xe^\ifljdfY`c\_fd\j2Xe[k_\ New Energy Jobs Alliance, uniting E\n<e\i^pAfYj8cc`XeZ\#le`k`e^ labor, businesses, educators, youth and cXYfi#Ylj`e\jj\j#\[lZXkfij#pflk_Xe[ environmentalists in promoting energy \em`ifed\ekXc`jkj`egifdfk`e^\e\i^p efficiency and renewable energy as a \]Ă&#x201D; Z`\eZpXe[i\e\nXYc\\e\i^pXjX job creation and economic development afYZi\Xk`feXe[\Zfefd`Z[\m\cfgd\ek opportunity As a volunteer, Brown fggfikle`kp%8jXmfclek\\i#9ifne works to develop new educational nfibjkf[\m\cfge\n\[lZXk`feXc opportunities for all Maine people. fggfikle`k`\j]fiXccDX`e\g\fgc\%

Andrew Sigfridson  % ! !"  Designated Broker (#! CBRE | The Boulos ' Company Andrew Sigfridson, 35, is a leader 8e[i\nJ`^]i`[jfe#*,#`jXc\X[\i in commercial real estate in Maine. `eZfdd\iZ`Xci\Xc\jkXk\`eDX`e\% As a designated broker, he provides 8jX[\j`^eXk\[Yifb\i#_\gifm`[\j leadership and direction to fellow c\X[\ij_`gXe[[`i\Zk`fekf]\ccfn brokers and employees. Through Yifb\ijXe[\dgcfp\\j%K_ifl^_ his work with organizations like _`jnfibn`k_fi^Xe`qXk`fejc`b\ MEREDA and the Maine Commercial D<I<;8Xe[k_\DX`e\:fdd\iZ`Xc Association of Realtors, Sigfridson 8jjfZ`Xk`fef]I\Xckfij#J`^]i`[jfe promotes the industry like few others gifdfk\jk_\`e[ljkipc`b\]\nfk_\ij have. He serves on the board of the _Xm\%?\j\im\jfek_\YfXi[f]k_\ New England chapter of the Society E\n<e^cXe[Z_Xgk\if]k_\JfZ`\kp of Industrial and Office Realtors and f]@e[ljki`XcXe[F]Ă&#x201D; Z\I\XckfijXe[ the board of Avesta Housing and the k_\YfXi[f]8m\jkX?flj`e^Xe[k_\ Maine Community Foundation. When DX`e\:fddle`kp=fle[Xk`fe%N_\e he's not working, he enjoys skiing or _\Ă&#x2039;jefknfib`e^#_\\eafpjjb``e^fi waterskiing with his family. nXk\ijb``e^n`k__`j]Xd`cp%

            every     Huge discounts with local businesses offered day. If you want to receive an email every day featuring The Maine Deal, go to, select your newspaper @]pflnXekkfi\Z\`m\Xe\dX`c\m\ip[Xp]\Xkli`e^K_\DX`e\;\Xc#^fkfk_\dX`e\[\Xc%Zfd#j\c\Zkpflie\njgXg\if] gXg\if] Xg\i of choice, and enter your email address at the top right where it says "Join our email list." Z_f`Z\#Xe[\ek\ipfli\dX`cX[[i\jjXkk_\kfgi`^_kn_\i\`kjXpjĂ&#x2C6;Af`efli\dX`cc`jk%Ă&#x2030; Interested in buying a deal? You will need to register for an account (which is separate from signing up for the email list).% @ek\i\jk\[`eYlp`e^X[\Xc6Pfln`cce\\[kfi\^`jk\i]fiXeXZZflekn_`Z_`jj\gXiXk\]ifdj`^e`e^lg]fik_\\dX`cc`jk Go to, select your newspaper of choice, click on the "Register" button located in the top right, fill out >fkfk_\dX`e\[\Xc%Zfd#j\c\Zkpflie\njgXg\if]Z_f`Z\#Zc`Zbfek_\Ă&#x2C6;I\^`jk\iĂ&#x2030;YlkkfecfZXk\[`ek_\kfgi`^_k#Ă&#x201D; ccflk the required information and then hit "register." Now you can purchase a deal, keep track of the deals you've purchased, k_\i\hl`i\[`e]fidXk`feXe[k_\e_`kĂ&#x2C6;i\^`jk\i%Ă&#x2030;EfnpflZXegliZ_Xj\X[\Xc#b\\gkiXZbf]k_\[\XcjpflĂ&#x2039;m\gliZ_Xj\[# print OLit yoLir deal certificate, and more. gi`ekflkpfli[\XcZ\ik`Ă&#x201D; ZXk\#Xe[dfi\% Just remember, deals can only be purchased on the day they are offered. So, if you see something you like, you should Aljki\d\dY\i#[\XcjZXefecpY\gliZ_Xj\[fek_\[Xpk_\pXi\f]]\i\[%Jf#`]pflj\\jfd\k_`e^pflc`b\#pflj_flc[ biiy it right away or yoLi may miss OLit! Ylp`ki`^_kXnXpfipfldXpd`jjflk


Charlie Longo    Bangor"'# City Councilor  Elected to the Bangor City Council <c\Zk\[kfk_\9Xe^fi:`kp:fleZ`c at age 21, Charlie Longo became the XkX^\)(#:_Xic`\Cfe^fY\ZXd\k_\ youngest city coLincilor in the city's pfle^\jkZ`kpZfleZ`cfi`ek_\Z`kpĂ&#x2039;j history (former Gov John Baldacci _`jkfip]fid\i>fm%Af_e9Xc[XZZ` previously held the record, at age 23).% gi\m`fljcp_\c[k_\i\Zfi[#XkX^\)* A key SLipporter of coiistmction of 8b\pjlggfik\if]ZfejkilZk`fef] a new Bangor Arena, Longo, 22, has Xe\n9Xe^fi8i\eX#Cfe^f#))#_Xj been called "the embodiment of what it Y\\eZXcc\[Ă&#x2C6;k_\\dYf[`d\ekf]n_Xk`k means to be a public servant," whether d\XejkfY\XglYc`Zj\imXek#Ă&#x2030;n_\k_\i he's accompanying police officers _\Ă&#x2039;jXZZfdgXep`e^gfc`Z\f]Ă&#x201D;Z\ij on their rounds or volLinteering at a fek_\`iifle[jfimfclek\\i`e^XkX food pantry at Thanksgiving. Readily ]ff[gXekipXkK_Xebj^`m`e^%I\X[`cp available to constituents, an attendee at XmX`cXYc\kfZfejk`kl\ekj#XeXkk\e[\\Xk countless local events, Longo serves on Zflekc\jjcfZXc\m\ekj#Cfe^fj\im\jfe the Government Operations, Business k_\>fm\ied\ekFg\iXk`fej#9lj`e\jj & Economic Development, and <Zfefd`Z;\m\cfgd\ek#Xe[ Infrastructure committees. A dean's @e]iXjkilZkli\Zfdd`kk\\j%8[\XeĂ&#x2039;j list student at Husson University he is c`jkjkl[\ekXk?ljjfeLe`m\ij`kp#_\`j pursuing a degree in marketing. glijl`e^X[\^i\\`edXib\k`e^%





The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E23 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3 !

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Andrew Tenenbaum !&$ Pediatrician #! University of New England %!"#' &

Joshua Broder "$!! President, Tilson !"#" Technology Management ' #

Kevin Bunker

%$! Founding Principal $!  Developers Collaborative % !"!#%

In 2010, Andrew Tenenbaum, @e)'('#8e[i\nK\e\eYXld# 36, was named Maine's Young *-#nXjeXd\[DX`e\Ă&#x2039;jPfle^ Osteopathic Physician of the Year, one Fjk\fgXk_`ZG_pj`Z`Xef]k_\P\Xi#fe\ of many accomplishments for this f]dXepXZZfdgc`j_d\ekj]fik_`j beloved Portland pediatrician who Y\cfm\[GfikcXe[g\[`Xki`Z`Xen_f continues to do medical missionary Zfek`el\jkf[fd\[`ZXcd`jj`feXip work in Ghana yearly and is now the nfib`e>_XeXp\XicpXe[`jefnk_\ medical director of the UNE-Ghana d\[`ZXc[`i\Zkfif]k_\LE<$>_XeX program. He also has worked in gif^iXd%?\Xcjf_Xjnfib\[`e Belize and Honduras. In addition, 9\c`q\Xe[?fe[liXj%@eX[[`k`fe# Tenenbaum is an assistant professor K\e\eYXld`jXeXjj`jkXekgif]\jjfi of pediatrics at UNE College of f]g\[`Xki`ZjXkLE<:fcc\^\f] Osteopathic Medicine, is a part-time Fjk\fgXk_`ZD\[`Z`e\#`jXgXik$k`d\ pediatric and newborn hospitalist at g\[`Xki`ZXe[e\nYfie_fjg`kXc`jkXk Maine Medical Center. In his spare DX`e\D\[`ZXc:\ek\i%@e_`jjgXi\ time, he loves to cook, run, swim, k`d\#_\cfm\jkfZffb#ile#jn`d# kayak and fish. bXpXbXe[Ă&#x201D; j_%

Joshua Broder is responsible for strategy, Afj_lX9if[\i`ji\jgfej`Yc\]fijkiXk\^p# leadership, and business development c\X[\ij_`g#Xe[Ylj`e\jj[\m\cfgd\ek for Tilson, an international project ]fiK`cjfe#Xe`ek\ieXk`feXcgifa\Zk management, software development, dXeX^\d\ek#jf]knXi\[\m\cfgd\ek# infomiation security, and telecom `e]fidXk`fej\Zli`kp#Xe[k\c\Zfd consulting firm. Zfejlck`e^]`id%

Six years ago, Kevin Bunker was a J`op\XijX^f#B\m`e9leb\inXjX Rockland-area lobsterman. He returned IfZbcXe[$Xi\XcfYjk\idXe%?\i\klie\[ to graduate school, finished first in his kf^iX[lXk\jZ_ffc#Ă&#x201D; e`j_\[Ă&#x201D; ijk`e_`j class at Harvard's Graduate School of ZcXjjXk?XimXi[Ă&#x2039;j>iX[lXk\JZ_ffcf] Design Urban Planning program, then ;\j`^eLiYXeGcXee`e^gif^iXd#k_\e co-founded. Developers Collaborative. Zf$]fle[\[;\m\cfg\ij:fccXYfiXk`m\% Bunker has impacted development 9leb\i_Xj`dgXZk\[[\m\cfgd\ek in Maine through advocacy for smart `eDX`e\k_ifl^_X[mfZXZp]fijdXik growth, affordable housing, and ^ifnk_#X]]fi[XYc\_flj`e^#Xe[ environmental sustainability. \em`ifed\ekXcjljkX`eXY`c`kp%

Broder, an expert in fiber optic network 9if[\i#Xe\og\ik`e]`Y\ifgk`Ze\knfib construction and deployment, is the key ZfejkilZk`feXe[[\gcfpd\ek#`jk_\b\p reason for Tilson's role in two fiber optic i\Xjfe]fiK`cjfeĂ&#x2039;jifc\`eknf]`Y\ifgk`Z network projects, total value more than e\knfibgifa\Zkj#kfkXcmXcl\dfi\k_Xe $100 million, and has helped create more (''d`cc`fe#Xe[_Xj_\cg\[Zi\Xk\dfi\ than 40 new jobs at Tilson in the past k_Xe+'e\nafYjXkK`cjfe`ek_\gXjk year and a half. p\XiXe[X_Xc]% A member of Nature Conservancy Next 8d\dY\if]EXkli\:fej\imXeZpE\ok and TechMaine's Board of Directors, Xe[K\Z_DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j9fXi[f];`i\Zkfij# Broder, 32, is the youngest-ever recipient 9if[\i#*)#`jk_\pfle^\jk$\m\ii\Z`g`\ek of the Portland Regional Chamber of f]k_\GfikcXe[I\^`feXc:_XdY\if] Commerce President's Award (2011).% :fdd\iZ\Gi\j`[\ekĂ&#x2039;j8nXi[)'((

Bunker, 37, has completed projects 9leb\i#*.#_XjZfdgc\k\[gifa\Zkj totaling more than $20 million in kfkXc`e^dfi\k_Xe)'d`cc`fe`e value, with another $12 million under mXcl\#n`k_Xefk_\i()d`cc`fele[\i construction. These projects, featuring ZfejkilZk`fe%K_\j\gifa\Zkj#]\Xkli`e^ partnerships with non-profits, hospitals gXike\ij_`gjn`k_efe$gifĂ&#x201D; kj#_fjg`kXcj and municipalities, are characterized by Xe[dle`Z`gXc`k`\j#Xi\Z_XiXZk\i`q\[Yp a high level of community benefit. X_`^_c\m\cf]Zfddle`kpY\e\Ă&#x201D; k%

Lindsay Cadwallader "'&! Magistrate, State of Maine

"#!###  Lindsay Cadwallader has been a C`e[jXp:X[nXccX[\i_XjY\\eX tireless advocate for low-income k`i\c\jjX[mfZXk\]ficfn$`eZfd\ women and children since she nfd\eXe[Z_`c[i\ej`eZ\j_\ graduated cum laude from Boston ^iX[lXk\[ZldcXl[\]ifd9fjkfe University School of Law in 1997. Le`m\ij`kpJZ_ffcf]CXn`e(00.% Cadwallader was the first Frank M. :X[nXccX[\inXjk_\Ă&#x201D; ijk=iXebD% Coffin Fellow while working at Pine :f]Ă&#x201D;e=\ccfnn_`c\nfib`e^XkG`e\ Tree Legal Assistance (1998-2009), Ki\\C\^Xc8jj`jkXeZ\(00/$)''0 # where she primarily represented n_\i\j_\gi`dXi`cpi\gi\j\ek\[ victims of domestic violence in family m`Zk`djf][fd\jk`Zm`fc\eZ\`e]Xd`cp law matters and protection from abuse cXndXkk\ijXe[gifk\Zk`fe]ifdXYlj\ cases. ZXj\j% Now a Family Law Magistrate in EfnX=Xd`cpCXnDX^`jkiXk\`e York and Cumberland Counties, PfibXe[:ldY\icXe[:flek`\j# handling divorce and custody cases, _Xe[c`e^[`mfiZ\Xe[Zljkf[pZXj\j# Cadwallader served on the Maine :X[nXccX[\ij\im\[fek_\DX`e\ Commission on Domestic and Sexual :fdd`jj`fefe;fd\jk`ZXe[J\olXc Abuse (2007-9),#fek_\B`[j=`ijk on the Kids First 8Ylj\)''.$0 Center board, and on the board of the :\ek\iYfXi[#Xe[fek_\YfXi[f]k_\ Maine Women's Fund. DX`e\Nfd\eĂ&#x2039;j=le[%

Congratulations to Dr. Andrew Tenenbaum         for his outstanding contributions to the medical       profession, students, patients, and our state.     




GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3E24 "5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Jeff$ Badger

* Chair of Fine Arts $" !$&% Department, SMCC #$& !&  As Department Chair of Fine Arts at 8j;\gXikd\ek:_X`if]=`e\8ikjXk Southern Maine Community College Jflk_\ieDX`e\:fddle`kp:fcc\^\ in South Portland, Jeff Badger has `eJflk_GfikcXe[#A\]]9X[^\i_Xj grown the department to more than 75 ^ifnek_\[\gXikd\ekkfdfi\k_Xe., sections with more than 1,500 students. j\Zk`fejn`k_dfi\k_Xe(#,''jkl[\ekj% Heavily involved in the Portland ?\Xm`cp`emfcm\[`ek_\GfikcXe[ area's dynamic arts scene, Badger, 35, Xi\XĂ&#x2039;j[peXd`ZXikjjZ\e\#9X[^\i#*,# has organized many exhibitions for _Xjfi^Xe`q\[dXep\o_`Y`k`fej]fi Maine artists, including an upcoming DX`e\Xik`jkj#`eZcl[`e^XelgZfd`e^ show in Portland's sister city of j_fn`eGfikcXe[Ă&#x2039;jj`jk\iZ`kpf] Mytilene, Greece in 2012. Dpk`c\e\#>i\\Z\`e)'()% Badger's work is widely exhibited; 9X[^\iĂ&#x2039;jnfib`jn`[\cp\o_`Y`k\[2 he has released six albums of original _\_Xji\c\Xj\[j`oXcYldjf]fi`^`eXc music, been recognized with three dlj`Z#Y\\ei\Zf^e`q\[n`k_k_i\\ Good Idea grants from the Maine Arts >ff[@[\X^iXekj]ifdk_\DX`e\8ikj Commission, and was one of Artscope :fdd`jj`fe#Xe[nXjfe\f]8ikjZfg\ Magazine's "20 artists who have DX^Xq`e\Ă&#x2039;jĂ&#x2C6;)'Xik`jkjn_f_Xm\ captured our imagination." ZXgkli\[fli`dX^`eXk`fe%Ă&#x2030;

Monica Quimby "!' ) Adjunct Professor, SMCC '!&$"%%"$  Ms. Wheelchair Maine  %$ ! Board Member: "$  $ Scholarships, Alpha One "$%#%#! In the past five years, Monica Quimby @ek_\gXjkĂ&#x201D; m\p\Xij#Dfe`ZXHl`dYp has received a B.S. in molecular _Xji\Z\`m\[X9%J%`edfc\ZlcXi biology, an M.S. in higher education Y`fcf^p#XeD%J%`e_`^_\i\[lZXk`fe and become an adjunct professor at Xe[Y\Zfd\XeX[aleZkgif]\jjfiXk SMCC. Quimby, 25, is the current JD::%Hl`dYp#),#`jk_\Zlii\ek Ms. Wheelchair Maine, which isn't a Dj%N_\\cZ_X`iDX`e\#n_`Z_`jeĂ&#x2039;kX beauty pageant, but rather a way to Y\XlkpgX^\Xek#YlkiXk_\iXnXpkf empower women with disabilities. \dgfn\infd\en`k_[`jXY`c`k`\j% She is working toward creating a J_\`jnfib`e^kfnXi[Zi\Xk`e^X nonprofit organization to sustain efegifĂ&#x201D; kfi^Xe`qXk`fekfjljkX`e the Ms. Wheelchair Maine program k_\Dj%N_\\cZ_X`iDX`e\gif^iXd and will compete for Ms. Wheelchair Xe[n`ccZfdg\k\]fiDj%N_\\cZ_X`i America in August as she continues to 8d\i`ZX`e8l^ljkXjj_\Zfek`el\jkf try to bring education and acceptance kipkfYi`e^\[lZXk`feXe[XZZ\gkXeZ\ to those with disabilities. kfk_fj\n`k_[`jXY`c`k`\j%

Corey Norman "$)"$ ! Instructor !%&$'&"$ SMCC  

Robert O'Brien "$&$! Assistant to the Director %%%&!&&"& $&"$ Maine Preservation !$%$(&"!

In 2010, Corey Norman created @e)'('#:fi\pEfidXeZi\Xk\[ Film Chowdah: the Maine College =`cd:_fn[X_1k_\DX`e\:fcc\^\ Film Festival. Films that win awards =`cd=\jk`mXc%=`cdjk_Xkn`eXnXi[j in Film Chowdah move on to other `e=`cd:_fn[X_dfm\fekffk_\i competitions. This spring, Norman, Zfdg\k`k`fej%K_`jjgi`e^#EfidXe# 30, was executive producer for the *'#nXj\o\Zlk`m\gif[lZ\i]fik_\ Maine May-hem Film Festival. This DX`e\DXp$_\d=`cd=\jk`mXc%K_`j event was organized through his \m\eknXjfi^Xe`q\[k_ifl^__`j class in advanced audio and video ZcXjj`eX[mXeZ\[Xl[`fXe[m`[\f applications at SMCC and showcased Xggc`ZXk`fejXkJD::Xe[j_fnZXj\[ senior students' work. Norman also is j\e`fijkl[\ekjĂ&#x2039;nfib%EfidXeXcjf`j the executive director of the Portland k_\\o\Zlk`m\[`i\Zkfif]k_\GfikcXe[ Maine Film Festival. Aside from DX`e\=`cd=\jk`mXc%8j`[\]ifd teaching, he is an active filmmaker k\XZ_`e^#_\`jXeXZk`m\Ă&#x201D; cddXb\i doing short films and client-driven [f`e^j_fikĂ&#x201D; cdjXe[Zc`\ek$[i`m\e pieces. He also fosters puppies g`\Z\j%?\Xcjf]fjk\ijglgg`\j through Beau Buddy Rescue. k_ifl^_9\Xl9l[[pI\jZl\%

Even before completing his master's <m\eY\]fi\Zfdgc\k`e^_`jdXjk\iĂ&#x2039;j in public policy and management, `eglYc`Zgfc`ZpXe[dXeX^\d\ek# Robert O'Brien, 31, has been immersed IfY\ikFĂ&#x2039;9i`\e#*(#_XjY\\e`dd\ij\[ in public service. He served on the `eglYc`Zj\im`Z\%?\j\im\[fek_\ Portland Board of Public Education GfikcXe[9fXi[f]GlYc`Z<[lZXk`fe from 2006-2009, and was elected to ]ifd)''-$)''0#Xe[nXj\c\Zk\[kf the Portland Charter Commission, k_\GfikcXe[:_Xik\i:fdd`jj`fe# which recommended restoring the n_`Z_i\Zfdd\e[\[i\jkfi`e^k_\ elected mayor position to Portland, \c\Zk\[dXpfigfj`k`fekfGfikcXe[# approved by voters last November. Xggifm\[Ypmfk\ijcXjkEfm\dY\i% O'Brien was elected president of the FĂ&#x2039;9i`\enXj\c\Zk\[gi\j`[\ekf]k_\ West End Neighborhood Association N\jk<e[E\`^_Yfi_ff[8jjfZ`Xk`fe in 2006, and he was a leader in the `e)''-#Xe[_\nXjXc\X[\i`ek_\ Irish American Club of Maine from @i`j_8d\i`ZXe:clYf]DX`e\]ifd 2002 to 2008, organizing the first )'')kf)''/#fi^Xe`q`e^k_\Ă&#x201D; ijk annual Saint Patrick's Parade down XeelXcJX`ekGXki`ZbĂ&#x2039;jGXiX[\[fne Commercial Street in 2005. :fdd\iZ`XcJki\\k`e)'',%


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E25 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3 #

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


**"'%(*'&   Jesse Thompson, AIA,   LEEDAP )#&#($($& Principal, Kaplan "'%(*'& )"#++* Thompson Architects Jesse Thompson, 39, and his firm A\jj\K_fdgjfe#*0#Xe[_`jĂ&#x201D; id Kaplan Thompson Architects have BXgcXeK_fdgjfe8iZ_`k\Zkj_Xm\ emerged rapidly. It is considered \d\i^\[iXg`[cp%@k`jZfej`[\i\[ a national leader in green design XeXk`feXcc\X[\i`e^i\\e[\j`^e throughout the East Coast. The k_ifl^_flkk_\<Xjk:fXjk%K_\ motto is "Beautiful Sustainable Ă&#x201D;firm's idĂ&#x2039;jdfkkf`jĂ&#x2C6;9\Xlk`]lcJljkX`eXYc\ Attainable" and they have received 8kkX`eXYc\Ă&#x2030;Xe[k_\p_Xm\i\Z\`m\[ numerous accolades including the eld\ifljXZZfcX[\j`eZcl[`e^k_\ USGBCs LEED for Homes Award LJ>9:Ă&#x2039;jC<<;]fi?fd\j8nXi[ 2009,'s Home of the )''0#Ki\\_l^^\i%ZfdĂ&#x2039;j?fd\f]k_\ Year, and a Maine AIA Award. Their P\Xi#Xe[XDX`e\8@88nXi[%K_\`i projects have appeared in The New gifa\Zkj_Xm\Xgg\Xi\[`eK_\E\n York Times, Washington Post, USA PfibK`d\j#NXj_`e^kfeGfjk#LJ8 Today, NPR and HGTV. He is also Kf[Xp#EGIXe[?>KM%?\`jXcjf co-chair of the Advocacy Committee Zf$Z_X`if]k_\8[mfZXZp:fdd`kk\\ of the Portland Society of Architects, a f]k_\GfikcXe[JfZ`\kpf]8iZ_`k\Zkj#X commLiiiity design advocacy groLip. Zfddle`kp[\j`^eX[mfZXZp^iflg%

Michael Carey #"$ )/ D-Lewiston (District 72) .#*+'&#*+)#+  Elected to the Maine State Legislature <c\Zk\[kfk_\DX`e\JkXk\C\^`jcXkli\ in 2007, Michael Carey of Lewiston is `e)''.#D`Z_X\c:Xi\pf]C\n`jkfe`j now in his third term. efn`e_`jk_`i[k\id% Carey serves on the Veterans and :Xi\pj\im\jfek_\M\k\iXejXe[ Legal Affairs Committee (Ranking C\^Xc8]]X`ij:fdd`kk\\IXeb`e^ Minority Member)Xe[k_\Af`ekJ\c\Zk and the Joint Select D`efi`kpD\dY\i Committee on Regulatory Fairness :fdd`kk\\feI\^lcXkfip=X`ie\jj and Reform. He is volunteer Board Xe[I\]fid%?\`jmfclek\\i9fXi[ Chair for Community Concepts (a :_X`i]fi:fddle`kp:feZ\gkjX $30 million, 300-employee Western *'d`cc`fe#*''$\dgcfp\\N\jk\ie Maine social service agency).%Fk_\i Other DX`e\jfZ`Xcj\im`Z\X^\eZp community catises he works with Zfddle`kpZXlj\j_\nfibjn`k_ include the AVESTA Housing, The `eZcl[\k_\8M<JK8?flj`e^#K_\ New England Nordic Ski Association, E\n<e^cXe[Efi[`ZJb`8jjfZ`Xk`fe# and the Androscoggin Chamber Xe[k_\8e[ifjZf^^`e:_XdY\i of Commerce Business Advocacy f]:fdd\iZ\9lj`e\jj8[mfZXZp Committee. Carey, 35, is a student at :fdd`kk\\%:Xi\p#*,#`jXjkl[\ekXk the University of Maine School of Law k_\Le`m\ij`kpf]DX`e\JZ_ffcf]CXn and expects to graduate in 2012. Xe[\og\Zkjkf^iX[lXk\`e)'()%

"#))++)*'& Shirar Patterson +0 ##*'&'.&+'.& Staff Liaison, Downtown

&!'))+&)*"#( Bangor Partnership

,*#&**'&'%# Business & Economic -$'(%&+1 ) Development Officer #+/'  &!') City of Bangor Shirar Patterson, 32, is the spark J_`iXiGXkk\ijfe#*)#`jk_\jgXib behind downtown Bangor's Y\_`e[[fnekfne9Xe^fiĂ&#x2039;j revitalization. Patterson has taken i\m`kXc`qXk`fe%GXkk\ijfe_XjkXb\e promoting downtown to a new level gifdfk`e^[fnekfnekfXe\nc\m\c and is making a difference in how the Xe[`jdXb`e^X[`]]\i\eZ\`e_fnk_\ city is perceived. Z`kp`jg\iZ\`m\[% She works with a diverse array of J_\nfibjn`k_X[`m\ij\XiiXpf] stakeholders to build consensus jkXb\_fc[\ijkfYl`c[Zfej\ejlj and implement initiatives that serve Xe[`dgc\d\ek`e`k`Xk`m\jk_Xkj\im\ to make Bangor more attractive to kfdXb\9Xe^fidfi\XkkiXZk`m\kf business, residents and visitors. She is Ylj`e\jj#i\j`[\ekjXe[m`j`kfij%J_\`j a graduate of the University of Maine X^iX[lXk\f]k_\Le`m\ij`kpf]DX`e\ and has experience in municipal Xe[_Xj\og\i`\eZ\`edle`Z`gXc government, nonprofit and higher ^fm\ied\ek#efegifĂ&#x201D;kXe[_`^_\i education. \[lZXk`fe%

Wendy L. Ayotte &/ /'++ Vice President/ #)*#&+ Comptroller '%(+)'$$) Casco Bay Ford *' /') Wendy Ayotte recently combined her N\e[p8pfkk\i\Z\ekcpZfdY`e\[_\i position with Casco Bay Ford and her gfj`k`fen`k_:XjZf9Xp=fi[Xe[_\i civic role as Yarmouth Chamber of Z`m`Zifc\XjPXidflk_:_XdY\if] Commerce Vice President to persuade :fdd\iZ\M`Z\Gi\j`[\ekkfg\ijlX[\ the Ford Motor Company to donate a k_\=fi[Dfkfi:fdgXepkf[feXk\X vehicle for the 2011 Yarmouth Clam m\_`Zc\]fik_\)'((PXidflk_:cXd Festival, a fund-raiser for many =\jk`mXc#X]le[$iX`j\i]fidXep worthy local organizations. Her nfik_pcfZXcfi^Xe`qXk`fej%?\i professional accomplishments include gif]\jj`feXcXZZfdgc`j_d\ekj`eZcl[\ being part of the senior management Y\`e^gXikf]k_\j\e`fidXeX^\d\ek team when the dealership won the k\Xdn_\ek_\[\Xc\ij_`gnfek_\ Beacon Award. Ayotte is a major 9\XZfe8nXi[%8pfkk\`jXdXafi volunteer fund-raiser for Big Brothers/ mfclek\\i]le[$iX`j\i]fi9`^9ifk_\ij& Big Sisters and also volunteers for a 9`^J`jk\ijXe[Xcjfmfclek\\ij]fiX number of youth-and school-related eldY\if]pflk_$Xe[jZ_ffc$i\cXk\[ activities. XZk`m`k`\j%



GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3E26 $5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


David Gulak    Manager

 Barrels Community Market "  David Gulak, 30, manages Barrels ;Xm`[>lcXb#*'#dXeX^\j9Xii\cj Community Market in Waterville. The :fddle`kpDXib\k`eNXk\im`cc\%K_\ nonprofit comiiiunity market sells locally efegif]`kZfddle`kpdXib\kj\ccjcfZXccp produced goods at affordable prices, offers gif[lZ\[^ff[jXkX]]fi[XYc\gi`Z\j#f]]\ij educational and volunteer opportunities, \[lZXk`feXcXe[mfclek\\ifggfikle`k`\j# and provides a community event space. Xe[gifm`[\jXZfddle`kp\m\ekjgXZ\% A team of branding specialists quoted in 8k\Xdf]YiXe[`e^jg\Z`Xc`jkjhlfk\[`e the Waterville Sentinel remarked, "The k_\NXk\im`cc\J\ek`e\ci\dXib\[#Ă&#x2C6;K_\ market, created by Waterville Main Street, dXib\k#Zi\Xk\[YpNXk\im`cc\DX`eJki\\k# is ail example of an asset that communities `jXe\oXdgc\f]XeXjj\kk_XkZfddle`k`\j all over the country would love to have." Xccfm\ik_\Zflekipnflc[cfm\kf_Xm\%Ă&#x2030; Barrels flourishes thanks to David's 9Xii\cj]cfli`j_\jk_Xebjkf;Xm`[Ă&#x2039;j leadership, hard work, and the great team c\X[\ij_`g#_Xi[nfib#Xe[k_\^i\Xkk\Xd he has gathered. _\_Xj^Xk_\i\[% David has worked with MaiiieGeneral ;Xm`[_Xjnfib\[n`k_DX`e\>\e\iXc to incorporate local food into the hospital kf`eZfigfiXk\cfZXc]ff[`ekfk_\_fjg`kXc system and also works in local schools. jpjk\dXe[Xcjfnfibj`ecfZXcjZ_ffcj%

Shannon Haines   Executive Director ! Waterville Main Street,    Maine International

  Film Festival   Thanks to her work to revitalize K_Xebjkf_\infibkfi\m`kXc`q\ Waterville's downtown, Shannon NXk\im`cc\Ă&#x2039;j[fnekfne#J_Xeefe Haines has twice been invited to ?X`e\j_Xjkn`Z\Y\\e`em`k\[kf present at the National Main Street gi\j\ekXkk_\EXk`feXcDX`eJki\\k Program conference. Haines created Gif^iXdZfe]\i\eZ\%?X`e\jZi\Xk\[ one of Central Maine's most successful fe\f]:\ekiXcDX`e\Ă&#x2039;jdfjkjlZZ\jj]lc farmers' markets, helped launch Barrels ]Xid\ijĂ&#x2039;dXib\kj#_\cg\[cXleZ_9Xii\cj Community Market, and was a founding :fddle`kpDXib\k#Xe[nXjX]fle[`e^ member of KV Connect, a networking d\dY\if]BM:fee\Zk#Xe\knfib`e^ group for young professionals. ^iflg]fipfle^gif]\jj`feXcj% Haines has directed the Maine ?X`e\j_Xj[`i\Zk\[k_\DX`e\ International Film Festival for nine years, @ek\ieXk`feXc=`cd=\jk`mXc]fie`e\p\Xij# and serves or has served on the boards of Xe[j\im\jfi_Xjj\im\[fek_\YfXi[jf] Kennebec Messalonskee Trails and the B\ee\Y\ZD\jjXcfejb\\KiX`cjXe[k_\ Waterville Regional Arts and Cultural NXk\im`cc\I\^`feXc8ikjXe[:lckliXc Center. :\ek\i%

Marc Pitman

  Founder  The mission of Marc Pitman's K_\d`jj`fef]DXiZG`kdXeĂ&#x2039;j business is helping nonprofit and Ylj`e\jj`j_\cg`e^efegifĂ&#x201D; kXe[ philanthropic organizations become g_`cXek_ifg`Zfi^Xe`qXk`fejY\Zfd\ self-sustaining. Outside of his j\c]$jljkX`e`e^%Flkj`[\f]_`j business, Pitman, 39, of Waterville, Ylj`e\jj#G`kdXe#*0#f]NXk\im`cc\# is helping make Maine a better place `j_\cg`e^dXb\DX`e\XY\kk\igcXZ\ by managing political campaigns YpdXeX^`e^gfc`k`ZXcZXdgX`^ej and serving on local boards such as Xe[j\im`e^fecfZXcYfXi[jjlZ_Xj United Way of Mid-Maine and serving Le`k\[NXpf]D`[$DX`e\Xe[j\im`e^ local public libraries. His third book, cfZXcglYc`Zc`YiXi`\j%?`jk_`i[Yffb# "Ask Without Fear! for Librarians," Ă&#x2C6;8jbN`k_flk=\Xi]fiC`YiXi`Xej#Ă&#x2030; is inspired by his work with Maine `j`ejg`i\[Yp_`jnfibn`k_DX`e\ librarians. When not helping raise c`YiXi`Xej%N_\eefk_\cg`e^iX`j\ millions for charity, Pitman enjoys d`cc`fej]fiZ_Xi`kp#G`kdXe\eafpj spending time with his wife and three jg\e[`e^k`d\n`k__`jn`]\Xe[k_i\\ children, brewing beer, reading and Z_`c[i\e#Yi\n`e^Y\\i#i\X[`e^Xe[ good coffee. ^ff[Zf]]\\%


Megan Williams

 Executive Director ! Hardy Girls

"  Healthy Women

" Megan Williams, 29, heads up Hardy D\^XeN`cc`Xdj#)0#_\X[jlg?Xi[p Girls Healthy Women, a national, >`icj?\Xck_pNfd\e#XeXk`feXc# research-based nonprofit empowering i\j\XiZ_$YXj\[efegifĂ&#x201D; k\dgfn\i`e^ girls with knowledge, critical thinking ^`icjn`k_befnc\[^\#Zi`k`ZXck_`eb`e^ skills and a platform to drive social jb`ccjXe[XgcXk]fidkf[i`m\jfZ`Xc change. She's been the executive Z_Xe^\%J_\Ă&#x2039;jY\\ek_\\o\Zlk`m\ director for five years. Recently, she [`i\Zkfi]fiĂ&#x201D; m\p\Xij%I\Z\ekcp#j_\ held a summer institute at Colby _\c[Xjldd\i`ejk`klk\Xk:fcYp College for participants who came :fcc\^\]figXik`Z`gXekjn_fZXd\ from as far away as Germany and ]ifdXj]XiXnXpXj>\idXepXe[ Hong Kong. Megan has embraced the ?fe^Bfe^%D\^Xe_Xj\dYiXZ\[k_\ opportunity to engage girls in social fggfikle`kpkf\e^X^\^`icj`ejfZ`Xc change using technology and social Z_Xe^\lj`e^k\Z_efcf^pXe[jfZ`Xc media in a way that the founders of the d\[`X`eXnXpk_Xkk_\]fle[\ijf]k_\ organization imagined but could not fi^Xe`qXk`fe`dX^`e\[YlkZflc[efk have pulled off themselves. _Xm\glcc\[f]]k_\dj\cm\j%

HA ¼¤_ MF 37¤AU\¼££A ¼V SUMW@ ¤M UA>MGK¼`A ¤HAVA A]>AS¤¼MK7£ ¼K@¼\¼@W7£V FMU ¤HA¼U VW>>AVVAV 7K@ >MK¤U¼=W¤¼MKV ¤M MWU >MJJWK¼¤_a 7\¼@W£7Id+H7KKMK7¼KAVd7U>(¼¤J7Kd7K@AG7K 3¼££¼7JVb ,HA_ ^A££ UASUAVAK¤ ¤HA ¤UW£_ F¼KA _MWKG £A7@AUV ¤H7¤ 37¤AU\¼££A¼V£W>I_¤MH7\Ab££H7\A@¼V¤¼KGW¼VHA@¤HAJVA£\AV^¼¤H¼K MWU>MJJWK¼¤_7K@H7\AVA¤H¼GHV¤7K@7U@VFMUM¤HAUV¤MFM££M^b

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E27 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3 %

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Becky McKinnell * !! Owner, iBec Creative (!##%' Since starting her company right out J`eZ\jkXik`e^_\iZfdgXepi`^_kflk of college, Becky McKinnell has led f]Zfcc\^\#9\ZbpDZB`ee\cc_Xjc\[ the way in innovative Web design. k_\nXp`e`eefmXk`m\N\Y[\j`^e% Recognizing the importance of mobile I\Zf^e`q`e^k_\`dgfikXeZ\f]dfY`c\ Web sites, McKinnell, 27, employs N\Yj`k\j#DZB`ee\cc#).#\dgcfpj dedicated developers to help clients [\[`ZXk\[[\m\cfg\ijkf_\cgZc`\ekj reach customers via mobile devices. i\XZ_Zljkfd\ijm`XdfY`c\[\m`Z\j% McKinnell has doubled the size of DZB`ee\cc_Xj[flYc\[k_\j`q\f] her company each year for the past _\iZfdgXep\XZ_p\Xi]fik_\gXjk three years and now employs eight k_i\\p\XijXe[efn\dgcfpj\`^_k people in Portland. McKinnell serves g\fgc\`eGfikcXe[%DZB`ee\ccj\im\j on the board of Port Resources and fek_\YfXi[f]GfikI\jfliZ\jXe[ Tech Maine. She is also active in K\Z_DX`e\%J_\`jXcjfXZk`m\`e PROPEL, Maine Center for Enterprise GIFG<C#DX`e\:\ek\i]fi<ek\igi`j\ Development, Port Resources and the ;\m\cfgd\ek#GfikI\jfliZ\jXe[k_\ Maine Women's Network. DX`e\Nfd\eĂ&#x2039;jE\knfib%

Geoffrey Iacuessa

"+ #* &$$ )&%'#$!% Executive Vice President,

!#!# General Manager "#%!"$ Portland Sea Dogs After starting with the Portland Sea 8]k\ijkXik`e^n`k_k_\GfikcXe[J\X Dogs 10 years ago as an intern out of ;f^j('p\XijX^fXjXe`ek\ieflkf] the UMass,, Geoffrey Iacuessa was k_\LDXjj##>\f]]i\p@XZl\jjXnXj named the Executive Vice President and eXd\[k_\<o\Zlk`m\M`Z\Gi\j`[\ekXe[ General Manager in 2010. >\e\iXcDXeX^\i`e)'('%

Adam&# Burk  )&%'#%"# Executive Director,  )#"#"# TEDxDirigo/ Program ""#!%"#"#&$%! Coordinator for Sustainable " &!%* % Community Health, PROP

He previously worked as the team's ?\gi\m`fljcpnfib\[Xjk_\k\XdĂ&#x2039;j Assistant General Manager/Sales and 8jj`jkXek>\e\iXcDXeX^\i&JXc\jXe[ Marketing. DXib\k`e^%

Adam Burk has brought restorative 8[Xd9lib_XjYifl^_ki\jkfiXk`m\ justice to homeless youth and addressed aljk`Z\kf_fd\c\jjpflk_Xe[X[[i\jj\[ sustainability in social services in jljkX`eXY`c`kp`ejfZ`Xcj\im`Z\j`e Portland. Most recently, he has helped GfikcXe[%Dfjki\Z\ekcp#_\_Xj_\cg\[ Cumberland County communities :ldY\icXe[:flekpZfddle`k`\j become healthier, through policy, Y\Zfd\_\Xck_`\i#k_ifl^_gfc`Zp# systems, and environmental change. jpjk\dj#Xe[\em`ifed\ekXcZ_Xe^\%

This most recent fiscal year, Iaoiessa, K_`jdfjki\Z\ekĂ&#x201D; jZXcp\Xi#@XZl\jjX# 32, served as president of the board of the *)#j\im\[Xjgi\j`[\ekf]k_\YfXi[f]k_\ Maine Children's Cancer Program and DX`e\:_`c[i\eĂ&#x2039;j:XeZ\iGif^iXdXe[ navigated the Sea Dogs to raising more eXm`^Xk\[k_\J\X;f^jkfiX`j`e^dfi\ than $4 million for the MCCP. He also k_Xe+d`cc`fe]fik_\D::G%?\Xcjf puts on the hugely successful Mother's glkjfek_\_l^\cpjlZZ\jj]lcDfk_\iĂ&#x2039;j Day and Father's Day SK Road Races, ;XpXe[=Xk_\iĂ&#x2039;j;Xp,BIfX[IXZ\j# benefiting breast cancer research and Y\e\Ă&#x201D; k`e^Yi\XjkZXeZ\ii\j\XiZ_Xe[ prostate cancer research respectively. gifjkXk\ZXeZ\ii\j\XiZ_i\jg\Zk`m\cp%

In 2010, Burk, 31, launched @e)'('#9lib#*(#cXleZ_\[ TEDxDirigo, bringing the TEDx K<;o;`i`^f#Yi`e^`e^k_\K<;o platform for spreading "ideas worth gcXk]fid]fijgi\X[`e^Ă&#x2C6;`[\Xjnfik_ sharing" to Maine. He has led this j_Xi`e^Ă&#x2030;kfDX`e\%?\_Xjc\[k_`j initiative as a volunteer. TEDxDirigo `e`k`Xk`m\XjXmfclek\\i%K<;o;`i`^f gives visionaries and leaders the ^`m\jm`j`feXi`\jXe[c\X[\ijk_\ opportunity to share ideas at an annual fggfikle`kpkfj_Xi\`[\XjXkXeXeelXc conference and through videos on Zfe]\i\eZ\Xe[k_ifl^_m`[\fjfe YouTube. PflKlY\%

Amanda O'Brien  !#! #$!% Vice President  !%#!%#%! Hall Internet Marketing Amanda O'Brien, 32, is making 8dXe[XFĂ&#x2039;9i`\e#*)#`jdXb`e^ social media and Internet marketing jfZ`Xcd\[`XXe[@ek\ie\kdXib\k`e^ more accessible through her Social dfi\XZZ\jj`Yc\k_ifl^__\iJfZ`Xc Media Breakfasts, which bring D\[`X9i\Xb]Xjkj#n_`Z_Yi`e^ together 90-150 people each month kf^\k_\i0'$(,'g\fgc\\XZ_dfek_ in Portland to discuss a topic from in `eGfikcXe[kf[`jZljjXkfg`Z]ifd`e and around the social media space. Xe[Xifle[k_\jfZ`Xcd\[`XjgXZ\% She's also been instrumental in the J_\Ă&#x2039;jXcjfY\\e`ejkild\ekXc`ek_\ growth of her company, Hall Internet ^ifnk_f]_\iZfdgXep#?Xcc@ek\ie\k Marketing. When she's not working, DXib\k`e^%N_\ej_\Ă&#x2039;jefknfib`e^# O'Brien enjoys spending time with FĂ&#x2039;9i`\e\eafpjjg\e[`e^k`d\n`k_ her husband exploring Maine and _\i_ljYXe[\ogcfi`e^DX`e\Xe[ showing it off to out-of-state guests. j_fn`e^`kf]]kfflk$f]$jkXk\^l\jkj% She also loves spending time with J_\Xcjfcfm\jjg\e[`e^k`d\n`k_ her dogs, running, traveling, boating, _\i[f^j#ilee`e^#kiXm\c`e^#YfXk`e^# skiing, eating good food and drinking jb``e^#\Xk`e^^ff[]ff[Xe[[i`eb`e^ good wine. ^ff[n`e\%

Congratulations!    to Becky McKinnell of iBec Creative and all the Forty Under 40 winners!           Remarkable, talented businesspeople deserve to have their stories told. You are            an inspiration and example. At Broadreach Public Relations, we appreciate the


       opportunity to help spread the news.  


