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E4 GO | The P o r t l a n d Press H e r a l d / Thursday, S e p t e m b e r 2 0 , 2012 3"5=jBVS>]`bZO\R>`Saa6S`OZRBVc`aROgAS^bS[PS` 


nnn%gi\jj_\iXc[%Zfd&c`]\&^f ?FD<@EFEN?8KĂ&#x2039;J?8GG<E@E> FACE THE MUSIC: Live, local and =8:<K?<DLJ@:1C`m\#cfZXcXe[ beyond, AimselPonti brings you Y\pfe[#8`dj\cGfek`Yi`e^jpfl music with a Maine backbeat. dlj`Zn`k_XDX`e\YXZbY\Xk%

music nightlife dlj`ZXe[e`^_kc`]\


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Sarah Jarosz at USM/E5 â&#x20AC;˘ Making AO`OV8O`]ahObCA;3#N;OYW\U Noise: Samuel James/E6 â&#x20AC;˘ Tix/E7 <]WaS(AO[cSZ8O[Sa3$NBWf3% â&#x20AC;˘N12`SdWSe(@A=3&N:WabW\Ua3' CD review: RSO/E8 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E9

Âľ0C22G( B630C22G 6=::G AB=@GÂśWaO YW\R]T^O`b Q]\QS`b ^O`b^ZOg Sf^S`WS\QS 3 !

movies k_\dfm`\j "End of Watch" review/E13 â&#x20AC;˘ Dennis Âľ3\R]TEObQVÂś`SdWSe3!N2S\\Wa Perkins on Camden International Film >S`YW\a]\1O[RS\7\bS`\ObW]\OZ4WZ[ Festival/E14 â&#x20AC;˘ New on DVD: "The Best 4SabWdOZ3"N<Se]\2D2(ÂľBVS0Sab Exotic Marigold Hotel"/E17 3f]bWQ;O`WU]ZR6]bSZÂś3%


IFSFBSFPOMZTJYXFFLTMFGUVOUJM&MFDUJPO%BZ BOE here are only six weeks left until Election Day, and we have yet to hear a definitive campaign song from XFIBWFZFUUPIFBSBEFmOJUJWFDBNQBJHOTPOHGSPN either camp. FJUIFSDBNQ Oh, sure, President Obama used a snippet of Bruce 0I TVSF 1SFTJEFOU0CBNBVTFEBTOJQQFUPG#SVDF 4QSJOHTUFFOTi8F5BLF$BSFPG0VS Springsteen's "We Take Care of Our Own" at the Democratic National 0XOwBUUIF%FNPDSBUJD/BUJPOBM Convention, and Mitt Romney's $POWFOUJPO BOE.JUU3PNOFZT campaign used Twisted Sister's DBNQBJHOVTFE5XJTUFE4JTUFST "We're Not Gonna Take It" until the i8FSF/PU(POOB5BLF*UwVOUJMUIF song's writer, Dee Snider, demandTPOHTXSJUFS %FF4OJEFS EFNBOE ed that it stop. FEUIBUJUTUPQ But neither side has hit upon #VUOFJUIFSTJEFIBTIJUVQPO that one song that epitomizes their UIBUPOFTPOHUIBUFQJUPNJ[FTUIFJS candidate's message the way FrankDBOEJEBUFTNFTTBHFUIFXBZ'SBOL lin D. Roosevelt used "Happy Days MJO%3PPTFWFMUVTFEi)BQQZ%BZT Are Here Again," Bill Clinton used "SF)FSF"HBJO w#JMM$MJOUPOVTFE Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop" and 'MFFUXPPE.BDTi%POU4UPQwBOE George W Bush's administration put a new twist on an (FPSHF8#VTITBENJOJTUSBUJPOQVUBOFXUXJTUPOBO Aerosmith classic with "Cheney's Got a Gun." "FSPTNJUIDMBTTJDXJUIi$IFOFZT(PUB(VOw So, after careful consideration of each candidate's 4P BGUFSDBSFGVMDPOTJEFSBUJPOPGFBDIDBOEJEBUFT views on the issues, I've compiled a list of suggestions WJFXTPOUIFJTTVFT *WFDPNQJMFEBMJTUPGTVHHFTUJPOT for both sides. GPSCPUITJEFT

Rod Harmon If[?Xidfe From the Editor =ifdk_\<[`kfi

 Meredith Goad and Avery D\i\[`k_>fX[Xe[8m\ip Yale Kamila have the dish PXc\BXd`cX_Xm\k_\[`j_ on food and drink. fe]ff[Xe[[i`eb%

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C`jk\elg#ZXe[`[Xk\j1 Listen up, candidates: K`d\kfeXd\k_Xkkle\ Time to name that tune

endar ZXc\e[Xi 10 DAYS OF COOL EVENTS/E18-19 2/GA=41==:3D3<BA3&'

"Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake: A message i$SZ.FB3JWFSwCZ+VTUJO5JNCFSMBLF"NFTTBHF to the "47 percent" of freeloading Americans who have UPUIFiQFSDFOUwPGGSFFMPBEJOH"NFSJDBOTXIPIBWF been laid off, lost their homes, suffered a debilitating CFFOMBJEPGG MPTUUIFJSIPNFT TVGGFSFEBEFCJMJUBUJOH illness resulting in bankruptcy or live JMMOFTTSFTVMUJOHJOCBOLSVQUDZPSMJWF below the poverty line because unemCFMPXUIFQPWFSUZMJOFCFDBVTFVOFN ployment is stuck at about 8 percent. QMPZNFOUJTTUVDLBUBCPVUQFSDFOU Suck it up, people! 4VDLJUVQ QFPQMF "You Talk Too Much" by Joe Jones: i:PV5BML5PP.VDIwCZ+PF+POFT A message to fellow Republicans such "NFTTBHFUPGFMMPX3FQVCMJDBOTTVDI as Todd Akin and Karl Rove to shut the BT5PEE"LJOBOE,BSM3PWFUPTIVUUIF bleep up - at least until after the elecCMFFQVQoBUMFBTUVOUJMBGUFSUIFFMFD tion. UJPO "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child: A reminder i#JMMT #JMMT #JMMTwCZ%FTUJOZT$IJME"SFNJOEFS about the deficit - "You're slowly makin' me pay for BCPVUUIFEFmDJUoi:PVSFTMPXMZNBLJONFQBZGPS things/ Your money should be handling." UIJOHT:PVSNPOFZTIPVMECFIBOEMJOHw "Long Road to Ruin" by Foo Fighters: Where Romi-POH3PBEUP3VJOwCZ'PP'JHIUFST8IFSF3PN ney says Obama is leading the country. Or what he's OFZTBZT0CBNBJTMFBEJOHUIFDPVOUSZ0SXIBUIFT doing to his own campaign by constantly putting his foot EPJOHUPIJTPXODBNQBJHOCZDPOTUBOUMZQVUUJOHIJTGPPU in his mouth. JOIJTNPVUI "My Way" by Frank Sinatra: "Regrets?*WFIBEB I've had a i.Z8BZwCZ'SBOL4JOBUSBi3FHSFUT few" GFXw


art theater XikXe[k_\Xk\i COVER STORY: Ogunquit welcomes 1=D3@AB=@G(=Uc\_cWbeSZQ][Sa "Buddy"/E23 â&#x20AC;˘ Listings/E26 Âľ0cRRgÂś3 !N:WabW\Ua3 $

dining drink [`e`e^Xe[[i`eb Eat and Run: Taj Indian and Indo Chi3ObO\R@c\(BOX7\RWO\O\R7\R]1VW nese Cuisine/E27 â&#x20AC;˘ Bar Guide: The \SaS1cWaW\S3 %N0O`5cWRS(BVS Snug/E28 â&#x20AC;˘ Atwell on beer/E29 A\cU3 &N/beSZZ]\PSS`3 '

cetera \kZ\k\iX Weed Dating/E31 I Off Beat: Pig racer ESSR2ObW\U3!N=TT0SOb(>WU`OQS` extraordinaire/E33 Sfb`O]`RW\OW`S3!!