Vision beyond the horizon   

GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3E28 &5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Josh Davis !$! Gelato Fiasco "! Josh Davis is co-founder and co-owner Afj_;Xm`j`jZf$]fle[\iXe[Zf$fne\i (with Bruno Tropeano)f]>\cXkf of Gelato n`k_9ilefKifg\Xef Fiasco in Brunswick, an artisanal =`XjZf`e9ilejn`Zb#XeXik`jXeXc Italian gelato and sorbetto shop. Since @kXc`Xe^\cXkfXe[jfiY\kkfj_fg%J`eZ\ January 2010, Gelato Fiasco has grown AXelXip)'('#>\cXkf=`XjZf_Xj^ifne more than 200 percent in in-store dfi\k_Xe)''g\iZ\ek`e`e$jkfi\ sales, and is now found in about 100 jXc\j#Xe[`jefn]fle[`eXYflk('' restaurants and grocery markets, from i\jkXliXekjXe[^ifZ\ipdXib\kj#]ifd small independents to Hannaford jdXcc`e[\g\e[\ekjkf?XeeX]fi[ supermarkets. jlg\idXib\kj% Gelato Fiasco contributes product gift >\cXkf=`XjZfZfeki`Ylk\jgif[lZk^`]k cards to many organizations seeking ZXi[jkfdXepfi^Xe`qXk`fejj\\b`e^ fund-raising sponsorship, and directly ]le[$iX`j`e^jgfejfij_`g#Xe[[`i\Zkcp supports the Brunswick Teen Center. jlggfikjk_\9ilejn`ZbK\\e:\ek\i% Gelato Fiasco and Davis, 28, have been >\cXkf=`XjZfXe[;Xm`j#)/#_Xm\Y\\e featured in Bentley College's alumni ]\Xkli\[`e9\ekc\p:fcc\^\Ă&#x2039;jXclde` news, the Rachael Ray magazine as a e\nj#k_\IXZ_X\cIXpdX^Xq`e\XjX "top pick," and in Downeast Magazine Ă&#x2C6;kfgg`Zb#Ă&#x2030;Xe[`e;fne\XjkDX^Xq`e\ as "the premier gelateria in Maine." XjĂ&#x2C6;k_\gi\d`\i^\cXk\i`X`eDX`e\%Ă&#x2030;

Sean Wilkinson ! Principal    Forge In 2010, Sean Wilkinson, 33, and @e)'('#J\XeN`cb`ejfe#**#Xe[ two colleagues formed Forge, a small knfZfcc\X^l\j]fid\[=fi^\#XjdXcc branding and design firm whose YiXe[`e^Xe[[\j`^eĂ&#x201D; idn_fj\ innovative approach and solid design `eefmXk`m\XggifXZ_Xe[jfc`[[\j`^e is winning an impressive range of `jn`ee`e^Xe`dgi\jj`m\iXe^\f] local and national clients. Outside the cfZXcXe[eXk`feXcZc`\ekj%Flkj`[\k_\ agency Wilkinson is the incoming X^\eZp#N`cb`ejfe`jk_\`eZfd`e^ president of the Maine chapter of gi\j`[\ekf]k_\DX`e\Z_Xgk\if] AIGA and formerly a facilitator of 8@>8Xe[]fid\icpX]XZ`c`kXkfif] Designlnquiry, an alternative design ;\j`^e@ehl`ip#XeXck\ieXk`m\[\j`^e conference on Vinalhaven.. He is one Zfe]\i\eZ\feM`eXc_Xm\e%%?\`jfe\ of the founders of Picnic, a biannual f]k_\]fle[\ijf]G`Ze`Z#XY`XeelXc alternative craft fair, and is an adjunct Xck\ieXk`m\ZiX]k]X`i#Xe[`jXeX[aleZk professor at Maine College of Art, gif]\jjfiXkDX`e\:fcc\^\f]8ik# where he studied and which remains a n_\i\_\jkl[`\[Xe[n_`Z_i\dX`ejX big influence professionally Y`^`eĂ&#x2022; l\eZ\gif]\jj`feXccp%

Benjamin Fowlie % # " Founder, Director  " " Camden International !"$ Film Festival Benjamin Fowlie founded and 9\eaXd`e=fnc`\]fle[\[Xe[ directs the seven-year-old Camden [`i\Zkjk_\j\m\e$p\Xi$fc[:Xd[\e International Film Festival, recently @ek\ieXk`feXc=`cd=\jk`mXc#i\Z\ekcp recognized in the second edition of i\Zf^e`q\[`ek_\j\Zfe[\[`k`fef] the Top 25 Film Festivals in the world k_\Kfg),=`cd=\jk`mXcj`ek_\nfic[ for documentaries. Fowlie, 31, is co]fi[fZld\ekXi`\j%=fnc`\#*(#`jZf$ founder of the Points North Forum, a ]fle[\if]k_\Gf`ekjEfik_=fild#X festival component that includes past ]\jk`mXcZfdgfe\ekk_Xk`eZcl[\jgXjk participants from HBO, BBC, Tribeca, gXik`Z`gXekj]ifd?9F#99:#Ki`Y\ZX# Sundance, ITVS, and PBS. Jle[XeZ\#@KMJ#Xe[G9J% Recently, Fowlie was included in I\Z\ekcp#=fnc`\nXj`eZcl[\[`e Thorn Powers' "20 Under 40: Industry K_fdGfn\ijĂ&#x2039;Ă&#x2C6;)'Le[\i+'1@e[ljkip Leaders To Watch Out For." He is a C\X[\ijKfNXkZ_Flk=fi%Ă&#x2030;?\`jX co-founder and programmer for The Zf$]fle[\iXe[gif^iXdd\i]fiK_\ DocYard, a series at the Brattle Theatre ;fZPXi[#Xj\i`\jXkk_\9iXkkc\K_\Xki\ in Cambridge, Mass., and serves as a `e:XdYi`[^\#DXjj%#Xe[j\im\jXjX JLiror at film festivals worldwide. alifiXkĂ&#x201D; cd]\jk`mXcjnfic[n`[\%

Erik Hayward   &%   !" Vice President

 #" Libra Foundation Erik Hayward, 28, graduated from <i`b?XpnXi[#)/#^iX[lXk\[]ifd Yale in 2004 with a major in economics, PXc\`e)''+n`k_XdXafi`e\Zfefd`Zj# and joined the Libra Foundation Xe[af`e\[k_\C`YiX=fle[Xk`fe full-time upon graduation. Within the ]lcc$k`d\lgfe^iX[lXk`fe%N`k_`ek_\ last two years he has been designated cXjkknfp\Xij_\_XjY\\e[\j`^eXk\[ executive manager of Pineland Farms \o\Zlk`m\dXeX^\if]G`e\cXe[=Xidj Produce division (aka Gillespie Farms Gif[lZ\[`m`j`feXbX>`cc\jg`\=Xidj Division)`eE\n>cflZ\jk\i2Y\\e in New Gloucester; been ;`m`j`fe elected a director of Pineland Farms \c\Zk\[X[`i\Zkfif]G`e\cXe[=Xidj Potato Company in Mars Hill, a $25 GfkXkf:fdgXep`eDXij?`cc#X), million company with 100 employees; d`cc`feZfdgXepn`k_(''\dgcfp\\j2 and been elected a trustee of the Maine Xe[Y\\e\c\Zk\[Xkiljk\\f]k_\DX`e\ Maritime Museum. A co-founder of DXi`k`d\Dlj\ld%8Zf$]fle[\if] the Libra Future Fund, established to k_\C`YiX=lkli\=le[#\jkXYc`j_\[kf keep young entrepreneLirs in Maine, b\\gpfle^\eki\gi\e\lij`eDX`e\# Hayward founded Libra's "Summer ?XpnXi[]fle[\[C`YiXĂ&#x2039;jĂ&#x2C6;Jldd\i In Maine" program, which has more @eDX`e\Ă&#x2030;gif^iXd#n_`Z__Xjdfi\ than 100 interns in high-profile Maine k_Xe(''`ek\iej`e_`^_$gifĂ&#x201D; c\DX`e\ companies. ZfdgXe`\j%

A Dash of Diva: DivaTini2 Challenge      Divas! Grab your dude or your BFF and get ready to party!          Join us to vote for Greater Portland's Best DivaTini.      The winner will be the signature drink for! " A Dash of% !"#$# Diva: Girls' Night Out 2011. &!&#"#$!!

How can I get a taste? 

    Visit any of the fine establishments, sample their '(#,$(#'(!'"#(''"%!(& ORIGINAL DivaTini for $5, vote for your favorites and   *#$& *$($&,$)&*$&('# then join us on August 12 for the DivaTini2 Gala (# $#)'$# ))'( $&( *# ! where the 2 0 1 1 DivaTini winner will be announced! +&(   *#+##&+!!##$)#

Gala-goers can enjoy a sample of each DivaTini !$&'## $,'"%!$ *# hors d'oeuvres, DJ music and dancing, -finalist, #!'($&'$)*&' ")'### all for only $20. !!$&$#!,  Tickets are limited. Get yours by calling #"!##' $!"now &' 791-6000 or emailing  !##" # ' 

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E29 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3 '

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Brian Rayback "( Partner

"$" Pierce Atwood LLP


As an attorney, Brian Rayback, 37, 8jXeXkkfie\p#9i`XeIXpYXZb#*.# helps clients navigate environmental _\cgjZc`\ekjeXm`^Xk\\em`ifed\ekXc regulations by balancing business i\^lcXk`fejYpYXcXeZ`e^Ylj`e\jj needs with environmental protection e\\[jn`k_\em`ifed\ekXcgifk\Zk`fe at the federal, state and local levels. Xkk_\]\[\iXc#jkXk\Xe[cfZXcc\m\cj% He provides advice to businesses in ?\gifm`[\jX[m`Z\kfYlj`e\jj\j`e regulatory, legislative and judicial i\^lcXkfip#c\^`jcXk`m\Xe[al[`Z`Xc proceedings involving an array of gifZ\\[`e^j`emfcm`e^XeXiiXpf] environmental and land-use issues, \em`ifed\ekXcXe[cXe[$lj\`jjl\j# including natural resources, air and `eZcl[`e^eXkliXci\jfliZ\j#X`iXe[ water pollution, and development nXk\igfcclk`fe#Xe[[\m\cfgd\ek laws. He is a member of the board of cXnj%?\`jXd\dY\if]k_\YfXi[f] directors for the Biodiversity Research [`i\Zkfij]fik_\9`f[`m\ij`kpI\j\XiZ_ Institute in Gorham, whose mission is @ejk`klk\`e>fi_Xd#n_fj\d`jj`fe`j to assess emerging threats to wildlife kfXjj\jj\d\i^`e^k_i\Xkjkfn`c[c`]\ and ecosystems, and to use scientific Xe[\Zfjpjk\dj#Xe[kflj\jZ`\ek`Ă&#x201D; Z to advance environmental Ă&#x201D;findings e[`e^jkfX[mXeZ\\em`ifed\ekXc awareness and inform decisionXnXi\e\jjXe[`e]fid[\Z`j`fe$ makers. dXb\ij%

Erica Quin-Easter " %#$" Microenterprise

" $"!"# Coordinator  "$ " Maine Centers for" Women,

$"#  Work and Community  " %$( Erica Quin-Easter, 34, may best be <i`ZXHl`e$<Xjk\i#*+#dXpY\jkY\ described as a Renaissance woman. On [\jZi`Y\[XjXI\eX`jjXeZ\nfdXe%Fe the job in Presque Isle as microenterprise k_\afY`eGi\jhl\@jc\Xjd`Zif\ek\igi`j\ coordinator with Women, Work, Zffi[`eXkfin`k_Nfd\e#Nfib# and Community, she's busy helping Xe[:fddle`kp#j_\Ă&#x2039;jYljp_\cg`e^ entrepreneurs develop the skills and \eki\gi\e\lij[\m\cfgk_\jb`ccjXe[ resources they need to grow sustainable, i\jfliZ\jk_\pe\\[kf^ifnjljkX`eXYc\# successful ventures. She's also a jlZZ\jj]lcm\ekli\j%J_\Ă&#x2039;jXcjfX composer whose collaborative choral Zfdgfj\in_fj\ZfccXYfiXk`m\Z_fiXc composition, "(F)light: a borderlands Zfdgfj`k`fe#Ă&#x2C6;= c`^_k1XYfi[\icXe[j song cycle," was premiered by Women in jfe^ZpZc\#Ă&#x2030;nXjgi\d`\i\[YpNfd\e`e Harmony in their May concert. Quin?Xidfep`ek_\`iDXpZfeZ\ik%Hl`e$ Easter is working toward a doctorate in <Xjk\i`jnfib`e^kfnXi[X[fZkfiXk\`e Canadian-American history and lives in :XeX[`Xe$8d\i`ZXe_`jkfipXe[c`m\j`e Caribou on a 20-acre horse farm with her :Xi`YflfeX)'$XZi\_fij\]Xidn`k__\i wife Kate Quin-Easter. n`]\BXk\Hl`e$<Xjk\i%

Steve Sawczyn $&')( Owner, Assistive Technology '"###$&  ( Services of  Maine "&# As owner of Assistive Technology 8jfne\if]8jj`jk`m\K\Z_efcf^p Services of Maine, Steve Sawczyn, 35, J\im`Z\jf]DX`e\#Jk\m\JXnZqpe#*,# raises awareness of disability issues iX`j\jXnXi\e\jjf][`jXY`c`kp`jjl\j and provides training/consultation Xe[gifm`[\jkiX`e`e^&ZfejlckXk`fe to individuals with disabilities, kf`e[`m`[lXcjn`k_[`jXY`c`k`\j# empowering them to become or \dgfn\i`e^k_\dkfY\Zfd\fi remain employed. He works with i\dX`e\dgcfp\[%?\nfibjn`k_ business, state/local government to Ylj`e\jj#jkXk\&cfZXc^fm\ied\ekkf ensure accessibility in the workplace \ejli\XZZ\jj`Y`c`kp`ek_\nfibgcXZ\ and to distill misinformation about Xe[kf[`jk`ccd`j`e]fidXk`feXYflk the possibilities afforded the disabled. k_\gfjj`Y`c`k`\jX]]fi[\[k_\[`jXYc\[% Sawczyn has provided assistive JXnZqpe_Xjgifm`[\[Xjj`jk`m\ technology training directly to people k\Z_efcf^pkiX`e`e^[`i\Zkcpkfg\fgc\ with disabilities, building their n`k_[`jXY`c`k`\j#Yl`c[`e^k_\`i confidence and computer literacy. He ZfeĂ&#x201D; [\eZ\Xe[Zfdglk\ic`k\iXZp%?\ also has worked with organizations Xcjf_Xjnfib\[n`k_fi^Xe`qXk`fej to create accessible Web sites and kfZi\Xk\XZZ\jj`Yc\N\Yj`k\jXe[ information to level the playing field `e]fidXk`fekfc\m\ck_\gcXp`e^Ă&#x201D; \c[ between the disabled and non-disabled. Y\kn\\ek_\[`jXYc\[Xe[efe$[`jXYc\[%

We are proud to 7EAREPROUDTO

CONGRATULATE #/.'2!45,!4%

partner, Brian Rayback, on being named Oour URPARTNER "RIAN2AYBACK ONBEINGNAMED to the Forty Under 40, for his contributions TOTHE&ORTY5NDER FORHISCONTRIBUTIONS to environmental business law in Maine. TOENVIRONMENTALBUSINESSLAWIN-AINE

Liz Smith )$ Senior"## Associate  $ in Marketing and  "$ Communications  %$ # United Way of $( Greater Portland "$"

"$ Liz Smith, 31, manages everything C`qJd`k_#*(#dXeX^\j\m\ipk_`e^ from developing collateral materials ]ifd[\m\cfg`e^ZfccXk\iXcdXk\i`Xcj to celebratory events that enhance kfZ\c\YiXkfip\m\ekjk_Xk\e_XeZ\ United Way's relationship with donors, Le`k\[NXpĂ&#x2039;ji\cXk`fej_`gn`k_[fefij# advocates, volunteers and the Greater X[mfZXk\j#mfclek\\ijXe[k_\>i\Xk\i Portland community. Her opinion and GfikcXe[Zfddle`kp%?\ifg`e`feXe[ insight are respected not only within `ej`^_kXi\i\jg\Zk\[efkfecpn`k_`e her organization, but also within the _\ifi^Xe`qXk`fe#YlkXcjfn`k_`ek_\ communications agencies she works Zfddle`ZXk`fejX^\eZ`\jj_\nfibj with. Smith is a member of PROPEL, n`k_%Jd`k_`jXd\dY\if]GIFG<C# Maine Public Relations Council and the DX`e\GlYc`ZI\cXk`fej:fleZ`cXe[k_\ Maine Red Claw's Young Leaders Group. DX`e\I\[:cXnĂ&#x2039;jPfle^C\X[\ij>iflg% She also was recently elected public J_\XcjfnXji\Z\ekcp\c\Zk\[glYc`Z relations vice president of the Junior i\cXk`fejm`Z\gi\j`[\ekf]k_\Ale`fi League of Portland board of directors. C\X^l\f]GfikcXe[YfXi[f][`i\Zkfij%

E30 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3!5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Jenna Vendil

  !! "! ' Grassroots Organizer  " Planned Parenthood   "  % of Northern New England Jenna Vendil, 26, is one of Portland's A\eeXM\e[`c#)-#`jfe\f]GfikcXe[Ă&#x2039;j youngest emerging leaders as a pfle^\jk\d\i^`e^c\X[\ijXjX policymaker, public official, advocate gfc`ZpdXb\i#glYc`Zf]Ă&#x201D; Z`Xc#X[mfZXk\ and organizer. She has made positive Xe[fi^Xe`q\i%J_\_XjdX[\gfj`k`m\ impacts as a leader by empowering `dgXZkjXjXc\X[\iYp\dgfn\i`e^ young people to become involved in pfle^g\fgc\kfY\Zfd\`emfcm\[`e politics and in their communities, gfc`k`ZjXe[`ek_\`iZfddle`k`\j# engaging citizens and by working \e^X^`e^Z`k`q\ejXe[Ypnfib`e^ to create opportunities and reduce kfZi\Xk\fggfikle`k`\jXe[i\[lZ\ inequality in Maine. Vendil is a role `e\hlXc`kp`eDX`e\%M\e[`c`jXifc\ model to young people who are looking df[\ckfpfle^g\fgc\n_fXi\cffb`e^ for ways to make a difference, whether it ]finXpjkfdXb\X[`]]\i\eZ\#n_\k_\i`k be Ă&#x201D;fighting for women's access to health Y\ ^_k`e^]finfd\eĂ&#x2039;jXZZ\jjkf_\Xck_ care or engaging community members ZXi\fi\e^X^`e^Zfddle`kpd\dY\ij on how to improve public education. fe_fnkf`dgifm\glYc`Z\[lZXk`fe%

Matthew Siegel ""%  " Medical Director $" Developmental !  !Program   Disorders      !" Spring Harbor Hospital Since being employed at Spring Harbor J`eZ\Y\`e^\dgcfp\[XkJgi`e^?XiYfi Hospital, Dr. Matthew Siegel, 39, has ?fjg`kXc#;i%DXkk_\nJ`\^\c#*0#_Xj made significant improvements in dX[\j`^e`]`ZXek`dgifm\d\ekj`e reshaping the Developmental Disorders i\j_Xg`e^k_\;\m\cfgd\ekXc;`jfi[\ij Program, which is becoming increasingly Gif^iXd#n_`Z_`jY\Zfd`e^`eZi\Xj`e^cp known and respected in Maine, New befneXe[i\jg\Zk\[`eDX`e\#E\n England and beyond. Outside of work, <e^cXe[Xe[Y\pfe[%Flkj`[\f]nfib# he serves on the board of directors of _\j\im\jfek_\YfXi[f][`i\Zkfijf] the Autism Society of Maine and is k_\8lk`jdJfZ`\kpf]DX`e\Xe[`j leading the effort to build the first Maine c\X[`e^k_\\]]fikkfYl`c[k_\]`ijkDX`e\ playground designed for children with gcXp^ifle[[\j`^e\[]fiZ_`c[i\en`k_ autism. He also has served on the State Xlk`jd%?\Xcjf_Xjj\im\[fek_\JkXk\ of Maine children's behavioral health f]DX`e\Z_`c[i\eĂ&#x2039;jY\_Xm`fiXc_\Xck_ evidence-based practice advisory group \m`[\eZ\$YXj\[giXZk`Z\X[m`jfip^iflg and the national child psychiatry practice Xe[k_\eXk`feXcZ_`c[gjpZ_`XkipgiXZk`Z\ guideline committee. ^l`[\c`e\Zfdd`kk\\%

David Herring, $   Jr. Executive Director &#"$ " Maine Huts & Trails  #"! !

Drew Johnson  % !  " " " Director, Strategic #"! " Communications, Octagon

David Herring Jr., 36, established Maine ;Xm`[?\ii`e^Ai%#*-#\jkXYc`j_\[DX`e\ Huts & Trails' sterling reputation with ?lkjKiX`cjĂ&#x2039;jk\ic`e^i\glkXk`fen`k_ donors, Legislature, community groups [fefij#C\^`jcXkli\#Zfddle`kp^iflgj and non-profits, and trade coalitions. Xe[efe$gifĂ&#x201D; kj#Xe[kiX[\ZfXc`k`fej% Under his leadership the organization Le[\i_`jc\X[\ij_`gk_\fi^Xe`qXk`fe has opened three backcountry lodges _Xjfg\e\[k_i\\YXZbZflekipcf[^\j and substantially secured more than Xe[jlYjkXek`Xccpj\Zli\[dfi\k_Xe 100 potential miles of trail and 1,000 (''gfk\ek`Xcd`c\jf]kiX`cXe[(#''' acres for public access. XZi\j]figlYc`ZXZZ\jj%

Drew Johnson has managed the public ;i\nAf_ejfe_XjdXeX^\[k_\glYc`Z relations efforts of top Olympic athletes i\cXk`fej\]]fikjf]kfgFcpdg`ZXk_c\k\j since 2004, helping gain Octagon j`eZ\)''+#_\cg`e^^X`eFZkX^fe recognition as the most successful i\Zf^e`k`feXjk_\dfjkjlZZ\jj]lc Olympic agency in the world, and Fcpdg`ZX^\eZp`ek_\nfic[#Xe[ played a significant role in generating gcXp\[Xj`^e`Ă&#x201D; ZXekifc\`e^\e\iXk`e^ more magazine covers and television dfi\dX^Xq`e\Zfm\ijXe[k\c\m`j`fe appearances for clients than any other Xgg\XiXeZ\j]fiZc`\ekjk_XeXepfk_\i PR specialist in the world. Johnson GIjg\Z`Xc`jk`ek_\nfic[%Af_ejfe managed Octagon's media and PR dXeX^\[FZkX^feĂ&#x2039;jd\[`XXe[GI at the Vancouver Olympic Games, Xkk_\MXeZflm\iFcpdg`Z>Xd\j# representing athletes including Maine i\gi\j\ek`e^Xk_c\k\j`eZcl[`e^DX`e\ gold medalist Seth Wescott. ^fc[d\[Xc`jkJ\k_N\jZfkk%

Herring led fund-raising of $8.5 ?\ii`e^c\[]le[$iX`j`e^f]/%, million without an existing donor base. d`cc`fen`k_flkXe\o`jk`e^[fefiYXj\% More than 3,000 youths have used Dfi\k_Xe*#'''pflk_j_Xm\lj\[ the huts or trails for recreation and k_\_lkjfikiX`cj]fii\Zi\Xk`feXe[ education. Herring is a volunteer guest \[lZXk`fe%?\ii`e^`jXmfclek\\i^l\jk lecturer at several Maine colleges. Maine c\Zkli\iXkj\m\iXcDX`e\Zfcc\^\j%DX`e\ Huts recently won the Governor's ?lkji\Z\ekcpnfek_\>fm\iefiĂ&#x2039;j Award for Innovation in Tourism. 8nXi[]fi@eefmXk`fe`eKfli`jd%

Johnson, 36, contributes his expertise Af_ejfe#*-#Zfeki`Ylk\j_`j\og\ik`j\ to charitable organizations including the kfZ_Xi`kXYc\fi^Xe`qXk`fej`eZcl[`e^k_\ Level Field Fund, the Michael Phelps C\m\c=`\c[=le[#k_\D`Z_X\cG_\cgj Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs of =fle[Xk`fe#k_\9fpj>`icj:clYjf] America, and Special Olympics. 8d\i`ZX#Xe[Jg\Z`XcFcpdg`Zj%

Spring Harbor Hospital congratulates %&#&$&$'%(!$#&()!(' Dr. Matthew Siegel, MD, on being honored &((+!$##$#$& as one of Maine 's.$&(-#& /"&#!&' "Forty Under 40" emerging leaders. '$#$# As Medical Director of the Developmental Disorders Treatment Unit

'!&($&$(*!$%"#(!'$&&'&("#(#( at Spring Harbor Hospital, Dr. Siegel leads a multi-disciplinary team of (%&#&$&$'%(!&!!'")!('%!#&-("$ clinicians and staff. He is passionate about working with children and !##'#'('%''$#($)(+$& #+(!&## their families; his vision for the program and his compassionate approach (&"!' '*'$#$&(%&$&"#'$"%''$#(%%&$ are an inspiration, and exemplify our mission at Spring Harbor Hospital. &##'%&($##,"%!-$)&"''$#(%&#&$&$'%(! Dr. Siegel leads the only program of its kind in Maine, serving youth ages &!!'($#!-%&$&"$(' ###'&*#-$)(' 5 to 21 who have both mental illness and a neuro-developmental disorder,

($+$*$("#(!!!#''##)&$*!$%"#(!'$&& such as autism. He is also an assistant professor in the Department of ')')('"'!'$#'''(#(%&$''$&#(%&("#($ Psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center. We are proud to honor him. '-(&-()('! #(&&%&$)($$#$&"

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E31 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!

DX`e\Ă&#x2039;j\d\i^`e^^\e\iXk`fef]c\X[\ij FeAlcp(+#DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xn`cc_fefilg$Xe[$Zfd`e^ c\X[\ij]ifdXifle[k_\jkXk\f]DX`e\%


Chelsea Callanan !&!!## Attorney ''$%#, Murray Plumb Murray (%%,!("(%%,

Eric Conlon % $#!$# Director of Sales for New  %'$%$!&$%* England, U.S. Cellular #!#!!(!%

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc &$# ,!# Executive +(' )Director %'$% The Telling Room !! #$$"

Chelsea Callanan's key areas of :_\cj\X:XccXeXeĂ&#x2039;jb\pXi\Xjf] practice are Corporate Law and giXZk`Z\Xi\:figfiXk\CXnXe[ Intellectual Property Law. Her @ek\cc\ZklXcGifg\ikpCXn%?\i intellectual property practice focuses `ek\cc\ZklXcgifg\ikpgiXZk`Z\]fZlj\j on working with businesses and fenfib`e^n`k_Ylj`e\jj\jXe[ individuals in the entertainment, `e[`m`[lXcj`ek_\\ek\ikX`ed\ek# fashion, and jewelry industries, as well ]Xj_`fe#Xe[a\n\cip`e[ljki`\j#Xjn\cc as technology companies seeking to Xjk\Z_efcf^pZfdgXe`\jj\\b`e^kf protect trademarks, copyrights, trade gifk\ZkkiX[\dXibj#Zfgpi`^_kj#kiX[\ secrets, and patents. j\Zi\kj#Xe[gXk\ekj%

Eric Conlon, 29, became U.S. Cellular's <i`Z:fecfe#)0#Y\ZXd\L%J%:\cclcXiĂ&#x2039;j director of sales for New England in 2008 [`i\Zkfif]jXc\j]fiE\n<e^cXe[`e)''/ and has increased the business by more Xe[_Xj`eZi\Xj\[k_\Ylj`e\jjYpdfi\ than $20 million in annual revenues, k_Xe)'d`cc`fe`eXeelXci\m\el\j# while lowering operating expenses by n_`c\cfn\i`e^fg\iXk`e^\og\ej\jYp more than $3 million. Conlon leads dfi\k_Xe*d`cc`fe%:fecfec\X[j more than 500 associates and 88 store dfi\k_Xe,''XjjfZ`Xk\jXe[//jkfi\ locations throughout New England. In cfZXk`fejk_ifl^_flkE\n<e^cXe[%@e 2010, New England enjoyed a greater )'('#E\n<e^cXe[\eafp\[X^i\Xk\i increase in customer satisfaction than `eZi\Xj\`eZljkfd\ijXk`j]XZk`fek_Xe any other U.S. Cellular market. Xepfk_\iL%J%:\cclcXidXib\k%

The Telling Room, a community K_\K\cc`e^Iffd#XZfddle`kp writing center in Portland, served ni`k`e^Z\ek\i`eGfikcXe[#j\im\[ more than 2,000 Maine students dfi\k_Xe)#'''DX`e\jkl[\ekj in the past year. That success is `ek_\gXjkp\Xi%K_XkjlZZ\jj`j largely due to the work of Gibson cXi^\cp[l\kfk_\nfibf]>`Yjfe Fay-LeBlanc, under whose five-year =Xp$C\9cXeZ#le[\in_fj\Ă&#x201D; m\$p\Xi executive directorship The Telling \o\Zlk`m\[`i\Zkfij_`gK_\K\cc`e^ Room has grown to become an Iffd_Xj^ifnekfY\Zfd\Xe award-winning arts organization. FayXnXi[$n`ee`e^Xikjfi^Xe`qXk`fe%=Xp$ LeBlanc, 37, is poetry editor of Maine C\9cXeZ#*.#`jgf\kip\[`kfif]DX`e\ Magazine; his book of poems, "Death DX^Xq`e\2_`jYffbf]gf\dj#Ă&#x2C6;;\Xk_ of a Ventriloquist" won the 2011 Vassar f]XM\eki`cfhl`jkĂ&#x2030;nfek_\)'((MXjjXi Miller Prize and will be published D`cc\iGi`q\Xe[n`ccY\glYc`j_\[ in 2012. Now stepping down from `e)'()%Efnjk\gg`e^[fne]ifd administrative work to complete his X[d`e`jkiXk`m\nfibkfZfdgc\k\_`j novel, Fay-LeBlanc will continue Ă&#x201D;first ijkefm\c#=Xp$C\9cXeZn`ccZfek`el\ promoting arts education in Maine, gifdfk`e^Xikj\[lZXk`fe`eDX`e\# including teaching at The Telling `eZcl[`e^k\XZ_`e^XkK_\K\cc`e^ Room. Iffd%

Callanan, 27, is a board member of the :XccXeXe#).#`jXYfXi[d\dY\if]k_\ Maine Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, DX`e\Mfclek\\iCXnp\ij]fik_\8ikj# and serves on the Advisory Board of Xe[j\im\jfek_\8[m`jfip9fXi[f] the Bates Dance Festival. k_\9Xk\j;XeZ\=\jk`mXc% A graduate of the University of Maine 8^iX[lXk\f]k_\Le`m\ij`kpf]DX`e\ School of Law and Bridgewater State JZ_ffcf]CXnXe[9i`[^\nXk\iJkXk\ College, Callanan is admitted to practice :fcc\^\#:XccXeXe`jX[d`kk\[kfgiXZk`Z\ law in Maine and Massachusetts. cXn`eDX`e\Xe[DXjjXZ_lj\kkj%

Conlon is active in the Greater Portland :fecfe`jXZk`m\`ek_\>i\Xk\iGfikcXe[ Region Chamber of Commerce and I\^`fe:_XdY\if]:fdd\iZ\Xe[ an advocate for working with local XeX[mfZXk\]finfib`e^n`k_cfZXc businesses. He leads U.S. Cellular Ylj`e\jj\j%?\c\X[jL%J%:\cclcXi grassroots initiatives "Calling All ^iXjjiffkj`e`k`Xk`m\jĂ&#x2C6;:Xcc`e^8cc Communities" and "Calling All :fddle`k`\jĂ&#x2030;Xe[Ă&#x2C6;:Xcc`e^8cc Teachers." K\XZ_\ij%Ă&#x2030;

Scott Townsend $''$*#&# Realtor, Keller Williams Realty !'$% !!% !! "&!', Owner *#%

 #& #$" Providing a model for personal, Gifm`[`e^Xdf[\c]fig\ijfeXc# conscientious, community-minded ZfejZ`\ek`flj#Zfddle`kp$d`e[\[ real estate services, Scott Townsend, 37, i\Xc\jkXk\j\im`Z\j#JZfkkKfnej\e[#*.# is raising the bar for training, service `jiX`j`e^k_\YXi]fikiX`e`e^#j\im`Z\ and innovation. In addition to his Xe[`eefmXk`fe%@eX[[`k`fekf_`j work, Townsend is involved in many nfib#Kfnej\e[`j`emfcm\[`edXep organizations, including: Keller Williams fi^Xe`qXk`fej#`eZcl[`e^1B\cc\iN`cc`Xdj Agent Leadership Council, corporate 8^\ekC\X[\ij_`g:fleZ`c#ZfigfiXk\ sponsor of Camp Ketcha; the executive jgfejfif]:XdgB\kZ_X2k_\\o\Zlk`m\ committee of Greater Portland New Zfdd`kk\\f]>i\Xk\iGfikcXe[E\n England Mountain Bike Association; site <e^cXe[DflekX`e9`b\8jjfZ`Xk`fe2j`k\ coordinator of Higgins Beach Spring and Zffi[`eXkfif]?`^^`ej9\XZ_Jgi`e^Xe[ fall Clean-Up Days; trail liaison/organizer ]Xcc:c\Xe$Lg;Xpj2kiX`cc`X`jfe&fi^Xe`q\i of trail work days in Cape Elizabeth; and f]kiX`cnfib[Xpj`e:Xg\<c`qXY\k_2Xe[ community bicycle safety educator. He's Zfddle`kpY`ZpZc\jX]\kp\[lZXkfi%?\Ă&#x2039;j also providing leadership efforts to create/ Xcjfgifm`[`e^c\X[\ij_`g\]]fikjkfZi\Xk\& support regional bicycle trail networks. jlggfiki\^`feXcY`ZpZc\kiX`ce\knfibj%

E325=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3! 

:fe^iXklcXk`fej DX`e\Kf[XpD\[`Xnflc[c`b\kfZfe^iXklcXk\Xccf] k_\)'((=fikpLe[\i+'XnXi[i\Z`g`\ekj%N\cffb ]finXi[kfj\\`e^n_XkpflXZZfdgc`j_Xe[Yi`e^kf DX`e\`e]lkli\p\Xij




          $"     $  !     $     # $    $ $  $ 

Congratulations to all of the "!#%&%"!$%""% Forty Under 40 emerging leaders. "#%'!# #!#$

"""$   "      


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1`O\ab]\;WQVOSZ>O`SO\REWZZWO[6;OQg Cranston, Michael Pare and William H. Macy) O\ROP`WaY^OQSbVOb[OYSaWbVO`RS`b]\]bWQS and a brisk pace that makes it harder to notice how implausible the whole thing is, "Lawyer" V]eW[^ZOcaWPZSbVSeV]ZSbVW\UWaÂľ:OegS`Âś is a slick and terrifically entertaining movie in WaOaZWQYO\RbS``WÂżQOZZgS\bS`bOW\W\U[]dWSW\ the vein of "The Firm" or "And Justice for All." bVSdSW\]TÂľBVS4W`[Âś]`Âľ/\R8cabWQST]`/ZZÂś Special features include deleted scenes. Rated R A^SQWOZTSObc`SaW\QZcRSRSZSbSRaQS\Sa@ObSR@ for some violence, sexual content and language. T]`a][SdW]ZS\QSaSfcOZQ]\bS\bO\RZO\UcOUS Running time: 1:58 @c\\W\UbW[S((#& AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2 ''#)0Zc`Og Suggested retail price: DVD $29.95; Blu-ray $39.99. !'''

bVSW`Tc\\gP]\SaA^SQWOZTSObc`SaW\QZcRSOcRW] their funny bones. Special features include audio commentaries and a writer's room featurette. Q][[S\bO`WSaO\ROe`WbS`¸a`]][TSObc`SbbS Running time: 1:00. @c\\W\UbW[S(( AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2"'&)0Zc`Og Suggested retail price: DVD $14.98; Blu-ray $19.98. ''&

NEW ON BLU-RAY <3E=<0:C@/G "BRAZIL," starring Jonathan Pryce and Robert Âľ0@/H7:ÂśabO``W\U8]\ObVO\>`gQSO\R@]PS`b De Niro. The film that put Monty Python mem2S<W`]BVSÂżZ[bVOb^cb;]\bg>gbV]\[S[ ber-turned-master-director Terry Gilliam on the PS`bc`\SRabS`RW`SQb]`BS``g5WZZWO[]\bVS map, this brilliant 1985 dystopian satire would [O^bVWaP`WZZWO\b'&#Rgab]^WO\aObW`Se]cZR have freaked out Kafka himself with its brutally VOdST`SOYSR]cb9OTYOVW[aSZTeWbVWbaP`cbOZZg funny take on a horrifically bureaucratic future, Tc\\gbOYS]\OV]``WÂżQOZZgPc`SOcQ`ObWQTcbc`S where a simple typographical error can render eVS`SOaW[^ZSbg^]U`O^VWQOZS``]`QO\`S\RS` a well-meaning clerk (Pryce, "Glengarry Glen OeSZZO\W\UQZS`Y>`gQSÂľ5ZS\UO``g5ZS\ Ross") into a suspected terrorist. Gilliam's now@]aaÂśW\b]Oaca^SQbSRbS``]`Wab5WZZWO[¸a\]e "RANGO," animated with the voices of Johnny Âľ@/<5=ÂśO\W[ObSReWbVbVSd]WQSa]T8]V\\g familiar visual style was a head trip for unsusTO[WZWO`dWacOZabgZSeOaOVSORb`W^T]`c\aca Depp and Timothy Olyphant. What to do when 2S^^O\RBW[]bVg=Zg^VO\bEVObb]R]eVS\ pecting '80s audiences, and its Oscar-nominated ^SQbW\U¸&aOcRWS\QSaO\RWba=aQO`\][W\ObSR you're an unassuming CGI chameleon voiced by g]c¸`SO\c\Oaac[W\U157QVO[SZS]\d]WQSRPg screenplay (co-written by Tom Stoppard) was a aQ`SS\^ZOgQ]e`WbbS\PgB][Ab]^^O`ReOaO Johnny Depp who finds himself stranded in a 8]V\\g2S^^eV]Âż\RaVW[aSZTab`O\RSRW\O literary treat during a notoriously lowbrow era ZWbS`O`gb`SObRc`W\UO\]b]`W]caZgZ]eP`]eS`O hardscrabble Western town? Why, run for sheriff, VO`RaQ`OPPZSESabS`\b]e\-EVg`c\T]`aVS`WTT for film. Rated R. Running time: 2:12. T]`ÂżZ[@ObSR@@c\\W\UbW[S( (  of course! From this not especially promising ]TQ]c`aS4`][bVWa\]bSa^SQWOZZg^`][WaW\U Suggested retail price: $26.98. AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'& setup came one of this year's most delightaSbc^QO[S]\S]TbVWagSO`¸a[]abRSZWUVb ful surprises, a witty, exciting and gorgeously TcZac`^`WaSaOeWbbgSfQWbW\UO\RU]`US]caZg "DAMNATION ALLEY," starring Jan-Michael Âľ2/;</B7=</::3GÂśabO``W\U8O\;WQVOSZ animated 'toon that works as both bang-up O\W[ObSR¸b]]\bVObe]`YaOaP]bVPO\Uc^ Vincent and George Peppard. Finally available DW\QS\bO\R5S]`US>S^^O`R4W\OZZgOdOWZOPZS kiddie entertainment and a sly parody of YWRRWSS\bS`bOW\[S\bO\ROaZg^O`]Rg]T (and in high definition no less), this long neglectO\RW\VWUVRSÂż\WbW]\\]ZSaabVWaZ]\U\SUZSQb "spaghetti Westerns" for cinema-wise parents. Âľa^OUVSbbWESabS`\aÂśT]`QW\S[OeWaS^O`S\ba ed but fondly remembered 1977 sci-fi B-movie Joining Depp in his reptilian hijinks are Bill Nighy, SRPcbT]\RZg`S[S[PS`SR'%%aQWÂż0[]dWS 8]W\W\U2S^^W\VWa`S^bWZWO\VWXW\YaO`S0WZZ<WUVg follows George "A-Team" Peppard, Jan-Michael T]ZZ]ea5S]`USÂľ/BSO[Âś>S^^O`R8O\;WQVOSZ Ned Beatty and Alfred Molina. Special features <SR0SObbgO\R/ZT`SR;]ZW\OA^SQWOZTSObc`Sa "Airwolf" Vincent and Jackie Earle Haley back Âľ/W`e]ZTÂśDW\QS\bO\R8OQYWS3O`ZS6OZSgPOQY include deleted scenes and a never-before-seen W\QZcRSRSZSbSRaQS\SaO\RO\SdS`PST]`SaSS\ in his "Bad News Bears" days as they navigate W\VWaÂľ0OR<Sea0SO`aÂśROgaOabVSg\OdWUObS ending. Rated PG. Running time: 1:47. S\RW\U@ObSR>5@c\\W\UbW[S(("% post-nuclear war devastation and battle mutant ^]ab\cQZSO`eO`RSdOabObW]\O\RPObbZS[cbO\b Suggested retail price: DVD $29.99; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2 ''')0Zc`Og cockroaches in their specially designed armored Q]QY`]OQVSaW\bVSW`a^SQWOZZgRSaWU\SRO`[]`SR $44.99. ""'' vehicles. If that doesn't describe an excellent FridSVWQZSa7TbVObR]Sa\¸bRSaQ`WPSO\SfQSZZS\b4`W day night's entertainment, we don't know what ROg\WUVb¸aS\bS`bOW\[S\beSR]\¸bY\]eeVOb N E W O N DVD <3E=<2D2 does. Rated PG. Running time: 1:31. R]Sa@ObSR>5@c\\W\UbW[S((! "DAMAGES: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON," Âľ2/;/53A(B631=;>:3B3B67@2A3/A=<Âś Suggested retail price: $26.97. AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS( $'% starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne. Force of abO``W\U5ZS\\1Z]aSO\R@]aS0g`\S4]`QS]T nature litigator Patty Hewes (Close, in the role \Obc`SZWbWUOb]`>Obbg6SeSa1Z]aSW\bVS`]ZS VIDEOPORT PICKS D723=>=@B>719A that may define her career) faces off against her bVOb[OgRSÂż\SVS`QO`SS`TOQSa]TTOUOW\abVS` "NAKED," starring David Thewlis and Katrin Âľ</932ÂśabO``W\U2OdWRBVSeZWaO\R9Ob`W\ fiercest opponent yet: the Tobin family, a powerÂżS`QSab]^^]\S\bgSb(bVSB]PW\TO[WZgO^]eS` Cartlidge. Director Mike Leigh ("Secrets and 1O`bZWRUS2W`SQb]`;WYS:SWUVÂľASQ`SbaO\R ful clan clearly based on the Madoffs and comTcZQZO\QZSO`ZgPOaSR]\bVS;OR]TTaO\RQ][ Lies") is a famously divisive filmmaker, but no :WSaÂśWaOTO[]caZgRWdWaWdSÂżZ[[OYS`Pcb\] prised of Lily Tomlin as the formidable matriarch, ^`WaSR]T:WZgB][ZW\OabVST]`[WROPZS[Ob`WO`QV one could ever accuse him of playing by the ]\SQ]cZRSdS`OQQcaSVW[]T^ZOgW\UPgbVS the incomparable Campbell Scott ("Roger bVSW\Q][^O`OPZS1O[^PSZZAQ]bbÂľ@]US` rules. This difficult but fascinating character `cZSaBVWaRWTÂżQcZbPcbTOaQW\ObW\UQVO`OQbS` Dodger") as her weaselly son, and none other 2]RUS`ÂśOaVS`eSOaSZZga]\O\R\]\S]bVS` study begat one of the finest (and, sadly, least abcRgPSUOb]\S]TbVSÂż\SabO\RaORZgZSOab than Martin Short as their loyal if overworked atbVO\;O`bW\AV]`bOabVSW`Z]gOZWT]dS`e]`YSROb recognized) performances of the 1990s in Thewtorney. As ever, plot twists and tantrums abound, `SQ]U\WhSR^S`T]`[O\QSa]TbVS''aW\BVSe b]`\Sg/aSdS`^Z]bbeWabaO\RbO\b`c[aOP]c\R lis ("Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"), ZWaÂľ6O``g>]bbS`O\RbVS>`Wa]\S`]T/hYOPO\Âś and Close holds everything together with her O\R1Z]aSV]ZRaSdS`gbVW\Ub]USbVS`eWbVVS` who goes for utter broke as a confrontational eV]U]SaT]`cbbS`P`]YSOaOQ]\T`]\bObW]\OZ gutsy and proudly unlikable performance. Not UcbagO\R^`]cRZgc\ZWYOPZS^S`T]`[O\QS<]b and downright cruel drifter wandering about O\RR]e\`WUVbQ`cSZR`WTbS`eO\RS`W\UOP]cb rated, contains language, violence and sexual `ObSRQ]\bOW\aZO\UcOUSdW]ZS\QSO\RaSfcOZ the least quaint areas of Britain, making already bVSZSOab_cOW\bO`SOa]T0`WbOW\[OYW\UOZ`SORg content. Running time: 9:33. Q]\bS\b@c\\W\UbW[S('(!! bleak lives just a bit worse. If it can be called a PZSOYZWdSaXcabOPWbe]`aS7TWbQO\PSQOZZSRO Suggested retail price: $39.95. AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(!''# comedy, it's as black as it gets, but the fact that Q][SRgWb¸aOaPZOQYOaWbUSbaPcbbVSTOQbbVOb Thewlis failed to become a household name on BVSeZWaTOWZSRb]PSQ][SOV]caSV]ZR\O[S]\ "ENTOURAGE: THE COMPLETE SEVENTH Âľ3<B=C@/53(B631=;>:3B3A3D3<B6 the basis of his amazing work here remains an bVSPOaWa]TVWaO[OhW\Ue]`YVS`S`S[OW\aO\ SEASON," starring Kevin Connolly and Adrian A3/A=<ÂśabO``W\U9SdW\1]\\]ZZgO\R/R`WO\ astounding shame. Rated R for language and Oab]c\RW\UaVO[S@ObSR@T]`ZO\UcOUSO\R Grenier. Love 'em or hate 'em, the "Entourage" 5`S\WS`:]dS¸S[]`VObS¸S[bVSÂľ3\b]c`OUSÂś violence, including rape. Running time: 2:11. dW]ZS\QSW\QZcRW\U`O^S@c\\W\UbW[S( ( boys are back for another season of ill-advised P]gaO`SPOQYT]`O\]bVS`aSOa]\]TWZZORdWaSR Suggested retail price: DVD $39.95; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2!''#)0Zc`Og antics and relentlessly crude insults. This time O\bWQaO\R`SZS\bZSaaZgQ`cRSW\acZbaBVWabW[S $39.95. !''# around, a life-threatening accident affects the O`]c\ROZWTSbV`SObS\W\UOQQWRS\bOTTSQbabVS guys in a variety of interesting and unexpected UcgaW\OdO`WSbg]TW\bS`SabW\UO\Rc\Sf^SQbSR "UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS ÂľC<1:30==<;33E6=1/<@31/::67A ways. Jeremy Piven's Ari remains the biggest eOga8S`S[g>WdS\¸a/`W`S[OW\abVSPWUUSab PAST LIVES," starring Thanapat Saisaymar and >/AB:7D3AÂśabO``W\UBVO\O^ObAOWaOg[O`O\R (albeit most entertaining) jerk on the planet, and OZPSWb[]abS\bS`bOW\W\UXS`Y]\bVS^ZO\SbO\R Jenjira Pongpas. Patience and an open mind will 8S\XW`O>]\U^Oa>ObWS\QSO\RO\]^S\[W\ReWZZ Ari detractors may want to give this season a /`WRSb`OQb]`a[OgeO\bb]UWdSbVWaaSOa]\O reward the brave viewer of the works of Thai `SeO`RbVSP`OdSdWSeS`]TbVSe]`Ya]TBVOW shot simply to enjoy the rare comeuppance he aV]baW[^Zgb]S\X]gbVS`O`SQ][Sc^^O\QSVS writer-director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, e`WbS`RW`SQb]`/^WQVOb^]\UESS`OaSbVOYcZ encounters during its finale. Not rated, contains S\Q]c\bS`aRc`W\UWbaÂż\OZS<]b`ObSRQ]\bOW\a but "Uncle Boonmee," for all its bizarre flights language, crude humor, nudity and drug content. PcbÂľC\QZS0]]\[SSÂśT]`OZZWbaPWhO``SĂ&#x20AC;WUVba ZO\UcOUSQ`cRSVc[]`\cRWbgO\RR`cUQ]\bS\b of fancy, is arguably Weerasethakul's most ]TTO\QgWaO`UcOPZgESS`OaSbVOYcZ¸a[]ab Running time: 5:30. @c\\W\UbW[S(#(! accessible film to date. The alternately charmOQQSaaWPZSÂżZ[b]RObSBVSOZbS`\ObSZgQVO`[ Suggested retail price: DVD $39.98; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2!''&)0Zc`Og ing, hilarious and downright disturbing vignette W\UVWZO`W]caO\RR]e\`WUVbRWabc`PW\UdWU\SbbS $49.99. "''' details the many inexplicable events that the RSbOWZabVS[O\gW\Sf^ZWQOPZSSdS\babVObbVS ailing Uncle Boonmee (first-timer Saisaymar) OWZW\UC\QZS0]]\[SSÂż`abbW[S`AOWaOg[O` "ROBOT CHICKEN: STAR WARS III," animated Âľ@=0=B167193<(AB/@E/@A777ÂśO\W[ObSR has encountered over the course of the many VOaS\Q]c\bS`SR]dS`bVSQ]c`aS]TbVS[O\g with the voices of Seth Green and Billy Dee eWbVbVSd]WQSa]TASbV5`SS\O\R0WZZg2SS lives he's apparently led on Earth. With dreamZWdSaVS¸aO^^O`S\bZgZSR]\3O`bVEWbVR`SO[ Williams. Although the "Family Guy" parodies EWZZWO[a/ZbV]cUVbVSÂľ4O[WZg5cgÂś^O`]RWSa like visuals unlike anything you've experienced ZWYSdWacOZac\ZWYSO\gbVW\Ug]c¸dSSf^S`WS\QSR get more press, nobody makes fun of "Star USb[]`S^`Saa\]P]Rg[OYSaTc\]TÂľAbO` elsewhere, "Boonmee" is a curiously beautiful SZaSeVS`SÂľ0]]\[SSÂśWaOQc`W]caZgPSOcbWTcZ Wars" like the pop-culture obsessed wackjobs EO`aÂśZWYSbVS^]^QcZbc`S]PaSaaSReOQYX]Pa meditation on the connections between the [SRWbObW]\]\bVSQ]\\SQbW]\aPSbeSS\bVS behind "Robot Chicken," and in this latest homPSVW\RÂľ@]P]b1VWQYS\ÂśO\RW\bVWaZObSabV][ physical and spiritual world. And one thing's for ^VgaWQOZO\Ra^W`WbcOZe]`ZR/\R]\SbVW\U¸aT]` age, we're treated to intertwining back stories OUSeS¸`Sb`SObSRb]W\bS`beW\W\UPOQYab]`WSa sure: you'll never look at a catfish the same way ac`S(g]c¸ZZ\SdS`Z]]YObOQObÂżaVbVSaO[SeOg for three seminal members of the Star Wars T]`bV`SSaS[W\OZ[S[PS`a]TbVSAbO`EO`a again. Not rated, contains disturbing imagery OUOW\<]b`ObSRQ]\bOW\aRWabc`PW\UW[OUS`g universe (Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader and c\WdS`aS3[^S`]`>OZ^ObW\S2O`bVDORS`O\R and some violence. Running time: 1:54. O\Ra][SdW]ZS\QS@c\\W\UbW[S((#" Boba Fett) and one less so (Gary the Storm0]PO4SbbO\R]\SZSaaa]5O`gbVSAb]`[ Suggested retail price: DVD $27.99; Blu-ray AcUUSabSR`SbOWZ^`WQS(2D2 %'')0Zc`Og trooper). Fans of SW will be more appreciative b`]]^S`4O\a]TAEeWZZPS[]`SO^^`SQWObWdS $34.99. !"'' of the many in-jokes and references, but comedy ]TbVS[O\gW\X]YSaO\R`STS`S\QSaPcbQ][SRg fans in general will find plenty here to tickle - Courtesy of Videoport TO\aW\US\S`OZeWZZÂż\R^ZS\bgVS`Sb]bWQYZS Âł1]c`bSag]TDWRS]^]`b

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E35 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!# Robert @]PS`b DeNiro as 2S<W`]Oa Travis Bickle B`OdWa0WQYZS in the 1976 W\bVS'%$ classic "Taxi QZOaaWQÂľBOfW Driver," 2`WdS`Âś showing aV]eW\U Sunday and Ac\ROgO\R Monday at ;]\ROgOb the Maine bVS;OW\S International 7\bS`\ObW]\OZ Film Festival 47Z[4SabWdOZ in Waterville. W\EObS`dWZZS


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his life a living hell?*EMJLFUPUIJOLOPU  I'd like to think not, IJTMJGFBMJWJOHIFMM but this documentary about the fate that CVUUIJTEPDVNFOUBSZBCPVUUIFGBUFUIBU befell Cubs scapegoat Steve Bartman CFGFMM$VCTTDBQFHPBU4UFWF#BSUNBO presents some pretty compelling eviQSFTFOUTTPNFQSFUUZDPNQFMMJOHFWJ dence of how seemingly rational sports EFODFPGIPXTFFNJOHMZSBUJPOBMTQPSUT fans can lose their entire minds. 12:15 GBOTDBOMPTFUIFJSFOUJSFNJOET p.m. Saturday; 6:15 p.m. July 22 QN4BUVSEBZQN+VMZ "The Conformist": MIFF gives true i5IF$POGPSNJTUw.*''HJWFTUSVF film fans another gift with a newly mMNGBOTBOPUIFSHJGUXJUIBOFXMZ restored print of this 1971 Bernardo BerSFTUPSFEQSJOUPGUIJT#FSOBSEP#FS tolucci classic about a weak-willed man UPMVDDJDMBTTJDBCPVUBXFBLXJMMFENBO (a brilliant Jean-Louis Trintignant) who BCSJMMJBOU+FBO-PVJT5SJOUJHOBOU XIP joins the Italian Fascist movement for KPJOTUIF*UBMJBO'BTDJTUNPWFNFOUGPS security, only to get roped into an assassiTFDVSJUZ POMZUPHFUSPQFEJOUPBOBTTBTTJ nation. 6:30 p.m. July 22; 3:30 p.m. July 24 OBUJPOQN+VMZQN+VMZ "The Green": A gay drama teacher i5IF(SFFOw"HBZESBNBUFBDIFS finds his quiet existence thrown into turmOETIJTRVJFUFYJTUFODFUISPXOJOUPUVS moil when he's accused of inappropriate NPJMXIFOIFTBDDVTFEPGJOBQQSPQSJBUF behavior in this provocative drama with a CFIBWJPSJOUIJTQSPWPDBUJWFESBNBXJUIB great cast, including Cheyenne Jackson HSFBUDBTU JODMVEJOH$IFZFOOF+BDLTPO of "30 Rock," Bill Sage, Julia Ormond, PGi3PDL w#JMM4BHF +VMJB0SNPOE  Illeana Douglas and MIFF special guest *MMFBOB%PVHMBTBOE.*''TQFDJBMHVFTU Karen Young. 9 p.m. Friday; 3:30 p.m. ,BSFO:PVOHQN'SJEBZQN Saturday 4BUVSEBZ "Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert i-VDL 5SVTU,FUDIVQ3PCFSU Altman in Carver Country": Robert Alt"MUNBOJO$BSWFS$PVOUSZw3PCFSU"MU man and Raymond Carver are two of my NBOBOE3BZNPOE$BSWFSBSFUXPPGNZ artistic idols. So this documentary about BSUJTUJDJEPMT4PUIJTEPDVNFOUBSZBCPVU Altman adapting Carver's short stories as "MUNBOBEBQUJOH$BSWFSTTIPSUTUPSJFTBT the film "Short Cuts" is essential viewing UIFmMNi4IPSU$VUTwJTFTTFOUJBMWJFXJOH for me. You guys should probably come GPSNF:PVHVZTTIPVMEQSPCBCMZDPNF too. 3:15 p.m. Sunday UPPQN4VOEBZ "Quill": This acclaimed Japanese i2VJMMw5IJTBDDMBJNFE+BQBOFTF drama about an adorable lab puppy ESBNBBCPVUBOBEPSBCMFMBCQVQQZ becoming the guide dog for an irascible CFDPNJOHUIFHVJEFEPHGPSBOJSBTDJCMF old man will turn you into a weepy heap of PMENBOXJMMUVSOZPVJOUPBXFFQZIFBQPG sniffling huggableness. Don't try to resist TOJGnJOHIVHHBCMFOFTT%POUUSZUPSFTJTU it. 3:30 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday; 6:30 JUQN5VFTEBZBOE8FEOFTEBZ p.m. July 23 QN+VMZ "Stella": An episodic French drama i4UFMMBw"OFQJTPEJD'SFODIESBNB about a streetwise young girl (a celBCPVUBTUSFFUXJTFZPVOHHJSM BDFM ebrated performance by 12-year-old FCSBUFEQFSGPSNBODFCZZFBSPME Leora Barbara), whose hectic life above -FPSB#BSCBSB XIPTFIFDUJDMJGFBCPWF her parents' bar and at a posh boarding IFSQBSFOUTCBSBOEBUBQPTICPBSEJOH



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2OUTE NEXTTOTHE$UNKIN$ONUTS Route 1, next to the Dunkin' DonutS -AJOR#REDIT#ARDS!CCEPTED Major Credit Cards Accepted.

ST. LAWRENCE ARTS CENTER AB:/E@3<13/@BA13<B3@ abZOe`S\QSO`ba]`U Today: "Damnationland." Just in B]ROg(Âľ2O[\ObW]\ZO\RÂś8cabW\ time to ramp up the hype for 2011's bW[Sb]`O[^c^bVSVg^ST]` ¸a all-Maine, all-terrifying short-film OZZ;OW\SOZZbS``WTgW\UaV]`bÂżZ[ anthology (filming now), the St. O\bV]Z]UgÂżZ[W\U\]ebVSAb Lawrence presents the 2010 version, :Oe`S\QS^`SaS\babVS dS`aW]\ featuring seven short horror flicks TSObc`W\UaSdS\aV]`bV]``]`Ă&#x20AC;WQYa from some of Portland's creepiest T`][a][S]T>]`bZO\R¸aQ`SS^WSab filmmakers. ÂżZ[[OYS`a FRONTIER CAFE AND CINEMA 4@=<B73@1/43/<217<3;/ Sf^Z]`ST`]\bWS`Q][ Monday: "The First Grader." ;]\ROg(ÂľBVS4W`ab5`ORS`Âś Guaranteed hanky material, this 5cO`O\bSSRVO\Yg[ObS`WOZbVWa based-on-a-true-story Kenyan drama POaSR]\Ob`cSab]`g9S\gO\R`O[O tells the tale of an illiterate 80-yearbSZZabVSbOZS]TO\WZZWbS`ObS&gSO` old veteran seeking admission to the ]ZRdSbS`O\aSSYW\UOR[WaaW]\b]bVS country's first free elementary school. Q]c\b`g¸aÂż`abT`SSSZS[S\bO`gaQV]]Z

school - and her unwillingness to knuckle TDIPPMoBOEIFSVOXJMMJOHOFTTUPLOVDLMF under to either home's chaos or her VOEFSUPFJUIFSIPNFTDIBPTPSIFS schoolmates' snobbery - helps create one TDIPPMNBUFTTOPCCFSZoIFMQTDSFBUFPOF of the strongest female protagonists in PGUIFTUSPOHFTUGFNBMFQSPUBHPOJTUTJO years. 6:30 p.m. Saturday; 9 p.m. Sunday; ZFBSTQN4BUVSEBZQN4VOEBZ 6:30 p.m. July 23 QN+VMZ "Taxi Driver": Sure, everyone's seen it, i5BYJ%SJWFSw4VSF FWFSZPOFTTFFOJU  but watching this 1976 Scorcese/DeNiro CVUXBUDIJOHUIJT4DPSDFTF%F/JSP classic on the big screen should serve DMBTTJDPOUIFCJHTDSFFOTIPVMETFSWF to remind everyone why this classic UPSFNJOEFWFSZPOFXIZUIJTDMBTTJD NYC-as-Hades thriller mesmerized us in /:$BT)BEFTUISJMMFSNFTNFSJ[FEVTJO the first place. 3:30 p.m. Sunday; 9 p.m. UIFmSTUQMBDFQN4VOEBZQN Monday .POEBZ "World on a Wire": MIFF unearths i8PSMEPOB8JSFw.*''VOFBSUIT a long-lost (1973), typically bizarre and BMPOHMPTU  UZQJDBMMZCJ[BSSFBOE ahead of its time sci-fi film from legendBIFBEPGJUTUJNFTDJmmMNGSPNMFHFOE ary director Rainer Werner Fassbinder BSZEJSFDUPS3BJOFS8FSOFS'BTTCJOEFS about a scientist discovering the exisBCPVUBTDJFOUJTUEJTDPWFSJOHUIFFYJT tence of a massive conspiracy involving a UFODFPGBNBTTJWFDPOTQJSBDZJOWPMWJOHB virtual reality. It's like an analog "MaWJSUVBMSFBMJUZ*UTMJLFBOBOBMPHi.B trix," made 25 years too soon. 6:45 p.m. USJY wNBEFZFBSTUPPTPPOQN Wednesday 8FEOFTEBZ Dennis Perkins is a freelance writer who lives in 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\ Portland. >]`bZO\R

movies at the MUSEUM MOVIESATTHE DLJ<LD "LE QUATTRO VOLTE" - Directed by Michelangelo Frammartino. In Italian with ¾:3?C/BB@=D=:B3œ³2W`SQbSRPg;WQVSZO\USZ]4`O[[O`bW\]7\7bOZWO\eWbV English subtitles. Inspired by Pythagoras' belief in four-fold transmigration - by 3\UZWaVacPbWbZSa7\a^W`SRPg>gbVOU]`Oa¸PSZWSTW\T]c`T]ZRb`O\a[WU`ObW]\³Pg which the soul is passed from human to animal to vegetable to mineral - this eVWQVbVSa]cZWa^OaaSRT`][Vc[O\b]O\W[OZb]dSUSbOPZSb][W\S`OZ³bVWa wondrous docu-essay traces the cycle of life through the daily rituals of life in e]\R`]caR]QcSaaOgb`OQSabVSQgQZS]TZWTSbV`]cUVbVSROWZg`WbcOZa]TZWTSW\ the southern Italian region of Calabria. Not rated. Running time: 1:28 bVSa]cbVS`\7bOZWO\`SUW]\]T1OZOP`WO<]b`ObSR@c\\W\UbW[S(( &

Join us every Sunday for brunch Oceanside at Black Point Inn. Hike the cliff-walk *OINUSEVERY3UNDAYFORBRUNCH/CEANSIDEAT"LACK0OINT)NN(IKETHECLIFF WALK above the ocean around Prouts Neck, and have Sunday Brunch at The Inn. If the ABOVETHEOCEANAROUND0ROUTS.ECK ANDHAVE3UNDAY"RUNCHAT4HE)NN)FTHE weather is inclement, cozy up to the fire in the Chart Room, and enjoy the best food WEATHERISINCLEMENT COZYUPTOTHElREINTHE#HART2OOM ANDENJOYTHEBESTFOOD and views that Maine has to offer. Bring t h i s ad a n d r e c e i v e a m i m o s a f o r K . * ANDVIEWSTHAT-AINEHASTOOFFER"RINGTHISADANDRECEIVEAMIMOSAFOR`

Open for Brunch 10am - 3pm â&#x20AC;˘ Live Music 11am - 3pm /PENFOR"RUNCHAMnPMs,IVE-USICAM PM *One per entree ordered. Offer exp'res Sunday, Juy 3 1 , 201 1. Must br'ng th's ad to rece've offer*


Showing at: 6:30 p.m. Friday, 2^[AObc`ROgO\RAc\ROgObbVS>]`bZO\R p.m. Saturday and Sunday at the Portland AV]eW\UOb($(!^[4`WROg Museum of Art. ;caSc[]T/`b



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1]c`bSag;744 Courtesy MIFF

HUGE Selection of Throws, Blankets, Bates Bedspreads, Balsam, (5'%3ELECTIONOF4HROWS "LANKETS "ATES"EDSPREADS "ALSAM

Grandpa's Garden, Maple Syrup, Burt's Bees & Much More! 'RANDPAS'ARDEN -APLE3YRUP "URTS"EES-UCH-ORE

E36 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3!$5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

J\\Ă&#x201D;cddXb\ijXe[c\kk_\`idfm`\jjligi`j\pfl See filmmakers and let their movies surprise you Lu

FYDJUFEBCPVUUIFGFTUJWBMTTFMFDUJPO excited about the festival's selection PGSFEJTDPWFSFEmMNT JODMVEJOHi5IF of rediscovered films, including "The Conformist." Eisen said the picture, one $POGPSNJTUw&JTFOTBJEUIFQJDUVSF POF of his favorites of all time, is the reason he PGIJTGBWPSJUFTPGBMMUJNF JTUIFSFBTPOIF devoted his life to film. EFWPUFEIJTMJGFUPmMN "I first saw it in a tiny, long-gone second i*mSTUTBXJUJOBUJOZ MPOHHPOFTFDPOE floor theater in Provincetown, Mass., nPPSUIFBUFSJO1SPWJODFUPXO .BTT  in 1973, and I was literally staggered by JO BOE*XBTMJUFSBMMZTUBHHFSFECZ the experience," he wrote in the festival UIFFYQFSJFODF wIFXSPUFJOUIFGFTUJWBM catalog. DBUBMPH Wanting to make a movie equally as 8BOUJOHUPNBLFBNPWJFFRVBMMZBT incredible but thinking that would be JODSFEJCMFCVUUIJOLJOHUIBUXPVMECF impossible, Eisen decided, "Well then, I'll JNQPTTJCMF &JTFOEFDJEFE i8FMMUIFO *MM do the next best thing: show this movie to EPUIFOFYUCFTUUIJOHTIPXUIJTNPWJFUP people." QFPQMFw Other retrospective films on the docket 0UIFSSFUSPTQFDUJWFmMNTPOUIFEPDLFU are "Taxi Driver," "310 to Yuma," "MaBSFi5BYJ%SJWFS wiUP:VNB wi.B dame Butterfly," "Battleship Potemkin," EBNF#VUUFSnZ wi#BUUMFTIJQ1PUFNLJO w "The Quiet Man" and "World on a Wire." i5IF2VJFU.BOwBOEi8PSMEPOB8JSFw Those interested in seeing a world pre5IPTFJOUFSFTUFEJOTFFJOHBXPSMEQSF miere - as well as more than 100 foreign, NJFSFoBTXFMMBTNPSFUIBOGPSFJHO  American independent and Maine-made "NFSJDBOJOEFQFOEFOUBOE.BJOFNBEF films - are in luck, too. mMNToBSFJOMVDL UPP "In Good Time, the Piano Jazz of Marian i*O(PPE5JNF UIF1JBOP+B[[PG.BSJBO McPartland," a documentary film by Huey .D1BSUMBOE wBEPDVNFOUBSZmMNCZ)VFZ (a Maine-based director who goes by one B.BJOFCBTFEEJSFDUPSXIPHPFTCZPOF name) will premiere Tuesday. It explores OBNF XJMMQSFNJFSF5VFTEBZ*UFYQMPSFT the life of jazz legend and pioneer Marian UIFMJGFPGKB[[MFHFOEBOEQJPOFFS.BSJBO McPartland, 93. .D1BSUMBOE  The festival's opening-night flick is "The 5IFGFTUJWBMTPQFOJOHOJHIUnJDLJTi5IF Athlete" (2009). In English and Amharic "UIMFUFw  *O&OHMJTIBOE"NIBSJD with English subtitles, the film tells the XJUI&OHMJTITVCUJUMFT UIFmMNUFMMTUIF true story of Ethiopian marathon runner USVFTUPSZPG&UIJPQJBONBSBUIPOSVOOFS

and Olympian Abebe Bikila, a soldier and BOE0MZNQJBO"CFCF#JLJMB BTPMEJFSBOE son of a shepherd. TPOPGBTIFQIFSE "Another Earth" (2011) is the closingi"OPUIFS&BSUIw  JTUIFDMPTJOH night film. As a duplicate Earth is about OJHIUmMN"TBEVQMJDBUF&BSUIJTBCPVU to be discovered, Rhoda Williams, who is UPCFEJTDPWFSFE 3IPEB8JMMJBNT XIPJT fascinated by astrophysics and dreams of GBTDJOBUFECZBTUSPQIZTJDTBOEESFBNTPG exploring the cosmos, becomes involved FYQMPSJOHUIFDPTNPT CFDPNFTJOWPMWFE with John Burroughs, a composer about XJUI+PIO#VSSPVHIT BDPNQPTFSBCPVU to have a child with his wife. During their UPIBWFBDIJMEXJUIIJTXJGF%VSJOHUIFJS love affair, one of them is given the chance MPWFBGGBJS POFPGUIFNJTHJWFOUIFDIBODF to travel to the other Earth. UPUSBWFMUPUIFPUIFS&BSUI "Another Earth," according to the i"OPUIFS&BSUI wBDDPSEJOHUPUIF program, "lures audiences to go where no QSPHSBN iMVSFTBVEJFODFTUPHPXIFSFOP one has gone before." POFIBTHPOFCFGPSFw That sense of discovery is what Eisen 5IBUTFOTFPGEJTDPWFSZJTXIBU&JTFO said he values most about the festival. TBJEIFWBMVFTNPTUBCPVUUIFGFTUJWBM "People come in with a sense of openi1FPQMFDPNFJOXJUIBTFOTFPGPQFO ness, and they go to see movies and they OFTT BOEUIFZHPUPTFFNPWJFTBOEUIFZ are surprised," he said. BSFTVSQSJTFE wIFTBJE "I love sharing the five or 10 movies I i*MPWFTIBSJOHUIFmWFPSNPWJFT* care the most about and watching them DBSFUIFNPTUBCPVUBOEXBUDIJOHUIFN and sharing them with an audience, BOETIBSJOHUIFNXJUIBOBVEJFODF  particularly if they love it and even if they QBSUJDVMBSMZJGUIFZMPWFJUBOEFWFOJGUIFZ don't." EPOUw Haines said she appreciates what the )BJOFTTBJETIFBQQSFDJBUFTXIBUUIF festival does for the city of Waterville. GFTUJWBMEPFTGPSUIFDJUZPG8BUFSWJMMF "People are out and about, and they're i1FPQMFBSFPVUBOEBCPVU BOEUIFZSF having a dialogue about films, and they're IBWJOHBEJBMPHVFBCPVUmMNT BOEUIFZSF eating in restaurants," she said. FBUJOHJOSFTUBVSBOUT wTIFTBJE i*UGFFMTMJLFBDPNNVOJUZw "It feels like a community."

pagans and their friends celebrating rituals in England's ^OUO\aO\RbVSW`T`WS\RaQSZSP`ObW\U`WbcOZaW\3\UZO\R¸a West Country. 6 p.m. July 21; 9:15 p.m. July 22,P]bVOb both at ESab1]c\b`g$^[8cZg )'(#^[8cZg Railroad Square @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Falcons and Terrorists: A Political Wildlife Story" µ4OZQ]\aO\RBS``]`Waba(/>]ZWbWQOZEWZRZWTSAb]`g¶ OPENING NIGHT =>3<7<5<756B - Documentary about Mainer Alan Howell Parrot, a ³2]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cb;OW\S`/ZO\6]eSZZ>O``]bO "The Athlete" - An extraordinary feature that blends µBVS/bVZSbS¶³/\Sfb`O]`RW\O`gTSObc`SbVObPZS\Ra leading falcon trainer who formed a global conservaZSORW\UTOZQ]\b`OW\S`eV]T]`[SROUZ]POZQ]\aS`dO epic, biography, drama and documentary tells the S^WQPW]U`O^VgR`O[OO\RR]Qc[S\bO`gbSZZabVS tion group and through his connections learned of bW]\U`]c^O\RbV`]cUVVWaQ]\\SQbW]\aZSO`\SR]T true-life tale of Ethiopian marathon runner Abebe b`cSZWTSbOZS]T3bVW]^WO\[O`ObV]\`c\\S`/PSPS the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden, who was an bVSeVS`SOP]cba]T=aO[O0W\:ORS\eV]eOaO\ Bikila, a quiet man who is ceaseless in his journey to 0WYWZOO_cWSb[O\eV]WaQSOaSZSaaW\VWaX]c`\Sgb] obsessed falconer. He relayed the information to the ]PaSaaSRTOZQ]\S`6S`SZOgSRbVSW\T]`[ObW]\b]bVS greatness. 6:30 p.m. Friday, Given Auditorium, Colby U`SOb\Saa$(!^[4`WROg5WdS\/cRWb]`Wc[1]ZPg Bush administration, only to be ignored. 3:30 p.m. July 0caVOR[W\Wab`ObW]\]\Zgb]PSWU\]`SR!(!^[8cZg College; 12:30 p.m. Sunday, Railroad Square Cinema 1]ZZSUS) (!^[Ac\ROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S1W\S[O 22;)^[8cZg 1 p.m. July 23, both at Given !P]bVOb5WdS\ Courtesy MIFF 1]c`bSag;744 "Falling Overnight" - On the eve of surgery to remove µ4OZZW\U=dS`\WUVb¶³=\bVSSdS]Tac`US`gb]`S[]dS CENTERPIECE GALA 13<B3@>73135/:/ " T h e A t h l e t e " t e l l s t h e s t o r y o f µBVS/bVZSbS¶bSZZabVSab]`g]T his brain tumor, a 22-year-old man meets and falls for a VWaP`OW\bc[]`O gSO`]ZR[O\[SSbaO\RTOZZaT]`O "In Good Time, the Piano Jazz of Marian McPartland" µ7\5]]RBW[SbVS>WO\]8Ohh]T;O`WO\;Q>O`bZO\R¶ E t h i o p i a n m a r a t h o n e r A b e b e Bikila. 3bVW]^WO\[O`ObV]\S`/PSPS0WYWZO young photographer, who takes him on an exhilarating g]c\U^V]b]U`O^VS`eV]bOYSaVW[]\O\SfVWZO`ObW\U - Premiere of new documentary by Maine-based ³>`S[WS`S]T\SeR]Qc[S\bO`gPg;OW\SPOaSR journey through the city and makes him want to live. 6 with Michael Shamberg's short "Gone, Gone, Gone." 9:15 X]c`\SgbV`]cUVbVSQWbgO\R[OYSaVW[eO\bb]ZWdS$ filmmaker Huey that explores the life and career of the eWbV;WQVOSZAVO[PS`U¸aaV]`bµ5]\S5]\S5]\S¶'(# ¿Z[[OYS`6cSgbVObSf^Z]`SabVSZWTSO\RQO`SS`]TbVS p.m. Sunday; 9:15 p.m. July 21, both at Railroad Square ^[Ac\ROg)'(#^[8cZg P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S p.m. Tuesday; 6 p.m. July 22, both at Railroad Square ^[BcSaROg)$^[8cZg P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S pioneering female jazz musician and composer. 6:30 ^W]\SS`W\UTS[OZSXOhh[caWQWO\O\RQ][^]aS`$(! "Fambul Tok" - Documentary focuses on victims and µ4O[PcZB]Y¶³2]Qc[S\bO`gT]QcaSa]\dWQbW[aO\R "Catching Hell" Documentary probes sports curses µ1ObQVW\U6SZZ¶³2]Qc[S\bO`g^`]PSaa^]`baQc`aSa p.m. Tuesday, Given; 9:30 p.m. July 21, Railroad Square ^[BcSaROg5WdS\)'(!^[8cZg @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S perpetrators of Sierra Leone's civil war coming together ^S`^Sb`Ob]`a]TAWS``O:S]\S¸aQWdWZeO`Q][W\Ub]USbVS` and scapegoats, focusing on the Red Sox's Bill Buckner O\RaQO^SU]ObaT]QcaW\U]\bVS@SRA]f¸a0WZZ0cQY\S` in a program of tradition-based truth-telling and W\O^`]U`O[]Tb`ORWbW]\POaSRb`cbVbSZZW\UO\R CLOSING NIGHT 1:=A7<5<756B and Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman. 12:15 p.m. SaturO\R1VWQOU]1cPaTO\AbSdS0O`b[O\ (#^[AObc` forgiveness ceremonies. 6:15 p.m. Saturday, Railroad T]`UWdS\SaaQS`S[]\WSa$(#^[AObc`ROg@OWZ`]OR day; 6:15 p.m. July 22,P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S both at Railroad Square "Another Earth" - On the eve of the discovery of a ROg)$(#^[8cZg µ/\]bVS`3O`bV¶³=\bVSSdS]TbVSRWaQ]dS`g]TO Square; 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Given A_cO`S)!(!^[ESR\SaROg5WdS\ "Circumstance" - Two rebellious teenage girls explore µ1W`Qc[abO\QS¶³Be]`SPSZZW]cabSS\OUSUW`ZaSf^Z]`S duplicate Earth, tragedy strikes, and the lives of an Rc^ZWQObS3O`bVb`OUSRgab`WYSaO\RbVSZWdSa]TO\ "Finding Donn Fendler: Lost on a Mountain in Maine µ4W\RW\U2]\\4S\RZS`(:]ab]\O;]c\bOW\W\;OW\S Tehran's underground art and music scene, their BSV`O\¸ac\RS`U`]c\RO`bO\R[caWQaQS\SbVSW` astrophysicist and a composer become intertwined. Oab`]^VgaWQWabO\ROQ][^]aS`PSQ][SW\bS`beW\SR Years Later" (with Donn Fendler in person) - Fol%72GSO`a:ObS`¶eWbV2]\\4S\RZS`W\^S`a]\³4]Z burgeoning sexuality and their feelings for one another Pc`US]\W\UaSfcOZWbgO\RbVSW`TSSZW\UaT]`]\SO\]bVS` 7:30 p.m. July 24, Given %(!^[8cZg "5WdS\ lows Fendler's story of survival through the lens of two Z]ea4S\RZS`¸aab]`g]Tac`dWdOZbV`]cUVbVSZS\a]Tbe] - until a fundamentalist brother intervenes. 9:30 p.m. ³c\bWZOTc\RO[S\bOZWabP`]bVS`W\bS`dS\Sa'(!^[ young filmmakers. 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Given; 3:30 p.m. FEATURE FILMS g]c\U¿Z[[OYS`a (!^[AObc`ROg5WdS\)!(!^[ 43/BC@347:;A Wednesday; 6:30 p.m. July 22;)'(!^[8cZg 9:30 p.m. July 23, all at ESR\SaROg)$(!^[8cZg !OZZOb July 24, Railroad Square 8cZg "@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S Railroad Square "The Acceptance" - An unforeseen event disrupts the µBVS/QQS^bO\QS¶³/\c\T]`SaSS\SdS\bRWa`c^babVS @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Force of Nature: The David Suzuki Movie" - Docuµ4]`QS]T<Obc`S(BVS2OdWRAchcYW;]dWS¶³2]Qc core existence of a woman in a film that creates an "Dabangg" - A corrupt cop in India needs to bridge Q]`SSfWabS\QS]TOe][O\W\O¿Z[bVObQ`SObSaO\ µ2OPO\UU¶³/Q]``c^bQ]^W\7\RWO\SSRab]P`WRUS mentary about the Canadian environmentalist, who at [S\bO`gOP]cbbVS1O\ORWO\S\dW`]\[S\bOZWabeV]Ob urgent sense of mystery as it traces her inner journey the distance with his stepbrother and stepdad, and to c`US\baS\aS]T[gabS`gOaWbb`OQSaVS`W\\S`X]c`\Sg bVSRWabO\QSeWbVVWaabS^P`]bVS`O\RabS^RORO\Rb] age 75, shows no signs of slowing down. 6 p.m. SaturOUS%#aV]ea\]aWU\a]TaZ]eW\UR]e\$^[AObc` from near despair to a calm acceptance. 8:45 p.m. marry the potter girl who refuses to succumb to his T`][\SO`RSa^OW`b]OQOZ[OQQS^bO\QS&("#^[ [O``gbVS^]bbS`UW`ZeV]`STcaSab]acQQc[Pb]VWa day; 3:30 p.m. July 22,P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S both at Railroad Square Saturday; 3 p.m. Wednesday, both at Railroad Square charms. 12:30 p.m. Saturday, Railroad Square; 9:30 p.m. ROg)!(!^[8cZg AObc`ROg)!^[ESR\SaROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S QVO`[a (!^[AObc`ROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S)'(!^[ "Fordson: Faith, Fasting, Football" - Documentary µ4]`Ra]\(4OWbV4OabW\U4]]bPOZZ¶³2]Qc[S\bO`g "The American Folk Festival" - New documentary July 21, Given µBVS/[S`WQO\4]ZY4SabWdOZ¶³<SeR]Qc[S\bO`g 8cZg 5WdS\ follows a high school football team from Dearborn, T]ZZ]eaOVWUVaQV]]ZT]]bPOZZbSO[T`][2SO`P]`\ showcases what the Bangor festival means to the com"Darwin" - A documentary about an isolated commuaV]eQOaSaeVObbVS0O\U]`TSabWdOZ[SO\ab]bVSQ][ µ2O`eW\¶³/R]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cbO\Wa]ZObSRQ][[c Mich., home to the largest concentration of Arabs in ;WQVV][Sb]bVSZO`USabQ]\QS\b`ObW]\]T/`OPaW\ munity and the work people put into it, emphasizing nity of 35 people in Death Valley who coexist without a [c\WbgO\RbVSe]`Y^S]^ZS^cbW\b]WbS[^VOaWhW\U \Wbg]T!#^S]^ZSW\2SObVDOZZSgeV]Q]SfWabeWbV]cbO any city outside of the Middle East, as it prepares for O\gQWbg]cbaWRS]TbVS;WRRZS3OabOaWb^`S^O`SaT]` the music and its makers. 6:15 p.m. Friday; 3:15 p.m. July U]dS`\[S\bOQVc`QVX]Pa]`QVWZR`S\<]]\AObc`ROg) government, a church, jobs or children. Noon Saturday; bVS[caWQO\RWba[OYS`a$(#^[4`WROg)!(#^[8cZg its big crosstown rivalry game during the last 10 days WbaPWUQ`]aab]e\`WdOZ`gUO[SRc`W\UbVSZOabROga 23, both at Railroad Square 9:15 p.m. Monday, both at Railroad Square !P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S '(#^[;]\ROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S of Ramadan. 3 p.m. Monday; 6 p.m. Tuesday, both at ]T@O[ORO\!^[;]\ROg)$^[BcSaROgP]bVOb "Autumn Gold" Documentary follows five athletes, all "Dernier Maquis (Adhen)" At a truck yard on the µ/cbc[\5]ZR¶³2]Qc[S\bO`gT]ZZ]ea¿dSObVZSbSaOZZ µ2S`\WS`;O_cWa/RVS\¶³/bOb`cQYgO`R]\bVS Railroad Square @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S over 80, as they prepare for the World Masters Athletics ]cbaYW`ba]T>O`WabVSP]aaQ]\dS`baO\S[^bg`]][ outskirts of Paris, the boss converts an empty room ]dS`&OabVSg^`S^O`ST]`bVSE]`ZR;OabS`a/bVZSbWQa "The Greater Good" - Character-driven documenµBVS5`SObS`5]]R¶³1VO`OQbS`R`WdS\R]Qc[S\ Championships. 6:30 p.m. Sunday; 3:30 p.m. Monday, to a mosque for his Muslim workers, but they see his 1VO[^W]\aVW^a$(!^[Ac\ROg)!(!^[;]\ROg b]O[]a_cST]`VWa;caZW[e]`YS`aPcbbVSgaSSVWa tary explores the places where parenting, medicine bO`gSf^Z]`SabVS^ZOQSaeVS`S^O`S\bW\U[SRWQW\S both at Railroad Square efforts as an attempt to dodge demands for better pay P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S STT]`baOaO\ObbS[^bb]R]RUSRS[O\RaT]`PSbbS`^Og and states' rights clash with politics, groupthink and O\RabObSa¸`WUVbaQZOaVeWbV^]ZWbWQaU`]c^bVW\YO\R "The Ballad of Genesis and Lady Jaye" - Documentary O\Rb`SOb[S\b!^[AObc`ROg)!^[BcSaROgP]bVOb and treatment. 3 p.m. Saturday; 3 p.m. Tuesday, both at µBVS0OZZOR]T5S\SaWaO\R:ORg8OgS¶³2]Qc[S\bO`g Big Pharma in the debate over vaccinations. 9 p.m. 0WU>VO`[OW\bVSRSPObS]dS`dOQQW\ObW]\a'^[ about musician and artist Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S Railroad Square OP]cb[caWQWO\O\RO`bWab5S\SaWa0`SgS`>=``WRUSO\R Wednesday; 3:15 p.m. July 21, both at Railroad Square ESR\SaROg)!(#^[8cZg P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S his love and artistic partner, Lady Jaye, as they undergo µBVS2`cWRa(B`OdSZaW\2SS^3\UZO\R¶³2]Qc[S\bO`g "The Druids: Travels in Deep England" - Documentary VWaZ]dSO\RO`bWabWQ^O`b\S`:ORg8OgSOabVSgc\RS`U] "The Grove" - Documentary. More Americans have surgeries to more closely resemble each other. Shown explores magical beliefs as it follows a group of modern µBVS5`]dS¶³2]Qc[S\bO`g;]`S/[S`WQO\aVOdS ac`US`WSab][]`SQZ]aSZg`SaS[PZSSOQV]bVS`AV]e\ Sf^Z]`Sa[OUWQOZPSZWSTaOaWbT]ZZ]eaOU`]c^]T[]RS`\ been lost to AIDS than in all the U.S. wars since 1900, PSS\Z]abb]/72AbVO\W\OZZbVSCAeO`aaW\QS'

but few know about the National AIDS Memorial, a 7PcbTSeY\]eOP]cbbVS<ObW]\OZ/72A;S[]`WOZO% acre sanctuary in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park that OQ`SaO\QbcO`gW\AO\4`O\QWaQ]¸a5]ZRS\5ObS>O`YbVOb shows how one community responded to grief. aV]eaV]e]\SQ][[c\Wbg`Sa^]\RSRb]U`WST 8:45 p.m. Friday; noon July 23, both at Railroad Square &("#^[4`WROg)\]]\8cZg !P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Higher Ground" - Actress Vera Farmiga's directorial µ6WUVS`5`]c\R¶³/Qb`SaaDS`O4O`[WUO¸aRW`SQb]`WOZ debut depicts the landscape of a tight-knit spiritual RSPcbRS^WQbabVSZO\RaQO^S]TObWUVbY\Wba^W`WbcOZ community thrown off-kilter when one of their own Q][[c\WbgbV`]e\]TTYWZbS`eVS\]\S]TbVSW`]e\ begins to question her faith. 6:30 p.m. Monday; 9:30 PSUW\ab]_cSabW]\VS`TOWbV$(!^[;]\ROg)'(! p.m. Tuesday, both at Railroad Square ^[BcSaROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Ito: A Diary of an Urban Priest" - Documentary folµ7b](/2WO`g]TO\C`PO\>`WSab¶³2]Qc[S\bO`gT]Z lows a handsome young guy who works at a Tokyo bar, Z]eaOVO\Ra][Sg]c\UUcgeV]e]`YaObOB]Yg]PO` sings blues and also happens to be a Buddhist priest as aW\UaPZcSaO\ROZa]VO^^S\ab]PSO0cRRVWab^`WSabOa he talks with various troubled souls and wrestles with VSbOZYaeWbVdO`W]cab`]cPZSRa]cZaO\Re`SabZSaeWbV his own demons. 3:15 p.m. Monday; 9:15 p.m. July 23, VWa]e\RS[]\a!(#^[;]\ROg)'(#^[8cZg ! both at Railroad Square P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Love Crime" - A remorseless tale of office politics µ:]dS1`W[S¶³/`S[]`aSZSaabOZS]T]T¿QS^]ZWbWQa played out by two ruthless executives, competitive col^ZOgSR]cbPgbe]`cbVZSaaSfSQcbWdSaQ][^SbWbWdSQ]Z leagues who become bitter enemies. 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, ZSOUcSaeV]PSQ][SPWbbS`S\S[WSa$(!^[BcSaROg Railroad Square; 9:30 p.m. July 22,5WdS\ Given @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S)'(!^[8cZg "Luck, Trust & Ketchup: Robert Altman in Carver µ:cQYB`cab9SbQVc^(@]PS`b/Zb[O\W\1O`dS` Country" (introduced by director/producer Mike Ka1]c\b`g¶W\b`]RcQSRPgRW`SQb]`^`]RcQS`;WYS9O plan) - Documentary follows the late Altman on the set ^ZO\³2]Qc[S\bO`gT]ZZ]eabVSZObS/Zb[O\]\bVSaSb of one of his greatest films, "Short Cuts," and actors in ]T]\S]TVWaU`SObSab¿Z[aµAV]`b1cba¶O\ROQb]`aW\ the film, including Tim Robbins and Julianne Moore. 3:15 bVS¿Z[W\QZcRW\UBW[@]PPW\aO\R8cZWO\\S;]]`S!(# p.m. Sunday, Railroad Square ^[Ac\ROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S  "Mysteries of Lisbon" - Within the 4'/2 hours of this » V]c`a]TbVWa µ;gabS`WSa]T:WaP]\¶³EWbVW\bVS" mammoth adaptation of the 1852 \]dSZQVO`OQbS`a]T novel, characters of [O[[]bVORO^bObW]\]TbVS&# different classes and bearings will change titles, outfits RWTTS`S\bQZOaaSaO\RPSO`W\UaeWZZQVO\USbWbZSa]cb¿ba and even faces in an ever-evolving and growing tapO\RSdS\TOQSaW\O\SdS`Sd]ZdW\UO\RU`]eW\UbO^ estry. 6:15 p.m. Sunday; noon July 24, both at Railroad Sab`g$(#^[Ac\ROg)\]]\8cZg "P]bVOb@OWZ`]OR Square A_cO`S "Paul Goodman Changed My Life" (sneak preview) µ>OcZ5]]R[O\1VO\USR;g:WTS¶a\SOY^`SdWSe - Documentary about the author of the best-seller ³2]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cbbVSOcbV]`]TbVSPSabaSZZS` "Growing Up Absurd," poet, pacifist, visionary, gay µ5`]eW\UC^/Pac`R¶^]Sb^OQW¿abdWaW]\O`gUOg family man in the 1940s and '50s, and a moral compass TO[WZg[O\W\bVS'"aO\R¸#aO\RO[]`OZQ][^Oaa for many in the counterculture in the 1960s. 9:15 p.m. T]`[O\gW\bVSQ]c\bS`QcZbc`SW\bVS'$a'(#^[ Friday; 3:15 p.m. Saturday, both at Railroad Square 4`WROg)!(#^[AObc`ROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Protektor" - Thriller set in 1938 Prague, as Germany µ>`]bSYb]`¶³BV`WZZS`aSbW\'!&>`OUcSOa5S`[O\g prepares to occupy Czechoslovakia and the love ^`S^O`Sab]]QQc^g1hSQV]aZ]dOYWOO\RbVSZ]dS between a husband and wife is put to the ultimate test. PSbeSS\OVcaPO\RO\ReWTSWa^cbb]bVScZbW[ObSbSab 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, Railroad Square; 3:30 p.m. July 21, $(#^[BcSaROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S)!(!^[8cZg  Given 5WdS\

By B E T H STAPLES #Z#&5)45"1-&4 .PSOJOH4FOUJOFM Morning Sentinel

Organizers of the 14th annual Maine 0SHBOJ[FSTPGUIFUIBOOVBM.BJOF International Film Festival are delighted *OUFSOBUJPOBM'JMN'FTUJWBMBSFEFMJHIUFE that the 10-day, audience-oriented event UIBUUIFEBZ BVEJFODFPSJFOUFEFWFOU affords face-to-face interaction with filmBGGPSETGBDFUPGBDFJOUFSBDUJPOXJUImMN makers and actors. NBLFSTBOEBDUPST i5IFNPWJFTUBSTBSFBDDFTTJCMF wTBJE "The movie stars are accessible," said Ken Eisen, programmer of the festival ,FO&JTFO QSPHSBNNFSPGUIFGFTUJWBM that runs this Friday to July 24 at RailUIBUSVOTUIJT'SJEBZUP+VMZBU3BJM road Square Cinema and Colby College in SPBE4RVBSF$JOFNBBOE$PMCZ$PMMFHFJO Waterville. "You're not going to have them 8BUFSWJMMFi:PVSFOPUHPJOHUPIBWFUIFN over for dinner, but it demystifies them. PWFSGPSEJOOFS CVUJUEFNZTUJmFTUIFN They are wonderful people, and all the 5IFZBSFXPOEFSGVMQFPQMF BOEBMMUIF glamour and phoniness is taken away." HMBNPVSBOEQIPOJOFTTJTUBLFOBXBZw It's not necessary to be a cinephile or *UTOPUOFDFTTBSZUPCFBDJOFQIJMFPS have an encyclopedic knowledge of films IBWFBOFODZDMPQFEJDLOPXMFEHFPGmMNT to attend. UPBUUFOE "You just have to enjoy movies. This is i:PVKVTUIBWFUPFOKPZNPWJFT5IJTJT an event for anyone in central Maine," BOFWFOUGPSBOZPOFJODFOUSBM.BJOF w Eisen said. &JTFOTBJE This year, though, festival director Shan5IJTZFBS UIPVHI GFTUJWBMEJSFDUPS4IBO non Haines strongly encourages fans who OPO)BJOFTTUSPOHMZFODPVSBHFTGBOTXIP want up-close access and interaction with XBOUVQDMPTFBDDFTTBOEJOUFSBDUJPOXJUI industry standouts and up-and-comers to JOEVTUSZTUBOEPVUTBOEVQBOEDPNFSTUP purchase tickets online as soon as posQVSDIBTFUJDLFUTPOMJOFBTTPPOBTQPT sible and arrive early at screenings. Seats TJCMFBOEBSSJWFFBSMZBUTDSFFOJOHT4FBUT will be at a premium. XJMMCFBUBQSFNJVN Railroad Square Cinema's three screens 3BJMSPBE4RVBSF$JOFNBTUISFFTDSFFOT will be used, as usual, but the Waterville XJMMCFVTFE BTVTVBM CVUUIF8BUFSWJMMF Opera House, which seats 960, is under0QFSB)PVTF XIJDITFBUT JTVOEFS going renovations and is not available. HPJOHSFOPWBUJPOTBOEJTOPUBWBJMBCMF Instead, Colby College's 341-seat Given Au*OTUFBE $PMCZ$PMMFHFTTFBU(JWFO"V

@= >F ;/7<37<B3@</B7=</:47:;43AB7D/: MAINE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL E63<(4`WROgb]8cZg " WHEN: Friday to July 24 E63@3(@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S1W\S[O% WHERE: Railroad Square Cinema, 17 @OWZ`]ORA_cO`SEObS`dWZZS)5WdS\ Railroad Square, Waterville; Given /cRWb]`Wc[1]ZPg1]ZZSUS#$ Auditorium, Colby College, 5600 ;OgĂ&#x20AC;]eS`6WZZEObS`dWZZS)O\R Mayflower Hill, Waterville; and AY]eVSUO\2`WdS7\ EObS`dWZZS Skowhegan Drive-In, 201 Waterville @]ORAY]eVSUO\ Road, Skowhegan 6=E;C16('^S`ÂżZ[ HOW MUCH: $9 per film ($12T]`a^SQWOZ for special SdS\ba)&#^O`bWOZTSabWdOZ^Oaab] events); $85 partial festival pass to SdS\baOR[Wbabe]^S]^ZS^S` 10 events (admits two people per aQ`SS\W\U) TcZZTSabWdOZ^Oaa screening); $200 full festival pass OR[Wba]\S^S`a]\b]OZZ^cPZWQ (admits one person to all public TSabWdOZSdS\ba festival events) 7<4=(&$&!&)[WTT]`U INFO: 861-8138;

EJUPSJVNXJMMUBLFUIFPQFSBIPVTFTQMBDF ditorium will take the opera house's place. .BMDPMN.D%PXFMM UIFGFTUJWBMT Malcolm McDowell, the festival's 2011 .JE-JGF"DIJFWFNFOU"XBSEIPOPSFF  Mid-Life Achievement Award honoree, XJMMCFGSPOUBOEDFOUFSBU(JWFO"VEJUP will be front and center at Given AuditoSJVNBUQN4BUVSEBZUPQJDLVQIJTDVT rium at 6 p.m. Saturday to pick up his custom-made Maine Moose award designed UPNNBEF.BJOF.PPTFBXBSEEFTJHOFE by Haines' mother, Laurel McLeod. As CZ)BJOFTNPUIFS -BVSFM.D-FPE"T part of the ceremony, McDowell's 1973 QBSUPGUIFDFSFNPOZ .D%PXFMMT film "0 Lucky Man!" will be shown. mMNi0-VDLZ.BOwXJMMCFTIPXO Several more of the prolific actor's films 4FWFSBMNPSFPGUIFQSPMJmDBDUPSTmMNT will be screened during the festival. XJMMCFTDSFFOFEEVSJOHUIFGFTUJWBM )BJOFTBOE&JTFOBSFQBSUJDVMBSMZ Haines and Eisen are particularly

Contact Beth Staples at 861-9252 or at: 1]\bOQb0SbVAbO^ZSaOb&$' # ]`Ob( bstaples@centralmaine. com PabO^ZSa.QS\b`OZ[OW\SQ][


Please see SCHEDULE, Page E37 Gc\Xj\j\\A1632C:3GX^\<*.