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S i n g e r B u d d y Holly was just 22 eVS\VSRWSRW\ w h e n he d i e d in AW\US`0cRRg6]ZZgeOaXcab 1959, b u t left a s t r i n g of hits a n d a s t r o n g legacy. '#'PcbZSTbOab`W\U]TVWbaO\ROab`]\UZSUOQg

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GO EDITOR 5=327B=@ Rod Harmon, 791-6450 @]R6O`[]\%'$"# rharmon@press `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ COVER DESIGN 1=D3@23A75< Sally Tyrrell AOZZgBg``SZZ

"Don't Give Up on Us" by David Soul: "Don't make i%POU(JWF6QPO6TwCZ%BWJE4PVMi%POUNBLF the wrong seem right/ The future isn't just one night." UIFXSPOHTFFNSJHIU5IFGVUVSFJTOUKVTUPOFOJHIUw Don't make the "wrong" seem "right"? (FUJU Get it?5BMLBCPVU Talk about %POUNBLFUIFiXSPOHwTFFNiSJHIUw a tailor-made campaign song. And I'm BUBJMPSNBEFDBNQBJHOTPOH"OE*N sure David wouldn't mind the exposure TVSF%BWJEXPVMEOUNJOEUIFFYQPTVSF - he hasn't worked since, like, 1979. oIFIBTOUXPSLFETJODF MJLF  "Get Over It" by The Eagles: A i(FU0WFS*UwCZ5IF&BHMFT" message to all the birthers and other NFTTBHFUPBMMUIFCJSUIFSTBOEPUIFS conspiracy theorists. DPOTQJSBDZUIFPSJTUT "Sweetheart Like You" by Bob i4XFFUIFBSU-JLF:PVwCZ#PC Dylan: The lyric "Steal a little, and %ZMBO5IFMZSJDi4UFBMBMJUUMF BOE they throw you in jail/ Steal a lot, and UIFZUISPXZPVJOKBJM4UFBMBMPU BOE they make you king" pretty much sums up the Obama UIFZNBLFZPVLJOHwQSFUUZNVDITVNTVQUIF0CBNB administration's failure to hold the banking industry BENJOJTUSBUJPOTGBJMVSFUPIPMEUIFCBOLJOHJOEVTUSZ accountable for plunging the country into the greatest BDDPVOUBCMFGPSQMVOHJOHUIFDPVOUSZJOUPUIFHSFBUFTU financial crisis since the Great Depression. mOBODJBMDSJTJTTJODFUIF(SFBU%FQSFTTJPO "Who's Sorry Now?" by Connie Francis: An ode to i8IPT4PSSZ/PX wCZ$POOJF'SBODJT"OPEFUP Osama bin Laden. 0TBNBCJO-BEFO "Theme from Shaft" by Isaac Hayes: If Obama's looki5IFNFGSPN4IBGUwCZ*TBBD)BZFT*G0CBNBTMPPL ing for a song that can present him as a compassionate JOHGPSBTPOHUIBUDBOQSFTFOUIJNBTBDPNQBTTJPOBUF man who's not afraid to open up a can of you-know-what, NBOXIPTOPUBGSBJEUPPQFOVQBDBOPGZPVLOPXXIBU  he could do a lot worse than this. "He's a complicated IFDPVMEEPBMPUXPSTFUIBOUIJTi)FTBDPNQMJDBUFE man/ But no one understands him but his woman." True, NBO#VUOPPOFVOEFSTUBOETIJNCVUIJTXPNBOw5SVF  that. UIBU Deputy Managing Editor Rod Harmon may be contacted at 791-6450 or 2S^cbg;O\OUW\U3RWb]`@]R6O`[]\[OgPSQ]\bOQbSROb%'$"#]` at: Ob( rharmon(g)pressherald. com `VO`[]\.^`SaaVS`OZRQ][ Twitter: RHarmonPPH BeWbbS`(@6O`[]\>>6

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012  

GO Portland Press Herald, Sept. 20, 2012