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E37 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!%



UPCFUIFNBOXIPLJMMFE/JDIPMBT**BOE to be the man who killed Nicholas II and UIFSPZBMGBNJMZ the royal family. "It's amazing! The history is amazing, i*UTBNB[JOH5IFIJTUPSZJTBNB[JOH  UPPJUXBTNBEFSJHIUBGUFSUIF #FSMJO  too; it was made right after the (Berlin) XBMMDBNFEPXO w.D%PXFMMTBJEi5IF wall came down," McDowell said. "The director's father had access to KGB EJSFDUPSTGBUIFSIBEBDDFTTUP,(# SFDPSET LOFXUIFSFBMTUPSZ*UTBCSJMMJBOU records, knew the real story. It's a brilliant film that no one's seen. You can't get it, mMNUIBUOPPOFTTFFO:PVDBOUHFUJU  JUTOPUPO%7%*UIBTGBOT CVUIBTOU it's not on DVD. It has fans, but hasn't been seen, so I thought this would be an CFFOTFFO TP*UIPVHIUUIJTXPVMECFBO opportunity to share it." PQQPSUVOJUZUPTIBSFJUw The last of his films showing at MIFF 5IFMBTUPGIJTmMNTTIPXJOHBU.*'' is the campy sci-fi comedy "Tank Girl" JTUIFDBNQZTDJmDPNFEZi5BOL(JSMw (1995), in which he plays a post-apocalyp  JOXIJDIIFQMBZTBQPTUBQPDBMZQ tic villain versus Lori Petty's titular punk UJDWJMMBJOWFSTVT-PSJ1FUUZTUJUVMBSQVOL heroine (and her mutant kangaroo army). IFSPJOF BOEIFSNVUBOULBOHBSPPBSNZ  While McDowell seemed momentarily 8IJMF.D%PXFMMTFFNFENPNFOUBSJMZ surprised at its inclusion, he agreed that TVSQSJTFEBUJUTJODMVTJPO IFBHSFFEUIBU screening it at the Skowhegan Drive-In TDSFFOJOHJUBUUIF4LPXIFHBO%SJWF*O was just right. "It's meant to be seen at XBTKVTUSJHIUi*UTNFBOUUPCFTFFOBU a drive-in. That's a very good way to put BESJWFJO5IBUTBWFSZHPPEXBZUPQVU that." UIBUw Not that McDowell is ashamed of the /PUUIBU.D%PXFMMJTBTIBNFEPGUIF work. Quite the contrary - he considers XPSL2VJUFUIFDPOUSBSZoIFDPOTJEFST such roles to be great fun. TVDISPMFTUPCFHSFBUGVO "It's fun to play parts like that occasioni*UTGVOUPQMBZQBSUTMJLFUIBUPDDBTJPO ally," he said. "The secret to playing a BMMZ wIFTBJEi5IFTFDSFUUPQMBZJOHB villain is not to play them as bad; that's WJMMBJOJTOPUUPQMBZUIFNBTCBEUIBUT too one-dimensional and boring. If you UPPPOFEJNFOTJPOBMBOECPSJOH*GZPV can play them with a certain amount of DBOQMBZUIFNXJUIBDFSUBJOBNPVOUPG charm, it's better. A film's only as good as DIBSN JUTCFUUFS"mMNTPOMZBTHPPEBT the heavy. UIFIFBWZ "I used to joke I get six scenes to make i*VTFEUPKPLF*HFUTJYTDFOFTUPNBLF the whole world hate me. If I had a choice, UIFXIPMFXPSMEIBUFNF*G*IBEBDIPJDF  I would choose the heavy every time - you *XPVMEDIPPTFUIFIFBWZFWFSZUJNFoZPV don't have to be there until dawn, there EPOUIBWFUPCFUIFSFVOUJMEBXO UIFSF are usually some good scenes and a great BSFVTVBMMZTPNFHPPETDFOFTBOEBHSFBU death." EFBUIw

"0 LUCKY MAN!" (1973) - Surrealist musical is an anti-capitalist odyssey about µ=:C19G;/<¶'%!³Ac``SOZWab[caWQOZWaO\O\bWQO^WbOZWab]RgaaSgOP]cb a coffee salesman who steps out into the world of business armed only with OQ]TTSSaOZSa[O\eV]abS^a]cbW\b]bVSe]`ZR]TPcaW\SaaO`[SR]\ZgeWbV a smile, an apple, a magic suit and his ambition. Screening accompanied Oa[WZSO\O^^ZSO[OUWQacWbO\RVWaO[PWbW]\AQ`SS\W\UOQQ][^O\WSR by presentation of the Mid-Life Achievement Award. 6 p.m. Saturday. Given Pg^`SaS\bObW]\]TbVS;WR:WTS/QVWSdS[S\b/eO`R$^[AObc`ROg5WdS\ Whales of August." (Trivia note: Davis 8IBMFTPG"VHVTUw 5SJWJBOPUF%BWJT Auditorium, Colby College, Waterville. $12. /cRWb]`Wc[1]ZPg1]ZZSUSEObS`dWZZS  also had an affinity for Maine, having lived BMTPIBEBOBGmOJUZGPS.BJOF IBWJOHMJWFE "A CLOCKWORK ORANGE" (1971) - McDowell gives an unforgettable performance µ/1:=19E=@9=@/<53¶'%³;Q2]eSZZUWdSaO\c\T]`USbbOPZS^S`T]`[O\QS in Cape Elizabeth in the 1950s.) It's clear JO$BQF&MJ[BCFUIJOUIFT *UTDMFBS as Alex, the narrating anti-hero in Stanley Kubrick's futuristic masterpiece IFTUJMMMPWFTUIFNPWJFT BOEMPWFTUPUBML he still loves the movies, and loves to talk Oa/ZSfbVS\O``ObW\UO\bWVS`]W\AbO\ZSg9cP`WQY¸aTcbc`WabWQ[OabS`^WSQS about a young punk reconditioned by the society that created him. 2:45 OP]cbOg]c\U^c\Y`SQ]\RWbW]\SRPgbVSa]QWSbgbVObQ`SObSRVW[ ("# about them. BCPVUUIFN Saturday; 9:15 p.m. Sunday, both at Given Auditorium. $9. AObc`ROg)'(#^[Ac\ROgP]bVOb5WdS\/cRWb]`Wc[' "OEXIJMFIJTDBSFFSSVOTUIFHBNVU And while his career runs the gamut "ASSASSIN OF THE TSAR" (1991) - McDowell plays a schizophrenic patient in a µ/AA/AA7<=4B63BA/@¶''³;Q2]eSZZ^ZOgaOaQVWh]^V`S\WQ^ObWS\bW\O from classic ("A Clockwork Orange") to GSPNDMBTTJD i"$MPDLXPSL0SBOHFw UP Russian hospital who is convinced he was the man who executed Nicholas II @caaWO\V]a^WbOZeV]WaQ]\dW\QSRVSeOabVS[O\eV]SfSQcbSR<WQV]ZOa77 OPUPSJPVT i$BMJHVMBw UPUIFyXFMM  notorious ("Caligula"), to the ... well, and the royal family during the Russian Revolution in 1918. 12:15 p.m. Sunday, (#^[Ac\ROg questionable ("Firestarter 2: Rekindled"), O\RbVS`]gOZTO[WZgRc`W\UbVS@caaWO\@Sd]ZcbW]\W\'& RVFTUJPOBCMF i'JSFTUBSUFS3FLJOEMFEw  Railroad Square Cinema, Waterville. $9. @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S1W\S[OEObS`dWZZS' McDowell has never been left wanting for .D%PXFMMIBTOFWFSCFFOMFGUXBOUJOHGPS "NEVER APOLOGIZE" (2007) - Celebration of director Lindsay Anderson is µ<3D3@/>=:=57H3¶ %³1SZSP`ObW]\]TRW`SQb]`:W\RaOg/\RS`a]\Wa work in the entertainment industry. XPSLJOUIFFOUFSUBJONFOUJOEVTUSZ a unique hybrid of film, theater and literature that combines McDowell's Oc\W_cSVgP`WR]T¿Z[bVSObS`O\RZWbS`Obc`SbVObQ][PW\Sa;Q2]eSZZ¸a Since his big-screen debut in "If...." 4JODFIJTCJHTDSFFOEFCVUJOi*Gyw reminiscences with his readings of pieces written by and about his friend and (1968), he's done everything from playing `S[W\WaQS\QSaeWbVVWa`SORW\Ua]T^WSQSae`WbbS\PgO\ROP]cbVWaT`WS\RO\R  IFTEPOFFWFSZUIJOHGSPNQMBZJOH mentor. 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Given Auditorium. $9. [S\b]`$(!^[Ac\ROg5WdS\/cRWb]`Wc[' leads in feature films to scene-stealing MFBETJOGFBUVSFmMNTUPTDFOFTUFBMJOH "TANK GIRL" (1995) - Based on an edgy comic book about a girl who likes to µB/<957@:¶''#³0OaSR]\O\SRUgQ][WQP]]YOP]cbOUW`ZeV]ZWYSab] villains on television's "Heroes," voiceWJMMBJOTPOUFMFWJTJPOTi)FSPFT wWPJDF wear skimpy clothing and blow things up. McDowell plays the villain. 8:30 p.m. eSO`aYW[^gQZ]bVW\UO\RPZ]ebVW\Uac^;Q2]eSZZ^ZOgabVSdWZZOW\&(!^[ overs on animated films and TV shows, PWFSTPOBOJNBUFEmMNTBOE57TIPXT  July 21, Skowhegan Drive-In. $6. 8cZg AY]eVSUO\2`WdS7\$ and even a live-action role in the "Wing BOEFWFOBMJWFBDUJPOSPMFJOUIFi8JOH WHAT ELSE: A party for McDowell will be held at 9:30 p.m. Saturday at Apollo's E6/B3:A3(/^O`bgT]`;Q2]eSZZeWZZPSVSZROb'(!^[AObc`ROgOb/^]ZZ]¸a Commander" video-game franchise. $PNNBOEFSwWJEFPHBNFGSBODIJTF Bistro, 91 Silver St., Waterville. 0Wab`]'AWZdS`AbEObS`dWZZS His fans can watch him currently on a )JTGBOTDBOXBUDIIJNDVSSFOUMZPOB INFO: 861-8138; 7<4=(&$&!&)[WTT]`U new TNT television show, "Franklin and OFX5/5UFMFWJTJPOTIPX i'SBOLMJOBOE Bash," at 9 p.m. Wednesdays. He plays #BTI wBUQN8FEOFTEBZT)FQMBZT Stanton Infeld, patriarch of Infeld Daniels, 4UBOUPO*OGFME QBUSJBSDIPG*OGFME%BOJFMT  one of the top law firms in Los Angeles. "Never Apologize" concludes with McMcDowell posited that the film remains "a .D%PXFMMQPTJUFEUIBUUIFmMNSFNBJOTiB i/FWFS"QPMPHJ[FwDPODMVEFTXJUI.D POFPGUIFUPQMBXmSNTJO-PT"OHFMFT But of all his work, McDowell is especial- %PXFMMSFFOBDUJOHBEFBUICFEDPOWFSTB Dowell re-enacting a deathbed conversa- SJUFPGQBTTBHFGPSZPVOHQFPQMF*OSFUSP rite of passage for young people. In retro#VUPGBMMIJTXPSL .D%PXFMMJTFTQFDJBM ly proud that the MIFF is showing "Never UJPOCFUXFFO"OEFSTPOBOEMFHFOEBSZ tion between Anderson and legendary spect, the political element of government TQFDU UIFQPMJUJDBMFMFNFOUPGHPWFSONFOU MZQSPVEUIBUUIF.*''JTTIPXJOHi/FWFS Apologize," the utterly winning, funny and mMNNBLFSBOE1PSUMBOEOBUJWF+PIO'PSE  being big brother, taking over our lives filmmaker and Portland native John Ford, CFJOHCJHCSPUIFS UBLJOHPWFSPVSMJWFT "QPMPHJ[F wUIFVUUFSMZXJOOJOH GVOOZBOE heartwarming film of the one-man show about whom McDowell stressed, "there - young people can totally still get that. oZPVOHQFPQMFDBOUPUBMMZTUJMMHFUUIBU BCPVUXIPN.D%PXFMMTUSFTTFE iUIFSF IFBSUXBSNJOHmMNPGUIFPOFNBOTIPX he performed about Anderson. are many great directors, but very few po- #VUUIFSFBMQPJHOBOUCJUJTUIFGSFFEPNPG But the real poignant bit is the freedom of BSFNBOZHSFBUEJSFDUPST CVUWFSZGFXQP IFQFSGPSNFEBCPVU"OEFSTPO "Lindsay was an extraordinary talent, ets. John Ford was both. So was Lindsay." DIPJDFUIBUTXIZJUIBTOUEBUFEw choice; that's why it hasn't dated." FUT+PIO'PSEXBTCPUI4PXBT-JOETBZw i-JOETBZXBTBOFYUSBPSEJOBSZUBMFOU  and man," said McDowell warmly. "I had Of course, no celebration of McDowell's McDowell is also excited that festival-go.D%PXFMMJTBMTPFYDJUFEUIBUGFTUJWBMHP 0GDPVSTF OPDFMFCSBUJPOPG.D%PXFMMT BOENBO wTBJE.D%PXFMMXBSNMZi*IBE ers will get the opportunity to see another the feeling that people were beginning to XPSLXPVMECFDPNQMFUFXJUIPVU,V work would be complete without KuFSTXJMMHFUUIFPQQPSUVOJUZUPTFFBOPUIFS UIFGFFMJOHUIBUQFPQMFXFSFCFHJOOJOHUP little-known film, 1991's "Assassin of the forget Lindsay, and I was very dismayed. CSJDLTi"$MPDLXPSL0SBOHFw  IJT brick's "A Clockwork Orange" (1971), his MJUUMFLOPXOmMN Ti"TTBTTJOPGUIF GPSHFU-JOETBZ BOE*XBTWFSZEJTNBZFE When you look at his films ('If....' '0 Lucky NPTUGBNPVTmMN BOEPOFXIJDI.D%PX most famous film, and one which McDow- 5TBS wXIJDIIFSFDPNNFOEFEUPUIF Tsar," which he recommended to the 8IFOZPVMPPLBUIJTmMNT A*GA0-VDLZ Man!' 'This Sporting Life' with Richard ell said "can take care of itself." MIFF directors. In the Russian-made .*''EJSFDUPST*OUIF3VTTJBONBEF FMMTBJEiDBOUBLFDBSFPGJUTFMGw .BOA5IJT4QPSUJOH-JGFXJUI3JDIBSE Dennis Perkins is a freelance writer who lives in 2S\\Wa>S`YW\aWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\ Harris), he's as important a director as Asked about the enduring popularity of film, McDowell plays a modern-day menmMN .D%PXFMMQMBZTBNPEFSOEBZNFO "TLFEBCPVUUIFFOEVSJOHQPQVMBSJUZPG )BSSJT IFTBTJNQPSUBOUBEJSFDUPSBT Portland. Stanley Kubrick, if not more so." "Clockwork" with successive generations, UBMJOTUJUVUJPOJONBUFXIPCFMJFWFTIJNTFMG tal institution inmate who believes himself >]`bZO\R i$MPDLXPSLwXJUITVDDFTTJWFHFOFSBUJPOT  4UBOMFZ,VCSJDL JGOPUNPSFTPw

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at Railroad Square Ob@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "The Quiet Man" - Archival print of John Ford's 1952 ÂľBVS?cWSb;O\œ³/`QVWdOZ^`W\b]T8]V\4]`R¸a'# Irish masterpiece. 6:30 p.m. July 21, Given 7`WaV[OabS`^WSQS$(!^[8cZg 5WdS\ "Dreaming the Quiet Man" - Documentary about Âľ2`SO[W\UbVS?cWSb;O\œ³2]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cb Continued from Page E36 SHORT FILMS :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!$ A6=@B47:;A Portland native John Ford and the making of his most >]`bZO\R\ObWdS8]V\4]`RO\RbVS[OYW\U]TVWa[]ab Ends in Themselves - Retrospective program of short, 3\RaW\BVS[aSZdSaÂł@Sb`]a^SQbWdS^`]U`O[]TaV]`b personal film. 6 p.m. July 23, Railroad Square ^S`a]\OZÂżZ[$^[8cZg !@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Quill" - Japanese tale of a white Lab who slowly Âľ?cWZZœ³8O^O\SaSbOZS]TOeVWbS:OPeV]aZ]eZg personal films by independent filmmakers. 9:15 p.m. ^S`a]\OZÂżZ[aPgW\RS^S\RS\bÂżZ[[OYS`a'(#^[ "Taxi Driver" - Restored 35mm print of Martin ScorseÂľBOfW2`WdS`œ³@Sab]`SR!#[[^`W\b]T;O`bW\AQ]`aS learns to be a guide dog and is sent to live with a lonely ZSO`\ab]PSOUcWRSR]UO\RWaaS\bb]ZWdSeWbVOZ]\SZg Wednesday; 3 p.m. July 23, both at Railroad Square ESR\SaROg)!^[8cZg !P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S se's 1976 masterpiece about the bloody redemption of aS¸a'%$[OabS`^WSQSOP]cbbVSPZ]]Rg`SRS[^bW]\]T and ill-tempered man. 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, Railroad O\RWZZbS[^S`SR[O\!(!^[ESR\SaROg@OWZ`]OR Maine Shorts Showcase - New Maine-made shorts in;OW\SAV]`baAV]eQOaSÂł<Se;OW\SRSaV]`baW\ an alienated New York cabbie. 3:30 p.m. Sunday; 9 p.m. O\OZWS\ObSR<SeG]`YQOPPWS!(!^[Ac\ROg)'^[ Square; 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, Given; 6:30 p.m. July 23, A_cO`S)!(!^[BcSaROg5WdS\)$(!^[8cZg ! volving everything from lobstering to dying teeth. 9:15 d]ZdW\USdS`gbVW\UT`][Z]PabS`W\Ub]RgW\UbSSbV'(# Monday, both at Given ;]\ROgP]bVOb5WdS\ Railroad Square @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S p.m. Saturday, 6:15 p.m. July 23, both at Railroad Square ^[AObc`ROg$(#^[8cZg !P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "World on a Wire" - Restoration premiere of a previÂľE]`ZR]\OEW`Sœ³@Sab]`ObW]\^`S[WS`S]TO^`SdW "Salvation Boulevard" - Pierce Brosnan, Jennifer ÂľAOZdObW]\0]cZSdO`Rœ³>WS`QS0`]a\O\8S\\WTS` Shorts of the Americas For the first time, MIFF presAV]`ba]TbVS/[S`WQOaÂł4]`bVSÂż`abbW[S;744^`Sa ously unknown 1973 sci-fi epic from German director ]caZgc\Y\]e\'%!aQWÂżS^WQT`][5S`[O\RW`SQb]` Connelly, Ed Harris, Greg Kinnear and Marisa Tomei star 1]\\SZZg3R6O``Wa5`SU9W\\SO`O\R;O`WaOB][SWabO` ents an innovative selection of, for the most part, longer Rainer Werner Fassbinder. 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, Given S\baO\W\\]dObWdSaSZSQbW]\]TT]`bVS[]ab^O`bZ]\US` @OW\S`ES`\S`4OaaPW\RS`$("#^[ESR\SaROg5WdS\ in an offbeat story about a charismatic preacher and W\O\]TTPSObab]`gOP]cbOQVO`Wa[ObWQ^`SOQVS`O\R short films from the U.S. and this hemisphere. 9:30 p.m. Courtesy MIFF aV]`bÂżZ[aT`][bVSCAO\RbVWaVS[Wa^VS`S'(!^[ 1]c`bSag;744 the loyal member of his flock who helps him after the bVSZ]gOZ[S[PS`]TVWaĂ&#x20AC;]QYeV]VSZ^aVW[OTbS`bVS Sunday; 3:15 p.m. July 24, both at Railroad Square Ac\ROg)!(#^[8cZg "P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Higher Ground," about a spiritual Âľ6WUVS`5`]c\RÂśOP]cbOa^W`WbcOZ SPECIAL GUEST: MARY LAMPSON A>317/:5C3AB(;/@G:/;>A=< pastor finds himself in a compromising situation. 9 p.m. ^Oab]`Âż\RaVW[aSZTW\OQ][^`][WaW\UaWbcObW]\'^[ World Shorts - New shorts from Australia, Syria, MoE]`ZRAV]`baÂł<SeaV]`baT`][/cab`OZWOAg`WO;] community, is actress Vera Farmiga's Q][[c\WbgWaOQb`SaaDS`O4O`[WUO¸a Lampson, whose work has helped shape key documen:O[^a]\eV]aSe]`YVOaVSZ^SRaVO^SYSgR]Qc[S\ Tuesday, Given; 6:30 p.m. July 21, Railroad Square BcSaROg5WdS\)$(!^[8cZg @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S rocco, Bermuda, South Korea and the Netherlands. `]QQ]0S`[cROA]cbV9]`SOO\RbVS<SbVS`ZO\Ra directorial debut. RW`SQb]`WOZRSPcb taries such as the Oscar winner "Harlan County U.S.A.," bO`WSaacQVOabVS=aQO`eW\\S`Âľ6O`ZO\1]c\bgCA/Âś "Sarah's Key" - The story of an American journalist ÂľAO`OV¸a9Sgœ³BVSab]`g]TO\/[S`WQO\X]c`\OZWab 3 p.m. July 22;)'^[8cZg 9 p.m. July 23, both at Railroad Square !^[8cZg !P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S and director Anne Makepeace present: O\RRW`SQb]`/\\S;OYS^SOQS^`SaS\b( living in Paris, whose research for an article about the ZWdW\UW\>O`WaeV]aS`SaSO`QVT]`O\O`bWQZSOP]cbbVS Maine Student Film and Video Festival - Featuring "An Uncommon Curiosity: At Home and in Nature with ;OW\SAbcRS\b4WZ[O\RDWRS]4SabWdOZÂł4SObc`W\U "We Still Live Here (As Nutayunean)" - Documentary ÂľESAbWZZ:WdS6S`S/a<cbOgc\SO\œ³2]Qc[S\bO`g Âľ/\C\Q][[]\1c`W]aWbg(/b6][SO\RW\<Obc`SeWbV 1942 aSWhc`S]T8SeWaVTO[WZWSabc`\aVS`e]`ZRc^aWRS seizure of Jewish families turns her world upside '" work from K-12abcRS\baT`][OQ`]aabVSabObSDWaWb students from across the state. Visit e]`YT`][9 Bernd Heinrich" - Documentary about a Mainer, one of tells the amazing story of the return of the Wampanoag bSZZabVSO[OhW\Uab]`g]TbVS`Sbc`\]TbVSEO[^O\]OU 0S`\R6SW\`WQVœ³2]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cbO;OW\S`]\S]T down. 6:30 p.m. Wednesday; 9 p.m. July 21, both at R]e\$(!^[ESR\SaROg)'^[8cZg P]bVOb for more information. 12:30 p.m. July 23, [aTdTQ][T]`[]`SW\T]`[ObW]\ (!^[8cZg ! the world's most insightful biologists, over the course language, the first time a language with no native ZO\UcOUSbVSÂż`abbW[SOZO\UcOUSeWbV\]\ObWdS bVSe]`ZR¸a[]abW\aWUVbTcZPW]Z]UWaba]dS`bVSQ]c`aS Railroad Square @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S Railroad Square @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S of a year as he shares his ideas about nature, science, speakers has been revived in this country. 6:15 p.m. July a^SOYS`aVOaPSS\`SdWdSRW\bVWaQ]c\b`g$(#^[8cZg ]TOgSO`OaVSaVO`SaVWaWRSOaOP]cb\Obc`SaQWS\QS "Scott Camil Will Not Die" - Documentary about a ÂľAQ]bb1O[WZEWZZ<]b2WSœ³2]Qc[S\bO`gOP]cbO art, beauty and writing. 3:30 p.m. July 23; p.m. July 21; p.m. July 24, both at Railroad Square )12:30 (!^[8cZg "P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S O`bPSOcbgO\Re`WbW\U!(!^[8cZg !)12:15 (#^[8cZg peace activist, educator and Vietnam War veteran who ^SOQSOQbWdWabSRcQOb]`O\RDWSb\O[EO`dSbS`O\eV] REDISCOVERY SECTION @327A1=D3@GA31B7=< 24, both at Railroad Square "P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S struggles with the psychological traumas of war and ab`cUUZSaeWbVbVS^agQV]Z]UWQOZb`Oc[Oa]TeO`O\R "The City" and "A Bronx Morning" - These two films, ÂľBVS1WbgÂśO\RÂľ/0`]\f;]`\W\Uœ³BVSaSbe]ÂżZ[a "Windfall" - When a corporation offers to revitalize a SPECIAL GUEST: KAREN YOUNG A>317/:5C3AB(9/@3<G=C<5 ÂľEW\RTOZZœ³EVS\OQ]`^]`ObW]\]TTS`ab]`SdWbOZWhSO refuses to be silenced. 9 p.m. Monday; 3 p.m. July 21, `STcaSab]PSaWZS\QSR'^[;]\ROg)!^[8cZg  shown here in rarely seen 35mm prints, are "city aV]e\VS`SW\`O`SZgaSS\!#[[^`W\baO`SÂľQWbg New York farm town with a "green" industry, residents <SeG]`YTO`[b]e\eWbVOÂľU`SS\ÂśW\Rcab`g`SaWRS\ba both at Railroad Square "The Green" - A gay high school drama teacher is acP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S ÂľBVS5`SS\œ³/UOgVWUVaQV]]ZR`O[ObSOQVS`WaOQ symphonies" from an era brimming with energy, hope, ag[^V]\WSaÂśT`][O\S`OP`W[[W\UeWbVS\S`UgV]^S believe they have found the solution to their economic PSZWSdSbVSgVOdST]c\RbVSa]ZcbW]\b]bVSW`SQ]\][WQ "Silent Souls" - After his wife dies, a man asks his best cused of engaging in inappropriate behavior with one ÂľAWZS\bA]cZaœ³/TbS`VWaeWTSRWSaO[O\OaYaVWaPSab QcaSR]TS\UOUW\UW\W\O^^`]^`WObSPSVOdW]`eWbV]\S humanism and urban planning possibilities. Followed Vc[O\Wa[O\Rc`PO\^ZO\\W\U^]aaWPWZWbWSa4]ZZ]eSR problems, but opposition develops as they learn more ^`]PZS[aPcb]^^]aWbW]\RSdSZ]^aOabVSgZSO`\[]`S friend to help him say goodbye according to the rituals of his students. Young plays the boy's recovering addict T`WS\Rb]VSZ^VW[aOgU]]RPgSOQQ]`RW\Ub]bVS`WbcOZa ]TVWaabcRS\baG]c\U^ZOgabVSP]g¸a`SQ]dS`W\UORRWQb by a guided tour of the American Modern exhibition PgOUcWRSRb]c`]TbVS/[S`WQO\;]RS`\SfVWPWbW]\ about the huge wind turbines. 6:30 p.m. Friday; 3:30 OP]cbbVSVcUSeW\Rbc`PW\Sa$(!^[4`WROg)!(! of Merja culture. After they travel thousands of miles to mother, who tries to capitalize on the allegation. 9 p.m. ]T;S`XOQcZbc`S/TbS`bVSgb`OdSZbV]caO\Ra]T[WZSab] []bVS`eV]b`WSab]QO^WbOZWhS]\bVSOZZSUObW]\'^[ at the Colby College Museum of Art. 3:30 p.m. July 23, ObbVS1]ZPg1]ZZSUS;caSc[]T/`b!(!^[8cZg ! p.m. Tuesday, both at Railroad Square ^[BcSaROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S the sacred lake where they will part with the body, the Friday; 3:30 p.m. Saturday, both at Railroad Square bVSaOQ`SRZOYSeVS`SbVSgeWZZ^O`beWbVbVSP]RgbVS 4`WROg)!(!^[AObc`ROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S Given "The Woods" - Satire tells the story of eight grown-up 5WdS\ ÂľBVSE]]Raœ³AObW`SbSZZabVSab]`g]TSWUVbU`]e\c^ widower realizes he wasn't the only one in love with "Heading South" - Charlotte Rampling, Young and eWR]eS``SOZWhSaVSeOa\¸bbVS]\Zg]\SW\Z]dSeWbV Âľ6SORW\UA]cbVœ³1VO`Z]bbS@O[^ZW\UG]c\UO\R "3:10 to Yuma" - New print of the 1957 Western classic. :]cWaS>]`bOZ^ZOgaW\UZS[WRRZSOUSRe][S\eV]U] American children creating Utopian society as best Âľ!(b]Gc[Oœ³<Se^`W\b]TbVS'#%ESabS`\QZOaaWQ /[S`WQO\QVWZR`S\Q`SObW\Ucb]^WO\a]QWSbgOaPSab his wife. 3:30 Sunday; 6 p.m. Monday, both at Railroad Louise Portal play single middle-aged women who go VWaeWTS!(!Ac\ROg)$^[;]\ROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]OR 9 p.m. July 23; p.m. July 24, both at Given they can. - 9 p.m. Saturday; 12:15 p.m. July 23, both at '^[8cZg !)12:30 (!^[8cZg "P]bVOb5WdS\ bVSgQO\Âł'^[AObc`ROg) (#^[8cZg !P]bVOb Square to Haiti in the 1970s for sun, fun and romance. 3:15 p.m. A_cO`S b]6OWbWW\bVS'%aT]`ac\Tc\O\R`][O\QS!(#^[ "Battleship Potemkin" - New 35mm print of the 1925 Railroad Square Âľ0ObbZSaVW^>]bS[YW\œ³<Se!#[[^`W\b]TbVS' # @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S "Stella" - A precocious preteen growing up in Paris in Tuesday, Railroad Square ÂľAbSZZOœ³/^`SQ]QW]ca^`SbSS\U`]eW\Uc^W\>O`WaW\ BcSaROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S classic, a textbook example of montage editing. 3:30 "Yerek Yereko" - Armenian film about a strange QZOaaWQObSfbP]]YSfO[^ZS]T[]\bOUSSRWbW\U!(! ÂľGS`SYGS`SY]œ³/`[S\WO\ÂżZ[OP]cbOab`O\US the 70s deals with feuding parents who run a rough"Warrior Woman" (work in progress screening) bVS¸%aRSOZaeWbVTScRW\U^O`S\baeV]`c\O`]cUV ÂľEO``W]`E][O\Âśe]`YW\^`]U`SaaaQ`SS\W\U p.m. Monday, Given woman entering the life of a Soviet ornithologist who ^[;]\ROg5WdS\ e][O\S\bS`W\UbVSZWTS]TOA]dWSb]`\WbV]Z]UWabeV] and-tumble bar. 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Railroad Square; 9 - Young portrays a teacher and breast-cancer survivor O\Rbc[PZSPO`$(!^[AObc`ROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S)' ÂłG]c\U^]`b`OgaObSOQVS`O\RP`SOabQO\QS`ac`dWd]` perhaps prefers the company of birds to that of hu"The Conformist" - Restored 35mm print of the 1970 ÂľBVS1]\T]`[Wabœ³@Sab]`SR!#[[^`W\b]TbVS'% ^S`VO^a^`STS`abVSQ][^O\g]TPW`Rab]bVOb]TVc p.m. Sunday, Railroad Square; 6:30 p.m. July 23, Given who helps one of her ESL students, a young Viet^[Ac\ROg@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S)$(!^[8cZg !5WdS\ eV]VSZ^a]\S]TVS`3A:abcRS\baOg]c\UDWSb mans. 3 p.m. Sunday; 9 p.m. Tuesday, both at Railroad Italian political thriller by Bernardo Bertolucci. 6:30 p.m. \O[SaSe][O\Ă&#x20AC;SSO\OPcaWdSVcaPO\R 7bOZWO\^]ZWbWQOZbV`WZZS`Pg0S`\O`R]0S`b]ZcQQW$(!^[ [O\a!^[Ac\ROg)'^[BcSaROgP]bVOb@OWZ`]OR "The Tree" - Drama about loss and recovery, set in namese woman, flee an abusive husband. 12:30 p.m. ÂľBVSB`SSœ³2`O[OOP]cbZ]aaO\R`SQ]dS`gaSbW\ (!^[ Square July 22;)!(!^[8cZg 3:30 p.m. July 24, both at Given A_cO`S 8cZg "P]bVOb5WdS\ rural Australia, follows a widow with four children who Sunday, Given; 6:30 p.m. Monday, Given `c`OZ/cab`OZWOT]ZZ]eaOeWR]eeWbVT]c`QVWZR`S\eV] Ac\ROg5WdS\)$(!^[;]\ROg5WdS\ "Zanzibar Musical Club" - Documentary explores a "Madame Butterfly" - Newly discovered original ÂľHO\hWPO`;caWQOZ1ZcPœ³2]Qc[S\bO`gSf^Z]`SaO Âľ;ORO[S0cbbS`Ă&#x20AC;gœ³<SeZgRWaQ]dS`SR]`WUW\OZ finds a new love and tries to move on with her life. Âż\RaO\SeZ]dSO\Rb`WSab][]dS]\eWbVVS`ZWTS Muslim culture where traditions are transmitted through BSQV\WQ]Z]`^`W\b]TbVS'#"dS`aW]\]T>cQQW\W¸a[]ab Technicolor print of the 1954 version of Puccini's most ;caZW[QcZbc`SeVS`Sb`ORWbW]\aO`Sb`O\a[WbbSRbV`]cUV 9:30 p.m. Monday; 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, both at '(!^[;]\ROg)$(#^[ESR\SaROgP]bVOb music and fed with Arabic tones, Latin rhythms, Indian famous opera. Noon Sunday; 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, both [caWQO\RTSReWbV/`OPWQb]\Sa:ObW\`VgbV[a7\RWO\ TO[]ca]^S`O<]]\Ac\ROg)!(#^[ESR\SaROgP]bV Railroad Square - Source: Maine International Film Festival ÂłA]c`QS(;OW\S7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[4SabWdOZ @OWZ`]ORA_cO`S melodies and African drums. 6 p.m. Wednesday; 9:30 [SZ]RWSaO\R/T`WQO\R`c[a$^[ESR\SaROg)'(! p.m. July 22,P]bVOb@OWZ`]ORA_cO`S both at Railroad Square ^[8cZg

E38 GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3!&5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

-XO\  RURXJK 6FDUERZ ' QV 0 $,1(·6 MAINE'S /$5*(67 LARGEST (9 EVER (5 &28175<  086,&&2 1&(57

9Xj\YXcc`j9XZb Xkk_\9\XZ_



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The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E39 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3!'


8nXcb `ek_\ gXib

Bryant Mason, Johnny 0`gO\b;Oa]\8]V\\g Speckman and Matt A^SQY[O\O\R;Obb Delameter rehearse 2SZO[SbS``SVSO`aS "Waiting for Godot" in ÂľEOWbW\UT]`5]R]bÂśW\ Deering Oaks. 2SS`W\U=OYa

Jesse 8SaaS Leighton and :SWUVb]\O\R Michael Toth ;WQVOSZB]bV in "Love's W\µ:]dS¸a Labor's :OP]`¸a Lost," one :]ab¶]\S of two plays ]Tbe]^ZOga the Fenix bVS4S\Wf Theatre BVSOb`S Company is 1][^O\gWa presenting ^`SaS\bW\U for free this T]`T`SSbVWa summer. ac[[S` Courtesy Fenix 1]c`bSag4S\Wf Theatre Company BVSOb`S1][^O\g

Fenix Theatre Company gives audiences twice 4S\WfBVSOb`S1][^O\gUWdSaOcRWS\QSabeWQS the entertainment in Deering Oaks this summer. bVSS\bS`bOW\[S\bW\2SS`W\U=OYabVWaac[[S` By BOB KEYES #Z#0#,&:&4


StaffWriter 4UBGG8SJUFS

ast summer's production of BTUTVNNFSTQSPEVDUJPOPG "Twelfth Night" was such a hit i5XFMGUI/JHIUwXBTTVDIBIJU for Fenix Theatre Company, GPS'FOJY5IFBUSF$PNQBOZ  producing artistic director Rob QSPEVDJOHBSUJTUJDEJSFDUPS3PC Cameron decided this was the $BNFSPOEFDJEFEUIJTXBTUIF year to present two plays - at ZFBSUPQSFTFOUUXPQMBZToBU the same time. UIFTBNFUJNF Beginning tonight, Fenix opens the early #FHJOOJOHUPOJHIU 'FOJYPQFOTUIFFBSMZ Shakespeare comedy, "Love's Labor's Lost." 4IBLFTQFBSFDPNFEZ i-PWFT-BCPST-PTUw On Friday, Fenix opens the Samuel Beckett 0O'SJEBZ 'FOJYPQFOTUIF4BNVFM#FDLFUU absurdist classic, "Waiting for Godot." BCTVSEJTUDMBTTJD i8BJUJOHGPS(PEPUw Both will be presented for free in Deering #PUIXJMMCFQSFTFOUFEGPSGSFFJO%FFSJOH

Oaks Park in Portland. "Love's Labor's Lost" 0BLT1BSLJO1PSUMBOEi-PWFT-BCPST-PTUw will be staged near the wading pool, and "GoXJMMCFTUBHFEOFBSUIFXBEJOHQPPM BOEi(P dot" will be performed at the bridge. EPUwXJMMCFQFSGPSNFEBUUIFCSJEHF While Fenix has produced two shows in one 8IJMF'FOJYIBTQSPEVDFEUXPTIPXTJOPOF summer season before, this marks the first TVNNFSTFBTPOCFGPSF UIJTNBSLTUIFmSTU time the company has attempted two shows UJNFUIFDPNQBOZIBTBUUFNQUFEUXPTIPXT running in repertory, as well as its first nonSVOOJOHJOSFQFSUPSZ BTXFMMBTJUTmSTUOPO Shakespeare title. 4IBLFTQFBSFUJUMF "This was the first summer we felt we had i5IJTXBTUIFmSTUTVNNFSXFGFMUXFIBE the bandwidth to do two shows," Cameron UIFCBOEXJEUIUPEPUXPTIPXT w$BNFSPO said. "We've wanted to explore our capacity TBJEi8FWFXBOUFEUPFYQMPSFPVSDBQBDJUZ for doing two shows, and it seemed like this GPSEPJOHUXPTIPXT BOEJUTFFNFEMJLFUIJT Please see FENIX, PageE49 Gc\Xj\j\\43<7FGX^\<+0

Bowdoin opens landmark Hopper exhibit 9fn[f`efg\ejcXe[dXib?fgg\i\o_`Y`k

Maine Pro Musica hits the road DX`e\GifDlj`ZX_`kjk_\ifX[

EDWARD HOPPER spent parts of nine summers in Maine, 32E/@26=>>3@a^S\b^O`ba]T\W\Sac[[S`aW\;OW\S producing more than 100 pieces of art. Bowdoin College ^`]RcQW\U[]`SbVO\^WSQSa]TO`b0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS exhibits most of that work in "Edward Hopper's Maine." SfVWPWba[]ab]TbVObe]`YW\µ3ReO`R6]^^S`¸a;OW\S¶ WHEN: Opens Friday. Through Oct. 16. E63<(=^S\a4`WROgBV`]cUV=Qb$ WHERE: Bowdoin College Museum of Art, 9400 E63@3(0]eR]W\1]ZZSUS;caSc[]T/`b'" College Station, Brunswick 1]ZZSUSAbObW]\0`c\aeWQY HOW MUCH: Free 6=E;C16(4`SS INFO: 7<4=(P]eR]W\SRcO`baSc[

MAINE PRO MUSICA orchestra, in partnership with the ;/7<3>@=;CA71/]`QVSab`OW\^O`b\S`aVW^eWbVbVS Strand Theatre in Rockland, the Lincoln Theater in Ab`O\RBVSOb`SW\@]QYZO\RbVS:W\Q]Z\BVSObS`W\ Damariscotta and the Grand Theatre in Ellsworth, 2O[O`WaQ]bbOO\RbVS5`O\RBVSOb`SW\3ZZae]`bV will visit each theater over three nights beginning Tuesday. eWZZdWaWbSOQVbVSObS`]dS`bV`SS\WUVbaPSUW\\W\UBcSaROg WHEN: Tour begins at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday E63<(B]c`PSUW\aOb%(!^[BcSaROg WHERE: Strand Theatre, Rockland E63@3(Ab`O\RBVSOb`S@]QYZO\R HOW MUCH: $25; $12abcRS\ba students 6=E;C16( #) INFO: 7<4=([OW\S^`][caWQO]`U

G :?<8I@CC


?FK k`Zb\k

E4O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 

CLASSICAL MUSIC N#,!33)#!,-53)# TODAY 4/$!9 4IMEFOR4HREE STRINGTRIO WITH#URTISON4OUR Time for Three, string trio, with Curtis on Tour, PERFORMING-ENDELSSOHNSh/CTET v2OCKPORT performing Mendelssohn's "Octet," Rockport Opera House. $30 to $45; $8 for students. /PERA(OUSETOFORSTUDENTS 8 p.m. BAYCHAMBERCONCERTSORGPM "OWDOIN)NTERNATIONAL-USIC&ESTIVAL!RTISTS Bowdoin International Music Festival: Artists OF4OMORROW STUDENTCONCERTSERIES "OWDOIN of Tomorrow, student concert series, Bowdoin College (Studzinski Recital Hall), Brunswick. #OLLEGE3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL(ALL "RUNSWICK $10/donation. 725-3895. 6:30 p.m. today; noon DONATION PMTODAYNOON &RIDAYPM4UESDAYAND*ULY4HROUGH Friday; 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and July 21. Through Aug. 24. !UG FRIDAY &2)$!9 +NEISEL(ALL#HAMBER-USIC&ESTIVAL WORKS Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival, works by Beethoven, Debussy, Schubert, Shapey and BY"EETHOVEN $EBUSSY 3CHUBERT 3HAPEYAND Mendelssohn; Kneisel Hall, Blue Hill. $20 to $30. -ENDELSSOHN+NEISEL(ALL "LUE(ILLTO 374-2203. 7:30 p.m. Friday and Sunday.  PM&RIDAYAND3UNDAY Bowdoin International Music Festival: Festival "OWDOIN)NTERNATIONAL-USIC&ESTIVAL&ESTIVAL Fridays, faculty and guest artists perform Mozart. &RIDAYS FACULTYANDGUESTARTISTSPERFORM-OZART Liszt and Brahms; Crooker Theater, Brunswick ,ISZTAND"RAHMS#ROOKER4HEATER "RUNSWICK High School. $40 to $50. 725-3895. 7:30 p.m. (IGH3CHOOLTO PM Through Aug. 5. 4HROUGH!UG "Cafe Vienna," world premiere of opera by h#AFE6IENNA vWORLDPREMIEREOFOPERABY PORTOpera's Young Artists; Merrill Hall, Nordica 0/24/PERAS9OUNG!RTISTS-ERRILL(ALL .ORDICA Auditorium, University of Maine at Farmington. !UDITORIUM 5NIVERSITYOF-AINEAT&ARMINGTON $12; free for UMF students and ages 16 and FREEFOR5-&STUDENTSANDAGESAND younger, 7:30 p.m. YOUNGERPORTOPERAORGPM SUNDAY 35.$!9 Sebago-Long Lake Music Festival, stringed 3EBAGO ,ONG,AKE-USIC&ESTIVAL STRINGED instruments and flute, SkyeTheatre Performing Arts INSTRUMENTSANDmUTE 3KYE4HEATRE0ERFORMING!RTS Center, South Carthage. $15. 562-4445. 7 p.m. #ENTER 3OUTH#ARTHAGE PM MONDAY -/.$!9 Bowdoin International Music Festival: Monday "OWDOIN)NTERNATIONAL-USIC&ESTIVAL-ONDAY Sonatas, festival artists perform solo sonatas 3ONATAS FESTIVALARTISTSPERFORMSOLOSONATAS and duets by Beethoven, Brahms and Mozart, ANDDUETSBY"EETHOVEN "RAHMSAND-OZART Bowdoin College (Studzinski Recital Hall), "OWDOIN#OLLEGE3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL(ALL Brunswick. $30. 725-3895. 7:30 p.m. Through "RUNSWICK PM4HROUGH Aug. 1. !UG TUESDAY 45%3$!9 The Best of the Met: Live in HD Encore Series, 4HE"ESTOFTHE-ET,IVEIN($%NCORE3ERIES screening of Donizetti's "La Fille du Regiment," SCREENINGOF$ONIZETTISh,A&ILLEDU2EGIMENT v Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta. $20. 563-3424. ,INCOLN4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA  7:30 p.m. PM Sebago Long Lake Music Festival: Tuesday Night 3EBAGO,ONG,AKE-USIC&ESTIVAL4UESDAY.IGHT Concerts, flutist Susan Rotholz performs "Voice #ONCERTS mUTIST3USAN2OTHOLZPERFORMSh6OICE of the Whale" by American composer George OFTHE7HALEvBY!MERICANCOMPOSER'EORGE Crumb, Deertrees Theatre, Harrison. $20. 583#RUMB $EERTREES4HEATRE (ARRISON 6747. 7:30 p.m. Through Aug. 9. PM4HROUGH!UG Maine Pro Musica Orchestra, performs Vivaldi's -AINE0RO-USICA/RCHESTRA PERFORMS6IVALDIS "Four Seasons" and Astor Piazzolla's "Four h&OUR3EASONSvAND!STOR0IAZZOLLASh&OUR Seasons," Strand Theatre, Rockland. $25. 5943EASONS v3TRAND4HEATRE 2OCKLAND 0070. 7:30 p.m. PM Summer Organ Concert Series, Andrea Printy 3UMMER/RGAN#ONCERT3ERIES !NDREA0RINTY Thomas plays a 883 Hutchings-Plaisted organ, 4HOMASPLAYSA(UTCHINGS 0LAISTEDORGAN First Parish Church United Church of Christ, &IRST0ARISH#HURCH5NITED#HURCHOF#HRIST Brunswick. $5/donation. 729-7331. Noon. "RUNSWICKDONATION .OON Through Aug. 9. 4HROUGH!UG WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Met Summer Live in HD Encore Series, screening -ET3UMMER,IVEIN($%NCORE3ERIES SCREENING of Puccini's "Tosca," Fryeburg Academy (Leura OF0UCCINISh4OSCA v&RYEBURG!CADEMY,EURA Hill Eastman Performing Arts Center), Fryeburg. (ILL%ASTMAN0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTER &RYEBURG $10 to $18. 935-9232. 6:30 p.m. TO PM Maine Pro Musica Orchestra, performs Vivaldi's -AINE0RO-USICA/RCHESTRA PERFORMS6IVALDIS "Four Seasons" and Astor Piazzolla's "Four h&OUR3EASONSvAND!STOR0IAZZOLLASh&OUR Seasons," Lincoln Theater, Damariscotta. $25. 3EASONS v,INCOLN4HEATER $AMARISCOTTA 563-3424. 7:30 p.m.  PM Bowdoin International Music Festival: Wednesday "OWDOIN)NTERNATIONAL-USIC&ESTIVAL7EDNESDAY Upbeat! featuring Jean Cras, Robert Beaser and 5PBEATFEATURING*EAN#RAS 2OBERT"EASERAND Beethoven, Bowdoin College (Studzinski Recital "EETHOVEN "OWDOIN#OLLEGE3TUDZINSKI2ECITAL Hall), Brunswick. $30. 725-3895. 7:30 p.m. (ALL "RUNSWICK PM Through Aug. 3. 4HROUGH!UG JULY 21 *5,9 "Brahms for Two," with violinist Stefan Jackiw and h"RAHMSFOR4WO vWITHVIOLINIST3TEFAN*ACKIWAND pianist Max Levinson, Rockport Opera House. $30 PIANIST-AX,EVINSON 2OCKPORT/PERA(OUSE to $40; $8 for students, TOFORSTUDENTSBAYCHAMBERCONCERTSORG 8 p.m. PM Maine Pro Musica Orchestra, performs Vivaldi's -AINE0RO-USICA/RCHESTRA PERFORMS6IVALDIS "Four Seasons" and Astor Piazzolla's "Four h&OUR3EASONSvAND!STOR0IAZZOLLASh&OUR Seasons," The Grand, Ellsworth. $25. 667-9500. 3EASONS v4HE'RAND %LLSWORTH  7:30 p.m. PM

c`jk`e^j listings

3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY Saturday; 3 p.m. Sunday. h7AITINGFOR'ODOT v3AMUEL"ECKETTPLAY "Waiting for Godot," Samuel Beckett play about two men conversing while waiting for ABOUTTWOMENCONVERSINGWHILEWAITINGFOR a third man, presented in repertory by Fenix ATHIRDMAN PRESENTEDINREPERTORYBY&ENIX 4HEATRE#O $EERING/AKS0ARK 0ORTLAND&REE Theatre Co., Deering Oaks Park, Portland. Free. 6:30 p.m. Friday and July 21. FENIXTHEATRECOMPM&RIDAYAND*ULY Through Aug. 12. 4HROUGH!UG "Much Ado About Nothing," Shakespeare comedy h-UCH!DO!BOUT.OTHING v3HAKESPEARECOMEDY in repertory, Stonington Opera House. $15 to INREPERTORY 3TONINGTON/PERA(OUSETO $32.50. 7 p.m. Saturday. OPERAHOUSEARTSORGPM3ATURDAY "Polymorphously Perverse," Dirty Dishes h0OLYMORPHOUSLY0ERVERSE v$IRTY$ISHES Burlesque Revue production of dance, skits, "URLESQUE2EVUEPRODUCTIONOFDANCE SKITS COMEDY STRIPTEASEANDSONG  PLUS3PACE comedy, striptease and song, 18-plus; Space 'ALLERY 0ORTLANDINADVANCEATDOOR Gallery, Portland. $9 in advance; $11 at door. 7 p.m. Saturday. SPACEORGPM3ATURDAY Naked Shakespeare North, Bard performances .AKED3HAKESPEARE.ORTH "ARDPERFORMANCES presented without sets or costumes, Freeport PRESENTEDWITHOUTSETSORCOSTUMES &REEPORT Factory Stage. $10. 7 p.m. &ACTORY3TAGEFREEPORTFACTORYCOMPM Monday. Through Sept. 19. -ONDAY4HROUGH3EPT "The Wizard of Oz," based on classic children's h4HE7IZARDOF/Z vBASEDONCLASSICCHILDRENS book and movie, Arundel Barn Playhouse. $28 BOOKANDMOVIE !RUNDEL"ARN0LAYHOUSE to $39. 985-5552. 8 p.m. Tuesday to July 21. TO PM4UESDAYTO*ULY Through Aug. 6. 4HROUGH!UG "44 Plays for 44 Presidents," fast-paced musical h0LAYSFOR0RESIDENTS vFAST PACEDMUSICAL dramedy covering all 44 U.S. presidents, Acadia DRAMEDYCOVERINGALL53PRESIDENTS !CADIA Repertory Theatre, Mount Desert. $18 to $23; $10 2EPERTORY4HEATRE -OUNT$ESERTTO for children under age 16. 8:15 FORCHILDRENUNDERAGEACADIAREPCOM p.m. Tuesday to July 21 .Through July 31. PM4UESDAYTO*ULY4HROUGH*ULY "The Fantasticks," musical comedy about two h4HE&ANTASTICKS vMUSICALCOMEDYABOUTTWO fathers who trick their children into falling in love, FATHERSWHOTRICKTHEIRCHILDRENINTOFALLINGINLOVE Poland Spring Inn. $10. 8 p.m. Tuesday. Through 0OLAND3PRING)NNPM4UESDAY4HROUGH Aug. 30. !UG "Xanadu," Maine State Music Theatre production h8ANADU v-AINE3TATE-USIC4HEATREPRODUCTION of musical satire of 1980 movie about a magical OFMUSICALSATIREOFMOVIEABOUTAMAGICAL roller disco, Bowdoin College (PickardTheater), ROLLERDISCO "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0ICKARD4HEATER Brunswick. $33 to $56. 2 and 7:30 p.m. "RUNSWICKTOMSMTORGANDPM Wednesday; 7:30 p.m. July 21 .Through Aug. 6. 7EDNESDAYPM*ULY4HROUGH!UG Courtesy Arundel Barn Playhouse 1]c`bSag/`c\RSZ0O`\>ZOgV]caS "The Compleat Wrks of William Shakespeare, The Arundel Barn Playhouse opens "The Wizard of Oz" on Tuesday, continuing h4HE#OMPLEAT7RKSOF7ILLIAM3HAKESPEARE BVS/`c\RSZ0O`\>ZOgV]caS]^S\aÂľBVSEWhO`R]T=hÂś]\BcSaROgQ]\bW\cW\U Abridged," Theater at Monmouth. $10 to $24. !BRIDGED v4HEATERAT-ONMOUTHTO through Aug. 6 and starring, from left, Matthew Krob, Danny Prather, Brittany bV`]cUV/cU$O\RabO``W\UT`][ZSTb;ObbVSe9`]P2O\\g>`ObVS`0`WbbO\g 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. THEATERATMONMOUTHORGPM7EDNESDAY Morton and Robert Rice. ;]`b]\O\R@]PS`b@WQS Through Aug. 17. 4HROUGH!UG "The Adventures of Mr. Toad" and "Aladdin," h4HE!DVENTURESOF-R4OADvANDh!LADDIN v children's theater by Hampstead Stage Company, The Best of the Met: Live in HD Encore Series, Stonington series, Deer Isle Historical Society. $15 CHILDRENSTHEATERBY(AMPSTEAD3TAGE#OMPANY 4HE"ESTOFTHE-ET,IVEIN($%NCORE3ERIES 3TONINGTONSERIES $EER)SLE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY Deertrees Theatre, Harrison. $5, $6. 583-6747. $EERTREES4HEATRE (ARRISON   screening of Puccini's "Tosca," Lincoln Theater, to $25; free for island students. 367-2788. 7 p.m. SCREENINGOF0UCCINISh4OSCA v,INCOLN4HEATER TOFREEFORISLANDSTUDENTS PM 10 a.m. Wednesday ("Toad"), 1 p.m. Wednesday AM7EDNESDAYh4OADv PM7EDNESDAY Damariscotta. $20. 563-3424. 7:30 p.m. today to Sunday. $AMARISCOTTA PM TODAYTO3UNDAY ("Aladdin"). h!LADDINv  "Pirates of Penzance," Freeport Players h0IRATESOF0ENZANCE v&REEPORT0LAYERS "Fame Takes a Holiday," cabaret musical h&AME4AKESA(OLIDAY vCABARETMUSICAL presentation of Gilbert & Sullivan comic opera, PRESENTATIONOF'ILBERT3ULLIVANCOMICOPERA DANCE N$!.#% presented by The Originals, Saco River Grange PRESENTEDBY4HE/RIGINALS 3ACO2IVER'RANGE Freeport Performing Arts Center. $10 to $15. &REEPORT0ERFORMING!RTS#ENTERTO Bates Dance Festival: Gallim Dance, new works "ATES$ANCE&ESTIVAL'ALLIM$ANCE NEWWORKS Hall, Bar Mills. $15 to $18 (pay what you can, (ALL "AR-ILLSTOPAYWHATYOUCAN Preview, 7:30 p.m. today; regular FCPONLINEORG0REVIEW PMTODAYREGULAR by choreographer Camille A. Brown, Shaeffer BYCHOREOGRAPHER#AMILLE!"ROWN 3HAEFFER July 21 and 28). 929-5412. 7:30 p.m. July 21. *ULYAND  PM*ULY performances, 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; PERFORMANCES PM&RIDAYAND3ATURDAY Theater, Bates College, Lewiston. $24; $12 4HEATER "ATES#OLLEGE ,EWISTON Through July 30. 4HROUGH*ULY 2 p.m. Sunday. Through July 31. PM3UNDAY4HROUGH*ULY students and seniors, STUDENTSANDSENIORSBATESDANCEFESTIVALORG "Godspell," classic musical based on the New h'ODSPELL vCLASSICMUSICALBASEDONTHE.EW "Annie," Maine State Music Theatre production h!NNIE v-AINE3TATE-USIC4HEATREPRODUCTION 8 p.m. today and Saturday. PMTODAYAND3ATURDAY Testament, Nasson Community Center (Little 4ESTAMENT .ASSON#OMMUNITY#ENTER,ITTLE of classic musical based on the comic strip OFCLASSICMUSICALBASEDONTHECOMICSTRIP "Sleeping Beauty," classic fairy tale presented h3LEEPING"EAUTY vCLASSICFAIRYTALEPRESENTED Theatre), Springvale. $8, $10. 432-3394. 7:30 4HEATRE 3PRINGVALE   "Little Orphan Annie," Bowdoin College (Pickard h,ITTLE/RPHAN!NNIE v"OWDOIN#OLLEGE0ICKARD by Vivid Motion, Lucid Stage, Portland. $5 to BY6IVID-OTION ,UCID3TAGE 0ORTLANDTO p.m. July 21 .Through July 30. Theater), Brunswick. $33 to $56. 2 and PM*ULY4HROUGH*ULY 4HEATER "RUNSWICKTOMSMTORGAND $12. 7:30 p.m. Saturday; 2 p.m. LUCIDSTAGECOMPM3ATURDAYPM "Moon Over Buffalo," slapstick comedy about h-OON/VER"UFFALO vSLAPSTICKCOMEDYABOUT 7:30 p.m. today and Friday; 7:30 p.m. Saturday. PMTODAYAND&RIDAYPM3ATURDAY Sunday. 3UNDAY a once-famous stage couple struggling with AONCE FAMOUSSTAGECOUPLESTRUGGLINGWITH "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the h!&UNNY4HING(APPENEDONTHE7AYTOTHE Bates Dance Festival: Nicholas Leichter Dance, "ATES$ANCE&ESTIVAL.ICHOLAS,EICHTER$ANCE obscurity, Lakewood Theater, Madison. $18 to OBSCURITY ,AKEWOOD4HEATER -ADISONTO Forum," bawdy musical by Stephen Sondheim, &ORUM vBAWDYMUSICALBY3TEPHEN3ONDHEIM Shaeffer Theater, Bates College, Lewiston. $24; 3HAEFFER4HEATER "ATES#OLLEGE ,EWISTON $37. 8 p.m. July 21 .Through LAKEWOODTHEATERORGPM*ULY4HROUGH Hackmatack Playhouse, Berwick. $12 to $29.50. (ACKMATACK0LAYHOUSE "ERWICKTO $12 students and seniors, STUDENTSANDSENIORSBATESDANCEFESTIVALORG July 30. *ULY 698-1807. 2 and 8 p.m. today; 8 p.m. Friday,  ANDPMTODAYPM&RIDAY 8 p.m.July21,23. PM*ULY  Saturday and Wednesday; 2 and 8 p.m. July 21. 3ATURDAYAND7EDNESDAYANDPM*ULY Through July 23. ART MUSEUMS 4HROUGH*ULY N!24-53%5-3 THEATER N4(%!4%2 "Summer of Love," East Coast premiere of h3UMMEROF,OVE v%AST#OASTPREMIEREOF "Narnia," based on classic children's book series, h.ARNIA vBASEDONCLASSICCHILDRENSBOOKSERIES OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 musical based on 1960s Haight-Asbury starring MUSICALBASEDONS(AIGHT !SBURYSTARRING School house Arts Center, Standish. $16, $18. 3CHOOLHOUSE!RTS#ENTER 3TANDISH  "Edward Hopper's Maine," paintings of Maine h%DWARD(OPPERS-AINE vPAINTINGSOF-AINE Michele Lee of TV's "Knots Landing," Ogunquit -ICHELE,EEOF46Sh+NOTS,ANDING v/GUNQUIT 7:30 p.m. today to Saturday; SCHOOLHOUSEARTSORGPMTODAYTO3ATURDAY scenes, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, SCENES "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT Playhouse. $53.50 to $76.50. (800) 982-2787. 0LAYHOUSETO   5 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. July 21. Through July PM3UNDAYPM*ULY4HROUGH*ULY Brunswick, Opening reception, 6 "RUNSWICKBOWDOINEDU/PENINGRECEPTION  2:30 and 8:30 p.m. today; 8 p.m. Friday; 3:30 and ANDPMTODAYPM&RIDAYAND 24.  to 7:30 p.m. Friday. Through Oct. 16. TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH/CT 8:30 p.m. Saturday. "Crazy for You," Gershwin musical, Arundel Barn PM3ATURDAY h#RAZYFOR9OU v'ERSHWINMUSICAL !RUNDEL"ARN A.R. GurneyVLove Letters," bring a love letter to Playhouse. $28 to $39. 985-5552. 8 p.m. today to !2'URNEYSh,OVE,ETTERS vBRINGALOVELETTERTO 0LAYHOUSETO PMTODAYTO CONTINUING someone you love and it will be read at the end of #/.4).5).' Saturday. SOMEONEYOULOVEANDITWILLBEREADATTHEENDOF 3ATURDAY each show, Sanford Maine Stage, Springvale. $12. h#RITTERS vEXHIBITOFPAINTINGSANDSCULPTURES "Critters," exhibit of paintings and sculptures "Love's Labor's Lost," Shakespeare comedy EACHSHOW 3ANFORD-AINE3TAGE 3PRINGVALE h,OVES,ABORS,OST v3HAKESPEARECOMEDY 8 p.m. today and Friday. by more than 100 artists with an animal theme, presented by Fenix Theatre Co., Deering Oaks SANFORDMAINESTAGECOMPMTODAYAND&RIDAY BYMORETHANARTISTSWITHANANIMALTHEME PRESENTEDBY&ENIX4HEATRE#O $EERING/AKS Park, Portland. Free, 6:30 p.m. University of New England (Art Gallery), Portland. "The Belle of Amherst," one-woman play based 5NIVERSITYOF.EW%NGLAND!RT'ALLERY 0ORTLAND 0ARK 0ORTLAND&REEFENIXTHEATRECOMPM h4HE"ELLEOF!MHERST vONE WOMANPLAYBASED 221 -4499. Through Wednesday. today. Through Aug. 13. on the life and writing of Emily Dickinson,  4HROUGH7EDNESDAY TODAY4HROUGH!UG ONTHELIFEANDWRITINGOF%MILY$ICKINSON "The Plastic Ocean," ceramics by Susan "Room Service," farce about a group of actors Centennial Hall, Harpswell. $15 to $20. h4HE0LASTIC/CEAN vCERAMICSBY3USAN h2OOM3ERVICE vFARCEABOUTAGROUPOFACTORS #ENTENNIAL(ALL (ARPSWELLTO Schultz, Ogunquit Museum of American Art. who try to get a play produced before creditors 7:30 p.m. today to Saturday; 3CHULTZ /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT WHOTRYTOGETAPLAYPRODUCEDBEFORECREDITORS THEATERCOMPMTODAYTO3ATURDAY Through July 31. shut them down, Theater at Monmouth. $10 to 2 p.m. Sunday; 7:30 p.m. Wednesday and July 21. OGUNQUITMUSEUMORG4HROUGH*ULY SHUTTHEMDOWN 4HEATERAT-ONMOUTHTO PM3UNDAYPM7EDNESDAYAND*ULY $24. Preview, 7:30 p.m. "Refashioned," jackets, hairstyles and dresses Through July 29. h2EFASHIONED vJACKETS HAIRSTYLESANDDRESSES THEATERATMONMOUTHORG0REVIEW PM 4HROUGH*ULY today; regular performances, 7:30 p.m. Friday and h3UGAR vMUSICALADAPTATIONOFTHEMOVIEh3OME reimagined as art by Lauren Gillette, Anne TODAYREGULARPERFORMANCES PM&RIDAYAND REIMAGINEDASARTBY,AUREN'ILLETTE !NNE "Sugar," musical adaptation of the movie "Some Saturday; 7 p.m. Sunday. Through Aug. 20. Lemanski and Angelika Werth, Portland Museum Like It Hot," Lakewood Theater, Madison. $18 3ATURDAYPM3UNDAY4HROUGH!UG ,EMANSKIAND!NGELIKA7ERTH 0ORTLAND-USEUM ,IKE)T(OT v,AKEWOOD4HEATER -ADISON "The Mystery of Irma Vep," campy comedy, of Art. Through July 31. to $37. 8 p.m. today to h4HE-YSTERYOF)RMA6EP vCAMPYCOMEDY OF!RTPORTLANDMUSEUMORG4HROUGH*ULY TOLAKEWOODTHEATERORGPMTODAYTO Acadia Repertory Theatre, Mount Desert. "Cold Waters, Cold War: The 20th Century Navy !CADIA2EPERTORY4HEATRE -OUNT$ESERT Saturday. h#OLD7ATERS #OLD7AR4HETH#ENTURY.AVY 3ATURDAY $18 to $23; $10 for children underage 16. in Maine," artifacts and photos of U.S.-Soviet TOFORCHILDRENUNDERAGE IN-AINE vARTIFACTSANDPHOTOSOF53 3OVIET "Sunday in the Park with George," Stephen h3UNDAYINTHE0ARKWITH'EORGE v3TEPHEN 8:15 p.m. today to Saturday; naval operations, Maine Maritime Museum, Bath. ACADIAREPCOMPMTODAYTO3ATURDAY NAVALOPERATIONS -AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATH Sondheim musical, Lincoln Academy (Parker 3ONDHEIMMUSICAL ,INCOLN!CADEMY0ARKER 2 p.m. Sunday. PM3UNDAY B. PoeTheater), Newcastle. $12 to $22. "0OE4HEATER .EWCASTLETO "Elizabeth Rex," part of the Shakespeare in h%LIZABETH2EX vPARTOFTHE3HAKESPEAREIN 7:30 p.m. Friday and HEARTWOODTHEATERORGPM&RIDAYAND Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<++


The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E41 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3"


;`e\Xkkn`c`^_k Dine at twilight `e:Xg\fiZ_Xi[ in Cape orchard CULTIVATING C o m m u n i t y ' s 1C:B7D/B7<51][[c\Wbg¸a " t w i l i g h t dinners," h e l d µbeWZWUVbRW\\S`a¶VSZR each year SOQVgSO` during growing Rc`W\UU`]eW\U season, b e g i n aSOa]\PSUW\ this week. bVWaeSSY Enjoy a t h r e e 3\X]gObV`SS c o u r s e meal in Q]c`aS[SOZW\ a farm orchard OTO`[]`QVO`R p r e p a r e d by a local ^`S^O`SRPgOZ]QOZ chef. If this o n e sells o u t , QVST7TbVWa]\SaSZZa]cb t h e r e are f o u r m o r e this bVS`SO`ST]c`[]`SbVWa summer, o n J u l y 28, Aug. ac[[S`]\8cZg &/cU 11, A u g . 25 a n d Sept. 8. /cU #O\RAS^b& WHEN: 6 to 8 t o n i g h t E63<($b]&b]\WUVb WHERE: Turkey Hill F a r m , E63@3(Bc`YSg6WZZ4O`[ O l d O c e a n House 120 =ZR=QSO\6]caS R o a d , Cape E l i z a b e t h @]OR1O^S3ZWhOPSbV HOW MUCH: $25 (BYOB) 6=E;C16( #0G=0 INFO: c u l t i v a t i n g c o m m u n i t y . 7<4=(QcZbWdObW\UQ][[c\Wbg org ]`U

?FK HOT k`Zb\k

The Associated Press file photo BVS/aa]QWObSR>`SaaÂżZS^V]b]

W h e t h e r s t e a m e d , f r i e d o r i n cakes, c l a m s will b e p l e n t i f u l a t t h e annual Y a r m o u t h festival, o p e n i n g EVSbVS`abSO[SRT`WSR]`W\QOYSaQZO[aeWZZPS^ZS\bWTcZObbVSO\\cOZGO`[]cbVTSabWdOZ]^S\W\U Friday. C o m m u n i t y g r o u p s also will serve lobster, s t r a w b e r r y s h o r t c a k e , p a n c a k e s a n d o t h e r fair favorites. 4`WROg1][[c\WbgU`]c^aOZa]eWZZaS`dSZ]PabS`ab`OePS``gaV]`bQOYS^O\QOYSaO\R]bVS`TOW`TOd]`WbSa

wimmin in cams Jn`dd`e^`eZcXdj Yarmouth volunteers cook up lots of goodies, if the GO`[]cbVd]Zc\bSS`aQ]]Yc^Z]ba]TU]]RWSaWTbVS festival's namesake mollusk doesn't float your boat. TSabWdOZ¸a\O[SaOYS[]ZZcaYR]Sa\¸bĂ&#x20AC;]Obg]c`P]Ob #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" By AVERY YALE KAMILA


4UBGG8SJUFS Staff Writer

erving food at this FSWJOHGPPEBUUIJT weekend's Yarmouth XFFLFOET:BSNPVUI Clam Festival is a num$MBN'FTUJWBMJTBOVN bers game. CFSTHBNF The first number to 5IFmSTUOVNCFSUP keep in mind is the more LFFQJONJOEJTUIFNPSF than 100,000 people UIBO QFPQMF expected to attend the FYQFDUFEUPBUUFOEUIF 46th annual festival, which features UIBOOVBMGFTUJWBM XIJDIGFBUVSFT a carnival, a parade, a craft show, an BDBSOJWBM BQBSBEF BDSBGUTIPX BO art show, a series of competitions and BSUTIPX BTFSJFTPGDPNQFUJUJPOTBOE a big line-up of live music. BCJHMJOFVQPGMJWFNVTJD Here are some other numbers to )FSFBSFTPNFPUIFSOVNCFSTUP chew on: more than 6,000 pounds of DIFXPONPSFUIBO QPVOETPG clams, 6,000 lobster rolls, 6,000 strawDMBNT  MPCTUFSSPMMT  TUSBX FOODIE CENTRAL berry shortcakes, 1,500 shore din=FF;@<:<EKI8C CFSSZTIPSUDBLFT  TIPSFEJO ners, 400 homemade pies and 13,500 OFST IPNFNBEFQJFTBOE  FOR MORE NEWS 4=@;=@3<3EA lime rickeys expected to be served MJNFSJDLFZTFYQFDUFEUPCFTFSWFE on the Portland ]\bVS>]`bZO\R during this year's three-day festival. EVSJOHUIJTZFBSTUISFFEBZGFTUJWBM area's f o o d O`SO¸aT]]R Accounting for a decent chunk of "DDPVOUJOHGPSBEFDFOUDIVOLPG industry, i n c l u d i n g W\Rcab`gW\QZcRW\U those clams is the Yarmouth Ski Club UIPTFDMBNTJTUIF:BSNPVUI4LJ$MVC a comprehensive OQ][^`SVS\aWdS booth, which will offer breaded fried CPPUI XIJDIXJMMPGGFSCSFBEFEGSJFE d i n i n g g u i d e , read RW\W\UUcWRS`SOR whole clams and clam strips (the XIPMFDMBNTBOEDMBNTUSJQT UIF Food & Dining 4]]R2W\W\U ones without the bellies) along with POFTXJUIPVUUIFCFMMJFT BMPOHXJUI every W e d n e s d a y SdS`gESR\SaROg Staff file photo onion rings, fried calamari, jumbo AbOTT¿ZS^V]b] POJPOSJOHT GSJFEDBMBNBSJ KVNCP in t h e P o r t l a n d W\bVS>]`bZO\R Kegan Z e m a prepares fried breaded fried shrimp and fried moz9SUO\HS[O^`S^O`SaT`WSR CSFBEFEGSJFETISJNQBOEGSJFENP[ Press Herald. >`Saa6S`OZR c l a m s at t h e Royal River C h o r u s [BSFMMBTUJDLT zarella sticks. QZO[aObbVS@]gOZ@WdS`1V]`ca b o o t h d u r i n g t h e 2&TSabWdOZ 0 0 8 festival. "We bread and fry the whole-belly P]]bVRc`W\UbVS i8FCSFBEBOEGSZUIFXIPMFCFMMZ



YARMOUTH CLAM FESTIVAL P8IDFLK?:C8D=<JK@M8C WHEN: Friday to S u n d a y E63<(4`WROgb]Ac\ROg WHERE: D o w n t o w n E63@3(2]e\b]e\ Yarmouth GO`[]cbV

HOW MUCH: Most events are free 6=E;C16(;]abSdS\baO`ST`SS HIGHLIGHTS: 6756:756BA( PARADE: 6 p.m. Friday >/@/23($^[4`WROg ROAD RACE: 8 a.m. S a t u r d a y @=/2@/13(&O[AObc`ROg CANOE & KAYAK: 9 a . m . S a t u r d a y 1/<=39/G/9('O[AObc`ROg CLAM SHUCKING CONTEST: 11 a . m . 1:/;A6C197<51=<B3AB(O[ Saturday AObc`ROg FIREFIGHTERS MUSTER: 1 p . m . S a t u r d a y 47@34756B3@A;CAB3@(^[AObc`ROg FIREWORKS: 9:15 p.m. S a t u r d a y 47@3E=@9A('(#^[AObc`ROg MEN'S AND WOMEN'S PROFESSIONAL BIKE ;3<¸A/<2E=;3<¸A>@=43AA7=</:0793 RACE: 9 a.m. S u n d a y @/13('O[Ac\ROg DIAPER DERBY: N o o n S u n d a y 27/>3@23@0G(<]]\Ac\ROg FULL SCHEDULE: c l a m f e s t i v a l . c o m 4C::A1632C:3(QZO[TSabWdOZQ][

clams ourselves," said Sam Eddy, a DMBNTPVSTFMWFT wTBJE4BN&EEZ B Yarmouth parent who coordinates the :BSNPVUIQBSFOUXIPDPPSEJOBUFTUIF ski club's booth. "The clams are harTLJDMVCTCPPUIi5IFDMBNTBSFIBS vested in Maine waters and processed WFTUFEJO.BJOFXBUFSTBOEQSPDFTTFE by Dennison's Seafood in Freeport. CZ%FOOJTPOT4FBGPPEJO'SFFQPSU We've experimented with a pre-bread8FWFFYQFSJNFOUFEXJUIBQSFCSFBE ed and frozen product, but it's just not FEBOEGSP[FOQSPEVDU CVUJUTKVTUOPU as good." BTHPPEw Eddy expects the booth to sell more &EEZFYQFDUTUIFCPPUIUPTFMMNPSF Please see CLAM, Page E42 Gc\Xj\j\\1:/;GX^\<+)

T h e Q u i m b y Colony, BVS?cW[Pg1]Z]\g in the former Roma W\bVST]`[S`@][O r e s t a u r a n t b u i l d i n g , will b e `SabOc`O\bPcWZRW\UeWZZPS t h e scene o f t h e next Slow bVSaQS\S]TbVS\SfbAZ]e F o o d p o t l u c k dinner. 4]]R^]bZcQYRW\\S`

Colony's kitchen :fcfepĂ&#x2039;jb`kZ_\e on potluck agenda fegfkclZbX^\e[X IF YOU'RE serious a b o u t 74G=C¸@3aS`W]caOP]cb supporting the ac^^]`bW\UbVS local f o o d s Z]QOZT]]Ra movement, []dS[S\b rub elbows `cPSZP]ea w i t h likeeWbVZWYS minded [W\RSR folks at a T]ZYaObO Slow F o o d AZ]e4]]R p o t l u c k dinner. The ^]bZcQYRW\\S`BVS evening's a g e n d a includes SdS\W\U¸aOUS\ROW\QZcRSa a t o u r of t h e Q u i m b y Ob]c`]TbVS?cW[Pg Colony kitchen. 1]Z]\gYWbQVS\ WHEN: 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday E63<($b]&^[BcSaROg WHERE: Q u i m b y Colony, E63@3(?cW[Pg1]Z]\g 7 6 9 Congress St., %$'1]\U`SaaAb Portland >]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: B r i n g a dish. 6=E;C16(0`W\UORWaV INFO: RSVP to info@ 7<4=(@AD>b]W\T]. aZ]eT]]R^]`bZO\R]`U

Bar Guide: Maxwell's in Ogunquit, E42 N<XkXe[Ile18j`XI\jkXliXek#<+* Eat and Run: Asia Restaurant, E43 NN_Xk8c\jPfl#<+* What Ales You, E43 9Xi>l`[\1DXon\ccĂ&#x2039;j`eF^lehl`k#<+)

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E425=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3" 


DXon\ccĂ&#x2039;j1Dfi\k_Xejgfikj#bXiXfb\ Maxwell's: More than sports, karaoke By ELISA DOUCETTE #Z&-*4"%06$&55& OMJLFTPNFPGUIFOJHIUDMVCTBOEQPTI nlike some of the nightclubs and posh fine-dining restaurants in the OgunmOFEJOJOHSFTUBVSBOUTJOUIF0HVO quit area, Maxwell's Pub & Grill is a RVJUBSFB .BYXFMMT1VC(SJMMJTB place anyone can walk into off the street QMBDFBOZPOFDBOXBMLJOUPPGGUIFTUSFFU - in beach clothes or date-night attire oJOCFBDIDMPUIFTPSEBUFOJHIUBUUJSF - and feel welcome. oBOEGFFMXFMDPNF A mile from the beach on Main Street, "NJMFGSPNUIFCFBDIPO.BJO4USFFU  Maxwell's isn't hard to find. With seating .BYXFMMTJTOUIBSEUPmOE8JUITFBUJOH for 20 patrons, the U-shaped wooden bar GPSQBUSPOT UIF6TIBQFEXPPEFOCBS is the focal point of the place. Televisions JTUIFGPDBMQPJOUPGUIFQMBDF5FMFWJTJPOT above the bar are often tuned to various BCPWFUIFCBSBSFPGUFOUVOFEUPWBSJPVT New England sporting events. For those /FX&OHMBOETQPSUJOHFWFOUT'PSUIPTF who want to go a little easier on their XIPXBOUUPHPBMJUUMFFBTJFSPOUIFJS necks, there are large flat-screen televiOFDLT UIFSFBSFMBSHFnBUTDSFFOUFMFWJ sions hanging in two corners of the room. TJPOTIBOHJOHJOUXPDPSOFSTPGUIFSPPN If sports on TV isn't really your thing, *GTQPSUTPO57JTOUSFBMMZZPVSUIJOH  you can head out to the patio perched ZPVDBOIFBEPVUUPUIFQBUJPQFSDIFE above the busy Main Street area. In sumBCPWFUIFCVTZ.BJO4USFFUBSFB*OTVN mer, Ogunquit is one of the best melting NFS 0HVORVJUJTPOFPGUIFCFTUNFMUJOH pots of touristy people watching available QPUTPGUPVSJTUZQFPQMFXBUDIJOHBWBJMBCMF in Maine, so there is no way you will be JO.BJOF TPUIFSFJTOPXBZZPVXJMMCF disappointed with the choice. EJTBQQPJOUFEXJUIUIFDIPJDF Named after Maxwell's Grocery Store, /BNFEBGUFS.BYXFMMT(SPDFSZ4UPSF  a fixture in the Ogunquit community for BmYUVSFJOUIF0HVORVJUDPNNVOJUZGPS more than 100 years that was located in NPSFUIBOZFBSTUIBUXBTMPDBUFEJO the spot where the pub is now, Maxwell's UIFTQPUXIFSFUIFQVCJTOPX .BYXFMMT has become notorious for its karaoke. IBTCFDPNFOPUPSJPVTGPSJUTLBSBPLF You can sing as much Journey and Lady :PVDBOTJOHBTNVDI+PVSOFZBOE-BEZ Gaga as your little heart wants six nights (BHBBTZPVSMJUUMFIFBSUXBOUTTJYOJHIUT a week. In fact, some of the televisions BXFFL*OGBDU TPNFPGUIFUFMFWJTJPOT usually switch over to karaoke lyrics so VTVBMMZTXJUDIPWFSUPLBSBPLFMZSJDTTP the entire bar can sing along with their UIFFOUJSFCBSDBOTJOHBMPOHXJUIUIFJS favorites (while a few still stay tuned to GBWPSJUFT XIJMFBGFXTUJMMTUBZUVOFEUP any games that might be on). BOZHBNFTUIBUNJHIUCFPO  Many people will only grab a micro.BOZQFPQMFXJMMPOMZHSBCBNJDSP phone to belt out their own off-key rendiQIPOFUPCFMUPVUUIFJSPXOPGGLFZSFOEJ tions of classics if they have a bit of liquid UJPOTPGDMBTTJDTJGUIFZIBWFBCJUPGMJRVJE encouragement beforehand. Maxwell's FODPVSBHFNFOUCFGPSFIBOE.BYXFMMT certainly does not disappoint when it DFSUBJOMZEPFTOPUEJTBQQPJOUXIFOJU comes to drinks. DPNFTUPESJOLT After reading some of the online re"GUFSSFBEJOHTPNFPGUIFPOMJOFSF views, I was a little nervous to try some of WJFXT *XBTBMJUUMFOFSWPVTUPUSZTPNFPG the alleged watery cocktails that reviewUIFBMMFHFEXBUFSZDPDLUBJMTUIBUSFWJFX ers claimed were slung here. I was happy FSTDMBJNFEXFSFTMVOHIFSF*XBTIBQQZ to discover that weak drinks are not the UPEJTDPWFSUIBUXFBLESJOLTBSFOPUUIF norm at Maxwell's. OPSNBU.BYXFMMT One need only look at the huge jar on the 0OFOFFEPOMZMPPLBUUIFIVHFKBSPOUIF bar, which holds a berry infusion mixture CBS XIJDIIPMETBCFSSZJOGVTJPONJYUVSF (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries CMVFCFSSJFT CMBDLCFSSJFT TUSBXCFSSJFT and raspberries soaked in vanilla vodka, BOESBTQCFSSJFTTPBLFEJOWBOJMMBWPELB  $7.50) to know that this place means busi UPLOPXUIBUUIJTQMBDFNFBOTCVTJ ness. OFTT In addition to the classic well drink of*OBEEJUJPOUPUIFDMBTTJDXFMMESJOLPG ferings, Maxwell's also creates a menu GFSJOHT .BYXFMMTBMTPDSFBUFTBNFOV


The Very Berry infusion mixture of BVSDS`g0S``gW\TcaW]\[Wfbc`S]T blueberries, raspberries, strawberries PZcSPS``WSa`Oa^PS``WSaab`OePS``WSa and blackberries soaking in vanilla O\RPZOQYPS``WSaa]OYW\UW\dO\WZZO vodka takes about a week to age. d]RYObOYSaOP]cbOeSSYb]OUS


Photos by Gordon Chibroski/Staff Photographer >V]b]aPg5]`R]\1VWP`]aYWAbOTT>V]b]U`O^VS`

Owner Mike Smith serves a Newcastle Brown Ale, one of many microbrew =e\S`;WYSA[WbVaS`dSaO<SeQOabZS0`]e\/ZS]\S]T[O\g[WQ`]P`Se drafts offered at Maxwell's Pub & Grill in Ogunquit. R`OTba]TTS`SROb;OfeSZZ¸a>cP5`WZZW\=Uc\_cWb

of original cocktails with a heavy beach PGPSJHJOBMDPDLUBJMTXJUIBIFBWZCFBDI vacation attitude. Fruity mixtures and WBDBUJPOBUUJUVEF'SVJUZNJYUVSFTBOE clear liquors dominate the menu in the DMFBSMJRVPSTEPNJOBUFUIFNFOVJOUIF summer, and the only thing missing is a TVNNFS BOEUIFPOMZUIJOHNJTTJOHJTB little umbrella and some sand to dip your MJUUMFVNCSFMMBBOETPNFTBOEUPEJQZPVS toes in. UPFTJO In a throwback to the once-revered Ecto *OBUISPXCBDLUPUIFPODFSFWFSFE&DUP Cooler punch, the bartenders have been $PPMFSQVODI UIFCBSUFOEFSTIBWFCFFO having a lot of fun experimenting with the IBWJOHBMPUPGGVOFYQFSJNFOUJOHXJUIUIF new Dude Vodka from Three Olives, said OFX%VEF7PELBGSPN5ISFF0MJWFT TBJE owner Mike Smith. Dude Vodka tastes PXOFS.JLF4NJUI%VEF7PELBUBTUFT like grown-up Mountain Dew, and you can MJLFHSPXOVQ.PVOUBJO%FX BOEZPVDBO test it out with a Green Atta Dude (Dude UFTUJUPVUXJUIB(SFFO"UUB%VEF %VEF Vodka, Apple Pucker, energy drink and 7PELB "QQMF1VDLFS FOFSHZESJOLBOE 7-Up, $9). 6Q   With an eye to the beer-drinking cli8JUIBOFZFUPUIFCFFSESJOLJOHDMJ entele who frequent the pub to watch a FOUFMFXIPGSFRVFOUUIFQVCUPXBUDIB game or relax on a sunny evening, MaxHBNFPSSFMBYPOBTVOOZFWFOJOH .BY well's offers a great assortment of brews. XFMMTPGGFSTBHSFBUBTTPSUNFOUPGCSFXT Sporting a dozen beers and cider on tap 4QPSUJOHBEP[FOCFFSTBOEDJEFSPOUBQ

($4 to $5.50), the selection is eclectic, and UP UIFTFMFDUJPOJTFDMFDUJD BOE heavily features Maine brewery Gritty IFBWJMZGFBUVSFT.BJOFCSFXFSZ(SJUUZ McDuff's. You also can find many favor.D%VGG T:PVBMTPDBOmOENBOZGBWPS ites in bottles ($4 to $5), and Bud Light JUFTJOCPUUMFT UP BOE#VE-JHIU and Miller Lite are available on draft. BOE.JMMFS-JUFBSFBWBJMBCMFPOESBGU As expected in any pub and grill worth "TFYQFDUFEJOBOZQVCBOEHSJMMXPSUI its weight in pub and grill food, Maxwell's JUTXFJHIUJOQVCBOEHSJMMGPPE .BYXFMMT has a great appetizer menu. I tried the IBTBHSFBUBQQFUJ[FSNFOV*USJFEUIF fried mac and cheese bites ($6.75) after GSJFENBDBOEDIFFTFCJUFT  BGUFS the waitress by the bar enthusiastically UIFXBJUSFTTCZUIFCBSFOUIVTJBTUJDBMMZ swore they were her favorite thing on TXPSFUIFZXFSFIFSGBWPSJUFUIJOHPO the menu. She was right; I had no idea UIFNFOV4IFXBTSJHIU*IBEOPJEFB cheesy-carbohydratey-greasiness dipped DIFFTZDBSCPIZESBUFZHSFBTJOFTTEJQQFE in ranch dressing could taste so delicious. JOSBODIESFTTJOHDPVMEUBTUFTPEFMJDJPVT If your appetizer preference is a little *GZPVSBQQFUJ[FSQSFGFSFODFJTBMJUUMF more high-brow than mine, you can grab NPSFIJHICSPXUIBONJOF ZPVDBOHSBC a full pound of Maxwell's mussels ($7.95) BGVMMQPVOEPG.BYXFMMTNVTTFMT   and maybe pair them with one of the BOENBZCFQBJSUIFNXJUIPOFPGUIF house wines ($5.50 to $6.50). IPVTFXJOFT UP  If you are looking for a relaxed place to *GZPVBSFMPPLJOHGPSBSFMBYFEQMBDFUP

around the state." BSPVOEUIFTUBUFw Like all the food booths at the festival, -JLFBMMUIFGPPECPPUITBUUIFGFTUJWBM  the ski club's is a major fundraiser for the UIFTLJDMVCTJTBNBKPSGVOESBJTFSGPSUIF Continued from Page E41 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3" group. HSPVQ Other places serving clams include 0UIFSQMBDFTTFSWJOHDMBNTJODMVEF than 3,000 servings of clams, which reUIBO TFSWJOHTPGDMBNT XIJDISF the Yarmouth Colts Soccer booth (clam UIF:BSNPVUI$PMUT4PDDFSCPPUI DMBN quires 200 to 250 gallons of raw clams. RVJSFTUPHBMMPOTPGSBXDMBNT chowder), the Royal River Chorus booth DIPXEFS UIF3PZBM3JWFS$IPSVTCPPUI Making this happen is a team of more .BLJOHUIJTIBQQFOJTBUFBNPGNPSF (batter fried clams), the Yarmouth Little CBUUFSGSJFEDMBNT UIF:BSNPVUI-JUUMF than 200 volunteers who put in four-hour -FBHVFCPPUI TUFBNFEDMBNT BOEUIF UIBOWPMVOUFFSTXIPQVUJOGPVSIPVS League booth (steamed clams) and the shifts at the ski club booth. All the food TIJGUTBUUIFTLJDMVCCPPUI"MMUIFGPPE Yarmouth Football Club and First Univer:BSNPVUI'PPUCBMM$MVCBOE'JSTU6OJWFS booths rely on volunteers, but the ski club TBMJTU$IVSDICPPUIT DMBNDBLFT  CPPUITSFMZPOWPMVOUFFST CVUUIFTLJDMVC salist Church booths (clam cakes). requires more than most to handle the as- 8IJMFFBDIZFBSUIFGFTUJWBMPSHBOJ[FST SFRVJSFTNPSFUIBONPTUUPIBOEMFUIFBT While each year the festival organizers sembly-line clam breading operation that HFUOVNFSPVTDBMMTGSPNQSPGFTTJPOBM TFNCMZMJOFDMBNCSFBEJOHPQFSBUJPOUIBU get numerous calls from professional goes on throughout the festival. HPFTPOUISPVHIPVUUIFGFTUJWBM food vendors, Clam Festival direcGPPEWFOEPST $MBN'FTUJWBMEJSFD "We put out a pretty good product," i8FQVUPVUBQSFUUZHPPEQSPEVDU w tor Mark Primeau said, "We're pretty UPS.BSL1SJNFBVTBJE i8FSFQSFUUZ Eddy said. "I hold our clams up against &EEZTBJEi*IPMEPVSDMBNTVQBHBJOTU adamant about not opening it to outside BEBNBOUBCPVUOPUPQFOJOHJUUPPVUTJEF any of the clams from the clam shacks BOZPGUIFDMBNTGSPNUIFDMBNTIBDLT (food) vendors. It's such an amazing GPPE WFOEPST*UTTVDIBOBNB[JOH

event to bring the community together." FWFOUUPCSJOHUIFDPNNVOJUZUPHFUIFSw Those who want to show off their clam 5IPTFXIPXBOUUPTIPXPGGUIFJSDMBN extricating skills can enter the annual FYUSJDBUJOHTLJMMTDBOFOUFSUIFBOOVBM shucking contest, which takes place at 11 TIVDLJOHDPOUFTU XIJDIUBLFTQMBDFBU a.m. Saturday, with both professional and BN4BUVSEBZ XJUICPUIQSPGFTTJPOBMBOE amateur heats. This is followed by the CeBNBUFVSIFBUT5IJTJTGPMMPXFECZUIF$F lebrity Clam Shucking Contest, featuring MFCSJUZ$MBN4IVDLJOH$POUFTU GFBUVSJOH returning champions Shannon Moss and SFUVSOJOHDIBNQJPOT4IBOOPO.PTTBOE Norm Karkos of WMTW-8, who will com/PSN,BSLPTPG8.58 XIPXJMMDPN pete against Kathleen Shannon and Brian QFUFBHBJOTU,BUIMFFO4IBOOPOBOE#SJBO Yocono of WCSH-6, Doug Rafferty and :PDPOPPG8$4) %PVH3BGGFSUZBOE Diana Ichton of WGME-13, Mike Violette %JBOB*DIUPOPG8(.& .JLF7JPMFUUF and Ken Altshuler of WGAN, Jeff Parsons BOE,FO"MUTIVMFSPG8("/ +FGG1BSTPOT and Teddy McKay of WJBQ, and Heidi BOE5FEEZ.D,BZPG8+#2 BOE)FJEJ Knight and Stan Manning of WFNK. ,OJHIUBOE4UBO.BOOJOHPG8'/, The traditional way to start Saturday 5IFUSBEJUJPOBMXBZUPTUBSU4BUVSEBZ and Sunday at the festival is with a hearty BOE4VOEBZBUUIFGFTUJWBMJTXJUIBIFBSUZ


WHERE: 234 Main St., Ogunquit E63@3( !";OW\Ab=Uc\_cWb 646-2345; $"$ !"#)[OfeSZZa^cPQ][ SUMMER HOURS: Noon to 1 a.m. Saturday AC;;3@6=C@A(<]]\b]O[AObc`ROg and Sunday; 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday O\RAc\ROg)"^[b]O[;]\ROg through Friday bV`]cUV4`WROg PARKING: One- and two-hour parking in >/@97<5(=\SO\Rbe]V]c`^O`YW\UW\ the municipal lot across the street, bVS[c\WQW^OZZ]bOQ`]aabVSab`SSb 30-minute on-street parking until !\cbS]\ab`SSb^O`YW\Uc\bWZ 6 p.m., and a few spaces to the side of $^[O\ROTSea^OQSab]bVSaWRS]T the building off Berwick Road bVSPcWZRW\U]TT0S`eWQY@]OR SPECIALS: Half Time from 4 to 5 p.m. A>317/:A(6OZTBW[ST`]["b]#^[ every day (except holiday weekends), SdS`gROgSfQS^bV]ZWROgeSSYS\Ra which means half-off wine, domestic eVWQV[SO\aVOZT]TTeW\SR][SabWQ bottles, draft beer and selected P]bbZSaR`OTbPSS`O\RaSZSQbSR appetizers. O^^SbWhS`a PEOPLE WATCHING: On one of the only >3=>:3E/B167<5(=\]\S]TbVS]\Zg outdoor decks in Ogunquit, you ]cbR]]`RSQYaW\=Uc\_cWbg]c can watch the hustle and bustle of QO\eObQVbVSVcabZSO\RPcabZS]T the tourists and the locals from the bVSb]c`WabaO\RbVSZ]QOZaT`][bVS comfort of your patio seat. Q][T]`b]Tg]c`^ObW]aSOb BARSTOOL COMFORT: Classic round0/@AB==:1=;4=@B(1ZOaaWQ`]c\R seated bar stools with no back and aSObSRPO`ab]]ZaeWbV\]POQYO\R rungs to hang your feet off of. `c\Uab]VO\Ug]c`TSSb]TT]T I-SPY: The Musk Ox Who Cannot Be 7A>G(BVS;caY=fEV]1O\\]b0S Named <O[SR GUILTY PLEASURE: Red Light Martini 5C7:BG>:3/AC@3(@SR:WUVb;O`bW\W (raspberry and orange liqueurs, `Oa^PS``gO\R]`O\USZW_cSc`a raspberry vodka and cranberry juice, `Oa^PS``gd]RYOO\RQ`O\PS``gXcWQS $6.50) $#

catch a game, people watch or chat with DBUDIBHBNF QFPQMFXBUDIPSDIBUXJUI friends in Ogunquit, make sure to check GSJFOETJO0HVORVJU NBLFTVSFUPDIFDL out Maxwell's Pub & Grill. PVU.BYXFMMT1VC(SJMM Elisa Doucette is a freelance writer who lives in 3ZWaO2]cQSbbSWaOT`SSZO\QSe`WbS`eV]ZWdSaW\ Portland. >]`bZO\R

pancake breakfast. The First Parish QBODBLFCSFBLGBTU5IF'JSTU1BSJTI Church's Flapjack Breakfast is served $IVSDIT'MBQKBDL#SFBLGBTUJTTFSWFE from 7 to 10 a.m. for $7 at the church. GSPNUPBNGPSBUUIFDIVSDI Yarmouth High School juniors offer the :BSNPVUI)JHI4DIPPMKVOJPSTPGGFSUIF Blueberry Pancake Breakfast for $8 and #MVFCFSSZ1BODBLF#SFBLGBTUGPSBOE a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich for BTBVTBHF FHHBOEDIFFTFTBOEXJDIGPS $3 from 7 to 10:30 a.m. on the Memorial GSPNUPBNPOUIF.FNPSJBM Green. (SFFO How many pancake breakfasts do the )PXNBOZQBODBLFCSFBLGBTUTEPUIF two organizations plan to serve? "NFSF A mere UXPPSHBOJ[BUJPOTQMBOUPTFSWF 2,200.   Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be contacted at AbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb 791-6297 or at: %'$ '%]`Ob( akamila @pressherald. com OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Follow me on Twitter at: 4]ZZ]e[S]\BeWbbS`Ob( Twitter. com/A veryYaleKamila BeWbbS`Q][/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E43 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3"!

8j`XI\jkXliXekĂ&#x2039;jcleZ_Yl]]\kk_\nXpkf^f Asia Restaurant's lunch buffet the way to go SJ

OUTH PORTLAND â&#x20AC;&#x201D; To 065)1035-"/%Â&#x2030;5P be able to eat and run is one CFBCMFUPFBUBOESVOJTPOF thing. UIJOH #VUJUTOPUPGUFOZPVmOEB But it's not often you find a place where you can eat a lot in QMBDFXIFSFZPVDBOFBUBMPUJO a hurry. BIVSSZ That's one of the great things 5IBUTPOFPGUIFHSFBUUIJOHT about the lunch buffet at the BCPVUUIFMVODICVGGFUBUUIF relocated Asia Restaurant in SFMPDBUFE"TJB3FTUBVSBOUJO Mill Creek Shopping Center. .JMM$SFFL4IPQQJOH$FOUFS For years, the restaurant was 'PSZFBST UIFSFTUBVSBOUXBT across the street, behind a drug BDSPTTUIFTUSFFU CFIJOEBESVH store. TUPSF But earlier this year, it moved. #VUFBSMJFSUIJTZFBS JUNPWFE The new space is bigger and 5IFOFXTQBDFJTCJHHFSBOE brighter, and complete with a CSJHIUFS BOEDPNQMFUFXJUIB lunch buffet to complement the MVODICVGGFUUPDPNQMFNFOUUIF extensive menu. FYUFOTJWFNFOV The restaurant specializes in 5IFSFTUBVSBOUTQFDJBMJ[FTJO Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan $BOUPOFTF 4[FDIVBO )VOBO and Mandarin cuisine. BOE.BOEBSJODVJTJOF It's located in a shopping *UTMPDBUFEJOBTIPQQJOH center with a CVS, a bookstore DFOUFSXJUIB$74 BCPPLTUPSF and several other stores. So it's BOETFWFSBMPUIFSTUPSFT4PJUT a good place for a quick lunch BHPPEQMBDFGPSBRVJDLMVODI while doing errands. XIJMFEPJOHFSSBOET I was seated immediately dur*XBTTFBUFEJNNFEJBUFMZEVS ing a recent lunch visit. When I JOHBSFDFOUMVODIWJTJU8IFO* said I wanted the lunch buffet TBJE*XBOUFEUIFMVODICVGGFU - $7.50 a person -1 was told to oBQFSTPOo*XBTUPMEUP help myself right away. IFMQNZTFMGSJHIUBXBZ There were two buffet tables 5IFSFXFSFUXPCVGGFUUBCMFT with a dozen or more choices XJUIBEP[FOPSNPSFDIPJDFT - plenty of variety, but not so oQMFOUZPGWBSJFUZ CVUOPUTP much that I felt overwhelmed. NVDIUIBU*GFMUPWFSXIFMNFE *CZQBTTFEUIFGSJFEBQQFUJ[FST I bypassed the fried appetizers oDSBCSBOHPPOXBTPOFoBOE - crab rangoon was one - and HPUBDVQPGFHHESPQTPVQ*U got a cup of egg drop soup. It XBTTNPPUIBOEGVMMPGWFMWFUZ was smooth and full of velvety FHHnPBUJOHJOUIFCSPUI egg floating in the broth. *BMTPUSJFEoTNBMMQPSUJPOT  I also tried - small portions, mind you - some Hunan pork, NJOEZPVoTPNF)VOBOQPSL  vegetable lo mein, pork fried WFHFUBCMFMPNFJO QPSLGSJFE rice and cashew chicken. SJDFBOEDBTIFXDIJDLFO All were good. I especially "MMXFSFHPPE*FTQFDJBMMZ liked the fried rice, which was MJLFEUIFGSJFESJDF XIJDIXBT lighter than many fried rice MJHIUFSUIBONBOZGSJFESJDF dishes I've had, with very tenEJTIFT*WFIBE XJUIWFSZUFO der pork. EFSQPSL 8IFO*HPUCBDLUPNZUBCMF  When I got back to my table,



WHERE: 50 E63@3(# Market St., Mill ;O`YSbAb;WZZ Creek Shopping 1`SSYAV]^^W\U Center, South 1S\bS`A]cbV Portland. 767>]`bZO\R%$% 1882 && HOURS: 11 a.m. to 6=C@A(O[b] 9 p.m. Monday '^[;]\ROg through Thursday; 11 a.m. to bV`]cUVBVc`aROg)O[b] 10 p.m. Friday and Saturday; ^[4`WROgO\RAObc`ROg) noon to 9 p.m. Sunday. \]]\b]'^[Ac\ROg CHEAPEST GRUB: $ 2%#T]`OQc^ .75 for a c u p 163/>3AB5@C0( of soup. ]Ta]c^ WAIT: None if you go right to E/7B(<]\SWTg]cU]`WUVbb] the buffet table. bVSPcTTSbbOPZS PARKING: Yes. >/@97<5(GSa HANDICAPPED ACCESSIBLE: Yes. 6/<271/>>32/113AA70:3(GSa RATING: (((1/2 @/B7<5(


Based on a five-star scale 0OaSR]\OÂżdSabO`aQOZS 

of them, most priced at around PGUIFN NPTUQSJDFEBUBSPVOE $6.75. These include kung pao 5IFTFJODMVEFLVOHQBP chicken; chicken, beef or pork DIJDLFODIJDLFO CFFGPSQPSL with garlic sauce; Szechuan XJUIHBSMJDTBVDF4[FDIVBO spiced shrimp; and Hunan beef, TQJDFETISJNQBOE)VOBOCFFG  chicken or pork. DIJDLFOPSQPSL There are appetizer combina5IFSFBSFBQQFUJ[FSDPNCJOB tion plates for lunch such as UJPOQMBUFTGPSMVODITVDIBT beef teriyaki, egg roll and fried CFFGUFSJZBLJ FHHSPMMBOEGSJFE Photos by Gabe Souza/ >V]b]aPg5OPSA]chO rice for $5.75; and boneless ribs, SJDFGPSBOECPOFMFTTSJCT  Staff photographer AbOTT^V]b]U`O^VS` egg roll, chicken fingers and FHHSPMM DIJDLFOmOHFSTBOE fried rice for $6.25. GSJFESJDFGPS All the lunch specials are "MMUIFMVODITQFDJBMTBSF served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. tangy meat filling, were crunchy TFSWFEGSPNBNUPQN UBOHZNFBUmMMJOH XFSFDSVODIZ Because of its location just #FDBVTFPGJUTMPDBUJPOKVTU and very good. BOEWFSZHPPE over the Casco Bay Bridge near There was also some fruit and PWFSUIF$BTDP#BZ#SJEHFOFBS 5IFSFXBTBMTPTPNFGSVJUBOE Route 77, the restaurant is on Jell-0 for dessert, but I passed. 3PVUF UIFSFTUBVSBOUJTPO +FMM0GPSEFTTFSU CVU*QBTTFE the commuting route for a lot of UIFDPNNVUJOHSPVUFGPSBMPUPG If you don't want the buffet, *GZPVEPOUXBOUUIFCVGGFU  people. There are lots of choices QFPQMF5IFSFBSFMPUTPGDIPJDFT the menu has more than two UIFNFOVIBTNPSFUIBOUXP for take-out dinner, including GPSUBLFPVUEJOOFS JODMVEJOH dozen lunch specials for under EP[FOMVODITQFDJBMTGPSVOEFS about 16 dinner combos for $7, ranging from $4.50 for pork BCPVUEJOOFSDPNCPTGPS  SBOHJOHGSPNGPSQPSL $8.25 each. chow mein with fried rice to FBDI DIPXNFJOXJUIGSJFESJDFUP $6.95 for cashew chicken, fried GPSDBTIFXDIJDLFO GSJFE rice and choice of appetizer. The features staff of The Portland Press BVSTSObc`SaabOTT]TBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa SJDFBOEDIPJDFPGBQQFUJ[FS Herald anonymously samples meals for Mandarin specials are also 6S`OZRO\]\g[]caZgaO[^ZSa[SOZaT]` .BOEBSJOTQFDJBMTBSFBMTP about $7. offered at lunch, about a dozen OP]cb% PGGFSFEBUMVODI BCPVUBEP[FO Above: The lunch buffet at /P]dS(BVSZc\QVPcTTSbOb Asia Restaurant in South /aWO@SabOc`O\bW\A]cbV Portland offers choices from >]`bZO\R]TTS`aQV]WQSaT`][ soup and appetizers to a]c^O\RO^^SbWhS`ab] dessert for $7.50. RSaaS`bT]`%# Left: Jessica He takes a :STb(8SaaWQO6SbOYSaO customer's order from the Qcab][S`¸a]`RS`T`][bVS menu. [S\c

I had a glass of water - which *IBEBHMBTTPGXBUFSoXIJDI was refilled every time I took XBTSFmMMFEFWFSZUJNF*UPPL a sip - and a pot of tea waiting BTJQoBOEBQPUPGUFBXBJUJOH for me. GPSNF Just to do my duty as a re+VTUUPEPNZEVUZBTBSF

porter, I went back for seconds QPSUFS *XFOUCBDLGPSTFDPOET to sample some rice noodles UPTBNQMFTPNFSJDFOPPEMFT with vegetables and some panXJUIWFHFUBCMFTBOETPNFQBO fried dumplings. I liked both. GSJFEEVNQMJOHT*MJLFECPUI The dumplings, with a slightly 5IFEVNQMJOHT XJUIBTMJHIUMZ

Two new breweries tapping into Mainers' love of beer Knfe\nYi\n\i`\jkXgg`e^`ekfDX`e\ijĂ&#x2039;cfm\f]Y\\i DM system that had been aine is continuTZTUFNUIBUIBECFFO BJOFJTDPOUJOV used by Bar Harbor ing its love affair VTFECZ#BS)BSCPS JOHJUTMPWFBGGBJS Brewing and found a with locally made #SFXJOHBOEGPVOEB XJUIMPDBMMZNBEF brewer looking for a beer, as a number of CSFXFSMPPLJOHGPSB CFFS BTBOVNCFSPG position. new breweries either QPTJUJPO OFXCSFXFSJFTFJUIFS "Rich Ruggerio was recently opened or are i3JDI3VHHFSJPXBT SFDFOUMZPQFOFEPSBSF Atwpll looking to brew beer in the works. MPPLJOHUPCSFXCFFS JOUIFXPSLT Tom m w e " Kfd8kn\cc again," Cooke said. I contacted officials of BHBJO w$PPLFTBJE *DPOUBDUFEPGmDJBMTPG "He had done it for two of them this week. What Ales YOU i)FIBEEPOFJUGPS UXPPGUIFNUIJTXFFL N_Xk8c\jPfl David Cooke opened quite a while at Rocky RVJUFBXIJMFBU3PDLZ %BWJE$PPLFPQFOFE Shag Rock Brewing Bay Brewing," also in #BZ#SFXJOH wBMTPJO 4IBH3PDL#SFXJOH Co. at his restaurant, Amalfi on 3PDLMBOE Rockland. $PBUIJTSFTUBVSBOU "NBMmPO the Water in Rockland, last fall So far, Shag Rock has brewed 4PGBS 4IBH3PDLIBTCSFXFE UIF8BUFSJO3PDLMBOE MBTUGBMM shortly after moving his ressix beers and sold them only at TJYCFFSTBOETPMEUIFNPOMZBU TIPSUMZBGUFSNPWJOHIJTSFT taurant - which had been open UIFSFTUBVSBOUBO*1" B#FM the restaurant: an IPA, a BelUBVSBOUoXIJDIIBECFFOPQFO for nine years - to a new, larger HJBO BGBSNIPVTFBMF BXJOUFS gian, a farmhouse ale, a winter GPSOJOFZFBSToUPBOFX MBSHFS location. beer, a stout and a golden. They CFFS BTUPVUBOEBHPMEFO5IFZ MPDBUJPO are planning to brew just beers While trying to figure out what BSFQMBOOJOHUPCSFXKVTUCFFST 8IJMFUSZJOHUPmHVSFPVUXIBU that he and Ruggerio like. to do with the extra space, he UIBUIFBOE3VHHFSJPMJLF UPEPXJUIUIFFYUSBTQBDF IF "We aren't brewing a pale purchased a two-barrel brewing i8FBSFOUCSFXJOHBQBMF QVSDIBTFEBUXPCBSSFMCSFXJOH

ale because everyone else has BMFCFDBVTFFWFSZPOFFMTFIBT one," Cooke said. He added that POF w$PPLFTBJE)FBEEFEUIBU he is licensed to sell growlers, IFJTMJDFOTFEUPTFMMHSPXMFST  but hasn't done it yet because CVUIBTOUEPOFJUZFUCFDBVTF he wants to create a tag that IFXBOUTUPDSFBUFBUBHUIBU will tell people the rules for XJMMUFMMQFPQMFUIFSVMFTGPS returning and refilling them. SFUVSOJOHBOESFmMMJOHUIFN He also said they might do a )FBMTPTBJEUIFZNJHIUEPB little bit of bottling in the future, MJUUMFCJUPGCPUUMJOHJOUIFGVUVSF  but has no definite timetable. CVUIBTOPEFmOJUFUJNFUBCMF The restaurant's website is 5IFSFTUBVSBOUTXFCTJUFJT BNBMmPOUIFXBUFSDPN

just a little closer Portland, Geoff Masland @IandntoNewcastle, Tim Adams have opened


Oxbow Brewing Co. in =fP]e0`SeW\U1]W\ Newcastle and Shag Rock <SeQOabZSO\RAVOU@]QY Brewing Co. in Rockland are 0`SeW\U1]W\@]QYZO\RO`S crafting new additions to Q`OTbW\U\SeORRWbW]\ab] Maine-made beers. ;OW\SRSPSS`a

E44 GO | The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3""5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 


:fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3" Continued from Page E40


OPERA FANS have a chance to see and =>3@/4/<AVOdSOQVO\QSb]aSSO\R hear how a singer works to perfect an VSO`V]eOaW\US`e]`Yab]^S`TSQbO\ 443-1316. Through Aug. 7.  4HROUGH!UG aria under the guidance of a capable O`WOc\RS`bVSUcWRO\QS]TOQO^OPZS "Will Barnet at 100," celebrating the 100th h7ILL"ARNETAT vCELEBRATINGTHETH coach during a PORTopera master Q]OQVRc`W\UO>=@B]^S`O[OabS` birthday of painter and summer Maine BIRTHDAYOFPAINTERANDSUMMER-AINE class. Jan Opalach, a nationally known QZOaa8O\=^OZOQVO\ObW]\OZZgY\]e\ resident Will Barnet, Portland Museum of Art. RESIDENT7ILL"ARNET 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT bass singer and actor, is offering the POaaaW\US`O\ROQb]`Wa]TTS`W\UbVS Through Aug. 14. PORTLANDMUSEUMORG4HROUGH!UG class to PORTopera Young Artists, QZOaab]>=@B]^S`OG]c\U/`bWaba "Photo National 2 0 1 1 : A Survey of Contemporary h0HOTO.ATIONAL!3URVEYOF#ONTEMPORARY but the public is invited to watch the PcbbVS^cPZWQWaW\dWbSRb]eObQVbVS Photography," juried exhibit of works by 34 0HOTOGRAPHY vJURIEDEXHIBITOFWORKSBY behind-the-scenes session. Attending PSVW\RbVSaQS\SaaSaaW]\/bbS\RW\U photographers, University of Maine Museum of PHOTOGRAPHERS 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE-USEUMOF singers will each present an aria to be aW\US`aeWZZSOQV^`SaS\bO\O`WOb]PS Art, Bangor. 561-3350. Through Aug. 15. !RT "ANGOR 4HROUGH!UG critiqued by Opalach, and it is sure be Q`WbW_cSRPg=^OZOQVO\RWbWaac`SPS "The Question of Drawing," exhibit examines h4HE1UESTIONOF$RAWING vEXHIBITEXAMINES a learning experience for the young OZSO`\W\USf^S`WS\QST]`bVSg]c\U what drawing should be, Ogunquit Museum of WHATDRAWINGSHOULDBE /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF artists and those observing. The class O`bWabaO\RbV]aS]PaS`dW\UBVSQZOaa American Art. Through !MERICAN!RTOGUNQUITMUSEUMORG4HROUGH will run from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday eWZZ`c\T`][O[b]\]]\AObc`ROg Aug. 2 1 . !UG at Portland Stage Company, 25A Ob>]`bZO\RAbOUS1][^O\g #/ "Impressions of a World Traveler," early h)MPRESSIONSOFA7ORLD4RAVELER vEARLY Forest Ave., and costs $10 at the door 4]`Sab/dSO\RQ]abaObbVSR]]` 20th-century travel photos, souvenirs and TH CENTURYTRAVELPHOTOS SOUVENIRSAND (cash only). For more information, call QOaV]\Zg4]`[]`SW\T]`[ObW]\QOZZ writings of museum founder Edith Barry, Brick WRITINGSOFMUSEUMFOUNDER%DITH"ARRY "RICK PORTopera at 879-7678. >=@B]^S`OOb&%'%$%& Store Museum Program Center, Kennebunk. 3TORE-USEUM0ROGRAM#ENTER +ENNEBUNK

%R[2IILFH BOX Office 633-5159 online tix RQOLQHWL[ERRWKED\RSHUDKRXVHFRP Free parking, nearby restaurants, historic venue on )UHHSDUNLQJQHDUE\UHVWDXUDQWVKLVWRULFYHQXHRQ the coast of Maine. Open year round. WKHFRDVWRI0DLQH2SHQ\HDUURXQG Advance Purchase Tickets Discounted! $GYDQFH3XUFKDVH7LFNHWV'LVFRXQWHG 86 Townsend Avenue, Boothbay Harbor 7RZQVHQG$YHQXH%RRWKED\+DUERU

Five Irish Voices )LYH,ULVK9RLFHV â&#x20AC;&#x201D; -â&#x20AC;&#x201D;â&#x20AC;&#x201D;->-â&#x20AC;¢ 0$.(0 MAKEM AT SPAIN 63$,1

Thursday, July 14 7KXUVGD\-XO\

*UDPP\$ZDUG:LQQLQJ Grammy Award Winning

3$8/68//,9$1 P A U L SULLIVAN 7KHUHVD7KRPDVRQ "^ Theresa Thomason

7KXUVGD\-XO\ Thursday, July 21

LEO KOTTKE /(2.277.( Saturday,-XO\ July 23 6DWXUGD\

DELFEAYO 720586+ TOM RUSH '(/)($<2 M ARSALIS Friday, August 5 )ULGD\$XJXVW 0$56$/,6 and his combo DQGKLVFRPER



GL1ER 5S'ETH 6*) .+'4 Z/L]/RQJOH\ w/LizLongley 6DWXUGD\-XO\ Saturday, July 30

Hot bluegrass with +RWEOXHJUDVVZLWK

STEEP CANYON 67((3&$1<21 RANGERS 5$1*(56 Saturday, August 6 6DWXUGD\$XJXVW Sponsored by the Topside Inn and WKH the 6SRQVRUHGE\WKH7RSVLGH,QQDQG Inns at Greenleaf Lane in Boothbay ,QQVDW*UHHQOHDI/DQHLQ%RRWKED\

BRICKSTOREMUSEUMORG4HROUGH3EPT Through Sept. 1. "Voyages and the Great Age of Sail," artifacts h6OYAGESANDTHE'REAT!GEOF3AIL vARTIFACTS related to 19th-century Saco sea captain Tristram RELATEDTOTH CENTURY3ACOSEACAPTAIN4RISTRAM Jordan; also "Point of Departure," works by Saco *ORDANALSOh0OINTOF$EPARTURE vWORKSBY3ACO artist Diane Bowie Zaitlin, Saco Museum. ARTIST$IANE"OWIE:AITLIN 3ACO-USEUM Through Sept. 4. DYERLIBRARYSACOMUSEUMORG4HROUGH3EPT "Selected Drawings and Photographs from the h3ELECTED$RAWINGSAND0HOTOGRAPHSFROMTHE Marsden Hartley Memorial Collection," Bates -ARSDEN(ARTLEY-EMORIAL#OLLECTION v"ATES College (Olin Arts Center), Lewiston. 786-6158. #OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER ,EWISTON  Through Sept. 5. 4HROUGH3EPT "Emerging Dis/Order," drawings by Amy Stacey h%MERGING$IS/RDER vDRAWINGSBY!MY3TACEY Curtis, Alison Hildreth and Andrea Sulzer, Bates #URTIS !LISON(ILDRETHAND!NDREA3ULZER "ATES College (Museum of Art), Lewiston. 786-6158. #OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT ,EWISTON  Through Sept. 10. 4HROUGH3EPT "Four in Maine: Drawings," work by Mary h&OURIN-AINE$RAWINGS vWORKBY-ARY Barnes, Emily Brown, John Moore andT. Allen "ARNES %MILY"ROWN *OHN-OOREAND4!LLEN Lawson, Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland. ,AWSON &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLAND Through Sept. 1 1 . FARNSWORTHMUSEUMORG4HROUGH3EPT "Maine Moderns: Art in Seguinland, 1900-1940," h-AINE-ODERNS!RTIN3EGUINLAND   v paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs PAINTINGS SCULPTURES DRAWINGSANDPHOTOGRAPHS of Modernists who worked in Maine in the first OF-ODERNISTSWHOWORKEDIN-AINEINTHElRST half of the 20th century, Portland Museum of Art. HALFOFTHETHCENTURY 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT Through Sept. 1 1 . PORTLANDMUSEUMORG4HROUGH3EPT "Hopper's Contemporaries: Artists in New h(OPPERS#ONTEMPORARIES!RTISTSIN.EW England," works by contemporaries of Edward %NGLAND vWORKSBYCONTEMPORARIESOF%DWARD Hopper, Bowdoin College Museum of Art, (OPPER "OWDOIN#OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT Brunswick, Through Sept. 1 1 . "RUNSWICKBOWDOINEDU4HROUGH3EPT "New Dawn Fades," photographs by Thomas h.EW$AWN&ADES vPHOTOGRAPHSBY4HOMAS Hager, University of Maine Museum of Art, (AGER 5NIVERSITYOF-AINE-USEUMOF!RT Bangor. 561-3350. Through Sept. 24. "ANGOR 4HROUGH3EPT "Folk Art on High," weather vane exhibit, Rufus h&OLK!RTON(IGH vWEATHERVANEEXHIBIT 2UFUS Porter Museum, Bridgton. 0ORTER-USEUM "RIDGTONRUFUSPORTERMUSEUMORG Through Oct. 1. 4HROUGH/CT "Inspired by Buddhism: Ancient Art from the h)NSPIREDBY"UDDHISM!NCIENT!RTFROMTHE Permanent Collection," objects from Cambodia, 0ERMANENT#OLLECTION vOBJECTSFROM#AMBODIA China, Tibet, Korea and Japan, Colby College #HINA 4IBET +OREAAND*APAN #OLBY#OLLEGE (Museum of Art), Waterville. Through -USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH Oct. 2. /CT "Exhibiting Whistler: A Tribute to David P. h%XHIBITING7HISTLER!4RIBUTETO$AVID0 Becker," prints by James McNeill Whistler, Colby "ECKER vPRINTSBY*AMES-C.EILL7HISTLER #OLBY College (Museum of Art), Waterville. #OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU Through Oct. 2. 4HROUGH/CT "American M o d e r n , " photographs by Abbott, h!MERICAN-ODERN vPHOTOGRAPHSBY!BBOTT Evans and Bourke-White, Colby College (Museum %VANSAND"OURKE 7HITE #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUM of Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. OF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT "Little Elegies: The Art of Nineteenth-Century h,ITTLE%LEGIES4HE!RTOF.INETEENTH #ENTURY M o u r n i n g , " paintings, texts and objects created -OURNING vPAINTINGS TEXTSANDOBJECTSCREATED to assuage grief and memorialize the dead, Colby TOASSUAGEGRIEFANDMEMORIALIZETHEDEAD #OLBY College (Museum of Art), Waterville. #OLLEGE-USEUMOF!RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU Through Oct. 2. 4HROUGH/CT "Celebrating a Gift: The Norma B. Marin h#ELEBRATINGA'IFT4HE.ORMA"-ARIN Photography Collection," Colby College Museum 0HOTOGRAPHY#OLLECTION v#OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUM of Art, Waterville. 859-5609. Through Oct. 2. OF!RT 7ATERVILLE 4HROUGH/CT "Andrew Moore: Detroit Disassembled," h!NDREW-OORE$ETROIT$ISASSEMBLED v photographs of Detroit's industrial decline and PHOTOGRAPHSOF$ETROITSINDUSTRIALDECLINEAND reclamation by nature, Colby College (Museum of RECLAMATIONBYNATURE #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUMOF Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. !RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT "Alex Katz: Drawings," ink and oil sketches and h!LEX+ATZ$RAWINGS vINKANDOILSKETCHESAND graphite drawings, Colby College (Museum of GRAPHITEDRAWINGS #OLBY#OLLEGE-USEUMOF Art), Waterville. Through Oct. 2. !RT 7ATERVILLECOLBYEDU4HROUGH/CT "Andrew and Jamie Wyeth: Selections from the h!NDREWAND*AMIE7YETH3ELECTIONSFROMTHE Private Collection of Victoria Browning Wyeth," 0RIVATE#OLLECTIONOF6ICTORIA"ROWNING7YETH v paintings, Bates College (Olin Arts Center), PAINTINGS "ATES#OLLEGE/LIN!RTS#ENTER

Lewiston. 786-6158. Through Oct. 2. ,EWISTON 4HROUGH/CT "Paul Caponigro:The Hidden Presence of Places," h0AUL#APONIGRO4HE(IDDEN0RESENCEOF0LACES v photographs, Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland. PHOTOGRAPHS &ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM 2OCKLAND 596-6457. Through Oct. 9.  4HROUGH/CT "John Marin: Modernism at Mid-century," h*OHN-ARIN-ODERNISMAT-ID CENTURY v work from painter Marin's career between WORKFROMPAINTER-ARINSCAREERBETWEEN 1870 and 1953, Portland Museum of Art. AND 0ORTLAND-USEUMOF!RT Through Oct. 10. PORTLANDMUSEUMORG4HROUGH/CT "The Stone Coast," sculptures by multiple artists, h4HE3TONE#OAST vSCULPTURESBYMULTIPLEARTISTS Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay. #OASTAL-AINE"OTANICAL'ARDENS "OOTHBAY Through Oct. 10. MAINEGARDENSORG4HROUGH/CT "Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World and the Olson h!NDREW7YETH #HRISTINAS7ORLDANDTHE/LSON House," Farnsworth Art Museum (Wyeth Center), (OUSE v&ARNSWORTH!RT-USEUM7YETH#ENTER Rockland, Through 2OCKLANDFARNSWORTHMUSEUMORG4HROUGH Oct. 30. /CT "Building an American Modernist Collection: h"UILDINGAN!MERICAN-ODERNIST#OLLECTION Highlights from O M A A Permanent Collection," (IGHLIGHTSFROM/-!!0ERMANENT#OLLECTION v Ogunquit Museum of American Art. /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT Through Oct. 3 1 . OGUNQUITMUSEUMORG4HROUGH/CT "The Drawing Tradition," drawings by Henry h4HE$RAWING4RADITION vDRAWINGSBY(ENRY Strater, Ogunquit Museum of American Art. 3TRATER /GUNQUIT-USEUMOF!MERICAN!RT Through Oct. 3 1 . OGUNQUITMUSEUMORG4HROUGH/CT "Jason Larkin: Past Perfect," 2011 Arnold h*ASON,ARKIN0AST0ERFECT v!RNOLD Newman Prize winner exhibition, Farnsworth .EWMAN0RIZEWINNEREXHIBITION &ARNSWORTH Art Museum, Rockland, !RT-USEUM 2OCKLANDFARNSWORTHMUSEUMORG Through Nov. 27. 4HROUGH.OV "Imagination Takes Shape: Canadian Inuit Art h)MAGINATION4AKES3HAPE#ANADIAN)NUIT!RT from the Robert and Judith Toll Collection," FROMTHE2OBERTAND*UDITH4OLL#OLLECTION v Bowdoin College (Peary-MacMillan Arctic "OWDOIN#OLLEGE0EARY -AC-ILLAN!RCTIC Museum), Brunswick, -USEUM "RUNSWICKBOWDOINEDU arcticmuseum. Through Dec. 6. ARCTICMUSEUM4HROUGH$EC "Indians and Rusticators: Wabanakis and Summer h)NDIANSAND2USTICATORS7ABANAKISAND3UMMER 6ISITORSON-OUNT$ESERT)SLAND v!BBE-USEUM Visitors on Mount Desert Island," Abbe Museum, "AR(ARBORABBEMUSEUMORG4HROUGH$EC Bar Harbor, Through Dec. 28. h$RESSING5P 3TANDING/UT &ITTING)N "Dressing Up, Standing Out, Fitting In: !DORNMENT)DENTITYIN-AINE vARTIFACTSREVEAL Adornment & Identity in Maine," artifacts reveal THEWAY-AINERSDRESSEDFROMTHETHTOTH the way Mainers dressed from the 18th to 20th CENTURIES -AINE(ISTORICAL3OCIETY 0ORTLAND centuries, Maine Historical Society, Portland. MAINEHISTORYORG4HROUGH-AY Through May 27.

ART GALLERIES N!24'!,,%2)%3 OPENINGS/RECEPTIONS /0%.).'32%#%04)/.3 "Fins, Fur and Feathers: A Celebration of all h&INS &URAND&EATHERS!#ELEBRATIONOFALL Creatures - W i l d and Domesticated," Maine Art #REATURESn7ILDAND$OMESTICATED v-AINE!RT Gallery, Wiscasset. 882-7511. Opening reception 'ALLERY 7ISCASSET /PENINGRECEPTION with Togus the Coon Cat, who will be signing his WITH4OGUSTHE#OON#AT WHOWILLBESIGNINGHIS book written by Don Carrigan, 5 to 7 p.m. today. BOOKWRITTENBY$ON#ARRIGAN TOPMTODAY Through Aug. 14. 4HROUGH!UG "Between Earth and Sky," sculpture exhibition h"ETWEEN%ARTHAND3KY vSCULPTUREEXHIBITION and sale, work by 30 New England artists, June ANDSALE WORKBY.EW%NGLANDARTISTS *UNE LaCombe Sculpture, Pownal. 688-4468. Opens ,A#OMBE3CULPTURE 0OWNAL /PENS Friday. Through July 27. (Open by appointment.) &RIDAY4HROUGH*ULY/PENBYAPPOINTMENT Peter Sculthorpe: "Monhegan Island," new 0ETER3CULTHORPEh-ONHEGAN)SLAND vNEW paintings, Gleason Fine Art, Portland. 699-5599. PAINTINGS 'LEASON&INE!RT 0ORTLAND  Opening reception, 5 to 7 p.m. Friday. Through /PENINGRECEPTION TOPM&RIDAY4HROUGH Aug. 3. !UG "Painters, Players and Poets," collaboration h0AINTERS 0LAYERSAND0OETS vCOLLABORATION of 32 of Maine's most accomplished painters, OFOF-AINESMOSTACCOMPLISHEDPAINTERS

Please see A R T , Page E50 Gc\Xj\j\\/@BGX^\<,'

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E45 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3"#

X i \ k \k Z\

<daYZcdaY^Z A 1719 /%' Georgian 5S]`UWO\ is this WabVWa year's York gSO`¸aG]`Y Decorator 2SQ]`Ob]` Show House. AV]e6]caS

?FK k`Zb\k

By AVERY YALE KAMILA #Z"7&3::"-&,".*-" Staff Writer 4UBGG8SJUFS


Id homes are known for presentMEIPNFTBSFLOPXOGPSQSFTFOU ing design challenges, and when JOHEFTJHODIBMMFOHFT BOEXIFO a house dates to the 1700s, it's BIPVTFEBUFTUPUIFT JUT sure to come with a few quirks. TVSFUPDPNFXJUIBGFXRVJSLT This year's Museums of Old York Decora5IJTZFBST.VTFVNTPG0ME:PSL%FDPSB tor Show House, which opens to the public UPS4IPX)PVTF XIJDIPQFOTUPUIFQVCMJD with a preview party Friday night, was XJUIBQSFWJFXQBSUZ'SJEBZOJHIU XBT built in 1719 and challenged the 20 designCVJMUJOBOEDIBMMFOHFEUIFEFTJHO ers who lent their creativity to the endeavFSTXIPMFOUUIFJSDSFBUJWJUZUPUIFFOEFBW or in some fairly typical old house ways. PSJOTPNFGBJSMZUZQJDBMPMEIPVTFXBZT

Take a walk on the wicked side KXb\XnXcbfek_\n`Zb\[j`[\

PEEK INTO the Old Port's spooky past during the >3397<B=bVS=ZR>]`b¸aa^]]Yg^OabRc`W\UbVS Full Moon Wicked Walking Tour, where you'll hear 4cZZ;]]\EWQYSREOZYW\UB]c`eVS`Sg]c¸ZZVSO` the tales of ghost ships and cursed society ladies. Bring your bVSbOZSa]TUV]abaVW^aO\RQc`aSRa]QWSbgZORWSa0`W\Ug]c` digital camera and attempt to capture some ghostly orbs. RWUWbOZQO[S`OO\RObbS[^bb]QO^bc`Sa][SUV]abZg]`Pa WHEN: 8 p.m. Friday E63<(&^[4`WROg WHERE: Bell Buoy Park (near Casco Bay Lines), Commercial E63@3(0SZZ0c]g>O`Y\SO`1OaQ]0Og:W\Sa1][[S`QWOZ Street, Portland Ab`SSb>]`bZO\R HOW MUCH: $15 (cash only) 6=E;C16(#QOaV]\Zg INFO: 7<4=(eWQYSReOZYW\Ub]c`aQ][

"Because of the age of the house, there's i#FDBVTFPGUIFBHFPGUIFIPVTF UIFSFT a little unevenness in the floors and the old BMJUUMFVOFWFOOFTTJOUIFnPPSTBOEUIFPME horsehair plaster," said designer Georgie IPSTFIBJSQMBTUFS wTBJEEFTJHOFS(FPSHJF McGowan of Georgie's Home & Garden in .D(PXBOPG(FPSHJFT)PNF(BSEFOJO York, who decorated the guest bedroom. :PSL XIPEFDPSBUFEUIFHVFTUCFESPPN "And in this house, the ceilings are quite i"OEJOUIJTIPVTF UIFDFJMJOHTBSFRVJUF low." MPXw McGowan didn't realize how uneven the .D(PXBOEJEOUSFBMJ[FIPXVOFWFOUIF floor was until she went to place a mantle nPPSXBTVOUJMTIFXFOUUPQMBDFBNBOUMF around the bedroom's fireplace. A few BSPVOEUIFCFESPPNTmSFQMBDF"GFX Please see HOUSE, PageESO Gc\Xj\j\\6=CA3GX^\<,'

The Emerson House started life as a BVS3[S`a]\6]caSabO`bSRZWTSOaO tavern in the center of York Village. bOdS`\W\bVSQS\bS`]TG]`YDWZZOUS

Courtesy photo 1]c`bSag^V]b]

MUSEUMS OF OLD YORK DECORATOR SHOW HOUSE ;CA3C;A=4=:2G=@9231=@/B=@A6=E6=CA3 WHEN: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays, E63<(O[b]"^[;]\ROga Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; 10 ESR\SaROga4`WROgaO\RAObc`ROga) a.m. to 7 p.m. Thursdays; and 1 to 4 p.m. O[b]%^[BVc`aROga)O\Rb]"^[ Sundays from July 16 through Aug. 13 Ac\ROgaT`][8cZg$bV`]cUV/cU! WHERE: Emerson House, 31 Long Sands Road, York E63@3(3[S`a]\6]caS!:]\UAO\Ra@]ORG]`Y HOW MUCH: $20 6=E;C16(  INFO: 7<4=(]ZRg]`Y]`U RELATED EVENTS: @3:/B323D3<BA( Preview Party, 6 to 9 p.m. Friday; $50 N>`SdWSe>O`bg$b]'^[4`WROg)# Designer Discussion, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 10, N2SaWU\S`2WaQcaaW]\(!O[b]^[/cU York Harbor Reading Room; $55 G]`Y6O`P]`@SORW\U@]][)##



Suburban gardens open their gates JlYliYXe^Xi[\ejfg\ek_\`i^Xk\j

G :?<8I@CC

EXPLORE THE suburban gardens of Scarborough 3F>:=@3B63acPc`PO\UO`RS\a]TAQO`P]`]cUV during the Scarborough Garden Club's annual Rc`W\UbVSAQO`P]`]cUV5O`RS\1ZcP¸aO\\cOZ tour. Six of the nine gardens on the tour are within b]c`AWf]TbVS\W\SUO`RS\a]\bVSb]c`O`SeWbVW\ walking distance of each other. eOZYW\URWabO\QS]TSOQV]bVS` WHEN: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday E63<('O[b]"^[AObc`ROg WHERE: Various locations in Scarborough E63@3(DO`W]caZ]QObW]\aW\AQO`P]`]cUV HOW MUCH: $15; buy tickets at local garden centers in advance 6=E;C16(#)PcgbWQYSbaObZ]QOZUO`RS\QS\bS`aW\ORdO\QS and at the historic Hunnewell House day of the event O\RObbVSVWab]`WQ6c\\SeSZZ6]caSROg]TbVSSdS\b INFO: 839-4033 7<4=(&!'"!!

Listings. E46 NJ_Xeefe9ipXeXgg\XcjkfpfliZfdg\k`k`m\`ejk`eZkj#<+. Shannon Bryan appeals to your competitive instincts. E47 C`jk`e^j#<+-


E46 GO


The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011


n BENEFITS Bald Hill Boys, acoustic bluegrass, folk and rock concert with special guest pianist Dawson Hill; benefits conservation projects on Sabbathday Lake; Sabbathday Lake Grange, New Gloucester. $10; $5 for ages 18 and under. 926-4296. 7 p.m. Friday. Nicole’s 5K Run/Walk to Benefit Caring Unlimited, Lords Point, Kennebunk Beach. $20 to $25. Registration at 6:45 a.m., race at 9 a.m. Saturday. Rock Concert, with Rustic Overtnes, Sly-Chi, Grand Hotel, Pete Kilpatrick, The Pete Miller Band, Max Atter and Anderson Council; benefits the Red Cross Mid-Coast Chapter; Thomas Point Beach, Brunswick. $12 to $15; free for under age 12 and over age 80. events. Noon Saturday. Decorator Show House, tour home decorated by interior designers; benefits the Museums of Old York; Emerson House, York. $20. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Wednesday; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. July 21. Through Aug. 13. Annual Tasting for Victor Ale, beer tasting, food, music, tours of the arts center, pingpong, a short film and performances by Sean Mencher and His Rhythm Kings; benefits the arts center; St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. $15. 5:30 p.m. July 21.

n FAIRS/FESTIVALS Annual Sabattus Summer Festival, barbecue, games, and climbs aboard the town’s fire trucks, Sabattus Town Hall. Free; children under age 15 must be accompanied by an adult. 632-8925.


The Central Maine Egg Festival gets cracking on Tuesday and continues through Saturday with food, rides, a dance and more. 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. today. Yarmouth Clam Festival, three days of events celebrating the Maine clamming industry with a parade, a diaper derby, a clam-shucking competition, fireworks and more, downtown Yarmouth. Free admission; fees for food and rides. Various times Friday to Sunday; schedule at Maine Celtic Celebration, Celtic music and culture festival, various locations, Belfast. Various times Friday to Sunday; schedule at maineceltic

Art in the Park, presented by members of the Bridgton Art Guild, Shorey Park, Bridgton. Free. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. First Parish Market Arts and Crafts Fair, First Parish Church, Freeport. Free. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Old Hallowell Day, parade, arts and crafts fair, fireworks and more, various locations, Hallowell. Most events are free. All day Saturday; schedule at Penobscot River Revival Festival, live music, artwork, demonstrations, children’s activities and

more, Bangor waterfront (near Sea Dog Brewery on Front Street). Free. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. Mollyockett Day Festival, arts and crafts, fireworks, a frog-jumping contest and more, Bethel Village Common. Most events are free. Various times Saturday and Sunday; schedule at Native American PowWow, music, drumming, storytelling and more, Harbor Park, Wells. $5; $3 for seniors; free for children under 6. 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday; 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday. Antique Auto Days, more than 250 antique vehicles on display, parade on Sunday, Boothbay Railway Village. Call for cost and times: 633-4727. Saturday and Sunday. Central Maine Egg Festival, parade, egg dishes, a street dance, barbecue, carnival rides and the world’s largest frying pan, Crosby Street, Pittsfield. Most events are free. Various times Tuesday to Saturday; schedule at Annual Country Fair, antiques and attic treasures, books, jewelry, plants and more, Southport United Methodist Church. Free. 633-4896. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday.

n SPECIAL EVENTS FRIDAY Wood Island Lighthouse Tours, Wood Island Lighthouse, Biddeford. $10; reservations required. 286-3229. 10 and 11 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Wednesday.

Please see ET CETERA, Page E47

Concerts through August 5


July 14, 6:30 PM

July 18, 4:00 PM

Artists of Tomorrow

Bowdoin Festival Extra Artists of Tomorrow

Suggested donation: $10

Suggested donation: $10

Artists of Tomorrow

“A Secret Love Letter,” Franz Josef Haydn, Piano Sonata No. 59 in E flat Major Arie Vardi, Piano

Suggested donation: $10


Beethoven, Beaser, Cras

July 15, 7:30 PM

July 18, 7:30 PM

Festival Fridays

Monday Sonatas

Mozart, Brahms, Liszt Crooker Theater, Brunswick High School

Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms

July 15, 1:00 PM

Renowned international artists, outstanding performances, classical repertoire and new works since 1965.

July 19, 7:30 PM

July 20, 7:30 PM

Wednesday Upbeat! Tickets: $30

Tickets: $30

Tickets: $40

ALL PERFORMANCES held at Studzinski Recital Hall, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, unless otherwise noted. (207) 725-3895 SPONSORED BY:

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E47 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3"%

Glory days for cheese-chasers and spud-wrestlers >cfip[Xpj]fiZ_\\j\$Z_Xj\ijXe[jgl[$ni\jkc\ij SJ

VNNFSGFTUJWBMTFBTPOCSJOHTGSJFE ummer festival season brings fried dough to the people. EPVHIUPUIFQFPQMF It also brings the tantalizing oppor*UBMTPCSJOHTUIFUBOUBMJ[JOHPQQPS tunity to crush the neighbor's pride in UVOJUZUPDSVTIUIFOFJHICPSTQSJEFJO GFTUJWBMDPNQFUJUJPO BTZPVS1BNQFSFE festival competition, as your Pampered progeny crawls across the finish line first QSPHFOZDSBXMTBDSPTTUIFmOJTIMJOFmSTU EVSJOHUIFBOOVBM%JBQFS%FSCZBUUIF during the annual Diaper Derby at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. :BSNPVUI$MBN'FTUJWBM Or, if judges have deemed your 0S JGKVEHFTIBWFEFFNFEZPVS 13-year-old too grown-up to ZFBSPMEUPPHSPXOVQUP compete, you can set your sights DPNQFUF ZPVDBOTFUZPVSTJHIUT on the rolling rind at the U.S. POUIFSPMMJOHSJOEBUUIF64 National Cheese Rolling Compe/BUJPOBM$IFFTF3PMMJOH$PNQF tition in Belfast. UJUJPOJO#FMGBTU Such quirky contests are 4VDIRVJSLZDPOUFTUTBSF a staple of Maine's summer BTUBQMFPG.BJOFTTVNNFS celebrations, from egg tosses DFMFCSBUJPOT GSPNFHHUPTTFT to Moxie chugging. But should UP.PYJFDIVHHJOH#VUTIPVME we be fooled into believing XFCFGPPMFEJOUPCFMJFWJOH these are just "friendly" festival UIFTFBSFKVTUiGSJFOEMZwGFTUJWBM competitions? DPNQFUJUJPOT Sure, our cohorts at the cheese-rolling 4VSF PVSDPIPSUTBUUIFDIFFTFSPMMJOH championship starting line might apDIBNQJPOTIJQTUBSUJOHMJOFNJHIUBQ pear harmless, but those affable-looking QFBSIBSNMFTT CVUUIPTFBGGBCMFMPPLJOH adversaries didn't come to this party unBEWFSTBSJFTEJEOUDPNFUPUIJTQBSUZVO prepared. They've probably been benchQSFQBSFE5IFZWFQSPCBCMZCFFOCFODI pressing Brie on weekends and chasing QSFTTJOH#SJFPOXFFLFOETBOEDIBTJOH tractor tires down their hilly suburban USBDUPSUJSFTEPXOUIFJSIJMMZTVCVSCBO streets since early spring. TUSFFUTTJODFFBSMZTQSJOH For an opponent without a plan, who 'PSBOPQQPOFOUXJUIPVUBQMBO XIP has zero training and, even worse, a high IBT[FSPUSBJOJOHBOE FWFOXPSTF BIJHI moral standard that prevents him from NPSBMTUBOEBSEUIBUQSFWFOUTIJNGSPN cheating, the likelihood of festival supremDIFBUJOH UIFMJLFMJIPPEPGGFTUJWBMTVQSFN acy is lamentably slim. BDZJTMBNFOUBCMZTMJN But we can choose to enter contests #VUXFDBODIPPTFUPFOUFSDPOUFTUT where the odds are naturally in our favor XIFSFUIFPEETBSFOBUVSBMMZJOPVSGBWPS on account of our innate inclinations, POBDDPVOUPGPVSJOOBUFJODMJOBUJPOT  acquired skills and body shape. BDRVJSFETLJMMTBOECPEZTIBQF Here are a few upcoming competitions )FSFBSFBGFXVQDPNJOHDPNQFUJUJPOT that might suit you: UIBUNJHIUTVJUZPV

got a frog, then you've got what I fityou've takes to participate in the frog-jumping @competition during Mollyocket Days in

GZPVWFHPUBGSPH UIFOZPVWFHPUXIBU JUUBLFTUPQBSUJDJQBUFJOUIFGSPHKVNQJOH DPNQFUJUJPOEVSJOH.PMMZPDLFU%BZTJO Bethel. #FUIFM If your aforementioned jumping am*GZPVSBGPSFNFOUJPOFEKVNQJOHBN phibian is able to follow commands like QIJCJBOJTBCMFUPGPMMPXDPNNBOETMJLF i+VNQwBOEi+VNQNPSFGSFRVFOUMZ "Jump!" and "Jump more frequently and with greater cumulative BOEXJUIHSFBUFSDVNVMBUJWF distance!" and "There's a rival EJTUBODFwBOEi5IFSFTBSJWBM on your heels! Don't hesitate to POZPVSIFFMT%POUIFTJUBUFUP throw an elbow!" - victory is all UISPXBOFMCPXwoWJDUPSZJTBMM but assured. CVUBTTVSFE And while I'd never suggest "OEXIJMF*EOFWFSTVHHFTU giving a frog a latte, large HJWJOHBGSPHBMBUUF MBSHF amounts of caffeine have BNPVOUTPGDBGGFJOFIBWF always made me jumpier than BMXBZTNBEFNFKVNQJFSUIBO normal. OPSNBM What: Frog Jumping Compe8IBU'SPH+VNQJOH$PNQF tition UJUJPO When: 1 p.m. Saturday 8IFOQN4BUVSEBZ Where: Mollyocket Days, downtown 8IFSF.PMMZPDLFU%BZT EPXOUPXO Bethel #FUIFM Info: *OGPNPMMZPDLFUUEBZTDPN

Shannon Bryan J_Xeefe9ipXe Off Beat F]]9\Xk

have a tendency to look at a mound I fofyoumashed potatoes and see a battle@ground rather than a side dish, mashed

GZPVIBWFBUFOEFODZUPMPPLBUBNPVOE PGNBTIFEQPUBUPFTBOETFFBCBUUMF HSPVOESBUIFSUIBOBTJEFEJTI NBTIFE potato wrestling might be your ticket to QPUBUPXSFTUMJOHNJHIUCFZPVSUJDLFUUP festival fame. If the thought of wasting GFTUJWBMGBNF*GUIFUIPVHIUPGXBTUJOH large amounts of potato product sends MBSHFBNPVOUTPGQPUBUPQSPEVDUTFOET your normally fluffy demeanor into a tailZPVSOPSNBMMZnVGGZEFNFBOPSJOUPBUBJM spin, grappling in the stuff might be the TQJO HSBQQMJOHJOUIFTUVGGNJHIUCFUIF best way to exorcise your tater temper. CFTUXBZUPFYPSDJTFZPVSUBUFSUFNQFS The folks in Fort Fairfield have been 5IFGPMLTJO'PSU'BJSmFMEIBWFCFFO scuffling in the spuds during the Maine TDVGnJOHJOUIFTQVETEVSJOHUIF.BJOF Potato Blossom Festival for years as a 1PUBUP#MPTTPN'FTUJWBMGPSZFBSTBTB way to celebrate the tuber and mash each XBZUPDFMFCSBUFUIFUVCFSBOENBTIFBDI other. PUIFS What: Mashed Potato Wrestling 8IBU.BTIFE1PUBUP8SFTUMJOH When: 6 p.m. Friday 8IFOQN'SJEBZ


8IFSF.BJOF1PUBUP#MPTTPN'FTUJWBM  Where: Maine Potato Blossom Festival, Fort Fairfield 'PSU'BJSmFME Info: *OGPGPSUGBJSmFMEPSH

nyone motivated by cheese - particularly fast-moving wheels of it - can f you're a hugger - the grab and hold and 8Achase I @ festival greatness during the U.S. don't let go sort - let me introduce you National Cheese Rolling Championship in to the greased-pole-climbing event at the OZPOFNPUJWBUFECZDIFFTFoQBS UJDVMBSMZGBTUNPWJOHXIFFMTPGJUoDBO DIBTFGFTUJWBMHSFBUOFTTEVSJOHUIF64 /BUJPOBM$IFFTF3PMMJOH$IBNQJPOTIJQJO Belfast. #FMGBTU The cheese-rolling tradition is still gain5IFDIFFTFSPMMJOHUSBEJUJPOJTTUJMMHBJO ing ground in Belfast, but it's well-aged in JOHHSPVOEJO#FMGBTU CVUJUTXFMMBHFEJO the U.K., where competitors have chased UIF6, XIFSFDPNQFUJUPSTIBWFDIBTFE cheese wheels down Cooper's Hill in DIFFTFXIFFMTEPXO$PPQFST)JMMJO Gloucester for more than 200 years. (MPVDFTUFSGPSNPSFUIBOZFBST Contenders who don't fight against grav$POUFOEFSTXIPEPOUmHIUBHBJOTUHSBW ity, and whose bodies are almost as wide JUZ BOEXIPTFCPEJFTBSFBMNPTUBTXJEF as they are tall (indeed, much like a wheel BTUIFZBSFUBMM JOEFFE NVDIMJLFBXIFFM of cheese themselves) will find rolling afPGDIFFTFUIFNTFMWFT XJMMmOESPMMJOHBG ter the cheese a natural method of travel. UFSUIFDIFFTFBOBUVSBMNFUIPEPGUSBWFM What: U.S. National Cheese Rolling 8IBU64/BUJPOBM$IFFTF3PMMJOH Championship $IBNQJPOTIJQ When: 1 p.m. Sunday 8IFOQN4VOEBZ Where: Maine Celtic Celebration, Bel8IFSF.BJOF$FMUJD$FMFCSBUJPO #FM fast GBTU Info: 338-2692; mainecelticcelebration. *OGPNBJOFDFMUJDDFMFCSBUJPO com DPN

you have a baby - or have access to a I fbaby and permission to use said baby for @personal gain - the annual Diaper Derby

GZPVIBWFBCBCZoPSIBWFBDDFTTUPB CBCZBOEQFSNJTTJPOUPVTFTBJECBCZGPS QFSTPOBMHBJOoUIFBOOVBM%JBQFS%FSCZ at the Yarmouth Clam Festival is a speed BUUIF:BSNPVUI$MBN'FTUJWBMJTBTQFFE crawl to the finish line. DSBXMUPUIFmOJTIMJOF It's never too early for your bundle of *UTOFWFSUPPFBSMZGPSZPVSCVOEMFPG joy to start making momma proud, or to KPZUPTUBSUNBLJOHNPNNBQSPVE PSUP get acquainted with the take-no-prisoners HFUBDRVBJOUFEXJUIUIFUBLFOPQSJTPOFST style of our nation's diaper derby circuit. TUZMFPGPVSOBUJPOTEJBQFSEFSCZDJSDVJU If your baby is a quick mover with a *GZPVSCBCZJTBRVJDLNPWFSXJUIB voice that's more of a croak than a coo, WPJDFUIBUTNPSFPGBDSPBLUIBOBDPP  see the previously discussed frog-jumping TFFUIFQSFWJPVTMZEJTDVTTFEGSPHKVNQJOH competition. DPNQFUJUJPO

and meet an 18th-century soldier on duty at Fort ANDMEETANTH CENTURYSOLDIERONDUTYAT&ORT William Henry, Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site, 7ILLIAM(ENRY #OLONIAL0EMAQUID(ISTORIC3ITE New Harbor. Free/donation, friendsofcolonialpem .EW(ARBOR&REEDONATIONFRIENDSOFCOLONIALPEM 8:30 p.m. AQUIDORGPM Continued from Page E46 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"$ Founder's Day, music, entertainment, a craft fair &OUNDERS$AY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT ACRAFTFAIR and an antique car show; benefits the Hamlin SATURDAY ANDANANTIQUECARSHOWBENElTSTHE(AMLIN 3!452$!9 Library and Museum; Paris Hill Green, Paris. Spectacular Gardens of Scarborough Garden ,IBRARYAND-USEUM0ARIS(ILL'REEN 0ARIS 3PECTACULAR'ARDENSOF3CARBOROUGH'ARDEN $10/donation; $2 for ages 12 and younger. DONATIONFORAGESANDYOUNGER Tour, tour of nine gardens, Hunnewell House, 4OUR TOUROFNINEGARDENS (UNNEWELL(OUSE 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PARISHILLORGAMTOPM Scarborough. $15 to $20. 839-4033. 9 a.m. to 3CARBOROUGHTO AMTO Summer Harbor Arts Show, featuring hundreds 4 p.m. 3UMMER(ARBOR!RTS3HOW FEATURINGHUNDREDS PM of artists and craftspeople from Maine and New Night Visit for Children: "All About Owls," Maine OFARTISTSANDCRAFTSPEOPLEFROM-AINEAND.EW .IGHT6ISITFOR#HILDRENh!LL!BOUT/WLS v-AINE England, Camden Harbor. (800) 223-5459. 9 a.m. %NGLAND #AMDEN(ARBOR  AM Wildlife Park, Gray. $5, $7; free for ages 3 and 7ILDLIFE0ARK 'RAY FREEFORAGESAND to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. under, 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. TOPM3ATURDAYAND3UNDAY UNDERMAINEWILDLIFEPARKCOMTOPM Indoor Yard and Craft Sale, Sabbathday Lake Lighthouse Tours, one of only 40 caisson-style )NDOOR9ARDAND#RAFT3ALE 3ABBATHDAY,AKE ,IGHTHOUSE4OURS ONEOFONLYCAISSON STYLE Grange, New Gloucester. Free admission. 998lighthouses in the U.S. and the only one open 'RANGE .EW'LOUCESTER&REEADMISSION LIGHTHOUSESINTHE53ANDTHEONLYONEOPEN 2586. 8a.m. to 2 p.m. AMTOPM to visitors; must be more than 55 inches tallTOVISITORSMUSTBEMORETHANINCHESTALL "Make our Garden Grow," Broadway tunes, canceled in case of rain or fog; Spring Point Ledge h-AKEOUR'ARDEN'ROW v"ROADWAYTUNES CANCELEDINCASEOFRAINORFOG3PRING0OINT,EDGE opera arias and popular songs about flowers Lighthouse, South Portland. $5; free for children OPERAARIASANDPOPULARSONGSABOUTmOWERS ,IGHTHOUSE 3OUTH0ORTLANDFREEFORCHILDREN and gardens, Boothbay Botanical Gardens. Free; under 14. 699-2676. 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday ANDGARDENS "OOTHBAY"OTANICAL'ARDENS&REE UNDER AMTOPM3ATURDAY reservations required. 633-4333. 7 p.m. RESERVATIONSREQUIRED PM and Sunday. AND3UNDAY "Passport to Discovery 2," imaginary trip across Evening Lantern Walk, tour a 1 7th-century village h0ASSPORTTO$ISCOVERY vIMAGINARYTRIPACROSS %VENING,ANTERN7ALK TOURATH CENTURYVILLAGE

the globe following the travels of museum THEGLOBEFOLLOWINGTHETRAVELSOFMUSEUM founder Edith Cleaves Barry, Brick Store Museum, FOUNDER%DITH#LEAVES"ARRY "RICK3TORE-USEUM Kennebunk. $25; $20 for family. 985-4802. 9:45 +ENNEBUNKFORFAMILY  a.m. to 3 p.m. AMTOPM

brewery is located in a renovated barn on CSFXFSZJTMPDBUFEJOBSFOPWBUFECBSOPO an 18-acre property, and partly because BOBDSFQSPQFSUZ BOEQBSUMZCFDBVTF that is the kind of beer they like. UIBUJTUIFLJOEPGCFFSUIFZMJLF "I just love the style in general, and we i*KVTUMPWFUIFTUZMFJOHFOFSBM BOEXF think it will speak to the consumers beUIJOLJUXJMMTQFBLUPUIFDPOTVNFSTCF cause there isn't a lot of beer like it being DBVTFUIFSFJTOUBMPUPGCFFSMJLFJUCFJOH brewed in New England," Adams said. CSFXFEJO/FX&OHMBOE w"EBNTTBJE The brewery will be getting its water 5IFCSFXFSZXJMMCFHFUUJOHJUTXBUFS from an aquifer right below the building. GSPNBOBRVJGFSSJHIUCFMPXUIFCVJMEJOH To start, it will make Original Saison, a 5PTUBSU JUXJMMNBLF0SJHJOBM4BJTPO B traditional Belgian/French farmhouse USBEJUJPOBM#FMHJBO'SFODIGBSNIPVTF ale; Farmhouse Pale Ale, a traditional BMF'BSNIPVTF1BMF"MF BUSBEJUJPOBM

saison and American West Coast IPA TBJTPOBOE"NFSJDBO8FTU$PBTU*1" hybrid; and Oxbow Freestyle, inspired by IZCSJEBOE0YCPX'SFFTUZMF JOTQJSFECZ the season and the brewer's whim. UIFTFBTPOBOEUIFCSFXFSTXIJN At first, the beer will be sold in kegs only "UmSTU UIFCFFSXJMMCFTPMEJOLFHTPOMZ and hand-delivered to bars around the BOEIBOEEFMJWFSFEUPCBSTBSPVOEUIF state. Masland does not have any firm TUBUF.BTMBOEEPFTOPUIBWFBOZmSN contracts, but hopes to begin by selling DPOUSBDUT CVUIPQFTUPCFHJOCZTFMMJOH all around the midcoast and in the PortBMMBSPVOEUIFNJEDPBTUBOEJOUIF1PSU land market. MBOENBSLFU


Continued from Page E43 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"! sale next month. TBMFOFYUNPOUI Adams, who has 10 years of home-brew"EBNT XIPIBTZFBSTPGIPNFCSFX ing experience, is director of brewing JOHFYQFSJFODF JTEJSFDUPSPGCSFXJOH operations, and Masland is director of PQFSBUJPOT BOE.BTMBOEJTEJSFDUPSPG business operations. CVTJOFTTPQFSBUJPOT They are going to be brewing Belgian 5IFZBSFHPJOHUPCFCSFXJOH#FMHJBO farmhouse-style ales, partly because the GBSNIPVTFTUZMFBMFT QBSUMZCFDBVTFUIF

What: Diaper Dash 8IBU%JBQFS%BTI When: Noon Sunday 8IFO/PPO4VOEBZ 8IFSF:BSNPVUI$MBN'FTUJWBM Where: Yarmouth Clam Festival Info: 846-3984; *OGPDMBNGFTUJWBMDPN GZPVSFBIVHHFSoUIFHSBCBOEIPMEBOE EPOUMFUHPTPSUoMFUNFJOUSPEVDFZPV UPUIFHSFBTFEQPMFDMJNCJOHFWFOUBUUIF annual St. Peter's Bazaar in Portland. BOOVBM4U1FUFST#B[BBSJO1PSUMBOE On Saturday night, bold pole sealers 0O4BUVSEBZOJHIU CPMEQPMFTDBMFST attempt to climb a greased pole and reach BUUFNQUUPDMJNCBHSFBTFEQPMFBOESFBDI a strip of cloth. The winner gets a cash BTUSJQPGDMPUI5IFXJOOFSHFUTBDBTI prize. The spectators get a show of seemQSJ[F5IFTQFDUBUPSTHFUBTIPXPGTFFN ing futility. JOHGVUJMJUZ But if friends and family tend to shy #VUJGGSJFOETBOEGBNJMZUFOEUPTIZ away from your Lennie Small-like emBXBZGSPNZPVS-FOOJF4NBMMMJLFFN brace, the pole-climbing competition may CSBDF UIFQPMFDMJNCJOHDPNQFUJUJPONBZ be conquerable after all. CFDPORVFSBCMFBGUFSBMM What: Greasy Pole Climb 8IBU(SFBTZ1PMF$MJNC When: Aug. 13 8IFO"VH Where: St. Peter's Bazaar, St. Peter's 8IFSF4U1FUFST#B[BBS 4U1FUFST Roman Catholic Church, Portland 3PNBO$BUIPMJD$IVSDI 1PSUMBOE Info: 773-0748; stpeterschurchportland *OGPTUQFUFSTDIVSDIQPSUMBOE .org PSH Staff Writer Shannon Bryan can be AbOTTE`WbS`AVO\\]\0`gO\QO\PS contacted at 791-6333 or at: Q]\bOQbSROb%'$!!!]`Ob( sbryan@mainetoday. com aP`gO\.[OW\Sb]ROgQ][ Follow her on Twitter: 4]ZZ]eVS`]\BeWbbS`( beWbbS`Q][[OW\Sb]ROg

TUNE IN to Good Day Maine (WPFO BC<37<b]5]]R2Og;OW\SE>4= FOX 23) on Thursdays at 8:10 a.m. 4=F !]\BVc`aROgaOb&(O[ to watch Shannon Bryan talk up b]eObQVAVO\\]\0`gO\bOZYc^ the weekend's events and other bVSeSSYS\R¸aSdS\baO\R]bVS` digressions with Doug Ray and Diana RWU`SaaW]\aeWbV2]cU@OgO\R2WO\O Ichton. 7QVb]\

location at Harrison Middle School.) Free. 846LOCATIONAT(ARRISON-IDDLE3CHOOL &REE 2406. 11 a.m. AM The Kids Are Alright, local music series for 4HE+IDS!RE!LRIGHT LOCALMUSICSERIESFOR families, featuring pop band In the Audience, FAMILIES FEATURINGPOPBAND)NTHE!UDIENCE all ages; Space, Portland. $2, $3. ALLAGES3PACE 0ORTLAND SPACEORG Noon. .OON

MONDAY -/.$!9 S&W Howard's Store: 18th Century Fort 37(OWARDS3TORETH#ENTURY&ORT Economy, presentation by historic interpreter, %CONOMY PRESENTATIONBYHISTORICINTERPRETER FILMS Colonial Pemaquid Historic Site, New Harbor. $5; N&),-3 #OLONIAL0EMAQUID(ISTORIC3ITE .EW(ARBOR free for members. 677-2423. 7:30 p.m. FREEFORMEMBERS PM TODAY 4/$!9 "The Adventures of Captain Dick Spear," h4HE!DVENTURESOF#APTAIN$ICK3PEAR v WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 documentary with Q&A session presented by DOCUMENTARYWITH1!SESSIONPRESENTEDBY Crafts at the Clambake, juried show, Clambake #RAFTSATTHE#LAMBAKE JURIEDSHOW #LAMBAKE the Rocklancl Historical Society, Rockland Public THE2OCKLAND(ISTORICAL3OCIETY 2OCKLAND0UBLIC Restaurant, Scarborough. 883-1031. 11 a.m. to 2ESTAURANT 3CARBOROUGH AMTO Library. Free. 594-0310. 6:30 p.m. ,IBRARY&REE PM 8 p.m. PM "Alive for $5," with magician Peter Boie, oneh!LIVEFOR vWITHMAGICIAN0ETER"OIE ONE FRIDAY &2)$!9 hour family program includes "Talk Back" with HOURFAMILYPROGRAMINCLUDESh4ALK"ACKvWITH Maine International Film Festival, featuring -AINE)NTERNATIONAL&ILM&ESTIVAL FEATURING the performer, Stonington Opera House. $5. 367THEPERFORMER 3TONINGTON/PERA(OUSE almost 100 classic, modern and independent ALMOSTCLASSIC MODERNANDINDEPENDENT 2788.7p.m. PM features and shorts, Railroad Square Cinema and FEATURESANDSHORTS 2AILROAD3QUARE#INEMAAND Yarmouth Summer Arts Series: Little Red Wagon 9ARMOUTH3UMMER!RTS3ERIES,ITTLE2ED7AGON "Totally Red," Royal River Park, Yarmouth. (Rain h4OTALLY2ED v2OYAL2IVER0ARK 9ARMOUTH2AIN Please see ETCETERA, PageE48 Gc\Xj\j\\3B13B3@/GX^\<+/

oth Oxbow and Shag Rock will be the Craft Beer Comes to 9Battending


Boothbay event put on by the Maine #PPUICBZFWFOUQVUPOCZUIF.BJOF Brewers' Guild from 1 to 4 p.m. July 30 #SFXFST(VJMEGSPNUPQN+VMZ at the Boothbay Resort, 301 Adams Pond BUUIF#PPUICBZ3FTPSU "EBNT1POE Road. Oxbow will have beer if it has re3PBE0YCPXXJMMIBWFCFFSJGJUIBTSF ceived all of its state licenses in time. DFJWFEBMMPGJUTTUBUFMJDFOTFTJOUJNF I'll give the details of the event in a *MMHJWFUIFEFUBJMTPGUIFFWFOUJOB couple of weeks, including some informaDPVQMFPGXFFLT JODMVEJOHTPNFJOGPSNB tion about the new brewery at Boothbay UJPOBCPVUUIFOFXCSFXFSZBU#PPUICBZ Resort. 3FTPSU Tom Atwell can be contacted at 791-6362]`Ob( or at: B][/beSZZQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$!$ bObeSZZ.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][


:I8:I:G6 ET CETERA :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"% Continued from Page E47

#OLBY#OLLEGE 7ATERVILLEPERlLMPARTIAL Colby College, Watervi lie. $9 per film; $85 partial pass; $200 full festival pass. 861-8138. Friday to PASSFULLFESTIVALPASS &RIDAYTO July 24; schedule at *ULYSCHEDULEATMIFFORG


          $"     $  !     $     # $    $ $  $  """$   "      


SATURDAY 3!452$!9 h4HE,OST7ORLDv ADAPTATIONOF "The Lost World" (1925), adaptation of 1912 BOOKBY3IR!RTHUR#ONAN$OYLEACCOMPANIED book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle accompanied LIVEONPIANOBY$OUG0ROTSIK /LD4OWN(OUSE live on piano by Doug Protsik, O l d Town House, 5NIONFREEFORTHOSEUNDER PM Union. $5; free for those under 2 1 . 785-4531. 7 p.m. TUESDAY 45%3$!9 Summer Documentary Series: "The Oath" (2010), 3UMMER$OCUMENTARY3ERIESh4HE/ATHv Portland Public Library, Rines Auditorium. Free. 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY 2INES!UDITORIUM&REE 871-1700. 5:30 p.m.  PM Summer Film Festival: "Only When I Dance" 3UMMER&ILM&ESTIVALh/NLY7HEN)$ANCEv (2009 documentary from Brazil), Patten Free DOCUMENTARYFROM"RAZIL 0ATTEN&REE Library, Bath. Free. 443-5141. 6:30 p.m. ,IBRARY "ATH&REE PM " O i l + Water," 2007 documentary about a h/IL 7ATER vDOCUMENTARYABOUTA 21,000-mile journey in a retrofitted fire truck,   MILEJOURNEYINARETROlTTEDlRETRUCK Merryspring Nature Center, Camden. Free/ -ERRYSPRING.ATURE#ENTER #AMDEN&REE donations. 236-2239. 7 p.m. DONATIONS PM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 "The Kid" (1921), Charlie Chaplin and Jackie h4HE+IDv #HARLIE#HAPLINAND*ACKIE Coogan's silent film with original score performed #OOGANSSILENTlLMWITHORIGINALSCOREPERFORMED live, Strand Theatre, Rockland. $30 to $40; $8 for LIVE 3TRAND4HEATRE 2OCKLANDTOFOR students, 8 p.m. STUDENTSBAYCHAMBERCONCERTSORGPM Art Videos at the Gallery: "Kurt Schwitters" !RT6IDEOSATTHE'ALLERYh+URT3CHWITTERSv (1963), Barn Gallery, Ogunquit. Free. 646-7055.  "ARN'ALLERY /GUNQUIT&REE  7:30 p.m. PM JULY 21 *5,9 "The Dhamma Brothers," documentary about h4HE$HAMMA"ROTHERS vDOCUMENTARYABOUT a Vipassana meditation retreat in an Alabama A6IPASSANAMEDITATIONRETREATINAN!LABAMA prison, followed by discussion, Rockland Library. PRISON FOLLOWEDBYDISCUSSION 2OCKLAND,IBRARY Free. 594-0310. 6:30 p.m. &REE PM

BOOKS/AUTHORS N"//+3!54(/23



 %23 ! % 34 052#(!3%$,)6%!4%!#( ,/#!4)/.&/2%.*/9%$ )./52#/-&/24!",% $).).'2//-3

504/!6!,5%$).%)./.,9 .%7)#+3#/$OVER0T2D



$OVER .(   

#ONCORD .(   

3O0ORTLAND -%   

TODAY 4/$!9 Melissa Coleman, author of "This Life is in Your -ELISSA#OLEMAN AUTHOROFh4HIS,IFEISIN9OUR Hands," Witherle Public Library, Castine. 326(ANDS v7ITHERLE0UBLIC,IBRARY #ASTINE 4375. 7 p.m. PM Linda and Martha Greenlaw, authors of "Maine ,INDAAND-ARTHA'REENLAW AUTHORSOFh-AINE Summers Cookbook: Recipes for Delicious Sun 3UMMERS#OOKBOOK2ECIPESFOR$ELICIOUS3UN Filled Days," presented by the Maine Coast &ILLED$AYS vPRESENTEDBYTHE-AINE#OAST Bookshop, 1812 Farm, Bristol. $45; $60 per "OOKSHOP &ARM "RISTOLPER couple; includes buffet and signed copy of the COUPLEINCLUDESBUFFETANDSIGNEDCOPYOFTHE cookbook. 563-3207. 4 p.m. COOKBOOK PM George Dalphin, author of "Bob Wacszowski, 'EORGE$ALPHIN AUTHOROFh"OB7ACSZOWSKI Necromancer," Bull Moose Music, Scarborough. .ECROMANCER v"ULL-OOSE-USIC 3CARBOROUGH 5 to 8 p.m. BULLMOOSECOMTOPM Paul Doiron, author or "Trespasser," O w l & Turtle 0AUL$OIRON AUTHORORh4RESPASSER v/WL4URTLE Bookstore, Camden, 6 p.m. "OOKSTORE #AMDENOWLANDTURTLECOMPM Dan Harrington, author of "Who's at the Door? $AN(ARRINGTON AUTHOROFh7HOSATTHE$OOR A Memoir of Me and the Missionaries," Bangor !-EMOIROF-EANDTHE-ISSIONARIES v"ANGOR Public Library. 947-8336. 5:30 p.m. 0UBLIC,IBRARY PM FRIDAY &2)$!9 Brown Bag Lecture Series, with Kim Kalicky, "ROWN"AG,ECTURE3ERIES WITH+IM+ALICKY author of "Away at Camp in Maine" (with AUTHOROFh!WAYAT#AMPIN-AINEvWITH slideshow), Portland Public Library. Free; bring SLIDESHOW 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY&REEBRING own lunch. 871-1710. Noon to 1 p.m. OWNLUNCH .OONTOPM Maine Authors Publishing Festival, 18 authors -AINE!UTHORS0UBLISHING&ESTIVAL AUTHORS from Maine Publishing talk to prospective authors, FROM-AINE0UBLISHINGTALKTOPROSPECTIVEAUTHORS Borders Books and Music, South Portland. Free. "ORDERS"OOKSAND-USIC 3OUTH0ORTLAND&REE 775-6110. 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday; 11 a.m. to 4  AMTOPM&RIDAYAMTO p.m. Saturday; 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday. PM3ATURDAYTOPM3UNDAY Mathew Keill, author of "Monhegan Windows," -ATHEW+EILL AUTHOROFh-ONHEGAN7INDOWS v Maine Coast Book Shop and Cafe, Damariscotta. -AINE#OAST"OOK3HOPAND#AFE $AMARISCOTTA 563-3207. 5 p.m.  PM Linda Greenlaw, author of "The Maine Summer ,INDA'REENLAW AUTHOROFh4HE-AINE3UMMER Cookbook," Nonantum Resort, Kennebunkport. #OOKBOOK v.ONANTUM2ESORT +ENNEBUNKPORT Free; RSVP suggested. 967-6136. 6:30 p.m. &REE2360SUGGESTED PM SATURDAY 3!452$!9 Tess Gerritsen, "Rizzoli & Isles" creator and 4ESS'ERRITSEN h2IZZOLI)SLESvCREATORAND bestselling suspense author, Bookstacks, BESTSELLINGSUSPENSEAUTHOR "OOKSTACKS Bucksport. Free, 1 p.m. "UCKSPORT&REEOWLANDTURTLECOMPM Sue Brennan, author of "Every Excuse in the 3UE"RENNAN AUTHOROFh%VERY%XCUSEINTHE Book: All the Reasons You Can't Stop Eating Long "OOK!LLTHE2EASONS9OU#ANT3TOP%ATING,ONG

%NOUGHTO,OSE7EIGHT v3HERMANS"OOKSAND Enough to Lose Weight," Sherman's Books and 3TATIONERY &REEPORT TOPM Stationery, Freeport. 869-9000. 1 to 3 p.m. MONDAY -/.$!9 Anne West, author of "Mapping the Intelligence !NNE7EST AUTHOROFh-APPINGTHE)NTELLIGENCE OF!RTISTIC7ORK!N%XPLORATIVE'UIDETO-AKING of Artistic Work; An Explorative Guide to Making, 4HINKINGAND7RITING v-AINE#OLLEGEOF!RT Thinking and Writing," Maine College of Art /SHER(ALL 0ORTLAND&REE PM (Osher Hall), Portland. Free. 699-5030. 6:30 p.m. TUESDAY 45%3$!9 #HARLES0IERCEAND+AREN7ALDRON h#OFFEEAND Charles Pierce and Karen Waldron, "Coffee and Conversation Series" on literature and writing, #ONVERSATION3ERIESvONLITERATUREANDWRITING College of the Atlantic (Deering Common), Bar #OLLEGEOFTHE!TLANTIC$EERING#OMMON "AR Harbor. Free. 288-5015. 9 a.m. (ARBOR&REE AM Matthew Kiell, author of "Monhegan Windows," -ATTHEW+IELL AUTHOROFh-ONHEGAN7INDOWS v Kennebooks, Kennebunk. Free; RSVP suggested. +ENNEBOOKS +ENNEBUNK&REE2360SUGGESTED 10:30 a.m. KENNEBOOKSCOMAM "Emily Dickinson Out Loud!", Marion Jeffery h%MILY$ICKINSON/UT,OUDv -ARION*EFFERY reads the poems of Emily Dickinson, Gulf of READSTHEPOEMSOF%MILY$ICKINSON 'ULFOF Maine Books, Brunswick. 729-5083. 7 p.m. -AINE"OOKS "RUNSWICK PM Matthew Algeo, author of "The President is a Sick -ATTHEW!LGEO AUTHOROFh4HE0RESIDENTISA3ICK Man," Longfellow Books, Portland. 772-4045. -AN v,ONGFELLOW"OOKS 0ORTLAND  7 p.m. PM Maureen Stanton, author of "Killer Stuff and Tons -AUREEN3TANTON AUTHOROFh+ILLER3TUFFAND4ONS of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in OF-ONEY3EEKING(ISTORYAND(IDDEN'EMSIN Flea-Market America," Maine Coast Book Shop &LEA -ARKET!MERICA v-AINE#OAST"OOK3HOP and Cafe, Damariscotta. 563-3207. 2 p.m. AND#AFE $AMARISCOTTA PM "Once Upon a Time: Interactive Story Time," h/NCE5PONA4IME)NTERACTIVE3TORY4IME v Maine authors Lynn Plourde and Toni Buzzeo read -AINEAUTHORS,YNN0LOURDEAND4ONI"UZZEOREAD to children, Seaside Pavilion, Old Orchard Beach. TOCHILDREN 3EASIDE0AVILION /LD/RCHARD"EACH $6. 934-2024. 6 p.m.  PM WEDNESDAY 7%$.%3$!9 Brown Bag Lecture Series: Simon Van Booy, "ROWN"AG,ECTURE3ERIES3IMON6AN"OOY author of "Love Begins in Winter" and "Everything AUTHOROFh,OVE"EGINSIN7INTERvANDh%VERYTHING Beautiful Began After," Portland Public Library, "EAUTIFUL"EGAN!FTER v0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY Rines Auditorium. Free; bring own lunch. 2282INES!UDITORIUM&REEBRINGOWNLUNCH 8264. Noon. .OON Simon Van Booy, author of "Love Begins in 3IMON6AN"OOY AUTHOROFh,OVE"EGINSIN Winter" and "Everything Beautiful Began After," 7INTERvANDh%VERYTHING"EAUTIFUL"EGAN!FTER v Space, Portland. Free; all ages. 228-8264. 7 p.m. 3PACE 0ORTLAND&REEALLAGES PM Jeanne Birdsall, author of "The Penderwicks at *EANNE"IRDSALL AUTHOROFh4HE0ENDERWICKSAT Point Moulette," Kennebooks, Kennebunk. Free; 0OINT-OULETTE v+ENNEBOOKS +ENNEBUNK&REE RSVP suggested, 10:30 a.m. 2360SUGGESTEDKENNEBOOKSCOMAM James L.Witherell, author of "L.L. Bean: The Man *AMES,7ITHERELL AUTHOROFh,,"EAN4HE-AN and His Company," Kennebooks, Kennebunk. AND(IS#OMPANY v+ENNEBOOKS +ENNEBUNK Free; RSVP suggested, 6:30 p.m. &REE2360SUGGESTEDKENNEBOOKSCOMPM C.S. Lambert, author of "The Sea Glass Hunter's #3,AMBERT AUTHOROFh4HE3EA'LASS(UNTERS Handbook," Maine Maritime Museum, Bath. Free. (ANDBOOK v-AINE-ARITIME-USEUM "ATH&REE Noon. MAINEMARITIMEMUSEUMORG.OON Maria Miller, author of "Betsy Ross and the -ARLA-ILLER AUTHOROFh"ETSY2OSSANDTHE Making of America," Montpelier-Gen. Henry Knox -AKINGOF!MERICA v-ONTPELIER 'EN(ENRY+NOX Museum, Thomaston. $8 to $15; reservations -USEUM 4HOMASTONTORESERVATIONS required. 354-8062. 7 p.m. REQUIRED PM Eli Pariser, author of "The Filter Bubble," %LI0ARISER AUTHOROFh4HE&ILTER"UBBLE v O w l & Turtle Bookstore, Camden. Free. /WL4URTLE"OOKSTORE #AMDEN&REE 6:30 p.m. OWLANDTURTLECOMPM "Stories By the Garden," Maine children's book h3TORIES"YTHE'ARDEN v-AINECHILDRENSBOOK authors and illustrators, stories and fun activitities, AUTHORSANDILLUSTRATORS STORIESANDFUNACTIVITITIES Friends School of Portland, Mackworth Island, &RIENDS3CHOOLOF0ORTLAND -ACKWORTH)SLAND Falmouth. Free. 781-6321. Lindy Shapiro, 11 a.m. &ALMOUTH&REE ,INDY3HAPIRO AM JULY 21 *5,9 Susan Conley, author of "The Foremost Good 3USAN#ONLEY AUTHOROFh4HE&OREMOST'OOD Fortune," Kennebooks, Kennebunk. Free; RSVP &ORTUNE v+ENNEBOOKS +ENNEBUNK&REE2360 suggested, 6:30 p.m. SUGGESTEDKENNEBOOKSCOMPM Jim Nichols, author of "Hull Creek," Maine Coast *IM.ICHOLS AUTHOROFh(ULL#REEK v-AINE#OAST Book Shop and Cafe, Damariscotta. 563-3207. "OOK3HOPAND#AFE $AMARISCOTTA  5 p.m. PM

PRO SPORTS N02/30/243 Portland Sea Dogs, Minor League baseball, 0ORTLAND3EA$OGS -INOR,EAGUEBASEBALL Hadlock Field, Portland. $7 to $9. (ADLOCK&IELD 0ORTLANDTO Vs. New Britain, 7 p.m. PORTLANDSEADOGSCOM6S.EW"RITAIN PM today and Friday, 6 p.m. Saturday and 1 p.m. TODAYAND&RIDAY PM3ATURDAYANDPM Sunday; Vs. Binghamton, 7 p.m. Monday and 3UNDAY6S"INGHAMTON PM-ONDAYAND Tuesday; noon Wednesday. 4UESDAYNOON7EDNESDAY

PARTICIPANT DANCE N0!24)#)0!.4$!.#% Contra Dance, Town Hall, Bowdoinham, $9. #ONTRA$ANCE 4OWN(ALL "OWDOINHAM  666-3090. 8 to 11 p.m. (beginner's lession at 7:30  TOPMBEGINNERSLESSIONAT p.m.) Saturday. PM 3ATURDAY Contra Dance, with Soupbone and Kathryn #ONTRA$ANCE WITH3OUPBONEAND+ATHRYN Larsen calling, Mayo Street Arts, Portland. $7. ,ARSENCALLING -AYO3TREET!RTS 0ORTLAND 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday. MAYOSTREETARTSORGTOPM3ATURDAY

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 | GO E49 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3"'

Courtesy Fenix 1]c`bSag4S\Wf Theatre Company BVSOb`S1][^O\g





The remaining bags from over I 8 4HEREMAININGBAGSFROMOVER prior collections are on SALE now! PRIORCOLLECTIONSAREON3!,%NOW This is the sale you want to shop for 4HISISTHESALEYOUWANTTOSHOPFOR yourself and holiday gift giving. YOURSELFANDHOLIDAYGIFTGIVING

PO 0 /R 2T 4M -A !N . T4E%A !U5 11 FREE ST. PORTLAND, ME 04101 &2%%340/24,!.$ -% (207) 774-7276 WWWPORTMANTEAUONLINECOM

!4,!.4)#()'(7!94/523 ATLANTIC HIGHWAY TOURS Don't let the high cost $ONTLETTHEHIGHCOST of gas keep you home OFGASKEEPYOUHOME this summer â&#x20AC;&#x201D; THISSUMMERÂ&#x2C6; look at these great deals LOOKATTHESEGREATDEALS August 26-29 !UGUST  Boston, Lexington & Concord "OSTON ,EXINGTON#ONCORD

3 Nights at 4 star hotel, 6 meals, JFK Presidential Library & .IGHTSATSTARHOTEL MEALS *&+0RESIDENTIAL,IBRARY Museum, Boston, Faneuil Hall and the American Revolution -USEUM "OSTON &ANEUIL(ALLANDTHE!MERICAN2EVOLUTION BROUGHTTOLIFE brought to life

/NLY 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE*ULY O n l y $ 3 9 9 . 0 0 Reservations Close July 24

September 12-16 3EPTEMBER  Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard #APE#ODAND-ARTHAS6INEYARD

4 nights 4-star hotel, 8 meals, ferry to Martha's Vineyard, 4 NIGHTS STARHOTEL MEALS FERRYTO-ARTHAS6INEYARD  EXCITINGDAYSOFSIGHTSEEINGWITHINTERPRETIVEGUIDE exciting days of sightseeing with interpretive guide

/NLY 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE!UGUST O n l y $ 5 1 9 . 0 0 Reservations Close August 10 September 16-18 3EPTEMBER  New Hampshire Highland Games .EW(AMPSHIRE(IGHLAND'AMES .IGHTS,ODGING -EALS !DMISSIONTO'AMES 2 Nights Lodging, 3 Meals, Admission to Games /NLY 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE!UGUST O n l y $ 3 9 9 . 0 0 Reservations Close August 14

September 19-22 3EPTEMBER  Atlantic City and Philadelphia !TLANTIC#ITYAND0HILADELPHIA

3 nights at the 4-StarTropicana Resort on the Boardwalk & Beach, NIGHTSATTHE 3TAR4ROPICANA2ESORTONTHE"OARDWALK"EACH W o r l d Class Entertainment, Day in historic Philadelphia, 5 meals, 7ORLD#LASS%NTERTAINMENT $AYINHISTORIC0HILADELPHIA MEALS $30.00 Casino gift #ASINOGIFT O n l y $ 3 8 9 . 0 0 Reservations Close July 3 0 /NLY 2ESERVATIONS#LOSE*ULY

All packages are per person, based on double !LLPACKAGESAREPERPERSON BASEDONDOUBLE occupancy. We use all new deluxe motor coaches. OCCUPANCY7EUSEALLNEWDELUXEMOTORCOACHES All of our tours include baggage handling services !LLOFOURTOURSINCLUDEBAGGAGEHANDLING SERVICES of our professional tour directors for hassle free and OFOURPROFESSIONALTOURDIRECTORSFORHASSLEFREEAND worry free travel and all hotel/meal taxes and service. WORRYFREETRAVELANDALLHOTELMEALTAXESANDSERVICE Atlantic Highway Tours is Maine's Most Affordable !TLANTIC(IGHWAY4OURSIS-AINES-OST!FFORDABLE Way To Enjoy the Top Vacation Destinations. 7AY4O%NJOYTHE4OP6ACATION$ESTINATIONS Departingfrom Rockland, Thomaston, $EPARTINGFROM2OCKLAND 4HOMASTON Damariscotta, Topsham, South Portland, Wells $AMARISCOTTA 4OPSHAM 3OUTH0ORTLAND 7ELLS & Portsmouth for trips with USA destinations. 0ORTSMOUTHFORTRIPSWITH53!DESTINATIONS Call Us Today For More Information #ALL5S4ODAY&OR-ORE)NFORMATION & Reservations    800-691-8182 2ESERVATIONS We accept checks and all major credit cards. 7EACCEPTCHECKSANDALLMAJORCREDITCARDS We charge a 2.75% processing fee on credit cards 7ECHARGEAPROCESSINGFEEONCREDITCARDS


"WAITING FOR GODOT" µE/7B7<54=@5=2=B¶ WHEN: 6:30 p.m. Friday, July 21, E63<($(!^[4`WROg8cZg  July 23, July 29, Aug. 4, Aug. 6 8cZg !8cZg '/cU"/cU$ Continued from Page E39 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3!' and Aug. 12 O\R/cU "LOVE'S LABOR'S LOST" µ:=D3¸A:/0=@¸A:=AB¶ was the summer to do it." XBTUIFTVNNFSUPEPJUw WHEN: 6:30 p.m. tonight, E63<($(!^[b]\WUVb At least part of that thinking had to do "UMFBTUQBSUPGUIBUUIJOLJOHIBEUPEP Saturday, July 22,/cU#/cUO\R Aug. 5, Aug. 11 and with the good will that Fenix engendered AObc`ROg8cZg XJUIUIFHPPEXJMMUIBU'FOJYFOHFOEFSFE Aug. 13 /cU! with last summer's production of "Twelfth XJUIMBTUTVNNFSTQSPEVDUJPOPGi5XFMGUI WHERE: Both shows at Deering Oaks, E63@3(0]bVaV]eaOb2SS`W\U=OYa Night." /JHIUw Portland >]`bZO\R To borrow a sports cliche, the company 5PCPSSPXBTQPSUTDMJDIF UIFDPNQBOZ ADMISSION: Free /2;7AA7=<(4`SS hit that one out of the ballpark. IJUUIBUPOFPVUPGUIFCBMMQBSL INFO: 7<4=(TS\WfbVSOb`SQ][ The production was sharp, funny and 5IFQSPEVDUJPOXBTTIBSQ GVOOZBOE NOTE: There is no performance on <=B3(BVS`SWa\]^S`T]`[O\QS]\ decadently nimble, with actors popping EFDBEFOUMZOJNCMF XJUIBDUPSTQPQQJOH July 30. 8cZg! out of bushes and from behind rocks and PVUPGCVTIFTBOEGSPNCFIJOESPDLTBOE mingling with the audience before making NJOHMJOHXJUIUIFBVEJFODFCFGPSFNBLJOH an entrance. The actors seemed to thrive BOFOUSBODF5IFBDUPSTTFFNFEUPUISJWF on the outdoors environment, and their A lot of folks know the title - though it "MPUPGGPMLTLOPXUIFUJUMFoUIPVHIJU POUIFPVUEPPSTFOWJSPONFOU BOEUIFJS embrace of the setting made for a fun is frequently misspelled because of the JTGSFRVFOUMZNJTTQFMMFECFDBVTFPGUIF FNCSBDFPGUIFTFUUJOHNBEFGPSBGVO night of theater. second apostrophe - but few have seen a TFDPOEBQPTUSPQIFoCVUGFXIBWFTFFOB OJHIUPGUIFBUFS production of the play. The hope is that this summer will be QSPEVDUJPOPGUIFQMBZ 5IFIPQFJTUIBUUIJTTVNNFSXJMMCF twice the fun. As always, the audience is Shakespeare wrote it at about the same 4IBLFTQFBSFXSPUFJUBUBCPVUUIFTBNF UXJDFUIFGVO"TBMXBZT UIFBVEJFODFJT encouraged to bring lawn chairs, blankets UJNFIFXSPUFi3PNFPBOE+VMJFUwBOEi" time he wrote "Romeo and Juliet" and "A FODPVSBHFEUPCSJOHMBXODIBJST CMBOLFUT and picnics. Midsummer Night's Dream." .JETVNNFS/JHIUT%SFBNw BOEQJDOJDT Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" is an The play is about the King of Navarre, 5IFQMBZJTBCPVUUIF,JOHPG/BWBSSF  #FDLFUUTi8BJUJOHGPS(PEPUwJTBO inspired choice. Most people are familiar XIPQMFEHFT BMPOHXJUIBUSJPPGDPN who pledges, along with a trio of comJOTQJSFEDIPJDF.PTUQFPQMFBSFGBNJMJBS with the title; it was a staple of high school QBOJPOT UPSFGSBJOGSPNUIFUFNQUBUJPOT panions, to refrain from the temptations XJUIUIFUJUMFJUXBTBTUBQMFPGIJHITDIPPM literature classes for many of us growing PGXPNFOJOGBWPSPGTFSJPVTTUVEZ5IBU of women in favor of serious study That MJUFSBUVSFDMBTTFTGPSNBOZPGVTHSPXJOH up. It's also a good piece of theater, and pledge lasts only as long as the princess QMFEHFMBTUTPOMZBTMPOHBTUIFQSJODFTT VQ*UTBMTPBHPPEQJFDFPGUIFBUFS BOE a fairly easy play to stage with minimal and her three ladies come calling. BOEIFSUISFFMBEJFTDPNFDBMMJOH BGBJSMZFBTZQMBZUPTUBHFXJUINJOJNBM costumes, a single set and a small cast. Sally Wood directs a cast of 14 for the 4BMMZ8PPEEJSFDUTBDBTUPGGPSUIF DPTUVNFT BTJOHMFTFUBOEBTNBMMDBTU Fenix production. "Godot" is one of the most discussed, 'FOJYQSPEVDUJPO i(PEPUwJTPOFPGUIFNPTUEJTDVTTFE  debated and interpreted plays in the In recent summers, the company has *OSFDFOUTVNNFST UIFDPNQBOZIBT EFCBUFEBOEJOUFSQSFUFEQMBZTJOUIF history of theater. Beckett, an Irish-born produced "The Taming of the Shrew," "A QSPEVDFEi5IF5BNJOHPGUIF4ISFX wi" IJTUPSZPGUIFBUFS#FDLFUU BO*SJTICPSO novelist and playwright, lived most of the .JETVNNFS/JHIUT%SFBNwBOEi5XFMGUI Midsummer Night's Dream" and "Twelfth OPWFMJTUBOEQMBZXSJHIU MJWFENPTUPGUIF 20th century, from 1906 to 1989. He wrote Night" - classics all, and all comedies. /JHIUwoDMBTTJDTBMM BOEBMMDPNFEJFT UIDFOUVSZ GSPNUP)FXSPUF "Godot" in 1948, and described it as a Producing a comedy in the casual atmo1SPEVDJOHBDPNFEZJOUIFDBTVBMBUNP i(PEPUwJO BOEEFTDSJCFEJUBTB "tragicomedy in two acts." sphere of Deering Oaks feels like the right TQIFSFPG%FFSJOH0BLTGFFMTMJLFUIFSJHIU iUSBHJDPNFEZJOUXPBDUTw strategy, but Cameron said Fenix must be Cameron will direct the show, which TUSBUFHZ CVU$BNFSPOTBJE'FOJYNVTUCF $BNFSPOXJMMEJSFDUUIFTIPX XIJDI careful about becoming predictable. stars David Butler, Matt Delamater, DBSFGVMBCPVUCFDPNJOHQSFEJDUBCMF TUBST%BWJE#VUMFS .BUU%FMBNBUFS  Daniel Noel, Johnny Speckman and Lucas i8FEPOUXBOUUPSVOUISPVHIBMMUIF "We don't want to run through all the %BOJFM/PFM +PIOOZ4QFDLNBOBOE-VDBT Cuellar. masterpieces right away," he said. "We NBTUFSQJFDFTSJHIUBXBZ wIFTBJEi8F $VFMMBS felt we needed to pump the brakes just a In the play, two characters, Estragon GFMUXFOFFEFEUPQVNQUIFCSBLFTKVTUB *OUIFQMBZ UXPDIBSBDUFST &TUSBHPO bit. We're still in the comedy zone while and Vladimir, are seated on a country CJU8FSFTUJMMJOUIFDPNFEZ[POFXIJMF BOE7MBEJNJS BSFTFBUFEPOBDPVOUSZ building our audience. But our paradigm road waiting for their friend Godot. The CVJMEJOHPVSBVEJFODF#VUPVSQBSBEJHN SPBEXBJUJOHGPSUIFJSGSJFOE(PEPU5IF will shift in a summer, or two or three." two men fill the play with conversation. A XJMMTIJGUJOBTVNNFS PSUXPPSUISFFw UXPNFOmMMUIFQMBZXJUIDPOWFSTBUJPO" handful of other characters wander in and IBOEGVMPGPUIFSDIBSBDUFSTXBOEFSJOBOE out. Staff Writer Bob Keyes can be contacted at 791-6457 PVU AbOTTE`WbS`0]P9SgSaQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#% or at: Beckett wrote the play vaguely, so it's #FDLFUUXSPUFUIFQMBZWBHVFMZ TPJUT ]`Ob( open to a range of interpretations that inbkeyes@pressherald. com PQFOUPBSBOHFPGJOUFSQSFUBUJPOTUIBUJO PYSgSa.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ clude religious, philosophical and political. 4]ZZ]eVW[]\BeWbbS`Ob( Follow him on Twitter at: DMVEFSFMJHJPVT QIJMPTPQIJDBMBOEQPMJUJDBM The playwright offered little more than twitter, com/pphbkeyes 5IFQMBZXSJHIUPGGFSFEMJUUMFNPSFUIBO beWbbS`Q][^^VPYSgSa cryptic clues about his intentions, and the DSZQUJDDMVFTBCPVUIJTJOUFOUJPOT BOEUIF play remains somewhat of a mystery. QMBZSFNBJOTTPNFXIBUPGBNZTUFSZ Because it's so well known and yet #FDBVTFJUTTPXFMMLOPXOBOEZFU widely misunderstood and interpreted, it's STATE OF THE ARTS XJEFMZNJTVOEFSTUPPEBOEJOUFSQSFUFE JUT a perfect choice for the non-Shakespeare JK8K<F=K?<8IKJ BQFSGFDUDIPJDFGPSUIFOPO4IBLFTQFBSF FOR MORE COVERAGE of Maine's art and 4=@;=@31=D3@/53]T;OW\S¸aO`bO\R show in the Fenix season, Cameron said. TIPXJOUIF'FOJYTFBTPO $BNFSPOTBJE People know it, but not well. They're bVSObS`aQS\S`SOR/cRWS\QSSdS`g theater scene, read Audience every 1FPQMFLOPXJU CVUOPUXFMM5IFZSF familiar with it, but only vaguely so. GBNJMJBSXJUIJU CVUPOMZWBHVFMZTP Sunday in the Maine Sunday Telegram. Ac\ROgW\bVS;OW\SAc\ROgBSZSU`O[ In some ways, Shakespeare's "Love's *OTPNFXBZT 4IBLFTQFBSFTi-PWFT Labor's Lost" falls into the same category. -BCPST-PTUwGBMMTJOUPUIFTBNFDBUFHPSZ


David Butler 2OdWR0cbZS` and Bryant O\R0`gO\b Mason in ;Oa]\W\ "Waiting for µEOWbW\UT]` Godot," the 5]R]b¶bVS absurdist classic OPac`RWabQZOaaWQ opening Friday ]^S\W\U4`WROg in Portland's W\>]`bZO\R¸a Deering Oaks. 2SS`W\U=OYa

4HE"IGGEST The Biggest! 4HE"ESTOF The Best of!

E5O GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3#5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" 


4HROUGH*ULY Through July 23. h)TS.OT3O"LACKAND7HITE vBLOWNGLASSAND "It's Not So Black and White," blown glass and POTTERY 2ICHARD"OYD'ALLERY 0EAKS)SLAND pottery, Richard Boyd Gallery, Peaks Island. 712Continued from Page E44 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"" 4HROUGH*ULY 1097. Through July 26. America Martin, paintings, Carver Hill Gallery, !MERICA-ARTIN PAINTINGS #ARVER(ILL'ALLERY Rockland. 594-7745. Through July 27. 2OCKLAND 4HROUGH*ULY COMPOSERSANDPOETS /PERA(OUSEAT"OOTHBAY composers and poets, Opera House at Boothbay Harbor. 633-5159. Opening reception, 5 p.m. (ARBOR /PENINGRECEPTION PM American Society of Cinematographers, still !MERICAN3OCIETYOF#INEMATOGRAPHERS STILL 7EDNESDAY4HROUGH!UG Wednesday. Through Aug. 10. PHOTOGRAPHS -AINE-EDIA'ALLERY 2OCKPORT photographs, Maine Media Gallery, Rockport. 236-8581. Through July 27.  4HROUGH*ULY CONTINUING #/.4).5).' h&OUR3QUARE vNEWPAINTINGS PRINTSANDCOLLAGE "Four Square," new paintings, prints and collage in square format by Judith Long, Alan Mast, Ed INSQUAREFORMATBY*UDITH,ONG !LAN-AST %D "Logging in the Maine Woods Today," h,OGGINGINTHE-AINE7OODS4ODAY v McCartan and Ann Slocum, Points of View Art -C#ARTANAND!NN3LOCUM 0OINTSOF6IEW!RT photographs byTonee Harbert, University of PHOTOGRAPHSBY4ONEE(ARBERT 5NIVERSITYOF 'ALLERY "RUNSWICK 4HROUGH*ULY Gallery, Brunswick. 725-8920. Through July 29. Southern Maine (Glickman Family Library), 3OUTHERN-AINE'LICKMAN&AMILY,IBRARY David Rogers, charcoal sketches, pastels and oil $AVID2OGERS CHARCOALSKETCHES PASTELSANDOIL Portland. Through Friday. 0ORTLAND4HROUGH&RIDAY paintings, Bangor Public Library, PAINTINGS "ANGOR0UBLIC,IBRARYBPLLIBMEUS 2ICHARD(ASENFUS h5NFORGETTABLEvSUMMER Richard Hasenfus, "Unforgettable" summer Through July 29. 4HROUGH*ULY art series, COCO VIVO Fine Art and Design, ARTSERIES #/#/6)6/&INE!RTAND$ESIGN Ned Smith, Gran Manan photographs, Bangor .ED3MITH 'RAN-ANANPHOTOGRAPHS "ANGOR Boothbay Harbor, Through "OOTHBAY(ARBORCOCOVIVOlNEARTCOM4HROUGH Public Library. 947-8336. Through July 29. 0UBLIC,IBRARY 4HROUGH*ULY Friday. &RIDAY "Artists of Hallowell," artwork of local artists h!RTISTSOF(ALLOWELL vARTWORKOFLOCALARTISTS "Gallery 5 Photography Competition and h'ALLERY0HOTOGRAPHY#OMPETITIONAND complemented by music, readings and more; COMPLEMENTEDBYMUSIC READINGSANDMORE Exhibit," L/A Arts Gallery 5, Lewiston. 782-7228. %XHIBIT v,!!RTS'ALLERY ,EWISTON  Harlow Gallery, Hallowell. (ARLOW'ALLERY (ALLOWELLHARLOWGALLERYORG Through Saturday. 4HROUGH3ATURDAY Through July 29. Pastel Painters of Maine, 12th international juried 4HROUGH*ULY 0ASTEL0AINTERSOF-AINE THINTERNATIONALJURIED Lloyd Metcalf, "It Is What It Is," West Buxton exhibition, Heartwood College of Art, Kennebunk. ,LOYD-ETCALF h)T)S7HAT)T)S v7EST"UXTON EXHIBITION (EARTWOOD#OLLEGEOF!RT +ENNEBUNK Public Library. 727-5898. Through July 30. 0UBLIC,IBRARY 4HROUGH*ULY 854-2378. Through Saturday.  4HROUGH3ATURDAY Charles Martin, cartoonist, artist and illustrator #HARLES-ARTIN CARTOONIST ARTISTANDILLUSTRATOR Alan Bray, Michael Reece, Jan Rosenbaum !LAN"RAY -ICHAEL2EECE *AN2OSENBAUM who created more than 200 covers for The New WHOCREATEDMORETHANCOVERSFOR4HE.EW and Kristin Malin, painting and photography, AND+RISTIN-ALIN PAINTINGANDPHOTOGRAPHY Yorker magazine, Green hut Galleries, Portland. 9ORKERMAGAZINE 'REENHUT'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND Caldbeck Gallery, Rockland. 594-5935. Through #ALDBECK'ALLERY 2OCKLAND 4HROUGH 772-2693. Through July 30.  4HROUGH*ULY Saturday. 3ATURDAY "Scenes I've Seen," paintings by Thomas h3CENES)VE3EEN vPAINTINGSBY4HOMAS "Botanical Drawings," Elizabeth Moss Gallery, h"OTANICAL$RAWINGS v%LIZABETH-OSS'ALLERY Connolly, Greenhut Galleries, Portland. 772#ONNOLLY 'REENHUT'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND Falmouth. 781-2620. Through Monday. &ALMOUTH 4HROUGH-ONDAY 2693. Through July 30. 4HROUGH*ULY "New Works," by Craig Mooney and Henry h.EW7ORKS vBY#RAIG-OONEYAND(ENRY "Drawing the Line #2" by Noriko Sakanishi, h$RAWINGTHE,INEvBY.ORIKO3AKANISHI Isaacs, Gallery on Chase Hill, Kennebunkport. )SAACS 'ALLERYON#HASE(ILL +ENNEBUNKPORT "Drawing the Line #3" by Ken Greenleaf and h$RAWINGTHE,INEvBY+EN'REENLEAFAND Through July 21. MAINE ARTCOM4HROUGH*ULY "Drawing the Line #4" by various artists, June h$RAWINGTHE,INEvBYVARIOUSARTISTS *UNE "Charting a Story: Martha Stewart's Map h#HARTINGA3TORY-ARTHA3TEWARTS-AP Fitzpatrick Gallery at MECA, Portland. 772-1961. Collection," old maps of Mt. Desert from Stewart's &ITZPATRICK'ALLERYAT-%#! 0ORTLAND  #OLLECTION vOLDMAPSOF-T$ESERTFROM3TEWARTS Through July 30. 4HROUGH*ULY personal collection, College of the Atlantic (Ethel PERSONALCOLLECTION #OLLEGEOFTHE!TLANTIC%THEL Francine Schrock and Patrick Plourde, new &RANCINE3CHROCKAND0ATRICK0LOURDE NEW H. Blum Gallery), Bar Harbor, Through ("LUM'ALLERY "AR(ARBORCOAEDU4HROUGH paintings and sculptures, Harmon's & Barton's PAINTINGSANDSCULPTURES (ARMONS"ARTONS July 23. *ULY Gallery, Portland. 774-5946. Through July 30. 'ALLERY 0ORTLAND 4HROUGH*ULY Annual Maine Scene Exhibit, River Tree Arts, !NNUAL-AINE3CENE%XHIBIT 2IVER4REE!RTS Kennebunk. 967-9120. Through July 23. Lin Lisberger, carved wood sculpture exhibit, 3 ,IN,ISBERGER CARVEDWOODSCULPTUREEXHIBIT  +ENNEBUNK 4HROUGH*ULY Pat Wheeler, J. Fred Woell, Jeff Loxterkamp and Fish Gallery, Portland. Through July 30. 0AT7HEELER *&RED7OELL *EFF,OXTERKAMPAND &ISH'ALLERY 0ORTLAND4HROUGH*ULY Letson Douglass, paintings, photos and mixed ,ETSON$OUGLASS PAINTINGS PHOTOSANDMIXED Steven Lanzalotta, "A New Light," Heron Point 3TEVEN,ANZALOTTA h!.EW,IGHT v(ERON0OINT media, Turtle Gallery, Deer Isle. 348-9977. MEDIA 4URTLE'ALLERY $EER)SLE  Gallery, Portland. 809-0051. Through July 30. 'ALLERY 0ORTLAND 4HROUGH*ULY

For the most eclectic menu and BEST dining value in Greater Portland, come visit us! Located in the North Port Business Park, 1349 Washington Ave.

3UMMER 3 ALAaDS SummerSal ds Mesa Chicken Salad Tortilla coated chicken, fried atop greens with chopped tomato, olive, onion, corn, cheddar jack cheese & salsa $14.99

California Summer Salad Mixed greens with tomato, onion, olive, carrots, red pepper, avocado, bacon & egg with Chicken $10.99 â&#x20AC;˘ with Crab Salad $11.99

Steak Portabella Salad Sirloin steak with portabella over a traditional salad, topped with crumbled blue cheese $10.99

Cajun Grilled Shrimp Salad

Summer 3UMMER Sizzlers 3IZZLERS 2-6 pm, 7 Days a Week!

1 lb. Dirt Wings Irish Nachos with Bacon Coconut Shrimp

Served over Parkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salad with asparagus, almonds. orange sections, with citrus vinaigrette dressing $11.99

with Pineapple Chili Sauce

Orange Chicken Salad

Wrapped in Bacon with Teriyaki Glaze

Crispy chicken coated in an orange glaze over a Parkerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s salad with red peppers, almonds & sesame seeds $9.99

Scallops Mussels Sauteed in White Wine Garlic Sauce

Call for reservations 878-3339


-AINE3CULPTORS WORKSBYSCULPTORS Maine Sculptors 2011, works by 15 sculptors, 0ORTLAND0UBLIC,IBRARY,EWIS'ALLERY   Portland Public Library (Lewis Gallery). 871-1 700. 4HROUGH*ULY Through July 30. -ARTHA"AUMh"ATHAND"EYOND vPAINTINGS *UST Martha Baum:"Bath and Beyond," paintings, Just Framing, Bath. 443-3076. Through July 30. &RAMING "ATH 4HROUGH*ULY "Aviary: A Winged Celebration," work by local h!VIARY!7INGED#ELEBRATION vWORKBYLOCAL ARTISTS STUDENTSANDBIRDLOVERS&RONTIER#AFE artists, students and bird lovers; Frontier Cafe, Cinema & Gallery, Brunswick. 725-8820. Through #INEMA'ALLERY "RUNSWICK 4HROUGH July 31. *ULY h4RANSITIONS vNEWWORKSBY3ONIA!NNE #OOKE "Transitions," new works by Sonia Anne-Cooke "ROEN 3T,AWRENCE!RTS#ENTER 0ORTLAND Broen, St. Lawrence Arts Center, Portland. 3473075. Through July 31. 4HROUGH*ULY h'ARDEN'IRLS vMIXED MEDIAGARDENSCULPTURES "Garden Girls," mixed-media garden sculptures by Natasha Kempers-Cullen, Markings Gallery, BY.ATASHA+EMPERS #ULLEN -ARKINGS'ALLERY Bath. 443-1499. Through July 31. "ATH 4HROUGH*ULY Guest Artist Pamela duLong Williams, York Art 'UEST!RTIST0AMELADU,ONG7ILLIAMS 9ORK!RT Association, York Harbor. 363-4049. Through !SSOCIATION 9ORK(ARBOR 4HROUGH July 31. *ULY Susan Metzger and Simon van der Ven, Aarhus 3USAN-ETZGERAND3IMONVANDER6EN !ARHUS Gallery, Belfast. 338-0001 .Through July 31. 'ALLERY "ELFAST 4HROUGH*ULY "Variations IV: An Exhibition of Art, Objects and h6ARIATIONS)6!N%XHIBITIONOF!RT /BJECTSAND Perspectives," highlighting seven artists, seven 0ERSPECTIVES vHIGHLIGHTINGSEVENARTISTS SEVEN objects and multiple perspectives, Circling the OBJECTSANDMULTIPLEPERSPECTIVES #IRCLINGTHE Square Fine Art Press Gallery, Gardiner. 5823QUARE&INE!RT0RESS'ALLERY 'ARDINER 2108. Through July 31. 4HROUGH*ULY Kevin Beers: "One Artist's Island," plus Tom Curry +EVIN"EERSh/NE!RTISTS)SLAND vPLUS4OM#URRY and Andrea Peters: "Two Colorists," oil paintings, AND!NDREA0ETERSh4WO#OLORISTS vOILPAINTINGS Gleason Fine Arts, Boothbay Harbor. 633-6849. 'LEASON&INE!RTS "OOTHBAY(ARBOR  Through Aug. 2. 4HROUGH!UG Jean Swan Gordon, floral watercolor portraits, *EAN3WAN'ORDON mORALWATERCOLORPORTRAITS Gold/Smith Gallery, Boothbay Harbor. 633-6252. 'OLD3MITH'ALLERY "OOTHBAY(ARBOR  Through Aug. 3. 4HROUGH!UG "American Realism: Works on Paper, 1862h!MERICAN2EALISM7ORKSON0APER  2011," by masters of American Realism, Haynes  vBYMASTERSOF!MERICAN2EALISM (AYNES Galleries, Thomaston. 354-0605. Through Aug. 4. 'ALLERIES 4HOMASTON 4HROUGH!UG Terry Hilt, Susan Shatter and Andrea Sulzer, 4ERRY(ILT 3USAN3HATTERAND!NDREA3ULZER multi-media, Aucocisco Galleries, Portland. 775MULTI MEDIA !UCOCISCO'ALLERIES 0ORTLAND 2222. Through Aug. 6. 4HROUGH!UG "Drawn to Disaster," artists examine the h$RAWNTO$ISASTER vARTISTSEXAMINETHE ephemerality of news reports and conjure the EPHEMERALITYOFNEWSREPORTSANDCONJURETHE complexities of disorder, anger, and optimism that COMPLEXITIESOFDISORDER ANGER ANDOPTIMISMTHAT can follow disaster, Maine College of Art (Institute CANFOLLOWDISASTER -AINE#OLLEGEOF!RT)NSTITUTE of Contemporary Art), Portland. 699-5029. OF#ONTEMPORARY!RT 0ORTLAND  Through Aug. 7. 4HROUGH!UG "Art at the Grill," works by the Monhegan h!RTATTHE'RILL vWORKSBYTHE-ONHEGAN Painters, Damariscotta River Grill. 563-2992. 0AINTERS $AMARISCOTTA2IVER'RILL  Through Aug. 8. 4HROUGH!UG Bill Tomsa Art Exhibit, Thornton Hall Assisted "ILL4OMSA!RT%XHIBIT 4HORNTON(ALL!SSISTED Living, Brunswick. 729-8033. Through Aug. 11. ,IVING "RUNSWICK 4HROUGH!UG "Tell Me a Story: Folktales and World Cultures," h4ELL-EA3TORY&OLKTALESAND7ORLD#ULTURES v children's book illustrations by 13 Maine artists, CHILDRENSBOOKILLUSTRATIONSBY-AINEARTISTS University of Southern Maine (Atrium Art Gallery), 5NIVERSITYOF3OUTHERN-AINE!TRIUM!RT'ALLERY


Lewiston. 753-6500. Through Aug. 12. ,EWISTON 4HROUGH!UG h#OLLECTIBLESAND!CCUMULATIONS vMIXED MEDIA "Collectibles and Accumulations," mixed-media work by Brooklyn, N.Y., artist Aidan Sofia Earle, WORKBY"ROOKLYN .9 ARTIST!IDAN3OlA%ARLE Perimeter Gallery, Belfast. 338-0555. Through 0ERIMETER'ALLERY "ELFAST 4HROUGH Aug. 13. !UG "In a Nutshell: The Worlds of Maurice Sendak," h)NA.UTSHELL4HE7ORLDSOF-AURICE3ENDAK v TRAVELINGEXHIBITOFILLUSTRATIONS 9ORK0UBLIC traveling exhibit of illustrations, York Public ,IBRARY 4HROUGH!UG Library. 363-2818. Through Aug. 19. h4RANSFORMATIONS vMORETHANWORKSBYMEN "Transformations," more than 20 works by men in long-term recovery at the Milestone Foundation INLONG TERMRECOVERYATTHE-ILESTONE&OUNDATION of Old Orchard Beach, Merrill Memorial Library, OF/LD/RCHARD"EACH -ERRILL-EMORIAL,IBRARY Yarmouth. 847-3001. Through Aug. 27. 9ARMOUTH 4HROUGH!UG h4HREE6IEWS vPAINTINGSBY%LISE!NSEL +ATE "Three Views," paintings by Elise Ansel, Kate Emlen and Tom Glover, Thos. Moser Showroom, %MLENAND4OM'LOVER 4HOS-OSER3HOWROOM Freeport. 865-4519. Through Aug. 28. &REEPORT 4HROUGH!UG "Across Landscapes," group exhibit by Lyn h!CROSS,ANDSCAPES vGROUPEXHIBITBY,YN Asselta, Susan Bailey, Dean Diggins, Leslie !SSELTA 3USAN"AILEY $EAN$IGGINS ,ESLIE $OHERTY !NN'ILLESPIE 3UZIE'OODWIN 2OBERT Doherty, Ann Gillespie, Suzie Goodwin, Robert Hollingworth, Natalie MacKnight, Anthony (OLLINGWORTH .ATALIE-AC+NIGHT !NTHONY Montanino and Gail Sauter; Haley Farm Gallery, -ONTANINOAND'AIL3AUTER(ALEY&ARM'ALLERY Kittery. 439-2669. Through Aug. 31. +ITTERY 4HROUGH!UG "To Hear the Forest Speaking," Heidi Daub h4O(EARTHE&OREST3PEAKING v(EIDI$AUB paintings based on original prose, Markings PAINTINGSBASEDONORIGINALPROSE -ARKINGS Gallery, Bath. 443-1499. Through Aug. 31. 'ALLERY "ATH 4HROUGH!UG "New Work By Faculty," Center for Furniture h.EW7ORK"Y&ACULTY v#ENTERFOR&URNITURE Craftsmanship, Rockport. #RAFTSMANSHIP 2OCKPORTWOODSCHOOLORG Through Sept. 9. 4HROUGH3EPT "Georgetown Goes Modern: The Modern Art h'EORGETOWN'OES-ODERN4HE-ODERN!RT Movement Meets an Island Community," historic -OVEMENT-EETSAN)SLAND#OMMUNITY vHISTORIC paintings, photographs, sculptures and artifacts, PAINTINGS PHOTOGRAPHS SCULPTURESANDARTIFACTS Georgetown Historical Society. 371-9200. 'EORGETOWN(ISTORICAL3OCIETY  Through Sept. 10. 4HROUGH3EPT "Five Artists," work by Barbara Bean, Cory h&IVE!RTISTS vWORKBY"ARBARA"EAN #ORY Hart, Letty Chiew Husson, Lea Peterson and (ART ,ETTY#HIEW(USSON ,EA0ETERSONAND Susan Zimmerman, Old Post Office Gallery, 3USAN:IMMERMAN /LD0OST/FlCE'ALLERY Georgetown. Through Sept. 11. 'EORGETOWN4HROUGH3EPT "A League of Our Own," etchings, photography h!,EAGUEOF/UR/WN vETCHINGS PHOTOGRAPHY and colored porcelain, Red Door Pottery Studio ANDCOLOREDPORCELAIN 2ED$OOR0OTTERY3TUDIO and Gallery Shop, Kittery. 439-5671. Through AND'ALLERY3HOP +ITTERY 4HROUGH Sept. 24. 3EPT Franciska Needham, artwork, with other &RANCISKA.EEDHAM ARTWORK WITHOTHER artists' sculptures, Franciska Needham Gallery, ARTISTSSCULPTURES &RANCISKA.EEDHAM'ALLERY Damariscotta. 563-1227. Through Sept. 30. $AMARISCOTTA 4HROUGH3EPT "Entropy in Maine: Photographs by Jonathan h%NTROPYIN-AINE0HOTOGRAPHSBY*ONATHAN Rundell," North Yarmouth Academy (Curtis 2UNDELL v.ORTH9ARMOUTH!CADEMY#URTIS Gallery), Yarmouth. 847-5423. Through Oct. 3. 'ALLERY 9ARMOUTH 4HROUGH/CT "High Seas and a Safe Harbor: Kennebunkport's h(IGH3EASANDA3AFE(ARBOR+ENNEBUNKPORTS Age of Sail," maritime exhibition, Pasco !GEOF3AIL vMARITIMEEXHIBITION 0ASCO Center of Kennebunkport Historical Society, #ENTEROF+ENNEBUNKPORT(ISTORICAL3OCIETY Kennebunkport. 967-2751. Through Oct. 7. +ENNEBUNKPORT 4HROUGH/CT Daniel Corey, oil paintings by special invited $ANIEL#OREY OILPAINTINGSBYSPECIALINVITED artist for 2011, Pemaquid Art Gallery. 677-2078. ARTISTFOR 0EMAQUID!RT'ALLERY  Through Oct. 10. 4HROUGH/CT

the divider between the two units. It's now UIFEJWJEFSCFUXFFOUIFUXPVOJUT*UTOPX back to being one home with two kitchens CBDLUPCFJOHPOFIPNFXJUIUXPLJUDIFOT and multiple bathrooms." BOENVMUJQMFCBUISPPNTw Continued from Page E45 :fek`el\[]ifd>OUS3"# Known as the Emerson House, this ,OPXOBTUIF&NFSTPO)PVTF UIJT year's Show House is a Georgian Colonial ZFBST4IPX)PVTFJTB(FPSHJBO$PMPOJBM that started life as a tavern in the center shims remedied the situation. UIBUTUBSUFEMJGFBTBUBWFSOJOUIFDFOUFS TIJNTSFNFEJFEUIFTJUVBUJPO of York Village. President John Adams is PG:PSL7JMMBHF1SFTJEFOU+PIO"EBNTJT The focal point of the guest room is 5IFGPDBMQPJOUPGUIFHVFTUSPPNJT known to have stayed in the home during an antique four-poster bed draped in a LOPXOUPIBWFTUBZFEJOUIFIPNFEVSJOH BOBOUJRVFGPVSQPTUFSCFEESBQFEJOB its days as a tavern, and the rooms he JUTEBZTBTBUBWFSO BOEUIFSPPNTIF bedspread covered in blue and yellow CFETQSFBEDPWFSFEJOCMVFBOEZFMMPX occupied are believed to be the current peonies. PDDVQJFEBSFCFMJFWFEUPCFUIFDVSSFOU QFPOJFT home's living and dining rooms. IPNFTMJWJOHBOEEJOJOHSPPNT "Because of the low ceiling, my antique i#FDBVTFPGUIFMPXDFJMJOH NZBOUJRVF Since the house predates the American bed is more of a petite style than big and 4JODFUIFIPVTFQSFEBUFTUIF"NFSJDBO CFEJTNPSFPGBQFUJUFTUZMFUIBOCJHBOE Revolution, its walls have likely seen 3FWPMVUJPO JUTXBMMTIBWFMJLFMZTFFO bulky," McGowan said. "The posts are CVMLZ w.D(PXBOTBJEi5IFQPTUTBSF many other interesting and noteworthy only SVa feet, as opposed to 6 or 10 feet." NBOZPUIFSJOUFSFTUJOHBOEOPUFXPSUIZ POMZĂ&#x153;GFFU BTPQQPTFEUPPSGFFUw guests. Other rooms professionally decorated HVFTUT 0UIFSSPPNTQSPGFTTJPOBMMZEFDPSBUFE The house has been owned by the Emerfor the tour include the living room, dining 5IFIPVTFIBTCFFOPXOFECZUIF&NFS GPSUIFUPVSJODMVEFUIFMJWJOHSPPN EJOJOH son family since 1793; however, due to the room, kitchen, master bedroom, boy's TPOGBNJMZTJODFIPXFWFS EVFUPUIF SPPN LJUDIFO NBTUFSCFESPPN CPZT advanced age of its present owners, the bedroom, office and library, along with the BEWBODFEBHFPGJUTQSFTFOUPXOFST UIF CFESPPN PGmDFBOEMJCSBSZ BMPOHXJUIUIF home is currently on the market. bathrooms, hallways and terrace. Design- IPNFJTDVSSFOUMZPOUIFNBSLFU CBUISPPNT IBMMXBZTBOEUFSSBDF%FTJHO "The house has come together beautifulers who worked on the house came from i5IFIPVTFIBTDPNFUPHFUIFSCFBVUJGVM FSTXIPXPSLFEPOUIFIPVTFDBNFGSPN ly from start to finish," McGowan said. "All the local area, New Hampshire and Mas- MZGSPNTUBSUUPmOJTI w.D(PXBOTBJEi"MM UIFMPDBMBSFB /FX)BNQTIJSFBOE.BT the designers have worked their magic. sachusetts. UIFEFTJHOFSTIBWFXPSLFEUIFJSNBHJD TBDIVTFUUT It's a must-see house on the seacoast." "The house had been divided into two *UTBNVTUTFFIPVTFPOUIFTFBDPBTUw i5IFIPVTFIBECFFOEJWJEFEJOUPUXP four-bedroom apartment units," said GPVSCFESPPNBQBSUNFOUVOJUT wTBJE Staff Writer Avery Yale Kamila can be contacted at Laura Dehler, marketing and (developAbOTTE`WbS`/dS`gGOZS9O[WZOQO\PSQ]\bOQbSROb -BVSB%FIMFS NBSLFUJOHBOEEFWFMPQ 791-6297 or at: ment director for the Museums of Old %'$ '%]`Ob( NFOUEJSFDUPSGPSUIF.VTFVNTPG0ME akamila @pressherald. com York, which has organized a Decorator OYO[WZO.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ :PSL XIJDIIBTPSHBOJ[FEB%FDPSBUPS Follow her on Twitter at: Show House as a fundraiser for the past 4]ZZ]eVS`]\BeWbbS`Ob( 4IPX)PVTFBTBGVOESBJTFSGPSUIFQBTU Twitter. com/A veryYaleKamila 22 years. "Part of what we did is remove BeWbbS`Q][/dS`gGOZS9O[WZO ZFBSTi1BSUPGXIBUXFEJEJTSFNPWF

The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 GO E51 BVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" j5=3#




A Dash of #! Diva: &  &  Challenge              

&ORE3T0O 207.210.6555  h 4HURS 3AT



A super refreshing cooler with TWENTY 2 VODKA, Lemonade, Mint, Champagne, and a splash of Chambord $5.

540 Forest Ave โ€ข Portland โ€ข &OREST!VEs0ORTLANDsWWWGREATLOSTBEARCOM 772-0300  


Happy Hour (APPY(OUR Specials 3PECIALS Every Day %VERY$AY 3-6 PM  0-

7%%+,9%.4%24!).-%.4 WED. 7%$/PEN-IC.IGHT THURS. 4(523+ARAOKE FRI., SAT. & SUN. &2) 3!435.,IVE"ANDS


Pink Sti etto 0INK3TILETTO

Try our Pepino Fresca. KipfliG\g`ef=i\jZX%%% Join us to vote for Greater

 !  Portland's Best DivaTini.   ! The winner will be the "" signature drink for A Dash of    Diva: Girls' Night Out 2011.


How can$$#$  I get a taste? !'

Gala-goers can enjoy a sample % (*+''#(0+&)% of each DivaTini finalist, hors (! "."'"1 '%"+,!(*+ d'oeuvres, DJ music and dancing, (-.*+ &-+"''"' all for only $20. %%(*('%0  Tickets are limited. $#"$ Get yours now by calling $(!%"# !'(  791-6000 or emailing  !" $$#  $!(!

open 1 days fg\e.[Xpj dinner: 5:30-10 (10:30 sat/sun) [`ee\i1,1*'$('('1*'jXk&jle brunch: 9-2 (sat & sun) YileZ_10$)jXkjle drinks until lam โ€ข free parking [i`ebjlek`c(Xdย›]i\\gXib`e^

A Dash of Diva:     DivaTini2 Challenge     


Lunch: Wed - Fri 1 1 : 3 0 - 2 ,UNCH7ED &RI  Dinner: Sun - Thu 5 - 1 0 , $INNER3UN 4HU 

Fri-Sat 5- 10:30 &RI 3AT  Brunch: Sat & Sun 9-2 ยง "RUNCH3AT3UN  Bar & Lounge open 'til 1 am 7 nights 8 "AR,OUNGEOPEN@TILAMNIGHTS 

Visit any of these fine "+",'0(,!+1 ' establishments, sample their +,%"+!&',++&)%,!"* ORIGINAL DivaTini for $5, vote for   "."'"(* .(,(* your favorites and then join us on 0(-*.(*",+',!'#("'-+(' August 12 for the DivaTini2 Gala

-+, (*,! "."'" % where the 2011 DivaTini winner /!*,!   "."'"/"''* will be announced! /"%%''(-'

E525=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROg8cZg" GO The Portland Press Herald/ Thursday, July 14, 2011 3# 


: WIN ,1  2 7LFNH WVWto Tickets RVsee HH

% UD G Brad 3 DLVOH\ Pa/s/ey LQFRQFHUWXO\ '" concert July 17! 

6DWXUGD\-XO\3RVWWLPHSP T"SHIr?TS  6KDG\6DEULQDGHVLJQIRU/LPLWHGTXDQWLWLHV Shady Sabrina design for 201 1 ! Limited quantities Â?=cVVK dYZced 

when they're gone, they're gone! ZKHQWKH\ÂśUHJRQHWKH\ÂśUHJRQH

3UTOGr?3PHS- FRPHPHHW\RXUIDYRULWHKDUQHVV come meet your favorite harness Â?;cZgVc8fe`XcRaYd racing drivers from The Downs! Switz, Drew, Steve Nason, and more! UDFLQJGULYHUVIURP7KH'RZQV6ZLW]'UHZ6WHYH1DVRQDQGPRUH

Win 3 TRIP POf? ÂŁ WR7KH/LWWOH%URZQ-XJLQ'HODZDUH2KLRRQHRI to The Little Brown Jug in Delaware, Ohio - one of Â?N@ERecZaW`c harness racing's biggest events! Courtesy of the US Trotting Association. KDUQHVVUDFLQJÂśVELJJHVWHYHQWV&RXUWHV\RIWKH867URWWLQJ$VVRFLDWLRQ

PSISL2Y LQFRQFHUW-XO\ m concert, July Win 2 TICKSTS TO Â?N@EeZT\Vede`9cRUGRZd]Vj 17th show at Scarborough Downs! WKVKRZDW6FDUERURXJK'RZQV

THS CHI CJWnS CLUB ZLOOEHRSHQ7KLVZHHNÂśVVSHFLDO+RPHPDGH will be open! This week's special: Homemade Â?KYV;`h_d:]fS

meatballs and pasta, with bread for just $9.99; add small side salad for just $1.99 plus PHDWEDOOVDQGSDVWDZLWKEUHDGIRUMXVWDGGVPDOOVLGHVDODGIRUMXVWSOXV regular menu. No reservations necessary. UHJXODUPHQX1RUHVHUYDWLRQVQHFHVVDU\

*1OO,OOO LUCKY 7 CHaLLerlGe! (YHU\6DWXUGD\ Every Saturday Â? CfT\j:YR]]V_XVš throughout the summer enter for your chance to pick the top 7 finishers in the WKURXJKRXWWKHVXPPHUHQWHUIRU\RXUFKDQFHWRSLFNWKHWRSILQLVKHUVLQWKH Challenge Race for the top prize of $1 OOk! &KDOOHQJH5DFHIRUWKHWRSSUL]HRIN

: Maine Standardbred Â?DRZ_V ScVUIRTVY`cdVd0DLQH6WDQGDUGEUHG Breeders Stake 3-year-old colt and filly pacers will be out on the track! %UHHGHUV6WDNH\HDUROGFROWDQGILOO\SDFHUVZLOOEHRXWRQWKHWUDFN

GCLJ=cZURj  T 7/15: $25,OOO naTIOnWIOB PICK 4: 0HDGRZODQGV1RUWKILHOG3DUN Meadowlands, Northfield Park, Â? EReZ`_hZUVGZT\

Yonkers Raceway and Maywood Park are participating tracks. See website for details. <RQNHUV5DFHZD\DQG0D\ZRRG3DUNDUHSDUWLFLSDWLQJWUDFNV6HHZHEVLWHIRUGHWDLOV

50$ BUFF3LO WHIGS during live racing VHUYHGZLWKUDQFKGUHVVLQJ served with ranch dressing. Â?ÂŞ9fWWR]`hZ_XdGXULQJOLYHUDFLQJ

8657(6&$5%2528*+25(;,70$,1(73. )UHH$GPLVVLRQÂ&#x2021;)UHH3DUNLQJÂ&#x2021;Â&#x2021; RQOLQHDWZZZ6FDUERURXJK'RZQVFRP

GO | Portland Press Herald | July 14, 2011  

GO | Portland Press Herald | July 14, 2011

GO | Portland Press Herald | July 14, 2011  

GO | Portland Press Herald | July 14, 2011